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Cures Biliousness, Sick B tj T f| Cleanses the System
Headache, Sour Stom- II fT I ' thoroughly and clears
ach, Torpid Liver and ? ? ? ? ^ wm sallow complexions of
Chronic Constipation. ? nynfjira Emit Cvri1fl pimples and blotcher
Pleasant to taKe LiaAaUYO 11 Ull It is guaranteed
Mary had a little lamb;
One day it got the croup.
She sold it to a packing house?
It's now canned ox-tail soap.
Mary had to have a pet;
She bought a cunning cow,
Which died of splitting headache soon
It's country sausage now.
Mary wept and wept and wept,
And then a piggie got;
The piggie died of tummy ache
It's boned ham. like as not.
Mary saw the packers make
A fortune from her pets.
But she could hardly clear enough
On them to pay her debts.
Mary bought an ailing sheep?_
She knew it was a sin?
And when it died she promptly called
An undertaker in.
This precious pair embalmed the
And sold it all for cash.
The folks who bought it of them said
"What lovely corned-beer hash!"
The undertaker and the girl
Decided then to hitch;
They organized a packing house.
And. gee, but they are rich!
?Kew York World.
? Extravagance
Statement Showing How the Be
publican "Leaders" Have Squan
dered the Peoples' Money.
As a sample of bow the' Repabli
oan leaden" have squandered the
money of the taxpayers of West
Virginia sinoe that party got con
trol of the pnblio affairs of this
state, the following figures, taken
from items oontained in the legis
lative appropriation bills as fonnd
in the aots of the legislature lor the
year 1893, the last session at which
the Democrats had oontrol, end for
the year 190.5 the last year of Re
publican oontrol. These figures
will startle every tax payer who will
take the time to read them and
will lay aside his politioal preju
dice Ions; enough to understand
For the regular session of 1893.
45 days. Amount paid the em
ployee of the senate by the Demo
Clerk of Senate $ 550.00
3 Assistant Clerks 810.00
1 Stenographer 216 00
6 Committee olerks 1,080 00
Sergeant bt arms 225 00
Doorkeeper 180 00
9 Pages 770 00
Total amount for regu
lar session 13.83100
Extra session, 12 days;
Clerk of senate $ 220 00
3 Assistant clerks 21(3.00
3 Committee olerks 144 00
1 Stenographer 72.00
1 Sergeant at Arms 60.00
1 Doorkeeper 48.00
1 Cloak room keeper 24.00
1 Pages 168.00
Total for extra session 952 00
Total expenses for
olerks, pages, eto , for
both regular and extra
session of senate of
1893 $4,783.00
For the regular session of 1905
45 days. Amount paid employe*
of the senate by Republicans:
Clerk of Senate $ 550 00
Sergeant at arms 225 00
Assistant sergeant a> arms 225 00
Doorkeeper 180.00
Assistant Doorkeeper 180 00
Gallery Doorkeeper 180.00
Librarian 18000
3 Cloak room keepers 270 00
1 night watchman 180 00
Private eso'y to president 270 00
1 Bill clerk 270.00
5 Stenographers 1,350 00
16 Assistant clerks ' 4,320.00
Assistant Librarian , 180.00
JudioiaryCom clerk 270 00
Finance Com. olerk 270 00
22 Committee clerks 3.600 00
Banking and mailing olerk 135 00
Assistant banking and mail
ing olerk 135 QO
2 Journal olerks 540.00
2 Journal pages 2,270.00
10 Pages 900.00
Total for regular ses
sion 1905 $14,680 00
Extra Bession 5 days:
Clerk of senate $ 150 00
Seargeant,at arms 25 00
Doorkeeper 20 00
Cloak room keeper 10 00
8 Assistant olerks 210 00
1 Night watchman 20 00
4 Pa8?* 40 00
3 Stenographers . ... 9000
Finanoe Com. olerk 20.00
?Journal olerk 20 00
Total for extrq session $ 635.00
Total expenses for at
taches clerks, pages, eto
for both regular and ex
tra sessions' of senate,
1905, $15,315 00
Excess paid by Republi
can for employes of
senate for 7 days' less
servfoe $10,532 00
1893 $5,389 00
For the regular session of 1893,
45 days:
Amount paid employes of the house
of delegates by the Demoorats:
Clerk $ 550 00
7 Assistant olerks 1,89000
8 Committee olerks 1,440.00
Sergeant at arms 225 00
Doorkeeper 180 00
Cloak room keeper 108 00
10 Pages 816 00
Librarian 180.00
Total for regular ses
Extra session of 12 days
Clerk $ 220 00
7 Assistant olerks 504 00
7 Committee olerks 384 00
Sergeant at armB 60.00
Doorkeeper 48 00
Cload room keeper 24.00
10?Pages 240 00
Librarian 48 00
Tital for extra session $1,528.00
Total expenses for clerks,
page?, eto., for both
regular and extra ses
sion of house of delega
tes, 1893, paid by Demo
crats $6,917.00
For the regular session of 1905,
45 days.
Amount paid employes of the
house of delegates by the Republi
Clerk 550.00
Olerk mileage 57.50
2 Printing olerks 540.00
20 Assistant olerks 5,400 00
1 Librarian 270.00
5 Stenographers 1,350.00
1 Sergeant at arms 225.00
1 Assistant Sergeant at arms 225 00
1 Doorkeeper 180.00
1 Assistant doorkeeper 180 00
1 Gallery doorkeeper 180 00
1 Day Watohman 180,00
1 Night Watohman 180 00
1 Assistant Librarian 130.00
18 Committee olerks 3,24000
1 Assistant gallery door
keeper 180 00
2 Cloak room keepers 360.00
5 Journal pages 675 00
1 Mail and Banking page 135 00
14 Flior pages 1,26000
Total for regular ses
sion 1905 $15,547.00
Extra session, 1905, 5 days
Clerk $ 150.00
12 Assistant Clerks 36000
Secretary to speaker 30 00
4 Stenographers 120 00
H Paden, 5 days extra 40 00
5 Pages 50 00
Sergeant at arms 25 00
Ass't Sergeant at arms 225.00
Doorkeeper 2000
Librarian 30 00
Extra Janitors 45 00
Watohman 20 00
2 Cloak room keepers 20.00
Total for extra session $ 935 00
Total for pages, etc., for
both regular and extra
session of house of dele
gates by Repablioans,
1905 $16,482.50
Excess paid by the Re
publicans for 7 days'
service $ 7,262.50
Amount piid by Demo
crats for clerks, pages,
eto , in senate, for regu
lar and extra sessions of
1893,57 days $ 4,783.00
Amount paid by Republi
cans for olerks, pages,
etc., in senate, regular
and extra session, 1905,
50 days 15,815.00
Excess paid by Repub
licans $10,532.00
^.moant paid by Demo
orats for clerks, pages,
eto., in house of delega
tes, fur regular and
extra seesion, 1893, 57
days $ 9,220.00
Amount paid by Republi
cans for olerks, pages,
eto., for regular and ex
tra session, 1905, 50
daya. - 16,482.50
Exoess paid by Repub
licans 7,262.50
Excess paid by Republi
cans in annate 10,532,00
Bxoeea paid by Repobli
obqs in house of dele
gates 7,262.50
Total exoess paid by
Republicans $17,794 50
1 The foregoing shows only a few
of the many methods of extrava
ganoe by whioh the pnblio monies
have been taken from the taxpay
ers of West Virginia and used for
no other parpoBe than to provide
plaoeB for political workers and
henohmen who do the bidding of
the bosBes. Just think of it, for
example: The Demoorata em
ployed in the senate three assist
ant clerks, one stenographer, six
committee olerk's and nine pages,
while the Republicans bad 16
assistant clerks 5 stenographers 25
oommittee clerks and 16 pages and
numerous other attaches.
Tha Democrats with 26 mem
bers of the senate hid in all 21 em
ployes, while the Republicans with
80 members had in all 74, an ex
oess of 53 employes.
There are many other avenues
through whioh the publio monies
have been diverted, and as the
Gazette oan, from time to time,col
lect the data, the readers shall have
all the information on this subjeot
attainable.?Charleston Gazette.
A baby iB never as pretty as hie
mother says he is, and hardly as
ugly as the neighbors say he. is.
The Very Best Remedy *r Bowel Trou
Mr M F Borroughs, an old and
well-known resident of Bluffton,
lad., says: "I regard Chamberlain's
Colio, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy as the very best remedy
for bowel trouble 1 make this state
ment after having used the remedy
in my family for several years 1
am never without it" This remedy
is almost sure to be needed before
the summer is over Why not buy
it now and be prepared for suoh an
emergenoy? For sale by W W M|
Hooff Bnd A C VBnGilder
It keeps us all guessing what
the president will do with the
senate or what the senate will do
with the president, not only on
the railroad rate bill but many
other propositions that invoke
Happens to one out of every five
eaoh year. Proteot yourself by
taking out an aooident and health
polioy oovering every aooident and
sickness. It only cost $1 per month.
Don't delay. Write or call at once
for particulars, there is no medical
examination. Any one oan oarry
a polioy. You need the proteotion.
J. H. Hutchinson, Agent, Point
Pleasant, W. Va. feb. 21tf.
That Chicago girl who kissed
the whole oollege fraternity oan|
get a permanent job most any
where aB a pionio ohaperon.
There is no need worrying along
in disoomfort beoause of a disor
dered digestion Get a. bottle of
see what it will do for you Kodol
not only digests whut you eat and
gives that tired stomaob a needed
rest, but is a oorreotiveof the great
est efficiency Kodol relieves indi
gestion, dyspepsia, palpitation of j
the heart, fiatulenoe, and sour sto
maoh young and healthy agaiD
You will worry just in the propor
tion that your stomach worries you
Worry means the loss of ability to
do your best Worrv is to be avoid
ed at all times Kcdol will take the
worry out of your stomach Sold by |
all druggists
A small boy's definition of a
friend: "A friend is a fellow who|
knows all about you, but likes yon
Following The Flag
When our soldiers went to Cubs I
and the PhilippneB, health was the)
most important consideration Wil
lis T Morgan, retired OommiBBary I
Sergeant U S A, of Rural Route 1.
Conoord, N H, says: "I was two
years in Cuba and two years in the
Philippines, and being subjeot to
oolds, I took Dr King's New l)is
oovery for Consumption, whioh I
kept me in perfeot health And now,
in New Hampshire, we find it the
best medioine in the world fur
coughs, bronchial troubles and all
lung diseases Guaranteed at all
druggist Prioe 50o and $1.00]
Trial bottle free
The prediction that the end of
the world is due in 1929 will prove |
rather discouraging to that por
tion of humanity confronted with I
the necessity of hustling for a liv-1
ing for twenty-three years more.
You oannot induoe a lower animal
to eat heartily when not feeling
well A sick dog starves himself,
and gets well The stomaob, once
overworked, must have rest the
same as your feet or eyys You
don't have tn starvn to rest your
SIA takes up the work for your
stomaoh,.digests what yon eat and
gives it a rest Puts it baok in con
dition again You oan't feel good
with a disordered stomach Try ]
Kodol Sold by all druggists
I.r. .v.v. . . *? V X ^Vv; - ,SX> ? . jy. AViU
The Kind. You Have Always Bought, and which ha? beat
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
and has been made under his per
. sonal supervision since its infancy.
Allow no one to deceive* u in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and" Just-as-gr are bub ,
Experiments that trifle with and endanger ,.e health of
Infants and Children?Experience against Experiment*
Castoria Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. Ifc
contains neitlifcr Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys "Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teetliing Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep*
The Children's Panacea?The Mother's Friend.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
W R Ward, of Dyersbarg, Tenn.
writes: "This is to certify that I
have used Orino Laxative Fruit
Syrup for ohroniooonstipation, and
it has proveD, without a doubt, to
be a thorough, practical remedy
for this trouble, and it is with
pleasure I offer my oonsoientious
referenoe" All dealers
A Nebraska couple met, oourted
and wed within an hour. In Hun
tington they might also bave quar
reled and parted in the same per
iod, and still have had enough
time to tell their troubles to the
Thousands annually bear witness
to the effioienoy of Early Risers
These pleasant, reliable little pills
bave long borne a reputation seoond
to non9 as a laxative and oathartio
They are bs staple bb bread in mil
lions of homes Pleasant but effect
ive Will promptly relieve consti
pation withoutgriping Sold by all
An Alarming Situation
frequently results from negleot of
clogged bowels and torpid liver,
until chronic. This condition is
unknown to those who use Dr.
King's New Life Pills; the best
gentlest regulators of Stomaoh and
Bowels Guaranteed by all druggist
Prioe 25o.
A corporation is known by the
men it keeps.
How to Break up a Cold
It may be a surprise to meny to
learn that a severe cold oan be com
pletely broken up in one or two
days' time The first symptoms of a
oold are a dry, loud oough, a pro
fuse watery discharge from the
noBe, and a thin, white ooating on
the tongue When Chamberlain's
oough remedy is taken everv hour
on the first Bppearanoe rf thene
symptoms, it counteracts the effect
of the oold and restores the system
to a healthy condition within a dav
or two For sale by G W M Hooff
and A C Van Gilder
The amount of work a boy puts
into base ball would raise a lot of
potatoes for him to eat.
A man who is in perfeot health,
so he oan do an honest day's work
when neoessary, has muoh for
wbioh he should be thankful Mr
L O Rodgers, of Branohton, Pa,
writes that be waa not only unable
to work, but he couldn't stoop over
to tie his own thnes Six bottles of
Foley's Kidney Care made a new
man of Lim He says. "Suooess to
Foley's Kidney Cure" All dealers.
Giving a shirtless man a oollar
is not philanthropy.
. If your etomaoh troubles you do
not oonolude that there is no oure,
for a great many have been per
manently oured by OhamberUin's
Stomaoh and Liver Tablets Get a
free sample at G W M Hooff and
A C Van Gildes's drug store and
give them a trial They also oure
oonstipation and biliousness
A man is rioh when he has what
he really needs.
Constipation makes the oold drag
along Get it out of you Take
Kennedy's Laxative Honey and
Tar oough syrup Contains no
opiates All druggists
?eadly Serpent Bites
are as oommon in India as are
stomaoh and liver disorders with
us Fjr the latter however there i?
sure remedy: Eleotrio Bitters; the
great restorative medioine, of which
S A Brown, of Bennettsville, S C,
says: "Tney restored my wife to
perfeot health, after years of suffer
ing with dyspepsia and a ohroni
oally torpid liver" Eleotrio Bit
ters-onre obills and fever, malaria,
biliousness, lame baok, kidney
troubles and bladder disorders
Sold on guarantee by all druggist
Prioe 50c
Ask For Allen's Foot JSase
A powder for swollen, tired, liot, smarting
teet Sample sent Free. Also sample ol the
Foot-Ease Sanitary Corn-Pad. A new In
vention. Address, AUen 8. Olmested, LeKoy,
New York. jnay X*W
fiNo mud oan soil us but the mud
we throw.
Cured Hemorrhages of the Langs j
"Several years einoe myllunes!
. were so badly affeoted that I bad
many hemorrhages," writes A H
Ak? of Wood, Ind "I took treat
ment With several physioians with
t??ll?apy. 6.neo 1 then Parted to
take Foley s Honey and Tar, and
my lungs are now as sound as a
bullet I reoommend it in advanoed
stages of lung trouble" Foley's
^DKy^nlT?r 8t?P8 the OOQgb
and heals the lungs, and prevents
serious results from a oold Refuse
substitutes All dealers
Every man would be a prohibi
tionist if there was as much fun in
j ?t bo being the father kind.
A half truth is a whole lie.
J WiU Cure Consumption
l"*vtifL'HwreD' Fin?h' Ark- writes:
b oley s Hcney and Tar is the best
preparation for coughs, oolds and
lung trouble I know that it has
oured consumption in the first
stages You never heard of any
one using Foley's Honey and Tar
and not being satisfied All dealers.
j Tobaooo has been plaoed under
the ban by the Presbyterian gen.
eral assembly and henceforth the
minister or elder who uses the
weed in any way shape or form
will do so knowing th9t be is vio
lating the rules of the ohurch.
A Lesson in Health
-Healthy kidneys filter the im
purities from the blood, and unlets
they do this good health is impossi
Foley's Kidney Cure make*
sound.kidneys and will positively
oure all forms of kidney and blad
der disease It strengthens the whole
system All dealers
The Time is Near
When you should think
of placing your order for
Spring Clothing, i
is waiting to supply your wants
with all the latest styles.
. Provisions &
Highest Price Paid for Pro
Sept 23 08
So Tired
It may be from overwork, but
the chances are Its from an In?
?ctive LIVER.
With a well conducted LIVER
- one can do mountains of labor
without fatigue.
It adds a hundred per cent ft
ones earning capacity.'
It can be kept in healthful actJor
by, and only by
Tutt's Pills
IPresb'vterian Oh.-u.rcli
Moroioe, 1st, 3rd, and 4th Sabbaths,
night, 1st and 4th.
Sabbath School?9:45 a. m., regul
leas ant Flats Skrvick s:
Second and 5th Sundays, morning
and night.
Wkstminstkr Chapbl:
Third Sunday, aftercoon.
M. E. Chcrch, South:?Until fur
ther notice, I will fill my appoint
ments as follows, viz:
Beech Hitir.?First and Third Sun
days at 11 a. m . and Saturdav 8 p. m.
Point Pleasant:?Every Sunday
at 8 p ni., and on second Sunday at
11 a. m.
Raybbbs Cbapki.:?Fourth Sun
day at 11 a. m.. and Saturday 8 p. m.
Three-Milk:?First Sunday 3 p. m.
Henderson?Second Sunday 3p. m
J. M. BOLAND, Pastor.
Trinity M. E. Church?Until further
notice, preachint; at 11 a. m.t and 8:00
p. m. each Sabbath. Sunday School
9:30 a. m. Epworth League 8:00 p. m.
All are invited.
A. D. PERRY, Pastor.
Heights U. U. Church Director.
Until further notice the following will be
the plan of the preaching for the Point Pleas
ant charge, U. B.Church:
BETHEL?Second and Fourth Sundays of
each month at 10:30 a. m.
SAND HILL?The Saturday night before
the Hecond!and Fourth Sundays of each mo.
TRINITY?First and Third Sundays at8
P*ECKARDS?First and Third Sundays at
10:30 a. m.
HEIGHTS?Every Sunday night at 7:80
J. W. WIN GROVE. Pastor.
Special Commissioner's
UNDER and by virtue of a decree of the
Circuit Court of the County of Mason,
and State of West Virginia, made and en
tered on the 8th day of March, 1906, in a cer
tain suit in Chancery therein pending. in
which L. C. Somerville and E. J. Somprvllle,
partners as Somerville ?i Somerville, are
plaintiffs, and N.C West (all and M. A. West
fall are defeneants, the undersigned Special
Commissioner will, on the
26th day of June. 1906. at 10 o'clock
A. M ,
sell at public auction to the highest bidder,
at the iront door of the Court House of said
Mason County, the following described real
estate situate, lying and being in the qtate
of West Virginia, County of Mason, and Dis
trict of Clendenln, on the waters oi Sand
Fork, bounded and described as follows, to
Beginning at a stone in center of proposed
road, corner to lot No. 1G, thence with line of
same alorg center of proposed road, S 82? 30'
E passing corner to Lot No. 15, at 2 boles and
nine links, same a corner to lot No 9, and
with line of same in all 54 poles to stake,
thence S 63"' 30' E 6 poles 3 links to a stone,
corner to Lot No. 10, and with the line of
same N 83? E 17 poles 18 links to a stake,
thence N 66? E 24 poles to a stake, thence N 82?
E 10 poles 15 lluks to a store, corner to Lot
No 18, thence with line of same N 12? E 131
Boles 13 links, thence leaving original out
ne of Lot No. 14, S 89? 15' 138 poles to original
outline of Lot No. 14, S 132 poles 17 links to
the place ofbeginning, estimated to contain
one hundred jrcres, more or less; saving and
excepting 111 poles for right of way as shown
by the plat of the C. T. Beale farm; and also
excepting, also, a fifteen foot right of wav
from the back part of Lot No. 14, and with
Fadeleys' line of the right of way above
mentioned; the land above described being
the south p<>rt of Lot No. 14, as shown on
said plat, which is recorded in the Clerk's
office of the County Court of Mason County,
West Virginia, in Deed Book No. 57, pages
33 and 22#.
Terms of Sale:?Cash sufficient to pay the
costs of the suit, and 1173 76, being the
amount of the decree rendered on the first
note, with the interest due thereon; and the
residue of the purchase money on the 1st
day of September, 1900.
Special Commissioner.
I hereby certify that the above named
Special Commissioner has given bond with
good security before me in the penalty of
11500.00, as required by tl^e decree of sale.
may 23, 4w. Clerk.
Hone Manufactory of Pine Funeral Co*d>f
the only Independent Mfg. In the State.
Tbere was a strong combine formed Jan.
let. on all Funeral Goods, making the highest
prices on outside casket boxes ever known.
This does not effect me. I have a two years
supply oi lumberon hand and will furnish
the same at one-half the price that the com
bine asks for tbem. 1 have not advanced
anything in the line. Tbe Jobbers and Re
tailers rnu?t pay the advance price from Jan
uary 1, 1906.
You Can't Beat tbe Man that
Makes the Uoods for Low
If you will come to my fine Undertaker
Rooms, I will show you the finest goods ever
looked at, in designs and fine colors.
You can select from 300 finished Jobs and
If not suited, can make anything you want
in twelve hours notice. My Couch, Grand
Army ana Children Caskets can't be excelled
In the State.
My cloth, silks and plush are bought from
importers In New York. All ofthelfniDgs
and laving cloth Is done by a woman In the
factory. The men working for me are all
wood workers and no time Is lost. Come to
the lactory. I pay
Kallroad, Street Car Fare and
Deliver all goods, drive over the ferry. I psy
tbe feiringe, feed your horses and give din
ner In all calls for funeral goods?new, not
second hand.
1 have bodght the finest Funeral Car ever
bought in Southern Ohio. Have some of tbe
finest rubber tire hacks and fine Coupe for
the minister. I have a child's fine white
hearse, the only one in the county. I don't
haul children in a large hearse. I have six
hearses and three delivery wagons.
I have two licensed inen Id- West Virginia
and two men In Ohio with twenty years ex
perien* e in the art of embalming and no
new beginners. Come to the factorv where
tbere Is no lost time, all are at work. Yon
don'f have to pay for their cost of time
watching the shop for some one to come in,
as they can earn nothing unless they sell.
And tbe Largest Dealer iii Shin,
gies in tbe Obio Valley.
Six hundred thousand of all kinds. Dimen
sion shingles, fancy and plain In stock.
Flustering Lath. Paints, Oils, Varnish and
General Hardware.
Pomeroy, Obio, and Mason City,
West Virginia.
J une 6 6m
To Mothers in This Tows.
Children who are delicate, feverish, and
cross will get immediate relief from Motiier
Gray's Sweet Powders for Children: They
cleanse tbe stomach, act on the fiver, mak
ing a sickly child strong and healthy. A
certain cure for worms. Sold by all drng
gsts, 25 cts. Sample Free. Address, Allen
Olmsted. LeRoy, N. Y. may 30 4w
Regeneration worka from within.
For the Best GraJ
Pore Rye & Bourbon
And Fine Wines and Brandies,
at the very lowest possible prices call on or address your orders to
Point Pleasant, W. Va.,
Who makes a specialty ot the jug trade. If his goods do not
turn out as represented your money will be refunded.
The best $2.00 whisky sold, in West Virginia. Special
attention paid to orders. ?one 15,190?
Fire, Marine, Accident and Life Insurance.
Estates Managed, Rents Collected. Loans Negotiated.
Point Pleasant, West Va.
__ -~r MoMman Building. (Sixth Street.)
None.But tlie Most Reliable Companies Repre
sented. Come and Talk with us.
Largest in the State.
Accommodates 150 Patients.
Competent medical staff, large corps ot
nurses, electric treatment, splendidly
equipped operating rooms. Boom rent
includes medical attention, medicine,
nursing and board. Rooms from $10.00
a week up. Wards $7.00 up.
Whit* Dm. A. K. K ESS LEU. San,
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Telegraphy, Shorthand and Penmanship.
Use of Typewriter free. Businessmen know us and frequently
apply to us for office help. $100 and four or five months' time
has started hundreds on the road to success. Enter now.
Write the Principal for information. Box 228, Huntington,
W. Va.
Huntington, - W. Virginia.
Tor ten years the Elplcy
School, now incorporated
as Unntin^ton Business Col
has been engaged in
preparing and placing in
positions real live young
men and women. Many
of these now hold tine
positions at $?0, $IK) and
up to $150 per month.
Chamberlain's j
Colic, Cholera & Diarrhea Remedy
Almost every family has need
of a reliable remedy for colic or
diarrhea at tome time during the
This remedy is recommended
by deal en who have told it for
many year* and know it* value.
It hat received thoutandt of
testimonials from grateful people.
It has been prescribed by phy
sicians with the most satisfactory
It has often saved life before
medicine could have been sent for
or a physician summoned.
It only costs a quarter. Can
you afford to risk so much for so
tittle? BUY IT NOW.
15,000 Pounds Wool
I will be in the Wool busi
ness as usual this season at the
same old stand and will pay
Cash, the highest market price.
Come on with your wool.
Graham Station, W. Va.
Is what Mrs. Lucy
Stovall, of Til ton, Ga,
said after talon;
Kodol Dyspepsia
Cur*. Hundreds
of other weak
k women are
b?lng re
stored to perfect
health by this rem
edy. YOU may be
well if yea will take
Indigestion causes
nearly all the sick
ness that women
bare. It deprives the system of nourish
ment and the delicate organs peculiar to
women suffer?weaken, and become
Dyspepsia Cure
enables the stomach and digestive organs
to digest and assimilate all of the whole
some food that may be eaten. It nourishes
the body, and rebuilds the weak organs,
restoring health and strength. Kodol cures
indigestion, constipation, dyspepsia, sour
risings, held)jng.heirthnrn and all stomach
Digests What You Eat |
I-ssssssssn pssarsnsri
Ummm M nd M til I I mMrrfSJJaWM I
and beautifies Um hair.
Prucoetes a lexurict.t pMrtk. .
Kerer Pail* to JUetore Gray
Hair to it* Tovthftal Color. .
PirnnU Pandmffaod hair faUiafJ
Oct 14 1 yr.
Dr. King's
New Discovery
FOR 01
OUGH8 ar.d ?0e 1.00
LDS . freeJrjeL
Surest and ftuiclteat Cure lot all
Will trot In 2:10. By Baron W11 ke?. S:I*,
dam^LM lot?en .5:i*; by W Medium. ?*? u.
nTTTn -n/iiVT l'acer; llirce-year-rfNe^^
BLUE FU1M trial 2:15. ?|U??rt??r
w-oondH elirbt In 15 second*. Will beat 2:10
thU year. By Jay Bird, da.ni by Bcarlet
Wilkes 2:22}?. 120 to Insure.
tLANGLEY 30308
high. We Ikbt iauo IJ?h.
A high acting coach borne by Allerton 2:0*, 4,
dam by AlCantar*2:23. $10 t? In-ure
Trotters and pacers train*?:! and sold.
Point Pleasan.t W. Va.
Drop In when in town nod look over
our stock and sample our goods. Be
low we quote you prices in some of
our many brands.
One of our specialties Royal Rye?
I one case of four quarts, price
Other brands, prices as roflows:
Log House ;~
Mount Vernon Rye (20 y rs old), 2 00
Old Barbee, per \
GHlded Age. per qt \ J?
Oolden Wedding, per qt J ??
Cognac Brandy, (Fine,) per qt.,.. 1 W
Ouckenheimer Pure Bye, per qt., 1 ?
Jaa.E. Pepper,SourMaeb,perqt 1 Zo
Montereal Malt Rye, per qt 70
Mai. Paul's, per qt 70
Strawberry Wine, (Fine,) per qt 75
St. Juiien, perqt., ??
Port Wine, (Beet,) per qt., 75
Port Wine, per at.,
Sherry'yVine, j er qt ?>
Catawba Wine, perqt., - 7#
Mams Extra Dry (Champagne.) 4 00
The Foint Pleasant Liquor
House?The Snencer.

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