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JLSTuduHÏ W warn m "•«XUui iurhr; '
amluaut contributors on l>oiti tides of l|,f Ailamir.
Htrihaer for 1 » 7 J «ill h» nn,i|rpn...ea 111 liiemr.v I
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Th« Jsuimrv uuiuLrr will be wfiwUlly nitr.u
tire, «ud will hr worthy uf pmrrviitiun «« «•»
ti r of Kngfsad, Will ahortlv »p|w .r ; al.o an a
b|r d'*ea»«loa of the National ll»aklng Syainn
; »
S^iÆ*ÎXSr" " M — i
^nu£ 8 .ll panha.. with the »e
ÄÄÄH M »«m."m Jam'., v
1*71, for «1.50. Thew hole« ill contain
Mon than 11,000 Paytt,
mon ann briltlan.ty wrlt.ea »r.lrtss, and |
nearly 100 completed siorip». isle* «»f mlvwiiurc. ;
wit ««d komur, Poew*. ftc., ftc . ioM»biaiij K with
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to t" fully «insi to III* work oftlu.lsve l»„r*. ;
Tlw l.'heapest. Choierai, and moat charming gift
book» for the fsmily. '
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Wa quote, aa fairly rr|ireM-n(iag the general j
■rntlmenl of III* newaiwwr press in repsr.1 to il,o
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graphical appear»,,ce the perfection of it. ill.»
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Aamrini should fhel proud."
Remit in Cheek» 01 • P. O. namey or,|cr..
For oala by all dealers.
Cool Spring Charley
tnthmaf the town for
nun run ANO Ol STERS
My fthtuda and polrons all know where 'Oys
Bay " Is, sad If they will call to « »e I
wilt show them hew imleftil I am for past favors
by flmlahlBg them with choice Oysters, fresh
XoTl^Sh^ Fcrch, Crocuses, Ac, at .
OrM-B.yJ.tb.^m^tyonr mon.y

.. Complaint in unssalnem
8IMMON8 and pete In the «Ida. Bome
llnws the pain la In the
m^^Mmuaua ahouldcr, sad ia misukvn
fer iluaaallam Tb* stomm-h ia aSncted with
lammt eauetlle sail sickness, Imol» in general
caatlve, sometime» slternsling with lax. The
Wad 1a troubled with pain, and dull, henry »en
Mil«. eaaMemtde lom of memorr. arcompanivd
wilh pslnrul »ensstions of
having left undone some
thing whieh ought to luive
lieen done. Often complain
_ling of weeheesa, deliilit)
r -A low anlrilt. RoUKlImes tiiany or lhe almve
•vmptoma nttand the dl»e*»e. and at other lime»
ratin '* of them , but the lieer is generetly the
«Sgtt meat luvolrsd. Cure the liver with
Liter Regulator,
warranted to be »trictly vegcuble, and can do
ao ininrjr to any one.
It hat been uaed bjr hundred«, and known fur
ImI U»lrtv-llvc ymira ni une of the moat rr
.„It, cfficacfoiie und hnrmle** prc|Mimtiun8 crer
uftirn to the auffirinit. If tak^n rcgulnrly
E ÜI. It iaaurc to cure !>y»pepAin, h
ache, jaundi«», coativmcaa,
«ick headache, chronic diar
JLATOR. rhir*.», affcctioni of the blad
der, camp dypentcry,
MMJliom af the kblnrya, fever
aarvouMH, chill*, dineas«** of the *kin, impurity
•f the blood, melancholy, or depreasicn of sp rit»,
hanrtburn, colic, or |»atn* in the bowel*, pain in
tk* bead, freer and ague, drop*y, holl», pain in
bock and limlm. asthmn, rrysipel* 1 ** nr *
Iketion*. and billou* difcnfr* gcncrnlly.
Pr^ared only by J. II ZF.ILIN ft H».,
Druggist*, Macon. (Jn.
Price $1 : by mail $1.25
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Sand for n Circular.
For ante by ClIARLKS TATM AN, J«.
Die. 14 —ly. Midillrtosrn, Itnl.
Author qf u lMrr-Si.'<rt," "A'*/Ariw«i
Titeomh'o I.titers," »Je.
G54 Broadway, N. Y.
D*c 0—lm
a*pl IS—Sm
tal Marble Werkt,
•ai Cataa Urw u,
Monmgftnte, Marble and Enamelad
Slate Mantels
fwaliM at abort notice, k os reaaouable term»
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duced Frire» for Seit, at New I'sattv.
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promptly filled,
dau. iMf
I"*» . ittario Y m Utw.
... I I su ' ii
tàrny morn n g breuks o'er yonder bill; «
My elalou. uright .re ,-it. ! ,„t
th.y Hr,
The aptrti. iigh.
'•That kU. waa not Ihvliul!'' j
.. », [
Sigh, through «h» irr»»,
Thy image fume» lo mv. i
Th»| , ,\| b "n»rnTÄ..l : .
Tlir in. igle power '
lif that »wi-ei hear ,
..... I hi.
, feit r. touch, ,
A tirenihiag loaeh of bliss;
j |' hovTh.'â'nlah
' That loucb, the splrii-kiw. i
1 ' T ^".;tÆr/^,r ow "
\j,d voi.é» »wwt
I ,i n rr more repeal
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Original .ftto :
givWlf'g no. Villi as
; » «oar or ma xaw vs.vu.
i ""O"— O—
m u. J. Thompson. i
chaTtbr «.
There «a. »nee a world, ;
And a brave old world, ,
Aml !U «^"r,Trsrs
| An t the ™ fair- '
; Fur ihc turil» wa* in her prime. ;
The VnmbadoHTi.
| To R,e reflecting and polished mind, , ,
; (hero is a strange yet pleasing faieinalioti j
ju contemplating Iho ruina of the Mediw
' val Age* Whether on the banks of the »to
! r i c d Rhine, the murmuring Seine, or the •
i meandering Thames, these «rambling rel- ,
j CB u f „ bye-gone age arrest the attention
, n ,| cliialU-Hga the* admiration of the ba-! P
holder tlfVpd even amid déflation and |
! decay, the/hear the imnrca. of the hands
which reared them I hey »peak to as of
» time when man was what be seemed—of
, " f„ ( , wlie „, if lbl . ro was le.» of know
I . ,,f real hanniness • I 1
|»uge, tbero wo* mote ol real uappim*« , ,
loti of «cience. hut also U*m Boplinirj
Rut these hoary und massive ruins are
dear tq the generous miud for another and
,„„ro important rea.on They remind u,
of the Risk op OtttvAi.RY and the triumph
of Christianity _and of that strange #d
mixture of Rove Religion „iiU Romance
sSSüt-t«-' »r n *«o
even now, tho «tlniiration of all lover* of
the good and the be«utiful>-for to thU i
suä cxsfit
°' ta "' ,to " ' k ' ta "
Amid the eloialcra and corridor» of one
of thr , e >Io(1i «. v .l relic, shall I lay the
„f ,h« followin« storv
I •«« B0 of U, ° ^Mowing story.
I never liked Keswick Uresge, with its
. Rolhic arche» and monldoriug turrets.
' ,ike n ! ,,C "' " r,, ' g, i
pleasuro in wandering amid Its ruined
, and «J.e»ing R. th. wjnd-it
from it* turreU. of the Lake and aurroqud
. . ,
gated upon its ,„,gh
ly dimensions and old-time appendages
• r. ,be f[*S W 0 ,b ,°. { T«l T
it* floe old Gothic ( tbe p»r
'but of the pile which wa* to lhe heat
of preservation Hero were tho effigies of
the knights and abbots who onco owned
the Grunge, aud here «fe th» tomba nod
armorial hearing* whieh blaann forth tlietr
many generation« Here loo. are the
awards end benoer» of th ' til'd Gross war
rlor, Those ] , ' n r *Z
on«, carried over the w.ll. _f
end of Acre; tho« old aworda. dim will,
the «.Ido of neuiarte». once elMved tbe
way of the OroM through the ""»» "»
Saladln's Infldr!«—but tb. knight, who
hire them ete* p'hs dreamiest ai««P •
^w&b iS» «IS^Ïk I trafli.''
<Dri0inul jßorirQ.
Ar (*< MuUlttm Tmutryn.
issrainau to u. w. u. nv c. a, |.
The Isst, ths lut I It linger» still,
Though wresry dar» h*ve (ted,
Though autumn's bloom
Is in lia tomb,
And nil il» glory (lend.
Tlic Inat, the ln*H upon mr lip*
Thy wal uf truth u prew' *1,
.\ud in my lienrt
Isore'* «*'h«»8 atnrt,
ThHr niuaic ne'«r re*t.
Tk« bright, blue hmv«n U clouded now,
And moan* tho wintry bla«t ;
Fond memorr fifth*
Hut hope replica,
u Thnt kiaa waa not tla« last.''
'Ti* when I yield my wearied form
To ulumber'* magic power«,
By thy dear *idc,
My grvntcft pride,
1 rove through Drcnmland'i bower*.
Oh, dim are all my prêtent joy*
To those that arret i
And in my dream
It doth not *ceni
That Heaven rau Iw more fair.
my b
A lad o
ing accqcry, wss si ousc grind and impo
sing. Offen, when a child, bsvo I lin
gered amid ill weird corridor» and "long
drawn aisle»,'' g jtl, s sensation of awe
and Wonderment »a I
r »auJ»
Knight «f Treedlrn i* nnt there-for ho the
aleeps not with hi. father. Ilia waa a
distant realiog-plaee—but the tomb and in
monument of hia Maude aland beeide the
altar-rail». Dark were the atoric. told by ia
the aimple villager, concerning the deed,
of Trevcllyu'a last Knight—the dark Sir tbo
Ralph, a. be wa. called—and often hare I
listened with an abaorbiug intereat to their ly
weird recital. G.aing in after year, upon
that venerable pile, the old Chapel with
it. little community of death, and the
crumMing vestiges of vanished pride end
glory which everywhere aurrounded me
how forcibly waa I reminded of the word» the
of Hoy :
"The cvllluaa, richly carved and groin«!,
With pendant pediment, revtriwd, bo
A bi-gonc age recul I* tu mind,
tv low K'crirfl mag huth rehearied. in
i"ewer.; !
hSÄÄ. :
i , . . , , .
, or tvH,hfd dVl"n"?nd^ MdÄ'dmaj- I '*
10 the mind unveil
I The thing, which cannot pa» aw.r."
! Front the gloomy »hade, of the abbey
' ii « ® ^ I f • a ^
« Urunge, lot us itirn to the story of its In
! ,„t iSm.te.-the la.t of the Trevnllyna.
_ 1 j
j tll.VJIKIlII.
r . . . .
i y y
Toward, tho middle of January, 17 Gl* . g
. Sta Kami T..KVr.t.l.vs returned to Kng
loud for the purpose of elaiiiiing Keswick
, (innige, uow his |,v reason of the death of l "
I hi. father. Sir Robert Trevellyu. who.
, however, left the property in an enenm- ;
bered »late. Sir Ralph Trevellyu w ,„
»eareely known in llm vicinity ot'll.,
i whm'h "wero.oldofhi, life-forW
Y ,lilb " r - P"';: 1 .. uf L j*."" - "r"
the comment, acid visiting his native
country, and then only for interval» of
w :;': k :. , »°rn mether.
' ,r Hopeiiee. t
iruvcU, t|»e new baronet in
^ ... «r.»._Iiki„ Ä for Kngland hi
Kngli-h com, eel mna Italy lie eon»,dried
as Ins euuntry - and, accordingly on hi
ï"rï,.'«V or a',!
i Ute wa. strictly- of the A...o„iin tvpe
; ^-„üur "t!. hl-r race. Sir Ralph had much
, uf the Italian ea.t of countenance, and,
withal, a peeuliarlv »ini.ter expression. ,
which slmek the U holder a. first sigh.
; Hi* Iniiir thin red lips, «ml lotitr sbiDiiiif
. c , m : U np,ion with «,i mUo lomr
, , bin,'and ho,ied „ose. gave him ,
j what the appearance of a w»|,'. Of his
noae, however , he wna particularly proud,
calling it " the true falcon beak " I
• » time-honoured on.ton,
, uc ,,' s ir Ä TWHyn "n Ukin«
„„„„„„m,, ,,f |,j B nntritnonw iinid n visil of
P ,, . . J' , .
| '„j 'Zf.l ut u«Tf u^u he^fange
à"ve à, the man
•.f Sir lletirv Norton about three
,i jj <|aI|t ' yj,.„„while it wn* s aid
„ "u T* il woo d e
• I 1 .", , " 1 . , , ArU
, , tniitl y lie numotl in the «ecotid motitli of
«nrinif flint tl».- nuptinlH would br «»!«.'
|,L U .,| j n the ahhev eltnnel • and that the
, , ,| lllu »h „/the established church
hid v eided "n the dm.mnd» of his Italian
it to Zdnn fo a 'mi*
, . ''Oitdnn l„r a «'ftott
llte Roraal: faith, who had
„ P<,rf,,r K ^ ï. ny v
jrat rfttïlüÂÂ
of |. ar0Mtt * B w «rd—oml for whom Sir Ilt-nrv !
i CIIterlllill0 a un affection little lea* than
j" fVJssu s
■ ..-.w.
county, had died several years previous to .
,| le ||m,. „( which we write leaving her to
£ hi. diatlnt kinsman W? Henry I
litt oars ol ms ill. lam K n t tr try .
Non on. who had promised \\ alter Moe- ,
brey to lake charge of Maudo until she
its * f , l(te _ 4t which period a amall an-i
'„X°3 lo Vhl„ K rr.er."n I.
i •»• **"'« vi.itit.g the Norton» that Sir
j U | h t icc » ln e aeiiuainted with Mande ;
„„d hi. o,easing .ddre.. and insinuat.ng ,
^ pr( , feronce _ tl ll. at length, it became |
a qunation with »moo aa to wliat tin. h»ro
net really intended The preparation» for
hi. marriage with Arlette Minotti still
««"» on. and so did bis visit, to the man
, itm of Hir ||e„ r , Norton The beaut, of
Maude was of the oppoaite kind to that of
T «'""»* From her Saxon aneea
, ofp M aU( J e iuboriled the fair complexion.
|j| uc in j au burn hair peculiar lo that
of —,p| ( ,—while the mould nf her features
W as nf the purest type of beauty, and her
ma|ll|Mra hud that nameless charm which
j, ,he concomitant alone of superior breed
the , n|( <n(J rr#nemo „ t
A few day. pretiou. lo that fixed for
tho m.rri.ge of Sir Ralph and Arlette,
lha e xpce.e3 priest arrived at the Grange,
^ t |J Mb f , m ,,terio„..|ooking per
tbe Mna „y«u.l, au Hall... of diatinclon.
"» , B d supposed to ha the father of Arlette
who PörJ ^ aojourn of two day., lb. toys
, erio||i alraofar kept himaelf in etriel ae
cluainn, oot foiof oquUIb of Ik# (Î range
Tk* !■••••• ftf tbt pitot tvtrrtd that»
In tho Gbape) gee also the tomba of the
ladiea of the IIoom Trevellyn. from the
first down to the laut- But the Inat
during this time, many sltere.lion. tnok log,
p|,cc between the uukuown and Sir Ralph
Trevcllyn, tud in on, of which dispute» fell
the «ranger raid to the baronet :
"It i, of no uao I tell you. I hare you look
in n.y p .wer-and tho re.titution of the
amne advanced to y it. from lime to time,
ia the price of my aeereay !"
Contrary to all expectation. Sir Ralph, of
tbo day afier the atranger 1 . departure, an
nouneed hi» intention to leave immediate
ly for Italy. He had not. ho .aid, mar look
rled Arlette, but aho would return with
him to Florance-where certain matter, i Sir
called for hia apeody presence. On the
following morning, leaving Ibe Orange in
charge of hia Italian domeetic. he took you
the «age for York.
Tiinu wore »»n npwo, and no tiding»
came respecting Sir ftulph. Alt that could
bo gleaned from the minatea of the Grange me
wns tlmt the restitution f»T t» large «mount
in money mid jewel», on tbo part of the
baro, ' c '' WM ,bu p i c l of Ar,oUo '* 1,,,ud
"Wliv «lid she lore him? (.'nrloiiafool. lit «till. |
'* lur ' ' Uo ' tr " w " , uf h,mm, '
. . , . .. .1,
In the month of .lune, 1 if}. , air Ralph-:
TreveUyn returned Kngland once more. ,
Hi» umnner. on till» occasion, was entire* * | 0
. , .... , . f , • ,•
**?**?■. } 1,0 ....»cd
poaition had departed ; and .to obaerred ,
toward everyone an urbtpity hitherto for
eignlo hi» chnrneter Hi- lirai atep wa.
, i'i < "",* !":
c:- i,, ;,^..i. 8 ;.,il,î,~7 srzsi .
nw J men{ ,, , n d hi, prot.-talion, of »io- I 1 w
, - . * . • ,, i- „ . •
g ''tu »- " purp"»' 1,1 ' h lr ' '
Magde Mnubrey wore re
*-*«! r'** « " 1 J' n '' > *' |
l " 1 '* " !!' ' I!!' ( ... ^
*•-*>■ Mr Ralph ha. hr nu me an» :
; «J» 11 W "htej aJr-'M ;
"» • ir'.er days However, iho proof Ihal
' nnÜ' Mamh-, 'her-'df too nil
lit*«, wa. permitted to favor hi. suit.
. ",.- ^ «! i
the liafoRCt were to be married. I! <!■»
now the latter end of August, ami file
:V ar L m| !":.", W ^ '± t/fe !
t :r>t » m • ' P 11,1 " r ' 1 1 I 1 j
»«ill "T.i ilio appearance I».- bail assume.I
on h.» O,,,™ for Ihn. . . «,-«
<!■>»■ b- 1 J ' j f '
for g o .r f r I I. . . >
TSfS! iEU'
.. . .iupli.'ily, ..U
well, and wa» everything to everybody
h». .. leeolheted him-elf. and
the tumult nf ion whirl, surged within
, his hr. as. wa. silenced to outward ken
Tim. he would hnve preferred to wed his
liuliun cousin, was Uürvrd by those who
know him * but h.hiic iiisuriimuntahli*
, ..hauel- app-ared to stand in the way of
all the »eherne» lie pi mind to rescue him
- If from the maiia-K-» which, in some
I shape or other, evidently placed him at
ihn feel of Arlette Minolii's fath-r That ,
baronet had committed ...mu dark deed
«hile on the Continent, was mysteriously
hinted by » .. of his Italian domestic,
>"•' «J — the nature of the crime
.. « . he ..is.ore,I Sir Henry Nor
tot, always loo sungiiine and uusqspect
ing. argued » total eliunge in thoohar.icter
of Sir Ralph after hi. union with Maude |
, . . . ,,.„|„ r crane» of
* ,ut » a,,,H • i , , W V r .' ,M r
tlionm. or Ugn of tliwtli-B
At length, the day arrived which was
to see the marriage 0 f the beautiful and
amiable Maude Mnehrey will, the Dark
Knight, the last of the Trevellyu». '
it __
CM • i'TFIt IV
, f U , .
" » a- sr-- !
! — r. iiayw hiyi'y.
| t a lovtdy September afternoon. ;
'^»-'«1 .. Xü..: L, ;
. ..ffigies and monumental stones seemed
| hue- hv the m-nv-eo
I î'Xd win L» , lalmratelv decorated > aud !
. l„uuJ window ., I,I, „rati ly deioralcU mal
, t . ar v,.,| Far away to the northward rose
t |,.. blue hills bounding the valley of t|„. 1
| ,h,. while to the south the silvery sheen
I. Intuk, |,«lfS the bright wärm
r , , lf lh(1 September sun. |
; Thu com,.at,v „»aemblad iu the ofaancl
, , U Ml . rr i.gu cc. nies began ife |
sz h ä.s :
| „ Ue pi, ceil ,|,e ring on Maud,.'a linger, '
; ,| lu which had shone through tho weal !
| window of the chancel, now burst inn
of blood-red light throngh the nigh ■
Wl . it window of the rhapel, and. atriking
of a0r0S1( ,| u . hoeom of Maude, fell iu « poo*
of ,t the feel of Sir Ralph Trovellyn. This
UmWen. no! at all kränge iuiuolf aa.
vin tural phenomenon, appeared, lomcbow,
ra il ier r-markablo lo thoae who wiinevaed
j t Dm it waa forgotten in (he oontem
r | a iion of tho strange scene which took
pi,,,.,, , n nu after.
The nuptials were ended, and tbo Dean
was pronoun, ing the benediotion. Sir
for Ralph still holding Maude's hand—when
the attention of the company wa. drawn
to the mein door of the chapel, b, reason
of.„uo*u.l commotion In Ihat quarter,
Several persons, evidently Italian*, bed
entered tho chapel-end one, habited ln
black, advanced up the centre aisle.
ae- It n< dWe«. Minotti !
8t«*wdily *he advaocod toward tlio spot
where 8ir lltlpb and Maude were ataud
log, her dark, luatrou. eyes filed upontbe a «
baronet, whnae gate, n* »h« approMhed, way
fell beneath her*. Sir Ralph, on Bret be
holding hi. eon.in, could not suppress a
look of surpris« and remorse; and, drop
ping, nr rather throwing from him. the »
band of Maude, be alood. with hta eye» I
fixed on tbo ground, watting the approach \ ear
of hi, cooain.
Slowlr, ateadiltr. the beautiful but dark- panel
minded Italian advancedI up the at.le-ber hand
look of fierce defiance, thrown alike at the
company and at Maude. Approaching
Sir Ralph. Arlette .poke : it.g
-And ao, Ralph, you aro married
married to one whom, you often told me. l * lc
you cared nothing for. I heard of your would
intended marriage, and I cro,,ed the acaa
thinking to bo Ihto ia limo to prevent it.
But I am loo late. You arc nothing to "
me now. no more forever : and, therefore.
heforo I leave lot mo toll you thn| tfhteli ) :
think it right you sboqld kR"W- The,
H h £'*1
not Buî L"tL. 1 might now U your •
wife. Knough—you uro tho husband of | • ■
I wl.o loweJ you morn than j JJ
"»y °lher woman living, mu.t .ce you , nv
fournc away aa the priao of one whom, you . '
, you i luio ,t dnapiaed. Th.rc-I have „V
* | 0 i | - oU t || | ,. nve ,,n» • you aro nothing. '
10,11 J ou ■J 1 * * * ?uu " rc
T b ° no,h '"«-. to T ""T' tain
, ^ ee , yo nr wife haa fainted. Go to
tM | # tanco Sl , on
, .. sir R.lnh with
. m * 1 „
I 1 w "'' l,nl "7 ,
• lias enough of them around her—let them was
attend to her. Como into the Grange. I hi,
^ wuc|| ,, My Saying this, , eJ
Sir Ralph hd hia con-in »ul of the chapel, j oe
leaving hi-wife and the company to their
: étions.
; , . lhe t ,
, A,,, „ceplint, of Sir
»"»T Norton and his wife and daughter»,
!>!° . ' V V"'
i '° ' "' 8 ' " ° "' '
The »(range and unlooked-for events
)f t||| . nflerniM)U had worked upon the
! mind of Maude, and a vague fear of J,,,- j T
poiuliu^ evil preyed pp«n her spirits This
y further increased when, at the
frvu * K n . Wr , wh(1 |ir „.
viunaly. a long interview with l„.<ou«,„, „„
declared hi« inlentlun oî leaving for Italy ,,n
rSaS-rà- . . "'• i,,i ;
' a.» i»'!. « i-i™,
1 ai 'lr III" «
terval of ,„y absence my cou-, Arlntc
iK-- bo ,Bgrue 1 . . .
Arle'tn as.enled by a fai.,, »mile and...
im percept i 1.1« cl,nation ol her
A. leu o clock that tnght. Sir lit ph
t«»«k baity Icbvo of Lady Irewllui, ber
f* tenJ* »»J l"s rouain. Baying that lie*
would rid* ov-er .» the village of lligbham
nni1 ,a ' te tt,u fo G r oelmk stage. ( to
There was no sleep for Maude that
night, and it was determined that ull
, should sit up until day-break Accord
ingly. Maude and her friends betook then,,
»■ Ives to the large chamber nt tlui foot of
the western corridor, which eommunieuted
by means of a large oak, » panel with Sir
Robert's bed-chamber and the room, on
the enstaoj ,plo of tl.uihling Arli lie
Minotti reluctantly eon-ented to be one cf at
| the party.
h wn* «bout ono ool.u-k in lU morn
mg Sir Henry Norton waa reading aloud cd
from the la.t book of •• Raradise U»t" - j
when the »„und nf approaching footstep,
' was heard in the western corridor. Ar
Mi n „tti turned pale, and regarded
,l "' «-ompany with suspicions glances
Nearer and nearer came ihal foolfa.l. un
! « » —. . a^-.--"..
•• .Merciful lienveu . exclaimed Maude. )
; Jl^ngip* •» ^ feet that Sir Ualpl.V
""• 1 ..*.-'SS
; " ,ç , ;rS„" ..
Hep ob«, rv,<l I,any .Norton
A few moments alter, the same tread
! wa " h-^d it, the eastern eorridor-and ,
Sir Henrv
* ou "". T„,tJ, 2nd h„ «».7
1 examined the bed-ehamlwr »n 1 the r .
uni1 ,ni, ' n g nothing, returned and re
sumed hi. reading 11«. »eareely had he
| »»• » r"8" ; mpGriou» footfall
"»» "B" 1 " heard a» though advancing up
| |
Ä Tsfr Çhr'criod Maude.
: 80 ou . . *: " ;
' " canni ;' \ e "'7 ob,c ; Ted
! Arlette : " for he would not return from
«•'« vi,l »R° »' ' hi * hour Moreover he
■ ^ know ' he lef »' ? or J* 1 did }•
lhnl 7""' company was go,,, g lo roina.o
"'»• J»» »' urni "B
This information surprised each one
present, and filled the kind, of all with ,
a vague sunptoion of aomcthitig they Knew t
oot what. Sonic dark revelation, at the '
»a,no time, appeared to have burat upon
Maude's mental vision—for sh# gated a| j
Arlette with a look of mingled dread and
wonderment. i
Sir Scarcely had Arietta finished speaking,
when the mysterious footfall was onoo !
more heard.
" I .hall call the o d at.w.rd Oloochl.
and eeareh tbo bnildlng," exclaimed Sir
bed H.nr* Norton.
ln " I would be glad if you did." answered
The Orange waa partially searched
spot but no ooe wbb foood acerttcd boj where
Howtfer, Giocchl atolcd that he had aeeu
a « garcia »olo.1t leaving tb. covered
way behind the irr»».
Mnrul'»* name at lençh. awd Mando log
awakened Iront a abort and fltful .lumber,
» I had <m* of the atr aagmt of dreoja.
I thought that It 7.VtTnir "
\ ear a night. A great noiae in Sir Ralph »
chamber awoko me. and 1 »»««;«, The
panel there broken In piece», and a bloody , trc
hand Ibruat throngh the opening
After break fa. ting with Maude the
Norton a returned home. Sir Henry hav^
it.g to proceed o K<Jin"". rg " . "•*?
importance. ad<rltted Maude to wwapaai
l * lc ' * u 1 V »îL'k.™5* ÄD
would await tho return or the baronet.
CIiAlTERV. and
" Uloodfo'low, blood-nnd through tbeir noir- J
JSÜTÜiaé. thev end who tnt in blood ,nJ
: _ BgrotJ.
The .lav of Sir Heure Norton nt the
P7 h *V°X tl, ;? h bo w!;" d
• ^ i^ÄJ* S' Ä
| • ■ . j ct|C|U i r i c * were con
j JJ j 1 Mllu j u Bnl „1 b üe would give
, nv juLmation in regard to tho Trerel- y"«
. ' thev had neither been icon nor heard '^
„V foT Zo mo," hi .
' e . .« v * .. i lu ««ata u Pan hen»
8ir Henry Norton, and hia eonaio tap- .
tain Bouveîie. decided to ri.it the Grnnge h
j , „
, on the ™' . . waa
5,1 j" 1 , 'M®t'^i ia
çïiKïjr ' '
1 „ »*• rrir/r.r.'i.î:
Grange wa.dcaerted, 1 he main entrance
was tried. It wns locked. 8ir Henry and L
hi, party entered by tbo covered way which i
, eJ \ r J tlle c hnp5l. and tl.ua gained ae
j oe „, l0 ,| lfl upper chamber» Tho oaken ! "
.uirs and massive rosewood furniture wore
covered with du». The building had ^
, oviJcll „ y Wen inhabited for ..
time. A. if by a common impulse, oll ' e "
proceeded to the chamber occupied on the
' " ,arr,l, 8 e W ' ,h | he
exl'Ä * " ,cl g " c
The heavy
Trevellyu'» room
j T l,o floor of the chamber wa» »tained with i
).)<»o«l. ns were uls«» lln* yellow silk cur
(!lillH of bed The bell-ropu had been m!1
a ' ( { l, tlll . ,: rin , of a bloody hand wa
„„ llle wa |l. nigh it. Something shining ;
,,n the floor attracted Captain Bnuvrrie'» he
; £S„irtî „Ai,ü"v
K,i.t,D,lï . »r w Seo
nutted ,n that room. Rut who were tin W
was .» desist from further search and ad- ,
vise ,l,c authorilica at ( arlisle of the dis
envery winch had been made 0« I the
ph following morn,ug two eomm...,one a ar
riveJ. uud at once proceeded to mrth tht
lie* lira n go.
Tbo building wa. explored from turret |
( to foundatjM, but nothing a» t uui
which could tfcroï any light upon the i
ull durk de. d committed iu that upper chum
her. j he commissioner» were shout to
lock the entrances to th. (.range, and de
of part, when isit Henry . or ou n i c ei
the stains, of blood on the arr»» m the |
Sir weatern corridor. Follow,ng the.«sta,...
on they ., down " "f W I
lie toniHCtilig the I, range will. • P •
cf at the entrance to which they <• «
^ T^rn wall bore the print, of bloody
hand-, aa though soit.o One, staggering
.> r ,1... ,,f « l,« n wv load liml lnati* !
un«l«r the weight of a hcav> «.I.IinUlcau
cd against it for support. c c p
- j was now searched from tlna entraaee hi
tho mystery remained unsolved, and 1 » k
Ar- e,,mm,ss,oners were once more gmug
depart, when htr Henry Norton, who had ;
I.. for some momenta intently gartng l |
un- .. the large slab in front of the altar
•-*-»,»*" •... ,
) " Sht i* wlcr ihn* ttonr I
"hiivx" â:',,::r ä 1
"d. ÄÄ'ÄÄirt:
t . ho had t
Maud s marriage as. on that , lay lie lia, t
, noticed that particular corner to bo even ,
with the floor and the base of a moiucm
,n on the right
. * twelve feet «miare
re- lo remove a stone twelve tect square
he and several incite» ,n thtekne. tho party
"Y'^ i.rääGT.r'the säoneTa."! »^ ,
up and on its arrival, the atone waa flow y |
| rf "»*
^ ^ "
; ^
Ted »»»«» <> f doad . Ef oïi 4, *«• *>l «
from fruitle»». Ihat . ir Ralph rrevellyn, a d
he ht» cou.tuArlettawera prlnoip.s in the
}• work of h ood, will appeer from the «nr
r ,.,ve. But who aided them in semov.ng
'•>»' **^ e ' Mr» did it without ,
one help. Who were their abettor. ' Cer
with , «.inly lb. old .toward QkmM. « d
Knew t two female domeittc*, could ^bave !
the ' proved sufficient for the task. That Pir
upon Ralph had a.Mttancc from persons outside
a| j of the Grange, te clear. But the entire
and mystery is one of tuoM which shall not
i be dcoiphered until that day when the
sea and the earth aball unfold the» dark
onoo ! secret. n.» .„A U. .„iU.
Of Bir Ralph Trorally. a bd hit « niBy
paramour Arlette MlfintU
Sir |rer afterheal^ , A th<l " f *". .
year., M tya alalmfag the propy rty. the
Grange and Itt l«Kto
Ofown-and A.thorn. «•»"*
place of tka baantlfal but ilj-fstcd Brifl*
of TtbybIIJ® wm M» «o tta bimmb ana iw
aeeu deaoktioo.
Ralph >;
ken panel of Sir
bad Iwcn broken in
.... -_
A writer in th* Cincinnati T7WM. ^
log perused Horae* Greeley*, boa* eh«*
farming. with the imaa«rtiuM U«Mt of te
oooting muddled, mditw th# Mlowtag,
which Ire U careful to «plain U
" J? ~ , . .
The b.ae.t fraud on earth is
The deadbeat .yam /«tuna that Wt gilt
, trc d to beguile, and daxxled to belray.to
agriculture. 1 apeak with feeling on Wla
»„hject, fori ve been glltteredand hfr
g„,M. and d.atl-d and destroyed by
"•*? ««b deceiver. .
She has made roe a thmmand ptotoWW,
ÄD o.^ i . a Broken every ono , " e . W 4 '
fehclio. promised yearly pota toea.aW
the rain haa drowned them ; late palllMfi,
and tho drowfh liai wilbêroa tatim.
J 1 ** h **
,nJ ,l ' c wo m * have eaten tha w , »»WT
«|uaahea, anJ tbo bugs bava tWvotlfld
, , . . . ...
«HoTiTÆÎï^.d ,, tb^ «mZ
y"« n g ehtekena hnve enveloped them. Mi »
'^ c eye cannot aea them.
. 8hc . ha ' l' r0,B " ed ** Sf ^
hen» have encompassed them, attd tU
. . „ mnnnt ra.nl.thnm
h '" d ! bp ™, . . u.
No wonder Caiu killed hia broUer. Ma
waa a tiller of the ground. The wowdar
ia that be didn't kill hia father, aud then
«re Trir ä: sstSüf
^ cut dowt ^ b u f r Tm the heml-w.-'
L f ir,- P..nr«vU*mift
i , , , P . ... , 1 ^ 0
***•} ha ' . aTT^Üu wS •
! " H ' 1 ' u .j fir0 Agi,,
' ... l c.'i.c ,,|i!l|
IT^fh^v!!,« ttn d^wî hiî ÜÏÏi
' e " "P v,ue "' bruk . „V. 1 *
nl! over "hia hark gate' No wottlK
| he felt mad whet, he saw Abel whlatlln
1,1008wi "' Li * fiUPFrpDr, ' Merlow,# * ^
m!1 „ ■ ,, r (lirown nwnv lratf „iftocut
; ,„| v uf ..rofosei-m or huai seta. Uad
he stti,lied meJieiiic there wouhfnilt iSva
^ f -r- 1 i ■
Sfe, X "*
"X«bV .,,,,,1 Klln.l i, Of»
W ;md and \„.i-Dc luge Syrup. A* a
, Uu delegate, in every convention., A.
lawyer, ho would have been retained w
every ease Ined at the Ararat quarterWm
or the old Ark high e»ur of Admir
nlty, lii.tl.rtbrewawayullthoseiUvan
taps ami took to ngnoullurc. I'oraloug
| lime the ground wa, »owe. that hr' could
raise nothing hut sweet flag and bullrwsh
i and lbe»a^ nt last becanft a drug m Me
„imket W hat wonder tl,»t whuu at last
|,e did get half a peek of gMU that war.
stung .» death by Niphe s Imncy h«e.
he should have ma In wine nnd,,drotfnei|
| M a sorrows in a " flowing howl.
The fact is agriculture would demWnü
I ^
• wentintoit. I in a demon 11 aw. I_m aî
war with everything I light myaelf 0 «
,,f |„.J , „'eloek.wh o, all mv better na
|„ rt , tells me to lie «till till 7. I fight
! . 1 ,, t, an rk i;l<. m
nvsolf 11 to tl.o garden to work likh M
brute, wheni reason and instinct tvU Itw to
stay tu the house and enjoy myself like a
k man I fight the tug- the ehtekena. the
to.ales Hie „rds tl.e hug. the worm. ;
; everything >n which ts the breath of lift).
l | fi s |,t lbc a,„k», the burdooka, Iba mul
|. , he thistle», the grape., the weed., .
, -ä ä.
I nghfctlie neat, the from, In« raio, h
wWiÄi IveS baUlo "Tbtv/oS
1 r.&-V»«
ISWÜ Z''"V X";
t tree is oitlv a eurculio nur-erv and lbs
t tree is'nitty a eurem to , ur. cry. anu mo
, grandfather of ht. country knew .» I
have half a doxen cherry t ree« , and tho
day my young George Washington is eix
car» old I'll give him a hatchet and tell
years ont t give mm a n opes g j
him to down w.th ever, eherr, free«, th i
, V
y |
dÂ-ïp^ÂH was a barber!
" AT 5 ZgUT "JBZ
*>l « * wa, the .on of a wooîîupler'
d I Wonlaev was the so« of a pork
the Cardinal W ^ywa.thewPorfl^ort
«nr- îy Id.fl ld wM tht
, of an ookeeper.t B u « cc,t ' r '
w« the son nf a weatcr. and a »»»•*
JäÄWwäT ^
! p
p every (Jay.
I soniebody,
** ah end, ntid wuul guilig U
>; u w ,, u d c .r he wanted to kil
and llimtglit he'd practio on Abel.
And Noah's gi-ttinp drunk wua not at
surprising. He had become a husbeed
Bollver wa* a
Surprise Valley, Gslifcrafq, there
aro a number of amall lake.. Ope o t
recently run dry, leaving a ead
bed of auperior ult, mir ai
er y «Ul, faon ftinr loche* Walbuil r fipl k ,
and oovering
length by aig mile, lu width. It wm eur
er before iuppoeed that thaaa Iah« i mb
uin ^" i SFjujr syj*
these haa
iment or
alkali Iu it. « areat af Hk
gome girls ip Uhe tit
un a good datluT fMMar.l

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