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■ ■III I * .
i: ' ■mi.m

NO. 44.
Complaint arc iincasinctii
and jinln In the side. .Some
time« the pain i« in the
shoulder, and i« inintakrn
for rhwfititm The stomach is after ted with
I«* «if appetite and sirknem, howls in general
cotUve, SDtnetimeM nltematinfr with lax. The
iMad it troubled with pain, nnd dull, heavy ten
tlSott, co ifldcrchlr l oss of memory, accompanied
with painful »ensationit of
having left undone muoc
thing which ouirhl to have
l»cen done. Often complain
_ ing of weakness, dchlllty
And low kplrils. Rooietlmes many of the above
symptoms atteud the disenne. and at other liniea
riry few 6( them; but the liver is generally tin
t involved. Cure tho liver with
Liver Regulator,
warrantnf to Ik- .trlcllj rrgeUilile, anil can do
Injury to any one.
It has l«en used by hundreds, and known for
tbt last tllrtv-fivo years as one of the most re
liable, efficacious and harmleea preparations ever
oflhred to [the suffering. If taken regularly and
persiste nt ly, it is sur e to eure h.-.sjwpsia, lirad
ggeltv*. jnniuhee, costiveoets,
sick headac he, elironlc «li.ir
riuca, uflectionsof the 1 lad
p dysentery, affer
organ m
der, cnmi
g^BBiaBMHJtiiiiix nf the kidneys, feve r
nsrvon.ntM, rhilts, itiwnw. of thv »kin. inqmrin
of tbatilo« d, melsocholv, or drprvssltii ofsp rlls,
haartlmrn. volte, nr pnln« In tli«' I'uivvIh, |«ii in
tbs twad. fvver nnJ neun, dropar, boll«, piin in
bark m<l lirolj« asllimn, rrv.lpv! >«. »nwlv nl
fbetfoo., nnd liilinu* dl.cn«*« v'vnnnlly.
rrvp^rnd only by J. H. ZKII.IN A « «•.,
Druggist*. Macon, (ta.
R«nd for n (Trvulnr. l'rb» Î1 : »»■<* •'-*
For sain by CIIARLKS TATMAS. J«.
Dec. 24 — iy. Middletown, Pel.
Brokers & Real Estate Agents,
Middletown, Delaware,
tion of
nTOCKR on commission,
And offer for sale
Valuable Real Estato,
CompriaiiL lomo »( the most d. ir.iMc K.irm, on
the Peninsula.
Correspondence by mail solicited.
Hafer t v permission to thu folloxxlng named
gant leim- ii :
lion. R. C. Holidnv, Hoc. c#t Suite
BsJ Md.
W. H. Bergholz, Memphis k El r«»o ru». iflc
BaUroad, N. Y.
R. Atk iiBon. Banker. 41 Bmu.l *t. N \ .
Hon. R clmrd Schell. 50 Wall " "
tîol. Blunt on Duncan Louisville, Kv.
G«o. Ih[ir, Adj. (kncml, Baltiincu»-. Md.
Phila. Nat. Bank.
Geo. W. Karsto r,
J. W. Yar.dcgrU*.
RexTcrt McMnnuk k Go.
Gsn. It il»ert Patterson,
l). V. Chatliaiii,
march 17—If
Highly Important Discovery.
D R. SIMMS, of Wilmington, l>ol. ha* ili • »v
erej a plant, the essentia! tincture *»t which
la comlmmtion with other rare ingr. di» n'-».
known «jnljr I« tl«' discoverer, xxill |.o»«itinli
raus« th* hair to groxv thick
it hs* fallen off and lK*conu* thin. In n great
wlicr« fever ha* caused the I« -- »;(
itifiil wheie
many rn«
tha hair, it linn riitnn'l It again »ini'l.-iTelli
fast. In wvpiitl canes uf Baltin« h-t it ha* rt—t«*i**«l
tha hair to all its former fullness. .\* tlie I*
tor ha* prepared a preparation fur xt ur*.
tha name or Botanic Hair Tunic, he will « » • n t i » -
n* th* preparation under il»«- wine name, xx iih .
addition pf till« discovery. It is not a hair c.»l
oiwr as is generally offered f«»r sale, But By itr
action on tho srnlp ntul roots uf tBr Imir. the
natural cplor seems to come with the rcncxvc.l
growth. F It cure* diseuse uf tBr Brad, it i* de»
gantly pprfumcd. and is a splendid hair »lre**injr
A Ihir Iriwl will convince any one of iu yrc.it
qualities. Bold Wholesale and Retail at
WUiniiigtou, Del.
For «J» by WM. II. BARK. Middletown, IM.
gad by dtalers in medicines generally.
Complete Manure,
aopsrHPhoaphate of Lime, Ammonia
and Potash.
Aroo (Vont odwltrrallon. an«
la analltr la ««r sold Cur
la« tlM last lv< »rar».
ace In then»« of "DOWERS' COM
IANUBR," by the beat farmer, of I'enn
Maw Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, nnd
» State«, baa resulted In proving Itto lie
wemirAmrnmn chknibt.
DizoH Sharpless a co.
oeuwAOt Avexet, raiLADatmii,
Aal fut 8*1* bv all leading dealen.
tad ■ieeawniere of all klnda of
or vus
Northern Pacifio Railroad Company.
Rapid Progress ol llie Work,
fl^HB building of tlieNorthorn Pac ifie Railroad,
A (liegun July last, ) is being pushed forward
with great energy from both extremities of the
line. .Seven thousand men are employed in Min
nesota and on the Pneifl«* coast. The grade i»
nearly completed 20C tulles westward from Like
running 1.10 miles of fin
Superior ; trains
islied road, nnd track-laying Is progr« »j»ing to
wards the eastern border of Dakota. Including
its purchuM) of the Si. I '.ui I A Pacific Road, the
Northern Pacific Company now has 41.1 mile* ot
completed road, unci by September next this will !
be increased to at least lino.
A GOOD IN YKST.MKNT. J.iv Cooke k Co.
arc now ndling, nnd unhesitatingly recommend, |
ns a profit side and perfet i tv safe in\cstment. the 1
Kirnt Mortgage l.und Gr. nt Gold Ibiioh of the j
Northern Pacific I'.tihoml t'ou»| .?ny. Thev have I
d Tltrete'tenths
, Kn
per cent, gold int. n »I (u.orc than H pi r cent. J
currency.) nd me ured I-;, first and only
mortgage on tin iiitire road mid it*ei|t:ipiueiits,
the i mid ic eoinpletid, on j
2.1,U<>0 A fill:. «»! L.Wii to « very mile of
track, or .'mo acres lor » . Ii PI.mmi Bund. Tiny
are exempt from I'. S. Tax : prim i|»al ami inter- i
est are pavabU* .old; deiioiniiiations ; urn.
pons, ÿlOO tu ÿl .oto ; rc^Utmil, $ Iru to $lu,
000 .
.10 year* t*i
I a!
, i:* fast
i.Asns you rm si is. .\oriii
at at nil time*
•(•liable at Id per
exchange for thu Cotnpa
sh prices.
j tactic ally iu'.iieit bearing land war
7-30 *
cent, above par. i
ill 's lands, nt tin ir lowc.-t
dir* tin
This ten
.s7.VA7.VG' F(M). The |
of lauds are required
• rds of till sales
the put -
cllatii.ii ol I'.- first Mortgage
The .nil grant of the
f *1 hin immense
del ».led
1 «
Bond* of the Coni;
road excct-tls Hfn n.iili.
sinking lund will umloiibtedlv <.
cl the priuci
■led debt belt.re it lulls
pal ol ti e <'oinpan.i s I
I i
higli- '
due. With their ampii *. t uril>
interest, there i
I high rati
TC»»ihll* to tlic
* safe.
.. .
eifie S« en-'i'"»irli'-s. Kxpn « eh irg« ; mi hi
S cien-Tliirtie* sent
Itm »tun nt,
»re profitable
K.xcuAxmsu ( .s nvh:- r\\ i:\rns
I »copie, w hich i
«-.• ol till
•w govermiK nt per «
I loan u ill compel the mrl v »»mender »»I pHiled
Mate* ci per < < nt* Manx hold«
now exchanging them for Northern
elfte Scvcii-Thirlh K thus rea ixiitg h hands
I groat 1 1 i
! to-*
rta.öng tie ir xearly iti
U77/A7* SFrrmru:u -All m.rketibb
If u i-l be ri ce
• •I at tii. ir
lot* Nt»i t'.c .
from the |,
return, will b« pu id by tie- llnaiu ial agentt. Full
iulormaiioii. him p*, p tinplib t», etc. c
I taim d ee iq>p!tc,t;iuii at any ttgvuey, »
I undersigto d.

J(»HN Mc U! A R k SON.
•I l'cin lp t1 Agen!» for Pelaivarr,
NO-TOP Ml'CH I I :s.
n fT£i / f |I1L|
H l (m fjt I
Bankt n
No. t»o2 M.nkft Sire* ' Wibningtoii.
For »ale nt the Citize n'» N .tioii.il Haul., Middlc
nug 20—3m
*1 Ulilll'ScJlt I {< K'ktl WÎI VS.
r|l|lK uiidmiffiicil hnvinu oLt iincil the most
of them I« supply the neighborhood To Le cer
tain that the investment would he *«fe, applica- j
lion was made to one of the mo«t prominent and
ÄÖ! ,C,h "r ,rrrwl,i,# ^
ion or this mediclue. lie replied:
"It Is pcrfcctlyhnrnile*«. r. :.t.»lu* no Arsen
Ic, no Mercury nor Quinine, »o .1 yet is *o ener
fistic «nd powerful, that I tiiuii)* Believe It will
,„«il"loe »«« ,!«, a IU dlrrctnl. Thcnfoie, i,ÿ !
pint ing It within tho reach of every one, you will
confer an untold M«ta»nK u|k»o tl,« rommuiiitjr."
(itatBAp Anaxr,
. , WD „„ , Q Ch Trï\'. ;U îl " J '
a«J.a a Pharmaccu.U.«l7diLVt lil. ""
■eut Itt— .imo*
To Suit Everybody, at
j. M rux fc BltU.'S i
Middletown, Del. i
y 2)
T HE nndcr.ignvd rr»pec.tfully announce to the
resident» of JIMdli in« n that they hate rent
ed tlie »tore o|i|KMile tho Ponintulnr Miirlitne
Shot», on Main »reel, .Middletown. Del. aud in
ti, on nod after MONDAY, SEPT. 3S, to have
a »apply of freeb meat» equal to th« demand of
alt who may faror them with their patronage.
All order* supplied with promplnen and dis
•opt 33—am
JC Week ef#,hbm ten to twalv. week, old
apt W—dl ' V ''" Itrar It H ^ tf e «^
£clrct jpoeinj.
You nsk why so oft, father,
The tear roll* down my cheek,
And think it itiruni'e that I »hould own
A tfrief I dare not speak ;
But on, my soul is very sad,
My brain is almost wild ;
It breaks niv heart to think that I
Am ealk'd a drunkard s child.
My play mates shun me now, father,
Or pass
by with scorn,
• my dress is ragged, nnd
Id and torn ;
My shoes
And if I heed them not, ' there goes
Tlie drunkard's girl," they cry ;
Oh then, how much I wish that God
Would only let mu die.
1 ou used to loir me once, father,
And we bail bread to eat :
Mamma and I were warmly clad,
And life st « nied vc
never noke unkindly then,
( >r dealt the align blow :
Ur father dear, tis
hath changed y
Do not be
But let
<lure more thy loving kiss :
And prouii- • me, those lips no more
With drink shall he tie-fit* d ;
That from a life of want and woe,
• thy vvreping child.
.grv now, father,
• I tell
feel Upon Inv I
friert ^lonj.
A good
all four
«1 house of slotie,
by n cool.
shady portico, win re in sutiitiier time you ,
might dose away upon a rattan sol tee,
while the birds in thick foliage sent yon f
i nt Li dreamland with a sweet song in your
, was the country residence of Abuer
W olden, llappv the man who was lucky u
enough to receive an invitation to spend a "
lew weeks in the hot season ut this de
' ligliltui plaee.
There w i- beauty without and beauty
with tu : but 1 take it. a
tnau would hardly
c are I«» admire tli • beitutiftil walks, tr * '*,
shrubbery and nrtili ial lakes, if ho c .-ul l
|, t ,
permitted t«* d » homage to tho lowli
ness xvhieli t'-igio i within t h obi gray
1 walls, and xvhieli xras found in the
of Hide Walden, tIi** only daughter uf Mr
Abner Walden, im reliant.
i xv ill mit attempt to describe her. for I
can't do it ; neither do ! believe there is u
' pen capable of giving a full idea of In r
»urpassitig beauty and her amiable cli»p >
»iiioit. 1 In re is only one remark I dare
venture in regard to her p r»onal appe
atice, aticl in uttering it 1 feci how poor i»
j the power of language t«> convey my nn an
'"JL «»lie had large, dreamy,
blue eye*. *»nt uf which her very soul
seemed to gaze.
I met In r lirst at In r father's city
ileuee, where, through hu*iucs* tran-o*
tioi»*, 1 hud the plensur** of being a IVe
»pient visitor. The iuvituliou he extend» »!
j to me of visiting him at his country house t
I during the'iimio. r, xva* as gla»lly aec pteii
a* it was cordially given.
It xv as a pb usant day in August, when
I placed my traveUiug bag iu the bottom !
1 »I a driving xvagoti, nud xvliirled away 1
the but. busy city toward Mr Wal
: deu's bouse. My burse, u
erealure, >»'eiue»l h» enjoy th
I green Ii Ids a* mtieli a* »lid hi* master :
I and tossed hi* mane nnd m ighed
j 'rink iu p ire air that wa*
j tl»«* country
Dy noon 1
; lion, ami although I ktiexv it not, was in ;
. the immediate vicinity of a quarry uf line j
j blue st»»ii»* xxli ich Mr. Wablcu had rcc» nt- !
i ly of etied and was then working Th»* I
lir*t impr--sioti ! had of anything being
wrong xv a* a man spiiugiug out iuto the ;
road directly iu front of n;e
' his hat a* lie sliouteil :
bigh-spii iti d
e oder *»f the
wafted across
".Stop, sir, quick ; you haven't a min- j
» ut« tu lise." ,
1 Kre 1 could heed hi* injuction my horse \
had taken flight,
tween his teeth, dashed furiously utiward. {
"Ik* jubers, you area goner," cried n (
follow as I flew by him. vainly endeavor
iogto wrench,., bit from tho animalV j
,C ®W- 1 he next iiistriiil n heavy expl«
j siun, which almost lifted my wagon from I
tho earth, caused the inaddetied creature [
tn redouble hi» larrihlo »pnod. Karth and
, , , . . 1 r .
»tones darkened thu air for several mo- i
nient», and although they full thick around
m,, j unhurt.
Onward the Imrse dashed, while a con
! alnnl ... flrn accmcj to fiy from hi»
hoofs. I turned my head for an iustant
«nd InoknJ over m» «liotilder to parccivo
■ f", -< •'»"« r
ted bcaat, who was prnbuldy currying mo
"> »«»ift deatruction,"hut I f.ad no wean.
"• W" Iu n.y effort« to chock
him, 1 braced myself firmly Hgaiust the
iron at tho bottom of tho da.har, and
throwing all my .trangth in the «tteujot,
one of the reins br^kc, and he pow had a
free head.
I don't know what reflection» pa»«od
through my mind—perhaps I did not think
at all ; hut »uddenly there came a craah.
thon a bright light »coined to flush in my
eye», while u dull, painle«» «enaaiion nf
fectod tny head, and that'» all I remember
or enro to remember. Whut followed is
better known to other, than myself
I had not much idea of the situation
until l opened my c.e, to coosciou.oes.
the dext day. I found myaelf in a comfort
able room with two peraona standing by
my bedaide, and • baain of Moody water
and tom* bandage, lying on a table. My
was in a mile of mv deslitia
I waxing i
iniii• I wit» no cimfu-ed l liât I could nut ro- «top
collect wltal IiihI happened, nml scarcely my
recognized Mr. Wahlen ami lliu surgeon,
who were at my aide. on
" Collar hone broken and never« onn- the
tuaiun about tho head," an id Mr. Walden;
!"• lf 1,0 weru repeating the surgeon'«
•m*. r.,w
the Doctor, *' only keep him quiul. I'll
»ton again to-morrow." I
When thu morrow came it found me :
suflieiently eunipoaed to reeall thu accident ;
that hud befallen mo. I had an acute I
pain in my shoulders and chest, and my j bu
lo ad, from which they hud eut n quantity j
of hair, Bit s<uo. of
" Vou had u narrow escape," said Mr J
Wulden ; "«ye hid to »hoot your horse, j
was so badly injured. I fear your
visit will be attended with little pleasure, llis
but we'll make it passas pleasantly a«
possible until we get you about again." j
I didn't think at that time it would be
possible to infuse uiiything very pleasant U
into tho dreary hours I should bo force I
to pu-a in that room, but before a week I
Innig . bv, 1 would hav .1 been willing hut
to have lia i my eolhir-liouo broken over
iig.iin if ... could have prolonged tli"
visits Klsie Walden nimbi me. She r a I
me tho uetrspitnera by the hour, nml when ll,
I grew weary the talk, d to me or p|„v-d
..at stood in one cor- I' 1
roaming over
I.,. I .
' ; ' ' I
spell of lie- t'"'
'• I didn't
upon n
tier of my room.
yon may Inugli nt me if you
(»lease, but I wa* hnppii r then in my crip
|'l 'I •'"tiditioti than I had ever li*.u*n
lore, I e iuhl ti"t. h *u< v r. li< in Lm| ul
ways, »» in I«»* tlinn three w«*
0,1 ,n . v 1 and
JP^'Giids 'yi*k i'bi«.* \\ aide
n*loi»inhitig how mj.uliy i
f ,v,n ' | n . v injuries under tho
Hcful iful eyr» tliut w« re »n
ubo,,t r* turning to the city m long
u * ^ l "' ,,, 'l Huger inrar my eharm r hut
" , - v ksppines» was d« »titled t • have an
A eou.iiri «>f lilsio'-. ti
d Mary Tr
Mi*s Trevor
" wll,,t h ' ''"N"' 1 l' l " tl y. hut ell«
w:, '* |> :, >* d ie. witty nml j !
'"'cupied tutieli «»f KMe
visit her
vor. entiie t
cut She
t lint I
ir, and
eoiibl no binder
I« L' licnlly e
I did
■ I.or, Mi,. Trovor w.
l»ut in ubinittind t i t!i" hard •hip* with
the b. st grace ! c i ! i
lind 1 1... t Mac
invaluable < ni.» .nieij, »:
» » t ! « « • r '.v i » • • f
■ . ! really
bcgati t
*i"t 1» in f
v lip- to Kisi»* W ai l ti but
th • m »»t studied .. . ; p-rlnp» a lit
»I« iu.|.»-M.. t ut tli .t was «II. If 1 ,
1 >V.-1 l,,r I Wi-I.cl Im r tt.ùi-.-.v r it 1,,-r- l
I't'e v»»r
a ,|.

id rath* r
ntage tlian
inv a-pirati
Mi* r
I.t Mi" W. 1 I ii ' 1'
v. r
early del, et. 1 tl,.- th ,urhi« wl.ieh
pi" 1 tin ii, iu I
and askc 1 in
ml. half
V to taken int - mv
; contiJctii
and w»j
ami I graute 1 t !»»• re»ju *>t.
Mi Gin t ill ,M
very • it bee:
Ail tl:;-* time, b
1 had pas-ed
t tol< l ining
,,!,Vo bodtale! at dcelu;
1 uur'-as >ual»b enough t
,h ' ,n: *j" r I
; tVs*ed growing att.o hne tit t*»r h» i
j She j i»mi *1 t » assist me all iu lu r p xv
! er, ami a* she purposed returning to ih
I city with Klsie. xx ni 1 iufurii; me of h r
progress xvb n xv»* nut
; " 1 can
s-lf. nu I that
xv ml ! .*•:»
her »-1* t'. • fa t.
• t!i•• tr »ubb'
i h * my love
:» t vi 1 led to
j her, bei use h- r time
m-xv (bat 1 xva
wi ll an
tr«»ng again,
it b»nn* rlv was, nnd I was *• bi-h an 1
Mipp - t l had n
»rti » 1 » •■!' it
My r> verb s xv.-re about this tin» * «11
turbed bv
hirli imp ratix » ly
I 1 my pt-f-i !»(••• iu the city, and
■••»l t.» bi«l a r luctatit g* <» 1 by«- t" ,
Mr. Wal h it ml ho . 1»"! I
a sainuiou*
■ h
j *' I hud no idea of that." I r«-plied ''
, • Klsie is very beautiful, so biutiful that r
\ she doubtless has genre* ot* a linircrs :»•
if; hut fin- all that, ymt "
{ know, ►hu may never have given away
( lier heart 1 supj'bel must be willing 1
t«* take mv chances with the n st Hut.
j werjou-lv. lave you ever l, ;;? rd anything
to justify such nn oj,iui««n !
I " (.'ertaiuly," replied Miss Trcvry, with
[ a provoking laugh. "I have a very dis
tincl rvcuIKdin.t of a per».,,, who admire» ;
, . 1 , . at
i her us much as you can do -ir.
" l'niu«, come," I «aid, " tell me can
didly, do y*»u know her to bu engaged ? j ^
If you do. say so like a good friend, and 1
ymi will »ave mo. ptrlnp», a gnat .leal ' w
of unhappiness." j .
"tin along." »ho renlind. "I'll an»
r. «* " " - . .. » !
»aid. patting lic-r on tl)e »boulder.
" Well, »inoo you »ay ao. I »uppoao 1 '
mu.t believe you; but wl,at if I fail M
your ambassador, shall 1 not sharo the
f.to of all meddler, in other people 1 »
affair» r
" I 11 uever upbraid you, at any rate, ,
I replied.
"Now you remember thnt," «ho re-:
plied, " for I shall not forget it."
" He it »o," I anawered
XVhon I arrived in the eity, J found it
was necessary to go We*t to arrange »eine
bruine»«. 1 was absent nearly a month .
During all this timo my thoughts were
continually turned to Klsio W.lL. and !
wondered what progress Mary Trevor was
moking in my behalf. If, on my return.
she gnvo me a favorable report, I deter
mined to make a formal declaration of my
A* I waa reluming, I bad occasion lo
j B purtril I t .»• »k a l"tig »tf«»H with M u;,
Trufor, in tli" ciu.-i* of xvliieh I cimi
gixv y"U III) Mil j- irt," -!.«• .••alii,
i " it» the (Vent iff the li !>i id t L ing j re
j occupied
«top n( Cleveland, nnd a. I wn» signin
my name on the hotel register, my
colleen friend, Han Eldridge, tapped me
on the »boulder. After a heart, Ä.ko of
the hand, 1 inquired what ho was doing
•• Oh. I earns out on business for our
** -
*' How long ore you going to remain?" j *
I asked. |
" 1 leave this afternoon," ho replied. j
"lam sorry for timt," I said. 11 I I
hoped we might return together. I shall .
bu hero for severul days yet." I
" I'll sec you in your room in tho course U
of a half hour," ho «aid, dm ho turned j
away. I
At tho appointed timo Dan Kldridgc j
e.nnw in and threw himself into a chair.—
llis manner was very rejected. »
" What's the matter f" I inquired. .
" Something that is hard to cure," lie
replied. " ! am very unhappy, in, dear ;
U lluvr. There's no u«o concealing the :
m"'t. r ; for a month past I've beeu in a
«retched state of mind. I need money, j
hut perhaps l need advice more." 1
'' ,lllt w ''k »*• I -•***1. »* I stretched i
myself in an easy position.
" "'ell, tho truth is. I'm in love," he '
ll, '8 nn i
■» uncommon affair," I re
I' 1 ""': " « "• "t«y myself
•• \es. hut vour e.reun,stance, are d.f
'SVhlu" 7 ;,,lZuZl
' ". s an old brute. Hm, T rcpl. I.
"I t ? I ; 11 U i*o tort," he r j-•in«* 1. " for '
t'"' pi! is rieh in I, r own right, and our
inenmes would support u- splendidly
.N w what would you ;| lriso me to do tu
! ... !
'* I % un nway with liar, if »lit? !1 consent,
i at;*>xveri I."
• • V
It do that:

ingly ;
au l \ ■ l boi'f like it.
Still, I
,, « i y i 1 , „ !
" I! w much ii; i.t v «b» you require :
• it *
! a-1 . 1
■ About t !» r. hundr* d »I 'liar-," lie re
e !i| - *• .
• ' I liavo not tlmt
•!i xviill ine." I
hat I II <b
ill draxv v»»u a eli*c , k for the
..it, and n can ohti.in »he t:: »ne\
an-;. ;■ «1 : "but I'll tell you
Dan. !
. , j i, i r , i
11 J . ur * . l l .. ,r . , *! . 1
, * 1 '' : :j ' ,u1, hau * t ,c c '' r *''
'».g-t his y
, . .""»t.. . ■-» |'»rr I wr..t- n not,
l '»' 1,1 "'8 l '".» 8--*»-l.>-._n.,.| l>' | «»■« '«lion I
, " 1 " *" 11,1,1 , " 1 " 1. . . .
when you get home "
" Will you ?" It?
I felb»w ; I'll follow
eplie I ; ' I'll b avo a
n» i »'. --.ti tairs iu tli * office f»»ry*»u du-t
a-k 1 r it if vou don't see me before luav
crag *rly.
ii I ;
All ritflil." I
,M K
. . «
require! a renewal to in• ^
bl ly love, de- pit h r »»Id father's n;
check, nn !
position. 1 then itiel»'*c l tl
(••id him if he
AI». »nt a week later I arrived lmn».*
Tl. lir-t thin" 1 did was t » spru
•all untbe Waldens. It was noon xxl»«*n 1
my card
with pi* asurable anti
XX I* Ushered int i til
fat»« tli • door-bell and sent
My heart tlutt re I
As I
diawit.g-t ooni I was surpris«-»! t»» he:
up stairs speaking in an angry
V rN | ' n,,, 'L i from his j
h u «I I k at that lm.tr, and U «lr.tr!; mr a«
I' lnt' ullUfi al ! ro.-iitly In a, I him
it,« •l-wn rtair». »ltd Im walk, d with
'. 1 1 1 i ■ 1 •!. -, '. ' ", l 1
1 " ' 1 , '! . . ll ".
tr'r-l. Im «houle,Ç ndvniiiin;:
' 'I ' u,l ' ' ' "' ' ""'H 8' " '' ru
• I' 1 r 1" 1 » .'
'' p 1 .''. ' P V ' v i * 'f M W 11 ». !
r . ; i * v* ! ' ' ! . • '• rn 'i 11 '
^ { ( ( ^ ./ Ul 1 *' Ul ,s l,u ,U 'P 11 " n
" .'.v' ÜVvnlini, v «ir " I.rind ah alt inn
i »'. r . ^
1 4 ',i , » a 1,0 /V") '* ° , ir .
•]./. '• ' ' - l ' 1!n ' rt
,..»»» turn inle now vou know v .m «r.* «li*
. '» ' .. . r • .
' i» ' ' - rt r 'a* rtl r n '^
; ;V " ? b- 11 :
at this sir, In* continued, showing mo the
. . wrMt Klüriilff« ut Cleveland " 1
r , . »
j ^ Î., . , 11 . M M .J*' " 11 11
1 doubtless l;.st it. Do you recog
' w 'iV|, U-V , 1-, u e I, tV-r ' hut ''h-IimII v'ftiriii.he'l '
j . . ^ ' t ' . • * ' - ,, ,
,ll «., mon< l T 1 ,n *" ro .. 11 * ,uocc,, 1 , I
. i v r I , , n v I
' ï ? ?Z V,°' "ÏÏ ?•' *",? ?
b ()f d , ,„! J a , ^ J ^
, t K ... .. .
f 7 , 8 " 1D '
*"y",, 1 ha d "acTuulVv furni.hed him with !
, n „ nn9 t ,
money to un away with the very gtrl 1 wa.
1 7."m . i' ° ; u '| V ' . né"î V." 11 - "nit
« ' • \ s ' ' .
iiî iiLTu thi'i «.L.?.!!
, a j| 1M | U 1 ' 1 '1 1
w ,1 .V,.? 1 . 1 ] T hurriod he nuah
. "
, rar ,. n , P ' an ., fo J tb o balânoo of mj
f . .. . ®
* 1 P
1 —ground
Harber« make many friends, bat »erapa
wore acquaintances.
Will lull
t Ulf».
" Da
. , ... ,
A man named Allton XX carer, »ho
reached Hotroit, from I'ort Huron, on
Wedncftday week, had s narrow and cu
rioua escape from being roaated alive in
?»-» — »"
n Hctroit Fret / rat.
Weaver is a single man, about fifty j
years old, and served all through the war
an Ohio regiment of infantry. Up to j
two weeks ago he was at work for n man
nmnrd liright, ten miles from Forestville,
fireman for a shiuglo mill Two or
three days beforo the approach of the
flames, which eventually destroyed that fl
section, liright and his family left for f
Forestville, and the next day all the men
employed about the place either followed
the example or made haste to reach their
homes. On lesviug, liright informed his *
men that the lire would awoep that way,
an 1 named them to lose no time in mak
i„g their escape. Having no property to *
|»sn or fumily to oa>e for, Wuuver deter- *
mined as lie soys, "to stay and seethe
circus nut," meaning that he intended
saving the mill if posaihlc. He Ins a '*
stubborn sort of a spirtit, and the fact that
everybody else went induced him to stay.
A , soon a. the men went he set to work
burie(1 M (h o provisions left in the 1
house, and during the day also buried the I
knWr , ( belt and other light machinery of
llmvll | 1( , u , e , mi! ,. , tlMsk , in j everything
i t lit • M ® I
V * ,< | * 'mi'Y ' r,, '^ ,0 '* rB ! un * j
'r.m'nd 1 the buihlings ^ U " ^ En ' UI " j
W |,en night came, au 1 tho fire had not 1
,, |„, | M . pa „ j PI r at his absent
comrade» Hut lii* »elf-conceit noon left
1 j |Ji
.\ bout tin o'clock the lieavcns were |
* » 1 i r Ï » t that In* o »ul I gi-e th« »mailest ob- 1
jects around liitij, and thep' was a roaring
which sounded like waves
tho shore.
H «- 1
an to suspect that ho w»»ubl soon re- '
• tlie visited predicted, and accordingly
•ici- j r - j araii ti» f» r it. In levelling tip
the grouti 1 around tho shingle mill, earth
hacl bec ii obtained by digging here nnd
there, and Weaver went to work and dug'
»tie of the;." pits deep enough fur him to ■
ni the fores !j
beating against rock*
eel vi
He then lillocl it nearly full of water,
Mituruto the ground a- :
•voral rods
g t » tin* mill. !»•• draggeil »»ut n four
inch plMik. - exxed it in txv• » , and saxv that
tin jirts tightly cuvere'i the mouth uf tin- ,
little well. "1 enlklated it would be tech |
and g»>." said he, 'but it nji the best I j
could »b» " At midnight ho had every*
il.iug arranged, and the roaring then was
awful to hear. The clearing was ten or i
tw ,. lvc »,„1 Weaver M *s :
flir two |„ mr8 b,-f„ r tl,o lire rMeltml I
1mm il,, re w:,« n oni,«ui,t flight ncr»«» the
ground of sin til animals A» be routed a
1 up in
m i t »ok
• t.»
r.a,t, 1 1 it I'
c - .ii .i
moment from giving the house another
, lnVVll a h rse »lash »1 into the
up nitig at full speed, and ma b* f»»r the
• stopped and turned to
1- the lir«'. Weaver could see him
, , . , . ,
tr. MU M. Itw ,.*c.te.m.,,t «.„C
torr.ir, »trl f> 1> ' t'",« fl,r 1,,m ' -' flcr a
mnm. ut 0, • m.in, «1 B»ve uii.nnro to ■
M,.,rt ,.f di',„i,v. r„u two „r Ihre« l.m,.. «
rouud tile imn-.., and then »hut oil into
h re
X»»t long after this lire camc. Weaver
^ w ,. Hi ri . a ,J y f or t |.r cmrrgcn
t . y v ,.t curious to jco ths l,ru*king in of
t j |y j| am ,. a . | !,„ roaring inrrrnmd in »ol- ,
uni", thr air hn-imo op|irr»»ire, a cloud
att'i , ind.rs came »honoring down,
and In- could mc the iianm« through the t
,, t (li ,| r nn along upon .he
ground, nor l-ap from treo to troo, hut tt
ram 1 along likr a tornado, a »hart ufflamv
reaching Iron» the earth to the top i f the
tree«*. As it struck tho clearing he jump
ed into hi.» well and closed the blanks.
1 j 1 -' «-'«uW no hmger m-„, hut hu imuhl h.-ar
Ho say* the ftatiies made t:o halt whatever,
m»r » n-'d their roaring for nud instant,
but be had hardly g"t tbo opening closed
J-*-" "J
*»*« Hnder, sml Both were down in five
minutes, lhestnokc came down to him
powerfully, nnd his den v.a* so hot that j
he could Lrdly breathe.
», .A, lfl i. «iwiv» Lim «-.«»•
. . K l • ' . • \ - t » 1
lire, but, remembering their thickness, he
waited till the roaring of tlie liâmes had
, Ul . a nwny nnJ th.«,, with his head ami
'.""l' "r".'' 1 0V,T " nd .P" 1 . °" 1
tire by dashing up water with his baud*, j
Although it wa« a cold night, and the wa- ■
He remained in hij don until daylight, ;
fluently turning «vor tho plank« and
P u *' ,n 8
had passe J. I ho earth around was on
tiro in »not», ho„»e and mill were gone.
!?Aî^d'ol' amTa««?'wfth ä
away, as if shaved off aud swept with g
lr oom. and nothing but .ut and a»hc.
were to be »een.
After the fire had somewhat cooled off,
Weaver made an iuve.tigatjon ofhU em it,.
a „d found that eonaidcrabla of tha property
buried had been »aved, although ha loat
all his provision« except a piece of dried
lieof, which tho Iro bad cooked aa ig an
0VPn Wi,h0n * l ^. < ; i,i t D 0 8 °!e'
er resource than to remain around the
pl»ee thnt day. during the night aud the
greater part of the next day, when tha
had cooled enough ao that ha oonld
piok hit way to tha «ite of the trflhf*
lie wee nearly twelve ImM gtlng MM

, , „ . _ . _ .
lÂ'Æ,ta 2#SÄ&
eased are on record of men who bnvft ftt
j uin ? d ,h# »8« of ODB hundred, and there
,rc ' n,,ttu<1# * °f persona reaching owe bn.
j dred •"<» twenty to one hundred and
eut y. and even to one hundred.andeight,
•j'fl'®—*hc age of n Hungarian peasant
P B VÄ B ;
. ,n Bkakipeifft tjir
fl , bo?«d stages, and men of
f c ' eu,-e in, ° f,,ur d '" ,iut . t P«»<*>* »»}7
■nfancjr, youth, maturity and daclii
j"?° *? rn,i boyhood,
»dolesccncc, virility, meturity, decline,
* nd °' d ®8 # i or * °f childhood. Ins
r * fc " t0 'J 1 . 0 £ re } tW -° °f •*" T
,cooe j during which the firataot of teatn
* r ® developed ; childhood, between two
* D<I »hon the first teeth shed and
new onesitako their plsoes ; boyhood, front
fUH 1 * ,0 fifteen, whan a marked tranait|QH
'* c " ool * d ! «dolcsenee, from fifteen hi
tae»ty-one; manhood culminate* at forty,
W forty*otfnt. hrom that time, al
, 'ÏÏT 1 '"."SÜ
I * U j e 1 -«' 1 "«''y dB f'»"
™^ d " ] "'g «»«* ">»"*"'1 *» «4
' Wn.. .">* n »«•.
' t ? Y* Î,. •" to acc.dcnl
I *llu düngen» m the coinmno coar*o of
j events consequent to our daily vocation*,
j an ' 1 n,nr0 B **reme cases of fctnslo lonfevl
1 " r< rOCOrded '
milcs, as trees were filling, log* «M*
burning, and the fallen limber had Ik
some places heaped
which no out oould c
up s breastwork, svr
It is not gunorully known ss it ought ta
| He that .i liuinan buitig i* 1 inbio to iofee
1 *h>n from a glandercd horse. Numerous
xvork* ; am
h case.*, have been reported io medical
only a few weeks quo a mnt*
1 nnined Martin, who lived in \\ashingtoi|
' county, Md. suffered a horrible death from
this cause. While atttudiug lo a liorsft
which had the glanders, *oino of the virus
Irum the dise ased aiiiinul's tiose or mouth
toun«I it* way into a cut on one of his
thumb*, and shortly afterwards ho w*|
■ taken with spusin*. whic h were succeodod
by sc*fere nuii«cn
and utter prostratiat).
Although medical assistance was imniodi
: 't ly pr.icured, and the mao had ovsry
reasonable utientioj;, ho lived only a few
lax* after the disease manifested itself,
Heforcdying his body became utuassoful
, cerj, uud in the cud the flesh fell in pieces
| from hi« bubo*. When a horse is futin<)
j to bu gLndered, it should bs killed at
onee and proper measures taken to disin*
feet every object that had been iu contact
i with the animal
A* to tho origin of the phrase "014
Ni'k." Archdeacon Xtrcs toll* us that
"Nick" was a very old name among tba
\„,#| lrtr n« , n ,i rA„ ,i i • » »•
>orihern *' nn(l fro,u the,n we JcHvcd the
We borrowed it, in fact, from tho
title of an evil genius among tho Danes,
ritey believed that he often appeared og
ihc ssa and on tho deep rivers in the form
uf „ m mon ,„. r> |ir ' c „ 1( , ilJg imim . diala
.l,ip-wreik nml drowning to tbo nnli.pnv
K,.,,t, r , nno.l'r .„tiqu.ri.u »"
,b„r,t v . montions a deity of tile w.t.r»,
w „rsl,i,,ped l.y the »neient l'nne» «nd O.r
mans, under thu nnttio of Nicken or Noc
lletjee. doubtless, the "Old Nick"
urono, by an easy corruption
Tho numhrrof »pveioinf animal« know»
to ho living i. ,h«. giro,, by Mr
t lirentliioi : I'ho number of mamalia it
,. 8 ,i nia ,.d a. bofeen 2.000 „„d H.OOU
«peeie» ; Ifird« at nhout 10.000; reptile*
and amphibian» under 2,000 ; ft»he» at t
bout lO.IHMI; inserts nt above 100,000;
crustaeca and nraobnida rather above 10,*
000 ; niulluxca uhout *20,000; worms, ri«
0,000 ; while t Hero are about 1O0.ÛU0,
species nf plants, lie thinks a "(relient
I'lantorum" is still within tho ctrubilittca
^ ^ ^ ^
animals would Imre to bo accomplished bf
a divisiou of labor among zoologist*,
In a (îcrmsn work railed "Tlu* Hi«* a**
1 iî rt I* I •• .1 ..•, " .« ,he
« f the Hose, tho writer mentions that Ike
largest rose tree known to esist is ffi the
marine garden of Toulon. Franco, III«
ll '® »P* 0 !" k R" v « n '*• 1 ** nl< * r< £®
j ber.ring white flowers i hé hraneheft
■ »tretoli o»ar a length of ac ran tv- fi va hat
SnÄt pJ B
; Jariug tho montha of April and Map

In the muaem.i r.t Caaiel, Germany, |g
a libriry made from five hundred Europe
an tree«. The bsek of each volqège is
fermod nf tlie bark of a tree, the «idee el
the perfect wood, tbe top of yowng weed
and the bottom of old. When opened tie
book ia found to bo a box, containing tbé
flower, aeed, fruit and leave« of Um tree,
either dried or imitated in wax.
A lady write, to know if it ie p ro p er .
ilie.lrU ie ladylike—te retuiede |g
jeriieg keek when •
r. Editor newetet
might aqueese eney, jMt
know that yon are not dl
■boat it. Bat deat
him yea know hew the el
ér he aright Hieb yea «a

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