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Tkt Sftlary Grab and Grant'« Part
in It,
.. • . J , . ,
The Cummrrrml mad. a »or y fair ■«• !
tempt, on Monday, to reply to our queriea, I
, r .. *, ,, , ' ,
»«plain Provident Grant a rea.on. tor
«anclioning th. ••back pay and tnerea.ed
•alary" law pi.eed by the tail Congre..,
hat tu doiug .0 our eontemporary fall» in- '
1 ,
I- "»« P'"' ** nia ' U '
iuteodH to make, any attempt to defend
either SIr Biggt or Mr Sanlabury. Both
of the»» g.ntlemeu .re fully able to take ,
. ? , ,V. .
ear» of themaelee« t'e do not approve 1
#1 e » .1 a ..
,.f th» courae. tn reference lo that matter,
wf either t»f them, because w« disapproved
#l ... . . ,, !
of the whole transaction, but wo will say,
r* passant, that we regard th«* position of j
"7, It",
pay »Otesl incut by Other», »« much more
tenab'e than that of the men who roted to
make that di.hooeat act a law,even though
. *
under oat.id# pressure or fur future polit
ieal effect th»* returned their hack
tevt etieu, tn.y returucj tuur tact.
9b JRifkUitram iraitwript.
Dtftnnltil lo al! ; Oiif/nijut la n»«.
to 00 tue errura.
W» wish it lo be distinctly understood,
hvwovvr, that, as we hare uuifsrmly con
demned the whole affair, we do not intend
to undertake, at any time, the justification
of any portion of it. Tbosv who returned
their share of it are entitled to uo piaise.
fir they have dont but what it wan their
duty to do, while those who kept it must
be judged by their own con.titueuts, and
answer at the bar of publie opioion.
A second error the Commrrriul make»,
and one that is commonly made by Re
publican«. is that "the rots in tha House,
for the increase, was composed of a mojor- ,
ity of Democrats, and the vote in opposi
tion contained a Urge majority of lit pub
lie»»»." Surely our contemporary doe* ;
not mean to assert that a majority of those
wha vote I for that measure were Demo
crats? tl.i 1I1« contrary the vot« st» I:
fur, 10H. of whom thirty-fii* were Demo- |
erat«, aud were Kcpublicnus ;
against. 94 , of who
ami the rest, 69 . w re P.opuhlicatia
true that, as tho vu
n»> were Democrats
atou 1. t!io net could
n-»t have been p»*-*«*d with ut th • assist
auce nl those tlnrty-fi'e Dtmocrata who
voted or ich the II publiu.tn*, which makes
their cou iact uli the mort cenaurnbla ; but
I« assert that the -»alary act was passed
by Diuiocrit', or that even a majority of
ihem votsil f>r it is ulsuril. and direct!»
plain why General tirant did not •• veto
ilia «alary grab." The increase,'' paya
that journal, "was ioeludad ia a long Hat
, .... .
of approgriatious for vinous exp«,..os of
tha government. which arc necessary to
the discharge uf some of it j* must vital
fimat,ois. and tho vetoing o. the bill »«aid
have caused a kuspeusion of the operations
of «very depsrtuient at W ashington, of all
tbv L'. S Courts, of Ibe gorerumeuts of
Ih» territories, Jcc , Ac , (a consequence
which he s«ys WS Would not desire.) All
thl. »... be correct butwliv thus« nor
this tusy I» correct, but wli) tbos* gov-.
eromeuul fuactiuus which*.have been tn
winter tba eoiiipeusation to all of those of
ficials was suSci. nt to kcap tbs national
. 1
machinery in motion, and wo doubt not
but that it might have gone on a
wbila longer. '
Geo. Grant, as President of the United
contrary to (he facta
The Commercial next undertakes tu cx
opcralion so lung would have been «urn
pelltd to stop for the want of more pay to
ths incumbents uf tbe various office» wc
do Dot sxactly understand. I'ntil last
(tutes. oenupie. ,h. responsible p..i«i.u j
of irusteo of the nation 1 « welfare and rep
. .• - ..A k..i k. k_r t.kr t k
utatioa, RBd bad he Inm faithful to his
tc#al he w»»uld have exc reined tha power
eanferred upon bi.n by tbe framcra of oar
r J
guvarnmeut to meet ja-t auch emerganciea
. L f m A •!..( _...
** . ^
from becoming a law and saved the coun
. - . «.
try If c dttqjmce that It» pansage ha» entailed
U|f*iu il. Freviuu» to the election lost Fall,
niB j- .„J i., n ,i
rreeidtOl tirant msae many and loua
lirnniisr« of civil svrvicc refurm, and of!
«Aitnnws* In ih« administration of the wnv
•BonoBiy ID IR« ailtninisiraiioii ol tue gor
Naw no Inral Republican will
3 " 11
aoitaro tho aaacrtioo that those promises
aad good resolutions were mads merely
f >t politiaal affect, in view of the (then) ap
proaching election, yet when an opportu
nity was offered for patting thoie promi
see into axeentioo. tha promiaxi reform
•an paetpanad, and a Ian which has no
* aqnal in tho annal» of legislstiva eorrop
tirti mm mada valid by bis aignatura.
Tto fmfia had a right to ex pact battar
(hinge, hat wa fear they will wail n long
tiaa ha feta their axpeetations will ha raal
hM Mint tha prea eut Administration.
f«t Xiflan an Wn» triad by a mill
iflnwa nf Mt." WitaeMM art
Dmi and all tbe fnrmeliliaa of
(rial nan Wag »ana throngh
«W anflL
. In tba

_ „ . I. . . .
Gen. Ilawlay, and other». A proclama
lion by tbe 1'reJident of the United State.
3 . , 1 ......
wna read, formslly snueoncing tbe tn n
'ion«® hold til. «'eutaonial Celebration l
end International Inhibition in l'hiladel
„ 1 ,:. i,. I nn the 10 , 1 , J, 1V n f ,
pom I" "■ ,|ou»o ou mu 1 ' u 3
April, and to be cloaed on the 10th day
f ,, . ^ r A 187G
01 t rctooer . 1 . 1 ^. 1510 .
In the evening there w*i a magnificent ,
di . pUy tf firework., |
'_-L_ _ !
The communication of our St. George,
. . . ,
eorra. pondent n| very good, and ». would
'0 plbliab it, but the author
forgot to tend his (or her) uauir, and wc
cannot publish auch article» unie», ac
, cmp.nied br h» name of the author.
. . j. , . . „
1 This I» an tuvanahle rule with all new»
. .. .
paper puhli.hcn. ■
If our correspoudent will aend us his
! . 1 ... . .
her or its namci we will publish th« aril
j c l e j n 0 ur next issue
IV. J, m psUic
An extended report of the doings of th»
lV»ch Growers at their meeting on Tu«»
i • • .i i 'pi
day t» give» In another column I lie
large estimate of the crop given on the
lith of June ta greatly reduced. I»oubt
■■a— it liiat tiinu th> HÜntt wat a—fit 1
Th» Fourth of July «11 celebrated
with great splendour in Pbiladslpbi». It
wit the »cession of ths formal transfer of
the grounds in Kairinount Park to ths
United States tor th»rus» of th» Grand
Oeutennisl Kx hi bit ion iu 1870. Address
es wer« mad* by Hon Morton McMichitl,
, ,1 . „ , .,
other onemiea Ijave been nt work upon the
pea«*hea nn»l thwy have fallen oiï in grent
... . .
quantities, ao<i if the weather (lout un
prove, an'l this drouth psss over, the July
. , , J .
vatimata will be louud pretty large.
ent, Oak x-lonflv, is respectfully declined.
correct, but aibce then the curculio and
The comniuaication of our corre«pontl
It requires re-writing
time to do it.
, and we have not
lion T F llaysr l will pica*»«» accept
our thank» for Iseveral Public Documents
Terrible Domestic Tragedy.
A •p'vial (liApxtch to the Baltimore
Nun, dated NVinchcstcr, Va . July Oth.
çivca the following account of a fearful
: shooting sffray that took |.|aea in Clarke
| county, un Saturday tuornm# li*'t :
A terrible tragedy occurred yesterday
morning nt the residence of Franklin Kit
tle, n very hjÿhly rcspectnlde citizen of
(Marke countyi. V.t., about 7 mile?* from
this place, in which fix brothers, Clinton.
Columbus. Gilbert. Wallace, Oscar and
Lycurgns wer* involved It seems that
the brothers lidvo b< en at variance for some
time, the cause being jealousy that has ex
i*tcd directly b»*twecn the oldest brother«.
Clinton. (hcaj nnd Lycurgus
On Saturday morning us
family were all breakfast, < Dear and l.y
curgua cntcrcjd the diuing rootn. locked
the door after them, une putting the key
in his pocket. Then one uf them look u
«ent near the door ; the other off from tho
table. OscarJ n«Idrc?*sing himself t«i Clin- I
Jon, said that 1 they had nnihing against
him and did not want Inin lo interfere in
w|wt , hey
were nhout to do ( lintun
jumped from l is sent : hut before he could
ap«-nk Oscar and Lycurgua drew their re
vdver. and aimed at him and the rest ..f
the family it tha table and fired, wumid -
mg t linton ai d their mother, Mrs l.itlle
f }, 0 figlit then became general amongst
«U the brut biers, last ine »niti« minutes
, ,, j . n ... ,
All wer« severely wounded except W ul
'* r<! **y *. * ''J 1 ® l ' 0nie , * , °
<>tlt® got outside of the houss
j jycurgus i, Ild u , oar thcn MarlcJ ,«
run Colunibua tlrew a revolver au«l
fired at the murderous brothers with-nt
effect, tha distance being too great Gil
bert, who •> standing near, ran into the
, , J . r a ICI./,
house, brought out a rifle and fired at Os
car at long rangt», wnuuding bun tn the
fcg. He was raptured by Columbus and
Gilbert und held until th« arrival of neigh
I It, ,.L.„
"V* 1 " l,ken *° " er U T ' n ° ,od [
(^„.".Vditl after lingering . count, of
' hours ia intd-nso agony. The mother it
in a critical condition.
part of the
A port-roortem I
j e«.»^on of the M, of CHaton ... j
held b y 1 r " ?®™ ertl11 ®' Mlll,r * ni1 '' 'j*
1,00 )"' e ruRl Itetnorrhsgc was found to
be llto cauar of death, th. ball entering
above the right hip bone nud lodging in
the left knee. A coroncr a inqueat was
,«• « j ... , j.i,/. r»r .
antl Ä ^«rdict rendered that ( lintoo
I Little came to Ilia death by a piMol-allot, ;
fired prcmedlitatcdlj by bii brother I.V
.„„i » ri Jfl examination« will take
g Î".., 4 , n , " rr, •
place at Berry ville, Monday. 1 lie excite- (
menti« great in Clarke county, again«! |
the brothers Oscar and Lycurgua.
- 8
of! Columb.l Littl*, the oldest of tbe six
! brothers, pronounce, the «bave fais, ia
_r ,k-. .k. -k__
f ? V- , 7*, h t ,hoot '
11 mg of Clinton Lttllc and his mother ms
entirely scclidcntsl. Tho family was at
braskfaet. Lycurgu. Littl. th. young
• St, hid a lkrge nnvy revolver lying acriias
Ilia lap, which he had just loaded for 4lh
of July spbrt. The pistol, by some
means, was »ccidentslly discharged, and
Mrs. Little and Clinton were shot, ihe
latter fatally. Tho family are greatly
distressed (jrer tbe occurrence and the
false and damaging rumors in regsrd to it.
a,, I 1 M |- „ - #.„A
Mr LtlUa »»y« that no quarrel or feud
whatever existed among the brothers.
They bad gathered ta spend the Fourth
together at borne.
Sine* ilia abolitian of the franking
, on tba trat inatant, there baa
arktd deereue in the antonnt of
wing through the New York
. Tie poetmaster says the ra
the hlling off of eighteen
wenaner exahaagaa d
tha waak.
Tba Union Paella Railway traîna ara
now beaat lay thia vat
The anntrersarr ol American Independence
wn« tp.nl M .«eil dar» »re generally .pent in | th
d jr ,U .nd n 'w. ,0 .r»d' oT rourT .bV^ud
cknkmi ana wi n«a, 01 rouree, me usimi
amount of nun and pistol finny, und the hoy« c
ware ii. Julfrtd in the amusement of shooting
fire-crarke.T*, little rocket» «nd oilier .ucH noisy
»rllclci, greatly to the .nnnj.nce of aider peo
pie, who were fMll.lt enough to think Hint the ,
fo.ir.h or July might be better celebrated In a
I«. nui»* «nd dnngarou. manner, but, uf course.
ih.we old fellows sre no, pmriufic. . uppose a
^.XmH WUtVlt* l7, Œ ■
of July, nod » ni»n who would not submit to I
" rh ,ri,,in » *■■« Innocent annoynnrei a. llio»e ;
i.crrwinl y dutayal . 1
In III. evening, Rice, wlio keep» the *• Olil | ,.
'!" k op» n lordiarouni everyday but Huoday. ,
where lie di»|wn«Mi irr-erroin, »da water, con. ]
frctlonariea, tire-works and oibrr lumric«, set off
iuely'di^Tn îronVoVhi'"îl^" 1 '' 1 " :
A few other |».r,ie. in dltTeren, pan. of .be
;ewn indulged sligbile in ibe .«me lirey d.lighi,
>,ul h J |0 o clock, I M.. «II «** «j'm i
.|uirklr that •« »r«eljr •uri.ody knea n«i% l
r^ , r 0 »'tr!»l o' ibe a! w VreVseoguisbers'
passed the fouiih. and If „ «.„ no, for ihe
intolerable nuiaaner lire-eraekers p.siol and I
Hrjn , kr ,| ir 4lh ut j,, )v „„„ 1,1 p,
. J. 1 » . 1 u . v ... t
Cm,. tU hoVidVv ' • Nu * for I
!>oß.o«rtl Vtii.Mirf«,
Middlc, 0 w n u well s,, P ,,ii w | with dog*, but ««
doubt cxceedinglr. if o« n, rs cm be found i««r
» w |, 0 |0 t r| j |n k „.. i„g „„ «
unl h, r kjug at midnight and. i„ fact, almost
«H night. We think it would be «>; «».eilen,
dung if the disturbed slcewn wou.d prukulc
lh em»elve. with dmtblc-l.arr. led gun, hens.!.
eharpd with buekfhol. and treat-midnight
twase breaker» to good dose, of the .mitent, <.|
gun,. W. heartily tommend sus ii a
*wrm. _tlist
Local and State ASkira.
Fmrlh •€ Jmty.
Collins* llrarh.
This favori*« resort of vc good |>co lr of Mi«l*
j| Hown ixn , { udc! , -n j, „iw Vn lor the *« ..* ...
"> timlrrsiand that Mr. «'«IIuh Ins ititprotnl
the pince verv much nti I tlmt the house will l<r
muc |, lllor , j, levant. H n<l that ihm*
niudntions f«»r more guests tlivre *i> * >
(lun over before !!<• has also eagagp«! a lutvi
niusi for ilu* seKnn. and is rm;u*-1 ? i
the tiling right Well, he knows li-»w i . -I t it,
1 il wr tould nlwnya have «» good a lime it
wc had lust Suinincr, down thcic,
M " nt n° 1,i ' •'f* >arvi n -.i
resort it we could «et lo i'uHiu» .
I dll t
A C urrie*» Htioofltt^ Cave.
.' natln r .o < ident happe
foolish iniLit of poiniitig presumed uni
guns at |*ersons, ^»n Sunday J-'d
KHn.n àiuïiheM • » , "».tint • ( has.
petl theta to show them a pistol. I'rrMitniny.
we Muppo«e. thitt it was not loade*l, lie p«*mted
• uf Ille S
• 1 ia*t w -.-k frol
two I,
! t
iavrl, Mtop
' ,
f Ilt ii*..* head of ( 'll I* It
0 ,'J' * ' ""
P*» however, ot losing
ttat «M» ra««.u cannot he
d, of courte the pistol
d the I
badl? hurt, lie
wui shot in the hea«l. • *ui though
nt killed
He has the luos
a pity
TrrrlUr Unit Storm.
Tlmrsdu 1
ternoon ulonj: the bat shore, at San l Ditch
tending as far inland t
1'he lia il
Itaptist Sunday School, pifiiicuig
lering their hoi
were broken off. uiil*buildiii|!s
upset, and standing crops badly nddl
beaten ill the path of the si
A Irrrifi' li.ol st'

liai les M . W lia r ton *
d pelted the Dover
the beat h
ame. T
h« v . Dr. I'utmn and win a> ani« -1 l* y
their •«*•», W- «»-l 1 n-ls** I'aitun. !.* j . --f l*hi!a
""jj 1 ,',' " lf . r 'u» M a , | l .' i umiiier*re»or! mi bang I»
v , u „ t,.,.. t i, rv „.ii
«pmd some three »r fuur \»t***k* during wliich
time the Presbyterian church u( t!» ia town will
b* closed.
((# T , (tlM(| „ iB(u| ,„ idtnI
M| , Ru-biird Warren, ai Townsend, s-ha .
in her carriage when her horse became i
frightened and r.m awnjr. The rarriage wjs
"D ,< '' ! *' 1 ' lr ' "•••-*" »as thrown out. Ihe
« heels ot ibe i arriigc l<emg dr.inii over her.
she wns t.adly injured in the aide.
Aeeldent on Ihe neUveaee lull Road.
A nmn »llemptcd to jump on ihe ear. at the
Se , r .„tl. depot, last frid'v. whll. they we,.
in motion, and. l eing drunk, lost his balance
an«l tell witli his luu l and aim nr.iff« ilic ir.uk.
i,eVsk*n off*'' Ile '«.is'irom W ii'nii'og hm ' ' '
.. _ '
Ba|*loalon at DwPont a.
M M||| „ t furfmaB , hf „aelnne and coop
fhops at DuPont * powder mills, wm no m-
riouily injured by the explosion of tome loose
|>owd«r among which he was working, on Tliuia
d»v uf Iasi week, that Hu though I he lanuol
il.e pra
Wlieat harvest in *»F**r, nnd Ihe farmer
turns h % alien u-n to 'lie next tiling
gramme, which i
The repotts thaï h
that it is generally very ß *ud. the heads he
f*iu- c the
need (hat
trilling vise
ol tuurse,
- < nine to -a? ahmit the
ill? well filled
pcacheff failed,
Uicir ulhcr cr«»ps fflioaM he y,.od
\\ r
Kiati ol
pe..p .* cert.
... . . . , . .
iritcled with .omvDodv tor the «« «f «•• Urge
»tea.n-ers !• run between Uw«s nnd New lark
K»". «Weh both will be run
-, „„ old resident of t.Vll countv
\|,j t nciir (\,\\ruc tirrrn. fell dead, .Sunday,
morning. He was »ittiug on the porch of hi»
r*. Lt frilkinir » ith m.inr fiiends when lie
1 } i||ck ; nd died al n ,o,t inatuntlv. The cause
i>f »,:« .I..«,!. I 1 » i . rl ,üm ,k t . *
. . n , „ n
< hsmmptmho St Del. nmy ti. IC.
There will be a meeting or the officer« of the
Hn Him ore, Chesapeake aud Del« ware Hay It. It.
Co., at Harrington, on Satuidajr, July 26th.
Addr««« will b« niait« by »w of th« offiiwrs,
and by gentlemen from Haltunore. Signed,
J. H. Rowlcrion.
»parlai Trat«.
. . , , ; . . .. •_ ,
A special train liaa b«n put lipon the D.laware
R. It., between tt timing,on »nd New Curtle, to
connect with llm "I rortaldM for ( ape May
C'lrewlar (aw Acrid. Mt.
^ mi|n BBBW) 1 j,, g, Bracken, of Christian»
hundred, had his hand hadlr rut, last week,
by eatrhing It in a circular saw while worklag
In » »bop In Wilmington,
Wm. W. Dulaney, F.s«i , of Seaford, is largely
*».«*•«> In ih.cranlwrry business, and he expert,
» large yield this season. II» is ime at the most
tDttrpl uiag farmers in Suimi county.
Hiram Net wren t.rwri anil Xfrt fork.
The J A. It It. It Co
sai«i to have con
Mrs. McNeally had her dress badly burned at
Seaford, an the arenlng of tba (Ih or July, dur
ing the display of flre-worka. Fortunately ahe
escaped with bat slight Injury.
Has* Mart.
Thom i Collins, of Maaferd, had his band
hart at Salisbury, Md., an tha PourlH, ia a ge
of bate ball between the .Seaford aad Saliaui
dabs. Tbe game was a draw,
A Ooo d Day's Wash.
K. B. Rica mada aad sold 43 gallon* of ice
cream on Ibe 3d of July. As Rica makes hi* ice
cream goad, wc consider tbla a pretty fair day a
IRrhI.I le Um TïiMrMA]
An adjourned meeting of the PeniniuUr Frait
Orowrr* 1 Auncialiun was held «t Dorrr, lui
Tu „,|, v . The meeting was well .liended »nd
th , fru |, grow | Bg im,,«, „printed from | in,
Tt* of '« ® r '
ih« chairman. Dr. Icaac Jump tru called to the
^„| r aBt | j Ale*. Fulton Km acted as Secre
tarv ' '
À tier the reading of the minute, of the left
nieetln«. on Juoe I Tilt. Sumurl Townsend, Esq ,
, ro .„ .nd addressed ihr meeting. Mr T. began
hlt „ddrw. lo hia t.lulf, .iralghl-f»rw»rd m.n- on
nfr ,h,. estimate of the pen, h crop for thin
,ear mndr nl the last meeting w«> utterly wrong,
„.,| j ou7,ooo lm»kei» Mr To win end ,,tid
th „ ttie'.roi. would not reach h« i mul »umher,
,,„H nrcnrd Ihnt .0 lare, «n c.iiinnic would
,. rM „ ■ „rent expo, talion. ' among Ibe Imirn
in s» w Vork, and ronic<,uent greui di«n|,|uilo|.
...... I|r urged ih«i Ibe law ,,l .. Wand
,,,,) ,hnuld govern ibe pea. h business ns w. :i ' \
" ZZrvZÏ '."t.* ,o£V * '.to 'taï l'mlb
"! a'Ôd' w. ihmk b, ii'ng'h, 1
A> ibe rluw of Mr. Town.end . remirks It
Tudd. Ksq . «»fTfrcd ilic fallen ing rcsoluiions .
K-M'"' ..Mr Fn.„ ««..» .1.- 1
l (l '. ',| lr M Vitimtps unidf at Its June meeting of
ibe probable amouni of pratbrs b.r n.inspon«.
'>«•**•; ■"'I'!'"" ^'Tb, w''i rVaUv't
r "' railroads «as. at the time greatly in
ev.ss ol Ihr true amount then on theirers and
ilt i», since tintt llm# ilirr»* lus « continual V
,Ailing off of ,i,e in.ii from damage by ,be c.r
.ulh», the dry ucatlurmid other oicni. until
t i« now the opinion of the Association that
«!■»*• w»l! u- t be in rc thno Ii ilt «!*c uiuntity «.f
! ' •* h* , < f " r «-ver t!».- railroads ths
t est to make a l.irgs sb..w of trust in our c«ti
mate, »beiher we, in fact, lue» the fruit or act, I
>J J» * 7h.!". n'r*r»gm
1 , » '»»»j rn« *s sre nn i snuuiu ««h'i -
luted l y tt.e «apply and demand.
Mr. Day oppoted th. last reaolntlon on the
ground tlml it m.i a «evere relha t on upon tlm
meiiibers present at the bis, inerting. Ile be
they a t « * • • ! .
Mr Ioniiffciid w n in furor of pi«*inn Ibr
i l maiiv ft Ih«
first cstireatrn
tliev wrru.
■ ere made hv
who knew
iiwtluiig nhout (lie t rop ,r its prospects, grcatlv
t.i 1 lie injury t.f the j»rowrr.
Mr I'ultan t»p|
fended tk**
1 de
nied in a
•1er cs
done w ith «u h «laut*
ol which s<
lilt ion
« m pie»eni nt the |.
timatc the « rop as h.ol Ley
hereto! ire, ;i
it had I «•<
i. * nip! •«
Mr l
whi* h, niter s.
•ÎT * « t
Ifl foil.
■ further discussion,
• n* «uhiitittite.
ed :
Hnr 'ir /, That both the hopor and interests ol
thi - A ■ •• i ition
< .»ret il
t a .uralt
prsrto al le, and that
mein I sent throughout the p*- 1 *
grow ing distrii tn tu use the g*cate»t t are and
ti e preparation und put ioa
cutiniate*« of i rii|
urji«* upon
I, :
Iltnspei t.
• f h I-Stintiltes
tion <
of peu'-hes
follow I,
ale. «lioHt
• of the probable naml
• c shipped by rail was presented »
wlmh, (txiipared with the June »■*
k lary
A ii < i\
nates ii
Jt LY .
Kirkwot i ....
Mi l"t'it mi.
tiinn *.
II «Mill .
• Jr-en-tprin,
IS.« (
I .*

,1 On
Mr« nford ..
Ib.vcr .
'V \ timing.
f tille r*
15 j
1 4 fi, <)(
,! 5 n.<
I cio. (
. ,iir. «I ,1
i ,„|„i,te,l
l< Ir. I. That in arranging "iih r.ilm.id
,.,.iii|,ai,ies In,nan tills IViiirwul.i and Xu
Y».rk. ilr.il no Dargaiti nr agririi.r
,....„ie.t n. i,y the 'mil r*
lr * 1 - 1,1 'inieof ariivil.d lr
J *"'! railroid . .. iha.
r ,'TV ., 1 iT , «
- pult.ii/uff'rt d a re«ôliiiit»n
. %n ,| niar k«*i
Hr>-h ..>. That ihe . mnniln
and m.ir'aeu !.. also iiii|io»ered and ria|iiested m
nuke all oilo-r nere.-.irv «rr»»g. nnnrs lor the
<hip„.e„, and delivery of fruit ih.:
the interest of (he fruit grown« of this Peuiniu*
!•». Adopted.
Mr Tod l then offered the following, »bo h
wu, also ado|.icd :
liridgeuile .
* » ri t iiw uu,!.
Frltun .
3 u
1 5.000
11 »rrngton
M l A Del. K It
•n Ann * * I! It » ..
t r.» It It , ..
k Dt*
i: it.
,.t •'
on* I
IK 0
put :ir»
•d a
d tat« ,
This estimate
-i de red pretlv accnn
nœud ai:
refu!ly prep.
mini :
k the floor, ad*
Mr T
fi te»| fur
efl*itv uf h;
in»X cert
i! of fruit train* iu Jersey fil?.
following rejulu'iuii, which wai
should he
» tetfll
i« irunraittpt «1
cw route*
w routes
»ill , the
Jersey City .
»ay he to j
utterly UM-le*» to n'tempt
to «»pen any other market* bvyond New York
til »utnc certainty nl the time of arrival of train*
at .New York can he accomplished, nod that the
u ,„ ntion of .. . . „„I,,,, .huuhl Hr., It d,
lfrtt( j t0 «ccumplithmrnl of that ini|mrti„„
. . . h ., iB g b .d s
u „j h.rtuOnloni ninting!
1 k
Wonrtli of July Arcl<lrntt.
The Wilmington papers »um ^ up a rather long
J»** «f Liurth ot Julyj caanaHir*. »uH' j»» K' »
blowing hole* through their Imndfl with pifliol
»Hot#, burning their facet and hand» wi.h ,hjw
der, kc. Hut one occurred more »eru.ua than
the re»t, the account of which U given a. tul
I(JÄÄ: •*R Ä riy in the morning, ac F.dward
Charlton Hulh, iucd 4 yearn, »on of John P.
Hulh, No. 012 V. nchington .Street, wa» «landing
at the corner of Sixth «ni Tnmail «Street», a
. r.nnnn which som* boys w«r« discharging »hont
lialf way down Tatnall htreet, burst »nth great
i)n« of the pire««, n«*rijr half th* Iwrrsl,
struck Ih« little hoy uu the lortltead. «r«r ilia
l«n «v«. ksncklug him to ths parement, and nil
|,| m friglitrully. lie an, immediately taken to
u; t home, and Ur. Matill summoned, who pro
„„„„«a lhe i n ju r |» t 0 r a very serious chunicter.
^ ÄÄÄe^Äi
or aeren small pieces. All poatihle assistance
was rendered the unfortunute boy. hut thia
morning liii conditio, was considered extremely
critic»l, and Ills recovery oot expected. '
It'l That it i
Tha Rskskslk Hrarh Camp Orosswd.
A 'orreaonndeni writing tn the Baltimore Sun
•ny, ot the Kehoboth Iteach L'antp tiruuiid : "A
large hotel and many handsome cottage, have
been erected there during the peel six week», and
a large number of lent* con,traded through the
grove where the religious service« ere to be held,
to accommodate the large number of people ex
pected to he preeent. Thll place la owned by
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and Wil
mington Methodist«, who seem determined to
develop it, natural advantage* anil make It at
tractlee. It is certainly a fine place. Directly
in lie front lathe Atlantic and a beach unsur
passed far beauty. In the rear i; the camp-meet
Ing groee, and directly to the right I, rtchobuth
Bay—a fine sheet of water, filled with fish, ter
rapins, etc., and perfectly safe for boating
bathing by the mrnet child, for but few places
ia It eaa be (band with more than lour feet of
erster. To add to all tbeee attractions, there Is
a lake of pare frteh water la doe* proximity la
the oceaa."
mi. me Tapies. i
RhI r».|.lHrri,. h».« I.vtn r.ry Mrc* «nd
«wfullj lii|h in ih» rrgion this Nummer. XV e ;
hire h.d I. pat up wllli ihr Mark eapi, and they '
.re placing »ul now. Deberries »re coming
in, but, owing to the dry wnthtr, thrv are little
' ni
n . . _ .
Pfor. Oaeroadl li doing well within« dnne*
ing school, tie has, already, same 30 scholars
Uk * » *®" 1 ,iW ® " 1,n h * "dv»rti*ad In th. T»»*a
cRirr, .nd, of cour», w«. •••c. «.fui.
K W Jc.icr or Ht (irorec. Inat n line more
on Wtdni-.d«r l,„i. f.orn .1» r«»li of ,.,, «cd
.lent hr which tlt. »Iiufts of the »»gnn were tiro
ken »nd one of tkecin'.t driven inlu her siunwcli
T,,e ««•,*. W |W
At n meeting of the Irtiitcc. or III« Suwex ro ,
»Imrtiou«, held lurt week, it w«. deided 10
ere.1 a large iwo-an.rv building on ibe aile of i
the old building, «nd to move llitold onca b«ck. I
.Several of our ritltena went 10 Rvhotmih to '
..i TV 1 nI 0 . " I , 1 ;
' \ JJJJ 1 wrr-' n'r"m I\ *7 ,r "! • «
unit ibe \lis»es I'eoinglon, daogbleis of A!Wr, ,
IVningion, E, n
The I'b.cniv base ball club, of U.irel, wem
. down lo K^lisl>urv un the 4ili and |*Im vd « mnttli
1 «•'«• •'«, " "i,e fb.ud, of ,h»i place |
ÄX b.'".' Trè of'« *
lo *-•
Mrs (irncr.il Tnrberl, (formerle Mia, i'iirrr. i
"Z < ''"iT" 1* *'"!l i
aolnl .liver pitcher «nd goblet, by a Mr. lUight. !
„f x,-w v„ r k. r.,r her atieiiiiuii to hit son in lia- ;
V aun who died of veil
„ ,j
R r i r^ n , "' i kf< ï "1 ° :ir,|in * ; i c "' " ! 1
th«* Ul-irk! ir<l < uitj . and "tiers .wcoinmodttion« ;
,lt wodcrate r.itrs >ce «dvcrtiscmsn«. j
Scowdrick k Kliison offer il»«ir large stock of
.. -» — •«•»
»■-,» -STtf
count tor cult on Summer good» Rea l tbe a I
I 'crtiaeinvnn of both firm, and profit by it.
" "«'» keepo fir.t-l,... green g.oer
- rv and market house «t Ins s*.»re on .North
liroad street.
•'■■bn Apt b tou. E<., .
RiDed b.v lightning lust Thursd.v
f nl
hid » hors.
1 1 was lunler
.Viitrnllr llurwr Thlrr
On Tucsd.i«
M Men 'in n. W
M (a
Ih.! (trait
i m;i 11 1 n>
. all
«hr !'J .
*,! July moi. ••«
droit ing
■A of
J-.hn Kirk
•t Hfl.r
ri.«» .i!*ti
-i Hi
tl I'M
' tail, in.I 1 m
n the
«••I! him
.»'if I w<
»pt. I
'•*.Ui ihei d<
v d.ttd
in-1 t.
• I I!
ephed 'hat
«- het-l o he
when " • of ?•
se I he hor
t <i . I t.. «*:! .. n l lit.* p.
,rr with Mt Mvitim
a henriti s- th** oilier
• 1 M < -
ii la I jj'
Thiitiilrr Hit
nuit ftnln.
•Ighhorln. d w
w th i\ severe
1.1 ,
• I ,t
■11 ol r
earl? • I» I t
■»ly I e
ti !i before
1 :

m i«. dci
• ■ d If. p
ci mou, ii
ni I tust v • i « rs

2« : * ? «
v. th ti
■ I
/ ■ '*
.M nu Î
. i par
ill*- ,
•k a l.r.o
fle d of K It r.<
I . an l i
'ihr Four lit In Iiiiii
• old fashii
had a rt*u*ili
! July reh-brtition in Snnrna last Iml tv |t«is
as suspentb*«! *n*i th«'p«- | - turn*d on*
•t!i of
•urh ho
tsed of de.
Ittnff |*r«»*
tlio Mi l I «
*d *■:
d. l-ar.de 1 ih
i prtM fed- ! I
:■ d
. ill«* (own.
ffinßinir. iusiru
n. kx
till the
11.4 Ihe Dc !a*
' ■ ■ t'«oii*ide !
In lit.
a tl
! pill iul |U'
dl •
figlil fill
into a lit lie
rt hat
I* h* . If In
All! lit III
St Brurgrt mit
•lit • II >lifid.» '• t *• t
dSvin.tha-' •
.trial < • .! Ihruii.
t ill UP
d I
, ■'*
. •
■it. «h I n-t
! I'l*
!*; V , : i.idii*i mi w.t
ar»nuut*. M' S * ! f*;r
of th.t m
: a*'" '•* l" ir i
the troubles
a w bile lunger.
id c
Olli« er« litslNlleil.
At a reiul tr stated m -ctiu.' ••; ..1 Sam u -
I.M.I-r N-. :• 1 «• ti ! tl..* u ..wiiiü
•<*i )». p t;
.r •< T it'ii «
»•■t in.* Deputy t; M
Towiim 1.1 V tî.. J. D ('•
Tatman I
I II K pacick. f !» W 1
( ; , <; \\ Wibon. !.. S to N
II S I.. V
s, II.
It. II«. n*. 1. U . 1 WiDon, (• t; . I Tarfii.
J M I'oc
■r l: >
S It il I—ter. T
I It
i- k. \N
n. It s
; !.. It l.ee
; . J v p.-i c. i. s. t. v
It s
> . W S Spry. I, S > , M
to j
M- A »»»»*• Monti «y Hrtionl Pintle.
The Suud iv S. hou! < ..inie tcd
it!i Si. Ann *
. will ho'd their
t'h'irch of thi* to
uiiii picui- at fool S.irm.*.
do the i 4th in**. The pirenta and friend*
the children ate most curd ally iOMted.
! ,
s I ..
'■•*'. '«•> *•*"■ I! Hn, th,
nmr nmrrh Hill, and ,,g.'t r«|imivelv .it. .n
14 sod 10 vrarr. st.irisl in a e.irri ,gv ..an
\Mu*u *hi\ , a-m* w i'lun half a mde ..t the vd
» , ^ k H.ri.uiiff.ne oMhc
tngliteuM anti riiiaw.it, n.rowing one 01 me
»•«•>• out ..ml break.,hir collar bone_ The
liorae, in hia fright ran at lull for-c down the
lull known as Medical Hill an.| la i.ig nn»j
l ie lo follow the curve of ihe road, ran head
P. long againtl a |M»«r tree at ihe loot of the lull
1 and »o injured himself that be died tl»e next dar
a The sudden tioppaire t.f the carriage on the »idr
; .»f the hill ra|»ig«4 it, romplrt«!., .lnnulishing
j it nnd throwing the other ? oung nmn out, to tue*
j whai. Ihutigh not niai«rlully, Injuring him
ilia .den» ihoughtl«,« p«rson, hsnrlng a garhlcd «t -
nil count nl tlm airur, repaired to Mr Simili , resi
to den.e (he luring al-em i ami informed Mrs. Smith
that her horse hid runaway nnd killed himself
and Imth her children. The shock was so great
. g»»« way under it ai,d she Demme
Maryland Aiïairs.
f.—(lu Tu«»*!

Ure.I tiff. When fourni »hewn»
tn»at:e an«l
out In the wood», wandering about, frantic with
grief, and inffane. She um» taken home, her
children presented tr her. und »he, upon teeing
they were not dead, as she had heard, became
calm and. apparently, rational tor a few tnomen'«
ever. Later intvlll
gei.ee «tute« that Mr» Smith ha» nearly recovered
her luind.— CmtrevtUr Obstrver,
! but soon luK-am»*
Th« county levy for Kent county fout* up 102
cents on th« 9loo.
Death op a Viroinu Jurist.— The
venerable jurist, Judge Robertson, died
last Sunday It Mt. Athos, hia residence
in Campbell county, in tha 88th year of
! u 'Vnox 11 *; a v7 n ' h v, f 1 c " n sr"
from 1834 to 1839, niter ward Lieut Got.
ernor of Virftnia, and Judge of the Cir
cult: Court of Fichmond city until in
capacitated by feeble health and old *ge.
Ha was I gentleman nf eeerntrlo eharae
ter, ( Jndge of nnsollied ermine, and a
graceful and powerful writer on !.. and
Tra-n* Contirrntai. Railroad» —T bt
.eccpt.nci 'oy tbe bo.rd of director, of «he
/'.„..I. „:l_.. „/ ,l_ __... _
' * n ®"" I «i IBC railwayof Int proposition
to ooatruct timt road by Sir Hugh Allen,
if it really moan« tbe actual coaatruotioo
of th. road. w,U complet. ,u n few year.
r. -
four trnM#*continetital railroad« north of
our Mexican boundary—the Canadian,
|t|0 JJ or ,h t .rn. Lt.ioo Central. and Soulh
An ,i |h .... h
1 , ' , , ' . , ,
»dp« and verge enough for them nil for
each of three line. 1 . »0 fur srpuratvil from
the next tlmt each will have n great eec
«ion of th. eonntr, to i.Mlf between the
loitgiludimil lino of the Mixiarippi river
»lid llm Pacific ocean, nud each will have
„.„t a.»ll.l
. . . r ,
.• T . ?. . ,, .
on tlm PuctBc coa.t. flic Inion ( entrai
Pacific, the pioneer line, ia doing a bu»i
nee» which ought lo pay Imnd.omely ; the j
Northern Pacific, on the eastern divi.ion,
i» in operation to Iti.iinarck, far up the
Missouri river, nti'l on the western tt«lo It i
„ m . klIlg g ,„ H , bM .,. w „ y . The Southern '
"P' ,n -hich ,1, ure ut w.,k
actively, having the »hortest route and j
te»l grades, will,it is »toted, probably he fin- '
X,,r "' crn fr?** ■*' ^ 1
, n the next three year« —lMhmore Sun
A N.»o tn t Tatuguv-A UatDAL Par-I
TY Pasiikd Ovkii tiik Kai.ls —A purtv
um rnr. r«i.u par y
consisting of a m tu. a wo.mn and child ,
w 11,11 on river Friday nftcroooo :ü a
"f t, « j ..
matt was from «f tncinit ill. ami the girl,
wr,,I, |„ r young broth, r, from Toronto
I'lic young man and girl were to have
l, „ ....... j,..! | lnv i»,,» nhluittiul
ntari t. d , «I, inlay lint mi, obtain d
1 Iteettae at tviand the name of the
V, , 1 , 0 g
•ist» 1* .1 hn Kill ilt anti the young
Mat^iifl K< >111 tint < >tl. iijffJ reaper
rffecti of any
••• h;t\f been •liapr»ven , »l ill flicir
Tilt? bullies have
lively ID 1 und I s yenr.
eons, 1 jue
prop' rly at the hotel
It fo
ft - *t
IsivcrptM'l for
7«* iiiilos
'ifv of VN
• tit :i*»|| 11
S I III hr - , 0*1 »ho N *•* a !** • •(! ! c ii*t.
a <1* n«f f-*45 l i - » S it urdu v ahoriinnii, ;i imI
\ ! ! the
will pro»i.,' lv 1 m- :
ith tin* 1 a if i*
t-rc* have lu-t-n lan»le«l in
ii \ mu t:t>
a * th* r •; |r
? » v Itev
a. K-<i
. lohn I
Mi I !•••!
ri Irt »
!» !
n; *• Ma
i I*,
!. '*V 1 ! '.
of lh<
t d Hi
* .| (he p..!
"• l ,!
• *. h
dr** « i
i-t of !■
, j,
n ! a h
ni Ki>.
Mr* I. ! «
In |»hil y '••'•..V «
the late I
**<•, 111 . and furuierly of Middle*
(V N . ! .
• I * *
with t lit>e r .1 Ii
i*i*i \
ill pu
■:i even at pr.-n
du* •*,
19th Year of Constant U :P.
II %l Gil A SONS.
Sul-»: M.\:
_• South O 1 t
. r;,;tî'ij r r„a ,
1 :t S <■■•
>r .„ „ „.i „ lUlu . 1 ,..,;,
, , tlIr . > r: , w ,. rri , «. a |,
v f ni *' nl ,u r " i!r, "" ,< - fl,,t '■K r -»| , i*». »tenmhoat»,
, |,, jr , ., ir# ^ - ..<,!* m U* , ,,,i r m,-. t ti„.
4|j , , rorrtv „ i,„proved win, a fine, large.
i • htiun- with ,ti! „in.
» oil lit. g«, .;i in (i:*t*i iu* repair. .Ncighhorhood
| 1(BJ |,| 1V I , tl ..| % , ti .\ ,|
, i i, llV o .i»o for »ale two other line far mi in Ibe
„»-i^hborhou 1 h)h> *«•»•, .ii anuiller
< f, rll , in Tjjr.. rt « t iuÙu uf the count*
K„ r P ,i,„, »nd »nr tnrti. nlars. a'nijv tor.
.. atto«x*v »t I.
- J : ,|, IJ- 1 vv. C'hcltrrtuwn, Kent Co . Md.
: ill«* fit.»*»I (
•he D
l**r*ipf»il « th
at prit ;t*(* sa it* n
f'mint v. M l , it 1 fing
x ,,*• VV si
A. IH.
m I v » n • lie pub
Afras f«» G.ilnn The
-i u rt > «>f laufi. all hi^hlv
ich. The faro» i
*.| i
• it la
'iltit itt I .m. I 1 1
spli-n HI
Then* i
the farm
peach free®, t.f < h< ice vaiictie».
I m full
1. also. 1600
tear old ; also n
•»slews, the siore
North Itrond Nl . Middletown. Del,
formerly or,,,,del l„ Tutor X Non, i liming
Iniught out their inirrest i. where he will keep »I
wa.ll on bond » well-sel.cted stock of choice
T l.B
•b rulcncd wuiibl rr«prt lfully announce
to the put.lie that lie h
Groceries, Fruits and ProTisions,
n full »oppl v of fresh Vegetable», k c.,
1 ».itisfv vourselve«.
I) W 81.1 ARON.
nt well
in «trtffon. Call
j July 12-tf.
! The undersfgned respectfully announces tu the
of that he will be prepared to accommodate
S-'tttwä ,, ' ,pln *" rco,, " T '' , ' ,, '
July l3-3w.
Middletown, Del., July Bib. 1(73. /
The Board of Director* hare this dar declared
a »semi-annual DIVIDRNDof Four (s) Per Cent.,
W'"" "TClZl*
Jute 1Î It. Cothlar.
Meeting. TERMS
11. K1.IA80N,
Middleman, Del.
Jfleic Jldrrrlisrmrnfs.
Iu order to dole oui our

We offer then» at
They comprise m ! * the
d lli
ef the. «en Soil.
chnnoe to I «
At Lower Prices
tinn luv.i (!7or loan oTorel biforo.
1 ctiri
st. "k
W. H. M05HE & GO..
Dry Goods
JN ;;r
•1er to « '
•r ßo«»dj a v» nl off, r
'.ir^e ^tui'k
.f Si
M k Of
t nine
DltKSS GOODS. ('ASSIMEltl*:^, Co I'
ton nunns, LINENS. ,
I «1! the l.ite«t *tvli*.*»n i
d Im.urtr l m»»
of Dr.
• »••d*. Luth I 'omestic
■n a that raunot I »• *iirpi«s»ted
•to* k a full Hue
tin r stole.
\Yf !»
NV I I L T I*:
.Sin !i
N'A NSOOK ('A.MHllll*.
a!I m( w!,,, h
ill he
id at ci ißt fur cash
heini elo«ed out lu
d will hr »old nt
>!• »■ i il etl ßotidfl
nuke room for tall trade,
Those wauling Summer Drei« Ooml«
secure great bargain«.
«elw» at
ta ii
I »»• for \our
Juljr 1 1 -if.
th i:
nn: iipsr for ail
it has xo Koval.
A Model of Simplicity & Durability,
Ahead of All Competitors in.
If you wants Perfect Machine for »II kind«
of work this is Ihe only mschina to Dur.na it has
* r 'V ■-'*•■*"«** or " »» others, a few of which
"'r m re given :
r T, 1 " T*"* "?* ®" n '? r ® "*- n V ? ni) l' ,r -
»I- ; f »djosted. ih« Inder Tension iwing self.
regu »""g „„d no llireading-oi' required in the
Wuittlf. Thr I ntlrr Thread 1» drawn from a
short, deep Bobbin, giving n perfeillr even ten
sion. never breaking the thread-making th»
loek-stiteh the strongest »«d best.
The Peed enn be quickly rnistd or lowered to
»d«pt It to thick or thiti mstrriisl. Also Ik»
length of stitch can be regulated from sbovs
while the machine il in motion.
The simple manner in which Ihe machine la
threaded makes It easy of accomplishment l.y the
tno«t inex|Mri<*nt'cd.
Tliere u no machine which is so easily learned
■ nd whbh combine« UghtneM with Durabllltr.
For these end many other reasone the Araeri-,
can Machin« ii the bt*t In which to Invest root
Sold at a moderate price, and on terms eo eaay
as to he within the reach of all.
A** Warranted lo give entire satlsfactiof,
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507 Market Street, Wilmington, Del.
ix cuvtoa notma aciusiaa,
S. B. PRIMROSE, Max.oca,
July U 3 ta.

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