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bMd-kwtdara to orav upon both.
a a_ l -I.*. ifPJT-.JB:,.- „-„I, uaea
. utoirrSv^iranair
toTutunair/ Ihl tkonModaof
P .„.„„if „» v.lional
million. Tbo contenu of our N.tioo.l
Traaaury ia aver It it. command, and at
lia,«! it control« aud manipulate« for it*
bon.lt tbu entire bonded debt of lha na
. ,1 ._. ._ „, 1.1 _L ...
' A* 0 •* n y , * ,C " 00 f e * 7 ,,.. U P
tnlock one or «or, buodr.d million ,
MUnI of tbo people a money. It; control,
,1m value of mereh.n..' w.rea.nd th. pro
dneta of our tnanufactnrcra. fnrmera. tne
ebuntc. and day laborer* tbrougbont the
length and breadth of tbc land Having
Iho nower to manipulate unr national debt
Uto power to manipuiaic our uaitonai UCDI
by withdrawing bond« from tho market i |
Counting Mr. Boutwell'. ayndiecte op
ention a lame nortinn of our national '
, u I ' » ^ » » • , f
debt haa been manipulated into aud out of
tbu market not leaa than thirteen time.
\nv one at all

•>,l tg„ v i wliK.lrawn or tinvi»liwa**l In Kv '
Jd. Next W, hdr.arn or nurchx.ed in by
the for« of greenbacks. '
4(1. Oroeubaoka drawn ont bv «ce rot *
I - -, i». • • ? . I
***«!.!!* I* 1 ^ ?"" | t ,l '" ,on broker« (
*" c •ovedtnirty Ireasury note
awkN it* appearance !
(1th Theseveu-thirtv note ia withdrawn
IKnnii.wbr.ib.rs ^ i
. . . . j
• th. kinds tbe honest greenback again ,
■ill its place.
8tb"sbe greenback ia again withdrawn ;
IV Vk lT * *
,• „?**■ . . V j
Ml. Show» the fiva-twenty bond* to
kuTU takea up a pnaitioo
"*in»v tl "« h ,
i°th Thu five-twentles, or a „„all por- |
Bou of them, disappear Syndicatewarda
lltb Tbe long l<«»t golJ coin appears
8 PP
^i.».ia I' Il 1 - I * 1 -u.i :
lilb. Gold com disappear., wliat ltttla -
Id*». After » anjourn of ninety dav» in
tbu Svudicate tbe new Are per cent» make
"v*." *!:_ „J I„V., 1
• JTiTi . . -
dt^î7^^fl7.^e.7ir f .h'!;re3!3«. ,r ]îrjl!^
Slivrll. tor nve twenties, thus reducing slightly
iüw I 1 "'" " r ' h,
metly roarertad i hr^alanee was managed M
In .* u -
It b through theaenud kindred manipulations
I'M! tba Trmaary Ring and itt MtallitM are en- 1
•bird to cnioy advaniagct arer erary koae.t bu- j
ia in the t'niaa.
Vs a merchant contemplating a large importe- '
IHM? II# I« constantly In doubt nbout th« price
-aflaaM. white, «a Ilia othm hand, the cmtnrea
of th. Treasury mag know to a fraction of a
• mat whore they will fix the price of loin at aay
'A J I U im ilSD ,
■ATTKDAT Moult inti, 4AM l'AMT nth, WM.
Na* York Harald arroigua A m i
tery Bfost«.» aud kid Treuaury Ring of
4 pMb>wkm, krokoto, mJ .peculator.,
ür manipula, iug tW puUte debt, which It
cays haa howu done art lorn thou thirteen
flAmu-te tho lue* tea years, and each lima
tu Ihoir eta private h a wafl t. Tbe Herald

.. It ifl sow oaerly tea year* aiaee tha
Tmtwj King— a cliqua of booker*, bro
ker», politician«, aad epeculator*—waa or
gmiaasl to at.mi between Ibe nation aad ite
aredhwra, between tb* lag-payera aud the
aeeretly or opeuly putting tbetn aAoat a
in, always at Government expense, the
haa our money market aliuoat, if not |
, in its oootrol.
mag t
daring the last leu yrara.
familiar with tho King's operations can
traça these astounding fluancial joba for
biuMulf Takr a portiou of the (*200,
lIM.tMMt new Ave per cents recently upon
tbc market, for example. Tbit ia tbc way
it was manipulated :
1st. ll was put iu tlie market ten year,
ago by ilia Treasury Department in the
form of Treasury warrants, ccrtiAcatei of
iadtbteduers, quartermaster's vouchers
ibsrt is of it.
Oooe a manufacturer contemplate the enlarge
I of kiaeMaMUfcnit nt? II« is ia doubt w list her
ike Ring ih ite manipulations will contract
fmé the enrren- r ; whether it will reduce or in
rrssas th# met or his raw material or manufac
•Md products. And eo it is with every honest
hglMi enterprise. The Ring has power every
Droides the enormous profits ariaing from the
monrv and bonds,
Huff receive« million« upon millions of dot
tllM directly from the Government in the elupeof
4 -omasiasioos on the purchoee and sale of coins or
bon«*, and for the conversion of one form of ee
«Mlily into another on Government aceonnt.
Oaring the relieliion and up to 1668 the Gov
«Oiaaeeoi paid the King something over 1133,000
. |»er annum commissions on Ihe sale of Govern
ornât ' gold ; Ihe total commission on the sale of
goM aloae ia erven years being 9831,030. Thoa
-* Baida af mere hante and business men were eager
le Mtehees all (be coin the Government had to
•ell, aad the Secretary of the Treasury might
*' • hare sold It direct and eared the commission.
ood other aon-ioMral-baarlng
atatnt sororitlra lote th» Ural I «aura offlvv
la 1*03 ; p4MiMB.lt rsnmisaioas wm
for Ika caw rente* of sundry sororities Into
«ortete taw-forty bawd* of 1*64: »111,136.93
cnwMwIssloas war* paid for the conversion of 7-30
sr** SSm * ,d * tk * r ,n( * tb» fold* March,
amounting In tbu
aggragat* to
auadry aarurlttes tefo 'k* 7-304 of 18*4 sod «M3.
AbodT four udlftou dollars hsvt bees exproded
lb* Ovw flvw par cent* dartag lha
MautwrlFl pet sebaww for tha pay
Ml ta Riir a ps ia aa aflbH to 'Wit
• par rants, aad girt tb* for
Tteaaury Wag a peraaseat
Ouvernmanl fl4,0*0,aM to osa
>af lb* Itot—l te lato Iras, te
tteaana, txpraam rf vxptaiaiag,
B. aaurty all of which la rlaar. Æ
Te thi* $4, * 00 ,
tedtraet prà
rtteg. Ti
1 ^ :
Man daath, by upioplray. of Dr. Johe Mer
rErirly uf ikito« Ac«rJm«dm»"f
* ter following
■■■(d In ragairlng a Cfcristoma loy flwMa*aôm
anl appeanto bava tara standing up, when an
having a aanae of waaknam, which praradaa auch
poor liitla fellow, deeply atrlrkan with gr!*f for
ala father, ran into <k* house. and all h* rauld
Mm. niTlwrtla^ri. «d<££rtmankliath
iu l Ur. HUuk being atornt) nnd trervthinc
done for him whlc8 medical «kill and human
h , ,..ui..v«. , dl.,^b», of ao avail. The
until fiflw/minutca before eight* oVlouk when
^cheX.^ SiuS «P onî
m Tl2iïï!XV£'s£H and
I r. nwiiu vu I arn in ium unna rro. ana.,
a*a'prucMviaà uhviUiao Um (realer pari ôf Th" 1
r ,, '". , .TL^ l "' ,0 î.' t ° r *" h a ,0
[h r .' MmS Äff 1 1
l»«o he waa appointed Cl«k of th. lb.™ by i
fUwmor Bnrtou, aad he livid the ofllce for two |
^ p, ' ,r "" ° f " N " !
Ho Salurdar aiahl tliera waa another unav- 1 -ft
' " Natu day a.gh^thcr^wa, .«other U , h
ÎThTu.hîTbad hi. " for »J.T' v«mTI.t «. :
îiTàm ahi" .' tTTp and nT r«mT™hT dca.h 1
for .omv time ,n ,.mv. wer. rnivrt.invd. Mot [
Ihrt a fr. dar. illnre» hr suddrnlv cinlrcd
'about 1 o'clock on Saturdav oiaht Inal Thu.
, ^TLber .;.m,er ^ .«.J, hr"i. foml- .
bly to mind, that 1 of
- -..ml» u- »« - -i ;
I loa». Svw.aa.-On Thunder night of last
week. Mr. Richard McKee, melding in MI4.II*
Reck, had a line hursvsfolcn vat usd at*:eiu or
,e ?f' " 'ï"A^ n ul *ïS *T 0,U " f " r '" n '
>|r y| r K, r had been toMkton. and on mlurnmg
i | IO mr pm hit horse in the «table, nnd fud hint.
- 1
mid that hc had nut cateu
allhiafced. he having l«„ taken hefom he had jro
flnithcd. The day Mr. McKee wn» in Klkton,
a«, the dnr the. lïlcf from IVnn.vIvnni«. who I
atoled Mr. Hr,an', home, nearChcaapeuh.. Cl.v,
' •«"» '!"« »V wav Iwing hied, and there ucr. |
quite « numtier of hor»e thieve« and rough* in
towl1 .attending the trial, and lha »iipnoaition I«.
H,ai »m» of them, «wing Mr. M. Kw have a line
harm, followed him hnti. and at.le.1 him. A, 3
late»t account» the horae had not been recovered
ICI, Tinria* -On Sundav morning two
_ containing twrntv-t.» chicken», were
found I« the wood« of R«lwrtrd Thatcher nt .r
('ampheir* «hop. Chriitianj» bunjlrcd. !
nerson. I.t in nmbuacod.'fo"ihe thieve 1 . ' and
„led Joaeph
dc their appear.....a• ;
I T. . ^«-^J'Zr.T.Td.'.TichsdThen
^x* T ïrssMrî , r
»bout d< parting, wb«n t hty »prang upon them
' capturing Darlua. bu, Johnaoa made 1.1. .»cos
Itarlus WM .»ken to M ilmmgton on Monday
' r.i.ttrTto* or IUh-roai* Ornera» —The annual .
* meeting vf tba l'h.l«delphm, Wilmington and .
I Italtimorr Rsibo.nl Corapan, waa held ut the
( tuildlng, Wilaiiu(toa. on Monday after-I
n ,mn. After Iwuinese |>cr,«ining to the road had
! Iwea completed, .hefollowing offler. wer- elec-1
ted Prvaideni, Isaac HlackD : Vice Previdenl.
i Enueh Pratt : Hener.d Superintendent. Il F
j Kenn«, : A.J. Dadmun. (fewaral Ticke, Agent,
, The other oIR.-rr. and direcior« wrr. the urne a»
last year, la regard la.easing or dm road
; 10 l*'*nnsr | rnnia Railroad Company, no com
meat was mode
"|. V V Siiismvc* —There wilt I« a Piieon !
I "'ao* SnooTiaoa. There win n# * ■ l i* u " j
Rbootlng at feldatwrough Del. oa Tmadac acji ^
, the I6lh inatant, under the direction of Kd ward
| Site«.. Rr Mr Site, ha. .ix.v-flc, t.lrda, and
will hare more f hey eau W ol.Uiocd.
(itorgr NN. Orilip. proprietor of tha Midflie
iowii "atci. in tbia place, wi" also ha.e one m-x,
: w#<?k HI* wiUtukeptaceon Th»»w4uy thelHil,
- The .hooting I. each c«e to tmg.a a, lu o Cock .
«ornug. I
Arnoaar —Bvorga Wilson, son of Mantovc '
W taon . .indem at Middle,own Academy, me,,
1 with ouila a paiaful acad.nl. on ycletday af- :
. - lernouu week He waa Mlteiing a book from
ib. library of tb. Amdemy. -hen th. bracket, ;
i.j-i n ,, .k- ..»«r aare war. nrecipiutmg n ,
upon'hlnf. His wrtoHwn* bud&cul bv ,he glass, ,
h haJ (*,„ rouAurd lo hia bed aver sin.-e
Ifroàlhe effects of the tmiod.
1 Aa Bxraaaioa or thi Bovbat Ilooa Rail
j road. —Mr Ambrose Piersan. chief engineer of |
the Smyrna and Delaware Hay railroad will com- :
' menr« the survey of a rout« from t layton to
Momcy #. this week or next, wa are informed. .
The object ia to connaît the 'Rombay'llook
a road with the Krai County road, which is cx
preted to terminate at or near Deep Unding, on
Ihe Chesapoake, opposite Baltimore. I
Taa Ktnao Fiaa Kara» Couiao to Dat»w»aa. j
—The /tee/on f niew laorn» that Cokar. the great .
Da ana.—Cu Saturday last a dispa
Oastte brought ih* sad narva of
ba w*sia Mtofltea
Tint not morning, on going to the „«Mr, In
were not disturbed.
about midnight tw
built a fire
d S«.
Caroline Fire King, as he is termed by suuic,
has entrred into an agreement with a grtitlcmau I
of Delaware, by the name of Hubbard, for 1
abort aeaaoD. tn itlipl.v hi. feat, of aating «ra, I
drinking inoulicn le-cl. *c. Iteforc public au- .
dienen. A similar ultar was rceantlr mada hita
bv a New Vorher, but be declined.
Moaa I.anna UiHia.—R. A. Cothran, Jr. near ,
tbia town, slaughtered ll.ia year, arrrntrrn hog«,
welgbing reapeellvely, 378, 383, 428, 333. 344.
410. 3'iO, 400, 4!C, 428. 363, 310, 433, 33!, 330,
aggregating 6,417 pound», or an (
averngv of 377f. Tlu-ae tarnt Mr. Oiarlei I*,
Cochran's, and nr» the largest raiwd hy one ,
person, considering the number, d»l have at
traced our attention. j
At tbe Semi-annaal Rleetian for oBcrn af Da- '
Lodge No. II, Knights or I'ytbiaa, held |
December 28th, 1871, the followingofllcrra were |
duly elected K. B. Rice, V. P ; Thomas H.
Gltpia, W. C: H. Henrv Rliaaoa. V. 4! ; Wm
II. Cana. R. 8 ; O. Rltia, F. H ; C. B. Ander
ana, W. P ; W. W. Wilson, U ; Thomas Whit»,
I. 8; Joseph li. French, U. 8.
34«. 3«u, and
F. II. Kldridgc, res,ding lo Sa»»*fra« Nock,
scar Oeclluo, aa will ht «sea by advertiaeowal
in another, column, olflrra hi* large slock of
horvaa, cows, fee. together with farming Imple
ments, ( tome, of tb* amt Improved patterns )
aad some flue household goods, al public aale,
oa Tuesday, th* 33d last. All is wan, of ber
•bouid attend.
of galas
Th* Basars Journal says : "It ia said, hy
axamioad tb* peach bods that
they wen nrarty all killed by the extreme cold
snap In Durombcr." Tb* Smyrna fmn says :
—Th* bud« hue* ban examined by grower,
sec I low, sad Ihoy report tbom blatksocd
t h* garas, tad tbvrcfora injured, or killed out
right The peach bade la tb* cMolty of Bridgo
Tflte, It ll cold, an aotlnty dattroyed.
(bate who bava
List of Latten Ramalatag iu tba Post ONee at
MUdlvtowa, Dal. for tha wash audio« January
13th, 1977 —TIm*. H. Hanay.Lawla Horner (1),
Waa Materia W. Jaaaa, Mrs. Dlaabeth Murr»,
Tho». ta k tete, 2. R. 84a»«**, Hlm Elisabeth
_!*«.) NIm 8*rah L. Tbomn
■ou, dmrgv W. Ilbur, A »ri raw B. Walto*, b
calUag for thaahov* a»y they arv arivartiaad.
Hate It-Pax—Th* mart that tba aumtbfox
wad ragtag at KauMydvtO*, to Kant County, Md.
teran&lly trat. Than mm a* raam la th*
ta th* vtdilty
ns a gaatbawa who
that Aadteaaat has
Ran teg teirataa teat, tb* raafaf
■atafetaariggatla tbia tawa. took
M« ftgteajMriagaagta*. itwaa
Oar C arraapaadint at Data wan City aanda aa
hu nt » ./ Hu tat. Pruhftrrian CTwreA.— iag
ForÄnaStha paat thi. Chunk baa been under
poing anlaagaiuJitaad repair.. T-ant.-aia that
jtoraWiïüd .. It. leïx.h, to meet lh. grow
Tba'maltoS llgM of tba aWnad fine window.
an the now maw, ot'walnut «rain, wllhibdr
«bmau enahiaoa and the crimson «ud black
rtt: zm
lnrludlaplh.puli.il. Th. Lector* room has also
rve^rmt twelve fret addition toll, lenplh. and
Hrhaol and week-day lertorte Th,
n»nrth will ba mrpcnrd wllh «pproprlnt«
ri«o oo 8*hh*'h moroing tho Uihlooi. TJxl Jj*®"*
">* ZVX. 'VZZ '
taT. ^f^r'^T^rlU TvÄ ! -
*'8t . Maib#w, 6th chapter, loth r cr #c—• Thy j « r
Kinrdom cumc.' / f
j.bubf* »ih th# follnwina Hoard of I
l»Llora waa vleelrd for lha enauinx jaur : tivo 1
XhnO d 'Äaa &l.rk F h Clurir I
1'rv.idaat, tlvurpv «Uaw.ll <a.M,r. Wm. VV. i
Thv week of praver w«a rvavralljrobaarved In
n ^ ■* ° b,in ' '
Xtj. IU.lv h.. rmiyovd th. charge of -
-ft- Ueurgra Pmhyierian ('horch, and preacher * 1
h ^ „ , rrmon on Su nd.v the M.h lo.t, ?
« , are plcvd to mention thv.ddiiion of new
ch.ndrhvr. ,n Chriat Kpi.ro,ml Church. Th.y 1
[ arc vary a«l and handwmv. and the milter
have dlaidayed much uale in their vatvrilon.
Our Satlunal lUnk ha, declared a dividend or
. three ( * I „r mo, for ,U tu, .ix month. Car
1 of , h . „^khold.r. of the IM.
; ,£
ihrir annual ineriingln this City timet in- wh
lemo wa. mnnifmlcd. and a very large vole |H
poii^ f„, director. The followlni wer. elected
il,l " ,n »' l ' l - rk ' " '"' ^c foa,
||. Moiier. K. \l. Ciirlia. William Dean, John M no
Pumw). jf.bn I' laogan. Jo«eplt H. McKcrhui»
»nd Joseph I, Tull. Tbe antiaul rrport« of the
variuu« uflher« were rend, and the NtT.ur» of the
jro ,d were mioirtcd to tu, in a «er, .«, (.factory
condition. The ncwlv elected Hoard met »nd
I organised 1 n, rued i « tel v »Her the election, and
»«.,...„.1 ,1„- follo.ingufllcer. :-Crevident. Wm.
| ( . ( |a rk ; Secretary. Ctorgc U. Money ; Très
gurrr, John K. Wilimmon.
We cope the following fram the Philadelphia |.,.
IWryco* of Tueaday. Ihncmker
3 «ih. Iflll : ;
*v lUorM— Hr C/ovmy of (Ar Äirrr — While
,hf I'vl»»»™ ci'.'cjf "J'cn actually clua»l 1
cd from fl on ,i nf » c «e make, it .lan^r
! 011 » and unprufituble lo o ivigatc it It t« worthy lb«
of con.iden.tion, in view of these fact», by our and
"for ''fomT'nn'ldinTThh 77-^1" Z" c"v ' "
; „ h | V „u., I.snc. Railroad, wheiker
operate more profitaldy and m
,b'è „nviuiiihin i» never * ob«tru. ted and ahere
rc ,a»H .-an nrti v, , 0 d de, ml erery dav in the
Such a place i» 'Delaware file, wl.ere
. «yLunU Unlro.td Company arc utrrra.cd >*» iht
. build 5 Uv line»*.! railroad terminating nt
that point, one of which will lie open for nos- „
inras neu Sommer, and ihc other soon there- ;
after, which make »h.iricr lino from all pnloir
weet lu l^laware I'tiy than to Philadelphia, nnd
cmaeqiicnil.v coal petroleum, and oih.r freight
can be delDercd iberc a» cheap il uot theatwr. a
lhan al .PhilaUelpbla, wbile the risk of iia.lga- f
lion will he nroided. and the r.rer voyage be I
mar. quickly and dimply performed. ,
-Im./mf — On Vtvduesday, the 3d imt. while
Fr.nkUUryan was playing on tbe second ease
! ÎÎ A? be accl'lantally fell » dia-1
j nun* of thlrly-loiir leet en tin Hag atone, be
^ )o n n( j mtl muri.dly injured | v
^ Akrre,—Wc were allow n a pic-'
, J „f lbt " rrlr „ m ^ Nrw „vfor-l'.hire Slu-'ep !
rai.e.1 t.y Mr. William Ib-yl old, mar this city.
under care of JanwtSindell, in 1053. It wâ» ,
fu „ r t , ari 0 , d . Live weight, DM pounds; weigh. ! >
b ■ JrojMkwJ 2 ««»i pound* Lugil. from nu«e of
. „ in-rlioI) „}• w i,„ w „ K fr.,„,
I keel 1» heel over tlm shoulders îji uiclies dr- w
' cnmfcrraoe round the body, hclnnd ihe sh-.uld- i
vrs. M laches, »egbt of Here at four tear. old.
: IT lbs. acll waslicd wool, 8 to PI -ache. long. |
This »beep of four yearn old, the largrai err j
; knownlathe C.i.ed Sum wa. rai.ct.nd fot- i ,,
, trued t.y Mr. U illiaju Itoyt.utd, near this citr,
, an-1 is of the iinp-.rbd Cotswuld or Sew Oxford
shirs breed, and waa bred from aome of the besl
of that variety «rer i»|Mkrt«4 from Ko«Und ;
! One »ii»xlu crop of a but-k of tbia breed, with ihc i
Cüfnillün will improve tbe weight of care*»»
| Hnd wuo j ft , | M|I uue | m |f. The lire weight of
: , h | B #t lhl . fHrnj WM 314 ,| lg Aflcr tr , inf .
portmioi, to. ami «ihibition in. PhiUdelphia for
. f or one wcek, .362 pouuds, and when slaughtered I
„j , j,.uj pound», daau nwight. Vcsrlv ,
»rf-ht ofcllp for three rears part, bas been from t
n lo M , w „|,da, of well »»«bed wool. Thia 1
I atainraoutli shisrp was purcluiaeO from Mr. Rev-I
j bold by Nr li«.rgc llaroholi of I'hiladrlphia.
. for Slim, along will, aouir of the Mine bnwd
" ouuilwr, several ol which averaged
Mr. Harnnolt ogers f'jno
more (1T0
Ibe following :
P -
I ***** .
1 for a sheep that will weigh | pound
I I"""« 1 * I '•>*" «I» ■''"„•'■'ÇM
. The large Sal.laLth Kchool counrctad with the
Firat 1'rc.lij Urten Church, held iu annivwKirr
"» *ridav event«*, the nth „It. m the i.uprocad
Church cd, lice, tu a large aad apprariatice au
, ,| teuer. The cxcrciwa wervof the must iulereftlnp
character. Never baw wc been privileged to at
tend an »nuiveraaiy, that gave greater evl
, fonce tlial the whole teaching wa» Tall of the
( , r i r ii of Him who said, " MulT.r little < bild
rrn to cu,uc unto me, and for,«id tticm out, for
, iUc h is the Kingdom ot Heaven ' The recit«
lion waa so well cbo«cn. tba, the tpeaker* wars
j mcavurably forgotten ia the teHiag moral lessoas
' tlial were thus cuuveyrd to youug aad old. The
| aingiug hy many ncll trained voice«, aud of
| muât appropria,.- and intelligent arlectiraa was
H. remarkably efl'n tive, particularly so waa the
picca, "The Uridegroom romoth, ' with 11 too
lata," tuna by ten girls raprcMotiag lha
and foolish virgin«. The five win, will, iheir
lamps trlmed and burning, tinging, "Too late,
loo late, reconnut eater now," ia reaponM to
the song ol Ibe Arc fuoliah, who without ull Is
thoir lamps •ought to go Id with the«,,, wa» ao
beaulifuly arranged and »ung aa to sulfuae many
ey as will, leur». The whole ex?relie WN» ai l UH ly
oa pruKiahle as laierMtiag, and gnva lha most
gntllyiag evidence to parents and friend« that
tbe school la axa rtlsg the proper influas can.
Tba new Episcopal Church la Ibis Iowa, U
completed, with the exception of tho carpeting,
and liu, na-hraeketi—the church doaigned to
lie lighted from the side*, not fram tbo raotra, as
urmT. Tha organ from the old rharch wo*
brought up on Thursday, and havtag bar* thor
oughly repaired ia now 1a mod order. Tha
Church eootain« 71 pews, and will «ul shout
3oo persons. Tb* (Aspel la alao rapidly ap
proaching completion, nnd in n abort liar, should
lha weather prove fovorable, will alao ha rsody
for ota. It ia a aeal little structura, palsied
piclou colour, Is to la keeping with the rhurcb,
sad Iho window and door frames pointed brown
It 1$ divided into two cum port men
modele both tbe regular and loknl
of thaoa atme*
tara*, would It aut ha weil for tb* committee ia
chargt to stake tom* provision for a aide-walk.
Tb* Ote Icadiag to it, is neither pared
aor hoard
A lhalival for lh* braaflt of lb* poor of Smyr
, will he bald la that town on Wtdaaaday aad
Th unday trau tug*, th* 34 th aad 39th, last.
Wm. A
alU ban
. Rakill, of Odaaaa,,
Castes W. Wright of Georgetown It it ru
mored, artll b* th* watt «aodMal* af tha Damu
Owing te Rm mn tl nnafe Utetei af th* Ri rt ar,
M* will ha a* a ar v ima lalri vithartt Ml. feaa'i
m Cur era.—A flutter of asette
■not waa a r ea led la Bkloa oa Wedeaadar even
iag l^ aa lh* oceusim o/ tha Barri*» of Dr
*■*»»» Mlteh*ll,_»ea of Jba tola R»». » H^B York
MHekall, fcnu ar »«to r of Trtaily jfoareh, _Hlk- in
*** tLSTTn Jr
' ad
*"> ward
«S 5ÎÎ laid
Jr a^.Wlu-aHt tbaHna ing
Jj! SÜSumu T, 0
Swt.mbSrn .bi.dr b died
shra .keh», ,,w,, tf» nay affair
■« ««JJt imprw pUbl» . |*rl of the
Jj*®"* iLJTÎÏd f wlrtTÏiîthr^ïoî ,üit
uTT.rWo'm t ^.rbVid"^,^!:; .ill.
- -«i-UV. arm. Rev. Jan« Mltehril.brotlZ
« r lo <^ roo, J> the occniion, und
lïïZiï Kn^oïS Chï^h ' ' m ' n *
maid.. Hi..
Jrunetta Ptarra, *,at«r to tl»o bride, Mita Maria
Hofan, MlM .UuMn lh,.« and Mia, Annie Jamar. t„
occi.loaa .nd toUlIV oh.îarvd bv Ih. d.aalv it
^„mTwhTîoT^'id ÂÏÏÏÏ'ÂtbaMi | ter
T|„ .rremonr ovvr thr bridal wriv wiihdrvw I tel
..T.:n^?„,r;;:iUo«mn r rid:iT.T.
- «•- » ,^I'""» «k. and ;
* 1 'f r jl'"d* of 'h* "•*•/ married J
? .pU The .rid. hviag a gvoer. favorite (and M
demrvedly u< among all üvr mini!.« and ac- :
-|>'»""an.-vv, remlr^ . « eja: many handvoom
,«S'^rom.Tcnmd oS amt '
warn, wnitn wvra raamiavu, lomiucaicu na aou | 1W
admired hy the company. After a pleaaant hour .
S-« *> «•» recaption th. company withdrew
The Pho-nii Mutual Lift ln.ur.BceComp.ny 1
SJuriShy ThmTgh"«!^ Ä
wh e have already inned about » 40 .U 00 worth »f 1
|H ,|i,i„ this month. Them agent, am not what ; !'
commonly called •' borea/* and no one need
foa, , 0 „„„OK with them u,»s the ...Uje.1 of
no i nlum nce Seither do the. attcini.t to
„"pVirHrown''c,,'mp«nr tV«P^W.n^ in n " /
deapainng manner of otbrtÿompanic«. Mr.Forljei ,
f 0 i»n<l «il the llrr (loodi Store of
"fo£aoa Brw!"a ,h. Town Ha'll. : the
- --
all KRIDA V AT erncAUO.

The »peciol eoniinittce of th# Illinoi»
|.,. 0 i»| u iuru ou the military occupation of
p, la,U , rL ? ,hc , ar > 01 P .V
Chicago by General Slier dan, on the oe
caaton of the great fire, have made their ; ll)0
rc|nirt. They show by the evidence given
l"'"* "7'f "" .Vl
^»»»ty for Sheridan » i«lrrfercBoe ; «Hat ,|
lb« police authoritic» had their force inUct
and on duty, with a reserve of l.ilnO men,
" ,c Vn'Tkî" T: 1 ''''" 1 "t
ment wl.icli killed Mr. t.roavenor to be
eliliatcd. and that they strenillously pro- 31
•*•«« ,he d " i * r,,ion !»«•*»' !
"** ^®*ng unneecMary, utilsivfful and
humiliating;' that the regulars, on being
turned loose in the street», drank to ex- ,|
, . * , . • * « ;»« •
«tilted »»<* abu»cd |>caccful citixon»—10 |
„ me caacs even leveling • .«< muskcla
; ,h,. ra The committee aid : |
... i. ,bown bv llio evidence that all
It auown ny ii.e evmenco .i.a, an
the violent acta and riotoua conduct, with
a single exceptmu, oeeurring in iho city. | ,j
f roul lhe tin, a of the fire I., the Mil, of .
I „„„„.jtted |, v t|„.
, Ifoe-luher. bad Hem eont, ,| t.y in.
aoldtara under General Sheridan a com- | j.
,„atid. The evidence poaitively aver, llial
the soldier« were more detriment than »er- I I
. „ bi
| v . . .
The committee then recapitulate. »« ynijr
! -.here never exiated in Chicago a„v' ne- ; '
. n d bringing
, . , ^ .. . . ' f . ^
! > ,f ' k ^** tiPtted Stale, trnop. In the etty
of Ubicago, and the orgon»«atioo of the»« ;
band» of armed men for lb. purpose for !
w (,ieh It waa done, waa a violation of law f
i , .... ......nie * * * \„r
a danperoua example. * * * >7
| »re they prepare.1 to admit that the ami
j ne, it Servicen aud well-merited reputation
i ,, f , (icul linier ,| Hheri.l.o furni.h any
. - . 1 1
or apo og. for the net, that were
clearly and palpably illegal
i rillw ,
in n /
, Hon w
t ,.ï J«« »«.«
1 ervux muir. iictaa.
He.solntion* indicative of these view« are
rted, and their adoption recoin- i
>WMr MiilllHnicn TVunscft;,/. |
irons all,
s nan»**,
Hail ! liait with pride ye pa
Th** glory of our l»andlord s
Who in tbe Court, or Bower, or Bail,
A noble fellow stands tbe inmr.
W no can forget timt New Y ear's Ihty.
Wher« yonth nnd beauty called to meet
To chase the Happy hours away
With ripplins laugh and Hj ing
Who would iront memory blot
The ladies' smiles nnd tender wards.
Or " lien McCiarg » " proud music shout,
Or the sweet minstreley af birds ?
Alt no 1 In memory's depths shall dwell
The recollection» of that suene.
'Till li|>s of age the tale shall tell
W ith pride that snub an hour had been.
I .ft eong and shout, nnd ringing hell,
And iwnnanis flying from the Dock.
And every thing with languag« tell
Of our generous Host, brave Ch
arlle Lochr.
Room No. 6
/**■/,>dr/p*u. Jan. 3d. 1873.
Tits Poir Orne* Dgranmattr —Tho
Washington Patriot is making aome dam
aging revelation», if Irua, in relation to
tbe niolfeasanee of Mr. Crcswell in tbc
Post Office Department, and especially in
the matter of tbo letting» of tbe post
routes Disappointed bradera, with tbc
aid of counsel, bava worked up the case
against him, until it now preacota an »»
pact roost dsmagiug to hia reputation for
a fair, honest, aad legal administration of
tbe affairs of bia Department. An investi
gation by Cougrat* ia insisted upon, and
it ia alleged that proof of malfeasance oan
ba adduced. The Patriut devote* four or
•va of ill ample columns to tha sgpoaa,
and promises mort upon lb* mtyret.
Tbe Democrat* of Cotuteoliout ara coa
fldrnt of auooeas at th* aomiag election in
that State Tba New Haven ffryi'drr
any* ; " Th* Damna rais of Conneetient
aan alect any liabat they put in tb* fleld
tki* year, If they will to do *o.
Tho oonveotlo* railed tn meet in Wil
liamsport, Pa. on tbe third Tueaday in
January, tn nominate labor reform van
anti| aftvr tbo m pet tag of the na
MRvmtlon at Col am bus, Ohio.
Dnvid A- Wall« baa mari* n report
tbo G ovimar aa tb* InaanM aondtitan
. Tho right ia l*«a than
, „ ... ... „
Tb* Fiak-Man.flald aeandal in New
York culminated Saturday afternoon laut.
in the probable ahootiog of Jamea Flak.
Jr o( Mr > M.n.Aeld'a letUr.
' ad j'?z°ï ,k *** ria *.- A : b ; l w -
ward 8. Stokaa, a wltn.a. in tba Mena
laid libel amt
ing ,g, ir |ook p
d A« r/r* **"* ««*.*"
T, 0 ?' *" d f'* k w ". •* ,u * k *
died on Sunday morning, about 11 o cl k
. . .b«
affair a. given by New York paper. :
DqNng ibo «orbing the trial of flip
,üit of Mi** M* on field occupied tho York
.ill. Polie. Court. Mia. M.n.fl.ld wa,
croa.-examined b, Flak', council She
domed making an appointment to meet
'»* the 8 Egyptian conn, I get, crut,
O^gnBuBe, at one Mian Wood'. ; me,
lfotlcr in Cultforntu. and had oecer in
t„ u ded to blackmail Fiak. Miaa William.
Maualeld and Mr Stokea had held con
ter " ,,Un * P'"*" 1- * b,a *: k -
madmg Ft.k were uutruc. Stokea alao
tel i Aral that there uaa no truth ln auch
......men.,. He leatiAed lha, he had .
fan,«, ; Arat me, Mi,a M.n.Aeld in New
J 0 rk, at a dinner with Fiak | visited Mi»,
M fi ,,j ; , , ||tnr , j Uln „,|,. ha J
'• « * ff B ' or '* 1 * '' n
threatened to pnraoe Ftak tn a legal not
I'!**! 11 '" 1 W '>' : . b,r ' ,hrt ' al «?« <1 *° P ub,i ' b
| 1W letter* .and made nropoattlons to fettle
. , ..... . ■. . t ,i w j,| Mj,. war
-.«It^t.k • «««J j have
, P ^ " that
Afl . r fhT teatimonv of S."^ be en- ! a "
1 ..„üutered Fisk in the veatibulo of (he ' " J
; !' UUI ^ r , f wk hc , . 1 f,„,„
<>r«od central Hotel, when the .hooting
took place It aecma that at 1:110 IV M
loon..,1 .i tl,,. Udi,..' entrance
" / # "i| ^ * p,. f 1 ° T. P ^ ,V f , , *! ! ^,' 1 !! 7!!^
, .. , , , ,
pattion ; the former alighted nnd entered!
: the hotel for the purpogo of aoeing Mr,. !
; _ t „i I«.l .| 1U
Morae, itid »» ha n»ce tided the first atop. d
''»I» "P, S ', ukp " •PP* ar '" , | al bered
head of the atepa, drew out a revolver and ' , '. r
diaeimrifcd three »hot» at l*i»k the first
,,i.. .hnol.l-r ih- .
, ? , ' h . , , • ,.,-l
wht.lTed eloaed to hla bead, and the third »nd
; ll)0 k effect ill the abdomen, inflicting a ll "'
mortal wound Fiak »taggend mid fell. kn
wbi,c S,uk «' .} ''f" <»'
,| l0 -tins lime " 1 .11 mediately
alter the »hota were fired, the hotel .
ployer» rushed to the acence, nnd while
f " r ,h " *-' u '- b ' J "•«••F»
31 „| handed him over to ll.e police.
! Th. .. ,i.e i,„,.-i a
ing, wa» utic of extraordinary excitement
The erowda coming from the matineca of ,
,| lc various theatre* In «ring of the occur » ! "'
• •• » . .1 , , ,~ 0't<*>
| mqamc» about thr particular» üf the out- , V*
rngc The officer, who nrrevtee Singer ,w
| conveved him to the fifteenth precinct
. 1 ,,,.. I,„ i„|„.„i;,, , ,.„ii land
»utwri, where he wa» lodged in a -ell ! Iwi
It ia said that the order of Judge lira-!
| ,j rt .,t rain in i» St.kea and Mis. M ,n< 1 ,
. ft/ r Z m di. hi no , be . ,,c in M i.» '
,f ld „.l lg , . . 1
Mnn „ flt .|J-, affevltng l >" lt l 1 . l
| j. , i r |j Swei nv. and other*, bad an ex- 1
.«J' ,, Stokes uni it j, |
I I >1 .|i„v ( .,l b- rn |. 1 i|i-si)i r'ltioti ^
bi lieved be w.ia arous. it lo <n p. r.itn.ii .
partly in conaeuueuoo of the rumor., gi ll ■ ,
..--ill. it-„d ns w.dl found, d tint ill. '
; ' r * f. j l dic , • ; """
Rr*"d jury bave found at iii li nn.ut
gaiu»l hiuitvlf and M»*» M.in»fiulU f«»r ui» .«j
to blackmail Fiak Tl.. ..f M
; » vr t | j !v '
! [ X-um- ïxeitemênr Fiik'i
f -j j- >v ■
,rl * ' "
agatoal Fisk. Tba »boot
nlaco al 4:80 P M rtutur
' »
ixed Stoke», who made no ren-tnnre.
ft r the »hoot
I the Yorkvillo police curt the evidence it
wa. alntugly in favor of Fi-k. and t. mid a
I to ahnw that ManaAeld »...I Stokea Were
j endeavoring to levy blackmail They I
.ay MansAelii'a eaae ..pletely broke |
down, and Stoke, lost all ,. |f-ci,lrol ; He
Chari,.S Spender, one of F ak'a counsel, of
says Stokes has already obtained MM,
from hi« client, and wua atiemptiiig to get
! more, but failed. P
VI . . ,laK • " , ! 1 - .. # ' a
Th# following are tho protiMon» of
... . . ... «■ 9 it » , • i
1 Fiak • will: Mr». Hooker, bl» »i»ter, re-; .
Al , in ...... ». . o. i •
ccives $100,000, N.ragattsett Stc.m.bip
I Gomp»',, . .hare. ; bit father ami mother
receive M.l.OtHi a year each ; to each of .
. • ta, * .. Ä.» mm
! the Mtaae. Mor.e ho bequeath» *-•«« a
yearjtothc .Ninth K-glMDl »0.000. '
I (1 hi« gift was made a wet k ago, but waa
leguliied last night ) To hi, wife hc be
iiueatha the balance of hi» property, of
all kind.: to Jay Gould, for wl.ot.t be -
tertnined the warmest and moat disinter
examination at
rated frirndaliip. lie left hia peraeiinl ef
fect», and intrusted to him " the labor of
lovo" (ao it is called in the will) of car- ■
rjini» out all his ( Fiak ») project, in re- j
gnrd lo public improvements. Mr. Fi»k i
inherit» all her husband's share in tho j
M or !
Jamea Fiak. Jr wa. borne at Henning
ton, V*. in 188*2. and began hi» ba.inera "
life at an attcudaut of Van Ambargh'. |
monagerte. Hi. father wa. a pedlcr.
driving one of (bora capacion* wagon.
atilt a« common in the rural diulrieta ol
Now Knglond, stored with calicoes, tin
ware, laeca, trinkets aud household uten
sil«, at which the farmers' wives do the
m<Ml of their shopping. From Benning
ton he removed to Hrallleboro, where
James obtained all th* little education be
ever got, at the district school It was
nothing more than a moderate acquaint
ance with the alphabet and the ropy
book. Ho never mastered the art of
ap-lling. and to tha and of bia life had a
comical contempt for grantmer The elder
Piek had tbe aame commercial instinct«
at d a little of tbe tame tente for variety
in bie enter prises which afterward distin
S niahed the son. He built an inn. and in
efoult of a aatiafoetory tenant used often
to manage It himself; the aon it auch
timra waa employud a« waiter. But bia
ambition waa to be a peddler He began
hy travelling with hi« father. Pretty »«on
he waa entrusted with a separate wagon,
and ended by buving »nl the huainena.
and taking hi» worthy aire a» bi* hired
man to drive one of the vehicles With
the brightest waanu» the showiest horae».
tlm «oat glitt- -ring hnrneaa in the
State, and with an abandance ol that rea
dy »H and mmd-natnmi impudence for
•bleb be afterword became fkmou*. he
prosy,rad an test that he wa* anon one of
tkepriaeipal jobber* in Vermont
TV* Boat on Ina of Jordan.
Krie railroad.
Marsh ft
0». war« glad to rooaira kite M a partaer.
Subsequently, in 1858, they bought oui
hii interval in ilia Arm, ana be came to
No« York, «bare ha waa ein ploy ml by
Daniel Drew to Mgoliale the aa|e of tbc
Stoaiogtou line of aaoamer*. tToder the
patrouaga of Mr Dre» ba went into Wall
.treat speculation* »Ith varied ancre**,
and formed in 1886 tbe slock-broking Arm
of Fi*k & Beiden. In 1SÖ7 liu rntarcd In
to the directory of Kite Hail way Company
with Jay Gould, and bia career ever finer
lia» been, prrliape, the moat nnlnriona in
the United Slate*. The Vanderbilt and
Belmont Kria litigation., the immenae and
daring gold conrpiraey of 18tlU, the bold
pu.b to gaiu possesaiuu of the Albany aud
Susquehanna railroad, which einmal
involved the Stale in civil war, the con
trat with the Kngli.h atockholJcre of ihr
Krie railway, the prologue of which ia just
ilrawing to a c-loac by ibe realoration of
the »riied Kugliab »lock —are all familiar,
but all, after the vail amount that baa
been talked and written about them in the
court., the legialatnrra and the newapa
per., »till retain much of the myaterioua
They have Axed the reputation of the chief
arlor, however, aa a man remarkable rath
er for daring rnterpri»» than for patriot
ism or philanthropy in the end« at which
they aimed, or acroupnlouaneaa iu the
choice of mraua to entry them out.
war between the State«, tlie particular! of
have never yet been published. With
that »agacity which distinguished bill! in
a " -«r. Fisk aaw tbnt -ben. on ,b.
" J of A P ri11 - *i. n le e wa. driven
f,„,„ I'dcrsburg his surrender could not
fjr ,ll ' tanl | 1,0 tm'*" diaiely w. nt to
Bostnu, eonsultcd some of Ins financial
friend» and made thou» partner» in hi»
acluMDO This wa» t*> tf«-t tho noir» of tho
f ,,
! »«render of l.ee and^ colla, we of the ton
feueraev for use mi Change in London in .
d > f h u * in he remet»». »
bered that the Atlantic cable waa not then
' , '. r 1 c,J "' ut "te Atlantic iat.1. was not un n and
»ntall. »wift »teanier, formerly a i d»,
.blockade-runner, waa purchased, fitted out fn
,.,-l sent to Halifax in ballast V itlicr n '*
»nd aent w Hal".* to ball*. .Vtth.r
ll "' '•aplani, nor officer« of the at. amer 1
kn " w , "' r deitinatio" riie aecre, of lier
» ! "' r, ' r '«'»»p .tch
0't<*> ti«to\Yu immedi'itelT »nd iroi tlun
, V* ! V 7 .1 T l .... 1 Tl
,w " Jty* ■hi ad of lh tiintl »ti amer Tin
ag.-nt apcnlcd acioss Ireland to Icndon
land coinin'need hi« opnliims Ih-f.ire
! Iwi , lllv . f „ ur llllUr , ,b,.,»,.,, |„. ,„ld »I. .rt '
, • ,. . , ' , . .
1 , 1 ' . î'i *• 1 V
' ' "" r 1 '""
1 order« fi. l'i-1: lo selllong as h- eonl.l
l 1 . l ..t. llï , rH butw„are»tr»h,. Jh V .in. r t-!
1 . ». ' , 1 I
| r " h ' "■ '" l Ho» I oil men. wlio
^ eursoil with prtnlenoe. Hut the »pi-rnl
. Dr ettv sii. ee»»ful : the "st
, J • .- ,| . . , o .
' »tort go. s. div id-d I» I « n 8' ! ' -
; """ . ...
.,„e, ulati-.n ' Tlii. was
.«j ^ j w hieb w.ih vtr\ w l ,mi mu
M '" lr hK " } '
« iltun
1 0

James Fisk, Jr. coDocivad and executed
» brilliant stroke nt the close of the Ute
»ton wa* »olcly cnnfidtd to an np nt i'f
wa» the oui)* passenger ou I
Ki-k. wl,
1 board.
Steam wa» kept up day and uiglit. nnd \
cvef jthttit? wa-«
the .Atlantic. 1 >.*!)•» w**n» l*y n
Mti rtiuer lay <|tin tly in the lmrb«»r 'f llali- j
fax awuititig tin* expected tin »»age fmiu j dj
At length it cam« 4 . If Fink had
tried Ilia hc»t lie emild (•« »t Into indited m
in readin« »» !•* start a-rm*»
•I still the I
• ::
It was dated at a»oti.
mtuined hut one wt.r l —
kale runner Marled f t
! C
lie ItJ.I
!.. „ I,
!: ;
I the pr-eeeds ..f I If ,
lilt for Jnutea
THA ITS IN ItlS 1*11 K It ACT Kit.
! to
tiintl wh" had gruat ulihorunet*
«»f all livpoeriav. and whose tlnory "f üf.* i
it waa to altow* I» the w,-rl.l l„a worse aide j
a "'» ,n .. . I
'I"» 1 '"" fr '"." p'lbite k,...wlo.lge
I »»» "»tctitatiou» -I lit» fault* „ml never j
| «"*M per-uaJ«! to J.. attyth. ,g puh- j
; He exeerl on rare oeettatoi.s, attcl, a. th.l
of >I,e thieag.t Are, which would led tl,
[>u*'l>'* '''«»k «im « (P;n,*r. »„d large- 1
hearted man 1 urmg the bi»t four t>r A-.e ,
P !,r ' uf 1 1 "* llf ''' W, * , V* 1 ' 11 "*' j
I suppOMcd that h.i ltvcd in n »tylu **f tmex
# ' a in pled 1 tt x u r v, and »pent enormous «
r . *. ■ ,
i iiioiiutft on lin* |>cr»onai t njoy nient . t Ik* :
. . 1 . . : ; 3 , ,
(ruth wa». that except III» four-in-hand.
|ib , )i>x „.„„Ç, (>(1C or |
of kim , _, h|eh wnr | d >
of . . , , , , . ,
knew about- he lived in a much more sun-I
a , tvl , ,„an three-fourth. of the per,on*
' who h ' avc , lis in ,„ tm .
_ _ __
' * .
of Rmiu. l'o\ Kvnx.i Au. Ovxa bt aorx
- A b'.lçr fnoo Mcaain. Italy, da, -d De
.1. 18« 1, received lu \\ ONhington,
May»: * Aluio»t cverjr city in Italy I* III
1 fueled with »mall-pox In Mu»einn a j
rtion of the lower ido»»f» i» at
IK- wm
■ ''irgc n
j lacked.and many ..f them die. The health
i off, ''* »'*" '••*»" '' 1 "" "f *»' ? "* , h. but. since
j ,,,c ™* '»»«■»•. tbc Amoricoo and British
consuls, after a consult,ilion. agreed toen
! ter in their bill* of health that •• enses of
'»- a » .P a * ha '«* '-eeufrcH io lhe eity some
" ( wh,,b '
| "' h f r cn . n,1 . uU ', h ' uk ." onnwM, "7* "*'"
heir op.nton the d,.e.^ r.g.ng over
" ,e wb,dc cun,,uin ' of kur °^
It is reported that I'rosidtnt Grant will
send a message to Congres» at an early
day, in relation to the better protection of
emigrants, a» indicated in his last
sags. It will be accompanied by the
port of a special agent.who waa in Germa
ny last iuinmor on a tour of observation at
the government expense. Tho President
ia evidently determined to roncilinto the
German vote for tb* Prcaidcntial elec
Tbs jury nfinqural. tn inquire into th»
cunac of the death of Col. Jan» a Fisk, Jr
rendered a verdict that h* died in conse
quence of wounds inflicted hy hails from a
pistol in the hands of Kdwarn 8 Stokes,
iliccharged hy him in a délibérât.' manner
The Coroner soon after committed him to
jail to await the action of the Grand Jury
A M« |*rnw.nff on in« Trim in the 26 Diftrirt
Kml ttMinljr. Mil, will pir«*«- «nil und «*•«
ilr hr thr Iff« of Ktbru tpv,
Ifl rti to rolltet by law
Jit a 13— 3 w
•r I sh ! I c
r w w aRiikn.
Kriiilfd. viilr. Md
• «mi
Small Fruit Plants
For s*lv, *t the low*», mark*, priera . Strawl-ra
ry. rtapUrry, Ma<kberrr, Loowirrrr. curraoi,
aad hal bed plants
R«ar RlridMowa, Dri.
Jaa. Id—9m
. r . , , ...
» "T» Taney artniluilr, walnut raat^rat diafnf
and W ind»r chair. I mahogany braakfa.t ta
d», 1 walnut refrwhinent tatjle, I upright re*
fn gcraior, alatc ahelvea: mahogany commode,
n '* ho ' ! ""- v w " r,lr0 '''' w " h > lraw "" »
PnolnaoJ Wa.K.e—J
1 MaDOgailJ ttlClOSeû Watuutand
H AVING ceased forming, I will oflkrwt pafo
lir ante, oa
Tuesday ; January 2w. m2.
at ihe farm of Mr« S. B. Kldridgc, hatnrnm Co
« iltun and Frederick to ww, tha tools, farming im
pleiuents. murhincF. Ac . Ac., of a large farm, In
part as follow«:—I i'»*uingi«n reaper,with drop*
|icr at Urban nt : Weaiianhouse thresher, 36-inch;
1 0 -horse Pci tan power, I barrel corn «belief, t
Buckeye mowers and reapers,
1 peach body, I sol of spring« for peach Wa dy , 3
iron sale watons, I fnur-horae wagon,.! iron aa»
le ox-carls. I .Sinclair A Oo. hay cutter, I large
wagon I ody, hay fork,,dorks and rops, ! acts of
wagon h'tnr»», 1 spring-tooth rako, I ryltudrr
rotlrr. new Inst Rprlng ; I clovor anad a w wa r , -oU
wheels : I clover huiler, 1 clover gather
Ihrec-hnr-e trrad-inill puwer, ! grain fo
wheel mill valor, I wheat drill with seed so—.
I corn drill. I hay preee, Wakemaa'e peteot | 1
corn grinder, idowe, harrows, cultivatore, chain
■ rare», os chains, 1 bill aide plow, aad an
«lher article».
td HEAD or nOWMES,
some flue dri rer« several marrs with roal; I thraa
year old horse, 1 two-year old marc, 4 yanrtlng
rolls, 7 Spring roll«, tho thoroagh-brad stallion
hr " Mariner," ont of" Fashion **—th# celebrat
cd running mare who won the $2S,000 men a
gainst Pcyinna, al the t*amden four-mil« race of
.North vs. Houth. »See handhill« for his pedlgrea
»bowing the best blood ia th« country, without
itnin or taint. 4 yoke nfox«n, two accustomed
to work to the plow,
-4 lll'.iO Of WHITE SI/O ATS.
, will also oIR-r a number of articles of boose
hold furniture, including I large mahogany
rrtarv nod ht*ok-ra»r, | mahogany pier tab
tnliaa murl.lc top: looking glasses, I sait« of in
laid walnut mill plush furniture, consisting af 1
tufas. 2 arm chairs and 4 wall chairs ; 1 rose
wood hair-cloth spring mi sofa, walnut hair
cloth spring scat chairs,
la. I
1 Velvet Arm Chair,
lioganv open
ashstand, 2 mahogany
inrtrhl« lops ; J bureau,
Venetian, imj»» riwl und ingrain rnr
pets, 2 »uperior iron bedstead*,
I small iron bedutead,
. suitable fi
\ maehi
family mu
umnafaeturing ar
d various other articles
us tu mention,
nay be mil tb« day bcw
the ma le , it will b« sold .»t 12 o'clock 00 tho
of *.»le.
j dj
it*ti nntn»7
7^0* The furuiturr
TF.ItMS — All »•
n»» "f anil under, cash ;
t credit of eight month* will
butter giving uotc. with ap
iruttd Mcenritr. |mynidc nt < ilixcn*' Natioaal
lank ut Middletown. Ibl.
• ::
! C g
. Ib« |.
No pro|wrty to t©
til lb* coi.diiion* urc coiuplitd with,
o eloik, A . M.
fell* at 1
IV W Uuiev, Au,
Horticultural Establishment 11 !
. r. mafnrt.
; Florists Market Gardeners,
and Seedsmen.
AA-.vr corxrv, .if/)..
, /./.'.V!
('ail attention
» . ir *u|wrh stork of
hl VF.R Ht. u it Jf/.Vf? ROSF.S.
aad fi
! to tl.v
'«ing J o !» of «very d**»« ri|»tiun
• xi.llt-ni <tiwi*k af
j Ml{ ,„ IOT , (n ri|ob)||(f w . .1«
dvliccr all ordvraXight ..I. to Mid
dl»,„«„ or Tnwnwtol ttnrn.w
1 r "'V îüt r all T T, Vr"
, ,i«mp r„ r p,,,„ lu p
j tend otrto'.h. Noftb when r ,
rvarvthing vou want at tour doors
Jan 13—if
New i.'n»*I# Touatv. I»«c. 7th 1 m? i
F applKwti.« of [«.»id 8 tVinet.rau.r
nnd' John w'.Wkman, K.eiuto« Ä
Mlllward. lat. ol I'em-.idtr Hundred In aaldcoun
tv, üc-enaed : it I» ordered and directed l>r tho
Itagia'cr th.n thc Kxc otor» oforcwld. giro 'notlco
^tfth»^ d«™ted , 7lte"rd , a'r. r of U J™-.ÎÏ!
ti, ere ot, hy i-Mii*ing advertisciueats io I« posted
wilbiu forty days from tb« date of saeh letters.
a j in »lx of the inc>»t publb* places of the County 0 f
JJM ,,,r i n 3 •!! persons having demands
against the Utate, Iu prestnt the same, or abide
I'/ an Act uf Asu-mbl v in such case made and
provided. And al
ed within the
Vegetable and Flower Seed,
the qttntitv of which is unsurpassed. W» sell
■'ich »ccd» as wr uw la our own catcailr*
Register s Order.
cau«v ,lie »aine to be intrrt
r ptrlml in tha S/Mtetern
rranirr.fi, a nnp„|<r puUialwd in Middlatown,
and tu hr continued «herein two months.
i —- y Giccu under thr hand and Seal ofttf
■ i. a. • fler of thr Rrpiatar aforrsaid, at Ntw
- - Caatlr, in Nrw ('astir County aforrsaid
tho day aad yrar abort written '
H GIBBS, Register.
NOTH E —All persons having ctaim* against
tht Estate of thr drerased must present the asm*
duly attested to the Kiscturs on or before Dec.
7th, 1873, or abide an Art of Amembly la such
case made and provided.
Auuaam—John W. Ruck man,
330 Arch Street, Phila.
'■ Kxaeutors.
Jao 13—2m
F rom III* »tabic of the subscriber residing
Middle Neck oo Thursday night, Mh Inal, à
ahont I3J hands high, round built, in good
.« . w ! ,,w 'I" 1 *" him rievpt on Gw right
•,l„d had, cl,we to the part of the hoof; vor
ihm B,*nr hair* of lb* Nil rubbed at the root
and wlmmi'den wo» alighpv rubhad under the
1*11 by cruptwr. l-i-nk htm siraithl l« the ft,r*
t lb *v i!'' , h T'^ '»••••rt to Ibe righK
Tn« »re tmncj .jlghllj inward ; it a good gara,
f*r PfK»%u thr Nv^rnjre 1 • * *
l)nr hundred dultara will h* pwldlbrlbvrarov
rry of Ihr horae.
* rai.
Middivtowa. Dvl.
Jaa 13—If
will aell at Public Audio*, al Obaara'a Ilo
let. I Ml ram. imt. oa
WEPHESnAr, JAHVAET I Tat, t» 73 ,
At 10 o'rlwHi. A M , SO ftamM aad Pig*. Thai
ar* gwad at. *k aad »ra la good coadlUoo.
- Jaa 19—Iw.
j.lWlR Cl'BTS.

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