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The Weekly Register.
?Uafaad lnr> Wtdnntaj Horalif by
jb. xtrrntx. Bditoi
W, S. Boston. Associate Bditor
FEBRUARY 14. 1906.
Of General George C. Bowyer, of
Winfield, W. Va.
It is with great sorrow that we
ohroniole the demise of one of the
most prominent citizens of this
part of the Kanawha Valley, Gen
eral George C Bowyer.
He was called to join
"The innumerable caravan;
whioh moves
To that mysterious realm,
Where eaoh shall take
His chamber in the silent halls
of death."
in the early morning hours of last
Day; It was six o'olook
00 the morning of February 4th,
1906, when his soul peaoefully
took its flight to the Great Beyond;
and bad be lived until the 18th
day of next March, he would have
completed his seventy-seventh
year. His illness was of short
duration, and not thought to be
fatal. The imn ediate cause of
his death was heart failure.
The funeral servioes were held
at his late borne on Wednesday
afternoon, February 7, 1906. and
were 00nd acted by the Rev. J, H
Gibbons, of the Episoopal ohurcb
(in which oburch the deceased was
ohristened in infancy) of Point
Pleasant, West Virginia, and the
interment was in the Winfield
To fully and. completely narrate
ths man; transactions in which be
has been engaged during bis long
and eventful career would require
more space in your piper than is
allotted to the writer. Sufficient,
therefore, shall it be to mention
some of the more important events
connected with his life's history.
And, in doing this, we may men
tion en-passant that George C.
Bowyer was the eldest ohikl of
Oapt. John tijwyer, a veteran of
the war of 1812, residing at Bine
Sulphur Springe, Greenbrier 00dei
ty, Virginia, on Maroh 18th, 1829,
the date of George's birth.
John Bowyer was of German de
oent, was at one time sheriff
of Greenbrier oounty, afterwards
United States Marshall of the
Western District of Virginia, and
removed from Greenbrier to what
was then part of Kanawha (formed
into Putnam in 1849) when the
subject of this sketoh was of ten
der age. Was the owner of some
80,000 aores of loud in Putnam
and Fayette oounties, and repres
ented Putnam oounty in the Vir
ginia Legislature one term He
died in 1878 in his 85tb year, and
is still survived by bis seoond
The tld homestead, erected by
him in 1811, one mile below Win*
field, is still in a fine state of pre
servation. One of his sons, C. L.
Bowyer, resides there and it wag
here, on the 11th day of August,
1898, while Col. N. B Bowyer, of
Florida, was on a visit to bis broth
ers and sisters, all of whom were
then living, that a happy reunion
of the John Bowyer family was
held, and the birthday anniversary
of Col. N. B Bowyer was celebrat
ed. Sinoe that date three immedi
ate members of Baid family have
died, viz: L R. Bowyer, the
youngest member of the family,
Mrs. M. L Miller and George C.
George C Bowyer when a boy re
ceived suoh an eduoation as the
sohools of the surrounding coontry
afforded, whioh sohools be attend
ed assiduously. snd L*~,idea spent
Mime time at sohool in Lewisburg
While a boy he traveled about a
great deal with bis father when
business oompelled him to do so,
and acquired sort of fondness for
roving. Shortly after arriving at
his majority be took a fancy to
make a trip to California, and did
so going alone, by the isthmus
route. After a few months he re
turned, Bnd though he kept his
health remarkably well cn the trip
when there was a great deal of aiok
ness all around him, he took the
itbmus fever a few days after
reaohing home and was ill some
eight months. Not a great while
after his recovery be married the
daughter of C. C. Miller, of Point
Pleasant, W. Va , who has bsen
dead a number of years. Ten
ohildren were the result of this
union, all of whom are now dead,
except C. C. Bowyer, Cashier and
Director of the Merchant's National
Bank, of Point Pleasant, West Vir
ginia, Jennie C, wife of L. A.
Christy, of Maiden, West Virginia*
Grace C, wife of Dr. A. Y. Martin,
of Maiden, West Virginia; Dem
mie C., wife of Stanley Lowe, of
Obattanooga, Tennessee and Frank
0, who lives at the old homestead.
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Given Up to Mo With i
Mrs. P. I. Cordier, of Mannington, Ky., writes: "My three-year
old girl bad a severe case of croup; the doctor said she could not lire
and I gave her up to die. I went to the store and got a bottle of
Foley's Honey and Tar. The first dose gave quick relief and
saved her life."
W. L. Straub, Editor of St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, writes:
"When coining across the bay from Port Tampa I got wet and caught a
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soon recover, bat I kept gettingfrorse, until I bought a bottle oiFoley'm
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At the outbreak of the oivil war
George G. Eowyer was Lieutenant
Colonel of militia, and afterwards
was elected by the Legislature
Brigadier General. He was a
member of the first West Virginia
Legislature in 1863, and voted for
Waitman T. Willey.of Morgantown
for U. S. Senator of there-organiz
ed government of Virginia. As a
young man of 34 years of age, it
may be of interest at this time to
his friends to know the estimation
plaoed upon him, as a legislator,
by the Wheeling Intelligencer of
?July 1863:?
"In person he is over six feet,
with good breadth of shoulders and
symmetrical figure. Features regu
lar and handsome; nose straight
and finely out: eyes blue and
bright; forehead oapaoious; com
plexion fresh ana fair, making him
look at least five years younger
than he is. The lower part of the
face and the month are oonoealed
by beard of a reddish brown, whioh
be wears fall and in great prof usion.
not having shaved it for a number
of years. Hair neither light nor
very dark, fine, silky, long and
ourling down almost upon his
shoulders. Wears a Boft Blouoh
hat and dresses well, but with a
certain air of easy negligenoe, and
has the genuine air of a man who
never worries, but takes things
philosophically. As a member
makes no more speeches than his
duties of the Committee on Roads
and Internal Navigation require.
Is an efficient member in oommit
tee and attentive in the House. Is
quiet and unobtrusive in manner
both in the House and ont of it,
but is agreeable and oordial when
approaohed. Is frank and hearty
in manner, talks well, among
friends, and will bear acquain
His friends that knew him du
ring his latter dayB will readily
recognize that his biographer in
the above oharaoter sketoh faith
fully portrayed many of the traits
of chBraoter possessed by him ae
an old man.
Mr. Bowyer was at one time
postmaster at Winfield. And in
1898 wm eleoted Commissioner of
the Cos sty Court of Putnam ooun
ty, which office he filled with
painstaking and oare for the term
of six years, beginning January 1,
18891. It waB while ho was Presi
dent of said oourt that our present
new oourt house was constructed,
and largely due to his untiring
efforts that the erection of said
building was made possible.
But why ppeak at length cf a
man whose life ha* been spent so
olosely identified with the institu
tions of our oountry?
He leaves beside his sons and
daughters two meters, Mrs. J. L.
Middleton, widow of the late Dr.
?J. L. Middleton, Mrs. James B.
Dudding, wife of James B. Dud
ding, and tbiee brothers, Col. N.
B. Bowyer, of Lakeland. Florida,
Col. J. T. Bowyer and O. L. Bow
yer, of this place, to mourn his
Peace to his ashes.
The people of the state, regard
less of party affiliations, are urging
the return of John J. Corn well to
the next legislature. Men of the
calibre of Cornwell are very hard
to find and onoe the stBte gets
suoh dim in her service, it can't,
afford- to lose them. He is looked
upon, by both Democrats and Re
pubJoeana as a power in the senate,!
and though be refuses to be a can
didate for re-election, the people
tbvowgbont the state are very anxi
ous that he should be returned as
& sember of that body where be is
badly needed.?West Union Re
Cspt, Charles Morris.Jof Hender
son, bought last Monthly, Mr. J.
K. Cromley's property ob -corner
of 7th and Main street*
Many Saw the Eclipse Last Thurs
day Horning.
Almost perfect conditions for the
observation cf the toUl eclipse of
the moon prevailed Thursday morn
ing, and many local people took
advantage of the occasion to wit
ness a rare phenomenon of the
heavens. The eolipse began three
minutes before one o'olook. and in
an hour the moon was totally in
the shadow, and remained obscur
ed for nearly two hours. The sky
was perfectly olondlesB, and the
sight was one that will long be re
It Has Been 22 Years Since the
Greatest Flood the Ohio Valley
Ever Experienced.
Twenty-two years ago last Sun
day was the occasion of the mem
orable flood of '84, whioh has al
ways sinoe been used as the stand
ard of comparison with eaoh reour
ring deluge on the Ohio. Perhaps
few aside from the older residents
were aware of this faof, though of
oourse there are always those who
keep track of dates and inoidents
relating to unusual weather condi
The flood, whioh was the biggest
within the memory of man that
ever visited the Ohio Valley reaoh
ed its highest point on February
11, 188-1. Point Pleasant suffered
along with other oities in the Ohio
Valley. There was general suffer
ing along the Ohio from one end
to the other and millions of dollars
worth of property was destroyed.
Gen. Watts' Son Bead.
Mr. Albert Waits, aged 30 years,
eldest son, of General O. O. Watts,
of Charleston, died at his home on
Coal river last Wednesday morn.
?ng The deoeased is survived by
his wife and two ohildren.
'Nellie Bly," who a number of
years ago made a distinguished
reputation for enterprise as a news
paper reporter, is now at the head
of the Brooklyn ironolad Manufac
turing Company, whioh employs
from 1200 to 1500 pecple. Fifty
years ago Robert Seaman started
making articles for household nse
from sheet metal galvanized pails,
oans, barrels, etc. The business
flourished, he acquired a fortune
and at eighty married Elizabeth
Ooohrane, or "Nellie Bly," joat
made famous by her trip around
the world in eighty days. He
leased the faotory, but it was mis
managed and his wife took charge
of it, at his death two years ago be
coming the head of the firm. To
familiarize herself with all details
of the maohinery she worked as a
faotory hand for a year. She has
introduced all the newest improve
ments and applianoes snd not sat
isfied with material suooess, she
looks after the welfare of her em
ployes, has established aolubroom
and library, provides leotnres and
entertainments, and sees that fee
people are oared for when sick or
in any sort of trouble.
At the Opera House Three Wights,
Commencing Thursday,
Feb 15th.
The above attraction is well
known as to i's ability although
the first appearance in this citV.
It consists of recognized artists
carefully selected and fitted for
modern and classic drama. There
are 16 people in the cast who will
five an excellent performance of
rarna and vaudiville Miss Irene
Jeavons a dainty little actress who
is one of the head liners in the
program, will be seen to advantage
supported by Thomas Jeavons, the
eminent actor and a carefully se
lf? ^ ?0,> including the trreat
Pivalia family who will be seen in
classic specialities with other
members of the company which
consists of 10 dramatic and JpS
y art'Bta. The opening perfor
mance will be the popluar melo
drama, A Foxey Tramp. Popu
ar pnoes 10, 20 and 30 cts
We are informed of a wedding
that is to take place Wednesday
I the 21st, but aeked not to inform
the publio. One of the parties ib
a popular Point Pleasant yonnt
The Point Olob will give * big
danoe on Wa.hington's Birthday
in the Assembly Hall at The Spen
The yonag ladies of onr oity will
Kive a Leap Year dance tonight in
tbe Iron Moulders' Hall in the
Biokel Building.
There are quite a number of in
formal oard parties given almost
every evening in the week.
The Four O'oLok Club enter
tainment last Fridoy night was
quite enjoyable, very high-olaeB
and pleasing '.to all.
The Sooietas Club will^ meet
Thursday afternoon, at 2 o'olook,
with Mrs. E. MoElfresh, corner of
10th and Viand streets.
Mrs. F. L. and Mrs. O. L. Filson,
at their beautiful home, corner 12th
and Viand streets, last Wednesday
evening, nioely entertained .a^ few
lady friends complimentary to their
Lister, Miss Emma Aumiller, of
Spencer. The evening was pleas
antly spent at euoher and flinoh.
A delioious oyster supper was
HPTved Those present were:
T1A ?? "ESS?
E. C. Winger. Bunli Burnslde. BAbt^
Ed. McElfresb, W. H. Oardne^d-?
side, H. Q. Mease, H. F. BurMlde, Mlt? Nora
I Somervllle.
A very enjoyable affair waB the
flinch party given by Mrs. H. G.
Nease Monday evening to a few of
her friends at her home FirBt and
Mnin streets. The evening was a
moat pleasant one to all Present.
The guests were nicely served witb
a most delioious four oourse lunch.
Those present were:
Mesdames P. M. Uabbert, C H-, Varlan,
Lucy Butler, Ed. A. Burnslde, W. H. H.
Gardner, Harry Burnslde O. B. Harper.
a Haroer Rush Burnslde, E. O. Wingert
If "fCVc L-FH?on Kobert E. Mitch
ell. Misses Nora Somervllle, Ettle Picken
and Emma Aumiller.
Miss Kosa Ferguson, on last Fri
day evening, was hostess to Mrs.
Juna Ames, Misses Carolyn Bet
linger. Leotie Broun- Mwsrs
William Lenehan, Charles How
ard, of Cincinnati; O. Fred Morris
and Harry Campbell, of Charles
ton, at her home at Leon, this
Mrs W. B. Huston was hostess
to the Sigma Delta Chi, yester
day afternoon, at her home on 6th
Mrs E E Thomas was hostess
I to Messdames J. S. Spencer, A.
W. Ellison, L S. Pomeroy, H. K.
Howard and Rankin WilayT^Qa^
day night from 8 to 12 at'^ hand
, euoher.
The Chervalier, whose engines are
probably among the oldest in use
on tbe Obo river, was built at Ma
son Oity, originally. She was re
built a few years ago and her hull
is good as new and in exoellent con
dition .
Capt, Halph Gaohes, of Letart.
the showboat man, and Capt. Price
have just purchased the Swallow &
Markets showboat and the steamer
Antoinette. Tbia is one of the
largest and finest theatres afloat.
Capt. Gaohes has a master's pilot's
and engineer's license. He pilots
from Pittsburg to New Orleans.
Capt. Zanas Baxter, one of test
known river men on the Kanawha
and Ohio rivers, died Sunday at
Proctorville. His remains were in-.
terred at hie oli home in Gallipo
The Ladies Aid Society, of the
Presbyterisn Church will meet
this Wednesday afternoon at 2
o'olook with Miss Mande Kiaer on
3rd street.
Biver News.
I will buy geldings or
mares, 1000 lbs. to 2000
lbs. Must be good look
ing. young, sound, well
bred and well-broken, good
colors, suitable for driving
or saddle. Will be at Point
Pleasant, Thursday, Feb
ruary 15 th.
3 Nights Only,
Commencing Thursday,
February 15th.
Jeavons Big Stock Co.,
in a repertoire of up-to-date
plays. Special ladies ticket
Prices 10, 20 and 30 cents.
Plenty of First Class Building
Bricks at Home.
The people of this town and of
other plaoes near by will be glad to
know that they ottn secure all of
the briokB they want for bnilding
and other purpose this spring at
Point Pleasant, as Oapt O. F. Hess
will this year again operate The
Mountain State Briok Works and
will begin at onoe to make a lot of
fine building briok. It ie useless
for us to make any comment upon
the quantity of briok that Mr.
Hess makes, beoause all 00ntrac
tors are well aware of the good
quality and superiority of his
briok, which he will as heretofore
sell at the very lowest prioe. If
yon are contemplating using any
briok this year yon probably oan
save money by seeing Mr. Hess.
Bought Kingtown.
Mr. John H. Oheesebrew bought
of Mr. J. D. MoCollooh, that part
of the town in tLe First Ward
known as Kingtown. Taere are
honses enough together with the
donble honses to ?accommodate 20
families and aboot 7 acres of ground
in all. He will build a number of
houses and will also repair the ones
their now and fix the plaoe up gen
erally. Consideration $3500.
Second Fire at St. Albans.
Another disastrous fire ocourred
at St. Albany Kanawha oonnty,
early Monday morning a number
of business houses and dwellings
were destroyed, loss probably will
reaoh $50,000. The fire originated
in a room oocupied by Dan Lewis,
over a store, Lewie having perish
ed >n the fire Only a few dayB
ago this town was visited fay a very
disasteroos fire reaching nearly
The board of directors, of The
Mason County Fair Association
held a business meeting at The
Spenoer last Saturday. Mr. Duffy,
resigned bb a member of the board
and Mr. Homer Smith was sppoint
ed in hie plsoa. The board will
hold another meeting at the same
plaoe Saturday, March 101b.
Bead the new book, "The Lee
end of the Great Cup," by Mrs E.
O. Winger. On sale at Van Gil
der's. Price 25c.
We have a few pairs of odd sizes on hand?left over from
our big sale, which must be sold in order to make room for our
Spring Stock.
We have 150 pairs Ladies $3 and $3.50 shoes, sizes 2,
and 3, which we have marked out a special price of $1.48 per
pair. Don't fail to take advantage of this opportunity as this
price will move these few pairs in a very short time.
12 i cts to 25 cts per yard.
Zultana Linen Carpet, re
versible, 25 cts per yard.
Our low priced Wall Paper
sale continues; remember we
I make no extra charges for bor
ders, any width.
I We have a few special good
bargains left in our Lace Cur
tain department.
Our New, Spring line of
Brussels Carpets are ready for
your inspection.
Room size Rugs in all grades.
We still sell that good Felt
Mattress at $10.
Feb 7 J wks
1 Correspondence, 13.
There will be a Graphophone enter
tainment at Baech mil school house
I Saturday night, Feb. 17th, by A. w.
I D^arl Woodyard and Tri* C?a?h
I were calling on friends flit Beech Hill
I Sunday.
There -was preaching at Conoord
I last Sunday by Rev. Fitrgeral, of
I Huntington.
I We are sorry to hear of the death
of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Holland's young
est child, who died Monday evening,
I 8 p. m., and will be buried in Jackson
I county.
There will be choir practice at Con
I cord Sunday night. Sirs. S. P. J.*ce is
I organist.
J. Meek will have his grist mill in
I running order to grind Saturday near
I Couch.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Day spent Sun
day with Mrs. fas. Henderson.
| Earlytricks.
1 Correspondence, 12.
Rev. Arnold delivered duite an elo
I qnent sermon at the M. E. Church
Sunday night.
Frank Dunn, of Aeton, O., was visi
ting friends at this place last week.
Minor Cleek, of Charleston, was
visiting his parents at here Sunday.
Charlie McThena, of Boouie, spent
Sunday with his parents.
Mrs. Jennie Amos and daughter.
Hazel, of Hughston, are the guests of
I her parents, Mr. ai d Mrs. J. D. Fer
Miss Alta Coleman very nioely en
tertained a number of her young
frinds Friday evening. All present
I report a pleasant time.
Mr. Guy Klmberllrg, of Thirteen,
I was calling on friends at this place,
I Sunday.
Mrs. Wm. King, of Arbuckle, spent
I Sunday with friends.
Miss Grace Greenlee, of Thirteen,
I waB the guest of Miss Sallie Kelley
I Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Flossie King, of Thirtgen.spent
a few days last week with Miss Alioe
Rey. Stump, of Parkersbnrg, gave
a very interesting address Saturday
night at the Baptist Churoh on Home
| Missions. Bioux.
Correspondence, 12.
As we have seen no news from this
place for some time will write a few
fines for the beet paper published in
Mason county.
Preaching at Conoord Saturday and
Sunday was attended by a large au
Mary Boges is numbered with the
sick this week.
Robert Dabney was visiting C.
Bechtle Sunday.
lira. Clara Sines died at her home
in New Castle, Pa., Saturday, Feb.
10th, at 6 o'clock. She leaves a hus
band and one child, father, mother
sisters and brothers, besides a bps* of
friends to mourn her death. Before
her marriage she waa Mies Claim Bogg
of Five mile.
Little Miss Dimple Lee. who has
been sick for the past few days we
are glad to say is better.
TVi. rrrand musical entertainment
given by Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Bechtle,
Saturday night, was a grand suooees.
Jasper Hall has bought the Fry
farm ?*"* will move in the spring.
Miss Viola Shively has returned
after a few days visit to her parents at
Ray Sanders Grover Hall and Lil
lian Bechtle were visiting Misses Ol
lie and May Spears, Sunday evening.
There is going to be a wedding on
the creek soon.
Correeponde-ce, 12.
Miss Susie Gwinn, of Huntinfton.
is visiting her grandfather, Henry
Frank Grobee has moved his family
from Huntington to this place.
Wm William*, of Mt. Olive, spent
Saturday and Sunday with his broth
er, O. S. Williams and family.
Prof White closed his school at this
place Friday.
Worthy Starkey has gone to Chica
go to accept a position.
John Hereford will aoon complete
the fine residence at Asbton tern *? IS.
Car e, of Parkersbarg.
Our neighborhood isimproving by
running a telephone line fiois M'
clade to Glenwood.
F. Walters, oar merchant, is doing
a flourishing busimns
Mrs. Gariic Hogseti, of Huntington
la visiting her parents.
WANTED?Ail Agent to ?u>Tt>i for the
sale of oar goods Id and near Point
FlewuL Premiums given.
Address, Grand Union TuCo,
Jan 21 *1 1U0 Main Street, Wheelldg.
WE SALE?Two lots In North Point
* Pleasant.. Lota No.Sand 6, block I; good
location. Inquire of K. T. McKJnstry.
Feb 14 u.
TTTANTKn?Applications from young wo
. ? n en between the ages of {21 and 80)
twenty-one and thirty years, who desire to
become trained nurses.
Address In own hand-writing,
Charleston General Hosp Lai and Train
ing School, Charleston, W. Va.
WANTED?Not less than one local agent
In each oounty of West Va , to contract
for the sale and erection of onr Lightning
Bods direct to the consumer. A liberal oo-i -
mission will be paid for sacb service. All
contracts will be executed at onr expense
and settlements eflected by na. For full par
ticulars address. Hum A Leatherman, 103
Market Street, Pittsburg, Pa.
Correspondence, 12.
Mr. Isaac Smith, near Letart, died
Tuesday and was buried at tbe Smith
church on Thirteen.
Mrs. Alice Hushel died Wednesday
and was buried Thursday at the Mt.
Hebrem church. She leaves a hus
band, eight children and a host of
friends to mourn their loss.
Peter Shields has returned home
from Ohio where he hits made his
home for three years.
. George Shields and wife were visi
ting h s mother, Amanda Shields Suh
Correspondence, 12.
There is a great deal of sickness in
this vicinity.
W. H. Dewees made a business trip
to Buffalo, Friday.
Clayton McCoy haa moved from
Arbuckle to Waterloo.
Quite a number attended the funer
al at Smith Church of I. V. Smith,
who died at his home near Letart.
Misses Julia and Dora Postle have
returned home after a short stay in
Messrs Jenkins and Rioe, of Leon,
visited relatives here one day laat
The many friends of Joel Jlvlden.
of Philoah, will be sorry to learn of
his death which occurred about a
week ago. He was nearly 80 years of
age and was well known in several
counties of the state as well aa Ohio,
he, having moved to thia state sever
al years ago.
P. M. Dunn, of Eton, Ohio, was the
guest of his father, J. M. Dunn, Sun
day. Cleopatra.
Correspondence, 12.
Win. Blazer left for Pittsburg Sat
urday witb a car load of poultry and
W. B. Llnkfield contracted a severe
cold while driving a drummer out
through the country last week.
Protracted meeting Is in pi ogress at
Christian Valley and quite a number
from this place are attendt&g.
Quarterly meeting at the M. E.
Church here Sunday conducted by
Bev. Haddix, of Guyandotte.
J. M. Cornwell, proprietor of the
People's Store, had a nice floor laid in
his store last week by the expert car
penter, U. S. Williams.
Dr. H. J. Campbell sold a fine horse
to Q. W. Star key last week.
Win. Hendershot, agent ot this
Blaoc, went to Cox's Landing to re
eve the agent there over 8unday.
Miss Nora Blazer, teacher at Bear
Hollow school, came home Sunday to
attend Quarterly Meeting and to
spend the day with her parents.
Prank Morrison returned home
from Hnntlngton Saturday, where he
has been working.
Correspondence, 12.
Chas. Nibert and wife were the
Siests of J. A. Lanier and family
onday night.
Misses Maude and Willie Wallaee,
Bettie and Ousta Moodapangd were
the gnests of Effle Steward Sunday.
Lewis Lanier and wife are visiting
Frank Laoier.
Mrs. S. E. Long entertained a num
ber of relatives Sunday. The guests
were Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Nibert, Mr.
and Mrs. Andy Prlre, Mr. and Mrs.
Sherman Moodespaugh, Mr. and Mm.
Ed Burns.
Miss Verva Nibert was visiting her
s'ster Mrs. Ida Honaker Saturday and
Sunday at Arlee.
Miss Clara Nibert has returned
home after a law weeks visit here.
Johnnie Honakar returned home
Saturday from Kentuck, where he
has been employed.
The U. B. will hold their quarterly
meeting March 17 and 18. All are in
vited to attend these services.
R. E. Hereford and daughter Bessie
spent Sunday with his daughter, Mrs.
Sadie Bateman.
Miss Edna Withers were the guest
of Mias Mollie and Nora Withers,Tues
day night.
Chas. Borris and wife, of Beale,
will return home Tpesday after a
week's visit here. Sunshine.
A Healing Cupel
The Bar J O Warren, pastor of
Sharon Baptist Obnrob, Belair,
Ga, says of Electric Bitten; "It's
? Godsend to mankind It cared
me of lame baok, stiff joints, and
complete pbysioal oollapee. I was
so weak it took me half an hour to
walk a mile Two bottle* of Eleo
trio Bitterf bar* made me eo strong
1 have joet walked three miles in
SO minutes and feel like walking
three more. It's made a new man
of me." _ Greatest remedy for
weakness and all Stomsoh, Liver
and Kidney eo an plaints Hold ooder
guarantee atG W MHoofFs Drag
Store, Prioe 50o. 2 7-4wk.
Commissioner's Sale of Real
The John Kansk Brewing Company,
Joseph Betn, and others,
10 vDEqosi y
low!ntod"tS?eih'fD^ spec'a' commissioner
wB?on Purpose by said decree,
Saturday, March 3, 1906.
; proceeding "?,5
?r r-~- " "~i <?f the certain lots or parceli
In the town or Poiut PlJIs?
ant. Mason Conn y, West \ irglntaoneTot
c' ?i ^lnlTner of the lota
of kald town, nnd Iwunded on the north by
lot owned bv flmriM ?nH I M. u n'
8. Pollen bar
b/ lot formerly owned bVTbs "lleretSSiu
National Hank ol West Virginia atFotnt
Pleasant, now owned by Minnie B- Born
side, on the west by front street, and eon*
tain ing one-hair an acre moreoV ?22-12Si
one lot or land bounded and described!. foN
lows: Beginning at the north west corner or
lot now owned by J. W. I?n, andrannlnr
along Main street twenty-eight
feet. thenoe easterly eighty nine reet Ave In
chesto lot owned by (V F. Hesa7 thence
souther y alor-g saw line t ? enti%ght fSn
to said lah a line, thence westerly with the
llneorsald Ish to the place of beginning, the
same being a part or Lot No. 11 or the fal?.
? .<~v,u iu UI? HOOK NO. H, p.
390, Ac., or the records or said Mason Coun
ty, which lot or land U bounded and des
cribed as follow*: tteglunlngat a stake cor
ner to John O. Storts lot, on line M Court
Bouse lot, thence with said line twenty-nine
and one-hair reet, thence southerly ,parallel
to Main street tnity reet, thenee westerly
psralel to Court House line twenty-nine and
one-hair reet to corner or said John G.
Storts line, thenoe forty reet to place ol be
ginning Part ot lot Mo. 6. First Tier of the
lotsoi said town or .Point Pleasant, will be
sold In two parcels, that part fronting on
Main street, oelng the easterly one-hair or
said part or lot N?. 6, wl 1 be sold as one lot.
and the westerly one-hair or said part ot lot
Mo. i, First Tier, will be sold as one lot,each
orsaid lots will contain one-fourth of an
Terms ot Sale.
For cash as to the easterly-one hair oTpsrt
of lot No. ?, First Tier or lots or said town,
and also for cash as the westerly one-hair ot
part or said lot No. 6, First Tier or lota; and
lso for cash as to pan of lot No. 11, of the
Second Tier or town lota or said town of
Point Pleasant as above described; and as to
lot described above as adjoining lot ol John
Q. Storts and Court House lot being by
40 feet, the terms are one-third or the pur
chase money cash-on day ot sale, the residue
In two equal payments In six ai d twslvs
months rrom <lat?ol sale, the purchaser exe
cuting Interest bearing notes good security
for the deferred payment, and t be title there -
ot to be retained by the special commission
er until all the purchase money is puid.
Special Commissioner.
It Is hereby certin< d that the above named
special commissioner baa given bond as re
quired by the decree In the above case, and
as required by law.
Jan. SI, 4w. A. L. Boon ass. Clark.
Order of Publication.
At Rules held In the Clerk's Office or tha
Circuit Court or Mason County, on Mon
day, the Sth day or February, 1(08, the fol
lowing order was entered:
W. M. Duffy, Trustee,
Joe Varian, Frank R. Varlan, Grace Vet Ian,
Modern Building and Loan Association, a
corporation, and J. 8 Spencer, Trustee,
In Chancery.
The object or the above entitled suit Is to set
aside, as Iraudulent, a certain transfer and
conveyance made -by Mark A Stephenson,
a bankrupt, to Joe Varlan, or certain goods
and chattels. In iraud or the other creditors
of the us Id Mark A. Htephenson, and to ob
tain a decree against the said Joe Varlan for
the value ol the goods and chattels so trans
ferred and conveyed to him by the said Mark
A. Stephenson, as afores Id: and to sat aalda
a certain deed made by Joe Varlan and wire
to the said Frank R. v arlan and Grace Var
lan. which deed Is dated the 3rd day or Bo
vember. 1906, and is of record In the office of
the Clerk or the County Court ol Mason
County, West Virginia, In Deed Book No. TO,
page 82, Ac., so fsr as the same streets the
claim ol the said plalntltr against the said
Joe Vnrlau. And it appearing by affidavit
Sled in this cause that Joe Varlan, Frank B.
Varlan and Grace Varlan are no-residents of
this State, It is ordered tbst they do appear
here wltblu one month after the date of the
Ural publication hereof and do what Is nec
essary to ptot?ct their Interests.
A dopy Teste: A. L. liOGGKHH,^
I Rankin Wiley, Somervllle * Somervlile,
I Solicitors. feb. 7,4w.
Order of Publication.
At Rules held in the Clerk's Office or tbe
Circuit Court of Mason County, on Monday,
the 6th day or t ebruary, 1906, the following
order was entered:
W. C. Blast*.
C. B. Wetbee, Administrator of the estate of
George Boater, deceased, B G. Boater, Mrs.
A. G. L>ewls, Mrs. B. F. Collins, Elmer Boa
ter, Clarence Boster. Virgle M. H. Boater.
Ethel Boater and Codls Boater, tbe last
three ot whom are minora under tbe age of
SI years, and E. A. Morgan.
In Chancery.
Tbe object or tbe above entitled salt Is to
subject a certain tract of real estate, situate
In Mason County, West Viiginla, contain,
ing73 acres, more or less, being tbe same
tbat was conveyed by W. C. Htaats and wire
to George Roster, (now deceased), ditled tbe
23rd day ol October. 1908, and recorded in the
offioe ot the Clerk ot tbe County Court of Ma
son County, West Virginia, In Deed Book
No. 70, page 481. Ac., to tbe payment of two
certain notes inentlonod and described In
wild deed, for tbe sura of tXU.00, each, dated
tbe 23rd day or October, 19U8, and due in two
and three years, respectively, rrom date, pay.
abletoW.C. Btaats, or order, at tbe Ohio
Valley Bank, and signed and executed by
tbe said George Boater, and to obtain a de
cree for the payment or said notes, which are
secured by a vendor's lien upon aald
land; tbe said real estate was sub
seqcntlv u>-wtt: On the 28tb day of October,
I9U4, conveyed by said George Hostsr ana
wife to the defendant E. A. Morgan, tha
deed for whlcb Is or reoord In the Clerk's
offioe or tbe County Court ot said ooanty. in
Deed Book No 77, yage 448, Ac.
And It appearing by affidavit Hied in this
cause that due diligence has been uaed by
and on behalf ol tbe said plaintiff to ??per,
tain In what county tbe aald Elmer Boater,
B. G. Boater, Mrs. A. G 1-ewls. Mrs. B. K.
Collins and 8. A. Morgan are without effect,
and that aald E. A. Morgan Isn non-resident
or tbl<state It Is ordered that they dn>ppear
here within one month after the date of tha
first pnb lest ion hereef and do what la nec
essary to protect their Interests
A Copy, Teste; A. U BOGGE88, Clerk.
Bommervlile A Ho.nervllle, Solicitors.
leb. 7, 4w.
Coa*? ot Me United States.
To tha HonS^M* a&SitaRlkte, Judge
?l ,ht?.Pl"rlctCo?lrt or t he United m?u?1o?
DUtrlct ?f West Vlrgtnuf^
P. Armstrong, of Point Pifini
O tbe County Of lftlnn aiwl Ulala *?r
I ? ~ 'M? "I
Wherefore be prays that hi mar b*
iik4Co<,rt to fctTe a full
j#Datad this 4th day of DecembS; aTTI
(Signed) fiobt. p. Armstrong,
Order of j| otic# Thtnoi
;?r?ctof Weat vllgXtalJi?
~5D?SS .TE o^ISS g
prayer of the
*ASSS U further ordered by Omhtfeat
Oct. u, Clark a C. U. 8. 8. p. w". Vs.

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