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A Bailable Democratic Jouraal,-devoted to
Local and General News,
And Politics
Established in 1888.
Tilt Seventh Volume will I* conmiencod J.»n
bî spared to'mke UnîtMiag's'ud «wtbyoMh» j
pairanaea of the publie. As * bocal paper It is
1 hut one hit ulmt,lied wllh ihc iutcivets ol tlm
|teopie among »hum ii is siiuatml, «n.l will ul
ways be founa udiotAitog lia) tl^uulmg »lut- ,
•VOr will n|elt com!uve to Uie welfirt* aixt lienrbt
of thus« |h?oj»1c. T» this end < «>rr«*j»on !< n* e on '
ApiwUurec'eMraïiy ^'I#'cordially and earnestly
Wvltad, as well at cemiminlriUlont girlag tbs j
■allen ofînterot** ' ' , ' 1 ° 0,l,1 ' r
In politic« the Tuawscuirr is Dcmocrntir, and
devoted to »he success of ihat party, hut *» ftr
independent that it will never ndsocute or sum |
unifesliv erronvouj, kt j
Poli tit;w.
port muftiiirt* tbnt m «
the diet a to of party ruler*. Lut will cv»r pursue
tbnt courue w Inch iuu*t elmrljr |»**inu to llie ri^rht.
Wbnt It Lnliavv* to be wrooK it will comte
nftd what ll reynnl* «* rfi'htIt wl!! nph«»M.
cringe* for no favor* and fp.ir* no frown*.
v I
A .
j^Tewts and Lit»?rature.
All tlir
» of th* dny, neceasat iljr coiulcn^
Will be found in It* column*. To tlw local d
|M»rtno'iit the utmost rare i# given, in
make it
- I
Job Printing.
ikllfli*aXpiScliMl 1 *HaV«r 1 k Vn"r'r"™w. l .r f io
none on the PeniiiAultft tor wr*rkmnn»l p, prices \
BfaSteywitirilftnyUnd^oiver^ l'rsïîe wndVlargê !
•lock of new Job Type of various Mjle*, we are
^^ÏkSlÏ 10 prim projiptly^im call,. rer »«»A,
Programmes, CircnlArt,
Dodgers Khv* \ J 1 « 1
Legal Blanks, | Officers' Ktaaks,
Business (tards, ;
Funeral Notices, Hill Heads,
Tftg» ,ll * ,l,,l, ! fttlcl»*(re»dv'
invitations. gummvd,) ktc.
A supply of Printers' Stationery, suited to the j
Farmers, lUchitnlce, Constables, and all other
business ro«n accotumotUird, cheap and quiek, i
with anything in onr line. I
Plain and Ornamental Priming of all kinds |
done iu any color, or variety of colors, when de
•ired. We can and will till all orders given ns
si speedily, promptly, neatly and cheaply, /or j
«»SA, as caa be done at any oilier office on tin*
•evptable and iniere*ting a bam- |<
per as possible, it full of enlet Lining and i
tercMihg rending matter of ever; kind, nut . o
taining nothing that cue oGTvnd the most de lient r
wad scrtipttluti* taste. The Ihtsi stories aud ro
mances of current literature nr* carefully
and legibly primed in its column», ami tbt fresh
est wad moet Instructive articles on Agriculture
appear in that depurtmon'.
sSptciul attention is paid lo reporting the «
rent markst prices ol
and grain. :
ntr. pro«tue
LocMed *t the li*n«l of the gtfnt l*e*ch tlrow
*•» Dlctrict of De!«w»re And Murr Innd. throiifrli
out which it lift* a widely cxteadetl circulfttion,
H Afford* unequAlIrd facilltln iu ha Adrerti ing
mediant, of w hkh
I bticinra* m«n show liLft tliy
tb*lr appreciaiioo. It* extensive circulation «
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most excellent medium for the advertising of
Ileal Estate. Our prices in this department
M low a* th* lowest.
The subscription price is $J.OO in'
advance. A JHiend discount will
r annum, in
be made to
—To persons wta msy wi«b lo snli
Ofthe poimlar Iltcrarr magnalms.
X to offer special tdiult*n. vis .
Stritnur t Monthly, $4 CO, ami ihc Taassrsut,
$1.04, will be furnished far $4.7.1 |>er atisum,
cash in advance.
' Btepn't Month,p, WteUp, or Motor, and Taas
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The Ä. Xtehalot, $3.o<), a magazine for youth
of Imtb aaxWt, »ltd TR*#acuf«T for $3 75. |
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ranter rat** for adv*rll*ins as
nd with tb* tight
ng **<! I lob work,which
done elstwkare, of 10
I be
a*Jnw a* esa be
par cent, the rank ia »drums.
Or dvrv ham a d iel an »«will receive prompt nt
* **Whepntmm« of Iba public
Is sollet ted.
Asiif !
©rininal £tortj.
Rf-trritten for th «• Tr<rns''ri)>t.
Jtralenburi /.—
"Why look* your grate to heavily to-day?"
Cltt r meg ,—
"Oh ! 1 have paasH a miserable night,
So full of fearful dreams, of ugly sigh!*,
1 would not spend another such a «ifht,
Though iwm* to hoy a world of happy days ;
So full of dismal terror was the time."
Drl.'nlniry .—
drcntn, my lord? 1 pm/you
' — StfAKrtrsunR.
"Have mercy, Jtstl I—Soft : I did but dream. '
I am a C'htistinn faithful
Tho old boll of S|. Augustine had just
Hu is hod tolling the hour of twelve, on an
extremely cold and stormy Saturday night J
iu the lutter part of the month of Decern
ber, a» Carl Stoflicll sprang from tho atop, |
, lt ,| 10 sta „, J. jur 0 f „ W cll-known theatre in 1
the "city of brotherly love." His avoea- |
,j ,j ( ( violinist; and he hadlbss
that night completed a successful engage
inont ttt «ho sbovu meutioued plty-heuso !
Weber*'a celebrated opera, "liar Frey-j
ohuzt," bad enjoyed a most admirable run |
and tho wcll-kuown musical talents of our
hero had won for bim, in his exécution of I
the sublime music in that magnilicsut op
era, unbounded applause and ( which te
,, ,
him was still batter) u goodly puise ol ,
A slmrp nnd driztling rain, congealing j
a* it fell, had clothed the streets with a
heavy mantle ot ict. uni a* the elect
whihked and pattered in hi* face, it tended
only to augment hi* auxiuty au*l nccolc
I rote his fooUtep* to reach hi* home, there
to ijuitf .a mug of beer,enjoy a meerschaum
and then retire to rest.
right hand grasped a tout case or cudgel j
I to assist hi» woary 1 g* in transporting
to the * xtremn up
per limits of the district of Kensington I
Had you becu near him, indulgent ruadcr, '
)'**u miflit liavu lirarJ a errtuio jingling ]
\ tone by no menus discordant to a musical
! car aü d which indicated t ho whereabout* j
of a bag «if "shiner*," the fame having |
} jecn carefully deposited by him in a spa
eiou* repository in the anterior portion of i
roo,l *y brteche». As *»ur honest Stuf
pholl blundered along tlio slippery footway
he inwardly coitgrattifoto 1 liimseSf on his
brilliant success with feeling* evidently j
"(her than those of disappointment and j
sorrow He pmsessed that tulismanie t
j charm which hath the power to dispel ma- 1
U J a threatening cloud, to avert number- j
i | us> jjj a ( 0 .micken drooping spirits and •
I , 1 , 1
| to revive tho despairing aud fallcu
j carry joy and comfrrl to thousands of poor '
I nder bin left arm, closely enveloped ifl
a green baize bag, be carried his violi
ami some manuscript music, whilst hi
: tUoir cumbrous burde
famishing wretches in this plentiful world
of ours if converted into breed; it cau
scatter the manifold blessings of life nnd
diffuse a moral sunshine among the dc
gro'lctl itiiliieiiM of our race, and cause per
ignorauco, psiu aud wretchedness have
user dwelt, in tho mud-wullod hovel, tho
huuiblc cotlaga of the widow and her fath- i
*r!e»a obildran, ia the beautiful country I
or tho glaring city ; and yet ila boasted
omuiputcnca canuot bring relief to an ash
ing heart, nor eouaoiatitn and poaca to a
bosom wrung by the scalbiug agonies of
remorse. Hut 1 am digrcs«ing.
Having arrived at bia dwelling, Stor
pkell entered, built a roariug fir* in bit
huge tcu-plute atore,draw bis mug of beer,
lit bit pipe, and teatiag himself in hit eld
Aud '
wh«t i* it that money cannot do? It can i
pftual j*»y aud grtilitude to bloom where
nrm-cliair, reclined backward» most cosily.
| ., , , ,
| evidently a philosopher and a happy man.
! Hi* spouse, choosing rttlicr to slumber
. * . . ", , . , ,
««**«> «» *"•'« *"• appeanug uf lier lord,
|,id lung before courted old Murpheus.tnd
, ,
ihc drowsy god wa* giving indubitable
•' tid • ,,c * , ° f , b,r ,ucc "« k f " 1 W0 "' D * ^ ' h *
sonorous eadenott which tuned from her
olfsctory pratubersnee.
"Humph !" ejaculated Ptafpbcll, ns h*
sipped bit beer nnd half turned bit head
in the dirtatiun wheuco procaedad the
above mentioned nasal vibrations,
"Forto, ah?" "Quite a toner, oh?"
"Fortiaaimo?" "That aonnda bravely."
" Allogrol" "now, A Tempo,"—" (leap
away Katy, frow, and when I have daa
patobad my 'Pepj>ar' and smoked my
'maanahaam' I'll Jain t* lo Ik* 1 ofor-to
ta,"'-Aa#Carl threw
hi* pipe, curled grvtcfully into light !
usandiag ealunins tbavu his hard. The
blazing fagota snapped and craekad mar- cd
rily in the glowing atore, and tho flicker
ing light, atruggling and atreaming faint
ly through orack and ercricc,imaged char
octerr on the walla that danced and akipp
cd in death-like tilence, appearing dimly
for a moment and then dittppearing like
phantom« or ditmembered ghoata gliding
about on midnight errand« from the char
Our hero had laid upon a table and near
bit left tlliow, bit bag ef money and bia
violin ; and, aa be ijuaffed ilia favorite bev- j
ertge and drew tho lang puffs from bit
reeking pipe, lie indulged in the most dc
testable cogitations. Whilst, in tbe plrn
titude of bis enjoyment he was thus tnedi
tating and musing on themes no loss easy
than useless for us to describe, wlitn s
tliun-lfiing rap nt the Joor, through which
but a short tim« before he ha«l entered
rien, much to his own diseomdture and
J from the street, roused hitu from hie
| well nigh dangerous to the stability of the
1 doer. ,
.... , ,
| " bu s thvro? asked ( arl almost breat
hadlbss with fear, but still «triviog to screw ed
j . ° .
his e mraga up to the "sticking point.
! "A friend!" replied the intruder. |
"And wlint dot* lie want','" pursued
| Carl, regaining in a measure his gravity ly
and composure. i
I " Admittance," returned the stranger '
"It's too Into ! beside» I'm abed !" re
piivd Curl, chuckling st the possible mis
, tike lie had made aecnliuitally ou pur
I poxe," or at the abtenco of truth in bis re
j ply.
"Thon. you must get up," remarked the (
'*•/. *• l must com« iu."
Now Carl undoubtedly thought this an
net of avowed hostility to bu thu* divturb
ed, iu liii
n house, too. and at an hour
*•> unseasonable, but if *ueh wero hi.s med
itatious, they were quickly interrupted by
hicli thundered forth— |
" I nay, d'ye hear?-! must come in!"
j *'\ ou cannot, indeed," returned ('arl.
"I reiterated tho stranger j
* 1 Von shall not," replied Carl, sUuimtr
I > n g n, *d •hivering from head to foot.
' "I wil» said the visitor, aud, suiting
] tlio action lu I lu- WurJ«, tbe uuwdouiu..
interloper unceremoniously pushed u»id
j the door and, in a twinkling, staod before |
| our terrified Dutchman.
Ihc first impulse of Carl wn* to knock
i down hi* audacious gtusi with a »hovel
which he flourished above his head,but the j
instrument was quickly wrenched from bis
jgrawp by a powerful hand which hurled it
j rattling aud clattering over the icy pare
j »«cat outside the doot, whilst with the first
t fiugure of bis left bund tbe strange
1 Hsilor led his troubling bust by the iias.il
j promautory, submissively us a lamb, to a
• dletant corner of tho roe
l hc l.uiah \uico of his midnight visitor,
gfssp of (he stranger, ('arl looked around i
iu astounding amazement, aud almost «tu
pefied with terror aud alarm, lie could
uot utter a syllabi»» as, panie-stricken, he ,
tebeld the sttaager pick up his bag of
gold and place it again on the table nearer j
to his person. Thru pitching the violin
to hia priloaer who uuoonacioualy caught
i it in th# psi ilout flight, he acatcd himsell
I in the same ehnir in which t.'»rl was «o
pleasantly ensconced when aroused by the
midnight iutruder.
a Carl gave one glance at hi# jailor aud
of timidly ventured further lo tuke a alight
survey of liii exterior. He waa a Brob- ,
dignag in size aud stature. A cap seme
what grotesque in shape and dimensions
aud of enormous latitude, surmouutud bis
head, sad a pair of monstroua boots, tbe
legsof which Completely encased his nether \
extremities, concealed bis feet. II* wore |
s frock-coat of buflalo kid* with tho hair
tightly up to the cilia, around whieh.from |
ear to »ar, extended a fort»« of bugo whis-,
kers, whioh, with a formidsblt moustache
and all ns pitchy in blackieaa »» the coat
ha wore, masked a mouth of cavernoui
magnitude and bristling with Ivory that
would have becom« «b» ruby,pouting lum
«faction« of auy "American citizen ef Af
rioRB deoMBt." Ab almost impenetrable
avalanebo of uncouib*d, rsvaa hair turn
bUd from hi* head ia hivoote billow«, over
bit shoulders and fke*. and through which i
gleamed » pair of ogre *y«* Ilk* tbe
troo* planet* of some southern eonatslation
pMriog through tho raggoJ into ratio*« of
angry tlbuds gathering thoir oquadreas ia
fbr ft midnight boiriMa* in tbe
' a tlirce-corucrud ulool, uud upuü which iiu
. iu which Blood
i perished our htr*.
On ha ing r«lca««d from tho vise-like
Tho aulor of this coal wus iuky bliick
aud th* liideoua garuicat wa* buttoued t
himself into tlio chair, he laid down be
tide him on the floor, t loig, three-prong
cd pitchfork ; then leaning cnnipercdly j
backward, he addressed Carl, who, as he- I
foro tinted, war perched upon hie three
logged rortruui, pretty nearly atunned
with terror.
"Day ua a tunc, old boy !" |
Whether it wan a dirioclination to obey ,
thit command, or whether fear and terror .
hod paralyzed the rente of hearing, we do ,
not pretend to elcct.lmt another tutnmont, |
Hk« a blast fr«tn a brazen throat— " Old i
hoy, d'ye hear? 1 tay play away!"—
brought a response from the victim,
"I—I—1 can't. [ don't want to."
"You mutt."
Then you murt begin the sooner; conic,
play away."
"I ennuet, itidoed ; besides, its Christ
•It's too late."
man morn and ou Sunday, too.
"That'« do reason for um! Come d'ya
hear? begin, I say—Allegro, ma non pre*
to—out with it," and leaning forward ho
snatched up bis fork in nn ittitudo of Ims
tility, the prongs of the tripod glistening
, , , . ,
and glimmeriug like tbe sbetu ot burnish
ed silver.
upon t'srl. ntid in a small measure regain- j
ing fortitude and composure, be trembling- i
ly enquired who tho stranger might be.
"I *m His ,Satanic Majesty'* Ambatsa-i
dor Kxtraordinary and Minister 1'lcnipo
tcntiary from tbe regions of 1'luto to I
Karlh, and my grand mission in calling
... , .
upon you is to inspicl youi skill in per ,
forming upon that* instrument, for my 1m
pcrisl Master desires to employ you a«
the weather outside is sadly at variance
This affeusivo movement had its effect
chief rouaiciati in hit kiugd •
with the w.i
wo practice in
m». Como, play ua a turn
The perspiration oozed and i»*ued from
our d'•mini
every port
hair shot up on end. "like quill* upon the
vro idea *»f be
coming, ami at *o *h«*rt netiee, a ei»iz-n
of another world, so fearful ami uucoin
fortablo. Hut what muld he do? Mount
cd upon :t steel, iu a rent »to <-*rncr of tlie
m»ni. w it It m? iiislrniuettt.- • t' def w-tt hut
hi violin and Fo r. in the p wer of ,\ de*
mon ho never before ?tw, luard or even
drvnmaJ . f auJ dial villzinuus MrmoBlor
armed with a weapon so f'**iu»i iable that
its very gli*«t. n chilled ami turd led hi*
very blood What a dilemma ! If lie at
tempted resistance, it must be evident be
yend a doubt tiiat he would be overpower
ed aud perhaps be deprived of his lifu. It !
he made u noise or attempted to alarm the
neighborhood, or called to his " bolter
half, ' who was still noooziug. uueonsciou* {
of whet was befalling her unfortunate part
ucr, he would moel asaurcdly be trauetixed
or impaled, or pinned to tho wall like a
beetle, by no means an enviable position
iu poor rail's skin, and his
fretted potcup
e," at th.
This chain of reasoning induced him t(*
believe that rcsutaiico would lie kaxardou*
iu the extreme : he would try cxpostula
lion, aud ho was jnst emerging horn this
mental reverie, ami upon th«; point ol
broachiug the argument, when the stentor- j
iao voice of his visitor agaiu impinged up
hu his tympantium,—" Flay u» a tune, 1
old hay ! coma, give us L'or rat un» chi
men, of Meyerbeer, fiuiu Uebort —Aim
trappo, pntto ; now." 1
"It will not do! indeed it will uot
do!—it is too lat«, anti I ana——
,, Cannot help it, you must begin, now,
Urazituo, pizxirtUv, begin 1 «ay!"
Carl was about to reply, but he eoon
found nil expostulation would be in vain
His auditor would listen to tu argument
whatever. Immediate submission he
imperatively demanded. Any movement ;
ml libitum was out of the questiou. Ho
WM partial to Solot, and decidedly »verse
to Durtu, Trial and tJoint, It « A (lour
the candle, impressed the truth ef these j
remarks upon Carl's miud, aud when hs j
observed, too, that bis gold which, to him,
waa iafluitely more precious than any oth
er possession, he thought it wisest »ml
best to submit. Tu him, tho atmosphere,
of the room «mailed strongly sulphurous, j
« stream of pho-phoreseent light iaued ,
from the mouth of the Tartarian Arnbas- !
«»dor, and vivid coruscations of flams were ,
emitted from bis nicteor-like eyes. AI
i moat petrified with fear, sod apparently
lus-unconscious of the movemeot, Ctrl drew
bit bow aerots the viol and tho exquisite
and charming malady «f th* Swiss Shop
bard's Kam de Vache, of BartuM, burst
in thrilling endette«» on the air. Th* old
room rot« with tho maalo, tad Carl bad
not more than fairly gat ander way, whoa
Ufn, upon rtiUciioit, it is discovered it
would be douo wilh a murderoua pitch
ish of tho throe-pr»»ng»*«l instruniunt, tha
metal of which flasbed before the light of
he was abruptly cut short >d< 1 »topped by ,
hit iuapcctor, with :— 1 yet
"That i* not what I nulled fur ! Give old
ua • llnbert lo diable!'" a
" I don't know it," replied Carl. : bit
"You played it this very night." re
turned the etranger, flourithing tho glitt- .
etiing trident abort hit head. ! ter
Thin argument war cnnclurire, and a- |
gain the mtttic ttreamed forth. i the
" Draro ! brave ! old boy, I ray bravo!
Soto tot d aire , —you play admirably.— to
Now then —Ikt Cnpo, and Carl performed | but
the partage over and over again to the in
finite delight of bia visitor, who pattively, 1 °bl
yet with interest, listened until the music 'be
) ceased, at the same time beating the ac
! cents with bis foot upon tbe floor.
" Now then for iVcm Wu Andrtii, coma
' Mitilato, ploy away, old boy ! Mu woe
ln, n m ■ "
Carl, knowing the inutility of either 1
complaint or expostulation, ran over that ^y
sublime production of Mozart with a l"
gracefulness and skill not easily to ho sur- ,
The least Ing or falter in tho perforrti- J
anco at the close of a passage, was quick
ly noticed, and many were the times his ;
! of
Sovrral pieces were played over in this
The oi l clack which stood in a
j " l'lny nwoy, old boy. play away!"
earner of tlie room opposite to that i
'which Carl was seated, had long since
I told tile hour of two, and Carl, weak and . >
tired and »Iccny, ventured to rest bis
, ing arms by laying Ins instrument on Ins
lap and allowing his arm* to droop by l it v
side, but the music had no so, n r di.-con- ua
tiuucd than hi* «iugiilar visitor again
broke forth with; -
oars were aalutod with ; —
" PUy awnv, «dd boy, play away ! Dive
If Ct rut<i,
us *V«7 furor tfrflr t, mp .«/#» fr >
way, old hoy, play away '. C< ■ A'.»
g*** bnively, i
now then. C rtt
cd out the stranger, ns ('arl, terrified and »
frightened as a March hare, agoin ctm
menred drawinghi* bow. Again tho mu*
uio ponied forth, ami again the *tra»ig-r
thumpd upon the floor.
hin xtrrngth that leaving him: his
arm* refused to perform their
task, and his tinge
single moment, he paused nr flagged iu
bis performance, hi* car« w ro immediat«
ly Manned with tbe eternal tuuudur of
• I'lay away. o[l boy, play away !"
! His cyci felt as though heavy weights
were suspended from their lids, and, iu
spite of his terror and his utmost, efforts
{ to banish sleep, he found it a tssk extreme
My diflicult to accomplish. Tho powers of
the mind and body may be ta*ked to a
great degree hovmid tho ordinary amount
th ro.
ith it." thunder
! *r Carl felt
were worn to tho
puck by the unceasing pi < >-uir * upon the n
What was he tu do? If, for a
of labor, fatigue aud soflertug which are
required of them, hut the necessary relax-,
atton sn ! rest nmat be indulged, iu order
to aflitrd the organs whose duty it is tt» la
bor au u « xccutc the purp s«s for which
tboy are designed, opportunity to r«*oruit
aud rooiiperate for the f^rformance of fut
urc duties.
And so it was with Carl. The arduous
j duties of his professional engagement ut
the »»para, protracted to a Into hour of the
1 night, had well nigh worn him «lawn with
exart ion nad faiiguc. and being wet ami
cold from cxp.isura to the alorm ill return
1 ing from tbe theatre to his homo, his con
ditinn. mentally and physically, can but
ter be imagined than described. .
Suddenly. the arm whioh held the bow,
fell upon his lap, the other, th# fingers ol
which were »early patolyred by their un- j
ceasing affurta to mioit'ler to the caprieisu.
whiiu of the mysterious stranger, slowly
hut gradually doctinded to tho level with
; its fellow, and Carl's brad, faithfully nbo
dient to the laws of gravitation, sank
upon his bosont, whilst a long drawn
Chromotir issued from his facial probosica
» ran, Molle, .birr.
liii* chaog* in th* programme rousttl
j the »tracer from a nap in which ho had
j l„« n indulging during Carl * execution of i
the last Caprin,,,, and again the awful
h'omto broke forth like a thunder-peal up
on his ear*—
"I'lmy away, old boy, play away 1— .
j nfli lubito —Row then for Ta U,lrni In
, Scmturata, Pianm/orti —away with her,
! old boy !"
, This summons completely »roused Carl, '
pro tern {tore, sad he Was again »beut to
remonstrate a* th* outrage ; but hi* tor-,
mentor prodneed »rgumnts so pointed
and brilliant in tbe si,ape of the flashing
tripod, that Carl wa* obliged to have ro
eour** again to hi* bow and string.
Again th* mania wa* board, bat It bo
came ooMaat, from tho uaskiUM Moaner
in whioh il «aa parfcrmad, tira» tha paar
fiddler «ta completely wom am. Aid
yet the fearful ajaeulatioe — "pie; away,
old boy, play away !" buret apoa hia ear*
id the giirtrnieg rteel shimmered before
bit eyet.
But Bleep ouco more returned to the
eyes of the grialy alranger, and Ctrl, if
ter ogain watching and waiting until the
tame round« eaoapcd from the noetrila of
the myaterioua rititor, which be bad
beard a little while before, again ventured ! *P*
to halt at the clot« of a repeated airain : ! ,fc
but no
»gain the eternal thunder — "play ewey, j
°bl boy, play away !" ealuted hie ear* and ,
'be shiuiug Heel flashed before bia face. ! 'he
ft wat to» bad, to be pinionod to bia stool !
Ilka l'romotheua to bia roek, and in bis
own home and cattle too. But what than?
lia could accomplish nothing in tho way
of offence or dafenao. This waa clear. lia!
l* e ••ruoh *«> idea! Utweuld,
^y * n extraordinary eibibiiiou of his j bis
l" ,Wtr slid skill, lull and aoothe bia rillaiu
ous jeder into a profound »lumber, and j
then, by a coup tie main, raach tho door i
J n, h > nl ° 'bo straat and alarm the icatrh J
R® would then enjoy bit revvnge, He !
wouldJiava his invroiless persecutor ar- j ful
rested and cummittud, und, what was be«l j
of all, he woulj recover his money. These )
reflections brought renewed slrcugib to '
«-'srl'i limbs ami shook ihc leadtu weight* j
fioui hiseyc-lida ; and, flourishing bis how
in graceful curves, tho chariuiug little bo
■ntttn ul \ ival Hacek us greeted lbs j
cars of the stranger
v iterated lio, /'«.v, All'pro ,—Now
ua the Hunter's Chorus fr.
ebutz: you playetl it adm
opera. Now then
i'lsif nwny, «»1*1 boy, play away!"
give j
m Der Frey
irabljr Hi the
»*»» and a way
n't it
! n i»'l no so «ner were the word*
uttered than tbe chorus immediately ful
The old cfork ticked
w« 1
» WU Y will» « monotom
kettle on the *tovc had ceased its hi
Tho lire had burned out
*tove and the atmosphere in all the room
meantime having patsed uvei > and shed a
»everal degrees below /.ero.
intensely cold, but so o tn plot cl y
now engrosftcd with tho preldetu of hi**
escape.that,although benumbed, he scardO
ly frit that be wo* even chilly.
The snoring of tho stranger now became
frw moments th
uystt rions stran
ger snored loudly
' utn, nnd the
. the old tm-plate
was chilly and freezing as that of (ircen
hin I : ami the candle, which was burning
wln n our Morv v mim no
ia le Us c*;i:
i'-r .oputtcring aud n
ot fur a quarter
. like life when about bei
g *vr a
lowed up iu death
mu had arisen (the storm in tho
Without, the temparntnre ha-1 desnonJcd
ll an most
the room,
C ar |
louder and deeper, nnd ('arl was upon the
very point of looping through the door.
when. .* »/<, went tlia trsble string ef ht»
This produced a temporary cessation of
«uoriiig, and the hateful words "play
away, old boy, play away!" were only
gently given from the lips of tbe autbns
sador, whilst th»* light of the moon reveal
ed but a very Might motion imparted to
the still ui-»ro hated tri-leut. Tho sntpen- K
"f the ttiusio war hat m nnentarv. far!
did not ovau wait to arrange his broken
'tring, but lottching «wsetly on a plaintive
urf'in the melodic seal# of a minor k«_v
be loon suecei led in taring bia jailer iu to
a most prufouud and sttrtorus slumber
^ tingle hound brought him to the
,|nor ; hit haod was on the latch : the door
fl«vr ■ pen : aud, aa he sprang from the
marble doer «ill, a slight puncture ia the!
n ginn «f the gluler mnsclc», tent the
hhi .d curdling through hit vein* anfl the
everlasting canto of—"play nwav. eld boy.
play away, 1 say !" broke 1^,' , ^„1 ' 0 f !
.artillery " i bis ears. Away ho flew, like
an arrow from the bow up one street and '
down another, the bnffalcelad minister ,
of th* infernal region» clo*e upon bis h«*ls *
, n d !lourishin r the glittering trideut about
i bia head, whilst at evary curb-ttona and i
at every corner, the eternal clang of— j
"play away, old toy, play »way !" rang
out upon the frigid atmosphere.
. The pavement» were as glib as glass ; i
bnt catrsme terror added celerity to the
movements ef th* pnrsurd fngiiiva ; and.
although nearly stiff with cold, bit loeomo
' tiro acbiavemanU upon this occasion, far
aolipted the fasts of "ground aud lofty
tumbling" ev*r uxhibited by u professed
pedestrian, or the oimbleat clown of* Den
old boy, ploy away ?" vibratiag
don circus.
Away they darted, Ctrl knew not
whither—the ^hoarse so lo —"play away,
»rily apoa the frigid air, tad tha aaoa*
atonal viaiu af tha tripml ta Caffi» «oa
tenon, imparting )<t
trough the lefty eorrider, maUUted
! *P* , b»ue tuirway that led to the
! ,fc * '°"* rin * ••«•P 1 »* •**- to • *
under the huge oagiaff, wlMM
j thundered forth the bow af four, at «0
, olenen of the punning etranger ehMMflV
! 'he recitation —* •pley swgf, old My.flÿ
! away! — Om/nria, tempo gieutmT'
Straat after etreet bed thue haul
erwvd (ne aaaMr beleg found) «g_
panting hero arrived M the iai* aft i
arable ediflee tapposed te be near the I
Irai pert of the city, the door* ef lf|
•toed widely open.
Swift et e grey-bound be Mi
Tbe bell bed aceiwely emend tel
when Carl, bewildered, out of Mb i
and almost dead, found himself
by the chin, from tbe extreme
central prang of the "pitch-ft
j bis tormentor carried—with aft image».*
distance of cold, clear blue air kstweew
j bins and the earth—hhi feel and très
i dangling in the voiJ and bis erwel, met m
J leas executor laughing with, hideofts aft*
! demoniac delight at the ludicrous b(H feaf
j ful spectacle. Presently tho latl r ift l W
j wia suddenly snatched from Macbie.ewd,
) fainting with the loss of blood, be iAii
' precipitated through iuimeaaurabto f pwoo
j —a projecting object caught hi* *****
vision lie convulsively clutched Ct ft-i-z
bo caught it—and, clingihg to it wfth ■
j Jcath-like tenacity, Ur . f-o/.-c ! but iw
verge of Ifca
Swft" wftMl
sle*J of clinging tn the ven«'r*bl« V
the lltU nf LvUprtulvnet, h« was warmtyj
j lovingly anJ uxoriou*ly clanping I ho reek
ing body of his «leeping, faitbfal ltd àê*
voted *poute.
The Original Rotbiohild
William IX , the Landgrave tit l!ô«ac(ai
elector he subsequently adopted tha title of
Willtnm 1 ) ohoac Hoth«ohild oh hi* banker,
and Laid the ha*i* of the lutter* * #dWl.
depositor worth having,
riches hud not com* to liiui or
nither his father, in the most honorable
It was his father, the Latidgrare
Frederic II.. who furnished George tfl
a ith • •venteen thousand llcsiianf fo fighl
in • <mr colonial ancestors in eomtdara*
This vast earn,
as much more, Krcdorle left t#
lion of $•-»<), 000,00U
hashed by
I his successor, who put it nil into tbe betide
f the cunning knight of the lied Shield
Frank fuit was atmzed it this atep. Tim
frn*bankers could not uadintBtid why
should p*« thein hy. and r*p.M
his entire trust iu a banker ooin|.arBtllo.f
The cause waa this, llaron R«toff,
while adjutant-geicral to Duke Ferdinaml
in the Seeen Yeere War. heeatne eery in
with Tredcric and William Ro
also learned much of the shrowdneM. eager-*
i(J. *tfd trust worth iuiJsuf IluthvcUfld wheef
the latter was in the employ of Oppcnbtdu,
baron s banker, and strongly rveoM
mended Mayer to the landgrave an an cits«
incntly proper person to leave money BÎtÉf.
consequence ol «irch reeoimuetidathwf
Mayer visited the palace of the prince it»
lasset, and f>uud him playing ebsa wi*lt
har<*n. loo tactful te iuterrupt tbu
K amö * * 10 Äluo '* behind tho bindgravc*^
elmir, and held hi» pcaea, a uiark uf MH»
an 1 sympathy which no sincere ehtaa-|,l 4 y
er cold fail «° appreciate.
» »*® ff** 1 * ws * going agaiuat William,
count. After s long pause, uncertain wkaft
lnav '' »° »--ext, be otideiealjr (■raaasi ««^
'* 1(! * * ll ' lcr *'«'' 'l»***««».
, Un ^f r *!* j^°^***J ( j-a.
»»''«hschtld, wbt had been efowlj #afelf«
,«I'* board from hit estrone*, rotaraoA
^ l r' om **' c "plj 1
"PufliciBUtly well, your serene IrigbtMNrt
f ! t0 iu ' Ja! ' r me - wcre it 1 » I*® 0 '■»«»••w«»^**
0Ä 11,0 kiu * " ,iJu "
' Th "' WS " * m, ' ,rr ' lllroko: h
, victory, «0» d.lighud the fth
* îal e P ul 111 Äö
d8r " T,DS: "»
i c,n ,x,rl<! '' t * * «'»ie*x-p>»J«r
j ,1,fficuU J " 1 WM WB ** •>»»••««
h ** d ba * in, » t " *»••• MjP
*° ma tl "» wittl tk * xlrit Br.XB ftld
; i * n0,ll<lr i3 '« rr *«» f» r lk « ■•«» t
After *»"»»•» W gmm !»*•
*•"* Hoth*«llM4 WaftarMhaft«
like Frederiff the tlvenx. sad
wilk such • brain rntmt ha earn*)
Knew ledge af tha gnwa i
charmed "
sad Gbaale ura a g a
seaarad tv tha
Um far

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