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* i "tfl, .
NO. 32.
nod I .sic in tli.. side, ftome
tillies tile |i,ltll is in ttle
shoulder, mid is mistaken
for rheumatism. The stoma. Ii is nfipetrd a itii
loss of n|i(ietite nnd sickness. Imulsin general
.-ustive, sumetiines Alternating with ins. Tie
In .id is Iriiuldvil with I<sin, and dull, heavy sen
-saiioii, consider! tile lossi.f menuirv, aeroiiilmiiled
—B>B ^witii painful sensation* ofl
having l-n undone
tiling vs tli* Ii might In have
I asm dune, tlflcn complain
ing of weakness, debility
mud low spirits. Hometimcs many of the at.ove
svmptoms attend the disessc, and at other times
vert frw of them : liut tile liver is generally I lie
xirgnn most Itnolvtai Cure the lirer with
Liivkk Regulator,
warranted to be strictly vegr'table, and cnn «h»
no injury to any
It ini* been lined by hundreds, and known for
• of th. most rc
the Irntt thirty -fi w' y« i >
liable, ctlir.it foil*
I hartiiM-*- jtrojKirutioii*« ever
the «uir. iinv. It takni rcpiilarlr am!
ht id
IK-rsi-tt nt! y , ir i- un
hr. jamtd
hroiiic di
irU hett
..I'the I lad
HKOrr. \TOK.
rlnri. air«, ri
•h r, l'itiuji dy j-riitery
t at the kidney . I
. of the skin, imtiuriiy
ncrvouuncMS, tdiiil.^,
of thehlnoil, iiirlaiu'h
hcarthurn. volic. «*i p
the heatl. h v* r
hack and Unit*
. « r di|.rc*»icn
S ill the h.
'ix. I
I up lie. dropsy. I nil«, j
ill., Irliiulf llt
e rally.
Prep, red otilv 1 \ .1 I! /KM >N A * '• *
' ' ' Pn , M.i on. Ci
d billon» di
Hend f.-r
•a It* by
, hr!.
Miiidli it
Mtc. jl — ly.
Brokers & Real Estate Agent
■iiioAii HTltr.r.'f .s ist, vs: «i\t\.
Middletown. Delaware,
Tin: nn.u:
:\ TinN
Kfitii'TIATK CHAN: I" !:■
h Ti
V.-r for
Valuable Real Estate.
tbe J'. ' .
e 1 • l

l:c.r U pe
yi'litktiKTi ;
lion. U. C. 1 l«»li'l.iv.
lift, ML
, \ F.i iv. * iv* : 'it
Urijbolr. M in j
W. it.
b\i!ri»nl. N. I .
!. N. V
. Hatikt r. Il F. 1
It. Atkin:
lieu, iticlmrd .*-« bi ll
Cut. Ulmitoii Dun* a
Wall 1
. It. ir. t »ctuTiil. ii. • i* do" M l.
- Jl.
(it"., \V. li'TMii'r,
, 1 . NV. Vaf.dfjrritt.
.S yfi-it, MeM:.!'.*:- k Vo. V'ûU h !pbi.i.
(j»n. UuIrtTt Puttf
U K. Clial'.utii,
I'liiLi. Nat. Hank.
i.. re!» 17 tf
B O W E R b
□ 1
CoinpU t«» !MiiniiK',
Super-Pbosphato of Liaio, Ammouin
aud Potash.
K„.'.rlc„.-.. in It,,- I. of ItmVKI!«' f'OM
PI.KTK MASt'Itt-:. I'.s ihi-t ."t f.irm-r-o! I'inn
avlviitila, N.n J. r.i-y,'|i,l.u, n-. Murvl.m.l, mol
til, rotlon Slain, liilf. r.-siilt. o ill |.r, oins ittoln
•mIiiH« rntlon. nml
NVnrrnMletl fur fit
e«|tml I»» «»unllly t** miy itur
l»«U I lie Irntt II tf ye
Urn) '« Perry lltmtl I*I»IIn«l« tpliln.
4 U »OfTH IiKLAWAtn: 11
And For Snlo bv all loading dealers.
And Open for Deposits Daily.
.V|^HLS i» to iurnrui the nuhlie gfiiernlly timt I
A opened lh© Old Hunk ns a
where can t*e found n.t nil time.» the 11 non» t r
fectionery, tho Im*ai Ic© ('ro.iin, Liucimi» Fruit«,
both foreign and doim-ntic, at whole-au«l«- nnd rc
tail. A l«o a fine OMorttfirtit of (,'nkt « tilway» on
hand. A ibare of the |nitruii»g«- 1» solicited.
K It. HIC K,
Mi'.FIK'iou ii, Del.
June 3—ly
fTMIK undmifriK'd would rcRMCtfiilljr announce
JL to the peach cruwcm • f till« vicinity timt L«
will be in the market fur nil good orchards
peaches, and will buy
tho order of
AT THIS PI.ACE. lie will also si,ip pea, I, es
«M.coBSIgninent for turtle« nul giiarutitc© tlu ir
^^wié. A. T. BRADLEY,
Agent for Ja«. U. Korrir.
14* .

(Original jJoflrij.
Tranter ipt.
To tli« Memory of Ann <î. Hilrox, Ly lier
J. S. Hilcox.
Written fur the Mi-llltl-t
.My liniLn «rc prowinji »Uff
Aii«l shnrti r pro« - my Urrulli !
A rliill comch
Oh t.-II
An rinawrr conn'« fr«*
The anpflft In-ck
It Mrctii* to hard to It-iivr vom all,
To My, Thy will he «lotie.
\ cold
«iKaliii^ ofr
is this Dnitli ?
; now,
llrovrn »bore,
, roim* ;
Hut there ! II
• Father's face,
itli hit*! ; «er tlwvll ;
• ti shall reaeli that llii|»|)V |iLire,
And Heavenly anthems -wall,
«I, take me l»v the Irntt I
I ft mint «te tine
Ihre, hu-I
iy heart,
Tli • chill come« rh*»er i'
ll a- t MS to li t t 7 .
.1 grivvi' wt
(111. do
Hut he:'. 1 1 and fou! iireparc,
if I . a \'.f thee h* lut
it il I t
rtin- l!
d!y ,*rt
I* 1
Nu", i riup In
And la
u lhe la.
I ho}*.- that <»od a f.tithful
iiildrt n i
U I! o .i
• p;
T , hâtai tu .
to (lit II),
Tin v
ru'd, now .'ill
, Mr
T. ...
M'.iiumou or Tilt: layivu
r it IK
i in: v »•: w vr. \.\ns
I OK Mill vi ns t.
i in iu s i in 'iioiii. i:t own.
Th- i oiTi> r->'t r. • "I tli" n- .. rtoteftt
nnt lipireopn! r!iur«di i• » thi- town \vr
laid "tl >itUl'!:iV li-t. nt I u'cloek, I'. M
l.v 111 li.l t A ■ I : slt. ;.. i l.v
j. j r ( *j
i at"iill.
lh • I!
\ Hnti
St. .1
lb v
. and 111
r. licit r < H ;«! v;ii y riiundi, \Viliniii;r
ony. tl.o
The C
ftiiitahj • t-* t ! ••
of t'i*
In !..
Ii .
. Mo . 1 r. Mi'i'ub" .Ii
which «
no! with
\ I 11 i V lit I
ti u . ' nan. ;, tuatig
H lit II ! r li. my r.'i- t:
ti' nt .ah i, rcu It itt
urnt ,i th
w-fo! c : '
Tii .
W (
n tii • •
All* •. d ! yimilar
>v !•;-!»• *j
th r, ti" upp »ini' •! i
" v
, , . :
; n _ .
by 1' i;>'j !. 'bai t
The ,•«

t revert ml
pi• hunt, 1 'h r j - i.ad, by min
iitnl pt !e
■ Is w. ;
-on • tu lu. i ln 1 per
Th.r b -
re I !
in ; pr- .-eir
• "II
*S Kara II!. S -11
Dr. MeCde
Flic 1 'i'J i l'pnliit • f tin- «• I ii«m vi* suite !
tin- d-.p -«it*
the I'orner St'Oie
d tin Muhloi n Vr
» lin I alio I < \ ill
said d •|»*.sit
' isftueil
lav, th- Wilmington /,'• intUi
.'Oil. tlie .ioumai of tl,.. *| M Ann,ml C n-,
vmtion ..f il.. I'. K <'l„if.b in Delaware.
the ltisln'p'» s. vi nih eliarge to hi* clergy.
u» *1* iioiiiinnti'Uis ; also
a li*t eoutainit : tin- mum « "f tin* Hector,
I St. \ijti » l'arish
r-Stotie being pbieed iu pro
per position, aud the ilppl "pt into Miiten
*"■ s and r—potts » u-i *i.Dr. MeCube »truck
tlie «tut»" three times, repenting tho fol
lowing formula :
and coins "f vari
W nrdeits and Vc.*trv
Thu ('or
"III t In* name of the Fiithvr and "f the
Sui and "I the //'-H/ I lay this Cor
ner-Stone, a» the !'«»»imb'iti"ii of an ctlifiee
tobe * r < teil f'o a hou»- of prayer, and t*>
ilc«lie:»ti i| i t the worship of Almighty
1 .according t" the Liturgy, Canon», nnd
"""f " " f .**'"" S *''burck ;
in llii'sc I nitcl >1 it, s. Aim'll,
Aft r tin 1 'iyillj; of tlio stniio, very suit
;l hU, ,, r:ivi . r s wV r ... nir,.* ml liy Mossrs. I, it
1 , •. t i *. i . .
"'H U, ""'' r - "" ,1 ,l, ° •Dl'ln'"'. pub
: '.' ,,ur
. ,
was stttip thri,ii"h »iit with a right (.moil j
will by tho muni is pri M'til: tlio honttlio- 1
*•*" oarriagi s omi-!
•»itii'ig "I SI. I pirticif-nl.ts iu tltos- _
in*' "•'ting s. rvi.-. • roll. ,! oîi. ami
thus , t; 1, ,1 tli" cor, -I ti lls with
tho laying of tho Corn, r Stour III tlio now
I'ri'tostant Episcopal I 'huroli ill Mi.l llo- ;
town. That it will bo
li shed bfd"W. was d divert'd bv tb il
Then the *j.'»th Hymn, beginning with
thy Liupehiin. 1 .
■ : :
The hues « 1 t-i lh
v ' «y
attractive edifice
there can be ti" d -ubt, and that it will re
licet credit upon «Il partie» concerned, and
especially up« n tin»-*
.-. , . ,, ... -
g.M.ig the large am eligible lut ami the
Iti.tii. y to biubl III,- f liuroii. IS n forottnuo
conclusion tl.rouglinut our coinmututy. |
lilirriiiily in
A mini 's
'ullili» M« CuFr, I ».
Délivrai t*y tl.« Utv. .I ..1
D . ID, tt»r of St. Ami b ( 'hurvli, at ili<- !.iyln»f
t.f tliu r
i-Sl"iD "f lit«- N« u P. |.. l'hurel»,
now in tlie eourfte of creeliun, in Midtlh l
Del. on Saturday, tho 5 th «»t August, l » 71 .
I trust my friends mid brethren, lluil
to-day may prove nu cm iu tlie history of
tliis growing and prosperous tow n. I cer
t .
tailily h"|»o au«l pray it may cotintitutu tli«*
turning t "int, under tlie gun!unco nnd
IM1 . ir ,ii lltl J,i„ , f H,,. t| ( ,|v Soit it in tb«.
guunliHi»ftlii|» I mb. ii«.i> . pint, in tin
condition of thing» in tin* pariHi, in gen
Willi the appropriate cciemonials. „«
appointed l, y our respected and beloved l>i
occsnu, lhe unavoidahle absence of whom
wo niueii regret, the Rector of St. Ann's
l'arish, assisted l,y esteemed incthret, of
tho clergy, the presence at, I co-operation
of his faithful wurdet!» and vestry, and the
courteous attendance of our fellow citizens
and friends of other religious bodies in the
place,—has laid tlio Corner-Stone of a
Church to he here erected, iu the name of
the Father, and of the Son. and of the
Holy Ghost, " and to be devoted to the
service of Almighty God, ngrocnbly to the
principles of lh« I'rntestant Episcopal
I'hurni in the I nitcd State« of America,
in it« ilotrincs, ministry, liturgy, rites aud
usages. ' [Bishop Hobart's "lortu," Ac.] !
The work therefore, is begun, may it he
continued artd ended, to the g|„ry of Hod,
the good of His church, the safety, hon
or and welfare of Ht, people
1 lie historical memoranda of this parish
are nos copious, lull they arc not uniutcr
eating, and the auspicious circumstances
or the day add another chapter to the frng
ineutary records of the past, and call for
. , fro,n H'C grateful hearts of
the faithful children of the church iu the
d.oce.e or Delaware.
Old fit. Ann «.one mile frmn your town.
surroun i„d by lh graves of many of your
aneeitors. is not without its reininiiccucoK
of sacred scene. and circumstance»; and
it will reipure .Old Mortality tore
dress its grassy inouï, I-, or retouch its
m o. lentig ti'inhs. It mil he often osi
,rl ,1 "' 1 r * V-' luring hearts, and lie 1
(-iiius hand« of children, and children's
eliildr ii. will e intiiiuc to plant and rear
grassy couches of the '
the marble
Id church its. If will b
defi-rted. Monti
■: un reverciie.
r* jii'.p.a .« who
iriiin the walla ot lint house ,
I,' T''tj buhl unto the name
I. >rd 1 1 . 1 1 . will, at appropriate
tu... - and s. as .ns me t and mingle together ,
<: 1 ! ' 1 Memorial > rvi.-es.
th-. flow, r above th
. Mit 1
P-T? !•««
nn iii"i ial.t . î ir on. -
fi -m tlrftecr.Mti"ti
itn! in
it-* if. if will
••hail in i t
N.r •-if\. ti t
h" H
O'llljf'llt' 1
[! n
hearkd tn* n and
"i:i* ti. «1
fet I j
1 p« rj c lily of th>'
. . . , ,
i - n ; 1 .
llui! purj OM*; and tîu-* bin! !
licit tl
jx-rit y :
.. ]>r
1 1
it o.i; t
th.. ■ !-. .-ti
I f.r. Iv for
1:1:; u it h ii«
■IK. if
îii .-pire w iiii
1 . «• -t
it- I il <d jut tit with S;ihh:itli | • : ! -. .*• I ; . : I
yet, by tit" grace an
to ■ rniji'iiunity that St Ann .«, i- t*.>t
CUO'iilt cf l ... i tell
hero, h t m. m,
. for I «
ry ol I
c r u til
..f Util
: t; :tt-<>
tin 1er tin- INv tllo.st, i nt : : i ! .
. the I! v l"hti U 1
J i ' troil,
' ' " ' 1 ' ' * ." ! !
•:* l ti* t I til 1 t In r. D *
•it if w
tin t<
'* •
. rly. tr.tlr
temple, that they
'. an !, f: on
i ■ î ; i ."'t. Ann'«, prop
nucfitlly l"'.t l tl..- < lii
ivculd. in a few y .;H».
!•' ility nnd other ma
t« i ia! hindi aiiees. f !**• Church would be
nn*l. lnu .'inly .«peaking, a fail*
e v. nt to u ok to prevent this ca
ll 1 ift Li:. f«»r hu 'know
d.-ertt :
'll!" IS
la strop
'li word."
Dut i;; the p
i lenee <»l
1. another, and | *««iF|y a in*.re invit
■nt«*l its-lf; am! tea
i i <
hi'di may
ino li. M of labor pr
. . . . f .
I". r . • 1 «
P""' -ifn.Dir sv.ti, tii.- -|, 0 . r. ct.ut
t*i ««ver ties, wdtten I know ',hv dear t«>
hi* own Ini " 1 h irt, as they will be t.» nu
should 1 follow hisexampl ' Seven tln*u- ,
«ami dollar* had been prom*»*; d him l y
Ifoo«l m. ii and true, and would have been
fortin'i'inin;/. but the pnri.-h w.i
call ■! to Mice ■* d one who ha.l ,
w.u. upon tlie Innrts of the mein
ber» of hi- Ib' k. I mler a ministry nt
tlirec year» in your midst, tho subject of j
the Mew Chundi was nvive.l, a new and ,
sober « tithusi:iMi) was awakened, li!». ral ;
heart- « 1 ,'vise l liberal thing», and here, so
far. is tin 1 recuit, but not the conclusion
of the matter.

nti'l 1 W;
so largidv
j v „ . ,j j
, ... . •
ly pail in. t" comp! t- 11; ir* t-Hli-e
,t u > ( ..of vvhioli im« inst I
lute» I:,ill. »ill I... built uf Htotio—
ul>M-ri| lion list loft :
"T bis boon u. nrly I
• !h li ve if the
«if the p«)»m,tn s|t
« ! , ■
be ungrudginglv
il l r« tjuire it. m*»r*' will
■"nbiit,,,!. :m ! |.rompt
mon» of k bioil surrotmil us. it i« .|Uarii- 1
«*• from n point tionr Wosteliost« r. I'n ami
is «cil known to nreliitorls.mil bttil,li ra, us I
,| l0 m „ sl („autifi.l ..rial for('liuroh oil- j
Kiors. it is known, 1 |.rc«umo. from ihr
tmturnl trni■. ry of its v, in«, as the greoti,
nr „ rp.-titino. Tlio lmil.ling, from foun
dation to njiow will lut ni, out nil f,,t
| lU |,ost joint, tlio i
thf flitli on.I. liv, r
n ]|r n of that i
M' 1
(symbol ».f
1 t » tin- saint«, ami j
fltieh a grand nld npotdlc j
gloried) surmounted by n graceful »t. • plo, !
will b- about ui», tv F et fr
Width and length <'*f the Chundi. will l
. '
'it including the yc»tibulc H*x 1*J. ;
nor the chancel, twenty feet deeji and fur- i
ty foot bmp.
T | R . buibliti^. ..omplcto,!. will scat
«orne thrt*c hundred person» The win
d(*w», including the cast nn*l tlie circular
central one in front, will number about
-I : these will bo of »tnincd glops, poiii«'
cinbcllislied with appropriate device», and
all faced with alternate bue» of green ami
brown »tone without, 'i lie minutôi of the !
interior arrangement« and decoration« will j
, mi vo that wc tuny j
one side of the clinticel n
suitable organ with n »elect elmir will bei
plneul. with the vestry mom on tlie oppo- |
site fitle, entered from without, nnd nit«»- ;
got her will form n tout i'ntanlJc agreeable j
to the rye, nnd in strict nccordnnco with ;
nrchitccfurnl taste, nnd in harmony with |
(lie rest of tlie interior arrangements of the '
I,nil,ling. Wc have full confidence and j
assuranoo that tlio whole work, tinder the
direction and sujiervision of Messrs. Cata
nach A 8on, architects nnd builders, of
I'liiladciphia, the contractors, well known
as honorslde and successful builders of
churches nnd other public institutions,
will renrh a successful completion and wc
bavo great oauae to thank God nnd take
eonrage that in purpoaing to bnild a hone*
unto His höly Baute, we have Ibis day iu
the base !
4n s i|ii,
not bo doRcribcd
»Into that
itintod proceedings, winch ne trust and
pray may result in the final accomplish
meut of our ardent hopes and desires. I
have not the time now to revert to thcliis
tory of this parish, nor would 1 say
' Ut the dead past bury its dead."
f, J otlo , n . faithfully, reverently, dc
routly, hopefully, in building a house
t0 lhe J,„ J. ,„,J in lhe | ofly nlllI j n j mila .
bln ritual of our churoli, committing the
remains of the sainted dead of St. Ann's
,| lc .liiwt which more than a century lias
consecrated it as ••(lods-Acre.
on ly here furni.h the of those who
from ISO*» hav ffm, ... ||, . .... f St
Ann's Parish: 11 . v. Mr. liée». , Uenrv !..
|> nv j a , Hinitls, Wilier, Ilnbinscm. McKcn
ny , fhdetnan. 1 'eck, Bau», nan..III.Tyne,
DOzann... Freeman, llarrold, Hillopp,
il.ddsborouch. llrown, and the present in
cumboiit. Of these seventeen, in tl.o
course of CO years, only eight are non lir
ing - the rest gone to that place, where
,[ 10 se sow in tears hero, shall
Divin ■ r
re ap
yonder with joy Tluir record and tlieir
reward stand, doubt!,.-, in the Hook of
mbr.-mee, on) "They are
without fault before tin- thr m . of t'iuj."
I-et us remember their works aud their
!»l„, r of love, not by Hinging superstitious
| v i., the mere material building of old St.
Ann's, but by driving to add to the umn-.
bor of the living stones "built upon the
foundation of the Apast!»» ami I'rophets,
Jesus Christ himself b- ing the chief earner
-t..nc; in whom all tho building, fitly
(Vanned t tier, growelli o a Indv t
pie in the 1 -ord. iu wliotti ye ai- . are l.uil
a iiuI• t :itintt of Hod
1 can
«lcd topiilur for
through thf sjiirit:" and lçt us
Heart witii:n.
■ti- 1m
Through the court. _. of l-r t;
Maxwell, of tilis t All.
p« rmitted
vc at
to ni '.i.*: the I 'Mitig ' xtrav'..« îroin a 1 t
• cd hv him fi-t.u, .In it'
lately reel
I'.iil'om, of l':
hi oi a «ul j.- •. - . fi..
tli" p "pie of all the late
of intvr>'.«t to
; r v t: II.
[;i f,
I ' 71 .
M , .I -:
p .rtunit v t •
f - *iî ; •
dy M; •
,t tl matter
1 1
, n
m only t! :
*t *1 t!- »'tghi* ('" ,
few till*
ii :
■ ill
V *u
""" ' I its
tton. jo.»k" 1
county, and at th- lime • t iv- inau^uta
tl- ütipplyiiiîf 1*1' thi«
purti-uhir l-ealiry with r« lui I - Finn I:»î>»»r
I ! t v ■ ii n, < n f.*r
: * 1 . t<
tunnte in ►eeurin*' the
j,|c ng« nt. t win
dium of «•/ '
„n-tit t.f :
have all "hfun. J rcinun* r.atitijf etupb'V
Ml( .nt, and the r* dation b.'f.v* ,. employer
and emplov ' in; F: i. « ntir«dy sati*
factory Tlmy have pro\e*l th. tnJelv. s t,
be an honest and i
„i| v and :tj.t iu h :
t.m d airrie'ilture
1 « loti i—st i" - r\tint
««•r\ i' l - . f a cuita
'perilled tluo.igli the
7/. '•'rrc*pa
our li;
in -t ill -
• ui
.... **■ 1 in
, wbicn
second installment
tli" spring by
lustri'ins ela»» tf la*
t r* »!»» ;
»ruing our »ys*
I h. ir thrift. econo
mv a ,„l U.o.iiii.m to tl.mployor's intrr
, h | ( s jj, maib.-.t ti I rn-1 w ith th ■
vice, wast- fuln. -s rind improvidence of tho
• si-r
„(' I.,I,or, is that i< n--,i- I t ,
m l'm. In i\ W"i l.tlirv are the very «dass
country to its former prosperity
r.ne mrage-l by the u - ss attending
•unties of Lenti an 1 d« f
c,. r -,,:i ».„split on-,i|ioratinti with us. mol
t),o rosult w:ts tin- nrtrBtiizmi,,ii. almut tii
first of l.i»t March, of ,1 Distriot
ti .i L -„ I to ciubn,- • all tho o„unti
of tho mitlillo ilislriot of Fb.ri bi Our ., r -
j-, r
"Ut* » d- rts. the
v::h def. clive ill
t pr vj img
* 1 < • "ti ral Stip-rintembtit" r - • » » 11 r■ !
lei. this has b«e n
it» W"iKing «'p ratnuH
recently rctu-aiicd, and I am n
with the duti* .1 of that ofiiee
bin.ition «*f
■w ehartrcil
Bv no,,,
v.„ list,' 1 u
abi, .1 to c»n|,l V a for,'ion n-nt. w!,„
look I.U «loprturo < n '!„• lntIt „f hot
nionlii, clinrffe I with tlio ,-utiou , f nu
iiierou« orders fur tlicHe pountic». .ind liuv
i,,g - •«,» . d the »ervicc» -f an »liter agent.
I mu now reorivitij» tnbiit'onsl „r.i.-rs to
bo ox,onto,I 1 y bim. He will I, no l„ r,
fur Swcl-n about the l.-t of S-ptenil . r
nnd return about the la?t of Deeembt r
Kor tlu» pr« s* nt wo are n <•« -sitatt <1 t.i
bring our imtnigraid» by way of New
York, but 1 hope in the courue of another
year, ro to arrange as t«> have them brought
«/iYm-M«» a .^"Utlurn port. Ray Charbston
or Snvnnnnh, or Kernamlina. Hv rucIi
nil nriaiigeiiieiit. wc not only eheap«*n the
cost «»f transportation, but avoid the risk
«>f abduction by the nutneroti» agent» in
New York, who n.ake i husin«*»» of enfin
ing them to tli West Thi* cnn b ne
cotnplished only by mich n cmiitiinati.il, of
intcrcRt» n» »hall furnish n »uflicieut ;*«»/
rowtr to Induce tl»c»*»t.»bli»hm« nt of a «/
reel )iur Ftotn tlie little experietie„ that I
have acquired in nn limited operations,
and from tin- thought that I hav, given t„
the suhjeet, 1 a:n fully eonvineed that tlie
larger the field of operation and the great
or tho combination of interests, tho surer
becomes the promise of success. I can
conceive of no reason why tho Southern
Atlantic and tiulf States might not inaug
urate a grent Southern Immigration Aaso
eiatmn, tn he under tbe control of mi
bead Such au organisation, I am oon
«»ur i»H.
vinced, would inure to the benefit of all.
There need be no jealousy between them
on account of the supply, for all the infor
matinn that I have received from nbroad
assures me that the supply is ample for
the demand that will he likely to ho made
for several yeara to come. Ily the oetab
liahineiit of inch an organisation,we should
le- aide to maintain rciident agents ahraad
whose duty it would ho to supply the dc
mntid for laborers and domestio servant*,
and by their influence to give a proper tfi
rrrliun to voluntary emigration and the in
traduction of capital loto our country. 1
should !>• "vatifi. d to see this subject so
prr*. nt.-d as to attract to its consideration
the leading minds of the several Slates a
hove referred to.
Mere hired Inhnr, however desirable in
the present condition of alTairs, is not the
chiefeat want of the South. Wo need an
increase of population, to develop the bit
ried resources of the country, and to as
eiet uv to bear the burthen of government
That increase, to bo of any benefit to us.
must come from a rare ( ,f people who can
readily a.-similate with us ns citizens,—
i bctic 1 am opposed to the introduction of
i 'l |1 ' Chinaman.
The teeming population of the Northern
! and Eastern State«, could they divest
th. :n*i Ives < f the asperities engen let id by
lhe late sectional contest, might furnish us
with a partial supply; hut our chief de
petidei.e-f.r filling up tli" vast area of
uu upi dland-, must be upon tint va
nous tiatiimnlitics of Europe. Would
'"to ■ man of nati uial reputation apply lit«
otiergi- .- I > tho suce-«-fol eoti-umtmiti in
j "f thi great enterprise, lie wml I earn the
1 platitude uf posterity and .reel fir him
self a m mum nt more lasting than brass
Ti. ■
pressur.- is upon 11», n:i
pi' oupt!. if W" liop.. 1 . m . t the is : :i r.ov
Tlio pr -vtit peneruti.
ii nma a.-t
train' 1 1 n *^ro l ib »r i • f.i.-t j »
-liw :nv:>
and v. ith it ends the <1 . v of 1
titrai proprietorship in the c tton Stat; ?
•rati »ti.now pnsning thr.
• - a . i umver-itk»»,
• tune fudd lab r r*.
!.• IT-ttl If
m t
ill t>
, 'ti
I tit
, ; r
: l'orvr. rvi!
: ti ; ti '!i" i'hi.
1 li -.tl \\ ;■!
r:t 'i lit
ect rcvi-rs" i-:i",
:o i lit.* r :i- ii i- x r, '
"I.o c, I i- no tir t
w it!i
; - . I 0,0 a*» white ai.d.h!
t» I the < 1 : t i ! : u t i *. •■ I. atur* *
r" id; ami
ir will
. . * r 1 *1
! 'd twenty years, wh* I, mii>l •
" " 1 ' M * n? * uWh , * ef! J a.
pi-.'.h l
ihe hi^liof avueatioMft t*f Ilf* . i timide 1
hat hin uumliti
will be
m- i i'indh
inere y
. ; . . will pr*
* ran*'* . pro\ idi d man. i
vav tor his dediv
ci • - n»l attempt t >
' i"' l i' ' t :i " 1,1 'V. it
• ■ t r j » lii- ptreroffati vc
U in vertin It s
our ■/ ifg to maki 1 timely provision for our
scl vos and o
ty that i- fast pressing upon u>. and mu*t
a* cutely overtake tts as that theellect will
follow the eause.
si a m — sm
.1 ' ll , :«
lhe j->urm*y
l by all m a s l u «lot. e to
.an l llubron. It i» an e\cur
Veur.« tn ^t sinecreb
P II Dt Pont
Till-: do HD AN AND 'III K DKA D SK \
A traveller, writing from Jerusalem, on
the first *»f May. last, »ay»:
t" t i. .1 : lau and the f L ad S
m r* <jilli«-s
cxt"nd it
ut five tiny», j rovided y
pi"!» on which
"lie m v*l»
eomj-anv. per
liaj s. umre than any otln r in Dal Mine.
l"th for the purp f - of coiiipanitiusliip
and Piilety; for yon hare t
a in".*t desolate and dispiriting r -gi
ami thu Ibdouiu» 1 i.-u n*»
pass through
wavlnv travel!*
! nt ti. •
I on, ami
')pl'"ttunny t-,
W lien tl»"V
r'MS* tnhle b«»p ' of
was. there
two g title
f u , \ ' rv glad t" learn that
* ur !i"t« l we
III* !' ftt
r- j r p *»iu«g t
same tim • thaï I had tb t* rtnin 1
we accordingly arrant: 1 t<
At the nppiJntod lmnr
:e. am..-.ii.. -t it s.
' t.'g.'tbs r
. I
•lit Ml .
ftti l ever;* tiling
teilt». pr-evtstiltl.«.
. rcmlv. IV« went ont «f tln> Jnfl'a natr.
iiit'l *w „ ui„i aroun.l tbs nortli si,!,, of tl,„
oi l w:,ll. l-nsinsr *.ir l.-ft »... bill „„
wbi-l. tl.o B „„ans . .„'nt.,,., ,1 ami ft,,,,,
» l.i.-li tli. y l„ si, ucl mol t„,,l; »„. , it v
IV,■ ..! tin- now Jrio.l lirook Kblri ti.
and, after grmlunllv »»eemliug "tie **f the
..ut, r »1-pe» ,.f th * Mount ..f <>]„, < found
.mrsolvos iu Botlmnv Tliov will show
von almost anythin;; you n«k f,, r . tiioro,
an 1 « * bountifully b i/irn litbm «b ait with
this place, that you will b«? led to the top
( ,f the hmioo hi which Mary nnd Martha
lived, nml down :» RÜpperv nnd break-neck
«ton«* way into the tomb <*f Lazarus.
1 iiujnir« ! uf «ouïe «»f the villagers who
»lt*od arouml if any children th«re wen
enlle i by either of tin «e tbr»*e ikuiu'r, nnd
learned in reply that there was .me t hild
in the place railed Martha, but none who
b:nl tlio name of Mary or Lazarus H*tb
nny i„u-t iinnr- s. , vcry.mc win, isn.lract
ed t«» this country by an intercut in sacred
associations; for 'it « ,l,„ favorite iionic
af «»ur Lord when in Judea. We had
eome up the very roeky bill from Jen, sa
1cm which lie ««eeti.lcj every evening, in
ord.-r to e-cape from the and dis
traction of the city hy seeking the society
of tlio little domeslie circle nl Bethany
russiutn from Bethany where the whole
city breaks suddenly upou the eye; going
eastward as we were, wo as suddenly lost
sight of it. ITrro it would *oeni certain
that Chriat, the temple and the eity start
ing aa by magic bofore him. wept over it.
aud uttered hie lamentations for its eine
Down this very nay lie was snrroundeJ by
the multitude as be made hia triumphal
entry into Jerusalem, and on either aide
of these still bald rocks stood the people,
who cried: "Hosanna to the Son of ba
vid !" How could I help thinking, ae my
horse was slowly picking his way up the
rooky acclivity, and oooasiontllj stumb
ling over tho loose « tones that no hand
ever casts out of the path, of the roemora
hie words: "I tell you, that If these should
hold their peace, tho stones would iiuinc
dintely cry out !"
After passing Bethany and a group
houses which George said was Bethpage
though the critics tell ne this latter place
has not been identified—the country be
came wild, desolate, and even more hilly
than before. It was ono vast and unro
lieved scene of riven rocks. Dr. Olin
says truly:—"Tho mountain! «ccm to
have been loosened from their foundations
and rent to pieces by some terrible convul
«ion, and then left to he aeathed by the
burning rays of the sun." Yet, what a
history has this region! Over our worn
pathway through the rocks Christ had
passed: it was the desert where he was
tempted; where Joint tho Baptist spout his
solitary hours; where Elijah was feil by
tho ravens during the fainti
On gaining tbe top of tlio mountain range
the Jordan \ alley, tho Dead Sea, and tho
| long and r.-gulnr Moabite mountains bo
| yoml, w ills Neho and l'isgah easily distin
gui«haldo, came suddenly into view,
hud seen all this from the top r.f I Hivet,
but for once the nearness gave enehant
ment to the view, and I coul I hardly wait
! for my liorsa to find bis way down the j
aid«« of th , abyss at whose bottom the
brook Cheritii still murmurs its way Jor- I
lair.rnr 1.
n in Pnlestine
Our g'is .,1 ..f two .«"Hi.-rs, who li:i I ;
11 ir iiethnoy, acted t
h. nsivo of ilangrr, ami kept
out. I h:
fellows tic
■i'ii stion wliatover that Ihcy wouM liavc
first app-arnnee of moun- .
i.:.« Hast Mar tu American
joinvl us
if tippte- I
a slmrp look- i
since seen tiiat tin two 1
i it owaidi*, an 1 liavo no ,
l i;
•re roi I-,1 u "ir t!ii]]
- f.-ta-thv
Aral. :
I ; O' guat
h.ir-os c
'aching ti' ' 1 :i«e of th ■ tno*:r:t ou ■
t., -, f. w ;
is loft of . I I .Icrioln.
'n 1
.1 I tl it, Vi ' «"1
all th< re
■ f tlm broad plain
" hit- •«
t** !h • .Iordan, only rtdioved by
eie; f t! • j mph* »y : • <'ir«ed be thi
man h' fore ihe* L* î 1 th ' ri-etii up nnfl
"uieb'th the ei y «*f .Fericho." *! u.it Ip-;
-id- the Chciith, 1 »pr <1 niy hor-e to
plm-V a * : th lb-ad <* , apeU Th-v 1
i„ • j, * . p. jj lt , h jud under only
about the <*f
. and of yell vr color I'hey
n. i di like tli.' «.raall yellow to
•lb-lit tl m
o ! • i» » "mmont Mifii
otr : and at
a 1 , is
ft Ir. •
i .
tint * that
h iv - in A m i i - 1
Tin* tree
tw. lve feet high, aud tin fruit,
? a ? » * * ", ! • .ked ms if it might be de
ii h«!»«
•Fir encampment, that night,
it was just by the
Kliftha lu aled with
wd! eh
. f
. foutdftin
; «nit
We .Ira
I; plentifully "f it. and ! t
! ter wat-r 1 have not last* 1 in Palestine
N\ " fell asleep that night within sound of
th>* cheerful -tream by which it emptir.«
into tho .Iordan. Hight baek of us rose,
like a vast pyrntni I, (Miarantnnia, tlie j
j mountain which is thought to hav
th** scene of ('lirist'» temptation. Milton,
were "p tied. nud Im had
gazing on it eotil l n-*t have more
l i t!.fully d* - *ribe l its apj caratico than
: w!» ti hu said:
, if hi» l.litjtl ey- s
, at v. ht
liant feet
i !» t
ii -lit.
1 left b
O It , rk
iilti-rv . !!>• I,
•ii the "!••'
j " Lilli ', ' the p
i:v« tl.ri-ng-l, wish docks
'd . amj Li „!.-?*• \ : l t t!-at
T'. -
* lar •"
tld tin r w
*s ft ml dry,
. . ,
'|'! ,r ',' , ' .'f 0 l, "" r ', f ' r "
" <■; "«"•';!>• "V" '" s,t„ of
1 .*'«»! *■' *b< "." an Ami wlial
* "TT ' )' « *niuo a.most
' '" "7 " ru ,r » ■''''' l ■■'"o tlie wstor, „1 hi
1 * ' n , '*) ""l ' w ' ror '' s fin * ba.sam. " «•
' , ' , ur ' If 1 rr nn ' ! wa,k< 1
,1 ' ,wn *'" C '"V' V onslern
Wl ' . . . ,
V r '* J"" w? ' !, '. r ** '' ** * ,n '
*V V h,, ' «»Jfgin. it bound by
' ""teh n ■'»!»*» of ur c *uld w. 11 Freak.
: ' n '' ,,,rt f 'f^ful "f *he warning imt to go
^ . 0,11 ' ,,,nt * bee a use «f lurking Hc
^ n,,in<l ' wn,l ' r '* n >'«•!' ,w
r " r ' a m,t *' ,nt n Dmuntain Rtruam
I n r:, ' ns - ^ ke ctirr-nt i»
vfr - v * ' J ,MTfî * rl ^ f,w ' ni
| nrr , nM T° n ' bave been fatal to the best
'*" ,, ntner tn our little company. We re
T rn','' ° ur !i '.' r ; c ' nc ' in '
. ,n - " ,,r ,0 ! 0s wn,nr from
' l ! IP '' vr. retrace,l our slcpa
* 10 P?* ' banl; thrmgli the
'»xuriant protvil, -f remis nn.l ruslics. ami
' Trri ' K «be plsut to east
T ,r "' | ,Vr ," ^ wi ; h h, - T
' < r 'hr broken arches of an nld forsaken
l '* luri 'b, not knowing wltieh was tlio more
grant wagons are
do not «n 1 things lovely in the Wee*
11 niffh l*»»in^ our buot.« iu our
There is a little two-line paragraph in
the South Bend find.) Register of last
week which reads; "A great many omi"
pointing eaatwerd. All
welcome, nur gond lunch or the pleasant
nap afterward.
If wt mistake uot we irre in the éam
ot a new nud eeonomic motiva powor.
Wo are strongly induced to hail magaot.
iam ns the coming worker for millioM if
nan, and for purpoaes Innumerable. 8 mm
will smile at this. It ia right they ahoald.
Tlio idea has beM diacouragcd by elaotriw
writers as visionary and impractieaUo.—.
They bave assert".! the impossibility of
my such ecououie ns« of mitsrial for tkr
production of magnetism power, at oo«M
- ver justify tbe hope of it* snbaMotioa fcf
iteain. They were right so long m Êkt
battery wna regarded as tho nonrM of p«W*
tr instead of s mere Initiativ#, twab aa ns
mlts now aeow to prove it to bo. OsT
theories of electro-motive force may r*>
juire it to be re-examined, and, peiliapgt
.-banged. The axiom that a given mag*
aetic force is the exact prodact of a given
consumption of tine or chemical«, mnat
low ho challenged and put to proof. Wo
sonfront now tho proposition that, although
tlio clcctro-inotivo fnreo may bo in the bat
t ry, yet 1 ha magnetic power follow* itn
ipplicntion is capable of indefinite cnlarga
uent without increasing of tho initiative
igotit. We arc brought faco to face alftp
with tlie fact that when a magnet ii per
forming its maximum work, the battery
which started the magnetic power is moat
tt rest ! In other wot.!«, that the mag
retie power is not proportioned to the yistt
or consumption ol tlio elements of a bat
cry, although dependent upon it aa aq
uitinl force. We do not pretend to ex«
plain this problem, but wc can tell wbat
we have seen.
A few days ngo we acc.>mpnmi*d, on
nvilation, several geutlenu-n to the works*
• f Mr. II. M. rayon, of Newark, N. J.
Hi a small -li* If w found a Daniel» bnt
ry of f'ltr cells, tho ingrédients of which
Aire fhe 1 i-clir utinte of potash in the por
nu cell, and diluttd sulphuric acid, ofor
iinary s'rmgth, in tho other vessel. It
i\ is entirely inodorous Hencath it, firm
V h »!; î t > t!io f!o r. was an iron circula?
l aue, tifs diameter of about eighteen
m h- s th • width of the periphery or rim
i: * :i! 'uMit • iiicheft l ive nperturcs
' w ro cut iti'.o the edge or
i«'"ti c '. t!irco and a-lialf
ni '; *• in ! t rih and f the width of the
'■■•n» Inî i!, - wer»' in-- ile-i thu faces
t !. !i * or s, c i! I with what Deemed to
red e -pp r wire, standing
jVrintp fui lh;. 1 y fa-toned
I« ti»o i •'* -r i n* a
J'li iistnl.t
t ;
i* from th*»
rt to.
i mi w r< • 1
H»e name ns .,n if. • ir n p:i«p. nnd po set
: " n tb. f: of : magnet.» in their rev
olt! î ion w uM
et each other at differ
\ t r* " ul:; p riolft. corrcfl|>onding
t n d b!«.* • ank device in loconio
H v F* rr v. ,u.t a «Fad centre. Ily aci
ii!" "ti • • periphery, all wanto of power
■ >ur.-e. avoided. On the shaft
l.t' li *'Xtettdc 1 from tin* magnet wheel
th- re v a p! i e ! a belt wind of tlie usual
li imeter. •• *t»nvtint; with a wheel abaft
n the e-ilitu:. which, in itn turn was
üm!i"' ted by a belt with a circular *aw on
I '-.vt r was gained by tho
liainet'r of th ■ whetl-', us they were nl!
<jtii valent« of euch other.
•veto then connected, when, on tho io
tant, great rapidity of motion was nl
•juin 1 . th- floor t f the ro >m slink
ng violently witii tho
Pieces "f
without :
Tho wire«
power develop««!.
1 wer«* fawn rapidly, and
ipparentlv disturbing tho rapidi
v or uvenness r*f the motion. Two gen
:i* i:j-n. weighing 170 pounds each, en*
i a »red to »top the motion of tho whe«l
by the pressure uf a concave break, hav
ring a Mitf.i* i*«ix in-hos by four, bearing
ti th** belt wheel, but without visible ef
This raj I and effective notion has
"tched nine conseeutivo hours by
inve stigating parti. », without nny pcrccp
I iblc decline f power, nu l with a cou
'umption of 1 •« than half a pound of lino
ft cost of 1 »• than half a cent per hour.
Fhe power dev*. Inpe l was rated at two
maintained for twenty
• itliout intcrmisHion, at a
Such, al
'i rse. and cnn I
• ur hour»,
■» aximutn c -t of ten cent«.
•iftt, is the Kt itemcnt made to ti« by Mr.
I! • uni e"irirm • l by a well-known
' utbiiian, wh ) thoroughly examined it.
* aa*; "f di.it
ter an ! width or by
i ultij iu's.ti :. « f wbi', 1», am! tlio number
*f mngm-tR, the p *wer can bo Inr
i insured, !>y t
/' .'-'i- This was proven by the
• that by the addition cf wira in tbe
dvu:i «d M.flU'it'.t length tj.urruund an
-thiT »* t i maix«: t», ij.) Oiminijtiuf) of
•"•.v r was apparent, a!th.iugh tljn action
warily |cj«» ; the«
mother whnI with »imüar powor pould
l ive I an i b! d. The (Nur cell* wo oaiv
ivt-r. «fated a« capable of maintaining tlio
jh c ! nn 1 power produced iu our prêt coca
■•r » i x t y I. »ur» without renewal, at th »
■»t of nb"»t :» «iugle stage fare un Hroad
kV-iy per dav.
gcly i
he nt me
• Were
f the battery
ln tliis machine, se utterly simple si ta
di allonge the scrutiny of tin- most ordinn
>' tnind. we sec the daw n of n new power,
■apaldc of endless application at a mini
Hum cn-t. and destitute of the usual dé
lient of danger. It occurs to us vory
strange lint what is just being projiosed
is a p,"«ilde status of facts by a learned
divine in England, should prove tho sdf
isiii" theory which an American pitjget)
ms been privately and |iarsistrntly dorel
>|iing in actual practice for years. To
»hat it may give rise w here no propbgt'g
ecu In toil. If tho premises demanded
ire proven to bo onrrent, lie application |*
ofiniia. Wo may yet ae* the Athmlb
crossed hy hngo vessels, propelled with m
>unco of ooal, by a power tb* initintiv*gf
»hieb the eaptain may plan* bed da hie
«riling desk in his cabin, wbiob • ebA|
»» "pp'y- »«»J «b* üittetfryymn

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