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NO. 29. :
M?.rboü I .oM
SCid-auiiO HIV','
twenty years since I crossed its thresh
their belts, and their rerolting looks.
1 found
JfliddWoœn Director!.
iw re—
TTTfrW -rvHP r
Tow» Co»mmio»«as — S. W. Lockwood,
President; J. R. bJP
Dowell, J. B. Wklker, L. O. Vaadegrift.
Aasmsoa —C. B. Anderson.
Tausoaaa.—Joseph Hansen.
Laumjmtw—F. C. Schrein.
John A. Reynolds, .
M.nuli lf. Li
Hon John P. Cochran,'Pres. ; Henry Davis,
,. B.
Diuotom.—H enrr Olaytoa, B. Gibbs,
T. Biggs, John A. Reynold», James Culbert
son, B. C. Fenlmore, M. B. Walker, J.
Culler, Joeepb Biggs.
PaastoBR.- "
>• >
J. SI. Cox, Prea; Samuÿ Feaington,
J. R. Hall, Trees.; R. A. Cochran, Jas. Cul
bertson, Jaa. H. Scowdrick, Wm. H. Barr.
oHtrikta3 mb
Fobbbt PawtatraaiA*.—Rev. John Patton,
D. D., Pastor. Divine service every Sunday
at 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday School
at 9 a. m. Lecture on WednaaanjU'ai *.30 p.
m. Sunday School ia the Chapel at Arm
■trong's every Sunday at 2.30 p.
St. Airas's Pbotestabt Kpmoopal.—R ev.
Wm. C. Butler, Rector. Service on Sundays
at 10.04 *Wfin p.-m- ' Slmday Sehool
at 9.00 a. m. Lecture on Fridays at 5 p. m.
Mstbodwt Episcopal,— R ev. L. 0. lbtlack;
D. D., Pastor. Service every Sunday at 10.30
a m. and 7.30 p m. Sunday School at 9.30
~ " Prayer Meeting on
_ys at 7.30 p. m.
Coloho Mutbodist.—R ev. J. W. Brown,
Pastor. Service every other Sunday at 10.30
a. m., 3 and 8 p. m. Sunday School »very
8»«d.y.UiP,e r - >i t/ , A >
Adoihum Cbaptir No. ft, R. A. M. Meet«
in Maaonk HUI ob the second and fourth Fri
the first aad third Tuesdays of every month
at 8 o'clock, p. m., Masonic Hall.
K&iäfiM toifitafrair.
Damm Lomi, No. 12 Meet* »very Friday
erealng ut 8 o'clock. Lodge room in the
Town Hull.
Puaou BbosaoM G KABOS, No. 3. Meets every
Tuesday evening ut 7-o'doek.' Grunge Room.
I. 0.0: F.
Good Samabitab Loom, No 9. Meets every
Thomduy evening ut8 o'clock. Lodge Room
io Obchsrt Hull, *#.-!,' Obtefht*8<fawd. ; «'«l
torMiteJIflsT M'ltlliil 'i *- i,iArt «1 IHÎS* f *»*l
BpfcQTfjfäßipß LOAS(
Mumuswwa jfa* % AseswmiM.-Homurt
Penington, Pres.; A. G. Cox; Secretary. Meets
on the Scte Thamduy of every month ut:8
o'clock, p.m. . -
Motdal Loab Associa mob m Mwoasre*».
—Jus. H. Scowdrick, Pres.; A. G. Oox, See
■y. Meets on the third Tnesduy of every
th ut 8 o'clock, p. m.
: ■iMi.u* ?.tjow a«
Walnut and Other Furniture.
.7 Buy-1
lug at wbokaale cash rates he feels assured
that he can sell aa low as the same
B W. Lockwood, Près.; J. T. Bndd, Sec' y ;
Rooms io Tsassokipt Building. Reading
agbIöul^uöal AôsocïÂïiorô.
CLTuSAt, ten Pmological As
rlteBWStM, President; I T.
Mcetlag third,
Fair an 87«,
6, 6, 7 and 8.
Meets for practice every Monday evening at
8 o'clock.
Omca Honaa.—Opens at 6.30 am and
doses at 9 p m every day except Sunday
Maila for the North cites at 6.45 a m, and
.oo'stfa O 1 T Ofi . y,'A 70.1 «
Mall for the 8onth closes at 10 a m.
Mails for Odessa close at 10.15 am and 7.30
p m.
Mails for Wkrwick, 8444alra*an4 0ccilton
dess at 10.15 a m.
a m and 3.14 p m. ; going South at 10.33 a m
and 7.56 p m. Freight train» with paaaenger
î going North, 1 leave at 7.46 p m ;
, at QM a hi.'
ear attached,
going South
Staid fa dfate; with», s. rtii/Aadls
ahortly after arrival of tbe 10.23 am and 7.55
p m mail trains.
Stages for Warwick. Sassafrpsand Cecil ton
leave shortly fa IrrlThl iof.tie-10.23 a m
FÜBNITÜBB.' *i«' 4| i
The nnderrignad respectfully announces to
the citizens of Middletown and vicinity that
be haa on bend a large /end weH, selected
stock of handsome and durable
goods can
of him pur
ht on thei
_ be bought elsewhere,
saved the mlg
goods from tbe city.
Ha ia also prepared to attend to
**«efrt*klj4viroi>k^' M
•t short notice, and in a manner excelled
by none. Persons wishing Metallic or Wood
en Gaskets or Osses will ind it to'tbeir ad
vantage to call on him. He has, also,
tat Lor at son's
Celebrated Cwtpae Preserver,
Tbs Corpse may be dressed in the finest tab
Praotteal Oabtaet MakaraUd Undertaker,
Furnished by ear in lota of fire tone and
' Middletown Del
;t» tu!
of lowest prirae. Also, materials for maan
faetering Phosphate always on hand. Price»
as low as tbe loweet, qualify as good a» tbe
beet. Orders aad inquiries by mail promptly
attended to. J. A. CRANSTON, >
Feb »Mfoal. » •/• tfcttWi't; Del:
; : : ■ • •
WtlTTI» roa TB« HUT »«WS BY 0. L.
Wha| bad he gathered— in lands or gold—
He who is lying so pale and cold I
This it
Ere hf
What had he gathered of land or gold ?
; Nangbt of the treasures 1 hat will not rust j
Naoght of his heavenly hope* or trust I
And the devil himself delays his task
To laupb-r-at j tip DuestjM ; we'4éh*ly ask,
And gloats—as we grovel in things of dust.
■ ..... s ,i n.I : :< ''.•ft::
What did he leave T—be has left them all l ,
Out of our tremulous reach or call,!, ,
trim the stately forests, so tail and fair, ,
To the loving with and potted heir,
And the boasted ancestral baU.
What tffa ah, :t^»i - » . 44 « I i>
Blessed is he who both gives and lends !
•They will weigh him (here in anOthèr sbale,
And'wo to him if the test should 'foil—
Where justice er er with mercy blends. : >
He ia worth the measure of mercy done I
Of evil deeds beha» learned to shim—
, it were sin to spsak
Of w
Of trials borne in a spirit meek ;
Of truant hearts to the Savior wen. '
:ii >1
For every despairing tear-drop dried— , f
For the gospel scheme spread far and wide,
He hath foapd a friend to plead his suit.
And credit his share of earth-grown frnit.
To sncfr-Mt is gain—to have lived and died.
wy ?i I » » > 1
H r . 1 * t < *; /■ r
Sotee jean ago the West Indian
were,infested by pirates of savage atro
city und detpenta valour. They- Wdtw
composed of men of all nations, run
any aailors from Engliah, Danish,
probably, the larger portion of them
men^8p^Wf 'rp^'^ifes of
Cuba, or of the old Spaniah settlements
of thé Southern States'of America.
1.6*4 {taken passage pn faifd tfa
meroheât ship Mary, at Belize, and we
wer« on mnr-voyage to Liverpool« 1 Wbefci
the following incident befel me.
ï hàd éedn the captain standing oft'
f ftef^depl, and, from time.to.Jfae^
eagerly «(rveying with his gfas aom«]>
'objoet t |o ; our wafa.. I walked, qp-.te
him on one of these occasions, art. ia
e t
qoired what fa was trying to mtkt
he answered FtTbu# A S*a'A q*fa mako
far ont." u .if -.nul
"She may fa one, of jfaee Bristol
tradsrs tfat nsre . peurly ready teJfiil
whtn weiten fartr'^-I MStrvuw.
"„Nft i ; »he doesn't Ipo^ jike ofapf. q
that sort. She seems of SHIM fastardi
rig; .fwy.mpfa hpf
,>y y '
"You d ryH^ V'f r
I asked, footing alarmed. Is landsmen
fas usually disposed to fa st sea, when
they encounter anything that looks
mytefafatelT< > / M <;<><)«> 7 H
"Really I cannot tell," was his an
swer; "bat''-I'kfapdte' it bill be time
Art so Saying, he strode forward
with hie glass. ' •**••• »
Night fell ; fat tfa mp wM vSO hot
iqd stifling falow, that I found sleep
next to"itnpmsible. - If I slept- fora
moment ,,I was haunted by dreams of
piràtes, sharks, art Shipwrecks ; so I
hurried «u my clothes, and again sought
tfa deck. The moon teas half-way np
tfa heavens,. Mad ! not' « ekud » was in
sight-4.j countless stars of wondrous
beauty and brilliancy gemmed the sky,
and''the ocean was" flooded with their
|)ight. A long- ;line of quivering rays
lay flashing >rt tfa /tpeouLaf^fa'a**,
like a vein of quicksilver, right ander
tfa.wcfcn'f eye. • i All fas quiet,; peucsv
ful, and beautjful. it wto * magnificent
night, sneh aa ia only to fa aeen within
tfa tropica, and not often even, th
The wind# 'fate" kfétet léid.' The
not to prevent them giviifg aa idle flap
now and then, te.fa*~ ffa> DjfaI rolled a
, . ïï rr? ei ;'Ab «fa »1 on / tfa lspg
swell. Neihing stirred about Ehe deckl
The watch had disappeared forward;
fat I found the captain , atill on thé
tble breeze, filled.
alert, and again Muvveying the remote
objeot he fad beffiro Abtetud, through
hid night-glass, ffflfte interrapt
him again by my questionings; I paced
the deek in the delieions night air ; bnt
m4 .ttrattep^Mfamrti^efafateA
th* eouud or the boatswain s shrill
whjutla eel ling the watch. Orden
were given by. fa xratetp» afa ( every
stitch of sail trite érowdsd on the ship.
Each must fare its full load. Ael
stood aft; and looked up, tfa aula
famed, in the moonlight, like towers
enow set sgsiust Jhe derk blue sky.
a fete minutes all was still again ;
tbe vessel eeemed to make fatter way
through tha water, from the inorespng
ripple of tfa wavelets heard against her
side« DnfrHrtrfiftdrtlp otefedfai
and l wert below- ante to eoUrt
-i-«' - -"T *
■M|Kiai> H-...I »iteü . r.faw *s
T wutl etartied from my slumber* to
wards morning, by the sound of alarm
voies«« fad of hurridd tramping on
deck I throw on my elotfas, and
(V> * /..:
h^ÿÿi^d.qp' tbp, compadiph ladder ;'ofc
my way up I met black Sambo, the
c*ok. */Çh?ffh . nature hajl/ P#<0 ont
ofh|f;P® w * r to Mt pale, tbe.poorjfa
led fopked tho picture* ofi tdrrör. The
pallor of frightweemed .positively strug
gling through his skin, and hie eyes
had that expression of alarm, which
terrifies more than even the pallid cheek
or the quivering .lip.
"Per heaven's sake.''I asked, ! *'what
v ,,„. ..
"Sharks, Sal" he replied, in an in
tense Whisper—seemingly SfrSid. to
speak abpve hie breath
"AH l" be instantly said. "Pirate»
: >
t i
■.*ti * i
" Where T" I asked, toy heart sud
denly bounding against my ribs
"See! Î' said 8ambo, printing aft.
,t looked in, the .direction, indicated,
mid my «|«i rèsted on"tn object yet at
some distance, but enough to strike fear
into the Strittest heart. ; It'-Was "the
strange ship;" whieh the captain, had
been scanning the preceding night, and
there could now be little doubt seta'
her character. A Smart breeze 1 had
spruqg cpi end 1 aha was rapidly, gaU^
ingètf wS. Her rig and hull wetè now
recognized by, some of the oldee banda
on board ; shç was a notorious pirate
ship, iu .full oh»aa of our, .vessel, and,;
but for some meirrifol Üterptertiou of
Prpvidepééi . we,; ijeetesd. doomed ,fi>r
; I walked up to the captain ;—''.Well/?
t said, "the Secret's at last out?"
j '''Ifes. t kBesr her ftom the first, but
I tried the charte-, éf eséapi. not
knowing whether : she might, hive.seek.
uS'or ndt ,"bt«, jtei
éd*,.. SHfarnt
pitatwiuthert rtae—teurtfd by «'erWw
of about; ' IhcKÎuggett ruffian* that ever
trod a deck.
u Bdt whàt I* lo bé done ?" I asked.
"fiqreiy^ ypp do, pot thick Pf j pffttWg
-Tt«,» M W« mime M«y for'll • St all
il: ,f
I:!..!'. fiU
: lw«L
YX'l .1/. ')
•events, we
reTe nge.
"Resist or not. we have no meroy to
'her, and
hope for from them, and my mind's
made np."
"But what ma«#* pf reaislanoe have
yon? Your vessel is short-manned;
yon aro.NfawVg'nis fiftumftUflfatt "
** You have not yet seen onr means ;
and such as they are, we must use them
against that ruffian ?" _ _
«Mi» ÿ««S RM#
(ion of the pursuing ship. She was a
q 0D g > ] ow saty of. crafty <evidep}ly very
3(r jf{ Her foremast and bowsprit were
immensely strong] and of great length.
both oov^d witb canvas. nuderu press
of wtriebshoeame fawfing Mlong/the
„b w freshening breeze filling her sails,
ua,'showed that we had no chance of
ieacape by flight. Oar every rag. of
canvaé' had been for some time set,'and
the old lumbering ship, hoavily laden
a< she was, went snorting and groan
ingtfaoi^tyf^e fatofij^faj^atekjFM
4s unequal as between a cart-horse and
a thorough-bred racer.
Turning toy eyes agate iowdrds the
deck, I found tbe men all activity and
bastle. One group I observed busily
pngeged in breaking and sawing old
iron hoops and spikes., These were for
grape-shot !
"Bfa where ara the ^un* .asked
of the captate.
"You shall see presently," he re
plied: "the men are dragging them
from their ooncealment below, for we
carry *i.ore'.th*ii thé regulation, toitiàfar.'
In the meantime, may I ask yon to go
below, and break the matter to your
fellow passengers? There may be some
of the gentlemen not unwilling to aid
in the defence of the ship. At present
I cannot leivi tho de^k My wife 1 !"'—
a shudder seemed to pass across his
foee, and fa added—"would to heaven
jibe had not been he re !" _
I pretaddWs fadkk rfd J tedbt bbiotv.
Need I say what screaming, sobbing,
and crying there was, firhen I infoimed
my fellow pasMngers of the danger ao,
near at hand- One tender giri there,
was, fair rad graceful, beantifbl as
light, who displayed the most cfarmibg
courage and ' self-possession. She
on her way home to England, in search
of the health which she had lost amid
the hot swamps of the tropics. It might
be that efa felt tfa band of t faajfy< al
ready upon her, and the ties that bound
far to life were thus feeble.. She tried
to soothe the shrieking women, cheered
those who seemed at if ptzifan dpiqn
by their terror, and urged upon all to
reflect, that it, was their duty rather to
aid and. >■encourage those who were
abont to risk their lives for their pro
captain's wife I found, was more com
posed tfau .the .other* ; and she sug
gested that tha other female« should at
one« proceed to disguise themselves in
'ordinary seamen's clothes, and proceed
«(on deck, sd as 4f possibl e té escape
detection, In event'of tfie ship being
boarded by 'he piritte/ , (( ^ ^
I left them engaged ih faae prepara
' A V ,7 -
:i •
tions, and n
that the men had now dragged from
their concealment nine eighteen-pound
carronades which were mounted and
ready for aotion. Some were busily
engaged in loading them, each with
round shot and a bag of iron cuttings,
hoektuiiriils, fhd ntuskei. bullé» t ie
. 1 found
most destructive kind of grapo They
worked as if life and death depended
on their efforts, which was indeed the
öf the eleven gentlemen passen
gers en board, of nearly all nations, the
greater number, with praiseworthy
alacrity, aided the crew in their pre
psrtrtWné'ïfo?'>S»féAc&. Àllthè' geüs,
rifles, pistols, swords and ontlssses
which tbo ship coaid master, were
brought on deck, ôncl distributed among
the passengers and crew.
The pirate .ship m pa. naw.sapidly ep^
proaching, and was almost within gun
shot. We could see her deck dis
tinctly, and perceived ébat it was crowd
ed with men ; booms and all were filled.
She was evidently wqll armed, for we
haw sfX^ntis otrakille^and'S 1 '
bn pivots, planted on the forecastle
The occasional gleam of steel caught
par ojt. 1 Vtè b aW U man, /videally a
peyson in: oommaud, standing in the
Shrouds, With a polished speaking
trumpet in his hand
u£ , ri<&M£js£
a red : sash bound round bis Waist, On
his head was a broad Pkoatoa bat, the
now bmutbg «un «idhrirfg'wdd*^ de
fence highly necessary. '
.\\m our attention was suddenly at
tracted in another direotiop, by a new.
object of interest—perhaps of daDgef
ItmUAt h^re be obsevved, that wq.prerg
t off,the coast of Cuba, whose high lands
toihé ßp'pc roag, olegr find
strongly defined ugahut the notibern
WLPtißMi thc oäd ltends on board
pointed eat, Wot very far Off, a spot
whjjçl^ hç 'assured us, was one of the.
most-noted piratical haunts in Cnba. ; Sl
"These fellows," «aid he, "eve#
their boats to attack' and
board ' merehaUtmen of the first class 1 .
I fiiVie known--"
: : j» i&m+n
the Took-ont.
"Where aymy^"
: 'tjuu r uur reiuui
i j And sore enough there wps a boat
almost* in onr track, thongb, at first
sjght tbsr'e èéédeeT nothrng' ln - ili' ! if/
pearance to excite either suspicion or
M l
'\8q«p 'itfbutxîije fauAa't üted/Jofal
tain," was the remark ef the old scs
ii: VW.I.l *U :
1 [taan'rt eur aide. . .
And the captain, to do him jnatice,
seemed,*|ivo.tOjth4 /nUceteilj. 'of : kéfa*
in g a sharp look-out in all directions
j We were soon within hail of tbs
iboat, and preceived t^at there was only
one man on board, who seemed as if
fishingiwitif ted lîfate thé bbht'e
,bow. An immense tarpaniin covered
the boat which wfa large as.
The only'CTfctrruHtante wh
ich excited
$[ :t0 CODCea l 'l-f i&wizoan'failed us in
op jwys f n tjbjec» vjtey>4Iio|i
1 kd a
forward and'W Whlch the man sat, as
carronade on a pivot, planted
anisb, bat onr captain not qnder
tnding Spanish, hailed in English.
"TTilWhY * whal « ti ' about
; » in t ..j,
' Jf e0biD ' WM man *
WHl buyifeesh ? ■ .
"And.jpfat kind of fish 4p you patch
here, so far ont at sea ?"
see at yt>4r bli>w?^ i!:
"Ah, sare! keep« off.ide.pirates wid
there - ?
ef that gun
i' : tlT'.u
\ "Noiyi nvon," said odf captain.,I turn/
ing round, "I .fmell some treachery
here. Whatever happens, be ready,
calrfe.MMd^olteoted ; we hfar hXvd 'i
doable danger to run; I fear this ia a
pirate's trick. Sambo,", (turning to
the black cook,) "see that the poker
is kbpt red hot, and be ready to hand
"Aj^lfy.^if* saYd Sambo, Vhowifa
his ivories ;' for Sambo T s pekerfad T bew )
appointed todo the duty ef portfire or
We were within less than a pistol
shot of the boat, when we observed a
sadden bustle under the tarpaulin.
The jinan at. ,tfa bow changed bit
position, pointed the oarrönada in the
direction of onr brig,, and brag! a
round shot went whistling through
foresail. v At ,|he .same instant, - ..the
tarpaniin was thrown off, with a about,
and some thirty^ej^q piyl | g | avage-^ook
ing ruffians displayed themselves to
view! r-fhdjl immediately salhtefii fa
fith a volley of small arms, which,
however, did but llttle-dsmage, though
I saw one of otv men fall,
firing upon them—tfa Jblack cook, ppw
brandishing bis heated poker. Bat
lim captain sfabutëd "Eoébear ! not
■hot till I give the word.H
The pirate boat rapidly approaohed,
and far, crew fired, another volley upon
ni ;< bat firing upwards, and onr
being aheltered falsie, jMalwMrks, no
famsge w
ruffians W
'»-if** //«!*»<*
«t a**
'fa others
.... i,lii««
eranbwriTosTnpon ns, and l
ponld see 'heir
lapses, the pistols and long knives in
-I !'
their belts, and their rerolting looks.
There was a faint scream of the females
on deck. We seemed as if already in
the pirate*' power.
But our turn for action had now
come. The boat had almost struck the
ship's side, when the dear voice of the
captain was heard.
"Now, men, steady ! Bun out your
guns ; mind your aim ! Now, Blacky,
with your poker."
The guns were run out through the
port holes in an instant, and me fiery
stream of death after another was pour
ed down upon our assailants. At least
three or four heavy shot went through
the boat's bottom, when she almost in
stantly filled and sunk, leaving her crew
in the water struggling and swimming
for life. A cry of horror rose from
among them when the first volley of
grape an d rennd Shot crashed into
their midst, and 1 they howled for pity
and mercy. But there was little time
for consideration now ; and one by one,
the swimmersdisappeared. Some sunk,
others seemed to be suddenly dragged
under water. Two sharks, whieh had
followed the ship's wake for seme days,
now enjoyed a high oarouse. There
was an occasional upturned belly,
a crunching of bones, and in a moment
all was over with the victim.
And what of the pirate ship—the
first object of our fears ? What was
our surprise to find the stranger ship
Cheering off ! Most probably our warm
reception of the Cuba "fishermen" had
shewn them that we were fully prepar
ed for resistance. However this might
be, oertain it is that they parted com
pany with us forthwith, and troubled
us-no more. The joy of the erew and
passengers, thus rescued from perils so
imminent, need scarcely be described.
This captain was quite beside himself
with joy, and seetned almost inclined to
'embrace' the black cook Sambo .for his
gallant handling of the poker. Double,
if not treble allowances of grog were:
served put to the men ; and we. reached
port in safety, without further incident,
about three weeks after this adventure
with thé pirates.
• Few women realize how muoh per
sonal attractiveness, fasoination, that
indescribable power which drabs all
toward fa/ posessor,
physical .health. The day ia past, if
ever it was here, indeed, when women
most be pale >nd .delioate to fa inter
eiti^ffj j |Ota( the contrary, fa ha ipter
estlng they mast be fsesh looking, and
tO be thlrfthty bust be not only healthy,
bnt vigorous. It is, therefore, of the
hjghest importance that they should
know, how Aq jypeserve faajth and. prac
tice what they know ' Cleanliness is the
first law of beelth-V W« ktiote a woman
who is forty, hu taught since she wm
eighteen, and now looks not more than
thirty."'A sponge bath is her'daily
. ; vtuir •*< •< ^ ' •
morning prescription—better than
al) ihe medicines that were ever manu
factured or takeu. After a lake-warm
4>ath and a rapid and thorough drying
witblk>éraab4ôsfel, tfa ski*' become«
soft, morefaxible and glossy, and the
tobe of the whole system is improved.
Next-to cleanliness iu importance, and
greatly neglected, is exeroise. Nottbe
slow, list!
: :
ms yralk that opr young ladies
and school misses and fashionable
ijjjnntes gall exercise, bnt good, hearty,
hontet wbik or play. Rapid walking,
part ^j. r ]y in agreeable society ; rid
ing upon horseback ; loose clothing
-and teUboùt tfa addition of late suppers
iuffioient wrappings in the cold
fatfa-'battle-dore and shuttle
cock, dumb-bellteand even light gym
nastics kre fill ' prompters of health.—
Then, happy thought ! almost all aorta
of housework, if not presevered in to
excess, promotes health. Aa proof of
this witness the 1 rosy cheeks, well*
rounded limbs ind cheerful air of the
"girl," and Compare them with the
pale face, jaded and listless air, and
"general debility" of her mistress.
air ; a
. t.
The most perfect home I ever saw
was in a little house, into the sweet in
cen8e , of ^hose fires want, no coatly
things'. ' 'Six hundred dollars served for
a year's living of a father, a mother and
three children But tha mother was a
creator of home, and her relations with
her children were the most beantifbl I
have ever seen. Even a dull and com
monplace man was lifted np and en
abled to do work for souls by tbe at
mosphere which this woman oreated.
,^rery inmate of her house involuntarily
looked into her face for the key-note of
the day, and it always rang dear.
From the Tosebud or the clover leaf,
hieb, in spite of her honsework, she
lways found time to put by our plates
at breakfast, down to the essay or story
she fad gnfaud to fa read or discussed
in the evening, there was no intermis
sion of her influence. She always bas
been, and always will fa, my ideal of
a mother, s wife. If to her quiek
brain ^ hm
had been a
Und exquisite tget |
t fippliafaë of wealth
and the enlargemdÜf of Aider eulture,
hers woâïd hâve been absolutely the
ideal home. As it wu, it is tfa fate I
have ever aeen. It hu been more than
twenty years since I crossed its thresh
old. I do not know whether she is
living or not. Bnt as I see house after
house in which fathers, mothers, and
children are dragging ont their lires in
a haphazard alternation of listless rou
tine and unpleasant collision, I always
think with a sigh of that little cottage
by the sea shore, and the woman who
was the "light thereof," and I find in
the free of many women and children,
as plainly written and as sad to see as
in the newspaper columns of '"Pur*
sonals"—"Wanted— À Home."— Ex
An elevated purpose is a. good and
ennobling thing, bnt. we eannot begin
at the top of it. We must work np to
it by the often difiSenlt path of daily
A man will always undergo great
toil and hardship for ends that mutt be
many years distant, aà wealth or fame ;
but not for an end that may be cloae
at hand, as the joys of heaven.
"God ? e greatness flows aronnd onr
incompleteness," and the preacher who
lays hold of it, bringing it within the
reach of straggling and despairing men,
shall never lack bearers or rejoicing
converts. 1
Mortality without religion, if only a
kind of dead reckoning, endeavoring to
find our plaoe on * cloudy sea by
measuring the distance we hive to ran,
bnt without any observation; of the
heavenly bodies. ' ' ' '
Cheerfulness is an excellent wearing
quality. It gives harmony to the soul,
and ia a perpetual song; without word's'.
It is tantamount to repose. It ettablea
nature to reoruit its strength ; whereas
worry and disoon tent debilitate it, in
volving constant wear anii tear.
The tide of our sorrows and sins has
often arisen from a trival spring ; and
the sapé is troe ef onr earthly joys,
Onr daily trials and hourly blessings
gather something of the radiancc of the
bow in the clouds in thé day of rain,
as we receive them from the pierced
bands of Him whose death and inter
cession have made all things ours
The modest virgini the prtldent wifé,
and the oarefol matron, are tench teore
seviceable in life than pettiooated phi
losophera, blustering heroines, or
virago queens. She who makes her
husband and her children happy, who
Teclaims the one from vice, aad trains
np the others to virtue, is a much
greater character than ladies described
in romance, whose whole occupation ia
to murder mankind with shafts frote
the quiver of their eyes.
i ch
Save Monet. —"Pat money iayqur
purse" if you sun, young maa? deny
youraelf a few of those expensive plea
sures whieh are so evanescent, and
which leave u sting behind. It may
come hard ut first ; few take kindly to
self-denial ; bnt in the years to come
jon will thank yonraelf for exercising
prudence in youth. Habits are easily
formed ; and he who does not begin to
save when he commences life for him
self, will rarely begin at all ; for where
not even the nnolens of a modest for
tune has been early acquired, family
expenses will, after a time, grow as
fast as the income, and the two keep
abreast ever afterward. The saving
and keeping of the first hundred or the
first thousand dollars is the key to
future success, from the foot that it
builds np business character ; it com
pels the formation of habite of economy,
and fixes them for life ; it pats the
yoang worker on the right road, ac
customs him to keeping out of debt,
drills him in tfa homely science of
keeping bis financial matters anng, and
bnilde np a granite determination to
force expenses below income.
According to the lateat reporta from
Fiji, tbe measles epidemic oontiooes
with fearfo] mortality among the na
to amist each other. All tbe head
chiefs are dead. Three hundred natives
have died in tbe island of Ovaian alone,
Mud iu tbe other islands a greater Dum
ber have succumbed. The disease,
which ia always followed by dysentery,
hat assumed a form of plague. Several
of tbe native towns are depopulated.
At one town the bodies lay for days un
covered, and were mangled by pigs.
Tbe natives are only burying the bodies
few inches below tfa surface, and the
late rains hive washed the soil off. Tfa
effluvium emitted is sickening, and tbe
worst results are anticipated. The na
tives are too panic-atrioken to ofay the
directions issued by the Government
for tbe suppression of the malady.
Fifty thousand Fijians have already
"There," said a London banker, who
had just dropped is to eee Moody art
Sonkey at work, "that's religion on
basinets principles; and Pd honor a
ofaek on the tank of 'eaven, signed by
those ohapa, at sight."
A couple short of money gavo a
eltrgyman in Cedar Springs a dog und
un accordéon for marrying them.
There's plenty of sunshine to span for as all,
Then into our lives let ns take it ;
The world, though briaftil of the glorious
Cache dark if we choose so to maka it.
We must open ear hearts, 1st tbs sunlight
pour in,
And light up tbs dark dreary places;
With sunshine without, and sunshine Within,
Nevermore need we nee gloomy '
Let os seek ont the lives (hat are clouded mod
When smuhine perchanee hath ne'ar sB
Aad gin to them freely rraas our brimM cup.
When sunshine aad peace long have sen
■j. tered, '
Oh I all the world over, thacr'nligtafhr all,—
Then into one Km lot ns take It ;
The world, though brimlM.of the glorious
light, rài
Can ha dark ifwa cheese so to make it. « i
Tunnelling Miff British
This enterprise really seems to have
some vitality in it, and tfa pr*rt»inary
experiments will undoubtedly ' be con
ducted. Thu submarine tuuuri^ proper
will be a little more than sixteen utiles
long, and the two rabterrStnan ways of
approach will be éaeh seven miles long.
French and English capitalists, railroad
companiee and banker* hnvu aabeeribed,
though of course the greater puit of the
subscription will be postponed until t^e
expérimenta are satisfactory. The ooèt
of the experimental gallery eomplsta p»
estimated at about five milliou dollars ;
that of the tunnel and road complete at
about fifty minion dollars. One of the
acoonata, {ajs.tfaf th«,faring .wiQ,fa
dona with a very; i powat fa l whsteble,
wlnub bites inte the ok*!k, jugi uHd
outs with u rètery iptfarit éac|K;^t' ""
inches. ,Tfa ohalk powder drops inte
an Oa^loM etetb d rau gh t art is can ted
by the movement Of 'thé eloCfa to-u
wagon, whieh takes it ont of the gal
lery. ; Experiments have been madq on
the rocky shore of Rochester, where the
maohis* bored at the rate of 1:2 metres
per hour. At this rate in two years
the cutting can be done from éhâ 'to
ho4,;'j Ventffàtiou it to W proonrod by
injection of eempfoased air. 6hm|ld
may fisanre beeuooontered, as a tee vi
able partition will be nude, to aeporute
the front' outtifig from tfa gallery be
hind, by forcing wwf twri air ut five
ri * WML t 't . SS 1
During theeayly pert of the late war,
in theyear 1861, shortly after our,army
moved from Washington out beyond
Arliogton« Gen. Levi S. Ch*tfleld : Of
New York went Over totlsit éote* Ohio
4«ÿ»r»'»te.*i >l »w»» rtta
of the movement was.related toJum?
As they wait along on theis wuy Over,
some of tho soldiers stopped out offh«
»m m m .«
geese, and at the u ngge ation of: ud : in-.
gênions foliote *nd^teW*l Vbi»
•his internment art put the captured
bird*fa. Shortly afterteard the Colo
nel came along, and noticing, that tfa
boy shirked his nanti dram whacks,
rode np to him and mid, "Why don't
yon beat that drum?" "Colon*],"said
the startled musician, "I want to apeak
to yon." The Colonel drew still closer
to him.and, bending down hia heud,
laid, VWell, «hat do yon have to
■ay?" The drammer whispered, "Col
onel, I've got a couple of geese in
here." Tfa Colepol straightened up
sod gravely said, "Well, if yon're riek
and can't pity, you needn'tf' and then
rode on. It is needttae to add that the
Colonel hud nteot goose that night,
atmospheres iutothe : former, tfaréwill
'be no danger of a sudden invuaion of
the gallery by water. 1 It Only 1 remains
to fa seen whether there will fa enough
capital offered to justify tfa beginning
of tfa BMia work. -:
A Flokal CuaioeiTT.—A flower fas
been recently described by an eye' wit
it Constantinople which ia so great
a rarity that .pn* «* apt to treat it na a
fiable, aad wait for: the oouflrmation of
to the
one's own «ye right.. It«
narcissus kind of bulbs, and bears the
botanical name of opkyrs mouçhe.
There ware three naked, flomtrs on the
stalk hanging on otw aide ; the' under
fodifig,'while ' the two
others were in all their beauty. They
represented a perfect humming bird.
The breut of bright emerald green fit a
complete copy of this bird V and' tbe
throat, bead, fade, and eye» are a per
fect imitation, 'ÿhe binder part of the
body and the outstretched wings are
bright rose oolor, one might almwt wy
flesh ooiored. On the . abdomen rests
the whole propagation apparatus, of a
deep dark brown t|nt, in the form of a
two winged gad fly.
Death ooe waft
Two eases of petrifaotiou are reported
from Eddington Pond, where, on the
opening of . the graves of a man and
'wife who were buried over forty years
ago, their bodice were found to fare
turned to stone. The uppearono» of the
women is said to ho aa natural ua an fa
day of her death.
f î .
Brigham Yonng keeps hte own fapd
*»■» ^-Jte
eommands ens of hia satraps to grind
l. ,; f
't?r vlfclvp vv
Son." *'iî< «■' '■
Shades of night—window curtains.
What portions of the body are the
beet trevelers—The two wrists.
In what respect decs a Bishop resem
bles fish? Both live» the see ! ,v
23,226,309 barrets df mat«
were made! in the British Kii
The Wine crop of French will be
more abondent than any dfth '
' wt
A skilful hw
takes Via first éiéw of the animal
ilf. té
s tsadiisshib
ti ,
A gohd man, wbo'eau't affbrd a four
in-band. Sap there are no stylish tnrn
1 Alt kek for .«See d
lead to mited-tt the tétnple of fltare
This is* httmordn* Mdarf.
A Yankee baa^iscoMrod
ica mss .the Garden *t Edeu, hence
Adam wus onr fitst
"One angle more in Heaven,
a Bud» county tombstone «ays. May? •
be that is to romind us we are ull.: ,;i
A woman Who elin make i bed witb
0,1 ; ■ .W iSw "
right, *ot swwry uhnn* .far fcfaw
Olive Logan won't speak Ko anuettesa
though she »H once poor ' *""* !
Boston, populous Boston, may pro
U *
*1 .
» tpiv
•tëzd&ï .r 4.Î4: - r :U fa#
hnhdreSa of thonizhd* i
OeniMattunkieportB thuk.'tbia mmot '
w® tmtloubto4iy tnrw n oit ; te ! forti|
oTf -.i svidr
SI vHtittÜèï
The Urtfcrtnl Journal, deec
an Ohio politiriMu; 'éaj* 1 : 1 '* -"He ii tte
i, ml«:-::>IL .l-Ji ..Li'i---'--- 11
~ a
«•-»a TtTVpjmjTRnSRiro
>y the sweat of his jaw
Propositions of üfxiTtlgB 1H Nevada
are written on pi al A oisriiiv fad the un
'»W WW Wfafffaf-J !.. av«fir,;iv«<f «-.viq
Though I teok nMwyte i ate etriteg
TrtfarWi 1 "
ifa^a'i* mv !
rt* »ffyaW
The Mhoriboyfairtt tbo ' titeo' filll '
the return of Yfa bélida jz]! ifa ___
longs to fa of ago:* :tfa lover ta . unpa- ,
tient until, he is married.— Addinm. , )<*
I* was ^marked this moMiig that
there were quite a .natefar of Amerioans
Dollymount reéendy. reply j
wus, "Yes, just six too mutyr *
A'.Meteflte muuhuo got apte lout
oaM . ^ fe, MVantom y Mfa 4oloek
for btteglorafo the honae.and though
he ha* nefar found ^e/ hU wife won't
gj^^p ^p,,
it inlnal»i»i|- a " t kufjll •
h«, m te'tato-SMiriSnm
tan ^olutaM tfa mu at'kmle
^ EvSoÄ^ \\BS3ht
' 1 ***' "
k "" 4 " p t;. „ .
er Wju Betely^uMhlhrt' hgtekbttki
ü »»H»
ana lusty, fof in m j
apply hot and,rehdlii
hloçd.— Shak*M&are,
t ;
W< >
mente, fa 8abbath schools.
Graham bread is said to be exoellent
food for tbe Children on aooonnt of, fa
superior bone-giving qaulttt<i^4ïfa %
can feed a child on that nutil he is all
f 't
The Bishop' of Manchester has
solemnly -declared the novels of Miss
Braddon and of Mite De La Paurs
(oalUng heraell 0 aida) to fai . fat „only
on wholesome but nuaiwalt/ vq
i-L're *'' v. ■
kicked an msnranoe agent in thia (law.
on the cheek,the other day. .'The
mule's hpof frw bfakea.
A printer's dètil says hiâ lot >
fart fae; at hia boarding hpuae they
charge him with all the pi« they can't,,
find, and at tfa offioe tfay charge him
teith'all the pi they can find.,, .. ; ;
Little Warren Haaofiok Smith, *
fiostoA fay, haahH been ' able té ait
î,' !
31 4

down'for two daya { in eonaequence of
having been detected in the feet of fan- fa
verting hia father's razor into.'.'Tfa :
Strord of Bunker Hill." ,
A young man iuu foihre thop wks "
lately overpowered by u fastidious
young lady, «ko 1 teaifad W'pfaoht i !
Mr. Hoods-—a—song Of ;tbe7-TU. . |14
gentleman's undergarment!" The youag ,
man U atill altve> (!î
t-.,w»q Oil!
The Sultan to the -new American
Miniator : "Now, Hordoe, jon must
keep away from tha harorii and attend
your international affairs. Wa don't
knew anything abont true inwardness
nod moral Niagaras fan." -n
"On which side of the-plutform ia .
train ?" asked a atrapger in a J«r
City depot, tfa (»far day. "WeB,
Mrad," replied a gentleman, pass
ing, "if yon take tfa left, you'll fa
r^ht; If you take the right, you'll fa
v 1 -' "i - "
If yon want to brfog an Aineriean .
boy up right, appeal .to his Centennial
feelings. There ia a lud in Bwton
whose mother cured him of * fad falnt
ingt by Myfa..''1jrailio, Guo: Wadb
ington never eraeked hiekory unto %Hb
hfctehw.^" >;1 ' l •- •
f 11

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