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Mr •
NO. 13.
Notary Public,
Attorney nl l.aw,
Onua Adjoixisu Ilia Ksaiosaca, N. Uao.o Sr
J»ly 1-r
Attorney fc t'onnsrllnr-nl-Liinr, ;
Sndnlf or «hr Prawaglvanlo Collrge of
AV1NU loratrd in Middletown, and sue
eroded Dr. J J. Vmiderford rvs|wetfnllv
offers his professional servire. to lilt- publie.
Homoeopathic Physician,
Rat ratnovtd to Broad f*lrrtt. opposite the
MiddUtown Academy.
Office hour*, 7 to 9 a . M.
t to 3 P. K.
lt " 0 to 7 r. m.
it !-lf
Attorney nnd ( oon«Hlor-nt-lJiii
Bai.timo««, .Mu ,
Practice« in the Ootirt# of B iltirn- ro Oily uti l ad
jacent Countir*. tht t.'uurt uf Appeal« of Mnrv
Und. and »'»o in the S iperni- I'oiirt uf t!u t'ni
t#d Sutei and of the ln-triel of CotumLi;». And
attend« to the
C«ll*«ll*N of ( iRim« again«! the (*ovn nment
ia the Court ot Claim* ef the t'i»ite«l State», aud
before the variou# Oepartmen?#
1) C
1 marl I y
No 12. Kx- lmtifc Building.
Confey»ocer#. .Surveyor«. Beal K#tnte A b -i
C ollector« of Account*. Iti!Iv. A
Honte« and Land# rented, m. I rent* • dI!c< >• -I
/ .ôtai negotiated; Title» ex unuw-.l Bci-d#.
Bond*. Mortgage«, «nd other Leg«l paper# . «re
fully drawn, and #«i|Hrvi»cd l\ co».n« l perma
^J^r«ÏÏ"f«ni#hïr i,,,,,,dl,,ll ' r >ü!iUU ' J
v\ iimingtuii. I>el.
KB\ Nol.liS Jt co..
«* « BfILI»
No. iKic
J«« 11—<mu«
On4«#i# «f !>>• PrnM«yt%RMl« < «lieg« of
Horn. Jl. 0.8. K«y. St Mar«'« to. MJ.
Hi»n B. 0. Harri»,
Col. 0. Biiliap«>rt, 41 " 44 14
Dr, F T, Stale. .* "
Joseph H. Kr?, E»n. 4 ' 4 4 4 ' 44
Hon B T. Bip«#. Nnw Coati« co. IVI.
IU*. John Urtttnn. 1* P.
lUf J C. MdV-f.n, l>
(lot. Hir#rn Mct'nllouph, Cecil nouai/, md.
R«e. Henry Matthew#,
Ron. Cco. Karl*, la'e A## t. I'o»t. <i#n !.
may 13—tf
All the «oasts at the ('hri.lma. festival
are dressed in their holidav elothes but
Z enr.Viee. of fa.bion are bani.b.el from
I« * porniont# a# much a« from their
. nlev..,rrs The costume nf the old
fashioned llussisns ir not more distin
gui.hed for it. richness than for its anti
e , , . . ,
uity. ,n . I f.X! !nd 'as hk father",
father did before him ; and even female
t.ale and vanity venture not to introduce
an innovation in tho costume whcili af-a
have consecrated A large beaver cap
a nelisseofseble or fox skin a riehlv-em
brnidered kaftan buttoned up the front
with silvar ' nitons and a girdle of rich
Persian silk"! or of a red kind of woollen
ituff called kummatscl, is the uniform of
each wealthv male ffuest The married
ssomen wear the kokoschuüt a kind nf
head dress made of scarlet silk emhroid
ered with ealored silks or nearls and trim
. .;,L .kiek i. a»iw*iid«d >
hit f, „ah Terfl ^
W TL.i! ü.n.I -üll-ut ..nnhan resembles
TteL, l :i^.7'7 P „w. ad
j „« ,ieh wnlit nr silver^brocade bat I
ä i; Ä- Sr. Säsä
",L„ 1 which are verv b,ne 1
Înd wide, ere If while muslin, and a stiff
muslin ruff eodrele. the throat. A wool
len cloak trimmed with sables, riehlv am
« • . « » .. . «i;,».».-
"J ? ,,a • an< . e ,PP*
YJ H *TP% e .. . -
-Their trinket, eonat.t of gold chain .■
necklace» and braeeleta of pearl, and
precious »tone#, and earrings of the same
äsäI ä
««4 »Is. ..win. mniUiii»«
maidens" wca/tho aeranhan and the raff
UW« ihs married women bat the rieh
, j l.i ' j .„„„j
I u^tmTallowij ' 1 «^.« " JW*
9 ratta - _,
MLtilt.tamik'a latest slans_"Woods Ml
Russian Costnmes.
Sflftt jJoetrg.
The Last Leaf.
I taw him once before,
A» he passet) bjr the tloor,
And airain
The pavement »tone« retmind
Ax he loiter* o'er the ground
Willi hit cane.
The far thwt in hi« prime.
Ere the pnmintr-knifr of Time
Cut him down,
Not a belter
Ur ihr Crier on hi« round
Through the town.
But now he walks the xireetx,
And hr look« at all he meet!
And he »hake« hi# feeble head,
That it «ecuis
'•They are gone."
The mossy marble« re#t
Un live lip* he lia* pressed
In their bloom.
And the name* he loved to hear
f l»e«*n carved for many a year
On the tomb.
II v grnnd-tn»nim* ha*
old lady. *he i« dead
Long a;:»—
That he had u Homan
And hia cheek was like a rote
Iu the mow.
was round
if hr said
. !
hi* note I* thin.
upon hi« t hin
And it
lime aftur the 1
bike a #tart'.
And a crook i# in hi# Lack,
And & weliinrholy crack
In hi# Uugli.
I know it ;* * *!n
me to «it and grin
A i him here
But tho old thrrc-cornercd hat,
And tin? brr*< In * a
Arc #o ijufrr !
And if I »Lould live
The la»t L»f up«»n ihr lice
In the «(«ring —
le t them .«mile.
At the <>ld tortakrn Lough
\Y hei« I cling.
d all timt.
I do
Popular ,-Jtliürtllamj.
r l"lie lii*:tr Clinse.
Oil# evening, w *u tl
battle of K-nteu *y, (IT IT»,) a grouped
kin ' ** b - l> 'uard wa* ciigregated
near the Matot.a^ ha am. tit V.rM.llta.
f their number di#eu#
liMetiitig to two
»ing a ruhjwet which at that period wits
rarely a matter nf cot»trovcr#y in military
"Htfu*e a du«! after a public affront !"
(exclaimed the taller! of the «p.aker*. wlioae
hr.inxed* ft atur»* were rciideied aluiort fe
roeiour by n thick red muitaahe; "it i* a
r« of the del g
• J repeut. M u*i ur d*; Malatour." r •
pi i« d the other in a calm, polit* tone,
"that there is more true courage in re*
fuMtig tli.ni it* accepting a duel
,-tnin that all the w
b «wav
il l not
man in «. - .»n^s W IlHT
common thaï! tu yield tu pa«#ion.
. envy or vengeance; and what more rare
that', to resist tb*«, ? Tkcref.irc it i. a
virtue abet, exhibited a. the price of pub-1
lie npinion ; fur what ouata uulbiug. i» es
luemc'l us .. nuthir,« "
"A marvel! Monsieur d Argentre. I
would advise, if ever the kitiR yivrs you
: the command of a company, to bsvc
Ijravcu on the sabres of'tbe soldier, the
I commandment —'Thou thult ,/u mu nur
" And wherefore not ? Ilia majesty
""«Id have bolter servants, and the cuun
«O fewer plunderers, if wo had it, our
,nore »oUliora nml fewer bullie*
Take, as an example, him with » bom
you aeem mueh incensed ; has ha not no-I
blv avenged what yon call an affront by
taking, with Ills own hands, an enemy s
colors, while your knave, most likely
formed» prudent reserve behind the bag
. . . . . .
"Cowards themselves have their mo
menta of courage "
"And the bravo also their moment# of
f e * r "
"Tha expression is not that of a gentle-1
. T ..
'* ,,,,t of Monsieur de Turcnoe
»kose family equalled either of ours, aad
who avowed that he waa not exempt from
' ,uc,, Kverybodjr baa hoard of
his conduct to a braggadocio, who boasted
i" !>*■ presence that he had never known
(few. Ho suddenly passed a lighted can
die under the speaker'# nose, who instant
'J J"* back his head, to the great a-.
I musement of tbe bystanders, who laughed
T*? " " r " , " ui
1 «h» other t assertion
- bu ' ' mar, ' ,al of Fr, " e * had
! ,0 »J aU0 I h a P ,ea *. an '. r y
! ub J c ?'. ,,r I maintained that your
friend is a coward, and you ■ — *
"And I-" .epeated D'Argentre,
: hi» eye» flashing, and his lips firmly com-!
.. H olla. gentlemen !" exclaimed a third
who. owing to the warmth of tbe
ra rs
c«ivcd •'Tina m my anair. paid lio to
, ".7
"In that aa»#, after you, if necessary, '
said D'Argentra, with his usual calm

"By my hooor you charm me, gentle
m«B ! Let oa go."
"One moment." replied the new comer,
wbo young as ho was wore the eross of
ii mnre
'1er r
"No remarka. Oeotlamen haaten."
"Too great baatt in auch ea»ea evidanc
ea l*»a a contempt for death than an anx
iety to gat rid of hia phantom."
"I liaten, air!"
"Mnnaieur d'Argcntrc jual now atatad
that the hraveat hava their momenta of
fear Without taking aa aerioua hi» »nee
dota of Monairur de Turenno, t »hall add
that, with the exception of (lie difference
that exi.la between mn.clra and nervea.
the courage of the duclliat ia more an af
fair of habit than of principle ; for it ia
the natural atate of man la lore peace, if
not for the »akc of othora, at leaat for him
aalf l)o you wiah me to prove it?"
"Knougli, air ; we am not hem to Ill
ten to a sermon."
"Yet a moment. Here i» my proposi
tion : we arc all assembled this evening
previoui to our leave ol absence ; I invite
you. then, a» al*o iho.e gentlemen pre»
! ent, to a heir-hunt on my eatate, or rath- !
i er amongst the precipice, of flat, in the 1
I Maklern Pyrenees. You am very expert.
Monsieur de Malatour—you can snuff a
candlc with a pi.tol at twenty paeea, and
; you have no equal at the smnil-wood
Well, I »hall place you before a bear, and
if you succeed—I do not even say in lodg
ing a hall in hia head, but merely in firing
upon him—I shall submit immediately af
1er to meet you face to face with any
weapons you oli-o»e to name, alnee it ia
i only at that price I am to gain your good '
I "Are you playing n comedy, wir?"
t "Quite the contrary
i prat that thin extreme haste »hows more
the courage of tho nervea, than of the i
true courage arising from principle."
1 "What guarantee have j. should lac
ccpt your proposition, that you will not
' again endeavor to crade m«?"
"Mv word, sir; which I lake ail mv
comrades to witness, and place under the
safeguard of their honor."
I There ran tbrougli hia auditory such a :
; butt of approbation, that De Malatour,
' though with a bad grace, was obliged to '
It was then
agreed that..hoist nf September, all ,
present should assemble at the Chateau ,
du Clat. !
While the vnung lord of the manor is
making the necessary preparations for
1 llivir reception, we »linll explain tlie ar
I eus.itiei) of which lie was the object, yet
1 which ha-l not branded him with any 1
murk of «lUjirace niimoiii n riais of men «o
And l even ro-
aeeceil to the arrangement
punetuflioui on the point of honor.
The young Baron de Villilreton, it. en
tering amooget the genilutiitn who form ,
ed the bou*rh<dd guard of the king of
France, carried with him principle« which
i remained uucorrupted umidnt nil the friv*
•of the most licentious courts
i* th * charm
o 1 i t i • * • of
iu Kttr«po. .<uch. h
hi* exempl
e«l him the e*:. «m of Ilia officer*, am
I frietidahip if hi# compani-Mir,
t traded the attention of the king himself
j de Malat
f \ ii tue, eveu in the mid»t of vice, that
v conduct lia-l not only gain- 1
ami the
bùt had nt
... ,.v . ^ O.S.Jj .SS
One alone among hi# comrade*. Monairur
, took umbrage at thi*
j al Uvor, Utld, Oil thü OCCi-îon «fEUIlie
! trifling ex,.region or g-#turc. publicly in
! suited him Villitretor, refu.ed to cb .1
i loge him. a. being contrary to l.i. priu
ciples. but determined that this ..emit,«
j cnwardice, it, lint li^litiuj a well-knnwt,
dm Hist, should be redecTcd by ...
tion of eclat «luring the campaign ju#t
commenced. That moment had arrived;
and for his noble conduct ,ti takitiR the
j i;» B l,»h ed.-ra at the battle of Knntcuoy,
' I, c received the er-.»« of St Louis from
the king's own hand uu the field, the
' eulogtutu of Marshal Saxe, and redoubled
I enmity on the part of De Malatour
T hu first care of the young barou on
arriving at hi* catat* wa* to call hi# n»a*
j jor-douio, an old aud faithful servant
| have bositn sa of thee, toy master,"
, ai J bu cordially »baking bin, by the
i hand.
- Speak, monseigneur." replied ,he ■
pareur who was deeply attached to his
; young lord ; - you know the old hunter
„ yours to the last drop of his blood.'
"I never doubted it. my old friend
Did you reçoive my letter frum Paris?"
i "Yes, air; aud thuae gentlemen, your
comrades, will have sumo work before
" Are there bears already on tho heights
then?" asked Villitretou, extending bis
hand in th-direction of one uf the lofty
p 0 „|(s. »hose summit, covered with snow',
„lutcred in tho morning «uu.
"Five iu all-—a complete meiwy«— \
f, th ,r, mother, and children ; beside» an !
j „M bachelor, whom tbe Fpaniaads had
driven to thi • side'*
! "In lose tbau a week we shall go in
; -.. --t*-- -, r~ »-«s r-«; I
»orne of my comrades are rather rough
; "P«'«"« 5 «bore is on. of them -bo is
! «W« •» a «■««• «"b »
twe „, T pic „.
"haniur. pfrhnp*, than to anulT a bear
a p four," replied the old man laughing"
--That is what I said also. But as I
! sllould wi , b t0 ] od -„ f of myself of hi.
pr „w,ss, you muit place us together at
||„ same post—at the bridge of Maure,
*- * 4 - „ „ ,„ j
••Hum! «aid tl»» pareur, scratching |
"it *"ull_#• F>— I»
"Because to guard this post, aman
' ought to be in a state of grace, for he will
be between two deaths—the bears sod
th. prreipice "
"I know the one, and do not fear the
other; thanks to your lessons."
"I sm sure of that. Bat, with your
leave, I should like to guard the bridge
myself." *
cm r
You arc tore than, that tha bear« a
. __ --
tho pareur aa hr retired ; "I shall have
my rye on him "
Kighl daya afterward., all iho.e inrit
ed, not aieapting Mon.ieur dr Malatour—
who, deapite the delicate attention of the
boat, peraerrrd a cold rekrree—were aa- ,
aemblcd at the ehatenu. Tba magnificent
grandeur of the J'yrrnee«, their »li ning
auiumita reliceed again.t the blue »ky of
Spain, was an unlooked-for pleasure to
the greater number of the guest., who for
the mo.l part belonged to the rich and
fertile of the interior,
The morning following their arrival, a
hotly of tracker» and scouts. provided
with all manner of discordant instru
menu—trumpet», saucepan», drum», etc
wore assembled under the wnlls of the
chateau, with the pareur at their head ;
while by hi» aide flood the mandrin, wh u
proudly guarded a dozen large mastiff«,
held ill leash by his vigorous helpers The
young baron and bis friends, an.I with
carabine» and hunting-knives, had scare#
l)' appeared, when, by a sign from the
pareur. the whole troop moved silently j
forward. Tho doge themselves seemed to
understand the importance of this move- '
and nothing was heard but the
will paaa that way ?
"Sure—yea; but quite sure—no. He
celled that they are sullen and prudent
beasla, which never oonfide their plan uf
route to any ont."
"It ia agreed on. I shall guard the
bridge with my comrade Now. go and
have the trackers ready."
"Very well, very well," murmured
meut *
eunfused tramp of feet, blending with the .
noise of the distant torrent, or. at inter
val», the cry of some belated night-bird
flying heavily homeward in the doubtful
glimmer of the unopened day
As the party reached tli« crest of the
nioeatain which immediately overhung
the chateau, the first rays of ilia ami
breaking from the east glam-don tli
summit uf the 1'yronne*, und suddenly il
luminaling tho landscape dUmvcre 1 I
neat It them a deep valley, cnv. rod with
majestic pine-tree-, which murmur din
'l»« fre»li breeze ol the morning
Opposite t> them, the foaming water- »
of a cascade fell fur some hundreds of feet
through a cleft which divided tii ■ me in
twin from tho summit t.* l !» * h i- IJv
one of tli-- caprice» of n itur. whi 'i t -I
ify the primitive convulsions of , ir gbd..
the c lia mu wa» *uniiouute<i l * y a uttur:il
hri'ljr^ lliv pile« of granite at •• wli i-le
Li*in^ joined !.:)• une immun» • flat r . k,
verify tha fable • f tli- 1
-1 imp >*4blc that
■J 1110 ** neetniD^ t
1 itana ; lor it nppei
thoNC enormous block« of »t in- coul«i i.
«getscy. Mm.tcr bp, tils were
atts,c ' K, 'l lu *»'' pbo • ; an ! the m untaiu
eer* recounted with terror tint n » huntrr
ever been paired to auch au edevati mi by
f tbe pareur, liaJcver
*" h ,h '' cveepnon
p n,l * e d at the bri.lge of .'latire with
oul becoming the prey of either the he;
ur tht precipice But the partur wn
nod n t'hristian to partake of t !» is ridi-u
lou* preju-lic ? ; In- attributed the fatality
to it* real cause—the dixtiuc** arising
, . . , . , .
fro,n lho l f . , 8 l \ t f lb !' be;iri '. H,, ' l,l t c V rv ''!'
P ,ce couibiued. by destroying thu hunter -
pr^.ucc uf ti.i.d, inade ht, am, uustvs.lv
»«<» l"* Jcatl, the it,actable cut,».queue
' 01 1 ' , * r • 11 (■' 1 " ' '
/ .! , :i, 0 w ,.i , .. lU f
°»-Upjnig tit- bit. g è.'
Ul * 1 '
After placinL- . haron*. companions
al poata »Inch lie coustdered the must ad
vantageous, the pareur rejoined hi. men.
»ud disposing ibern so as to encompass tl„
valley lacing tlm cascade, commanded t„ •
utmost s,b-„c. tu be preserved o;,:il they
sboull | be: ' r lbc ' " us At
that signal the ma-tifls Were to be u :>.l.
tb# iii»lru",ei,ls sounded, and all t . ,,,
• " , i'!''i,
1 cascuuu. lin», arrange,,, tits t.n.i r
the pareur and his dog, followed by
^.,"^"^"»" 00 ]°' '
ll r ul " '•
l or some minutes the »il-nco bud re
mainid uubrokt-n. when suddenly a furious
barking commenced, auoompauivd by I w
growling Kacli prepared his arms; the
instrumenta sounded ; and the mustifl# be
VC ''ll
mell id the direction of the struggle I li. ir
furious barking was suon confounded with
lho cries of tbe hunter» and the din of the
instrumouU, mingled will, the formidable
growliug uf tha bears, making altogether
\ a hideout concert, wbioli, rolling along lho
! side, of the valley, wa. repeated by the
distant coboca. Al this mu,„cut tho young
baron regarded hia ..panion. whu.e
countenance, though pale, remained calm
I - r'"'" 1 ' ......
"Attention, sir, said h« m a low voice
"The bear, are not far from us ; let your
»>»> b " «rue, or else- |
. V„ Kec P > 0Ur e ° a0,tU {or
" Attention!" repeated Villitreton, with
oul teoming to notice the surly response,
he .pproa 8 che, " 1 |
Those who wore placed in freut of the
cascade, seeing the animals directing their
j » -, ^ tifr < V;
| "Look out look out. \ illitn ton But
'-I --T
gSnS TS " ti:,:" St
animal's near approach Malatour he
came deadly pal# ; he, however, held hia
carabiue firmly, in tho attitude of a reso
late hunter
A bear at length appeared, with foam
ing mouth and glaring eyas, it times turn
ing ss if he would fain struggle with his
pursuers ; but when ho taw tbe bridge.bis
only way of «caps, occupied, be ottered
a fearful growl, tod riising himself on hin
hi mi lug», aai rushing on oar two hun
ters, when a ball struck him in tba fore
head, and hr fall dra<l at their feet.
Malat ur
hr had become completely powerless. Sud
deni; ne» crie., louder and inoro prea.ing
were heard.
" Pire! fire! he ia on you'.'* cried the
pareur. who appeare<l unexpectedly, pale
and agitated, hie gun to hia ahoulder, bui
afraid to tire, le.t lie abould hit Ills maa
The latter, perceiving hia agitation,
turned around : it wna indeed time. On
the other aide of the bridge, a bear, much
larger than the fir»!, was in the act of
making tho fit al ru»h. Springing back
warl. he seized the carabine of hia petri
fied companion, nnd lodged Ita content» in
the auimal'a brcaal eru he could reach
them lie rolb'd in the death utruggle.
to where they atood All thia wat tlie j
work of an inatant. The knee, of the bar- i
dy ubl pareur »book with emotion at the I
eaeape of hi» young muter ;
tour. hi. lirid pelema». and the
ai vo ahuddoring of his limb», teatified the
rim latter made no r plv. hut reached i
which Yil'itrvt n cordially!
state of his miud.
"Take your arms," »aid the young be
ron, quickly replacing in hi» hands the
carabine ; "here arc our comrade»—they
must tint see you unarmed; and, pareur.
not « wer. I of all this "
"I, >"k said he to hi. companions n«
they gathered arouud.pointing to the mon
strous beasts—"one to each Now. Mon
»h-ur de Malatour. I wait your orders, anil
am ready to give the satisfaction you re
convulsively grasped hisgun
lecompletely nowerlt#«. Sud
; a« for Mala- !
d the convul
quit« ." i
The latter made ti- r plv. but readied ,
out hi« hand, which Viliitret n cordiallv :
»honk |
That evening a banqu t n< given
1 bruv the d»ubhi tic rv Toward
the end of the repast a t ■■»•» to •• t!io van
qui.hers " was propos--' ■!. and immediately I
ne.-entod M ui.ienr d'.Vrgetitre. glas« in
band, rose to pledge it. when Malatour
al»n » ietnir. held his arm. cv-lniniing
"To the »nie vanquisher of the day ! to |
oir n I! h— t ! It wa- h • •il-tt- wh
killed tha two bears ; and if. through hi
» n<r>-ity, I have allowed the illusion t
la-t so long, it was simply for this reason
th« affront which I gave him wa. a putdi.
' n ' r* pEration ou^lit « ■ \ - j uU!:
!>h' >»'•" 1 now declare that M-n.i-ur d ,
\ illitr-:-n is th- I raveat of the brave, and |
'• l ' • 'hail, maintain it t warl» a.l an •
' Thi?* time, at lea«t. I *li«ll tint tak !
»}• } 'ir gauntlet , v «nid Mutisnnr d 'Ar
g-nt;.- j
•• Then*'* « Lrav* young man !" «• r i* d ;
the pareur wh >m hi* mad r had admit«
t«*d t • hi* tabic, nn l who endonvered t •
ecnce'i! » furtive tear. *• Nothing could
m<\ #ir. that, with a littb*
e»lm in th
better prove t
-xperi-nce. you will be t
prercnee nf hear*, a
in the lace of an tiivtuyHi**/'« II
hM Mr,,,,,,,
are. I am turc.
turns l,> il,« marri:, ut-s
T,„ Ub'ur |"'k!on.y ». tb. "want».'
hoping to fiud a better opining in hi* bu#
j lu ,.
'Iis* Klwa «ceks out the n«w advorti-e
j„ Loun.-ls au i kids
> lr |.|„a M1 re Seeker turns ... the a,,,,,.«
|||f|ll l „,|, llull enter,.„n
„ j|i | |,j n , ,|„ etijov
' ,r . . .
j.,,,:,| |i iÉ
|lU '
to,ini. its rhetoric, s.vnf.x. and logic, then
u| a ,at the c„rre*p«ndoiic «, tiuallv r> -
|,j, |, n |j n , quickly forgets
|,« has read
„ iur dcr», inquests and deaths, reads tb
record, ai.T < t»-l* with tli* Morics in
sr;ir ,.|, #f »„niethiug sensational
Hut why . xteud the list V Kacli i„di
vidnal reads for Ipmself, and if each docs
ll0l ti„,| , c ,,| utllll ,, r m „ r ,. lo |,is partivu
| sr taste, the paper i* insipid, the editor
| a , v and deserving of censure
" P .
« . . || nln . n m
j,' v ,hJ- ful IVe a h tmhn«
, ,- , , .1 .{j
Äi; ä ä
.. . which we know to he
, w# n ,„. t iugenious
| , v oonvineo the public and onraelv. -
that it is right \Ve piav a fnl-e part, in
,• i '
V I ',' nl !' '.' | ' u 1 -■ g 1 - rtas t 1 1
1 < * 11 . 1 '* a rulr r ' son-ng . a 1 . r < ,
| ... death, bow many act out. w th consum
«>"• litpo. rtsy. the,r as-ume.l character.
! ° f r< '" 1 ?, ne . . ' j' ,*
- , , .* ,, . ,i,L
i.Jk.'.kctk», k. I« , , »... i.
D00 hed out of a sad realitv P
( J'
, * , ,
A popnlat parlor inagaxtpe—a kerosene
lamp. They furnish reading matter for
the million.
- *-
A fast dsy docs not pass away more,
rapidly than any other.
Curiosities of Journalism.
funny thing
now r il KEAI»
Ti* Ned tir"i hunts up a
linn hiugh* with « will.
Aunt Suc fir*t r »1* th *inri- ». then
. Firth* and death*
I !
fir.«t over the
Prim «lmp* n
. then ov* r the «l« :»tlis. f r. «on#
■li«. "
imp i* a- 1 nl a* tb«*
« » with the ed*
m'iiii# the telegraph, ending
1 with tlie sp, . ell, S quiitcJ.
•jauiii.rs tba e Ii
Mr Pi ?(>*#.#» r «l"w!s
Mr Marvelon# look* f*r the necid« nf>.
29, 1873.
The Sfbne'Cutter'l Sil Wilhei,
.aid an angel to him
became ric
murmured the man, " i
not the right to go with an caoort, and m\ :
"Thou »halt be." »aid the angel.
Aud, indeed, he became the Kinperor. i
II« had an eacorl before and behind him, |
and people who held aboro hta head an
immenac parasol resplendent with gold.
However, the *un with ita ardent beam,
quivering with ita brightness, fatigued the I
It ia a great advantage la be empc
rnr." cried the man, " when the heat of
I the day exhausts you. ami the sun never
I ceases to nuke you feel his power ! Hut
i if one could be the sun !"
"Behold! Are you satisfied ?" the an
Once upon a time thera waa in Japan a
poor atonc-cuttar, n simple workman iu
the quarries. Hia life waa rnde, be work
ed much, gained little, and waa not at all
contented with his fate.
" Oh, if I could only be rich enough
to reit, to sleep on thick matting,
ped in a kiritnon of toft silk !" Hu
the sigh lie breathed to heaven,
gel heard it.
ueb was
An an
" It shall be according to tby desire," i
d an angel to him And he at once
janie rich, and ho rested, slept upon the
thick matting, and wrapped himself in a
kiritnon of .oft silk. It happened that the
Kinperor pa«*ed by He was preceded by
heralds on horseback, followed by a hril
Haut escort of cavaliers, and surrounded
by persons who held over his head an ini
men»« parasol resplendent with gold.
" What good does it do m« to be rieh," ;
as long as 1 have
head protected by a golden parasol? Why
am I not an emperor ?"
" Thou »halt he." »aid the angel.
However, the euo with itf ardent beim«
dried up tho country, and the dufty rond,
i cea.es to tnsxc you teat nt» power: nut
, if one could be the sun !"
: "Heboid! Arc you satisfied ?" the an
| gel a.ked For he hid become the .un, ,,f
mid he darted hi. beam. up. down, right
and left, and nil around him And he
scorched tho herbage of «h.- earth, and the j of
I fa«- • of the prince» upon the earth
Hut n -a a cloud lbru«t itself but ween
the earth and him lt hel l bank the ray» j
tli- Min, and prevented them fr in fab
| ling upon the earth'» surface
There i« strength," cried the «un "a
cloud capable nf re-i«ting my power ; it
would be belter if 1 were a cloud f,
• \ ry w-1 "md the ttig-'I
And the tran-formati m was at nnec ae
nnj... •!.> 1 1 he w i l**U'l pli I it# r
, haughtily between in - sun and ti
| and »•> thorough, y .lit
* •" #,,, i u. it >' *"'n •**
n >w ^ 1 1 !t ' : ' l< 1 ' ! I 1 '
! of rain and p *urinjr *li w i> and wat. r*
-pmi'N to fall n the land. tliur the i i
j mitt# burnt tli* ir bound*, an 1 tli- river*
; *pri*ad ov- r an 1 devastated the fiel 1«
N thing tc»i*t*.'il th f r. <»t th» iimn
dati-'ti ; only a r«H*k defied it, j fleetly *
lu-at it in th-ir fury t!i*r . k vivid*'1 n t.
but the fonmlng wave* died nt it«
"A r "'k, lli'U. i* my superior." Mid [
the el .ud, 1 would rather he iu
ear tii
d th*
v th** earth
In \ iin th" hell"wing w:it< r*
»ti nlc*-.

î i "
\nd he wn* trautfiirmed int«» n «t?ip
uufhakvn ro-.*k, in#«n»iblc t* the ray* of
the «nu. indifferent to th- torrent* of rain
and the #ho« k of the tumultu ,u* wav»-«
he b.-eame again shut be bad been
cal to justice.
1 have u ,Head that money is the f».d »
wisdom, the knave'» reputation, the rich
man'* «rouble, the poor man 1 » desire, the
.. . nmibi.ion.and the idol of all
I have noticed that whatever ,». it right,
r;* -,
''ft "Me of a plum-pudd,og
1 , . ,a ' a ! l,a ' j* '.'J"' 1 " m, a '
- ,n '»»c worU l.y „ aorceas
have notu-cd that „1 -rd.-r to be a rea
»"Uabltr orruiur • it i# necciBarj at Lui **
downright mad
, J have noticed that we are always ai»h
i|)R inMt ..,i of w<irUinp for for.on.s, we
ari , qi^ppuintwl and call Dame Fortune
blind ; hut it is the best evidence that the
no granny with spectacle*.
i. 1 W ' '"''.i''' 1 * iU WJ
TCiTÄSTt. .. » ..
honest that neeessitv oornpel* them to be
l dishonest in the end.
I have noticed that silks, bmadolotlis
lnd jewels, aro ofteu bought with other
for peop |«-, tll „ney
I have noticed that all men are honest
when well watched
I have noticed that in nearly all things
, money is tbe main object in view.
But lie «li-tinpuUliiMl nt hi* f" -i a man <•!' u
poor tj pcarauc« ; liardlv cFuhd. art»»*- i
Vvitl. a chisel .lui u hammer ; at, 1 man
i i t r t. t i »I . s
with the help "f mck. (lre#»iT Hu m into
1 r ...
• tone# proper f«T cutting
that'.'" crie-l the ruck ; "firm
, , , ,
man the power of rend«, piece, of atone
■■ : l "' l l , 1 w,,aUr V,
I ben tl is absolotclv ueees.arv that
" Wl; .t i
ill- ?
I should be that man !"
■ II in- vnur will !
id lbs au.-- i : au 1
pn-tr r tntic-cutfrr. n «implo workman in
?!». .juarrii * 11 i- life wa* rud•*• ; he work. !
h and gained little, hut he ha 1 I«
nut« ntim ut with hi- lut ./•;•
1 have n<
»peak well of all men «
dead, ami that
marked with the « (»it»pi.
t tin p""d and \irtu"i« I* there anv
p .rtieuUr e.Mii t 'ry where the dead l a 1
un n arc buried ?
I have noticed that the prayer *»f ev<-rv
»elfiah mau i* " Forgive u#'.»ur debt».'
while lie make# everybody that owa* hint
• rv
\ V 11 a r I IIayf Noth i
tie« J that all
virtues whan they are
i' tl
pay ihe utmo*t farthing
I have notic'd that ho wh" think*
i tain t.» «ce »ne
man a regno, i* v. ry
when he »Itstve« himstflt, and b»> ought in
mercy t » hi* neighbor surrender the r;i*
A Bnddhiat Legend.
child ?
death ; 1 will try to comfort bog."
And he anawered liar, and aaid. "My
good girl, 1 can not utyaelf give you any
medicine to cure your b >y. but I know a
holy ml wire physician who can."
the young mother, u d*
tell me who it ia. that 1 may go at once to
hitn I"
And the holy man. replied, "Ho ia
called (be liuddha ; ho alouc can cura
In the village of Snrvathi there lived •
young wife named Kecaab, who at the age
of fourteen gave birth to a sen ; and IM
loved him with all the love and joy of ike
possessor of a newly found trcaanre, lb»
nie face was like a golden cloud, hi* eye#
fair and tender as a blue lota*, and hi*
smile hiiglit and beaming like the morn
ing light upon the dewy flower* Bat
when the boy was able to walk, aud cowld
run about tho house, ibare came a day
when ho suddenly Ml tick and dina.
And Keesah. not understanding what
had happened to hor fair, lotus-eyed boy,
clasped him to her bosom. and went about
the village from house to bouse, praying
and weeping, nnd beseeching the good
people to give her some medicine to cure
her baby. Hut the villager» and neigh
hors, on seeing her, said :
"I» the gill mad. iliat she still beam
about on her breast the dead body of bn t
At length a holy man, pitying the girl'd
sorrow, .aid to hiniaelf : "Ala*! this
Keesah doe. n it understand tho law of
holy roi wife physician
''Oh !" «nid tho vo
T)|( , n K»e«ah, on hearing this, waa
comforted, and sot nut to find the liuddha.
,tj|| clasping to har heart the life I»** body
,,f bwr chiH* And when «lie found him,
Lowed down b f -re hint and »aid:
••<> my lord and master ! do you know
of nnv m ,.|i!cine ||, at ,,j|| n iv baby ?"
\,Jq , |,,, H Ul |,|| ia replied and said:
"Yea, I know nf one, but you n.uat get
j t f nr me "
^ n ,| ,| ||( -• Wbwt medicine do
you want ? T II me, that I may haaten
j„ a , arc-!i nf it "
Au | ,| R , ,„ij ; • I want only *
f, w jgraina if iiiU.tardsecJ Leave tier#
tlie l and g ■ \< u a:, 1 bring them to
' t • rnrt with her baby»
the etwd for him.
- t out, th« pin
her, «aid :
Th - girl r f..
fill Bui!
r , ■
!-►•*,-,i that l
• Nl
in a h"UM whero
i !. wife, rolatiw,
; * m i«t
eliii 1, I aTw tit, tl U* '
• ha. t v-r tli !
y Ming mother replied,
? - -i i lord tir. I went h«*r way. tak
ing b r i >T with h'T. a t netting him
n her hip. with bi« liftier» bead
j ;i her boroni Thu* «ho went
to bouac. fr in p;. !.•«•« to hut.
I -r tome grain* of muatard ««cd.
• Here
lift: bit
n om h
The p.* pie sa; ! t » her :
*»• tl*. tukolhetn, aud go thy way
• be tir»: a*Ued ;
And he said to her: H
found the mu»tard-se»d ? '
"I have not. my lord," she repl.ed ,
•• for tbe people in the village tell me
not died . for the ltuog are tew, Lut the
' J ' a, ' ar " " ,nn - V

forçai. tu\ * r>., *.ntl l\ec*oli l LtJj
Th n said the liuddha to Iter: "Yon
have found the grain» ol mustard-seedi
you thought .bat you alone bad lost a
i n. but now yon have learned that the
I,« f .1 -utl. und of .offering 1 » among all
- •" *- * •
r-»main n* 0
In j t |,e disciple of the Buddha-—Jfse.
.Iiuui 11. Leaotcenr.
, , , __. .
A judge in Indiana threatened to #ns
a lawyer tor contempt of court "I bars
expressed no contempt for tbs court.
«aid tho lawer; "on theoontrar?, I nar%
I carefully concealed my Miofa.
my friend's I, lue, bas there
child, a husband, a parent, ur
"In thi
exur «lit I :
u ' . .. «• ». B j_
,* n 1 ' ' a . r t-' * '
wl,a, | " t!u * ^ ba ' : " d
c.-t tl»uu tl t that the Uviiij, aro f< w, but
, •
that tli* «lead ;.re mativ »here t* no
Mi di litiim I» th "i »•'* 1
Then she went to other hen«»# and beg
() . iM mustard seed, which
th. V gladly gave her. but •.■her .«.riot,.
^ ^ u , , fon . anulL .
er. 1 have lost a parent and yet an*
other, "I have lost a slave;" an-l every
aud all "f them made some su -h rs
At last, not being aldo to discover
from the dead, wbeu.e
the must .t l-ktej, ul d
P l >
» «ingle !. 'U*c f:
•.In c-'ull obtai
f el l p utterly faint and
Iu r«» It d wn up u a *•' me with her baby
in her lnj an«i, thinking «-idly, «nid to
her- If, .Via» this l* a heavy taak l
hive undertaken I am n-U tb« only oof
who h i* lu«t her baby. Everywhert
children an* dying, parent* are dying, aud
evt*rywh«re they i*.dl n»o that th« deed ar»»
more numeruu* than tho living, »^hill 1
then think only uf my wu sorrow
Thinking thu«. *be «uddcnly aummoned
courage to put away h«*r aorrow for her
dead bahv. anil «bu tarried him to tha
forçat and laid him d -wn to reat under a
•1 having entered hint over with
tender leav« ». aud taken her laut look of
hi* loved fie*, «he b«t«'«'k herfnlf otic«
tu the Buddha, aud bowed b«for«
e iry. *!»•• »ul
tree ; sin
SiaUr, hast tho«
"Aul wh re is your baby?"
■I have lui l him un-ler n tree in tha
(In hearing thi#. Keesah was comfort«
ei! ai-, 1 cstaMIshiil in the path of virtue,
thenrefuri h ealleii Keesah Uofia
» f/tm

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