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9ht JRiddlftonrn transcript.
j. Roman.
rot; sitKtirr.
run ronovKit
Sumner's Letter.
Senator Sumner haa at last written the ,,
, , . , 1 , 1 , ,
long expected and long deluyed letter, dc
fitting his position in reference to the np
preaching political campaign. It was
w litten in answer to a communication ad
, , . , , .
d to bint liy some negroes, asking
1 R p
hi. •* opinion as to what action the color
ed voters of the nation should take in iho
prcaidtmini contest now pending,'' and
assuring him that their •• confidence in
A . , .
rm t in , in icir (
••pinion, thousands of the intelligent color
his judgement i
ed voters of the country will he guided in
(heir action bv his statement and advice." ;
strongly for Greeley, and ngnm indulges p
in hitler reflections on Grant nnd hi< ad
Socialist "
G rent
nines out
minist rut ion. lie recommends the negroci
to support Horace Greeley, nnd refers
. - ., 1 , . . 1 ,, ..
them to the. an Domingo yob, and Grant.
conduct toward tho " Illucit Republic,
lluyti, un i his treatment of Fred. Doug
■vidences of how much they can
rely his •• bear, felt sympathy for their
.... . , . : , , .
race. lie reminds them that shortly af
t« r tin? return of tlie commision from
1 !;i y ti.
• lion. Frederick Dongles., th* color
cl orator, neconipiiMiod in niaiiucrx r»« in
elouucnce, waft thrust nway from the com
pany «»f the coininirBioucr» at the common
table of the packet on the Pol.'iritc. al
.1 • ,, f ,t y. , \|
nio»t within Bight of ttie hxccutive .»Ian
•»imply on account of bin color, but
th** Proidcnt. at wliouc invitation hc had
joined tlie mmuitMion. never uttered
word in c:)tnlctuuati«ui <»f thin exclusion, I
nnd when entertaining the returned com- '
mi«*ionet'fl at diunei', carefully omitted
Mr Houglii»«. who
the time. ;«ud thus repeated the indignity.'
want of sympa
thy with llie •'civil rights lull, llie cap
ns iu Washington at
lie accuses tirant i f
•tone of that (quality before the law to
which allste entitled without distinction
of coho," and declares that 15rant, who
"coulî lol-hy so aMM-idttouMly f »r his St
eherne, full of wrong to the col
ored rare, cmibl <!■» nothing for this ben« ft
of the " present potiiion of the two candi- ,
dates." Ife »nv«:
l'uB>ing from the '* autc
ccdetitf," he proceed»» to give an account
cent mctifturc."
•It was nominated by a Republican
ion. one it Cincinnati and tho nth
i that in this respect
they utny seem to be on an equality."
is more cotiMsteutly Hepubliean than that
of Philadelphia in its recognition of • e
qua! right«." I» the popular support be
, . . . 1 1 .
'I*'«'* ,l,, ' lU " » »«th Greeley.
lie nrgnes that :
er nt l'hilitd« l| hill,
Ile eîuims that the Cincinnati platform
,, l'reaidetit Grant lias nt Lia hack well
drill'd army of officeholders. Horace!
tire''ley find» flocking lo his support large
iitiin dis of D' pu leans unwi tug t.i e n
tiuuo the existing •Misrule, nmi as allies
with them a regenerated j'urly which coûtes
forwnid t'i unite in this liberal movement. !
Democrats in j tttii g Horace tireeley have
changed ■'(".ply »« 1'r. ei.I. nt GraineUng
i-u wto'li he I' lio o the l»epubltcatis, exempt
that he was r. warded at once will, high
'I he change is open. Adopting
the liepublieatt platform which places the
equal rights of all under the snf. guard of
irreversible, guarantees, and at the same
time ace. p.ing the nomination of a life
time abolitionist, who represents pre-cnn
nently lheser.tim. ntof duty to the color
«1 race, they have set their corporate seal
to the sacred covenant. They may con
tinur Democrats iu name, hut they are in
reality Republicans by the same title that
those who sustain Republican principles
arc Republicans, or rather they «re Dem
"era.«, according to the original aiguilles
tien of that word, dedicated to the rights
ol the people
It t n idle to m»y tliat Horace urecley
and the Republican* that nominated him
any less republican because Democrats
unite with then, in suppn.t of cherished
principles and the candidate who repre
aents then. kl **r* *•>*
come, ami not les» »o because the < hange
D in n multitude rather than an individual,
It i* also idle to say that th* election of
Horace Grec!, y a« President, with Grals
Hrown as yicc-Dresident both unebang
»M* Republican*, will he the return of the
Democratic party to power. On the eon
trnry it will be the inauguration of repub
lican nriueiple*. under the safeguard of a
Republican Dresident and Republican
Vice-l'reaidciit, with Democrat* a* avowed
supporter, In the org.nix.tion of hi.
admini tratiou and in the conduct of ef.
fair* Horace Greeley will natorally lean
upon those who represent beat the great
rsSTJcSlar 1 ütesür:
taken it will be a* Republican* in bear«,
reengniiing the associate term« of the let
tlrroent aa an irreversible finality.
I» i* noue tbe l**« idle to suppose
Democrats supporting Horse« G reel«
mo» of desire that lie should depart from
pr k riplea »hleh or* the glorr of bia «bar
,0Ipr. They have accepted the Cinein
Nl iktlftiim with in twe-feM premiaee,
ÂM Cm ad ta good ftdth to man tain R.
ey ei
••Boot H
Jf"( Old'jJhS
aonl in marching on." Seeh
m tha atobHahmant of ehar
IMImhI gawoowmiwt they will
IfäiWffito h» piwwyn trm •»
to the ton*
■ :
Gentlemen, in tbna anawering your two
ini|uiriea, I bare thown why yon, aa col
ored fellow-citiaena, and alao all who
would uphold your righta and aaee the
colored race from indignity, ahould refute
to saueliou tho ro-clectiuu of the Presi
dent, end put your trust ia Horace Gree
ley. I ought to add that with him will
bo «»»ociated us Vice-President Urals
Drown, whom I have known for
a moat determined abolitionist. The two
together will carry into the national gov
ernment nn unswerving devotion to your
rights, not to be disturbed by partisan dic
talion on sectional prejudice.
Speaking now for myself, I have to say
that my vute will bo given for Horace
,, . ... . . ....
Greeley, but in giving tt I do not go lo
l)lo |),. mocr „i c p , rt . nor j iny )e „ ,
Republican. On tile contrary l am ao
much of a Republican that I cannot sup*
T"'' a candidate whoae conduct in civil life
shows an incapacity to appreciate rcnubli
, . 1.1 1 • • / ,,
can principles, and whose administration
mar Vcd by acts of dcliuquency, esprc
inllv to the colored race, by the side of
which the allegation* on the impeachment
of . A " drt * Johnson war* technical and
trivial. I utiupHtiotialily rremapni Urtnt
( | c>( , rv<}( j impeachment for high crimen and
misdemeanors rather than a renomination |
My own personal experienee teaches
; ia the charge that because Hor
ace Greeley receives Demoeratie votes,
therefore he becomes a Democrat, or Inps
p , ul) , lt , r l>rmocratic eontrol.
chosen to the
I was first
Nutate by a roalitinn of
Free-aoiler* and Democrats. Démocratie
v " ,r * helped make me Senator from Man
naehusrtfs, na th v helped make my excel
fric||| | M , Senator from Ohio, !
a ,,,| w j|| help make Horace Greeley I'res- j
ident. Hut neither Mr. Chase nr myself 1
*»» •"> account less faithful a. Free- 1
^ »"»««.ng for myself, I know
that I never became a Democrat nr Inpsed
und( , r I)cmnprnt|c contro , , do i
doubt that Horace Orceloy will ho rijually j
connirtcot. Iho charge to the contriry, j
so vehemently repealed, seem» to reflect |
the character of thom* who make it, except
that many repeat it hy rote."
, , . . . - ,, . . ,
1» v the nomination of Urcclcy hv a
J J 3
Hcmocratic convention, he advincp the no- |
groci* to
Hcjoicing nt the " happy signs" ovine
j •• consider carefully whether they should
not take ndvanfngo of the unexpected open
ing. nmi recogniie the bail-bond given at
llie assurnnre nt pence, hold
iug the partiia to the full performance of
its conditions There must be no intimi
dation, bu. every roter must net freely.
without riinslrnuu from league or lode 1
Much better will it be when the two pClitical I
each anx
H iltimore r
•»»••p* «e for your rotes,
«•»us for your support. Only then will
that citizenship, by which you are entitled
to the equal lights of all. have its tinturnl
Only then will there be that hnr
hich is csscntinl to true civilization
The prcKent position uf the coloicd eiti
! ten is perilous ilc in exposed to injuri
ous prcMU.-e wlicn he needs support Hut
, 1 «ce uo early extrication
except in the
way proposed. Bet him cut adrift front
umiiiigera who would wield him merely as
with little regard to his
I bravely stand hv the eati
* f*»ree.
own g
didatc who hiis stood by bitn. If Demo- 1
erats unite with him, so much the better 1
«<«• begun must naturally
ripen in eonttuon friendship and trust,
* bold the Democratic prnty to nil the
T" 111 "" P*v"» to the ...I'.plion
uf a Itepulilican plntf'ir... with Horace
,j rrrll . v „ can didale. There can be no
The association u
backward ati'p."
— « —
Son.* two ar three week* since wc call- j
,. d ott. ntiun tu the fact that this town was
w , t | 1( , ut 0II 0 fli cor or constable* to attend to j
.. , , .
|HTw.»t»8. nnd »uggested the pro- j
! prict y of the Governor appointing otic. ^
Nothing has been done, and we arc still
|..f, lo the mercy of evil dispn.cd per.oua. ;
», . .
1 C ■ C,, ,,OW "P 0 " U *' ''»J trump*
" r I" *' l dui * ar ' g" 1 icrii.g tliii and
last. The peach crop below is very light,
und consequently these miserable creature*
w m neutre here. We always have a full
, upply of ,| ien) but ,| ie probabilities are
. ,, . .
(hut. th.s year, we shall be overrun hy
them. I hey arc now coming in droves,
the miserable scun. of the city populations,
wbu ba » e come, uot to work, hut to .dun
. . oi , iltîlll
, ' .
Ou \\ ednesday three of thcae creatures
—a man, bis wife and daughter—gut off
, ba |, crCi and indulged in a fisticuff,
Then (hey went aud sat down along the
. .» . « , * ... ,
»"«et. 'he hushaud and wife, during a war
of words,rivalling each other in the use of
oaths They then went down the railroad,
aIld D g,jp engaged in a fisticuff, when a
number of our citiieua went and separated
, . . , . JT . „
them, locking the roan up in tho "Toomb
until he was sober, hc being intoxicated.
This waa done without any warrantor
(1|e , bttt j, waa a nooossary procc
•*"" » *• hkk0 00 ■■«hon.*«l pcraona
to quell disturbances, and take charge of
a these drunken wretches who swarm upon
ui eTer _ _ otrt ,h eie unwarranted arrests
,• , --a „
»' !l C0 "" B " 0 '» »* knd •<»"«
**» senoua conaequeneea may enaue. If
people are not protected by proper aotbor
j,| e . ( they will protect tbemaelves, sod
•— -•--■ •« «• ». .»<».
town is troubled by them, lo a more or
lea* eilen«, nnd they make nigbt bidonna
by oath* and yell*. Last year there were
two or three fighte every day among these
«rampa, nnd frequently they would attack
onr eitinan«. Tka woman nnd children
•re as bad a* ihn men, and black ad
and ent head* era of ao uncommon ocour
rone« with them.
We again «nil upon tha Go ear nor for
protection, and onggeat that tha Town
•am, in addition to the ragnlar cenataUe's
fooa, to saenra the oarriaan of op efisiaat
The Leut of Two Erile.
Wa batr tba remark often about tboao
days—" Of two erila, ehooao tba lea.t ; "
and thia proverb ia quoted to justify vo
ting for Grant or Greeiry, according to
the voter's idea of which ia the least evil.
Tlioao who are ratwßcd with one or the
other, are not obliged to discus, the ques
tion ; they bare their man and will vote
for him. Hut there are many who do not
like either uf these eaodidateg, and are
ready to decide their courge of aotion by the
angwer to the question, " which iathe bet
ter of the two?"
We think it nuforlunote for the country
that the people are required lo vote for e
lectors, instead of being alSowed to rote
directly for the man of their choice. In
(list rase it would be much easier for the
| And it is also unfortunate that the prac
(ice of nominating by eonv*. niions has bc
ennto the*political law, so that in reality
only the managen of party, not the mass
es of the people, hive much to do with se
lecting candidates for office. 80 wide
spread nnd deep is the dissatisfaction with
the manner in which several recent eon
voter to keep a good conscience and ex
press his individual preferences, than it is
IIis vole might not tell upon the
result, but it would be At. declaration, nnd
s full discharge uf his duty as a ciliten.
. . ....
! vt ' n "on» have been oonatituted nnd nianip*
j ulated, we might hope that tlielr day is
1 over. Hut it ia hard to break up old ua
1 „„j wc pru b.bly go on ns he
, le(1 t0 lUc , th o.e who
' * 11
i ought to follow.
j It is not our duty to vote for one man
j bccnusc he is lc§8 objcctinnoble than an*
| rllDd ia„ c . U hc i, not , in our
judgment, n Kuituble man for the ofiicc. it
.j is uot right for us to vote for him.
is no rule that we lay down for oflier pen
F.vrry man must jmipo for himself, j
! having the .time means "f rnnking his '
{judgment that wo have,
no law lo require us to vote al all, and if
Hut as there is
. .
do T0 "' wc ">*7 vo "' ,or " n >'
wl'Otn we may select, we cannot i.e requir
ed lo vote for a man whom we regard un
f„ f„ r ,), c a ffi CG |, c seeks. If wo regard
hi> #leetion ,, evi , .. wc wi „ not
1 , , ..... , . „ ■ i
I » I"""«'« "f ,be responsibility of inflicting ,
tdC evil upon the country. Hut »to help
lessly arc the pev'.plc in the hands of polit
i • « i / _ „
icnl manager., it is very haru for oue wl.o
doc. not surrender his conscience to pnrly, ,
tobe independent and honest in .he rx- |
pression of his political preferences The
•leet the candidate
only way open ia to
whom wc arc willing to trust with the of
fice, aud vote for him regardless of party ;
or cNc vote for one uot In nomination, or
abstain from voting altogether,
voting for one whom we regard unfit, be
cause lie is the candidate of a party, we
cannot do it, though others can. — Ar»r |
As to
lurk OUrrnr.
What Does the Nation Owe General
Since Gen. Graut and Lia friends dc
maud a second term of the 1'reaideney,
j ,|,j a j a a f a | r ({U ,-«.ti»,ti for discussion
>i u „ y , llcn became rich out of the war
j contract* and of the millions thrv were
tontracts. ana oi tne nitmoini ttiry wire
j pnjj out of the (tovernment Treasury,
^ prescnU have been made to Craut, it in
„„id, amounting to $150.000 or $200,000.
; Tho Huston Time, discusses the question
mort . fdly, alld ..y,:
.. upon j, ; n „ businesa point of
view, and what duel the nation owe to
(Sen. Grant? He served iu the war; su
did several millions other citizens. He
had the advantage of being an officer from
the start ; nineteen twentieths of the sold
hy |||)(1 ,, ol ^om. did he make any
sacrifice for the country ? Did he lose an
arm, a leg, or an eye? Was he ever
1 touched hy a bullet? Did ho suffer one
atom iu health ? No. Did lie sacrifice
anything pecuniarily fur tho country?
( Xu ' fur " bc ' diJ out pa>ll .„ a dollar
off the war began. They aay "Republics
»re ungrateful." »Veil, has this Republic
treated him shabbily? No; it educated
him at ita own expense to start with. In
t||s wir L(j wg< pr *^, 0|ed rapid | y Final
of j y (bo b jg!, ei t military office was given
him—that »I Lieutenant General. Then
a a higher office still—higher than any niil
itkr i' ? ,an . of ,hii coun, M h«d c «cr enjoy
„ ed before him—was created for him ; it
WM tba , 0 j (j cnL . ra j •• That wa* not c
nough. Next, the highest civil office in
the gift of the nation waa conferred on
him ; ho waa choaen I'reaident of tb* I'ui
ted Sutc«, with all it« h-nor* and crnolu
{af fo(jr ye|r| Meanlim , he wal
of , nade , be recipient of valuable present* hy
individuals, group« of bis admirer* and
corporation«. All theoc favors have been
lieatowed on one who eleven year» ago
... . tbriftlm. pennilee. aud ob«ure
If ro , n Sacrifice ! Ho ha* gained a hund
red thousand fold by the war! Square
eceount*. What does tbe nation owe
No*tii CaaoLiia Elictioi — The la
te«« retqrn* from iba aleclion in North
Carolina on Thursday, although vary in
complete, indicate Ibe triumph of the
Conaervatire party. L*»t year the Re
publican party. Ip the rata on tha Dew
eonatiutiop. bad s majority of 0,000.
Tha elaatloo op Tbpradap passed off quiet
ly, and th« vote from all pointa hoard
from (bow* tu I ne re«*« of the Gopoarva
tiva mnjoritie* af 1170, when that party
«•tried tha State by 6,000 majority.
G*n, X. P. Bonk* ha* mm* opt ip a
lat'cr favoring Greeley and Brown.
Loot! and State Affaire.
On Sunday alghi last, between the hours of
13 and I, the dwelling house of Mr. Waller J.
Griffith, In Kant county, Maryland, ana mil* »
from Saaaafraa, wai set on Ire. ». far had the
Hamea progreaaed belbre It waa dlmoremd, the
inmaim of I he dwelling, innalallng of Mr. Orlf
gth. hl» wife, an nunl and coitalo, had trarcely
■ime to »«cape, doing »o in ihelr night-clothes,
The home, which wa« a thrce-ilory frame, hand
soraely fiirnl.hrd, wa» entirely rooanmed, lo
grthrr with ils commis, mulling hat a few pm
mir. Iwlnneing lo Mr. Griffith being »«red from
ike Herr element. A tnnit-hnntr, »landing near,
wa» also destroyed, and the total Ion U estima
ted al $5,000, ii|um which, we understand, them
was inaurance of $ 2 . 000 .
The fire we» rvidrntly Hie work of an inreudi
i%rv, nnd suspicion fell upon Jtiliu Jonrs, a negro
• , with whom Mr. liriffiilh had a dllhcullr
«.me day» preriou». Jonc» wo» Bring In
houae lielnng log lo Mr. (Jriffilh. and. after Ihr
dimc.li» hadlucn ordered lo more,which he did
Salti'rdav, the dar before the (Ire. J.mr. bad
mude threat, again« Mr. Clrimth, which ca«
.u.pleioa upon him. Accord ingle, on Monday
morning, Jone», who had moved lo Warwick,
wa. arreted I.» Jamra Merrill, wlm wa. depu
Hied hy Require Bell, In the absence »fa con.ta
tile, to mike the a rod. (lenrgr Hlmpmn. a
,te,...on of Jone», who Bred with Mr. Griffith,
hut who wa. then in Sar M fra», wa, »ent for a. a
wit near. a. wa. at«., John Handy, a negro who
Bred with Amo. W I.« nrh, Eeq. near till, town
w„, taken l.eforeR.qoireB. il on the eharge
of IIr 80 n. During the trlnl Simpson Irstified tlmt
. peeaeat during the (Ire. and .aw him ear
er corn-1.lade from the barn, toil them under
the hon« In four pln.-e. and «I fire lo them ;
that ho would have Informed Mr Griffith of ll,
hut .. June... -ho had a gun. threatened Io I
.hoot him . .Id he do ,o. Jone., it i. «.id had I
ihr pun to «hoot Mr. (Jriffilh when he rame out, J
laut the finim*« were latimilltr so Brightly hefo
he rum# out, June« Imd left through fe.vr of heing 1
diaeovered hy |*>rsons who might t*e attmeted 1
•. The teatimony of Handy waa ,
d testified to Icing wiih i
rnhuMy a fart, hut It
all ahont the
Deslrwstlwo ISMS«ary Vtn, hysahlsf.As.
t hit her t»y the
fuvonilile to Jutif*.
him nil night. This «nu pri
whs stninge that lie «houht k
fin* »o «tirlr in the miernifig : f»»r, when hf w
out to Mr. I.vnch' « lu work, early in the tm
ing, hr rrlitfi) nil ihr incidrnliof ihr firr. How
cvrr, Jonrs ns ihr filon, und Handv und Simpson
ns wiinrsvs, wrrr rommilted to Kiklon Jail lo |
tiwnit trial
Shortly nflrr *
prifonrr« hand-ruffed «nt! tird. »tarird f«»r Klk- j
ton, hut whrn within a half mile of Pivot Mridgr. '
nhoiit 'J\ o'clock, tic wa* acroxtrd hy a Ciin«» of
mm who issiirtl from ihr wood*. While our
«eizrd hi* hor«r, others dragged hi
wagon and «retired Ihr
his utmost to protect tiimsrlf and
j «ix stmts at the kn-klux. Hr
I whether tie »truck anv «»r not, i
I j
- i
■'!, Mr. Merritt, with Ills
While one
from ill«»
Mr. Merrill did
risoners, tiring
tas not k
»•»on as
I drove to Klk ton. where hr
possible got away
nrriv««l ft little «Her 10 o'clock.
I those engaged know■ the rest of tlir tale, hut
is next morning Mr. Merritt mid Bichurd Thomas,
E«t|. sheriff *»f (Veil county, proccnlvd to the
lerne of the affair of the night previoui, nnd n
hout fifty yards In the woods aifrov
hung I«) h tree, life rxliio t. He hud no murks of
violence on his |*er»on, and wn* tu«4|iended hy a
rope nrotind th* neck, his fiel n lew inches from j
the ground. The sheriff hnd hi* body burin*
No on*» hut
d Jones
i n
, „
„ iihmrut prr«rrit*ed hv Uw
fa| J, bow „,. r ; pimi.lnneat i. no. ,c
, , ;*« enough »ad I; nrlilng i« the enlr »»; fir j
| "^7^'"' ™".Ct j"' j ''" " '
criu.- of whirl» he was n.-'
ment for it ii. Mnrvhind, tn
yr«n in the penitentiary,
not sufficient fur n c
not Jour«' fault that the four !
not burned tu death. A« it 'mis. they Imd
Jûturf not only burned
them out, but attrmpn-d murder, and a trrtn of
year* In the {»enitentlary would u»«t hart l>oen
ough punishment. It« «tides, he had
II. In
•Is nr/ir the scene of hi* dentil.
periH'trntor* of the deed, it i* supposed,
larked, as blark finger
•rved on tlie clothe* of Jones, i
also hnd
•| 1 ■
inrks we
d Mr M
lie w is seized
m his t>ants wl:
when he was dragged from the wagon.
We do not favor lynch law, for there is p
for nil offences. I
m r » i
wns guilty of Hi* !
uud the Tiunieli- j
helir.v, '* 8 term u. ^
This punisiuii^ t is !
of this kind, for it was j
of the home !
arcsly liitio to (•*n»|»< ,
| ju*t
chance of
•nt at
•mg any |
, , ... ... .
he has n..u probably, gölte, i hi* just d, fieri*.
nnd the affair w ill prove a warningJu other i «il
doerfi sad M>i'iire the th(i Mfety ut HA? und prop«-i•
tr ln lli«. rnutiQuiil.r. ,
It is no. tvn..»« «ha. I«««me of Ha«.lr and
Simpton. The |'»nl.,lre. of llan'lr and fils;
p«ckH-t.ook were found by the shariff near the
den 'h. «pot of Jouta, which would seem to ludt
cate that 00 hud a struggle to get nwrav.
trial, (for tl .
•n nt large
h, .»•
mid he ilcatVi o
the g.illow *
Ilrpulillrau SomlMlIott ICIrrdoM.
On SnUirttiiY nrtrmoon liut, tlie Kfinitilirnn*
nf Wilmington liHJ n nomiimtiun election fur u
Krum tlir iionr uf <>|»cuiiig the |ir»lln, tlie ffilec»
tion w«« vignrouvly t ®ntc*icd t»y tho rnrioufi
enndidfitet. although n walk • run lid the diffeicnt
poll*. timnriU evening, wn« «uffnent to «how
thnt I>ougbrri> wu* to he the lucky man. Hi*
friend* were numerou* nnd worked like benvem,
probably with vision« of n blue uniform nnd ■
silver fit'nr dancing before their eiefi. ns n cun
•tnut incentive tu «rtlou Tlte frirmUof the oth*
equally m active, but lliry
grmtly in the minority to romftete ttidr
ce»*fully w ith the Dougherty clap. In the Truth
Ward, iho excitement run uiiuhuuily high, and «
pitrhrd battle wn« the consequence, during
which the Brpubiimu in*pe« t«»r «prnug from the
window- and |H»unccd upon the polit enmu who
wn* trying to «epnrnte the combnti»nt< In the
Seventh Ward, shortly after the opening ol the
|mll*, a cry wna ruiarct br the lUyet nnd Yin
rent men, who clnirued flint the insiiector« Imd
stuffed the boxe* with Duughtrt.tr tieVeti. Thev
demanded (tint tbe box alioitld bp one tied, which
wn* done, nnd sure enough tertral hundred tic
ket* were discovered The llnyefi nnd Vincent
yelled w ith triumph at the exposure of this
supposed attempt gf the Dougherty clique lo
curry tho Ward by fraud, but tlie excitement
subnidcd upon the nUrged dificover? thnt the
surplus tickets were those which hnd l>cen voted,
nt the nominnlinn elec'ion for .Sheriff and Cor
oner, nnd never been removed.
In the Third Ward, however, the charge of
fraud wns raised, nnd with more effect thnn I:.
the .Seventh. Khottly nfter the polls o|.ened,
several pnrliet proposed thnt the tmliot bcfX t^uuld
I»e examined, ill order to ascertain if everything
wns correct. This the Inspectors nt first refused
to do, but the demand of the outside parties be
coming clamorous, tbe box was optned and a
bund Is of Dougherty tickets discovered lying on
the bottom. Tbe opposition was furious at this
discoverer, and for a short time the excitement
rnn high. But nine voles had been cast when
the box was opened—7 for Dougherty, and 2 for
Vincent—but the count disclosed 1.35 Dougherty
tickets. An explanation was demanded by the
opponents of Dougherty, which revealed the fket
that llr. R. P. Vandever, who had brought th#
ballot-box to the polls, had placed a bundle of
Dougherty tickets, which he had procured fpr
tbe purpose of distribution, in the box, and pn
Striking at the polls, forgot lo reamrs fAejn* Tuls
■tore was received with jee
of Mtpg »'top thin."
tickets were removed, and the electiop went on,
although a sharp scrutiny was exercised by the
advocates of llavae, Vincent and Fralpi, until ll.
polls were doted.
There were four caodidatee apd (be election
resulted as follows: Dougherty
771, Fraim Agi, Hayes 253.
n/litl.itr for Mar nr. The Uttxtitt
• iiiiilidatc« wi*
and deruire «bouta
However, Ilia «urplue
|,5S9, Vincent
M laar*ep««f,
Tbe foundation of Iba ntw tnatcb-atlck factory
at Rlkton was commenced las« week. Tbe fac
tory ia to be located on the north bank of Klk
dgt t|u 4 «pass the creek at
th* fool of Rrld
A comp meeting will be field by Smyrna Cir
cuit nnd Smyrna Button, at Ihe uual place juat
below Blackbird, but fltr time ha* not ben
•nd. A meeting wia field on tbe groueda on
Thursday lo take furl tor measure*.
Bed Lien camp commenced on Thursday.
Both Ito Method ia« and Presby tartan churches
of Smyrna nt* Without new peelera. I« is eg
pec tea that Bee. Dr. Eeeaey, of Odeaan, will fill
tbe polpil of the former
Rev. J. V. Smith, of Smyrna, wi
pat pit. Bov. Mi. Kennedy will
I'HwtiylerUa Church.
will fll/Ihe Ode«»
W. H. Purnell, President of Delaware College,
la at the Ocean Honae. lie and aeren other citl
aena of Newark arrired oa Monday.
The flehlng hem I. eacellenl. On Wednesday
» l» rt F,»« nt to lb * Breakwater and were »ery
eoccewful In two «»ya-flahing and tmlehnaM.
They took about ISO pounds of Irout, black R.h,
aheepahend, Ac Two of Hie parly aquarad ac
<*»»,'» " i,h old »■<* .»"e gentleinaii,
of Middletown, a merchant who la quit* tall,
at lea*l two feet by Ibe retching«,
Tor the fir«» lime tit (Ire week» we had a de
IJffktftil r,, ' n on ^ Tin* rrnlcr poured
dn * n •? «-rrenU fur «I lea.l an hour, refrr.lmig
rcgetalion rerr much.
T »* c •«"'l* n " do i"* 1 » g«od bu.tnrjl, and neil
w ** k * l'* r, f Loul», Mo. will arrive,
>"*""• »' plea»«m.free from the nu»
b "Be or an orer-crowded fa.hlonahle
tfrinf pU«, »hould p*jr Ihii pince • Tillt. A*
no Inducement to other., It I» »«Id that nearly
«II the ritiiora of last mason am hem at prejen .
and many new face« hare been added. If «I
Pjoprielor, obliging clerk«, polite m
»«ni», and neat room, are the ncrmmrr requl
»itc«. they can he obtained here. There ha. been
®eer 500 arrivals at the Oman lloum and 1 oiled
Slate* Hole , both of which arc conducted by
Waller Burton.
j «»l-weekly lin. of .learner, ply between here
" nd *"2 ... , ...
Excursion licket» to New > ork are i»ued at the
>«**"'' !', f V ruu, "'."; 1 l', i Tl,r 1
*• »f™* • for,,, ' r < onnncma Reporter for the
N T [' 1 ,, " n '. J 1 "* ,h 1 " 1 r * C '" ,l '. ,f ""I ''C'
and by hi. indef.tlgabl.ncM I» procuring large
qu^njmei or ln*ight.
' JJ®P * in , " kt ' P 1 » 1 * on Thur.dar evening,
r" d r '" n ' lk » **•*«'»• preparation, being made,
" *•" ,w,, „" f tb f. w " un ' , ,
K«ur.ion. to Cape May are of frequent occur.
I "nee. Gov. Ponder »nd .er.rnl ladle, and
I ge»H«n>en Icfi on Saturday for that place.
J Waararh I Irma,
1 of her dwelling, a few days *in<e. hrenking her
1 right knee. Dr. P. Henry reduced the fracture,
, and although «uttering much pain, the is doing
i ns well its could he ex per ted.
Mrs. John \V. Rrans and Mrs. William Key
wolds both met w ith
doing a good trudr.
Mr«. SVUIIam Mower fell from the front pinrt*
| »on. M
j »on ha«r hern to
' AppO'l'iinimink.
ly arr at ihr tier
Since Mr Rav hai. !•
'cidrnts Ihr |a*l
j week, in fulling flown stairways, though frrlu
i nnlrly neither sustained serious injury.
President Purnell. Prof. Porter, lier. (i. H
Porter, l>r. N. II. (Mark amt wife, ll
. and Miss roo.li, Mr. and Mis« Scliultx
j and Mrs. Wilson left Newark on M
ing for .he Breakwater. H. t'aulk Hsu. and . . .
touring midst the buckIrheMet of | Old
II Buy, Ksq and faiui
floua«, Lew«., Del, , |i n
in the real estate hiisi- i .
ness he has hough! and sold land to the amount ! »
of $:t, 180 , 000 . loaned over f 800 , 000 , und ho* I the
ha* never hud a law suit about any of hi« Iran»
. Bohin
,|..i i:
R. Hrlsler, Esq. oflTei
lliia town. f«*r stile or exrlmngr.
his farm.-near
Hc should ad
for illosc ,,! '
-»ge, I P*
ther north- «o
it in the T
The hfliiwii
steadilv nppriMchisg eompletioii. nnd soon the
e\«s of Ncwarkert will hegtnddcned hy tin-sight
of long lines of ro#l
crnwling nieng the hilliidi*.
old* hu« n rontmrt for rross-ties.
w hnrher «hop isquito un improvement,
. Mr. .Nillev
ith u iHo-*tory slm
Kent t o. Nd. Affhln.
nsylvnnia Bui
nnd V
•nd i
n ir!tfr „,
j fr
' wh
. like huge hliirks
Mr. Willi.
and w hen done, the proprie
gratify his rus omers
The Kent ('«»
dy to
m th.it puin 1
I'tirsivr.'a Station. A
the railroad
tv Railroad is
flier freight,
iv n hereafter
i hern com
nip peuihes nmi
which will he k
ding hi
•s«et the public
; pleted w h
This point
will he
a* Vi.kcr
! km.w
The track fn
Station to the w harf at Chester
ll;lS I
•ti completed, and is
i l»h ,0
! 0 fg|,j
j trn niurkrts.
^ On Wednesday, about 11 o'clock in the furc
! noon, the horn, stable, rairiage-house, sheds
j 0Ttri t house, and all the outbuilding« except
! t |, e meat-UY,.;-'' on the home farm of Mr. Horn
! lio Meek, were destroy 1 hy fuC. Mr Ikrk
{ engaged in threshing his w«, «* crop, xud the
fire was kindled hy a spark from the engine
which fin d • »t
of tht
iil to New Volk ..r
ail theinsrlv
-tliuU-hfxl slu-.l.
The ia,
part uf Mr. Heck's wheat, (tome twelve h
l'iiitlicts. I hi« straw, farming iniiilements.
l.v umiutned.
, other hur«(>s ware badly burned. II«.
, H< ., k „ , wM is t,„,Yv.^n lie and in* tlfoiifiand .l w l
,. ir g tll . i.i.und tu the amount of $1,3M in
Kent MhIiiuI Kirc Insurance ComiHiny ul
, i K«"t rvuutj -rr.ntmut
| Mr s A ; j wick«», miding near (inn « Inn
whvrf. rsi.cd Ihi. from If t.u,|wH »cd
| j ll|f ol , ÄP rra of xrauud which waa in torn I»*»
j | >u# heli of wheat,
j * cn»««ter ville Camp began Vffilerdny, and prom
ises to he well xitfitnlucd
<«rer»ey ai»«9 lirown Hnilllraiioi» lUftllag.
one horse
•I a t «»It.
ere cut
u Tlie (lreei«q' nmi Brown Rfitiffcaiiun Meeting«,
»'tiled to meet ut Dover on Tne«dny, met in nc
i «»irdfince with the call*. One wn* n «nil of the
j Molly McNntt*, und the other by the Deniocmtfi.
Moth met nt the «unie pince and nt the «nine time
, nnd the I Mill led could nut be difitlnguixbed from
the otbera. All met lor the «nine purpo*e nnd
worked li'irnioniotiiiy. The «ni!» were nut i*
■ *l»ed ever tbç signature of nny rc«pmi«iblc pnr
tic*, but limply ligned "ninny citiyen« «nd
j nmny Democrat«,' consequently but n lew
peffion* uttended.
Irum 8u*«cx und nut more thup n dozen from
! tlii* cqunty. The whole meeting numbered not
« ; uver forty or fifty. AB'crt O. New ton wn* np
! l»gli)tfd clmirntnn, find there wn* one weretary
the ( frum New ('untie und oue from Kent, two vice
; prcfiidetitt from Kent utjd une each from New
the • ('fi*tlr nnd Su*fiex. S|iecc|ie« were (nude by
the Jnmet It. Booth nnd ('npt. J. Mnrr ofWil
mingtoq, and .Snmqel Townwd, Kfq. of Town
A tcrif* qf rpiulntion* Were adopted endorsing
Ureeley nnd Mrywn.
tic- Pencil Shlpmenta.
The firnt regulnr pencil
pnfined over the rnilrond un llpndü) —38 car« to
lo Jerncy City, four of'which wer** froiq this stution.
There were two cnrlonds «liip|R*d on Tu«*d.»y,
the ! 0 on Wednesday, nnd A on Thursday, from heir
linles are the only variety now being ship|K-d,
nnd they nre belter this yenr limn they Imve been
for some )cnrs pn*t. They nre selling renqjly ut
of from $1.2A tp $2 AO per busker
I:. The Uruwers are not disposed to sell this yenr,
nlthough wp hnve lienrd of n few cale# ut Iroin
Mvsutv-Mvcu « ruts to one dollar ppr basket.
Ranches this year, we tbiuk, will average from
$1.00 to $1.50 per basket, the season through,
be- The canneries ot the Peninsula have to look to
a this immediate section, in a great measure, for
on their supply of fruit, which makes a demand at
this home nt well as abroad. We understand, the
Dover Establishment has made one or two pur
chases in this section at 80 cents per basket,
» i
trains, this season,
Tlivrv mid uo ilelcpntion
Sa* Um mt Dr*v»H«i.,.
On Wednesday afternoon last, a sad case of
drowqtng occurrpd on tho Canal al .Summit
Bridge. The fact, qf tbe case, as we learn,
arc a« follow« : A Rr. Cummins, a car
penter, of uheeapeake City, who was engaged
ll) doing some work cither on the bridge, or
pear by, had lold 111» wife that blackberries
«ere pleuty it. tHt neighborhood. Accordingly
on Wednesday afternoon, hit wife, a Mr». vTlrt
and a little hoy got In n boot, nod lying
hind n borge, proceeded up tbe canal
bridge. In attempting lo get *nt, Mr». Wirt, a
lady probably Sfty yean olff, accidentally fell
overboard. Mn. Cummins, In endeavoring to
retcue Mn. Wirt, also Ml I* tb» water. Mr.
Cummint seeing tbe accjdra«, hurried lo the
•pot, and after coneidenbig difficulty succeeded
lo getting Mn. Wirt ou|. Mrs Cummin» went
lo the bottom Immeflintely nnd wns drowned.
Her body woe auboequently procured end taken
lo Chesapeake City, when, doublleee, nn ioqneei
wn* held am) * verdict nndtred in accordance
with tbe abpye facia.
it be
lo the
y afternoon lost ihe Haven Woolen
vd, caught (re sod lo lern than an
lo atructart, with all Ita ralnabl*
contenu, irto ■ amoolderlog rains. Tfia flre Ig
nited In tfip vielter which waa In ihe ffiprtji «lo
ry. K way fanning al tho tint or material that
waa part wool and part cotton, under charge of
boy, who mya then waa a pleas of win wool
through, which struck ire, sod Iu a flash aloMat
Ilk* powder, th* flna particles o verband Ignited
tbs roof. Tho Intel lorn
«ran about «30, OM, partly I Mated,
On Bat
Mill*, at I
boar tb* w
lliaa T. W. Beaaej, Mra. Rachel Boome, Thom
at A. Cannon, taabella Emory, Rachel Ann Rm
bera, lleory Horner, Robert 8. Orem, Ana L.
Pine, Lydia Hirer, Phillip Simmon», John W.
Saw»on, Samuel Thomas, Him Mary Tbamptoa,
W. F, Vaughn, Jame« Wattaon, John 0. W*i
hina, Jr., I.iaaia Ana Young. Pcraona calling
for tbrae lellera will pleaaa aay they are adver
Salm« Ana's Chmreh, ■MAIalawil
Dlrln* ««rvli-« to-morrow, (Sunday, th* 4th
ia.taol). al th« usual hoitra, morning and eve
ning. The Rector of th« Church w ill officiate
Grorge W. Ingram Is erecting o double
frame dwelling lieu«, on l-ockwood Street—
Nathan Simmon», Jr. contractor. The building
is 24.it feet.
/Vr iht MtdJIrfotrn Tranicript.
OtofcWA, !>■!.. July 31ft, 1172.
M tissus Kpitohs ;—A notice appeared
in your last issue of a party of gcntlcuieu
leaving our town fur a pleasure trip down
the Huy. The parly consisted of eight.
We chartered the Schooner K H Fithimi—
Copt. Jerry Priée— end after a sotie» of
mishap, and trials, we sailed on Thursday
morning with a good supply of provisions,
it/—this lust we found lo be iuvalu
•ble. N»w as we tread tho deck of our
little cruft, we take a survey of wlint is to
be our home, for a short time, ashamed to
oonfess our ignorance of nnytliing and
everything relating to the craft, not know
ing the bow-sprit from tke rudder, but
still trying to make ourselves and com
panions believe that we were quite at
home, and in justice to nny feeling of
pleasure and securi'y lint we then enjoy
ed, they were partly owing to the calm
and determined visage uf each of our
No one, however qiiulmish he
i "It
. . . ... , . .
Old dree, that has he-n a guide to
Muriner f»>r «<> many venrs.
|i n > u,., r |, Hofei. Thcae
. . • , • .« »• . ..
» !h,u t ? ,n ,h ® ^tnnee, then
the Huy gradually expanding,
shores less defined
might feel, would fail to derive comfort
from one look at our " able sen in a
fore the muet " The first object of inter
est tint attracted our notice whs, LUton'*
I lie
noon left I
«I the
Our pirty »nt lu«
j is
. . , . . ».
merrily, ind caused her to pitch i>» » '
manner ulamnng t«> i»'*mc of our friends;
bin the during and detenniu« d mien of (
W I) (V nnd W. K A was quite suf
fieient to dispel nil their fours. We noon
lessly ar*»un l smoking, chatting.
playing cards ami nome winging
hrowxc tiffened up. nnd under its influ- j
cnee, nur little craft howled along right j
some i
'/• :
.. , ... . , lut r I
visited It, gn, ,f ,t does lint fulfil every ,
expeela.,"., nnd ".ore ben • pp, »l t" I
The innocent, .brnad Me dropp'd
anchor abreast of th* hotel, say two Un- j
dre.1 yards, and our ( «p »... «»on In.'d.d
,,! ' 1 n '| lk,, l , S ,W .° 1 ,r 'P* "'I 1 ' :
P* we *l ' h,! »'•"• »' :
«o nes of revelry and mirth, an 1 the
.. .. . ,
« range thing« that were there enacted I ,
shall leave for .«..me alder pen to desenbe
t ;,7o .TT'; ,t r! "t * T M,r ; t
boat to »ko U. to the fi-hing hanks all
desperately intent on having a grand ft*h
One of the party, in his xetil to eiiteh th*
Irout, heaved bait and line overboard
Soot) all wiT* engaged, and after n half
hour's flue fishing, ."'me began to com
plain of an unpleasant ft .'hug, poor B
looked wistfully to tho shore, gnvr no ex
pression except u long yawn, nmi another
complained of feeling very hud. hut not
sighted Forteseuo. For test* in* ! who has | ,,
not heard of Fortescue, a way
.Jersov shore? Those who have neve
lowtt on the !

Kv.rytl.ing pa«.«d off pleasant iv
except a growing di.piaitiou ofVoveral to '
I'pofi returning to the shore, the
Captain of the fiahiiiH smack had the mix*
fortune to beach hu tout and nearly *
diowned three of our erew—.J. H \\. D
and W K. A.
for the Breakwater
Objects of supposed ;
intercet were pointed out by our Captain: I
Kgg Inland light, Flogger shoals, Brown !
»hon!*, Brandy wine light, nnd far in tho j
distance, Cape Maj nnd Cape Ilcnlopen |
i lights. The settiug Sun brought with it j
i almost a (lend calm, nmi then it
we felt thnt indefinable sensation
by the lupg roll of the ocefin's
effect of which noon caused a number of
mir party to lay aside their dinner an food
for the tube# It is fiitr lo «uy that each
of the gentlemen, wiio un lerwent this
graceful ordeal, attributed it to
indulgence in trout and oysters.
After nightfall a gentle breeze sprung
up, and we sailed in behind that wonderful
and gigautio work of art, tho Breakwater
More than one of our party expressed
themnelves perfectly content with ull the
outlny that our Gov.-ruiuent had made in
itn construction. Never was a desidera
tum more perfectly attained than in this.
Behind its ponderous form, ngainnt which
old ocean Unites with incesnnut fury,
lay in water as tranquil ua our mill ponds.
.Saturday morning ull linndn beat to
quarters, i r. the breakfast table, and nf
ter liatn and eggs, our little boat put
to the edge of tlju Breakwater, about .5(7
yard* from the vessel, and we noon mount
ed tho top, neftr 12 feet from the high
witer mark It in about 10 feet broad
nnd one mile long On ita northern end
i* constructed a light-house, with n flush
light which can be seen twenty mile« at
sea. Tbifi and everything in connection
with it were viewed with interest. J. B
and J. (J. M- were intent on procuriog
MJine souvenir of this place. II. procured
a triangular piece of granito, and .J. C
M. something that waa tuppoittlto b§eoat .
In the afternoon our Captain landed us at
the quaint old town of Lewes. Tha most
prominent characteristic of this place, is,
the doors of tbe housas open outwards and
are painted green. Towards evening our
party hired a coach and started for Cape
Ilenlopen Light, some three miles nway.
Here all were lost in wonder and
ment. Before them a
of sand, closely enoirofing the light-bouse.
Picture to yourself a huge mound of sand
from two to three hundred yards wide at
ita hate, near fifty at the top, and about
one hundred fleet high, blown op from tbe
shore by tbe feres winds that thia bleak
ooaat la exppiod to, cohering imtpepae pine
treea. Thia left strikes ont u somewhat
nottl at he btbolde the endf of tlje branch
ée inti pooping through tbe sand. Tba
light-bogon It of an octagonal form, hand
somely built of atone, 115 fleet high and
ito fonndatian neorU u much above tbe
ltye| of Mu its. The lantern »between
Friday iiunn. »•■ »turtnl
wns that
an ovor
a mountain
7 and 8 foci eqoarc, lighted with 8- lamp*
and can be aeen in the eight 80 miiaa el
a*a. One uf the part* remained behind
and prepared u* a delieioua tapper ef Cepe
May goodie*, a leb Known to aoaae aa
croena, to which we ail did ample jnatiec,
Sunday morning, we weighed aeehet
and stood np the Bay. At one o'tiook
wo breaeted Forteacue, dropped
went aabore, and partook or a
relient dinner of flab
very ex
ettd oysters, tba
kind and gentlemanly landlord, Col. Leo,
making us feel aa though we had got baok
home. At 3 P. M. we returned oar
homeward track, under a fresh breese, as
much aa the vessel could bear, whieh
made our little schooner careou so as to
bring Iter larboard aide nearly to the
water's edge, the spray dashing upon thw
deck kindling a feeling within ua that
there is a cliatm in a sailor'a life unlika
all other. About ft P. M. wc glided into
the mouth of old Appoquininiink Creek,
disembarked, anil soon were welcomed
honte by our friends, each and everyooa
delighted with bis trip. Yours, ft.
The English in West Virginia.
Tltero seems a prospect of Virginia be
ing settled over again by the Kngli.b,
The White Sulphur Springs correspondent
of the New York World says:
Mr. George Grant, an Knglish capital
ist, who has passed the last tun ninnth* or
a year in thia country, has just purchased
in Greenbrier rounty. West Virginia, n
hout thirty miles from the springs, a tract
of land n.tKIO acre* in exteiit, 2,000 of
which are under cultivation There aro
three houses on the estate, hut no very
good ones, so Mr Grant intends building,
lie will devote a portion of the hi ml
stock-raising, nnd Mr f'nrr, well kunwn
'liming agriculturists ns a breeder of shorl
horns in the north of Knelnnd, will live
"It the farm and devote his attention lo
the raising of stock Hut Me. Grunt in
tends enlivening the greater portion of
his properly into a pnrk and hunting.
grounds after the Ktiglixh it tie.
Omni in one of the fo
men who have
projected a pie-nie oh u large scale to tho
Weal ill the full. A grand butfal
is included in the programme
gentlemen will charter
all ,| each wiM invite
The four
n riiilrnad train,
a certain number (if
|wrs"nul friend, as guest». The party will
probably num'.vr six'y. A hilf-ilnteu I«.
di' 1 « und gentlemen, friend* of Mr Grant,
will ennte friim Knglaud to join the parly,
lid llie ladies will assist in the bulla.
I" hunt. I" ing uf llie Fnglisli indies who
eitjoy hunting. The excurtinuista will
, s ,„
I Frum i-ro. and will pmUbly prolong their
ni ,. ,.„ c i n j,! September, into tho
j will „. r Another Knglish gentleman, who
U „., T „ | ar(f( . p^b.«. of land
: in Virginia, is Mr It
: pnrebn-'l a trael of land
..u, „ r.,.,,, , \ nt . i t , , • . •
11111* from this plan* 1 lie land is chit*
, v . luilMe f„ r c !,„| | lr f(iund thrrpin hot
■„ „ , ■ „„j
t Mr r«w„ B *u F . ,hi» f. r «
|1|e bri .,. ds of fh b 1
('atitlv, who hat
nhoui Bevcnt
It is rcjmrtid the (ictieva Hoard of An
hitrators have udnptvd (hit following ineth-.
• ••I of disp.Bing of the bu^ineaa I» »ore it:
ined sepxr-.
tel) The arbitrator! next decide wbaV
principle is applicable to the ease, by
which it stands or falls. No definite a
'T" 1 ., 4
' " h " n 'be examumlmn.« of all .he ease» .*
con, P ilU ' d - '*?' .'"b""» *«11 rern-w .1»
,< T arotc cnus,, ' 0# a,,t ^ n E r «* c upon a to
* u ** um « öU1B g ci
I he (I'Cathfi in Philadelphia fur the week
; ending Saturday amounted to 580, a de
I crease of (ill. Only four were of smnll
! P°*- The number of deaths in New York
j i»>Mhc aanie time wan 791, a decrease of
| 1-7. There were three suicides on p r |.
j day nnd two on ttaturdny.
M A ItltllSIl,
At the rcsi.tonrc of the bride's parent«, July
by *be Bov. I mac IliiMeniap. Wm. M.
d. of Wilmington, Del. to Mattie J. \V
j rcl, of West ('belter, l»a.
M st,
In this (own. on Wednesday, the 3t«t instant,
llarrv, »m of Jntnra H nnd Ella M. Scowdrlck.
aged t; uioiitli« nnd 8 days.
Registers Order.
Sri» fistle Cuunlj , July ?st|,, 1 , 71 .
I [ion the np|ilirttiin[t of Tlinmii. J.
Administrator C. T. ,\ of Nuniuel Jefferson, tnt»;
of Sait, t (Jefirpe* Hundred, in said coaatv, de :
cen«4*tl ; i* i« ordered and directed by tlie Regis
ter that the Administrator, C. T. A*., aforesaid,
give notice of tha granting of f.ettrr« of Admin
»«q»oa Ihfi eslutp gf the deceased, witl^
of granting I hereof, by cauping adver
tisement« tp l»r posted within fufty d*y* from
Hie granting qf stieb (.etter«, if) *«; ßf tne mo»t
public ptnues of the county of New ('sitie, re
quiring all peripqi tjaviijg demands figalqat tbs
Kstfite t<> present the rame, or abide by an Ac^
of Assembly in |arb ease made and provided.
And ntsu mute tlie same to t»e inserted within
the same period in the Mintu.irrowx TasancairT,
a nrM s|»,*per pqtdistird in Middletown, and to be
eontimied therein two months.
the date
t Wto tiirrn umlrr Ihr hniiilniil 8e*l of tuflea
UU II» Rr,i«trr afurrMl 1 , at New Castle,
In Nr* Caalle county aforesaid, lit* da» and jear
abor* «ritten. II. GIBBS, Rc,lelrr.
NOTICE.— All person« having claim« sgainit
the Estate uf ihe decc.ieed muet present the same,
dull- atlrsleil, to the Admlnlitrator, on or liefore
Julr 25th, 1073, or abide llie Act of Assembly in
■uch case made and provided.
Tiioiua j. Cearea, Adm. C. T. A.
Addreee—St Oeorgee, Del.
Dissolution of Oo-Fortnerahip.
N OTICE Is hereby given (hat Ihe r, nirtqer
•hip heretofore existing between the nnder
elgned, under the name of Wallace * Oare, I«
this dae dissolved hv mutual cornent, and that
I. O. Wallace I» authorised to settle Ibe bueloan
of ihe late Arm. All pereone indebted to th*
nrm nre herehjr tintiflui -i settle their ecronnte
within so daps, or they will be placed in th*
hande ofnn officer for collection.
Middlptpwn, July 29th, 1(73—k 3-Si»*
aitg 1—tm
Mies Dell Tippin desire*
■ ssysaa
to form a clam of
aud hair flowtra to
dene* ofir. J. W.
dlctown, Del.
Wag Vte

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