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8 ht jniddlftoum transcript.
Dtfrrtnti il I* mü ; Of *eeywtMC b no**.
Tna Baer Cot set, Ac.-Wtlintoglon
Conncilnicu carry keys that w.ll fit the
luck. of each other'a deal, and ooes.iun- „
ally borrp* the memorandum book« of the
member». Tbia at.te of affaira the Com
miiriul pronounce, "very ..d," aa it had f ,
ha«» cwngralulating itaelf that tha present
me* Ibe beat council "the city" bad bad
fcr many yaara. It u a little aad that the
Reform party should bava aelecwd auch io
W# agree with the Com
merriat that Reform oujkl to be the word. ,
for it surely ia needed.
The fight I..IC.1 twenty minute., in
h J
«hieb aeven rounds were fought, Allen
being victorioua. MeCool «a. terribly
puuiaheJ ; Ilia face being cut and bmiacd I ,''
r ' B
ia t fearful manner, while Allan »aa but of
.. . .
little hurt.
Thcte seems to hate been no effort
openly left j t ,f
men as thoee.
Narhow EiCAf*— Pre.iJrn» Qrint tnj
Gvm. Sbcrni*n, SlitrMan »nJ llookvr
mad« a very narra» ««cape from being
ruu over by a railroad train on tba lfilh
inat. Tbry wrre approaching th« track
of the Cincinnati and I'ittsburg railroad,
«ben a coal train camo along, but the
driver of their carriage, thinking, doubt
leaa. that he l ad the right of way, on ac
count ut Ilia distinguished passenger*. Iw
furc a coal traiu. proceeded to croaa the
railroad. The engineer did hia utmost to
atop bia engine, but bia "cow-catcher''
graved the hind wheela of the carriage,
and the I'rraidcutial party bad a hair
breadth escape.
Titr At.t.ES-MrCooL Prie« Kioiit—A
Dinat brutal and disgusting "Mill" took
place oo Chontcau Island, fourteen miles
from St. Louis, Mo., on Tuesday, between
Tom Allen ami Mike MeCool.
made by the authorities to prevent tbi*
disgusting affair. A steamer
«he wharf in ihe ritjr with upward« of two inf
tli'ia»and piiqd« un board, man)' of whom
wer« "rip niable cilixeni and proniincut
bu«inc«« men," to wiinc»« the fight.
It anything could hu more diigraoefu)
than in affair of tbia naturo. it would be
exceedingly difficult to discover it ; unless- or
indvrd, it be the pa.M,,, of "Hack-!'.) I"
Acts by the National ( ongress. and the ar
particif ation by its members in Credit
)Iobilicr robberies. Tho people of Delà
war. cannot be too grateful lu Ex-Sheriff
,, , , ,. , ,
Herbert for hi. firm, unjicIJmg defence
of our lawn in prohibiting one of these >
diagrttecful scenes from being enacted
«ithin our borders a few years ago. To
bis unswerving observance of tba duties
•f hit office «• owe it that our aoil has
»has far been free from tbia disgrace
That his example will be imitated by all
of our Shtriffa in tha future wc can only
The FinancUi Crash.
Il has eoma at Iasi, though long-looked
for and long deferred it baa finally come
Many expected it soon after the clnac of
th* war, but the engineers of tha great
financial machioo hare managed to etare
it off from lime to time until now, bat it
hu come at last sod lha appearance now
I* that it will bo all tb* heavier for its
long daisy.
Beginning with Jay Cooke k Co., the
■aaneitl and confidential agents of the
Oorernnieot, il extended rapidly to other
and less favored houses and a great panic
spread among tbo "brokers aod money
changera" throughout tbo oountry. One
after another «uccunibed until upwards of
ailty honkers have givan way before the
otorm. Nor bava the suspensions stopped
With the broker«, but «am* of tb* Nation
al Banks, also, have closed their door*
•ad announced thoir inability to metl th*
demand« upon them.
First, the National Bank of Waahing
lo« gae* way, and soon th* bonks of
Potoraborg, Va., ylaldad I* tha riolaneo
of the storm, and whtra it will stop no
«M knows. It ha* already began to
In** it* effect ap*a th* industries and
of ths oountry. Railroad shops
and other manufacturing rstabliihmsnts
nr* being *lo*ed, and the workmen thrown
ont of employmrat, and from different
«ilirs the failure of prominont bnsiness
hoaoM is being announced. Wo mach
flbnr that tb* trnnbl* baa bat began —
Ats*rti*us hsvs boo* mods to tho effoet
«bat m dang*r would reanlt to th* bail
tnermal iatoraotaof th* *••«.
try fitoto th* IhilnrM of tb* broken and
h** h * r * of th* «lliee, htM lb* grant tranbl*
It lint tb* ernth baring e oma n nrad la tb*
tt» tb* «radltod *nd ondoraod agent* of
W Ibd $wpl* i* shah*« In tb* wbO* sy*.
I» ht «tmliasad, antll lb*
panic aproada throughout the entire conn- j
try, and when the banks become no longer
•bio to giee their cu.tora.ry uecorarxl.lion
4 '
to busioess, business must succumb. It
is of no use to attempt to disguist tho.
fact ; i great financial troublo is threaten
ed, and some eteeedtngly skillful manen?
•ring «ill be required to provent a season
of coosternation and distress in the land.
Whit the result of tho beginning made
last »eck is to be cannot be forcacen.
Wo „ n onlj iit „ iu onJ , w , it furlher
Jevelopmente. In tl.e meantime, bower
„ , btro if no CII1 , 8 for , „ prolJ of |he
, niong th , pcopU of , he couatry .
Tbcr „ u no j. tlg< . r of # , u , pen>ion of
f , ilur# of lhe counlry bt „ kl
dopoiitori by mlking , rMn upon , he|n
bring abuul , be , cry , bing wbich , b<>y , r<
mo ,t interested to prevent. The banka
io „ 0 , nuw >tind upon , h# , tni , io „ cor< ,
foolinf tbjt lhry dld un j„ |h , „jj 8u| .
, y , |cm wb<n cir#0 |, tioB gI .„ tly
ceedod Ibe oapilal ; but the circuletion ie
much less now than the capital, and a per
o utage of tbs capital stock is also re
quired to be deposited at Washington as
security, so that there is not and cannot
be iny danger of loss oven if the bauka
should suspend. Hut, we repeat, there ia
no immediate danger ef such a calamity,
and if the depositors «ill look ut this
tiling in a proper light, end not allow the
present cxcitcinout to work upon their
fera to such au extent as to cause them
to cripple tba benke through a nillulrawal !
„, rv l,aiik. -Ill i
y I
\\ o print it
for tl»o benefit of our sportsmen and of all
«'h«-r. «bom it m.j concern :
., M f|
Section 11. 1 hal! tf ...r person thaï I kill, j
lake or *l«atrny. adl, or expoae to aale, or
,'' 1 ' '! i| r i" r * à*'. 11 3 * cr 1 ■' ** mi
baa been killeu, in either of Hie counttea
of Kent or H.i.aex, »tiy partridge, plicae
...... 1 .... *. f ,
ant or rabbit between the filtoenth day ol
bcHruarjr and the first day of November,
or in the county of New ('astlo between
the first day of January and tho first dav
t ,f .November.
of their •.Uposita, our
not be at all injured by the present finan
cial tempest, and will be able to continue
their accommodations to the conuuunitj.
The Game Law,
The following is a portion of tho
••ante Law passed by the Legislature of
this State at its last srssiou.
■k in either |
inf t|, e mil countirVbctween the fir»t da»
y wood
or o
of .lanunry nod the first day of July, in
any year, such pc; son shall ho deemed
guilty of a common nuisance, and upon
conviction thereof before any justice of the
pence iu this Htate shall be fined five dol
lars for each bird or rabbit so killed.taken
or destroyed, sold, or exposed to »nie, or
I" hi *. n . r . h , ,f P".*"" 10 " * fl " ll,e ** : " e
been killed, and if such person shall fail
ar refu!UÎ |o pjy 8l|C |, fine al „| 0 ]i co „, im .
mediately, the said justice shall forthwith
commit him to the custody of tho sheriff
»»'ill*h. Mine aro paid, one-half of «aid
tine for tho use of the Mate, the other half
fcrth , informer J'rondat, that tbia .re
tion shall not prohibit ntty person from
killing ganto on his own laud at any time,
Section 14. If anj peraon not a citix.-n
of tliia State «ball biinaelf, nr h) bia agent.
b) acting as thu agent for or in the < m
plnjment of another peraon, whether such
other peraon ba or be not a citiien of this
State, kill, take or ilcstr«) an) partrblgc,
pheasant, woodcock, or tolan,or reed-bird,
rail, or rabbit, in this State, upon land not
owned b) himself,without license from the
owner or occupant thereof, auch person
shall be decnta l guilt) of a common nui
sance, and, upon conrietion thereof before
an) justice of the pale« in tbia State, stall
be fined fire dollars for each bird or rab
bit so killed, taken anil destroy«*), sad
shall be liable as a trespasser, and if stieb
prr.on shall fail or refuse to pi) such fine
and all costs immediatilv, the said justice
•hall forthwith commit him to the custod)
of tho sheriff until tho santo are paid.
If any such person shall harr in bia pos
session such bird nr rabbit it shall bu «ri
delle* of bis baring killed, taken or des
troyed the same, or that it was killed, ta
ken or destroyed for his use in violation of
this section, unless otherwise proved ; one
half of said line for the use of the State,
the other half for the informer
Section 15 If ait) person within ritber
of the counties of this Slate shall kill, take,
ordestro), upon lands not owned by him
self, any of tbo following birds, yix : llobin,
blue-bird, martin, swallow, mocking-bird,
thrush, wood pecker, sparrow, wren,whip
poor-will, cat-bird, night-bawk. wake-up.
dove, cuckoo, king-bird, oriole, fire or
red-bird, yellow-bird, humming-bird,
ground-robin, field-lark, sky-lark, brown
thrasher, flicker, sap-sucker, or other in
sectivorous bird, or shall willfully tako or
destroy thn eggs or nest of any of the
aforesaid birds, sorb person shall be deem
ed guilty of a common nuisance, and, upon
conviction thereof before any justice of the
peace in this State, aball be fined one dol
lar for aach bird ao killed, taken, or des
troyed, or for each nest of birds-eggs
ken or destroyed, aa aforaaaid ; ana every
persin having atselt bird in hia possession
shall be deemed lo have taken, killed or
destroyed the same in violation ef the pro
visions of this aertion, unless the contrary
be proved ; and if stieb person aball fail or
refuse lo pay such fine aod all coats imme
diately, tha said justice shall forthwith
commit him to the cnatody of lha sheriff
until the same are paid ; one half ef said
fin* Ihr Iba use of tha State ud thn other
half for tho informer.
Section 10. If ooy person or persons
shall enter upon any land* not owned by
himself with gnn and dog, or with goo
olono, for tha purpose of shooting aof kind
of birda or gatna without first obtaining
pet mission to do ao by tho owoor or ooco
pant, ba (hall forfait and pay • loo of fire
dollar* ; on! if ho aball not pay th* cold
•nob* aha
•I, ao bortiaafleo provided. Th* laotio*
of tb* pence oboll hold th* said goa
fcr thirty day*, for th* pwrpnae of giving
th* owaor tim* to rod um B by paying lb*
fine impoaed by lav; at the expiration of
*aid time it shall be publicly seid, aod so
""d* of ,h * F 0 «»«»» •• '• »MOiair,
shall ba appropriai«*! lo Iba payment of
•aid flna, and the balanea lo be returned
lo iba ewnar ef ibe gun. That all aald
fioea shall ba paid into lha Stale Treasury
Hader Section 17 of ibis Act plenary
jurisdiction, in all cases of violation of any
of these sections, is conferred upon justices
of the peace.
Some of aor cilisena were guilty of an
infraction of tho fifteenth section a few !
-„l. c t . # * l - i. * . . * _ j
weeks «go, but as the laws lind not been j
published at that time they were doubtless
igoorant of its provisions
Book Notioes.
The October number of llAtcaa'a Maoasixb is
crowded with frtish and entertaining matter, and
contains orer sixty finely-executed engrar lags.
The Numl*r opens with no illustrated paper,
hr Marie Howland. It is entitled "A Lady's
Kn ter prise," and describes the llaroncss De Li
na's poultry establishment at Delair, in France.
Col. Audenried conclude# his papers on Gen
eral Hherman ia Europe and the Kast.
An interesting article, full of anecdotes of
"Detective Pinkerton," is contributed fiy Gen
eral Randolph II. Marcy. "The Judicial Record
of the late Chief-Justice" is ably treated in a
prehensive und very valuable paper by John
H. Henson. Emilio Castellar s " Republican
Mûrement iu Europe" is coatinued, and Nnother
initalliuent is given of the "Recollections of an
Old Stager."
Charles Readc's norel, "A Simpleton," is
concluded in this Number. The publishers an
nounce that this is to he immediately followed
b y »thrilling n-riel iiorr, "The Living
Link." by ihcnmhuruf "Tlir DoJge Club," il
lualralctl by \V,„. !.. .Shrpnr.l ; ...J .h.l in an
ly number w ill fie commenced "My Mother
and !," "A la>re Story fur Girls," by the au*
thor of "John Halifax, Gentleman."
Three interesting norclettrs sre contributed
for this Number— 'A Loss to tho Profession."
by Mr». Frank .M'Carthy ; "Who was Right'*
by D. Tt. Castleton ; and "Dat Taddeus, a
bright little juvenile skeuh, by Ellis Gray, with
an excellent illustration by C. S. Reinhart.
Editorial Departmi'iitJ maintain their
usual standard of excellence : and it is especially
no.ic«U. ik.t .h. EdM.r . Ill.torlcI Rvcord
the only monthly summary of events that is
nnywliere pubUsbed-is being continually in»
prote< , it , n . 0 p, »„,) ihorougl.na« of
i rP aimcnt. Tliia dr|u>rtnvni baa be«« continuvd
, „
f, "' n ", , Ntt '. " ' ' .
taking the entire series—is invaluable for refer*
OrTonxn.—Dr B auvelt's arti
Scribner's !
Monthly, have exc ited more discussion than any
similar articles which hare appeared for a long
time. The third and concluding paper, entitled
"Modern Skepticism— What our Laymen
do About it." appears in the Octo!>er number.
Ths same number has the concluding pages of
Dr. Holland's "Arth'ir Bonnicastle," and of
Bret Harte s "Episode of Fiddlelowa " Lulu
(tray Noble print! a trenchant essay oa "Free
Marriage " George W. Cable gives us a very
bright and characteristic little New Orle<
story, and Albert Rhodes »1 escribes "A Day in
the French Assembly." There is a pleasant pa
ner on "Baying Debts;" a valuable sketch of
* Dr Francis Lieber:" a curious collection of
"Turkish Proverbs an interesting illustrated
article on "The Geysers of California, by
Benjamin P. Avery ; another pictorial paper on
"The New York Central Park,'' and a descrip
tion, with pictures, of "The Old Van Reoselaer
Mansion The poetry is by Geo. Macdonald
Edward King, D. N. Beach, J. Y. C., and Caro
line It. Wilkinson.
Dr. Holland, in "Topics of the Time," dis
cusses "Gentlemen in Politics," "Moderate
Prices," and "A New Woman's College." In
the Old Cabinet are "Tho »Stagey Person," "A
Friend with a Single Fault," and "Morning,
Noon and Night," and the other regular depart
ments are interesting.
With the Novemlicr number n new volume will
commence With it will begin two Atntricao
serials, "Katharine Earle," hy Miss Adelino
Trafton (author of "The American G r! Abroad")
and *' Earthen Pitchers," by Mrs. Itebecca
Harding Davis. Miss Trafton's novel is the
1 Grand Serial" of the year, aod is said to be a
strikiug and beautiful story. Mr. Froudes
papers will also begin in November.
Scatnxra a
<*n "Modern Skepticism." ii
Tho Cumberland Timti tell* the »tory
of * ten cent nute in this manner : About
two weeks ago Mr. Bradley of tha Timm,
aud a reporter for the .Wir«, want to the
canal report altar the clerk« had left ilia
office. They procured the key from tha
luck-keeper and entered the building. In
tumbling about in Ibe dark lha boya
knocked over and broke a lamp chimuay.
and being of an hon«*l tarn of mind, like
all newepaper man, they left a ten cent
stamp tu pay the damage in tho chimney
of another lamp on the desk. Next even
ing Mr. Weber, Collector of the Port,
lighted this lamp without noticing the cur
rency. and blew it out bteauaa il did not
barn freely. On the following morning
th* lock-keoper found the fragments of the
«binplaaler on the floor, wbieu lie banded
Mr. Weber. The latter, thinking to
try what virtne liter* was in Treasury
promises, inclosed the pieces in a letter to
Treasurer Spinner, asking thair redemp
tion in the naici* of Abraham Millar. He
had almost forgotten the circumstance, un
til yeatardav he received through tb* mail
a larga official envelope, worth throe cenla,
scaled with about fifteen cant* worth of
United Slataa aealing-wax, ia which waa
iuelotad a bran new atamp to replao* the
one wbioh woa burned After tbia, who
ean aay that Spinner doaan't do things sys
tematically ?
Domestic Taxatov.—A Isrrihl# domst
tie tragedy took plica ot Kingoooaing.noor
Pbilodolphia, oo Wodnooday morning —
Thoo. B. Parker ahot hia wlf* I* ihe haad,
and hlaw hia *w* brain* ont, killing bim
•elf ioalantly. Th* dseaaaed waa a weal
thy man ; ho lir*d io an elagant bona* in
Kiugswaiog, ud bod ■■ ineom* *f $60,.
000. Tb* parti** morod in th* highwt
circlaa, and th* affair haa era*lad great
•icitaurant Th* ***** of th* tragady I*
aald to It*** boon jealoaay.
Alien, th* pagiHdt, baa
ed th* challeng* of Ben. Hogan, I«
•ght Or $1,000 Mid* within •
Local and State Affaire,
Minor Ttplci.
fftttü mistake to gc hunting round from
8lor« in MNtrch of torn« kind of article
/» t» <i
Store to
for the least money. The lowest priced goods
are dearest in the rad. It ie wisest, both for
comfort and economy, to go at once to a respon
sible «tore and grt reliable goads. It will pay
all, about to purchase Full Clothing, to call and
ia*pact the .Splendid Goods and l«ow Prices of
Hennett k Co., Tower Hall, AI 0 Market Street,,
half way between Fifth and Siith Streets. Phila
K or P.—Grand Chancellor E. 11. Hire, of
Middletown, and Grand Itn-ording and Correa*
! ponding Secretary James P. lia) ?a, of W liming
j tun, went «Iowa to Milford, on Tuesday, to
j n o# Knight» of Pythias the
IDh **» 11,6 State,
K. B. Rice lins just mcfircd n splendid lot of
fins large oysters from t'risfivld, and is now
rrtulv to furnish thsm in large or siiutll <|uautittrc,
shucked or in the shell, as customer» require.
Girc him a rail.
Our f.irmrrsare busily engaged in saving their
fodder. The coin crop promises to fie a
ry good one; much h«tter limn run the most
hopeful could have looked for after tba long con
tinued drought in the early part of the season.
Many fir mers have already set led their wheat
and others are doing so.
S. M. Rev
Ida advertise« a large and choice
selection of new Fall and W inter Goods at the
very lowest market prices.
H. L. Ihinni
Ircted slock of W all Ph|
city prices, also Picture Frames, brackets, Sta
tionery, Ac.
ing advertises a large and well sc
i»rr» w l.i* h be t.ffV
Decision of a *nit Against the P. W. U P.
H. It. ('».
Ia the Circuit Court for Cecil rountr,
ting nt Elkton. the trial of tbv n
Itouldrn, hv h
of Ha
J. ts. the Philadelphia,
•i rompany,
•xt fri
Wilmington, nml Haltimo
re Hail
.lion for dam *g
ta in ft I by the plaintiff' by being »trink by
locomotive of the mitron»! company during »hr
while croAsing the
a horse
thr morning, ami
m t up that they
and othet wise gave
hit'll Ihr plaintiff fail» l to
ill »teil icii having herd thr
tlamayrs. tOnst.iMc and Bid
's and Alexander Evans for
«'ill hml. Tlusw.
rm of t'. iirt, I
the depot
Cikton, i
oreI y ir
blew their
ol their approa« h,
. Thr pin
whistles, Trit
for plaintiffçs»
iff; J
•d before
Hoir I Change.
John A. Morton, IIa«| . lum di»pc«*d of his in
terest in
Mr. Jackso
J ; poM- si
the Ni
i Bryant, fur
ion to 1 1 giv.
ol Hotel, in III
rlv of Utu.di.iirv. N.
L*ti the 7tli of Ut tuber
Mr. Ilry.mt was at
Davis Hotel, i
lation of tb
Mr. Morton will ut
connecte«! with
Miiludelplna, and has the repti
le ti
g lily uu l.i standing hist.
lo tlie An h Ht , II
Pbiladt Ipbia. having «ake
hotel. Mr. M.
y friends, d
ill Middle!..w
who will part will»
«euh regret, • ut will, at the
dial the change will ho a gn

•le:is< d to k
to him.
. r ha* l eei
st that th««
*n for
'!'»)'• I"*
Bn ok of Shiv
i had I.
v flew,
. r Ite :i.
! r,
; ?»
, of New ï
that bank, pu»
1er. Ile I.
s;iv<* that thu onlv «-ontie
bad with th* bank wui
ngrncy for »hr convenu
lie also contradicts the st
r«i*' ». » "•*»•»«
ru», lit * ii > III il the I,
k. TI
■' ihe n|lfi;>*l lo »
k Co
h.tl C|
I »«tf
ollri-ting j
ilint of a
o <»f its
t nstorner
e ttank l.uys
in Philadelphia or aay other
k holds Ample --oil ne
ts «»ith Clows k Co.,
and that no loss whatever is upprtheuded to the
bank from tlit-ir fail
ntira fur its in
R«-V Dr M
.m p
e * Par «*» to-niurr<>««
N« t
. his
»I« behind
h his last sermon«
t ! i •% t ch r d
Dr. McCabe t
Stale II«- Ir
ill relui
' O'K I
whose well wishes fur his future
ill follow him wherever
We understand that Dr J. J V,
Delaware City, «»»ntenip'ates
«v itliin two or th
in the practice
in that city.
lie goes,
mderford. of
iling f»»r Europe
««e«-ks, purposing to mgng»
»f his profess»
ing »>een offered a lui
in Nantes,
live position
We wish the doctor abundant sue
Htiaituf Irhnoli In Dataware.
The right thing is tiring dons hr thr Kplsco"
'Inns in Dclawure. They bavé a Diocesnn
rommittrc to look aftrr .Sunday School iuterrsts
The third
ual gathering «»f schouls in Wil
mington «rill take (»lace in the rhurch of which
T. Gardner Litte!! is Rector. About luOOscholEr*
End ttftcbers, Resides many clergy torn,
pectvd to fir present. All who nr«
lo Ettrnd should t-vnr iu min»! the 2d of October,
which is the time »tppoin
d.—.v ä. r.
01. Ann'. I*. K < linrrh, Mlilillrlon n.
ice Et the usual hours, on
row (.Sunday) |u4 A M, and 7$, P. M.
The following arc the texts :
ship, lur th
Luke xvi . 2.
Exkmnu —
perfect, fie «•
t of thy Steward
loi-gtr fie $Uttmd.
Finally »
ihren, farewell ! Be
f good comfort, le o
e, an I the God of lo
shall tc with «ou. 2nd Cutinthia
id pcate
The |trarli Ship tricots from "below"
ly ditiiinisliitig. t»n Wednesday film
sent to PUiladcIphi
Ths who!» number »hiwptri over the Dclitw
railroad up tu Wednesday is 2,527 «
these did nut all luiit.iin their lull complement ut
500 baskets rat h, the exact number uf pe.it he*
cannot he stated. The peach train was with
Wt-dnesday, am! the peaches are
N« wr 'I
. l ut, I
carried by the Lxp
Th« Krrlrsson Line.
8in«e ths break in the Chesapeake and Delà
a total suspension o
all business fi.v the Erricsson line fietw
delplua and Baltimore. Two of the boats have
been lying at their wharves nt the earner of
Pratt und Light .Streets, idle, and others
similarly situated iu Philadelphia,
ges sustained fiy this delay the cutupnay esti
mates at $50,000— Hilt. Sun
ware Canal there has !
Superintendent Harlan, of th. Pab.lc Schools,
roads his second ivunual report of tin» condition
of the school department of that city last Mon
dav eveolag. The schools ar« large and flour
The d.am
Prrseas who desire to sell liquor under the
certificates at the office <»f
•c at New Castle. As the
new law «-an pro«
the Clerk of the P
petition* with the signers attached, must fie
puhlishrd two weeks prior to the meeting of tits
Court, there will lie some activity in this waiter
th« coming month.
Heavjr t««*».
It is reported that Edward Downey, of New
Castle Hundred, visited New Castle on Fri-.ay
last, and rercDrd $9oo tor his crop of wheat
ot $2*»o, lie started away
with the balance in bis pocket, but on reaching
home he discovered that said balance of $7uo
had entirely disap|wared.
After paying a
Armatruo*'« rhapal.
Rav. Dr. Pattoa will praarli in the Miwioa
Chapel at Armstrong s Corner, lo-raurrow (Sun
day j el three o clock. New ravaraihla »eat* bar*
been rare irait tbia weak (Pom New York, sod tb*
Chapel will new accommodate I to people.
WIImIocUb Ishsel».
la»lo»i» C Ma Mge.
I). WKIIaaon ha* aol d ont hi« "Middletown
Market Heu«*" to H. 8. Holton who will hereof.
lor supply ibadtlam« of Mlddlatowa with fruit«,
rogotabi«*, Ac.
Tb* Pneideot be« appointed Richard Harrlng
ia, formerly 0 Delaware, Secretary of lb*
Uleirir« of Columbia, rice g. ». Staatou, ap
po'.ated Receirer of lha First National Bask.
Maryland Affairs.
WoRi*MTRa Covrty Nomixatio*».—A number
of ritisens of the several district« of Worcester
county, met in Hnow Hill, on the Ifllh lost.,
formed llirmoelves into a nominating
and »elected a full op|>o»ition ticket to that nom
inated on the tub Inal , by the Democratic con
vention. The name» of ibe candidates are as
follow» :
For clerk Circuit Court. John Bishop ; for
Register of Wills, George T. lira!tow ; for Huts
Senator, Curtis W. Jacobs; f«»r the House of
Delegate». Alfred D. Merrill and Win. C. I'ruitt;
for Sheriff, Stephen K. Mneon : for County C
missionera, Samuel lt«n»on. Win. Collin», PHcr
W. Hancock. John S. Richard», Criait Shockley :
for Surveyor, Win. II. Richardson; for Wreck
master, John Connor.
A n< w iIInam hai made il» apprarnnee in Hum
uty and ia proring fatal lo tho hor»«*»,
iwrlra in on«* neighborhood haring diod
in a few hour» aficr being afflicted with it. Tim
flr»t symptoms of the di»«*n»« arc : Thr nnitniil
becomes ditay, weakens, and iiatinUy dits in
twrnty-four hours after fining attacked.'
Hcdubn Dbath.—M r. Samuel Rolpli, a worthy
cititcti of (Jue< n Anne s comity, residing
Chester river bridge, died suddenly, of heart
disease, on Sunday morning wyek.* Ile wa» in
Chestertowu on the previous afternoon, appa
rently in the enjoyment of good health.
Ho a way —Mr. John McCaulley'» horse
away from tile Howard Ho
Thuisd.iy of last week, with an empty buggy,
and made a great clatter, and frightened stores
of people. He nt lust took tip a* Mitchell's mill,
on his »ide ; the I u.'gv ditto Nobody hurt.
Tut Diorr.sr <»r Easton.—T it
•sc of KiStw
c. il count
f>u ih.it tl.t
or them
is in North
k. on Tuesday, the
» it is proposed lo
Sassafras Parish,
7th ol th tot t r
consccrutv 'lie uc
ol the In..
w St. Stephen'» Churcli.
i»ler:itilc di
the Democrats of Wyc
allons, ami liiere i
is c
ti.ifaction among
county with thr
alk of calling
county not
another co
IIoesk Srot.
uable ho
.— Dr. Il II Mitchell had a
his r.i
The tliicf helped hi
d bridle and left for parts nnktiow
«Urion» »r
ol Jas. .McCullough, Esq .
ight la«t week, but it was <|i
d extinguished before
»»«dr.* fri
ar Klktnn.
elf to
day night
drei set tirr
stm-ke hou
Klkton. o
h harm w.
Mr W
C. Chance, of St. Michaels, shot a
bald eagle last week, which
rasured sc«
iglied 15 |Niunds.
fvci six inches frutn tip to
tip of its w ing*.
Jolm Audrew Jackson Creswell.
This notability from Maryland is at this
time in the i'al.iuct of tic
has been them for four years before thin
• me, iu the capacity of Fostmaater
cral Hut, because the General
this position f»*r some cousin, or other r la
live, or, pcrcuntico, because the General s
advisers have intimated that Maryland m
not out it led to a cabinet position, being
intensely Démocratie, or because,
b\ thu subject of tlii« skofeh
••»t!y dt sires S. not«.rial honors and cotise
». than t 'abiuet honors,
cause. Utiknowti to th>' pen
au»li»l:ittt f-*r el
it max
i«*ru earn
: or. from » in
pie. ho i
f» i ni to th«* I
«-.ir«- hia 1
i lit I'd S
: »i »ri. w !» it: h affin» t < » have
itii favor
iu th*
t the ID publican
uica«ures uru alrra»)y being taken t«> ae
ro a majority iu the Legislature of
Maryland that shall cast fiail«*U in hi*
name. Wherever there is th
schism io Démocratie rank», and an indu
d.nt ticket about to he f«»rm*-d, the
IL puhlii uns have made
the candidates on that ticket their hearty
support for every county
(the Indépendant»)
(the Republican») tw
rhiis will give Creswell a majority in the
L'-gialuture and secure his election This
much then they will first secure, the send
ing of a Republican Scustor to Washing
ton from this .State
vert urea to giv.
office, if they
give thorn
will hut
In tli» second place tliev will call a
('on-titutiooal Convention, if they find
thnl th«*y have a working majority in lit«*
Lfyitdxturc Urge enough t
ernor Why to* t veto, which would at*ured
!y Lo put upon the act calling a Conven
verride Gov
This is the little game o»w being play
ed in this State and this county by our
Radical friend* Tho first thing we nvk
is. arc the pmplo ready to permit this lit
t lo game U* sueeerd ? \V<* think not.
aLdiii Andrew .f:irk«on Fn-swell can in
a representative
«•f th<* Mary Im I peuple in the
n<« E«*tis** of tli<* w«»r«l. be
oh nr act«
Fuite.! Sut«*» S.'tiatf
» arc not
•ltd hit politic« :»r
more nkin
to th«- puritanical Hiitb riaui of New Kng
land than to the simple w .rin-li »rtcdtie*»
of Maryland. II«* must not go there, nml
i tho people inuat block hia little game by
not »eliding dulftfntcx to the Legislature
who will vote fur'llitit —TmeMarylantirr.
oar vi
Tint Hoop Hast! it« or tub FAimtKg
—Th«* New York Herald says:
"Ths good results of thcio failure»—
for oven <li»»st«r often bring« good—will
bo to straighten out tho doubtful enter*
prises which have been tho ruin of the
unfortunate brokers. Kver since tho
it has but-n tbu cuatuiu with many leading
hnu«*a. and rspocially with tlima which
iC'|uir«d reputation during the war, tu
plul the market with bonds of projected
rsilrosd«. The auccasiful eonrtntctiun
of the Union and Central 1'oritic gave
great impeluv to that« project«, and high
ratr« of gold interett were promiaed on
road« where «cireely a rail or a tie wa«
laid. Tka whole thing waa a Lubbln. and
it waa certain that all of ths worthies«
enmpaules would collaps* in tha and
Now thu cnllapaa hia come, and with it
involve* the detraction of banking
huuare, and possibly of railway nnrpora
tinns, which were sound hafuro tbry be
came rxlaudrd by their effort« to monopo
lisa the entire trad* of tha country.
These thing« not only bring failura to
lbn«a who undertake them, but the
public are viatimissd sad American
credit ia aoasdalisad and weakaned. both
st horn* and thread, and tspeeially in
foreign markets. When the ora«h comes
tb* only thing that is consoling is the
f "' * h « t ,b * , *"
lh»l légitimât« business
receives mort atteotion than «bile tb«
bubbles worn preparing to burat.
Palaraliurg, V*., had oror $'200,000 i*
il» suapontled bsnks, aod Wednesday
Molllvain* A Oo. aad tb* bank of Palara
Inrg war* addad t* Ih* anmber *f sus.
The Shah of Portia hit rsachad hia
I capital aad b*an w*U rawirsd.
Shootimi) Arr*tn.~ Un Thursday morn
ing last, two brothers, llsynolda and Col
umbus lleam, stocked ti. W. Samuels,
near llardstown, Ky., with pistols. Sam
uels defended himself with a shot gun and
shot and killed Columbus Beam. Key
nolda Beam continued to fire upon Samuels
«hen a son of the latter came upon the
scene with anellier gun and fired upon and
fatally wounded Ilia father's assailant.
Mr (in-tun, Democratic candidate for
fiovetuor of Massachusetts says the pro
hibition laws have tendered to corrupt
public inorals.
One hundred and fifty-eight thousand
pounds were drawn from the bank of Kng
land Wednesday for shipment lo New
Thn revolution in Santo Domingo now
Monte Christo end
fiuaynhin arc in tho baud« of tho revolu
Near Middletown.
A. Vandegrift, in the 35th year of his age.
the 20th instant, Jacob
Jlru; ^diTrtittmrnts.
S. M. Reynolds,
In addition to our usually large stock of Goo<!i,
we have just received
In Fashionable blue Cloth Colors,
In nil the
v Cloth Colors, all wool at $1 25.
And also, a Hue Assortment of

Job lot I of Cassitueres froi
40c, upwards
>1 WHS. 75 CENTS Tf» $1.
12 TO 14
white noons, linens,
*\i» r»:i.T sit hits.
$4 Ob $5.00, AND $0.00.
Our stock of Boots
na * never I
$ t 5**. $i **o, $i 5o,'$5
r.|i.nl!rd in tl.ia
n Prices.
nil«! call spe
ll leg home
a ts
r I
ad* STlMJA BOUTS ; also,
French Kip Primas and French Calf.
300 PAIRS' UnntS', MISSKS' AND Cllll.
tiv*«l from th«» manufacturers. Our stork
it full nod complete.
We invite buy
scsroli of
to rail
• and examine the largest stock in
the State south of Wilmington,
mind the fact Hut we »till adhere to the system
which we inaugurated of
And bear i
Sept. 27-1 iu.
Having just received over 10UO pieces of
Offers them at N<
York and Phila prices.
Also, a choice lot of
.Suitable for Halls, Parlors aud Dining Rooms.
FRAMES, aad everything connected with that
Also, a superiur line of
sept. 27-3m.
S IRED by Rytdyk*' llamblatonlen, data by
American Star, «aconit dam oy MuMnaer
Duror.will makaa Fall icaion at tba Middletown
Hotel. Midalatown, Dal , comniauclax Sept, jpth,
at $40.00 i flo due on »err ice, fsu poyable when
tba mar* prove« with feat. Tbia Stallion la «rar
ly full brother In blood to Deslar, .Startle,
other celehriile*. lie baa «ite, «tyir and col
To thoaa who desire lo bread pood «took,
offer tbit moat faahiouably brad bora*.
atpt. U-tf.
Nlddlslowa, Dsl.
I II the »Ireot« ofMIddlelawa, between tb* ho.
tel ef J. Q. Lowber and my «table oe Aoder
lie liberally reworded by returning
•ept n-ai. L, P. McDUW IU
The Rnd
tm a tree I, a new
or will
It to
Minni.rrow.v giui.v market
roBancTBD wbbbly by b. t. bva*s.
Wheat, new
Corn Yell
SI 55
.. 55 cts,
-.50 "
Oats. .
Timothy Seed
Clover "
5 OCf
7 00
Minm.ETowN rRoncct market.
eoatutcTSD weekly ey b m. ebykolm.
If.. V, et,, n dot.
.»Wfr.JSiU, u lb.
10 '•
« "
Rer« .
Mr*, fork..
Potitlors, new....
Chickens, spring
. I 40 H bn«.
12<$I4 W lb.
Prime red wheat.
Corn, yellow.
Oats ( Pennsylvania),
Clore race d .
ft 57(41 5«
$7 75
4 90
Busmens Jfaalft.
Tape \Tobm, Tai*b Womi, removed in a few
hours with harmle*» Vegetable Medicine. No fee
asked until the entire worm, with head passes.
Refer those afflicted to residents of the city whom
I have cured, that had been uiifurceMfutly treat*»
ed at the Jefferson Medical College, on Tenth st.>
bad taken in vain turpentinea, the so-cnlled spe
cific-» and all known remedies. Dr. K H. Kuim
kel. No. 2 51# North Ninth Street, Philadelphie.
The Doctor has ta*en in hiii-iuess for orer 25
arfectlr reliable. Call and see.
from a child
At his office
specimens, some of them over forty
feet in length, w hich have been rentum! in lest
than three hours by taking one »lo
icinc. Dr Kunkel » treatment is simple, safe and
perfectly reliable,and no f«-e until the worm,with
head, passes Pa K. F. Kt'NKKL, 253 North
Ninth Street. Philadelphia, Pa. Consultation by
mail or at offbe free. [39-39
»I i
A»ivi.efrfc. Removed tapsw
six years old, measuring 2<> fret,
can he »«•
f tiis tnrd
For the best (lour and feed at low prices, calf
r.oo YARDS BEST PRINTS In remnants, suit
able for quilts, nt II cents jier vnrd at
8. M . RKVNOLD9'.
For the reiebrated Monitor and I«ykeas Valley
Coal nt low prit es, call on
Foard a comegym.
it Bond« Notes and other Legal Blanks
application ni the Taxuscairr UT
n be bnd
For the crlehratcd Hamilton Seed and Phos
phate Prill at
nufaiturrr s prices, call ou
Labels for books, parkaget, boxes, Ac., print
on fine gummed paper, can te had at the eBce
of the TMASiHBirr.
• !
For Wui. M. Bell's superior Drain Tile at
ufacturer • prices,call
Foard a comkgys.
Busin«»« Tard». Leiter and Bill Heads
ofti-'e as ueatly aad
the Tha
rd a

. Sieaply ns can be done elsewhere.
For thr Hagerstown G
in and Phosphate
F« »ARD k CUM EG* 3.
II «>
all kinds of job priming go to the Tsas
l »til c.
No. 2 Mackerel, $11 00 per fierrvl.
Porcelain-lined Kettles. Fruit Jars sod Cans,
Jelly Tumblers with and without covsrs. at
Black Teas. 50c, 60c, 75c. and $! per pouod.
S. M. RE! NULD8.
1 Healing
he Wings," snr nl! who have
• i-f Dr. N\ i«tar » IGlsatn » f Wild Cherry
curr«l of ri-ughs. colds,
lluenx-t or consumption.
The prudent ««ill always keep this standard rem
edy fiy them.

•re throat.
One hundred dot »«.ft finish Whits Spool Cot*
toa fur the .Sewing Marin ns, 55 touts p«r dus , %
tents |»er spool t at S M. REYNOLDS' t
Pure Fresh Congres» Water,
Dim t from Saratoga Springs, lor Uhl» bs $
Gent» Dog-Skin Driving Gloves,
Auction Hoom*.
Buy your Furniture, Mattressrs, Ac. of T. A,
Mrl'lrllend, 1210 Chestnut Street. Handsowe
New Furniture fur parlors. Bed Rooms and Di«
niug Booms, At Auction Sales, every Monday
and Thursday, nudsoM at Private Saies at Anc*
lion Prit e*. All goods warranted. Furnitur*
carefully Packed and Shipped.
Will fis said at Public Sale,
ON WEDNESDAY, OCT. 1st, 1873,
At "Cottage Home," I«erels, Del , the ft.Mowing
property, to wit : Plows, Harrows, Cultivators,
'low nud Wagon Harness. Hi idles. Collars, one
Wugmt, l Peach R.u k —hold 80 baskets, 1
bold 65, both new; i MIR Wagon, l Excelsior
Reaper and Kower Combined,
I Pioneer Stump Extractor. ! Drill with Phos*
phate Attachment, ! Mix Ilona
paired ; 1 Ponnock Hand Corn
-power, newly re«.
2 Grain Cradles, 1 Scythe, Mon ing .Scythes,
lines, Nhovcls, Forks, Corn Kuives. Briar 8*y the»,
3000 Peach Baskets, Peach Ladders, Berry bralea
and Baskets, 1 Cook 8tore,
2 Shnnt*. 5 Milrh Cows, all well broken and
good milkers, 6 Colts,
all good farm and wagon horaea, well broken
and gentle. Good Cider Vinegar by III« gallon.
The wood leaf of 12 acre», Cash.
TERMS.—-All sums of $35 and under, Cash;
on all sums above this amount a diacannt of 5
per rent, for Cash,
a credit of three months
will fie given
AM-Tbe Parra will be far rant naît yaar.
Sapt. 10-ÎW
T 'llE Undarslsned would rwpedfully annouoro
to the public that be ba» taken tha atom
I™«« «» *orth Brand St., Middletowu, Dtl.,
formerly occupied by Turlor A Son, (having
bought out t bate lot«m*t|. where bo will keep *L
ways oo band a wallmelactrd «tack of choice
Groceries, Fruits and Proriiiona,
aa wall aa a full aupply offrnli Vegrtablaa, Ac.,
la reason. Util aad aaliafy rourarlrr«.
Julyll-lf. D. W. RLIASON.
TAILOR, (From Paris),
MBI ChMlnnt Mrsst,
»- 1 ,

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