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The Weekly
1 ,i..1 '? ?" i 1 , i',r
aao. w. nmn. * ijli
Thu Home will bold night sets-J
loot hereafter.
Among the item* in (h# ippro.
prJatioo bill is <68,69056 for the
A bill Mlhoriflng the State Su
E**itit?ndent to contract for the
wpply of class booki used in the
free ichooli baa passed the Senate.
The general appropriation bill
baa been reported in the Senate.
It appropriate# 1872,820.90 for tbe
Ureal year ending September !
1886, and 8284,660 for 1888.
The Senate bat pawed tbe bill
providing for tbe establishment
and management of the West Vir
ginia Reform School; also the bill
requiring banks, eavinga institu
tions, trust companies, 4c., to pub.)
Iiah reports of their condition.
Sonator Flournny proposes to
amend the constitution bo as to
authorise the Legislature to ex
empt agricultural product*, manu
factured articles and the product of
mines; but the exemption is con
fined strictly to local taxation.
Delegate Campbell offered a pro
test against the actiim of the
House in accepting fnvitations to
visit the Wheeling Female College
and Mt. th Chantul. His state
ment that very little has been dono
In legislation for the good of tho
peaple of tbe State, is probably
Some of tbe legislators appear to
have a spite at the West Liberty
Normal School. It no sooner es
caped thedangor of being turned
into a house of refuge for incorri
gible youths, than a bill is intro
duced providing for its removal to
Peel Tree in Barbour county.
There is no danger of tbo bill paus
ing, however.
Tbe House does not appear to be
anxious to tackleS. B. No. 1, which
contains tiro hundred and fifty ceo
lions and makes a volume of one
hundred printed pngpn. Mr. H?y
moiid on Monday moved that it be
taken up und read a first time, but
Hie House refused to touch it by a
decisive majority. It took tbreoj
"ays to read the bill in.tho Senate.
It ecu-cms the powers, duties and
liabilities of Justices of the Peace
and Constables.
A bill bae boen offered in the
Legislature which provides that
nny person who has a reputation of
being a thief, pickpocket or burg
lar, who is found loitering about
without vinible means of support
and maintenance, and who does
not apply himself to labor or other
tonest calling, shall bo deemed
guitly of vagrancy and "hall be con
"nod1'in jail not more than six
months. Any person having in
his possession any picklock, false
key, orow bit orothor burglars' im
plements shall bfrdeeined guilty of
vagranoy, and sball be confined in
the penitentiary for one year, or at
tho discretion of the court, be con
fined in jail not less than six
months, or more than one year.
A high license bill introduced
by Senator Price it creating con
tfternotion among the saloon-koep
ers of Wheeling. It provides that
in any city, town, villugo or other
place or lcsB than 1,000 inhabi
tant*, the State license to sell spir
ituous liquors, nine, porter, ale,
beor and drinks of liko nature, at
retail, shall be $150; in placet of
more than 1,000 and less thai",
5,000 inhabitants,$'250; in places of
more than 5,000' and less than
l'),000 inhabitants, $8oO; and in
any city containing 15(000 inhabi
tants or more, $500. In the House
a bill was introduced by Mr. AI
derson, providing that the ques
tion of granting license be sub
mitted to tho voters of cach coun
ty, at a special election to be hold
iu November, 1SS5.
Tor District Attorney.
Hon. D. H. I.cmurd, of Parkers
burg, it the most prominently men
tioned fi>r ih? pwiiinn of U. 8.
District Attorney. Mr. Leonard
well deserves the appointment and
would mako a more efficient and
capable oQicor.?Judfcron Buqlt.
We endorse the above, and desire
to add'our testimonial to the btness
of Mr. Leonard for this position.?
As a lawyer, he is tho equal of any
member of the Bar in this State; a*
a Democrat, he is true; as a worker
for the mocom of tho party be has
no equal. To bis management of
the campaign in Octobo', are the
Democrats indebted' for the rignal
ifctories won in October and No
vember. His appointment by the
f resident to the position of Vnited'
S'atss Dlstriat Attorney would
meet the hearty endorsement of
the people of the whole Stoe.
Tbe ArktntM Ltjirlaturs pi?wd
? rMoftilion favoring the njwaing
up of tbt Oklthnma land) to fet
llenrtnt uadtt th? Wawrtiidltwi.
rj www T* ii? ttIV* UIIU IU gCKHIIg
'bin appointment.
The earnoit protoiti of the rnral
press of the State will probably de
feat the attempted 160,000 raid up
on the Treasury for repairs to the
Wheeling Capitol building. Oar
latest advices from Wheeling are
to the effect that the measure will
be defeated, and that the good
people of Wheeling mult t? coo
ler^ lo stand right squarely op to
the oontrHot made by tbem with
the State in the year of our Lord
The constitutional term of the
present Legislature will end next
Saturday, and we hope no member
will favor an extra or extended
session. But little legislation la
necessary, and there is ample
time between now and Saturday
next to do all that Ihe interest of
the State requires.
The Washington correspondent
of the Richmond Dispatch, writing
under date of the 6th inst., pays
the following compliment to Sena
tor John E. Kenna.
The speech of Senator Kenna, of
West Virginia, on the intor-Stale
Commerce Bill, was published to
day. It showed careful prepara
tion and a great deal of reseaich.
The friends of legislation on this
subject highly commend it. There
is no man of his age in Congress
who has made a better impression
on his fellow members."
It Is now 1885, and the Census
Report for 1880 1b not yet com
pleted. We are afraid our censtts
compilers havo bitten off more
than they can chew.
An escaped lunatic from .Seneca
Palls, New York, who explained
how lie proposed to assassinate
Governor Cleveland, was arrested
in St. Louis.
Congress is working hard to
avoid an extra session, but there is
a gnneml belief prevalent that one
will have to bo called.
Leland Stanford, the new U. S.
Senator from California, is worth
(25,000,000, and bought his seat in
the Senato.
Oovernor-elcot Wilson'will toko
hia soat at Whoeling March 4th.
There will be a public reception
and un inaugural ball.
Live Tor Something.
Thousands of men breath,
move and live?pass off the stage
of life and aro heard of no more.
Why? They did not a particle of
good in the "world; and none woro
blessed hy ilium, none could point
to them as tbo instruments of their
redemption; not a lino.thoy wrote,
not a word they spoke could be re
called, and bo they perished, "their
light vront out in darkness, and'
they wero not rememberod more
than tho insects of yesterday.
Will you thus live and die, O tnan
immortal? Live for something.
Do good and leave behind you a
monument of virtue that the
storms of time can never destroy.
Write your name by kindness love
and morcy, on tho hearts of the
thousands you come in contact with
year by year, and you never will
be forgotten. No, your name, your
deed, will be as legible on the
hoart8you leave behind, a* the
stars on the brow of evening.
Good deeds will shine as brightly
on the earth as the stars of heaven.
Some weeks ago, when corn was
at its lowest notch, a farmer
brought a load to town and inquir
ed tho price. "Fifteen cents," was
the reply. The farmer paused and
h-?zed upon the ground thoughtful
ly. At last he said; "I wonder if.
there ain't any place in town
whero I could trade that load of
corn for a load of oobs. I'm about
out of wood."?Hopkint, Mo., Journ
The Legislature seems to hare
funds enough to increa'o tho pay
of its pages and clerks but not
enough to pay the hard earned
salaries of the teachers of the Nor
mal ScftooU. They will be able,
perhaps to explain the matter to
the people, unrej?, indeed, they he
long to that class of persons who
ure unable ttrassign a reason for
anything they do.?Jm/ex.
Henry Jackson, colored, jumprd
on the rear car of No. 4, on Sunday
last, at Sewcll, intending to ride
as far as East Sewell. Before the
train sloped he leaped ofl and fell
under the moving wheels, and one
font was terribly crushed. Ampu
tation was necessary, and Dr. Peck
performed' the operation.?Hinton
Georn? Sri\ton, a watohmfn nn
tb? B. & 0., near Paw Paw, W. V.,
wa>i run over and killed' yesterday
morning by express train No. 2.
The nignt before express train No.
6 ran over and killed an unknown
tramp near No. 12 water station;
W. V*.,?State Jaurnai.
The Enterprise i?y?: More to
bacco than waa ever raised in F&y
etiH onnnty, in one year, will be
nlanttdthecomingssasan. It pay*
better than any other crops, A
?;reat many farmer* who never be
ore tried the business are now
yrtparhfc '.tad lot aa early orop.
wontjr, it spoken of u the proba
We successor to Col. Ilogeman as
"h'flfor the Chesapeake ?
Oho railway. The cuDpany
could not make a better ?electiun.
Nllrr.eU lp.
Wheeling Intelligencer.
One hundred and nincty-five in
diotmenu forgambliug have stirred
j Parkers burg ,ocieiV f,olu cenier to
tl'MlllwiM, Wheeling offer, a
field for missionary work of tbis
tb# WftUM of which can
?ht. aCOI?P0,ad 'n hilars and
oenta. 80 far u the indictment#
wbSij"6"8 '? ?<
"Ibis thing of American eirls
Marrying alleged princes is an in
congruous state of thing*. And if
there were many more cheap ?;ions
of rovalty loafing aro.imi loZ,
1 U'#M American boyi ought. In
order lo get even, run over to Eu
rope anS 'W-' the market on
princew They could do it every
irne, no doubt, and it would teach
the average girl of the Mackay
stupe on this side of the water that
bo^8 have M,a* rights
which girls are bound to respect.
Heals The CJHlllpolU Revival
togau (0.) Sentinel.
On last Monday afternoon a gang
Phil ThV?Ug . g?' .oa Conduffor
I hil Thompson s train atGallipo
*, and proceeded to carry ou in
the loudest and most Indecent style.
At Vinton station they opened the
car windows and began insulting
with th at tbe
j the vilest language. Con.
H^i^.l 'PSpn told the gang to
desist, that such conduct would not
be tolerated on his train. The
roughs then pitched into Thornp
jon but thov met their match.
He knocked down several of them,
and as?Hlance coming from other
loin" rn' be br?Ughl ,ho ro"-dies
lion 16CKnl C0'ld,"ctl flnd conver
sion to habits of good behavior
Conductor Phil beats the Gallipo
lla revival. We regret that he
hurt his hand severely in the vig.
oro'u arguments he used.
Plenty of Room.
State Standard.
Yes there is plenty of room for
energetic, wideawake busTness
wkh r!!"' V!*??? who can
with a little capital, make money
band over hard. .There are m?
ous business callings which tliey
can ongage in rtnd make profitable.
1 he timber business is in its in
eipiency in this State; there are
ten to sixteen million aero* of fine
forest of both hard and soft wood,!!
I'0I'lar, pine, cherry, and black
:? nut varieties, in the order"
which the are named.
ii?jf8 bu'.',ne,??f Setting out cross
t es for railroads is a profitable one;
h ataYe8 b>' tho millions
are in demand at $20 lo ?28 per
thousand. The lumber businesses
growing rapidly; ship timber in
,large quantities ia obtained alone
our stream?, hunJjomo figures be
ins, paid for our mountain oaks.
Then our oil, coal, iron, tin and
1 w raln,ml8 ?re unlimited.
j, We. ne6d men of means and en
terprise to engage in ?1| branches
, f manufacturing, Weneodamil
lion of men to help develop our
forests and mines and make thorn
sceuos of humming industry.
The AngcHh NlubU*.
Martinsburg Statesman.
Io the herculean task of clean
ing the "Augean Stables," it is safe
to suy that Mr. Cleveland will pro
ceed with great care and delibera
tion, and honestly endeavor to din
criminate between the good and
the bad, the clean and the unclean,'
the oBensive partiean and the
faithful public servant. Those
who expect a wholesale pitching
out, immediately after the 4th of
March, will lie mistaken. Mr.
Cleveland will strive to bind the
Independent element permanently
to the Democratic ranks by pursu
ing a liberal and conciliatory
course. In carrying out these
viows he will' naturally moet with
strong opposition from- those who
are in haste to share the loaves and
fishes, but be has demonstrated his
ability to resist mero partisan ap
peals. His avowed purpose is to
have a clean, economical adminis
tration, to be governed in his ap
pointments bv titnoss, rather than
by persistant importunity or self
solicited reunmroendulions on be
half of candidates for appointment.
His earnest effort to surround him
self by the wisest, most conserva
tive and statesmun-like men of his
party, and the hearty good will of
the country will aid him material
ly in holding steadily to the line
of action that he has laid down for
him?elf. A feeling of confidence
in the wisdom, honesty of purpose,
and ability of tho President-elect
ha-* boon rapidly increasing in the
minds of those who have had au
opportunity of taking the measure
of bis capacity, and a disposition
to patiently await developments is
manifesting itself in the public
mind. To applicant! for office we
would therefore say,%ide your time,
and if found' worthy you will get
your reward.
Foter Bosely Jr., of Cedar Creek,
Braxton county, was found' dead
in his bed on Tuesday last. A
coroner's inquest was held on
Wednesday, bat the jury failed ta
agree as to the cause of his death.
It is thought by soma of the friends
of the deceased that theft wrs foul
play, as he waa in perfect health
when he retired for the night, and
the corps no rapidly cH?oelored*fl?r.
death. Mr. Bosely had1 been mar
ried but six or seveudays.-^Wattm
March 1st.
Mr. John J, Franklin, an old and
respected citizen, is lyl,,g danger
ously ill at hi?< home in tbis place,
suffe'ing from long troubles.
Died, at the residence of S. C.
Butler, this oily, on Pjiday, Febru
ary 20,1885, Annabej, only daugh
ter of Mrs. F. A. Wight man. The
remains were taken to Mason City
and buried Sunday.
The second engineer of the Belle
McGotvan, on Wednesday night
while drunk, fell into the Kunawha
near the docks and ?*u]d have'
drowned had hot Mr. Wta-Gham.'
hers come to his immediate relief.
He bad a elofc cull.
Bcmember, Fanner*!
T? Pave money in buying your
Hardware, Ac., you should buy
from John Adkins, as be is your
fripnd and intendii to make it to
ynur interest to deal with him.
He also ban a very large supply of
Paiuls and Oils in slock.
Engineer Mablon Rodgers.at the
United Slates Marine Hospital
Gallipolis, 0., suffering from par'
"lysis, is rapidly improving. We
hope soon to see him aguiu restored
to his usual health and vigor.
Mrs. Judge Guibrie is visiting
at Cheshire, Ohio, this week.
Miss Ella Noyes, oTcharWnn,
and Miss Sallie Sterrett, from up
'he Kanawlia, were ibe guests of
Miss Kate French, this city, sever
al days last week.
Henry J. Fisher, E<qj, has re
turned to bis home in Chicago.
Mr. W. M. Hughes, who has been
watching the ivrcck of the steamer
Telephone at Hocking where she
recently sunk, is uo* at his home
iu this place.
Rev. Dixon will preach on the
steamer Bostona Suuday afiernoon
if the boat is here at that time. '
Thore is a good showing of legal
advertisemeiits in this papor.
Nat Bloom is again on the road,
travelling for a Lynchburg, Va.,
tobacco bouse.
The weathor moderated consid
erably yesterday, and we now con
fidently look for a break-up in the
WeareagsJn- under obligations
to Deputy Clerk, Henry W. Sisson,
for favors rendered this office.
See Mrs. Cole's change of adver
tisement it) this issuer.
J^nr!iJ\Fi"tl6r' Esq., of Chicago,
who will bo remembered hv our
readers as having come intoa lurire
fortune by the deciMon of the U.
Ut ,ll"oe l'orao time
hZltt ' T,ln-been f"vorablv
pi ^,h00d' While residing al
Point Pleasant, Mr Fishier and his
then Ian partner brought suit to
wL ib0, wi" uf Jnh? J
JXTieln im- Tlm P^P
erty involved amounts to 850 000
He was successful in breaking this
nnsi' fan V'6 l#8al talent "P
i1?' i Supreme Court
conformed the decision of the court
hb?'ow; .then Mr. Fisher
if.1 ?"'? bis olient to
n rnw "tk mude, b-v Wwver
in JM?S. This case has just been
shflrn M - ?'h6re S
sharp skirrmshing between the
hJ!rh!!?,ni'ntlVe",nf ",8- 8real cities,
the battle w?s fought tu the ditch,
??ifr F 11. I,l,|,er wo" further
"I Dou't Feel LIU* nirk."
It uiaken no difference what huslnfM
you are engaged in; whether you are a
preacher, a merchant, a mechanic, a
lawyer or a caramon laborer, yon can't
do your work well while you are halt
tick. Thousaml* try to, but all in vain.
How much hotter to keep your organs
in good order hy taking Porker'* Tonic
when yon feel "a liltle out of aorta." It
would be money in your pocket. Ono
hour of good, rejoicing health ia worth
half a doien bourn lull ol languor and
The Count; Court of Nicholas
county, at a recont term, set aside
an order previously enfered for
building a brick court bouse, and
conoluded to erect & frame building.
A court hnuie built no?r-adav?
ought to Ih> ai tecure and at nearly
fire proof aa ponihl*.
m Mill WHIM All nil lAflS. B
?A 1ST ID?
Still handle the Largest
and most Varied As
sortment of
? IN ?
It to iwolesa to enumerate the
different classes of Uooda we cur
ry. Suffice it to say that wo cun
accommodate the buyer with any
article that can be found in any
First Class General Store.
We only desire to let you know
That we are la Business,
That we hare a Large Stock of
That we ate very desirous of Selling
there are a great many
Decided Bargains
Which we would like all to
sec, and we will do our best to
please you.
HE is
His Entii'e Stock.
Call on Him and You
Will Get
October 22, IBM.
Columbus, Hocking Valley
and Toledo Railway.
AMD Tilt
Taking Effect Xov, 18th, i883,
Direct connectlnna mails in Union De
pot at Colnnibua lor Newark, Zunosrille,
Pitlaburgh, Wheeling, Baltimore, Wash
ington and Philadelphia; also lor Day
ton, Cincinnati, Looiaville and all point*
South and Southwest.
BjfCloso connections at Toledo (or
Detroit and all point* in Michigan and
I Canada.
? WTTrain* ol th'irCnnipany paw Poinl
Pleaaont Statiou (Ohio) u (oilowa:
rapt. ttirr.
1:44 p. m. ROD a. m.
8:39 p. m. 6:15 p. in.
R f. ASBtTRY, Agent.
W. II. HtiMJO*, tian'i Pisa'gr Agent
I Make 170 to (160'per
[month lolling onr
'Standard Books & Bi
ble*. Steady work lor Spring and Sum
mer. AddreatJ.C.MoOORDY 4 CO.,
PWMelfkla, Fmb.
a.r.andM. n. n. iiowa*ii.
dttoriifyi at Jmw,
Pom Putmw, WW Vtwinw.
tKACTICE in the UniteU State* Din
trict Conrfc Supreme Court tff Ap
' Coorti ot the "lli Ju
RS. C. M. COI.F, will open her
usnal Spring Term, one wwk titer
the cloee of the Public Schoola.
Children ???. ??>>????? ...i $1 00
Fifth Heador tail Thinl part Arith
metic 1 25
Advanced Clans 1 50
With a redaction, when two, or more
pupils uttvnd from the unc family.
Cosimimionir'* Oynct,
Point Fleanatil, W. Va.,
February 25, 18S5.
G. Y. Rooti et ak
The Mason City. Salt and Mining Com
... Jhancery.
A LI. perrons interested in the above
/V. namod'eause. now pehillfig in tho
Circuit Cottrl of M?mm County, Went
Virginia, will tako notice that pursuant
to tie provisions of a decree pronounced
by the aforesaid Circuit Court. In the
above ttamcd cause, on the 17th day of
February, 1885,1 will, on Ilia 2.5th day
of March, 1885, at my said office, pro
ceed to report and state the following
mutter* and account*!
1st. Who dro the present holders of
the CoujKiii Ronda mentioned in and de
scribed in the Deed of Trust filed a*
Exhibit "C"wlth Plaintiff bill; in what
manner they hold the snuio and the
amount of interest now due and pav<
able upon ??ld bond*, and to whom the
sumo are payable.
2d. Said Commissioner I* hereby di
rected to settle tho accounts existing be
tween the firm of Roots & Kilbreth and
Knots A Co., mentioned in the PlaiutllTs
bill, and report in whose lavor the bal
ance exist*.
3d. What other. If any, indebtedness
exist* against the Mason City Salt and
Mining Company, and to whom the
same is owing.
4th. And said Commlmlrhcr la re
quired to re|>ort who are entitled to the
proceeds of the real and personal estate
sola by J. W. English ami G. P. .Simp
son, Special Comml**lonen>, on the 4th
day of Decern bur, 1834, a* shown by
their reiiort filed in this cause.
5th. And said Commissioner is requir
ed to report any further matters that In)
may deem pertinent, or that any party
in interest may require.
At which tiuie and place you can at
tend if you elect so to do.
Given under my hand the day and
year first above written.
Commissioner Mason Circuit Court.
Slmpbon A Howard, Soli. lor Complain
ant*;?J. W. English anil W. R. Gnnu,
Sols, for Jus. 1'. lull)ruth and M. \V.
White. . rf?h25w4_
Commissioner's OrrtCK,
Point Flwsimti W. Va.,
February 2o, 1S88.
Jmlo E. Hums,
J. H. Meneger, Trustee, Marl* 8. Mc
Culloch, C. Sehtfti, Peter S. Lewis,
Jrdin McCulloeh In Ills own right, tic.,
et nl*. In Chanary.
Aid. partle* interested in tho ubove
couse, now pending in the Circuit
Court of Mason county, Weal Virginia,
will take notice that pursuant to the
provisions of a decreu pronounced by
the aforesaid Circuit Court in said cause,
ou the 18th day of February, 1885,1 will,
on tho 18th day of Mafch, 1885, at my
said office, proceed to report and Btate
the following matters ami accounts:
1st. The omouut ot the debt aeenred
hy the Deed of Trust In the PlaiiitifT*
bill mentioned and described.
2d. How much, if any, illegal and
imflftoue Interest there Is contained in
the said notes or either of them securod
by said trust deed.
8<t. What payments have been made
uponaaid notes, by whoui,and to whom,
if any.
4th. Ho* nincli, if any. illegal inter'
est has been paid upon said notea.
6th. What amount, including priuci
ual and interest, reirmine doe upon said
indebtedness alter deducting therefrom
all usurious Interest and nil payments
heretofore made thoreon, and !o report
any other matter* deemed pertinent hy
said Commissioner, or that cither of the
parties to the suit may require.
At which time and plate you can at
tend if you elect scr tc <kr.
Given under my hand the day and
year first above written.
Commissioner Mason Circuit Court.
Manager, Hogg and English, Sol*, for
Defendants;?Gunn (i Gibbons and
Van Matro, Sol*, for l'laititifT.
Commissioner's Orrici,
Point Pleasant, W, Va.,
February 25, 1885.
Chan. StockhnfT in his own riglit and M
Trustee for the tlrin Of Ulirig & Stock
hotf, vs.
J. W. Withers, ct als. In Chancery.
A Li/persons interested In tlio above
named cause, now pending in the
Circuit Court ot Mason county, West
Virginia, will take notice that pursuant
to the provisions ol a dccree pronounced
by the aforesaid Circuit Court, in the
above named cause, on the 18th dayot
February, 1885,1 will, on the 23d day of
March, 1885, at ray snld office, proceed
to rej>ort and state the following matter*
and accounts;
1st. What liens arc upon the real es
tate of the said J. W. Withers, their
priorities, and to whom payable.
2d. What aniouut of real estate is
owned by said J. W. Withers, and where
3d. lb report anything that said Com
missioner may deem pertinent or that
either party may require.
At which time and lilacs you can at
tend if you'elect so to do.
Given under my hand the day and
year first above written.
JOHN E, Tixrtffl,
Commissioner Mason Circuit Court.
Notice to liloti Holder*.
To all.persons holding liens by Judg
ment or otherwlso on the real estate
of J. W. Withers, or any part thereof:
In pursuance of a decree of the Cir
cuit Conrt of Mason county, made in a
cause therein pending, to subject the
real estate of'the said J. \V. Withorsto
the satisfaction ol the liens thereon,
you are hereby required to present all
clairnr held by you and each of you
against the said J. \V. Withers, which
aro lions on his real istalo, or ahy part
of it. for adjudication, to ino at my office
in tne town of Point Plvauwt, in the
county of .Mason, on or before tho 23d
day of March, Ittftft.
Given under my hand tliin 28th day ol
February, 1RS.V
JOUNK.TIMM& Comralsninner.
W. Rltunn.Bol. ff?M5w?
u. hw wvnaan vircuu wourt, in the
above named cause, on the tltli ilavof
February I8S.% I will on thetfth day of
March, 1885, at iny (aid office, proceed
to report Htid state the follow ing nutters
and account*:
lit. What real estate it owned by thn
the said R. F. Sayrji and D. W, tsavrc,
and where situated.
2d. What liens are npon add ml ro
tate and their priorities, and to whom
M. To report anything that he may
deem pfertinent, or that either party may
At which time and place yon can at
tend if you elctituo to da
Given under my hand the day and
year flrtt above written.
Commissioner Maacn Circuit Court.
Notice lo Lien Holder*.
Toany person holding liens by Judgment
or otherwise on the reat estate or any
part thereof of R. F, Sayreand D. W.
In'pursnaneo of a decreo of the Cir
cuit Court of Mason County, mads in a
citase therein pending to subject 0?o real
estate of the sidd K F. Sayre anil D. W.
Sayre to the satisfaction of the liens
thereon, you art hfreby required to pre
sent (ill claiini'
.?.... Jahns held by you. and Mcfi of
you, agaiast the said R. F. sayre 'and D.
W. Sayre, which aire liens on tlielr real
estate, or any uartof it, for adjudication
to tn?, at my office in the town oI Point
Pleasant, in the County uf Mason, on or
before the 10th day ol March, 1883.
Given under mybiud, thts 18th day
of February, 1885.
Commiasionor Mason Circuit Court.
Tom itison & Wiley, Sols. ffobl8-4w
Ornut or CouxtsaiOKih J so. E. Timx*, |
Point Pleasant, West Va,,
Fflhrttary 18th, 1885.
0. C. Martin who does buaineu as 0. C.
Mnrtin & Co. vs. .
1). A.Sayre. In Chancery.
A LL parties interested III tlio nbovc
IX named ttttse, now pending In the
Circuit Court of Mason County, West
Virginia, wljl take notice that pursuant
to the provisions of a decree pronounced
bv the aforesaid Circuit Court in the
above named cause, on the Utli day of
February, 1889,1 will on the 20th day of
March, IStSj, at my said office, prove id id
report and state the following mutters
ami accounts:
1st. What real estate is owned by the
said D. A. Sayre, and where situated.
I'd. What liens am upon said real es
tate and their priorities and to whom
3d. To report anything that ho may
deem pertinent, or either parly may re
At which time and place you can at
tend if you elect so to do.
Given under my bund the day snd
year first above written.
Commissioner -Muson Circuit Court.
Notice to Lien Iloldcri.
To all persons holding liens by Judgment
or otherwise on the real estate or any
part thereof of 1). A. Havre:
In pursuaucvoi adccrneof thn Circuit
Court of Mason Countv, made in a cause
therein pending to subject the real es
tate ol the said i). A. .Sayre to the sat
isfaction of the liens (hereon, you are
hereby required to present all claims
held by you und each of you aguimt the
said 1). A. Sayre, which are liens on his
real estate, or any part of it, for adjudi
cation to me, at my office, in the town of
Point Pleasant, in the Countv ol Mason,
on or before the20th day of March, 1883..
Given under my band this lath day
of February, 1885.
Commissioner Mason Circuit Court.
Tomlinsoii & Wiley. Sols. [fcblMw
Trustee's Said of Valuable
Real Estate in Cologne
BY vlrtuo of the authority vested in
me, John K.Tlmms, the undersigned
trustee, by a certain deed of trust, made
by A. J. Donohew and M. II. Dunuhuw
his wife, on the 13th day of October,
1882; and of record in thv Clerk's office
of the county court of Maaon county,
Went Virginia, in trust deed book No. ?,
folios 304-115, to secure the payment of a
certain promissory note for'iho sum of
three hundred trail fifty dollars, therein
described, executed by said A. J. Dono
hew, to M. F. Kimberling, said note bo
ing w>w payable, anil default having
been made In the payment thereof, and
being required by the said M. F. Kim
berling, to mako vale of the real estate
convevSt by the said A. J. Donohew
and M. M. Uouohew his wife, 1, John E.
Timms, trustee as aforesaid, will noil at
public auction, at the front door of the
L'owrt Mouse of said Mason count;, On
tbeSSlh day of February. 1888,
the real estate described in said trust
deed, to-wiU Being two tiacts or. parcel*
of land lying in the county and State
aforesaid, on the waters of 13 Mile creek,
the first of which la bounded and do
scribed as follows: Beginning at a small
pine, on tbo south side of tbir road, and
runnings 83 poles to Van Mntre's line,
aud with Ills lino E 39] poles to the road,
thence with the meandora of said road
about N 62 W10 pole*) K 63 W 10 poles,
N 02} W IS poles to the place of begin
ning; estimated to contain S acres, be
the same more or leas; and the second
tract is bounded as follows, to-wlu Ly
ing on the dividing ridzo between the
Kanawha fen Mile aud Little Mill creek,
beginning at about D8 poles East of
Cherry corner Id D. F. Sayre's line, 30
poles to a white oak. corncr to Satnuol
l)arat, and with his line 172 poles to a
mulberry, his corner in tbe ran bottom,
thence up the creok 48 poles to a sugar
tree, corner to Daniel Van Matre'a, and
with his line W 130 pole* to a chestnut
oak in Shield's line, thence with bis line
N190 poles to the place of beginning, es
timated to contain ltlserea more or loss,
subject, however, to a conveyance off
said tract of 55 acres, heretofore qwned
by L. O. Canter, the former owner of
said tract of land, to Matilda McCarthy
and Elizabeth Sliamblin, which will
leave 66 acres of said tract of 111 acres
of land hereby conveyed, which, with
the 5 acres as heretofore couveyad will
mako 01 acres of land convoyed by said
A. J. Donohowaud wife by this trust
Terma of sale-SPOr CASE
JOHN E. TIMMS, Trustee.
Notice of Election,
THERE will be an election held it the
Court iIouse,-ontbe'Tlrird Saturday
in March, to choose o-Mayor.aReeorder,
0 Councilmen and ono Sargoaut, lor the
town ef Point Pleasant, West Virginia.
By order of Oounull.
M. H. 11 AI.E, Recorder.*
f*b. 18; ISSt-td'
AXI. persona are hereby forbidden
. from shooting) hunting, ranging or
fowling within the encivsed lands ofthe
undersigned situated In fowls and Rob
inson Districts, without their penuiis
inn, under the penalties preacribsd by
ocUKwi O. SKHON.
dt^ranv^ l^lnOc?g?dUi^
?am# t corner to low So. 1. S, S knd 4
th?M* with No. 3 8 &C 3UN K 100 polea
to ailon? (ills, tiro white o?k?, walnut*
and poplara marked as poluter* aimc a
.corner to No. 3, ami in ? liilr o( N 40* 45'
&JM poles to a black *nm on bench ut
bill, tiro itiukorya, black plm and white
oak marked aa pointer", add gUm stand
lug In i'M Una supposed to bo the line o(
the 7,000 aero survey made tor Sarvlne
amUiillatlne, tliwioe witha Hue of aame
IN 18? iy W U0 |iolea tn a atone pile ou
hillside, aame a corner to Lot No. 1, and
with aame 8 40? 45 W 145 poles to the
place of beginning, containing 80 acrea,
lent eight acrea hertitofohi atild and con
veyed to John W, I)lng. Said deod of
Trust la recorded in Mason county court
clerk's office, in Trust Deed Book No. 7,
page* 210 and 220.
1 .Tuuu or Sal*.?Caali in hand.
Jan. ?l-4w. Trustee.
Maton County, an:
AT ROLES held in the Clerk'a Offlce
of the Circuit Uurt of Mason court
ly, on the llrst Monday in the month uf
John Trocger, Complainant,
E. 0. Sotnerville, Jninra B. Mensgor,
Trustee, Bottle Loyd, L 1>. Somervfite,'
TrusUe, Margaret Souwrvllta'Sr., Art
drew J. Somervllle and K. V. Somor
villo. In Chancery.
Tho object of the above suit Is to
enforce two judgment liens of thel'lslu
tiff, one for &H.3I and costs and the oth
er for $21.31 and costs, against tho real
estate of E. 0. Sotnerville, and which ho
convoyed to A.J. Somervllle April 10th,
1884; and it appearing from utliaavlt filed'
tlio Defendants, K. (J. Somervllle. It. V.
Sotnerville and llettle I/jyd, are not res
idents of tills State, it is ordered that
they do appear here within ono mouth
after the first publication of this order
and do what is necessary to protoct their
interests iu this suit,
Pimpson & Howard, Sola.
& CO.,
con m
steamboat OILS, ROPE8,
and SO ON.
Alt goods delivered on board of
Boata freoof charge. [t'obl8-tf
Barrel Heading anil Lalhi in
any Quantity.
?of all kinds connected with?
House Building
kept on hand or furnished ou short no
tice. A complete line of machinery for
manufacturing lauiber of every descrip
delivered at the wharf upon order.
Cylinder Timber* a Specially
OS"Tho Mill has a capacity for SOjOOC
ft. per day. A large assortment of Oak,
Popular, Ash, Hickory, Pine, A Wal
nut Logs, constantly on hand. Tho Ma
rine Dock Company is In dose proximi
ty to the Mill,nudboth are operated in
connection with each other.
sept 10, ly.
For Sale.
FARM of HSO acrce In Mercer11
llollom, Miuon County, known at
part ol tlio late Edward 1* Menoger tract;
*00 tei'c* rich bottom land, balaice
rolling hill lend. well timbered; two or
chards of apple tree*, excelleut fruit; 2
honim and outbuilding; OS acres of
wheat howd will 'be told with farm.?
Will be aold cheap. Apply to
Adhfon, Maion Co., W. va?
THE co-partoerehlp heretofore exlit
lag between Dr*. Smith & Petty, ha*
been Jiisolved by mutttal oomeflt. Or.
Petty will continue the Dental efflea at
the mint ntand: J. A. SMITH,
Jan'M-tw. U. w.PETTx.
SEND your ordwa for printing to thli
oOlee. U?ue promptly. Low prlee'V

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