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I'm (form or I'rinciphw Adopted
l>y lli? Mumoii CoiiiiIj Deuioo
U'liHitKAf, The coming election in simp- ?
ly a contest between tin-- Democratic and
Republican parties (or supremacy in the |
Country, anil
WiiKitKAf, The Democratic party liasev-'
er sought to preserve the constitutional1
rights and privileges of the people, and ban i
legislated always lor the beat intoruita and
tubstantial prosperity of all classes, tbere
JtmAvrd, That the Democrats of Mason
county, in convention assembled, declare
their faith in and adherence to the princi
ple* of their party, and believe it to be the
only organization i><Mt>ossing the power and
intetjrity to rescu e the general government
from fraud and oppression in iiigli places
and to siiutch our country from the threat
ening frowns of imperialism.
Hivdrnl, That in our opinion there are
principles of free government Involved in
the approaching elections that over-ride
in their importance all questions of intern
al |>olicy, and that to insure a perpetuity
of tho blessings of liberty and good gov
ernment, the highest duty devolving upon
American citizens, is the preservation of
our republic, by means of a peaceful and
unawed ballot.
Rfiolvd, Also in the language of the Dem
ocratic party of the eastern Pan Handle of
this State, "That wo are prepared to enter
the contest of 1880, National and State, in
the full confidence of victory, with the
principles?free elections; the supremacy
of tho civil over the military power; integ
rity and ability in our public agents; a
sound but ample currency: tho reserved
rights of the State, and death to fraud, cor
ruption, subsidies, monopolies and Imper
ialism, proudly emblaioned upon our ban
llaolved, That we are in favor of a thor
ough and cfllcient law providing for the
8tate inspection of mines.
liaolrtd, That we cordially invite all
those who have been misled in leaving the
Democratic party, and all Republicans who
believe that their party lins served its day
of usclfulness, to vote now with the old
and true Democratic party.
The Pint for ni.
The following is the platform of
principles adopted by the Democrats
of Went Virginia, at their Stute Con
vention, held at Marlinsburg, July
28th, 1880:
1. The Democratic party in con
vention assembled, heartily endorses
and approves tlie^ilatform and prin
ciples adopted by the National Dem
ocratic Convention, and reallirms its
allogianco to the time-honored princi
ples of the party,
2. We recognize with pleasure the
fidelity of the various officials of tho
State in the administration of the
duties and trust imposed in them by
tho law, and with pride point to the
peace, quiet and general prosperity
of the State. The promptness with
which the public revenues have been
collected and paid into the treasury,
the economy and efficiency with
which our public institutions have
been managed are some of the reasons
why Domocratic rule should be con
tinued in West Virginia.
3. Mindful of the traditions of the
party and tho dangor to be appre
hended from the growing power and
influence of monopolies wo declare
that the Democratic party is now, as
it has evor been, the friend of tiie
people and tho foe of all monopolies;
that we are opposod to any systems
of legislation that tends to foster tho
power of such monopolies, and par
ticularly to that species of legislation
that discriminates in favor of rail
road corporations and against the
4. Wo recognizo the proposed
amendments to the Constitution as
presenting questions above and out
side of party politics, and therefore
remit them to tho embraced judg
ment of tho peoplo.
The following additional resolu
tions were also reported by the com
Resolved, That we regard the prac
tice ofaccreditingany Democrats who
may be present at conventions as del
egates, as horctoforo, as opening the
door to fraud and unfairness, and a
mothod which is corrupt and corrupt
ting, and recommend tho State Exec
utive Committee to tako steps to pre
vent the same in the future.
Resolved, That in the opinion of
this convention, the practice so com
mon in tho State whoreby county
delegates to State and district con
ventions are instructed to cast th^
votes of the county for particular can
didates, is open to many serious ob
jections in that it gives rise to fraud
and unfair dealing; to conventions
packed in the intorest of particular
parties; deprives opposing candidates
of the representatives to which they
would be otherwise entitled: produces
complaint and dissatisfaction; disor
ganizes tho party and te'uds to the
defeat of its candidates; that we con
demn this practice ns being at war
with tho usages, principles and best
interests of the Democratic party and
should bo discontinued by all who
have its success at heart.
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Dress and Cloak Makers, j
DESIRE to call the attention of Radios to I
their very lnrge stock of Millinery and
Fancy Goods for the Winter of 1877.-?
Flowers, Ribbons, Laces, Embroideries,
thaids, Kid Gloves, in large variety. Lu
die.s underwear always on hand.
Particular attention given to .Straw work.
Special attention will be given to cutting
nattcrnsoi all the 1st est. stylos of Drosses,
Polonaise, Cloaks, l>as?iues and Gentle
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Our stork was purchased with cash, and
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undersold by any Millinery .Store in Point ?
Pleasant, t iallipolis or Potueroy, Kimhoiu-1
' the pliice, Sixth *t.. opposite Com
?uuinbom Mock.
CoiihIM Htioiiul Aiucudiueuls
Jo?t Rrsoj.ution propoeing an amend
ment to the Constitution 01 the8tate.
IgKhUikof all the member* elected to tack
Uotm amviru/ llierrto: That the following
tie and tlite same is Jiereby proposed as an
amendment to thPCoiislitutfon of this
State, to-wit: That article eight of said
Constitution as it now is be stricken out,
and tlio follow ing be Inserted in lieu there-!
1. The judicial poijor of thVState shall
bo vested in a supreme Mart of appeals, in
circuit courts, and the judges thereof in
sucli inferior tribunals as are horein iiu
thorized, and in justices of the peace.
2. The supremo court of appeals shall
consist of four judges, any threo of whom
aha I be a quorum for the transaction of
business. They shall be elected by the
voters of the State, and hold their office for
the term ortwelvo years, unless sooner re
movod in the manner prescribed by this
Constitution, except that the judges in of
fice when this article takes ellect shall re
main therein nntil the expiration of their
present term of office.
8. It shall have original jurisdiction in
owes <)f hibeu corjw, mandanw and pro
hibmon. It shall have ajipellate jurisdic
diction in civil cases where the matter in
controversy, exclusive of costs, isof greater
value or ainonut than ono hundred dollars;
in controversies concerning the title or
boundaries of land, the probate of wills,
the appointment or qualification of a per
sonal representative, guurdian, committee
orcurator; or concerninga mill, road, way,
terry or landing; or the right ol a corpora
tion or county to levy tolls or taxes, and
also in cases of quo warranto, habras cvr
pun, manaamut, certiomri and prohibi
tion, and in cases involving freedom or
the constitutionality of a law. It shall
have appellate jurisdiction in criminal
cases where there has been a conviction
lor felony or misdemeanor in a circuit
court, and where a conviction has been
had in any inferior court and been affirmed
ill a circuit court, and in cases relating to
the public revenue, the right uf appeal
shall belong to the State as well as the de
fendant, and such other appellate jurisdic
tion, in both civil and criminal cases, as
niay be prescribed by law.
I **? decision rendered by the supreme
court of appeals shall be considered as
binding authority upon any of the inferior
eourto of this State, except fn the particu
lar case decided, nnlesft such decision is
saidat tince judges of
0. When a judgment or decreo is re
versed or affirmed by the supreme court of
appeals, every point fairly arising upon
the record of the case shall bo considered
and decided; and the reasons therefor
shall be concisely stated in writing, and
KonV? It ithe r?cord of too case; and
it shall be the duty of the court to prepare
a syllabus of the points adjudicated in
each case concurred in by three of the
judges thereof, which shall be prefixed to
ft 8- report of the case.
"'V,1 of c,rrori WHTVtleiui or appeal
shall be allowed only-by the supreme court
of appeals or a judge thereof, upon a peti
tion assigniag error in the judgment or
or proceedings of the inferior court, and
then only alter said court or judge shall
,e examined and considered the record
fiw ,Wont of Vlror8' anJ '? satisfied
that there is error in the same, or that it
Finn "In a pomt ?,rol)er 'ot tbejjonsidera
tion of the supreme court of appfds.
',om any ?'^e a vacancy shall oc
rvvil, popiemo court ol appeals, the
i'n i0r l8SUe n writ of election to
Jill such vacancy at the next general elec
tion for the rosidiie of tho term; and in tlio
meantime he shall fill such vacancy by
<m?fifW0nn T&J ,ude? is elected and
ipmhfled. But if the unexpired term be
less than two years the Governor shall fill
expire','He?. X n!>P?intment fur u?
8. The officera of the supreme court of
S'1!'?!'1 to? reporter, shall be op
m?n'y or'vaca,wn by tile
^l, H^? 'iWlth powul1 of removal;
<.l.utl,ef ""<? condensation- shall be
prescribed by In w.
9. fliere shall be at least tw<k terms of
XRT'r,C<Wt appeals held annu
prcs'cribcd by'law. ^ "" be
! ?ie.StWo_8hall be divided into tl.ir
I Z TT. .or 'I10, circuit hereinafter
callui the hrst, two judges shall bo elected,
and for each of the other circuits one judge
!,? l>y the voters thereof.
hiiim l"1^8 ""elected shall hold
his office for the term of eight years, unless
sooner removed in the manner prescribed
in tiiis constitution. Tho judges of the
tZiZT? !!' 0,llu!; when Ibis article
takes effect shall remain therein until the
hnnn 'li""! 0/."10'ur?> f<lr which they have
been elected 111 the circuits in which tliev
mnL!!l 8l,eC( " y liUSillt'' 1!lllt'8'1 s"t"ur ?'?
moved as aforesaid. A vacancy in the of
filipd i? Ji 80 0 thc circuit sllttl1 bu
filled in the same manner as is provided
fur in any case of a vacancy in the office of
a judge of the supreme coiirtof appeals.?
During his continuance in office the judge
o a circuit court shall reside in the circmt
of which lie is judge. The business of the
ihfffiZP.,10* lJU al'Por''oned between
the judges thereof, and such judges mav
hold courts in tho same county or in dii
ferent counties within the circuit a tl
11. A circuit court shall be held inevcrv
mi'.i'. v ' i " nt ll!MSt three times in
ku f i"r'i r Provisions may be made by
law for holding special teraiirof MWdfurt
before a justices and other inE W ?
1 They S e^pfin'c^es con'
*Yltrai jurlsdictloii ol all mattuw at
sive of inter1"')0""1 c2ntrovcrs>''uxc1"
S.li' Hft,v llo"ars; of all
eouftv^ni' r^i'lbition, and all cases in
ffW 1 all crimes mid misdemeun
tioii in i -'"T0 "PPellato jurisdic
i uon i all cases, civil and criminal, where
an appeal, writ of error or >u/m*eilc(u may
nt allowed to the judgment or proceedings
of any mforior Iribnnal. Tlw shall also
nave such other jurisdiction, Whether su
pervisory, original appellate, or concurrent
as is or may be prescribed by law.
J;1' Until otherwise provided by law, the
Slate shall be divuled into the followiiiL'
circuits: The counties of Brooke, Hancock,
Ohio mid Marshall shall constitute tho lirst
eirciiit; the counties oi Monongalia, Murimi
and iliirrison, the second; the counties of
if on, Taylor Harbour, Tucker and toii
dolph.tlio third; tho counties <if Wetzel
Tyler, Ritchie and Doddridge, the fourth
i'et|\'fthl''ll' W?'!!1, Wi,-'t a,1,J Pleasant,'
I V i, ' ':0"" 'us 01 Gilmer,
. .n.ko mi, Koami and ( alhoun, the sixth
m n 'il'l't S ' 'diuim, Kanawha and Ma
u' v, r"?ve1th; '-"""lies of Cabell
i ?) no, Lincoln nn?l Lognn, thoeii;Iitii tho
couni.es of McDowell, Mercer lilloiLh
? t ? nn. I i', Monroe, Summon,, Fay
ties of ?, i;H! th:: u"th: 11,0
!, V ? l'--||U|;, hcwis. Braxton, Nicholas
" raid llardv MU Vellt-,,i
loi t. llanh, Hampshire, Mineral and
le'tlers n" P b' 1' '!?<> "
teenih! '^-''keley an I ?Morgan, the tl.ir-(
JJoe legislature may rearrange the 1
III. i\ v? '"ritl "I'iV -e-.i..!,
"" pi'-eedm^ urn L'e.,era) . ;e.
; ticm of the judges of said circuits, and after
the year one thousand eigbt hundred a?d
eighty-eight, may at any aocb session, In
crease or diminish the nmriber thertof.
15. Tbb legislature shall provide by law
for holding regular and special terms of
the circuit courts, where from anyfcanse
the judge shall fail to attend, or, it in at
tendance, cannot-properly preside.
1(1. All judges shall be commissioned by
the Governor. Tlie salary of a judge of
of the supreme court of appeals shall be
t wo thousand two hundred dollars per an
num, and that of a judge of the circuit
court shall be one thousand eight hundred
dollar* per annum; and each shall receive
the same mileage'as members of the Legis
lature, J'mvided. That Ohio county may
pav an additional sum per annum to the
ndges of tho circuit court thereof; but
such allovr&nce shall not be increased or
diminished during the term of office of the
edges to whom it ma/ have been made.?
Jio judge during his term of office shall
practice the profession of law or bold any
other office, appointment or public trust,
under this or any other government, and
the acceptance thereof shall vaoato his ju
dicial office. No? shall he during his con
tinuance therein.be eligible to any political
17. Judges may be removed from office
by a concurrent vote of both houses of the
legislature, when from age, disease, men
tal or bodily infirmity or intemperance,
they are incapable of dischargihg tho du
ties of their office. But two-thirds of all
the members elected to etfcli bouse must
concur in such vote, and tho cause of re
moval shall be entered upon the journal of
each house. Tho judge against whom the
legislature may bo about to proceed shall
receive notice thereof, accompanied with
tho canse alleged for his removal, at least
twenty days before the day on which aotion
is proposed to bo taken therein.
18. The votors of each county Bhall elect
a clerk of tho circuit court, whose term of
ollieo shall bo. six years; his duties and
compensation and the manner of removing
him from office shall be prescribed by law;
and when a vacancy Bhall occur in the of
fico, the circuit court or the judge thereof
in vacatiou shall fill the same by appoint
ment until the next general election, in
any ease in respect to which the clerk shall
be so situated as to mako it improper for
him to act, the said court shall appoint a
clerk to act therein. The clerks of said
courts in office when this article takes ef
fect, shall remain therein for tho term for
which they were elected, unless sooner re
moved in tho manner prescribed by law.
19. The Legislature may establish courts
of limited jurisdiction within any county,
incorporated city, town or villngo, with tho
right of appeal to the circuit court, subject
to such limitations aB uiay bo prescribed
by law; and all courts of limited jurisdic
tion heretofore established in any county,
Incorporated city, town or village', shall re
main as at present constituted until other
wise provided by law. The municipal
court of Wheeling shall continue in exist
ence until otherwise provided by law, and
said court and the judge thereof, shall ex
ercise powers and jurisdiction heretofore
conferred upon them; and appeals in civil
cases from said court shall lie directly to
to the supreme court of appeals.
20. No citizen of this State who aided or
participated in the late war between tho
government of the United States and a part
of the people thereof on either side, snail
bo liable in any proceeding, civil or crimi
nal; nor shall his property be seized or sold
under final process issued upon judgments
or decrees heretofore rendered, or other
wise, because of any act done in accord
ance with the usages of civil warfare in
the prosecution of said war. The Legisla
ture shall provide by general laws, forgiv
ing full force and etlect to this section.
21. Such parts of the common law, and
of the laws of this State as arc in force
when this article goes into operation, and
are not repugnant thereto, shall ^be and
continue the law of the State until altered
or repealed by the Legislature. All civil
and criminal suits and proceedings pend
ing in the former circuit courts of this
State, shall remain and be proceeded in i
before the circuit courts of the counties in
which they were pending.
22. There shall be in each county of tho
State a county court, composed of three
commissioners, and two of said commis
sioners shall be a quorum for the transac
tion of business. It shall hold four regu
lar sessions in each year, at such times as
may lie fixed upon and entered of record
by the said court. Provisions may be
made by law for holding special sessions
of said court.
2a. The commissioners shall bo elected
by the voters of the county, and hold their
office for the term of six years, except that
at tho lirst meeting of said commissioners
they shall dosiguate, by lot or otherwise,
in such manner, as they may determine,
one of their number, who shall hold his
office for the term of two years, one for
four years, aiid ouo for six years, bo that
oue shall be elected every two years. But
no two of said commissioners' shall be
elected iroin the samo rr.agisteral district.
And if two or more persons residing in tho
same district shall recoivo the greater num
ber of votes cast at any election, then only
the one of such persons receiving tho high
est number shall bo declared elected, and
the person living in another district, who
shall receive the noxt highest number of
votes, shall bo delarcd elected. Said com
missioners shall annually elect one oi their
number as president, and each shall re
ceive $2 per day for his services ifl court,
to be paid out of the county treasury.
21. Tho county courts through their
clerks, shall have the custody of all deeds
and other papers presented for record in
their counties, and the Banio shall be pre
served therein, or otherwise disposed of,
as now is, or may bu prescribed by law.?
They shall huve jurisdiction in all matters
oi probato, tho appointment and qualifica
tion of personal representatives, guardians,
committees, curators, and the settlement
of thoiraccounts, uud in all matters relating
to apprentices, Thoy shall also, under such
regulations as may be proscribed by law,
have the superintendence and administra
tion of tho internal police aiid fiscal affairs
of their counties; including the establish
mcntand regulation of roads, ways, bridges,
public landings, ferries atjd mills, with au
thority to lay and disburse tho county lov
ies. l'nmlcil, That no licenso for the aale
of intoxicating liquors in any incorporated
oily, town or village, shall be grunted with
out the consent of the municipal authori
ties thereof, first had and obtained. They
shall, in all cases of contest, judge of tho
election, qualification and returns of their
own members, and of all county and dis
trict officers, subject to such regulations,
by appeal or otherwise, as may be pre
scribed by law. Such courts may exorcise
such other powors and perform such other
duties, not of u judicial nature, as maybe
prescribed by law. And provision mav bo
made, under such regulations as may be
prescribed by law, for the probate of wills,
and for the appointment and qualification
of personal representatives, guardians,
committees and curators during the recess
of the regular sessions of the county court.
Such tribunals as tiave been heretofore es
tablished by tho legislature under and by
virtue of the thirty-fourth section of tho
eighth article of the Constitution of one
thousand eight hundred and seventy-two,
for 1 oilce iuid fiscal, purposes, shall, until
otherwise provided by law. remain anil
continue as at present constituted in the
I 'Monties in which thov have been respect
ively '?sfaWished, and shall be and act as
t" police and fiscal matters in lieu of tho
county court created by this article until
otherwise provided by law. And, until
o;|.-nvMc provided Jiy'iaw, such clerk as
i-mentioned in the meittv-sixtli section!
of tlrr jirl ii'Je, glial I exercise any powers (
. . ~
&nil ilittchaiue any ninths heretofore ton
toStA-on, <" retired of any court or tri
bunal MtatitWivi fofcjpi'licia! purposes un
der tlic s.ii?l article and wetion of the con
stitution ni one thousand eight hundred
and sertitty-two; or tbei clerk of said court
or tribunal' respStivcly, respecting tliora
c jrdini' mill preservation of deeds and oth
er papers i.reseuted for record, uiattea of
probata the appointment and qualiticJlion
of iiersonal representatives, guardians,
committees, curators and the settlement ot
their accounts, and in all matters relating
to apprentice. .'??!? ' i?
25 All actions, suits and proceedings uoi
embraced in the next preceding section,
pending in a county court when this arti
cle tukc*effcct, together with the records
and papers pertaining thereto as well as
all records and papers pertaining to such
actions, suits and proceodiiiBS, as have al
ready been disposed of by said courts shall
be transmitted to and 61ed with the clerk
of the circuit court of the county to which
office ail pfocens outstanding at the tune
this article goes into operation shall be re
turned; and said clerk Bhall have the same
power and shall perform the same duties
111 relation to such records, papers and
proceedings ira were vested in and required
of the clerk of the county court, on the day
before this article shall take effect. All
such actions, suits and proceedings bo
pending as aforesuid, shall bo docketed,
proceeded in, tried, heard and determine!
in all respects by the cirfcuit court, as if
said suite and proceedings had originated
in said court.
26. Tho voters of each county shall elect
a clerk of tho county court, whose term of
office sbtlt be six years. His duties and
compensation, and the manner of his re
moval, ?Wl be prescribed by law. But
the (Merks'of said courts, now in ofRco,
shall remain therein for the term for which
they liavo been elected, unless sooner re
moved therefrom, in the manner prescribed
by law.
27. Each fcounty shall b'fi laid off into
districts, not less" than three nor more |
than ten in number, and as nearly equal
us may be in territory and population.
There shall be elected in each district con
taining a population not exceeding twelve
hundred, one justice of the peace, itnd if
the population exceeds that number, two
such justices shall be elected therein. Ev
ery justice Bhall reside in the district for
which he was elected, and hold his ollice
for term of four years, unless sooner re
moved in the maimer prescribed by law.
The districts as they now exist, shall re
main till Changed by tho county court.
I 28. The civil jurisdiction of a insticc of
tho peace Bhall extend to actions of assump
sit, debt, detinue and trover, ihlie amount
claimed, exclusive of interest, does not ex
ceed three hundred dollars. The jurisdic
tion' of justices of tho peace shall extend
throughout their cftunty; they shall be
conservators of the peace, and have such
jurisdiction and power in criminal cases as
may be prescribed by law. And justices
of tho peace shall have authority to take
tho acknowledgment of deeds and other
writings, administer oaths, and take and
certify depositions. And the legislature
may give to justices such additional Civil
jurisdiction and powers within their ro
spcctive counties as may be deemed expe
dient, under such regulations and restric
tions as may be prescribed oy general law,
except that in suits to recover money or
diwiages their jurisdiction and powers
shall m no case exceed three hundred dol
lars. Appeals sliall be allowed from judg
ments of justices of the peace in such man
ner as may bo prescribed by law.
21). Tlio legislature shall upon the appli
cation of any county, reform, alter or mod
ify the county court established by this
artiele in such county, and in lieu thereof,
with the assoht of a majority of tho voters
of such county, voting at an election, cre
ate another tribunal for the transaction of
the business required to bo performed by
the county court created by this article;
and iivfiich ciue, all the pro'viaioun of ,this
artiiljmi natation to the county court sliall
be applicable to the tribunal established
in lieu of said court. And when said tri
bunal has been established, it shall con
tinue to act in lieu of tho county court un
til otherwise provided by law.
SO. The oilico of commissioner and jus
tice of the peace shall be deemed incom
patible. \acancies in tho office of com
missioner, clerk of the county court and
justices of tlio peace shall be filled by the
county court ot the county until the next
goneral election.
Joint Absolution proposing an amend
ment to the Constitution of this State.
Rcroltei by the Legitlaturo of H'?l Virginia,
lmj-lhirtlt of (ill the members ekcleil to tack
llmire agreeing thereto: That the following bo
' and the sauio is hereby proposed as an
amendment to the Constitution of this
State, to-wit:
That section thirteen, of article three, as
it now is, he stricken out and the following
be inserted in lieu thereof:
"13. In suits at common law, whore tho
value in controversy exceeds twenty dol
lars, exclusive of interest anil costs, the
right of trial by jury, if required by eithor
l>arty, shall bo preserved; and in such suit
before a justice, a jury may consist of six
persons. No fact tried by a jury sliall bo
otherwise re-examined in any case than ac
cording to tho rules of common law."
July f-3niv
obtained for now inventions, or for im
provements in old ones. Caveats, Trade
Marks and all patent business promptly at
tended to. ?
[mentions tlint have boon rcjccl
o?l may still, in most cases, be patented by
us. Being opposite the U. S. l'atont Ollice,
and ongaged in Patent huritim exclusively,
wo can Bceuro patonts in less time than
tlioso who are remote from Washington
and who must depend upon the mails in
! all transactions with the Patent Office.
When inventors send model or skotcli
we mako search in the Patent Office and
advise as to its patentability free of charge.
Correspondence confidential, pricos low,
and u? charge ttulesH l'ateut is ob
tained ~
Wo refer to Hon. rostinaBtcr General
D. M. Key, Rev. F. I). Power, to officials in
tho U. S. Patent Ollice, and especially to
our clients in every State of tho Union and
in Canada. For special reference, terms,
advice, Ao., Address
Opposite Patent Oflico, Washington, D. C.
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KAok-tl.irtv ?
Gash Store,
Machirville, Mason Co., W. Va.,
G-us. Jordan, Manager,
The undersigned having established a first-clnsB store at Machirville,
Mason County, West Virginia, lie will keep at all times a full stock of
Groceries, Tobacco, Cigars, & Liquors. |
Also a full stock of
Country Produce taken in Exchange for Goods
at the Highest Market Prices.
Also Feathers, all kinds of Furs, Sheep Pelts, Hides, old Metals, such as
Iron, Copper, Brass, &c.
J?*Call and see my immense stock. I ruarantco to sell all goods as
doc. 3-tf GUS JORDAN, Manager.
IB mm
A. Full Line of Straw Goods.
My stock is kept frefili by almost daily arrivals, and I will not bo un
derbid, if I know it. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT.
A large Stock of Gcnis* Hats Jnsl received, embracing moiiic of
REMEMBEK the place, Stortz's Brick, Main Street, near tho Old|
Fresbyteriau Cluuch, Point Pleasant.
JAS B.?gPETT, Agent,
Point Pleasant, W. Va.
Has tho largest and most completo works for tho manufacture of Cnrriiv
ges IN tho WORLD. Buggies for the trade a specialty.
May 12, 1880-lom.
Merchant Tailor
I'nhit l'lmmiit, Jl'ri/ lit.
Weekly Register,
County Paper in the State. I
Published every Wednesday Morning at
81.50 a Year, in Advance;
After Harvest,
rROrtre, aXd how to scokomiu by coarit
otiibiih in Farm Labor.
OKLY $1.15 A TEAR,
Will iiltico you in powwslon of tiu. 011|v
Newspaper that gives tho actual
experience una experiments
of practical farmers.
"The Cincinnati Wfjjkly Knqnirer, Utu
medium through which producers ol
every class, make known their
own experience, ami seek
thnt of others."
"The bot,t teacher of farming, is tlio Innm
liibiselfl A fact fully demonstrated
in the de|>artment (two pap-a
a week) devoted to 'The
Farmer and his House
hold' in the Weekly
"Every department is cou?i>loto."
"It is worth $100.00 a year to farmers, but
costs only $1.16."
"Tho Best is tho Cheapest,"
"It always has tie news in udvimcuef
all othcifo."
"There is nono bi'tter."
"I is tho host political Friend thqPEOPLE
have, advocating its democracy upon
the pflncfple of jnstJco and equity
"It is the original Grpenbgokor."
Such a'ro a few of tho many compliments
paid to tho CINCINNATI JPNQUIltKR,by
tho press throughout the country.
The merits ofits Editorial, Agricultural;
Political, Correspondence., Literary, Tclp.'
grai>hic News and Commercial depart
ments combine to ^niako it all that is re-,
quired in an A 2?o. I, first-class family
One copy, ono year fl.M'
One copy, six months ia'?
Without Sun. Issue. With Sun. 1mm
Ono Year $12.01) $14.00
Three months 3.2.r> 3.75
Sunday's issue alone, per year J.Ofl
Any two days' isstto J.OO
Anil threo days' issue " 0.00
Siioclmcm Free.' Agonts Wanted.
FAR AN & McLHAN, Publishers,
fob. 26-tf Cikoinxati, O.
Executed Xeatlu anil promptly
job j&oorMrai
Tho Weekly Register has the largest and
best assortment of job material in the ?t*t?
and fast presses,, paper and card stock, and.
is prepared to do all kinds of job printing
neatly and promptly, at tho lowest prices.
Commercial Printing.
Wo keep in stock a full lino of Commer
cial Stationery, which wo nro prepared to
.furnish in any style desired. Envelopes,
Cards, Letter Heads, Note Heads, Bill
Heads, Checks, Drafts, Notes, Statements,
Bills of Lading, Dray Books, Shipping
Books and all other variety of work need
ed by business men furnished on short
notice. Printing for Suit Furnaces and
Coal Companies, a specialty.
Those who have books or pamphlets t?.
print, can have such work uone In good
style at this office.
Poster Printing.
Wo prepared to do hand-bill printing
from n doublo-sheet poster, down to tho
smallest dodger. Programmes printed in
tho best styles known.
Our office is especially equipped for this
kind of work, anil parties desiring wedding
imitations printed, aro invited to call and
see our samples. A largo stock of Wed
ding pnijers always on hand.
Editor aud Proprietor of
The Weekly Register,
Point Pleasant W. Va.
Window Shades, Wall Vapor,
Oval and Bqoarr Picture Frames ahd'
Ilousu Furnishing Goods.
orders for
will receivo prompt attention.
Shrouds &c., &C;,,
constantly oh' hand.
Cor. State A Third St*.,
sept 10-1 y CAUII'OI.IS', OHIO."

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