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roa president,
ov new xork.
ÉM .
Greenback. »», Repudiation.
The Radicals pretend to say that tho
payment, of the bondholders in greenbacks
which is the "lawful money of the United
is repudiation. Do they expect
to make the people believe their absurd
and foolish representations on this subject?
Do they imagine that the publio intelli
gence has sunk so low ns not to detect
their fallacies and misrepresentations ? If
they do they deceive themselves, and will
discover their error, by-and-by.
ponses of the war, for which these bonds
were issued, wore defrayed in greenbacks.
Congressmen, heads of departments, the
mechanics in the navy yards, the sailors,
tin snl tiers, and all other government
ployees, are paid in greenbacks, the law
ful money of the country. The platform
adopted by the National Democratic Con
vention at Now York, says :—" Where
tho Government has pledged itself to pay
in coin, payment should be made in coin;"
in all other
The ex
cases " payment should be
made in lawful money of the U. States,"
that is, that bondholders should stand
» common footing with all other
ment creditors.
To all impartial minds
nothing could he fairer than this. What
right have these favored bondholders to
privileges not enjoyed by their fellow-men?
The Radicals
may continue to cry out
"repudiation" till they are hoarse, but
they will not be able to make the people
zee it. in that light,
eroment debt in the lawful money of the
United States, is not repudiation.
That pure and immaculate statesman,
philosopher aud moralist, Horace Greely,
•alia it "swindling." Others, equally
nice in their fine-drawn sense of moral ob
ligation, pronounce it "robbery,
us zee if there he not something akin to
robborry, after'all, connected with these
bonds. Government submitted to a shave
of sixty cents in the dollar ; somo of tho
bonds, it is known, wero sold as low os
thirty-three ; but let us eupposc that forty
cents in tho dollar were realized, the bond
holder making a profit of sixty cents. He
pays no tax, hut receives principal and
interest in gold, at a premium of 40 per
cent, thus receiving over two dollars for
om. Is this not robbery ? But who
the robbers ?—the men who would
the bonds in greenbacks, dollar for dollar*;
or those who have fleeced the government,
and arc nuw receiving two dollars for one?
When it is remembered, too, that it has
been computed that one-half or two-thirds
of our public debt was for fraudulent
tracts aud for picking and stealing gene
rally, throughout the war, robbery is not
an inappropriate term to be used in such
connection ; and it is a wonder that
outraged and indignant people have
sponged out the debt as the French did
their assignats. That they have not done
is owing to the fact that our country
peo^Je, tho provo
cation, we take it, being about as great i
the ono ease as in the other.
That the bondholders can claim
Payment of the gov
men are a more moral
very great consideration on the score of
patriotism in furnishing the
with money, will not be admitted,
patriotism was of the
cent per cent, order,
and is- in strong contrast to tho
the illustrious patriot of the Revolution,
Robert Morris, who loaned his
course of
money to
tho government, not at a discount of sixty
per cent, but at par, and refused legal in
terest. The money-loaning patriots of the
present dsy cannot palm off their spurious
patriotism upon intelligent men, for the
genuine article.
The policy of paying tho publio debt in
greenbacks, w ill have a tendency to ap
preciate ihe currency and bring it up
- <he gold standard, and is the
posite of repudiation, and will be
derstood by all intelligent and unpreju
diced people.
very op
j so uu
Congre,:: has voted to take a recess from
Monday next to the 21st of Scpt'r. when
unless otherwise ordered, an adjournment
will take place till the first Monday in De
cember. The bugbear of presidential in
terference with their revolutionary schemes
U Hade the pretext for a recess instoad of
ta adjournment. A motion was subse
quently rnsde to reconsidi r, and they may
deslare their session perpetual, like the
French convention.
The Democrats held a ratification meet
ing at Georgetown, Del. on Tuesday,
which was addressed by Hon. IViHard
Baal» bury and Mr. Causey
Tue Fourteenth Amendment. — The
Secretary of State, Mr. Seward, 1ms wade
prnclîunatîbn tu regard ta the adoption of
the joint resolution of Congress proposing
what is denominated the
ourtcenth amend
ment to the Constitution® Under the law
of 1818, when three-fou
have ratified any amend
the duty of the Sccretar
After enumerating twent
eluding Ohio and Now Jersey, which un
dertook to recall their
ihs of the States
lent, it is made
■ to so announce,
'-throe States (in
t) as having
adopted the amendment, he cites alao the
fact that from docume
State Department it apj
ratified by "newly constituted and newly
established bodies, avowing themselves,
respectfully, to bo and acu
on file in the
s to have been
as the Legis
latures of Arkansas, Florida, North Caro
lina, Louisiana, South Carolina and Ala
bama." These make 29 in all, the requi
two-thirds—the whole number being
37. Mr. Seward therefore certifies that if
the first resolutions of tli
e Legislatures of
Ohio and New Jersey uri to he deemed
remaining in full force and effect, (admit
ted to bo a matter of douljt,) notwithstand
ing the subsequent action of withhrawal,
then the amendment has| been ratified in
tho maunor hereinbefore mentioned, and
so has become valid.
President Johnson sent to Congress, on
baturday last, a draft of) several amend
ments to the Constitution acoompanicd by
a message setting forth Itho grounds
which he recommends tl em. He would
have the President and Vice-President of
tho United States chosen by a popular vote
without the cumbrous and useless machin
ery of Presidential Electors ; hold their
offices for six years ; and be ineligible for
a socond term. He wouldj have the United
States Senators likewise chosen by the peo
ple instead of the States Legislatures.
When the offices of President and Vice
President both fall vacant, ho would have
tho Secretary of State, or some other
of the heads of departments, act as Presi
dent until a new election to fill the vacan
cy. And finally, he would shorten the
terms of the Justices of the Supreme Court
to twelve years, and have one-third of them
elected every fourth year;
The President has issued a proclamation
announcing the ratification of the four
teenth amendment by the. Legislatures of
South Carolina and Louisiana. This a
mendment will cause a loss of one and
probably two members of the House from
Maryland, and three from Kentucky. As
to Delaware, having but one vote, she can
lose nothing. Whether this amendment
will be held valid when reason and justice
are once morp restored to | tho councils of
the nation may well be questioned. It
can hardly be supposed thift it will then be
îegarded as a settled max
eminent that Congress has the power to
compel the Legislatures of the States to
adopt amendments to the Constitution
which are known to be Contrary to the
will of a majority of the people.
of this gov
Circulars have been sent all over the
country by the Republican National and
Congressional Committees,! to Post Mas
ters, and Revenue and Custom House of
certain per cent upon
their salaries, to raise money for election
fieials, levying
eermg purposes. These circulars
the parties to whom they are sent, that
the money so contributed will bo "judi
ciously expended." As well might they
cast theirwnoney into the sea as to attempt
to promote tho election of Girant therewith.
Fate has registered the decree that he
was born to he President. The Post
Masters, tide-waiters, and all custom house
aud revenue officials, inav as well save
their money ; they may thereby save their
The New York Herald sjipports Grant,
and speaks by the card, we suppose, when
it says " Grant is a full
»Hover in free
liquor, good liquor, and a plenty of it."
" 0rant w °uM scorn to drijik water with
out something in it.'
candidate there
As a temperance
wore sevcijal who might
have been selected preferable to Hiram
The ATpo Yorh Day Booh says :—"The
harmony of tho Democratic j party is com
plete—the Ticket is up to concert pitch _
the whole vast army of thé democracy is
in perfect accord, all over tin! land,
now, Republicans, listen tb
slogan of victory ! Oh! wliat
umphe will go up from tbig grand
in November.
r the grand
an to tri
The very welkin shall ring
with the paeans of victory. Bisten, Radi
cals !
" Dinna ye hear the slogan ?
Greeley bus undertaken tp read Tbad.
»Stevens out of the party for entertaining
the greenback notions of Mr. Pendleton!
Greeley himself was long sin
tne party for becoming bail for Mr. Jeffer
son Davis. Greeley tells Stevens to "go,
and stand not upon the order
The old political bawds, into
place can either of them go ?
The impetuous, but clear-headed and
gucious Blair, has written
letter of acceptance which wp will spread
before our readers in our next
ring of the true metal about
co read out of
jf his going."
what decent
in admirable
It has the
Faihfüi,. Accident.—H arry G. Brown,
a baggage master on the Delaware Kail
Road, met with a sorious accident on Mon
day evoning last. He was standing out
side of an old-fashioned, car having a side
opening, as the train passed a small house
very near the track, just this side of the
canal bridgo, when he was caught between
the house and the car, and turned round
several times between them, until ho fell
upon the ground. When taken up it was
found that his shoulder blade was broken,
and that ho had sustained _
sion of the head and injury of the spine.
He was brought to Lippincott's Hotel, in
thU town, whore medical aid was summon
ed and every attention paid him. He had
so far recovered next day as to be able to
return to his homo in Wilmington.
a severe contu
The wheat crop in this region turns out
to be not so good as was expected. Those
farmers who have threshed their wheat,
say that it dors not yield in proportion to
the straw. Tho oats crop is very light ;
and tho failure of boath wheat and oats is
attributed to the excessive hot weather.
Oats have suffered more than the wheat,
beennse, the crop maturing later, it was
exposed for a longer period to the wither
ing, scorching heat, which has prevailed
ever since the 1st of July.
The Town Hall. —The brick work of
the Town Hall was commenced on Mon
day last, and the joists of the first floor
have boon laid,
laid on Monday next, with appropriate
Masonic ceremonies. Messrs. Stocktil),
Floyd & Briean, of Wilmington, contract
ors for the brick work, will start a good
force on Monday next, and if they have no
interruption, they say they will have the
first story up by tho end of the week.
The barn of William D. Clark, Esq.
near Delaware City, was struck by light
ning, about 9 o'clock, on Sunday night
last, and entirely consumed, together with
its contents, consisting of ono thousand
bushels of wheat, just threshed; one hun
dred tons of hay, and other articles.
The light was distinctly seen
hore, and the tire was burning for
than an hour.
The corner stone will he
Mr. J. M. Horning's Photographie es
tablishment has been enlarged by the ad
dition of a wing to the building, o.vcr
which the sky-light has been placed, the
front being now used as a reception room
and picture gallery. It has also been
thoroughly renovated with the paint brush
inside and out. Horning's Photographs
are acknowledged to be faithful likenesses,
and finished in tho highest style of the art.
Mabonio. —The last annual communica
tion of the Grand Lodge of A, F. A. M.
in this State, granted a oharter to Jeffer
son Lodge, No. 27, at Now Castle. Dr.
Allen V. Lesley is W. M. James A.
Nowland, Senior Warden, and Edward
Challenger, Junior Warden of the now
Lodge. They have just had their charter
beautifully engrossed on parchment bv W.
B. Wiggins, Esq.
Messrs. John Wood and Joseph Hof
ffickor, two young carpenters, left here on
Monday, for Chicago, to seek their for
tunes in tho west. Frank Hull, the pe
destrian, also a carpenter, left he.e on the
5th instant.
Amos Loveless, of Baldwinsvillc, a day
or two sinoe, sheared seventy-five sheep
in one day. 1
A New Castle county hoy, in this vicin
ity, has performed a similar feat.
A heavy rain fell 'here the best part of
the day, yesterday. The earth was well
watered and coni is rejoicing.
The camp meeting near Smyrna, Del
commences on the 20th of August.
From Wellington.
The democratic ratification meeting on
Saturday was one of the most successful
ever held in this city, and the crowd in
attendance was very great. Mr. Jonah
D. Hoover presided at the main stand, aud
eloquent speeches were delivered liy Sena
tor Doolittle, Gen. Ewing, Representa
tives Trimble, of Kentucky ; Niblaok of
Indiana; and Eldridge, of Wisconsin;
Hon. J. M. Kavanaugh, delegate from
Montana; General C. W. Rlair, of Kan
sas, and Judge Rice, of Alabama. The
resolutions fully endorse the nominations
and the platform adopted at New York,
and pledge it an earnest support. The
demonstration gave the lie complote to all
statements that have been sent henoe that,
the nominations havo created no enthusi
asm here. A more enthusiastic meeting,
or one participated in by a bettor class of
citizens, was never held hero. Letters wero
read from Hon. George II. Pandleton,
Gov. English, of Connecticut ; Gov Pnr
ker, of New Jersey; Hon. S. J. Tilden, of
New York, and others.
Mrs. cx-Presidont Tyler and daughter
are now here, and have been visited by a
■arge number of friends to pay their re
speeU. This is Mrs. Tyler's first visit to
Washington Binee she presided with such
grace at tho White House.
The Johnson Departmental Club at a
recent meeting endorsed the nominations
of »Seymour and Blair, and pledged their
support to the ticket here and at the polls
m their respective States.
Pennsylvania makes two-thirds of all
tho glass manufactured in the United
States. In Pittsburg there are sixty-eight
glass works devoted in about equal pro
portions to bottle, window-glass and flint
glass work. Their annual produets com
prise 70,000,000 bottles, 600,000 boxes
window-glass, and 8,800 tons of glass
ware, worth, in the aggregate, nearly
en millions of dollars.
A dispatch from Montreal, July 20th,
says, parties from .Sohlastiquo and other
points report the roads impassable on ac
count of the burning forests. Quebec
steamers are twenty-four hours late in
conseqcnce of the smoke on the river, and
railroad trains are also detnined.
Political Items.
Thé Delaware Journal awl Statesman
says General Grant, after a tour through
the South, during which he minglod freely
with the people and conversed frankly
With the leaders of that region, in a letter
to the President , dated Washington, De
cember 18th, 1866, said:
"I am fully satisfied that the mass of thinking
men of yhc .South accepts the present situation of
affairs in good faith. I was pleased to learn from
the lcadihg men whom I met, that they not only
accepted the decision ns fluid, but now that the
sutoke of battle has cleared away and time has
boon given for reflection, that this decision has
been a fortunate one for the whole country.''
Notwithstanding this testimony of the
" General of our Armies," the hot-heads
and Gre-eaters who want to live on the
plundered treasury of the country, are
still repeating the silly tale that the South
for another rebellion, and only want a
lair chance to re-inaugurate war.
not time that such demagogueisni
frowned down ? How are the two hitherto
hostile sections ever again to unito in
harmony and good feeling, if such stuff
is to be constantly paraded before the
country by political adventurers and
thieves ?

Is it
A Valuable Campaign Document.—
Messrs. C. B. Richardson & Co. of this
city, are about issuing a history of the
lives of Horatio Seymour and Francis P.
Blair, »Tr. which is just the sort of readiug
for thq period. The work lias been com
piled by Mr. David G. Croly, of this city,
who lias had the assistance of the two dis
tinguisod gchtlcmen especially interested
in lus labors, and the work is ably writ
ten, as well as thoroughly authentio inev
ery particular. It is said by those who
have examined the proof sheets, to bo
tirely free from any partisan or personal
bias, and ill in all, one of the straightest,
most truthful, and trustworthy books
introduced as a campaign history. Every
Democrat will want one.—Ah T. Day
Booh. 3
The New York Commercial
says :—
" Governor Seymour is not to he beaten
by being called a copperhead, or Frank
Blair to be distanced in the race because
lie is a revolutionist. Ridicule Soymour
as some Republican journals may, he is
the most popular man in tho Democratic
party. The man who, undfr the intense
pressure of disloyalty brought against, him
m 1804, could poll over three hundred
and sixty thousand votes, is more to be
feared now than ho was in 1864. Eternal
vigilance isneoessary to elect Grant."
Senator Doolittle has replied to a letter
from a numbe r of Conservative Republi
cans in Danville. Pa. expressing their dis
appointment at the Democratic nomina
tions, and asking his opinion of the situa
tion and prospects of a third party. Sena
tor Doolittle pronounces decidodly against
a third party movement, and counsels the
support of the Democratic nominations,
declaring Ant in his opinion "The very
life of the Constitution is involved, and
with it the rights of the States and tho
liberties of the people."
The Ne
which rep
nnneial interests,
w \ ork Journal of Commerce
resents the commercial and fi
critioises both of the
but prefers that of the Demo
crats, of which it says:
is in many respects a remarkable docu
ment, It is tho most thoroughly out
spoken of any political creed ever presen
ted in this country for the last quarter of
a century. It has a rough, wild energy
about it totally unlike the majority of such
papers, and bears all the impress of in
tense earnestness.
" The platform
There was a grand Democratic masB
.meeting and mighty outpouring of the
people in Baltimore
. , _ Thursday night
last, addressed by five eminent speakers,
m ratification of the nominations of Sey
mour and Blair. Similar J
being held all over the
meetings aro
, , country. They
aro merely the ground swell of the mighty
billows of popular enthusiasm which arc
soon to engolph radicalism.
Greely, whom Thad. Stevens drove
of \\ asbington the other day rh a "scare
crow," is in an awful rage with Stevens for
openly declaring that Seymour and Blair
arc stronger on tho New York platform
than Grant and Colfax on the Chicago
platform. b
Hon. George H. Pendleton 'and Rona
tor Thurman, of Ohio, addressed the
\Vest Virginia Democratic Convention
Grafton, in that State,
the 16th. They
wore received with immense enthusiasm,
and ill t.ioir speeches warmly advocated
the election of »Seymour and Blair.
One of the
meanest features thus far
developed in the present campaign is that
r A'" 1 '!; A f'.'y st0I '.Y !s S'Jiig the rounds
ot the liepuhliean papers that Mr. Sey
nimir is tainted with insanity. Ilia pos
itively asserted there is not a word of truth
in the report. Del. Journal & Statesman.
flic New York Tribune, in giving its
reasons why Missouri will not go for Scy
mour and Blair, says: "The Republicans
Iiolu the llogiHt.ncs."
It is to he inferred from this that the
holders of tin; Registries" will cheat tho
other side?-—Dei. Journal & Statesman.
The nominees of the two wings of the
Repubhcan party of Philadelphia, for dis
tnct Attorney-—Win. B. Mann and Isaac
Hazlehurst, have both declined. • The
( (invention will be colled together to
mate a new candidate.
A gentleman who saw Hon. John Bell
a few days ago, reports him as partially
paralyzed, but in fair health notwithstand
ing. lie hopes to live to see Seymour
A South Carolina alligator, probably i
tlie interest of tho " rebel Democracy,
ate a promising young black voter
other day.
Death oi an Aged Negress. —A negro
woman, named violet Stooks, sged 107'
years, died near Hillsborough, Caroline
county, on Tuesday night, July 7th
\\ hen young, she belonged to tho late
Judge Hopper's father. She was suhse
qnently purchased by the late David
lvuotts, of Caroline, nnd remained a alnve
m tho Knotts family up to 1833, since
which time she has been permitted to go at
large, but was supported in a great mea
sure by the present Mr. David Knotts.
Rhe died of old age. .She nursed Judge
Hopper when he was a baby— Star
Items of Kews.
More than 100 guests of the hotels in
Owonboro, Ky. were poisoned by drinking
milk at supper on Saturday evening. All
were takcu very sick at the sume time and
great excitement and consternation
vailed. All arc in a fair way to recover
Some of the milk is being analyzed. It is
known that the milk was poisoued by in
troducing arsenic into the cans, but fortu
nately not in sufficient quantity to cause
death. The milk was supplied from the
Iudiana side of the river. It is believed
the poison was introduced by some jealous
rival in Kentucky, who wished to injure
the reputation of Indiana milk.
In the Circuit Court for Somerset
ty, Maryland, last week, the negro mur
durera ot Captain Johnson and Henry Con
ncr, on the schooner "Brave," in the ^n
uamessick river, named \Y-in. Wells aud
Win. Wilson, alias Smith, were tried for
the murder of Henry Conner. They
convicted of murder in the first degree and
sentenced to be hung.
The heated term greatly increases the
mortality in large cities. The number of
deaths in New York city last week was
014, an increase of 201 over the previous
week ; and in Philadelphia there were 388
deaths, an increase of 101 over the
ding week.
A young man named Freeland was mur
dered on the night of tho 11th iust.
Columbia, Tenu.
Three negroes entered
his room, cut his throat, and hacked him
to pieces.
dered on the same day, in Maury county,
Tenn. by negroes.
The number of lawyers in the United
States is reported at 31,989; and their ag
gregate annual oarnings at $63,973,000,
an average for each of $2,000. Of these
lawyurs 2,682 arc residents of Now York
city, 695 of Philadelphia, and 648 of Bos
Two other whites were
A sister of Miss Schaffer, the young la
dy of Alexandria, Va. who was lately
burned to death, and whose affianced lov
er committed suicide from grief, has since
died in consequence of her sorrow at tho
double affliction.
John McDonough of "Black Crook"
fame, has sued Forney's Press, claiming
$100,000 damages, for libel. The aB
legal libel consists of an article copied from
a Chicago paper reflecting on MeDonugh's
The Secretary of the Treasury states
that after tho immediate demands upon the
Treasury are mot, including tho Alaska
purchase, there will remain but $37,000,
009 of gold for future
An ox belonging to John 0. Wliitin, of
Rhode Island, fell dead on the 11th nit.
and upon examination a piooe of hoop
skirt, about three inches long, was found
lodged in his heart.
Mrs. Linooln will depart for England
under escort of Hon. Reverdy Johnson,
the first of August, in the Bremen
steamer from Baltimore, touching at South
By the recently issued register of tho
United States navy, it appears that we
have now in the navy two hundred and
twenty vessels, of which fifty-two are iron
clad .
Two respectable hut, tipsy citizens of
Denmark, Madison comity, Tennessee, re
cently fought an impromptu duel to decide
which of their wives was the most attrac
William Gustman, a negro who had
committed a rape on ono white and two
negro girls, was taken from jail at Frank
^ n m^ enn °* D 8aturdft y by a mob and shot.
Tho Native Virginian says it is worth a
trip of one hundred miles to see the wheat
on the Rnpidan. There is hardly room
enough on tho ground to hold the shocks.
The wheat erop is finished in nearly all
parts of Indiana, and is decidedly the best
they havo had for a long time. Corn, too,
promises an exceedingly heavy yield.
A great strike is going on among the
Pennsylvania collieries. The minors want
to adopt the eight hour system, but will
not submit to a reduction of wag
During the season of 1867*'the fruit
growers of Southern Illinois shipped to
/»r.e C f gO » 0 l l0 ' 0 „ 00 bo * es of peaches and 30,
000 bushels of strawberries.
You can get a nice suite of rooms at Sar
atoga for $300 a week.
This simple
nouncement will be sufficient to
rush in that direction.
t,,?' ?' Alexander, "the cattle king" of
Illinois, owns from 50,000 to 75.000 bond
of cattle, and is buying and selling large
numbers weekly. b
Moscb Y. Beach, for a long series of
years the editor of the Now Yorg Sun. died
on Sunday,at bis lato residence at Wal
lmgford, Conn.
Settlers in Minnesota arc obliged to
form companies and take turns on guard to.
keep the wolves from killing their sheep
and cattle. r
L* - P res ident Pierce is at his summer
residence, near Rye Beach, New Hamp
shire. F
The "Sooiety for the Conversion of the
Jews spent $30,000 last year, and report
only two converts from the Hebrew faith.
W. D. Moore, of Bloomingdalo, Iowa
has dug up $10,000 in gold on his farm!
" < L, um * g neatly hidden in potato skins.
1 he sugar product of Brazil last vear
was 48,000 tons. The average for the
preceding twonty-fivo yeurs was 41,000
ensure a
Among the 130,000 persons buried in
Greenwood Cemetery, New York, there
are but seven centenarians.
One firm in New York rents out 1,000
pianos, from which they receive an annu
al income of $80,000:
Two hundred and three deaths from sun
stroke were reported to the Coroner in
New York last week.
Edwin Forrest is reckoned tho richest
actor in tho country, and his fortune is
put at $840,000.
The salt springs at Onondaga, N Y
produced 7,095,000 bushels of salt during
the year 1867. 6
It is estimated that there are 27 000
printing presses in tho United States. '
An acre of good buckwheat will yield
datW fourteen pounds of honey.
Forty-thousand tops of fossil Ivory
annually procured in New Siberia.
s "ony. no larger than Connecticut,
keeps 3,500,000 sheep.
Gen. F. P. Biair has
the Rooky Mountains.
gone on a trip to
Three hundred and twenty yachts, ran
ging from ton to six hundred tons each,
are advertised for sale in English jon-nab
—nearly all of them the properly o pri
vate gentlemen, aud built for ecu '.derate
blockade running.
A man bathing in the Talleha hie riv
er, Florida, a few days since, struck a
small box on the bottom. Being fished up
aud opened it was found to contain $7,000
in gold and $4,000 in Confederate scrip.
The funeral of an old woman who
buried recently in Jackson, Michigan, was
attended by two of her sons from the
House of Correction in Detroit, and a
third from the State prison, all under
Mr. Benjamin Warren, the oldest resi
dent of Lorain county, Ohio, and a rela
tive of General Joseph Warren, who
killed at Bunker Ilill, died on tko 3d in
stant, aged ninety-six.
The heat is so intense in Illinois that all
sorts of work has been suspended,
mors are offering from fivo to seven dollars
for harvest hands, but can get none at any
A cargo of corn, measuring fifty-three
thousand bushels, said to be the largest
over shipped from that city, left Chicago
for Buffalo last week.
' At Gold Hill, Nevada, three weeks ago,
thicker than window glass froze in the
open air. This is doing very well for
summer, and is a most refreshing article
here for this hot weather.
Iwo young ladies, Miss Mary Lawler'
and Miss Annie Lavons, were drowned
while bathing in the surf at Atlantic Ci
ty, New Jersey, on Thursday.
Birmingham, England, employs 380
men aud 2,000 women and girls in the
manufacture of steel pens. The weekly
product is 98,000 gross.
At the annual sale of Kentucky horses
at Woodburn, fifty-four head of yearlings
brought $21,912, an average of more than
$405 each.
F. M. Simons, of La CroRse, completed
his walk of one thousand and ono hundred
miles in twelve and a-hulf days at
the 16 th.
Generals Grant, Sherman, Sheridan and
Dent left Leavenworth on Saturday morn
ing for Denver, via Kansas and ' T;
1 11 : 1
noon on
aci >■
An Lnglmh magazine estimates the Wall
street money business at bet
000 , 000,000
ween $15,
and $16,000,000,000 a
Dispatches from different parts of Illi
nois, Iowa and Wisconsin represent the
crops to be in a very favorable condition.
Mrs. Major Gen Hooker died inCincin
nntti hast, week. She was a sister of the
lion. W. S. Groesbeck.
Canadian laborers refuso to take their
wages in American silver unless at a dis
count of ten per cent.
California is gaining by immigration
fi om five hundred to six hundred persons
There wero 19 fatal eases of sun-stroke
at Cleveland, Ohio, on Friday and Satur
day last.
A pop-corn manufacturer returns tlie
•gest income in Fitchburg, M:
Snow still shines on the summits of the
Montana mountains. *
Last year California produced 34 f » 00 , -
000 gallons of '
The sulphur mines of Italy produce 300,
000 tons per annum.
An American howling alley is a new
feature in a London club.
Nearly sixty parsons died of sun-stroko
in St. Louis last week.
There are 341 manufacturers of artificial
teeth in Paris.
Brazil exported 2,459,753 lags of cof
fee in 1867.
There is over sve thousand acres of
grapes in Ohio.
Four thousand women are under
in Paraguay.
t here are 11,000 journeymen printers
in Germany.
Jenny Lind is coming to this country in
Colorado shippod $200,000 in gold in
There arc forty woolen mills in Wiscon
Society is not, and ought not to he, ex
clusively devoted to serious concerns. The
beneficent Creator of the .universa would
not have adapted human beings to the
joy ment of his gifts unless he intended that
they should be enjoyed. With tho law
which enjoins industry, comes the law of
fruition. Why should the oye he formed
to perceive natural and artificial beauty, if
it is not to bo used for that purposo? Why
has tho capacity to make instruments capa
ble of emitting sweet sounds been given, if
such rounds aro not to he heard? Why
should the human structure be capable of
the sweetest melody, and of graceful
tion, and of the delightful expression beam
ing from innocent and heavenly counten
ances, if pleasures from such sources
forbidden us ? Why does the grape ripen,
the silk worm toil, the annual fleece return,
tho diamond sparkle, tho marble yield to
the chisel, and the canvass cntch and
serve tho inspiration of genius, but to
awaken human desire, animafo industry,
and reward with fruition ? It is tho
ccss, and the abuse, that are forbidden.
A monstrous snako
wae eliot recently in
Lcnuesaeo, by several young men who
went in pursuit of it. It had created
great consternation for some time previ
ous. Tho monster was skinned, and the
skin blown up with a bellows ready for
exhibition. It is twenty-nine nnd a half
feet long, thirty inches in girth, has a ter
rible head twenty inches broad, aud'a tail
ridged like an alligator. It is supposed
to be a boa constrictor that esoapod some
thirty years ago from a menagerie; but no
boa constrictor evor exhibited in thisooun
try had a tail like an alligator. It is per
haps the largest snako ever seen in this
Rugnr candy it is estimated, is consum
ed in tho United States at the rato of 2 r ''
000 pounds por day, or 100,00" i
pounds per year. Of the amount,
York manufactures about 26,000 p, ,
per day ; Philadelphia, 14,000 ; China'
tn'nnn' d*,' .^ ou:s > 10,500; Cincinnati,
50«) ° ' Ba tlmore ' 8 ' 000 an<1 Boston 7,
The Leader, a democrat
paper pub
lished in Baltimore, furnishes the follow
, While the Radicals aro professing pro
tound satisfaction at the Nuw Fork nomi
nations, and talk confidently of being ablo
to beat Seymour and Blair at the election
oven partizan temerity as yet has rarely
approaehod that degree of personal Mper
sion against Hio bond of the ticket which
usually results from a Presidential nomi
nation. 1 ho fact is, Governor Seymour's
character is lifted, even in popular consid
eration high above the low- vulgarity ofper
sonal abuse. L.ke the perfume of spice
islands blown out to sea, there is about a
good man s reputation a wide-spread sense,
an instinctive recognition ,, crvad '
the opinions of .ill mankind entirely bo
Cwo h rll U r SS Ä . 0f ™ , 'W 'bfenso.
11 - worM knows him to bo a Christian
gentleman, lo defame his character i„
not merely moral tnrpitudc, but want of
political sagacity and good sense. It de
velops an unfortunate contrast at once_it
brings two very different men in direct
comparison between whom, in point of
character, there is not analogy enough to
be of any benefit to his competitor. Scv
mour and Grant belong to entirely differ
ent subdivisions of mankind. The one is
a consequence ; the other an accident.
One is an acknowledged leader; the other
an obedient disciple to men almost as ig
norant ne himself—an eifigy, set up to in
dex doctrines m whose making ho hag
been dumb, in whose conception ho has
had no part nor lot v- hntover. Grant is a
political and mental deaf mute ; Seymour
the chosen and chief apostle of a great par
ty. »Seymour is a representative of the
best c.iarnolor and cnlturc the country af
fords: Grant re, m ally . . „an-phoo
1'r • !d -d cvi .1 an ordinary measure of
sensibility and refinement, smitten, withal
W'th a tendency to low habits and pur
suits. Minie beymour discourses econo
my and jurisprudence, ■ Grant naturally
talks horse " Give each man to his in
clination, and if f
affairs of stat
team at lop .
r.o di-:v> Pi
y incur is engrossed with
G rupt will rip
his doublo
It is in
that we put
!l ' dt in fact,
lity. An
must re
forth mi hi
fully !
• T ot ■
les the depths of < : ..
hut f w
lilt ITi;f.it >
1 tho
! Grunt
lositive ro
be i itelli
ei.ius condition of
Never wero two
Ini low ebb of
ui upti
genoc, t!
our Nat
men more tit, c.i
lotiul polit
iples of the
iinietcr of
parties tnpy repr s
there a truer test of tin: 1
people—their act
nt. N
ver was
I : mice of tho
. . '* capacity for forming
correct opinions and governing themselves
—than is presented in the person and
principles ot the respective candidates.
Bloody Disturdanoes in Texas. — Ou
^ ie . ^ 1C a riot commenced
on tV 0 n*r:>l r : '
A parly of about twenty-five no
groeg, led by a white school teacher and a
negro preacher named lln
,xs, attempted
ed Holliday. White
utiou, and liead
to hang a i
an nam
citizens prevented the ex.'
ed by the Sheriff anil R
urcau agent, at
tempted to suppress the mob, aud tw'elvo
negroes wore killed.
On the 6th the numbers increased on
both Hides. »Skirmishing ocuurrod during
the day. The casualties are estimated at
twenty-five. A small body of troops ar
rived late last night and dispersed the ri
oters, killing three negroes. The latter
numbering 300 to 500, had fortified theml
selves three miles from Millican, aud re
fused to lay down
troops dispersed them,
fifty or sixty,
their arms until the
Tho entire loss is
6 ho difficulty is said to
from suspicion that a
member of the loyal h
but who has since been found.
■ bad been bung,
Kent County, Mn.—We glean the fol
lowing from the Chrstertowu Transcript ■
—On Wednesday last, a son of Mr Fre
das Vansant, of this county, while riding
the breech horse of a wagon was thrown
on, and the wagon passed ove
killing him almost instantly.
Wo learn from farmers who are engaged
m threshing their wheat, that it '
ing out very poorly ; not yielding
than ono-thirÿ of what they
the time of '
bis body
in turn
oxpected at
ITor.sc flics
are unusually numerous in
the lower part of this peninsula,
hot county, last
them were mistaken fur bees, says the St.
Michaels'Comet, and an attempt was made
to hive thorn. The Cambridge Herald
says: "Never within the memory of tho
oluist inhabitant have Hies of ail kinds
been so plentiful in this vicinity. Every
hush is filled will: thorn, and horses, cafo
tlo anti hogs are suffering dreadfully,"
In Tal
i''L o barge swarm of
The Frederick Union announces the fact
that gold hearing quartz has been discov
ered on a spur of the Bluo Ridge moun
tain, near and adjacent to Frederick city
specimens of which have been examined
an t tested by experienced gentlemen, some
of whom arc exports, having had expe
rience in California, and who pronounce
U nch and vcry similar to the gold quartz
of that -Lhaoraio.
Arrested.— Tho Now York Tribune of
Monday says:—"William Thompson, a
watch maker from Dover, Del. pawned a
watch left with him for repairs for $50 in
1'hiladelaphia. Ho then came to this city
aud sold tho pawn ticket, and was arrcs'od
Saturday evening by detective officer
Dusouberry and locked up."
New Post Oft ice..— A new post offion
bas boon established at Chnmbcrsvillo
New Oastlo county, Delaware, T. Bratton'
Jr. Post Master ; between Blackbird
Route from Seaford to Concord—three
additional trips aro ordered from Aim Ufit
1st, making sorvico daily, except »Sunday
M.'l). und WtÄat'Ä
Lar, m the Mrtli.ul L'ullcgo ,,f lYnn.ylvfoda y 2
îin nr s(t° r,m;r ly of Leydcù, III,Hull, I ) ■
K-V ;\* h S 1 "' 1 "' ''''O» Testimonials can
e seen at lits office. The medical faculty are in
8ecrets t °tn C R' ,m * >fta ^- tbl '* 1 ' l" l Oente, os ta b»» no
secrets ln h»; practice. Artificial eyes inserteA
without pain. No charge ror examination.

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