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On* copy one year, $2 00
Ouu copy nix months, ? ? ? ? 100
Thrce'copies one year, ? ? ? ? 5 01)
Teu copies oue year, ? ? ? ? 15 00
terms of advertising.
One square (1 itch) 1 insertion $1 AO
Each additional insertion, 50
One square 3 months, ? 00
One Bquaie 6 months, J
? One square 12 months, {? ??
Oue fourth of a column, 3 months, 10 0U
Ono fourth of a column, b months 15 OU
vOae fourth oft column, 12 mouths, 0U
Oue half of a column, 3 months, IS w
One hilf of a colutnn, 6 months, OU
One half of a column, 12 mouths, 35 00
Oue column,'3 mouths, ^ uu
One cSlumq, fi'mtfnths, ? ?' "
Oue column, 12 uioutln, W uu
K11 lejaladveVliseWnts must be paid tor
before the I'rooM Publication can be obtained.
Plaintiffs are required by law to pay the ieost
of Orders of Publication before the 1 roof of
Publication is issujd.
We are prepared to do Job Work of every i
<Uscriptiou, in as good style as any office in
this part of the Slate, aud at lower prices.
31aso? County Directory;
Shnilf?0 8EH0N.
Deputy Shcrjffs-^^B^H;
Surveyor of L?Js7\S?FM JrtllR
Ass't Assessor U.S. Rov.~JOI1K MASON.
Scmn Court --Tl.e Supreme Court,of Ap
?<? I nf V, est Vil 'illib holds its ???!""? ul
Charleston on the second Thursday in Janua
Jy. and at the Oily of Wheeling ?" J j; ^Jork
Thursduv in.July. Judges?Hon K 1
?hire lVe'dent; residence Morgantown; Hon.
Kdwin Maxwell, residence OUr^Hir^ Ho.K
Charles P. T. Moore, residence 1 o lit I It.asaui.
Cfcik-ylvauus Hall, residence Fa.imount.
Circuit Court -Ciicuit Court meets cm the
Tlhi d Monday in Mayors! Wednesday n
KmUm a* fiw d,y?flur cm*slecUon'
? u!r"Howard, Clerk.
Masonic -Miiituju Lodge No 19, A. F. and
. A. M., meets monthly,on the night of the full
Moon, tlie ^me being Tuesday, ? o# the
Tuesday night immediately preceding.
T O.O. F.-The Point Pleasant Lodge No.
It I O O F.. meets eveiy lhurBday night,
?t Wens' Hall. __
?hen from ^ o'clock a. m. to tf oclock p. m
Z Sundays from 7 o'clock a. m.' toBjim^
Pll tfSlClAN S.
Point Plkasant, West Va.
f rtpflK! his professional services to the peo
\J pie of Point] Pleasant and vicinity. All
i calls promptly attended io, Office at the Drug
. Store of Moore i. Milter.
Physician and Surgeon,
Puint pleasant, Wat Fa.
HAVING Tocated permanently it Point
Pleasant oilers his professional services
U/tfie citirens of the town and vicinity. He
hopes by strict attention to business, lo merit
? continuance of the liberal patronage lie lia*
?. already received.
He may be found at all times at his office
when not professionally engaged.
Nov. 5-jy,
Drs. Uiirbee & N.caie,
Office, ou Main Street, Near Uourf House,
PROMPT attention given professional calls,
whether day or night. '
ILTUr, llurbee or Dr. Meale, one or tho other,
way at all times be fuiiud in their office.
' nich 2J-3m. i
D?. S. G. SHAW,
fllENDERS his professional services to the
I public. Calls from the country promptly
attended to' Office, corner Main and Third
Streets, iti his new building opposite Presbyte
rian Church np 5-ly.
? Edward H. K.Mioifr. James H Couch, Jr.
Attorneys nt Lrm ,
WILL PRACTICE in the counties of Mason
aud Putnam. Address E. 1). Knight,
Charleston, Wes' Va., or James II. Couch, Jr.,
Point 1'ljasant. West Va.
Mr. Couch will also practice in the Counties
Of Lincoln and Cabell. dec. 15-ly.
i Point Pleasant^Maton County, West Va.
BAVINO moved fo t>nd-permanently loeated
at Point Plcnsant, and having procured
? fhe use of H.J. Fisher's Lvw Librarv, I willal
(II times be found?at his office ready to attend
? (o any and all business tiutrusled to my care,
' ahdwill practice hereafter in the counties ol
Maion, Putnam, Jackstw and Roane.
All porous comibgto Point Pleasant by the
? Kanawlili or Ohio ltivjr Boats, can consult
with me at any time of night in Ijinr to return
, by same Vio.it, by cijling at my residence.
JOil.\ IV. ENULlSiH,
Attorney at Ijiiw,
WILL practice in the Courts of Mason. Put
nam and Jackson Counties, and iu the
Court oi Appeals of West Virginia.
AddrwsF, Point Pleasant, Mason county,;
Vest Va. Office in the Court llouse.
dec. 19,1872-ly.
(Formerly of the Petersburg Bar.)
Attorney at Law,
Office:?West aide ol Main Street just above
the Post Office.
STRICTEST attention given to all kinds|
of Professional business. Refers to the
Judiciary and liar of Ptitetsburg, \ a.
dec. 19, lUl3-(Stn* i
Attorney at law,
(Office iu Court House.)
Prompt atteutlon given to the collection of
claims and all legal business er truslrd to his1
euro. aug. 15-ly .*
Attorney and Counselor at law,
WILL practice iu the Courts of Mason,
Cabell and Lincoln; and in the county
of Gallia, Ohio. Also iu the Court of Appeals
of Vest Virginia. Prompt attention given to
the collection ol claims.
A-ttorney at Law.
(Office in the Court House,)
Practices exclusively in Mason County, West
Virginia, and (iallia County Ohio.
WILL attend promptly to all business en
trusted to his care.
Attorney* at Law and So
licitors in Chancery,
IIACTICE in the counties of Jackson,
- lloauc. Wirt and Man'oii, also iu the 1I1.1
Unit.-d States Distuct Court at Charleston,
and the Supreme Cuurt of Apiienl. for the
State. O" l'ltlis to land investigated.
Address:--Jackson 0 H., We? 1 Va.
sept. S-ly.
Biiiir}' C. ESt'CC,
Point Pleasant, West V?. >
ALL business entrusted to his -care will re
ceive prompt and careful attention. He
wiH. be foOnd at the office .of U. J Fisher', for
the present. He has located permanently at
Pol l it Pleasant. " ' dpi'. W-ly,
M lltli Judicial Circuit. Attentiongiv
en to it.e collection ol debta. <
Agu I l6"l?ly
Aittoraey at Law,
Cabell C. H., fyst Va.
WILL practice in Cabell. H'ayne, Lincoln,
Logan, Kanawha and Mason Counties;
an.I also in the Court of App.als and the Uni
ted Slates' Courts. Prompt attention given to
the collection of claims. , [spril 6, '71-y.
Attorney at law,
Point Pleasant, W. Va. ,
WILL attend promptly to nil business en
trusted to his care. Office on Main and
Gth streets, opposite Court Hovlse.
Sept. 26-ly,'*
Attorneys and. Councilors at Law,
WILL practice in thi Courts of Jackson
Roaue, and adjoining counties.
All business entrusted to their care will be
promptly attended to.
Address 0 B. Crow. Jackson C II., W. Va.,
or D. W. Polsley, Point Pleasant, West Va.
nick 31, '70-ly.
Office in the Court House, first door on the right
Main Entrance.
Point Pleasant, West Va.
]V ILL practice iu the Courts of Roane, Jack
If son, Mason and Putnam. Collections
solicited and remittances promptly made.
HAMLIN, Lincoln County, West Va.
All busintss entrusted to liis care will Vtceive
prompt attention. july 4-ly .
f. w. Sissoii,
Will Practice in the Courts of Mason &
Adjoining Counties, .West Virginia,
and Gallia County, Ohio.
Special attention (Jivf n to the. Colli clion of Claiini
and Urmittancn Promptly Made.
Refers by permission, 10 Hon*. 0. P. T. Moore,
Judge of liie Court of Appeals, and Ho.v.
James W. Hook, Judgo ol 11th Judicial Cir
cuit, West Virginia. [June 1, Ib7l-Iy.'
t \ K i) s
And Dealer iu
Wagons, Flows, and Ag
ricultural Implements, I
Point Pleasant, West Virginia,
Merchants and others will find I
it greatly to their ad van tt ye to send their I
orders for job work to THIS OFFICE.
I W.KD.S?For sale at tins otlice, a full a
L/w.mcns of Blank Deeds.
Nothing cau be tuoro utterly uuiutactive ,
to tho reasonable miuJ tlian tbc conduct of1
the orJinarj suicide. It is generally a'
greedy selfishness which makes a man com-!
niit suicide,anil he is apt to display it to the;
extant of positive piggishness in uiakiug
his arrangements. The suicido seems to
consider that the service be renders societv
in taking himself out of it quite compen
sates for any trouble be puts society to in
tho disposition of bis remains. One "H.
B Page," who lived in Ijacunia, in New
Haiupshirc, determined the other day to
kill himself. A man of any thoughtful- j
neM would have killed himself in a plaoj^
convenient for his surviving friends. It is j
hardly too much to ask of him that he j
should buy his own coffin, and save the un-1
dertaker's bill by disposing himsolf snugly ?
in it before committing what the reporters i
call the rash act. But such wai uot the !
conduct of Page. Living in Laconia and j
having a brother there, Page goes to Con- j
cord and takes a room at tho hotel. Then j
he blows his brains outia the reading room, |
making it particularly disagreeable for the
people near him, and entirely destroying
their quoit enjoyment of cigars and news
papers, aud leaving a letter for his brother
in Laconia. That unfortunate man had to
go to Concord, pay his brutal brother's ho
tel bill buy a coffin for him, and take his
iuconsiderafo corpse homo with him by
train, at considerable expense and still
more considerable pnnoyanco. Tho late
Page is certa'iuly entitled to as little re
spect as any remains iu New England.?
Persons about to commit suicide ought to
take warning by hiiu and tho coutempt
which every right-minded person feels for
him, and try to consult the convenience of
other people a little in their arrangements I
But we doubt if it will do them any good \
SuicidcB aro sensitive enough to public
opinion to leave rubbishing letters invok
ing sympathy for themselves, but when it
couies to saving their survivors (rouble they
arc utterly rrgardlets whether they aro to
be classed among nico and thoughtful sui
cide? or slovenly aud careless corpse.?iY.
X JMf ,,
A young man stood listlessly 'witctiiGg
some anglers on b brillge. If? was poor
and dejected. At Inst, approaching a
basket filled with wholesome looking fish,
he sighed:
"If now 1 had these I would be happy.
I could sell them at a fair prico, and buy
mc food and lodgings."
'?I will give you just as many and jus1
as good fi>b," said the owner, who chanc
ed to overhear his words, "if you will do
mc a trifling favor."
"And what is that?" asked tho othor
"Only to tend this lioo till I come back;
I wish lo go on a short errend."
The proposal was gladly accepted. The
old man was gono so loDg that the young
man began to be iinpatient. Meanwhile (he
hungry finh snapped greedily at tho baited
book, and the young man lost all his de
pression in the excitement of pulling them
in; and, when the owner of the line return
ed, be had caught a large number.?
Couuting out from them as many aa were
in the.baskct,' and prcsentingHhcm' to the
young man, the old fisherman said:
"I fulfill my promise from the fish you
have caught, to teach you that whenever
you seo others earning what you need, to
waste no time in fruitless wishing, butcaat
a line for yourself."
Some persons fall discouraged on tho
highway of life becausc they cannot bo this
tfr that eminent person Why not be
willing to be themckif No person who
has, or ever will live, is without influence.
Why not make the most of that?
Since you canuot grasp that which you
wish, why let what you have slip through
your fingers? No person in the world is
exactly IHte you. You have your own
faults, but you have also your own excel
lencies individual to yourself. Let them
be 6con. Because you aro not a poet,
should you not be a good merchant? Bo
cause you cannot go to college, should you
ihcrefore foreswear the alphabet? Becausc
you cannot build a palace, should you not
rejoice in your own bumble roof, and that
becausc it is your own? Will not the sun
also shine into your windows, if you do
uot obstiuately persist in shutting it out?
If you caunot have a whole hot houso full,
of flowers, may you uot havo ouc sweet
An Iowa woman has realized $50,000 ,
from the iusuranoe on the lives of two bus- j
bnods. and they weren't very good hus- j
bands cither. I
Hl .'l IN A DAY.
We liOiriTuat long ago to illustration
of the brevity of httmtn life, which was to
us very impressivo. It may not bo new
to most of our reader#, but never having
heard the oaso presented in that way be
fore, wo feel disposed to give others its
Life is frequently represented as a day.
A day in its common acceptation is twelve
hours.- Tho day of man's life, allowing
him.tbrccsooro yeari and teD devided into
twelve parts, will give something less than
six years to tho hour. If therefore ho Is
born at six o'clock in tho morning, when
ho is sir years old it will bo seven o'clock
with him, wheu ho is eighteen it will
bo nine o'clock, when thirty-six, twelve
o'clock, when forty-two ouc o'clock, and
no on to the close.
Reader, what o'olock is it with you? -
Ara you in the morning of life? Ho wise
and hoed the injunction, "Remember thy
Creator in the days of thy youth II#'
life readied its meridian, and has the clock
already struok twelve, and have you made
no preparation for the night which is com
iug on apace? No longer negloot it, for
the tiuio is growing short. Or have the
shadows began to lengthen and you are
still without preparation for that sleep
which knows no awakouiug? Oh, then,
do longer delay, for surely with you tho j
aunncst cannot be far distant.
Hoys, step this way, tako ft seat, and let
us have a little chat together. Wo were
boys ourselves onco, and hence kuow some
thing of the motives whioh prompt boys to
action. Inasmuch as wo have grown *ld
er now, and consequently enjoy the advnu
tngo which cipcricnce gives, we shall take
the liberty of acting as adviser. From j
time to timo we learn of some of you con
ducting yonrselvos iu ft manner that is un
worthy of good boys. Wo are told that
tho worshippers at one of our ohurchcs
were interrupted last evening by the unbe
coming conduct of certain boys, Now
boys let ^reason iogetlwr, A few more
aw?y forever, and jou will bo called opon
to dischargo the responsible duties which
tbey discharge to-day. As you sco great
and wise, men to-day guiding, directiug
and inpuldiug- popular sentiment, while
others aro outlaws and vagabonds, so it
will be when you have attained man's est
ate. hike those uien you aro tho archi
tects of your own fortunes. Some of you
will be tho proud conservators of society,
while others will be its violators. Some
of you will occupy high judicial positions,
and in the discharge of your official duties
the painful duty may perchanoo devolve
upon you of consitfuing to prison some
companion of your youth who has depart
ed from the path of rectitude and virtue,
and finally bccamo an enomy of good so
ciety. Now, boys, soloinuly whioh posi
tion do you prefer to fill? Which one of
these men would you prefer to be? You
now have the power to chooso. The pro
fession of a Hoodlum in boyhood will not
load to the position of ft judgeship in man
hood. Hut it is not it ill impossible that
some good boy, whosa sense of propriety
is shocked by the unbecoming conduct of
somt Hoodlum while in attendance at
church, may fill that position, whilo the
Hoodlum is in the placo of tho culprit.
It is a dreadful thing to be an outlaw aud
a violuter of tho laws of your land. Be
gin right and you will cornc out right, j
Make it a rule of your lives to cmulato
the example of the best boys of your ac
quaintance, while at the sanio time shun
tho company of all those who boar the
name of bad boys. Dd this and you will
grow up to be respocted and beloved by
thoso whoso rcspect is worth the haviug.?
It is through evil influences that ninety
nine hundrcths fail Hoys aro uot boru
bad. So conduct yourselves that your ex
ample will be pointed to by others as ono
worthy of imitation. Hy this wc do not
mean that you shall bo men iu conduct bo
fore you are inen in growth and develop
ment. Wo would not, if wo could, sup
press ono atom of your youthful nature.?
We desire to sec you enjoy yoursolvcs,
but do so in ft suitable way, at proper
times, aud with good compauions. It is |
needless for us to tell you that thoso boys j
who visit saloons, aud remain out at uu
reasouablu hours aro not suitable compan
ions. Their iuflucucc you had better av
oid. Modern society is prolific of suita
ble amusemonls for children of a whole
somo charaotcr. (If these chooso ye.
A Daubury (Conn.) man was much sur
prised to hear that l'roudc is ft historian.
Ho thought lis was somebody come over
hero to fight Maco.
Tho Jamoa River and Kanawha Canal.
Tbo bill ioiroduced by Ooooral Nogley
to-day for tbo construction of the James
River at)J Kanawha Canal it nearly a#
extensive as tbo important work which it
| contemplates. It directs the Secretary of
i War to lay out, oonotruot, enlarge ami im
provo a water way by canal, rivor, slack
water or sluice from tidewater on the
James to the Ohio at the mouth of the
Kanawha, which is to bo for tb? entire
disiauce seventy feet wide and seven feel
deep, with a sufficieut number of locks 1*20
I by 'JO feet, and navigable for boaii of 280
' tons. To pay tho cxpeusc of thin work
1 the Secretary of tho Troasury is dircoted
! to issue eight millions of government four
and a half per oent ton-fifty bonds, princi
pal and interest payable iu gold. Tho
States of Virginia and West Virginia arc
to ccde to the United States all ownership
and jurisdiction of tho property, aud the
general governmental also to extinguished
by purohasa of stook and pay off the dobt i
of existing corporations whose pro
porty would bo taken by the now enter
prise. The Secretary of tho Interior is 6>
select Commissioners from each of tho
' States of Pimnsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky,
; Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana,Illinois,
j Missouri and Iowa, whoso terms of office
! shall bo six years, ono-third of the nurnbor
to bo nppoiutod every soooud year, Who are
to have t|i? full control and management
of this Atlantio and Ohio Canal, and arc
to establish iUi tolls aud generally direct its
operations. When tho revenues of the ca
nal have paid the principal and intercut of
the bonds issued in aid of its oontruction,
no tolls are afterward to bn collected, anil
tho canal will coutinue to bo a public high
way of commerce. The last auction of the
bill prohibits auy member ofCotigress from
being interested in any contract for con
struction ?1'ittilwtgh Commercial,
A rich old gentleman had only one
daughter, possessed of the high attractions,
moral, personal and pecuniary. She was
engaged and devoutly attached to a young
tnan in every respcot worthy of hor choice.
All tho marriage preliminaries wcro ar*
ranged, and the wedding was fixed to take
plnoo on a eortaiu Thursday. Oil tbo
Monday preceding the brido ind groom
elect, who w&s to havo roeoived $20,000
doiyn o,i) )ii| wedding day, and a further
AW. ?i |jna-y>n hi* <atbwio?hnrV
death,'(an even? whioli woukl probably
soon occur,) had a little jealous squabble
with his intended at an..evening party.?
I Tho "tiff" aroso in consequence of his
paying more attention to t lady with
sparkling eyes andiuimitsble riuglets.
Tho gentleman retorted, and spoke
tauntingly of a certain oousin whose waist -
coat was tho admiration of tho company,
hintod that it had been embroidered by the
fair heiress herself. Ho added that it
would be time enough for bin) to be school
ed after they wore married, and that she
adopted tho breeches a littlo to soon. Af
ter the supper they.became reconciled ap
parently, aud tho bridp-grootu elect, in
taking leave was kind and nffcctionato,?
On the next morning the swain regretted
the angry feelings he had exhibited, and
the cutting sarcasm with whioh ho had
given it veut; and as a part of the amende
Imorulle, picked np a magnificent satin
dress whioh ho had proviouilybcspoke for
his beloved, (which had been sent home in
tbo interval,) and scut the lady with the
following note:
' Dearest Jane: I have been unable to
close my eye* all nigbt, in thinking of our
misunderstanding last evening. Pray
pardon me; and, in token of your forgive
ness, deign to accept tho accompanying
dress, and -wear it for the sake of your
most affectionato . Hknkk,"
Having written the note, he gave it to
his servant to deliver with the parcel.?
Hut as a pair of pantaloons happened to
need repairing be availed himself of the
opportunity, (the servant having to pass
the tailor's shop,) to send them in another
package to tho tailor. Tho man made the
fatal blunder! left the satin dress with old
Snip, and took tho note and tho damaged
trowsers to the lady. So exasperated was
sbejit what sho considered a determined
and deliberate insult, that when her ad
mirer called she ordered the door to be
closed in bis faco, and refused to listen to
any explanation, and resolutely broke off
the match.
By this awkward blunder of tho servant
the intended bridegroom lost both his la
dy-lovc and her one hundred ind twenty
? ii
m ? ?
In days gone by?say fifty or sixty years
before veterinary surgeons got degrees,
aud cured horses scientifically?ap old ne
gro, Anthony B , who had tho reputa
tion of bciug skilled in tho euro of all di
seases horse-flesh was heir to, did a thriv
ing business in that line. Old Dr. Sharp
had a favorite horso that bad tho heaves,
aud be was at onco turned over to Tony's
care. Some timo after, while the doctor
waa intortaiuiug a number of frieuUj at a
dinner party, I servant announced that
Tony had come with the bono. The dcot
or not caring to bo interrupted in bit din*
nor, told tbe man to bring Tony io, and
he very soon made his ippeinnoe, bat io
hand, polite and prompt is a major, when,
the doctor led off:
"Well, Tony, soyoo haw brought old
Iloan houio?"
"Yos, sir,"
"Yes, aar; jus' as good aa new."
"Woll, Tony, how rauoh it tho bill!"
"0! nuffin, sar?nuffln. We gommon
ob do' fesoion isn't customed to cbargoeioh
other nuflin!" roplicd Tony, with ft polit#
bow and the blandest face imaginable,
which, it is needless to say, brought down
the company, and resulted in Tony'i get
ling an iuvitation to a glass of wino and
leaving the Iioubo with a handsome "grat
uity" io his pockot iu lieu of a feo.
Two darkios had bought ? quantity of
pickled-pork in partnership; but Sam bar
ing no plaeo to put bis portion in, content
ed to ontrust the whole to Julius'e keeping,
Tho uext morning they mot, and Sim
"Good morin, Julius! Anything bap?
pon strange nr mysterious down in your
wioinity, lately?"
"Yaas, Sam, moit strango thing hap
pened at my house yestor-last night. All
mystery?all mystery to uie."
"Ah,. Julius, what wai dat?"
"Well, Sam, 1 tolo you now. Dh
raornin' I went down into (he cellar for to
get a pieco of hog for die dakoy's break
fast, and I put my hand down into do brin*
an' felt round but no pork dire?all gone;
oouldn't tell whit bewent It; 10 I turned
up do bar', and Sam, truo ns prescind',
tho rats eat i hole olir froo the bottom 9b
do bar'l, and dragged do pork all out!"
Saui wai petrifiod with astonishment,
but presently Midi
"Wliy didn't tbb brino ran out the 11199
holer* ?; 1 ',.??? "
'?Ab,Sam^dtl'ido mystery?dat'i d?
Fortune, success, fame, position,' ?r<r ?'
never giiinod but by boldly, fietermiudly, 1
bravely striking, grtwing living in 1 thing
till it it fairly accomplished. Id short
you must carry a thing through if you
want to be anybody or anything.' IJfo
matter if it docs cost you tbe pleisare, thf
society, the possible gratifications of life.
No matter for theso. Stick to the thing
tnd carry it through, BeliovD you wer#
made for the mitter, md that no onk else ';
can do it. Put forth your whole energies.
Be awako, clectrify yourself, and go forth
to tho tank. Onljr once learn to carry a
thing through, and you will become a ha
ro, You will think better of yourself;
others will tbiuk better of you. Tba
worjd iu its very heart admires the stern,
determined doer. It sect in him its best
sight, its brightest object, its richest treas
ure.1 Drlre rigbt along, then, in whatev
er you uniicrtiko. Consider yourself am
ply sufficient for tho deed. You will b?
sueoosiful. - ? ' ?
???*????- '
As suroly at bodies, suspended in'the
atmosphere, ineline toward the eurfaoe of
tho earth?toward the earth's centre?so
surely do ill tilings gravitate toward truth.
It matters not what restraining power or
obstaoles may'intervene, the result it tho
same. Tbe light of truth will sometime
in tho great hereafter pcB'otrato and possesi
all things. This thought sheds its sweot
effulgence over the soul of tho philanthro
pist', as ho peraintcntly pursues his way
amid tho cavil and detraction of bis fellow
A Minnesota editor is responsible for
the following story:
"Fifteen yoars ago, when Minnesota
voted tho State railroad bonds, Mr. John
Hart, living in Kollingstone Valley, after
the election was over, was invited by a
friend to take a glass of "hop-soda," but
instead of taking a driok, be took two ap
ples. One he gavo to hii wife, and the
other bo ate himself.
"Both bo and she saved the seeds of
thosotwo apples, whioh they planted, and
from whioh sprung eight apple-treoa.?
Five of them have lived, have prospered,
aud grown to bo hardy, vigorous, buritl'g
trees. Latterly, cacb tree bears from ton
to fiftoon bushels of opples yearly.
Wc wish all, "irrespective of raoo, na
tionality, color, or previous condition of
sorvitudo," a "Jolly Cbristmai."
The height of a young lady's ambition?
Two little feet.

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