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She Jftiddlftown SCransrript.
Tm PxxsiDKNTiai, Election.—C om
binations are already forming between the
Mends of the different aapirantrfbr Pres
idential honors in 187^. Boutwell and
Bntlor are already in tie field. Butler
thinks that Grant is the only one in his
wey. He does not look upon tho chances
of any of the rest of them as comparable
whh his own. Gen. Sherman, and Sena
tor Snmner, each have their admirers,
hot are not warmly pressed at the present
time. They probably think it is •• time
enough yet.
tioned. On the Democratic side Ex-Sen
■tor Hendricks, of Indiana, is looming
op, also Got. Hoffman, of New York.
Gen. Hancock has many friends, and it
is thought by some that Gen. McClellan
ought to Jisto another obance ; that " lit
tle Mao" or Hancock are tho
" draw" Grant. A few, a very few, are
of such easy credence as to suppose that
tho Démocratie party would-rote for Chase,
in the event of his nomination,
how each a nomination is to bo effected,
is the difficulty. Hoffman is the favorite
of the Empire State, and backed by that
powerful influence, he may be able to
take the track ; but it it yet too, early to
apeouiate upon the probable torn of events,
as there may be many changea before that
time arrives.
A. T. Stewart is also mcn
men to
Tni DxoLttt* in Gold —The Baltimore
Gaaette aaya—The heavy decline in gold
haa had quite a marked effect in New York,
and there ia more activity in trade at
reduoed price«. Some of the retail
chanta have already adopted the plan of
paying out eilver change in auma not
eeeding fifty cent« at one payment. They
do thia at comparatively small loss,
Canada ia overloaded with silver, which
can now he purchased there at a heavy
discount for gold. Thia must have its
effect, and it ia not surprising that in
banking cirelca an immediate resumption
should be discuaaed. The great obstacle
in the way ia the return of bonds from
Europe. Government bonds are
par abroad, and speculators who purchased
them at forty and fifty cents on the dollar
make a handsome profit by selling
present prices. Quite a large amount has
been thrown upon tho American market,
and with the decline in cotten and the low
price of breadatuffs, it ia feared that there"
will soon be a drain of gold which will not
only prevent a return to specie payments,
but run up the premium.
now at
Srxcti Patmxntb.— The Washington
letter of the BostoD Post, under date of
March the 8th says:—An early resump
tion of apecie payments is under consider
ation by leading member« of Congress.
It ia regarded aa an opportune time to
sume without serious résulta to the busi
ness interests of the country. Senator
William's resolution of to-day, providing
that 50 per cent, of legal tenders be
caived for customs dutieB, was in further
ance of the acntimcDt in favor of
tion. Secretary Boutwell has been
quested to take action iu the matter, but
he declines to give hia views upon the
subject. The matter waa talked over in
Cabinet session to-day, and it waa stated
that information ia at hand that leading
hanks are willhg now to pay specie for
circulation but not on deposits. The
jadgementof the Administration waa found
to bo in favor of Utting affairs take their
course uninterruptedly, as appearances in
dicate au immediate resumption without
further legisUtive or official action.
Patent Rights. —Many persona
travelling through the country, selling
patent rights, some of which are utterly
Beware of purchasing such
things—unless you would be taken in and
done for. We heard of a man who went
through thia State recently, mnd in one of
tho lower towns he had his pockets full of
watches; be also had horses and other
thin|a. for vbicii lie bad traded patent
right«. Net one in twenty of these pa
tent rights are ever profitable axcept to
thoae who sell them. -
Retail dealer« in New York, Philadel
phia and other places, are paying out sil
ver change for fraction« of a dollar.
Donghten, in Wilmington, ia doing the
aame thing. The people aro taking the
start of our moneyed institutions, in the
work of specie payment.
Tb« Wilmington Journals Bay :—It ia
now pretty generally conceded tbat Messrs.
Harry and Lewis "will get nearly all the
colored votes of this city it tits Republi
can nomination for Sheriff.
The New York papers all assert that
tha returns from the town cleetions
throughout the State ere more favorable
to the Democracy than at any time daring
the last twenty years.
The last Philadelphia conundrum ia,
" What becomes of raptured burglars'
fooio," - -
Rail Road Freights. —Tho schedule
of iuorcMad fre^ hta racently ado p ted by
Ihe iU'il Rpailfi^psBy,. is haVing the
effect to Iwtè the- business of tho road.
Merchants and others «re shipping
of their hesrier articles by water to Odes
sa, and hauling them to this place, sating,
by tho change, «Wwf'one-half. Bacon,
molasses, sugar, salt, Ac. are brought in
this way to Middletown, at about
half the expense chargeaklo by the Rail
A merchant, êf .tEia town, who
paid the Rail Road $L99 on a hogshead
of molassos, shipped a like bulk via Odca
«a, at a freights i
proportion." '''nie 'teach Grower« ire not
the only aggrieved parties who complain
account of the higjb rates of freight
oharged by the Rail Road ; and unless
the Road should modify its chargea,
freightu) ganterpçisea wilFhe startpd which
will eventuate iu permanent injury to ' the
Rail Road.
No less than seven leading propositions
for the revival of
ip'phg, and between so many
projects and counter projeets there is dan
ger that they will all fall to the ground.
The policy of tÿvjÿ^Jlieti^nd-drawback», is
mere temporising. If commeroe ia to be
revived, we must go to the root of the
are now be
Amerittnf I
re uod
and the prohibition tariff
on all articles used in ship-biiilding
per, cordage, duck, and everything else.
Then our mechanics will find employment
again in the ooristrwctlon of beautiful clip
pers, and the sails of our commerce will,
as in the past, whiten every sea.
It is rumored; that a company of East
ern men have purchased tho Maryland
and Delaware Railroad, which extends
from Clayton to Easton. The terms have
not transpired.
We have received from a " New York
Commission Dealer," a reply to Mr. Sam
uel Townsend's - letter, which ia doferred
until our next.'
The Frovideut.Aid Society
are sending
the negroes, out of Washington to the
Mississippi plantations.
Hon. Thomaâ F. Bayard will please ac
cept our thanks documents.
For the Aliddletoicn Transcript.
To the Citizens of ^Ilddletown. Delaware,
*n<| 9Hlrbeadiag%oantr)r,
At a meeting of the " Middletown Library
Association," ^jbeld their - room on Monday,
February 24th, the updcfsigqed werp. appointed
a Committée^to^make Known to the pubjic, the
object of the AsaaciA^dn,'(now only in its ini
tial,) and to ask their co-operation in its per
manent establishment in our midst, as a thing
needed, and desirable.
The object is, to have a Public Library in
MiddletownyeUx l>ç our To*n Hall,
which is ali'eàoy an attractive and prominent
point of interest and of pride in our community.
In that Hall, «Appointments, meet
several Socïètiçs—dhe M^so^ic, the.Good Temp
lars, and thë*bewfV 3 3oi'e;uj)ized Lyceum, x It is
the desire of our WWW litwéns, Wtro have asso
ciated together for the purpose of trying to ~
tablish this Town Library, that others should
vnite in that which we think is not only a praise
worthy and laudÀbU. undertaking, but one of
positive benefit 'to 'öuf whole 'community. There
are few private libraries in our vicinity
cellancous, as to furnish W/. tlm^poks which the
scholar niay nwd ntf'hiî various references, or
the lover of a lighter literature would care to
select from for recreation. The library of the
Clergyman, is, to some exteuUa specialty, so that
of the Lawyer and the Physitian aud though,
doubtless, there are in many instances very se
lect private collept4QBl of volume, yet to these,
but lew, comparatively, can have access. There
is, sometimes, a very proper indisposition on the
part of owners of books, to lend them out ; for,
as a general thing, no*book is returned in the
same good condition-as when loaned. Mauy are
deterred from lending out their books from this
consideration, and many, who would doubtless
be glad to improve their minds by reading, are,
trom motives of delicacy—-from diffidence and
modesty, restrained freim asking a favor of the
kind which might be grudgingly rendered.
Many, if not most of the young
community, are nofirt possession of the means
to purchase all the really good and proper books
they would read, if within their reach.
NVe want to establish a Town Library, by
which arrangeipentr the difficulties referred to
may, in a' great mchsurej be obviated, nnd each
class alluded to, relieved. We want co-opera -
tion. We want countenance. . We want the
poople of this vicitfîtÿ' Who nave the means, the
influence, and the mil to do good, to ut
in furthering this unkertakiug. Do take
terest in the matter ! Do something towards
raising still higher jDJje character of the tbwn and
its surrounding country, for intelligence—for
litrrary taste, for a desire for mental cultivation !
The cost of the inconsiderable,
we should hope, forîhy man wpo can ruise five
dollars per annum, (aMPfbttn retûrn access for
himselt and his family for a whole year, to the
reading ol the book of the library,) to hesitate
in becoming a member. The Committee beg all
who may be disposed to favor this undertaking,
Wither by becoming members 'ôF'tîy contribu
tions in books or money,—to correspond by let
or by personal communication, with the
Board of Directors of "the Middletown Library
Association ' ' c^mûpsgi follow ing gen tle
men : J. M. Cox, WmTpreen. H. A, Nowland, J.
B. Clarkson, rimT B8*tnTWynolds, Ksqs. ; any
one of whom will Uko«plta0\irejn receiving such
aid for the association and io furnishing all
cessary informaübn. r .
% I Uli a m G reen, .
'• J JiB!r?î»irfoN, D. T).
J. Collins MoOabe, Dl D.
men in our
Accident.— A sThôrfcaâ Murray, of this, town,
was proceeding to theTfesltience'of. Jefemiah Ç,
Price, in Sassafras Neck, a few days since, hav
ing a lady, her child and nurse, in his carriage,
hia horse took fright at a wagon load of hay, und
turning suddenly, upset the carriage, broke it,
and threw them all out. They were all more or
less bruised. —•
In Vermont, recently, a little.girl fell
into the water, was carried down under
tba ice for about five 'rods,
seven foot dam, and passed through an
underground race-way for a distance of fif
teen rods to another dsm, and waa then
rescued alive, and is doing well.
went over a
A school teacher near Greet!field, Indi
ana, named Dunn, Wednesday atrnck one
of hia scholars, named Gadot, on the head
with an iron poker, from- the effects of
which the boy died Thursday night. Dunn
haa been arrested
.C.Wt^'WfARV.AmuvsBSABY.—The. Juvenile Mis
sionary Society of the M. K. Church, of this town,
held its tenth anniversary, on Wednesday even
ing last. Twenty banners, inscribed with the
names of as many classes, were borne in the hands
of the children.. .A large globe,'constructed in
sections to represent the four grand divisions
the Earth,—Europe, Asia, Africa nnd America,—
net upon -the -platform by four snip! I boys,
dressed ill costume,:to represent the -distinctive
peculiarities of the inhabitants of those regions.
The Asiatic, the African and the American, were
colored to nature, the latter representing an In
dian cltief,.decked out with fringes snd feathers,
and presenting a very raithftil similitude of the
red man of the forest. The Mongolian, with
tawny face and flowing trousers, confined about
the ankles;.was also a fair type of his race! while
tile little Fifteenth Amendment wns ns sooty as
burnt cork could make hint. Tire Ihtlo European
was a fair representative of the pure Caucasian,
and stood peerless among his fellows. The so
ciety reported $152 as the result of their labors
during the past year, $100 of which was for Mis
sionary, $52 fdrSunday Çchool puposcs. A prize
banner was awarded to tile "Bible Students, " for
making the largest contribution ; but the aggre
gate offerings falling short of a hundred dollars,
the "Bishop'Scott'' class made up the deficiency,
and the banner was subsequently awarded to
theqt. But, the young gentlemen composing that
clasR, very gallantly, througlrtbeir preceptorand
pasfpr, Rev. Hr. Colclnzcr, awarded it to the
"Cheerful Givers," a class of radies. Miss Marion
Burn presided at tho organ, nnd the singing of
several pieces, elicited admiration at the accuracy
and efficiency with which the children Imd been
trained in vocal harmony. Bev. Dr. Patton: of
the Presbyterian Church,, made a very appropri
ate address, after which the Society was dismiss
ed with the 'benediction.
Tan Joint Public Discussion— The joint discus
ston between the Middletown and Smyrna Lyce
um^, will come-off at the.Town Hall, in this town,
on Tuesday evening next, at half past 7 o'clock.
The question chosen is— "ShouldChinese emigra
tion be encouraged?" It is to be discussed by
two disputants und one alternate from ench Lyce
um. The Affirmative will be sustained by Mes
srs. J.^ W. Edwards, II. R. Penington, disputants,
Dr. W. T. Collins, alternate, on the part of the
Smyrna Lyceum ; and the Negative by Messrs,
tv' a *' ans ' Edward Reynolds, disputants, and
II. A. Nowlund, alternate, on behalf of the Mid
dletown Lyceum Each disputant to have fwo
speeches of twenty minutes. The discussion will
take place in the auditorium of the Town Hall,
hich will be thrown open on the occasion, free
to all who choose to attend. The question is well
chosen. It is a practicul one, and has occupied
public attention, to a considerable extent, for
some time post. It is one which should be well
considered by the American people inuil its bear
ings, moral, social,industrial and political ; for
upon its proper solution, depends important_'
sequences. Three Judges are to be chosen from
the audience on the evening of the debate, who
will decide the question. No doubt a large audi
ence will be in attendance. The Amphion Band
will enliven the occasion by choice music.
. Middletown Academy. —The regulur examina
tion ot the students of the Academy for the pres
eut term will begin on Wednesday next, at one
o clock, p. ii. and continue until Friday night.
A general invitation is extended to parents and
others who may be interested. The following *
the order of the examination in each study.
1 o'clock, Book-Keeping and B Latin Class,
2 " Familiar Science and French
Geometry and Geography.
U. S. History and C. Arithmetic,
Greek and German,
A Algebra and B Arithmetic.
9 o'clock
p. M.
1 o'clock, B Algebra and English History,
2 ' A Grammar,
"'-va B Grammar,
.. -FRIDAY, A. II.
D. Arithmetic,
A Arithmetic,
A Latin Class and Astronomy.
P. M.*'
Written-disciiSrion by the Composition Class.
Examination of the primary scholars. Reading
the standing of each scholar and distribution of
9 o'clock,
A Farmer's Club for «le Fifth Election District
of Kent county. Md. was organized at Edesviile,
about llie middle of December lust, and now
numbers about forty members. The beneficial
effects of tbe CJub, it is said, are already appar
ent. It is Btrange the farmers have not every
where combined in this wuy. It is one of the
best means of keeping up with the improvements
of the times. Their joint influence nnd their in
dividual knowledge ure thus thrown together in
one common stock for the benefit of the whole
Doubtful matters are discussed in the Club, made
plain to the apprehenson of all, and thus settled.
The best crops, the best mode of culture, the liest
fertilizers, results, expenses, and receipts,
inquired into, explained and understood.
Clubs are producti
_ of social enjoyment, as well
us of agricultural ad van cement, and serve to dis
pel the tedium of the winter months, when the
farmer cannot be actively employed in his fields.
We suggest to this club, und ail others, the con
sideration of the subject of State Iuspections. An
army of office-holders is maintained by the sys
tem. . Does it pay ? If, upon mature considera
tion, it should be found not beneficial to the far
ming interest, send up your petitions to the Leg
islature for its repeal.
Rail Road Accident. —On Tuesday morning
last, Mr. Wm. Roberts, accompanied by Mr. An
drew Hu8habcck, started from this town in a car
riage with a pair of horses to go to Mr. F. Mur
ray's sale. When they came to the rail road
crossing, below St. Ann's, thinking it was about
time for the morniug train from below, they halt
ed a moment to listen, but hearing uotliing of the
truin, concluded to pass on. Just as their horses
got upon the track, they discovered the train, ve
ry near, Aud attempted to back, but not iu time
to prevent a collision. The locomotive struck the
carriage, killing one.of the horses and wounding
the other, broke the carriage to pieces, threw the
men out, but both escaped uny very serious inju
ry. Mr. Roberts suffered two contusions of the
scalp, and Mr. Hushabeck was cut and bruised a
little ou one cheek. Mr Roberts was brought to
towii on the truin, and Dr. Barr dressed his
wounds. Mr. Hushabeck who
less hurt, re
mained to take care of the wounded horse and
remove the wrecked carriage. Mr. Hushabeck is
not certain whether he fell immediately
track or along side of it, but says the cars passed
It is fortunate that they escaped with
their lives.
Delaware Agricultural College.— The Board
of Trustees of this Institution met at Newark, on
the 4th instant, and resolved to open the College
for the reception of students in September, next
A committee was appointed to prepare a plan for
the organization of the Institution, to be submit
ted to the Board before its next meeting, which
tAkes place on Wednesday the 4th of May next,
at 11 o'clock, a. m. A portion of the land script
donuted to the State by the General Government,
yet remains to be sold.
Sudden Deatii^-.S amuel I tart, a colored man,
dropped dead in the field of Mr. Merritt N. Wil
llts, on Tuesday morning Inst. He Imd nn axe
.with him, and had cither been getting himself
some fire wood, or was about to get some, when
he fell nnd expired, it is supposed, front heart di
sease. He was discorered shortly after his death,
in a sitting or recumbent position, us if in pain.
An inquest was.held nnd u verdict of "death by
the visitation of God," rendered.
Town Election .—The Citizens' Improvement
Ticket was elected at tho municipal clectiou in
this town, on Monday last. Only about half the
usual numl»ec of votes were polled, there being
no organized opoosition. Commissioners, R. H.
Foster, Dr. G. G. Chnmberlaine, Charles Tat
inan, Jr. Thomas Massey, Samuel W. Roberts;
Assessor, Charles E. Anderson; Treasurer, J. B.
Clarkson ; Alderman, DeWitt C. Walker.
Collier A Mofley's Combination (whatever that
was) gave an exhibition in the Town Hall, on
Monday nighty the entertainment consisting of a
representation'of "Punch and Judy," and ven
triloquism. It didn't pay expenses.
The hands in tho morocco manufactories in
Wilmington, are on a strike, demanding
crease of their weekly wages to Si2. Th
been getting $10.
an in
y have
Salb or Land.— Win. D. Clark, has sold his
farrnj nçflr.J^JÉWAcef .Cityy-to the Présidant- and
several Directors of- the Pennsylvania Central
Rail Road, on their individual account, for $325
per acre, retaining the buildings, which he sub
sequently 8 o 14 Tor $10,000. Jefferson Clark, has
(ilso spld his farm« 4 rçscmng the buildiugs) ad
joining Delaware C'tÿ, to the same parties for $500
per acre. The object of the purchase is to provide
ground fora coal depot, and tracks, sidelings,
&c. as it is Relieved that Delaware City is to be
conie one -oftb© greatest coal depots <in* the coun
try, on the completion of the Avondale and Del
aware-City Rail Road. ~Lime, also, will be
freighted tQ that point, at reduced prices, and in
immense quantities. The Company also offered
to .Mr. Q. Frederick Brady $42,500 for his farm
of 160 acres. • We hear that his price is $45,000.
Susskx County Items.— Alfred Bench, negro,
oh Tuesday last, attempted to take unwarrant
able liberties with a while married woman of
this place and it was with difficulty she repelled
his advances. Jiff husband . being informed of
the matter Ciiuséd à writ to be issued ; but Alfred,
getting wind of ifj ''was non est. —lie has not
since been heard from.
Mrs. Catherine.Houston, died on Tuesday last,
having reached the advanced age of ninety two
Burton Layton, Justice of Peace, at Millsbo
rough, died February 27th after a long and
painful illness .—Sussex Journal.
The Building Loan Association of Odessa,
held their Annual Meeting fbr the election of
officers on Wednesday evening, March 2d. The
following gentlemen were elected:—President,
William Polk; Vice'Resident, Charles Tatman I
Secretary, H. P. Baker ; Treasurer, J. L. Gib
son; Directors, Joltp Appleton, John C. Corbit,
C. Watk'ins, Chas.' batman, Jr., T. T. Enos,
Wm. A. Rhodes, ChnsrBonsten, T. W. Rose and
Jamses O." Mathews ! Auditors, Daniel Corbit,
Win. Ashcraft; and J. Ü. Browu.
Tub Levy Court.— The Levy Court, of this
county, will sit as a Court of Appeal, and trans
act such other bnsincss'as may come before it,
on the 15th to 17th, 22d to 24th, and 29th to
31st inst. All claims against the county should
be presented on or before the 15th. The 23d is
set apart for thcapproval or disapproval of roads
and the transfer of school voters, kc. The Col
lectors of the several hundreds are required to
bond on or before the 17th.
Cornelius Davis, on the farm of II. Clayton,
discovered a negro man in his stable, about half
past 10 o'clock, on Thursday night, bridling
of his horses. The negro ran up stairs, and Da
vis pursuing him, he jumped from the window
and made his escape, but Davis recognized who
the man was, and will have him arrested.
Snow fell here, on Sunday night last to the
depth of four inches. A few sleighs were
ning next day. In Philadelphia it snowed from
noon on Sunday till Monday night, nnd was at
least a foot deep. At Norfolk the snow fell to
the depth of six inches.
The following is said to have been a card of in
vitation to an evening party, issued recently by
a worthy couple residing in White Clay Creek
Hundred iu this county—"My
me to give you a rccomcndation to her evening
Robbers. —On the 4th inst. the Town Hall nnd
Houser' s carriage factory at New Castle were
entered by thieves. Two rolls of leather
taken from the factory and one $100 shad net
stolen from the Hall.
The Smyrna Herald says :—Mr. William Sur
gent, of.this town, lias purchased of Mr.
Éliason, of Chester eo. Pa. a farm ip Thorough
fare neck, New Castle county, Del. containing
1G0 acres, for $4,000.
Death of an ac.eo Couple. —Mr. John W. Gal
iullin died on the last day of February, and four
days after, his wife, Mrs. Maria Gallahun. They
were both well advanced in years, being over
four score.
.'ife recomcndcd
The Smyrna Times says, Rev. Dr. Patton,
Presbyterian minister at Middletown, is named in
connection with the Presidency of Delaware Col
Four young negro chicken-thieves came to
grief, at Plynumth, Kent county, Del. on the 2d
instant. They were cooped iu Dover prison.
Building Loan f
monthly meeting at 29 per cent. In Odessa, at
thé last meeting, at 36 per cent, premium.
Mrs. Hukill has purchased, of John Appleton,
the L. A. Cavender property on High street,
ds sold here at the last
Samuel M. Enos, of Odessa, is up for the sher
iflalty nomination of tile Republican party.
The thawings and freezings of the past
two months have been very trying upon
the growing wheat, aud we fear some
damage may have been done by the throw
ing out of ibe young plants. It is hardly
possible to expect another such .crop as
that of the last year, and it is to be hoped
that u more remunerative price may be
realized to the farmer tiiau what he has
received for that of 1809. But
called upon to put forth all our energies
for the great corn crop of our country
which we arc now soon to put iu the ground.
No delay should be allowed iu procur
ing such manures us it may have beeu de
termined to buy for spring use, in addi
tion to the supplies they may have made
on the farm : and those who may have ap
plied guano, boue-dust or super phosphate
lust fail should he careful to sow clover
uow, iu order that when the clover
wo are
may be turned iu, some two years hence,
the materials for forming mould may be
added to the soil, aud its improvenent
ried ou, as there can be no doubt of it
that the turniug iu of a luxuriant growth
of clover may be considered as equal to a
dressing of ten to fifteen tons of ordinary
barn-yard manure, furnishing, as it does
uu abundance of the organic food which it
absorbed from the atmosphere iu the
course of its growth. 4
Many farmers are manufactuuring their
own mu nitres, the base of which is bone
t arth dissolved with sulphuric acid—the
quantity ot the lattcç is one huudred
pounds to two hutidned pouuds of the
boues ; the acid to be diluted with twice
the quantity of water, and mixed with ten
bushels speut ashes, which will be sutfici
eut for au acre of land, and wifi carry it
through a four or six years' routine—to
be harrowed in.
A most excellent formula also for the
farmer is the following:—Ground bones,
plaster, ashes aud salt, in the following
proportions for an aore, and-will tell well
on the soil for eight or ten years, viz:
Two hundred pounds finely ground bones,
hundred pounds plaster, two hundred
and fifty pounds leuohed ashes, and fifty
pounds common salt. In this compound
will he found nearly all the mineral sub
stances demanded by . an ordinary grain
crop, but the two hundred pounds of bone
dust contains at least fifty pounds of organ
ic material, which, by its decay in the
soil (which speedily takes place as the
heat of the sun has its vivifying effect
upon the earth) yields ammonia or some
form of ni trogen ized matter favorable to
the growth of the crop. An acre with
such a dressing will the first year produce
an increase of several barrels of com to
the acre, and the effects will be probably
manifested for years to come. Let the
farmer make an experiment with it, and
our word for it, he will find bis interest
to have been subserved thereby, and a
more permament improvement to his soil
than would have been effected..by. -guano.
On Sunday morning, Campbell Howard
waa shot nnd wounded white going to
church at Ripley, Ohio, by Viotor Pope.
A constable und two men went to arrest
the latter, when they found him entrench
ed under a bed in a log house, with a rifle,
two revolvers and a big dog. On trying
to dislodge him he fired, wounding two of
the men, who returned his fire,
mother then app
to surrender, wh
vcrcly wounded. lie is thought to be in
cared, nnd induced him
eu ho was found to be sc
The robbery of the bank at New Can
aan, Conn, on Thursday night of last
week, was one of the boldest exploits ever
recorded in New England ; ufter gagging
the night watchman nt 11 o'clock P. M.,
the burglurs, until nearly dayliyht, work
ed with a diligence worthy a better cause,
the watchman sitting by all tho while wit
nessing their operations. As previously
stated, the robbers only secured about $1
000 worth of booty.
J. J. Paul, Minister from Venezuela
to the United States, died suddenly of ap
oplexy in Washington, on Monday,
had only arrived in Washington on Monday
morniug, and had not yet presented his
credentials to the Secretary of State. Mr.
Paul was 45 years ef age, and an eminent
lawyer. He leaves u wife and eight chil
dren in Venezuela..
Mrs. Lucy Parker, 72 years of age, of
Eliot, Me. ate a handful of raisins recent
ly, which produced inflammation of which
she died soon after. A brother aud sister
had previously died just at the same age,
one from eating clams, the other from
eating maple sugar. Lucy had a pre
monition that too many ruw raisins would
be the death of her.
At Huntingdon, Pa. on Wednesday,
Charles Bohner and Albert Bordeuberg
were hanged fqr the murder of John and
Sarah Peyhtal, and Scott Garner,
mitted on November 17th last,
confessed the murder, and alleged that
Bordenberg waa the instigator. The mo
tive of the crime was robbery.
The latest returns from New Hampshire,
place Governor Stearns' majority at about
1200. In the Senate there will he six
Republicans, four Democrats, one Labor
Reformet, and a vacancy. In the House,
the Republicans will have about fifty
Among the hills introduced in the
House of Representatives nt Harrisburg
on Monday, was one requiring the assess
ment of poll tax on colored men over 21
years of age, the same as on white, and
punishing election officers who rufu.se to
receive a legal colored vote.
A Strong-Minded woman in Indiana
chastised her husband with a kerosene
lamp the other day. Having forgotten to
blow it out before performing that painful
duty, the oil caught fire as the lamp broke
over his head, aud not only her husband,
hut the house, was burned up.
Horace Greeley has resigned tho edi
torship of tho New York Tribune. Mr
J. W. Simontou is his successor,
lias been for many years an agent of tile
New York Associated Press.
A Quicksilver utiue, discuvered in lior
ycur or two since, promises to prove
one of the richest in the world,
specimens of native ore already shipped
yi 1J between seveuty and eighty per cent,
of pure metal.
The passengers nnd crew of tho steam
ship Eagle, wreoked on Body Island, all
got safely ashore on Saturday and Sunday.
Some of them have arrived at Norfolk.
The specie on the steamer was saved, but
the vessel and cargo will be a total loss.
The United States Marshal writes from
Charloetown, West Virginia, that an organ
ized band of armed Ku-Klux entered the
in open daylight, ou the morning of
the 2d iustant, and advancing to the jail,
released all tho prisoners.
The Governor of Minnesota has vetoed
the Female Suffrage hill, passed by the
Legislature of that State, on the ground
that it submits the question to the women,
wlioare not legal voters, and that it is not
called for by public sentiment.
The Governor of Kentucky lias refused
to accept the resignation of Mr. Golladny,
Representative from that State, who be
came alarmed about tho churgo against
him for selling cadetships.
Miss Emma Janes lias vanquished fifty
one competitors for the State Educational
Diploma of California, and been elected to
a Professorship iu the University of the
Mr. S.
nco a
An Indiana pauperess, who was duly
prepared for burial, gave the remaining
inmates of the institution a fearful fright
by " coming to" and promenading in
grave clothes, during the stilly hours.
Mr. J. McLoary llrown, who
cretary of the Chinese .Embassy, has been
appointed Ambassador ad interim , in
place of the late Mr. Burlingame,
now in St. Petersburg.
In the Missouri Legislature, on Tuesday
night, the Constitutional amendment
tending the suffrage to women, was indefi
nitely postponed by a vote of 63 to 37
At Forest City, Arkansas, on Tuesday,
two business partners, named Pruett and
Ellsburg, got into a "difficulty," and the
former was shot dead. Ellsburg is in jail.
The Cuban General Quesada paid his
respects to the President on Wednesday,
in a brief interview, and then called upon
Secretary Fish.
Jeff. Davis is making a success in life
insurance. They say he took 500 policies
in three days in Huntsville, Alabama.
The Mechanics' Bank, of St. Louis,
sumod specie payment Thursday.
050,000 circulation.
Some of the merchants at Poughkeep
sie, N. Y. resumed specie payments on
Bishop Morris is writing in the New
York Methodist, on tho "unification" of
Two more victims of raw ham have died
at Bridgeport, supposed from trichina.
The Treasurer of Butler county, Ohio.
John C. Leudley, is supposed to be a de
faulter to the amount of 060,000
Tho monitor Miantonomab, now at Bos
ton, has been ordered to the West India
The construction of the Columbia and
Port Deposit Railroad will be commenced
was Be
He is
it has
Garibaldi's doctor gives hint six months
more to live.
It is understood to ho the opinion of
lending officials at the Treasury that gold
will Dot touch par or remain
at the present low rates,
hanking establishments refuse to sell gold
at the present quotations, hut buy all that
is offered.
The leading
Washington correspondents say the
leading men in different parts of ihc coun
try, as well as some of the hanks, are
urging the Secretary of the Treasury to
make arrangements at once for resuming
specie payments.
Boutwell is in a " huff"' nt the decision
of the Commerce Committee to lease the
Alaska seal fisheries to private companies.
ITancsvillc, Kent county, Md. on the 23rd
ult. Daniel Hanes, aged 64 ye irs and 9 days.
On the 3rd inst. nt the reside
cr-in-law, F. T. Ferry, near Odessa, Del. Miss
Snllie Thomas, daughter of the late John B.
Thomas, of Queen Anne's county, Md.
Oon the 4th instant, at her residence near this
town, Mrs. Maria Gallnhan, wife of the late John
W. Gallnhan, in the 81st y eai
In Port Penn, of scarlet fev
John Coates, and
ing, sons of Rev. R. E. and Ellen E. Allisou,
aged respectively six ami eight j-enrs.
In this town, on the 5th instant, Lydia Craven,
daughter of 1). L. and Lydia Dunning, aged 4 j
of her broth
of her age.
r, on the 1st inst.
the Gth inst. Hobart Sterl
" See Israel's gentle Shepherd stand
With all engaging Charms ;
Ilurk how he calls the tcuder lambs
And folds them in his arms."
Wheat, prime.
Corn, yellow, new,
" white "...
Oats, new.
Timothy Seed.
Clover Seed.
Chickens (dressed)
Pork, (dressed).
$1 25
5 50
.9 00
.22 ctg doz
45050 cts. lb
19^20 " "
1 5(g) 16 " "
19020 " "
[email protected] " "
15016 " "
22025 " "
19020 " "
018." "
500 GO busnul.
Prime new red wheat
$1 24 ©; 25
. 91 ©92
('orn, new yellow...
Gals (Pennsylvania)
.$4 74
Wheat, prime.
Corn, New.
$1 2001 25
$6 2509 00
To the Electors of Xew Castle County.
Citizens :—I offer myself to your
sidération for the office of SHERIFF of New Cas
tle County, subject to tlic nomiuation of Ute Dem
ocratic party. Respectfully yours,
New Castle nd. Jan. 22— tu
S HERIFFALTY.—To the Voters of the Dcnio
^ cratic Party of New Castle County :
—Encouraged by many friends I
induced to offer myself as a candidate for
nomination for Sheriff for ihe County of New
Castle, pledging myself to abide by the
tion of said Party and give my hearty si
the successful candidate. Respectfully,
New Casile Hd. Dec. 25—tf
pport to
228 MARKET STREET, 2nd Door below THIRD
Ready Made Clothing in Delaware,
Our Own Make, now cm lmnd, and will be sold
at less than Philadelphia Prices.
All our Clothing is made in Suj»erior
manner by
The Proprietor having au experience of over
thirty years iu this Business, will guarantee satij
fuctioii to any purchaser.
A full line of
Constantly on haud for
which will be made in the
At No. 228 Market Street,
.ÆST'The Oldest Established Clothing Emporium
in Delaware.
March 16— y
Edward Moore
Coughs and Colds. —At the present time when
so mauy persons are suffering from Throat and
Lung Diseases, they should bear in mind that
Hasson's Compound Syrup or Tar never fails in
curing Coughs, Colds, Hoarsness, Pain in the
Breast, Sore Tjiroat, Asthma and all diseases of
the Throat nnd Lungs. It is an excellent remedy
for Croup and Hooping Cough. No family should
be without it. Sold in Middletown at Dr. W. H.
Barr's Drug Store, for 5 ) cents a bottle.
k Landis, Proprietors, Philadelphia.
Nov. 20—3mos.
Hbavt Stock.—S amuel W. Roberts, hss now
on hand at bis Stove and Tin Warehouse, Middle
town, 125 StovcB, of all sizes and patterns, em
bracing Parlor Stoves, Heaters, Cook Stoves,
Ranges, Ac. Also, a large stock of Tin Ware
nnd housekeeping articles. He invites public at
tention to his large stock, which is unsurpassed
if equalled, by any store outside of the cities. '
20cta. Lard
Hogs, alive
Potatoes, round 35.
The above prices will be paid in cash for pro
duce delivered in good order ; and we wish to
say that we keep constantly on hand a good as
sortment of Groceries and Provisions wliicb wc
will sell reasonably for cash, at the Corner of
Broud and Anderson Streets, Middletown, Del. I
WB- Fresh Meat every daT '
March 20—tf JNOllAM A GIBSOV '
Chickens, dressed 14.
1 «,
20 .
A Valuabls Mortgage.— J. B. Boyle,
Esq. Clerk of the Circuit Court for this
county, reoeived for record last week a
very valuable mortgage, the United States
stumps upon which amount to $3,872. It
was given from tho Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad Company to John W. Garrett,
Johns Hopkins, and James Tinker, of
New York City, Trustees for tho Bond
holders of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail
road Company to Baring Brothers t Co.
agents for the bondholders in London.
The amount of the mortgage is £1)00,000
sterling, which at $4.84 of American gold
would be $3,872,000 in gold in London ;
to which, if 10 per cent, bo added for tho
cost of exchange, would amount to $1,
259,200 in gold in London. The mort
gage is required to be recorded in six
counties in Maryland and also in thirteen
counties in Virginia, in every county
through which the road passes, as well as
in the city of Baltimore .—Carroll County
Brndley, the convicted Broadway bond
robber, has gone to prison for five years
for stealing $$150,000 in United States se
Super Phosphate of Lime.
1870 .
Corn, Oats, Potatoes, Wheat & Grass,
As well as add to the fertility of your soil by a
judicious and economical mode of
Get the value of your outlay tho first season.
Obtain better filled ears and heavier grain.
Make your land permanently fertile.
Over sixlccn years of constant use, on all crops,
has proven that Baugh's Raw Bone Phosphaté
may he depended upon by Farmers.
^»-Highly Improved and Standard Warranted.
For sole by agricultural dealers generally.
Office-- No. 20 South Delaware
Philadelphia, pa.
A reime.
march 12—0m
Super Phosphate of Lime,.
Ammonia and Potash.
For Sale by nil Loading Dealers. .
A Perfect Fertilizer for all Crops.
O N account of the reduced cost of raw mate
rials, 1 am enabled to sell "Complete Ma
nure'' at u lower price, and by the aid of new
machinery, it is improved in condition, also iu
quality. Warranted free from adulteration.
II EX R J' BO WER , Manufacturing Clumist ,
Gray's Firry Road , Philadelphia.
This manure coutains all the elements of plant
food in u soluble form, containing as well, food
for giving lasting food to the soil.
Experience in the use of " Complete Manure"
by tlic best farmers of l'cnnsylvauiu, New Jersey
Delaware, Maryland, nnd of the New England
States, running through a period of three years'
trial, has resulted in confirming it to be the Beit
Fertilizer now offered for sale.
40 8. Delaware Avenue» Philadelphia» Pa.
ISO South Street» Haitimore» Maryland.
march 12—3in s k 3m f
J. & W. Jones,
No. 432 North Front Street, Philadelphia, Pa..
D YE Silks, Woolen and Fancj Goods of ev
ery description. Their superiority of dye
ing ladies' and gentlemen's garments is widely
known. Crape and Merino Shawls dyed the
most brilliant and plain colors. Crape and me
rino shawls cleansed to look like new.
gentleman's apparel, and curtains, cleansed or
redyed. Kid Gloves cleansed or dyed \o look
like new. Call aud look at our work before go
ing elsewhere,
march 12—2mos
TTAY nt Public Sale.—Will be
J--L sold at public sale, on Thursday, March
24»h, 1870, at 1 o'clock, i*. m. on the farm or Ro
bert Polk, in St. Georges Hundred, New Castle
oo. SIXTY TONS OF IIA F, by the ton. Con
ditions of sale—$25 and upwards a credit of six
months will be given, purchaser giving Bankable
Note with approved endorser; under $25, cash.
S. M. Enos, auc. ROBERT POLK,
march 12—21* JOSEPH EGEE.
OVER ÏOOO Pieces of well se
^ Iwcted
which I will sell at New York and Philadelphia
retail prices ; also a large variety of Borders to
8u,t - D. L. DUNNING.
march 12—tf
X\T ILL be received until the 17th instant by
, ? i he Commissioners of the Town of Middle
town, for Trimming, Cleaning and Lighting the
Town Lamps, for the year ending the first Ston
, ■ I .°/ March, 1871, all to bo done under and by
the direction of the Commissioners,
march 12—It
T™ ÎP.W* Election for Seven Directors of
-1- the Middletown Hall Company, to serve tho.
ensuing year, will be held in the Town Hall on
Monday next, the 14tli instant, between the hours
of 2 and 4 o'clock, P. M,
Middletown, Del. March JJ— U
For Sale or Rent.
fpHE Store and Dwelling in Middletown. Del.
J- now occupied as r Confectionery and Ba
kery, by the undersigned, at the corner of Main
and Cass streets, Possession given
March. Apply to
march 12—2t*
„ -
•ft'/llOA A year and expenses to agents tQ,
I u 4'.""'-' 8e ' 1 'be celebrated Wilson Sewing
Machine«. One machine without money. Fo*
' ,lir 'herparticulars, nddresa 25. N. 9th it. Phila.
the 25 of
J. B. Deaktnk,
Middletown, Del.
F 0 ,?, Ç* KT — The Photograph Saloon, in Mid.
u d L u *"' "P* 1 door to the Stove and Tin
House of Samuel W. Roberts
on the 25th of March. App|
march 12— 3 t
Possession given

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