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* -it iffatifpit&l I
> .ff r a ni' tit
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N0.24. —* A
72. SPRING. 72.
Hanson Bro
forffign and Donustio Drpgs Fabrics,
Embracing all the Xoteltiet the Season
Groceries, Provisions,
And in fact everything usually kept in a
Ppim, F mu
Jrrtcet JLäOlC, :
April Cth, 1871—31110«. |
fill ST CLASS Hk'TMf, ATGA'f
a « fi w 4 « f
A Large and Superior Stock of
rsv •• head, made expressly for this mar
ket, all of which will be dispose»! of
reasonable term«, and giuraaiecd
to be what it is represented.
particular attmtitn given to Reparing. -IkX
apr 6—im
FT»HB uadenignrj m ageat for Randolph l*r
JL <m, w!ll furhl li Ip order Ftov er», Slim to
iftr, Shade Tree», *r. it »hört notier. Ile nllt
ÏMairêa nvan lot Of lower j og Monday, and
■Will' fcobllnhe to reecfrn 'thiia every few dnya,
notice. HlltAM DEAL,
Middletown, bel.
taajlljtatthcr n
JJJBTreeelved, aeargaof I'Mf SVtMMlOM
fie All orders Will racrireprompt »Itentlaa.
23401b«. $7.0®
3240 lbs.
Odaarn, Del.
■■.■WY»«M»»« III nuunutvan
a Woods Self Rake
,, A tfORJrSr-A T-La W
BSYBB, del.
OÜH6Ê Barth end of Caurt lloam
BMWiS mieati'in glren te iba a^jmilaa
Nu.tt-IIT «eres i its r,oin SI, 1.01,.net,
kuuwn nc the Boyd i^upcrfr ; a*fine nelgtibor
bootli toil ryeellrnt.
Conveniently located near Jtailroada , Hi i*
vert and Canali ; of excellent toilt,
gtneraKy well improved, and told
on reasonable termt.
No. 1—A farm «iitmted in Cecil eountr, Nnrr
land, containf 343| arm, with Urf« hriek hu{l
dinffl, in excellent repair : beautiful residence ; '2
boat« running daily to Datilmore and Philadel
phia ; «oil of excellent <|unlity and well improved;
4,000 peach tree«, 4 year« uld -will have abund
ant ertijr thin rear The farm i« under good
hedges and fencing.
No, 3—A farm situated 3 mile* from Elkton
from canal, known a« "Foard Farm,"
containing 400 arre«; building* excellent: mil
well improved and under good hedge«; splendid
4 year old peach orchard—will produce 10,000
basket« this year ; the farm will compete in corn,
wheat fin«! gm«* with an« farm on the peninnula:
will divide elegantly ; very healthy loenticin. ,
and the owner requevt* me to «ay that this U one
of the finest farm« in the State.
No. 3— A farm of 22 arre«, } mile from Elkton. i
.Md. ; toil excellent for truck
mile from Me- j
tkmough. adjoining land of I ieorge \V. Karsner.
fair ; 40 acre* i
Me*, all in hearing. This is a very deairob'c res
idence. T« a rm« accommodating.
No. 4—A farm of 107 acres.
the "Jesse Miggins F.
1 5 acres in ap
No. 3—A farm two mile« from St. (Ieorge«,
lying on the north side of the canal, j mile from 1
the station, containing 1« H acres ; »ix hedgtd en
closure«; buildings good; soil excellent; *2,000
|»each tree*, three tears obi : also other fruit* in
abundance. Tilts farm is know
No.fi—A farm of III acres adjoining Nt». 5,
favorably. These
the AllM.it,
with w bit li it w ill comp
farms will be sold jointly <
No. 7—A farm of 550 acre«,
or, known
on i lie |>r ii in su lu. This is a good chance for n
man of mean*.
Bohemia Man
ille 8lii vier proiierty : the best «oil
No. H—A farm of Itîî) acr* *. within one mile of
Middletown, nnd well located for a nursery farm :
30 acres in peachci ; soil good ; building* fair.
No. lo -A farm of 247 acre-. 3 mile« fr«
cilton ; buildings good and »oil excellent : neigh
borlhood giHid. There i* a nursery on this farm;
Ho, Mio tree« readv fur planting next «tiring; there
is also 55 ar
go with the farm.
No II—A farm of 3-':o jtercs ij niilc* from Ml.
I'leosaiit, ouly tu be seen to !»•• appreciated
very rate eh«
No 12—A farm of IC5 acre*, within two miles
: soil good, well hedged
in wheat
• $12,500—
pitalift. The qui scry and wheat '
I io
desifable ptojierty ; excelteut dwd
r ui mi.
*"• I f" rm «' r J'- Ä »«vs, near l.ocn.l
(•rove, Md.: G.oan 4 *y ear-old peach trees ; soil
puiMt. nud tiiiitdinu* in rxvelivnt rc|mir.
1 itrnn vtrv acn.mniuüatltiK.
I No H—A farm uf iiH mr<i, »lm.il.-d ill Appo.,
ijuinlniink llur.lmt: has I-.-, a «,-ll linx) and
I trn. i -l oitliiu Ihr l.l.t l.-iir jvnrs : 4U av(vt ln j
itaili irm. I'rne, $>.■».» per uerc.
I * . ... , , . *
, No. L---A farm of II* acres, situated m Ap
l-3''l»l.»il*k It.trot, tw.. tuilv» fr..ta Tvw!..
: ,„„.1 (.1, It," l>,-hi».irv nllr.....!. I uihlinijs worth
! $3 0011; 00 acres clear. Brice, $3.000—very
| cheap.
N,. t«-A r.init uf 153 a.r... mil.-« Tron,
Mubi.etow n ; f {•!« ;■•(».! dwelling, nearly new
necessary outbuildingi ; «.ooo peach* trws ;
there is n never failing streunt that waters retry
Held. Tlii» it the best property for »»!<• in thù
! ""
No. 17 —A two-story dwelling in \Y.irwi«k.
24 x 14 feet with 1 -mk t.uiiding 24 x 10 feel, und
•at-hoiise, stable, i.irriage-ltoiitc, corn
bouse, slaiighter-liniise, Ae all of which are in
good order: ahu \ aero of land. Price, $2,ono.
1%) 1 #— A 1 wo-«lory dwelling in Warwick,!
tb t-ack bulliltnz Baw f.ct : «!... .
«good repair. J acr. of Uad
cellar ;
j Id*32 1«
( lUvdt-biiUW- •
Price, $l.uoO.
j V«. l'J—A two-*, ry dwelling in W.
1 lit I«-«-i *{ij/irr. wiih back L'uiding: j acre ol
laud. I'ri.o, $50U.
No. 2d—Tltrce ami of bind »A Warwick, un
der fond fencing, well improved »C-! vw.'i »el in
timothy. Fries, « 5 «.
•rr« uf lau«! in Wurwlex, un
! der good fenrinf, in fair cotiditiun anti well t> k
j in gm»«.
No. *2t—Tli fee
Pri.r, $315.
I have tuioff* rtthl lut« in Mi<LlU>tuwn, nnd a
groat many farms mol wocot t//icks in uli parts
of tlir Ui« milling iu price from $10
to $175 per acre, which I would take pleasure in
showing to purchaser*.
Thot-c t\ i»|iing tu «t I! their firm* thU fall, will
please sent! or lo*vt description at my uÄ.v, t.ir
ULKToWN, UEJn.uf 1
loguc fur disiritHiiiun.
getting up s eu'n
€-«•». W- Ingram.
There will t*c an auction of Root*, .Shoe*. No
tions, Clothing, Harness, Ac. Ac. every Mat unlay
night. If you want lo sure money, call at any
time and see for yourself.
may 4—tf.
T IIK Ol.n lltm HAS NOW (PIT
»K 3
In cxchnoge for (*nsh. Disrouut d*)b —every
day in the week, 8uot?».ys rxcejitcd.
Open ni nil hours.
Fine Confectionery,
Fruits, foreign & domestic.
Oakes, <&o. Ac.
Alway) or hand. CAKES nuke to order. For
Ile» supplied »I short cope».
N. B.—Agrnt for Jaekion, Pyle k Cox', Aide»
mny II—tf
Jî. H. HICK,
Main St. Middletowu, Del.
»an »ata. rutmyi; alio.
Of all ktasda, and a p ap al aaaortmaat af Nuna
,, .
™ " *„. r < M«wy > ikrti i
king—ewutliina tight!—I
Tho weddest kind or flannel tliirt ! j
ksii'lerl to en
' tl( " -»"»»• _
- -
George Brown, at the age of twenty- |
three took him a wife—or rather lie and
Hattie took one another—for better or for
worse. But then they knew it was going
tobe for better always, and never for
worse. How could it bo otherwise when
they loved «.truly, and when they un
**«»■• r — Well '! They bad
married young, and they had but little of
this world's goods to cnmmciiae with ; but
they had health and »trvngth. and they '
i were going to work togoili. r and build
j them up a home of their own in time. !
! -We will be very saving." sail Hat
the end ... reach .he
was the Inline which !
Swell's Soliloqnj.
I Don't Appworc this IiawM ;
Tliow dwctitlfnl Lnnniilii luiwt my eyes ;
Am) funt bihI d» um« nro tiicli n
Why don't the |mwtitt (oui|.wniui^ Î
Of inwre. the twoilet hut Ittchdmnt;
Hut why uiutt nil the rttlgith cwuwd
I'ltwiifft iu iitiirnwin«.
Iu culluhfl so cxtureuicly loud ?
And then the Indie«.—|>«erioua deuh« !—
I niKM k the chnnfe on ev'wy hivow }
Hui Ji»te! I wentlv have my feta hi
They WAthnh like the Imwid wow I
To henh the i-hnwininir ewentures tnlk,
Like patHond of the Moody "injr,
I nil it* dnwty wnwk,—
It <liK*«ii't deem a pwnppah tiling t
l>f n.iw
And round her
Uf rawer, I wo«e, nnd «ought the daw,
With fawyah tUsliiug from my eye*!
t approve this In
Why don't the paw lie* compwamise ?
A no* Y Mors
I <
' tie, '
i .
1 " Til- gn«i
they were to
. nor deny
! but we will do without luxut it * IJ y thus
Motiomifing in the meriting, wo nitty Slid
a M-tc t «» spare in the ev**nili » M mh \
i is like time. Alt hour gained in the early
. while an It
' * We «hull not «crimp
kv n.
*»•1» c# of necessary comfort*
,| nv j, „ ,I,i „ -
.V , ».
,I,Ä 5 V'gainv.l
Gvorgo »nw nnj utnlvrstood, and In
W» as inei r a» wu» his wifs*. I|„ wu«
dcti-rtiiilivd to put .ill his cniTgics intn the*
j W1 , r i ; in thu futur.! was f,,rsshnd
i • . , •
* owed promire* most bright.
, c i t ., « , - , ,
| kl ' n " f ll '" '' I'
wa* t» pay Mr « lu-ti It • could. II,: had
j no doubt that he should be able to pay
lwu hundred dollar* n year t;;i it. ct which
„„ a , |,j, ^,„3 n -lativ.- Ini'l ,db rod the i
. , , , . ,
I Bargaih. tljo propetty would be hi* in six
1 yrnr*.
i •• Gcorgt','' atkej Ipltiie, or.u evening.
nt tin- t.-a table. "What did you pay
Hr h*iiI t i
e _ .j ; , n •*
! ' . .* ,, . , . ,
. " ^ declare, llatli t don t kuusr.
! don t believe f asked,
j •• What { Hid ti t ask V"
••No. I have every eonti deuce in Mr
jiki-ld. II - is a p- rf.elly huumol le mnil."
But di I you nut pay f„r it T !
" N.». 1 have opi-nc-l an Bcogijt there?" ,
. lie is old ia the j
Over bis g-> d eustotiters. u-lin
llatli.- sii.iok her boad disapprovingly
George saw tin: motion, ami went on.
' " You know I am paid mouthly, and I
; ,| 10U j,|,j j, would be jil-t as well to keel,
| a monthly .ev-onnt at the store. And
Mr. Ski'Ll himnilf preferred th<* plan "
•• ' can see very readily why Mr. Skidd
sltOu-H prefer it," said the wife, with a
significant ,'uile •• in the first place lie ,
know» thaï -ou are an in-lustrious, steady
fill, un 1 th-it whatever
' i
and hi
you owe you will f* » rely pay
that "
He know
wkh fluttered, L »t he foil that
t!>au the
LL rite had spoken no mo fc "
'•And,'* pursut 4 Ifattic, "ho h.''»w*|
one thing He know* that you will buj
more on credit ihui: you would for rash." (
George made a depil atory motion, Lut
hi* wife con tit: y ij
** Mr. Shad'd know*
husiue.i*. „
open monthly aecount* upon his ledger, i
hu hlff decided odvautnge* I jo ea;i per
suade them to buy what they would not
huy if they had to pay the cash down ;
and, where they are to have credit -where
the trader in to have the extra labor and
expense of eut» riot» i*d posting each sep
arate article, and, in thu end, of unking
a full hill of items—the buyer cannot with |
good conscience demand reduction from
asked prices.**
George smiled, and said he thought his
wife was piistakcu. Ho was sure ho wa*
doing wall. Ii would be ineon veulent to
pay for eaeh littjc article os .be ordered it.
And. furthermore, it would be handier
And, furthermore,
scttlo bi» »loro bille when hie employer»
settled with him.
Ilettie did not pres« the matter She
had brought tbn subject upon tho tapi»,
and tho wa» willing to await the develop
ment of event*.
" By the way, Mr. Brown, do you not
want a box of these fige ? They ire fresh
—I'll warrant them—and by the box I'll
put lÿem cheap." Ho »poke Mr. Bkidd.
tha itoye keeper.
George knew that bia wifb waa very
fond of figs ; and ba loved tham himself.
And bp finally pof ««tiled that a box ahonld
be sen! Jo him.
On antÿher day Mr. Skidd «aid :
Ab, Brcwo, my dear fallow, hava
yon tried ibia golden eyrnp f
Gcprgp Jbad nt* IrUd Iba eyrnp. The
be»t quality of mulatto bad hitherto
answurud him. Hut ho wna pcrtuaded to
try it.
On another day :
"Look here, Brown, »hall I tend you
up a duten of tbeto Meaaiua oranget ? A
new cargo just in. You won't get them
to cheap again. Only thirty centt."
Onlv thirty cent»! And (ivorge knew
how fund llaltio wat of oranget. Of
courte lie would have them.
And ao day» patted on, and tho month
came to an cud. George Brown wat paid
by hit employer» and lie act at onco about
paying other». On hit way home he ttop
pod in aud got Mr Skidd'» bill.
"You can take it and look it over,"
«aid the trader, with a patroniiing «mile,
You will find it all right."
George had intended to pay the bill
then and there ; -but when he taw the
long column of figures, and glanced his
''y® at the turn total, hi» heart leaped up
into hit mouth. Hu was astounded. He
thought to himself, nt lit came along, that
Skidd'» bill would be about twelve to (if
teen dollars. After paying everything
else lie Would bave twenty dollars left, j
which would autsfy hit Inst demand and I
leave something over. |
He had jutt cnuimeiiced. hontekcepir.g '
«ut, mercy • how hit nnln ip .tions were
ï. w ï k r. 1 'ÜJ- m? "* 1 'V?
lie told -k.d4 lie ÇI tested ha would look
« ^ i •>'«' <>>• >..i way ho examined ,t ;
but ho n.iild find nothing wrong—nothing
'"""S ,n " ,u '«cm»—but the sum total
" fas " P us cr : tw.'tily-six dollars and forty
!*»"•*■ .
. a long time after lie had reached
'"'".'V l,u ' r ' ui «>• conv,nee liait;« that
;" ,l1 ' , ' ln ' : /'"!
L "•j 1 J.!. . , 1 ' ,' V." 1 '. c-uiag" and drew
," rl 1 ' Ku '* " 11 ' l1( ' expected that
w,fo """Id ^ paralu.-d. But. on the
«-mitrury. she only Mini d, aud said it was |
" tl 5 , , , t ' • , ,, , . ,, .
' A' right. , echoed George.
A '!."*" • f,r « Mr v f4k " 1 ' •*
c, ', r "*'| 1
•nil 1 to. I you betöre, ali id lion 1-t s sit
down and cat t ipi r. and then wc will
... . . ... , , .' l
fbltttk paper, aud followed tho ttu.ns
look the matter
Ami ii ft i- r 'Ujtjvr they wviit nt tin
Hat.ic t-ntk tit" Mil an 1
w ith it« r pencil
" | 1 I' !
»•'» u-juLl ; but tti.
" dollar it i: I < \r vf. :
. ... .
> 1 j -u. n
ül * g '» leu syrup, wliif .i \. .• did U"t
,,ect L ""d for which you would not have
P" 1 ' 1 will, " u ' v usultins in •
• 1,,u '
• Fit*t," *lie *uid is a !
; of hg*, nt
It wa* very cheap
1* came to
i*a J you been ,
required t * pity ea*h yo i would not have
bought them You
;«*ked ... .1 l liked tl.
'll 1*1 at Ica«t h
in. all I I > 11 * * 111 • !
•have a gal*
. and in tu ' eu 1 (he
hud cut down the bill, by throwing out
artie'ea »huh tli.-y had not abaulutely
nevded, t,. lc«a I hail fifteen dollars.
It- re had
- „- tit
A d !!.
Gorge saw the
the lir-t.
t jo'emed much to
" ■ ; and n dollar nu l a half thcr * ;
aud lio n only fifteen cent** hut there had
been twenty visit* to the store during the
month, and the aggregate of these sum*
hole thing, uni !"•
right from
I sec
a nest egg ;
t* eould be put to a
letter un- limn tli-laying of a foundation
f.,r cash payineiil«. At any rate, Georg«.
let us try it for nwlitlo."
Genre.• ktssc.l bis wife, and «ai I «be
. blessing ; and lie pr-im.ed that be
'„.aid follow her adv.ee m the future
lie (ow'h money which *h* had to give.
a t"l l"'ld i' u* ® loan, which he «a» to re
, "" 1 01 'he • irltes' possible moment ; and
■ in ambivon. . to see I,„w speed,
'"to tin: right track by d.-grooi.
*'How »0. (ieorge V"
1,1 '"'i 1 '-" -"£•'» '« 'I"' 1 '' I*'>' «•••- bill;
>0 I shall be uttctly unal.ie to cuter upon |
lh " priuc-i|»lc at prenmt.
" 1 Itéré need be no -
.ni," lu? «ai I
" H'iii't sn^
the ini-tiikc Hut I II In
to work arouti'l •
• Why. I hav,i
"III V CIJ 0 Ul»!l left of
(lilîii'tilf.v ,n
••I have not
<1 irret ion.
§ai«l Haiti".
- pcnt quite all my Utile capital. I uad
already fixed it I*»r a hit
and I don't know

J 1U :
T ou ng ,l " t -
" 1
prefer not to be trusted,
consume my own groceries than to con
l ' un » fl yours. A bill is on evil at best,
nn *l I don't^choose to have e ?il« growing
And on Monday mo»ning the new rub*
of lifo wont into nperatinn. George paid
Mr. Skidd'» bill, u ti 1 1 told liiu> lb»' boro
aln-r i.o »linulJ pay c«»lt for ovo. «thing be
bought. Th" »turc keeper pooh pool. >>. »uJ
*• 111 «'»* you, my boy, I Lad ax lief trtla'
.. -- i
on my band» if I can help it. '
Mr. HkiJd eaw very plainly that in»
cuMniurr'f vision wa» clear, and Lc taid
no more.
On tlie evening of that very Monday,
Mr. Skidd exliibited to George »orne extra
mce preserve., »„d the young man . firs.
impulse wex tl, order a pot of hem ; but,
the taVing (,ut of hi» wallet and thchreak
mg of a fire-doHar bill, war a palpable
reminder ; and lie concluded be emd t get
along without them Said he to himaclf:
"The«« eeemlngiy trivial .nmt, If I
five them w&U, it iho sod of th® month,
•dd up greatly in my favor u they bave
heretofore «dded up »gainst me."
And he found it an. And he found one
thing more in bia favor from oaah p»y
manta wbieh ba had not partloniarly
eonntad upon. Aa be bad the money In
huod lo pay for tho artielea wbieh ha bad
f»id tlu-re \7a« no tiee.l of it.
i dh not doubt jt, Mr. Skidd, but 1
I would ritber
that lii<
planned to purchase, ho could buy it
where he could get it bctt and cbcapeat.
Trader, arc not willing to lute cath cut
tomora ; and they do ouly tho fair honett
thing when they tell to a c«»h cuetonicr
chraper than they tell to otlicra. Not
ouly ia the intcrcat of tho money on ac
count an important item in tho aggregate
of many aecounta ; but the keeping of that
aocount in the day book and ledger ia an
expense. Georg" very toon learned all
thia ; and he found that even Mr. Skidd
void to him during hit month of eaali pay
meut» cheaper titan ho had told during
the previoua month.
And at the month« rolled op. George
Brown opened no more aecounta with
trader», lie fouud tlmt in paying ca»lt
lie «11 constantly reminded of the value
of each separate »um a» he counted it out,
and hence wa» not likely to purehate what
he did not need. And then be had a goal
ahead which ho determined to reach a*
speedily as possible ; aud by hi. system of
cash payment» he could estimate at the
close of every day the gain he wa« mak
ing toward tho desired end. In two
j month» ho paid what ho borrowed of bis :
I wife, and the put it into the common fund;
| and in tiva years hi« home was his own. ;
' and ho owctl no mail anything but love 1
l-r— »•
— • -- ,
Delaware River Fiahitig Troubles. |
The following I» the reply of Governo.
Farker to the letter of the Governor of
.S,*is or x«w Jusv. Kxrrrvtvr I),: ,„r«vr.
.. T«.:,to.v n UU.
II» Areef/rn.y, J"tKs Foxukb. f.o.eroor
o/ Hu V,./, „J
Stn Your reply to my letter of the
mb ha, been received
I |, u communication id your Kxccllency
claim» that the Slut, of D lawaro Ins ex'
| elusive jurisdiction over the waters of the
. Delaware river to low water mark on tin
New Jersey side, within what it culled
the ta.lve mile circle. In other wo.ds it
i» insisted that I».-State of Delaware has
>,i. Ii title to til • territory. embracing sonn
twenty-four miles j„ length of the river,
.» to . xelud. lb" people of -New Jersey
from fishing o„ the „.„tern side Ih r t.
'^u»le,s they obtain the permission of Del.,
ware. The State of S' -w Jersey denies
that Delaware ha« jiirisdietton o, . any
I art of lie water« of the river east of tli
t»i,Idle line, and insists tlmt her rittxc.s
have the legal right t-i fi»h
, .J .-»*• 5 «ide of the river without the license
t • N\w
Df Heb
*o-ealb d circle
itliout tin
1 *«!i ni i 11 v dVeil
«.|»v! of great importai) • . an l I .ng
with your Kxo ib-ney I hut it *hould be
settled at
of Delaware
early day.
It «fern* that to • Slat
hn*« « lu r claim to exclusive jttri*dietion
f th • river within tin
• d< cihioii of th.
ase, and also
upon miginal grant*. As (lie eominuiii
etilion of your Exe'dlen*y emphatically
state* the*«» two ground* of cottli lence in
the claim «>f H laware, it *.. proper
mid briefly niuieu them
Tl;e *11 hill 1 ""d m of the
ftVcr waters o
fw .,.; V e mile circle, \\\until
.\rl,ilrat„i in tho Fva-patch c:
that I
lVa-p:itcli '•■»« ■
llumphn y.
U It tiler
wa* b 'tweon ill • S
•n tiirv of war.
f , r 1 nit«d Stut.-, und' d.
( i,,. ,|ue»ti,
the 1 .*tilted State* or Mr- Il'imphrey had
(.'(If the land of that island. The award
Tli- award, tii.n - f. does n«t amount t«
j,„H.-ial au.liori.}-, ni. 1 is only tlio «pinion
,, f a[1 a |.|._. lawyer, atitagoiiiciio to the "pin
j,,,, „( .„h.-r »M« |, W y.- r » rontemporanretts
, wilh ,bu Arbitrator, an I in conflict with
tho eliarge nf Judge Bald,tilt in a ea>,
1 in the I'nitc.l Stale» Circuit C-.urt |
' intol , ing ,|,, question. It certainly ;
e UIin ot conclude citliet i.Vhv/tro or N.-w
,f ( » rMr y on the que*fi"ïi of jurisdiction.
, ,|i,p lltl ,,l jurisdictions of Stute» can b,
,,nly l.y treaty, nr by llio d. "i»ion
uf ,| le Supremo Court of tbo United Slates
Kven if the award in tho P«.-Fateh
submit, -1

in that rase hu* tirvrr hern cotimtlrri l au
thority hi tilling "ti any Lut th • parti. - t"
' tli«.* *uhn:i*»ii>u In In'* 'Lri.-i in tli" Ar
Lifrat -t state*, that •* he i- fully aware
that hi* opinion i* of no authority whut
rxrcpt for the «ingle purpo*,? a*
whieli tho agreenunt of tho parties ha*
ma«lr it exclusive, that i:«, tho question of
; | hchrrni th> it
rnM , he rnn»iih-roJ judicial nutlutrity, it
0„p, „.,t decide tin- quc.lion of tl,- right :
of ,| ie ro »p»ctivc Slat, a to junuli.tiun „/>- |
tu/o« nf tho !>claw«ro Thenpin
ion of the Arbitrator onlv determined the
j title to land not covered 'by traftr. The ;
i ( |>jc*tion raised by tbo arrest* of which
i i * | , w Jurioy complain*, relate* not to title |
to UpH. which i« jutpriratum, but to jttr
iidictioc on navigable water,, which i..
jn. puUUnm. ,
The further claim of thu State of Delà
ware In jnriadietinn over the water, of the ,
river within tho tvelvo utile circle up to
,|,e Jertey »bore. U foundedon the. n nout
grant». A c.refnl examination of these
has led me to a eoneluiion different from 1
that of your Kxeelleuey. Two year» be
f ( „ p ,h n Duke of York executed bi» grant
William Font, for the N«.-('.»Ge <!ir- '
c | Pi tllB Duke, who had derived hl« Idle
, lo ,h„ territory and government of New I
Jersey from the Crown, granted to the
prof)r |elor* the territory and government ,
,,f We»t Jer»ey. annexing to the grant
the«« word»: "And el«o the free um of
ill h®ya, rlwrs, ®nd wafpr® leading unto
pr lying between the »«id I'remt.e. for :
u»»ig»tion. free trade, ti.lony or other
wiee." Long before the feoffment to VVil
H»m Penn of »oy pert of Delaware, Peno,
claiming to ba one of the proprietor», of
Weat Jeraoy, with other proprietor», gave
a ayatam of goveromaot to the people who
had coloait.d there. In the form of " eon
cotriona aud agreement.," in which ho
guaranteed •• that all tho inhabitant! with- .
in the taid prorinoe of \V«.t Jertey have
the UUrty of fithiny in the Prlamire
Tho deed from the Dnke of York to ?
William Fenn for the twelve mile circle, '.
wa» executed beforo tho Duke had title *
thereto, and 110 conveyance wat afterward» ,
made to I'enn. The right of government
of Delaware wat never granted |o Fean *."
by the King or Duke. Thu right of gov
eminent and the rrjnlin thereto attached.
including the public right« of navigation
nnd fulling, were in the Crown when tl)o cl
declaration of American Independence wa» an
proclaimed. Tho King held tho great f®.
.river« in trust for hit tubjcct«, and when
the State« achieved their independence the *
right« of the King over navigable waftra, l ,
including the right of fishing, vetted in '
tho State« in trutt for the people ; and or
when n river separated two Stale? under
tho Inw of untious, look juriadiciion to the f.
middlo of the ttrcair ( .
It it true that Demi based his claim to c
: the present Slate of Delaware upon the *
feoffmonta from tho Duko of York, but
; through her legislation, Delnwarc Im«, in
1 n solemn inanoer, denied the validity of ï,
, claim to the whole of the river for 'twenty- co
| •• "' ,w " ,ado 1 N .' ,nr "* e r !°^
nf tbo la.t oentur, her leg.tUture again.
he pro.c.t of he Fenn hcr», denied ha
Fenn over had title and derived tho right
of the State to soil and sovereignty from ,
the Crown, itpm tho treaty of peace with
Great Britain in 1789 . .
1st.« than two hundred year» the I so
|.pi- of N- w Jer«e V have enjoyed untn- ,
' m,,,t. dly Ihn right nf flsh.ng on 'J' 1 '
' ^'-rn side d the Delaware rtver The , ,
invasion of what I believed to bo the juris- j
diction of New Jersey, the nrrest of eiti- |
f; "" ''ngag' l «»hing on her pub- : «\
be waters, the taking of the persons :,r ^■ , f
r-tt-d a. pii.«ner. m another Stale and : llf
'"'inp, llll.g then, to pay a itccnsa fee the ! w
»»■ « 1 - " and serious interruption of the
biisiu •,» nt a large number of the people ^
without nolle ■ to thou, or to the aqtho.
a ,f ,l " l' r,,, '"'d"ie* s" i
".al 1 deem ,t prop-r and neees
»ary promptly to„sue , be proclama. ton t
wh ' e '' 1 J ' .■« in
against tl," arrc.l» i t her cilixcn« that had
' 1 ! '"' 1 also a* a mean« T'/v-1
vent,tig btcaol;.-* nf the peace hy gmntr
' ''""ud'n^éîoéd'aééï
a-.-Ui alte • to t !»
that tho
1 trover*)*
iealdv by legal aeti
... .
. » I'^amation
' t - 1 i- l'
, . 1,1,
!:,r» • uttmher o, met. Who defend tin
■ c • tpatt, n for a » ibst-lcncc and al puplly
I r.vc to- in - a pu. ,lc ripii wlm i th•■•} ,|
m - 1 le red tli*» *ugge*iion mnd«
I I»:» V
l.\ voir 1
r que.-ting ell
li-hing 01» tl
' > * x -h* of the ii* 1 r p tiding the decision
watet a on the N«
of the i g'i!
f jiirLdii'tion, nnd
aft'T rel!« etioii. I have ronelu led that it
voul I be *0 di-astrow* to the liveliho
I of
e -lor* have enjoyed for t
,, r
• •iit'ii i- *. that it would be mdtlii r jus*
e that course. It appear
me that the j*;rir liigio?) of I> laware. a
in 1 vv claimed, but in no wise averted over
wi-.e to
by hr 1.
m . v *
ill 1 icality in qut «tin
l-Tl. should not lie itt*i*te 1 up m iu *u *h
o produce these consequence* In
er communication I did not intend
, , a
liait p iw.r lu ►usp.Mi.l a la*, for it ap
p.:.i,.J t.. «... jlta' tl.« .I«.-»»!P>
11,,t. p.-tidtiig s I "... ( Ii r -wisj, .ill .« .1
iiue»ti 01 ol juri-dullon which h r law
• -, , . , , ,, ( - ,
,s ' 1 a 7 r :.l r V. ;, V: i
■ 1 " V Vi U 1 U I
was not giy. ii tli,- ai.ti.oi itiit» of till» State
».„m -if-•r ti e | ass.„t tin la «II , 1 . n
«-ml I eb„„, « .-r,- its..
pr -U'i .ti» on di" ■'''■tern sid- --f tli- rir.-i
within tf/o twe/vr mile circle, »u hat th-,
'I"'' 1 "'"» '" ,u '* l,av " ' b l-.r-i
tin- commence.lit of tiio fi-lnng . .I a
| > s '-. »"'I •»»«« the arrest of the industri- j
; '"'1 P 1 '»'' 1 ;"' 1 " ?'"*'•«* a, ' 1 ' 1 lIlt '
rttpit .n of tlie.r buMtte,» ha.e born avoided
^ H r,, S rclfl>| l 1,0 . a
tur- s of our N-r.itis are not in »- sston, so i
'[•«' toinmtsstoiu rs to n- goltale and settle j
T-'«»«" »"tf bt be authonxed ,
B"t as this ,-anno! now be done I am „me!.
iv 11.«
t,, th .t the tinventor
•f a Slate
^'.V l ,,w
srutifiL-J with your rcatiy »t-rjuic-t-rnt-i- in
: l> r n|io»ilion to «ubmit it to judicial de
| oi»i»n The nioilo of «itch «ulmiia.inn can
Joitblli-a» bo irrang.-d by tbo law officer»
»»T tla *-» i >p"ctivo Slate*, and 1 will nt once
; refer that part of the eoiumuniention of
y n, ir Lxcrllcncy to tlie Attorney-Hencrni
| of thi* State. 1 *uppo#«' a cast* can be
" n<l { " cl ' a 5 r, '''j u P m !
join with your fcxeelleuey in the hope ;
, '!•»« 'ho .petton may »non be «„led lit '
».„»factory manner, an, that the friendly ,
, relation» which hav e alwnj» cxi.tcd be
•w' 1 '" 'he Mato nf Delaware and New ,
Jereey may coniltnue uninterrupted. I
V cry respect your obedient »errant,
1 Jost. I arkkr.
— • -
H,exploration« »how that the great
' netrnliot, tree, exceed in height!., thongh
circlllll f e rencc, the giant» of Cali
I flirni , n A r.llen tree in the ree •«« of
|) an ,| ( . nnU g, Victoria, meatnred 420 feet ; i
, anolll#r „„ ,he Black Spur measured 480
foc , Tba highest tree* on the Sierra
j( evn j B Cnlifornia, yet dieeovered, reach
on |- 460 feet, tho avenge lise bcini fros
: ^ ^ 400 fec , ° |
Why in an ovar-worked home like an
ibrella T Because It ia used up.
The table of intaraat la tha dlnnar tabla
The Ohioego Stock TeJhU. ^
, .t. („A* . « 1ML.
. . P**?.,* 0 . _„n .1 n *> twa Java it
m. „ 1 1,' aäb ' Ll. rfta
lu . lit *o«ld W W flnl 'rat
w , . ,c ***? ^ . V. -- -•
? *?° ,*" *"■ . ... ■ MT ^,
'. u * *"*'"? jTJ - the was
* v . ir J 1 ' r *" , ' r . * ? AT i|»|f waâ
, or ,u ' a "j C .' '""f 1 .„1 l;t? iharnlnl.
ur,1 £> an '* !î u l • V' 1 Li .((r.aaal
*." r ! •* n gt ■? It ^ jy
0 J 'rtF'ei 1 •Jy* '
• tun* ® ra ana 1 e g
!" ou •. Iu * 1 •, ' C , ® ' * Jlitl« '.Tiaén
cl A " l,wu V 1 'V 1 L**f|| inl# ereatnrea afu
an "! .' , r . rmr Ii«mi
f®. Wl J'* , _ |
etug tuppo . o * ® .. .
* ,,,rl, *ble * uu • * n ® . '] ' I T
l , " , ' ,, ' 5 u "U*e, 1» i«i *e ±5
' 8*' ,,{,r ,u WL P r0 ,l f .. ,.1
or 1 A. r ! ,< ' 7 ' r 1—ttroet. n war«
J f' ^ ° T k water laid uw • it it
f. D , r 3 , °.*i l ' - , . t '
'fi 1 C * ,l l S a, i 1 '* * • _ .
c tatgc, a t ''8 r ap >■ ce, I 1 M
* mira e me , ''"■'i*' 11.1, Inan
~® i*®. 1 wo om fort a tie accimmo
VI' f'** 1 * 18^850 résident» name!»
ï, ur , , 7*1 non t.„—"
STw «iSK&*
co „„ int „„et of land ; and when all
,i,i. i, prepared for u»e. 21.0« hewd of
,« can be lo.l»d, fed and .arm! fur
there al onco, and with the certainty that
on# Wll | g U fir er or go «atrtv
, lhir ,.. 0ve mil,» of »ewer» • U>n
., f ,,.J ,]| ev , # || naved wW
wood ; three mil M of water trough», alt
so #r • , j ^ water maybe sloped off
*- 2 . 3(10 gates.which are tho
frontdoor», ao to speak, of the phier ; 1 .
, )()0 héavüy fenced in with
j ou ^» e ,,|.,|,k • loti «eret aro covered with
(-„rcuic and all these art floored
«\ (|i ,, j BC |, ^..„k . H00 eoyoroJVliml«
f ( , p hogs : and seventeen viiitca
llf „»„id track cm. et this city of tho
w - h r „ 1|( , , h „ run ,' io CMm .
It haa two An. si.m wells, one WWfi.
^ . >|( j |t r | 100 f, et deep, which, being
, 1(|in | , |,, Vater tut« huge
|„„ks forty-five feet high, whence It tarn».
triUtl ,, a || 0 y cr ,fie place in pip«. Kogr-'
t , h lire nr , rr ily furnish wMsr
in cam of fire ; imineUM slacks of hav und
,.f wn contain the'food
,] r„ r tl-, hcaats ; and, I bctllcrr, a
trnill ,, r p!l |, u l,. eattle ear* now bear» tho
.. . l "'" l, 'Tlab | y to tj;« l>tt ;
ru bululicr*».
, as tli * animal« do not help
<m ui-vlvr*, n c.iii*i deralde force of tneo id
.. . t „ ur „ ;i t |, gathered there.
l' Le cun pans receives and core* for al|
the tu, in. als :,-nt to it. It lias t hu« lakrn
i, f. J. y.at.-rvd, littervd and
■ n! t'.tttui lu,p», It,000
!, -, p it, 11 single day, atnl
tout without accident, hitch or ddèy.
„„„ atc tantly ««.
,, , |n alll | w »»cntmodaUi
,| K .. C all ,| tli -ir fainilt >, nuincruui vot'aeej
be* ti built, while a town hall Tor
id lecture*, a chufcif, k
well-kept day aoh®ol
in. 1 urn
tub' ti ac
public meeting*
Sunday achool.
vi S' I f r their itmtruetioo and amium
l h hotel, which ha* hath rooms,
and L iu other rt rfr U well fitted, j« Lt
tho ua.* of drover* und Offnen of cattle,
whom hu.-ine** brings hither. At the Ks
vhauge sale* are etlected, and the ntws of
a *ul' may be sent to Maine or Texas by
, / frum lUe ,au.c ruom. «bilA
tW .j „.„y !.. sucur.-ly deposited iu
-|. ( , wi || , cc that tl:is surprising en
» . ».
ternrisc ifl compjctcly firin.-betr in evory
iJ« ; "»j it -.11 ti*'l be .tie let part of
v»ur surprise and pleasure to fiud lli»t tbi.
^ ^ ab()Ut j, ew - Vo>k
n ^ cn j nv0 | vr , painful bmtslitto», is hers
its.. . „ kietlr «» Uiongh « ga.kcr
,.i.],d uvrr it. un i «iiU •• tnuoh «BIS
, fccluiiî* of tlic dumb brute» M
, ' (w , \f r Ji vr ..|, wcre lookin* on
a || m
j |, w ;„ c „ it al „ a , , w0 million, «he* it
C1)l ... | L ., C( l ; , t is „ pecuutarr sneeoM,
i,do, crvc , to be; and ulten you hear
that so long imo a* |H (50 Chicago received
i >n j f , n , 4„;, i jpo |,enil of cattle, t,
j (i(}1 ^ nn ,| 34t», U 72 »lloep, and it
, wi „ bgk f rpmail| for ?cm oDOofth»
grua ^Vt caltU market, til th« «orbl. you
will see the need for sucli elaborate ar
rangement» as 1 have described, and. if
you are a humane person, will be pleased
timt diese immense drove» of animai» -re
kiii.ilv cored for and comfortably lodaed
and ,cd «n the nay to a market. Moat nf
the people employed iu the yard» »re A
Among »uclt n mnllitude of be««!»' M
; hei-c^received. Mr. Buckle« l.wot
' ^ wouU fe U you tii.t there wUllu.
, a . moll , t /„ itio ,. aoJ .*. dill
tc , hown pno or two Texee etaere
, , |ink |||P „ i ilt0 elephant« or mllni:
I ll;M h« than horned oxen ; nerhep* • tkra
headed aWep or • «I« IcfgtM hog ; nnd.
indecd.whenleawthostableeihfjr .onn
tained » collection wliieh would hâve tn)n
cd the Tare of a Chatham hreet exMWnr
gre.-n with envy-. 1 - >Vnm •OAiM."
Charit. *» ifaepee 1 « Utfrn
U'»' /«■ Jfry. 'i
: -t -.
A young lady aaya that • a i
ought never to feel dtatpr
" momentous noestiou" fa Hi
the object of hm ehdlA. WIft
eoaj agate.
She atm waafa

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