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? ip'ji tama v ?rnrvi
We've pat a fine addition on the good old chnrch at home,
It's just the latest killer, with gallery and dome;
It seats a thousand people?finest church in all the town.
And when 'twas dedicated, why we planked ten thousand down.
That is, we paid five thonsjnd?every deacon did his best?
And the Ladies' Aid Society, it promised all the rest.
We've got an organ in the church?very finest in the land,
It's got a thousand pipes or more, its melody is grand;
And when we sit on cushioned pews and hear the master play
It carries us to realms of bliss unnumbered miles away.
It cost a cool three thousand, and i's stood the hardest test?
We'll pay a thousand on it?the Ladie'a Aid the rest.
They'll give a hundred sociables, cantatas, too, and teas;
They'll bake a thousand angel cakes, and tons of cream they'll freeze;
They'll beg and scrape and toil and sweat for seven years or more,
And then they'll start all o'er again, for a carpet for the floor.
So, it isn't just like digging out the money from your vest?
When the Ladies' Aid gets busy and says: "We'll pay the rest."
Of course we're proud of our big church from pulpit up to spire,
It is the darling of our hearts, the crown of our desire.
But when I see the sisters work to raise the cash that lacks,
I somehow feel the church is bnilt on women's tired backs,
And sometimes I can't help thiuking when we reach the regions
That men will get the toil and sweat, and "The Ladies' Aid the
rest." Exchahoe.
Or the Cow With a Short
Ta U.
Some years ago over in the
Williamsburg Valley, in Green
brier county, this state, the fol
lowing deal was made by parties
which will characterize as Jack
and Jimmie:
Well, Jack wanted to buy a
cow, aud some one bad told him
that his friend Jinimie, who lived
over in the country about six
miles distant, had a cow for sale
lie recalled the fact that Jemmie
had long been noted for his ac
tive part in church matters. I|e
had heard him talk in class
meeting and in prayer he was
truly wonderful. He could bring
tears to the eyes of the most har
dened sinner in the country. He
decided that what Jimmie would
te 1 bim about the cow could be
relied upon as tacts indisputable.
Bo he -rode over to look at the
cow and he found Jimmie read
ing the Bible as usual. However
the sacred volume was soon laid
away and they went out to look
at the cow. She was a dandy, a
salt and pepper mixed brindle,
but had one deformity. She had
a very short tail, perhaps only
about ten inches long. Jemmie
said she had come into this world
with a short tail, and he did not
t link the doing of Providence
should be criticized by us poor
mortals here on earth and he
would take $30 cash for her as
she stood.
Jack offered $25 and said he
would have freely given the oth
er $5 if she had a long tail. Jim
m e declare that $*0 was the clos
et price he could name. But said
that a friend of his had a cow
that looked exactly like his cow,
that she had a long tail, and with
the exception of the difference in
length of the tail an expert could
not tell them apart, and that he
was sure she could be bought for
$30 and said as he and Jack had
always been good friends, he
would see his neighbor and buy
this cow and would make no
charge for his trouble. So Jack
promised to return upon advice
m Jimmie that he had got the
cow. Two or three days later
he received word from Jimmie to
come on, he had made the deal.
Jo Jack responded promptly and
found the cow just exactly as
.iimmie had described her. She
had a long bushy tail and looked
for all the world like Jimmie's
short tailed cow. Jimmie said
his short tailed cow was over iu
the back field in pasture, a mile
or two distant, but he would lov
ed to have had her at home to
show Jack bow much they look
ed alike. Jack said this would
not be necessary at all, so he paid
Jemmie the $30 and departed for
his home with the cow. About
the time Jack got the follow field
with the cow she began to show
signs of wanting to back track
herself and made a break for lib
erty. Jack grabbed her by the
tail in order to retard her speed
but lo and behold the tail pulled'
off?leaving a stump about ten
inches long. He examined the
piece that he had palled oft and
food that it had been sewed on
[with No. 8 Clark's O. N.T. Spool
lie had been duped. He otvn
e 1 Jiriimie's short tail cow. Jack
says be does not wish to cast any
reflections on the wonderful repu
tation of Clark's spool cotton, but
that it will not do to sew cow
tails on with, and as to Jimmir,
h j has decided to tarn him over
to the Great Ruler of the Uni
verse with the hope that he will
assign him to the hot ward where
he properly belongs.?Independ
eat Herald.
Fast Traveling.
There was a strong man in
Kansas who was picked up in a
cyclone and carricd away over
into Iowa and landdd in a grave
yard. He was a little dazed when
he picked himself up and brush
ed oft his dads. A minister visi
ting the cemetery addressed him
and asked him where be bad
come from. The man said: "I
have just come from Kansas."
"When didyoa leave Kansas?"
inquired the minister,
"About four minutes ago."
"Four minntesago! Why, my
good raau, you cannot have trav
eled these three hund/ed miles in
four minutes.
"Yes, but I did,?I came in a
"Oh! That might be. But, of
course, youi Heavenly Father was
with you."
"Mebby?I dunno. I was too
busy to see if auybody was with
me; bat if there was they was go
in' some, I tell you."
An Irishaman and a tSwede
were caught red-banded in the
act of cattle Btealing out West,
a id the usual court of Judge
Lynch had arrived at the usual
verdict. Whereupon the court
adjourned to the bridge across
the Niobrara and prepared to ex
ecute its unanimous sentence.
The Swede was given the honor
ot being thrown oft the bridge?
with a rope around his neck?
first. But by some mistake the
knot united just as the Swede bit
the water and he swam to the
batik and hit the trail. When
they started to put the nooee
around the Irishman's neck he
said to the master of ceremonies
"Now look hijre, me bye, I want
yez to be a dom sight more care
ful wid that rope than ye was on
the Swade?I can't swim a
The Methodists of Weston who
objected to a 12-foot fence being
erected on property adjacent to
their fine new church, have lost
their case in the Supreme Court.
?' udge Cox banded down the
opinion of the court, which was
that the defendant is allowed to
build a twelve-foot fence on her
own property if she so dehirep,
and the bill was dismissed from
the docket.
Most of the trouble with hav
ing money is that you haven't
The average girl would rather
marry in haste aiul repent at leis
ure than to never have a chance
at all.
A small man dodges when he
meets a great opportunity.
Adsent Minded lllinoiran
(Milwaukee Sentinel.)
"We have the prize absent mind
ed man in Streator, III," said
Henry Oswald of that city. "Not
long ago bis wife took him to J
task for his absolute helplessness
w! on it came to remembering!
things and he promised to do!
much better. j
"Less than an hour afterward
he started down town, when she
handed him a letter which she
wished dropped in the postoffice.
He promised not to forget it and
to make good earned it in his
hand throngh the streets. Just as
he reached the letter slot in the
postoffice a friend asked him the
time. He drew his watch from
his pocket, answered the question,
dropped the watch through the
slot and started oft with the letter
still tightly held in his other
'iThe friend knew of his peculi
arity and went after him. When
the watch had been secured the
absent minded man went on and
it was not until late that night
that his wife discovered the letter
he bad started to mail reposing
in his overcoat pocket In the
excitement he had placed it there
instead of. in the box.
Mi6S Lillian M. Small has been
installed as marine observer at
an isolated promontory of the
Cape Cod Highlands. She watch
es the ocean constantly and tele
graphs her record to the Boston
Chamber of Commerce.
Holy Origin of Valentine
It Eu Degraded Into a Day on
Which Evilly Disposed Get
From a day of honor to a martyr
ed Soman prieat, through a day
on whioh yonng men and maida
chosen eaoh ether aa companions
fcr a'year, to a day on whioh some
people eeek a ohaooeto "get even,"
is the oonrse St. Valentine's day
has run. In the windows of the
atationery stores and some others
will be fonnd on display the com
modity known as valentines. Some
are of a pretty type, the token cf
affeotion whioh is approprfeteto
the day, others are of the oomio
type better dtswibed as the "penny
In the last few years there has
been a decrease in the demand for
thislatter sort, whioh was used
mostly by the ignorant or mali
oi n* The were devoid of humor,
vr v't iuy drawn, had alleged poetry
on t r-i that was insulting, and
smack J altogether (of cheapness
and vulgarity. A few of tbcm are
still seen in some of the shops, but
the dealers showing fewer and fewer
of them eaoh season. They have
given plaoe to a postal oard about
whioh there is something funny in
bnrleeqaeing certain types, bnt
whioh, to a person with a sense of
humor, will not prove insulting.
The valentines designed to be sent
as a message of affection are put
i! properties, which when
preserved by the use of
e glycerine, have proven
D making weak women
. women well. It contains
not a 'patent medicine,"
e either.
ur with nervous headache.
:k and dizziness. ao that at
lie down (or hoar* before I
head." writes Mn M.ry M.
of Dr. Pierce's
he preparation
>r the time of
* when a*WW
One farmer states that be can
"keep a stove going" during six
months with the sunflower stalks
produced on an acre of grouud.
The seeds produced aud fed to
fowls pays for all work of culti
vation. He burns the smaller
beads with the stalks which are
cut in the fall to the required
rery woman should
know these things before she really needs
to know them. There are many things in
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Ad
viser, that every woman ought to know.
This celebrated work reached a sale of
680,000 copies at $1.50 each. The expense
of production having thus been covered,
it is now being given away. A copy will
be sent to any address on receipt of 21
one-cent stamps to cover cost of mailing
onlu, or, in cloth binding for 31 stamps
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N.
Don't Be Hoodwinked, ^S?St52i
or over-persuaded Into ftcceptlnr a substitute
for the Original Little Liver Pills, first put
UPJ" ?JfLP rh?? Et^S.ei5L51if"pL2K:
and called Doctor Pierce a rietMBt pciieta.
They've been Bach Imitated but never
equaled. One or two are laxative, three or
tour cathartic.
County Correspondents;
(To late f >r last week )
Correspondence, 6.
Having seen do items from this
place, I tbongt I wool! drop io a j
Holly Blessing, of Letart, was
the guest of Miss G n la Sterm Sun
day. 5
Old Mr. Ground hog having seen
his shadow we are preparing for
six weeks more winter.
Mrs. Roy Daugherty was the
gnest of Ora Love Sunday.
A very enjoyable affair ooourred
at the home of Miss Hazel Eokard
last Saturday evening. Her many
friends from Flat' Rook oame down
and spent the evening in playing
later on refreshments were served
Tl o e present were: Misses N?l
Ite Pollin, Gnsta Sterne, Hazel
Eokard, Rasa Raybnrn, Lola Ray
buro, Beatrice Eokard Mrs Pearl
Kent, Ora Love and Ora G. Eok
Messrs Everett Green, George
Ddwgherty, Harry Sterne, Morgan
Love, Gay Pallin, Clayton PuUin,
John Ake, Harry Love, Willie
Love, Rupert Eokard, Holly Bless
ing, of Letart.
Miss Nellie Pallin was the gnest
of Miss Rosa Riyburn Sand ly.
Rjbert Riybara, wife and fam
ily atteaded the faaeral of his sis
ter, Mrs. Gibbs, Saturday.
Miss Riobel Smith returaad
ho ma last week from L start.
L mnie Gray is visiting his un
ole Henry L jve, near Lelart.
Miss Hazil Eikard was the guest
of Gasta Stern Sunday.
Diiey and Pansy.
.',1' 1?-m Y. . ?? \ 1 ! 1 ? ,riMI 1 "i ?i?fiTiir -r r i ilMBih.l 1'HIbiI I II11111' i^P^W
A sp'endid view of The Kanawha Dock Co., when the big towboat Jack Frost was undergoing extensive repairs in
February 1903. The Kanawha river at a good stage. Mr. J. F. E5urdett is General M^n^ger of the Company.
An Editor* Toast.
At an editorial convention one
of the country editors ottered the
following toast:
"To save an editor from star
vation, take his newspaper and
pay for it promptly. To save him
from bankruptcy, advertise in
bis paper liberally. To save biro
from despair, send bim every
item of news of which you oau
get hold. To save him from pro
fanity, write your correspondence
plainly on one side of the sheet
and send it in an early as possir
ble, To save hira from mistakes
bury him. Dead people are the
only ones that never make mis
takes. Newspaper readers would
do well to remember that there
are no perfect people, editors or
Tbe Old Apple Tree
In the shade of the old apple
tree, I've waited so long, love, for
thee, that the voice that I heard
grows faint with each word, till
it's barely a whisper to me. There
is no more buzz left in the bee,
tbe "blossoms are withered, ah
mel?the tree that once grew
where I waited for you, has
changed to an old chestuut tree,
where you hear the blamed buzz
of tbe. bee, with a big carving
knife, that I swiped from my
wife; I waiting and watching?
by gefel 'Of daggers 1 have two
or three, an ax and a cutlass, yon
see, aud I'll stick all these tninga
in the next guy who sings, "fn
? the Shade of the Old Apple
1 Tree."
ou iu seme novel shapes, and
some aru on a more elaborate to tie
than ever before.
L:ke so many other of oar holi
days it is handed down from the
Romans, although named after a
priest who was mnrdered. The
feaat of I^uperoalia was held in
ancient Rome about the middle of
February and the love eignifioanoe
was given day by the faot that it
is at about this time of year that
the birds begin to mate, in anoient
Rome it was the onstom tor all the
baobelors to to throw into repepta.
ole slips bearing the name aome
unmarried girl, while the maidens
did the same with the names of
those of the other sex. Lots were
drawn, and the ownera of the names
ooming out together were more or
less luoky "valentines'' for the reat
of the year,
From this son of ob- rvanoe the
da' Moame one on v?uioh sweet
11 .r? exihnnp d letters, and theQ
one on whioh lover* arrote anony
mously to the lady with heart ten
der missives houeyed with a few
compliments to her various perfec
tions. It was a superstition of the
day that when a single perec u
went out of the house on St. Val
entine's morning the first unmarri
ed person be, or she met, wonld
become that person's husband or
wife within the year.
From such a day it had oome
down to ua observed in the form as
we know it, iq a great many oases
a day of j fcing, exoept for the em
ployee of the poetoffjoe.
One more friend has gone and left up.
In this wide, wide world to roam;
But we know that she is happy,
In her bright and heavenly hqiqe.
Fargwell Elsie 'till we meet you,
In that land so bright and fair;
Qh how h^ppy we will be.
With our Saviour over there.
She has left us here to weep.
For she's gone away to stay;
And we Blta'l ne'er more see her,
'Till the resurrection day.
It is hard to part with those,
That we love so vtry dear;
But when the Saviour calls them.
We can no longer keep tbem here.
And when he comes and calls them,
Oh how sweet it is to know!
That those beloved of him,
Are ready and trilling to go.
Oh the tears that were shed.
As they carried her away;
For tier face to be hidden,
'Neath the cold and Bi ent clay.
Her pain is now qll oyer,
And 'he's resting in sweet repose;
Why then should we worry,
And wish her in this world of woes.
Then mourn not for her dear friends,
Tbink of all she had to bear^
And liow she's *weetiy ratting.
And the itftrry crown will wear.
Safe in the arms of Jesus,
Si.e shall know no care;
For there will be no sin,
Nor sorrow over there.
Letart, W. Va. B. B,
Borrowing your neighbor's pmptr
may sbt be on* of the m"n >r
branches on the tree of graft, bat
it ie about the meanest thing a pe-,
son oan be gqilty of. By the way*
| is it yo^r of The Weekly Register
yoa are reading today.
A curious thing about China
is that there a man's word i5 bet
ter than his bond. That is, a
Chinaman had bo iquch rather
pay his dehta thau not, that as
Ions as he has resources he will
do so, and obviously if he has
nothing his paper is worthless.
In many cases foreign houses do
not require Chinese merchants to
sign orders for goods at all, a
practice which probably does not
prevail with any other country in
the world.
There are four pieces of Mar
tha Washington's china in the
White House collection.
The bett and purest firat-olasa
whiskies, wines and beer always
in stook to serve you by the drink
or in quantities, at J. W. Hoover's
plaoe? Cole's old stand. Cull and
be convinced.
The Tims is Near
When you shonld think
of plaoing your order for
Spring Clothing.
is waiting to supply your wants
with all the latest styles.
Parents Day
Prof. D W. Brown, of your oity,
who hu been tbe teaobir cf the
Hickory Ohapel school for tbe
put three years, and who always
tikte great pride in having hie
school room perfeotly clean and
home-like, eet aside Friday even,
ing, the 2Ha't ,aa "Parents" day at
the ?0)1901, and an inriUtion was
given to the parents to be preceut
on that day Q lite a number came
oat to visit hia soho< 1. where they
found the school grounds oleaned
and in tbe best order, a -.d the
schoolroom filled with nioe.oleac.
faoed enthaeiastio workers, bqt
rounded ' by walls decorated in
beautiful instructive |
a nioe school library of i
and gave reoitationa which showed
he understood his business -and
how progressive wu a school oon
ducted under tbe above circum
stances, after whioh he delivered a
lecture upon the subjaot "Create a
Love for the Beautiful Things of
Life," in wh?ci he ably set forth
great importance of beautifying
life, thf home, and fie country.
Tuose present were led to see how
tbe rough rugged paths of tbe stu
dent's life oan be smoothed and
beautified in his ifforts to obta'n a
high standing in this progressive
world. Parent.
Correspond tnoe Feb. G.
James Sommer, Elbert Coffman,
and Sherman Qearhart were visi
tors t j Oolumbua, Ohio. Ia?t week
and report tn enjoyable time.
Miss Evelyn Maup;n, of thia
place, spent Sunday and Monday
with Miss Edith Dunn.
Mr. Thomts Wheeler and wife
of Kansas, are tbe g jests of John
8 j mere" and family.
Marvin Dunn, Miss Edith Dunn
and Miss Evelyn Maupiu attended
oburoh at Beeob Hill Sunday
We here that Marvin Dunn of
this plaoe. has aooepted a position
with tbe Marotook Tobaooo Oo., of
Danville, Va, and will work (be
Kanawha Valley. Wa wiah bin
the suooeee he deserves.
The Smoky Bottom School uu
der tbe management of James O
Sommer, is progrewiug r .^ely, and
will olose Feb. 16. Mr. Dunn is a
sdtendisd instiuoio., as the result
c" the school will j>rove
Bint Hells.
Correspondence Fel .12 ,
Mrs Ora Eakard w-a q ,:ite siokj
I ant week. '
A.lva, little daughter of Jeff
Eokard, is siok at this writing |
io"ert and Louis MeOullooh
spmt several daya laat week with
th'iir sister, M'?- Djn Clendenin.
14r. Mathew Wbittington bas
m< ved his family onto Mrd Meek's
Mrs W. T. W ley has been on
the siok list the pa t week.
Mr. Reuben MoDaniel who has
been qaite siok, we are glad to say
is improving.
Guy and Claton Pullin were
visiting Rapert Eikard one even,
ing last week.
Mr. James Smith, of Flat Rook,
was called to Letart ou aooouut of
tbe illness and death of bis brother
Mr. Isaac Smith Blue Bell.
(To lata for last fW?k.)
Corres\ >ondence, 5.
Misses Maad and L;irie Bleeaitlg |
were the guests of Miss Emma
Som erville Sunday.
Ben Ronsh. Sherman and Robf.
Blessing wet the gueets of Taylor ?
Fisher Sunday.
Mrs. Henry R;ckard ia on the
siok list.
Mr anl Mrs. T. Z. Bleaaiug en*
tertained a number of their friends '
'm Wedneaday with Plinob and
P.rohessi Muaio was furnished
by Jasper Roushrnd A. S. Pioken.
Foe evening was pleasantly spent
md thoee present were Mr. and
W. R Riusb. A S Pi
Rotish and John Gal tin.
(To late for last week )
Correspondence, S.
Mr. and Mta. Hiram Rimes were
] visiting friends on Sixteen Sunday
Wm. Myers gavj au extortain
?nent at hta at his home Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Oox, of Up*
land, were visiting his parents, Mr.
snd Mrs. A. Oc x, Saturday and
Sundft/. Mr. Oox has been sta 1
tioned at Bluefield for the past fe*
months. .
Mr. tni Mrs. Robert Dowell. of
Beech Hill, were oalling on Mrs.
Dot ell's sieter, Mrs. Lawrence Oox
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Maddy, of
Nine mile, were visiting at the
home of Mrs. A. Oox" Sunday, who
is very siok with la grippe and not
aLla to leave her bed at this writ,
When in town stop and see J.
W. Hoover, at Coles old stand, and
try some of bis leading brands of
whiskies: Montreal Malt Rye,
Qjeen Bee Rye, Old Puritan Rye
and a good many more leading
brands. You will always bowel*
oome and treated right. Nothing
but the beat to serve you,
Charlotte Forrell, a young wo
man of 20, living in Roane oounty,
near the border of Kanawha oounty,
hanged hereelf b.-oause her family
ol jsoted to her marringe with the
young man ahe loved The tragedy
oooorred in her room at her father's
home. The Ferrell family is one
of the most prominent and pros*
perons of the oounty.
The Tv haling Register.
Circulates in every county In the
st&ta and all of the count!"* in the
.idjoining states. Ha< a larger paid
pircnlaHon than any oth?r two papers
in Weot Virginia.
Contains all the New*.
Controls the full Associated Press
Reports, and liaH a staff of correspon
dents in every town in the ?tate
whose sole aim is to Keep the KEG
1STER posted about everything.
Libera' terms made to agents.
hp* ial rates to clubs of four or
Writer for particulars and ask for
sample copies ami ree for yourself
what an tip to-date daily
REGISTER really is.
The Weekly Register known in
household ihronj?houtthe ruml
districts is < )ne Dollar per year, Kpee
ial rate* also luade to agen's.
The Sunday R?*i?ter_
is another of the register's splendid
j editions. Each issue contains infor
i mat'onon everything.
9'j no Per Year In Advance
Write for Sample Copies and Terms.
Ch rles F. Taney. Gen'l Mg'r.
West Virginia's Leading Newspaper.
The State Journal
Piogrersive, Newsy and Up-to-date
Liberal it) its editorial opii iou* sud and always courageon* in
exprssing theni. Carries th? Associated Press dispatches, and
a splendid corps of State oorrespondent*. Be?t Paj>cs for reader*.
Most profitable medium for advertisers.
The State Journal
320 Juliana Street. Parkersliurg, W. Va.
lor lea tears t-t L.pLjr
Scaed. r.ox ir.csrpe^-e>.? 3
as EaHi|tH fclli i n Cut
I -fe, has been euga$fe& in
impaiia; and plating in
p-wiliou* teal live yo?-?g
men ud women. Many
kf these now hold fine
ww .. i. * mii v. m ? position* at WO, tW and
nantington, ? ?t? iir;?mia. Up j0 $ 150 per month.
W* rfive a thorough coarse in Book-keeping.
Telegraphy. Shorthand and Penaaaaahlp.'
Use of Typewriter free. Basinets men know ns and frequently
apply to at for office help. >100 and four or five month?" time
has started hundreds on the road to success Enter now.
Writ* the Principal for information. Box 228, Huntington,
W. Va.
* < * ' f "? "P '?1 ? ",n "

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