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11 Only aggreniv* and déterminai :
Thus says the C omm e rc ial, in referooe
to the nah, reekleaa, and revolutionary
hat recently introduced into
Congress. Let os ask this journal a few
plain questions : Are yon right sure that
the ends aimed at can be accomplished by
t Do you not know that the
"aggressive sad determined measures'' of
the Republican party were the very causes
of its discomfiture in the elections of last
year; and that like causes will produce
like effects, in the future as in the pastil
Is the Republican party and its organs,
like toe house of the Bonrbons, unable to
learn anything from experience? The
"agyremVe" measures of impeachment,
and negro suffrage, with their oorrelatives,
to say nothing of others equally obnoxious,
drove thousands upon thousands of mode
rate Republicans into co-operation with
the Democrats and Conservatives; and
there are thousands more, waiting to
if their party iff capable of learning wis
dom in the school of adversity through
which it was made to pass last fall, ere
they determine to follow their example.
Will the Republican party be admonished
by too results of the late elections, and
pursue a more moderate oonrse of policy ;
or, will it rush, with a blind fatuity, upon
its utter annihilation. It will certainly do
se if it should elect to go forward with its
"aggressive" measures. The country has
taken the alarm at the reckless revolution
ary tendencies manifested in Congress;
and their "aggreeaive" measures will re
pel, instead of attracting, all tbe conserva
tive elements of the Republican party.
That such will be the effect, is evident
from the results of the elections of last
year. How were those résolu brought
about 1 Not by the Democrats, exclusive
ly. because they had not tbe numbers.
But by the aid and co-operation of toe
moderate Republicans, whose oonserva
turn prompted them to throw themselves
into the breach to save their country from
impending ruin. They will do it again,
and the "hoets" of Radicalism will be
scattered like leaves before the autumnal
The Commercial virtually admits, in the
above extract, that the Republican party
■a dead ; for if it he not dead, there is no
need of "re-antmatio>v n It did not in
tend, perhaps, to make such an admission,
but truth will out, at times, even through
inadvertence. The elections, last
would really seem to indicate approaching
dissolution, which the "aggressivo" poli
cy of Congress is surely calculated to has
ten. We think tbe ehances are, that by
the time the next fall elections roll around
it will be so dead, that not even the vol
taic battery of Gen. Grant, will be able to
galvanise it even into the semblance of
life. Another inference, fairly deduci
ble from it is, that party success,
not the common weal—is the principle
which governs Congressional legislation.
This is a fact, patent to the moat superfi
cial observer. Scarcely auy measure pas
ses that body which has not previously
been sanctioned by caucus. Patriotism is
dwarfed and dwindled down to mere parti
sanship, and the best interests of the na
tion are sacrificed to faction. The people
will nRimatoly correct these abuses. Their
remedy is the ballot.
Tbe first of the Southern elections will
take place on the 4th and 5th of February,
in Alabama, when the new oonatitution is
to be voted on and Congressmen and State
ofioere elected. Tbe present attitude of
the South toward the Reconstruction
scheme is aoeevately enough shadowed forth
in the following appeal which
from the leading column of the Montgom
ery DaUg Mail of the 17th inat.
Do hot Vor*.— The ablest, the most
patriotic and the purest men in Alabama,
advise the people to keep away, from the
polls at the election on the 4th and 5th of
February. We mnst take no part nor lot
in the attempt of a desperate faction of
Congress to throttle the voice of the North,
aud to build up party power on the ruins
of the South. Let tu, to a man, stay away
from the polls! But at the same time evrey
man should take care that the registry '
corrected, in order that the American peo
ple nuty see distinctly that a majority of
onr citizens refuse to acquiesce in their own
We are indebted to Mi
i. Hurd &
Houghton. Book Publishers, No. 459
Broome Btreet, New York, for ten very
h em ds sra s ly bound and beaatifiilly printed
'bA>ks. They arc especially adapted for
winter reedieg. Amy of the books will be
seat by moil, post paid, on receipt of prioe.
W* were so well pleased with "Home
span," that we selected a piece of poetry
from it, which will be found on the fourth
page of thu isene. See advertisement in
another column.
Rev. Henry W. Beecher now
in a pulpit made from wood brought from
tho Mount of Olive*, in the Holy Land.
Our'acknowledgements are due to our
brethren of the press for the kindly man
ner in which they have welcomed us again
to their fraternity, and for their expres
sions of good will. Wo subjoin »'few
the notices we have received :
Tus Middletowx Thassomit.—W c have re
cetved the first number of Um above named im*
per, just started at Middfctowa, Delaware, by
Henry Vanderford, Ksq.. ( formerly of the Cecil
Democrat,) and his son, Mr. Wm. H. Vsnderford,
long aa attache of this paper, and well known to
our dtiaens. Mr. Vandcrferd, Sr, has had a
lonç experience ax an editor, and won for the
Democrat, Jan days gone by, a place in the front
rank of our Maryland journals. He retired from
the business a tew years ago, but now again re
sumes it, under very 'favorable circumstances
The capacity and energy of both gentlemen is an
raaoe of a good and flourishing paper, and it
is certain that no firm ever better deserved suc
oess. The good people of New Castle County
need only to know them to fully appreciate the
acquisition their community has made. The
Tranerript Is well got up and is marked through
out by tact, talent and good taste. It will be an
ever welcome visitor to us .—Prince (Dorman,
Upper Marlborough, Md.
Midolktowx Transcript.—W e have received
the Unit Dumber of a very neat and well gotten
up paper bearing the above title published at
Middletown, Delaware, by H. Vsnderford * Son,
formerly proprietors of the Cecil Democrat, but
more recently of St._ Mary'» county. We heartily
welcome our old friend, ( pardon the expression
—we mean old in newspaper experience ) again
in the fraternity of which he was so long one of
brightest lights. The Transcript » neatly
printed und will reflect credit on the proprietors
and the community in which it is publish«
Mr. Vanderfurd is a man to "connt on," and*
home we only ask for him the same hearty
greeting he extended to us ; when strangers
met him In his retirement in old St. Stary's.
May the Transcript be aa highly appreciated by
the people of Delaware as Its highly accomplished
editors are wherever known .— Êaeton Journal.
bis new
Nzw Parmi. —Wr hare received the first copy
of a new weekly paper, issued at Middletown,
Del., by Henry and Wm. H. Vuaderford, called
The Middletown Tranecript." It Is neat in up,
pearance, of fair size, and well filled with edi
torial matter and good selections. In politics
" Ow Tranecript will aim to take a broad, liberal
and comprehensive view of public affaire, uphold
ing tbe Constitution as the bond of Union be
tween the ö ta tea, and steadily maintaining the
principles of a sound Democratic Conservatism."
On that platform we can heartily wish it sucoew.
its senior editor is a gentleman of much expe
rience in the profession, having been for main
years connected with the Cecil Democrat, at Elk
ton, Md.— Delawarean.
MiDui.rrows Tbaxsouipt.— Tliis is tbe title of a
weekly paper, issued at Middletowa, Delaware,
by Messrs. Henry k Wm. II. Vsnderford. Mr
Henry Vanderfurd, is well and favorably known
to the press of Maryland, os for many years editor
and proprietor of the Democrat. Middletown is
a growing village situated in the centre of u
populous and wealthy connty, and ought to give
adequate rapport to sueh a paper as the Messrs.
Vanderfurd will undoubtedly publish. We wish
the gentlemen much success in their enterprise,
nnd shall give the Tranecript a hearty welcome to
oar list of exchanges .—Cecil Democrat.
Middletown Tsanscript.— This is the title of a
new paper started at Middletowa, Del., and p
lisbed by Messrs. Henry and Wm. H Vanderford,
the first number of which we have receved. Its
senior editor, our readers will reuiemlier, for
many years published The Ont Deewwrat. The
Tranerript is a live paper, Conservative in poli
tics, presents a very neat typographical appear
ance, and we wish it the greatest pecuniary
usas . —Unit Whig.
The Middletown Tsaksouift.— We have receiv
ed tlie firm and second number* of this pmier, just
started at Middletown, iu this State, by Messrs
Vanderfurd, mention of which wu made in thé
Omette u short time sine*. It is well filled with
interesting reading mutter and a goodly number
of advertisements. It is Democratic iu politics
and should be well patronised by the people in
its section .—Delaware Omette.
The firm copy of the MMIetown Tranerript has
been laid on our table. It ia a well printed sheet,
of good «le and promine» to be a worthy addi
tion lo our lint of oxchaugen. Its political prin
ciple« are • • democratic conservatism.' ' Publish
ed in a wealthy and thriving vicinity, it should
meet with decided encouragement. We wivli it
all the success the energy and ability of its edi
tors ought to give it .—Sueeex Argue.
Oar friends, H. Vanderford A Son, hare issued
rery neat und well-« Iran ged paper, called the
Middletown Tranecript," at Middletown, Dela
ware. They are well versed in the business of
making an interesting paper, nnd we wish them
great success in their new undertaking.— Marlbo
rough Omette, Md.
Middletown Trxnscuift.— This is the title of a
new paper, the publication of which wan com
menced January 4th at Middletown, Del., by
Henry and Wm. H. Vanderford. It is a niii
looking paper, well filled with interesting read
ing matter. • We wish the Trmucrijd success—
Clagton Herald.
Paper. — M e have received two number«)
of a new weekly paper, published at Middletown,
i h .l î J , enry Wui - H * Vanderford, called
the • MidtUt4i.HR TrantcrijA." It is conservative
in politico.. It« senior editor was for many years
connected with the Cctil Democrat, at Elkton.—
A eut Stun.
Wc have received two uumbers of the new pa
per «tarted at Middletown,—the Middletown 7Van
ff'V; , l* i» » neat-looking paper, and we think
it will be well received, it» politics is to be a
" Democratic conservattan,"—a bad kind. So«
-to you, Messrs. Vanderford .—Smgrna Timet.
We welcome to our exchange list the Middle
town Tranerript edited by Henrys Wm. H. Van
derford. Mr. Vanderford, Senior,
ease ont of the editorial chair.
is never at
, . . We wish the new
enterprise much succms— Cheetertuwn Tranecript.
The 41 Middletown Transcript" ia a new paper
jn.t started at Middletown, Delaware, by Henry
end Win. H. Vanderford. Editorially and typo
graphically it is creditable to the proprietors.—
Maryland V. S- Senator.
On the 17th instant, Hon. William T.
Hamilton was elocted United States Sena
WF from Maryland for six years from the
4th of March 1869 ; the vote being Ham
ilton 56, Swann 45, Merrick 7. Thia re
sult is a fitting rehuko of Hon. Reverdy
Johnson, for his inexcusable vote on the
military satrap hill. It is also not without
its significance in relation to Gov. Swann.
it is to be hoped the lesson it teaoheg will
not be thrown away upon either of them.
It is meet that both should be laid
the shelf. '
man, Butler, each have their followers,
tie the dispute for them, in November, by
electing s candidate of their own.
The Republican papers are quarreling
over the succession to the Presidential
choir. Grant, Chase, Colfax, Wado, Sher
The Democrats and Conservatives will set
A severe snow storm occurred in New
1 ork, on Tuosday. In some portions of
the State the snow fell to the depth of two
fir Ike J üdd/Oown Tranecript.
• u»»«Mr Pebwre.
An eminent medical fricud remarked, a
dnj-8 since, that in the course of his
.- visits on that day, in the ancient town and
vieiuity of N«w Castle, he had called on
five persons, »hose ages aggregated 890
years, or kn average of 78 years. That
speaks well for the health of the town ol
New Castle, a seat of justice of far more
than two hundred years, with a population
of not more thau three thuusaniL Had
our friend been in his own native village
Middletown, the founding of which is S L
much more recent date, and the population
of which, in 1800, wasouly 0Sl$]he might
have seen, on that day, three times that
number of persons, from a single stand
point, or visited Aeir dem toils iu a five
minutes walk, whose ages aggregate
1158 years, or an average of 77 ycLs all
hale and hearty, able to eat their allow
au ce, and having no need of a Doctor, or
of quinine or tail « / If to the above we
add the age of Joshua Ueury, an old ool
ored man, said to be over 100 years of age
it will make the aggregate 1258 and the
average 78J years '
Of the present status of these fifteen fa
vored persons, one of the males, and he
not the youngest, had a son born within
the past mouth, and that too by his'first
wife. One other and still older of these
males, less than two weeks ago, performed
one of his not unusual afternoon wnlks of
six miles in less than 2.40, and felt able
to do so each day that week without in
Of the fomalos of this group I mav sav
that one of them, aud she not the young
est by throe, ia just now, with her dau-»h
ter and a grand daughter, preparing toilet
out for California upon a proipecting ex
pedition. May suucess attend their enter
I will bore add that the second oldest
of those natives of Middletown, had a film
eut' from his eyes, a few woeks since, whon
lo and behold I he saw before him a pair of
twin daughters, less than one year old !
Of these fiftoeen aged persons eight arc
females; only one is unmarried, and the
remainder, with one exccpiton, married
young. Of the seven males only one is
now unmarried, and all but three of the
remainder have the pleasure of living with
their first wives. Twelve of the entire
number have been married a full
... -average
ot fifty years ! which fact seems to indicate
that oarly marriage is favorable to long
life. So think the people of
Abr the Middletown Tranecript
Mkssrs. Editors : — In your last issue
my attention was called to a communica
tion on hnsiueaa directory of this town,
in which I waa classed as a thoe-maker.
1 have been charged with many things in
the course of my life, but this I consider
the vilest of all charges that have been
brought againHt me, that I should associate
with the pincers, hammer, awl, lapstone
and last. 1 surely hsvo not thus run down
at the heel.
My business is to soli cakes, blacking,
candy, soap, oranges, bologna sausage,
candles, nuts, matchos, scotch snuff, hIioc
strings, cider, lemons, jub-jub, and starch
polish. Thus you will see that I am a
merchant, and I hope you will do me the
ustice to insert this, that iny name may
re no longer associated with dirty-fisted
mechanics. I am opposed to law, or I
might have sued for I(hol, for this is too
much for flesh aud blood to boar.
Joseph Earnest, Sr.
Middletown Del. January, 35 , Isos.
How the Next 'Presidency
Manaoed.— The New York World expres
es the oonviotion that if the American peo
ple sanction the reconstruction of the South
under the military bills, and allow it to be
carried into effect, the entire vote of that
section in the Presidential contest will be
The editor says ;
And in ascertaining for whom tho Tote
will be given, no one need pursue his inqui
ries south of Washington. The Schcuck
Committee can answer any such inquiry in
advuncc ; for that committee will in fact
east the ballot for the whole Africanized
Mouth. If that oommittee says "Chase,"
Chase will get the vote. If that committee
says " Grant," Grant will receive it.
that committee saya "Butler," the cork
will fly, atid 1 the unbottled hero will pocket
the vote of the ten States. This is all in
disputably true. That oommittee engineers
the whole business, and empinyi and
pays its army of agents and manipulators,
and every part of the monster and diaboli
cal machinery responds faithfully to its
will. '
~i. m . ----———
Ax A.touxuino Foil*.—T his is the
phrase which the New York Journal of
Commerce uses to characterize the
radical reconstruction military dictator bill.
The past few days, it says, h&> been
prolific of revolution. But it is not worth
while to bo excited about it. The attempt
of Congress is to overthrow the Union aud
constitution, to grasp all power, destroy all
constitutional guards and immunities, make
a military dictator, depose the President
and destroy the Supreme Court. It will
be a vain attempt. It looks like the last
wild convulsions of a dying monster. It
is improbable that life can much Ion
tinue in it.
Lut thu nunrd ,L c ,
. bort the people, therefore, be
and '°? k W'th »lntnesson the vain
IZitlT *M Cb ^77** j h . e kou . r . of di ?
is thu, m
whtoh to-day m,l ton. are Buffering, starv
mg, dying, and nil for the sake of a. few pol
innrer" hM^ ° bUi, î "^ okiction a,ld * 4
OB P»w«r ! But, says the
Journal, we must w.,t tn patienee.
or oon
Death or a Sox or Patrick IIznhy.—
Mr. John Henry, of Charlotte, Va. the
last survivor save one of the children of
Patrick Henry, and the own* of the old
family seat and burial place of the great
orator, died on the 7th instant, in the T2d
year of his age.
The hill for the cession of the Island of
St. Thomas and St. John to the United
States has been introduced into the Dan
ish ParHument.
far Ike Middletown Tranecript.
Müsst». Editors :—My atteution
a ^ led ,rt j tlu ,j" >'°" r l " 4 «»«» under
'a* .""P 4 . 1011 of . " Usait System," in
, U , Iuu *'" et Proceeds with «reut gusto
to «undentu the employers of Middletown,
tîi T *° , th,, re " de " ° f * OU . r , W 01
î he en, P lo y eC8 were not paid their
ol wages. I have often eon
TtT-SS _ï h C ' ,, ', pl ? y f e8 am em P lu Y ers
» f ^'dd |etawn, and being well posted as
*° P 1 "®*' 1 unhesitatingly
<l f 8ert ' , r 1 uau klirn ' the -
L P'oycrs of Middletown are punctual as men
Ca " b ° V.. th ® "«'ewent of their hands'
öl, ' e *. r0 ' dm 8 Plummet's remarks
« , ° . ,Uttttt ' r °? euquiry and
dissatisfaction to exist among the
, ) , '/ iu8tr '® u8 workmen of the place;
but . ou the ««ntrary find no complaint laid
5? a,U8t . e "P lo y erB - a " d if 4 W
d " a PP° 1 ' n 1 tod . well know to whom the
t wro "S1 bdongs . Plummet knows the sys
V* " r , l4 »o much complains ol is
" 0t , f,lu " °, f thu «'«pi«*» 8 of Middle
to j"' bUt °* * 7 10 " rC tbe Purchasers
, e0I '~, n ' Cr8 . of . tbe uianufaeturcs of the
place. They it is who so oftcu answer
th ° har . ra88 f employer "I have not sold
"Î gnU ?' w " , ° 1 U
employers that little
'f.P uld 40 oven bankable notes of
" . ' 5"°" are "ometimes, by repeated
en4r f at108 ', procurod in settlement, and
® m p}"y 0 " ""mes are nearly always in
u U ,P° n , twlce "* ,uucl * P*P < ' r ** it
'T"! d rcnewa ' 8 ° f
which ought to have been met at their first
"' aturit y- . Th# employers of mauufaetur
,n Ç ® ,,t '' rp r ,se8 ar ? generally men of energy
"* d ,nte « r,4 Y. and 118 8 " oh they are honest
wh ? *° ward their employees
hut kindness of heart; antf i
™ ld< " o4owu these men, who Plummet
abuses, aru now paying as high wages _
have ®Y® r been paid (for the same class of
JJ,' a P/ ol tlle lar g e F 1 »«™- Now,
P '" mn,et > y® u , mu ! 4 *«« v ««t to your
^ nt 'Y p 8, ' f 'V U8t,0t d,reot y our " haft8
° f " a ,ce where they properly belong, and
a8> " t c ™P lo y crs 141 bringing about a cash
"y 84 ®" 1 from purchasers and
" Ud " 0t
I fel
I am
or no
against those who are poorly
paid for their risk, time, and anxiety of
mind to secure to you the wages you so
complain of not receiving. I have no
hesitancy # in assorting that if $500
paid to the employers of this town to-day,
to-night would not find a mechanic of the
place unpaid. I make this reply to Plum
met to remove from the minds of the pub
lic the erroneous impression that the me
chanics of Middletown are not paid, and
at the same time hope the patrons of the
place may see that by tho prompt payment
from their surplus bank accounts how much
would be spared tlio feelings of employers ;
and it would, while not missed by them,
enable manufacturers, merchant», and ali
classes of tradesmen to be prompt in their
Let this system of trade be once estab
lished and all-prosperuus will be town and
country, for credit "dulls the edge of in
dustry," and from its baneful effects
terprises of. great pith and moment from
this respeet their currents turn awuy and
loose tho name of aetion."
" cn
Extensive Operation's in Somerset
Coontt, Md.—W ithin tho past eighteen
months four Philadelphia gentlemen have
invested over one hundred and thirty thou
sand dollars in the purchase and improve
ment of land in Somerset oounty, Mary
land, near Westover Station, on the Eas
tern Shore railroad, a continuation of and
generally called the Delaware railroad.
The Wilmington Commercial says :
We have Veoently been shown a lettor,
dated November 2ttth, 1867, from one of
the parties interested. Ho stated that up
to that time he had planted 250 apple, 250
(lear and 16,000 peach trees. Ho had
also set out 16,000 blackberry, 2000 rasp
berry and 27,000 strawberry plants. He
purposed planting last fall 200 plum and
100 quince treos. A neighbor of his put
out last fall 55,000 peach trees, and will go
largely into the cultivation of small fruite.
At the next station below another gentle
man has planted 20,000 peaeh treos, 1,000
pear trees, and will also engage largely in
trucking. ° J
V T " T*"" . ,! * A Nutshell—T he New
York World, in refer'enco to the cry of
"hard times" that is heard now, in ali parts
of the oountry—hut especially in the W
thinks "it is passing strange that, with
vory few exceptions, the people ail clamor
for hairs of the dog that has bitten them.
The cry of the people is for more irredeem
able paper money, as if there were any
special virtue in greenbacks that would
ease them of their troubles. It is specie,
not greenbacks, that is needed. Just so
long as the taxes are high and Congress
persists in keeping over one-fourth of the
country under military rule at
mous expense ; just so long as thousands
of men are employed by the government to
do the work of hundreds ; just so long as
our business transactions arc based on a
cnoy that is valueless the moment it
passes beyond the limits of tho United
States, just so long must the people expect
to Buffer." That is in a few words, the
marrow of the matter.
an cnor
Death ov ax Editor.— Charles Lobdell
Esqr. associate editor of the Let Crotte
Demoornl, wu one of the victim* of the
terrible Bailroad disaster on the Lake Shore
Road.. Mr. Lobdell had charge of tlie
Masonic Department of the Democrat,
A Very " Venirable Man."— There is
now living in a oabin standing on a narrow
alley, in a poor quarter of Detroit, a man
who has celebrated his one hundred and
thirteenth birthday. " Old Father Robin
son was born on the plantation of Colonel
Du Chiclle, ofEasteru Maryland, in1755
The Colonel served in the revolutionary ar
ray; Robinson accompanied him as body
servant, losing a forefiîmer and reeling*
sabre out on the hoad. 8 He was d reuen fat
4 ^ surrender of Cornwallis. H« P also had
the luck to be in the battle of New Orleans
in 1815. Until a fortnight ago he kepThi.
memory, and told his stories of the wars to
many of the rich ladiea of Detroit. Bobtn
son was manumitted nearly forty y
Very recently his eyesight and hearing
have begun to fail. He himself says,
" The elock is almost run down."
ears ago.
It*a.* of News.
I fel
The disbursing clerk of the Senate, u
Mr. Wagner, who is uuele to Colonel For
ney, sud a subordinate under the latter
Secretary of the Senate, turns out to he a
defaulter to a large amount, by overdraw
ing appropriations nnd applying thorn,
it is delicately phrased, " to purposes not
iutcuded by the Seuate." This is suid to
have occured whilst Forney was in Europe,
Wagner in the meantime acting for Forney.
The accounts of the latter are so mud
dlod that
accountant has been busily
employed fur the pant mouth, in the effort
to straighten them. It may be oonsoliug
to some to léarn that Forney's bondsmen
will bo required to make good the deficivu
The Italian Prime Minister has addressed
a sharp note to the Spanish Government ill
answer to the speech of Queen Isabella, at
the opening of thu Cortes, announcing that
Spain was ready to interfere for the defence
of the Papal States. Minister Menabrea
informs the Spanish Cabinet that Italy will
not suffer the intervention of any foreign
power, except France, iu whose euso inter
vention is only allowed by special treaty.
The discussion of the Alabama claims
has recently been revived in the English
journals. Lord Hobart has written two
able letters to the Panes, in which he sus
tains the position taken by the American
government 011 -the subject. The celebra
ted writer "Historicus" in a communica
tion, and the Ix/ndon Tinte» editorially,
reply to Lord Hobart's argument. The
tone of these replies is moderato and
Peter Force, ex-mayor of Washington,
and known throughout the country as the
of the valuable library recently pur
chased by Congress, died on Thursday
night, aged 78 years. The deceased
a native of New Jersey, but has resided in
Washington since 1815. Ho occupied of
ficial stations, and was the editor of the of
ficial organ iu John Quincy Adams' ad
Further particulars are given by the cable
of the arrest of Mr. George Francis Train.
A later despatch states that Train has been
released and has instituted a suit against
the British Government for damages._
He claims the moderate compensation <5T
ton thousand pounds sterling for his deten
Immense mass meetings are being belli
ill various parts of the country in behalf of
tlio rights of American citizens in Europe.
Steps have been taken tobriug the subject
to the notice of .the Executive and of Con
gress. Baltimore, Now York and Albany
have already spoken.
Business men in Canada
i 01
propose, os a
means of abating the silver nuisance, to
buy up and export three or four hundred
thousand dollars' worth. They hope there
by to reduce the discount to 3 or 4 per
cent. We wish they would scud
this way.
The cholera has broken ont at Buenos
Ayres, and specie payment lias Wn
pended in Montevideo.
, The allies, it is
said, will be prevented by these eauses
from undertaking a vigorous prosecution
of the war against Paraguay.
Mr. Lincoln appointed five of the eight
judges now upon the bench of the Supreme
Oourt, aud yet the Republicans in Con
fess will not trust them. This is payiug
mt little respect to the memory of the
"late lamented" hoad of the Radical party.
The Chattanoo
says sorghum will
that region next season.
ga (Tennessee) Union
he cultivated largely iu
It will grow c_
comparatively poor land, is cultivated pre
cisely like corn, while the profit
is largely in excess of that cereal.
It is stated that tho Democrats of New
York city propose to raise the sum of $250,
000 to »tart a new daily paper, which is
to advocate the clnims of the Hon. Geo.
H. Pendleton, of Ohio, for the Presidency.
It is officially stated to the Sta'to Depart
ment at Washington that the cholera ha»
made its. appearance at Belize in u malig
nant form. It is also stated that it
vails at all the forts along tlm coast.
The Democrats and Conservatives of
most of the Western States are favoring
the nomination of Hon. George II. Pen
dleton, of Ohio, us tho Democratic candi
date for the Presidency.
per acre
The expenaeu of the Judiciary Commit
tec, while engaged in the impeachment
business, foot up $23,119. In this man
ner tlie Radicals spend the money of the
people to forward their own political views.
A demonstration was made by a crowd
of Fenians against a Murtolio Tower near
Waterford, Ireland, but finding the place
well garrisoned they retired witiiout doing
any damage.
The remainder of the Chorokee tribo of
Indians in South Carolina, about sixteen
hundred in number, arc considering the
propriety of removal to the Indian territory
of the West. J
Hartford, Connecticut, lias been having
sloighride carnivals on the ice, and from
five hundred to one thousand teams
•y afternoon, driving
are out
on the smooth
Richard H. Bailey, a colored resident
of Leesburg, Virginia, hus tendered to
tho school association a lot upon which to
erect a school house for colored children.
The State of Iowa has the gratifying
honor of being entirely out of debt, a re
cord and a glory which no other State can
Delegates to the National Republican
Convention at Chicago, were appointed in
Maine on Tnealay, and instructed to vote
for Geu. Grant.
Minnesota has built 116 miles of rail
road during the past year, thus adding fifty
per cent, to that previously constructed.
A progressive person nominates Presi
dent Woolsey, of Yale, for next President,
and John Minor Botts for Vice-President.
The Georgia Convention has appointed
a oommittee to ascertain if. one of its _.
bars had over been in the penitentiary!
The cholera is raging at Buenos Ay
4he deat,1B numbering fVom 80 to 140
da y
A new (ispcr, it is said, is about to bo
started at Haver de Graue, Md
Charie* Kean, the tragedian died in
London on Thursday. *
The New York Poet thinks Congress
would do well to see if the interna) reve
nue cannot be ruisfal without a tax on in
comes, as thu Massachusetts Manufacturers'
Convention propose. The editor says:
"Aa at present laid this tax is clearly un
just, for it exacts the same percentage from
tlio incomes of realized property and from
incomes obtained by daily labor. Moreover,
it is odious because necessarily inquisitori
al, because it forces every man to lay hare
te the public annually a statement of his
affair«; and it is oppressive to the great
majority, who live more or less from hand
40 mouth, because it may be exacted in
4 >a>e of sudden depression upo
made at another season." Th
are practical and just, and
leading republican journals accord with
them. The New Xork
tion also to the distinction between income
from property and that from labor nnd
terprise, and thinks the ways and means
committee ought at least to report in favor
of a reduction of the onerous incomo tax.
n incomes
esc views
we sec that other
Times calls atten
Removing a River and Substituting a
Railroad. —The railway company running
the Boston, Hartford and Erie lino arc dig
ging a new channel for the Quinnehaugh
river, to save bridging, and also to
curve in the road,
be about two hundred feet in width, eight
feet deep, and nearly a quarter of a mile in
length, whilst tho road will run over the
old river bed.
save a
The excavation is to
The New York World continues to give
statistics of the number of working men
out of employment. It recently stated that
50,000 wanted work iii New York city,
and 10,000 in Brooklyn, and says that the
depression in Now Englaèd throws out of
work at least 160,000 Ample—10,000 in
Muine, 20,000 in Now Hampshire, 30,000
iu Connecticut and Rhode Island, aud 100,
000 in Massachusetts.
More news has been received from Dr.
Livingstone. He has been seen alive aud
well in Central Africa'by an Arabian i
chant, and all doubt« of his existence
now said to bo dissipated.
If Greenbacks aro good enough for tho
Farmer, tho Merchant, the Mechanic and
the poor man, who pay taxes aud support
the Government ; they dro good enough for
the bond holders, who pay no taxes.
Restaurants in London aro advertising
good hot inenis for four-and-a-half |>eiice—
nine cents. Cheap enough, but rather far
to travel for a dinner.
Mrs. Nano
1er oounty,
cv Cooley died recently in But
Ohio, aged 108 years and 14
e was born in Virginia in 1750.
One of the National Banks in Hartford.
Con. last week declared a stock dividend
of thirty per cent.
The President lins notified John P.ITale.
Minister to Spain, that his resignation will
be accepted.
Dickens is now giving his readings in
Philadelphia. He first visited Boston and
New York.
Later adviccH from Africa confirm the
previous reports of the safety of Dr. Liv
The trial of John n. Surratt lias been
fixed for the 24th day of February
On the 21st Instant, at Emanuel Church, at
New Castle, by the Rev. diaries Spencer, Bank
son and Edith M. Driver, nil of New Cnstlr.
On the 22d Instant, in the First English Lu
theran Church, Baltimore, Md. by Rev. Dr. John
McCron, D. Stewart Iiessey, Ksq. (late First Lieu
tenant Engineer Corns, C. S. A.) of Kem.eonnty,
Del. and Miss L. Addle Smith, of Dorchester
county. Mil. No cards.
On the 20th instant, by Rov. Joseph E. Morrell.
r. James Rice and Mrs. Mary E. Dyou. both of
this county. *
In Wilmington, on the 16th inst. Mrs. Hnnnah
« . r Inney, in the G4lh year of her age.
At Woodbind, near Port Penn, Jnnuarv loth,
Kbze Margaret, first-lmrii of II. M. and T.V. Dil
worth, aged 2 years und G months.
At Delaware City, un the 12 th instunt, Robert
hugcnc, son of John V. nnd Elizu A.Oeheltrec
aged « years.
Wheat, prime red
Timothy Seed.
Clover Heed.
Hutter .
$2 40
1 05
. 4 00
. 9 00
3fi®40 et», ft It,
30 «» ft dozen
II®!» ein. » lb
ta(«£l5 " "
®15 <• "
®15 " "
..13(S;l5 « *<
..lOfrqtÄ " "I
1 00® I 10 f) bush
.A2 45®2 50
.1 12
... 10 ® 15
$12 15® t3 15
Wheat red.
Prime red wheat,
(torn, new yellow.
Oats. .*
$2 41® 2 52
1 15
[email protected]
W E are now offering for wilt*, for Hpriur
Planting, 1866, No. 1 Plaut« of the
by the dozen, hundred, or thousand, all of which
will be warranted genuiuc aud true to nuDie
J'KrÄSSftÄ Aspar881 " ^
January 25-^3m
Odessa, Del.
Vocal and Instrumental Concert
T HE Middletown Sieging School, D. J. Quim
by, Teacher, will give a CONCERT for the
benefit of tbe Sabbath
Church; on
Wcdnedikiy Evtniny, February 6th, 1808.
Prof. Q. T. Co|e, Orguuist.
Doort open at 7 o'clock.
Tickets to be had at the store«.
N. B.—Should tbe weather be unfavorable on
Wednesday Evening, the Concert will take place
the uegt fair evening. jan 25—2t
School, ia the M. E.
Adnaission 50 oents.
1 Piano for Sale.
A FULL SIZED, Iron Framed, Gilbert Piano,
ill perfect order, for sale low for cash.
Apply to G. E.CHOrCH.
Juu 20—21 '
A-ndrew EL Crow & Co.
W OULD, reapcctfnlly Inform the citiaeni of
Middletown and surrounding country that
th«r have commenced the Dry Goods Business
3<nr Starke«, St. Wllwilnglra, Dei.
th«y Intend to keeps large
stock uf KOliKION S uDfilKHTl
such as
and well selected
Merinoe8, Pöpliüs, Alpaca« & Coburg«,
We would, «ali «variai attention rrr idmh ti<
Table and Shirting Isinens,
Please call and examine onr stock and priera
before purchasing.
»OT HARKET STREET, Wllml„„, on , D .,.
January 25—ly
H AVING just returnod from FkiladeJphin with
ii block of good« of great Tarlvly of 4 &vlex
and qualities, being selected with an eye single
Our's'tock'of "" d W " b " ° f "" «'"«»lly.
Muslins being entirely New,
can offer great bargains in
nnd nil lending makes of Bleached Goods. Also
stuudard Brown Muslins, 9-4 aid lo-4 Sheetings'.
are offering onr FAM. snd WINTER
GOODS at Gusatly REDUCED TRICKS such as
Lhdlw Drrsa Goods,
Sliuwl*. tanlmrm, '
Balmoral Skirts,
Ladles' Veils,
fient«' Knit fthlrts.
Boots & Shoes, Selling Low,
all being pun-linaed from manufacturers.
»AID.U» * RR«.
Jan 25—I y
r pilE subscribers offer to the eilt sens uf Middlu
-1 town and surrounding «tenir» their thanks
lor the very liberal patronage they have received
and embrace this medium in nniiounring lo alt
builders and euatractorn and thuhr in want u r
Lumber, that they are prepared to rapplv them
on I he must lilicral lenm. We hare entered our
price us the market has demanded, and n think
that they will compare with the citv prices. ( 1er
stock IS very large, embracing a füll assortment
BnlldlMg Hardware,
- J. B. FEMMORR k (DO.,
On the Railroad, above the National Hotel,
January 25—tf >
Having received a large supply of wew and
beautiful type, we ere prepared to do Job Work
of every description, from the finest end mam
delicate card, to the largest sad most showy
will be promptly attended to, at moderate rates.
1 Priât is a done ia GezA, Ifeomx, cAd si)
kinds of Faxcy Colors.
The Transcript Office,
Jftn 25—tf

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