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!' ■ - '
aad if
«HI ho tha beot, will ho
•hi. Thor* Mover wo*
not bar* boa* paaea
Bpd a* *M win doubt that
|mw, coporially
i* wot ia oondi*
havo oabmittod Ibeir
State* trust that tbay
M t$ 111« Mt if fact ion of (he
** against Great
U the duty of» neatral to
It aad impartial neutrality as
flrtillt daring hostilities,
da vhligation I* independent
a neatral ie boom] to onforee
Ml low* and it* exMutive pro
tad that * belligerent ha* tbe
k to do M ; and also th* right
IB*« tb* power* conferred npon
I by law increased if found iu
r » aoatral i* bound to ose dill
otoooat tb* fltting ont, arming,
ag, witbie its jurisdiction, of
«ÿlob it baa reasonable ground
is intended to cruise or to carry
*g*ia*t a power with which it is
r .
B nentral ia bound to nn dili
rovaot th* eonstrnction of aneb
Ht B Boatral ia bourn! to um like
It* prat cot tha departure from
ptioo of any vessel intended to
**rry *o war against any power
iieh it it at peace; auch vessel
ÜÉB eppasdally adapted, in whole
it* jurisdiction, to war
bat a neutral may not permit or
ftkor bslligurout to make use of its
t wafers as lh<< base of uaval opera
•ioat tbo other.
bat a uuutral t* buutul to use due
*« in ife punts or waters, to prevent
OtHgorent from obtaining there a
or augtnenlation of military sup
fbr belligerent vessels, or
it of moo.
«hou • neutral foils to usa all
il its power to prevent* breach
Nralky *f4taaoii or water*, ia
respecU, tha neutral
mbs «oaipeuMtion for Ibe injury
• iLgg-fpflsra
[pPlitofwI rOtoi a
Iff. tbia obligation ia not dia
» « aroa tui by tbe «bang* of Ihe
hM«a*l into s publie tntn-of-war.
Itt Ibis oMigetinn ia not di*
feff lko B duhn t attempt of tb* of
IpBai t* «tad* lbs provision» of
I tÜMM will not be dapos
Mmm* th* liability of tb*
f th* awtry of th* offeadiog
iff *f tha heilige raat, aad
IffM W B rf-war^ if any part
ft ««BtiaBM I* bung
I* ft. Oeneva
Ih* eeaaael *f
•Cara ParlissMBt
, flMMBent is di
«I A
\ •
it A
• >MB Of
Part > aadtaa a atatamaat of latoraa
Maaal right* aad d atlas: afllt law* of
■aglow* h oar lag lharaon, tai of th* tilth
M aMAgMamaa Mgngl AhMBiLldi tllMmikf Lm
mt'rpNhhw wmWBIIVII IHaVvwl
Otaat Britain dariag the war. It alao
giaaa a detailed amount af tha aatioa af
Miabtar Adam* aad Bari Raaaatl ta pra
*aat tha dapartaro of tha rebel eruitere.
Part 4 aliova the limit« of tbo power*
pnaaoaaatl by Great Britain to praeoat
tub departure«.
Port 6, 8, 7 and 8 retpaetirely piment
in detail (beta relative to the Florida, Al
abama, Gaorgia and Shenandoah.
Part 0 eat* forth that tha Gaorgia and
Shenandoah were oarer equipped for
in Britith dotniniona. liar Majesty'*
Gorernment waa only informed respecting
theae ecaaol« after their dapartaro. The
Alabama and Florida even did not receive
their armament in Britieb dominion«. The
peculiar eircumataneoa of the Alabama's
eseapo are recited, and .England's vigilant
endeavor* to prevent her «ailing aa well
a* America'« failute in the attempt to
eapture ber are Inaiated upon.
l'nrt 10 complain* of the disadvantage«
under which Great Britain labors in meet
ing an unprecedented ease.
The document conclude* ns follows :
While England regret* the departure of
tbo rebel cruiser* from her ports, she can
not acknowledge tbo justioo of the claims
against her for pecuniary damages fur
their acts. The United Slates must sol
idly establish the fart of England's negli
gence. England is ready to accept the
award, whether favorable or unfavorable
She desire* it nnly to be just.
Senator Sumner's Resolution.
As the debate on Senator Sumner'« res
olution in relation lo the sale of arms by
tbe L'uited Slates to France, during the
lata Kranco-I'ruaaiuti war, progresses, the
people are becoming more intensely inter
ested oil the question. It was at first t
cloud no bigger than a man'* hand ; now
il darkens the whole polilieitl sky. The
fset ia, uur government t-ohl three hundred
Slid fifty thousand stand of arma and fifty
batteries of artillery—going su fur in its
spirit nf ttccmimnnlntioti as to manufacture
a supply of cartridges to go with the arms
Of course our government did Dot sell
these arm» directly to the French govern
ment; hut tbe arms certainly did go di
rectly to Franco, and were u*cd in the
manner indicated. It has been intimated
Unit some of them went lo Germany and
were used against the French ; hut this
docs not cxcus* tbe infraction of the inter
national l«w in the eyes of tha English ; it
only proves that wo are guilty of two in
fraction instead oue. Iu the face nf these
Ikcts, why do Morton, Conkling, Uarlsn
and all the Grant Senators oppose an in
vestigation into the whole matter I The
New York Journal of Commerce properly
declares "a full investigation of the ease is
due; First, In the French government,
which respectfully asks for it ; recoud, to
tbe German goccrnnirn', which basa right
to know tbe facts; third, to the American
ä e, who rennet sanction Ihe alleged
lure from neutrality, and who de
mand to be tnld whether any of the Wash
ington officials shared in tbe profits of
operation; fourth, lo the Administration
itaelf, which, if innoeent of tbo malfeas
ance, a* we must hold it to bo until tbo
contrary is proved, should desire the most
searching inquiry." But when a commit
tee wa* diauiuided in the else of tbe New
York Custom-house, tbe friends of Gen
erra! Grant denounced the movement, as
they do that now under discussion in the
Boute, md boldly mnonnoed there was
nothing to investigate. That committee
was raised, however, and the moat as
tobiabing results followed its labors. This
being th* osm, tha nation ia not willing
that Mr. Sumner's resolution in relation
to tho-oaie of arma to France ahull bo ig
nored, or laid on the shelf. Ton many
(hot* hag* already been unearthed for th*
rtwaiain lo be concealed. There must
b* a MI and thorough expott of tbe whole
transaetioa. Nothing Ism will Mtify tb*
p**al* ef tbl* country, or tkt government*
of too-Old World «fleeted by the transae
tioa. Onr Gorman fellow-eitliena are
partltmlariy tent* and aeneitlv* upon this
matter. They ar* not ia ihe '* breeches
pockets" of Senator Scham, m was bind
tngly remarked by Senator Conkling, but
»■taking ' the dénota in tb* Samt* with
andiridad attention, naff noting tb* foot*
m ib*y ar* brought ont by Sauter Sam
■ prtMoftlto aatioa Imt* alao
of dif RMHif mm| iff
■ to I
•Mt* wag "Aa.IrerraVy Jawira^ The
Bapertofeadmta »»port «nu ant la order, aad
a* fctlawi :
"CUHm W*
ara oa r * awn, throaah a kind PnaMaaaa, par
retried ta aaenhl* ihla analog to rohbnm .
other aaalvaraary af aar Sabbath school. Daria«
«ha |>aat /aar ara haaa baaa the redptaai« of
■may blmiaes. Tha protecting m of aar
Heavenly Father baa ahMded ua boa
dangers larMaal to IHb. No amt In oar acbool
baa baea marie varant t.jr death, and the dmr
lamb« of tha llnek mar «till unite their roirra la
prayer aad pralrr, aa fenb'wth altar (tatihaih Ihm
meet together to maire auch inelrnrtinne aa will
lit them fur iivrf-ilnc« la this world, and prepare
them for a home In Haaren when the good Shop*
herd may rail them beam.
Another plaaaant feature which may ha reck
oned among our Mcaelnga. la the aplrit of lore
aad peace that haa rharaelcrlied our labgra. No
root or blttrmtea haa epraog up to hinder our
uarfiilnraa; tint with a ferrent dealte
pliah the good deafened by the arhool, tear hr ra
and aeholura hare worked together in harmnnr.
In we hare her n Inatrnmental in doing earthing
to odrauee the Itrdeetner'a Kingdom, we would
■ira all the glory to Him who baa Inclined onr
hearts to labor in life Vlayard.
We And on ronoulling our achool record the
following pleaaant report :
No. of bora in the arhool dining the year,
'• " stria " •' « «
No. oftrarhera in Ihe school during the year, io
Avenge attendance of srhnlurs 11
Greatest No. present on sny one Sabbath
Library hooks pureluuid during tlm voir
Total No. of books in the l.inrnry, about
No. of papers distributed during' tlm year I ISO
Amt. of money raised fur Missionary, hooks
and appliances _
Number of piviuinm Imoks awarded, 33,' also i
pocket bible fur memorising Ihe shorter rn tech!
Although the acentge attendance of the school
ha* lieen good, some classes have not I e n
well sustained as we had hoped. The young la
dle«' bible class has filled somewhat iti punctu
ality, although the instructor has usually laen
present at an early hour. The use of Dr. Todd's
(juration* no fttatests has awakened au Inlrrrst
heretofore us.kt.osrn, and much increased by the
Wednesday evening lecture un the lesson by
pastor, «ml hy the rcrlew mid nplanotious l.y
Prof. Wood 00 Said,nth morning.
Ilur Inlaut Department is not lenst in imnart
•nr*. I am hapnr to say the children are well
red for, and will add ns bright Jewels iu
crown ot rejoicing.
We have also be
permitted to enlarge onr
Acid of usefulness by establishing s mission school
a! Armstrong's, the history of whirlt is brief:
It Ugan on Snbbatlt afternoon, April Ï 3 .I, wich
seien children, In a small, unmrnpicd house
This house I cing subsequently reeled, a friend of
the school kindly offered a room ic Iter dwelling
fur our use. Here the children continued to ns
semble, Steadily inrrensiog iu interest and num
la rs until the place lieenm* to strait for os, nnd
it was thought ndrisnble to build a chapel. No
Sooner was the Idea suggested than it met with a
hearty rtat|aiuse in the donmion of» lot lotau ft.
nnd a lii
I donation in money from one Indi
vidual, la which tvus added other contributions
from person» rc.iding in the vicinity. Thu* en
couraged, llic building was begun ninl was ready
for occupancy, though in au unfinished stale, b*
8 v|iirml*er.
W hen completed the clmpel « III cart $1 025
4t.u nun miffed in monrr, U I »or nnd nmicrinl,
St25, Imving n bnluiu'c ulill due of $ 3 U 0 . We
would rfJfiUu if our children of aii older growth
here |»re*rnt would »id iib iu liquidating this
«uni! *11111 that we might give the building free
th the Lord.
An tbe reffiilt of the lithom of the faithful rorpt
of eight teacher«, w ho hare«u t httrfullj Mcriflced
their ow n jicrRoiinl cumfurt nnd vuluntV-red their
Ncrvk*# in \h',t minion work, the number of
grltolurs bna increufcd from «even to fflUy-oue,
w ith no avernge attc ndtin« e of forty liuce the
t'ti|uincT.of the clmpel. Many of tlm children
Imre uo other Suhlmth instructions, and (heir
a|i|«reviation of our interest in their welfare is
shown in their regular attendance through "Hum*
mer'ff bent nnd Winter * cold," nnd their rendi
iieiis to receive initructiou in Ihe grew I trutli« of
the bilde. Our enrneit pmyer is, that the iw-ed
thuff «own will rjiring up nud »»ear fruit
honor glory nf Mini who Im« said "Of «u<
Kingdom of Ilenven."
Our thunks, long since due, are hereby tender
ed to the Md. .State Bible Society lor a liU rnl
donation of bibles and icstAmcnls, and to our
friend W A. Baker, Esu. of Baltimore, as well
us to MIm Moulten of rhiladelidiia, for books,
papers nnd tracts no generouslr donated by them.
We would not forget to mention the gift of our
pastor nud lady or a sweet-toned instrument to
aid us in singing our songs of prnise.
In conclusion, we would refer to one mort
item of peculiar interest connected with onr
school. Hinre onr last anniversary sis scholars
have made a public profession of their love for
Jciu# and meet with us nround His table. We
trust that many more may this yonr follow their
example, for what will our labor avail if tool«
are saved. "Haul may plant and Apollo« water,
but (Jod alone can give tbe increase.'' To Him,
therefore, wo would look for help, nnd pray that
lie will bices our feeble efforts and crown its with
Thla report «bows the school to be In n Aour
ishing condition, nud in point of numbers It will
compere favorably with many
larger towna. Next followed
»partners, during which appropriate passage« nf
•crlptnn wen repeated by the diffbrent class««,
nnd several hymns were sung.
The mission school which w«j organised at
Armstrong'« n «hart Urn* since, and which, In
tha language ofth* pastor, "ha* not «prang from
OM to o thuasond, but from raven to threescore,"
*M In attendance, and dariag the exercise* ren
dered beautifully that bwullfrl hymn "Tb* old,
old story."
8kort, but
schools in mach
a series of Iran
dariag ih* avatSmTSy* Dm. Pattam aad Crowell,
mdat lb* oloas of tha a x arolam a eollactloa, a
BfeiuBtlug fe twenty dollere, wee taken ap.
Tbe school than retired hy ctaraaa aad »»asm
blad to th* Isct u re-room, wbsva wm a told* ladas
with good thing* which wen dlapaasid to tbs
barony children.
Tkne closed tha Sabbath School Aaalrsraaiy
af Ih* Fareat Preaby teriaa Church, aa areaalaa
[rintrul alike to tffctMrt Miff mIWm,
Chmnabb Ctrv Ivmm.—Oaptola Ratal of
' - * ~ 9«it a»* L M fc
«varbsard, off
pad from tha pilot-kuna* and
Turkey Paiat, aa tfotarttay t
' hMMt
' Aras ''
crap will be hr ft** a fhll —
tomes , n ear O deeaa, aa aa anal, i
■ft r BIIUNi vHI
All rue, ifcowtng
M fllOft CBfltR
the magnitude
t ena it , reported unite folly,
tha follewtag eatiamtaa :
in,M 0
la hearing,
ach tram.'
Value per »era, (low a enrage)
if bale vela* af orrkarda,
lavent, la wacaaa, Intake«*, ala.
pi. *00,000
A fhll cran of pea ch»« Is catiawtad at 1,000. AM
I «skats. That of last year rra t k sd about I baaa
Bhlpiwd by md,
By water, (eatlmatad)
Out aad
(Aldan procéda)
las consumed,
Total baskets.
Vains nf S.noo.ooo baskets,
Kspens* of picking,
commission, *00, OM
Total espanae,
Net prodoct fell crop,
Thrananal value, It I* true, Is uncertain. In
1 * 0 * the crop was total failute. In ,311 It was
Immense' but prices wer* low. A crop, how
ever, msy I* relied upon three ysarsla four, and
the return is ns sertaln as for wheat.
There are now als canning establishments,
consuming 15.000 basket» and putting up 150,
oooewna. Alden procen drying estaUlshman n
are rstablishcd at Milford and M
considered very satisfactory, and consumed Inst
yeoV »bout 11,000 baskets.
Peaches are yet Hi great fruit interest, but the
increase ia the orchards Is not so rapid as Iwo
years ago, attrntion boing more directed to
pears, small fruits and vegetable«, fe 1*10 the
number of young peach tree« sold by nursoymen
to the Peninsula was 1 * per rent, over 1*60 ; but
in 1*11 It fell off 14 per rent, from 1*10.
The address makes the follow ing recommenda
tions to Ike pencil growers :
I. Scad no Inferior fruit.
1. Open new markets.
3. Send ears direct to market without opening.
4. Have prompt reports of sales and baskets.
5. 8 uporrede commission men entirely, or to
tal liais a system of Investigation os to their char
0. Compel, hy legislation, or rnrouragement
of competing routes, rrdiirtlnn of freights.
7, Knrourwxc rognriirs and dryerirs.
H. establish unity of action.
The add
Mdlftown, are
rt'fcrrctl Imck to th« Commit*
! tp* for rerinion, hrfore mihtiailinn.
A K*«^utjon WM «flfcred hr Mr. Towntrud,
««4 urging the I*. W. A It. Itnilroftti
Coui|gu}.v to return to tlia |te«ch grower« the
$30,00<i r<M«in«4 hy the Compiinr m tm, ln th«
yrnrs n ml 1870 , pending the qucution
whether (he tux wus constitution«!.
A Walxixo Match —A New Castle corres
yiondotU famishes ,J Every Evening" the follow
ing item ;
•loscpfc Yitraall, the accommodating proprie
tor of the Exchange Motel, nnd Frederick Eagle,
celebrated for ttaviag good beef, had a walking
match on Saturday last from Mt. Plraeant to
.New Castle, a distance of 17 milcf^ The dis
nccomplishsd iti 4 hours and 21 sec
onds; Vantail coming in ahead of Eagle, 1
twice t
heat was from Mt. IMcastml lo Ht. Georges.—
After stopping there 15 minutes they started nn
the second heat. The first mile. Varnall was
a little ahead, (»Ait limping. The second mile
Ynmnll Iwdiind, having stopped to ask a man to
vote for him for coroner. The end of the
ond beat brought them to State (load Station,
Varnall ahead. Eagle having stopped to look nt
some cattle nnd give Varnall a cuanre to order
refreshments. After regaling themselves for a
short time, they started on the last and longest
heat for New Castle, nnd reached the Exchange
Motel at 7.50 P. M. Varnall abend. Eagle kept
on, not knowing he vu in New Castle, and carte
near bringing up in the Delaware river.
tance w
sail A Mrt-ands. Ths parlies stopped
t the ro.ul for refreshment«. The first
Ta* Kxrtosin» ia Nsw C*tm* IIahsos—A ror
rvspnndtut uf A'vrrg Kerning rays : — A littls af
ter daylight Thursday morntug our cltiscos were
startled by hearing a loud expTociun in our har
bor, and npon going lo Ihe wharf, smoke could
be seen Issuing from tbs forward bold of ths
barque Sahrn Jfoscs, which, with the usual activ
ity of tho crew, soon rosvlaend our ciliien* that
flrr. As she was knows In contain
sonic 3,090 barrels of pvlrolcum the mast intense
sscilsmant nross. Th* Good Will engine was
soon on hand, and every preparation mode to
protect the property oo our rlvrr front, fe care
the Are should get lityond control. Tbs Captain
of the barque ( who doseras* much conuneadallon
for bl« roofer*« and nerve) «I once gave order*
to «cuttle her, which waidoa*by cutting throagh
list how, when she at one* commented filling
nnd Ihe Are wm extlngitUhcd. It vu efrer
WardJ discovered that tha oil was not horning
bat n small purtlon at the wood work. Tbs ex
plosion having baaa caused by on* of tho crew
descending Into Ihe hold with a lighted lamp in
his hand which, coming fe contact with ih* gM
from the oil, Ignited II, nnd th* explosion follow
«lie was
The new Mnaoala Temple fe Wilmington will
ba formally dedicated on Thursday, tha I lib day
ef April. It will ba a grand nffbir. The Grand
Lodge will h* convened oa that day, end lbs at
tan dance, It Is thought, from every fetal* fe tb*
(felon of delegation* of to* Brand Oflhara of
every Grand Lodge, M wall as thorn of Canada,
will give a are! lotbaceramoalesof tbeocoaaloa.
Rav'd. Dr. J. C. MeCbbs, of this plaça, ha* ac
cepted to* fertta tirai of tb* Osmmltt** af Ar
Bn. ftn I tun. —Sira Sgmi —One day last
wash while Rae. Mr. AtM aurai (ao l ma d ) wm mi
for muskrats ba
ling foc a
attars* wl
Oa Ruaday
bee kiff of tke
Cani thàt'lwgaMto WUmfeftoa toHre."'
leurtw In nstiflsf.
îisfSdïsi sati
•MA tfltft* M»
I of
srtÉ it to (Mto*||I| IImé i
k$ tke iwEpee «eütSitoSe !
Triff h*
at law
rockier aaj
taat ail
la paiat
I «
Ml ^
tweaty-Are Art, If aareaaary, a* writ*** twaatyf
It la reeogaiaed aa a Art, that leaf* raaaaht fa
tha canar.-aadar pack et
control, am
water of twtaty that, ihm they nu ia * depth of
twenty-»re, with choanal shaallag to bethsidae,
which fe the earn with meat navigable :_
»■d I h*M that a canal af tha depth af twenty
Amt la andldant thrall practical parpoata. We
have, at Ihla lima, chipa drawing Asa
to twenty fret of water, aad which ram three
thooaand loot, aad many »hip» af two theaaaad
•ms do net draw man than aightaea hat of
water. The greatret depth af water drawn by
any ship entering or departing from the ports of
New York and Philadelphia Las never oaraadad
I wanly-three Amt.
For a general coasting trad», reasels drawing
morn than Aflscn Amt of water ara found by ca
per ten re to bo Impracticable. Raltlmon City,
fa Maryland, haa now raaelag Ihm bar part a
largo number of ablpa aad ataaaaert which, If
loaded to a depth of twenty Amt and running at
a speed of fen or twrirs knots an koar. wot
require a ehaaaal of at Iraat 16 feat ia depth.
As a natural eonseqnance, tko grantor tko spaed
the greater the depth of water required.
«P »" 1 "> »"»•' proposed
works. Klrat, I will notice Ik* proposed «aal
from Cabin Creek, on th* Cboptank river, In tb*
«tato of Maryland, to Ih* Dels war* Breakwater.
The writer liellerea this Issl-nmallonftl rosir to
Its Imrractirnble, f„r ih* following reasons, vis :
1st. From its indirect route; 1nd. It* graut
Ivegth, together with the character nf tha coun
try through which it wnold hue* to I* construe
tod, to wit: high, sandy hills, and low, wet
swamps, without feeders and with vary uncer
tain bottoms.
The cuttern terminus, near tha Delaware
llrankuntrr would entail, under any titrant
stances, an Immense cspendlturo of money, and
this from the following reasons, vis : From the
unprotected position of the outlet, there would
he requited immens# outlays for break waters and
wharves Ihr tha protertioa of vtasate using tha
contemplated canal (on paper.) The structure«
ct.uld not bo built of wood (the best material).
for in Are tear« tlm worms would have demol
ished the entire structure, a fort astahllshed by
U. 8. Knglneerv Stone, the least espenslr*, is
hot « poor material. Iron I» eery costly (and not
a vary good material); vary esprnsite to keep
in repair, and not at all durable In wilt water.
Braldea, the shore is sandy aad hard, and the
hors and Aala «te ever «liinlag. I have recently
learned that any rraael drawing more Ilian Al
icen feel of water cannot And a Imrlior behind
breakwater, hut is rnmpclled to anchor In the
open Hay. Th« breakwater lia« for a long time
Iwcn r.tttidly filling up »
from a Ix-wiiluwn /lihu.
Ilf the "Hussains River Roule'
sar, dial Ihr first ami prominent objection I» il»
great Icngilt—for nt It»»! lltlrli-finir mile» of
culling and embankments, mostly through high
hills of hard-pan, high hills or sand, over deep
rttvlnov. soft, low vw«m|ia, mantles and morntjrt,
wllh quicksand bottom», and not ajtlnglvslrrani.
on tha wbola ronlr, to »erv« as a (cedtr. The
SAssafrav river route would require wharrev
runvlrurlcd oui iniu Ihe Delaware Ray, over Ih*
Immense Hals, a distance of at least Iwo miles
lo reach a depth of twenty feel of wafer. The
rust of the wharres. and Ihe dredging ntresawry
lo complete Ilia work, would he immense.
I think Ihe cost of either of the works spuken
ufls entirely lieyund the judicious reach of euy
private enlrrprise, and could only lie undertaken
and carried lo a successful issue'hy goi erimienl
aid and protection.
The Chesapeake and Delaware Canal has still
the advantage In lie director*», shortest distance
from hay lo bay, and deridedlv the clieeprs 1 ,
lo ray nothing of its saving of time.
We will now compare Ihe well-kaown ad
vantages of Ihe Chesapeake snd Delaware Cnnn!
wllh the Hnseafrus river, the beet of llte aewly
selected roules.
The Haseafras River roule would shorten the
distanre hetweea Baltimore end New York about
ten miles, and would inrrense Ihe distance to
Philadelphia liy at tenet thirty milre. The speed
nf any good (learner [laden] would not he lese
than ten miles nn hour fe open wafer, wliemufe
« «mal it would not he safe to attain a speed of
more then three miles per hour.
A (teenier will pass through the Chesapeake
end Delaware canal In four houra, [the time
allowed] Ihe calm ten mile* In nn hour, being
Ave haut* In all; whilst by the Sassafras river
route, thlrly-fonr mile* In length, there will
lie required nt leatt eleven hours—giving the
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal sis hours ad
vantage In point of time between New York
Baltimore. Between Philadelphia aad Bal
timore the raring of time fe more noticeable,
vis: ten hont*. Then, ngnin, arises the ques
tion of tolls. Any one can readily underetaad
that a «mal of leas than fourteen miles In
length ran ness vessels far lees Hun one-half
of the toll that would be required hy a very
pensively constructed work of thirty-four
Use in length. In eutietanre and In truth,
weighing well nil of tbe (dvnnisges and per
eonlra, I muet unhesitatingly think and ray,
that th* only and haal route fe per the Chesa
peake and Delaware Canal.
A few words fe relation to tbe Bay part.
Where shall II be T
Cheater Is, during th* winter months, elmost
M Inaccessible as Philadelphia, aad almost as
for from tl.e coal, Iron, and fernher its fens ae
tha fell earned city I* eighty-five mile* from tbe
Delaware Breakwater, gad thirty mils* above
Delaware City. Th* nun* remark« apply fe
pari to Wllalagloa aad Newcastle. Th* ('rack
at Wllmiaglon bra Mt a depth of water sa»
deal, neither It User* room for a lerga
dal trade.
with snud. This
we will
If they [tb* merchants of Wilmfegtoa] are
com marc*, tha harbor would bar* Ih* ■ _
JaetloMbl* point na Otoatar. Of NawcaaM* 1st
M «sah. It Is ten mils* aba** DaUwan City,
wllh a gnat btmd I* to* river, lea, adressa
wlad*aad lids* reader to* aparoathl* ar dm
dldfeaVt, aad ia asUam
ealva My damage from lea ae gala; hat daris«
dariag tlmt Ums lure ma* $wts
MMhffaw Otoria ar Chaaiar pat
• ffïgffTtol* *gr 8 ««*« for wdb.
weflfow Cattl* la a vary axaatsd
a wt H av (Van
il ■ >
■ m '
»a* bmco. Thoa
Hoar aad
of tha orimiual
•mt root lag rim vim* of hi* swo
md whipping paot with tbo vloaa of Mr
Honr'o Stato under tbo moral iaAaanoao
of hymn bonk*, enmmow ooknolh aad pro
hibitory liqnnr law*. Tko otto* *m Ir
reoiatihlo. Mr. Hoar triad (o autfheo it
by tbrowlag the blalme ow Mo (brain
population ; hut he waa born* dbtw by
paaln of laughter from all port» of IN
Hon**, and Mr. Bin* haa benUMfb
A Relic or Coutaub Timm.—M r. J
G. Lackey, of tbl* eoaaty, whil* over
hauling an oW secretary purabaaad at a
sola, diaeorered a secret drawer, which
bafled all hi* attempt* to open. After
it amer oa* effort*, however, * secret spring
was dmewvered by n cabinet maker, sad
on opening the drawer it was found to eon
tain llv* or six hundred dollar* in mooey
—chiefly old Rial* bank bill*. It also
contained some specimens of eonlioonlal
currency, one of the oldest and most curi
ous of which Nr. Luekey has left at onr
ttfliea. The note, tfhich ia nf tb* denom
Iavion nf twenty shitting*, bears the date
of Jane 1st. 1760, and was printed, as It
state*, by "B. Franklin and D. Hall "
It is about litre* inches square, nf thick
paper, the Arne of it bearing this foerip
" This indented BDI shall peau carrent
fur Twenty Shilling* within the govern
ment of the eountre* of New Castle. Kent
and Sussex, nn Delaware, according to an
Act of Aaaemltly of said government,made
in tbo 82d year of the Reign nf
eraign Lord King George II."
On the reverse is a rail* representation
of a tabnceo pinnt and a Ann rampant, with
the ominous warning. •' To counterfeit ia
Umtb."—HkrforH County, (Mil.) paper.
our 80 V
On Tuesday, the 13th, Inst, "nt home" hy
Rev. lohn Crowell, D. D, George lloiildun, Jr.
and Mnry C. daughter of A. Ennis, Ksu. eB of
New Castle County.
In this lawn, on ths fid Ins». Elirahsth Msv,
votings,I danghlsr or Evsn T. nuil Hnralt E
Kran«, ngstl, sls.cn months and fiDssn durs.
Tit* rslntivs* sod friends nf lit* Family
rsspsetfully invlts .1 to ittlsnd th* fitasral, from
His rssldsns* nr her parents In this town, un
Sunday affernoon, February *5lh, ni 12] o'clock
C J.REAT inducements are offered to
■ mulling good carriages at ^
Alexander 4 Son's Carriage Work«,
DiLAWtM rmr. on.
They wish to inform their old customers and
the public generally that they lut is on band and
make lo order
nad warranted to Its of Iks Lest quality, which
they offer at reasonable prices.
Tab 14—ly
Choice Buff Cochin
Fowls , bred from the
most celebrated impor
tations, Eggs for sale.
Feb 14, 1871—3in.
Mt. Plramnt, Del.
T HERE will lie an Election held at Ihe Hotel
of George W. Ortllp, fe tha town of Mid
dletown, New Castle county, oa Monday, March
4 th, I All, between the hour* of I and «o'clock,
p. nt., for Ihe purpose ol electing Five Commis
sioner*, nn Asaeaeor nad Tmutrer, and an Al
derman, to verve for aae year, or antil their «uc
Middletown, Fab. 10th, I «71-1 w.
H aying m baud over aooo naro« «r Wsii
Pup»» Will sail them at tb* low*« cash pri
«ad at the sum* rato* a* Philadelphia ar New
,Yatk, with tb* prlvtlega ef nferalag all whale
... Md while blaake fréta - ....„!« te II cts.
UtaasdPhpr " ......«» to so "
m Ra. 1, Towa Hall.
CTOUDt feam tb* earriag* of to* Mbarrlbar,
» ewiHNe iw
wBI ha paid
fhb 14—Ow.
nut glam not AIT
• «
No. I
Na 1. Barman '
goad alar, Ida
mena la tha leewa y , aad
atn, and trill work
Be. 4. Buy (SON ......
*&gSvn£mpi*miie t âr > ^
■tor **— » Jm
[ litottiMf «T
-• Am kra, MlAfe m. _«
pwilil'H (O 0V WfWr MM*
■•» ft
badly driver*.
17 Head of OAT*
Caaalariag oTVyak* of
•pnagteg md batons*«
1 amwria* BÜLL md 1 » bradaf *§
Tl M, r tame BROOD BOW«and«
large*» hsss^l
Famine TJtej
rly new y I Family Oat
I Roths war Carriage, >C*ivknaS
Rtofeh, r Thna-heraa RwHsarfftoili
Thresher wad drawer ( which Bar
used «ad is Is g sod order,) 1 Chat
and Mower ( new last harrest.) I
new.) I Hand or ItarM-no
a heller. I new Stoner Hleef-ti
Slump I'utler, I Roller. I (It V*kl
Double Harrows, 1 Stngla Barra
Cradles aad Heytkas, 4 fältlet
Shovels, Rakrv,OrufcMaga*d Field
aad Singletree«, Oa Chafes, CrowbuM, AI
Mauls and Wedge«, Measures, I s*t Itoamfc.
UraloDags, Ac. '
I w
v -


I Double set Wagon MiraasacP sat keadl Unsre
aas», I set Cart Harares, I art Doubl* Tnritaia
Ifentesa, 1 sets SI
Plow llurusva, A o ur
Huddle and llridfe
htraret, I' art Doubl« ttovriueo
agio Utsstaga Harnras, 4 Safe
it tr t'lviffii né WifM |f n_
I Saddle and llr Id Ik; CaUara, BriBfes, MnlMsv
Ac. *11 fe goad order.
ltuti r f'nrlir ami' ft adI M u jPaOnOna* hm
Iht biuktt. t
100 /liiihch It! irk trod /Vttsisa A*#' M*
HAc&jt ssd laud or rut pomréu
ßV Dîner» wishing Stark or Farailag lUto
ulrinents will do well to attend I hi* ante, at tb*
Morses ore nniong tlm best that hare bees aflkwA
In this county far soma year*,- th* Cattl* an ft*
good rendition, and Hm Pkrrcfeg $ to sells, Hec
tics, Ae. ull fe good order.
All sums af Twenty-live Dollar* a*é naflra
Cash ; on sum* svvc Tweal.t-Bvv DnHass a ctaMt
of Ten Mouths will bv given, hy ihn pasvhmar
giting Note, wbk approved wearily—tatarrM
ond vtaiii|ia added.
Stie ttacamittcneeat 19 o'efeels, A. iff,
Jscos Bess, liants Asti, Auetiontsr.
Kot>. 34—Is ' •
M V brother, Jtwfena Clay too, Jr. Isivtoff aswt.
rinded (sloes our «ret advsrtlssuwwt) to
mminwr forming, wishes t* maka knows Is tko
public that Its will not offer his Htorit aad Fanu
lug Ctsiislls at public sals. Therefore, f Mara
pens the rale ef my Block aad Farming UMMOo
MO.XDAY, MARCH 4M, 187*.
at to o'cluck, *. m.. aad oa that day will «|R
without rcvrrv* aad no *Bdkri»lddlag,th* Mfew
ing described itareatml psuparty, fe wilt Mata
head of Hsssss, N nt« «ad (hilt* t No I, a rm»a
Bashaw Itorvc, « year* old, As* Alyls aad MflaS
ran trot a mil* fo 4 minutes aad will aadWB W
ry fost Imres ir properly trafesd ; No. 1, a h iwari
mare. It yrareold, sired hr lbs ret pi,rated trah
ling bores old »b org* M. Ifetotisa, ah* had MB
led a mils In 3 mioatrs wlihoal Irafelng, aad
with foal hr a Virginia hasse; t (Mt 1 yi
of Rnith-r »tifek, and will mat»savvy Iji,
2 nil:« ruining two years aid, sired by h
Idoudwl hures ; I pair of *|dsndld y sang I
coming « /rots old, good works», ' „
It llev/ufl'sllls. tow».—
Milch Cows. «II somfeg fefe pi
spring ; I heifer, I «tsar, aad 1 fell M
* 8 WIRB— « broad MBB, t kMflBjM
Ana -hast* ; all ara I
liest stock *r hog* Info*

•ngon, la «nad order;
: tars, and other forming am
U ? e cook stove, (Nbqta» I
•W- 2.000 pnaadSofaml; a let
many other articles fe* oamraotss to
TffffJfN-AII snma affegl and
all aam* aver tost aasauat
■»■th* will b* glvaa, by tha
bnakabl* sate with sppt
at tb* CitliMà' Natlnaal
aad abufo
per real, off for
E. ff. las*, Am.
Pabraary M, 1871— It

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