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Ult! Jftiddletoum ®rmumpt.
Dffsrsntiit to all ; Obtequiouë fa none.
Eiecntion of Foster.
Foster, the *• ear-hook" murderer wee
•«routed in New York eu Friday lut. —
Some 000 •• human horror-rockers " were
allowed to be prêtent, and had, it ii to be
supposed, their craving for euch aeenea
fully (ratified. It wu reported very con
fidentially on Hatnrday that Foetcr had
taken poiaon, and that ho would not have
lived an honr if be had not been banged.
Both of the clergymen who attended him
in bie very lust moments bave declared
that the report ia altogether inconsistent
with their observation of the man's condi
tion during the last hour of bia life. I)r.
Tyng embraced the occasion of the funeral
to state his confidence that the report was
Thus in spite of the permutent effort« of
a largo number r,f clergymen, who might
hnvo been heller employed, and many
other mistaken sympathizers who sought
to perauado Gov. Dix to commute his pun
ishment lo imprisonment, a New York
murderer has sutTercd the penally of hit
«rime, and the right of ladies lo ride in
tb« itreet cars, and of gentlemen to shield
their lady friends from insult, has been
vindicated; and tha rttprcUtUe murderer
is denied the enjoyment of beating out the
brains of a man, who reproves him for his
insoleneo to ladies, with a ear-hook.
If Got. Dix continue» in thia way law
and justice will begin to exercise tome
»way iu New York, and when she *ue
oeede in establishing tho " relic of barbar
ian) '' of whielt ao many of Ihe " parly of
moral ideea" stand so much in dread,
murderers and thieve* will find it col quite
■ s pleasant lo ply tliuir trade iu New York
and will be obliged lo go lo some of the
other Staus where the punishment for
auch innocent little pastimes is much more
lenient and more in keeping with the prac
tices of the pious Ci edit Mobiliers.
While our pn «ent State government ex
ista, and our. xcelli nt, c lnscientious, fear
less chief justice continues tu excrciso the
high functions of his office in tha manner
In which bfc lia- hitherto done, Delaware
will he comparti*.cly fire of such proceed
The hill introilucoJ into the lower House
of tho Legislatur» (*y Mr. Hickman, to
•" amriul the several ad» relating to Free
School» in this Stale." appears to us. on
careful peru-ol, to h i just what our .State
has long noedrd. DGawsro. though litt
éral in providing educational facilities, is
eoneidcrahljr behind many of liar sitter
Statu in this respect, simply because we
hnva hnd no system, hitherto, by which
tbo provision» for the education of tha peo.
plo were, properly, carried into effect.
Tha Public School» are now left entirely
10« much to themselves ; lienee, from the
want of proper officials lo ascertain tha
qualifications of applicants for the positions
of teachers, our schools ara in too many
initanoci in the hands of men utterly unfit
for the position» they occupy. Tha
appointment of («late and County Boards,
and Puperintcndanl.*, will, wo hope and
believe, remedy iu a great measure, this
def.ct, and under the operations of this
)atr, wo may expect th* educational faci!
Jtirs of our people to be vastly improved
Our schools will bo better conducted, and
heiter attended
r*.*tACE ot tiik Sms Cxk*l Biu..—
Tha MarylanJ and Delstrsro ship canal
liill passed «Un lower houss of ths Dein
«rare Legislature on Tarsdajr. with mien 1
ineuts increasing the size of tbo excava
tion. The canal is required to be 21 feet
deep instead of 17, and 7b fast wide is
Stand of UJ. Tliere wss great interest in
(he remit, snd the Senats adjourned In
see «bo vote taken. A rant! of the mini
mum dimensions mentioned wilt accom
modate s pretty considerable sea-going
commerce, and whenever the day comer
in which it shall elicit national interest, it
■wy bo enlarged and doepentd to 2b fsot,
•o as to seeommodstc the largest class of
Itonmships trading between Baltimore and
Knrope. The requisite appropriations
«tying been now secured for deepening
fibs whole of our ship ebannel to 24 feet
*t low lido, and the eootraela ealled for,
• Mini that will aaeo 180 miles of navi
gation in entoring and leaving our port
on JSuroponn voyages is tbo nest groat
ifchigiMimfi. —Baltimore Sun.
Tiw CnaTtNajAH* —Pwonaylvania ia to
4» Dm oantra of steMÜcm 1« the coming
MWtannlal tolahration, and, aa 4« proper,
Mfws lia aMntioo to providing the masas
I# au a w ra awaaaaa. On Wedoea
Mat tha Stale Senat« paaaad a Mil gp
tinting ana million of dollar* far (ha
Tha ma aaa re
ll approval in tb« Stale, and
Ijr be agreed ia by 4ta Itnnaa.
IL2.. r:
Local and State Affairs.
Crlwa* la Nmii Ctaalf.
OIHL NEAR aaiioaorii.
From Sussex county comas the newt of the per
petration of a must horrible vHmo, the commit
tal or which it seems evtn the Inevitable inflic
tion or death penalty cannot entirely prevent in
this State. The circumstances, as we have
learned them, are as follows :
About eleven o'clock, Monday morning, as a
young lady about 1ft years of ugt, the daughter
of Mr. John Lank, living near llebobotli, about
six milts from Georgetown, was returning froin
the residence of her uncle, where she had lH*en
errand, she was accosted on the road by n
beastly wretch of a uegro. named Joseph IJurton.
Tho girl made no reply, but attempted to pass
on, when the fiend wiled her, to"* her clothes
almost off, and throwing her to the ground, ruth
lessly violated her person. After accomplishing
bis hellish purpose, the villain fled.
The girl then managed to drag herself to her
father's residence, where she made known the
facts of the horrible outrage. The news circu
lated like w ild fire, and
ulation of the ncighborhod were in arms, an
stituting a vigorous search for the fiend. Threats
of lynch law were freely eiprrsevd, and the gen
I opinion was that summary Justice upon the
nearest tree would be the only adéquat» punish
ment for the horrible crime
About six o'clock in the evening, Hurton was
discovered in the woods, about twe miles from
the «|»ot where tbs rrims was committed. The
threats of lynch law were about to be promptly
executed, but more moderate counsel« prevailed,
and the culprit was handed to an «fiber, who
conveyed him to the Georgetown jail, llurton
is certainly a bardenrd villain. Instead of feel
ing any remorse for bis crime, he made light of
it and comported himself in the most careless
manner. Ilf will be tried at the approaching
term of the Sussex county court, in April next,
when just and condign punishment will be meted
out to him.
The young lady was severely injured in the
struggle with the fiend, while the »hock ,
tained hv her mental svstctn was verv great. She ( v
I, «Ml km.«» in the neighborhood in which .he
resides, n ml her furnil* is om-of great respects
, . , . , « , ■ r • I , • •
* - «ou
tliprinirc male
A Unapt to Hot».
dock Tuesday nii»l»t,
Between 12
Hr. Jp«v Wutfiun,
low Second. Wilmington, «m* proceeding home,
attacked * y two negroes at the corner of
Sseond and Orittigc streets. Mr Walsi
cecdeil in esenping and tied out .Second street,
closely pursued by liis assailants, who overtook
him at Jefferson s'ree? II« <• they threw him
1 daughter came
Dr West
street he
down, di.-locatiug his left
to rob him. Mr. W.fi wifi
to the doer, when the negroes lied,
was «« nt for, who at'nided to lili dislocated
and other injuries. This morning he
to be about
Shortly after ibis occurrence, as Mr. William
Strickland, from Chesapeake City, M«1., who had
f :onc to Wilmington to attend market,
ug up Orange street, he
Pit'll» nnd Sixth striu-ts bv
attiokcd Ictwcsn
..«•gro«*s named
George Morris anil Isaiah Tempi«. The assail
le df*|wrnte attempts to *
his pock*
vigorous resistance and
st-book, but be offered
promptly rnise«l
Morris rati off. but Mr Strickland held Tem
fhcsr, who lucked him
«t< <1 curl« Wedncsdav inorn
pic until the arrival «tf
up Morris was
i thev
given a tri,«l nt nine
I his daughter Appeared,
the same parties who I»hü
were held
when Mr. Watson
and r« i'ugni/.e«! them t
mad«* tin* first attack,
iu Si,000 each.
bai I
Kuiidtit »ralhfl.
On Saturday last, Mrs II. Tatmna. wife of
CImv Talmnn, M«| «lud very «iiddenly at the
residence of her husband, in Odessa. .She
lo all ap|H-arancc8 in good health in tho early
purl of tii«i day, and al!«*n<lvd to her household
matters as usual, but was suddenly taken ill and
died ulinoxt instantly.
Mrs. Tntman was an estimable lady and a
great favorite among her many fricmls and her
sudden death wu« a levers shock to them, and
her husband.
On the same day ft. f*. H-iye;, Esq. of thr
uddenlr lul.tn ill whiU*
same place w
walking on hit« farm ne
removed to his h
mnn«*d, but, tlmuch » 'crything wn« <!<
liioul ai 1 w;

kiad friends could «I«», lie failed to receive relief,
and death soon put an end to his sufferings.
Aeelflenl nn Ike IV. *fc W. II. II»
On Monday afternoon, a huge boulder, weigh
ing about five tons, an«i s«v«ral other ro< k> and
Urge stone«, fell down upon the track of the
Wilmington k Western Railroad, about a mile
beyond Wooddnle Station. The* 4 o'clock, D
M. train west
into this obstruction, which
was not noticed until it was t«>o late to stop) or
to slacken the speed of the train, to any ex
tent. The engine was so Imdly damaged tlmt it
could pro« «*«•<! no further, nnd, there being
other remedy, the conductor was obliged to
trmlge all the way to Wlmington, over eight
mi!«-#, to get u good engine,
thifi delay, the train di«1 not arrive here until 10
o'clock. The train east, leaving here at ft.40, D.
M. did not arrive at Lnndcnhurg until alter mid
night. Fortunately no one on th« colliding
train suffered any injury, beyond a severe shock
1 fright.— < jhultt .
In consequence of
One Weather Record.
The weather in the early part of this week
was as diMiiul as au east wind, with its ronconi
taut# of drizzling, mizzling rain and a raw,
marruw-bcnumbi.ig atmosphere could make It.
OnMonday it rained and haile I freezing as it fell,
covering the ground with sleet, making walking
troublciomc and somewhat dangerous On
Tuesday it grew "no better f.«#t." .Snow, rain,
wind, hail, nnd cold combined to make things
ns disagreeable us p ;«sibl<*. Wednesday opened
on a par with the other two days, but toward
noon the clouds broke awav, the sun shone out,
and all became—serene, and since that time the
weather though rather cold, hi* been pretty
good, ami to-day it is pleasant as a May uioru.
The Arndna) RshlhlttoM.
The exhibition of the students of Middletown
Academy, «hieb took place on tho 21st instant,
*—* in nil re*perti« a success. The exercises con
sisted of choice dialogues, well spoken; fine mu
sic, instrumental and vocal , and uM*hui supe
rior to any exhibited iu Middletown before, fn
fart the entertainment from beginning to end wits
of a very superior character, doing « redit to the
institution.' and called forth not only n crowded
Imll, but the warm econluma of an enthusiastic
and appreiative audience. The receipts of the
evening were $102, which will be appropriated
for the benefit of the.school.
Klllo'a lllatorj? of IM mm«.
Th« »pent, Grorye Priestly, is Slopping with
ns for a fiiw «lays for tbc (wurposc or procuring
•rdert forth!* splendid work, and we truce he
will meat with sueress coramwiMirnte with llie
rare merits ol Ihe hook.
" I am in the Itahit of ronsulling Dr. Kitto's
works constanllv, and consider theni invAluahle
I run most cordially and conscientiously com
mend them to nil. Jonx Pattoa,
Pastor of Forest Pres. Church.
lisstli ut an Ulit Pilot.
William Rdwsrds, Ihe oldest pilot on Dels
ware waters, died on th« 11 th insisat, aged at
years. He wsa born st Iwwislown, 0*1.. ta 17HH,
and has been aelivelr rugsged siuee 1*10 He
has resided in IMiilsdelpliia, linre 1(31. He was
s soldier of Ihe war of 1813, and war wounded
during the bonihardmrol, bjr Ihe Hrtlitb, of Ibe
fort sear Lewlslown. tie was appelated light
house keeper at Fort Militia, during Um adminis
tratioa or President Polk.
hast Sale.
J. T. Kodd, Esq. Rest Estate Agent la this
town, lest week, sold the Home fsrm off! F.
Hanson, Esq. on the rond lending from Middle
town to Warwick, containing 105 seres to Mr.
f. B. Basks of Baltimore, for J3C.000 rash. Mr.
Bukt also bought Mr. IPs. stock for $1,500.
IMstae nrvtes to-morrow (0. T. ) at tha „„
rwipi aa'Aftsa*"
Dflaiwc CM y Items.
Til« Enzootic — Severn! of ihe horse* ihul cs
cftpetl Uii« ranlndy ln«t fall are now afflicted with
IltnaiMQ Cmokki*«*.—O ur flihermen are now
very huty chokeing herring ; the season at
Ims not been »cry favorable.
Trade through tl»« Chttapaake à Delaware
Canal it very briak.
Tuesday last, ."Moving Day," there was quite
a number of changes in this city.
Mr. James Smith has removed hi« baker shop
to the corner of Clinton St. and Del. Avenue.
Herring are selling through our «treets at 3ft
cent» per dozen.
Mr. Thomas Clark has bought out the News
i»epot of Mr. W. 8. Thompson. Mr. T. left our
city on Saturday last for Wiltuiuglon, where he
intends to engage in business. We wish him
great snrccst.
l'r(»lessor K. Ii. Deakyne'i Dancing Academy
closed on Tuesday last.
M. K. D. (Mark, who left this city ths first of
the year, to engage iu business in ffittshiirg, Pa.
will return in a few days, he having heen ap
pointed teller in the Delaware City National
Wheat in this neighborhood is looking
bad, and the prospects for a good crop are very
On Monday last the Steamer IVrry commenc
ed to run the round trip between Salem and
Phlla. Time, of leaving this city, 8:4ft, A. M.
Our farmers have romnienred to plough, hut
hare not accomplished much on account of ths
wst weather.
On Sunday Inst ths Delaware Hay was full of
vessels of nil descriptions, which presented a
grand spectacle.
The many friend« of Mr. W. K. Rtyhold, who
was thrown from his horse a few days since and
received a severe contusion
pleased to lesrn that he Is convalescent.
Our shad fishermen are busily engaged pre
paring for thv spring fishing.
We learn that Mr. Arthur Coll
. , , , „ . . n . _ , . . ,
v * n r J ! ° ,H J"
''' , *' 1 '» at tim .Mmul house on Sat
«rj», • A|*t;l wh.
Mr. Hent rvson, former! c proprietor of
'r tK h "" hd L l,o, ' in -
«ou Hole! of tin. city.
the he.nl. w ill tie
, living
this city, with In a «hurt lime, start a cheese
factory : lie pru|w»«e« to eoniiaeare with 2Mi
A lew aielii« «lace ttic lien-rooit of Mr. Iwiwi
«. of itii. i llv, wo robbed.
('. C'hauurry Rurr.
Those who are acquainted with the reputation
«T thediftinpuinhed ftiitlrnmtt whose liante hemU
this article will he gratified to learn iIimI he has
sct'Vpted an invitation tu deliver one of Ills high
ly futertuininu and deservedlv popular lectur*»
Hall oil Weduofitlay evening next.
A« an orator Mr. Hurr occupies an cxaltctl po
sition, while hii lectures are everywhere regard
ed «s eminent treatises worthy of the must ratc
ful atlemiun t»v the Intelligent portion of the
public. Th« suhject chosen for this occasion is
exceedingly in ten-fit ing
reputation of the Ic.-iurcr.
An opportunity uot
often pretended i* thus offered t<» our ciliztns.
Hclow, wc give some »hurt extracts from the
roniments of tlif Dress in the different places in
which Mi Hurr has lectured
iu Hi« Ti
I. judging
from the well kn
it will doulitfess be hamlhsi iu n
iug and amusing manner.
Mr. Hrau s l.nniHK —An n'ldience of unusual
intelligence and culture heard the first nnthropo
higical le« turc of Hun. C Chatincey Hurr at As
m-nil.ly Hall lust night. Th« subject, " M
profound, popular
to iut-ivrt all pre
to whi Ii Mr H>
dis«*usfi«*d in a manner at once
I entertaining, nnd serve«!
in the h
s talents arc devoted,
sever «! of
. Ii of science
most prottiiucut
of « ulturc, mut many
of the Ic turo the plat
for a few minutes occupied by those
the lecturer,
to his theories. The
night, and the esurse will be complot«*«! by a
third on Thursday night.— Richmond Dispatch.
ptfseut wc
I other
clergy man,
ladic# and at the » ■
tendering tlu ir congratulations
I «jurfitiouing tiim
next lecture will bs deliver«*«!
The In turcs off. t'h.uuncry Hurr, Ksq , *»n the
IU« ts of Men, «leliv« red at Dice a Hall oil Thurs
day evening of last week and last evenipg, were
attended by large audiences, and liatened to
with marked a'tentiuii nnd profound interest.
We h;
•v« r lia«!
y thing at Watkins like
r approximating i<» them in rcsearch, lui
ont an«i s uqucn«*c : and fear it will be a long
time before
series of equally splendid and instructive litcrur»
entertainments.— Watkins ( .V. )'.) Mtutngtr.
»«hall i
lavorc-'l with anolhn
We hare received a letter from Hi-Alderman
Vincent, enclosing a "true account" of the covr
hiding affair in Dover laut week. Mr. Vincent
•nyi lie
him on
but her attempt was
cunsnlered it worthy of mention,
An old lady met
n attack on him,
feeble that he scar« cly
1 did uot
who his nsaailent was until he reached
Wilmington aud heard that it bad been tele
graphed from Dover that he had been cow hided
by Mrs. Adams.
Tha Ex-Alderman denies tho story of the al
leged scandal au«l all connected with it.
uot struck nt nil
the street ami
I«tlSB»l ll#»* *.
Mr V non of the Arch St. louse, of Phila
delphi. as purchased the iuterest of the late
J. ('. L., piucott in the National Hotel of this
town, ni:<! on tlye 7th of April nest, will take
poî'ffisiqn of the lintel as proprietor.
Mr. Morton is well known in hotel circUs na
an energetic nnd «fluient manager, and under
his proprietorship, the National will, doubtless,
lose none of its old prestige.
On Wcdnssdav last Mr. Hamurl Henson nnd
Mr. Way, of Hohemia Manor, and a gentleman
from New Jersey, were engaged in du« king on
Hohenii» Hiver, when
sudden wind squall
caused (heir boat to capsize nnd ths three gentle
were precipitated into the water. Mr. W
and ihe gentleman from New Jersey succeeded
in escaping by dinging to the boat, but Mr.
Henson was drowned
The Levy Court has appointed Mr. Richard
Ferguson, of Appoqninimink Hundred, an addi
tional Trustee of the Poor in accordance with an
Act of the legislature creating an additional
member for that Hundred.
Illrlne «errtee.
Iter. Mr. Dallam of Gettysburg Theological
Seminary will preach in the Lerture Room of
the Presbyterian church, to the Swedes, to-mor
row afternoon.
If the Credit Mobilier does no other
good, it will insks generally known the
usas to which money is put in elections
Tlio theory is that the Urge sums eontrib
uled by zealous partisans, or extorted from
rstlrnsds ami other lobbying interests,
expended for the benefit of the party ;
but the disclosures io the ess* of Harlan and
otheri show that tht money i* used freely
in Statca where the party aseendaney is
not endangered, and that it is disbursed
chiefly to secure the control of the party
to riugs of allied politicians and aorrup
tinnists .—Conti it ut ion.
The Milford Acre« ia reapomiUe for
An enterprisisg Teuton in Milford, haa
the following sign posted in hia saloon ;
"toos NOT,*
Mrbbc yon don't patter bad loaf round«
here ven yon don't got some peesnea*.
Ton know how it ia myself, ain't itf*
this ;
Colon«] B. W. Hughes it mentioned
as a prominant eandidate for the Re
publican nomination for Governor of Vir
ginia. Robert K. Lea, Jr. is mention
ed as t possible Contnrvntiv* eandidate
for the same position, and Statt At
torney Kilgoor for tha Diaalemapt Oovcr
Maryland Affairs.
Fatal Tbrminatiox or an Attsmotko
J»kb.—J ames Msl.aughin was instantly
killed on a boat in Cheater River, recent*
ly, under circumstances thus related by .
tbs tlbcslcrtown IVanvri/ti :
-Tw. of tbc crew had been ashore gun
Oing in Ibe afternoon and returned about '
night, laying their guns on Iho trunk
over tbo cabin. Tlie young man who «
was killed was lying asleep in a birth, ami *
when the cook »ntiouuee«! supper, one of!
thr erew (not yet of age) picked up one ! cr
uflhs gnus and noticing that there war '■>
no cap un it. remarked lo llu* captain,
standing near, "if this gun is
not lundi d. I'll wako ilint fellow up und
frighten him," end drawing the rum-rod
ran it down the burrnl, pronouncing the
gun not loaded. Taking a aunt on the
rail of tkelfoat. he raised the hammer.put
on n rnp. nnd reaching forward .villi tlu
gun at irin'a length, mu the barrel through
a smutl grated window in the side of I lie
trunk, to within n few inches of the sleep
er's face, pulled the trigger, and instead
of frightening him by tin* explosion of the
cap. sent a lend of shot through the side
of tho poor follow's face and out nt ths
hack of his hrnd. lunkilig u ghastly wound
and causing dratli without n struggle.
Ftnas.—Tlifc brick dwelling-hum
the farm of Mrs Jo's. J. Unwind, iu Still
I'and, in tho tenantey of Mr. Win. Ilur- -
, , , . Tie .. ,
lock, was destroyed by ftro on Sunday :
Inst, and nearly nil the furniture was eon- i
•timed The houso was insured for $1,- ■■
Til« (lwelling-b »u*»c on the firm of llu*
Clii'Bicr Uivor.
\v riii'Htcrit
Into «I iiiljfiî Cli a int
(Quooii Anne * *id«*.) bel
was al*n dcNtroved bv tin*
It wna occupied bv Mr. (». II l,e:»vort«»n.
«Ir. ns over*oer Mr. I»., nlfbough ii
house nt llto time, wu« unnbb* to save bill
little of hi* furniture. The nieat-liou*-*'
nnd n long shed f«r tin* nccoinniodntion of
punch-picker* were also consumed,
The Victim of Fini: - Mr F. do
Bowens wlio has recently removed tin*
mncliincrv find c isting« for cnnMruetinir > .
the largo wheels of his Match Stick F:
tory from F.lkton to Wi)liam-p >rt. Pa I
cause cheap luittb< r can In* procured tli re
und not hare, was informed this
a letter from the former plaee, that tin
oak lumber which was kiln «Irving to e.in
struct the wo- ! work of a t «»f new
wheels, b id been destroyed by fir *. Ii •- |
fore coming to Ktktou In* bad two mutch I
stick mills destroyed by fire. Last p*.,)| ;
his dwelling one «if the oldest in town. !
took lire su^iuiiied mud, damage and nat- ! ,,
rowly < m*»p"*l total ili***truction. r (ri '| |
-« k bv
Tin: St eqmuNs t lltvr.it
rapidly passing « ut, nn i it is r.mltdcnilv
vs pacte«] tb«* Hiltimore and Su»| t«liru»tia
Steam (.Vnupany will luv« their b cits run
uing in n few «lays.
Port Deposit i^ once more free from the
ice-king, and the town is itself again,
damage being repaired rapidly, and the
town is resuming its usual lively appear
ance. Tho crane and wljart belonging to
Mcdcn-ilian X Co. are
In \oi* than four years >• ven bailifT.fi t > I
the Ciretiit (' urt of Dorchester county !
hnvo die l, n.d tvv• » of thv five n«»w serving j
are bccmiiiug s<* d'*bilit;»ted that tiny an
advised to resign by their friends if thej
desire to recover tin ir health und vitality
A large new wharf has been built on
Cambridge harbor. Pan of it will be
cupied by u large canning establishment,
and the buluucu «»flcrc«l free fur a certain
number of year* to any one who will es
tablish a ship yard there.
A horse i tbo Klkton nnd Haleiia mail
stage, drop; «1 dead on Wednesday lust,
a short distai.ee from Klkton. The an
n.u i«*.
uow uuiltfigoing j
.. ..... â .. .. . . , i
On tho l.ltli inat. Mary, little Jauplitor,
of Mr. Albvrt Wilson mar Criafitl.l. wn.
burned to bauly by ln*r oloHi.» ignitin R j
from a brush fire, that she died a few
days nftcr.
A horse belonging to Mr. Hurtnet, be- j
came frightened nt the ear* and rnti off, «
«>n Mouday evening Inst, throwing the I
driver to the ground and breaking the ■
imal bad tin attack of colic heft
town, which was probably the cause of it?
Fresident («rant bas appoint,-.1 II n j
Judg.» I ho.uirw A Sp«»nc*', of Wicomico
county, Md . Assistant Attorney 1. encrai |
for the 1 oil Office Department ;
Hamilton Morton and John W. lied-j
graves were authoriced t<» rebuild the |
bridge over Little D'dicmin Creek, near '
8t. Francis Xavier's (Miureli.
Tho "Nalursl Bridge Hoax" appears
lo have been especially severe on the peo- '
pie in the vicinity of tbo bridge itself. A
Virginia paper says soma ladies started at I
once for tlie bridge Some citizen, sigh- i
ed iu secret sorrow and slept a night in
woful delusion. Several farmers declared |
they knew "something was going wrong," ;
for they had •ni. lt a »range smell for a
day or two. Al the churches iu the rural
districts it required a couple of hymne j
and a personal in v i t n t ion from the deacon» i
to get Ihe people to break off discossiiig
tho bridge and cottio in. Mnnv regretted j
it was such a good ploughing season, ns
they were anxious to uso a horse in seeing •
what wss left of tho "bri.lge." Many ;
persons have visited it, ami man? iiioro
have been turned bnek by learning the
true state of the case. j
Asothss V.MMaaT Doxatiow - j
îtoTùZV V ,*L hM R : TC, ' *" 0,l,cr 1
p).(MW for the purpose of erecl.ng a
large aewsary for fem.le. on tho ground.
2 ± Ss." Ä
.r.1. .1 H.'W.k,., IV, ,1..
eudowed b, th* commodore.
The Supreme Court of 1'ennslyvanin, in
•ration at Philadelphia,has decided in favor
of the constitutionality of the local npiion
law of that Stale giving Uir people of cer
tain wards the right to deeide by rotu
whether or $ot iieansa to well liquor shall
bn fronted therein
The shad lahermen are preparing
Reported for tht âliddletotcn Trantcripl.
Proceedings of the Legislature.
1™"*™ —A commuuicalion from the
Uclawarc- Commissioners, to »cille the
«"''"U , }» , P". **• *»»'•• fho paper
mlm ', lle<l " request that the Delaware
Degi.l attire suspend the law imposing t.x
« "" ' IibJ G-'Gvr.uoi. for the prcscnl sea
* 0M '
'*'.1 la passed : An :iet enforcing llie sev
cr » 1 S, '" !k Daws of the State, nnd an set
'■> incorporate (lie town of Odessa in
lut» latter bill the clausa giving women
over *2U year* of «go tbo right to vote
wa* stricken out.
Doveii, Thursday, March 20.
A nuinbur of unimportant hills were
IIiH'SB.—Tin* coinmunioalion from G
l'urkir to ti
two Stilles,
Dills rend : tv iinle hill for the relief of
I'l.it.il Heluml Distrivts TJ nnd To, N* w
I'listln county ; Senate hill amending
Chapter llIH of the Devised Code; Semite
(dll in the relief of School District 1)4
N.*W Castle *•».., tty ; Sonata hill prohibit. '
ing .. that, IHl persons from being pres- a
cut at the cxi'i'ution of a death aenlene« ;
Creating a new hundred in Sussex countv.
lohe known a. tiumhoro httmlred ; A- 1
„lending Chapter HW. Revised Statutes *.
.\ Ponder, rchiiintr f« the
rcc-ntly upptiintcd by I In*
r» nd.
. , ,
also, nmetuling ( iinpter l) of the Revised 1
^ ^ ° 1
, ,
■■ ' ^ 1 '
Locating Jpstici*« of the
*' and Consttild.-s in Appoi|iiiuiuiinl.'
Hundred ; eoneortilng Hotel K
prohibiting live s'oek fn
large in Distriet N
county ; divorcing Julia A Adair ; in
eorp .ruling Clinton Circle. No 5, il 1
Il C A ; creating an additional const».
Ido in Witmingi m.
* 1 ' ■
runt.mg at i ■
' w Caatl.
7*2. N
r l:tt* .\ V
Si:n atk - A j dut
sus|u-iisioit t.f the license law iti rt gnrd .'n
»Ii i l li.-bitig in the Dcbtwme, for the pres
ent senf.-n, was read
luti* ti. nskitig :i
I udopted.
... .. r ,
. " pr"M*htig b*t the ptitebt
. Mît county - ni.vr.st in the ( upittd build■
tilg. t\tf. wns passed.
-c bills.
! Of
bn.ng t « !i»lm. ? u. th- Delaware be
l"'".' *' i,,,,,,ir . v ,M ' xt -
,, ' u ' d 0,,,t
coiiecrning hotel koepers
and !•* div « ret* «lltliu A. Adair, were read
a fir*t Iitia*.
I lot -
report of the committee .
mi the Hatley «liv.<re«j .ease, iudeliniu Iv i
postponing th - bill, wn* a«b«ptcd
III- rcjM.rt of the Ftsli ('ommissiunci »
r«''*oiiMm tiding that t h •
i •
c 1«.
,j j
*1 rnnaurrv.1 :
»u *• -
eirryini? tut •
A t::. i.l r of bills r dating t » K< nt nnd
Mimx coiititicfc
•**«»» y rtri
*: CNPAV AIT Kit N O* » S'.
U'V.li l>. W.-.t-.-!
Sun a n:
vited tond a» ( Mi.ij lain. ti>i K< v J H
Merlin, transf-rred t>» NYiliningtoii.
Atm tig the House bills rca«l
net to ptevent »took fr«
in S.li«iol Di»tri**t No
* re ; An ;
runniiti; ni I, irai* 1
incorpi rate t!»«* Dtlawnr«* Mutual Health :
and Acrbletit ('-»mpaMy « f Delawur
Hills pa *-»!*« 1 : An act .*•» ttic**rp«>>*at ihv i
Smvrna Hailr^ul
Slati• ) i» au I
tu pan y : **'»i act. t.* t.ivurpot ntc tlio U »I
utiiigluti Car \»«<iki* ('«»uipiiiv :t• I an n -t j
.it«» int*«.« j .«ml«? I In* Miipill I'ombiiiati .
L-wlc .!> 1 lh,p (
I ho following Hills wer«; rrn-i
a Ii»*! tim«* :
S»*« nil* bill c«»tic«*rtiing tin* .j iti«*« of the ;
Attoriscy (»«•iiitnl ; Soiiztc bill iucorpfir
atinp the Hi'liubutli
Cniml ntnl Navi-uti in <
and Chine »I «;tigu<* j
1 on* puny ; It * Lit - j
iug to the tax «»ll the I*. W \ B 11 ll !
I » . (similar t • • ihe propositions by tbe j
pcm*li growers )
( )n iiiotioti of Mr. Slicblrukc, tin*
Houso rrrotisidered, by n v«>tu of 11 to 9.
i ft*«• in its amendment making valid the net»«
j «jf constable Dorun. i I hi# cotitiuucs him
i iu »»flic« until February 1875 1 i
Amonp tin: t.HU I w„, i
An art in.-orp.iralini; t!,<* X.. w C»,tlc 1
j C o UI ,t v Mutual Liv- Htovk Itiauranco Co I

It ' I:.*»!» \Y
Q iilo a number of tills were
S H N K T £
! r* ad a "«.con i time.
Dill'» poe!*«*«! : At) net to «livorco Julia
A A*!uir ; un net n« «|uiring title to Capi
tol building, and appropriuiitig g'iO.HUU
f«*»r I he pnrelu
j not eon.-erning Imtcl k *«•«■. rs
Mr. lU.bllu ofivr. 1 » r.>.*hitt«.ii making
| the Hecnd reading of bills » -meial or !« » ,
; (bT n oVIor-k cudi morning. A.l »pted '
Mr. S'oekl-*y presented a petition from
| John D ILidnVy •/ ul , a.-king for aid to
' extend the Junction an l llmikwater
Huilroad. Head and filed with tlje bill.
A recess t»f ball* an hour waa taken in
I air of the same ;
,,,C , nri * r , n0 °"' l "! d ,h ". S "" ! " 0 n,l j' JUr *'*'»
' !? 1 , ! l 'î u,r ,l' 1 ' 1 f a ^! 1 ° v "* 1 ' 0,1 1,0 ®»«'P
"V 1 » h« half hour expiring, an
I "'! , *T nd j, m,rn " M,D f w " 5 '»•'»« li " »» »'«bek
i " ""If.. ,
. Hotze-Bills paa.cd : An aot in rein
| «; ur F ! " K ' n ''ompanies. [this
; "'""P. , Life Inauranee Companies to
f?"', 1 ' n P",'.' 1 U P. P 0 , lu 7 f '>r «he amount paid
•' «ti.r |.* J |u-y,- is lost by reason of non
j P*J me P' premiums ;, un netto ui*l
i * ,, '' :l '* uri ' * "liege and proridu therein for
tb ° c ! Il, . ia,, *7 1 f '» r «hin Statt-;
j Die L®'*y Lourt of each c«»unty
f rt purchase ntnl use f aitipbcll s sjatani of
• I* 1 . 1 * ex , , ng »»»'* Heqate bill for I lio relief of
; ,,l ». ri<!l . ' Ncw r f '"' l,! c ''" n 'J ,
, ^ * ,tt "H' repealing tli« Mochaiiloa Lien
'"f.' Wr î, 8 , l ,t K«' 1 - Dl ; nay*, R
j . ' ra **' ' up for cnn.M'lcra
tton tlio bill incorporai ing lljo Maryland
j J?tK,""«!'.'' of'pro'.
1 P'—l by II!.* incorporation, eouimi.tce
, 1)e o, f( . ot ?f)
wi j 0i * „ . 0 ,„| lh . a ,| opti „ n u f
»r k'.-estï ... *•
mV ei.J, 'nil ,.n„, ,„..i
investments, wss lost by a four-fiftiis vote
The House held an evening session,
when t|ie following bills were passed :
Si naer bill divorcing H A and Os>ha.
rine MrKaln ; S-niUe bill for tile relief of
Unitud School Distriet :i8 and 75. N 0
county ; Betisi.* bill .-..ding ('Imp er «
of the lirvisi'd Cod» ; Amending Ohsptep
08 of the 14th V-iluma ; also, limiting
the number ^ invitation* to atlsud op ex
veutionv «0 99.
Sksatk.— The bill authorizing the is
sue of tho bond« of the Htuto to the •
mount of $2<H).U00 to «id the Oeorgu*
town nnd Frankfort Unilroad panned by n
unanimous! rote.
The lloimo »iiiendmentfl to the 8en«te
bill incorporating thu Maryland and D«l
nwarc Ship ('anal Company were read
and concurred in.
Among tin* bill» rond n first time wan
tin* ont» l<» nid 1 »oh» warn I'«»I lego and to
provide 1 for the ctJucutiun of Dnchcrs for
llit? free todioida of the .^tate,
♦till» pnwt-d : An ad to prevent «wine
from running at large in .School District
No. 7*2. New ('nutla county ; nn act for
the n lief of School l»i*trid No. 91, New
Ca*tl.* county.
i In* following hill« wero lt»*t : An act
to change the buumlniitf* of lfatl Lion
Hundred, and an net to amend Chapter
Chapfcr 7ff of tl
in rein lion to police nnd const u hies
in Wilmington ]
lloi.si; Hill* pa«*"d : An net incor
nn act a
, .. ,
i:"'" 1 "'* J 1 "! N'« ;»<*rscy and
' 11 1 ' j ,
a "-" 1 l, . ,n « "' h :
H*r,long the dut.,*, of the oyster tax col
7."' r: ''••'" r l-'-""ng mal
1 ""l!"* ", ■;
>-* ''*"!"" «*• «••vised
Stntiitc* ( t'linblmg jicrMtJi« w iio owe inom-y
on pntp. rly I« «Iciluct tlio mortgage lien
from (he :is;.t N>uicnt lift >
Tl»«* St mitt* bill ini;t»rpnrittiiig the Man
('i»«tlc* was |t»«l
Vtd. 11, Ienw« of Delaware, nnd
Hivincd ('ode.
: ufio-lurer.' Ibnik of N
■ S v.-rul lo-.v lint unimportant hills wire
i ■ , 1
\f ;»: 15 tbo House tidjnurind until
7:d<t flii- I'vcning.
Letter from the Capital.
Dovxr. M*
h 27, IH7J.
Kt- Tu wsutift : Thi* lias be« n r:iil»«*r
nti exciting week nt the capital
last h iving bun Itx 1 up ti for taking the
filial vote in tho House oil llu* slit}» cun a I
bill, much intercut was tnutiifcstcd in the
The IT i
H ntid foe of tin*
astir«; wort* active in outivuseing tin*
1 in* rit» . ! tin bill, and wh* n tl»«* li«mr for
g the vot* n i \w I th- tu- -I inten-«
final r suit
1-* v«U I
i 1 v I L• «1 . and
the Vote
inti *o I tin* fiii-nd* "I the bill gave veut
I h; j : • val by tin* nil dot
•il •*.% Il: g I» til ' V ite :
th* ii- f.'di
I lo* I
if.vis. Hick
»••A.i- Me., -r- PI«.,* ».
j muti, IL'Katol, Huteliiti-oti, Maris, Slud
j <!r:»l:>•. Silver, St.-x * ti« *ti, -I*»*d Tlnonp» m.
: 1 •> ...«i.. *ii, \ ■
1 » « *t» '
t i asgeti, \\ iltir , \\ ll
I Mr '**;.« I !. ■ r
Ferris, «loties.
N i vs
Martin ;
I ns-'ire you e m-i lernble ebatnp.'igiie
silfVereil ufliT tlo :i :j"irnm tit.
M.ssrs (Mark
1 W right Ô
Tim bill
( ni l tl. *
; Fnmkf r-1 Ii R. 1. 1 - |*:
1 of |!n
, .! l.otl: l.iui„*in*.
I Ii*!
I 4 * ti i 11. toil will Ii;* tin* to vu n - vf tl.-v > 1 ■
* *| i n fî 11 *' lovttT pr,rt of (lie Statt*, w I tic 1 1
i.i v**l with. oit nnv r.iiltoti.J firilttiri,
io-t important hill-* yrt to 1
sitler«*'! nr*- I bo Tr*
X* It nul 1 *11. tli«' lii|»i«*t
i ti. * lb *, r au I H. ♦)*•! • tli lluili'M.i
bill i
j j
I h t\ «* tny «I'HiIiIn « b« tb« i
will I«* iiaestd, t««*twiili
« it 1»
«*!' t In in
1 •'tunning tli* y ?* I » « » u ! • 1 bo
' The IL"i*r tn»w In'Mitig ov«*
ill or«]« r !«• oatch uj
t » b" tin* general iinpr«**
»ion tlmt a linal ndj«»uininctit will take
nth tin; S-n*
; ate
It Hot*.
j pin«*«* tn*xt'wi . k.
j Tin* bill providing for tb«» purclm»«', by
! th«* State, of tin» intcreM of Kent i*olil»t\
j in tin* Sint*» Hons«», has pits»*« <1 boll;!
brunches of the Legislatur«» The bill ul -
lows §1.» U'hl f«*r tb«* ground ut»«l buil«iitig
and gVi.mtO for the r.'piir of the smut»
The building «-liquid have been repaired
long ag », :• p* in its pr"*«*iit cotnliii
i unlit for «wupniiun.
i |i, I,
it I*
In fuel it in tim«
w State I It. dm*
• has a n«*
Senat«»!«» Hi Mb*. Sliak» *p»'t
ley wer«* npp tinted e«»n»mis^i«»iicrs, on the
part of tli- Sciinti» to *up-rint«*n I ill« im*
ment** t-» lu* ninde to tin* building
Kent c«« u 11 » v
ami Stock
Chuiiiiv liav«? t
I 'lild a b w cuit b«
» ,
Tin: Hkiimom» Dost .mistiges. — Tlo
rcnppointtiK iit und confirmation
Bciti«* Van L*".v a-» j. ».-uni?« re»* t»f Hieb
nmiul « ugbt t«t have been «*xp< ctctl, wlicii
hit faithful hcrvici; she
•f Mi
m but cl
tob re 1 (jraut when he w as besieging
She « h! jibiish.-.l a daily c«i|)i
i w itb him, ai l k* pt him in
i'» (Ijc prngre^s of «• v vtit?* in th«
An I tli«'» him h**ii t
iimn lead'
formcil in
(Viiilt'tli'rqtc ('.ipii.il
lit it) flowers ;
«bu iu tlio morning have been know to bo
• •ii bis nipper labb* al Cily Foint at night
Wlioii Hichiiiouti fell, (irant font a fru-lctl
► luff tlioio with in si MU'
gays elippwd iu b«*r gar
' ••«
";" ,s , , u . ,eC ,l "" '" r w ';:
' J nnd her wunt* supplied
(»<«•* Do hr
i Saturday Inst, pas
medinte uholili.. slavery in tlio isiaml
of I **.rto Uicu, ntnl giaiiliiig lo tin* ciiiuf.
tip ,i. ,| sdnyr# all t!.c political right*
corded to ci'izcn* of Spain 1 be poptthi
liou of Forty Hieo d«»t*i« not vxee«d ôtltl.
of ODU t li«- number of slave« being e*limni
< d at ah oil OO.IJIMJ. The elleei of this
j aliarp. sln»rt, dei-isere ineafgr«* will not b.
| limit- «I t » »h- planter* f Fort«» Un
will be Mi even more »cvcrly by the )«»y
\ iiliat* of Cuba, wlm are all «*f t Immi *bive
. _ . ,
„ A P»'i* t-leRpsni announce), that the
of Ff»-»> ■•*••» German Governments have
•■«•hanged . .if the «rest, fi.r
« ,hB -vw« «»»'"«. »f ..
"Locsl ontion" in lieenfing ll-e sale of
liquor, ... dsfeated in the couu.im of
Pennsylvania yeeterday.
Spatmli N ul i* *ii-i I Assetulily, on
\ n «leerce Ibr th«* im
huiliers, anil wlm have lieeji hitherto
staunch in ilicir allegiance to tbo mother
Il ia nvavrlcd tlmt returns lr«»m every
town in li'm district show that the Drum
cratic eandidate f«»r Oongrraa fr«»tn New
llumpfhii-e, 4D>n 8. 8 Hell, hns been
ro-c(ec4«»«l by four vole«
It has not yet been dufinitoly determin
ed to send George Francis Train to an in
sane asylum. Bj whom this removal
. "P°*D
train is now in
prison, with hardly a friend to speak n
good word for him. Two physiciuna
said to have pronounced him insane, but
the facte ao far made publie do not justify
bia incarceration iu an asylum. His
apceehes, his writings, his many absurd
nets have heen those of a mao whose van
ity was inordinate, and whose idea, craay
though it might have heen, of the manner
in whieh to guiu uotoriely end make
money was not a had une, for lie obtained
both, only he has kept the one—the nota
rieiy—and lost the other—I lie money.
Hi* might very well he let loose again as,
if a luuatic, ho is a vary harmless
Tun I .werkst Hii.i. in Viruima.—T he
Richmond ( Va ) Whig states that tha
conference committee of the two houses
of the General Assembly of Virginia
has agreed to a report on tha interest
ijiiesiion, which fixes the legal iutcreat at
six per rent slid allows contracts as high
as right per eent Any charge above the
latter heure is to involre the forfaiture
all interest
would be authorized, if determined
wo aie uot informed.
On the Jttli In.tsnl, In fliirngo, III., Sallie E.,
wile nt N - w ills ii I'.iss of Cliirugo, mid duugh
lerufS. t-'reni Ii of Mlililleinu n, Oel
Oeliiwurs pspi-r. fdrs.v ropv.
Near tVurwiik, Mil , on M.irili 21 at, Juror« T.
Hoad, URfil I >2 ieur«
tin the Hull instant, nt Fort Mifllin, l*a. t Jehu
M hilll.-i-uil, in the ÛUt .ear of his nee.
In In-in
«'Hy. I »fl.,
y Htiuker, aifed »'••I y oars
llie JUt iust., llcii
Til K IMIllCli'U,
Whi'ut ..
Com Yellow..
.. $2 no
.. ft I cts.
. 5ft 41
.ft 00
..7 2ft
;•*(« n et», y do%
r« .'.ft it#. 1b.
. ;•<«« iu ■ ••
!«•»<« I
V bus.
...I4f«tr. \\ lb.
.... 1 :(*«, 14 ^ I»'.
... i:%ift VI»'*
l a IHL.U»Emtl.\ M UtKEfS
I wheat.
•fl.SG(«il 0«
. sei!
• fat» ' Demis» itaiiia j.
• •x.i—e.i,.
Tiniotb » .
* H
..$7 7ft
4 ftO
Mm AdiTi'ilücinrnfr».
11 ox. < \ «*. Munn
Of New \ork, the popular and « Hi « i<-n t ora
tor. will üotivrr .t let'Iurr it: tl„
Town Hall. Middletown,
ON UK I NKMl.tV I.VIMM, AI It 1 1, ad, 1»7;,,
Dor tli
»»•fit of tli** Town l.il*
•Single Tickets of Admission.
to C'eut«
Ti ketfi Admitting Three, - - Um« Dollar,
mar 2D—Iw
Trees and Plants
For Spring of 1873,
Dench, Apple. Dear, and nil other
kind*« "• t r «» i t in# : Maple, Hont* t'hr»tuut
>1 all oilier Kind# «»( «lm*ie tree#
Alurrii ait
I all other kia«D of
a\rb«r Vin«*. lri,«h Juniper,
mu nt .1 tr««' ; Mrawl-erry. Ilispberrv. Hlackv
y. Go««M't v» ry, U'.iye Gratis«, «ml other
«I White DeacU
h.irlj H • I Veil#
t-, why not increase the value
beauty o! y our lion
nnd plant* Erny
lew y cuts, at a iidI of a tew «cuts,
least «'lie «lollai tu the owner, uu«| u
«ni» pay bet tar llu^ !<« plant
and plmitfi of it««- tight kind,
will be glad to fic'l any ol
ralcf. Catalogues ftto
i:. II. t O€ II It ART,
Middletown, Del.
-•Ö»- DEAl'tl HANK ETS of all kinds :i} qmn
ufHduicr *. prie«-«. Earliest cullers treat«d best.
! the
* by t>«t!it»g out more tree*
• planted mol cared (or a
worth at
hi vest ii nt
plenty ot tires
ami I
y slot k at rcufioitatdo
, ( . . . . . (|(| , , M, A11 ItKD
J sont l .i in i.i„ ei. i! ,»,,i i . H n,* «ill
of i f«* 1 *'* '«-v ae».*.u. eemuusiing *tsrvh 15,
of SÄÄÄ 8t'ä2Ä^Ä
days, and flstardsvs. [a#1Mt«
f I Hit Annual Medinp t>f Ihe slot kkoldera of
X lit# Mitltlifiuu;i «»no L«»An Ai»o
eiaiion will I.« held oil lilt* e\rniug of April 3«l,
.«« M o'eloe^, ul which lime oflK-tr« will In* elect
til. »In- fiixi!' tniiiial report read anti action ta
ken on propmn-d a mend men i#
I II« Law.
211 -lv.
lo t'ollllilutiull
A li. fll.N.
V ('«»n««nit ni Hon»« near Main p | f«'« , (, MiJ'l.'e*
•n.tMi Ii l...b . nn* ««'Hmi', •* ht ru* Milden,
w n ter nt the d«'«»r. i«nd w *# nvwlr-pnpered i»»l
Miinnu-r Tenus ritecii.il te Applj» io
2 9—If
MHsS h L AN,
Middletown, l>el
fI'RI'i umli-rsi|iiiiil muh, I it |.i'i-iliillj intuitu
A I lie liiihe, tlmt Iu, Ii.,, „ clmlie tel of l*lanla
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A meeting ol the rui|>oruloii and snl>srr)l*ers
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Willi«, lieht Hi the „III. e ul J«ik>„n. Pj le t Cot,
on rue.il.il . April bill lai:i m lio'rlmk, p.m.
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