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®ht (Dttiddlctoum transcript.
Maas Meeting lu the Town Hall,
A mass meeting of Democrats and all
others who oppose the misrule of the Rad
ical party in Congress, and their special
legislation iu behalf of the negroes, will
he held in the Town Hall, in Middletown,
on Saturday evening next, the 4th of
June, at 8 o'clock.
The meeting will be
addressed, upon the issues of the day, by
Hon. Michael C. Kerr, of Indiana.
Mr. Kerr is in Congress, and will be able
to expose more fully to the people the
plans and purposes of the dominant party
whose central and controlling power is lo
cated in the halls of that body. Let all
who desire to hear a calm, dispassionate,
hut earnest dismssiou of the topics of the
times, be present.
To Readers and Correspondents.—
The outer form, to-day, will be found
quite attractive. " The Sabbath Bell,"
nnd " Goiug a Maying," are two sweet
little gems of poesy.
Unburied Corse,'
The story of " The
is simply a narrative of
events which passed under the writer's
notice and observation, unembellished by
any drafts upon fancy. The story is not
the less thrilling, on that account, and
affords another illustration that truth is
stranger than fiction.
After a long silence, we arc pleased to
hear again from our esteemed correspond
ent in Savannah.
We hope to hear from
him more frcqucutly.
Our fair correspondent " Irene,
furnished us with a
graphic pen-and-ink
picture of good old St. Anil's, the fidelity
of which will be acknowledged by all who
havo trodden its hallowed prcciucts.
kuow of no lovelier spot, when bathed in
the golden sun light and balmy atmos
phere of a sweet June morning, than St.
The letter of " Dinah Badiner" is laid
aside, simply becuuse the subject has lost
its interest. We should he pleased to hear
from tho writer on other topics.
We have on hand a number of other
manuscripts, which shall have attention
in due time.
We have received from the National
Publishing Company, Philadelphia, ad
vance sheets of the second volume of Al
exander II. Stephens' great work on the
war, which will shortly be issued from the
press. This work is sold by subscription
only, and an agent is wanted in every
county. Address National Publishing
Company, 26 South Scveuth street, Phil
Well balanced beads—we do not mean
human heads, for few such are to be found
—but newspaper beads, with an equal
number of letters on each side of
propriate cut, like the Public Ledger, the
Public Record, The Sun, The Age, the
Middletown Transcript, for instance
tribute to the good appearance of
paper, and betoken a correct conception
of proportion.
nt! ap
a news
Judge Thurman, of Ohio, and Judge
Sharswood, of Pennsylvania, are looming
up on the political horizon, as democratic
candidates for the Presidency, in 1872.
They are both men of ability who would
confer honor and dignity upon the office,
and command the respect of the whole
" Lotiiair," the last novel from the
practiced pen of the Right lion. Benjamin
D'Israeli, is the latest sensation in the lit
terary world. It has been twenty-three
years since anything from the author's pen
was published, and the present work has
been written in the hours of relaxation
from his political duties.
Frank \V. Lynch, son of Amos W.
Lynch, Esq. of this vicinity, has become
the editor of the Cotton Plant, published
at Austin, Mississippi, succeeding T. J.
Woodson, who commenced the publication
of tie paper in September last. Wo wish
Frank abundant success in his new enter
Thomas Harvey was nominated on Sat
urday last, as the radical candidate for
Sheriff, of this county, and C. A. Wins
low for Coroner, both of Wilmington.
The negroes turned out in large numbers,
while comparatively few whites voted.
The ticket, therefore, is the ticket of tho
The municipal election, in Richmond,
1 a. Thursday, resulted in the success of
the Conseivutiva ticket by a large majori
ty. Tbc Conservatives nlBO have Norfolk.
Part No. 4, of Vincent's History of Del
aware, contains an account of the visit of
the Hollanders and the settlement of the
The Democratic nomination for Sheriff
and Coroner, w»U take place on Saturday
next, tho 4th of Juuc.
Tlie violence of tlie wind, yesterday af
ternoon. blew tl»c top off of one of tbc ears. |
Troc in,« in the Schools.— Mr. Woolmnn, of
Hie Frecdmen's Bureau, or the Bureau of Educa
tion, VO believe it is now culled, paid our town
nn official visit, on Monday lust. Complaint had
been made, by the female teacher of the colored
school, first, to Mr. Endue, teacher of the white
public school, and then to Esquire Walker, and
finally to Mr. Woolman, that certain pupils of
the public school had stoned her, w hile she was
passing the public school house, and also some
of tile colored pupils. Mr. Woolmnn called on
Mr. Lndue, at the public school, on Monday, and
stated the (.'found of complaint, giving to the
boys, at the same time, whose names had been
sent up to him, some advice as to propriety
conduct, Ac. Mr. Wilson, one of the Sch
Commissioners, called on Mr. Woolman, and
stated that the ground through which the avenue
to the public school led, belonged to the school
house lot, was not a public thoroughfare, and
had been opened only for the accommodation of
the school, and to save further trouble, if
jority of the board should agree with him, he
would go for closing it up. It has also been
said, by some of the girls atteuding the public
school, that they have been hustled from the side
walk, which is quite narrow, in tile vicinity of
the school house, by the tendier of the colored
school ami her pupils, the latter at times making
themselves further offensive by grimaces in pass
ing, and by running up on the steps of the school
house. We mention these reports, in justice to
all concerned without knowing anything of their
truth. A little forbearance
have prevented all difficulty.
a ma
ight, no doubt,
Ni ts to Ciuck. —A good practical joke is a
capital tiling, provided always it docs not in
volve too much capital to make it practicable to
indulge in such things ad libitum. We lmd a
in point, in Middletown, this week :
dclphia dealer who mokes frequent visits to Mid
and is always full of fun when he conus,
citizens, some months since,
to procure him several bushels of Indian Walnuts,
for a special purpose. The walnuts were bought,
in good faith, nnd expressed to the city ; but
city joker thinking, no doubt, the joke had bee
carried far enough, paid
the matter,
thought "it would
A Phila
called on
• of
further attention to
Our Middletown friend, however,
do to give up so, Mr.
Brown," nnd accordingly brought suit, on Mon
day last, before referees, (the defendant being
present,) for the amount of the purchase monev.
Judgment was given in his favor for $17.50, aud
the costs added, made the aggregate about $20 ;
a little too much capital even for a capital joke.
Our Philadelphian was considerably nonplussed,
at first, at this decision, hut concluded to laugh
it oil'as a good joke, even though it was at his
own expense, being plus the nuts, minus the $20.
The Peach Trade. —Quite a number of New
York commission men have visited this State,
within the past two weeks, extending their ac
quaintance among the j»each growers of the pe
ninsula, and inquiring into the shite of the crop
generally. We have heard of no sales, except to
the canners. It is reported that sales were made
at Dover, early in the season, when it was sup
posed the crop would be a heavy one, at 50 cents
per basket. No orchard could be purchased at
that rate now. An offer of ninety cents per bas
ket was made in this town, on Thursday last,
but refused. It is uow the opinion of experienc
ed men that prices will not rule below
per basket, and some have expressed the opinion
that they will go considerably above that figure.
It is conceded that the crop will fall much short
of the early estimate.
The Old Folks Concert, at Smyrna, says the
Herald, was a great success. The hall was filled
to overflowing, and everybody seemed to enjoy
themselves. The costume of tho olden time at
tracted much attention and produced no small
amount of merriment. The Old Folks feature
of the Concert to be given in Middletown, on
Wednesday evening, the 8th of June, will he
very attractive. No pains will he spared to get
it up artistically, and ns it will he a novelty here
it is expected that it will draw together
mense concourse to witness it. Some fine pie
ces are in process of rehearsal, among them, sev
eral highly popular comic songs, well calculated
to please. The price of tickets has been
duccd, so as to admit a gentleman und two lu
dies for one dullur.
to Land at Delaware City. —We hear
of a claim to property around Delaware City,
embracing about a thousand acres of highly im
proved land, on which commodious buildings
have been erected. The claimants reside, some
in New Jersey, one in.Manayunk Pa. and four in
this county. The progerty in question, it
is alleged, was sold for taxes, for a term of nine
ty-nine years, and the lease is about expired.
The claimants contend that the property
verts to the heirs of the original
e being taken to sift the matter thorough
ly, and if there is any ground of action the claim
will be put in suit.
The report mentioned last week, in the Mutual
Friend, that tho purchasers of several farms near
Delaware City, at good round prices, a few weeks
ago, had not complied with the terms, and tho
supposition that they meant to forfeit the pay
ments made on them, we understand is not strict
ly correct in all its details. An extension of fif
days was asked for, and granted by some of
the parties, hut refused by others. The railroad
to connect with Delaware City,
certaiuly he constructed.
Total Vote.
now re
owners. Mea
■c learn, will
The vote for Sheriff reached
4170, (without counting one precinct in Red Lion)
and was divided as follows: Harvev 1007, Arm
strong 773, Martin 693, Lewis G2o' Hukill 467,
Gem mill 205, Hagany 185, Griffith 115, Rianhard
78, Taylor GO, Chandler 53, Morrow 24. The
vote for Coroner stood as follows, with Red Lion
to hear from : Winslow 1414. Lacey 1255, Cur
ry 322, Draper 371, Zeblcy 299, Stewart 231.
The Democratic Association of White Clav
Creek Hundred, will meet at the Deer Park Ho
tel, Newark, Del. every Saturday evening at 7*
o clock, until the close of the campaign. Ar
rangements arc being made for a scries of Public
Meetings which will be addressed by some of the
most eminent and eloquent speakers of the
zticius S. Reed, a
■itli one arm
, 'ho lias
gained sonic notoriety here, recently, liy procur
ing tlic arrest of one of our citizens, was com
mitted to New Castle jail, on Thursday week, in
default ol $700 bail, to answer the charge of sel
ling to William Jones on the Darby road, near
Philadelphia, u horse and carriage, which lie hud
hired ut Owen Trainor a livery stable in Wil
t Tournaments are becoming popular in tbo
North. One was held at the Prospect Park Fair
Grounds, New York, on Tuesday, and another
is to be held nearer the city, soon. The knights
ol Maryland and Virginia, particularly distin
guished themselves. Ilurrv up the Warwick
Tournament, gentlemen. The queens of love
and beauty are waiting to bo crowned.
Tlie Republicans will lio'd an election next
Thursday afternoon, June 2nd. for delegates and
alternates to the State Convention, which will
meet at Dover, on the 0th proximo, to nominate
candidates for Governor and Cong
elections in tlie several Hundreds will he held
between tho hours of 3 and 5 o'clock, e
ross. The
. M.
.Some thief stoic three chickens from James
Smith, of this town, ou Saturday uipht last,
left hchiud hit» a hickory cane with
head. It was hoped that the cane might lead to
the identification of the thief, but the hone has
not yet been realized.
A Prince. —Mr. Wanamaker of Oak Hall, al
though hut thirty two years of age already ranks
among the merchant prince's of the country. He
does more business than any other
A regiment of troops stationed at Fort Delà
ware, were ordercd*to the Canadian border, on
\\ ednesday, by (Jen Meade, who has gone to the
dra"cnt r m'on&a 0n8eqUt ' nCS ° f the Fcni ""
ri w .1 a.™ i. vnj
StrawtmÄra;ÄÄ'imh'iÄ "
in the Academy yard, for the benefit of the Sab
bath School.
Ex-Sheriff Henry Pratt, of Smyrna, died at
the residence of bis son, ucar Clay tun, on Fridav I *
ofl«M neck. ' ' I
* .1
one man
The Strawberry Festival for the benefit of the
Smyrna Library will be held Thursday and Fri
day evenings of next week—2d nnd 3d proximo.
The Amphion Bnnd, of this town, will piny to
night ut the Klkton Opern. They «re also en
gaged to piny at West Chester, at the annual
Coinnieneement of Wm. F. Wyers' School,
the 23d of June.
The annual meeting of the Fruit G
sudation of Delaw
•era As
l nnd Maryland, will take
place at Odessa, on Saturday, 11th of June.
A Camp Meeting will bo held at the Camden,
Del. camp ground, commencing August 3 d and
closing on the 12th.
This is the lust night of the Towa Unit Festi
val. Give them u "benefit" Ibis c
(Xrrespondence oj (he Jlidtlltloun Trunterivt.
Smyrna, May 25th,' 1870.
Mu. Editor:—N ow that we bavo had
such a refreshing shower of rain, it ucems
possible to sit down comfortably aud col
lect one's thoughts. How new and clean
all vegetation looks in its spring attire of
delicate green, flecked hero and there with
lovely flowers !
The dust is all gone, the
pavements look clean and bright, and this
fine day has sent many out into the streets
fur fresh air and recreation.
Business seems pretty lively here
present. Merchants
were all busy selling
Saturday. Cannot say whether cash
sales or "peach sales." The chief topic
in business circles is "peaches," and many
are expecting to reap a golden harvest
from the luscious, blushing fruit. The
manufacture of baskets for shippiug
peaches is becoming quite popular hero.
There are three firms who are or will
shortly he engaged in it. - They will
ploy a number of meu and boys who
paid from 2J to 3J cents per basket. Ex
perienced hands can make from 60 to 80
per day.
In your last issue you state that
intend having an Old Folks Concert,
yours succeeds as well as ours you will he
repaid. It was decidedly one of the best
entertainments of the kind,
twenty performers who were dressed in
the costumes of a century or less ago, and
so complete was the disguise that it
difficult to. recognise the faces of friends
under powdered hair, high caps and spec
tacles. The music was very .fine, con
sisting of quartettes, duettes, solos and
cborusses. They entertained the audience
about two hours, and the unbounded
plause evinced great delight.
The next thing on the tapis is a straw
berry festival'tbr the benefit of the Library.
This will be a pleasant as well as a profit
able affair; for the ladies of this town
know how to make festivals a success.
The spirit of improvement must he
asleep, or dreaming, as I see no build
ings in progress at present. Perhaps she
has left town for the summer; having had
such a brilliant career a few months ago.
It may be that she is resting at the
"Plains," a large farm, six miles from
Greensboro, owned liy Mrs Bourne, of
Boston. This lady is said to bo worth
several millions, and is spending some of
her income by erecting handsome and
costly buildings on this her maiden proper
ty. Having been there a few weeks ago
I will give you a short description of the
The land well deserves the
Plaius, for it is very level,
tre of the farm the buildings are located ,
and consist of a mansion with front, 85 ft!
by 30 ft. depth ; and a wing 45 by 21 ft.
It contains 21
There wore
name of
Near the eon
rooms, 2 largo halls, 2
stairways and has beautiful porches back
and front, above and below, and cost $26,
000. A few yards back of this stands the
overseer s house. It is nearly square, be
ing 54 by 68 ft. contains 14 rooms, a large
hall 12 feet wide, 2 stair-ways and porch
es above and below, cost $22,000. These
houses are frame, built of wood carefully
selected so as to bave few or no knots
1 he floors and weather-boarding are both
double. Every part is built in the most
substantial manner ; of tho best materials.
Reside these two, there is a gardener's cot
tage, two cottages for bands, a wash-house,
-house and dairy, making in all quite
a hamlet. She has also erected a lar<*c
barn and stables 45 by 84 feet, cribs and
granary 45 by 34 feet, sliccp-housc 06 by
16 feet, nnd cow stable 120 by 40 feet
The whole will cost about $70,000. It is
supposed there are not such buildings
those on this peninsula.
Mrs. Bourne is
travelling in Eu
rope.. She has several daughters married
to princes in Germany and France and is
t isiting them. She has adopted a grand
son, to whom ( it
leave the bulk of her
supposed,) she will
I would like to describe the "Plains"
in detail ; but want of time forbids.
\ our hall festival is in progress to-nigbt,
aud I vc no doubt the berries and cream
are tempting many a well filled wallet.
May you have abundant success is the
siucere wish of your
î ■
It is now reported that Espartero will
accept the crown of Spain. This disting
uished citizen was dismissed from the
Ministry by Queen Isabella in
Immediately insurrections in his name
broko out at. Madrid, Barcelona and Sara
gossa, but Espartero took no part in them,
and tho next year resigned tho office of
Senator, since which time be has been en
tirely out of the circle of political combi
nations. This fact is in his favor at the
present time, as it removes him from the
circle of clique manifestations. But tho
roup detat in Portugal, may have some
effect upon the views of parties in relation
to a candidate for tho throne of Spain. That
an Iberian union is contemplated is be
yond question. Portugal seems preparing
for the change, and the friends of this
movement in Spain, will naturally wish to
see a »nan in supreme authority there,
who will favor their side of the issue
should it arise.
rri • i
J " erc 18 danger of a row, it is said, be
tween Great Britain and the United States
011 uecoul ' t the cod aud mackerel fisher!
men ' A law of Canada authorizes Brit
£ fisheries* '^to'îro^^o a" , * 1,C P r0teUtion
. " H,lcr,es * to go on board any vessel
within any harbor of Canada, and remain
there, or order her to leave ; and if she
delays to sail, after such notification, for
twenty-four hours, she may be seized.
^hc first British officer who tries it on any
* au kce nsning smack, will be thrown
overboard, and then trouble will begin.
Matters are becoming
more and more complicated in these
neighbors of Napoleon's, Spain and Port
COL., IV IL 31 Ell
A correspondent of the Sussex Journal, writin"
from Monmouth county, N. J. savs " A Delà"
warean lias been figuring rallier conspicuously
here during the past two or three years. 1 nl
lude to Colonel Wilmcr, Ex-Provost Marshal of
vour State. 1 believe this gentleman's pubic la
bors during the war, began at Wilmington Del
and ended at Albany, N. Y.
Soon after the President of the U. S. relieved
him from duty at the public institute at the lat
ter place, where I have been informed the Colo
nel showed great proficiency in the manufacture
ol paint brushes, he was elected President of the
" Manhattan Prick Company," whoaftyard is a
halt mile from this town, and on the 'henk of a
branch of the Raritan Ray. Business progressed
well, and the Colonel prospered so well that lie
finally bought out the Company nnd "ran the
machine" himself, until last summer, when ho
suspended payment and took the bankrupt net.
About this time the Colonel was attlicled will,
of those remarkable losses of memory, that
so often a filleted him in the Provost-Marshal's
office. There, 1 believe, lie received money,
clothes, Sc. from the substitutes to send home to
their friends, hut forgot to do so ; hence his visit
to Albany. Here he sold a certnin lot of bricks
to a man and received near §1300, in payment
but entirely forgot the circumstances and sold the
sumo bricks to another party,
therefore arrested
The Colonel was
•tion of trover mid
conversion of property and lodged in the county
jail at Freehold. After a few days, several gen
tlemen entered a bond for his appearance for trial
at the April term. The Colonel made his appear
ance hut his case was not reached, and as lie was
very dissipated in his habits (he is not a member
of church any longer) his bondsmen bee
lartned nnd lie was again placed in the custody
of the Sheriff, and at the time I now write our
lamented Ex-Provost-Mnrshul is uicditnling in
jail. A friend of mine called on him a few days
ago and enquired if he could do anything for
him. He said he guessed not, unless lie could
bring him a bottle of whiskey.
« ... - ,. * - Tl» n occupants
of the jail at # this time consist of Col. Wilmcr
Their cells open in the same
and five negroes,
little yard, and they all go out to sun and exer
cist* themselves together.
the information of our pic-nic friends
however, 1 will state that the Colonel's cell is a
miserable dirty little hole, nnd I should think
quite as uncomfortable ns the hay-loft
horse-stab lea at Fort McHenry.
over the
A strnngo tragedy is reported from
North Carolina. On Saturday last J. W
Stevens, an ex-State Senator, attended a
public meeting tn the town of Yancyville,
and ns lie did not return to his family i„
the evening, search was made in every di
rection throughout the night without avail.
On Sunday morning the search was re
slimed, and after looking everywhere else
the Court-house was ransacked. The
keys to all the private and jury rooms
were found except one, and that
was locked. The door was burst open and
Mr. Stevens was found dead, dangling
from a beam, with a rope around his neck
and his clothing saturated with blood, A
deep gash in his breast showed that he
had been stabbed to the heart, and
other wound showed that the
, assassin's
dagger had penetrated the unfortunate
victim's throat.
It is supposed that he was inveigled into
the room by his assassins, on the plea of
business, and then foully murdered. No
clue to tho perpetrators of tho bloody deed
has yet been obtained. The people of all
political opinions express great regret at
this horrible occurrence, and active efforts
are being made to ferret out the murder
lhc y get-up sonic queer things around
Sen ford. J lie Pcninsu'ar Hecord, prints
the following item : Mrs Cntehrine Elli
good, of this town is the fortunate owner
of a " lame Duck ' common species, which
laia a nest full of oggs, precisely the
shape and form of gourds, with handle
2 to 3 inches long with the exact curve
and form of a common gourd. Beat this
1 cninsular for " strange freaks iu nature."
1 he Record also says, a uobin, almost
entirely white, has made for the lust five
or six years, her annual visits to this towu,
for the purpose of rearing her young. The
people havo become so accustomed to these
visits that they look with apparent anxiety
for her arrival.
i lie editor of the Boston Evening Times
although a Republican, is unequivocal in
his criticism of the obstructionists in Con
gicss. In Tuesday evening's issue he
says "there never was a period since the
Declaration of Independence when the peo
ple at large were so dissatisfied with their
representatives iu Congress, or so deter
mined to mark their great displeasure em
phatically when opportunity shall come."
And the dissatisfaction and determination
grow apace.
That story of "tho great snake hunt in
Ohio," where 13,983 snakes
in the tall
were burnt
prairie grass, in an aroa of
twenty acres, has gone the rounds of the
newspaper press unchallenged. The Ma
rion Ohio Mirror, which journal got up
the story, is now entitled to tho belt
tho champion story teller. -
stories of tho " big birds " seen in the
west, all hollow.
It beats the
e have been credibly informed,
Centreville paper, that there
says a
are arrange
ments on foot with a fair prospect of suc
cess for running a train on the Q. A. &
K. R. R. from Townsend to Sudlersville,
the present terminus of the road, at an
early date; also, that operations will be
resumed ere long for the completion of the
road to Centreville, by the end of the
present year.
Stuikk Fon Higher Wages.—T he
hands at work grading the railroad below
Laston struck
Monday for higher wa
r Ihe work will be discontinued until
the terminus of the road is fixed, and the
hundred men lately at work on it can now
turn their attention to agriculture.
Wc publish the following ns a compan
-piecc for something similar ou tho first
r J ho Chemquasnbamlicook River
flows into Lower Umsakis Luke between
ITpcr Pataquongomts and AVallahgosqur
gamook Lakes.
page :
Valuable.— Mr. Nathan Shipley, who
resides near Warfieldsburg, lias a valua
ble brood marc. She is not ten yenrs old
yet, and her colts have realized $570.
^ Much excitement still prevails in San
b rancisco about the silver mines of New
Mexico, which arc said to be the richest
in the world.
Despatches from Canada report tv disas
trous fire in Quebec
on Tuesday, which
destroyed five or six hundred bouses and
two ships.
President tirant has issued a procla
tion, stating that sundry illegal military
enterprises and expeditions are being set
on foot in this country against the tiov
ernnient and people of the Dominion of
Canada. He warns all good citizens of
the United States against aiding, abetting,
or countenancing the same, and notifies
those who take part in such movements,
that by so doing they forfeit all right to the
protection of the Uovermcut of the United
States, or to its interference in their be
Thc proclamation closes by enjoin
ing all officers in the service of the United
States to exert themselves to prevent and
defeat these unlawful proceedings, and to
arrest and bring the offenders to justice.
The movement of Fenians towards Can
ada continues, and it was thought that
several thousand raiders would be concen
trated at St. Albans on Tuesday night.
Pigeon Hill, in Canada, opposite Frank
lin, Vt. which is supposed to bo an objec
tive point, is defended by a strong Cana
dian force. It is stated that the U. S.
steamer Michigan, has been stationed to
to protect the Welland Canal.
A Chicago despatch says that an agent
of Kiel, named Perreau, arrived there on
Saturday last, it is believed for consulta
tion with Gen. O'Neill. The Chicago
Fenians are represented to discountenance
any lied Hiver movement, regarding it as
fool-hardy and dangerous. It is stated,
however, that O'Neill is bent on a lied
River movement, and that 1000 equipped
Fenians, from California, are to join him.
The Fenians made their entree into
Canada, on Wendesdny, near St. Albans,
Vermont. A fight took place at Pigeon
Hill, between two or three hundred Fe
nians and a body of British troops, in
which the Fenians were worsted, having
three killed, tien. O'Neil was arrested
in the house of Alva Richards, about i>0
rods this side of the line, by U. S. Mar
shall Foster, taken to St. Albans, and
thence, in default of $'.10,000 bail, con
ducted to Burlington prison. His follow
ers are greatly demoralized. Four
uients of Fenians, under Lieutenant Colo
nel Cleary, advanced on Huntington,
Thursday, and occupied the town.
Cabral's revolution in Sun Domingo is
gaining adherents, the people believing
that annexation to the United States is a
hoax. It is believed there that the ratifi
cation of the treaty witli the United States
will restore order. Judge O'Sullivan has
arrived at San Domingo in connection
with the subject of annexation.
A large vat, filled with benzine, in
Heed's kid glove cleaning establishment,
in Charlestown, Massachusetts, exploded
on Friday night, the 20th inst. blowing
out the rear wall and setting fire to the
building, which
was totally destroyed ;
also a stable and an unoccupied dwelling
adjoning. Loss $15,000.
'J ho Washington Republican says :
" Miss Kate V. Jennings, a quadroon,
has been appointed a clerk in the Fourth
auditor's office. This is the first colored
appointment among the lady clerks in the
Treasury Department." À white woman
was turned out to make room for this
Thirty soldiers of the sapper corps at
West Point, New York, have deserted on
account of harsh treatment from tliei
géant. A number of poor people havo
joined iu their pursuit for the sake of the
reward of $50 offered for each deserter re
A list of three hundred and fifty collec
tors of internal revenue lias been sent by
the Secretary of tho Treasury to the
House of Representatives who are said to
be in arrears to tho Government.
r fur
of the eases, tn which suit has been ordered,
amount to about $3,000,000.
The Mexican Minister is greatly annoy
ed at tho language used in the report
deinning President Juarez for his partici
pation in the smuggling frauds
frontiers, and calls for' a modification of
the same; the Committee don't seem dis
posed to cat their words.
A memorial has been sent to the United
States Senate bv John War
Oil our
ren, claiming
to be a naturalized citizen, praying for
redress for alleged imprisonment and ill
treatment during two years by the Gov
ernment of Great Britain.
A most brutal murder was perpetrated
near London, England, on Monday night,
of a family or five persons, consisting of
a father, mother sister-in-law and two
There are thirty-two daily newspapers
published in New York city, six in Ger
man, two in French, one Scandinavian,
and tho rest in English. These dailies
print 222,000,000 sheets annually, and
their receipts are about $8,700,000.
The London Observer regards tho clos
ing by the United States government of
the St. Marie Canal to the Red River
expedition as an act of studied unfriend
The murderer has not yet been
Anna Dickinson's leeture at Saginaw,
Michigan, for the benefit ol the Home of
the Friendless, resulted, after paying her
$200 for the lecture, in tho Home receiv
ing $10.25.
It is said that Gen. Grant's family will
go to Long Branch early iu June, aud
that the President will spend the greater
part of the month there.
It has been proposed in the Corps
Legislatif, Paris, to reduce the salaries of
its members fifty per cent. They
ceivc thirty thousand francs each.
A tremeudous storm visited Hunterdon
county, New Jersey, on Saturday night
last, causing the destruction of houses,
barns, stables, fences, orchards, &c. and
killing horses and cows.
The florist who succeeds in producing
a blue dahlia can take the £20,000 prize
deposited in the Bank of England by
enthusiastic botanist.
It is stated that the property qualifica
tion required of naturalized citizens in
ltliodc Island deprives about 15,000 of
them of the franchise.
Six Chinese companies of San Francisco
have drawn up a circular for distribution
in China, discouraging the emigration of
Chinese to the United States.
Bennington, Vt. importing colored girls
from Virginia for house servants. Twen
ty-fivc arrived last week.
now re
The Canadian authorities
active measures for defence.
are taking
Notices under this head 10 cts. a line for each insertion.
W. M. Kennard, 806 Market Street,
Wilmington, has one of the finest assort
ments of black silks ever offered in that
market, composed in part of fine black
Gro de Rhine, $1.00, Gro Grain $1.37&,
extra $1.50, Taffeta $1.50 and $1.7**,
Superior Gro de France $1.75 and $*2.00
grand Cachemire de Amérique at $*2.50,
very heavy and beautiful, same goods now
selling in nearly every city at $3.00, also
a fine line of the fashionable Japanese and
Pongee Silks, in all shades, from $1.00
to $1.25 per yard. And probably the
most extensive variety of new dress fabrics
to be found in any one store south of New
York. Selling for one price enables this
house to offer many inducements to Cash
Sprague's Pacific Jaconet, French
Lawns; and Organdies—new styles and
colors, 15, 20, and 25 cents per yard.
French Grenadines, 40, 50, and 62^ cts.
per yard, at John A. Reynolds & Sons'.
Wheat, prime.
Corn, yellow,
" white
Oats, new.
Timothy Seed.
Clover Seed...
Chickens (dressed)
Pork, (dressed).
$1 35
i oo
7 50
20 cts doz
25 cts. $ lb
19 m, 20 " "
15 0 1 G " "
19020 " "
19020 " "
1501 G " "
2 " "
..18020 " "
..15016 " "
400 50$ bushel.
Prime new red wheat
new yellow.
Oats (Pennsylvania).,
$1 3001 32
..Î 0901 10
$8 03
$4 74
NYlieat, prime
....SI 2501 35
. 1 10
....$G 7500 50
^•ST-Tlic Great Original Chk.ai* John, i
open out at No. 1 Town Hall (late hank room)
Monday Evening, the 30th of May.
g used iu housekeeping,
ware, bools and shoes,
indow shades, glasswar
&e wholesale
• sold i
ile will sell
dry goods,
carpets, oil
*, table and
d retail,
r\ Look
pocket cutlery, &
at the lowest prit
out for him.
liy .1.
of Diseases of the
hue and Ear (his speciality) in the Medical Colleyr
>>t Philadelphia , 13 years experience , (ft
den, Holland,) N
timonials can he seen at his office
died to accomimti
TA Bill I treated
itli the utmost suit
Isaacs. M. D. and Frol
*rlv of
'lie med
8u5 A rcli street.
■nl faculty arc
s lie has
secrets in his prac
itliout pain. N
ilieial eyes inserted
ftpr 15—ly.
fur examination.
228 MARKET STREET, 2nd Door below THIRD
Ready Made Clothing in Delaware,
Our Own Make,
at less than Philadelphia Prices.
Clothing is made in Superior manner by
lmnd, and will be sulil
The Proprietor having
thirty years in this Busiue
faction to any purchaser.
A full line of
experience of over
ivill guarantee satis
vill be nmde in the
At No. 228 Market Street,
i^S^The Oldest Established Clothing Emporium
in Delaware.
hand for
V hi eh
March 1G— y
Edward Moore
To the Electors of New Castle Countjj.
Fei.i.ow Citizens :—I oiler myself to vour con
sideration for tlie office of SHERIFF of New Cas
tle County, subject tn the nomination of the Dem
Rcspectfully yours,
New Castle lid. Jan. 22—tn
ocratic party.
S HERIFFALTY.—To the Voters of the Demo
eratic Party of New Castle County :
Gentlemen Encouraged by many friends I
induced to offer myself as a candidate for
nomination for Sheriff for the County of New
Castle, pledging myself to abide by the nomina
tion ol said Party nnd give my hearty support to
the successful candidate. Respectfully,
., _ Wm. II. LAMBSON.
New Cnsile Hd. Dec. 25—tf
—To the Democratic Voters
kJ of New Castle County :
Gentlemen :
sidération ns a
I again offer myself to your con
fxr ,, candidate for the office of Sheriff
vr.i Cll8l,e County, subject to the nomination
ot the Democratic party, and hereby pledge
self to give to the successful nominee a '
support. Respectfully,
White Clay Creek Hundred, May 28—tn
B utter
Chickens, dressed 14.
20ct8. Lard
I Gets.
Hogs, alive lo.
Potatoes, round 35.
The above prices will be paid in cash for
duec delivered in good order ; and
say that wc keep constantly on hand a good as
sortment of Groceries nnd Provisions which we
will sell reasonably for cash, at the Corner of
Broad and Anderson Streets, Middletown Del.
March 20—tf Wm. Z. GIBSON.
10 .
12 .
we wish to
B ISHOP'S ANIMAL POKE-a new article;
call and sec it at EVANS'.
T I1E subscriber, the original
begs leave to announce that he will serve Pure
Boston lee the ensuing season to all w ho mny de-'
sire it, and asks a liberal patronage from all.
He has served you long nnd often, and has
never made ten dollars clear on his ice. His
price list for the present Season will be as fol
lows, nnd lie assures yon 1 it is ns low as he cun
sell, and you must not complain.
$1 50 per hundred by the lid. in Middletow
2 00 " " " h " outside of 11
2 cts. per lb. for less than 100 lbs. in Middletow
" 11 11 11 " 11 " outsideof 11
,l ' ' 10 lbs. every
may 28—3m
T u i>r.Ai.Ki<s in BASKETS, PEACH
GROWERS, and all persons using or sell
ing Baskets.
1 wish to call attention to a new article, made
a new principle—being the lightest, and best
Baskets in the market. Call or send for samples
Baskets or any size or weight made to order
Address C. B. ROGERS,
133 Market street, Philadelphia,
Agent for Manufacturers.
Also, Berry Baskets and Crates of the most ap
proved patterns. [may 28 Ini
Good Orchards of Peaches
Offered during the ensuing season,
in os
may 28
Fruit Growers' Association
Of Drlawarr asd Maryland
Will be held at the Hotel of Wm. T. Chance.
Odessa, Del.
On Saturday, June 11th, 1870,
)'clock, I». m. A8 business of import
ill come before this meeting, it is honed
there will he a full attendance.
at 1
1). COR BIT, President,
Odessa, Del. May 28—tin
Smyrna Times,
and Republican,
town, copy twice,
Delawarean, WiL Commercial
Transcript and News, Chestcr
and send hill to Secretary.
Commission Merchants
Pearlies, Penri, Stru nberrles,
Nos, 309 nnd 370,
Centre Ave. W. Washington Market,
Townsend, Del. New York.
New York.
an send, Esq. Townsend, Del.
Don. Benjamin T. Biggs, ,St. Georges, Del.
. J. Grill!th, Sassafras, Md.
Dr. George B. Dennis, Kenton, Del.
Hon. Judge Houston, Milford, Del.
B. A. Frazier, Sassafras, Md.
Samuel Townsend. Jr. Canterbury, Del.
M. S. Carman, Sassafras, Md.
J. C. Van
may 28—linos.
Saniuel T
dyke, \ andyke »Station, Delaware.
Send for self-measurement circular.
may 28-tf 410 Market st. Wilmington, Del.
A use the Remedy prepared at
may 28—lrn
-L destroying Bed Bugs, Roadies, Ac. and
never .fail. For sale at
Cham bf.rl a in k' s A uothecarv .
may 28—lm
Dissolution Notice.
rpilE CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing
J- under the name of INGRAM A GIBSON is
dissolved by mutual consent, and Wm.
/. Gibson is authorized to settle the business of
the firm. Perdons having claims against the
firm will present them at once, and those indebt
ed to the firm will please make prompt payment
Middletown, Del. May 13, 1870.
The undersigned will continue the
at the old stand, on Broad street. His store will
always be supplied with Groceries, Crackers,
it »'• jC?n, Ac. and Vegetables and Fruits of
nil kinds in season. He hopes for u continuance
of the favors heretofore bestowed on the old firm
may 18—3\v
To the Democratic Voters of New Castle Cqunty.
Eellow-Citizkn b: —At the earnest solicitation
of my friends, 1 offer myself ns a candidate for
the nomination of Coroner of New Castle County,
and hereby pledge myself to support the success-'
ful nominee of the Democratic Party.
St. Georges lid. March 2G, 1870—tn.
To the Democratic Voters of New Castle Co.
Fellow Citizens :-At the earnest solicitation,
of my friends I again offer myself as a candidate
for the nomination of Coroner of New Castle Co.
and am thankful to my friends for the support
they gave me at the last nomination election, and;
pledge myself to abide tlie decision of the party
Delaware City, Feb. 5—tn
Boarding Wanted.
A LADY desires bonrd for 3 or 4 months, for
herself, and son, (12 years of age) in a re
spectable family, on a farm or in u country vil-.
Inge. Address (stating terms)
may 21—2t
Care of Pbil'a. Nat. Bank.

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