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Sir WtMu
mk w, ? viTi:i:s.
Tbe cpizoot still prevails and wheel
barrows have come into use.
Great expectations and what became of
them? Ask Charleston ians.
Go to S. C. Sissou s fur your holiday
Tbe toy windows are beginning to Gil
up, aud the eyes of the little ouos bright
cu with joy,
Gunners are the terror of farmers,
wlusc fields are in constant danger of be
ing visited ami depredated on.
Will Wright is ilic happiest man in
town, the river is frozen up and he can
rest, and then he has one other icri'yht.
It is funny to see our country folks
bitching their horses a mile or two out of
town, and walk in. There is ui'ifc of the
"zoot" in the country than in tlio town.
Joe Miller is determined to have Ihjlit
lie is going to put up a lamp in front of
thcOnig Store of Moore & Miller. Who
will follow suiiV
The specific report of the C anity Super,
intendent of Free Schools, will appear in
our uext i.-sue, not having room in this is
Now prepare for Christmas. Sjvc all
your loose change and buy presents for
yeir children, "ill their stockings, and
make tlicai happy.
The ox gTt.'W noble all at once, as a do
matid was created Iiid-crviee. lie is
supposed to be indifferent to the prevail
log disease.
Tl'tlKKVs?As Christmas draws nich -
these "noble birds" arc being brought to
town in large numbers, but as yet, not
one has strayed into our office.
Currying boi|iic ts to dancing parlies
anil Kici-p.tioiis has gone out of fashion.? .
They were a nuisance, spoiled the gloves, j
are were always in the wxy.
Mr. Washington Sterrett, of Arlmeklc!
township, gives notice i? this issue against
trespassing on his premises. Spoilsmen
Lad better nail it.
A uegro boy aged about fourteen years
km drowned in the K wawh i river at
lJu'falo, a few diys ago whilst catching;
drii't wool At tlio prcsjut writing the
fcody had uot b.'en recovered.
lleport says that U li Jiiujs has sold
his farui to ('has. Gee, of Gallia comity, 0
We did u >t learn the price {mid. The J
purchaser is a colored, man, and a very
worthy on-!, an I will nuke a go id citizen
Ourexohaflges are growling about the!
inefficiency of the mails. They think
that if the I'ostmaster General would pay '
ni'ire a! ten tin* to tfie y,?;tr.f service, and!
let tho telv'graph sc'ioni! al jittf, ho would
givo b:tter satisfaction.
The ltill for the removal of the Capital
from Charleston to Wheeling, was on the:
!:):h inst., ordered to its third reading io.
?the Hi use by a vole of oli to 81. It will
Jiardly pass tlio Senate. Gentlemen, put
<hc damn tiling ou wheels
Tito horse and dray belonging to the
Kxccl.-ti ir Mills, this city, have the epirio
tic The drujing is now done by our old
colored friend. John Ailor, ou a wheel-:
barrow. It would ba sad for the energetic
proprietors of this Mill, if John should
contract the "cpizoot."
Wc were pleased to meet on our streets
on Tuesday last, the smiling countcnanee
of our young friend, l>r. Allie Garnett, j
brother of Dr. C. L Garnett, of HjITjIo.
He thinks s>ua jthing of looting at Ij)tart,1
Ohio, lie is a young physician of much
promise, and bids fair to soon reach the
topmost round of his profession.
Tbe homes in the stable of A. 1*. Pccm
have the epizooty, but those who visit his
saloon, back of Mr. BoertzelV, will find
the best remedy for "flow-your-snooty,"
in town. If you have a lud coltl boys, go
and try it. Prof. Carltou will furnish the
We have heard us many names sugges
ted for the new town, as there are for the
horse disease. For instance: Cooperville,
iStiltsvillc, Gander towu, New town, and
Energy. Come ou with your suggestions.,
It is assuming such proportions that it
can safely be named. Wonder if the Gal
lipots wouldn't like us to call it "Corn
Appearances indicate that business is
brightening up considerably and that our
dry goods, grocery and produco stores are
carrying on quite a lively trade. They are i
well stocked business houses and hero tic
farmer can find a ready flash market for all
kiuds of produco at remunerative figures;
here lie can purchase his necessary supply
of goods acd groceries at as low rotes as
the same quality of articles can bo had for
at any other point in or out of Liucinua
Is Pom -The towboats Albion, Col
lier and Riuard, with (Loir tows ire lying
io the Kanawha awaiting a break up in
the Ohio. The "Kittie Hegler" arrived
from Cincinnati Thursday evening with a
doe trip of passengers and freight. She
attempted to pass up Kanawha, but after
going a short distance found the ice too
heavy aud returned, and went to Hunt
ington to send her passengers and freight
through by rail. From present indications
we think both rivers will be clear of ice
ill a day or two.
The epizootic slill continues t) increase
in this section. Nearly every horse in
town and wilhiu its surroundings is affec
ted with the opizootie. Some of the hor
ses that were first attacked have so far re
covered that they are again in harness ?
We are afraid that iliey arc being worked
too soon. In another part of the paper
will be found au interesting and able ar
ticle from the pen of Dr.JHarbee, 011 the
treatment, wre, &c. of horses afflicted
with the epizootic.
Is Town.?Unr young friend, lteubcn
Alesliire, of (Jallipolis, was in town on
W ediiesduy of last week, and went up to
Ten .Mile on Kanawha, to Innt up some
coal to keep the citizens of (i.illipolis from
freezing. We understand lie succeeded in
getting two barge loads of Raymond City
coal, amounting to eleven thousand bush
els. Hot there it is, and will likely re
main until there is a breakup in the Ka
A fine assortment ofJewely and Clocks,
at S C. Si.-son's for the holidays.
Ink iiimatio.v Wantkii?Mrs. Victoria
K Saylor, of St. Louis, Mo , writes to J
l'i liniuis, K-iij., of this place, for iufor
matim as to the whereabouts of her hm
baud Henry J. Sjylor, who left home on
the 1st day of October, 1872, ostensibly
f'r the purpose ?f visiting friends in West
Virginia. The letter which Mrs. Saylor
writes to Mr. Tinims, says that her hus
band. wh' ti he left home, iuformod her
that he would deed her some land junt as
soon as he reached this county. No such
deed appears upon the record. Any infor
mation as to the whereabouts of said Saylor
will be tli aukfully received by his afflicted
wife. Mrs Victoria K Saylor, St. Louis,
Mo. Oar exchange will plciso copy.
Law Cakiv ?Wee-,11 attention to tli"
law card of W. W A lams. Esq., lato of
Petersburg, \ a , who has located in this
jlace <orjhe jy^oliee of his profession ?
Mr. Adams brings with him the highest
testimonials from prominent men in Vir
ginia, as to his integrity, capacity and ]<>
gal attainments. \\ e have no hesitanev
in C'lnini'iiding Mr. Adauis to aov of our
readers rim may go to law. We wish
Mr. A. abundant success.
We regret to ktu# tli a our genial
friend James II. Ilollivny, has been con
fiucil to his room for sonic four or five
weeks past, with au acute attack of inflam
atory rlieU iiatism. Wc hope soon to see
him behind his counter selling the commo
dities of life (0 his numerous customers.
Mr, Charles H. Jones, au old citizeu of
this county, is lying dangerously ill at his
home 011 Kanawha, with disease id" tie
Mr Win. I'. L N'eale, is lying quite
ill, at the residence of Dr. liarbee, iu this
We direct especial attention to the Law
Card of John W. English, Esq., in this is
sue. Mr. Kuglish, is well known to all
iu this county and throughout the whole
State as one of our most experienced, able
and successful practitioners, and it would
be useless for us to say more than this,
that those who entrust him with their bus
iness cat) depend upon having it speedily,
faithfully and honestly attendid to.
Remember the Debate to come off at the
M. 10. Church, South, on Friday night
next, under the auspices of the l'oint Plea
saut Literary Society. The gentlemen
who have the matter in charge will make
it very entertaining. The ladies are es
pecially invited to lend their presence to
tlio occasion.
The tired aud wearied soul desires noth
ing but rc6t aud refreshment. At Selbe's
oyster saloon uuder the Kline House, you
will always find a comfortable fire, oysters
fresh aud served up in the best manner;
aud what is still better, stimulation of ev
ery kind, to he gotten in any style.
S. C. Sisson has just returned from the
city with a largo stock of goods. Go and
sco them.
The fatnilarsalutation use lobe: "How
are you to-day, sir?-' That's played out
now, aud io its stead we have, "Halloo!
how's your boss'/"
Rev. Wm. Downtin, P. K., will hold
Quarterly Moating iu the M. K. Church,
South, next, Saturday.
Wo notice Messrs. Mnlohn K. Rodgers
, and Clark KaufTniau in town. The sus
pension of navigation affo.ds tiiciu rest.
A Bible description ofcertain Characters
in Point Pleasant.
Mr, Eil it or:
-He that kiilelli hatred with lying lips.
and be that uttureth a slauder, is a fool.
I'rov. X: 18. _
"Aud they will deceivo everyone his
ueighboor, and will uot s-peak the truth:
they have (aught their tongue to speak lies,
and weary themselves to commit iniquity.
Jcr. IX:5.
"Aud wiilial they learn to be idle, wan
deriug about from hou>e to house; and not
'only idle, but tattlers also, and busy-bod
ies, speaking things which they ought uot.
I Tim. V: 13.
"Whoso privily sluudcrctb bis neigh
bour. Iiitu will 1 cut off: liiiu Mint hath an
high look and proud heart, will uot I suf-1
fer." l'saltns 101:5.
The principle kinds of slander are these:
1. Charging others with facts they are
not guilty of. 2d. Affixing scandalous
, names and characters which they deserve
not. 3d. Aspersing a man's actions wiih
foul names, imputing that l,r0CCl'1'
from evil principles, nr cannot appear.?
4th. Perverting a man's words or acts dis-.
, advantageously by affected misconstruction,
j 6th. Partial or lauie representation _ of
i moil's discourse or practice, suppressing
' some part of the truth, or concealing some
j circumstance!) which ou^ht to he cxphin
i cd Gth. Instilling by suggestions which
| create prejudice iu the hearers. 7th.
i Magnifying and aggravating the faults of
i others ' Sili. Imputing to our neighbois
I practice, judgment, or profession, evil
i consequences which have tio foundation in
j truth ?l)r. Harrow.
j Moral philosophy teaches that we should
1 never place a bid construction upon our
! neighbor's action where there is room fur
: a good one. And the greatest of Teach
er's taught. "Whatsoever ye would that
m>'ii should do to ynu, do you even so to
thetn: for this is the law and the proph
ets." A
? ? ?
Tim At,dink voit Dkckmiiku?CtlttlST-j
mas Numiikh.?Everybody has seen the
! old picture of the discovery of priuting, I
where two elderly gentlemen, wiib the aid |
: of the devil (then as now an innocent lad),
i have taken the first impression from n j
| type form, and are rapt iu awe as the im
portance of tho cvout asserts itself in their
minds. Fancy the feelings of that trio
' could they o'er leap the barriers of time
and gaic with us upou the spleudid pages
I uovr before us. Here are specimens of the
most exquisite workmanship in wood-cut
printing, iu qmutity sufficient for a very
1 good sin.! voluiu), on the m ist sumptu-j
j Otis paper, aud yet it is merely one month's,
Xring of a live dollar periodical! Lei!
us measure this wonder, let us count these
1 plates-just forty large and small, costing
subscribers one e.ont each! When it is
considered that in no other publication or
shape can so much art he obtained for inn
! ?y times the amount of the subscription
for the whole year, it can be readily un
|derstvod that wo are but doing our readers,
' man justice to acquaint tlicin of such
; i,u opportunity aud to impress upon the
American public tho plain duty of u cor :
dial and practical suppirt to an enterprise,
which relocU credit upon our young coun ,
try. _ j
Am mg the many engravings it will be
, impossible for us to stteiupteveii the brief
est critical notice of the pictures, which
collectively form a nnst superb gallery of
art, but we must express our admiration >
of the beautiful picture of the Infant J<
sus, so timely, so charming in itsdiildlikc
simplicity, and so delicately and tenderly
rendercd-a more fitting subject could not
|mve beau chosen to open this Christinas
i volume Tho reading matter is good, as
| usual, but of course, in this issuo, is over
shadowed by the extraordinary pictorial
attractions. The volume of The, AHi*
for 187/2 is announced by the publishers
as the holiday present; and, we think,
, it is known what a royal book tt is,
it will hardly require their additional off r
of a beautiful chronio free to crowd them
with orders. Send $8.00 to James Sot- ;
ton k Co., publishers, :'t8 Maiden Lauc,
New York, for this bound volume, andse- J
cure a gallery of cugravings that will be
a source of joy in the home for many a,
day. i
Meeting ol' Stockholder#*
Muiwants' National Basht ok Va.!
^T 1*01 NT I'uasaxt, 2(1 DtC,. ISIZ i
l holders of this Hank for llic t'lecliot. of
Directors will he held at their Hanking House,
on Tuesday, Janu^ry..4ih.l8730(Ca6i.fri
dec. 5-4*.
To Trespassers!
MOT1CE is lierel>y ({iven to all persons that
|\ the undcrsignefl will uot allow or permit
' liuntinif, shooting. fishing, trapping of ?ny
kind of game, nuttiuK. or trespassing in ?n\
I W!IV or manner upon his premises in Arbnckle
loirnship, Mason County, West Virginia -
Any persons violni ing this notice w ill be dealt
wii"jMt"Bt0laW' A. H. EA3THAM.
Aud Dealer in
Wagon*, flows, and As
ricnlturul Implements^
Point Pleasant, West Virginia.
. f \i.(?;I)S--? Fiir sale at mis ollicc, a lull a
jjbuiwein ol Blank Heeds.
Y Virtue of a decree of the Circuit C ourt
. J of Putnam county, West \ ifginlu, at its
September I'orm.iHM.in a Chancery cau.e
peuiling therein, wherein 0. \\ . Mather, w ho
stu1*' for the use anil benefit of S. J. 1 ?>>?.'. 1 ?
W Ihnley . Committee for Daniel Love, a lu
untie, ire and Charles L. holfe, is
defendant. I shall on
Monday, the :>Otli Jay of Deccntbcr, 1S72.
proceed to sell by way of public auction, to
the IniilicH bid.b r, at Ihu fr<?H oimr of the
Cotiri Hoi'se of I'uHiam County, afore?aid, the
real est,tie uiinti.'iied and descrilied in the l1*'
p.-rs of -aid Ohaucery came, s?pposcd to con
inin till; acies, lying on the waters of tbg Hur
ricane Creek, or so mu.h thereof as may he
neceiwarv to pay the sum of $SrJ3!> ? Ml in
terest from the I lib day of September, Ifi-.
until paid, and colli of i>aid suit.
TERMS:?Cadi aa to 3I'j per cent. and as
to the residue upon a credit ol six and twelve (
mouths, taking bond with so"'1 security for
the deferred patient-, bearing inter,:-t i?i
date, anil reserving the legal 1'v.
^ecurity. THOS. II UAKVM.
nov i>S-4vr. Special Coniiniastoiier.
| > Y Virtue of a decree ol the Circuit Court
I) of I'utnain Countv, rendered on the Uili
day of June, If'l m ihe case ol Win I > in
troux. plaihllll vs.Thomas II Mynei, defend
lint, 1 shall on the
30ih Day of Dooo'.nber, 1S72,
at the Front Door oil he Court House of Put
nam county, West Virginia, sell at public
auction to llie highest bidder the following
tracts of land in the llill and proceedings in
said cause mentioned, situate and being in
the township ol Curry, I'litnar- county, west
Virginia, to wit: One tract ol 4S acres; oiw
tract of 511 aciea; one tract ol II acres; one
triict of 5ti acres; one iracl of MIM acres and one
tract ol I)' j tiered, or so nuirli thereof as may
I,.- nnceisii'iy tnsitisly Ihe judgment*, inlercdt
? and co>ts as set I'nrlli i" "aid decree.
TKIt MS:-titie-lhird of the puichase money
cash ill hand anil ihe residue iu si* mid
twelve months from day of sale, with interest
from that dale, taking bonds with good seen
rity for the deferred installment# and retain
iug the title as a fin llti r security
nov 28~lw, Special Commissioner.
By Virtue of 1 decree of the Circuit Court
for' I'm nam county, rendered on the Mill
Jay ol,I line, iu the case of John Mi-Coin
as, I'laiutill va, Absalom Uius a id others, do
| fei'idaulH, I shall on the
j 30th Day of Decembnr. 1872,
I at the Kioiit Door of the Court House of Put
nam County, West Virginia, sell at public
auction to the highest bidder ll.c following
tract of land in the llill and Inhibits, in said
mentioned ai'imte and being on Uytncs
! Creek.Curry Township Putnain county. West
Virginia, and the same lamia deeded by In
I |er Oras? and wife to Absalom llias by deed
I dated August 24th. I Hill
! TKIIJ1S:?One-llnrd of the purcl.ase money
ca.li iu hand and the rciidue upon a credit ol
1 six ami twelve months from day of sale, wit I'
; iiiterent from date, taking bond with good se
I riirity lor Ihe deferred installments anil relai
i niugthe till.!as a 'urlher security
' |I0V o-'-lw Special Commissioner.
i Trustee's Sale!
i I s pursuance of the pioviiloiis of a Deed ol
'dL-Tru^t executed hy John Mihjoii ami j'"11'
Kiu Mason, his wife, mi the 15th day of Sep
teuiber, IHii. to the undersigned, 1 rusted, to
' secure to John IV McOulloch the payni. nl of a
! ceilain note or bond in sai.l Tiusl Deed lies
! rrihed, hearing even dale therewith, and (in
! tin-payment of Twelve huuilr.il anil fifty
U ,liars with legal interest from dnlc, 1 mini I
on the
llth D:iy of January, 1873,
[at the Front Door of the Court House of Mason
' County, West, Virginia, proceed to sell at pub
| lie auction to the highest bidder, a certain lot
or parcel of land with the buildings theieon
in the town of Point Plea.anl, Mason County,
West Virginia, and the same upon which the
said John Mason now lives.
Said sale will hi! for cash.
Selling aa Trustee sucu title as is vented in
me will be conveyed to the purchaser
CHAS. II WAGGliSEIl, 'Irustee,
dec 12-ld.
Trust Sale!
I NT pursuance of the provisions ol n deed of
1 trust .X cuted by F. A. Guthrie and wife,
on the 14ih day of April, Ib7l, to the ?'?< 'jf
?igneil, Truster,In secure to 1. 0. Easlliaiu Ihe
payiAent.of a bo,d in said trust need desert
bed, bearing even d ?te therewith, ami for the
piymeiitof two hundred and eleven do lurs
and seventy-five cent*, with interest from date,
I shall on the
30th DAY OF NOVli.MBE!? i IM4?
at the Krn.it Door ol the Court House of Mason
Coumy, West Virginia proceed to Mill at pub.
lie auction to ihe highest bidder, the tract of
land in said irust described as containing I6S
acres mine or less, being part of Ihe Monliy
Sheppard 116!) acre tract, with the exception
of one-sixth of one seventh of said IbJ acres,
the title or which is reserved to Stephana uu
vnl, who is an infant. .
Terms of Siih-.-Said salir*til he for rash,
artil selling'as trustee tnicli title as is vested in
me will be conveyed to the purchaser.
JOHN W. ENGLISH, 'Irustee.
oct 31 -til.
JTTlie above sale is postponed till Friday,
December 27lh, 1872.
dec 5-4w.
Mason City> W. V.
Albert McDaniel.et. a's j
vs, ' In Chancery.
Julia Lnwson'eL nls. \
I N pursuance ol the terms nf n decree of llie
I Circuit Court of Mason county. ^ est \tr
oinia, rendered at the September lerm IHiJ,
in the above entitled cause, I. the undersigned
Special Commissioner, will proceed to sell on
The lllli Day of January, 1873,
at the Front Door of the Court tlouso of Ma-on
county, it public auction to the highest bid
der, the following tracts of laud or so much
(hereof as will be necessary to satisfy said de
cree anil Ihe cous of sai.UVit, and the costs
ol this sale One tract belonging to Ihe de
fendant, Virginia leaver, estimated to con
lain M acres 3 roods and H poles, the other
tract belonging to the defendant. Julia Law
son, estimated to enntain SI acres I rood ami
tt pules, upon the following terms, one third
rash in hand and the residue iu one and two
'years, taking from the purchaser bond with
1,0.1 security, bearing interest from date until
C dec l.'-t'v. Special Commissioner.
Dili m STORIl!
Setszer, Sehou & McCulloch,
'PAKE Pleasure in informing ihi-ir old cus
l turner* hiuI tlii' public generally, that I hey
liuve moved iiilii limit new mid commodious
siore house on ih? corner id Main and Hum
Sircets, mid lliry linvt* jtmlreccivvil Irum tin
Eastern Cities, Iho mostcuiuplew Mtuck of
, ll't j
iliov hi?vi. imir ottered over their cnmiltini, and
to which llie intention id buyers is directed 1
Boots and Shoes,
TVotioiin, &<;.
Their slock of Dry "orals in complete. And
hnrin^ jiiiiiripHlcd' the wants ?l Jidies, lliey
haw a full lint uf
, Dress Goods and Trimmings, j
I selected wilh great can* mid of the very latent
My ton. I
They have alxo a (nil slock nf
Queensware, Hardware,
Crlaws Ware,
Grlass Fruit Jars,
C A It BO ft OIL,
Points, Oils, Snaps, Perfumery, Modi
cities, and Notions Generally,
Cull mil examine tliei r goods.
Sept. 2G-IV
llest Quality and Lowest Prices!
?T. W. Bryan,
Staple and Fancy Groceries.
Drii'il, Gran and Canned t'rulls, i
Yegefables, tVc.
Alain Street,
ITTliu highest market price paid in cash;
or trade fur all kinds of coumry pro luce. 1
april IH-ly,
j. m. KKitR. j. t. r.u.ii irr. r. b. rtownai
J. M. KKItft & (ill., i
Railroad Supplies, Stores & Tin-ware,
Aug. I, 1872-1 y.
rtoficc to TrcftiiiisMco. i
'|1 UK undersigned liereliy give notice lint
?I they will not allow or permit limiting,
shooting, nulling, or trapping of any kimi uf
game, or trespassing in any way or manner on
their respective premises in Kobinsun hi:d
Lewis Townships M.isou Coiinly. West Vir
ginia. A ny person or persons violming this;
noticow 11 be dealt Willi according in inw
o. it. waooenkk. ;
J. 1). McCULLOClI.
Nov. 31 liv.
(Succchhot to Siuilh ifc Martin.)
I 1 A VINO purchased llie interest of my part
II nrr, 1 am happy ?? Bttfounci* 1" the ?iln
imil new customers uf *.h^ houm lliat 1 hav#
juit received i")' W al"' ^ '"u r s 0
Jeans, Flannels,
Also a full ami complete xtotfk ?f
Groceries, Qiieciisvare, Glassware,
Hardware, und'sll Ith.iU of Liiltn Triukias,
whirl. I will ?i'H clie.tp lor
cash on coiimtwv ruoiH'cm
ubi. :t, IHJ'l-ly ' __
OK AIL descriptions CONSTANT
on IiuiiiI. A1?d
l*lnNl<irii?|ur T^alU.
H/"Special omlrr*#aw?(l wlt!idi*pntcli.?ni
We are lit ..pared to i?tipp1y all the wants of
ill,.Carpenter mill Hull'"" "I10" }ll,! ,'.ir?"i
notice imil at 1.0'A' U.vTltS. Or.lirs solicit^
from buiilers, contractor* mul Ship biillilel*.
Kiilirt; Hiilisfucl i hi guaranteed.
iiiny'J-tf. Hullil immmiwu W. V*.
A. Hare Olfoi*!
\ f riuriMH . A *itt? f?r n rlouriuft
Itn|,8m* Mill.iWuolen Kwstory, or FarnAre.
?riven away graiis. A new town is to In;??"?' "'?*
mi 'llin hf.mil 'mltolii" of llio Great Kanawha
River, Tin' town will l)ii localou on one of
il.c monl liPBiililul bottoms of lli? Kanawha
Vull.-y. Tlic ?ite embraces some four hundred
ncii'H, nliovi. high water. The country Mir
rounding abounds in iron, anil com; tiinmr
lii-Hvy anil in nbundanc?; ami i* one of
richest and most productive farming scrltonr
?f (liia Great Valley. Anyone who vliliea to
engage ill any kind of ipauufac.liirlug al
point, will he given a lot free of charge. Town
Lola will lie mild very l?w and on easy terma.
Now in you! limn to cecum a Inane. ; For fur
thcr iiifon.iatinn apply in the Editor of llilt
paper,m to Da, A. h. bamkh. Foirt I IcwWrtf',, *i
Weal Virginia. 1 "?'P1,
Valuable River Mtimi Farm for S?k.
fPHE 1 li-irn uf I.ouin 11. Menage1', deceased,
1 olTur for aulu tliuir farm situated in Maauli..
county, West Virginia, lower end ol Clendeu
in township, on tl.e Ohio river, III miles tin- ^
low (lulUpolia, Ohio, and 15 mil?< below I oinb
Plenum., Went Virginia, remaining
in a hil'ii ktnte uf eiillivalion. One hundred
iierea of well limliered liill land. Two ijrcli
nrila with trees of Mipcrior quality. Two
dwelling houses and all neceisary nut liuil.l
in?'s Title perfect. and rlear uf all incuuib
rancei. ,
JTAnyone wishing to ptirc.hn?o a farm o[
the al.irei.aid description, would do will to
call address the uuieraiguud lor lermi
of hale and particular*.
Point Pleasunt, Mimon Oounty, W. Aft.
inch 15-lf. _
Simon Stortz's,
a| ?JwnyH nn iihimI ihc very bent brand*
v!lt/uf Baltimore Oysters, acrved up in
every style. Oyster- h.rsnle by the can. If
you want a good dish of oyaiora call at the
Oily S.il.ion Mineral Water, Sweet Older,
Ciinrn, Tobncro. Clu-vse, (JrackeiK, Ac., i?r
*> '"JJjfoN ST011TZ. "
oct 3-1 f.
ill,lift* to Trc?|?n*?er?.
rPHE iiti.leri.ii!mil hereby give notice that
I they will not allow or permit hunting,
ahtoling, nulling,onrapping of any kind of
Kame, orireapaaaing in any way or manner on
their re?pcc'ive pri-miM'* in llohinaon Town
ship, Maaou County, Weal Virginia. Any
pcrnon or persnila violating this notice wilt to
dealt will. KCOlding to law
,1. M I.Oriii,
I!. J. KBUMOSl).
JAMES wis don.
.1AMK8 11000,
W. It. hawkins,
THOMAS howler,
joseph S MACHIlt,
iiov. 14, 1872-1 w.
11. Y. IIUTI.KU. 1" M HII0ADK8.
11ENKHAL dealers in Flour, WI.IU
VT and Ur.:v Lime. Oemrnl, Onwriea, l'ro
visions, Ln.nh.ir, Lath, Wool,ikc.
Sept 2, 'fi'J-ly
AdiiiiiiiMtrn tor'? ^foiled
i LL persons httiiii^ claims ni(ain?t, or
,'\ kuowiog themselves indebted In 'lie ea
inld of John Yeager, ileceasec, will plense
nmie forward.and setile. aa I am anxioua to
.utile up ill.' affair, of ihe estate immediately.
dic5 li C SEIION, Aduiitiisirulor,

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