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The Weekly Register.
i ' ' -| -
-i-i f , U
rirawi ?'?/ nrawuj Mno|, JJ
- Editor,
. ?>??.?. i ??
Fjv* Mil* Itimi.?Old Billy
Scott, colored, living on the divide
between Five Mile and Nine Mile
creek*, bad hi* mule to die re
centljr, and being abort of corn he
fattened bii hug* up in tho (table
and kept them there to eat up the
mule. Old Billy being met by a
neighbor wai asked how hit hog?
rattened on mule, replied: "Day*
eatin' de bead and de lege and done
made a neit in de body to sleep in."
Old Billy's hog* all died in two or
three day* After eating the mule.
1 ?in creditably informed thai
cattle with dry murium can be
speedily cured by catching a bull
frog and 'lipping it down the
throat alive, and a* Hon o* swal
lowed the frog will'commence to
work its way out, and in it* itrug
glut will tear everything lnoie in
Hie bowels of the animal and come
out alive and klckfng. It ii said
that-one frog can be used for half a
doien or more cases. Our inform
ant stales that he knows of four
ttowa In thi* comity that have beeu
saved liy thin method.
Mr. Howard Klek, of Point Ploai
ant, viiiting on Five Mile, last
Wednesday cut duwn a tree and
succeeded in capturing one of the
largest coon* ever caught in thi*
*ection. lie weighed 19J pottnd*
aiid measured 8 feel 2 inches from
lip to tip. He brought him in
alive, and after making it whip all
the dog* and cat* on the farm,
killed it and will take the hide to
the Kmistkb office when he ??
turns to Point Pleasant.
At the close of Lin Kelly's
school on Five Mile they had a
spelling bee that wound up in a
light. Parties arrested next day;
no tines.
Mis* Little Prulty, teacher of
the Mountain Flower school house,
is on the sick lixt this week, and
her school is dismissed.
Mr, James Dewitt, an aged citi
ten of Sixteen Mile, is lying very
ill at his home and is not expected
to live.
A calf four month* old, belong,
log to Mr. P. Martin, of Pomona,
frure to death one day Inst week.
Mr. John It. Dabnoy had a hog
io freeze to (leutli lu*t week.
Mr, Uyson, near Poltiotm, lost
two valuable horses two weeks ago.
Cause of death not known.
. Mr. Eblingou, living on Sixteen
Mile creek, loft one mule by sick
bos and its mate slipped and
strained itself so badly that it will
Mr/Jsmes Dots, on Nine Mile,
l?ii it valuable horse lust week.
Cause of deatb not known.
Mr. Hossea Furi'dt hid a sow to
get among his sheep tho. other
night and kill and eat six lamb;.
We are informed Mr. John Hut'
ton !o?t a valuable horse last weok.
Ho al*o, during the recent cold
spell, bad a sheep that froie foUr
logs off and now goes arouud on its
stump legs froie off up to Its
Mr. John HaUtead lost a largo
hog one day last week. ?
Mr. M. J. Taylor has a valuable
horse down; cause of its trouble not
known; it will hardly recover.
A horse belonging to Mr. John
Cooley fell on the ice on Nine Mile
creek and hurt itself so badly it
had to bo killed. ^
In Stemorf of Leua Dubuey.
Died, Fabruary 13, 1885, near
Wyorna, Wei>t Virginia, Little Le
na, only daughter uf Thomas and
Mary M. Dabuey, in the 10 h year
nf her age. Her illness was of
short duration. On Wednesday
sho r as at school and on the fol
lowing Friday evening hor sweet
innocent life fuded away into the
glua of Heaven, as a summer cloud
iu tho beams of the setting sun.?
And thai oar loved one departed,
toba with God. Her stay was
but short boro on earth, but Lena
was a bright little girl and made
many friends. Her remains was
borne to their last resting place by
four young ladies, her loving school
mates, and wa* followed by a num
ber of heart stricken friends, for
ntany hearts have been made deso
late by her separation from os, for
none knew her but to loro hor; yet
we have a hope which is not of this
For Josus beckoned to her
And sho followed to his call;
Father, mother, littlu brother/
Preparo to meet her one and all.
For littlo I.ona is an uigeli
With tho angel* she will stand,
Vailing, watching (or hor playmates,
To Join her in that botfveftty band.
She has gone from earth forcvei\
Co to all sho has hid good-bye;
but let ur all prepare to meet her
When our time has corae to die.
A Faiutci
Ketga County ITtraU please copy.
In another culura witl be found
announcement of ftr. C. Vf.
Fadoly, as a candidate for County
Bupsrlntendent of Free Sclioofrf for
'his county. He is a toaohsf 6f
""ij years ?pertencv
lUn a Ho* a.?Have a home (if
jupr tJw o tome * here, flujriplec*
nflandind owu it. Bay it with
the determination to keep It hn
long a4 JoU live and bare It to
}otir hciri, If yon have no money
except what you earn yourself, then
Scrupulously save and la; aside a
liari of yotir ihcbhie until you hare
enongh to pay for a piece of land.
Tit be the owner of a homestead
will hare a U'eneiicial effect upon
your character. It will Increase
your Km refppct, your confidence
in yourielf. You will feel that
you have a loMllllftial position and
something at stake in the com
the habit of raying money to
purchase a piece of land will iu it
naif be valuable to you. It will
aid you greatly in acquiring other
property and becoming independ
ent. The tendency of ihiiiito
make yourself reliant, mure ambi
tious, more industrious, more care
ful and belter oitizens.
The ownership of a homo will
add greatly to ynur happiness.?
The feeling which it engenders is
a source of constant ratisfaction.
There is one spot oh eartb which
you improve and beautify. With
tbat spot ynur thoughts and affec
tions become identified. You learn
to love It. Il Is like an unchang
ing friend. It becomes an unfdii
ing source of enjoyment.
Who are They??The Parkers
burg Journal says a family in Par
kersburg has been discovered to be
In a terribly destitute condition.?
When the officers called at the
bouse they found "a daughter,
probably twenty yearn of age, de
mented, lying in a cold room with
scarcely any clothing, covered only
with a miserable piece of rag car
pet. The father who has work, it
in said, drinks all his earnings, and
biii family are suffering. The wife,
whose name is wilheld because she
wan well known to many of our
citizens iu furmer days, .having
beun rawed in Belpre, where she
was the daughter of a prominent
citizen. She staled to the officer
that they bad come here from Poiul
Pleasant where they had a farm
and were considered well to do.?
Infoimation received from that
place Corroborates her statement as
to the furm and further states that
it is valued at 87,fi00. The de
parture of the family from Point
Pleasant was very mysterious, no
cause being assigned for the action
and even stranger is it tluit they
should remain in Parkersburg suf
fering when plenty awaits ibem
at their former home. Altogether
it is a queer case."
Tho following frolll Ibe Wetzel
Democrat, will apply with much
force to this place: "When skating
rinks were first introduced, there
brj k cheerful feeling among the
chn rehcSj because, it appeared thai
young ifleh were drawn away from
bar rooms and pool and billiard ta
ble*. Of courts, when they came
to tho rink they niet the charmers
of the o her rex, and as a most
uatural consequence, thore were
thine? kindled that otherwise may
never have burned. A< ft result,
some three or four girls have con
tracted mesalliances, tome half
dozen giddy wivoa have gone oil
with roller mashers, several fair
ones have ppruined iheir pretty
ankles, and here and there a ten
der leg hat been broken, all of
which has been reported by the
newspapers. And now come the
preachers and denounce this new
invention of Ihe enetfiy and there
is a hue and cry against roller
skating because of these things and
their paialyzing efluct upon the
annual revivals of religion. lt?
fact there is notfiihg that pleases
young people and affords amuse
ment which may not be Construed
into a sin, and if rollor skating
does interfere with the anuual re
vival!, it ought to bo stopped; for
there are people who think ffief
stand no chauce of getting to heaven
except they bo "converted" once a
yoar. We say this with #11 respect'
to them and with no reference at
all to those real Christians who
stand by their religion in hot wea
ther and cold and never lose it,"
Mr. Isaac Long, of Arbucklo dis
trict, has among bis flock a Ewe
whioh gave birth to two lambs on
tho 6th day of April, 1884, aud on
the 6th day of September she gave
birth to another, and on tho 21st
in at, she gave birth to another.?
Can any of our sheep men beat
iliM Can this be attributable to
the electi >n of Cleveland?
OI> #in
This Town is bad ofl for coa), And
if it had not been for the few hun
dred bushels Hon. J. J. Bright had
stored away in the collar of his
storehouse, the people would have
really suffered. There 1b plenty of
ooeb across the river, and we Ain't
understand why sothe of our coal
mofcliants do not buy a barge of it
and1 supply the wantsof this town.
. a*..?
Messrs. Jubn E. Timtos and Jno.
E. Boiler have pufthused the prop
erty of Messrs/China & Wiley, for
merly used bf them' as a law office.
These gentlemen will occupy li t*
% law office
Brook, a well-U>do farmer residing
t>ur Letart, in this onunty, ?ome
sixteen mile, from here, in some
thinner incurred the enmity of
Burl Pickens, who publicly averred
that be would burn tbe bouse, barn,
?table and all the h?y In the itacke
in a Geld near lbs barn. He car
ried out bin threat on tbe night of
tbe 18tb, and in addition to the
burning placed poison in tbe wtell,
being caught In the aot, but es
caped before bis capture could be
effected. A warrant is now iu the
hands of a constable, who, with a
po<se, is scouring the country in
pursuit of him. Be Is represented
being a desperate won, and if
brought to bay will Gght to the
death. Brock's lues, outside of the
poisoning of the well, in |8,000 with
no insurance.
Frank Leslie's Popular Mon
thly.?For March is an unusually
interested ttuUiber; oombiiiing a?
it does articles of present interest
with those of permanent value. It
opens with a Careful study by
Lisle Lester of Madame Ristori,
with a portrait and sevoral illus
trations in character. Professor
Charles A Joy contributes an article
on a Jersey Cattle farm, andOacan
yan furnishes an extremely inter
esting paper on "The Armenians."
'"the Story of Queen Matilda of
Denmark and Count StruetitSe" is
a valuable historical contibiitlon,
by E. St. John Brenon, and "Some
thing about Children's Books,"
With its quaiht facstimil illustra
tions, shows us the juvenile litera
ture loved by our grandparents
when they were boys and girls.
"Pate de Fule Gias," by Nugent
Robinson will appeal to ihegourtnri,
and"8taten Island, its Past and
its Present," by J Barniti Bacon,
to tbe local antiquarian, while the
naturalist will be equally interest
ed in "The Origin of our Domesti
cated Animals," by the ttev. M. Q.
Watklns. The eminent traveler
and author, David Kerj la repre
sented by two articles, the one "A
Meeting with Algban Bobbers,''
and the other, "From 8ebastopol
to Kief," both thrilling and inter
esting. All these articles are fully
illustrated. Serial story, "The
Death mark," reaches its twenty
Gfth chapter, and there are soveral
short BtorieB and beautiful poems.
The miscellany is well selected and
entertaining. Published by Mrs.
Frank LbsMK, 3il, 55 and 57 Park
Place, New York.
Tbe great trouble with school
boys and school girls when they gu
to write an eisay, is, they can't
think of anything to say; but just
let them out of school and they can
say enough without slopping or
thinking to make a four column
-*-l ?r
The last mau reported as having
gone to thrash an editor lived in
Indiana, lie found the editor in,
and as a result of the interview the
would-be thrashor is now on ice.?
It seems strange how sotbe men cau
never pfoGl by the experience of
iheir fellow mortals.
The clergyman who some time
ago startled his erring Congrega
tion by saying that "skating rinks
are the cause of thousands of our
young people falling," never iu his
life long experience spoke a more
literul truth.
The skating rink craze ha?
struck this place and now we boast
of two rinks. Ono is run by Capt.
Frank Barrett, and the other by
Messrs. Whitehurst and Gayman,
two young gentlemen from Canul
Winchester, Ohio. Bull) fluke are
pretty well attended.
. -T-i '
With the thermometer bfetttw te
rcf, no coal, and tiff money, you
can imagine the difficulties a
country editor has to encounter to
get out hie paper. That bs< been
ottr Condition this week.
?* tm
A man stopping his ptfpet wrote
to the editor: "1 think folks otti'nl
to epetid t&eir ttunny for papers,
my daddy diddent and everboddy
sed he was the intelligentest man
in the country and had the smart
est family of hois' lliat ever dugged
If any one has s bad cold and
cough let him gst one quirt of good
whiskey, put in three ounces of
linseed oil (raw), the same of hon
ey, aud take ii three or four times
a day, and if it don't cure you we
will not charge anything for the
Wo had one of those long haired,
long-legged, long ooated, long slick
ed, big bundled and lorig'-chedked
tramps in town Saturday. He
was a terror to the boys, 6ti\ soon
took bis departure.
Circuit Court adjuurned last! Fri
day. The ducket was pretty well
cleaned up. The Putnam Circiftt
Court convened Monday, and qui'W
a number of our Attorneys have
gone to this Court.
-? ??.??
Mr. W. A. Jordan, Of Rappahan
nock1 county, Virginia, Is here on ?
visit to bis oousin, Hon'. P. C.
Fjaslhfcm, neaT town.
UI ccvciai J*UICJ uuiucin wuu ait
talking of canceling tbeir policies
with tbeee companies.
Report! that reach us from sur
rounding neighbnrbwda would in
dicate the necessity of Urringdoors
and aleeping with one eye open
and a loaded shot gun in the im
mediate vicinity.
? *"? ?
We learn froiii the LogaH; Ohio,
papefi that Mr. Chu. F. Sterrett,
well known here, while ikating at
the rink in that place, had the
misfortune to break one df bis legs.
Friday night and Saturday morn?
ing was the coldest weather ever
known in this locality. The ther
mometer indicated 19? below zero.
^ , m
ff you have not a dollar and a
lulf to seed for the Rtqultr, send
us ten subscribers at $1.50each>
cash, and we will send you the pa
per FjtKE for oho year. Moat any
one can obtain ten subscribers) at
their post office*. Try it.
, Justice Timme has brought
about one hundred suits since the
1st of January. Because of his
known legal .ability, he has cases
from everjr part of the county.
Tho revival ineetingat the Viand
Street U. E.Church, still continues.
If the sinners of this place are uot
brought to repentance, it will not
be tbti ft!till of the pastor, Rev.
We direct attention toihe adver
tisement of Messrs. Simpson &
Howard, Lawyer}; in this issue. If
you have legal business to attend
to tbey will perform that work to
tho entire satisfaction of tHefr Cli
AnnolinBetttfitlts for County Su
perintendent of Free Sciidnls, are
(3 in this paper, cash in advance.
Mone inserted unless tile money is
paid down.
Farmers report the wheat in this
section of country as being in very
bad donditioa, being almoet en
tirely frozen out of the ground.
?'IW -
Mr. Andy Baird, the Superin
tendent in the construction of the
Railroad Bridge at this place, is
here on a visit. He is now in
chargoof tiie erection of the Rail
road bridge at Hondorson, Ky.
Quite a number of our people
will leave, about Monday, for
Washington, to attond the inaugu
ration ceremonies of President
Tho Kanawha river, the first
time for many years, is frozen over
and people are crossing it.
Mies Belle Misener, a young lady
oflronton, Ohio, in visiting rela
tives and friends in this place.
Tlie Miiftil Graa Carnival at
New Orleaua.
On Tuondsy last, February 10th,
tho scene of the Carnival festivities
Ml unprecedented for gayety.
Thousands from all portions of the
world thronged the streets, aftor
witnessing the ceremony of tho
drawing, llnil gave loud-spoken
approval of the honesty of the
177th Grand Monthlv Drawing of
The Louisiana Stale Lottery, undor
t he exclusive managemontof Oonl's
G. T. BeaurBgttrd, of La., and Jubal
A Early, of Va., and some S25'2,500
was scattered about. It will all
go over again on March lOtli, of
which M. A. Dauphin, New Or
leans, La., will inform Jou on ap
plication to him.
Martin Welrfh, a deckhand on
one of the taw boats lying in the
Kanawha, got drunk Saturday
night and just for the fun of the
thing assaulted a man named Cy
rua Knopp and got badly whipped,
and in addition got in jail, where
he kid nntil Monday morning
when he was brought before Jus
tice titnmd who fined hint $5 and
costs. He now languishes in jail,
prfying fifty cents i day board.
Be has money to pay his fine, but
swears ho will not do it until the
river opens, as the jail ii the
cheapest place at which he 6dn
put up.
' Hamilton Parr, Jr., C. fl. friy
man,of Willow Grove,,and Peter
Roush, of I/elart, West Va.,'arrlve(|
here Saturday on thoir return from
the New Orleans Exposition. Pe
ter Roush was sick on the way, and
when lie arrived here was unlade
to go further and stopped at the
Remington Home, where be still
roniHlm and is confined to his bed.
Dr. Hysell pronounces his disease
malarfal fever, and says perhaps it
will change to typho malarial be
fore 1ft gets through with it. Mr.
Roush htfs sent for his mother to
come and attend his bednlde unlit
he can be tafcen home.?Meiyt Co.
Telegraph. ,f
A correspondent expresses the
hope that the late revival at Galli
poiis did not atop short of (he Jour
nal oQica ("the oCDciaTpa'per^the
6 (floor's papor), and the mudljlpal
government of tlhlt toWri'. The
l'dfoi of April will show,
j ? ? m
Mtln Whaley, a typo, who has'
been at WheoTing, is do# at hlf
horns iti this jilade.
SEP wor*- or M
the virtues of tho? *i?e W we um
sincerely mourned. And we come not
now, In paying 11,1a hurt aid tribute to
the memory of departed worth, to In
<J?ge in fulsome eulogy.-we propbw
only to uiake iucIi record aa the subject
of the notice ja?tly merits,
jj** "n our rnidrt, reared, trained and
Wbtat*] '?y kind. loving and devoted
perenta,?endowed with native Intellec
ts ity.-gentle, modest, unarming,
delicately refined, amiable in character
and liberally educated, ahe bore lier
long .tlftsrlnp patiently and uncon.
phuningly, and wt> feel that we can aay
of her truthfully that she was the true
type of a correct, uprigbt Christian wo
man, cut abwn l? the full maturity of
When wq nee thelittle darling irl*tched
from its mothor's breast, before it bad
known tho joys and sorrows, the pleas
ures and paina of life, before it had
learned to love and be loved with the
fond devotion of youth, or before it had
formed those attachment* and alliance*
of matnrer yean; or when we m the
vf/.,w"rn,out fcy ?g?. ?iuk gently and
WjflWf down to rest, feeling that Ihev
, "T? g? their allotted a|>an, that
they had performed their part and fin
ished their work u,k>u the great theatre
of hie, that they had outlived the joy*
?nd pleasures of Ihi* earthly tabernacle
we can, with soibb degree of consoltttloH
end resignation .My, "My God. 'ihv
Win h* dune,"'thero is a "balm in
uilead for those who mourn, there Is a
surcease of sorrow for the afflicted,-but
-when we see a young woman, in the
pride and prime of life, in the full frui
tion of life's greatest and purest pleas
ures, enshrined In tho hearts of a de
voted father, a fond mother, tendor and
lyvinjj sisters, the object of sincere affec
tion of a lil-jje tiirle of relatives; fconnec
tions and friends, and when we realize
how Impotent the skill of physicians,
the tendor and devoted attention and
burning of the loved and loving ones of
hbtne, are to iliji the fatal arrow or
throttle the grim monster, but looking
on, see him lay his cold icy hand 011 such
won? as the subject of this notice, in
oar liafrts we can but exclaim, In tho
"gunned language of our Saviour "If it
be possible, lot this cup pass from my
requires more faith and deeper res
ignation than poor, Ira'if human tv pos
sesses, unsupported by the Divine real
ties of Christianity, to bow in humble
humility to sufh dispensations of Trovi
Miss Lewis, with her virtues, her
warm heart and gentle suavity gave to
r personal beauty and that
wott the esteem, high regard and endiff
iug friendship of our best citizens
whelher in palace or lwvel, rUlior poor.
She was educated in Staunton,' Vir
giniu, and for many years has been a
consistent aud exemplary momber of
tho Episcopal Church, same fouf years
?go while visiting friends and relatives
in \ irginla, she contracted a cold which
at first was not regarded as serious, but
as time rolled on tho bronchial trouble
increased, aud in its iusidious, onward
march she becaum a constant and great
sufferer, and continued to suffer inlonso
ly until life's latest moment. Some
twelve hours before her death, whilst
suffering with a terrible paroxysm of
coughing, she said to the writer: "I
shall die to-night-conjo back aud seu
ine." Upon being asked, "lias tho
thought of death 41iJ: terror to you, lliss
Lynn?" and looking urouud aud about
with an expression aud smile' playing
over her emaciated face, more of Heav
en than of Kartli, evidently Indicative
that she fain could desire to stay and
givo comfort and solace in the declining
year* to her aged, afflicted and heart
stricken parents, but she realised her
condition, she knew that the messenger
was awaiting her and that she must
soon dejiart, and painfully happy, and
regrettlngly exultant, stared us in tho
face, and smiling tearfully, she softly
tremulously whispered: "Death bai 110
terror to we."
Juit an halt liaur before uho died, sit
ting l)r her side site addressed us "write
down." Accordingly with piper and
pencil we noted down an ahe directed,
the distribution ol her jewelry, runaion
toa, ttophiea, and other personal effects,
to her nieces. sister*, aunts, brother-in
law and lady friends, outside her own
inlttiedlate family. After finishing her
labor, and directing thut her deviaobe
read to her. Wliich being duno, ahe
said, "that's right; but 1 have uot yet
done?there's Harriet, my faithful col
ored nurae, alio must have ? ? (men
tioning same,) and to "Lum Sehon, (lief
brother-law 1 give my prayer book
and my hyinn book?that'a all?now lot
me die." tibe folded tier arms across
her breast, and in a few momenta her
soul asceuded to the God who gave it.
? ?_ t
Died.?fftf residence, in this city,
at 3 o'clock, on the uforning of the 2:W
inst., Miss Lavina Smith, aged 67 yeara,
8 months and 27 dufs.
The subject ol the sbtrtc notice was
born in Kingston^ Uster county, New
York, and removed to' Ibti (Sty w it It her.
father, in the year 1810, where ahe r<i
ttahfed; with the exception of a brief
residence in' Jackson county, nntll her
death. Bhe wa* the daughter of Jonas
and Dinah Smith, well and' favorably
known to many of our old tltlwns. Miss
Bitolth waa an estimable woman, highly
res'fteted by all with whom ahe came In
contact, and lived a pure, blameless
life. Her sickness f?s of short duration,
and wbto .the final summons came, slit
was prepared, and hor spirit la now with
her Father and her Qod. She waa. the
Aunt or coi. S. r.-tf: b. smite; of triii
city, and' leavis many relatives and
friends to fflitlrn her departure, iter
remains were interred in the tfty ceme
tery on yesterday. ?
4T i m
Justice Timtoa fined John Mehan
|1 and costs Monday for being
drunk upon the streets. Failing'
to pay tho fins he #u cMnmUted
to jail, ami thsrn lie remains.
?"?~I VI piukiug
np ? few local fyllj*. many think,
M mere child'* pi*/. But suppose
ibey hud to do it ihtmsolfei. We
imagine the reiull would hi; Hbout
like thin Marching bravely intq
the sanctum, we doB oar hat ana
sharpen our faber; gal out a tablet
and are ready for business. The
question next arisen, "What shall
we write abopt?" one bring*
us in a single item, And it isn't
long till we begin tu feel somewhat
"lumped; the broad smile we wore
upon entering the office is fast
changing intua sort of far off look
and a frown. The more we think
about something to write about the
more wee feel like wa could never
write another line in the world.?
Every idea we ever entertained has
departed. Printers want oopy, and
we find ourselves in a terrible di
lettima; then for the first time we
begin to realize how much fun
there is in ranning a paper. If
perchance we get out one number,
we then wonder wherti t^ie neit is
to come from, for surety we ex
haustcd ourselves upon our first
effort. We go home a wisor if not
a happier mortal, bid the now
rested editor to resume the tripod,
giving bim (tuple assurance that
ever afterwards he will have our
respect andsympathy,where he bad
before our Hdiuulo and ill-will.?
Point Pleasant Orchestra tfntf
fancy skating at City Uall Friday
Washino Madk Easy.?A corres
pondent of the Uo\ueiuper gives
the following "receipt for robbing
the inovitable "wash dny" of Bome
of its terrors. Tba receipt has
been tried Wre, and found to work
like a charm: Soak clothes ovef
night in ciear water. Id mornit/g
put two pails of water in boiler,
shave into tliis two thirds bar
soap; when dissolved add six table
spoons full kerosene oil; when boil
ing hot put in your finest clotbcs
and boil twenty minutes, after
which boil the others in success
ion suds, thoroughly looking over
the dirty spots such 88 wrisbands,
neck, etc., rubbing between tba
hands, riuso in two waters a,nd
hang tip; must usu soft water all to
Fancy skating at City Hall Fri
day evening,
A Chinese bride tUs attired iu a
"plain bi, trimmed with a rare old
toyah, while the trousers were of
three full lengths of yellow sigee."
It has often pccurred to us that
trousers of yollow sig'oc, and a hi
Gllcd with rare old toyah, would be
a lovely costumo for a bride. A
silver kiki in the hair and a gold
tumtu around thd ncck would ma
terially increase the offectiv^'css
of the costume, we thiuk.
There will be plain and fancy,
skuting at the City Hall on Friday
even'ng, February 27il?.
MIfs Rhoda (jteenbergen, Mr?.
Chas. Beale, Misses Ilcboccu and
Ella Bealo, Mi?B Ella Neale, Miss
Mary Moore, Miss Miitie Easlham,
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Couch, Mr. W.
S. Spencer and Mr. Robert Hutch
inson, of this county, formed a gay
party of excursionists and left on
the 5 o'clock train last evening tu
visit the New Orleans Exposition.
We pray they may have a safe
journey wrought with many pleas
ures in tho Sunny South.
Go to the Oily llall Friday eve
ning and see the expert skating
by A. E. Guyman.
The Point I'leaaant Skating
Rink occupies the hall over tie
Capehart store hoUi-e. The room
is 27 by 100 feet. Mr. G. T. Smith
is the manager. Oar yonng peo
ple can now take their spare
change and enjoy . themselves.
Itoller skating is getting to be
quite pupular, and wo suppose our
people will soon be as, crajy over
this amusement as aro the people
of other towns.
Remember Riuk to nigVt at City
Hall. Point Pleasant Orchestra
will furnish music.
The tltkting riuk at City Hail
was jam full pn Saturday afternoon
of our yotiajfsociety folks, who had
a merry time. Some of our skaters
are improving fast and will be pre
pared to skate with the best of
them presently. Our only unfa
vorable Criticism is that tbey skate
as if fur life, in faot, gome of the
boys remind us of the pictures of
Canadian skaters chased by wolves
thai we have saeu in our child
. -
City Hall Rink to-night and
Thursday night.
dur young friend ,W; 8.
Sponcer, of tbe firm, of ftlcCowti &
Spencer, left Tuesday morning for
Now Orleans to visit tbe Exposi
tion. We hope hit trip will be
one of pleasure and profit.
About tbe best local paptr along
the Ohio, is the GallijwHs Jbyrnui.
"Pink" never m'iisoi an item'.
J. M. Adkins,
Point Pleasant; W; Va.,
1 "? ' N ' _ , *
Has Jiist Received a New and Complete line of
Table and Poo?et Outlery,
Housebuilding Material
at muph less cost thno over bofore oifotfcd ;ip this market. It will
txi money in your pockot to got my pricc? boforo buying. 1 also
have a large stock of
at low figures. Be sure and get our figures. We can safo you money
("Successors to TJHRIG t STOCEEOFFJ
Dry ^ km?, Friwffi,
Gourt Street, n?af the River,
A prlJO, 18S4, -If
* ? . .
,?V> o / %'ir. V^*
Cor. Court and 3d Sts., Gallipolis, 0;
? ' ;
Has been receiving new good* !rom the city for the past three weeka, and all of
the moat improvod mak?tand of a suporinr quality. IUh assortment In now largo
and cuuipliite and the beat aelccted in the city, Prices will not fail to pluaao.
CIIAIRR. RC RE.16ft; WARDHOBES. and everything usually sold at
a firat-claxa Kurnitlitb Store; I rwpectfull* nak the uitUeua of Poiut Pieamint to
call when in the ciiy.
With .14 years experience. A branch from the oldest Home in Galllpolia.
With two lino adult Hearaea, and one beautiful White Hearu for children; with
the beat team of white horaea in the State. Every stylo of
i ? .
Metat and Wood Caskets' and Cases,
. . .
From the Cheapest Hospital to the, Finest Caaketa, always ,1/j stock. Also all
qnalljitp ol Uubes fur adulu and children. Carriage# with good truafy teams aud
polite driven furniahed on application.
Children's'Cabs,Bicycles,Tricycle*, Velocipedes, Wagons, Ac.,atm'Aiiofacturw'i
prlcea, and the only place where a complete aasortment canto-Mud in the city,
and we will not U undersold iri toy atrtTtle 111 Wir llni. Call and see before yot?
b"y- ........ .-??? ? [Sot. 2i)lh, lR8%tf. ..
NOTiet, i. ,
f wish to Inform the,ppblic that my
Mill i( no* reml^Jor grinding, ?tiii will
Btart o|i finoon u the w either uifAltir:
ilittle. And qn account of tho Ion-,
ep 1 have met with the lut am
not able to eell on tiuio any longer, but
will have to ileowuiiHhe tMtr Irom eve-.,
rybody. 1 earnoatly reqiimt ttf, pwtles
indebted to me to call it onpe and aettie
u 1 cannot keep up. Without money.
To the Ladies Especially;
[>'FORK bu;
J wliqre, cnll
ollie B Jom
vine voiir miwhlnee olse
li st tlip r'Mldfitcc of MIm
*, fllrf ?Smtni tWS New
Improved Hcbt running ?elMhre*rtln?
hl?n arm Howe, anil bf convinced tint.
It la the brat on Ibe market, and by call
ing on her ah o 4*111 take pleasure in >
allowing .you its - superior merit. For
aalu by lier, the Mile Agent.
dec. it, 6m.
Ooraeta. Ibaii'ittM lo tbM 1?.
feb uWT
PHutlnif uf JllVtyft eicculvd it
. PriutinK ot all
9?? h'l'

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