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NO. 2fi.
Notary Public,
Minm.KTOW.N, |)KI„
Attorn,') <1 (oiina.'llur-iit-l-H»,
UndHttr of CH« Pr»»»ylv»»t» t »llrg» of
AVISO located In Middletown, und »no
eroded !>r. J. J. Vanderford. respectfully I
fTer» hi» pro(ra»lonal »ervico» to tlm pu»»lie. |
M. c. coxwr.i.L.
Conwell & Woodall,
C !VII- KNtilNKF.I'.S AND .^1'ltVKYuHS, 1
Room No. 9, Exchr.ngo Building,
d Murrtet St».,
Wll.MINtiTHN, |*KI. '
may nt I y
Homooopathic Physician.
H»<* remove,I to Hroad Street, opposite the
Il itldIntow a Aritdemy.
Iiffl'c hour». 7
ti t«* 7 r.
doc :t -tf
Allornn uniH utit»«fllur-uM«tm
KO. 41 ST. I* A I* I. STUF.KT,
IIaltimoor. Mi*., j
it» th** t'ourt* of llalttmoro t*il>
( N.u it lie«. 1 tu* Court of Appeal» of M»in-|
ind .1D0 i
Id lid- ;
ttic Supcriiie (!i»urt of tin* t'tii«
•I of the |ti»tricl of I'ohinihia. .\ud 1
ted St*tr»
attend* to the
»'ol tec lion .f (Into»« <**;-»»•• !'»• >•
of the I oiled St it*-«, m
the vari*Mi.« D« pjirtim ut« •» Wurliingt,,
in th** < oiirt
I». (
No. t*ir. Market M
W ll*M I ^ €■ TO \, I» i: I« iU % K! i:
fou vay nnetr». Hitrvo*
Cuilectors of A.fount.». Hill#. A« - .
d rent « collet t» i :
I»« I
*. IN
Iff rented.
I louve»
Tt«!.* c
d oilier I
ttegotinlod ;
W**n<t*. Mortgage«
fully dr
Itanily retain'd
lltkr«*c« luinishnl
-! piper« c
comme I |H*rm.
'itiic-poiuh it, i lolicitcd.
. and #it|M*rvi-c.|

H K Y Nul. I »S k cu ,
.So. Maiikki Sntt:»:r.
\\ iSt
1 1 — GIUm*
Cirwtlwwlo of iho Pnttt«)lv»nl» ( oltr|;r 9 f
( TLOCKS. Wairlws. Jewelry, Ac. neatly nti»l
J pr»>repay rop.ir«*<l.
'ÄÄ :
Hing», Silver ThimLIe*. Suit, Sugar and Ten
Bnooni, HutSrr Knivet. <lold Hrcjui-IMni, Kar
Ring*. Finger-Ring*. SI.**». Hiitiou», Watch j
Chnina Watet« Uv«, Key Ring#, Steel Watch
I'hni n», Ac. •
- —. .
iSIlYer and Plated Ware
N B —Fine aelection of 18 Kt. Wedding Ringt
o„ liu, 1 . 1 ,
Geld, Silver ..4 Steel Spectacle. .ul, .11
1# _ lf
J. J. vandkrkord, i>. I). 8.
i>i-:\T4ioSi ut;lilt v.
H»,; » uys - ■»:«.
«■v. St. M.
« eo M«t.
11.01. It. <; 1l.tr« i».
r»»l. hilli»iy«l»a.
Hr. F. i Seih*.
Josepb tl K«-v. Km. '
ll»>«. tt T Higg«. N»*w «
Rrr. John l'attun H H.
Iter. J C. Met'ahi-.li. I»
lion. Him m M»-•t ,, »ll«#»igh. tVeil »•
IteV. Ilrnr" MttUlirWff.
lion. (J»*o. Kurl»*, Life Affp.'t.
•.»■tl** , »* lw*i.
may Kt— tf
Main ftlrr*c. »•«> • 4*»*r
Mid «It* to vi n. Dilnimre
Sallonal Itulrl
Dec. 12—tf.
m. K. mcicsoisr,
»Suitable for Holiday Presents.
B. B. pocnasx.
J. C. BL'VT.
Commission ^lerchants,
Jaa. 4—Ijr.
dhc T ., 4kOft Ter * AgenU wanted.
VD TU ff/U All elaatM of working peo
ple, of «Uber tea, young or old, aaakt mora
ey at work for «a In their apam momenta, or
•II tlw lima, than at anything elat. Parllcotar»
0. Htimo. A Co.,
Portlaad, Naioo.
f>m. Addreaa
Oct. IS—If..
£clfrt |)octrg.
roidei.l "f t'enlri ville. ... Il.p sain* Slate 1
.. ,or ' f thirty and full of ro
I general love, because I had
rot ..r.de i . •entrai,',,"
If I liad known in thr morning;
How wrnrilr »II I he d»jr
rdf unkind
Would trouble
I »nid when y
! Imd been more careful, darling,
N«f gW«*» J
Hut we v#x "our own"
I tone.
We might never take buck ngnin.
«tnt nwny,
needle»« pain ;
With look
For though *n the quirt evening
give tlie kiff« of peace,
Yet it might l*e
That never for
The pain of the heart ihould c
tunny go forth in the morning
That never r,»tn** In
Ami hc.tr 1 * It
at night
0 bur »It w ord» fpokon,
That »orrow eau ne'er »ct right.
Wo lutte careful thought« for tho »(ranger.
And -mile- f.»r tho sometime* guest :
lt*it oft for ••
Tit* hitter tom*.
Though we lore "our
Ah ' lip» with c
Ah ! I
' T « ere a cruet f.» »
Were the nl^ht ton late
lo ill« work of tit
' the he»t.
• impalirttl —
with that look of »coin,
friert Stonj.
"Mr. licary, you or? a married mnn
*tr .
"Very. *ir.
"Very! why do you »tty very!'
"|l* , cau»' my «lotir Itttl«* wife
«1 I are
hound t»*g:*th"r l*v wire*
"Lutitnor henry. y«ti f»Ik enigma« "
pl iin a** a printer. !
will inform you that I wit» married by
• Th
to I
. ««r.
••You d*m't -ay -
"Ve*. ! do "
tell the company all about thr '
1 *
I.idles *u 1
a aeenn'l eo„«i„ and
ifled in
• I mil.
gentlemen, my wife i
was named |,enrv
the eitv «>f lti'liannp*dt«. while Î
ith td**a«ur •
i wa* a 1 * Ind
"Why dm.
eternally I"
T»» tlii« q»n*ry
v m take a wife?" wn«
Will 1 tike?"
*f fi tend# would
a «c»»re
•*Y'»ur relative. Kate Denry "
Kale 1 . try. why *!i • i* my own coti
rtin !"
••Only a «reofid ee*i»ift.'
they would
l.aiititcr- -
»lark it«
•and v*ur
retort :
Kate i« a bbuid•*. and you
the ne* of club* "
I had never *<*.*tt Mi«« I«?nry. but this
rontinued n«« >«*ir»*i»*n **f the young lady !
with mv wedded life had an influence.
One day n member **f Congre*» ex
elaitned. • M r Leary. w»*re I »ingle I
frien I I eati earnestly hope you will pos
!«•«.» Iho luxury."
A, tl,i. |n'rioil I WA, a morel,an, Ha*
ilia . lisch;, rpv, I Ihivvine el-rk. 1 wna an
confitteil t *» niv »tore that a journey to In
dianapdi* was out *»f tho question« I ww*
growing almost wild to sec one whom all
many wi»h me to wed
In a few day* from the call of mv l#g
illative friend, hi* brother, a noted Judge,
„ppoar-, I at mj a,ore.
The judge wn# nl»o my devoted nllv—a
p*»-iti-»n itiUtmified by bis rcoollectitui of
being educaldl by in? deceased father
Drawing a daguerreotype from hit coat,
►aid It»', "l wish to show you »omething
There, what do you sav to that?"
I cried with enthusiasm
"This, my dear friend, is Miss Kite
Learv. the young lady l wish you to
n-rV " \
"Tell me." exclaimed I, "is she all
they claim for her ?"
.**Mv«lear friend boii**stlv as I value
, \ V , " ' ! > ' J . va , L
truth. 1 l.avo uot heard her sufficiently
r"'*r: :
"\\ hy Jon I Rome man try l„a luck ?
! "I an, glad you i.k Simply became
; .be ,. ororcourl.d % and coutequenlli'hard
j to plea.e. Sh« ,. romantic, and J claarly
not w,enable by ard,nary method..
"You »ay iho I» very particular ?
"Ü. "'r,', , .,
"Then good bye for me
"Notât all; .he t.rapturou. over your
llkenc»», and »end» her eounnly I 0 ;',
»ith an invitation to visit h«r. I pledge
you to not omitting a »ingle point in your
body, caliber or character
"Do you con*, der her daguerreotype
lccu J ,te • . , , .
' p,n , ®' 1 y?. a •* «*•>« * flmttor her.
She !... extraordinary beauty, and the
kind «•„ mo " *' rlk,n 6 ,u iUtmatton
i #ii • n » •»» 1
While mutual friend. ,n Centre»,lie
were lauding n,y fair cou.in, mutual i
friend. In Indiatiapoli. were decided in
• j * eU °ß le *u° ,,, °' au pf^pspttg icr
mind or au n l® n J c -
I "m n t isir-o n • Hell ring
aueh a ooncord,nu,t "
rlouafaet I..ttMonthe,de.of marry.
ing thin wonder in beauty, »out and ao
com push men .
My intent qudek y «wllnind upon
hearing »ha» a very wealthy and inDuanlial
honker wot in the melting mood. 4ro
-!"!!!!. !b!u.Ylu!!Sh of ehrool.1»»«
Ü! iïeeted .he be.» ataffon.,. ?»
on, «nd telreled tho beat atalionary in
■ y f ül. «ÛÔ ». Heat U.tae to If...
I wts to write ipy n I r to Rm*
"Who i# it?

Such a reply na I received? Well, you
n»u#t see—you nhall «re it. I Hava good
gaa work», hut am inadéquate. In a
brief time we learned that each knew the
other well. Th« very much »aid by so
so many, many mutual friend», supers»!*
ded to our daguerreotypea and letter»,
made us n comprehending couple. In
fact, we confessed our love—a full, round,
ripe and luscious article. There could he
no unsafely in the
Our lineage wn» in common, and every
fact known, what followed is clear—i
engagement—yes, between unseen lover»
and cousin».
were numerous
, , I
, o < ramatic prépara
.. , . a
s roa me, an .
,, "
>r an
bu is leg» . , j
Immediately I «cut for my friend, the ; I
pludgc Mtona. hefacedme l amd:
.u , ia a marriage \\ i r P' •* p »
.. .
•' t'
. .
j- i-i
. .i n
and deaerfbe for an Icetrio weddinv 1"^'
aD _ ' ' ! „• "''c ■
", 1 •' ' ,,,,r ® 1 " r . . , .. ,
! h* Judge undersM... me. and gMI, ;
® "t.pl.ed I he res..It 1 forward«) to Kate |
. ...'tJ:,:.': i,*;;,
.. I ">ra'l.it »H *nd
the proper au I,o,„y W.uld pre.cn, them,
a Ives a the Indtanap;,.. ofi,'" aceordtng
I Iir ' '.ni. n »'lot.
n.a, r.nnony
1 '"".i 1 T'C "J* 1 1 was a gr. a
00 " amt», g the mutual fr, ends ut each end
• r t .10 Wire I lie affair was >U novel lint
•" cU '' . . 1,1 . . . .. .
at, ic
1 wa* "dying" to fold her to my haart,
but my »oui » condition nod maturing ap
pointment» postponed indefinitely
What di I you say ? Why did »lie not
visit * 0111 « of our ftiotid# nt Cnntrevillc ?
I answer you ohvetfully ; Shu had Iter no
tinn-t and v*onlil entertain them. Thougit
we wore plighted, »hu declared it •liould
not I»»* said that »lie made tho vi»it Ma
ny Imlicvcd her right I don't argue the
point but merely answer the question
Week* pn«»cd ; let to
mid Nueeltnrine The tint'* arrived when
I could ctnlurc my »Ingle condition no
longer. What if mmu one wa» to out mo
out at tho eleventh hour ? With such
love what would hcoom« of me ? I
dotonnin-I to (*»n lt* r, even if I did not
her f
An Men d.iwmd a brilliant on«
»pet'ly mitrringo and
of roiuntie«
w;t** to «• *mp.t«?t »
»atirtfy her t h irut
After n
flood **f teiiderti*'
tioti, 1 wr*»te : "
—. my
let ut depart fr*
wed by teb grilp!»
Th? i h*:i tt),*k It r by »t >rtu
er wa« e harnet el i«ti,*
It ran fini« :
" Darling. I
Th" id ••a i« »avorv. -i
^ , P a J •
"Ccrtatnlv. *ir
e no
' .. ' ' '
0,1 ,l,c "" rc.|uir.-„iv,i<» can 1 ■■
! readily -e»* h
t int on th
f.llow ing
,f it.
Clergymen and witne»» n»»eiulded at the
termini There, in full C"»tuuie. two
, ,, -,, . .
' « »«'t p w ,l „„I 1 was .„11 with
'»***e- "j uinii, yra, ..
Z, ' M . 'J. 111 '! J ""' and 1 iuu*t g * to
lu ' r *" r '} Wu# ,,,,r h ' l * u,u * w ' 11 ' i " i 1
w ' ,l ' 4 | ,r > U M *
U > mtre ttv. I prevail**,! upon a brother
,,K, 1 rcl,:,n, , ,n m ° J 1 "* ,M M Soon
, l ul1 il * * , '' 1 1,1 "». «loro I put «nine
! 'I ' 1 "'!"'• c " f " r ,l "' '>»• "'
*' u*t
" Jl ' ! * : *' ,oul !vre,vo ' ro »» *be city
at»'pp»*i| for a p:i*.«ciig*r It wa« a
v ^ u '' 1 !l *'-nuty * ucv< i ticheld
*^ ,e ri '* l,,,, bh*d my Jikeuetji »,f Kate, but
W,IS ^ :,r b |, autiful^ 1 own. my heart
Wl ,,t l0r * 3 J^ n,,> buki* . say
w "J»t >"U pi* aie, and I \vi 1 bear it I
r *'! H ' ul •»•.' beurt gu-lieu tortL a flood of
a f . . .
V' 1 ' w,,s u "* * * ■ * * ,l *' rr 11 ** ,,,#n *
going tosee lit* tviegraplno bri.le, and a.«
tschmcully Hi love with another woman,
i lllV ha.tr u „ l ton late
» ' ^ • »*> J1 onu 1 had nover
!!',)" V'UDanVv^troulJ I üo^Th!
' " ' pur I hc.nl , ,
" n l", ' " Cr ' "
amer ca , uer , ua.mm ,
How ahe «yed me , I .poke about the
oo.cl, windows be,„ K rai.ed to luithcr.
She thanked tu« ,„ tonca tha, acted like
an arterial attmulaut. was gone Much
eonrcr»al,on followed and I wa» a goner,
I aaw that »he wa. g.r.ng n,e ,w«„, ,«,
pleading look., Hearena. thought I. »lie
ia unhappdy mated oppose 1 give her
my aympathy. let »hnubl I jeopard,xc
myaelf before »uch Iran •eendent chart,,» ?
Sonpo*eI betray my love, how would!
L ' ,n 1 ' ÎJ r ' ?! ' rntc ° ,n J •J" w ,at
power could 1 eonfeMjpon a total stranger
I had „ would betray . .. bu,
offer consola,, on to . flower mo.t .urel,
1 e lj' r | e ' *. Br .° 00 y passenger»,
and wha, a good rh.nee
i "Madame, said I. "plea.e pardon me,
hut you teem to exiat unJer a cloud."
sighed «loepljr
" Well, sir, not a widow, though I don't
live with my h *r:band.
" Poor /«■'•. O0 . n . ,lnu .* d J. . .
She put her handkerchief to her month
I thought about half of it went in but
°' R slop her emotion.
"You are not happy madam V
"Very far from it ; l am miaerablc!
So waa I—mitcrable to put my arma
hfr " eck .. ,
. l a '*' m '
In Indiaoanolta^
''Ha»« you Weod» there Î
.ÎSPV, #tr,
ecu lovers
ere t• » ho mailt?
i.ui :« it• 1 wif-*
I The iiistruuieut began its tick. tick, tick
perator read, th«* d rgynmi
put the quc«*i *n» I answer#«! ; the in
► 11 ti m*- II t «111 III* !»•
k -
•I *<*t*n I
the hushati l of Kate L^arv
< 1 . though tl
salute»] a
H«pp> w,
Udv I
*f a
•v.-r hebe 1 I

"No doubt of it. Allow me to a»k, do
you love your husband ?"
"Devotedly, sir."
"Then you will with live him ?"
"Would be glad of the chance, sir."
"When did you see him la»t ?"
"I have never seen, sir."
Here shn again half swallowed her
"Never »eon him! Why what do you
mean ?"
• , . ,, T „
*"*•«*• ,,,c '
are you .Ira. Kate Leary .
' , , , ,,
Ai l relaxed, «lie said :
tmoii, Latimer; I knevr you from
your daguerreotype "
I will nut prolong this, but merely re
marl; that Kate is the most derated of
women I have not felt ... of my
"be wealt'h' V't'i 1 . tV!!'ni" U 'l ÎT
In w Iitli if the ttrient I ever constd
et ", a, hound together by wire ; aud
when asked if | mil a married man, I ul-,
way» fid like saving very
1 ».'nr Sir : I hnvo received u circular
isaued hy your order, from wliut i» rajled j
the Democratic Reform Association, New
<|iivstiug a reply.^ I heartily
I agree with aomo of the doctrines of ihetir
eular ; lliit the present Administration is
a corrupt, tyrannical and dangerous polit
. teul organization and should •'v uli bon
" r:l ' I .tuts lie di, placed in I s , '» l 1 "' • |
sir, t »"t" ,» doctrine in said circular that
ill" "I slate Mates, where the negroes r,
vi ' aV r "' , , 1 ' r "' ly ®î , * a P .V rih ''
j And it is owing to that cursed ( in, iniiati
; I let form and the acceptance of t|,a 14th
and I-till amendment« ( «o call# I ) a« a (i
nality ; tlif*»«; two amcmlmont» wrr«* not
ail 'ptnl i»* ili.* t. II \ ..iiktiiuf i'.n proritUd
N«|fro franchi»« in tho old Northern freu»
1 f f
di-^racc it Jii'" in the lutu Huvt* Staff-«
n i tli'H* i* I- ! «t ft'*w nepro vote« «North in
'j»' South.
It. a Nuiioii.. I nv. iition of the Male«,
, .' uur " 0 ' ri, . v " f 'hdegates. you cn.ihl
; lay down ». yo, did las, year a, Haiti
| ,uel. a plat f..* M a, would utterly de
'-"'r' *•••**'**«* r?
you North-rn |t. n.oerat. (ao called ,. « I.A
brought ... f.r.v „ I had a.
s Iron, him that he had I
his I a, ..er "pinions .... | was in favor of
state . iglita, that ia. ao far as to allow ear l,
state to regulate its own franchise Hut
tl." 12.1, day of la«, (letoher. Horace
tireeley. at a tdaee caller! |*|e ..„.itvill
J".» 11 ; -l-"'; . reiterated «II
Iiin lorni r li lli*li iic^ro r(|Uiilii v (IfK'tnii**
our cnngreasuian in llejawarr-and 1
saved the leg,slat.,ro hy the ak„, of our
khlii»,* nifii »!:» i • 1 home from
ih" poil», 1 1 » •• r#• f*• i ■ ■ il \< prrpiiKtorou» in
any »ct i»f in u, under any name, t< » invite
U» t» tin Minn feu it ( t liu rumiil ('ineiti
) ami tf* the joining in with
.... *" r [ , '*"' ;ld lyp'lhl it'ai.s
c^e.l '.literal Kepuld.eana. d,.uppo,„lcd
bunt-re , „ not worth while for
• * i'iiiijf in tin* name **f 1 h *m:n »Jr f
"Sir. have you uot read of a telegraph
ic wet! ling ?"
".Julios t'li-sar !
/ r Mr UiHJl'tot
sskmi. lift. , J, \r. HJ. 1871!
// H I.' I! lino
• It.
-i !••, can
We 1-mt
t'.Tao,, II" w.,a „ « hit,
oerat. an I m l.tvor ,*f white man « *upre
»»»'•>' . f-r. a* proof, he was a ilavo lol l
* r Negro, - to day
were in the duv* of
»be white man'» opinion of them in the
late «lave st'ites the hhm>> a* it wait one
hui.Jr.-.lIjoara »go. It i- only f,r pla. c
!,,, d pr,*lit that thousand# of wlnti* hypo
erites in the «»Id sbtve states pretend ■•tlier
vii.- In mv opinion, »elf-respect of th
white people in tin* .«ixte» n l.itc »lav* »tales
demand« that they should f*rm. f r self
preservation, a whitu pcopb-'« p*liti,.il
party, to sevure am! hold the pr«*douiiiritic«
of the while people in the sai l sixteen
•.tat*#, and a »• 1 <»ur white friend* of the
North iniV„gns».to put down the He
publican doctrine of negro equality,
by congressional enact men ts wipe off the
nutiite the 1 Ith and l.'uh pretend **I a
, i • i • prêt* u i « *t a
W,MC, | 1 * ,n ro: ' l,, -V* °1 hones.
Ill ® n t k,,uw " r ". " ul - v '<*'•#'-»-»««. .,,»c.«
Uur " V * r T r ®*P ee ' full y
.-amlxl To«x»xm,
, — a- —
IliitarsAt. JiaTICE —A poor Turki.h
«later of Cot, alnntinople. being at work ..n
the roof of a houae. loat hi» fooling and
f r || into the narrow »(reel upon u man
who chattet ,| lo lie pa*»ing at the ti,,,...
The pedestrian , va» killed I, y the coneua.
»ion, while the »later escaped without ,na
terial injury.
A aon of the deceased caused the »later
to be arreted and taken before the Cadi,
where he made the most grave charge,
and claimed nmple re*lrs#s
The t'adi listened attentively, and in
,|,c end asked the »later what he had lo
M , in hi* defence. ;
" Dispenser of Justice, answered tin*
»eeu.ed, |„ humble mood, "i, i, even «»
tliia man »ay» ; but Hod forbid that there
should I.vil in my heart. I an, , poor
ui.in, nn.l know not hour 1 can make
amends ' ....
Iho son of the man who liatl been kill
r, \ 'hereunon demanded that condign pun
i.hment »l.oul.l be Inflicted upon the to
cuaed. Iho Cadi meditated a few mo
mcnis, au*l finally said, "It shall bo so."
Then to the »later he aottlinned : "Thou
.halt »land in the .true» where the father
ol Ihm man stood when thou didal fall
upon him." And to the aceu.er he added:
' And l''™ '"° P U "° ,h ®»' «**
upon the roof and fall upon the culprit,
even aa he did fall upon tby father. Allah
tc great.
»*•• *th.
nati I * I nit
III" hull'll,ill
*e ns I,lack .n# they
»nus .1 **fTt*r«on.
. «« all ilrr vutinir roomana ,o falaeh.anl like yo,»
Mil a fare n'ire und bright, uu.l a heart plark !"
«ml plue,
Toil all der rliile «ch wear In you lofnl me au
. uoi_. „ „...I 1 n,|
.u .., ... i . ga >n.\
v.t rum-e I dought you v«g a star vsy up high,
I "ked yoajio twtier a* g^oaut-bi,
" |i„k" if.nVr'i," ."»«7 T * '*
• hy
Von took all der presvnia ™i l .11,1 bnsent,
mi "no.In' ioimg'wtarVou'vn't, f!
v ,^ n,,.^ )|in,. r> K „ v ,iy !
' , „
' Jj®" 'J, 1 ) ®'
Hut now, j.y der Ching«* ? I <l»*u t often gry,
*»« v ''. r t !* p,, ky Miller, go r i v !
Itnn't try lo make I.« liel you »,,» .orry aboui,
I don't t»»*leef a ding# vol cotre# out uf your:
•util. !
* < " m"!"? Wo' - *" r •*"'! ,** blayedout, |
I in
IJOUllIiir »M llüff IlillUJ. ,
_ -
_ '
You lieur of the ('entrai Turk and aa-'
snc j alt , TC ith it little els.' than the splendor i
,,f equip ige and i lie lo x ury "f the world ol
w ,, a |||, | i>>ti There are a few hours
,. v( . r . ,p a «I,,.,, j( j, |rtre l> given up to *'
those who rile for health and pleasure
|,.„ii,., eliielly, for it i, one of ll." novelties
, f Ntw V „ik life that wealth pureln-ca
,, n cacnplion from the confinement of
buxine»** Tho nu >>. rirlt n* w«ll n« poor, ®
:irr | |:l r ,| :ll j,, ,l a »timo t-. mi»,- ^
p,„ t t|,. r*ti.ldi*limcnt» in whi.-h wife and
i:iiii®liti i » • i • i r i ou tin* t iwliioiiiil.lt t.|. »in. " l
| r on.- ?» f.,j r j.l,.;» ,,f » f |, : »t
»},. • ti *n• • n*•* ix worth which wc h**ar to
ceeriastitigly from the women-right«.
no...-..., about the dependent condition of I
„ . |,., w .| v ,, r ' ,, r ., r I |,\ brute»
, ||: 0 vf .. . 1 ,, |,
. /. .la. and nu, u, •
.. 1 o!i„vw,,i,;..,or, l,
,, |e , vi(! , • r „ ,j , ,. f , f „
„own iu »ally June and nï!" th „da er.b e
. |... .„ „f'.be- women I livery car, iag.
r ,.|| H |,y |, nK twn. llircc <«r f»itr uf tlie».
wretehcl »laves in i,'; rar It .|>..-a ,,ne of
r:lll i |„ r |< appear • tl."V are ha kit."
tir ,,J i„ r, r '
, j. . . ., | |.. nl| .„„pi
i!.i- hi*ut'if.d „Mb'
t .j f v ., rt . >K j j,. ,| 1 |*| |r% f
regard-.1 a. inferior* And -he
is , ve„ strong, r wl,. „ you look at th
wo|||l . t|
wonien in the park, "tltuy toil tint.neither
do ,hey spin, hut Sol ,,,,an in all hi. glory I
.. . . . •• .
Grifft jjoftnî.
Go Vay, Beoky Miller, Go Vay.
by oi.ii i;xci.k i« 11 x 1:1 men.
On v«y, Ile» k v Mill«-*. go v»» I
I don't lofe v ou now. «un dchmnll leetlr bit,
My dream v«« pUycl oud, ao plea#« got up »nd
Mil your fHl««--lie»d<-d v»y§ I
v*y, H« *ky Miller, go v»jr f
t get »long mit.
,| ieillJt| .| Vt> lr ,
( . I|ltr!lsl v , : t |. ,|... „ ,«.. ,.«
,1„, .lautflu'.-i-» of In-r who»., fir«, .fro
, ; i. i i , .. *.,
! ' ' . • . \ •! '
j, 0 Mlrtf lo ^ up th-re betw -. n four and
>u t , c |„ ck iu ,»,e after., Y u will
t .„ ritttt .. „ ,| 10 P .-„ e . ; „„l
for a Ir.tlo you may rule thro„«h ..min
av „, )U0 , in ,|„ „.i'.Ut of all (l„. eplendor
of the city ; you mar ace llm Ink, ■» and
f m„,ai„..'and briJ«v. and ro.-kv dclla.lhr
Hovk* and herd, that have l„ e„ folded
here in mockery of the pasture, green
from which ilmv have hern drawn; mid
V o„ may look upon the deer and elk»,
and ebnhanis. the tig-r. too. ami a lion
aud lot» of other beast» that have ben
caged in the park, will, grolca.iuv la»te
(that our civilization lia» not yet refined
out of u.) which permit, the eight and
„„ell of a menagerie to mingle with eul
turc of the kiglwst order to which n*o have
vet attained Hut when our eitv made
thin park they pitched into it every th.ug
; , b „ people want to see. and i, is now ,h.
universal show and play and parade ground
of the town ; regardl... of the propriété,
or. at tho modern philoaopl.v would ex
prea. it. "the eternal times, of things " I
presume there will ba a race course in it
within s few years, and the city will nay
the expense of amusing the people with a
horse-race or two cy.ry Saturday and per
hap, Sunday.
|j u t you muat go to the I'ark with me
on foot and out of hours to sec the oddities
of the town. The „ur.es and children do
not frequent it aa much as they do the
smaller »qua,»» in other parta of the city
Yet there are lovely della, .haded walk,
k y lk ® * id * <* P>»*' d Uk« »here the little
ona* are amused by the awan».with whom
they become aa familiar aa Cowper with
the ksres. and happy the cbildftn are who
:»tul th»*
Ill nil»
• ■nnot kt***j*
• I 1 » • » r-cs * Su«*li men ;
'arrtnges .
forked. t»n*l their ainl*iti Mi is t*» make
life as ca-\ ami pleasant f
* 1 ! h* «ai 1 of half l!»e
soil,a, hing
.- j « I »I i < 1 » • r of wrotu -ti'** ap|».ir«l
What r*»l*< - what l.i •« -. what
hat h »titiets ! These cltim;
ake a show of leaves
a;: ing
«hrnhhery tried (•*
r* u* the fluiniiier eain,*. hut the
ii appear»*»!, an«! th.* I! *w,
sin in • t o he j
jj , w
a, I n
of leave* sowed without n«*e<il * by lur own
hand Y"U may ride in Hyde Park in
L»nilon. in the H i* »!*• lL*logue uf |*ari*.
or the Pi at* r of \'i»*nna, ,r S» \i!!e. nn l
•• of them will you s»*e such di#
play *f outward a I *nnn**tit a« tw *m» ii
make w h»* u t'uejr ride in »!, thntral Dark
of New York
Y»*t th* v ar»* nut. ,*,ii<l th« ir equipage.« I
are ti *t the great* *t attraeti*>tiM of this rural
region in the heart of tow
It is a lui!*
*ct III.' oir mul sunlight in miuIi healthful 1
nid safe rein'll«, within an lionr of their ;
hnuit». Tim enjoyment "f auch a tight i.
eery refreshing tu ooe who qtiila tho closet
and taunlvr« iilonv—that's the charm ol
il— in tlioae teelu.lvd nooltt,and forgetting
hit book« mid car.«, «ludira the life thaï
diapnrta ilaelf in the tliadea of a great city,
The mil mid roar of the carriage wbrt-l» i
faintly beard, but nothiug disturbs j
the arrenity of the path thut hna led to a
ruatic acat on which f hare now reclined
i 1 _ .1 , .. ■ ,
!" r ' l ", ," nJ breathe and atop thinking
'b* odda and end« of the town, tjneci
looking people, acedy individuals paaa me.
n,| d l,|,w thri 1 a pale, thin elderly
man. who ia criduntly like myself teekiug
health find refreshment by a walk in tile
country. Snatche. of oonrer.ation.broken
«enteneca fall upon the ear a« some pasters.
hy are diseasing their own nlTuira, and
let drop just enough to tell one oow murh
f! ike " r ' 1 " U J 1 ?® * , '' rl ' ,f " r ® ver >
'*,» trouble», and heart and face an
»wer to faut mid heart the whole circle
Here comes one | bave known these last
twenty year* ; a mm of genius, last« and
f.')'* 1 '*'""' Ul * lw " v " ° n " ,c do * ol,il1 .
»« v * r , getting up but actually going
down. I Imre Wondered at the bold lie
liua on life, fur times have gone an badly
with him that b id lie long ago given up !
in despair und died, it would havu been
leaa strange than that he aliould live on, '
nobody knows bow. Ili, black clothe,
are very i bitty, and though often patched
they u*ed it again. He is very shaky it' '
K*'*- Hi» joint* are loose, and he
"'"ttg *» if he could hardly lift hi,
^'ct He smile» (a ghastly kind of a
,,,,du '* '"I a " '» t»'.'. and. glad to
*' hd :1 he drop« down a; my side, and
*»bes my offered hand
'' I *tn hur l up." lie say». " It is six
'»»nlhs since I have had a thing to do.
■.» »*1« for last winter', wotk : pledged alt
® c<,u ^l* *° »"^nctliintf to keep t !i** wolf
^ r " m ^"" r * * :,m •'»»'»tfry nn-I tltcv ;ir.*
wnr*p *»fF at hoiii« Would you loud m«
" l ''| nr •
{ « rtainly or in*. I will not /#>«</ >.»u
arc •vcl. ome to what I r?nn
H""' , But this will not last you long
I h .p" it all g ...» for »om-tl.itig lo ,.rf "
**» I k. d :,t n.o a« if lie did not full,
.'a'eli tit - point, an I I a l ied :
''' fills the, I „I. lake.
*..j.i*«.* « ....
e.ly ; ... you ,,-v. r haw f hut .anything
'» ... ""P" " ' *
• •'•»« . .. . .. of all his woe,
He mult the trifle I offered him, an I slain
r '»e a few word» about his wrakn •«*
"»J 'l J, ' IR,( J "• something to keep l.itn
up. he rose an I left me I .hall read •!
his death In the daily paper« .
very likely «
f »r tin* enuaa
m and
of lif- in tin* city have been > ; v i .Il v
tne within tli«* la«t twoltotir* Tli*v
.- j tt -1 a - nit *t
n * wry great «Id
».tnt r *f i *mh*rt c act. i
(••»mnnr *. inquest mil b*.*k
They need not g-» fjr t >
, ,
' . ,, .
.1.1 v **tb*fi I the publie * vc: it is th.*
Knick, rimeker families that have ba«t**n« d
,.. .„V.-r M, ■ piiiabb M o-,acl.'« of
|.,o,c livii.p ami ii,ll.h l„v on II, « par, of
wire, an 1 Imabanda. who write book« to
"X,. ,ac their Jn-ncia broil«, uho end
tlmir vulear .li.aprctm ul. »ill, vile ami
hotril, le murder. Uur young me» ,,rc
paring I-, pa.« ,he »"asou ul N.-upm, or
Long Branch would do well to betake
thenoelve» instead to Nevada or the
Adirondack., where peltieoat. cannot yen
lure, or at least to put on double armor
of proof before entering the list» with
their antagonist» in tulle and n,u»liu
This modern jou.ting, yclept flirting
aeem. a pretty play enough with it. .ur
roundinga of dtdical« flowers and delicate
dresse», dainty feeling» and dainty gift».
from the first fluttering blu.h to the wed
ding ring : bu, if these newspaper re
ports can U» trusted in their bald saraffr
troth, i, i» a P , to end in a »„uggle more
fierce and bitter that, death, wherein love
and jealousy and hate eael, take a part
(If course, ibis i# an extreme view of the
ease. Formic wretched, utterly discard
nnt marriage, or one parricide like \Ya|
worth, trained by auch marriage for his
crime, the great »nb.lr.tnm of onr .ori.l
life i. mada up of innumerable peaceful,
quiet homes and families, whose existence
Jr. n ia unknown to the public
But it ia neverlhvle,. true that a car
tain discontent, an uneasiness, hat pent
trated »0 the »cry tranquil!!.» of thtoe
home, during the praaco, generation ;
Any ehrewd. honorably tpinded girl or
joung man. listening to an bonr'a con
remtion between an average married
find it
Vi* nrarlv sun-ft
The two
t r» ■!
ar«* htuught v.-iy • » • » >. l v t *g. tl»»r
in ff i.
- «il bhk»*
a place I hi# | :
k l.rb.ng- I
Mv re, Ille» 1 gentl*
of if a# Mr
ian *i
Di» * s iu hur eh iri *t, w ith a
•t 'l**g 1 •oki , *g "Ut ot the win l 'w an i
. 11 » If between I It«- hor« •
Reg- rob'» ur. blow,, upon hy (Ik
• hr» » /»•.*. •nul if p *,'ts utnl philosopher«
tell the truth th* r«* i
atfith r •
in t! :
l»v the r,*hf* ami rag«
Coucf>ruiug Married People.
er«*w.ling the dock« it» the
N» \v York r u h * tempts him! r i;i»<*t. v
hi« undoing this summer must have j
\Yhat with 1 «r»».' ü if«
ieid.* and v
our c
«•»on!-, and p:
if»*- n»
eritniiinl. th*
mniket if
Hei j Itliit» « share f pluck riie*e di*
gu«ting iKnn.'stie r» \ <-Liti»*n- f th" e.njrts
»night t » affect the marriage
I *\ ami l *v* rs w.n* «iihjeet i.
rules **l . oniiiieree. D i- not alone D* uni
and Mary in tin hack alley **r t* nernei.t
h**--* «qualihle« an*l broken n *#•*«
1 i ii :
1 c mplc of middle age, would in *11 pro.
; liability lia strongly repelled from niatri
tunny; and tbia not tiecauaa of any erino,
»pen or hidden, or any aetiva diragroo«
ment between the buthand and wife, bat
«imply berauaetbe glamour, the aoftening
light and ahadowa of a loea which pro«
f.-rset to ha eternal are all gone, and no«
i thing remain« but the bar* fact of •
j mutual aocial partner,hip Now wii ora
in no whit leaa lit for wadded coualancy
and liappineea than ware our grantifatbore.
** . , ■ . ,
The young roupie who were married at
(.race Cliuruli the other day, in all the
sheen and splendor of lacea and diamond«,
or tlia ineehinie and Ilia young bride tab«
ing their rceha wedding journey, are
ju.t as honest and devout in their loeo
anjl high purpnac aa even Benjamin
Tranklin and Iteborah hi« wifa. who, if*
1er their long live» of Quaker bit»«, olerp
-id* by side in the sight of a errat eil
H.t.l.andw ware aa apt to be unfaithful
old limea aa now, and wive» as quoruloua.
Vvt there wa. undoubtedly an aeeord. ■
habit of ulfeetion, of mutual yielding,
care, considération in marriapft then which*
i» too often lacking now. The reason it
P r,,bnb, r «»»■* »'«h •J»»»«<> culture both
in en aud woman have became more many*
aided, and therefore find agreement les»
easy. Especially ia tbia tbo case with
! the wire» Martha Washingtou and
Dolly Madison, apart from bciug keen
' managers of a household aud well-bred
hoatetaca, had little development for tli'dr
in'ellecta beyond poaaibly a slight knowl«
' edge of French or Latin grammar, the
u«o of the globes, and the ability to tin
kl-, a little on a guitar or barpsicord.
Whatever shrewdness or judgement they
had, found exercise only on such shares
of their husband»' affairs as was expound«
cd to them by their husbandf. Bu\
other times, other maoner*. Theyouog
bilde atlirace Oburch aud the roarobanfa
wtfe b.v. each, if «bay are aver.g. Amer
jiMn women, their own nottoot on all tho
vexed questions of tho dav, from tho
Darwinian theory to tho laat murder;
• i'di Iiij* her »ocial. dome-tic, lilonry, and
irtistic ta**tt*» and belief» Th* mott
jureneth or ability there i» in her tho
more strongly these erred« and habit .f
tl.ougl.t are defined and entered into her
character. With the husband tho sen •
„ cou.Hy true Now, two cannot walk
togXr unlas, they ba agrtutd. and oti«
„• m .n.ui «
first, grow slm««t »II the disses.'.:, .- and
wretch, dues, of wedded life. John and
Maria f.ll in love un tb« ground of half
a-doxen conversation«, wherein each'
descries in tha r.tlter a nobility, hence.»
lencc. and tenderness of which tb* world
i- nut worthy ; plus fine mantiorit, and
again plu« »oft lip-» and kiu*Hittg eye«,
Whereupon they marry J*»hn
IV Presbyterian, and »eca in »
li\ m n a »hört eut to hell ; Maria, a Broad
(Tiurch woman, who fr»litrni*6i with
pop u and pagan, Pbiliaiins and fro« wor
-hipper .lohn knows no delight so kern
a« laying by a sum wc*.» . the sav.ng*
ha til. ; Maria fling* to -.»ey away
h**t* jet.- and bonbon», or lea vs the butch
er'* uiil* unpaid, and rushes home* tr*
uutpiiutitly with a cracked bit of antiq'i«
pottery .Still there is hope that tha tw »
• >rk together to a ps»*ablo acc«*rd
are left »lone; well ferment-d
witic i- the finest in tody and bouqu»*'
i |{ u t there the motber-iu-Uw and family
• »me in. and all i* over Each tn**mb r
• I ca di family asuert* u clai
for old affection and a
d thing is called hot-headed.
,ui,c .. bright .hey c.U him .
if he won', be coaxed nor lorne.l lb«y "all
him p,g h, aded. Animal, have .cry email
h«kd. The bc.da of f.«.l. aUut b., k -
When your bead i. cut off you are beb •*.«
«I- Our head, are all covered with hair.
except bald head.- There ar. bar,-I
heada. head» of senuona—and a>nic linn*
i»,rr» uaed to hat* fifteen head» to ouc aar.
mon ; pin head, ; head, of cattla. a. th.
farmer call« bia cow» and oaen : head
wind«; drum head»; cabbage heada; at
loggerhead»; heada of carpenter, s head
him off ; heaJ of the family ; and ge ahead
-hut lir.t be iure yo. are right.
- • ■
Put your coat according to joar eb-tH
i, a n old maxim and a wi.e one ; end ,f
p-opl, would only aou.re their idea, accord
mg to their circumstances, bow much
h." pitr w, lni ght .11 be ! If we would
- ,e down a peg or two in our notion«
,„ accordance with ogr waning fortune».
happiness would be always within oiir
reach. It is not what wo hove or what
wc hive not which adds to or lobtiwet*
from our felicity. It i. the longing fur
more th»n we have, the envy of tho*. who
poiaeaa mote, and the wiah W appear ig
the world of more importance than wn
really are, which de.tr^a onr peace of
mind and eventually lead» to ruin.
Hard water may he .oftened by additif
; hard Wrod .aha. in the proportion of from
or two to three quart« of asdioallo ■ barrel.
according to the "hardneaa." ThU it«
tuucb oheeptr thqn the rollt* of eg(*.
j{ th, n
'•• j'i
ight to b*' sharer#
The bu-.
tn so far iu tliw partnership
band, if theso affectionate n**w relation*
are toil to lii* taste, i# likely to idootily
hi* wife wit!» them, ate! tl * u — who «1*
*> ü t know the miserable, lame, and in.*
potent c»»ne!u#ion ? — Y }' Tribune
i» IIlvps—!! *a*ls • w
Hoy's Iuka
• f diff»*rent shapes and sizes
lull uf uotioui.
Ttivy srx
Lur^tf h»;ula do ll»»l ttl
ways hohl th# most. Sum*; person# •••hi
tell iust what a man is by the shape of hi#
heal High heads are iho b»'-t kind
Y«ry kn» wing people are oalied l»>ng-h«a*l
••<! \ fellow what won t stop f»»r ai.y
lf he isn't

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