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£ht Jliidlrtivn Sranuript.
9ATtm>AV MORÜ1ÜG, APRIL ft, lft?3.
re Ml ; Oltfmomi to RNN
Tk* Back Paj.
If using, with u «how of economy sod
Hnliwitftl reform, voted to abolish the
drinking Privilege, tho nest act io this
fMfWtrJhsfsl farce of tho greot moral pest*
hows« at Wasliiogton was to vote to in
crease the salaries of the President, other
«fetal* and of the members of both Hou
seo of Congress. Not satisfied with hav
ing thus turned what was of least some
advantage to the public into a source of
ravoaoe for themselves, and a means of
lining their own pockets, they nest, under
the leadership of a mau notorious for the
readiness with which he appropriated, dur
ing his residence ut New Orleans and otb
«•r places iu the S>utb, all that came with
in hit reach to hi* own use. voted to es
send tbe time for which they were to re
ceive additional pay. beyond the dato of
the abolition of the Franking Privilege,
for the loss of which this increase in the
salary of (be M. t'.'i wna to, nominally,
oonfponsote, and over a period when they
wert entitled to and enjoyed the privilege
of a free use nt I lie mails.
Tha alleged reason for the abolition of
it* Pranking Privilege was that it was
greatly abused, and it was argued that its
abolition would be a uicaus of imuicusc
saving to the nation ; but no sooner is the
law paaaed by which this great saving was
tu he «ecotnpIMivd. than we see the same
man wbol woud save the government the
espouse of tree postage, voting to take ;
f uni the National treasury almost two
millions of innn»y to divide among them
selves, and this, too, without a shadow of
right or the least claim to ju»lice, and for
services fur which they had alrsady been
amply compensated.
This is >>of instance of wholesale rebbe
ry of the* government which cannot be
charged upon the Republican party alooc,
for the act hv which it was accomplished
voted fur by Democrats and Kcpubli
cans alike.
No f sense c » tt be offered for toe con
Jaet uf ihrar lu. t,. A «tricl acna« of hun
esty should have dictate«! to them to vote
against tha pa«» »ge «»f such a bill. Rut
instead of guarding the interests of the
public entrust«*«! • • their care, they bars
tnauifasted a disp«»aiti.*u >o make the post
lions they hold merely a »ourco of money
making to then,.civ*»
While the government continues in the
hands of such men a» these the mom/ con
dilion of the country will neter be hn-I
. ... . . , „ ».
proved. v\ c do not rcgar.l the Credit
Mobilier villainy a* on# whit worse io
principle than this back pay -grab. That
the people may know in the future who;
were the guilty ones in this affair, we give
below the vote iu the Senate by yeas and
Wc have Dot room to insert the
full vole io the House, but wc are glad to
m y thaï- Hod il. T. Higgs did not vote
for the back pay.
TtAft—Messrs Alcorn, Ames, Bayard,
ßlair, Hrownkuw. Caldwell. Catueron,Car
penter, Clay ion. Cooper. Davis, Flanagan,
Gilbert. Gobltbwftitc. Hamilton, (Texas),
Hall, Uitctreock, Lewis, Logan, Machin ,
Morrill (Me.) Norwood. Nyc, Osborne,
Pool, ftuniom. Hies, Robertson, Sawyer,
Spencer. Stewart, Shu-kiun. Tipton, Tram
bull. Yickern, and Y\'r#t-~ff(i.
N'SYS. —Messers. Anthony, Horcman,
Buckingham, Caestriy, Chandler, Conk*
ling. Corbett, Cragiu, Fàdutudf, Furry,
(Mich ) Frelingbuvsen, fhnaiüon ( Mil )
I Is m lia. Howe. A'«//«-y. Morrill, fVt.)
^fttfersoo, Fratt, Ramsey, Sauhfmry,
gekurt, Scott, Sherman. Sprague, Thur
twia, YViudom and Wright—27.
tho postal-car«,
. ,
It i. probable that the pottal-c.r dtfficulty
Irntwwa tU. rre.identa of the variooa r.tl
imi» Mid tba Poet marier lieneral baa
«Ame In on end ««Mr Hlnckler of the
eoroe to an run. a. air.
ITtiUdapUa. U'iliuingtoo and Baltimore
imwmw-, * . ■ .
CuW|MJi omBTQuy Mil ft atftpfttfill W
Mr Sna*eU.«ttapaadia(«kereMnlBonce
. . _ ., ,, _ .
b« «artrii OU hi«*. Nr. renrall, how
It ia gratifying to know that tha diffi
culty which acemrd so threatening be
tween the government and the Railroad
Companie* with reference to the trana
portât ton of tha mail* in
baa hern brought to a satisfactory adjust
ment. The Philadelphia Prcaa says :
«I**, proposas to contions th* war, and
hpn adilrr»ed a cot« ta the Attorney
OsaaMl which will not hare tha «fast of
OavartMr Wkyta ha* land at ad tha np
palntmrr- of Saaratary of State, and*
mM fay tha doatfa «f the Hun. John
* Mar ow. la tha How. Richard C.
ty. of Tolhut eaanty. Mr Holly
nlrawdy bad axporiasea ia tha soma
fawnwn thranghoni the
t •
of ftWUty mi Mgfti
trtll nl
n«ai- ll to Ihn»
«et?, i*
Lootl ud State Alikin.
Report of tba atodenU of Middletown Academy
in •:holarebip, deportment, and dart aberat for
*'—— aadiog March Mth, 18*3 :
Salle factory.
K Vary PMr.
navTi «mbs
lie II. B«rr,
 o: o
99 09 ft
Abram H filpf«,
J. 1'raok Hiirtrs.
William T Rudd,
ies f! Rttrnham,
ilahin B. Rurria,
Kuiens M llurris,
George OmmlfvrUine.
S. Lloyd ChsmberlsiM,
K. lkin J. Clsftoo,
J it ob R. Toehra«,
Jona V rochraa,
JvmcR t'oehran.
R. K. lase C'ocliran.
Jolia P. Cocbrmn, Jr.,
Thomas Kllason,
Merritt French,
Willie A t ft inn.
Prfftoii llardcaatle.
Ai'uastns lluthsbeck,
Thomas Jones,
.S-veil l^atherbury,
Frink Lloyd.
Of il K. McPowell.
Harris B. McPowell,
W (lie Psnington.
Harry P«»therbridgt,
A lid re w h. Baoborn,
Jotin T. Smith.
Leiiie F. Schreit*,
(borg» W. Stephens,
Cl «ries Tarooi,
K- ward Tatman,
John To» nsend.
John A. Vaodegrifl,
F redos P. Vanllekle,
Horace M W alker.
Cl|intou Walker.
Im.P. Wilson,
George F. Wilson,
ll.irrv Wdsoi,
Willie Wood,
1*8 98 0
9» M 0
99 96 I
100 9# 1
99 100 1
t»7 92 0
99 92 0
99 94 1
98 92 1
99 92 0
97 92 5
|r.g OT 0
98 94 1
99 93 I
99 93 0
97 92 7
99 99 0
9« 97 0
98 9« 10
98 97 I
99 98 l
99 91 4
99 95 0
97 96 0
190 96 0
99 100 II
100 99 I
100 99 0
98 99 6
100 99 7
99 99 1
9» 92 2
100 100 2
99 97 10
100 98 0
99 94 6
98 96 0
100 98 2
98 98 1
98 99 0
97 98 I
ICO 100 0
j K
| *jatni
Slisle Alston. *
IrJiera Bcnsten
(».•nie IUa«ten,
Miry H Rudd.
SI »Ills K. llurris.
Aboie C. Clayton.
Jrlsephine K Cochran,
Mkrtos Cochran.
Liirit N. Corhran,
Amanda I »avis,
wie Lvaus,
die P». Hum.
K Isgram,
A. Lloyd,
ddie Merritt,
ary F. Motris.
Mira Peningtoq,
la M Simkins.
«Ihr U. Sinoicksoa,
-«♦phtne (' Smniekton,
Mary H. Sinni« ks« n,
« M . Smith
legtTilia Tarooi,
The scholars acquitted themselves well for the
nation of the |«M week, and the exer«
isitore were present during the
; t|e ci«>*c of the examination the report for the
d and the following prises awarded*
in deportment to Martin It.
Willie Wood
«{•riling of the fir*t r|
t Wi
98 99 4
98 99 10
'.*8 I
99 9« 0
99 99 0
99 98 8
98 94 2
99 94 9
100 94 9
98 99 2
98 95 l1
99 99 2
• ' t 2
100 99 0
100 99 3
100 94 2
•6 0
91 93 0
99 100 0
«I i ff urr satisfactorily.
For excelle
d IaicgrHzia
dwnrd Tat
olf the seesnd chiss to J. Frank Higgs in the
urimarv department, fit at «lass, to Kdwm I'lay
tJ»n. anoiid das*, lo Annie Clarion
I The school dosed lor a vacation of one week.
ah: i will resume .'gaie
jfi the "th of April.
1). A. WOOD, I'tiBcipnl
On T>te*dar night last between nine and ten
* oVI<Kk °" r t ui « '»«" V ,h *"T of
ffre"' which
th# nigh« very wind»
Hushing into the
«-•ruined that the *tnh!
1 streets it was
U m II. Harr
•nsi.lr-ral le alarm
f Dr

fired, by a
*|f voorse, (but more proliaMy J»y some
hut with ft cigar or a pipe ) The (lames spread
, rjapidly through the dry hay and straw aud at
< the >>
had I
in «
re lest
oft apt I'rtiiiiuton
l|n- king ihr stahl
« a Livery Stable by Mr I Wilson and ot M
Hanson, the three buildings wire so.tn
ghi blase. By the aid of the « iltzens lit» bor
nd «-arriage* were »uiT«*»ff»il!v removed from
that the lo#« ol the o
upiini« w a# hut »light. Mr. Wii*on lost «ev
els ofhaiat».» nnd son»* buffalo rul es, and
he next »Ivy the citizens generally contributed
1 it nice sum toward The reptirHtion of his loss
{ j IscincsTS —Jtivsph Hanson. Ksq wuil«- in flit
tearing down a budding adjoin
ing the burning stable«, to prevent the further
Spread of tbs fire. made, we understand, a very
narrow esca|»a from Iwing rru«h«d twneuth tfa.
lulling Kuutt Another gepllrniau was severely
burned on the wrist while nuking some hercu
etfori# in the work of demolition.
ing buildings,
» t of silling i
xmu cuvi i« ih .ma vi miuu.Mivii.
A lady in a distant part of the town, doubt
vind, began the work of packing up and prs
; wiring t«» decamp, but ns the fire spread no
' 'urther, »he put away her jewelry, heavy clothes
ind oveithoiM. and went to bed.
Ä 34 83 I 00 * Premiums Si 1 133 oo•
Inter*,'. JS.oiM a«i ' Fine., S<Vi ca ' LoMuj
I^S.glJ.oo ; Kxiicna.., jl.twss»; Wiihdrawo
Stock *4,™ t«; Pr°«utro ,, i*,«r.. $10.091.
h m£wms sx., :rarsi
lOISMOOf: T'.w fund, wet, told on tliai
e.enin, at 11) ,*r e«t.
D«l .r rtcwrcir..., E«|.
No ndder nuk huderolre.1 upon ut .inre oar
I eeceajioa to tlieedituri»! chair thun ik.i or ehren
, Wi„ K .h. d»,h of •«
"Xn,, ,. Middleuwa .n W^.*^. ; muring
| lut.
1 Mr. Green ant ti..i toa of Dr. Cntbtwrt Oreett,
«o long and favorably known in tin. inimnnnllr
a. a praethi«* phyateko ; a member of tha .Hew
bettle liar, aad a geatlantan who, for hit rar«
Abilities and literary attainment*, commanded
the mapeet o f «H who kaew him.
Pc w aaat d of tine talent», had hu htalth, which
wualwayi dalicale. iwmiliiad hin lo punue hit
In bouH, deaUi nut -aiy hi. ,n,»ed, a ,e
hot the aonununity at large bava .oatalud a «»
rening laft, tü« folluwiug officer* were ele-Tv.!.
Sntmit-l i'eniugton, t*re»id«-al . Ja*. II Clark
on. Vk*»l*r«#Me«t : A. U.Cos, Secretary: J
I. Cox. Treft*urer. and Win II. Barr. J«mrs
.'ulbertton and Thus. L. liura, M. mager# to
•rve three years.
The following Is a fummary of the Ann
MM 4 l*towB ft. A L AbmmI*I 1 *u.
t er* Iota
L*V| Curnrt.
Tba Lary Court of this euiatr adjourned laat
aaa; total, 4 tvnu oa tlw SlOu, ntakiug it
lower thon but .ear, > rtmb lutter than
1 "»•'»•••I»«»''»«'"* 1 »
'*'* *
Ovder of Sarvtrea (hr next waeb, D. V. : Horn
day. lm-morrewModi.il.. 7» P.U. Tuesday,
•th taaiaat. to) A Ï. Prid.y, (Uuod Triday),
Ilth laalMt, at InJ, A. It.
CaaOaM AvsnoWaW.
The ana tract for hnhWag the
wjlk oil «w oa. yaar waa awarded 1
aeida, ba haing tha towvsl bidder
M •
Oo and bear tha In ure by John O' Dvrne, Kaq.
in ih« M. K. I'hurrb, Odaaaâ, Thnradar evening,
April 10th, subject—"Tha World. About Ci. '
*•*2* JW fr'fy « *'■ 0 B ^ n< !.- .
\\ t it*lt«w him Into the lecture hnll where, •*
in that rule for ekantiWe purpo*t$, he hut in
strict^! sn4 t«t(«rfoin*l in almost ererj one of
Â-ÏT-TLd* m.5i.ure ml7.WV10 îü lThS!
t rts, whilit hie Hoqueace ns a pab>
is remark aide ability nr ■» lecturer,
and hi# terse and vigorous st.vlc ôf writing, hare
him to tha more llmilrd number who meet li m
in the attelai circle. »Ir. U II, roe Ima been a rit-1
i»»n of Ilia Slate for three ymra «nd lm. «-arne.! ,
a wail dawned repuution assuaful citn.n and ;
a bold and liberal public ma. I
The lecture is lor the l*uffit of the public
school in ndetsa, and is irmttiifou* on the part
of M, O Bjrua. I
Rom c. c. »wer'. Uetan.
It is n matter of regret that the lecture h? C- I
('ha tine ey Burr, K»q . on Wednesday night w..* I
oot mure fully attend'd It an ndtoimblc ;
lecture, and delivered in nn eloquent and nttrnct- ; .
i.e manner. :
Mr. Ibirr bat delivered hi. eourtc of lecture«, j
of which Ihi* i< the iniiialorr one, lo l.irxe audi- i
ence. in r»ri",t. place- and_ even where rerei red
the iiiaudil.of In. < I . aied bearer.. Hit thenrr. , .
: ir rejrnrd lo ihe uri^.n of the different branch«
of tha human race, will, doubiltaa. la-reg.vrde.1 j
I « lilt di.favor be man; con.rienlion. |am|.le: bin
. thm ncrer vet has bren a new tlteory or science
! promulgated that did not reeaira the .am« dll- ;
I proral and condemnation
0 j ,
catuys upon
Ileal *u r
I of proper markets for the immrnre
t (of the smaller
hi* community has
This want. Mr. K. B Hire hai.
I during the past «inter, striven iu a great in
j urr to supplv, and has purchased, paying c
d shipi*e-t to New York, large
j poultry und eggs He i
; mg and «hipping *ggs. and tl»
to sell wou! 1 do adl to take the
amount of c
kimlii which abn
long t*een felt.
« in
ill pack- I
whu have eggs
to him i
ICttto'R lltRtory of Ihe llthle.
leorge Priestly, is stopping with ;
The ngeti
for n tew du; s for ihr purpose of pn
splendid work, and we t
( I tuincn-urafc with the '
a I.
orders for tl
will meet with suet
rare merits ot the bo<*k.
] nable
*• 1 am in the habit of
works constantly, and considc
I . an
ad them to all.
«tilling Dr Kitlo -
tioiisl.v com-I
1'a.lor of Purr.tIv'Cchur-li :
dinlly and c
Pardoued and l(r.nrreate
II. Wiggins, wlm was -
the•ml'ezxlement of pension fund».and »tut«
to Imprisonment fur six y
ed by the President,
jail at New Castle
tody by the P
ed :it tiie suit «»f the « ffirers *»
id Wiln
appearance at C
vlcted of '
. h,

relea».* from • t
!.r B | |!a Firwt ^li.Tnai
U ia ,i,r Unit fur bis
'rent » p
ic roeMist. with hi*
I MSdrtl
Frank A Con'.
v, the roi
' I »
-■rei troop
Icert oi
\\. April Hth and
d Utl
in j* »
Hull, fur the 1
the T<
tnaritan !.i»dge I 0.0 V of Middle!
.•fit of Good
9th, i
ell know
to m ine < f
op is
•I their concert«
«• «aid to Ic »er
*l*f i
About «de
of the robing mills, nt i!»r I
o ch
k. Wcdm«d.»v
th*e hi* '
nnd the
• : pré.*.« h in
** j
work*, expanded with rc.
d rafde for.-«
retiev fro
»J 1
• light.
i >:;n. - U
Ucv l»r. l»rtt:..n. (.f M.• i■ t
the M
*'h»p«d at Aitn tr
moon at 3 o'clock.
The pul.
invited to nt
Truhinu Storms A
r»«t fcnrfn!
tornado swept orcr the town r.f ('ant mi.
Mis* «»n Monday last. If« tra^k wa*
searcclv 70 yard* wide, »weeping directly
thr«*ugh tire centre of tire town
were utterly demolished end blown away,
leaving the bare wall* standing. twi*ted
and distorted ia all manner of shape*
« I Brick walls, . uibling* and chimneys were
nnd missile* were scut
1 few persons
: blown down.
through lire sir such n* timber*, brick 1
and pieces of wood, wiili fearful force
The damage done was very crest, but
( Hie negro

were injure«!
woman, however, wa« buried beneath the
>f her h *ti« ' ind killed.
mu 8
A tornado visited Franklin. Williamson
county. Tenn . on Mondttv morning, and
Listed twenty minutes Barely a house
in the place ruenped damage, and in many
j instances lire entire r«H>f* were blown off 1
| in J the wall» thrown down
r r r;,i, r'.* ,he p 7 p,p -
. but fortunately only one person wa» hurt
no The loss is considerable, the town being a
. complete waeck
Oc**x Stcxm.iiii' Lin«.—The lin« of
oce.u .loamer. no* rnmpriir t fit» Tenet.,
1 I «nd it ie e Ter* .igniflciint faet Ihnt nn!
oo• one Rd«* is pitrelf American, and
! only one haa but ItltlB American capital
The foreign »li.in«hip intcre.t ie iimn«n«c.
I the iotercourao between the two hernia
« ••• <*.**.
tliai ago between two of our Ainericnn State«, I
; and except now and then, when an ap
palling dieaeter like the In.* of the At- ;
oar iantic occur., the general public feel little
, e n.e of inaecuritT in ocean travel The :
C'nnard. the Inman, the Anchor, the !
White Star, the Uuion. the National, the
Orest Wentern, the Cardiff, the French,
t |,, .\ltan line and the North Gorman
,, . ... .._fnllnw..
Lloyd*, the last two of which ran from
rar« Baltimore, are the leading line«. ,
_,_ 9 ;
.. ' . „ _ . v .
The Ocean Ilonee, at llye Beach, New
hit Hampahire. one of the moat elegant and
friend.burned on Thnr.day. A portion of the
«»- fornttore^ w.._ ..»ed, Tha^hotel coat
*100,000. and wa.« tnanred for *00,000,
,b. gM.tcr part ,» Pro*,deuce oÄcea.
Great con
A terrific wind nnd rain storm passed
over Auensta, Oft. uprooting trera. tsar
! r f "" e 7,' " nd I <*,oïngt eo-.i.l. r,».!«»
1 damage generally It lasted over half sn
J 1
to j
Racovaa,;«! —William S Green, who
3 1 was cut by Walters on the 13th matant,
at Millington, Kent oouoty, Maryland,
f»«"!|a recovering HU wound« bave been
' dressed, and be U doing aa well u could
fan ax pasted.
la owe of tba tower district* of the
Bait ant Shore 0 baby to tbs subject of s
wrttofhwhrw* eoeytar, sued ont by bto
mother in e«neequeu** of hi* being de
tained si constatai ananaiaty tor nn un
M y 1 - » mg
iftTw l»W*aW ft* •
Baltimore'» trad*, (ba Amrrira» »Btt,
to going to Philedelphis

Letter from the Capital.
Kb TaaMacaipr Tba Qaneral Assent
•* a . . .
®v ** will II UMloB, OVt there it sont#
piospect of 0 final adjournment neat Wevk
IT^SS ,b * 1 HOU *''
«1 «Jo, ot r^lnttnn adjourn,og both too
* ,l,t " ,e on Wwlncaaajr nett. It it
OOt known «betbet the 8cnata «ill concur
in the resolution. but ! presume it will, as Iin
f« ,u,
buaiueaa now before it. : p,,
The expulaiort from the 8nur of tho i
, H,, u .e of W . 8 Pride, the rare enrres
; -„-.I,,-. 1)f c, a- „ • , . .. _ * ,
I potttlenj of httrf erraio;/, haa rauavd troll- j
»iderable ooinmtot at thy caplt-il, as well i |i
as elsewhere There is some difference sf ,
I opinion expressed in regard to ihe action , a
of the llouac. Soma justify the expulsion ,
I while others condemn It. h»r my part. . aC
I must confess that some of the strictures
; ,,f \|. U w .. re r .,| |t . r sevt . rtf ... i j
; . * . f f • i i 1 cn
: but then eery few pernona. not prejudiced r
j again.t tile dominant parly in tho po «. nt , f,,
i lieneral A.aeitiMv, heilere that any of ilio
nK . 11)berg art . „., B ' aU g c . rrttpl „„.live. ]
, . . * 1 . _
*«pp»rliug ecrtaiu meaiurci now before j
j thrm. i
The t,ld jail of lltia COUBIV ia nnw being
tnrn M..,.,. .r , C
; ... . * ' r '.I 11 1 ,a vt I
«'» n0 dl,ubt rejoice nt the diaapp.-nrnnce
I of this ancient and faim.ua elrueturc II I
ba. been u.cful tu its day. but the new ,
I jail trill prove „torn ao. from the fact that ,,
ow nine unfortunate iu- '
dividual« confined within its gloomy cells, j
, among them. l>r. West,
Doraa, Aran. 8, 1878.
. . .
ose:.p« from H is ulmost
ty. Thsre are
, the butcher of
I understand that the
I Cooth Turner
Ihictor s health is rather poor at present
i No doubt he now
ora fully rcnliges hi

unfortunate condition, a- the time for hi.«
; trial is near ut hund
nee» on the iiSth instant.
Our ei urt com
v. Ponder made the following ap
inetit* on .Monday : Samuel .L-nnison,
•r of deeds iu Ma-*
• ; Samuel R Sut
i P° ,nt
1 of lloston, c
»»cbuseltv f. r Dtdav
ton, Justice of the Peace for Red Li on j (
: Xe,r . < '»"' lc co " , . ,l >V
" 1 ruitt. spécial constable for '»timing
I ton
On Monday, the school bill, after being
ntmndtfd. passed the llotuc with but two
disseoting votes—Mc«srs
Wright, * f Kent
J "7 lbe reennai.lereit lhe vol« unit
«iruck nut S-clioua 14, 1ft an! 10. auil {
Il narrer, on Wr.lur.
! agniii Liaawd i. hv u rote of 11 vra. t'
The a
ati'iv'k'it out int.le
, nays
i prot
-bool* for tho I tl
Rut it
t.i* li^hin?
i-ioti* for
f our colortd cititens
»•» ms such a provision
as rather repug- (
lient to the tender feelings of > one of the
ant.-iiluvinn tm tnbcrs < f tire !»• moerntie
and ofcou
*:»uld not lie suffered
N .v, it i« certainly
«ion be m nie f-»r ti»
: party
to b e
in.- n : i'.v
time that «um** pr
evention of tire
i State
dored people of this .
They arc citizens, and if our low
' U"* pv*»sida separate tcbools
them, they
white school«
k- ping tire negro in ignorance. Such a i
I '•tnt f alfr.ir* cannot much long* r
in this State, and 1 trust the Detaocr ittc
j {»art) will act promptly in thi« matter, be- ;
; fore an inJiguatit people hurl them from
ill finallv be tnm I int
tire 1
Ihdawarc stands almc iu i
The following i« Senator Riddle*«
•titulional atireudmcnt. providing for a
gem ral incorporation law It pa* »cd the
' t äte «n.M nday Should it pas« the
House, of which there seem* no doubt, it
will only remain f .»r a future Legislature
to ratify it:
■ Tliv I^ L'islatarc shall !
vr j
O |.
lo u
: !
luritahic. ii
y nnd
ut i>
; for tha p
X |»«r|
1 "tul und »ff tul le (nod : building
d lu.»
.«nd for diaining l..w laud»;
hail t
idc i
Snell net
Ihr power i»f
this »
ved 'u the l
Tho am. ndment to the charter r.f the
Milford and R.y Shore Railroad (extend
ing (lie rsad front Milford lo Rchoboth).
came «ap in the Il»»u»e on Tuesday,
voted down, it not even
jority vote
•eiviog a ma
L'i alone two.thirds, which Is
required However, there is some pro«
peels of i s yet psssil.g the House, but it
will b«* slaughtered in the Senate
A champagne supper was given by the
friend» of the New Jersey and Delaware *
Central Railroad Company.to the members j
of the Legislature and others, at the Cap
ital Hotel, Dover, mi Monday evening
The venerable Samuel 'i'ownrend. I
Esq the old war-horse of Appoquinimink.
presided, nnd made a capital speech —
Others also made short speeches, and a
g"™l 'ime *»» h».l gcnorallv
The Hon»c held « hoion last c»ening
to eon.ider the liquor bill—Mr. Hiekman
in the chair. Speaker Rurehenn! mado a
apecclj in opposition to the bill—sintinp
tint there were route feature, in it which
did not meet hi« approbation, the princi
>? 7- •*« refr , bu ""™
I "f «"ll'fg rent ttt the hand» of a few men.
*»>"» creating a monopoly. Mr Silver •
; '"«dean able argument in favor of its pa«- !
»age. »aying that he would tote for the
: hill if he wna forever politically damned
! Mr Sheldrake preae.lml a remon.tranee, !
»'gned by 1500 eitiiens of Wilmington,
agnin.t the bit* On the final passage, the
yea. and nay. were called, and wore a.
■ .
, »' ", Ji 1 "* ^ ». • Kirrl< -. H1 i« n,tn -
; Holland, Marts, Dr. Thompson.«!. Thotnp
»on. Lewi« Thompson, .Martin, Silver and
« t , n he,i«nn — 11
\ af ,_M 0 ,, r , f>| oa „l, |i n
an ,| Mr Speaker-«
So the bill pa».ed no material ch.ng.
l^ing mada in the bill originally reported
j, , h eommit.ee Am* nn.tlc ,7
what the proa peel a are for itp partage In
the Senate. Yoor«, X. P. T. I
The Governor of New Jersey «ignçd the '
f enaral railroad law Wednesday, pasted
y the Leglalatnre, which waa a cay ae for
great rejoicing by the people. Flag! were
displayed, and the people eongratolstad
««eh other that they were at laat released
from tha railroad monopoly. Within ten :
minute» after tha bill waa aigned tha Na
lional Railway Company waa organiaed.
and Blad with tha Secretary of Stain thnir
srtielaa of organisation and
Northern capitalists an baUdiag street
railway* in Taxa»
Repurltdjor tht MuMUiotem TruHtrhpt.
Dorait, Thursday. March 27.
Sknatr.--Q uilt n number of bills «er«
rca j a Hrot fiure. and nttioni; them a sup
pi-«... the net in relation to tl.tr com
. .. of niineasoa.
Bill« pasm*d : An adln divorce Mart
. „„ ftl . t t „ Ä |j Dalawuru Cnllrir.*
Iin ,i 'ij- ai.....:,. f„ r , a ' f
act t'z,:r .. .
p,, ra f e ! |,.. \\ ilmiiict*<n Workingmen*»
Institute ; nil net in reUti.m to lu li-t
. . I .. . .
"'?• _ co »' " ". . pmiehoioma by
the | 8 ('ourle ; an act for the pr.it«
|i (in 0 f fishermen,
fbc bill to uu'horiz* tire L**»t Ci»urt to
a p p . mi i a Jail U.cr.ccr for Kent county,
9a , „..„j , lhirJ lim , and u| „,
aC | protmstug an Amendment ft* t
».» a.«,,«.»..» •».. I .iai .
10 '"'I' 1 * T lt W*'*"*™ l "
cn 25* tt fi c *t 1 '* r ul tncorpdr.ition law .
r Th,, jo,,,, j.*. n |,i|| la k rB up
f,, r fon.plcratmn an I n-eomiuilt.-d
, K _w . . .
u f i.tivileo .'m !' « ,
l*"il to privilege en l e.'lit a copy
p;, cr , „f o,;,!, j,,,, lh
I'Icrk'» dek and naked tha' nil article I
oontnind therein ho read Vt rl.„ '
C Mnruu n in r. in r i n«i .\t thu v»»u
cluMon of the ren ling of the artiel* 1 aign
,.\y |. \| r Sheldrake offered a rca- I
I olution directing the Smgeant at-Anita to
, X( .| U , 1 „ \y > pride fro,,, ,he prix ..
,, f ,|„ T |„, ri ..„| 1| , i „ u wa , , ej .| a| „,
adopted, v-u*. 1*2 ;
Prooeedingi of the Legislature.
an set to in.'ur
tire thui
■ • a qtica
r ih.
,,f ||,,. i
Kli* i
. U
Aiming the hill« p i
mg: An art to amend Chapfe
Reviacil Code •
1 were the f.ll-.tv
an act to <|i
, h.-th Short froi
hii-bind. Citm-'ii Sit -it .
in a t to mi,. n l Chapter 110 f the U*
.1 Code. eoneiTtiing ju Ig
• VI
tit- ;
. I,
act con • rnin^ the Tr * i-urer f the
in Nc.v t '.istle county :
rtn act to
Chapter IHI uf the H vi«t d ('o le ; u
mi relation to the fax oil the P \\ \ H
ineorfmrate th«*
rower»' A-Socii.
of Chapter 111 of
1 Code : and an act in relation
K U ; an.t
Delà 1
tre Fruit ti
lioti ; :m
tut to amend Section -
j ( he Re
th- <taii*« -f th- All..
•| , | |1 . CmlVr»
v General
on the dog I
ec Coiiiuiiltei
tnx I ill nu )e a r> p >rt
Inch w.i« ndoptc l
The report adopts the Scinte amend
On motion of Hr
p- »ll, the
by which W S Pride
•Xrl tided fr »
{ |,}||,
Ibc fl .or of III- ll.ii...
Tli.' foil-wing w.-r
- . -'»n-iu.-rr.l
among the Senate ;
un.l f, ir '
'■iu! (irrt Iii
: An u. t I,
entire tiilr to tl, • Stale ('upiinl,
et t
e un i N it, ries Public fr-in i
■fii • « ut , f the liundre.l fur I
I <»t!u
prevent .1 liatiecs
r purpi*
I tl f • p
: an
I taking their
which tli. y wt r»* npp •iutud ; nn net to in
ill" town f t Id»*»
prov• tit tre*passing "it Rail
act to nui* ti i
nil net to
iticnrpnrnln the !
• t to iii<*.»rpo
n Narrow
t.i Alt Mid
rate the 11 Ir
g< Railway CVnnpany
; an
..„I MeMlatow
. (j
; a
A l.u ut bur
of ll«»use bill- '
i *«•
m ii n of Mr Vandcgrift. lire vote
ra« re
biet on
f Û to d. requiring u two-thtrd
t li
which tlo IL.lioe bill was lost.
c »iistdcr« d, und tire bill wui
Abbinger |
vote of H to ;> j
The bill to divorce l'a.v»i»nor
a* lost by
.No biil* . f any lut.
Adjourired tit! d o'clock, !' .VI Mu
on d t
Jliil* passed :
hi- wife
fro t
Hoist —Sundry biil* urero read
o bv till» »
n »CC
An net for the relief of
ict N-» lil. New Castle Co ;
nn act to amend an net taxe
turc* nul »»tirer purpose» — this
l ike* the lax »dl «d writ» in the Court ot
School Di*
1,2 luaottiao.
uct merci v
Chancery : an a.-t tt incorporate the i.it
tlu Crvck i«uudiug Ctnniug Company, at
Little Creek Lntiiing. K**nt county.
Mr Sltvidrsko called up tltc resolution
» exclude YY J* l*iide from tbu Hour of
reporter. The resolution
the House
was adopted
On motion of Mr Maris the voto by
which the bill to incorporate tire Mauufac
. titrer» Rank i*f New Cusfie wur lout, wa»
«Justice ot the I*» acc f »r v*u»s.-x
ullow the Levy Court of the tin
the right to purchase Campbell s fy»Uiu
uf copying iuJux« ; t„ umeiid ('h» r u-r itli
of the Knri.ed Mululc, nl.tive lo the
Orphan 1 .i Court ; to regulate I Ik- « 1». r
Gaing of license notice« by the several
Plerks of the d'voruiug Mary
l.aw.ou and Liane Short front their bu»
I'atid. ; In allow the town coiuuiianinuere
ax 1 ,' ult l, y winch the hill wa»
• l«»'. prnpo.mg an unienduteiit to the (!on.
! rlitution empowering the Legi« «tore
enact n general itieorporatton luw, wae
reconsidered aud the bill paaaed
! Hoi«« -A number of bill, wer« red
a 6r«t t.me
, t u
m.nuf.cturvVa in rclation to the fri
,cb"öl. of th. 8..ie.
The bill in relation lo Life In.arance
Oomplni«... eoöÜd.red and hST
\. p , „tpnu,-d
I Bills parted: To incorporate the Preach
er«' Aid Society ; an act in relation to
' oyalera ; in relation to advertising .Sheriff»'
»alea ; to incorporate the Delaware Land
Improvement Company
Hoi'Sa —Bills paaaed : An ae. to an
large jurisdiction of Juniors of tba Peace;
an ael in relation to tha sala of oyalera or
: other ahell Bah by oon-raaidenta [Thia
act taxes non-r aidants §*5 for the sals
8et»nsitivre»l uiiti tin- hill «ru* [
A«!j<»urtiuii 'inn! Monday ut J
o clock.
l* M
Shnatb —A bill to change the lime f»r
bolding (lie Little Klevliotis wa* cuusidur
nl nnd lost.
To allow
Hill.- paaaed :
it utKiit iouu 1
ciuiitj. lo
Jliil. pa.ard : An act to amand the
sevrril acta in relation to free school. ; an
net authorizing a Uegintry Bureau and tu
facilitate I lie aa«eaaiuent of tagea fur tha
city of Wilmington.
Adjourned until 7:2't P. M.
of oyatars, Ac ;J aa not lo amend Chap
ter 10 of the Rovisod Stmtoles. [TbU set
drfinea elections and residence ;] an set
to prarent trespassing 00 railroad car« ;
an art to divoroo Sarah Bratton feom bor
bnaband; aw art to prevent Justices of
■ bo Peace and Notaries Put,lie from la
ntnvjng their offices oat of tho hundred
for wbieh they wrre appointed.
Tha bill entitled an
to in.-orpnraie I ho Mi
■aplaOMnl to an act
Iford and Bap Shore
K.iilroad ('.«iipaay waa tnll.nl up, rand a
third time and Inal bp jeaa. 9 ; nap*. 12
The bill waa afterward« reeoaaiderad and
Tire bill rwffclutiiijr intoxiewting liquors
wns taken up. nmended, and poatputicd
until to-morrow evening •
Mr Sheldrake offered s joint résolu .
lion rt-scinding the rrwnlution lo rureirs
no more new business, for tire purp<t«r of
tnirtMiuci.tg a bill in relation lo the bond»
of the Delaware Railroad Company
Hsvats —Tha House joint resolution,
rescinding the resolution t » receive no
new bu-im*«s w.ia concurred iu.
resolution nil »Ws two days for the preset»*
tnticn of hiiU
bills rend was the
.Among the lino
bill to utueud Chapter HI, Revised »Stat
utes, fur general provision» respecting c
Hill, pa.I : To
nd Chapter 9
Moo 111, relative to oysters ; to reduce
filing good
from to £»";'> ; t<* inrprporatc the New
niiy Mutu-d Live Stock Hreur*
puny ; to incorporate the Com
nd the Hela
wi» « M iftml lie i|i h ;nid Accident Co.
An act to in
f O iexsa ; an uct to
dixorce Thomas .1 M.irv*d from his wife ;
un 1,1 t T af '* * new hundred in Sussex
n 1 '
•!r d ; itierrusing the -ol.iry of the Chief
.1 u-tice mid Cliiin *»'ll**r to J'J.500, and
• •ci I* « to (IM.MUlt. except the As
f«>r Kent county who is to receive
the lieu s- f r
•n «amp e
cal I'ritning Coiiipatiy.
me I
rat the t• • w
- Rills pitted :
t-> l.u called (iiiu.L,
III.- A a
The bill in r«l»tion to lien* and revivnl
..f jii lgmriita wa»
Tire Senate amendment* to sunJry
«i Lilli of n private nature were con
Mr Ciutk offered a joint resolution ad
I i"' 1
in? ImlIt bouse» $inr >/ir on tlie 9th
.Adopted unanimously
motion « f Mr Sheldrake, tho vote
' by va hi* It the bill to nmend the sevet
! -tet» in n-Utii
t )u
adopt. '
I to fre.* school« was
•idered. nml the bill ngutu ,
rJ. r
; c *""' "P f " r cnai.leraiion
»brWruk.. iii.ivcl ihat S«cii»na 14, J
' !■*' un. I li> bo .( rieben out. A.lopte)—
»V». 8 i
i .■■
I J'**'' 1 * ""y*
». I J ;
Mt • itl! tlirti passed tlic House by 11
I Tire 11 o U «o held nn evening ssssion |
i when the liquor bill wu« under considéra- '
I ti«-n
A minator Mcmm. by Mail.—T here j
*ru n »w in th«* registered Utter depart
. , . , r . v . ,
un til of tire postofficu in .N-w \ork city ,
« •veil large wooden box« received from i
NVasliitigion. nnd addrensed to * '.Unies j
•V Nva. r ». S . N.-w York Public I
•:tif* " Each b-»x hear« fifteen |
cents* worth <»f post age-stump*, lire sum |
ired on «ach package or letter pitreitig :
registered letter department .
I'litil the nl' diti m of tire franking privil- •
on July I, the flunks of I'uited i
will !
itr.mgh the
| J* ' u
j , ir n
Im.xi «
Senator* nn 1 Repr*
peeled. «<) that lltc-e
• nator Nyc for transportation from
VVu»hiiig»«»n to New Y ork jil 0 .j Tluir
combined w. iglif exceed» that of all the
ligitinriic mail matter which ha« passed
» past
thtutigh thi* d< pirlin- tit dating

It i- -.»id that
he boXe*
m on in
portii.n of the Senator's worldly
,ff rel , _.v y. Tnb
IIonksty in a 11 ton Ht. a* k —A corres
pondent of th Richmond Dispatch has
ng testimony from ,
re Sp n ter:
was an honc«t
• •blniti.-d the fdlowi
YY'hy. when
initcd Statt« Trc»
"NoW «lo||||*M||
lie hatte! hyp>»cri*v. and that w
several good trait« lie ha l
• *bey settled up hi» »alary, at I're fdnso of
hi" pr< -id. titial term, he • bought he wu*
getting too much by two or three hundred 1
| IJ|( | been d
n...„„i,.| 1 . f. . rl
, .. «• * • ,4 ' /*
frf l)(| ' rt , lv Jj ., "|K a t
, . P i 1 , ar
; * *»" »"•". izss
, of .' then... I .
; J -|
| t " d ci . J" n '„.1 i^t
, ,..7 . ' , *
dollars, nnd ha catuu l„ me with ht» draft, !
much, and ha did not ;
I went
» i\ ini' ll was t
waul to take it
the auditor
and coutrolhr about it. irliile In* wailed in I
my room it w
stfo this vory liiuo
cxamiij! i .nnd fouini
ju*i about ft*ur yean* j
Hi* ucoouuis were
'ttlcment that hud du
lary i*
su* thu in*»«iu of
ived him
payable ,|uirterly. itiol J..ht.«on.
, nto 0 flj cu |,n„ tt t the
The Pri.ideiit'a
iidta <>f the quarter.
ctred I'y tlic uiantiur of sel
tlenient "
General Ducrot, who commanded at
I and at Paria during tho aeige. I«
»aid to hare recently state that he consol
'' rr ^ Republic a failure ; that the ooly
! v "fe*y °f France wa* in the realoration of
i a monarchy or an empire ; that ahe must
1 Hulit again, and that iu hi. opinion Pro.i
ÄI5!»khÄh' u " p,,op,-0,,f bi '
Advice» from tha United State* Darien
exploring expedition tu March 15 repre
sent that satisfactory progress is bain
mada, and that tba health of offieara
men ia good Kvarything to far Mama to
point toward* the valley of Nappi aa pos
sessing all the requisites fur a canal.
Tt ia announced, from Richmond, that
the owners of tho Piedmont railroad wer»
nntitrd, on Monday lost, from Washing
ton. that the general Government has
abandoned the »nil for tha poeaostinn of
the road as Confederate property One
million Iva hundred thonsand dollars waa
involved in tha antt.
Tha general railroad bill baa now pas
sed both branchas of tha New Jeraey
Lagtolatnro, and only want* tba approral
of tba Go earner to baeoa* ■ lav.
Drr|h I» wanted iu MiimmIi. Tb#
wulres are starving and I ha bard-heart ad
farmcta woo't alio« tbemaalvcs to bo ea
Stew tba flou. A- H. Siepheoa, io an
angaarded atomest, ineitrd a band of aer
rnadpr. in to driab, hie lib baa beaa •
perpetual aereuada
An IbtMani paper baa alreadp raa ap
the nattiaa uf 0 P. Morton and B. F.
Batlrr. for I'raaidenl end Viee-Preaideal
in 1876
la China wivea are legel tender for
dahte, and baukrwpta, ae a rale, do wet
conceal their effect.
In Mumiiim.
"In tha midst uf lift* we're la death." Merer
wer« words uttered whose feJAImeat created 1
grenier tndnraa end grief thaw
the death of our dear rutupeoion Houston IMuith,
• bo but yesterday (seemingly ) wna hi H» midst
of an exultant life • hvered by the hupp« theughle
of ere tong he would rent 1st ihe fond i-akrat ef
fither und mother, again app#*r in the circle of
hi* innumerable comfiuaioM, rreiigniae their fts
milinr faces receive ilieir
uhitioni. »lid who. in
the jaws ul denth, and earthly hnppinew ifmng*
Iu celejtinl joy. only reutiwd lit the blissful
It is true, death will tmr
»|K>nUneoua congrat
oMture was hurlad tato*
. ,i
e i iure of h»a
iriends .miudrr sod <n»'ch on« by on« till nlk
»•« happy irrl« are taken sway; nod we
*re » Leered w. 1> ilu bright |iruS|i«ct of formia|g
union where adieus and farewells are
Stilt, ho« uftrn do
H lUt
eselaim, ' d«
d IViend how heavy the loss «e have sus
d by thy removal lo a better state ! R fto
shall (III up thy vacant seat? How can vs
survive su< h iamentalde feelings ns thy dealt»
lias occasioned 1 and then ask
' Um -nt the |»t
mat •IffVcRt.-il
.iu kuo on
* • VI t.jr Rl.aultt
Of» f-l-RMi in
Feeling assured that
Our hrMhrr th
omit »Inn ll.ff Ir
Iti* o
•Rth (R
•1 RTll.lt
And I,ft
Houston, the fourth fri
death ia the p«n
d taken fro
. i
Mf.« was de
by his large
I the .«!!,•• '.on .eif
rtrde ut friends. an«l of the dre
■ow uctnsioned by his sudden and ui
Ile wa» s'.tk tly tuornl. huurit,
o ere «or
II*-» P*« t«*d
• M iraiitrtcliotis. »nd what
I s d him. ««I hit strict
and truthful in I
particularly churn
jf fut tin
• ct
he had
ntrmplatioii, no t
• priffs on it made i.pon hi*
s rtu tiuu »
how deep an
ind. if parental
hi would pursue the former, and feel proud in
«.» doing. 'I here good qualities
dMtiw, tiuu here, luii wherever he w
Indeed ««• thought Mr Smith was
too good lor this world.
u » fi wuds d
adverse to his ow
ly gave
•ursiie I
was the litngunge of
the town
of II
» In
li.rd « Inn killed
public prüfe««.. »n of Christianity—
Christian; he had a srrunulout
n high a»
riptam nad a » «lief in tli«\« to
ol the Mi'.lv daily an<£
twhea day. lie heliewd that
Would elevate fht *.||| „I,
»s of this revolted world, and
as a t
eg ird lo atl the duttet ij
e for tlie
I doctrines, lie
I at Ini
the mis:»
«nd .l irk
lie »
»hi* *t;tf
• n The
» of those with w horn there It no
tier ot lartng aw.mlted or afflicted hv
lamb.» Security I« hi« privilege and iuppineti
bis portion mid now "The l»oitierotis
of ,i,nc c ,nn, ' l
" ,ry ..*;""
shi-lttnd «afe from
it is got
to hta |>lRr<
i •
: i
• I hi
ffH *|
t.p etv*.
AU.I «4.14. I,|. ,r,t ... I'Rr
r it.
In this town on the 2d mst . Viet or fî
ti»e 33d » ear of hi«
i, in
TH K »l.'HKKlft.
mi»r»i LTt»w s usais uarkkt
Wheat .
Corn Yv!l«jw.
12 00
M ets.
.5.% ••
42 "
W h
Titnolhv Seed
.5 oo
.7 2ft
Mit»ot.rrow.\ rftonres mahkf?
coaasrret» wtextr sv •
w azvsoLoa
18fa 18 .-t* do»
. :*•>(« 3ft. ts ft* lb^
.9(«'.I0 • *♦
.H(.. 9 14 **■
.90fw.I 00 1» hvtr.
.14fift 16 ft* IH.
.I2f«*.l4 ft* Ih.
. 13(a; 1 ft V lb.
.Ilfw.lij 4
Mrs* Fork

' Rucks....
r*^l wheat.
$t 97f4i 9ft
Hat* ! IVnnsyl
j 1'lsvrrsred.
Timothy .
*7 7&
4 SO
il nr Adrrrlirirmrntü.
1 *
A large Stock sow oa bead.
tu* All work warranted
_ _ [aprt-tf
polk * Watt,"'
Od««««, Dai.
epr 1 3w

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