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if«' ••
NO. 81,
72- SPRING. 72.
Hanson Bro
Foreign and Domestic Dress Fabrics,
Embracing alt (ht Xovehùs vJ lA < Statov
AWK> ( a full link of
Qroceries, Provisions,
And in f§ft orvrttliing u»y»tly kept iu
• j
ST'WL' a
(^* Prices Low.
April rith, 1872—3mos.
A l-arge amt Superiur Stuck of
BOijr oa hand, made efpre*»ly fur this innr- j
k«t. all of which will b; dl*po*ed of
reaaooable tenus, and guaranteed
tob« what it It repreientcd.
attention ÿù tn to Iteporing.
unhMi,Manau, »• c*L**HtT*n
F Woods Self'Rake
for circular, or mil aad see. '>*forr pur
g elaewhare. CUMlIKRt'." ST.
OFFICE Karri) amt of Ceart Heute
Bperial MBpSlon (1res I o lbs colUrliee

T PndaM (I—wtinUm Manhaat.
of Fame, Ee
tbe Produce
May let, *l
i afer
ATIVO retired from *e
twiak A Co I (lull tew
for aiaet Awon to tbe oM Irai, Fer
J roUrit.riHg. of
mmaak. Mag ooaIdeas, with my etae
erffkea yarn la tbe bari ae m , quiet aatt,
pi aad rettable returns, dally i^ort urrotro
■ laaaaaaUe Mem* of aale* aa aay boa«, I
iforaUM, aad ■
rharefollj gtrro.
Real Estate Bulletin,
ml iu.ul.iii, ul- oi it ,
, . . fr,,,,,"':;!,',*
I.c .hipped dally to
> . .»-f,coiidoe,
,'r - .n.i's f
, !;r
I RKSPECTFt'I.LY invite the nttention of per
sons disposed to invest in land upon this pe
ninsula, to the following farms In Cecil and Kent I
counties, Md. and in New Castle county, Del.
No. 47—A splendid farm of 325$ acres, u|«on j
Chesapeake hay, in Kent eo. Md. 0 mile« from
Chestcrtown, 2} from Kent Itailroad. Commo
dious dwelling, overlooking the hay; new barn. ,
cpftf3,U00: all requisite oiittiuildings ; 11,000
priull tree*, choice varieties ; communication hr
York and I'liiladelphia, nn«l
>rith Uiiltimore. Will be !
rail willi Me
by steamers
sold low, and upon nccotyinqdnting terms.
No. 55—-An elegant couutn-seal upon the ft«>
htmia river, in Cecil county, in a very high state
of cultivation. Splendid nut union and grounds;
good outbuildings: every variety of fruits, flow
ers, and ornnmenlul trees nnd shruLL
ait«-*s to all the < iiie» by rail
W 1
ers : 8500 i
pea» h trrt s in l*earing ; a very healthy location,
and most d«-*irable rn«i«lenee.
No. 45—A desirable farm of 2*h> nrres ,,t
relient toil on Chester river ; l-riek d»*
good outbuildings : 5» , t»0 peach f
trees: daily eotnmunieation
steamert : w harf
ling. Will be soM ',
and terms 4 f
• '.4—The
ad ;
,es: K.
v*ith I«
* ...He fro
° - reiiahlc purchaser.
•Court Hi
of yoo«l natural
, #rith frame dwelling, burn and
outbuildings: wharf on the farm, a
plat e for itntiners from Baltimore and I'hiladei
phia : the dwelling eomniatitls a beautiful vi« w
of the Chesapeake bay mid tribut
niuile very profitable
lent gunning iu senson : »oil—early loam: vt
desirable 03 a tru* k faroi Price, ÇI5.000, tip
eaiy lertnj.
, contain,' J.*»d
■ 11 . 1 U I'V
i t : csccl- !
No. 4»*— A very
containing 2«.i »•• irs. with g
•1 Ih.he
lered by spring branches.
w in grass : land
goo'l ueighborhootl :
d «la irr fart»
d buildings, ailti
aie bel w rvn Klk
vet-, i:iic!% w»t
peach trrrs
lies last
1 , \ellow cloy mil >wil ; about
splendid meadow, iu g
e and Pl.il.i le!| lii.
d will
n pra*■
U). op'
\ litrjjo Ira« t of Inn t
i lio K.

\l It It
} mi!« fro
i i
l uiMinu.a :
I t 4*1 Ik .0.1 :
v tn

. I'rii
no I*
UK Ilf«
A I«|*l
N ■
! far
. I»«-!
275 1
«if I»
Illll ON
81 «!.-«.
of the
Sm> n
« hoii ^
lird. Will I.
This is <

I • «ml«* rollt) t Y
«* — A profituli!
Kent touiiiv, Mil. Kintainin« 484 n.
«1 ; ilMcllii.fi up
lie Dutiful vie
miles from siatin
o.lrru fft\ 1.» nn«i li'iUh :

s r • Worfnu
d I
of g
none« c
of Chcsflpeukc t»sv ! 2|
t It It : tfoo.l LuilVlingff
pea. h t
ml ti-liiuu :
tv, Ml U mil.» tj »tu Sn ffafr.i«. wish
j lominodiou# il«elliH>r mol outiMiildinj.**. rrcittd
» ui a f»*«\ \ ears ■ me. I*ri«e. on j
No. 44—A nice farm, cuiitainc 1»'*5 n< rr* of
i« i i , 'i « a,- iii,
Cot.d IhjuI. Niiout J mile* from Middletown > .
story frame «iwelliov. n;«rly new; s n..m ,,f
• j Noodltmd. Brice, ÿ'.'5 per «<re, u|*ou rcusi n.t*
i bit- term«.
No 43—A farm of 160 acre« of welbimpruvcd
, land, sittiNieil fl miles «ul of ('bvctertoNu 1
! niiln from Kent Co. It It. »talion : large ihm
Story dwelling, barlt, granary, carriaue-hoiw
I food fences ; uatrrpd by U'prtotl creek and
j spring bram lie*. I'li.r, unly Sr.n p»r acre rerv
I little ...ore than c M l of Impruvemcntt.
•n K.
and of
t.d : splendid
apple «»
.» !
»■ 1 .
I'r e.
No. 40—A rhenp b.rm
Kent c
»iniiiff 31
No. 42—A fine farm of l.iTj mres. \ mile ft.ui
Sobtafras, Kent county. Mil all re<|iiiffitr ImiM
inj:» : splendid orehanls ol peaibeff. apple
peart, and simili tVuils in ul.umbilici : t<
hedge*. Will be sold a bargain
No. 5fl— A very profitable IVurli Farm
sassafras Nick. tVell county. Md.
of splendid land: with
n«!er y
in S.is
iilff 275
» »In;»
ilrtili to It'ilii.uorr O, I'hil.olcl
it hn*
>le |T 0 |H'| i V

Nansemond Sweet Potato Plants,
■car-kU U A T !*• .
«.Alt "ALil J.
fUK flEST S WF.ET PO TA TO SO If /.V / >'A',
A l-SO a choice eetecllon of the other rarlellrs
A <>r plants uennlljr grown in but-beila ami
curi-frumrs, roiulnlng of
Tnmote pleat« trane plante d frum hnt-bedi Into
ael4 fraMM, «oil »fro*y and
I 1 .i ! I.H.».
i r-n.
„I ll-.lkS
t a I i.u*t
Ilf* 1 î k V It H'llli I
Tile f.
Cl! C.f «'
MutrrtMl by lloli«
he.« t :
llllill-ln Uf
ill ft I a

l»c.! I.) ft fume
plii*. Will he ffultl rcudoiiablc,
rvinovfil lo luinilu-r .-'laic

NV 57— A vit y drgirahu* Slurc llou*
: hwclliiiff ntUchc-1, in I'll«'
L*»t end u
teak i* <iir. Ml
uM estsUistieil 1 1 u- 1
lin* centre nf the village : all Ihe t:
■lurni* and a ten dis
on Bohemia M«
No. 55— An Heffanl la
, eciHaiiiinff 2"U ur
Hin lln- riv
.1« ii
[ land, und« r Ii
: *|ilrndid Marl; watered hy the ilolu-mi.i ri)..,
j and ff|>ring hraiu hr» in ev«*ry field j»« • uli.irly
! tida|ilrd to k'ruciiiff. Fine birpt I'ram Ielliiitf :
large Barn, QpipiTy. Harmk* and all
out*huildiut;i. Soil light loam, hiffhly imp
splendid Imalion ; :tl inilen lr.»m (.'hep. titra!
Ci tv itnd short Lull mile from Bohemia I
«1 wharf : title hrvom! «jurdtion ; to any
in want of a really delightful home, wh.-rc
ihe comforts of rural life may he eiuily ohtai
hoiiofflly comim nd the above tract ai
seldom offered : fine fishing
very easy; price very reasonable
No charge made for nhowiag n
pro|«ertie* : Correspond« o< c solicite«! and il«-fi
tiiltf information cheerfully given
• d
ail ;
} huatinjr. Tenu»
r afthrnl.nrr
by uddiruinic
J. Tilt M \S lll'IM>.
Broker, Conveyancer and Iteal Kwtatc .-\gcut,
v.iddletoa n,
New Castle County,
April 27—tf.
too and PErrtn clasts,
Plaats realty tew.
Mount Pleasant,
I'ricna .»derate.
May II—Iw.
To Distill era of Fruit.
TpOE SALE, oa Mt Hatton Still and Worm»
1 romakta with mix, Ac. roadr of ropurr,
aaariy aew. Apply er address T. A. McDEVITT,
*4» oarth 11th tt. Fhtladriplik, Pa.
.pay tl—3w—rwAco
grifft Çoctrp.
, '
, , „
Mrifl loid written cu.-ii daj lo Stella u
J..U. I...I »f the van.,us event, that had of
»oolli.d bia ambit.or ,»ti,fled hi, pride, :
and named the great noble, who were hi
'quellt companion,, the p.wer ho had
won in the council, of tho nation, the mn-t
of hi, daily life, hi» .lin- a
'»• f'. hi, iliaea,.,. In* giddiue»,, jh ■ mi»
oM'atnek an, the mvlancholy «;
," f :, ; ruk ; ", rk •. ," ,1 . vc " ,urc '
; ,,x " f u( , :
ye, there wa, one pa„age of III, l-ondon i-l
When you meet with one siii|>eeted
Of »«»me secret dee«i of rrimo,
And fm this by nil re|ectcd
As n thing of er. I Inme,
C'inrd thine every look and action,
Speak no word of heartless Llatne,
For the slanderer ! vile detraction
y roil thv goodly name.
Whi n you m«-l wilh on« pure
Way, itic In,I have en, ere-' "
Working oat hi, own ue,| 0 ; ' '
kli-,«e ' *'
Will, III,
Think, irpU,-»J ,n hi. condition,
or', J': K of ;"! 1 , 1 '' ord U ' in r * in?
. in the.- back to iruth again ?
sy an«l sin,
There nro spots that bear no flowers,
Not l«ecnuse the soil Is bad,
f^-it the summer's genial show
Never make th«'ir blossoms triad ;
B« t'er hare an art that's kindly
iiiietiuies with t|i«tlain,
T'l'ii by judging others hlindty,
1 »(join the
111 to poll!.
Popubr ^Bififrllamj.
Dean Swift'3 Marriage.
LotiiJoii i-t
career upon ffhidi lie was ever t»ileiit. He
had found u m*w pupil, uni Stella hn I
learned by report til' that gay and graceful
will's leisure
tei \ iinhuiiri^h. the Vnnc»
ras young,
f tho glu
tei in j circle of Tory fashion iu which her
master was now moving with singular np
platise. H r father wa» dead, her mother
kept a hospitable house, nnd here Swift
found a fi b n lly mvptinn. and f »rg >t in
a his duty to
his betrothed, the gi title pupil of .Moor
j. O-u.J ha I
Agilated and
tf to »"me
Vttl t»> wl
1 1 «• v « t <•«! . K
un of th.* in vi
w. ilthv. bi-uutiful, :i imiubtT
criotis ruinai
tin* i-Ht'or Inun
f V.nv
•ko suddenly from his delusion,
d. wlnn the death of An na drove him.
ody exile, !•» his deanery at Dublin.
to part forever
from V«in-8«a. Un his return ho found
.'uat grit f aud \ natural
thrown >5« Ha into a dm p Melancholy.—
II. r li« :ilth d**tlin« d. A eoinuion frieii I
carried her complaints to >wift, and, with
^ l.. .... ,, i ....
str.mi:i rcluf tame • « 11 i siii ä ii.ir I«r* can
. , . • I
•*•»!»- I"' 1-ngUi «1« t. ruune l l . prove 111 ,
cotistaney by tfoing through the form of
mnrriaffo 'I'ho ceremony was performed
^ M r etly in the garden of the deanery oi
,i i» ; . . . i-i,* i . .
,,I '"'P "f < l"ß' r. 1 1 Pi. but upon con- h
dill »tl tbit it was tr \ r to be neknuwbdg*
oil publielv. and St«*IIn was to live apart
f r „„, her htlsbutid in the Mime guarded
„ l} . w|li , b tb ,., baJ , , | ntlg dlllo ,| ,|„.
scrutiny of the world
jlimtny. Swift had yiebied t
fatal necessity in his mysterious
Soon aft r. hia friend, .Mr Delativ. r.:vt
had re
*»' 1. I'
ing from an inicryiew with (lie
II.- looked like ,
-f Dllbli
nm- di-tructcd. and | a-»cd Dclany wi.lmu.
Helnnv f'ii;n I tli • :irchbi-!i..p
ni t. ar» I'pon a,king the r-a«on. he re
, , v i ■ . ... .
pil'd : k "U bave ju»l met tho mo-tun
happy man on earth, but of the cause o!
' ,r . ,
must never n*k a
tiuestifii." .''wilt bi l himself in seclusion
for »evernl day» nfli r hi» marring", and
tin'll came forth to n -ume his u*u il - ..ur»i
of life and to trial Sulla only us i. bid u
,'d friend Every year, on her birthday
lie celebrated h'T virtue» it. graceful ver- '
ity of Iii» affee
(ion by II » devotion to her while living,
ngnish wiili which he received
their per
mystery of Swift and
j Stella sleeps wiili them, where they were
i placed side by tide, in thu Cathedral ot
; St. Dalriok. Dut conjecture lu.» never
; ceased to explnin their »tory It wa» »aid
that after hi» ninrriage Swift diaeorernd
' that Stell» * a» hia sister, that they were
j both the children of Sir William Temple,
and that the secret win malieioualy reveal
. cd by Mr» Dinglcy, Stella'» companion
when the ceremony was ended. Several
circumstance« seen, lo confirm the theory
I Tliey had both been inmates of Sir Wil
, lisnt'a house, had hern trented by him
I with constant regard, nnd had received
cnnaideralde legacies in bis will. ...
likeness was traced between them end
their supposed father, and It was not iu- !
cr( -«)iM« tbnt one might have remained ,
| i(r| , n| , ant ^ , be ol her's parentage, but 1
Scnlt believed that he had pcrfuctly refuted i
the theory. By some writer» it hes been
suggested that Swift waa insane, and that ,
his eondnel to Stella and Vanesea «bowed
only tha wild freaka nf madmen. Otb
ere have acoased hia fleree ambition and
hia pride, thet led him to ornih with ne
gleet hia bumble companion and wife
Some aeaort that be woold aava the lib
ofYancaaa; that he married Stella, but
Art-Ill i-li
* 1)1*11 ki u ^
rrtchidtH *• vu
i'h. and i-rnvfd llie mih
nul tl»"
ill«* tidinff* *»f ber d nth
Whist fatal harri« r exiafe«! t*
f.*«»t union, what 8tnn#e «*oiif«*w?»ioii »''wifi
iiiiidt* t.) tin* arehhi-li *p **f Duhliu, why hr
over n fuffed t
puhlieli hi- marriage with
«ierplv l'*Trd, n » ro-carch ha
••vor iinfoMcd. and n«» t'»n 2 u** haa ever
told. Swift carrfiillv pr. rv« d hia no
orot. nnd even wlu ti hia inirllrrt (tank info
»n«* in*
.t.f-c-i î î t V, upon one point he wa» always
lu ..II his writing» lie n.a.le no
I» .I lent,
loved bor rival. Bat for all these conjee- ■
lure» no sufficient argument oar be ad- !
Aduortiaomnnt nf ... tl._, D_o-i
- Rn HonOStRuni Sei"
Fi'.vm v... tl.-:—
oelj. e * .i T "Ï r.l ^ J "r
, .*'} . ' .. ', (j , 11 , "
•_ ' r ! ' . *» co i* * oar
port uni y of informing you that, on . -at- j
unlay n,-*t l .hall common ce the businc. |
of making drunkard,, pauper., and beg- C .
gar, for the «ober. ..idn-trio«., end re- h
sprctal.lo portion of .he community to |(|
l,U ^°i ii i I • .. t • •. <• t.* I he
ah.ll deal in " familiar .pint, which
will excite men to do deed, of not rob
bery and blood ; and, by ,o do,og. d.m.n
i.h tlie ooinfbrt,, augment the expen,c. !
and endanger the welfare of tbe commuai
, ' , . . . .. ,
I will undertake, at a .hort notice. for ; .
a .mall ,am. and with great expedition.
(O prepare victim, for the asylum. the
poor-bouaea, the prisons, and the gallow, I
I I will furm.h an article which will tn- „
I crease the amount of fatal nee,den a. „ml
I,ply the number nf d,.treating diseases.
{ sud render those which are li.rmlea. in- |it
1 ,h » 11 Jc *' Jru Ä . wlncb will deprive
,ome of rea,on. mo,t of property, and all ,
of peace : which will cnunc the fallier, to
: become fiend,, wive, widow,, cl "l'> ri ' n ; S
orphan,, and all mendicant!
I will cause many of the ri.mg genera- ;
lion lo grow up in ignorance, and Pf° v * ' P
a burden and nui, knee to the nation.. f
I will eauao mother, to forget tlieir off- s
«;- ring, and cruelty to take the place of j
|,,v | 8 ' I i,
*■'' corrupt the nun
i-l r, of religion, obstruct the progrès, of
in- purity oi tiie cnuren
' «•f'rnnl . ,
should he j . imperii- ;
,k why I have the audacity to , (
! will Monictimos even corrupt tho ntiu
i-t rs of religion, obstruct ti»o progress of
ti»«' Gospel, «lefil • tho purity nf the church
and ca
death ; nml if any should hu
1'ring such accuiuubited mtscry upon
comparatively happy people, my holiest
reply timney
, . . . , , , .
liven»«; and, ifldn not bnnp
the»« evtl» upon von. »nmebody cite will.
bve in a land of liberty
1 have purchased the right to demoli.l.
the character, destroy the lie« It h shorten
• . e . .
rum the aoul. of tho.e who
... tr, i nr ; i ■ h
I pl.-dg.- mv »" d to do all I itaw- homo
Ä, . Vi.
-.rv,.- .„ tl.. ., .i f,i-al. -r- r-.jn.',,.
,d to me. tinea, my bar, where I will.
W " b ,1 '"
, , ... B
The Rev. Dr W i »on, of I.ouiavi c,
.. ", , . . ■ ,,
Ky . doe, not approve of dancing II.
„tly preached a long^crunm on
Mo- »obj.-et, taking for hi« text ''•»»
than twenty-»., passage, of N>r.pl«r. ...
-hi;!. . word dance occur». Dancing
Ile ddme» to be •• a lively motion. Cither
by leaping, jumping, bounding, »kipping.
whirling round und r. und, or reeling to
and fro; ,o that, according to th.» com
,ive definition, the Kangaroo, the
IP tit us to
>|»irit trn«lo is lucrative, and »»me
in;* ('hristinns give it llicir cheerful
choose to honor m • with tlirir custom
I for a few ertifs, furtiiffh them
certain in -ans of doing so.
. *
h i» P
the lives,
About Dancing.
f r .ig tiia nniclopc, the goat, the lium
mg-tnp Ulol th" drunken man arc all oc- i
..,di»hcd dancer-. The Doctor pay» ....
itr. ntmn to tie- nn* *r tl cxecut« <1 I* y
.|..,,|„lmh'» daughter, prob.bly b-.au.'
, t , i , i n ,l
,ho wm executed hcrccll by her cruel fath
r r the next mouictit ; nor does h * explain
. - ... a. . '
a ths nature of Kiol 8 David s perforiunnce ;
he " da »e« ci with all hi» might "
Tin text beginning. "Ther- ia a tiinr to :
ltlWl " , ; c . .ho Doctor consider» to apply i
,,„| v to occasions of a ■' religion* nature." i
„hi, I, would appear to be a w irr.my for
' ihe inlrnduciioi. of the "Dosten" into
, hurch meeting«. Nor doe« Dr Wilson
„"near to he pnrtien'utly happy in the de
imneiation of round-dancing An.ong in
liinate friends certainly nothing en» he
more harmless, un I for other iicoa*iun« th
motto Of tiie Kniph's of the Carter " //on.'
-ms to have an
.V V Cot.
Deing without an outlet, evnporat. i
the only e»e«pe nf tho water pouring into
it l.y tho river Jordan and .tome other
stream». Each brings into that extrnor
dinary reservoir, which is a depression iu
ot the earth', cru-t thirteen bun Ired feet be
low the water level of the Mediterranean.
an immense mans of material, which must
at last fill it up. when the Jordan will
then run on beyond and find an outlet to
h ■ tea, if the world remain, in ita present
physical form long enough The Jordan
wufta down ninety cubic jf.nl» of water
every eeeond. Each day it carries in six
and a half bushels of salt, liberated from
rocks, oil its passage, in each ninety cubic (
yatda. Therefore that dreadful salt, bit
ier rrservoir baa nearly reached the point
... saturation. Whrn no more salt can be ■
dissolved, then it will accumulate ou the
! irregular bottom till it reaches quite near
, the present surface Its future will have !
1 quite as much lutoreat for coming ages as '
i ila paat history.
, Joahua Maybew waa aaolieitnr in large
and profitable praeliee. It ia told of him
that he waaoneelainentiogto OouglaeJer
rold tome particular loan. " It'a ail gone,"
ne- .aid he; "it'* all gone to tbe devil."
" Never mind," obaerved Jrrrold consol
lib inglv, "you'll get it all back when yon
but die "
Soit <jut Mul }j Reute,'
e apocial application
Tbe Dead Sea.
Andrew Jackson'i Wife,
den. Jack .on wa. elected Preiident lu
the fall of 1828. Ilia douieatio life had "
been acinned and acourged, and bia be
In,,.,! „JJ J honored wife had been moat
malignantly reviled and tortured by the it
forked longue of liia political opponenta band
She .a. happy in hi. love, and never a.- tb.
pired to the aplendor ef hie fortune in life
She hail fled lo his manhood for protection gone,
j a „ d had bccu sheltered and room
X , eh.mpion.hip of the The
C . UM O ^ wom * n . He, and ho alone. eye,
h , r , nfl of him roa , b, tru |, ,, id th ,t. i in
|(| J, .. wat . ai ,' win8 a / d I
he waa one of the pureat men of hia day, ; aud
d , h , in ,„ p of ruile b#bl „ a ' d 1 |„,
dift - a „ 8 ong tbe rnagh j gro
, hc 8 W „ , * ralc iu !
! drjnk >batomiou , in diet . t \ 0 \ a do
.„ mtnnr „ and ,|„ p , preferrBll ,..
the aociely of ladies with tho mo»t roman- ' mark
; . J i0( J V j„ olion ,, e wk
£ oecttwd „Yindulgiug in any of the | ly
Mr tJ e t ,| la tin early life be him
I | llir , P . r . rcd .„J a „ e „ded cock
„ . for ,be .if. of hi. boaom, .be
^ „ wnnia71 nf lpol |„. eh.r.cter, andan she
una , ttlmillgi conalatent chriali.n ; yet po
|it - cal ran " or blllerly aMai led, and, not
content with defamation, endcarored to 1
bplj||lp hc( , . , ho con , enipluooa appt ,|| a . i
, ion 0 f .. Au nt Rachel," and held her up
ridil . u lo for .moking a corncob pipe -elf
; S |,.: did prefer that form, not for the plea-I
,ure of ,moking but bccau.e a pipe wa,
; ibcd b v her phyaician for phthiaic, now
' P d ,|,o often droec in tho night to »moke
f , rr ,ii.f, in « night of December, 1828. ■ will
s |,e ro,c to smoke, and caught cold while the
j iu | lcr „Uht-elolhc. fand tho .tory
I i, that her ayateni hod been .hocked l.y
OTorh , ar f n renmache. of her,elf while call
w<Uing ^ # pa b r ,J u (he Nn ,bville Inn
^ b ad said to a friend, upon the election
. , >f h „ r , m . band . „Kor Mr. Jack,on's sake,
; - lln o|.,d ; for mv own part, I uever wish
, ( j j ( j as,ur,- mu I had rather be a
kiHJOer in the liou»e of my Hod llan
e iu lliat oaitice iu \V»»liinglon
She wa. not allowed »u live "in that pal
nec in Washington *' Before the day of Cus
her hu.band'a inaugu.ation at the While
Houao, »he wa» taken by her Uud to that
mad „ wi „, J | mn , la HvrMa | la
. b .. „ , uv , f
An , lw Vn.ota Lritiltot
There is ns much connection between the
^ ^ ^ ^ |h h|> „ |bcri ,,, bt(wei .„ a
h the thought» and the action». The latter!«
the expreaaionof the former, lut lliov eie
■ r -- r ■»;
nüa'wlü ö d^iZ.-Tf (- u" a.,
- profaoc word, ha, no, only
-bowed that there i. a foul »no. upon hi»
mind, bill by the appearaue.-^if that word
he extends that »not nml inflame. !t till, I
bv itidiilgcticc. it will poluto and ruin th«- "
B ,, ul ip. careful of your word». If you
ul . , , . } j
fail eotitrol the tongue that no improper I
w „ rd , Ir0 pron , lllllc cd by it, yoq will .«on
Mt . (i) Untnd the mind, and »ave it j
c()m ,ptton You extiugui»h the fir.
Vuomldiring it or by preventing bad
„> bl , fr<111 f bur „4 fnln language (
N( , v ^ r utter a w „ r a ai,vwli-rc wltic-li you
a „, ialll „ d ,„ .. lrak iu ,|, P .. ,,f
" |c mo.trcfined L»,o or tliemn,. r, li
. man Tr j prac , io . a little while,
, W1 „ J, m tl;l v c command of yuur- it
t.» 1
i ___
J, ff r»o„. Wi«co„,i„. !
. . . , . . , .
wl "> ». » "" ,M ' U0, ;''" ful "I* C """ ]
minced tic «caaon la»t »nring with two 1
", *
1,11,1 . . \ - . .
and increase«! tin? number by swarmin
; . 1 . . . , r ,/•
lo ,l,n< , re ' , nw *. . . or ' S ! N . r
: - Warm» produced «..bin a fraction of
i l *f 8,, p 1 ponti < " "'"O' ■
i wllcl *"t ; MniHI ' " r r " 1
Iniudrco dollar» I he JelRT.oti Loun
"'on *aj « . i u i n liar "" K 1
»ay «U-« <here .. no ren,un«Pri|vu employ
""'"f ur H ''" .* *,.' r " '' . '
"'" 1 ,II V ' ' „ ,„i.'!,, r i»ails
8r ' " 1 , ' ' . * ■ \»■
'' • hv- h r skill no I nttention
, , '"'[rtd n "
«'« P»' • u '"?' cr ; '" r . m J "" e
""' 1 t»»' 1 hundred dollar, net, am »»
Margaret Or,m ha. earned one thou.and
(our hundred dollar« net.
i- IsitxrKMivit Ohxamxxti —There is in
ornament inside or out of our liou»e» »o
cheap and taateful at plants «ml flower»
hewpiimelo regard the areliiteilur. of
your rooms or your house, but the beauty
of flower »hrubbery, nr tbe Hung ara
be»nue of a thrifty creeper over your door,
are le«*ona of taste ami beauty lin eel,
suburban residence« arc «»illy jfbfleienl
to without these aimple yet benuluul aece«
sortes, always within the reach or taste
aud refinement, no matter how empty the .
purse. A« the real necessities ol It e re
'|Utre the least expenditure^ of timenml
money, so the objects which tern! Iru y to ,
( satisfy «m* loveof the beantifalin ""•"•J*!• "«
within the reach of our humblest children.
- •
be ■ Woman's Rilk.—T be city of Veiled ;
Women in Siam numbern 9,000 Inliabi
tints, all of whom cro of the feminioe gen
! der. One thousand of these belonging to !
as ' tbc K. F. S. and the remaining S.000 ad- !
minister to tbeir aristocratie waqll In
this feminine munloipallly female
amitha, jeweler«, merehenta. and B
:»rms of h •
_______ tnd mtuufoo- i
tarer* abound ; ami the Jeek-of- «II -trade* i
it a woman The wellf tre guarded by
femtle acutlnrla, female poljeemen patrol
tbe etreete, and oqoe a week female mili
tary, both horte apd foot, perform tbeir
evolatione on a parade-ground ia lha cen
tre of the Iowe
Dolly Yardaq.
If haabanda are to be miataken in
" Dully Vurdeu" dreaaca, u wee an m
fortunate huabaod In Philadelphia, tbe
aooner the fire la a^uclcbrd the better will
it be for the peace of oociety. The hua
band in quration one night mieerd from
tb. suppej table bi. .if. Matilda, and in
quired of hia little boy whither had abe
gone, and just at tljat moment tbe dioning
room door opened and a lady entered,
The hu.ban/ ob, erred a wild took
eye, and al.o noticed that ah. ...attired
in an nutl.ndiah .tyle, having on,» be
a drcaa with .iuflo.er. end c.bbeg.
aud pumpkin, worked all orer it, and a
|„, „? >n ï k „ firming .round for back,
gro „„ d .
Hiring, tb. man a.d : » Madame, whom
do you wi,h to ace !" and tbeu »id »id.,
,/ Qor ,| )ing ,|,o's era,,." That laat rc
mark eettled the bu.iue,, for him, ae the
wk . rd female made a bold reach and tight
ly gru.ped hi. Adam', apple and chocked
him until bia face assumed the color of a
banner of the Commnne. After «he had
enjoyed a aurfeit of .hooking bar hu.b.nd
she flopped Into a chair and with tear,
courting each other down her cheek, .he
exclaimed :
"Tbatl ahonld ever live lo hear my
hatband f.y that I wu craay." Thf.
amu.ed the liuaband and alavatlng him
-elf to hi, full proportion, he »id :
"You can't blame me, madame, for
nuppnaing you an in»ne woman; and
now that I know that you aro really tbe
molber of these interc,ting children.
will yon have tho kindnett to retire to
the Mncily of your chamber and peel
your,elf of that piece of furniture ehint. or
window curtain, or whatever ilia you
call it."
" Window curtain, chinlx !" «aid the |
»pouse ; " why it's you that'« out ol your
head That', Dolly Vardeu. and a very '
pretty pattern too.'
"Madame," replied the husband, wc
in her
may in' out of our head, but if that ia a *
Itolly Varden wu are mojl dculadly ont of
pocket Why U look, like a elr
Cus dress, and the idea of • woman at
tour time of life." '•
» My time of life!"
"Yen your time of life. The next
thiu B i «uppo»e. yon will be praetieing the
Irlpi ..e act in the back yard Why it i. ■
enough to give a man tho delcrium tre- ft
t«» look nt it Whoever mw such his
men» to toon oi tt. n no ever saw such
a pattern If. Hurl, wall paper run =r
mad You look exactly like «orne Japan
eie t-a »ign And now ju»t bounce out
'tr h - r '""
Tb. r- -u .„ omioiu pauw f... a
m.-nt, and then the elde.t daughter »aid :
" Why y u ought to be a.hnmud of I
y.ur.elf'father t» Ml the »tyle,
I am going to have one, too ; there now be
" Vcs. und I want one; all tho girls haw 1 P
got them " Thu» »poke Maria, the »ec- ll,v
j ,„,i „ Vnv more - '" oarned the I
I ond «Meet. -A«y more. garpco tin l
liu.band ; ".re there any more Ï" —t «
j Hadn't lit« baby better have one? I j
gue.» I'll get one my»elf How do they I "<
make up for pantaloon, V ila ! Ha! Ha! I of
( dcmoniae.il,. J Lot no, have a Dolly j
Varden. Let me clutch i». Dring me a
pattern of monk, v« «caling lamp-poet,
How would u ebince pu,île look, or »
map of Kairmouut Dark f'-All the rest
it blank The unhappy hu.b.nd hu ju.t lr
been liberated from au a»ylum and pro- , »*
Dut theonlv way they
lip iu a Doi- '
ooonced cured
! managed ,t w..» to drc. him
. V «r.l..,»
] Vf ,hi ».re I» of Do.ton
1 plan ol tue »tr. . 1 » oi oosiuu
ll)c , w , e al)d , )is rilk . r ."
Dr Shaw, the .rings serve her both for
i»ails and oar», whilst her feet, which baye
only two toes, and are not unlike the
el,ul ' * c "" * ,car Ikoggl; the j„
" s,rkl ' is u, "' cr " 11 ) ,0 «"
,|,au the fleetest hor.e, yet the Arab, ou !
burft . bacb eontr i vc to run thcac hirdadowu,
tbrir fttlberi U . ing valuaWe . and their fle.b
nul t0 he de.pi.ed. The be., hor.e. are
trained for this eliaae. R hen the hunter
ba , , tartcd |,j, game, ho put« hi. horse j
u „ a gcllt | tf gH llop, »o a» to keep the
„„,„. 1 , j u ,i g |,t, without coming too near
a | arln an d put it to it» full speed !
,. obgcrT j ng itself pursued, therefore. ,
it beg j lia tu run at first but gently, it» if
w , nglt |; kc tw0 arm » keeping alternate ,
w | lb j t( f ac t. It scldot.i run« iu a
,jj rcct j; nc . but, like the h«re. double!, :
o(> ralbcr cour>cl i n a circular manner ; !
wb j) e tb c hunters, taking tha diameter or
. |rac j Dg a „„„Her circle, meet tho bird, at
unfIpecltd („.„«, aud with 1«»« fatigue to
|,or«e This ohase ia oDcn oouunued
, Po( , a j a nf tvu w heu tbo poor oatricb is
MlarTW ) ou , a „d exbauited .and Soding a ll
power n f oienpo impcatilije.it endeavors
to Hide itself from the enutuiea it oannot
; »void, running into enmo thicket, or
burying itshead in the aand ; the buntere
|hcu rush in at full epaed, and kill the
! bird with clubs, lest tu« (halben ahonld
marked out with the ground
Swiftness of the Ostrich.
The bird most cclubrated fir flectucsa
of luiiuiug is tbe ostrich, or bird cauiel
I Strut hi.. Cnuirlut,) us it may well be
self on higb," saya Job, "»be »cornet b
the horse and l;i» rider -Recording to
", \\ hat time she lifteth up her
hu toiled with blood.
Gao* im Shcif —Tob*oco-tmoke bia««
i _ _
i up tbe noetrils of tbe «beep ba*
time* been effectual in dialodging tb*
grub« ; it I* not often tbe) aheap die with
grab*, though tha
y ara often annoyed by
I them, heap the sheep'*
k tar <«Hm tha warm
summer month«, wfcaa tho Ip eho a a de.
Original psrtrjj,
Hjr Sophia I lie y aaM waa bautlhtl, and laid ma
1 was blest,
llav purity aud wiauiug waya
OMirt to rest ;
With one accord, all did atrial a«, "aht II •
brillUat mateh,"
A, wa walked oat oa SabUlh day, tha poblta
eye to catch.
Ala. t It wm a trial drama—I foood It WM A
ana re,
Fur aln it Mtma, had kept from
», tbs fact, tkm
wore false hair.
Then she Is proud and kanghty too, a ad glartflM
in that,
Hars she must lusvt, and right away, " a Dolly
Varden Hat."
Her eyes they flash in beauty, and she dresses too
with taste,
And now she wants, a new silk dress, a Ur
Pompsdour-de-Maise ;
Vt tried to preach of folly's waste, that fashion'«
all a flirts ;
Slis simply says: you wen don't know and l*n
a stupid ass.
^ngefs Ipqf aqd tapered are lily while,
She plays on the Plano, too,—with her «own run
But therïï one tiling tfcsjr ptvff tnld «Mont thé«
chartuine match.
Those white and rosy finge« nails, by Joe« how
they can scratch.
Now 11 Dolly Varden,'' who was she tn rule Ihn
fashion thus,
Old Varden was a eobler. an antiquated ms«,
Sophia now says, this her rule, eud flies off In a
Be Do'.ly
Yurden who she may, she's just Ihn
of Fashion,
*501 it and lumor.
Mark Twtun" aa a Reporter,
Tho life of a reporter waa fleacribml bj
" Mark," IQ QDO of bia resent lecture.
* bicago, in the following term« :
1 reporte* on that morning ne^apapoj
three year», and it wa» pretty hard wolb.
But:! enjoyed its attraction. KepnrtiBg
'• ,l,8 1 b p' •**•' ,n ,b8 . worl '' «* •
knowledge of human *>"■"■» »
ture and human way» A nice gentle
manly reporter-1 make no refervueo-i.
■ tl b J ****/,
ft the wide range of hiaaeqn.intnneeebin,
his experience of life and society ! No otli*
r j
=r oocupatwn bring» a man into .neb fa
unlur »ocial relation» with all grade. »4
ela»»ea of people. I be Uat thing at night
'"<V; Up . the fnmm «t|
«t»J l"»ltng friondabjn*
I «»•• *"'«• '>•« ««r»t people to the world,
'ilJ S tXrf
be b i I» hitn» If up, regardleaa of exponae^
1 P u,îl 90 •)* ,liC cloth«'s bis friend«
ll,v ' : K u t laughlcr;. goe» and ukcedinner
I 'he tmvernor or the (.onimander-lu
« 'nef of the d.otnct. the mied Mate*
j **%£"*£" " 0, . e A f
I "< •«'«'T- »« » «» 8"» 1 ! «'«"•«
I of them, and I» present at ever, publ.o
j goring, and ha, e.., aeec» to ever»
hind of people. \ by. I breakfaaled al
mo.t wery morumg with the t.overnor
d'ned w.lfi the prmo.ple clergyman, nnd
«bpt tn the ,let,on-houae. Laughter ]
lr fL7'^woub "di.clmrg'e him ^Th.Tii
, »* "'v-y would dt.cliarge him. Thrill
the only drawback to the profawlon. Th«
' why 1 left it Laughter] 1 am diff
erent from Washington ; I havo a higher
and grnuder standard of principle. Wash
ington could not tell a lie ; I can lie, but
I won't. [Prolonged laughter ]
rouod her
(she gave tile mu»jc-»too! a twirl or two,
au d fluffed ofito jt Lkc a %birl of «oap ludi
j„ a l,»»d ha»in Theu abe puahed up
bor cuffs a. if .he wa. going tV f
! tbe «h.mpiou'a belt. Then .he
b<r wr j ata P aB d baud., tu limber 'em, I
. aud .pre.d out her Fugera ti!
lh eTlooked a. though they woiflT pretty
much cover the key-board, from the growl
j D g end to the little «.lu.aky one. Then
ibo«e twu hands of her. made l jump at
,he key» a« if they were • couple of tigera
! con.iog down on a flock of black aud white
, »|,eep. and the piano gavo a great howl aa
if in tail bad been trod on. Dead (top
, 0 still you could your bair growing.
a Then another jump, and another howl, an
: Jf the uiauo had two tail« aud you Irod 06
; ! both of'em at once, and a clatter end
scramble and a airing of jurnu, up
at down, back aud forwarJ, on*'"band
to ,h # other, like • etaippade of rule nnd
,„; c0 „g-g tban 1 , 1,0 aurthiog I Mil mweie.
is ___
ll , . . , , _ , ,
An old minister Mkad a woman wknl
could bo done to iudnoo bar hua nanti In
or hDebo church ^
" ■ " 00 « know, ene replied,
J®» P 0 «* PP* ««d •)■§•* •*■*:
key in tha paw.
The Girl of the Period at the Piano*
her grand piano :
mn n. with as many while muslin fluuuec*
as the planet Saturn ha» fit)g!
the musie-atool a twirl or two,
A frieud of oura gives us tbia vivid de
scription of tbe manner in which a girl of
(lie period makea ready to plijr, and plajrs
•'It was ■ young wo«
'• Fompey, wkar yww got Sal w ttakT*
" A wmw mb it «• mw." ■ ' Owb k Iw wait
for uttOaf'
Alaaya aatah a lad* «iw
t da aal ramala har Mk, 1

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