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T ».»II aov aatnrrilirr! oradlng no two dollar»
bo*r, wt will ornd thoTaaaarnirr the
' Of Milo year Av. and data thrtr an
fopm January Ul UM.
R. RttrnoLM, Minuurrowx, Dot..
i. M. Wiuunaoa, Hm). of Wilmington, I,
'«dturiar.l mnraaoing and cullarling dgonl
' Newark Bank Conspiracy.
In another column we give the mein
part nf the evidence in the caro of fjtate
VÜ., .fame* Adame aud John Aiken, in
dinted for eoorpiracy to rub Newark be
We Imvo knowu Adame for re vert 1
year*, and alwayr looked upon him ar an
* linneet iiiAti. We trurted him in the naat,
anl previouA to hie orrert #» tbia charge
»•»old bave doue ro again without hérita
iiori Hie chief fault, we believed, was
n rnilior too liarty temper. Wo cannot
help but entertain for htui feeling* of pity
gr. at trouble that he has brought
m;m»u Ititiiavlf: nor «lo we think he ie lone
%hliit worse ,
»imply becauso ho nlono tens
yj « oiivii tc I, than those who agreed to nid
htm iu ht» Aelteino. Ono thing is certain :
« man oa it pot cuter into a conspiracy Erith
liiuisvlf. To form a conspiracy there must
Iw more than ono. Tho very definition of
the term is " u rombitiation of persons for
«il cfil purpose." To assert that a than
«•••in hi mi*-I with himself is absurd. Adams
wa* ©onrioted of having entered into a
Ctmapiru y; he wad, therefore, have had
»«•complice*; the question is who were
they? Had the intention of tho conspira
tor» been carried into effect others would
have ph;.red the plunder with him, but the
nt f ills on him «lone,
ako tio palliation of his guilt.
Having broken the l«w»*of the Mtatcl lie
must suffer the cnnst'quenetfl, but h(? is
not entitled to all the obloquy attached to
There aro hundreds of ni
who. on thu Seri) tore terms of beiog with
out win. rammt throw stones at Adams.
•A .
mich affair*.
Iliirgtar in all but the deed though bo De,
tirero •rto tiling that can be said of ijiiu
which catiQiit be raid of many men who
occupy high p'iaifion» in «oeicty, and (liât
ia he waa utwray* f.»iihfu! to his engage
If h»' f »mi- ! to do .*» thing he
g at least as wc knl w
did il, aud, fe.» 1 it;
of hi in, Itc W:i* it»"
•r charged with u^ig
leefttig to pay debts that lie contracted, or
with failing» to accuiupli.-h what he ngreied
<o do. \Ye c.ninot see that it makes nDy
difference to the loser whether he loso his
pruperty by tiirert rubbery or to iwindlcil
ont of it by f»l>c rrprcrciitationt and ini,
pliiL-rd coufi b iico. The man who de!il>Sr
RU-ty nii»r<'pru,i ul» his condition nud,
knowing that ho hui not tho means to
nict-t his obligation*, contract, engnjje
luunts which lie knows lie cannot keep to
just us guilty, inorully. us the man who
J.r. uks into and rub* * bank or other place
. »* deposit. Fur nur own psrt w* would
rather s man would steal right straight
oat from nr than to pomo to ns with lying
ruprrsi-uUii«His ond promue* to pay, and
chert ua ont vf our monry by imposing
apon our crpdulity. In th* fornior cape
•r* wuiild g.-t a little sympathy, and por
Siapr indulgence from our creditor*, if wc
»lid not meut our engagement*.
We do nut aay that all men who
ruler into odiligaii ms which they beconU
unable to meet do so from dishonest mo
tiv.r ; fur from it. There are hundreds
and- ihou-auds of good, honest men who
menu t<> do exactly as they tty, but ape
prevented hy the failure of others to keep
their engagements with them. Dut there
■re men who will deliberately go into dc|>t
fir beyond their mentis fiir things which
nr* not neewrary to their welfare atjd
* wbtoh they would be better without.
' Number» of men, induced no doubt In
j .'MMtw instance* by their wire* rad dangbl
pre, will rush orpr hoad and para into debt
)n..#nbir I« k.»p np s " rsrpeclabl* an
pK-aiattoo " ill society, and not bo out-dono
. Uy their neighbor«. Out upon anoh g»n
tSiljr ! b to n tftnnsagd timor more gen
- «pel tn be nut of debt, or *t least to live
Wftln jour mean* than It i* to wesr fine
•fiMie* or rid* In new (unpaid for) etrl
riaga* behind fact homes. Thto tendency
■ to fl»t living rad axtrevagnum la n grant
growing evil and rbowM be frowned down
ThuM who»« position eanaa* them to hi
Ê0t af iwdtotian. Society will oame
. short wf tba ohjagt «f it« eraglim and fail
in the duty inward it« member* if it neg
. 1
gun Bm Iabs
tors ip tba Holy Lead
, tßi
Th* Lbdj'i Friand fer Daoaaber.
A capital holiday B an ker. Better
atari« than tha LaJg'e AWamt proride,
lar tha delight af it« randan
tafowad. AHtojaw—0dr,
aov hart
« M i* ia thto
pmially ghoice ig
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Dato; Vootar, load* off. -With th. Oar
ront," h; Agsaa Jagt«, to al foacinnting
ai U «g bo. -Thai Usplmmst Littlo
Chot«;nd" bat «an; of th* peculiar
charare of Paaato Ilodgooa. Tho itor;
nf "Una aad Bar Lion," baaocladad;
and «Tarai piquant ikrtoh« oomplcta a
rariot; that to anra to plea«. -A Nona
Legond." by M. C. Pyle; and "Year*
A fur," b; Fltrtatt Poroy ; aad -In tba
Hercaflar," b; Madga Canal, an poeui,
that an; magatige in the world wogld be
The embelltohmenti eleo an of nnunaal
inter«, end benot;. -When The; Crn
eified Him." Then the frontiipieee to jait
exqaieite, end e pretty illnstretion of
I»ODgfellow'* "Cbildreo'e Hour," end t
choice ripnette of "The Star in tha Kent"
illuminate the book.
Por next year Mr*. Wood, the author
of "Keet Lynne," announce, t Serial call
ed "The Master of Greylande," end nor
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Tiik Kiruner Man in thx World.—
The Khedive of Kgypt ir probably the
richest man in tbe world. lain yearly in
to $50,000,000, and he bee twenty
fire richly furnirhed palace, within the
wnlla of Cairo, lie to vaelly mon pro
greieire than Ihn Sultan, hie Tnrkiab
mailer ; is rapidly extending ki* d.
ion*, building railroad*, ana making
■ncrcial improvement«, and will ultimately
become independent of Turkish domi
Hn to at preaent making arrange
for the connection of ■ railroad i
Nile to Dongola, end thence aeroea the
deaert to Louden, wbieh country he will
make one of hie own provinces. It has
been remarked of him that "tbe Viceroy,
upon any throne in Europe would be the
greatest monarch of the age." II* ie not
only a priooe, but n merchant, n capital
let, a atateeman and a cultivator. He
eleepe only four hour* out of twonty-four,
end at bia dark center to railroads, eteem
ehip lines, telegraphs, n«t*l service, pri
vate eatatu, enger mill*, sotten cnlture,
army, navy ana civil aerviee.
l'ublishod by Doacon k
00 in
up the
Wa anil apeoial attention to tha repart
of the moating held at the Corn Rxebango,
yerterday, on the anbjaet of eonetraeting
a railroad front Rlkton to Mnaaay'a Croaa
Haada. «hare it wrald connect with tha
Kent County and Qnaan Anne'a railroad«.
The importas«« of the propoard rand to
bnainraa intercala of Baltimore
aeareely be orareatimated. Tha diatanee
between Rlkton and Maaaey'a ia hot twen
ty-two milaa, wbitot ita eonatrnetios would
•horten tb* diatanee by rail lo Baltimore
thirty-six mile*. Only fbnrtaan thooaand
dollar* ar* reqnired hy the Rlkton Com
mitt'e tn make the aitty thooaand dolUn
to b* rabad hy prirat* anbeeriptiona, ha
fora th* Stale appropriation nf fifty-eight
thooaand dollar» ean ha made atailabla.
hope tha amnnni aakad for wilt be
promptly farniahad .—Baltimore 0'axett*.
•The Rev. Dr. McCaha ia lying very
111, hnvingjbaag taddaoly attieked while!
Wo find tha above ia Iba CteH Whig of
y but. TV bare tba Whig ramivad
wa ds gin lam. Dr.
ba ggy ta aay to aat til,
aestrery, ta wy goad.
bmltb, aR tb*
ago tba Dootar was
b«l oooa omaomwd ^batp that
•all, and raga
Us sétaHta
Local sod Sut« Albin.
Tin tlan ar tha won va, woolly occupied oa
Tbwraday aflaat «wk la baarla, I ko evidence,
a ta, Snarl« -ho war Mint IW committing
aa ooaaall aad *»ira*a oa the prrooa of In.
Mary Thompaoa, who waa the chief vltaon a
galnit kin. A, tho tewlmonv ka, all kata karr
io Ibrt reported. and (hr public art Ikaritlar with
tba dotait, of the rrlmr, vc retrain from Ailing
oar column, with th, account, it brine nf rather
a revolting rhararter. Drnnl, vat found "guilty"
of tb* «rime a, charged.
On Batorday, enotrary to Moal cuitom,
coart woo in arooinn. It* Itrnton **• (<
failty «f «toallnr a door-mat from John Bough
mao, aad wo» oroteaetd to par $4.00 rrotltolioa
money, nrriro 20 laohro ; »tar to Jail • month»,
and wear a conrlrt'o jarkol II month» nftor bring
. Joarph Smith, (nee) for omling a liar
I a coal, got SO laohro, 1 year imprbuu
moat aad a jacket for 0 month»,beridr», a Ane of
$13.« nnltotioa.
Jsbi Lopsr, (negro) indicted ss the charge of
bnving committed «n n— «ult «udjbuttery on A
gustos Hnsirobsek, of this town, on tiro Iffth of
July, was found 1 'guilty" of an assault and sen
tenced to pay $10.00 fine and costs, and he Im
prisoned until tl— sentence is complied with.
Tbe court nett proceeded to try the csss of
State vs. James Adams and John Aiken, indict
ed for conspiracy to break into and rob the
Newark Rank. On the —otion of W. G. While
ley. Esq. counsel for defence. George P. Miller
und W. I 1 , Green wait were excluded the
room dining the takiug of other testimony by
the Stale.
The inception of this conspiracy dales a» far
hack as last Dccemtwr. It was completed on the
lfhh of March last,when by agreement of Adams,
Aiken, Greenwalt and Miller met in ft laurel
nper end of Mill Itreek Hundred,
lie plans to carry this robberv in
rt. Adams
hank, for
thicket in the u
and made defin
to effect, and assigned s«rh on« Ills p«:
was to open ths outer door of the
which he and Aiken wer« to procure keys, Mil
ter, (who was formerly n pay teller in this bank)
was to unlock ths outer vault door, which was
fastcne,I by a combination lock, which he under
stood when he was in tho bank, and which he
then explained to them. Aiken was to get into
ths safe, and who then and there said, "if it was
a 'Lilly Safe' he could go through it in three
quaiters of an hoar." Aiken was to go to Phil
atlslphia, and get a dark lantern and some tools;
Greenwalt was to meet him in Wilmington, at
6 o'clock in the evening, convey him to Newark
and take him to the rear of .Squire Caulk's sta
ble. They were to divide tho spoils equally n
moug tlicm; and if any oho wus absent at the
tim« of the robbery be was to lose his share.
Greenwalt was to make ruhlxr bags iu which to
preserve ths stolen fonds, and further, if cither
of the four should ever bnnth it, he was to sur*
fer death.
Several meetings were had subsequently be- J
Nevcral keys (which were exhibited in the j
Court-room) were made for opening the bank !
door. One rainy night in the latter part of !
March, Adams and Miller agreed to try one of
the keys. Adams said to Miller, there Is no need j
of you going. Miller said "very well" and went
home, but came around to the bank yard and ;
laid down under a tree there to wait for Adams |
to come to the bank, and see if he entered the
bank, "so that he might have a sure foundation
? him. Adams came to the bank, and
Miller heurd him working nt the door; but lie
did not open it tins. Miller saw Adams the
next morning lieforo breakfast, who said that
Aiken had filed the ksy too much and another
would har. toi« Aden...flerwrrd. with
n skeleton ksy unlocked the door but could not
lock it again. He then made a third key which
Miller tried. It not fitting, Adams varnished
the key and was thus enabled to tell where it
need filing. Further proceedings in the matter
were delayed till Fall on account of the warm
weather, as people had their windows up mid
might hear them nt work.
On the lit of October liut, Miller rcvenled tb*
plot lo the directors of the bank, and steps were
immediate!r taken to have the consuiratnrs nr- #
T 'V r cre , l kc * ,h J
middle of last month, nod tho keys were found
in the trunk of Adams.
unlawful rnnfuier
tween them «bout this matter.
tO S«M'
The evidenre for the Htntc not being finished
the case was continued till to-morrow.
The case of Htntc vs. .Adams nnd Aik
continued on
produced by the prosecution. The defence en
deavored to Impeach the character of W. If.
Greenwalt for vernrlty, and to disprove Aik»-n's
complicity la the conspiracy.
Dtp. Alt. Gen. Rates addressed the jury for
«bout «n hour. W, G. Whiteley, Ksq. followed
in an argument of tl»« same Icoglli for the dc
tenet, and Attorney Gen. Lore closed the argu
The court charged tl»c jury that the accused
(Adam* and Aiken) were Indicted for conspiring
lo roll the Newark National Rank I« White L'lav
Creek hundred, of this county.
That a conspiracy was
ary or agreement or combination between two
or more person* to do an unlawful act,
a lawful net in nn uulawful manner. That the
gist of the offence consisted of nnd was complete
when, nr, at ths moment this combiuatiuu was
entered into, or agreement made.
That it was incumlwnt on the ua
ecu lion to provs that this uulawful
or agreement was entered into or made.
That the proof of any overt set done In pursu
ance of said agreement was merely cumulative
or corroborative evident« of the conspiracy.
That undsr this indictment if any unlawful
agreement had I »een proved between the accused
both must he convicted. If hut one of them had
been proved lo have conspired with either on« of
tbe four conspirators, it was tbe duty of the jury
to convict him.
That if both of the accused bad been proven
to have conspired with either of the four, they
should both be found guilty.
That the jury must judge from the «vLUnre
before them whether this conspiracy had In fact
been entered into and render their verdict ac
The jury retired, and
about three quarters of an
verdict of "James Adams guilty,
Accor« n»« to Law, the Superior Court met on
Monday morning.
Committees were n
.nj .
to t|o
rt of tb« pros
after haring been out
hour, returned with a
John Aiken
I nlnted ta examine three
eCallteter, J. P. It. Polk
énd C. K. Sllvev, for admlnlun lo the Bnr.
8 h*rMT R. L. Armetron* «ne nunlillrd In the
produced hi,
were acrepted bp tbe court Jitm*» Armatruop,
Atexrndrr llplliny»*orth. John Krnni, Jam»»
Brown, Jnm«e Or*n»ton, tl. W. Vernon, Hoary
l^nll, Wm. Hrarkrn, H. It. McMullen nnd Wm
•um of $ 16,000 and
•uretin who
Th* Civil l.iat wm Ikon ratted. The tint caw
tried wm that ot Wm. Baxter re. Philip Plankett.
Tht* wm * rail lo recover for three promlmory
re, $7» *»rb, gives by Wm. MrDeritl, over
,Ignitor* ot the Arm of "McDrvItt A Co."
(of which Plunkett wm then a member) for the
Individual debt of Wm. McDrvItt, which exlilrd
liefore the parlaenhlp waa formed. The Court
charged the jury la rabatur* that une imrl
ner cannot give a not* of Ih* firm for hie Indi
vidual drhl. liefore Ih*
partaerahin tabled
hereby (m between
rigiaal partim) wllhoat hie eonwM, eat ecru if
tbe money borrowed went into th* Arm, ud wm
umd by it. It wm a debt of Mcltrvltt'a ; but tf
yon are »atleAed It wm given for n debt contract
ed rabmonently to the formation of the eo-part
ntrahlp tha natn nijaad. Verdict far lb* da
frndaat. Gordon, Eaq. for plaintiff; John C.
Pollan», Eaq, for defradaat.
On tbe favorable reporta of 8 . M. Harrington
end BenJ. Nield», Eeq'a. John P. R. Polk nnd
Clamte* B. Silver were admitted to the Bar, end
qualified u practicing AUoroeta.
ean catbd for trial wae:— Wm. B.
th* o
The neat
Williame re.
for al
Oram O. Clearer, !o reaavw damage»
bgedtrrepam. Tbaatlma H aaa af tha
were, la eo he la am aa follewa.
That Platetljf had !a liareh, ll 7 o, raabd aa
dar renais cagdittaa* a form of «boot 200 am**,
8 Hand red, from Omega
■dlMaly bagu mpimtaaHa
tba greandfoe ptuUag, pb
la B 4 . Gaorg
that halm»
■allé* ta barra*.
Ota* rar «p p mred »«^
■ot comply, wbea Clearer Imawdbtely
«f for bad I with exerptl» af the
2 £;
tenant hottet) and farmsd it dnrimf Iks jmt,
|nib(riR| «II tht cro p« I f «Ui» with that
which had ffrown from tha aaad planted b j
Williams. Only one witarns had bam taaminad
to substantiate these facte when the Court ad
journed until 10 o'dofk, a. i. Tu— day.
Tht cate of William Clearer was contin
ued nest morning.
The plaintiff produced er I deace r «roulât I re of
that reported yesterday, to show tha reatiag or
this farm, by Clearer to Williame, and hie euh
eeqoeut forcible eviction therefram by décodant,
on the Ihth of Nay last, alto ae effirefing the
question of damages claimed by plaintiff. The
terms of the agreement to rent and what propor
tionate share of the crops were agreed to be ren
dered as rent, acre itHpiired into ; also what
w as tbe amount of such crop actually raised
•aid farm that } car ; and their respective market
The defence continued, and endearored to
show by eridence produced, that in the first
place there was no tenancy, but simply an agree
ment on the part of Cleaver to hire W illiams to
work the farm for the year, and giro him one
'third of the crops raised ae a compensât isn there
of ; that eecoadly, If this was a tenancy, the
plaintiff bad not sufficient!; pro red an exclusive
po s es—ion of the property, nor an erlction there
arguments in the case were not completed
until after dinner, when the Court in its charge
to the jury read the tint two sections of chapter
130 of the Kerisrd Code.
That this in a que* lion merely of fact aud the
jury must decide, whether the agreement was for
Williams to pay two-thirds of the crops raised
•ta rmt t or for Cleaver to pay the plnintiff one
third of the crop raised as compensation for his
That if they found It was a tenancy, and that
the pluiiitifl lutd been evicted from the ihimcs
■ion, Ins 'damages should las what would have
been his profits for that year; aad that it would
Ik* con>|»ctrni for the jury to take into considera
tion the aggravation of iho eviction, in a
ittg damages.
The jury retired at 4) o'clock, P. M. and
the time of the adjournment of the Courts
not returned. Samuel M. Harrington, Esq. for
plaintiff, George Gray, Ksq. for defendant.
to town that may be interesting,
According to announcement, the boys had
their foot tournament on .Saturday last, sixteen
Knights contested for the several prises, vii :—
J First prise, a fine Rare Mali î second, a hand*otue
Knife, and third a Hing to the unsuccessful
j Knight. Hing«, 3 in number; lj inches in
! diameter : distance 45 rnrds ; time seconds,
of ! The first t>ri*c was taken by James Mulligan,
of Knight of Damascus; second prise by Spentcr
j Richardson, Koiglit of Lighlfoot ; third prise,
the King, by Addisou Hunter, Knight of Put
; nun», lie having contended well for it, taking
| two rings only. The names of some of the
Knights were quite original; thèse
them. Knight of Rricktop, Cat-tails, lllack Halve
and Kivu and Forty.
lie The Delaware and Pennsylvania U. H. Ii.ivc
con tract« d with Thomas A Hon of this city, io
build a water home, eighty f«-ei in circumference,
the tank lo hold eight tlua'isand gallons of water,
Th* wulcr Iu b* |.udi|»,l up lit. ihm h»r«*
power engine. Die bouse is to hs built near the
Depot in this city, and the work to l»e comitien
cod as soon as the material ran lie gotten.
it Mr. Joseph liruner of this city left hers last
week for New York, whence he will sail with tbe
coast survey for Houth America. He learn lie
will lie gone for two years.
On Tuesday Inst there was quite a number of
Hock, of » 11,1 **.«.• Hying o.*m:,;. . it.,-. Their
course was southward. We «r« told that this is
# a good sign of cold weather, and if this be true,
J «»'"J u ,oon ;i _ , , ,
A Novxt. Nliiltr.—On Turedav last, several'
carriages passed through our city, with oxen nt
inched to them. ' I
The horses afflicted with the ipizjo'y an* get- j
ting better.
Mr. John P.ittenon and family lift here on
Tuesday last, for Pekin, Illinois. We learn
that Mr. P. Intends to go juty t|u- mannfncturing
of '
A Livsi.« PtotoM.uT —Ono day u»t wesk a
captain passed through the eanal, with about ,5
mmkinAml., un hl» h.«t ; he ^..r an hi» ««y
to Philadelphia, where he hoped to find n ready
sale for them.
Hignor Blitz, the "famous" has been dclighl ;
ing our citizens the past tew■ dnvs with his won- 1
dcrfnl performances. From the crowded homes
nud thu srenung appreciative audiences, his sue
ects here has been complete. \Ye lenru that ho
«ill .Hortl* ri.it »nur town, nud wc be»pe.k fur
■ a ear a racep un.
ip to
Dr la war» CMjr lt»rea*
Sitting within the old Sanctum, where one
year ago we wrote our )nst 11 lo.-al" lo the- Trans
cript ; memory is busy in recalling past history
and the many changes that have taken place
sinre uur |h-ii last ehrunicLd the history of tho
week. One rear ha« patte. I—political changes
have occurred—ltu|*eii buried—expected antici
pations realized, nnd amid tho turmoil of ex
citement and the twin of cities we are now agnin
dy to mall the pawl, and in the future and
der* a few jottings of our
prcM-nt give your
Guilty *f larompctrar* unit Rvglfct.
The Coroner's jurr »ummuiieft to imestignte
.he causes w hit li le*i Iu the lute limi lul nrcitlcnt
oil the P \V A R rn;lrqu<l, after u most enreful
ami thorough axatuinalion of witnesses, sc ouring
the best eviUeiiec within their reach have remt
ered a verdict that the accident and consequent
(jeat)t and injury of uassengers, was owing lo the
culpable ueglcct an«l iucoiupelcucy of Alsxander
Rue, tbe conductor of the train that wa* run in
not having given the pro|H>r notice to it««
approaching train, and a wurraut was issued for
his arrest. The Railroad L'ompnny i* entirely
fret* from all blame; their rule* and régula,
arc amply sufficient, If obeyed, to prevent every
kind «>« accident of this character, and that their
ployec failed to act in accordance with those
rule* was Ais fault, not the Company's.
The Weather.
On Sunday and Monday of this week the
weather was exceedingly pleasant. The air was
mild, nnd the sun sliouc out bright «ml warm.
Thi* was rathar contrary to the predictions of
"Old Probabilities." ills "Rocky Mountain
Wave" that was to bring winter so earlr upon
us didn't come, but instead of it old Mr. Lo scut
us a few samples of his summer weather. Prob*
missed it again on Tuesday. His " probabilities'
«»f " clear and clearlrg weather In the afternoon
in the Middle States"
judging from the steady rein that tell all that
day in this part of the country.
The first snow of the season in this section fell
on Thursday night, ar.d ou Friday morning the
ground was well corprcd with a mantle of white.
not qnite correct,
Tluwkagtvlwg Dap.
■riving day wm pretty generally ohrerv
ddlcluwn. The »lore* nnd ihoiu were
cd in Mi
»II cloacd, nnd huiincM suriwndrd. IHvlnc Ser
vice wni celebrated at the Epiacnpnl and I'rcdiy
tcrian churchra. At the Inlter Rrr. Hr. Petion
delivered »0 excellent irrmon from tb* word»
" Rlghtcuuinra» exnlteth a nation," aaaerilng
that "rellgloui principle» and good moral* »re
frrnd to di» preient dcplorabl» eoaditton of
Prance, and pronounced It the mult of tbe fol
ly of that people In renouncing (iod and appeal
ing to tie»»on.
At the Episcopal Church Rer Dr. McCabe de
livered nn eloquent addran on tb* euhject at
National gratitude.
of a nation.
rial lo th*
He re
A wrier of apodal meeting* for Divine wor
Ip hM been bald during the pmt weak nt lb*
Formt Prcabyleriaa ebureb In thb town, nnd
evening after erenlag a large nnmber of the con
gregation were gathered together In tbe lecture
ream of that eburrh the prayer. Tb* parlor, Dr.
Paltm, preached on erery occMlna, and mneh
nitrated. Them mrvlcre were
preparatory to C-ammoaloa to-morrow,
(I b hoped newel peraoni will b* added
tolh» Church. The " preparatory
b» delivered M* »Rerun*, ud the
Interrel wat
rib of Bap
a mdoni accident nt bb but*, am
orten, onÜaoday bat. He wm attacked la bb
hanyard by an laforiabd ball, aad had tb* bet
"trm rib" dbiomtad or broken from Iba breut
bau aad wm atharwtaa much bratend. Hb at
^sÄSSste 1

The Great Ntttemhl Hank conipimey having
isposed of by the Court on Saturday last,
tel lemon t attending Its trial has pns-d
Adams, only one nf the party being
convicted, rumors are rife of nn effbet at emo
tive pardon. Hie flooor Chief J«*}®* OVl.
treated the Ifewarh IM Enterprise m ilil
contempt, saving «Vom the bench
rat ora would not malts a good sot of cPhMl
thieves, bwA wvto a sM of bungling Jeckoe—d.
Mr. C. J. Calvert, onr w hoieoale l)og Denier Is
doing quite an eitrneive business In bts line, end
dally making large shipments of Dogs to all
parts of tbe country. Like all other busine—
nten, heia making considerable preparation for
the Holidays, end hit stock of dogs cannot be
etcelled, both lor variety and purity of stock.
Rcvcrnl citisens havs for sometime past talked
organising a "Board of trad«" with daily
meeting on «Tinege, similar to the Wilmington I
Exclu ngc believing the Pennsylvania nod D»l
R. H. as it nears completion will make
Newark a second New York. The talk culivi
nated rn Thursday in a meeting at their rooms
near the Post Office, and an election of officers
follows:—President, Win. D. Herdtnan; Tice
President, James A. Smith; Secretary and Trea
surer, Col. Richard W. Robinson. It being the
first day, the offerings were tight, consisting of
|h. smoking tobacco, a hot of matches, and
three pipes Tho members confidently expert to
increase their numbers, and to make their enter
prise a sure«—, and their dully meetings prove
valuable to the town and surrounding country.
Hog killing has begun, and the despairing
squeal of the dying porker ascends hourly to
that bourne from whence no " llain fat Man''
ever returns. The higgrst hog of the commu
nity will not be killed this fall, as it might be
mlird manslaughter.
Mr. W. K. Turner, 8 ou-in-!*aw of John W.
, Ksq. and formerly of the firm of Casho k
Co. leaves, December 1st, '72 for Philadelphia,
to ttct'omc a member of the firm of Heislrr Bros.
Tobacconist Ac. South Delaware Avenue
A canvasser is at work in town, solMtiug sub
scription to the capital stock of a Morning Daily
Democratic Newspaper, to l*c started in Wil
mington about the first of February. The capi
tal slock to be $10,000 00 divided Into shares of
$10 oo each. The Democrats generally are sub
scribing. recognising the great necessity existing
for a live, earnest Democratic Journal, and
party organ. This movement originated with
several gentlemen from different parts of the
Ntate, and similar action is in progress in the
lower counties.
••a/. Ja
e . A111> . . . «*
I ne following account pivcti by .ir
«oh 11 I* rustiy riret Assistant Ktiglliccr ol
tho burned Steamer Mi anon ri of tile* man
uc . r ju w |,j c |, |„ crc.pe.l death, and tho
.. , n - . . *, * .
fUncritigs lie ntiil Ills compahiolia
ctnlurctl will be rood with lUtcrcst :
vudsmv's sninr
Ho says tho felt ip stoppe«! frequently
during the trip owing to tho foaming of
botL.ra Tho fir,* nri<»ii.«t*..l nr.mti.l
1 " ""! ' r " 1 Br0 • rou " d
*' ,t * boilers ; we nt once begun lo plsy the
hose Iron» ths donkey engiue, but S00Ü
found if was unavailing, and the Captain
^ i _ , c , ,, 1
' . bents lowered *, all TT 34 con
fusion, and nt the nttempt to lower the
first boat thirty persona jumped into her,
but owing to the mismanagement of the
» », ® f .. . b .. ..
dot its one slid fell into the sen, the Other
rcmnintng hanging in the nil ; nil except
Frvany and «right Qthorp, owing to tho
rolling of the ship in the hsavt jea, let go
, ® J °
an,1 , wa , r0 w, * b ' d m, ° * c » i n "> c clun 8
to Hie Imat until sonic person OD board the
ship cut the davits, nud the boat which
HUed with water went free of the ship ; wc
i . « .. i -.i .
«»w a bout bottom upward, with two men
clinging to the keel ; threw them a line
and talked awhilo with them; wanted
l hen, to come anil join ur, but the, con-!
aidcreii tliclr poslliiia better tliaa otjr»,
ami n fureJ ; one of uur men joined ilia
two nud one of »be two »wain over to ur,
being on» of the rared. We met Mr.
Culmcr'a boat, and arked him tu ndmil
us, we being in a aiuking condition, but
(Juluiar rcfu»*d, «yin* that ha had anougb
un board; we told h
bold more; Culoier thraw ua a buchst,
and we tried ineffectually tu hail out the
boat ; Calmer »leered toward Abaco ; wa
had four oara At nightfall we nul|«d
back toward« the rtcamsr, hoping the fire
would prove a beacon, and that torn*
parting vrrrel might pick ua up ; we came
within half a mile of the Missouri. About
7 in the wvening, tba steamer disappeared
suddenly. We then put our boat before
tba wind. On the second and third diyr
w* were »till before tbe wind, and ruder
ing terribly. On tbe latter day, we saw
a veaaal eouia within a mile of ua ; we
shouted and hoisted our clothing, but
ware unable to attract attention, and the
vessel hoisted **il tod steered away.
Or tha fourth day ono of oar crew
died, and that night two other*, having
become eras;, jumped overboard. Tb*
boat waa always full of water, and our
salvea sitting waist daep. On the fifth
morning another man died. Wo war*
before tb* wind. That tvaning was
calm and we race aided ia hailing th* boat
with two hats, a eras* man having thrown
tho buckot overboard. From tura* life
preservers wo made a email *q||, apread it
and steered South, but ot)y exhaustion
so giwat that w* *oold do little. On
th* sixth and seventh dgyi onr situation
waa uncltaoged. Oa tba *ighth dey
■ighfod land and succeeded in landing at
Powell'» Cay, n*ar Abaeo. in th* *v*niag.
W* had Mica rad drank nothing eine*
leaving tba ehip, aad UM down oa lb*
beech in i borribl* condition Afin •
tim* of root on tbor* w* gsthnad strength
to reaah some delefted houses, rad found
a sfiriag of fresh water. We toy huddled
together all night. Oa tb* ninth day *•
found a hw tomato**, wbioh we boiled,
in on* of
Accldval «in Ihr Drlawar» Kallroa«.
Another serious nccblcnt oeeurred
last .*-*atiirduy evening, near Moon-ton station.
As the " night freight " was passing that station
John Rook, a brakeinan, in tome way lost his
balance, »ml fell from tbe train while it u.
ning at the rate of 20 miles
the train saw him fall, nnd lie w
some time. The |wi 4 *cngcr train, 1
this road
hour. No one on
not missed for
d N«iuth,
picked him up and carried him to Dover.
.Monday morning he was taken to his hoi
Wilmington. The extent of his injurie* is not
known, lie was
are *a.«l lo have hern terrible, requiting *cv«b
men to keep him iu tbe wagon while taking him
home Irom the train. He was hurl iu the head.
onsclous, and his raving*
Another boat from the ill-fated
Steamer Missouri reaches
ini the boat could
having found match** nnd a pat
th* CongM. Thto prod,need a i
atrasgth, and wa laonehad (ka haat
UtoJ Ig Fgaeb tba maigUoij, but foiling,
raan r wed to PowalPa Coy, limping
I. Thj, gagt porning wa made a
Iro) aftgrt lo roaab tba mala toad, bat
«ara |g axhaaatad that «a ware hardly
able to staad, sad than laid dawn saw
tha boat ta a dying eosditioo.
«loop «raising gear tb« bind. Wi Mi
ed egge etatbe* og ibt bar* aad again laid
dowg on Iba baaeb. A «on a/ Willha
Carry wa* on board (be aloop aad taw Iba
• legal immadiatal;. Carry
ma— Sti
* _
On Wed need cV, ffov. 20 th, at the r—Mence of
the bride's mottk** •"
Wlete, rector of Cl».- ,
Sylvester Downs and Mis* _ .
I On Wednesday, Nocmiu... . *s ' .?■ i
dence of Mr. Harney Hcyho.. }**•**»**
Place," by Rev. Mr. Umps tend, "J*
Georges Presbyterian Church, Clarta^« **•
nold of Sumners, CL and Mi— Alum F.a •*
a to aar
daya. War day, aftorwarda go itMtbod
Saaoau. Tha Amaricaa Contai at Ortta
Tart la Ke; and Naanaa tnaled w kindl;.
Church, Ml.
ronnvcTtu wrkklv sr «. v. wans.
Wheat .
Corn Old Yrlluu
New ••
.• 1 . 1 »
.55 ris.
.50 "
Oats ..
Timothy Hn-d
5« "
38 "
...4 50
7 50
. HO rl«. dn&
,30f«t 35 et», y lb.
. '.'0* 10 " "
....00» 7 '* "
Miu.iasav.wThc stare lately occupied by Miss
Emma Cooper. Main ät , Middletown. Ihl., is
wc »«w «oder the charge of M K. Hay*, who
has just received from the * and will l.vrp
c0l „, in .|) «m hand a Urge and well Selected
hum k of Goods in tier line, to which she er
diully invites ths attention of ;hc l*uyJug piddle,
grade» m
lionneu, al
»>*• Satina for Trimming, at
lb* White Sugar for it) ete. at

.OOji) I.nr.
140, 16 V III.
.13(5» H V l h
r.'jft it v ih.
. IXn IU Ü« lb.
ill t A DELPHI A
Prime red wheat.
Corn, yellow,
Gats (*pMin«yivanla)
$7 50
I ffi
Ht'NI ft twin I AH'A 1*6.
\\ lira a discoverer of any leientific subject,
asks the co*o(N ratiun of the learned
to test tho merit and truth of hi* discovery by
swore n*t* and praetie.il rcfiuil*. and thru to
indorse Mini roctitmncnd it. it is fair lo presume
it is valuable for the pur|»o*c intended Nutli
has been the course pursued lir Messrs. Hall A
prietors of Hall's Vegetable Sicilian
Hair Itenewer. And all those who ha
it ( aniung
Haves and S. Dana II»; cs, Chemists, and State
A .«*.»> cr* of M»**urhn*c'tf : Walter Burnham,
M. D., Prof.
Philiidelphiti ; (b orge Gray, M. D , Profitior of
Anatomy and Phvsiotogv ) i
prépara lion i
Co., p
v men I ion Dr. A A.
P«nn. rnivcrsilr.
f Hurg
he b
for all rt
4li«ens<s of
to its original
failing out
a tliv hair Ire
a m w grow th. It isiertainlv w«»rthv of
.V«rfiirv/».r? It,Mr/ tioao,) /,
During the present AynnA
for |ierB 44 WS owning ho
feet their *t»bl«*s. thereby
it would l»e well
•*. to lliorougbly difiin
*nie measure, pre
ud Itrimsto
ferr«*d fur that pur|Hi*e, wml r«n l<e ol
Drug Store.
Acid, riilor.de of Li
• mat a I
Fhuts.— New I
ant*. T
ins. r
ne*, (it
i. Fresh Mime Meat, Ruckwbeat,
Malaga Lemon*, at
Ott.und Alum Halt ; Fr«;
in* Fine Halt Five II« mind I »«
uU Huit, at
dred Nark*
suck" IP
Tutks I
Ladic* Kid Driving G'ov
Thr only uhtcf in town to get tho Regular
Frog Mouth Ruck Glove*, i* nt
'tioiet V.irii-llr, Nl-r J.-rrrv
H I 'l l.I \V!
PKACII TICKKS, fur sale by
«I POOL GRAIN PAN, the best
in the v«url<l for dcnniiig all kind* of grMn.
For sale by
The eeleb
Indies Si|k Ttes—a beautiful assortment in all
tbs n«w shades, juit rrreived, t»v
Bergmann s full
iglil Zephyr* in nil shade*,
Ladies call at Hanson Itroa and examine their
Stt»rk of Dress Goods, compriving Silks, Poplins,
Sateen* ; Japan«**« Cloths, Alpams, Reps, .Ser
ges, Delaines, Ac , all of »hieb will be sold at
extremely low figures,
Sacking Flannels- in Klart, Scarlets, Greys
nnd Plaids ; also Red sm| While Flannels all
Kid Gloves, at 60 cts. $ 1 . 00 , $1.2*, $1.75,
and $2.00 at II AN'HUN RRO.
Childrens' Merino Vests ; sixes 16, 18. 20 , 22,
24 and 26 inches, at It ANSON RRO.
Red Ticking, 12 }, 15 , go, 25, 40, 50 and 60
rents per yard, at IIANSON l!RO.
Turkish Toweling for children»' Cloak» »ad
Tbe Eatelle Kid Glove, the beet fle e in Amer
ica for $1 3S, warranted not to rip or tear In (trat
putting on, at B. M. REYNOLDS'
O ates k Cloak, Spool Cotton, t eent, per
•podt. (j-ntt' half Hum, 4 pair for tl rli.
8 . M. KBVWol.DS'.
New No. 1. 2 and 3 Extra Shore Mackerel,
by bbl. and half bbl. al
Odeaea and Bon-top Bnatln. »C
A large amortmanl ot Truare, ilraere and
Supporter* for **1* and properly fitted by a phy
abiag, a) Cpxuaauiap'i Da» Bvma.
Ravlag darlag tba pmt week, added a new
Jm Pnam ud mPerel feat* of Typ* to par itbek
of "aaporalaff' wa am *ow prepared to dh *11
End db
In out
to mil a! IbaaOetaf tha
The only Rstinbls Milt Dlsltltiuliot infill« country
Ta ht drawn Wodaroday, Jan. tat, Igll.
# 200,000 00
110,000 IN AM£u t 0 AH SILVER lr
Five Prise« 11.000 a f . „
e i Oreenbk Ok* P,
Ten Priiee 1500 - (
One Span of Mulche«! Hors**, with FumHj
Carriage and Hilvrr-Moiiiitrtl llartjrM, wortlr
$I,&U0. FI vs llorscv and lluggies, wnh Silvsr
Mountrd Harness, worth ffOOusnrh. i Five Finr
Tonrd Ross wood Pitt nos, worth i-n<*h. 55
Family Sewing Mni-hinra, worth rath.
2300 Gold and Sllvrr l.rt cr lluiitin|g Walehr*
( in all ) worth from $20 to $300 fnch ; (} 0 |j
Chains, .Sil?er-w»rs, Jewelry, Ac. Ac.)
Nn ni» wr of Gifts 25,000. Tickets limited to
pÊT* Agents Wanted to sell Ticks#*, lo whom
Lihsral Premiums will Its paid. Sinkt* Tickets
$2.00 ; Sis Tickets $ 10 .oo ; Twtlvt Tiiktts $20 ;
Twenty-five Tickets $4». 00.
Circulars containing a full list of (irises, a de
scriptiov of th * mnnnrrof drawiii|;.| and other
information in refcreniT to the Dintriliutinn, will
he sent to any one ordering them. All letters
ntu.it he addressed lo
z 86 ,
MAIN omit,
lot W. FIFTH Nt.
Nov. P—ly.
" UnqvrationnUy fhr hr at analaiurt
of the hi ml in thr llorM.**
Harper's IMngnvline.
Not irr» of the iVc#*.
t » rorh
The ever-increasing rin iiUlioti of thi« excel-,
lent monthly prove* it* rni
•* ami need
nv lion
d hi||»| i«f : .»n i«>
Indeed, qlft'n
it ns mu* of the e«
popular « 1 rs
think into how
4 it |M
nth, wc must r
f (he pahlli' mind,
for iu vast popularilr In
p'alto stupid
at Won by
prejudice o; «lepraveil 'taulri —
The character whi. It this V y
f«»r variety, «•
art culture th.it b»n kept puce
led the
gard it with jiiBtifiab.e eoi
en til le», tin tn .to « great «lui
evil uli the dut s of il»
I |M.M<
•rprmr, artisti«
I liter-,
ith. if ii has tml
!d ci
it* c
to N
neehM. h nl»o,
upon jbe puldb'
Tbe «i.iarh
done go 4 and 1 « ot,
11 fe. — Hrvttl lt/i, /> ylr .
llari» r'* Magazine, ore
An Kura f
• »f eilh
Ihr Mag
• 1 gra
h or It
Club of
will l»e
iMlbver i ! 1
I Ï4
tor $ 2 o. vk itll.it,t
nr re
itlanee ;
* M.igazinrl, Wefklv
Hid rcriptlon !n H.r;
:»nd H ?.nr. to one iiddi« *• f.»r
• ' ! Ah»; or
2 ot ||r» , ptr'* Periodicals, to
, $7.
hires» for eus
5 ci * eau ' < sup)».;. 1 at Arty tbe..
*te s«-t of II:«r|M-rs Mnghi'ijr,
45 volume*. I
A rompt
I neat » loth binding,
freight at (lx|*niie t f
e Njngle
('b'tli eu*« s, for
*tp «id.
wilt l»r sent hv ex pi
, for $2 25
mail, |Hi*lpaid. $3.
• <d
. 1 -
unies, by
binding, 58 cents, by mail, p
Harper's 51
Tljc poitivgr
* 24 mils
I ;»! the »ijlrgt ril»vr'*
A «titre*« 1IARPKR k flRGTIIf*RS. slw York.
year, wmust l»c p;
l*o»t i fi;..-.
KO I { HALlv
tuck nti.i FixrniKs m- n
WllltillT n
« nr:»;i_
.1 lll.ACKn.UITH .Slltll-M fur
i riillH-lUi.il A Kllr.iiii. Tin,
Ihr SlHlr for .111 riilrri.riiinr
EÜAS» S k OKUtti.
UK til
11 ihv hi-»t rlrit.l i
n. Tc
•iov. 30—3w,
*| \ Bushels good sSwvde and Butabaga
J.ÜU TL*HNII* 8 f for sale at Ni rents per
bushel. F.. K. COCHRAN.
Nov $ 0 — 2 w.
Register'« Ordert
New Castle Couuty, Octuligr $|th. I8V2.
Cpon the application of 14vuma* C. M
and J. Rankin Hall, Executors of Tht
phey, late of St. Georges llumlred in skid Coun
ty. deceased ; It is ordered and dirccied by the
Register that the Kxecutors aforesaid, give no
tice of the granting c»f Utters TeMamrainry
upon the Kstatc of the deceased, w ith the da r of
granting thereof, hy causing a
be Iaisled within forttr days from thé date of
h Utters, in sis or the most ptiblu] plares of
the County of New Castle, requiring al| person«
having demands aga«nsl ills |v*tato. t
the seme, or abide hy an Act c*f All
such case made and nrovidp.
same to be insertetf withic
tbe Mi4dlttown Transcript, a newsp
lished in Mtdalstowa, nnd to bsconltn
in two months.
dvcrlislments to
_ >jy la
And rlnlnuN th*
iod ia
r pub
n the umc
gmm Ulren ander tba band rad Seal of Of
or tb* Rtglittr aforcMid, at New'
STT I» New Caatla County aforeanld, lb» day
and year abort writtan.
B. UIBB 8 , tUgUter,
NOTICE.- Ail peraoni baring claim; agaln»(
th» Relate of lb» dcecawd mail premat lb, une
duly »Melted to the Executor», an ar
lober 18th, 1178, or abldt tb* Abt of
In auch cam mad* aad provided.
ore ni
} Exécuter».
Nlddletowli, Del.
and all bind» of Fora, by
^ weite Prnaingtoa'e Machine 8 baa*i
wdrek A Coehran'a Store, Middletown,
or at
, Dal.
\T OT harlag »all
of J.
arid* an tha besinne, all
yat mid their bllta aad ■<
to do
onqe. Afire lha loth of Doremlwr, I »ball
plan tba aaeoul* A tba Undb of an Attorn»*,
for m ll aa tt m by low. F ntfo nm b« '
a virtue
. A. Rxrxoua A

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