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3Hw JRiddlctouni Süransmpt.
DlmtlifMtlo« Among the Republicans.
The Republican» of this State are not
in harmony. Dissatisfaction exists as to
the result of the last nominating conven
tion at Dover.
Tko Smyrna Times
iMiji :—
Dr. Jump's name was presented by a
large majority of Kent, to whom the
ination was fairly and honestly conceded,
was supposed, but really upou the
dition that the candidato presented by the
New Castle delegation should be accepted.
It is useless lo ignore tile fact that the
result lias caused great dissatisfaction in
Kent and Sussex, especially the form
To Kent was conceded the nomination by
the New Castle Delegation ; prodded Mr.
Causey should be the
But the Kent delegation finding that
they were ignored in their wishes and that
no concessions would be made them, in
short, that the Convention was packed for
Mr. Coursey, withdrew the name of Dr.
Jump from the contest. The Kent
delegation must not be Understood as insist
ing upon the nomination of Dr. Jump;
nor as presenting any factious opposition
■V to Mr. Coursey, for whom as « gen
tleman and Republican they have naught
but the highest regard.
The course of the New Castle delegates
iu thus taking control of the party and
setting aside the standard-bearers in Kent
will, to say the least, create a general
apathy among the Republicans or Kent
and Sussex, unless some
compromise is
The directors of the Elkton and Massey's
Railroad were to have mot at Elkton,
Tuesday lust, to devise a plan to raise a
subscription sufficient, with the addition
of tho 58,000 granted by the State, to
put tho road under contract, aud to have
it finished in twelve or eighteen months.
If this hnd been done in the first instance
instead of dancing attendance, cap in hand
at tho doors of the Baltimore Council
Chamber, the enterprize might have been
much further advanced. An active
vassing committee might obtain individu
al subscriptions in Baltimore, but there
was tho slightest prospect of getting
aid from the city government,
blind policy of Baltimore has suffered tho
trade of this peninsula to he diverted from
her, and she deserves it.
®ver regain it. She may do something,
however, for the convenience of those de
sirous of trading with her, by aiding this
connection with Elkton.
howover by individual subscription,
the directors have seen, by this time, that
this is the only way to raise the money to
construct the road. Let them address
themselves to the work before them with
becoming energy, if they would succeed.
The pur
Nor can she
It must be done
Greely utters, through the Tribune,
indignant protest against the admission of
IVhittcmore to his seat in Congress from
which he
was expelled for selling cadet
ships, but lately re-elected by his black
constituency. In this connection the Tri
bune points to the working of negro suf
frage coupled with the disfranchisement
of the whites, and pronounces it
graceful." The fruits of negro suffrage
thuB early bitter to the lips of the great
philosopher of tho Tribune, are yet des
tined to become as wormwood to all those
who like himself assisted i
" dis
the grafting
of this Upas bud upon the stock of
Tree of Liberty.
How IT Wokks.— Elections for delegates
held by tho Republicans in I'hila
delphia, ou Tuesday. The Ago says the
"Ring" roughs and the negroes had it all
their own way, to the exclusion of the
more respectable part of the Republicans.
At a majority of the polls it was danger
ous for a white man to appear who
not endorsed either by the "Ring" or
some prominent negro. If he attempted
to vote personal violence followed,
few cases occurred where old citizens, tax
payers and property holders, were insulted
and driven from the polls by drunken
groes, cheered on by ruffians in the pay
of the " Ring."
Not a
Tlic President's Cuba message, bas been
severely eonsured in the House, by Gen.
Banks and others. It was characterized
"ill timed, impertinent and disrespect
ful," thus to obtrude advico upon Con
gress pending the consideration of
sure in that body,
mation to the Cubans to lay down their
, arms and submit to the despotic rule of
Spain. Tlie authorship of the message is
nttributed to lion. Caleb Cushing, and
the fact was alluded to in debate, in terms
humiliating to the President's friends,
while the floor and the galleries applauded.
It is denied, however, that Mr. Cushing
«rote tho message.
Oen. It. City Crawford, it is announc
ed, intends to start a Republican paper in
Cbestertown, about tho middle of July.
If Gen Orswford has moro money than
lie wants, he is adopting a good plan to
get rid of it.
The farmers in Queen Anne's county,
Md. commenced catting their white wheat
qn Tuesday last. The wheat crop on this
peninsula is greatly damaged by the ruBt
md stab.
a mca
It is called a procla
Hitchcock*« Analysis of thé Bible.
Our town is now being canvassed for
this great and labor-saving work in the
study of the Bible, by the agent for this
county, Mr. W. Wallace Wood.
It comes strongly recommended both by
the Pulpit and the Press, from all parts
of the country.
From testimonials from our clergymen
and others, published below, too much
cannot bo claimed for it. We have
amined the work aud find it to be
plcte guide to the study of the Bible,
is economy to purchase such a work, as it
fills the place of six books, containing the
Holy Bible, topically arranged; Cruden's
Concordance, Life of Christ, History of
the Jews, Pronouncing and Interpreting
Dictionary, History of the Bible, Diction
ary of lleligious Denominations in the
World, &o. &c. An Alphabetical Index
of subjects enables the reader to turn read
ily to any subject desired, when all the
verses of the Biblo bearing
will be found. Mr. Wood will call
a com
the subject
citizens and take pleasure in showing
the work.
We bespeak for it a large sale.
Read the testimonials :
. Middletown, Del. June 3, 1870.
I am well acquainted with Dr. Hitchcock's ..
putation and ability, and have full confidence in
the work which lie has prepared, entitled "Com
plete Analysis of the Holy Bible," and commend
it to those who would study intelligently the Sa
cred Scriptures. John Patton,
Pastor of the Forest Presbyteriun Church.
Middletown, Del. June 2, 1870.
Without hesitation I heartily commend IJitch
ork, as a most complete analysis of the
II Colclazer,
Pastor of M. E. Church.
cock a
Rectory Saint Ann's Church ,
Mideletown, Del. June 3, 1870.
Prof. Hitchcock's work, " New and Complete
Analysis of the Holy Bible," needs no recom
inundation nt my hands. It seems to he complete
in every particular, and must he a valuable aux
iliary both to the student, and the ordinary
reader of the word of God.
John Collins McCabe, D. D.
Princeton, N. J. March 1, 1870.
Hitchcock's Analysis of the Bible is executed
with great care, and fully accomplishes the cud
designed by it. It is fitted to give valuable aid
to all who would search the Scriptures, and
know what they say on all topics, doctrinal and
practical hearing on the faith and duty of man
kind. Rev. James McCash, D. D.
President of New Jersey College.
Saint Georges, Del. April 21, 1870.
The value of Hitchcock's Analysis cannot be
over estimated. I commerid it to those who would
study the Bible and know what it contains.
Rev. D. J. Beale,
Pastor of St. Georges Presbyterian Church.
Fur the Middletown Transcript.
Mr. Editor; —In looting over the last
number of your valuable paper, my eye
fell upon a long list of names of very wor
thy gentlemen formerly of the old Whig
party, now holding or who have held office
under the Democratic party. I do not re
fer to the matter but from the purest of
motives, and to correct au important omis
your list, and furnish you with
such names as presented themselves to my
mind. On looking over the publication
the most important omission is the name
of Dr. Wm. Burton, Ex-Governor of the
State. I will now come nearer home, (St.
Georges Hundred,) and present tho names
of throe Road Commissioners—William
Wood, Martin E. Walker, and Henry
Clayton, Esqrs. Tho two latter are the
present incumbents. John Enos ran for
Assessor in same hundred, but was defeat
ed. I have no doubt there are hundreds
in the btate, if the matter was properly
investigated, and I hope that other editors
different parta of tho State will take the
matter in hand and make the record com
plete, not with a view to discriminate
against such worthy gentlemen, but to
show to the world that tho Democratic
party is not only able but willing to ap
preciate merit and qualification wherever
found, either in original Democrats or in
good conservative gentlemen of other par
ties unitiug themselves with the party.
In conclusion,
that names are
Sion in
sir, permit me to say,
nothing; they are as fleet
ing as the morning dew, while principle,
underlie the foundation of nil things and
are as lasting as the eternal hills, without
which governments totter and tumble to
pieces like ropes of sand, which I fear i
too true a picture of onr own present
vernment. Yours Truly,
For the Middlttoicn Transcript.
Mr. Editor :—As Peaches and Peaclt
Baskets are almost the only topics of
versation iu all circles, now-a-days, and as
all are anxious in regard to the shipment
ot Peaches aud the return of Baskets, but
some make no effort on their part for the
security of either, but depend solely upon
their neighbors to secure transit of fruit
and return of their empties, and are con
stantly annoying those who look after their
own matters; to all such I would say that
the Association meets at Dover, on Tues
day next, the 21st inst. let them step for
ward to the captaiu's office and take a tic
ket for Dover, on that day, and I will
guarantee that they will hear tho Basket
b usines ventilated to their heart's content
And if they do not see proper to aid the
Association by uniting themselves with it,
they can enjoy a scat in the lobby and ob
tain iuch information as they desire with
out paying for it. Peach Grower.
: mi
A Chicago despatch reports that the
Ute Indians, hitherto friendly, threaten
war, and that Colorao, the chief who went
to Washington and received medals from
Andrew Johnson, has been killed by his
braves for advising peace. The Utes are
said to have 10,060 fighting men. Many
stock farmers along tlie Kansas Pacific
route are migrating, fearing hostilities.
There appears to have been intense ex
Tuesday at tho Capitoline
grounds, New York, at tho match game
of base ball between the Atlantics and the
citeinent on
Red Stockings. The former won in 8 to
7. There were 10,000 persons present.
The funeral of Mr. Diekens took place
on Tuesday in London. It was of the
plainest possible character. He was bur
ied in the " Poets' oorner," Westminster
Abbey. Thousands of persons visited the
spot during the day.
Extracts from the Minutes of li The Fruit Grower's
Association of Delaware and Marylandat its
Annual Meeting, held at the Hotel of William T.
Chance, in the village of Odessa, Junellth. 3870.
as follows, viz : «
On motion of D. Corbit, a committee of five
members were appointed by the President, II
Iiitock, to report to this meeting some plan by
which this Association can remedy the great
grievance we the members continue to suffer by
the non-return of our empty peach baskets and
crates, sent with fruit to the Philadelphia market,,
whereupon Daniel Corbit, David Stewart, M. D.
Henry II. Appleton, Edward C. Fenimore, and
John C. Corbit, were appointed said committee,
who, after due deliberation, reported as follows:
Whereas, Every plan and agreement this Asso
ciation has heretofore Adopted, to insure the re
turn of empty boskets and crates, lias not only
proved to have been a signal failure, entailing
great and serious loss to the growers of fruit sent
to the Philadelphia market, and which grievance
and gross injustice has become yearly more and
more aggravated.
Be it therefore Resolved, That we, the members
of " The Fruit («rowers Association of Delaware
and Maryland," do, now, hereby pledge
selves, each to the other, that hereafter, we will,
in every instance, hold our respective salesmen
responsible for the return to each of 113 respective
identical empty peach baskets aud crates,
believing this to be the most effectual and simple
method to remedy this great, and still growing
evil, and for every empty basket or crate not re
turned to us, the ow
thereof, by the 1st day
of November, in each and every year hereafter,
including the present year, we will hold our re
spective salesmen responsible to pay to their
spcctive employers 25 cents for each basket i
20 cents for each crate not so returned, as afore
The above report was, on motion of John Whit
by, adopted unanimously, by the Association,
and the secretary instructed to have tw o hundred
copies of the resolution and report printed, und
two copies thereof sent to each member of the
Association, and report its doings thereon, to the
next meeting. H. WIIITOCK, Pbbs't.
Joseph W. Yandec.rift, Sec.
DBLAWAnE College— The Trustees of this in
stitution, at a recent meeting, completed the or
ganization of the College, by the election of the
Faculty and final adoption of the " Plan of Gov
ernment and Instruction." The Faculty is now'
constituted as follows:—Hon. William H. Pur
nell, A.M. President, and Professor of Mental
and Moral Philosophy; Edward D. Porter, A.
M. Professor of Practical Agriculture and Nation
al Sciences; William D. Mackey, A. M. Profess
or of Mathematics and Ancient Languages ; Chas.
P* Williams, A. M. Professor of Chemistry—pure
and applied: Jules Macheret, Professor of Mod
ern Languages and Military Tactics. All these
gentlemen have signified their acceptation, and
the College will be opened for the reception of
students on the 14th of September, 1870. The
commencement exercises, consisting of the Alum
ni Oration, inauguration of President and Acui
ty, conferring of Degrees and the Master's Ora
tion, will take place t
1870, at 2 o'clock, p.
Wednesday, July 6th,
. Delaware Coliege is
once more thoroughly organized, and
permanent basis than ever before.
on a more
Its buildings
and grounds are in complete order—it has a ves
ted fund of probably $90,000,—libraries of 15 ,
000 volumes, a splendid collection of philosophi
cal apparatus—and finally a faculty thoroughly
qualified for their respective positions.
The Old Folks Concert, which was
ith such enthusiastic applause on the
. • j s to jj e by request, o
See announcement i
of the 8th inst. is
the 6th of July next. _
another column. The best part of the former pro
gramme will be repeated, and several ne
It is confidently ex
even greater
tions will be introduced,
peeled Hint the attendance will be
at the next concert than it was at the first ....
unbounded success of the former concert lias led
to tile request that it bo repeated, many persons
who did not attend the first being noxious to
have an opportunity lo be present; and all who
attended the first concert, will doubtless attend
Valuable Cow.—Mr. Wm. Brady, of this vi
cinity, has a thoroughbred Durham cow, four
years old, from which was made, in one week
sixteen pounds of butter. Mr. Brady challenges
Delaware or Maryland to beat it if they can. This
cow was brought in from the West by Messrs.
McCracken & McDowell, and was sol'd to Mr.
Brady, at McCracken's sale, last winter, for the*
sum of $160. lie would not, now, take $300 for
her. If there is a cow in Delaware or Maryland,
that can heat this yield of butter, the public
would like to know it.
Wm. n. Wanser, Hie "Peach King" of Nt„
Yolk, visited Middletown on Wednesday lagt
and took the evening train for the lower part of
the Slate. He is looking around among the Del
aware peach orchards and making iiis own esti
mate of the growing crop, preparatory to going
more heavily into the market than he lias yet
done. His freight bill, alone, on peaches last sea
son, was $70,000, $22,000 of which was for Mid
ditto wn.
A New Fiiuit Tbee Pruner—W e were shown
this new invention on Thursday, at the
house of E. T. Evans. It was invented by Hcn
ry \\ . Black, of Cccilton, and Messrs. Evans and
Black have applied for a
will have the implement
pruning season rolls around.
patent for thesai
, and
sale by the time the
It is one of the
completest nnd most handy pruners wo have yet
seen, and seems to be the very tiling for the fruit
,, A , Nr ;y £ A! ™™« Establishment— MrxJolm T.
l'oid, of ht. Michaels, Talbot county, Md is
creeling a Canning Establishment, forty ft. long,
DM t "° 5 rï 1CS . "r'. 1 ' B " a expects to put up 50,
000 cans ot fruit tins season. We were in hopes
that some one would engage in this business ii.
JDddletmvn, but ns yet no move lias been made
towards it. Mr. Ford has heretofore been quite
successful iu the canning business.
anmidb, wT?''~ A , grand 'omiion jnhilcc
as held in Wilmington last week by the Pres
ehlMreü C r ,Ur 'l 1 "*. j»' 1 T "esday afternoon the
" "f 1 eonday schools paraded to In
ni.„ al I ,"' hero ? ln King and addresses took
' ; 'n H>e evening all the choirs united in
singing and addresses were made by a „umher
<d Presbyterian ministers, nnd by Rev. Mr. Cook
man, of Grace M. E. Church.
The Clayton
.. „ 'ROPertv Claim— Tho United
States Circuit Court lor this State sits in Wil
S 0 " n . c . st Tuesday, when the case of Whor
Dr ' " 'J, 1 '"" Daniel, Mason Bailey, and
others comes up for trial. Whortenby has
lnd e tl,. M w ra ' B ;' 5 ' ari1 Rnd "'hi'otcy as counsel,
Rivm.,l„ d t i' ncc secured the services of Hon.
ltererdy Johnson, of Baltimore. The cause will
excite not only local hut general interest.
Smv rha Circuit Camp. —The tent drawing for
Smyrna Circuit Camp took place on Saturday
last «hen thirty-two sites were taken. There
mu be a committee on the ground every Satur
day afternoon from 2 to 5 o'clock to point out
locations for tents. The bread stand was let to
lr : roi the burse-pound to Mr. Warren and
of the boarding tents to Mr. Ingram,
lettings will be sold to-dny.
u i. , l, 1 " 1 ; State Medical Society— The State
Medical Society met in Dover Tuesday. The at
temtanee wasquite good and much interest taken
w'.ov.Jm " 8 * 10 "'' ln,e resting reports were made
b} several committees. The next meeting is to
be held m Smyrna. Dr. Vallandigliam, of St.
year gCS ' "' lS t,|eclcJ l ,r( ®ideut for the ensuiDg
.""KAT Crop— 1 The rust and the scab have
done their work ,,, the wheat fields throughout
this peninsula. Many farmers will not have half
abn2S»m b0 . m 8h °T, time '' B °' lmd Promise of an
tenïw P W ; i T ,e ' ontln P cd wet and stormy
"Äo'Äo'i's 6 " 01 ' t0nsiderab 'y i"
The United States District Court convened nt
and M.T° n ' r n |. T "" S ' ,ay ' The <""'8 of Jump
mm.el W, M a f ll K . Cn ° n ' f0r P aasiu g counterfeit
money in Middletown, were abandoned by tlie
prosecuting attorney, on account of defective
evidence, nnd the jury rendered a verdict of ac
thout leaving the box.
Kaiii.t Potators— W e received from Mr. Chas.
A. \nsey, on Monday last, a basket of Early
Rose potatoes, nearly ns large as hen's
which hnd been planted lint five weeks,
certainly a very early variety of potatoc.
Tlie Kent County Railroad is now paring all
expenses of running it, und has a surplus left.
This is
To the Ladies and Gentlemen who participated in
the late Concert for the benefit of the
The great pleasure afforded to this community
bv the laie Concert, as well as the commendable
object for which it was given, induces the under
signed to unite in a request that it be repeated at
an early day. Should you accede to our request
you will place us under renewed obligations for
jour kindness and afford many persons an op
portunity to be present who regretted their ub
scncc on the occasion of your late Concert.
Very respectfully,
Joseph Biggs,
William Polk,
C. Watkins,
John Peach,
I Irving J. Vallandigliam,
'Daniel W. Corbit.
Il. Gibbs,
William Brady,
William R. Cochran,
James M. Matthews,
H. A. Nowland,
E. C. Fenimore,
The Editor of the Tuanscript will please be so
kind as to publish the foregoiug letter, and
say that we yield a ready compliance to the
quest so flatteringly made. We will repeat the
Concert, on Wednesday evening, the Gth of July,
substituting new pieces for the less popular ones
contained in the former programme.
The Old Folks.
. W. Dulany, of Georgetown, basa prospect
for over one hundred bushels of cranberries this
season, though his plants are young and will not
be in full bearing before next year.
The Sussex Journal says the damage to the
pier at Lewes by the recent storm is not so bad
.'as at first supposed. Tbo pile driver lias
been raised, and sustained little damage.
The proceeds of tho late fair at Cccilton, for
the benefit of Zion M. K. Church, amounted to
&250. The fair at Sassafras realized $ 120 .
The old Swedes Church, i
171 years old last Sunday.
Trinity Sunday, 1699.
ii Wilmington, was
It was dedicated on
Mabood and Maguire, at Clayton, are manu
factoring between one and tw
baskets daily.
The Peninsular Fruit Growers' Association
meets at Dover next Tuesday.
The new Depot begins to lift its goodly pro
portions into view.
The Ampbions go to West Chester, Pa.
thousand peach
General wheat harvest will begin here
27th inst.
Death of IYilliam Gilmoiie Simms.—
A despatch from Charleston
the death of William Gilmore Simms, the
Southern poet and novelist,
vent occurred on Saturday,
was born in Charleston, April 17, 180(1,
and was consequently about sixty-four
years of age. From early life he closely
applied himself to literary pursuits. At
eighteen years of age he commenced the
study of law, was married at twenty, was
admitted to the bar at twenty-two, and
shortly after became editor of the Charles
ton City Gazette,
tudes, including heavy pecuniary loss and
the death of his wife and father, he moved
to Massachusetts, where, in 1833, he
wrote the longest aud best of his imagina
tive poems: " Atalantis, a Story of the
Sea." He subsequently spent much time
in New York, and finally returned to
South Carolina. In the meantime he
wrote many poems and novels, chiefly ill
ustrative of Southern and Western
lutionary scenes and backwoods life,
mong his novels may he mentioned, The
"Cassique of tho Kiawali," "Guy Rivers,"
Richard Hurdis," " Beauchampe" and
The Scout." Historical sketches
latterly his favorite literary pastime.
During the late war he wrote several
works, which did not sustain his previous
reputation. He suffered many losses and
much in health while the
The sad c
Mr. Simms
After various vieiesi
war was in pro
gress, and his death, though suddenly
nounced, cannot be said to have been
wholly unexpected.— Sun.
Death of Charles Dickens. —Charles
Dickens, the distinguished English
elitst, died of paralysis, at his residence
near London, on Friday, 10th inst. He
was entertaining u dinner party on Thurs
day, when he was attacked, and gradually
grew worse until a quarter after six
o'clock, P. M. on Friday, when he
piled. Tho announcement of his death
has filled tho world with sadness. No
living author is as popular as he
His works are
literally " Household
Words" in England, India, Australia and
America. The London Times has well
said " millions of people will feel his death
as a personal bereavement."
Affaihs in Kknt County.— We copy
the following from tho Chcstcrtown News
and Transcript :
The camp meeting committee of the M.
E. Church, we understand, have decided
not to hold a meeting
this summer. The Chestervillo camp will
commence on tho 20th of July.
George Vickers, Esq. as trustee, sold
on Monday, at the Voshell House, tho
late Samuel E. Barker's Homo farm,
taining 290 acres, to Mrs. M. A. Barker
for $14,000; also the Pippin farm,
taining 100 acres, to Mrs. M. Diehl, for
Tho rate of taxation in Kent county for
tho present year has been fixed at 90J
cents on the $100 fur county purposes, and
at 19| cents for State; total $110J on the
$100. The total amount of taxes to be
paid this year is $86,905, which is $14,
545 less than the amount paid last year.
This reduction will be very gratifying to
All graduates, professors and former
studends of Washington College
quested to forward their names to E. A.
Vannort, M. D. Hancsrille, Kent
The object is to place regularly
the rolls of tho alumni all members
in Baker's woods
<■ 011 -
are re
paratory to a reunion to be 'acid in July
All the railroads from New York city
have made a reduction of $4,95
through tickets for points west of Chicago,
except Sacramento and San Francisco.
Freights arc to be reduced ton per cent.
The French ship Euryale was wrecked
Mardi 4th on Starbuck Island, in tho
Pacifie. The officers and crew remained
thirty-five days on the Island, when they
were rescued by tho Swedish ship Miva.
In their sermons on Sunday last, the
llev. Henry Ward Beecher took excep
tions to Mr. Dickens' alleged claims as a
Christian, and Dr. Bellows attacked Mr,
Beecher for his opinions.
Baltimore on Tuesday voted on the
question of endorsing tho bonds of the
Maryland Central Railroad, to the amount
of $600,000. A majority of 2384
given fur endorsement.
There is great alarm in England on ae
count of the continued dry weather there.
And a large advance in breadstuffs is re
ported in France, in consequence of the
An Irish servant girl applied to a drug
gist, a few days since, for six cents worth
of the " glory of rhyme,
sent for chloride of lime.
Two thousand new legal United States
notes of the denomination of ten dollars
have been stolen from the Treasury of the
United States.
The total loss of a British gunboat, the
Slaney, three hundred tons burthen, in
the China Sea, is announced,
mander and forty-three men perished.
Site had been
Iler com
Lot ices under this head 10 cts. a line for each insertion.
J. A. Reynolds & Sons have laid in a stock of
Harvest Tools for the coming harvest, consisting
of Hay and Straw Forks, Grain Hakes, Cradle
Scythes, Mowing Scythes, Scythe Stones, Rifles,
Water (Jans, Ac. which will be sold at the lowest
prices on the most liberal terms. A liberal
discount for cash.
Leyi Meily, who canvassed Middletown
and vicinity, several w'eeks ago, for a number of
the most beautiful steel engravings, executed in
the highest style, by that Master Artist, Sartuin.
America's most illustrious engraver, will call and
deliver them to subscribers during the beginning
of next week.
Just, received by S. R. Stephens A Co.
stock of Goods, very cheap; also about 2000 yds.
of Remnants or short pieces of Calicoes from the
manufactory, at 6 and 7 cents per yard, or 50 cts.
per lb. such as have been selling at 12 j cents per
Perfection.— A contemporary calls Wauama
ker fc Brown's garments "the perfection of ready
made clothing." We hardly think perfection
has been reached yet but they are nearer it at
Oak Hall than anywhere else.
In New Castle, on the 7th iustant, by the Rev.
Charles D. Spencer, Miss Carrie Reeves and Mr.
William S. Potter.
On Saturday last, in Pencader Hundred, John
J. Griffith, in the 23d year of ids age.
Wheat, prime.
Corn, yellow,
" white
Oats, new.
Timothy Seed.
Clover Seed...
Chickens (dressed)
Fork, (dressed).
$1 40
,1 oo
. » 7 50
.?..9 50
.25 cts tfo* doz
18020 cts. $ lb
19^,20 " "
15(^16 " "
19020 " "
19(^20 " "
15(«)1G " "
5 " "
..18(o)20 " "
..15©16 " "
3504) ^ bushel.
Primc new red wheat
.$1 3O0Î 32
»I 0901 10
.$8 o3
.$4 74
:w yellow.
Oats (Pennsylvania)
Wheat, prime.
Corn, New,....
.$1 3501 40
.1 10
$6 75Ç.J9 75
TARRH treated with the utmost succiss, by J.
Isaacs. M. D. ond Professer of Diseases of the
Eye and Ear (his tpccialify) in t 1 •
•f Philadelphia, 13 ye*.rs experience , (formerly ot
Leyden, Holland,) No. 805 Arch stieet. Phila.
Testimonials can be seen at his office. The med
ical faculty are invited to accompany their pa
tients, as he lias no secrets in his practice. Ar
tificial eyes inserted without pain. No charge
tor examination. apr 15_ly.
228 MARKET STREET, 2nd Door below THIRD
Ready Made Clothing in Delaware,
Our Own Make, now on hand, nnd will be sold
at less than Philadelphia Prices.
All our Clothing is made in Superior manner by
The Proprietor having an experience of over
thirty } ears in this Business, will guarantee satis
faction to any purchaser.
A full line of
Constantly on hand for
which will be made ii
At No. 228 Market Street,
^^Ihe Oldest Established Clothing Emporium
in Delaware.
Edward Moore
March 16— y
20ct8. Lard
Hogs, alive
Potatoes, round 35.
The above prices will be paid in cash for pro
duce delivered in good order ; and wo wish to
say that wo keep constantly on hand a good as
sortment of Groceries and Provisions which we
will sell reasonably for cash, at the Corner of
Broad and A nderson Streets, Middletown, Del
March 20— tf Wm. Z. GIBSON.
Chickens, dressed 14.
] I .
1 ».
I t.
12 .
j JA VI N G purchased the exclusive right for
-1 J- New CasOe county to manufacture and sell
Smith 8 Patent Extension Step and Fruit Ladder
we hereby forwaru nil persons from tresiiassioir
upon our rights in said Ladder, ns we will en
force the law against any one so offending.
June 4—tf J. It. FENIMORE * CO.
a . DE . N V. AUo > For Sale, 8 or 10 Thousand
first rate Osage Orange Plants, one year old
And also, good Cold Bed Sweet Potato Sprouts,'
a11 b J„ _ . R. H. FOSTER, '
may 14-31» Middletown, Del.
Buttonhole, Overseaming,
Sewing Machine,
Has the following advantage over
most all other Sewing Machines
in the market:
1 It has a tensiou which prevents cutting of
thread or dropping of stitches.
2 It has the most powerful construction, which
will insure good work for a quarter of a century.
3 It sews the lightest cambric and the usual
shoe leather without any strain whatever.
4 It has a feed bar which cun be lowered or
raised at will, thus adapting it to all kinds of
5 It is impossible to get the machine but of
der unless by rust, dust or taking apart, It will
never get out of order by working.
It lias the highest attainable speed| making
2,200 stitches per minute by foot, and 3,000 by
7 It is the lightest running shuttle machine.
8 It makes the most beautiful lock stitch.
9 It has the handsomest appearance.
10 It has the strongest, most convenient, hand
somely polished, braced table, with drajwcr, and
board to prevent soiling the dress.
11 Its
"cr is polished, fitting and locked as a
little trunk. There is nothing better thi|in this to
preserve the machine.
12 It lias straight needle.
13 Four bobbins hold n spool of cotton.
14 It has the best hemmer.
15 It has the most complete attachment, the
Jack-of-all-trades, hems, fells, binds, bastes
tucks, braids and ruffles.
!6 It is
simple as any machine ii
the mnr
17 It needs hut little time to learn
Its opera
18 It has the best embroidering attachment.
19 It sews on straight a piece while puffing
another at the same time without basting, at
tachment or after work. '
These advantages combine tho best qualities of
a sewing machine for the family who want to
it steadily in all kinds of work. Nothing
equal can he found in the way of combining the
advantages of all the sewing machines now
known, while obviating nil their faults.
No. 1—Buttonhole Machine.
PRICE, $75.
No. 3-Covered Machine.
With Extra Attachments, $ 90 .
Frice, with nil the Attachments, ^100.
Price with plain cover $125 and uptvnrds.
Price with folding cover $135 and upwards.
Possesses alone and undisturbed, there being no
other machine
en pretending them :
1 Ith:
11 larger arm and atronger construc
tion Ilian any family machine, admitting lamer
pieces of work, thus fitting tlie machine to family
ana manufacturing purposes
need of two machines,
It has 8£x5 inches clear
2 It hems
F J width or thickness, from 1-16
ot an inch cambric to 2 inches beaver.
3 It binds a coat, a skirt, c:
any braid or binding whatever.
4 It folds up tho brim of a hat to anir fullness.
5 It overseains a sheet or Brussels cArpet.
6 It makes beautiful eyelet work.
7 It embroiders on the edge.
maicriaL akeS bul,ouholc8 of an J' on any
brüld'nf 1 2.i he b ™ idin s machine wh ell makes
hour. Th" scll8°for $10 extra" ^ '"l
hat without
the given prices.
We want a few reliable agents everywhere to
whom we will make it an object to sell these
popular machines.
Machines will be sent to any address on receipt
ol price. Every machine has a full outfit for
plain sewing, hemming, Ac.
We simply ask an examination to McriTv all
state. I J
Office and Warercoins,
June 18—ly
Of the Condition of the Citizens' Nutional Bank of
Middletown, in the State of Delaware, at the close
<f business on the 9th day of June, 1870.
Loans and Discounts. $120 410 95
U. S. Bonds to secure Circulation.80,000 00
Other Stocks, Bonds, and Mortgages.4,241 28
Due from Redeeming A Reserve Agents... 13 341 95
Due from other Banks und Bankers
Real Estate.
Furniture and Fixtures
Current Expenses.
Cush Items, including Stamps...........
Bills of other National Banks.
Fractional Currency, including Nickels
Legal Tender Notes.
3-per cent. Certificates..
6,042 28
$ 1,002 10
.1,050 44
2,652 54
.1,278 28
....570 00
.7,124 00
....337 OO
.5,511 00
10,000 00
$251,509 28
Capital Stock paid in.
Surplus Fund.
Profit and Loss...
Nut. Bank Circulation outstanding.
State Bank Circulation outstanding
Individual Deposits...
Due to National Banks.
Due to other Banks a Bunkers.
•$ 80,000 00
.8,613 70
.5,366 70
.....2,421 37
....70,936 00
.937 00
....69,621 29
....11,636 86
.1,476 36
$251,509 28
State of Delaware, County of New Castle, ss 1
I, John R. Hall, Cashier of The Citizens' Na~
tional Hank, do solemnly swear that the abov«
statement is true, to the best of my knowledgeandi
be L'l f - , , , «■ HALL, Cashier.
Sworn to and subscribed before me, tliis 1 4th
day ot June, 1870. J. It. CLARKSON, N. P
Correct—Attest J. M. COX
June 18—It
Collector's Notice !—.State Tax 1 1
T N-«ccordancc with the requirements of Section
-L 40 of the Act of the General Assembly of the
Mate ot Delaware, entitled "An Act Providing
. K 72S e ft r tl V 8 J>«ssed at Dover, Apirl
8, 1809, I hereby notify all persons liable to tho
Jaxon bales and Manufactures for the quarters
ending December 31st, i 860 , and March 31st,
1870, respectively, and the Annual Tax on Cor
porations, Investments, Gross Receipts, Incomes,
r " ,e J car endin g September 30, 1869, that
I. will attend at the time and places herein men
tioned, lo receive said taxes, as follows viz •
To accommodate tho citizens of While Clav
Creek Hundred, at Philip Marvel's Hotel, in the
town of Newark, on the 4th day of July and at
John Elliott's Hotel, in Christiana Village
the 5lh of July, 1870. K '
To accommodate the citizens of New Castle
Hundred, at the House of George Whitfield in
the town of New Castle, on the Htli of July, 1870
In Pencnder Hundred, nt the Hotel of Mr Guth
rie, in Glasgow, on the lltli of July, 1870
In lied Lion Hundred, nt Dunlap s Hotel in
Hnêr i n e «? , ; V .' 0n th ° 13, . h > antl »* Vnnsant's
Hotel, in Ht. Georges, on the 15lh of Juy, 1370
In ol. Georges Hundred, at the Hotel in Odesl
on the 18tb, and nt the Hotel of George Ort
hp, m Middletown, on Hie 19th of July, 1870
in Appoqmuimink Hundred, ai the Hotel 'of
I a-o nSCU d' at l uwnsi ' nli i the 20 th of Ju
Between the hours of 9 o'clock, a. u and 't
clock, r. m. each day.
Taxes from any of the aforesaid Hundreds will
received nt any of the places above
the times stuted.
All persons associations, firms or corporations
who shall neglect to pny their taxes at the times
and places aturesuid, w ill he required to pay in
addition, the penalties and costs prescribed bv
n'lV . so william r.lvnam y
Jmic° 18 0 - 5 w te T " IeS ,Ur lhc " bovc Hu »«lwds.
named at
The Hyperion Hair Curlers?
An Indisponible
Article ror the Ladles..
j Patented July 9th, 1867.
s— « ysMjn T , lli8 f Urler ' 8 ,hc "lost
I l ,(,, 'fcct invention ever of
rn Jr I ' m| l to the public. It is
I casil y operated, neat in ap
vMT nL/ pvarancc, aud will not in
jure the hair, as there is
heal required, nor any mc
lal "' 8ul, sfance used to rust
WM'rm Break the hair.
Manufactured only, and for sale by
v „ McMillan * co.
s .. , N .°- G3 *orth Front St. Philadelphia.
Sold at dry goods, trimming aud notion stores
nr êr. S ' n 5 0 > °, !t '. 25 c,s - 3 bo «». assorted si
/es, 6 j cts. Mailed to any pact of the IInit«>rl
States, upon receigt of the money.
June 18—6mos
Inventor and Manufacturer of the
411ER00MS, No. 722 Arch Street, Philadelphia;
; iï e ?M V . ed tl,e P rlze Dicdal of the World's
Great Exhibition, London, Eng.
prizes awarded when
june 18-3m
The highest
und whercever exhibited.
Established 1823.
JUKE 1*70.
Every A.d vanta
Can he secured in the
ClothijvG BazaaR,
Sixth & Market Streets, Philadelphia.
For Men of Plain Tastes.
For the Fashionably-inclined.
For Every Day Service.
or Sunday Suits Dress and Occasions.
Gent's Furnish ma Goods,
Olk U1LL,
Sixth and Market Streets, Philadelphi
Six Cents Reward ! !
■R A J^™r ,,i0 subscriber, on the 26th
J-k of May lust, Thomas Elmbb Fehr, nn inden
tured apprculice. All persons arc forbid to har
bor h.m, or trust him on ray account The »
hove lennrd will be paid for bis return lo the
undersigned JAMES T. BROOKS, *
DiTti 3 !- Appoqulnimlnk Hd.
itctmcpublican copy and send bill to adv.
l^OR SALE —5000 Prime Chestnut Rail*, at
, * he mout h of Bohemia River, opposite Tdwn
lolnt. Apptyto Jas. W. VEAZEY,
apr 30-wtf Near Ceclltou, Cfetfil cö. tfdî

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