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e Weekly Register
FiUUt^ Kr?rj WwlirWty Xanlai fcy
Kdltor and Publisher.
Mason County, West Virginia.
JANUARY 30. 1907
Aant Katie Riffle, of Flat Rook,
is quite ill at this writing.
Mia John Stern and Mrs. Robt.
Rayburn spent one day last week
with Mrs. John Jones.
Mrs. James Fridley and Mrs
John Jones were visiting Mrs
Mathew Whittington last week.
Steward See was visiting friends
near Leon, a few days last week
Misses Jnlia and Mable Wiley
?pent one evening last week with
A bill to tax baobelcrs will bein
trodnoed in the legislature this
week by A. B. MoCrnm, of Prea
ton ooanty, a member of the House.
The bill has been drafted by J
Sidell Brown of the same oonnty.
Beatrice Eokard.
Messrs. Robert and Louis Mo
Onllooh, Gay Pullin and John Fo
glesong were business visitors to
Point Pleasant, Wednesday.
Misses Utbcs Rawson and Hazel
Eokard spent one night last week
with Miss Onsta rftern of Flat
Mrs. Mathew Whittington and
danghter Miss Daisy and Mrs
John Jones spent one evening last
week with Mrs. Jas. Fridley.
Messrs Isaao Riffle and Charles
Winebrenner were visiting friends
in this vicinity last week.
Blae Bell.
Newly repaired. Apply to J K.
CROMLEY, Beale, W. Va
Mr. Cortelyon will take oharge
of Unole Sam's money?not yet
?bat soon
We guarantee prompt delivery of
Plymouth Coal.
P. P. Coal & Ioe Co
E E Thomas, Supt.
The Home Newspapers
One of our exohanges quotes
from an address made onoe by
United States Davis, of Illinois,
on the vrlue of a home newspaper.
The senator in his address made
this declaration: "Every year everj
looal newspaper gives from 500 to
5.000 free lines for the benefit of
the oommunity in whioh it is lo
oated. No other agenoy oan cr
will do this. The editor, in pro
portion to his means, does more
for his own town than any other
mm. He ought to be supported
not beoause yon happen to like
him or admire his writing, but
because a looal paper is the best
investment a oommunity con make.
It may not be crowded by great
thought, but financially it is of
more benefit than both preacher
end teacher Today editors do
more for less pay than any man on
earth. Patronize your home paper
not as oharity, but as an invest
We are Bare that many of oar
business men and oitizsns will
agree with the Illinois Senator.
Of course it is to be expeoted that
the newspapers feel that they do a
great doal for the oommunities for
whioh they receive no oredit Bat
We also believe that the oitizsDB of
a oommunity appreoiate the ser
vice whioh is rendered by their lo
cal papers in advancing the inter
istsof the oommunity in whioh
they oiroalate. Newspaper editor?
rind publishers receive a great deal
of unjust critioism on account of
unjust oritioUm on aooount of oer
tain positions whioh they take; but
in niene oases out of ten the news
papers, particularly those in coun
try towns, spend a thousand dollars
ia advertising space and in time
advancing the interests of their lo
oili'.ies where other business plaot s
of greater capital spend a dollar
And this is no exaggeration.
The newspapers very often fail
to reoeive the generous support
from the business interests of a
oommunity to whioh they are by
right entitled They of necessity
are bound to be in the van of every
progressive movement and become
the leaders of whatever is for the
g^od of their towns. Thay should
therefore be supported beoause
they are a good investment for b
community and are business mak
ers '
Mrs Martha .1. Hansford Smith,
aged 62, died at Pratt, Kanawha
ooanty, last week.
Mrs. Stuyvesant Fish deolares
that any woman may drsss well on
95,000 a year or even . less. Most
of them do,
/ oasi-ohia.
? yy Tha Kind Ym Haw M?ap Bostft
Cures Coughs, Colds, Croup, La Grippe, Asthma, Throat
i flnH Lung Troubles. Prevents Pneumonia and Consumption
in the
Whose Say-so is Best?
With nearly all medicine* put up for
gale through druggists, one has to take
the maker** say-so alone as to their cura
tive value. Of course, such testimony is
not that of a disinterested party and
accordingly is not to be given the same
credit as if written from disinterested
motives. Dr. Pierce's medicines, how
ever, form a single and therefore striking
exception to this rule. Their claims to
the confidence of invalids does not rest
solely upon their makers' say - so or
praise. Their Ingredients are matters of
public knowledge, being printed on each
separate bottle wrapper. Thus Invalid
sufferers are taken into Dr. Pierce's full
confidence. Scores of leading medical
men have written enough to fill volumes
in praise of the curative value of the
several ingredients entering into thes?
well-known medicines.
Amongst these writers we And such med
ical lights as Prof. Fin lev Ellingwood. M. D..
of Bennet Medical College. Chicago; Prof.
Hale.of the same city: Prof. John M. Scud
der. M. D.. late of Cincinnati. Ohio: Prof.
John King. M. D.. late of Cincinnati. Ohio:
Dr. Grorer Coo, of New York: Dr. Bartho
low. of Jefferson Medical College, of Pa~
and scores of others equally eminent.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription cures
the worst cases of female weakness, prolap
sus ante version and retroversion and corrects
Irregularities, cures painful periods, dries up
disagreeable and weakening drains, some
times known as pelvic catarrh and a multi
tude of other diseases peculiar to women.
Bear in mind, it is not a patent nor even a
secret medicine, but the n Favorite Prescrip
tion" of a regularly educated physician, of
large experience in the cure of woman's
peculiar aliments, who frankly and confid
ingly takes his patients Into his full con
fidence by telling them Just what his "Pre
scription " is composed of. Of 110 other medi
cine put up for woman's special maladies
and sold through druggists, can it be said
that the maker 1s not afraid to deal thus
frankly, openly and honorably, by letting
every patient uslnff the same know exactly
what she Is taking. , ^
Sick women are Invited to consult Dr. :
Pierce, by letter, free. All correspond- ;
ence is guarded as sacredly secret and ?
womanly confidences are protected bv
professional privacy. Address Dr. R. V.
Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
How to preserve health and beauty is
told In Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Med
ical Adviser. It is free. For a paper
covered copy send Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buf
falo. N. Y.. 21 one-cent stamps to cover
mailing only; in cloth binding 31 stamps.
Dr. Pierce's Pellets cure constipation.
Louis XIV. and the Famous Crown of j
Louis XIV. had an unconquer
able passion for jewels, and his most I
valued possession was the famous
crown of Agrippina, which was com
posed of eight tiers of immense I
brilliants in a transparent setting.
lie kept the most precious of the
crown jewels in his private cabinet
in order tliat he might admire and
examine them at his ease, an occu
pation in which he took much de
light. Xor did he ever hear of a
gem of great value either in Asia,
Europe or any other country with
out making strenuous efforts to se-1
cure the prize.
At an entertainment given by
Louis to the Princess of Modena it
happened that the conversation
turned on the fashions and designs
of jewelry, which prompted the
Marquis de Dangean, who prided
himself on his antiquarian knowl
edge, to observe that it was in the
time of Nero that the imperial
crown was lirst arched, whereupon
Louis remarked that he possessed
one himself and that the Marchion
ess de Montespan would produce it I
for him.
When the sparkling circlet was
brought forth it excited universal
admiration, but when the king ob
tained a close look at it he ex
claimed to the marchioness: "How
is this, raadame ? This is no longer
my crown of Agrippina! All the
stones have been changed!"
The setting was intact, but the
brilliants had been replaced by
paste. When the mystery was
solved it was proved that the maker
of the casket which held the crown
had pretended an attachment for
one of the waiting women of the
Marchioness de Montespan, who
during his visits, having free access
to where the crown of Agrippina
was kept, had substituted mock dia
monds for the true ones. He was
convicted and hanged, upon which
occasion I.ouis remarked to the
duchess, "He has at least left us
j the setting, but Cromwell would
have seized it whole." ? Sunday |
Lead Workers.
It is said that lead working dis
figures the human body more than
any other kind of work. In this
industry it is inevitable that sooner
or later the workers must succumb
to lead poisoning, and there would
appear to be no part of the body
that the poisonous fumes and float
ing particles which permeate the
atmosphere of the workshops do
not affect. The complexion takes
on a ghastly, corpselike pallor, the
gums turn blue, the teeth decay
rapidly and fall out, and the eye
lias are hideously ? inflamed. A
scratch or an abrasion of the skin
becomes an unhealable sore. Later
on, when nerves and muscles be
come affected by the poison in the
blood, the eyeballs are drawn into
oblique positions and take on a dim
and bleared appearance. The joints,
especially the knee and the wrist,
become semi paralyzed, and the
whole form is gradually bent and
About 3,000 pieoes of glassware I
and orockery are broken on eaoh |
voyage of a first-class ooean steam
er. The most industrious and |
strenuous of servant girls oan hard,
ly hope to beat that reoord.
The more a man ourls his mus-1
j taohe the more lie seems to think |
| it takes the plaoe of brains.
Benwocd, this State, has 55 sa-1
I loons?one for every 19 inbabi
I tants
Harrison Bobbins is dead at |
Peoc9 Springs, the result of a holi
[day shooting affray.
John A. MoClung, good oitizen
(and a Confederate veteran, of
Qreenbrier oounty, died reoently
God estimates as not by the po
?ition we are in, but by the way in
wbioh we Gil it
Oat in Oibkosb a man paid
$450 for a wife tbe other day.
Spendthrift! He ehonld have
waited for the February tire sale?.
No it wasn't a Boston boy who
added t > bis ev ning prayer the
anpplioatioD: ' Mike me ?a goad
an John D Rockefeller, Jr."
Pood don't digeat ? fieoauw tkr
stomach laoks some one of the
essential digestants or the diges
tive jaiosd are not properly balanced
Then, too, it is this undigested
food that nausea sourness aud pain
fol indigestion Kodol For Indi
gestion should be nstd for relief
Kodol is a solution of vegetable
acids It digests what yon eat, and
corrects the deficiencies of the di
gestion Kr.dol oonforms to tbe
National Pure Ford nnd Drug Law
Sold here by all r'rnggi<ts
Champagne takes up muobtime'
and oare in tbe making. Altc
gether a bott e of charopsgne goes
through twi hundred different op
eratione, ooveriDg a period of two
and a half years. And in addition
itisaomitmes ktpt two or three
years longer in the vaults ruatur
The louder a man talks, tbe
easier it is to not believe what he
"Live and let live" is a good
trnxim. but 'Live and help live" is
"They like the taste as well at
msple sugar" is what one mother
wrote of Kennedy's Lixstive
Oough Syrup Tbis modern ojugh
syrup is absolutely free from any
opikta or n ircotio Contains Hone)
Tar Conforms to the Natiooal
Pure Food and Drug Law Sold
by all druggists
'B*il him ou'!" ejioulatrd Cole
nel Pepper, who had heard there
mark indistinctly. "Good gracious
is he thbt full?-'
Rats at Bloomfield N. J , made a
reit in bank notes. When dis
covered the rats esoaped. N",
this was not a Pacifio stuck deal.
Clear up tbe oompl. xion. olennse
'be liver and tone the system You
can best do tbis by a dose or twc
of DeWitts Little Eirl; Risere
Safe, reliable little pills with a
reputation The pills that every
one knows R-ocmmended by all
' M( Lush bas been a rested fjt
lrunkennees and wants you to bail
iim out."
The president bas arisen to in
orin the senate that "nobody oar
'evtrse My deoisions but Me "
Any sk'n itohing is a temper
'ester. Toe more you scratch tb?
worse it itohes Doan's Ointment
?lures p'les, cczema?any skin itch
ing At all drug stores
A scientist announces that tbe
blonde tjpe will completely disxp.
pear in (100 years. That gives the
?oubrette i few more sunny sets
>ns before t'ie dark days coma
A physioian detlires that
life is ruinous to children I
?houldn't be too fl >t even for grown
jerple, adds the Atlanta Journal
That's tbe house the Dootor built
The biggest house you see;
Thank goodness he don't get our
For we take Hollister's Rooky
Mountain Tea
?A. C Van Gilder
The Detroit Free Press advises
Mr. Carnegie to "pray without
oeasing." Perhaps tbe Free Press
will kindly state when Mr Cnrne
gie ceased to prey.
When a man wears a pink shirt
aid a red tie it's a sign his wife
ii away visiting her mother.
Mothers who give their obildren
Kennedy's Lsxative Cough Syrup
invariably indorse it Children
like it bfciuse tbe tisteisso pleas
ant Contains Honey and Tar It
is the Original Laxative Cough
Syrup and is unrivaled for the
relief of oroup Drives the oold
out through the bowels Conforms
to the National Pure Food and
Drug Daw Sold by all druggists
There is supposed to be no par
ticular connection between tbe
eirtbquake at Jamoioa and tbe re
lease of Emma Goldman, though
both ooonrred about the same time
It's sometimes a difficulty to be
right as it is to prove the other
felliw wrong.
"I have been somewhat costive,
but Dosn's Reguleta gave just tbe
results desired They aot mildly
and regulate tbe bowels perfeotly"
?George B Krause. 306 Walnut
Ave, Altoona, Pa
If John D. could work out his
thousand year sentence under Su
perintendent Stevens' paternal
oare, John might beoome some
thing of a man, by tbe time begot
bis parole.
Tbe Connecting Link Between the
treat Lakes and the Sooth and Southeast
? mtfECN
Chicago, Columbus, and Points
South to Charleston.
Parlor Cars ilffi
Toledo & Columbus
Shortest Route Between
Toledo, Columbus,ud the Virginias
Kale* VU Ohio Central Line* always aa law aa t halo was'
Write tar Tine Cards, FaMcrs, Ratal, Etc.
MOULTON HOUK. Oca. Paaaenter *r?-. TOIJUVt OOIO
is what Mrs. Lucy
Stovall, of Tilton, Ga,
said after taking
Kodol for Dys
pepsia, Hundreds
of otherweak
twem?n are
b e i n g re
|| stored to perfect
health by this rem
edy. YOU may ba
well if you will take
Indigestion causes
nearly all the sick
ness that women
have. It deprives the system of nourish
ment and the delicate organs peculiar to
women suffer ? weaken, and become
For Dyspepsia
enables the stomach and digestive organs
to digest and assimilate all of the whole
some food that may be eaten. It nourishes
the body, and rebuilds the weak organs,
restoring health and strength. Kodol
relieves indigestion,constipation, dyspepsia,
sour risings, belching, heartburn and all
stomach disorders.
Digests What You Eat
Relieves indigestion,
I soar stomach, belch*
I ing of gan. etc.
Pr?par?d at th? Lab- I
oratory of S.O.DaWltt
A Co., Chicago, U.S.A. I
Baltimore&Ohio R. R.
?Dally, + Daily except Sunday. Eastern
Tlo e.
PARKERSBUHQ, Depart *9.45a. in ,+2 35 p
in. (Kxpre.ss), *6 00 p. m. Arrive '10.12 a. in.,
+2.45 p m. (Express), *0 00 p. m
\VH KBLING and IM'lTsBIJ RO, Depart *9.45
a. in.,42.35 p m. Arrive+2.46 p m ,0 00 p m
WAS 11. B A L/TO., vH? LA. A x kW YORK.
Depart *9 45 a. in., +2 35 p. in. Arrive +2.45
6. in
KNOV A, Depart *10 25 u. m. (local) +2 in
p. m .'r, on p. m (locil) Arrive ?9 45 a. m,
local),+2.:ti p. in.. 'H.oo p. in. flocal >
Colic, Cholera & Diarrhea Remedy
Almost every family has need
of a reliable remedy for colic or
diarrhea at some time during the
This remedy is recommended
by dealers who have sold it for
many years and know its value.
It has received thousands of
testimonials from grateful people.
It has been prescribed by phy
sicians with the viost satisfactory
It has often saved life before
medicine could have been sent for
K a physician summoned.
It only costs a quarter. Can
you afford to risk so much for w
little? BUY IT NOW.
Our great losses are not the
things taken from us but the
things we miss.
Nearly every person who is snb
j^rt to attacks from the stomaob
suffers from a morbid dread of a
?lietetio treatment for relief, that is
three-fourths starvation, and one
fourth toast and milk On tbe
other hand yon oan eat aa yon
please and digest the food by the
aid of a good digeatant, thus giving
the tired etormch equally as much
rest Ent whit yon please and take
?? little t^di I F.ir Indigestion after
your meals It digests what you eat
Sold by all druggists
A epeoifio for piin?Dr Thomas'
Eoleotrio Oil, strongest, oheaceet
liniment ever devised A honsp
hold remedy in America for 25
Tile Illght Name
Mr Augnet Sherpe, the popular
overseer of the poor, a* Port Madi
son, la, says: ' Dr King's New
Life Pills are rightly named; they
act more agreeably, do more good
and make one feel better than any
other laxative" Guaranteed to on re
biliousness BB0 oonstipation 25o
at all draggi&fa
'ANfegefable Preparalionfor As
Promotes Digeslion.Cheerful
nessandRestContains neither
Opium.Morpliine not-Mineral.
Not Narcotic.
franpfan ?W*
Atx.Senna *
Rotktil* Smlit -
jlautSrrrt ?
HSn*Se*d. -
mmttytmmt rtavar.
Aperfecl Remedy for Conslipa
Tion. Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions.Feverish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
Alb fitonlhs ??1 cl
J) Bosks- J >C i \ i s
For Infants and Children.
|The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Yeers
Iluntington, ? W. Virginia.
For (en years the Bipley
School, now incorporated
as Huntington Business Col*
lege. has been engaged ill
preparing and placing in
positions leal live young
men and women. Many
of these now hold fine
positions at $80, $110 and
up to $150 per month.
We give a thorough coarse In Book-keeping.
Telegraphy, Shorthand and Penmanship.
Use of Typewriter free. Business men know us" and frequently
apply to us for office help. $100 and four or five months' time
has started hundreds on the road to success. Enter now.
Write the Principal for information. Bo* 228, Huntington,
W. Va.
We Have a Large and Complete Stock of
Burial Cases, Robes, Etc.
Prices Low and
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Penn Rheumatism cure fs just
what you have been looking for?
An Uric Add Destroyer.
Free from Opiates, Iodide of
Po ash or Mercury.
A generous free sample for
wards* J, write to
Philada., Pa.
... ..?? L-fcrJa HEWEDIES
r ? Curs . . Price $2.00
L c.ir.! lissrantisai Cure. Liquid, 1.00
F jeamansm Cuie, Tablets, JO
i era Kcrvo E.:id Blood Cura . . .50
PEEa Eidr.e? End liver Ccro . .50
??p.n Pvspcpsia Cti o 50
,"s=n Vila Care 50
I'cnn Cr.nsiipiti&c Cu o . . . .25
resnE.'rengUieninjKIdacyriister, J5
Psna t hcrry Elixir 25
Liniment 25
is complete with new and beautiful
goods. Furniture, Carpets, Kugs,
Pictures, Wall Paper. The best
and cheapest place to buy Furni
ture and Ua lift tin* Goods in the
Ohio Vallej', _
I have moved my dental office
from tbe Barbefl building to the
Mutual Reality Co. building above
Tbe Spenoer Botel building, and
oooupying the two upper front
rooms Will be pleased to reoeive
my friends.
P. V. Butcher D. ntiet.,
Want of onre does us more
harm than want of knowledge.
Builds up waste tistu?, promotes
ippetitt, improves digestion, in
duoee refreshing sleep, gives re
hewed strength nnd health That's
what Hollister's Rooky Mountain
Tea does 35 oents. Tea or Tablets
A O Van Gilder
He?do you think it would be
foolish of me to marry a girl who
was my inferior intelleotuel'y ?
Sbt?More than foolish?impos
Cured of Lung Trouble
?'It is now eleven years sinoe 1
bad a narrow esoape from consump
tion" writes O O Floyd, a leading,
business man of Kershaw, S C 'I
had rnn down in weight to 135
ponnds, and coughing was con
stant, both by day and by night
Finally I began taking Dr King's
New Disoovery, end continued
this for about six months, when
my oough and lung tronble were
entirely gone and I whs restored
to my normal weight, 170 pounds"
Thousands of persons are healed
every year Gurnnteed at all drug
gists 50o and $1 00 Triil bottle
Dootor?Mndtm your husband
mast hbve absolute res'. Madam
?Well, dootor, be won't listen to
me?Dootor?A very good begin
ning, madam, a very good begin*
Flattery is telling a uiun to his
faoe that which was intended only
for bis tombstone
Dyspepsia is our national ailment
Burdook Blood Bitters is the ns
tional cure for it It strengthens
stomach membranes, promotes fl >w
of digestive juioes, purifies the
blood, builds you up.
Great souls have will*; feeble
ones have only wishes
Wise Counsel From tbe South
"1 want to give some valuable
advice to those who suffer with
lame back and kidney trouble."
says J R Blanken6bip, of Beok,
T>-na "1 have proved to an abso
lute certainty thbt Electric Bitter?
will positively cure this distressing
oondition The first bottle gave
me great relief and after taking a
few more bottles, I was completely
oured; so completely that it be
oomes a | leasure to recommend
this great remedy" Sold under
guarantee at all druggists Prioe
50 j
The yocti who surrenders him
self to a great ideal beoomes great.
Wben the oold winds dry and
craok tbe skin a box of salve oan
save much discomfort In buying
salv* look for tbe name on tbe box
to avoid any imitations, and be
sure yon get tbe original DeWitt's
Witch Huz-ai Salve Sold by ell
Wicked men osonjt befriends
either among themselves or with
good.?Snor at es
Possesses wonderful medicinal
power over the human body, re*
moving all disorders from your
system, is what Hollister's Rooky
Monntain Tea will do Makes you
well 35 oents, Tea or Tablets A
O Van Gilder
Kessler Hospital.
Largest In the State*
Accommodates 150 Patients.
Competent medical staff, large corps Of
muses, electric treatment, splendidly
equipped- operating rooms. Boom rent
includes medical attention, medteine.
nursing and board. Rooms tram $10.00
a week up. Wards $7 00 up
W.ra Da, A. K. KCSSLCR. Sipk,
FOR Catarrh, Hay Fever, Asthma, Headache, Toothacne.
Neuralgia, Irfluenza the Grip and a preventive of all con
tagious diseases.
DIRECTION'S:?Rub the cork upon the seat of pain un
til a smarting sensation is ielt; then remove the cork to the
nostrils and inhale This treatment is he'd up through the
mails for three years for $1.00 Keep the bottle well corked.
?pr2s?? T. J. BRADY Point Pieasant, W. Va
For the Best Grade rf
Pure Bye & Bourbon Whiskies,
And Fine Wines and Brandies,
at the very lowest potwible prices call on or address your orders to
Point Pleasant, W. Va.,
Who makes a specialty of the jug trade. If his goods do not
turn out as represented your money will be refunded.
The best $2.00 whisky sold in West Virginia. Special
attention paid to orders. .on?*,ism
Fire, Marine, Accident and Lile Insurance.
Estates Managed, Rents Collected. Loans Negotiated.
Point Pleasant, West Va.
MoHmu Building, (Sixth Street.)
None But the Most Reliable Companies Repre
sented. Come and Talk with us.
Windsor Hotel
1217-29 Filbert St.. I'blla. I>a.
Three minutes from Broad
St, Station, two minutes from
Reading Terminal. American
plan from %2 to $3.50 per day,
European plan from $1 to f2.?0
per day.
Waldo T. IJrubaker,
How to Cure tliiliilaiuH
' To ei j iy fruodom frcin ohil
olaina," write* Jotiu Ktjuip, Kist
Utiatieid, Mo, ? 1 apply Buo&itn's
Arnioa Silve i^va also used it
for salt rheum wuu txoelleat re
aults" Guaranteed to oure fevei
sores, iudulent uloers, pile*, burnt,
?ouuds, trout bites and akin die
aasea 2oo at ail druggists
"A light purse Is a heavy cursr"
Sickness makes a light purse.
The LIVER Is the seat ol nint
tenths of all disease.
futt's Pills
go to the root of the whole mat
ter. thoroughly, quickly safel;
and restore the action of the
LIVER to normal condition.
jive tone to the system and
*olid flesh to the body.
fake No Substitute. -
When I apeak let me think first:
[a it true? Is it kind? Is it
neoe?ary? If not. let it ba un
Assessments for Street
Paving Now Due.
Notice In hereby given to the owners of each
lot or-fractlonal part of lorn abutting on First
street between Main street and the- old cor
poration line, and the owners of lots or frac
tional part of lots abutting cm Fourth street
between Main street and Viand street, and
the owners of lots or fractional part of lots
abutting on Viand street between Fourth
street and 8lxth street, that the asses.ment
for two-thlr s ol the cost of raid paving, as
ascertained by the council of said town on
December 3, HUB, has been placed in my
hands for collection-, and the entire amnnm
owing upon said assessment Is now due from
the several owners of lots or fractional part
oMots abutting on said First, Fourth and
viand streets, payment of wbirh may be
made to me for a period ol 00 days from ai d
af.er said us day of December, 11W8. After Su
days soch assessments as remain due and
unpaid will be returned by me to the council
as delinquent, to be proceeded upon as di
rected by the ordinances of safd town
F. B. TIPPETT. Treasurer.
The Town ol Point Pleasant, W. Va.
dec. 5
Notice to Trespassers.
We the undersigned, do here noti
fy all persons not to bunt, Irap or
trespass ui>on any of our lands in Clen
denin and ilannan Districts.
Sallie Col well
O. F. Stribliug
S P. Black
Harry Prince G'dn
John McCulloch
G. W. Wallis
Fiduciary Settlement
The account of W. M. Duffy Gnar
dian of Frederick McDaniei and Min
nie McDaniel, minors nnder the age of
21 years, is before me for settlement.
Given under my hand this 5day of
Dec., 1900.
Commissioner of Accounts for Mason
Co., W. Va.
Diamond Milling Co.
Latest Equipments.
Acme, Favorite,
Goldtti Gate, Straight latent*
^Farmers' Exchange Solicited.
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Anyone tending a sketch and description m ?y
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether a/?
invention is probably rmteutable. Communica
tions strictly contldentlal. HANDBOOK on Patent*
sent free. Oldest spency for secarlnffpatenta.
Pntenta taken through Munti & Co. leceWe
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Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Ijirjrext cir
culation of any scientific Journal. Terms. 93 a
year; four months, $1. Bold by all pewsrfealer*.
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Branch Office. G2S K 8L, Washington. D. C.
KILLths couch
"? Dr. King's
New Discovery
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^OLDS Fret Trial.
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J J.
Point Pleasant
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We also carry in stock
the old reliable, the pio
;i neer of ready roofing.

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