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••«.' MÜ*
KO. 14.
__ -pVhtroinion |
Homœopatruc l^nysician,
Has «moved to Broad Sirwi, opporiis ih.
Hiddlatowa Academy.
Notary Pttblic,
tttaraey fa fannnellor-nt-Uiw,
ar <ka rimrlnus Callas« •«
H AVING located in Middletown, and mic
ceaded Dr. J. J. Vanderford, raapeetfully
afikra hla professional •ervltvs to the putdlc.
Office boor«, 7 to 9 a. m.
1 to 3 a. a.
6 to 7 P. M.
4« J-tf
Attorney and Coaiiiiellor-al-M»afi
\ m
Prsctlce* io tbe Courts of Baltimore City
jooent I'ouniies. the Court of Appeals t-f M.ir» -
land, and also in the Suptrme Court ot the Cm
Ud State« and of tho LMstrict ol Columbia.
attends to the
Cotlfifittoa of rt«1»i fiRfilRfit «he flovrrnmrnl
Claims of tfc« United .Slate», and
in the Court
before tbe various Departments i
D. C.
! -1 v
No 12, Ksdunge Building.
TPfflfi. MI JGTIJS. OKI, *Vf *I«K.
Conveyancers, Surveyors. U. Estate Agents.
Collector* of A counts, Hills, à •
Houses aud Lauds
Loans negotiated; lilies ex »niitu-d
Bonds. Mortgages, sod other l «eg*! |>.«|>cr« aie
fully drawn, and supervised by counsel p*
BUgllv rttained Correspondence solicited.
Reference furnished
ted, and r* '
; iii.k
UEYNuLI'S St ?)..
No. 12. kscnARUK Iu
WilniTicu a, Del.
j-4 11—Stno*
The Aldine for April will be received
with enthusta*iu and delight by evi.r)
per-ou of tSMte who ha« u grain of appro- I
ciitien fnr tbe benntitul or a »park of'
pride in tho progress of American Art |
The »ecood of ihe child »ketches, by John
S. Dsvi», appears in this issue
NIorno presents five mnaterly dolim.ni -n»
«f tbe Yellofr*tone It-jgiou, one of which.
Th*m, «
«•Tower Creek." i» a ni»*t «uperb «po.-i
The " Death Warrant uf Mary
Smart ' ii a truly royal aul.jrct, royally
treated "A OatakiU Brook, ' liy Whit
tradge, »riU carry off the palm with very
Such a spirited «ketch a* a "Barr
Cbanoe," by W. M. Cory, drier re* more
than a passing notice, but so do the other»,
and »pace is limited The literary con
tenu of tbe April Aumm* dirplay the
ual excellauec and variety Muric and
Art raceiro thoughtful consideration —
Bubacription price $■'>, including Cbromoi
"Village Belle" and "Crossing the .
J.oor." Jam«» Sutton A Co., 1'uhliah- 1
era, 58 Maidcu Lane, Hew York
Thi Ladv's Fntxxn ton Amu —The
laadiag engraving iu the Apiil number
of this excellent Magaiioe is a tiue pietnre,
0»Had *'Watchman, What of the Night?"
This is 00 « of those pictures, out of the
usual hackneyed atyie, that we ao often
find ia thia Monthly. Then there is "The
Alpioo Bheperdere," and theuiual nuinhvr
of engraving», i!lu»trating the Fs»biou».
The muaic tni» month i* "Air* u»</ -Vrn r
Ttll," which certainly contain» an excel
lent 'moral, if nothing alae. Among ihe
.. . , i. „ •* 1
hurary contenu are Canned 1 eat lies.
by A, M- Dana J "liua and har I rtnee,
by Mias Muatay ; "A Bachelor'» Soldo
quy ; "Dorothea," by Fannie Hodgson;
"Yh. Master of Ora,land.," by Mr,.
Henry Wood J Fashion Department ;
Work Table Ytfittlei, Ac. Send for a
samplt number. Price (J'i.OU a year, ur
60 with premium Chromo, •'Little?
*' Publish««! by llencoti A Pc
inrsoo, 819 Wsluut St., Phiindclpbia.
Scat»»«»'» VOB Apbil —Tba reeord of
"An Hour among the Greenback»," in
Scribner's for April, ia as entertaining aa
a story. Tbe unnamed author cartaiuly
write* from a thorough acquaintance with
V. -Id.-t an ,l air... with the lid of'
Ma subject and gives. With tue »« d
piulurw. tbe beet «ecouat yet published
.of tbe workings of the currency Depart
mant Miaa Proctor'» profusely illustrât
» » ' • • r..u u «a ...t S.,,.il,>r„
•d deson piton of "Moscow and Southern
Russia" will bo read with peculiar inter
arst at this time aa weil »• the »ketch of
"An Emperor'« Vacation at Vichy " A
. , __ - ,
ndta ttajlluatreted papara ara an arnolt
ofe Arfeerita'i prima donaa, Clara Louise
Kellogg, with portrait, and "An Ancient
A mer i<» n ClvilUioa." -i.h pic.arc, of'
Peruvian antiquities. Tbe Old Cabinet
has a " Protaat concerning Catalogues,"
thing about oxpruasiou etc. Home
Bootet y , Culture and Progrès», N»
._j nil-—J Rtahluw. are dm.
, ** D , **_'**" f' , * ,,, fi*. P* r
bap* more IglmaaRfeg nail usual
Tta M*f number af Saaitaer'a open«
Ik« «gift tolgmo. »Bd. U tta publisbara
™ T5Lu Uita ttaa la aahmtiha "
gag, ' SMS ia tta nu fl «• »anoanae.
*— t , -
g* having " sarvivad
g 4*Boxte way of pat
Bpaakiag af am
/ame.at ffirtrr .V A. .—I move that the qm.
'fog,"*"' lh,r * OB rmr ' lc * tinr-yw. and (
/imi />«*. n. .— AI«orhfeywpin«. j
innotm Mr,. F ..—Likewise i.rr i/un.
K " An l 'h* 1 " , * rc * ,0^,
n*' , / >1 r..Um J ^Ic»rTi«l. Sow. what will
you do irlih—"Wb.i l«rnm*a of the »hip«?"
Innorrni C. —I mo« thvy be referred to the
| lonocvnt/Wr./* foV^rrport <m tho? q«ir»tton ;
*„t*n»i«fw«l nt la#t meeting Ly «liter Inncent M. ;
! A — "tvben ihe hern« of the moon hang down
"ard why doea it iodh .ie »et ««tlier •
i«xoc**r newnaor*.
Original poetrij.
As M< MiMhtown Tmtmpt.
The Innooenta at Home.
■Unfit from «Im nlRRltfi. •« «!•• «*«■!•«
BfiOfifilHIy Ri*ff||Rf nt III« »•!•
,*» Ik* Prffi UfiRt Ir Ik*
I r afi SlRgfi
•t n
«kalr. «fier «k«
••»et tfiRtrIhRiloBfi.
The Pruitient :—The question «nhmitteii by
brother Innocent, Port ft — '"What become« of
all the pint ?' is rrferrt«! to inter Innocesi I*.
I. N
i I rise. Mr Urrsident. Inno«
« And I
I And Madam*, and Mi**««, nnd
i To answer tnv sweet little sister-inquis'tor i
Question the wcRther conccrniiitf :
i Wilt it is. «lien the lu rns of the moon bang
Jvu n,
t unter#,
und all other Mister*
i h other y is
f course, she has horns to her
ild this doubt, but nn ignorant
d town,
■/ turning.
i And w lit»
i, in i-oun
»• or thj L
t on Uud and
wit hou
flfis-jPMf-ingly wet,
! I "Man in the Muon in a svtat.
inj to pay « îT lu# pustf/«#r debt,
• met.
nther her
As ihouüh tl
Was pre,
Whilst »
he ter min
» 11 ;
d!y. dogged I
»lily whit.
W,III «I I a
fiy iMG-ntlon
T . put
tr. I.ft :
f ff-.-.l
ft Oft-r his filer,
: l thron ,h like a
•rf Li
Ha l ihr

1 s.iuk
I SuHiib
i Or. uf
i d.-fii
y thi
• ' tnk'X up

..I ,|r
' htm r
an i work up the
Now. t > an«*er th #
..I all and Mi«» Ei
edili* .'i«
l dilen mi
i W* fetf.X. 1
iM noi /;*»
111 «01
st.uui.1 Le
i Ir»
A i
, j,,:
t.x «■ h
I Ln »«.«*«. ,
,,u h
| p, l( r «mnrkF«l ># »»•
Tmu -
\ of /
I And O' I !
nini '
• .. !'»r high ?' *
- j'-I » t tell me
- Zo.i
.1U.1 ii
. 4 11 1 h
!nkv l «i»h hi# »iniitrr rv#*,
the »ky.
bet. "ou the i
nd »tL
III'- FAfll
Juit be tv
cllitn who I
gu» rul'c
i hr lir.t
I. I llAVr to g .r,
h*:»if, there .i
inlo A
A n. I i.
vr ,hl
E*cu*r tl»» t.g
To get my
> 1 .
Hu,, wto
Tlier»'** stoiy mil !■«
or ., J,»h U»n"U-.,.
. H»«» lifdç •' t Gughcd '
1 ^'p",,„j
i ad
And «inonili:
y k*'
U tir«'.
/».-l't-ilfcr t
Br h
»»r uflitr lorntri cntll«
Ur .» p tir uf |iw'»*i §:*
To etpFct to hue rn
ls, i think, a |
.kfi'i si
« hide#.
I tu hold thffin IwsidcF,
couutrv lorn,
i itliC. '
■in* • J*-!» u Um|iimn,
rvF tru> . ut.u, j
o*!f ill'll 4
jllUlp** )
t r tin* moon
Another res
Uy «hei'hvr'l» an,l mUk
1 Who flock# had nutnled tu»
And , ltr4( uf , altlc i m , w i„ ,,_
; Jiol for yrrcn-Aori* an t rAim,..-», rut lil.vraQj
goM j
I bow «vit provecl to
Tbat mtao TWW,
d .ia.-f l w;t
rr Lorifis #c«)ru.
hookfd Loth her horn«.
In ibe Moon*
sum, ;
Th.M r tit»r-r«..». .« ; l ; d-wy mer«. ,
Aud tu« milk, «t ;* fi.tt !. in Hu* I foifi-niit l< rtn
Hut that old cow died of the • hol>r-h rn,
Aro fact» established »'irun j
l'f-or*fiU|(e tlioru«.
.ike a twiu-p
oi v *#».
Ur the nailers of Willis
Thai In« lachrymal aqueducts
uunt# »or the »p* %v
lily wer« t
I ha»c Lee:» told
oH'ijj and old.
d Sold.
tint» :
» hifh crowe«l in the morn,
lonely j
And rodr-bralaed by litgn-horSt inren
tions '
And wak«d Ihe Priest all th.ivea rd _
; Who inifirntd that Julio, tailored and torn
a To that amornu« U «;i torlurn,
»J- m." 0 "'
tlui theebirfeat rvoson 1 hav, to i.iv
i Wh >' " i"'«'™tv* r«» whea the Uorn» bang '*»<
,, onc , h „ phi!u»optivri never gainsay,
1 Tb» Clark or the »eatlivr, t.y nixtn »»d by day
i I» /mi.'.ey a »rod vn, whilst miller» pray.
of' ( And tbs name of thi» gentry is teflon;)
So » a head of water i» mm h ihr vme
At „ hea(1 wilh m , le ur „„ki.i, brain,
n r rra,ked. ..r addlr.l. or «ori oi cro»»- s rnin,
■ tllydrocepbalou», the lee. lie* call it t r name,
noaiatime» Longeniul, »omeilmes a
B|l| ,p„, ; n? ofl „. a(t , awaken, a train
j d, lUgugni, iu a rinbny historical vein,
of (As was gin remarked by Micky O'Shane
When he .ucked .hat dcllciou» a.'unmpane
; Extorted from Strychnine and rotten grain,
That deleetahle bvitr»«», (inrian Champagne.)
Tb» rAi.uyin I» of rrt e-aa, nud lij^e of « ruya
j That came from aero»» the ocean main,
of' But I«
, Bul lhe lral i, of , ke ma iter is, Innocent dour»,
That horn» hanging <&>«n can't be /nil, Ibis 1»
3» Ih« power* goeerfcivw,aot the AorM.lt appaan,
gad u you all era expecting to hear
If 0ir is . wet season's appointed ;
It I«, Wli«a those antlers are erect and opt.orne.
brimful, a erttowlag ttk a tha t famoua Corn
'' copia w. r«ad of is ichool books wall wore,
All dripping and »topping in full basin form ;
Then look out for weeks of drirgle and storm,
Krom maratag to are, sad fra at eveniag to more,
And yoa never will ba dlsappelaled.
Otraass Bon.
. . «j • « , n , I
UM* isacneior S Otory. j
J •? T " ehe " ,r a* ""•/'■'•J
*"î °,*, vcr
while 1 live; bnt, like nil other men—all |
l b»va ever met. at lea«t—l have loved,
and hoped to be happy with my clioien
br £' ...
That pa«iiou, and tho»e hope«, faded 1
forty year« ago. Since then I have done ,
penance for the liaaty act of one night ; i
I bare ahunned the society of women
( an j forbade myaelf the ebadow of a hope |
j that I might patch my tattered hopca with
new one«. (
To none who knew me have l ever told
l! 1 ' ,,lff I ahould have burn (.teemed *
liar, or a madman, and no one would will
wgly accept rucli a reputation. To you.
unknown reader, I dare recite tho events ,
; ')*?** four a,|,i Hour«—event?
; w " 11 '" my life into it* now well- j
worn channel, and made me the louely,
hop.!#-« man l am
At the age of twenty-four I was der»
in the eatanli'liment of Messrs. Carp k
l avili, lawyers 1 liaj energy and am
I'ltior, health and oppartuoiiy—every
thing, io fact, that could be wished for by
a man who hoped to hglit his way up in
the world, anJ win wealth aud repute- j
1,n "
I was engaged to a young lady by the
name of Grace Hunter, a pretty, delicate
•I'liet that bar pet name.
Z " r 'in n iTl ..'-"'"hè"
n ov ne,„ .of, tr vôi-eawe a id low
iii'Wiiiipnin *n!f. htr mm. tan. t au l low
Mie never herself entertain! d a lurgi com-j
Ipany by heren„yer.a«,.n. m.rdtd any of
.1,. ; ,0 ..„Off. that give a woman the repu
tatmn f r brilliancy ; but her mental p,I f
I ers were very hoc, and tti a !■ !■ '*■*•< »he
wa* « ncbaotiDir A U ly to the heart s
cGn*. in my rye* at La«.*, a permet heauty.
ff.n* niitfht yet have Ucn f»rg tten hy
most men in a room full «)t giggling.cha'.
ting ßirls , ,
I adored her ! had felt that hi r b.ve
feiert jètorij.

looking d'Hvu at lier in lii'r white wrap
. of fro«.y atarlipht
louchiop h.r i.la.-k hair, woni.rit,* if the
f>be had bands that
of hand. w.»cu
Oraca, meanwhile, .at apart from me. i
She talked to others in ,er low, .wret
Qu,to calm and aelf-po..«.«d, with no
appearance of nottcio. nty conduct, the
was over, and wa had left the home to*
gelber, l was astonished bevond mea.ure
to sec an offended look up..,', her face and
»0 hear an offended tone In tl - voice 1
offvrad her mv arm. She rcj.cted it,' ra
plying tbat 'the ground was damp, and
that her band» were occupied with her
! d.'es* ; but I knew that tht* wm mereh
an excuse *, and fading tny.elf in the
• wrong, and having .w»llowed ? more wine
than 1 should at the «upper-table I grew
very angry *
••May I ask wbat I bare done?" 1
•* You know." »aid Grace.
'•I know!" I repeated. "Hay, I know
nothing of women'* fancies. Yon must
•*1 scarcely think it worth while," said
■bo. "If you do not know tbat yon taro
wm a j trl worthy of ;iu e
[•eror * vrtur
and l »cure'llv d*
■I tw «It?'
word» that told her all l frit
j her high-bred r«»- rv»* kept m«* at » lit tl*
I wud pn»u 1 uf h* r
Sh man at on««? th*
l fell
unwi»rtbv • f h r
-aint wh«*m l rev r l.nn i the L**ing whom
wan to bo mv delight t• i cherish and
; protect until »b ath idioul 1 part u<
i promised to be min
more ihe w
, it
♦nths had po#* 1 »inee she had
At the end of six
bad a «mall »alary, but
lrad left ra«* a letfncy
o to li u- k«eji
ifortable style, and firaee was wii
1 aille« by my »i lo
iii' d bright nnd joyous to
«*f mi l wintt r, forty y
te her hand.
whi h would enall
g iu plain, but
i U- !
i c«
t » fight iif •'
Life i
j on that tii^'.r
I ago. when 1 wa
it!» Orii'i!
. , , ,
iked through tbe city
mv arm. ami
witll gi'-:l
aus» 1» w«*r«? iatr«*r than «he w:i
Wt» w,*ro ff-jinç t*» «pend tl»
^ «*T**nitiff at
Then* w:t«
a inutuiî friend t
i l JancitiL». en i cart)«, and
l went because Grace
to b«' music
a sociable
ffuj p« r
desired to go
Her »t)le socictv at her own bou»<» was
anv ulbsr
more delightful t
com puny ; but 1 wns voung nnd light of
Uvwct. and when 1 had ..nee entered th
j |,g|,t Äl | p ar lors l di 1 not «it silent in the
! corner
nn* tin
I talked ; I «ang ; I 'tirnr 1 the mu,i
I for musical ladies: I «„Ik.-d thrmijrh the
.der». At last 1 found myself flirting
; wi h one of the female gti-vt*.
There are women a man i* obliged to
, flirl wit |, He doea not admire tin m.
... i .1 • »
«pect tbe in, or low tl.fin on«.' whit; he
j d«jus not Gfco desire their society ; but he
must b« more than mao ere li * can r* fu>
tt> rt'Hponi t> their advances
these women l know n •«?. having played
1 the looker-on for »*» mat»y v< ar#. can make
any man appear to other women desper*
1 ately in love with her, wliil* he almost
detests her A woman «if that kind wr

Om* f
among the com puny
delighted in soft touche#
I line; cyts that coubl cast glane«*« bright
j *nd entrancing Sb«? p*)»»t*«F#*d attraction
rather than beauty. What she «aid was
notliiug ; her conversation had
est, but I knew that l
Mitcil nb»orbcl
! witll her—that 1 really wa* absorbed ; iu
'*»< , two word», that 1 flirted abominably with
' ber '

done wrong to-nighl, I really nhouM not
care. You hare neglected me, and de- 1
toted yourself to that vulgar woman, I
heard a lady near me »av that you «ecni'd I
t0 J,,, ,; re( j 0 f y 0Ur bargain. She thought
that you were in love with tint creature,
So did other people. 1'ndcr the cireum
atance« I have a right to feel offended,
insult,,)." ter
p er |„p, ,|, e thought I would deny the
c (, ir g e Perhaps »ho expected mo to
plead for pardon God know» what po«
, es „,| nK , j an .| only : If
„j| a( j nf)l j„t k a prel |y woman bo
cau , 0 ( hope to marry you »onto duv ?"
,.y„ u w , r c flirting—almo.t making 1
| UT0 hrr " , h(! re p|jjf d
"She i» the sort »f woman with whom
men fall in lore " I raid ; ••irreairlilde in
her llialltltr; i ¥t , |,„ rJ I11!lk „ cotl .
qu< .„, crery where ; I don't doubt it "
Grace looked at m# with a «tern face—
w |,; t , j n (| lc «tariight as a'uiarhla stat
uo s '
**Oth r women are always jealous of
j, uc j, women." I ndtletl all
"I am not jealnua of her." ah« «aid, "I
wool.! not be like her for a kingdom
She ia a terrible woman But »iiice vou
aitm j re |,er so. you are free to tell her so
,f trr j 0 u have «ein me to my door "
"Grace!" I «ai ,1 I
Hunter, if you please, Mr
Knlherford." »»id »he. "Wo ha»o both
mt j u „ ] ltt | a mittako easily reclifleJ ; that
is a || "
I felt, a« I »too 1 looking at her, that
,.f the wina I ha I drank upon
,„ e was stronger than I had thought, hut
1 glV " " ' ll "" 1 " lh " *«»>»? " f S iJ ' ,
h«'» »'"• 'ipi'l H«;', , , , ,,
",J u>t as you t.h*n* ? I 1. 1 sli uM î
l()3 , j CJ f„ u , w „„„„ | cur
„,„•, ];,• rn „ pa
(r / uM .. v , ja longer Go.bbv"
We w'ere not at tha door of her heme :
wo Wfr , a p, out half i I lock from it : hut I
turned on my heel. then, ami there, a? !
| lt . r j '«.ta^jjrf ,1 a little a* I walk«'«!,
;int j j wia ? lllt an \ nn ^ rv ] nia ,j e t „\
W;l j |, !)nie an l w ith ut undres«ing. frll
upon n.y bed an 1 dropp • I aslo-p
lumr . j a . akvnt j ,„, M r

;,i tii
, ... . 1
I vv it*! 1 draw the a
IK* f au ! that boM-ev. 1 *iirt, I \r *t! 1 rrav
for forgivetii*** and .*h»* w *u d f >rgiv*.- me
. .
at. 1 paner.
. . .
' wV m,! '-G T t <Ùr «,ZVJaU
in for UrJy dawn . .„y jealou« of the
^ ,< IIlia «iy e 'from my .iar
1 ' •
1 had i : out my candle wliati I lift nn
dck. and at • ro.nii »liuuld have hevn dark,
but a. I turned mv head, eft«, a long and
reverie, l'.aw that it waa lull „f
adiance. like the moonligl.t. It
, , ,
me \t lienee did the lieh« come;
took f nn A female figure, in white gar'- a
ment» »»bright that they dazzled the eye*,
»tood bending over my I nter '
I remained moti»nle«a—to apeak or stir j
wa» out of my power—and parcl on the I
d.jcct with terrified iutensity The
med to turn tl e page* of my let
ter with it* transparent haul, t beard a
ml • Sigh : then the bead turned toward
a face I knew—tbe face
that wmctl ltiveliftt f all on earth u« nn .
kt»«L«we 1 with a in various «livinu beauty
fur which no man e uhl fiud words—the ,
•1 .rifle ! face of »wcot Grace Hunter
At tl," »iffbi I burst the bond, which
held ill«—bond* a» tangible as though I
c „ uU . . them, and rushed forward
, , lr0Te rU » P my love, or her shadow.
A »bock auch aa one might
rn an electrical machine,
When 1 recovered the day had dawned,
: and under the blue morning aky -he city
I had awakened, but my day never dawued j
i '° "
'^'"nd thi, .to», in a very f-w word»
t , lat Di? bt. and never wa. heard of again
The family imagined that .be had remain
* b,,ut ll,,r I had left har within *tgb, of
"i 'u i a T' 1
. l ,*^* V'l H " l 'l° m
,biU m »«fol manner, .be d,ed tha
VTÎÎ , , \ i" P *I !°* T V u"' ed
r Î X..,'r l !' " . „Ii® 7,1
. , , r i't ' ' ' i"' i'"' ,l
v e 1 • * i » T
T" a"!!" ° m i "Tr but I never
■ h " 1 » oatltwc tny low« for «»r*«*« Huotwr.
; ° r P' 7 /'TT * ,h " ,. m * b *
work. I shad never outlive the know
Ud F '"à ' h ° n ! a ' ,ne " «»"»»Jfcy wine
and an evil woman» enchantment, I was
tha.canae of my darling a death.
- - «- ————
A Danbury man «ay» b* has read ofi
beggar* dying with stockings full of ail
v*r. but the only beggars be arar raw had j
real estate In their».
l i*.it j
«cent'!* f
up an 1 looked annul me
thn evening re« trr< 1 t >
how Matttew « rtliv l bad K*'*n, n*i l a t-rri
hi* g:i d j'ff'«-'! ni " Î put my heal
• vivi v.r 1 *:»
• ! w
'll " »•
I ht! ! *'t h r :• i with h r a.'. P •* n. \ 1
Then hope dir,, i upon
*uU write to h
bf* pr«i,ud
toil h.
nv e u!
* uf
ii w. unu# "i t » li'j'i *r as l wa
1 wo'tld toll !» r ?': O '
hid ■«'!. i in
> chart]
er .* if tl»« re
who liai ft-'tiled
tho evening bof rj
mj tri-^ti l f* !f no k « nly hetw -eu he
v fo> t l ru»!»e<l to in y
pnngnig f'
1 .Ire
It p..
wrote » letter
, |h | t( , B| |. r
*a<i it and re-read it
a pale
ll.»d a miracle oceurr« d 7
H i i the
»sen ag »iu :
Nuddv-uly. amid the »ilvery light, -,
1 a »tilt wliil. r radiance.
It ftb
«trau g
ti if ure

in m t arms
FXp« ricm?e fro
flashed through mo, and 1 fell powerk-is
to the tl
Bill Arp on a Bustle.
litre, Mark Anthony, if I were you
I wouldn't take on ao about the fashuns
They don't bother me It'a none of ypor .
burine« whit the women put on or off, »o '
'they behave theuieclvea and look juat aa :
purty a* they can They are a heap bet- ;
ter than you or me anyhow, whether they
behave or not 1 wouldn't give one wo. [
mini for «evvral men no lime ; would yon?
Now «ce him «mile and pat that off foot,
If women want to wear hurtle«, let 'em
"ear 'em. I thought that panes« waa the
beat becauae they «tuck out ridewaya and
»ain't iu thu way of loanin' back when ,
they «at down, but they know which i«
the beat aide to »tick out on, and it» no
body'» buaiueta but tbeirr
They may wear anything they want to.
hu«»ela and hoop» and hangotera and con
»exes and aeollapsea, whim-diddlea and
«lickout« and topknots eomo down, and
anything cite so there is a woman hid
away somewhere inside of il all. It'*
all a »ham—that rubber bussel— there
ain't no aubaianoe or backbone in it. I've
»ecu 'om Art and seen 'am Mowed op — '
There sin t a bit of harm in 'em, but I
never see one on a woman that I don't
want to hit it just enough to make it pop
I gully, wouldn't she jump and holler?
But l m not agoing to do it ; no. sir. I've
got too much respect for women Their
buascl# don't hurt nobody, and l do de- '
«pise to see a man always pickin at a wo- I
mau« ebne. If they didn't wear aoma
thing to disguise them the man aroulJ «jutt j
business when th-y cum about.
, . l ' ur, . v aU "-" li ' 1 V ,r . "*»«■ !
^"g '« .'be men away been ao
î iev r Dunns the ivar l »ev«! ono who
jest dreitcd aa nateral a« life, without an» t
pa bi,u or stuflin. a» 1 when she cm along
tit- b..j»je«t laid down and rolled over
and hollered. They wan nt lit f ir bn«i
ue«s for a week Hu' ! couldn't bear to
*cu 'em c > with their fac*!» all tied up like
they «!•> in Turkey 'Hint would mighty
uigh kill me If I can 1< ok in their
blew*»«—I c >uutenauc*s I «'an put up with
tli-ir fore riai
an 1 hind ri • :in
top rig
rv uary gitl on « nrth till l
ot I lien if didn't
If the oyc*. nos*»* and rnoitth ar
ira bahne*
■' I»"»** ever
tv whit « itiside «' f
, , - , • , i
h it «neu y«^ s«e bright rose* and
, , , , .
p"-*- -•* and blossoms in the tr^ t.t vard and
1 .ii , , -,
a vino over tbe duor. and el*an dear win
■ ■ . i
dir glas* suinitig, voit nmv net vour hat
, r a? , .
on the baiunee. You m* dn t worrv about
i .. j ». •
the buesels tior the l*nr.; v\ uteri have
, . ,, - ,
beeu doing that wav ever since old > do
. .
mon wrote* about tin
. , ...
is they do l-uu a little as the? go, it*
,, ■ / , > . * i
ull tigfit l her can straighten up when
• v 7 » .
itet''' 'S. «I, ■ v.-r J Trt *h7v,M Hf.
two boakule of n.e.1'without cracking a
boue lia only ;i p.»it>ff fa,hut. an.i will
lest till aotnvthinff elae emiii-s aluiiff Ne
lure made 'em that wav. and you caul
change it The more y m try the more
you can . He von -abu»« their
La.el« the more they'll atK-k cm a. you
-ao ie. 'em alone I ,ay *
, ■ , i , ,- ,
luce are ail th. same about fashions,
and the Ut one would rut 'em on if t|,ct
. , , ' . . ,
il ill their own wav and plenty uf money
i wiah to U- jet t ub euuf .o' give every
lady in ihe Uud a airing of dimonda and
a bat full of p. aria Good gr.eiou, ! bo.
quick that -Methodist dU. iplin would be
bu.ted ou the jewelry Usine»» Well, 1
j do like them to look puny, au l ao far a»
I am concerned, it' ribbon* andflower» and
flounces and fur» will do it. it» all right
Some .T the bird, arc drcaaed up mighty
tine and 1 reckon there amt much ot a
»in alter all But understand me. Mark,
I don t banker after busul», tho they do
*ay that it makes the uiutst UuU shelf for
tho arm to rest on iu the vr. r!T when a
, teller 1 » dancing round with Ins gnl
I bat . all right provided the feller aim a
dancing round w.«b m, girl. If be ts.
why be may take be; and keep ber, tbat »
— —a-
A Seist: —A blunt Californian, who
had spent most of bis tear, in the inter
iur, was induce«] to becotnu it member of
the church. A* h. preferred h.pti.m by
jmmeraiou. the preacher appointvd a time,
, h , u> jo prc.etico of the people gathered
j f rolI1 a || ,|„ country around ha entered
'he stream tht flow, through the canon
' , * , ,
swm bv The preacher hesitated a wo-,
*» and in explanation of the delay
tile : There goes a »nak- T».
exclaimed the old man, ru.htug toward
Ü '° ba,lk ' ÖT " h .T U . of * V, 1 * un ' l00 L
j-Y,," b e , | lc »aid, in telling us the
s « or y. ' ' ! lost no time m acrambling up
,h "î b *." k ' ,Jr 1 *" Powerful fe.rd of
» n, b«*
. . ..
Darwtn saya that infant, do not know
how to weep until they arc «everal days
old Wa don't know whether he can
pr ^ ve tk « atalemvut or not ; but there
aru a goo j w , D y h.ppy fathers who will
givt h i m a || they poeaeis in tba world if
be wit | prove ,h, t infants don't know bow
to howl.
* '
Byron improved—" Hall bath no fury
j like a woman," whoa* falsa h«ir don't
au 1
i. a g ...I, io-..t. purty face
»peak* f t till the* l*:i!:»m?u • f the ciaff
right, natur In an endot«rr f**r all the ha!
Paint aint nothini: -Fhnp** in
»ec her fact*, and
i v an t paint a .-Imp*'
uf th • e
ay pain'
. ll «it.ll t Sl^r
Cash and Credit.
The cssh system lies at tbe foundation
of all aafo business and commercial iuteg
rity. It ia better for both tta purchaser
aud the culler.
For ioatanee, ibo rath cuelomer of •
merchant alway* geta the beat good* and
the beat bargain« Tba ration of thin ia
plain. The merchant knowa he ia not
making a debt, and doea not hnva to lay
out bti money, hut can kto* turning ft
over to hie «drainage. In fact it ia nia
nimble aiapenee. Heute the eaah cuato
mer will alwaya bo (ought Brat and gut
the beat.
Cash aale« of meroband'ue are alwaya
made at the loweat prima, bacanaa they
iuvolve no riak, and tbara ia no nnaertain
Ijt when the pay will come. No loaa of
time i« «pent ineollactioto, and no loaa of
intereat in waiting.
Thare are two aorta of cnatomaru de
sired by merchants and bnainUM men—
the cub tod the punctual creditcustomer
Both can be depended upon, and the
taleaman knowa what to depend upon.
Thera ia »till another clara #f »ottoman 0
whom the merchant sails to, tnd at the .
«»me lime doe« not know when ha will
gel hi» money, or how long h# will bu out
uf the uaa of it, hebcc he ia under the
ncceaaity of charging more for tho article
purebaaed on an indefinite time than he L
would charge a cash or punctual «"«u-i
mer, aud thus, tba purchaser should not
complain of it. !
'1 be largest husines», hawoyer, is done |
uu a partial, or entire, but definite credit, j
au ' Jlh ." * redi ' 19 * 9 " Bch ' he
capital as any money he I«"«' !
Aud m order to keep that capital a defi- ; •
utte time should he set for ilia payment of t
the debt Such account, ar. nut entitle,!
to grace days as notes are, and ahould be 1
promptly paid at maturity.
If the debt is closed by note it will ma
turc at a dvtiuite tim«, with three day's j
grace; if not paid at such maturity it ia
dmhoiwml, the party i* said to have fail
cd, and hu theu loan» his credit and hts
N\ have pennad these desultory re
marks for the purpose of vindicating our
bueiuess uien from the charges we have
heard preferred against them by persons
who are largely iu their debt ami who are
exertiuu to pay them
The business »neu have I» pay enth or
g;vc ucg Uabl • ii t«s, payable a» a certain ■
time ami place, for their purchases, and
. . . • .i
it they aro not ^uuclua! lli-ir |.» f ,«r i.
protested, and it is soou uotac«! abroad
i i .i « ii
ami that 1 <>j ty those who are largely in
, « , * . . .* i i '
tiieir debt, that such a one has failed
.... . , l.i
i ho busiuess man who credit* bis mer- r
i ! , « - ir»»» «
chandtse out, lavs uttusclf ltaulu to this
.... / . . .
state ol things, for thu accommodation of
i • i " i i r i i • i i I
his frteuds, and Ins friends should be .
, . . i . i
punctual »u their tuvuients. ami m-t sub
' . 1 • . .., .
met their nitrous to u chance of failure — *
_ • . —
LfififiOD from One AdTertiseiuent.
- ,
Two or three data ago tli-ro waa an
advvrtuemcnt iu the /..,/ÿrr, .tating that
» young man waa wauled in a railroad 1
«•« twvnly-four hour, there
«.« am,' ■ .yhLj.ji,. appli
cation.« for the place le t at thi. office for
the advart„.r. \ bile «be occurrence
,1, ,r. in, ideulai v the extent to whieh ad
mow« louueutanv me ciieui to wuicu au
verti»»mcnla in thi» journal meet the no
,i u . narticular Dcrootu whoac alien
««to u ' 1111 parneuiar pitsoua wn,»e alien
«ion it ia dv.tred to ».tract, we make men- ;
«ion «f it for another purjmec There u •
-o .ocUl error more praf.lcnt and but
few that are more lamentable, than that
of the fond, indulgent mother» and ahort-i
»ighted father» who all ,w their boys to
grow up with no other bu-tnea», In.e or
occupation tlian what they pick up in the
way of clerking ah.-ut office* and «tore«
Ali such paren.» or guardians can aec
from tbe number of application, for one
clerkship »ent to one »dvtrtl.er ,n one
«1«) a ,a,r toJicatiuu of the number uf
v\vtka t or persoot wlo Jestro to bu clerk*. .
«ho aro vainly »eeking employment in
«h»t W|'«i'y " \ f ;'" ful
of young tueu and indeed of men of ma
turc age. who deftra to go into offices or
store* to write or to • do anything, a.
»''«« " f e .*P r( " 11
P ' r 1 Y"f®vc walu ' 3 'ok
«-j b „.'.'„.f T „ r aft ' r Uforc
f .
they cun get . that place., for^.be reason
l "' i '' a ' eii h '', , b ",Y ', g f ? «7 ,^ re
a ,h, ' U9! '"; P* r,0D **« ha,, :' 10 811 au >
' a 5 an '> «hut »couca .N„ one ahould
employ,nLun ht,
manhood i» his fitne.s to act a, dark,
iWN "Nine ttm»» out of ten tbe boy.
«»J "««»•» brought up lead livcs o d^
If ulK st;»s' Maoazim: open, with an tl
la.trated article by Her L'ha» D Shaw,
eotil UJ "Finding the Mi..i»«ippi,'' a abort
but intereating account of the discovery of
lbo 'Father of Water. ' lleary Kck.l
contributes a »ketch on ''The Birth
Uud Fellowship, sn»I Mist fitnou or
rc n briefly and spiritedly diseases the,
; , |u „ liu „ u f a Uo«|»t.l io Wilmington M
I •[• ( ;. k i TC , t | l0 tirât chapter of "The New
n r ij„ 0 at Brandywine ."(the ilOO priie ,
, torJ) . Wm Reynold* givvs a abort
history of tho "Old Iron Hill Masting
Home " The " History of Wilmingtou"
is oontinned. There are many other inter
eating articles ; la fact the magasina
filled with entertaining reading. Habkx«m
is a cheap magasin*, worthy of tho patron
ajr ef the people of Delaware.
making little
is '
Mitviia Tarait
-lu«*« ov#f i el u: a-u. cy
lattlaa with hia nwa. »nml làn-m InatMii
0 f ai 0 -j D » for an edoealam canital far
. • *. j„i. r j__
^ m l_,
.- . ... « _ Granlea
■. ho ia lookinw in the wrou and of
.l- .' i. . . , h ;, if hr nn| _
L -i- -m. . -7-n x
who'ae nhsenc# heia bewniliw« Initial!
. h*io» one of ,l. t^i^ _ _• .•-• -
of which tba world ia ».• full-^otmof ikn
L arM , - ho alwaaa miwht
L .. t h' 00 ld do errat thiarr'
but who., not doing g-e t rtlti.ff.laX
nobody can nnder.t.ud-let him bo in th.
• — _ i i , .l., -Lull ki.
jJjJJ indicative Thia lasaon of
''"V* '
QtK« learned ...d aetod^on,
self ami^Ood the elerwewt« and eatmeifie*
f ' . . ' . i, on >r "
It ia said I bat when Juba C. C>ll>—
waa ia Yah College ba was ridwaW bff
bis fallow »indents for bia iotaoae appBaa
tion to study. "Wbj.air," said ho,"I
forced to msk* tbe most of my Ham (bat
I may acquit myself creditably
Coagreaa." A laugh fallowed,
axel lined, "Do you do obi H? I as i are
yon if I wert not convinced of my ability
to roach tba national capital aa a Repre
sentative within the neat three
woald leave college this very day
every young man that bave faith iu him
self and aarnastly taka hold of lib, aoora*
it>g all prop# and buttnaaea. all rrutebvw
and life-preaervers
with Featalotsi. that no man oa God's
earth ia either willing or able to beln any
other man Let him etrivr to ba a crea
tor, rather than to borrow Instead of
wielding tho rusted »word uf valamu« fore
father«, let him farge bia oww was pans,
and aonaeionr of God in him and tba fr*
wbew km
r». I
I .et bim baliava.
Calling a boy up in tbe morning can
hardly be classed under tbe bend of ''paa*
time*," especially if (ht* boy i* fond of ci
erciao thw day bafor** .Aud it is a lilt lm
singular tbat tbe next barde*» thing to
getting a boy out of kvd is getting bin*
into it. There is rarely a rootlter who i*
a success at rousing a boy All luofborn
know thi- ; so «Io their boys And y»*t
the mother acnius to go at it in the right
w tv Sh«? j- us tb* stair «ifH»r aud inain
■ «fohnny " There y*
John-wy." Still no re
al short. sharp
. .
untingly <»b»« r
nQ r ,*^ n , r
r ... ..
spouae llten there
. . i . - v
Jouii. followed a moment Ulor by is
. , , . ... n 7 M
prolonged and emphatic "John Hnnry.
r . r • .• v.
a grunt from thn upper region «tgnifies
. , iT i i
that an improssion has be«u made, and
, _ , j ., Vrt
hn* mrKhtr is encouraged to add, i ou a
. .. . ... . °. t ur .
better be getting 4«»wu to your breakfast,
J ,
vouug man, before I come up aud give
* .. * .« . e , . «s.» • •
you sotuclhtug you II feel I hit *«> •tar
® J . .
tits th«? young man that he irunradiateW
. ® « • • . •
goes to »letp again .\u«l the operation
lia» to be repeat«] Mverai tiie.a A <elk
er know, noth.nff abou tkie .rouble He
merely open» hu m«otli as a ».oda botiie
oiecta it. cotk. end the "Job. Hear»
1 *« 1 * *' r " 1 '* »«e'rway goes
into Ih.t boy like electricity and piereee
«H« J-P-« "~ «^ ^
and he pop. out of that bad and UK. bm
clothe, and down the autre with a prompt.
that ia cnnimetniablo it la rarvty a
... \
boy allow, himself'to duregard the parar
,1J > »unimotu About once a year is Sa
* , .
••*««» <» ** " as » «••*«•«*« .
«be ru e. of health .
» ge«« many _„e r , by b.a thoughtful»*.,
—Mtabury A«w.
^ Of ew Yorker is very much aoaoved
because bi» two boy. her« read ao many
[ n ai an wtariwa that tfawv bav« goo* wild
wjlh anlieI , plaT | a4illn 10 „
tk e prairie* bunttog far real aohfa n4
Jbe man waa laktow a nan »fear
djn##r io bj , fatT c t, jir .Ln he was
wa ^ ct}tt | #n * n| aro ,i n£ ^
#lfso wlJtl||io0 |0 bli ht *g H# . _
od u p*suddculy aud feun i tbat om af hia
boy» P dressed in a red tabla cloth, awd hi»
^ deconlti with bla inw j,
t0 sca ] p his fwtber with a carviuc knife
LKTT1. .Ll.
.bawl and a r"a«.'. f«thcr, flour^Tl
hatchet and cutittad war whoop, from he
hi "' 1 * 'bteka' oomp-wed of «taira
snd a card tablo 1«»^ man «leckWtl to
pat , sll , r lh „ ki „j of tlli „g ^
? Bo next day sliilc the boy»*wc»a aie».
ing with bnw.-.nd arrow, in the girdi»
dressed himself iu an Indian <£,»"
«- 1 jo'-l-J-v.r th. fane *.th .wild.
onc.rthly yell, far tta purpo«, of frtwbt
^row to^b * head inwh
" a wn Jnnr n.d he bur ^ TiT^I
That ntght tba father walked up stair«
-n a crutch and flogged th. famdy »II
»round before he aant them to tai. Ho
ia thioking now of aoma other way to W.
feet a cure of tta leugumary di^o-ilhm
of hi» off-pring w-r—»"
A viry pluekv «chodl-miMrma i»««pa i*
Corinth, .New Vor«. Sta s-rrentlv tat
occa.iou to reprimand a p^l. wtat ,
, brother of the scholar rushed al ta lad
«"»k her by tta throat. F i l th ni tfi ata
knocked him dom Gauiuf up, ta teta
«h» exparitaaat over again, with» like
r était. Sta ttan
! tog ata woald tap tar man«. amrWR
to rvacuata tta seminary.
Ho »ttss bis faibsr
' that if ba triad H a rMtd rim* sta would
1 kill him, aad ta, as* ia Oa least dsalg»

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