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Major II. K Hutvard
City Oierk W. C. Wiialey
City Marshal Johu W. Love
City Aaseesor J. M. Burdett
City Solicitor L.. C. Soiuerville,
Couueilmeu?Chaa. F. Filson, Capt. [
W. K liuun, J. C. Franklin, John |
11. Chotsebrew, George Miller.
City Treasurer F. B. Tippett I
Pres. Board of Health, Dr. E. J. |
Health Officer C. B. Smith
Overseer Poor Will J. Keuny
City Council?Regular meetings,
first Monday of each muuth.
Judge of Circuit Court W. A. Pardons
?Point Pleasant
Clerk of Circuit Court, A. L. Boggess
Official Stenographer,... E. C. Wiuger
?Point Pleasant
Clerk of Co. Court . J. P. R. B Suiith
Co.Coiuin'rs ...J. II. Johnson, Pres't
? Hartford
" ..'.. Bird Stone, Leon
....W. H. Vaugbt,
Point Pleasant
Sheriff. ..... rrr....->^.'0. McDeriuitt
Prosecuting atty L S. Echols
Assessor 1st Dist . R. E Musgrave
?Point Pleasant
" 2d Dist. .Walter E. Sturgeon
?Mercers' Bottom
County Surveyor Geo. E. Childs
? Point Pleas-ant
Supt Schools C. A. Green
Circuit Court?Rpgular term be
gius on first Ttie-day of March, June,
September a-d December.
County Court?Regular term be
gins on first Monday of January, April,
J uly and October.
Tbe Connecting Link Between the
treat Lakes and the Sooth and Southeast
/ A
Chicago, Columbus, and Point*
South to Charleston.
Parlor Cars K
Toledo & Columbus
Shortest Route Between
Toledo, Columbus, and the Virginias
Kates Via Ohio Cestral Lines always as low as tha lowest
Write far Time Cards, Folders, Rates, Etc.
KOCLTOM BOLX Oca. Paaaenrer Art. TOLfina OHIO
Windsor Hotel*
1217-29 Filbert St., Phlla . Pa.
Three minutes from Broad
St, Station, two minutes from
Reading Termiual. American
plan from $2 to $3.50 per day,
European plan from to $2.50
per day.
Frank M. Scheibley,
CNo room can be really inviting
if the wall-paper is faded, soiled,
or inharmonious*
C.The new and artistic Alfred
Peats " Prize " Wall-papers will
add greatly to the attractiveness
of your home and cost but little*
C. Nowhere else will you find
so large a variety. The styles,
designs and colorings are the
latest* Samples shown and
estimates given without obliga
tion to bur*
EL >1E it C. OR Via
Paper Hauler
and Decorator.
Point! Pleanant. W V.i
Trust and Warranty deeds for
sals at thia office
Unknown Friends
There are many people ? ho have
used Chamberlain's Colio, Cholera
?nd Ditrrboen Remedy with *plen
did rfriuits, tfat who are unkn-jwn
b-oiu-B they have hesitated about
trivicg a testimonial of their ex
perience for publioation T'lese
people, however, are none the less
friends of this remedy They have
done muoh toward making it a
household word by their personal
recommendations to friends and
neighbors It is a good medioine to
have in the home and is widely
known for its cures of diarrhoea
and ali forms of bowel trouble For
??al* by G VV M Hooff and A C Van
Now is the time to buy your sum
raer hat Our hats are the
latest styles, best material and
loweet prioe Mrs. L J. Wil
liamson. 2w.
Death From Lock jaw
never follows an injury dressed
with Buoklen's Araioa Salve Its
antiseptio and healing properties
prevent blood poisoning Charle6
Oswald, merchant, of Rensselaers
ville, N Y, writes: ' It oured Seth
Buroh, of this place, of the ngliest
sore on his neok I ever saw" Cures
Cute, Wounds, Burns and Sore6
25a at G W M Hooff'a drug store.
Lost?A white fox terrier dog,
with a few spots, yoang, but large
s ze, had collar on when last 6een.
Any information about the dog,
please notify R. S Hawkins, Point
Pleasant, W. Va , R. P. D No. 1.
To the Northern Summer
Now is the time to think about
your cummer vaoation, decide npon
where you will go and make ar
rangements for your trip. Many
beautiful vaoation spots are looa
ted in the northern Ohio, Indiana
and Miohigan Lake country, where
you can spend your vaoation at
small expense.
Have You Triert the Otiio Cen
tral's New Cal'e Car
The Passenger Department of
the Ohio Central Lines aims to
provide its patrons with all com
forts of travel and recently added
tirst olass cafe parlor oars to ite
equipment. The Chefs plaoed in
charge of these new cars are men
of experience in their line and in
struotions are to serve only the
best. End in the best manner.
A . ull meal or a light luneheoD
may be had and simply pay for
what you order; prices are reason,
able. We are anxious to have you
got into the habit of traveling via
Ohio Central Lines.
Ask agents about this exoellent
new service and give it a trial; you
will be more than pleasfd. 3 31
Barred Plymouth
Rocks Exclusively.
We have the renowned E. B. Thomp
son Ringlet Strain purchased direct
from Mr. Thompson last Spring.
Eggs for hatching, $1.00 per setting
of thirteen. A few choice cockerels
at $2.60 each.
We can ship by rail or boat ou
short notice. We guarantee our stock
to be pure, and as good as can bd
found anywhere. Address
feb 28-4 mo New Ilaven, W. Va.
K. & M. Itallway Will Kuu a
iiO\v ltate Two Day Excursion
June lotli.
A spaoial two day excursion will
Oe run by the K. & M. Railway to
Detroit, Mich , special train leav
ing Gauley Bridge Sunday morn
j.ng.June 10, at 4:00 o'clock, ar
riving Detroit about 4:00 o'olook
j Sunday afternoon. Excursion
tiokets at speoial low rate of $3 00
for the round trip will be sold
from all stations in West Virginia
between Gauley Bridge and Point
Pleasant, inclusive. Speoial train
will leave Detroit returning, Mon
day about 6:00 p m.
Residents of the Little Mountain
State should not fail to grasp thit
opportunity to visit the Fair?st
City in All Amerioa, Detroit, ^be
?ity of Straits, Bel'e Isle, the
beautiful island park, gorgeous
Grosse Point and Windsor, Cana
da, just aoross the river from De
. T.ea.jllenC^examinations for 1906 will
be held at Point Pleasant on the fol
lowing named dates:
I May 24th and 25th.
July 19th and 20th.
September I3th and 14th.
Very respectfuily,
. o-w c-A- GREEN.
apr2otf County Superintendent.
- " iS
When you went back to the old home place had the mountains he
come a hill?
Had the raging river your boyhood knew shrunk down to a peace
ful rill! |
Where the monster trees in the old front yard but half of their for
mer size?
Was something gone?and you don't know what?from the blue of
the arching skies
Was tin swimming hote but a muddy pool where once it wascrys-,
tal clear
Where the apples but half as big and red as they were in that oth
er years?
When you went back to the old home place did the red barn seem
too small
It didn't look like the one you'd known. Was the mighty water
That used to roar in your boyish ears but a little dash of spray =
That fell so light you could hardly hear a dozen feet away
Were the corn rows only half as long as they were in the long ago*
When you measured them with aching arms and thg>weight
heavy hoe?
When you went back to the old home place had the mill pond
dwindled down
Was Main Street only a muddy track in the heart of a sleepy town
And the well that was fathoms, fathoms deep, with its wheel and
creeking chain,
Did it seem to you like a shrunken thing when you looked at it
Was something gone of the bygone days, from the sod and the arch
of sky
That we used to see when we played as boys in the old days?you
and I?
Nay, Heart, the mountain rises high as it did of yore; the rill
Was a river mice and the boys near by see a raging river still.
The well is fathoms, fathoms deep and the apples ripe and red;
The sod is cool and green and soft, and the sky up overhead
Is blue and clear and the days are rare and'gladas they used to be?
But where is the Heart of the olden time?hast thou brought it
back with thee!
We Have a Large and Complete Stock of
B'irial Cases, Robes, Etc.
Prices Low and
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The English system of "allow
ance" is superior in many ways
to the American. A woman does
not feel so much like a street
mendicant when she received
certain sums at stated times,with
out humiliation of asking her
her husband for 10, 2;> or 50cts.
every time she needs it. I know
just how it is, for I've been there
and I shall never forget the mis
erable hours and days I spent
during the first years of my mar
ried life, trying to get up courage
to ask my husband for money to
meet necessary expenses. I knew
I had a right to it, nevertheless I
felt bitterly humiliated each
time, and my self-respect receiv
ed many severe shocks during
the process of coaxing or wheed
ling, or even demanding some
times, what I needed. My hus
band was not one of those i'mean
men" of whom the Englishwom
an writes, for in the end I gen
erally received what I asked for,
but if I with a fairly generous
husband, endured such mental
suffering, what must a sensitive
woman go through under the
i same circumstances who is united
| to a man who is "mean."
Such questions as allowances,
I etc. should be discussed before
(marriage. We women have al
I ways been taught to think of
these matters as "indelicate," and
that we should be guided by sen
timent alone.
It may be that such plain talks
before the "happy event" would
reduce the marriage census
slightiy, but that would entirely
be lost sight of, except by a few
"immortalej' who are even now
losing much slaep because they
feel the world is not being popu
lated so rapidly as they think it
ought to be, and those people I
would cheer up with the thought
that though marriages were fewer
divorces would be reduced to a
minimum, and their beloved idea
of overpopulation would still be
prompted.?An American Wife,
in the New York Times.
j An exchange wants to know
! how we are going to pay all the
increased salaries and additional
expenses of the State without an
increase in taxes. This is easy.
After the sheriffs collect the
chicken money aud the tax on
fence posts this fall there should
be no trouble in paying off a few
extra bills. Don't worry over
that.?Glenville Democrat.
LThe Southern cotton planters,
entirely unprotected by the tarift,
are quite prosperous and are or
ganizing to protect themselves
from the protected monopolists.
How do the Republican stand
patters explain this prosperity of
the ungrotected?
Just a thought in recognition
of a fellow who seldom gets into
the newspaper. He doesn't make
much news, lie knows a mighty
little about the "city ways" of
making money, lie has a line
liking for clean financial meth
ods and a hearty scorn for all
that is crooked. Perhaps it is his
manner of living that makes
him want to be honest. Let that
man see a problem play, one of
those things that serve to satisfy
the jaded appetite of metropoli
tan people, and you'll find a
splash of red on his tanned cheek
and will wonder how it is possi
ble for women to be present
Tell him about bribery and stock
jobbing and franchise stealing
and a few of the thousand forms
of gouging the public and you
will jar his faith in the natural
goodness of humanity.
J ust now this type of good
American citizen is following a
plow. It is hard work. If puts
a big ache in the back and call
ous on the hands. It destroys
the complexion. It calls for
brown overalls and perspiration.
The man is happy in his work.
He whistles as he trudges along
in the furrow. He clucks to the
horses and finds joy in the free
dom of his life. He doesn't go
into raptures over green fields,
singing brooks and songs of
birds. They are a part of his
environment. They are routine,
but he loves them just the same;
But he feeds the world. He
makes existence poseible. He is
tho head of the procession in
which are marching the doctor,
the lawyer, the banker, the idler.
He is the fountain head of wealth
and prosperity. He is the credi
or of humanity.
Some one ask: "Do hogs pay?"
A county editor answers that a
great many of them do not; that
they read his paper for years and
then refuse to pay "as they don't
remember ordering the paper."
We once in a while also run
across such hogt>!" ?St. Louis
It baa been announoed that the
board of publio works will complete
the work of assessing the railroad,
telegraph and oil properties by the
i first of June. It onld not br
surprising, however, if several days
longer were required The botrJ
baa been dealing with these pro
perties for the past two weeks,
holding daily sessions of from 5 to
8 hours duration
I have the largest and oheapes!
stook of wall papers I have ever
bought Don't be gulled by sample
book men Tbey pay more for
them papers than yon can buy
them from me I oan sell you bet
ter patterns and make yon at least
one third better prioes hang on
the wall than any paper hanger or
sample book man ran do All pa
pers sold ut a fl t prioe; no extra
charge for borders Tippktt's,
Point Pleasant, W Va
The Outlook.
?i.The time for Democratic faw
ny sod consolidation is now,
Lany signs of Democratic die
ision are particularly to be de*
?j The Republican paity has
reached a pass when "somethiirg
has got to be-done" to save its pres
H?e and it is quite within the
i^Dge of possibilities that in look
ing about for new issues it might
seize on some to whioh the Demo
crats are by rights entitled. To the
one old issue of high protection
they still oling, butiy> one knows
how soon its knell will be sounded
fcy popular condemnation, and
khen condemned as a vote getter
pind a campaign fund raiser, that
issue will go with the rest.
" It is quite oonoeivable that the
Republicans might go through the
entire repertoire of their Demoora
<??? buwuiIw); "
priate whatever wbs there worth
having, and leave their rivals to
learn some new songs.
For a while conservatism served
as a rallying ory for Republicanism,
and now as its value is dying out
and the demand is for new things,
some Democrats seem to expeot
benefit from calling themselves
conservative and trying to give
their party a oloak of conservatism
In the meantime all sorts of radical
ideas and plane are arousing the
interest of Republican leaders, and
at their head they have the Presi
dent, one of the leading radicals of
the day, with his expressed wish to
have something done to limit very
large fortunes, and other radical
A few years Bgo the idea of an
issue of bonds of $200,000,000,
guaranteed by the government, for
the purpose of building up a oity
destroyed by earthquake and lire,
would simply have excited derjsion.
Within a few weeks the plan hes
been mentioned eerioutly in regard
to San Franoisoo. discussed in its
pros and cons and txoites no deri
sion at all
The municipal ownership issue
has reaohed a stage where the free
dom of municipalities to indulge in
municipal ownership if they so
desire is generally admitted, and in
many parts of the oountry Demo
crats and Republicans are about
equally committed to municipal
Many other tendencies are ap
parent and all things point to a
time coming in the near future
vrhen parties will adopt naw and
modern issues and make pew bide
for popular approv.il. Damooratic
unity and suooess art) espeoiall}
neoessary now for if unity still con
tinues absent and prevents suoceeP,
our versatile rivals will step in and
leave U3 behind in the race, pos
sessing little besides the useful
privilege of thinking up new things
to make future issues of
As a party we have for some time
lacked the cjhesion of party spoilt
and there has been a sort of oon
trifugal aotion in the diverse ideBS
coming to the front all the time,
whioh also prevents oohesion.
Soon, however, the necessity ftr
consolidation of interests, will be
oome imperative, and with a united
front the firet great succoess will
oome in the fall of this year in
eleoting S'ate officers in the State
of West Virginia. When that
orisis shall be passed the begin
nings of the campaign of 190S will
oome on apnoe, Bnd it will only be
after a struggle of momentous im
portance that the issues of the na
tional campaign will be framed bn>l
the personnel of the le, dership of
the Democratic party in that osm
piign will be settled
The lesson to be learned to en
able the parly to attain suooess ?
first to select honest issues aooepta
ble to the people and then toselec
leaders who will be able to gain
votes. In the presence of disturb
ing elements this presents a pro
bltm of great difficulty, bnt it mutt
be met, and met in suoh a WBy that
the first result shall be union and
strength and the ultimate result,
. Slept With His Mouth Open.
While an Italian in a railroad
oamp near Alexandria, \ a , was
sleeping with bis mouth wideopen^
a snake entered bis mouth and die
The frantio man ran among hi?
comrades unable to tell his troub.e
and after great egony finally
strangled to death The ooroner
fonnd the head of the reptile wedg
ed against the windpipe.
At thirty a woman is willing to
marry a man old enough to be her
father, and at fifty she is just as
willing to marry one ytfung enough
1 to be her son.
A Wonderful Record.
As made up by Improved and exact
processes Dr. Pierce'* Favorite Prescrip
tion Is a most efficient remedy for regu
lating all the womanly functions, correct
ing displacements, as prolapsus, antever
*ion and retroversion, overcoming paiuful
periods, touing up the nerves and bring
ing about a perfect state of health. It
cures the backache, periodical headaches,
the dragghig-down distress in the pelvic
region, the pain aud tenderness over
lower abdominal region, dries up tho
pelvic catarrhal drain, so disagreeable
and weakening, and overcomes every
form of weakness incident to the orgaus
distinctly feminine. , i
"Favorite Prescription" Is tho only
medicine for women, tho makers of .
which are not afraid to print their |
formula on tho bottle wrapper, thus
taking their patrons into their full con- |
fidencc. It Is tho only medicine for
women, every ingredient of which has
tho strongest possible endorsement of.
the most eminent medical practitioners
and -writers of our day, recommending
it for the diseases for which "Favoritej
Prescription" is used. - It is tho only1
put-up medicino for women, sold
througn druggists, which does not con
tain a large percentage of alcohol, so
harmful In the long run, especially to
delicate women. It has more genuine
euros to Its credit than all other medi
cines for women combined, having
saved thousands of sufferers from the
oporatlng table and the surgeon's knife.
It has restored delicate, weak women, to
TnaiTmf? rnothpthood possible, where there
was barrenness before, thereby brighten
ing and making happy many thousands
of homes by tho advent of little ones to
strengthen tho marital bonds aud add
sunshine where gloom and despondency
had reigned before.
Write to Dr. R. V. Pierce. He will send
you good, fatherly, professional advice,
in a plain, sealed envelope, absolutely
free. Address him at Buffalo, N. >.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets do not
gripe. They effectually cleanse the sys
tem of accumulated Impurities.
Tho People's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, by Dr. Pierce. 1008 pages, is sent
free on receipt of stamps to pay expense
of mailing only. Send il one-cent stamps
for the book in paper covers, or 31 stamps
for tlie cloth-bound volume. Address
us a Ik AC.
Eoad is Owned by Sogers New
Eecord Made in Eailroad Build
The mystery of the Deepwater
railroad, buildiu^thtongh the two
Virginias, is no longer suoh. The
I rumors that this mysterious ruil
road was the property of Henry H.
Rotigers has been verified The
tmilding of this great steel highway
has attracted little outside atten
tion despite its importance. Ftr
instance, it is not generally known
that 5 000 men are daily at work in
West Virginia in the building of
the Deepwater & Tidewater Rail
road whioh is being conslruoted
between the New River and Pooa
hontas ooal fields to Norfolk,
Va , a distance of about 400 miles
About $1,250,000 is being expend
ed every month in this oonstrcc*
It took the Chesapeake & Obio
railroad thirty years, backed by the
state of West Virginia and Collis
P. Huntingtcn to cross the Ap
palachian range, and it took the
Baltimore & Ohio about as long,
but the Deepwater & Tidewater
railroad, being baoked by Henry
H Rogers, expeots to accomplish
this feat in three years' time.
It is expected that the line wi'l
be completed by Deoember 1,1907
nt a cost of $20,000,000 or $50,000
per mile and the most remarkable
thing about the whole enterprise is
the fact that to date not a bond or
a certificate of stock has been
issued, Bnd outside banking inter
ests have not been oalled upon to
t j contribute a dollar of financial
Tfce building of this railroad if
probably the most remarkable en
gineering feet in railroad conetruo
tion 6inoe the building of the trans
continental roads across the Sierre
Nevada Mountains. It is the first
great new trunk line construction
in the United States for many
years. It is the only trunk line
that has ever been projected to ran
from starting point to destination
without the slightest reference to
towns and o!ties in the interior.
Throughout its entire length there
will be no grades more than 7 12
feet to the mile excepting 8 miles
across the Alleghenies where there
is a maximum grsde of 25 feet
This road is probably destined to
be the greatest ooal carrying road
is existence. It should be the great
est measured by low cost of trans
portation and economy in opera
tion .
There has been several surveys
made for this read down the lower
side of the Kanawha river from St.
Albans to Henderson. At Hender
son. just tcross the Kanawha from
this plaoe is where the road expeots
to bridge the Oaio river.
The louder a man boilers Bbodt
not being willing to woik for any
body but himself the smaller the
salary he oould earn.
If yon knew the valae of Cham
berlain's Salve yon would never
wish to be without it Here are
some of. the diseases for which it i?t
especially valnab'.e: sore nipples,
ohapped hands, bnrns, frost bites,
chilblains, chronio sore eyes, itch
ing piles, tetter, salt rheum and
eczema Prioe 25 oenta per box For
sale by Gt W M Hooff and A C
Van Gilder
FOR Catarrh, Hay Fever, Asthma, Headache, Toothache
Neuralgia, Itfluenza the Grip and a prev ntive of all
tagious diseases.
DIRECTIONS:?Rub the cork upon the seat of painun-;
til a smarting sensation is felt; then .remove the cork to the'
nostrils and inhale This treatment is he'd up through the
mails for three years for $1.00 Keep the bottle well corked.
apr25ofi T. J. BRADY. Point Pleasant, W. Va
Detroit, Michigan.
Sunday, June lOth.
ttfoit ia a-vuiii .to,
prettiest beauty spots Only $3 00 round trip via the
M. Ry., from West Virginia sUtum Exoursion tioketa
will be Bold for speoial train starting from Guuley Bridge at
4:00 a m., passing Point Pleasant at 7:55 a m. nrriving at
Detroit 5.-00 p m.
Tiobets will be good returning, Mouduy, Jane 11. leaving
Detroit at 6 00 p. m.
Ask agents of K. & M. Ry. foi folder giv^ngfull particulars
and description of Detroit and beautiful Belle Isle.
Gall and see My
Well selected stock
Combs, Bracelets. Chains, Lockets, Brooches,
Hat Pins, Scarf Pins, CulT Buttons, Fobs,
Shirtwaist Sets, Elk, Eagle and all
other fraternity jewelry.
My Specialty is Diamonds and Watches
Next door to Opera House,
n ay 9 tf
. ' .*
Thomas, at bis home in MaBon
oounty, W. Va., Mny 3. 190G, Bro.
Hugh Thomas, aged 18 years 1
month and 8 days.
Brother Thomas was born in
Masou oounty, YV. Va, Marob 24,
He oatne to bis deatb by an ao
oident, while at the barn feeding
ttre stock. Brother Hugh was a
young man of sterling oharaoter,
having been oonverted in February
1005, when he was also baptised
and united with the Mt. Moriah
a. O. church. He baa since been
an active worker in whatever be
found to do. He bas alco fulfilled
the "commandment with promise,"
always honoring bis parents in his
every day life. His death was h
great shook to tbe oommunity and
very soon tbe sad news was sent
over tbe wires to Iowa, where three
of his older brothers occupy pro
minent positions Prompted by
affection for tbe younger brother
and also to comfort as muob as
possible tbeir bereaved parents Bnd
e.istors, they were soon aboard
Nahum's "chariot" and returned to
tbeir childhood's home to find it
draped with tbe emblems of sorrow
and death
Oh, how sad was the meeting as
we write our sympathy goes out
toward tbem and we long for tbe
time when death will be no more,
and "the ransomed of the Lord
shall return, and oome to Zi in with
Rouge, and everlasting joy apon
tbeir heads," when God's people
'shall obtain joy and gladness, end
Morrow and sighing shall flee away,"
Funeral services were condnoted
by the writer, at Mt. Moriah A. C.
ohnrob. where words of comfort
were offered, based upon tbe Scrip
ture record in Luke 7:12-15; after
which a profession of tbirty-eight
vehicles, besides many horsemen
and some op. foot followed tbe
hearse to the Letsrt cemetery,
where our brother rests awaiting
tbe Life Giver's call.
W. A. Atkinson.
A man who is in perfect health,
so be oan do an honest day's work
when necessary, lia* muob for
which he should be thankfnl Mr
L C Itodgers, of Branobton, Pa,
writes that be was not only nnable
to work, bnt he couldn't stoop over
to tie his own tb"es Six bottles of
Foley's Kidney Cure mad9 a new
man of l<im He says. "Suooess to
Foley's Kidney Cure" All dealers.
How to Break op a Cold
It may be a surprise to msny to
learn that a severe cold can be com
pletely broken np in one or two
days' time Tbe first symptoms of a
cold are a dry, loud oongh, a pro
fuse watery discharge from tbe
nose, and a thin, white coating on
tbe tongne Wben Chamberlain's
oongh remedy is taken every hour
on tbe first appearance cf these
symptoms, it counteracts the effeot
of tbe cold and restores tbe system
to a healthy condition within a day
or two For sale by G W St Hooff
i I A. O Van Gilder
Wasted His Fortune
Revising the Bible.
William Hedriok, a pioneer riti
zen of Madison oounty and onoe
the largest land-owner in the state,
was yesterday admitted to the
friendly shelter of the poorhouee.
Years ago, when Mr. Hedriok was
rioh, he got the idea that the Bible
hid been purposely made myster
ious and he set about to revise it.
Tbis work absorbed him complete-1
ly, and for years ltis business wes
aegleoted and his property slipped
through his hands.
He bad settled his sons on fine
farms and they offered to oare fcr
him in his old age, but he refused,
raying that it would be no imposi
tion upon the oounty if he went to
the poorhouse, since be had once
been its heaviest taxpayer.
Big Battleship
It seems probable that the House
vill appropriate eix millions or
more to build the biggest battle
ship in the world?cne that will
beat the "Dreadnaught" which
England is now building for her
navy. When the matter was ander
oonsideration in the House a few
days ago, John Sharp Williams
satirically suggested an amend
ment, thatln view of the British
having deoided to name their sea
moaster "Dreadnaught," the Amer
ioan sea monster be named "Skeer
ed o' Nothirg;" that at its comple
tion the captain be authorized to
oballenge the "Dreadnaught" to a
duel to the death, and that the
President and bis cabiaet, with the
Seoretary of Agrionlture, be invited
to the quarter deck, the sea fight
to take place cff Newport.
Lucky Farmer
The farmer, if he only knew it,
is a little nearer the kingdom of
heaven than anyone on earth. He
is oertain of three square meals a
day, and is the only man who can
fenoe himself in and live, in spite
of the rest of mankind, A few
cattle and sheep and fowl provide
him with food and olothing, while
his fields yield him floor and a
source of revenue. 80 generous
are these provisior 8 and so com
mon, thet hardly one farmer in ten
makes any aooonnt of them, al
though the ordinary business man
thinks he has done well when be
reaches the end of the year and
finds that he has a littfe more than
made endd meet.
A lot of men who think they are
independent are only contrary.

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