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r'-UX ?U L-.iLU1
BmatmzwnwK, w.
V1es?srs. Baker <fc Billmyer, and
D. S. Rkntch are now receiving a splen
did and vaiied assortment of Sj>i irtg and
Summer (loods, which they are deter
mined to dispose of at low prices. See
?dvertisements in to day'# Register.
There are twenty five candidates
lor the office of Commissioner of Reve
nue, in Loudoun County. The "longest
pule will knock the persimmons. *'
Wm. ti. Butler, Executor of U
B. Kearney, deceased, sold at Public
Sale, on Saturday last, two Houses and
Lois, situated on Washington Street, in
ihis town, for the sum of $202. Purcha
ser, Wesley Bramhall.
Since the late rain ibe growing
crop of wheal in this portion of the coun
try, presents a promising and lu-alihy ap
$3^ The Hardwaie, Steel and File
Manufactory Company, located in We
verton, Washington County, Md., was
sold at Public Sale, i. few days apo, and
pitrclustdby Col. Ca-per W. Weaver
of that place, for $3,000.
Messrs. John S. Miller, ol
Boonsboro*. Md., and son of Mr. John
M^ler of Outfield's Depot, ibis County,
Uarky Deaner, of Boonsboro', Md..
and a Mr. Myek*, of Shaip?burg, M?l.,
left on Monday of last week for Califor
nia. They embarked at New York the
latter part ol last week. May they return
iiome with pockets fu 11 of ??rocks."
[)i . J. S. Stone, Judge of the Mi - j
Iter's Court of Pike's Peak, who was se- :
?vdrely wounded in a duel with Governor ;
Bliss of that Territory, on the 5?h tilt., is
a native of Harper's Ferry. The iiisuli |
-which led to ti:e meeting was given in a
toast drank at a dining parly, and it ap
peals was deliberately intended to bring
on a hostile meeting.
The arrivals of the* fisheries a! A1-!
exandria, are good. On Wednesday ,
shad sold at $ 1 4 per hundred, and herring
at $ 12 per thousand.
{]& A fire occurred Bt Triadelphia.
Montgomery County, Md., on Monday
morning last, at 2 o'clock. Much valua-j
t le property was threatened, owing to the
l.igh v i ii d blowing at the time. Thel
dwelling adjoining thai of Mr. Lansdale,
destroyed, was occupied by Mr. Kowc,
who saved part of his furniture. The
Inctory, llonr-mill, cotton-house, store
house, and other building#, were saved
by the untiring exertions of the people of
the place, who divided them** lies into
tquads ami passed water to the roofs ol
lhe buildings threatened. The origin ol
the fne is not accounted for, but is suppo
sed io have resulted front accident. Kev.
S, V. Lf.i ch and w ife, late of this town,
were a^le^p in Mr. Howe's residence.
They dressed hastily and escaped. Mrs.
Beckett fell dead on the spot, through
Fre>iif. r. ? Kain commenced falling on
Monday and continued u ith slight inter
mission up to Wednesday noon, causing
the Potomac to swell higher than it has
been for eight years. The freshet exten
ded along the line of the B. & O. Rail
road from Grafton to points east of Har
per's Ferry. The C. & O. Canal was
ovei flown at several points between Cum
berland and Harper's Ft-rr). It is thought
fiat Dams No. 4 and 5 are materially in
jured as five or six cribs and timber were
seen floating by at this point.
At Harpei's Ferry, on Wednesday, the
tank* of the Canal were entirely submer
ged, and the lower end of the town over
flown. Many persons * ere compelled to
remove their stores, shops, &c.,from the
submerged and threatened buildings to
others higher situated. The Armory
buildings being protected by the heavv
-walls surrounding thein, were not at all
selected by the flood.
It is presumed that much loss and
damage have been sustained* by persons
residing along the line of the Potomac.
Piano Fortes. ? We invite the atten
tion of our readers to the advertisement of
A. H. Gale & Co., of New Yoik. in an
other column. These g?-n lemen have
largely increased ihei. manufacturing fa
cilities, and are now prepared to supply
all orders promptly with their j ?ily cel
ebrated Instruments. They have con
stantly on hand a fine assortment of Pi
hnos. and those wishing a first class Pi
nno Forte at a moderate price will not tat!
lt? gi\e litem a call before punhasii g
107 Easi l'iih street, Net* York.
pwgMgggg j :
i \ ? ] ?swa ismi, -
j %? ff'h 'U^U Bunineu.? We under
?<aiid I h a I the Kansas islature havl
giameo on** hundred ami fifty bills of di
|vorc?mV&ni in forty day* ? fiial'y <he Leg
i-1 ?t<ire quit the retail business, a*?d the
HouM concluded to do a wholesale ope
ra lion, and immediately passed a bill di
vorcing all married people in the territory.
} ? St. Joseph Mis'.
Gov. Letcher has appointed Col. Snm'l
B. Paul, formerly of Petersburg. Y'a ,
Flour Inspector in Richmond, vice D.?n I
IS. Delapiane, Esq., resigned.
Thn mountains along the line of the
Virginia and Tennessee Railroad, from
1 Big" Spring Depot to a considerable dis
I lance westward, have been on fire lur ?ev
! eral d ?ys.
Family Poisoned ? 1 he family of
Mr. George T. Jones, bookseller, near
the University of Virginia, consisting of
himself* wife and five children, and his
clerk, were poisoned last week, but not
fatally. Suspicion rests upon a negro
In Berkeley, the Democrats, in Coun
ty Convention, have nominated Daniel
Lafever. for Sheriff; Geo. H. Murphy, lor
Com. Attorney; and James W. McWor
ter, for Commissioner of the Revenue.
The following gentlemen compose an
Independent Ticket for Berkeley Coun
ty : Alexander Newcomer, for Sheriff:
Peyton R. Harrison , lor Com. Attorney;
and J. S. Sirayer, lor Commissioner of
( Revenue. This ticket is composed of
both political parties.
The new planet discovered in France
by one Dr. Lescarbault, a year since, and
named Vulcan, w ill cross the disc. of the
sun, it is expected, on someday between
the first and fifteenth of the present month.
Strange Scene at Church.? On Mon
day morning, gieat excitement was caused
in the Baptist church, Pittstown, Hensel
! ae r county, N. V ., by a mnn walking in
to the midst of the congregation, clothed
entirely in nature a co*tuine. lie v\as
led out as soon as possihje, and decided
to be insane on the Mil jeel of drean.
The Black Republican m; j iritv in
Connecticut is only n7 1 . It w<?s upwaiils
oi* 7.000 at the la*t President. al election.
lit Rhode Island the Black Republicans
(for Governor. ?fcc..) are defeated by a
Union of Democrats and Americans.
A gentleman from California, recentl)
a Senator of the United States, visited
Frederick county, last week for the pur
pose of procuring wagons, fur California.
He contracted with a gentleman in New
town, for a number deliverable the ap
proaching Summer, to be shipped to Cal
Ti e bill reported to the Virginia House
of Delegates by the committee on Elec
tion Laws, providing that M>j>r Generals
and Brigadier Gcncials should be appoin
ted by the Governor, by and with the ad
vice and consent of the Senate, ue believe
failed to pass that body; con-equently.the
Virginia Militia will be without Generals
until the next session of the Legislature.
The Bla.k- Republicans of Maryland
| have called a Convention at Baltimore, on
i ;lte 25th inst.. to select Delegates to at
tend the Chicago Convention, to nomi
nate Seward or some other Helperite lor
| Ptesident. The Delegates to this infa
mous Sou.' hem State Convention, at Bal
timore, are requested to report to Ld
I in u ml Smith, W. E. Coal^Gen. E. Wise,
A. B. Arnold, or John H. Gould, who
constitute a Slate Executive Committee.
Destroying Vermin on Colts ? I ake
1 flaxseed ^ilisetd) oil, and rub the barb-T
ing places thoroughly to the skin, and the
vermin will swell up.die, and di op off. 1'
is very safe and sure.
Both Houses ol Congress have agreed
lo the bill authorizing puhli hers in send
ing papers by mail to state in the address
the date when subscriptions will expire,
and also providing that the carriers in the
cities and towns shall charge but one cent
? o:? delivery of drop letters.
A majority of the members of the late
i Virginia Legislature have requester the
Governoi to call an extra session next
j The farm of the late Oliver Cromwell,
of Jefferson County, was sold, a few days
ago, at auction, for $55 an acre. Im
provements poor. Leonard Sadler pur
; chaser.
The new Maryland Code, on page 238,
says "that if any person belonging to this!
State shall go out of this Slate, and there,
marry with any person belonging to this
State, without license or publication, each
of the said parties, on conviction, shall be
fined one hundred dollars.'*
Shucking Accident. ? Augustus Darby,
agt il 10 ?r 12 years, a son o( Mr. Graf
ton Darby, of Martinoburg, was suddenly
killed on Wednesday last. He was play
ing at the saw-mill of Fitz, when his clo
thing was caught by a shaft and lie was
instantly crushed to death. Several of
his bone? were broken, and his body was
| horribly cuangled.
.Murder. ? In Floyd county, Va., a few
days since, Ambrose Cox entered the
| house of Mr. Moore, hi* brother-in-law,
and shot him dead with a rifle. The
cause nf the murder was the division of a
tract of land of Cox's father by which
Moore obtained half, which his slayer
swore he should never occupy.
The jury in the case of Miss Carstang
,v , Mr. Shaw, the wealthy bachelor, ai
S . Louis, Mo., returned a verdict on Sat
urday night for the defendant. A motion
for a new trial was made, and if thi* be
refused ihe case will go to the Supreme
Court. This is the second trial of the
case, ihe jury on the first occasion hating
swarded '??e lady damages to the amount
4uf $100, 000. Now she gets nuthing.
Reminiscences of Hie Marriage uf lieu
rj Clay.
The delivery of ihe statue of Henry
Clay, in New Orleans, and its proposed
Inauguration in April, is exciting a proper
degree ?>f interest both in and outride of
thai city. Kentucky is to be formally
repies* nted at the inaugural ceremonies.
A representative has already been desig
nated in the person of Mark Hardin, Esq ,
Who was selecti d lacl week, by a public
meeting held at Shelby ville. How sin
gularly appropriate this appointment is
will appear by the following paragraph
from an exchange :
, "An interesting incident occurred a few
days ago at Louiwiile, Kentucky. It
was the meeting of the only two persons
now living who were present at the mar
| riage of Henry Clay. The parties tvrie
Mark Hardin, of Shclbyvilje, a noble rel
ict of the old time generation of Kentuck
, ians, and the venerable Mrs. Trice, the
mother-in-law of Judge Thos. A. Mar
shal), of the Court of Appeals of that
Siate. At the time of the inariiage, Mr.
Hatdin a clerk for Col. Hart, of Lexing
ton. whose daughter Mr. Clay married,
and Mrs. Price was one of the most ad
mired belles of the State.
Col. Hart was a meichant, and a rich
one for tint early time, full of the whole
hearted hospitality which characterized
the pioneers ol the West, and proud of
the brilliant promise of his new son-in
law. The wedding therefore was a sump
tuous affair ; invitations were sent to ev
ery family of respectability within the
settled portions of the Stale, and the man
sion of the bride's father was thronged
with guests from the gayest youth to the
icravest age. The visitors vaned in cos
tume as much as in )ears. IloneM tan
I hark dyed homespun was there blushing
1 beside the gaudv European fribberies of
I laced coats, r?J file a , and small swords.
The venerable couple I have named,
: had not seen each other for a long period,
until their late meeting. They recalled
I the incidents of the wedding, and revived
I memories of friends and companions
among the Urge company there gathered
togethrr, some of whom had died in rich
jt-s and honors, others in disgrace or desti
tution ; all were gone ! sixty years had
! swept all but themselves from their places
among the living."
To cure a severe Cough or Cold, use i
Dr. VV istar'a Balsam of W ild Cheiry,
Co cure H hooping Cough, Croup or
Bronchitis , use Dr. Wistar's Balsam of
Wild Cherry. To arrest predisposition
to Consumption.u&e Dr. Wi*tar'a Balsam
of Wild Cherry ! To cure Dyspepsia or
Indigestion , use the Oxygenated loiters.
To cure Asthma, Acidity, or ILurt
Burn , use the Oxygenated Bitters.
These Remedies perform all the)
promise. They relieve suffering, <-ure
disease, resloie health, thus affording
consola'ion and comfort to the sick nnd
afflicted, vr here discouragement and sufTcJi
inij existed before.
Clyde, Wayne Co.,N. Y., Mar. 10/57 !
Messrs. $. W. Fowle & Co. : 1 am j
happy to state that I found your Bitter* |
excellent for my practice, ill curing De- j
bility, Indigestion, and Affections of the
Liter, with the most satisfactory result?;!
and 1 would cheerfully recommend them i
to persons suffering with these diseases.
Respectfully yours,
J. t.. SMITH, M D.
None genuine unie.ss >igned I. BUTTS
on ihe w rapper.
Prepared by S. W. FOW LE <k CO.,
Boston, ?hhI for sale by W m. Moulder
an<l Dr. A. S. Stonebraker, Shepherds
town; Joseph E. Claogptt, Harper's Fcr
rv; C. E. Heller <fc Co., and E. H. Camp
bell, Cliarlestowu; C. B. Hancock, Sum
ui i \ Point; Smith <k Son, MidJleway;Tim
berlake & Subline, Kippon; and by all
dealers everywhere.
John Brown's Outlaws. ? The Har
pers Ferry Investigating Commit'ee had
another meeting on Thursday. 'Ihe Ser
geaiH-ai-arm*, who has been in search of;
John Brown, Jr., has returned, and in
formed the Committee that he is in Ohio,
but refused to be taken. He deties tl e
Committee and Congress, and ?ays
his friends will not permit him to leave]
ihe Slate. The Sergeant-at- Arms having
no power to act, and being afraid of get
ling into difficulty, did not press the mat
ter, but reported ihe facts as above lo the
Committee, who have the matter under
consideration. They meel again on Fn
dav, w hen the matter will probably be
reported to ihe Senate. ? Baltimore Ex
change . .
i Walter Land, of Piincess Anne county,
Va , has been sent to the penitentiary for
killing his brother-in-law, Benjamin F.
! Flanagan. He oughl to have been hung.
! He sent for Flanagan and deliberately
'shot him as he approached his (Land's)!
door. He was without cause jealous of
Land. They were both men of position
and property. Gov. Wise was the coun
sel of Land, and made a speech of six
hours' length in his defence.
A bill has passed the U. S. Senate au
thoiizing the Alexandria, Loudoun and
Hampshire Rai'-Road to terminate at
Georgetown, at which point the Balti
I more and Washington Rail-road will by
an extension, unite with it ? and thua form
a continuous road from Piedmont, on Ihe
Baltimore and Ohio Rail-road, in Hamp
shire to Baltimore. Alexandria will be
allowed a branch road from the main stem.
This being ihe shortest rouie to the Ohio
river, from Washington, the trade and
'travel will of courae go on the new road,
when completed.
Jt is stated that the expense of C.
T. Bttlkb, Esq., attending thi capture
and delivery in the Charleston n Jsil, of
his fugitive slave Moses Horner, amount
led to the sum of $1100.
The Gill Net Troubles.
On one day 1 as ( week the steam-pro
peller Cathcart was dispatched down the
river on Ihe service of prevention of fish
ing by gill. nets. The luost it could do
was to give notice to the gillers it might
meet w \ h the illegality of their en
terprise, and warn them to desist. 'l ite
' Cathcart returned on Saturday afternoon
to Georgetown, having warned approach
ing twenty gtlling parties, and will leave a
gaiu this evening, carrying the proper of
ficers of the State of Mary land, authorized
to put an end to gilling, by force if neces
sary. The Cathcart is armed with a six
pounder and a supply of muskets, with a
crew of filteen men. It is to be hoped
that there will be no necessity for the use
of force, as it isobviouslv the duty of all
to obey the law without hesitation. ? Na
tional Intelligencer.
Sad Termination to a Frolic.
A correspondent ol t ie Richmond Dis
patch, writes from Harrisonburg, Va.# un
der date of April 7ih, as fol ows :
On Thursday night last there was a
terrible tragedy enacted in this county.
The circumstonces, as near as I can 'earn
them, are as follows : There was a wed
ing at the residence of Mr. Devier, on
Briery Branch, in this county. Mr. D.'s
daughter was married to a Mr. Sites.
Some time in the evening, after the mar
riage was over, a party of young men.
some eight or nine in number, went to
Mr. D.'s house and commenced serena
ding the ne wly-marr ied couple with tin
pans, bells, &c. Mr. James Devier, a
brother of the bride, went out to request
the serenaders to leave, whereupon tl e
serenadeis took to their heels, and young
Mr. D. and a friend who accompanied
him, started in pt.rsuil of the parly. De
vier, com.ng tip near to one of them, a
?nan by the name of Small wood, the latter
suddenly turned upon Mr. Devier and j
shot him ? the slugs taking effect, one in j
Mr. Devier's forehead, one below the eye, i
and one in the neck ; either of winch!
would have caused death. Mr. Devier
was shot and died instantly. The parties
in the affair, or at least a part ol them are
highly respectable. In any event it is a
very sad termination to what was, per
haps, intended to be a frolic.
A Text fioui Sir Astlcy Cooper.
"A stomach, gentlemen," says Sir Ast
ley Cooper, in one ?>f his lectures, "has
been com pared to n laboratory, and to a
kitchen, but, gentlemen, it is a stomach ,
and like nothing but a stomach.'' The
threat surgeon was light. Digestion and
dssiinmihaiioii resemble no other process
in nature or art. !t was with a vivid ap
preciation t?f this fact that the distinguished
Hoiloway originated his system of treat
ment. 1 1 i = Pills which have become ihe
popular specifics of the age, act directly
up >n this controlling organ, and through
it upon al! its dependencies Dyspepsia
a lerrillc dictate in it>eif, and tiie primal
*ource of as many eul* as were contained
in Pandora's box, yields rapidly and cer
tainly to iheir aperient, ami septic ant) res
torative properties. Uilike any othei
medicament in use, they seems to earrv
on the three processes of puigation, disin
fection and invigoration Minuliarn ously ;
so that the !>ystem is regulated, the blood
punhcd, and ihe nervous and muscular
organization renovated at the same time,
llerce their almost miraculous cures of
nearly all internal diseapes. Their popn
laiity, and that of the Ointment for exter
nal complaints and injuries, 's simply the
homage of ihe world to Truth. Men.
woman ami children, upon whom the dis
ciples of a musty, unphilosophical. and
vapid pathology have pronounced sentence
of death, recover by the use of these med
icines, and shame the ora' h*-* of the pro
fession bv taking a new lease of life.
These are results that all mankind can ap
preciate. No interested opposition can
withstand th< m. The old Pharmaco
poiia, the old practice of ph)*ie, (venera
ble lumber !} are being swept away by the
new legime. liolloway's Tills and Oint
ment ure supplanting them in all parts ol j
(he globo ? Ar. Y. "Xat. Pol. Gazette.'' j
A ii. an named Sanborn was last week
arrested in Massachusetts, by Deputies of j
the Sergeant-ai- Arms ofdhe U. S. Senate.1
for contempt in refusing to appear before
the John Brown Investigating Committee.
He was forcibly taken from the officers
by a mob of abolitirnisis, and subsequent- j
ly discharged by a Judge, before who.nl
he was taken under a writ of habeas cor
pus. It is thus abolitionism sets at de
fiance justice and the laws of the country.
Sister's Lovk. ? Beautiful is the love
of a sutei; the kiss that hath no guile, and
no passion: the touch is poetry, and bring
eth peace and satisfaction to the heart, and
no fever to the pulse. Beautiful is the
love of a sister, it is inoon'igh; on our
path ? it hath light but no heat; it is of
heaven, and yet sheds its peace upon the
In this place, on Thursday, by Kev. J.
I M. Tiizel, Mr. ff'illiam Schoppert , ol
Vlartinsburg, to Mis* Elizabeth Lopp , of
: Sharpsburif, M<J.
In Charlestown,or? the 31 insi ,by Rev.
! VV. B. Duiion, Dr. ff 'illiam ft alert, of
( Frederick ciiy, Mti., to Mrs. Mildred C.
; Timberlake . ol ibis county
' ? ? ? ? ?
On Thursday last, Miss Laura Moor ,
1 only daughter of Capt. W. H. M.ior, of
i Harpei's Fer.'y, sge<J about 17 years.
In Philadelphia, on the 24th oil., in the
1 75th ysar of her age, Mrs. Lucy L. Car
J/er, relict of the late B. Moore Carter, of
Va., and daughter of the late Major Gen
eral Henry Lee, of the army ol the Rev
| Helper ii getting op a new book, lo be
issued in May, and intended for a Repub
lican campaign document.
Baltimore, April 11, I860.
Flour. ? The market for Flour was tirm
to-day, and we have no siles to repori.
We quote Howard St. super at $6,00 per
bbl. We quote Ohio do. ai $6, and City
Mills at $6.
Extra Flour. ? We quote Howard Street
at $6,25.16,50. Ohio at #6.25 50, and
City Mills at $7,00 per bbl. lor regular
shipping brands.
Family Flour. ? We quote Welch's at
?8,50 ; Patapsco and Reservoir at $8.00.
'and the Silver Spring and Ashland brands
i at $?,25j7,50 per bbl. Ohio and H?>watd
I Street Family may be quoted at $7,25 per
Rye Fi ur and Corn Meal. ? We con
tinue to quote Rye Flour at $4,37| per
bbl. Corn Meal is steady at $3,62? per
bbl. for Baltimore.
Wheat. ? The offerings amounted to
only 3,300 bushels to-day, and we qt,oie
i red at $1 ,46 per bush, white f 1 ,60 a $ 1 ,
70 for prime.
Corn ? The offerings of Corn amount- 1
ed to 4,800 bushels, and the narket for it
wis firm. We quote new yellow at 74c;
white 75c.
Oats. ? There 2,500 bushel* at msrket
to-day, and we quote Pennsylvania at 47c [
and Maryland nominal at 44c. per bushel, j
R\e. ? J'hcre were 250 bushels ol live;
at Market to-f!nv, and we quote Peiins) I- ,
vania nominal at 90c. per bushel.
A. H. GALE & CO.,
rp A KE grent pleasure in inviting the atten
X lion of Artists, Amatuers anl the Public
generally to their wV?u> Scale Overstrung , Iron
Frame Piano-Fortia , just introduced. The j
growing demand for Piano- Fortes, of more j
than ordinary power and brilliancy of tone, i
directed our energies to the production of such
an instrument, we submit the result without
fear of competition.
Uur Pianos are all manufactured of the best
well seasoned materials, under our immediate
supervision, and are guaranteed to give entire
satisfaction, whether ordered from us direct,
or sold by any of our Agents, throughout tne 1
Country. VV e solicit a continuance of that
patronage which we have enjoyed for the last'
25 Years. A. II GALE k CO.,
107 East 12th Street, New York.
April 14, ISM. 3in
now los r, now rksiored.
ON THE ft A I L R E .
badicai. ?tbe ot
- ? "pt.ltM ATOBKH0EA.
?: I t Seminal Weakneae.
, S??ual Defc.litj. Ner
v0usn?M and Involunia
? E^Vi,-. Uduoin8 Impoeocy .?d Men
tal and Ph. sical Incapacity.
Author of 44 The Green Book," &>c.
The world renowned author, in ibis admt
ratle Lecture, clearly proves from his own
experience that tho awful consequence, of se i
buse may be effectually removed without Med
icine and without dangeroua Sorg.ral opera
no., 5. bougie^, instru-naots, ring, or cordials ? ,
' , i,,, oui . U..KI, ..I cum .. c?w. .. j
'LlJl.by ?b.ch .try .n^rer, ?? ??"" I
wlial l.ie condition n.?y >'?? "J?
cb,.,.ly. |>ri?alely ???,?
lh? Kctipt^r k!:.te-. m. il.
"'K 480 Firai A?enuc, New \ ork,
, cv Toil Dox 45R0.
| April 7, I860.
VIRGINIA* Jefferson Couaty, set :
March Term. 166'>,
Of itiv County Court.
rnilK Court make* the lollowing ap
p, . i,, ime.it o! Commissioners and Ol
fibers ol Elections in this County lor the
[uc,en. year, and allows t2,00 per day tn|
each otiicer and writer :
District No. I.
\V. H. T. Lewis, C. H. MeCurd),
I). Humphrey*, Jr., David Hall,
\\ m. H??lcr. or an) two or more ol litem.
Thomas E. Woodward, Officer.
District Ao. 2.
Robt. V. Shtil?*y. * H,)h?
Tho*. Watson, Jr., S. A. Bate#.
Mer. Helm, or *ny two or more of them.
Ceo. W. Smith. Officer.
District No. 3.
John S. Moore, Andrew Ahlridge,
Daniel Corkerell, Ja.i.e. Wysong, I
H. B. Davenport or anv two or more ol
, ljjCin< Thoa, Johnson, Officer.
Dittricl No. 4.
Geo. 11. Tale, J '"n I*. Oib'on.
i John Sriden. WpbSurr).
R M. Euglnh. or any t?? "l""
'hem. J. SV, McCimni., Officer.
Diitriel So. 5.
John Wysong. KdmurH I. \*f.
R. A. I.ue.e, Oanieron,
Jacob Reiohart, or any two or more ol
them. Lewis Lucaa* Officer.
District No. 6.
Wm. G. Butler, R.DShepherd.Ji
Wm. A. Morgan, Charles Hutetl.
D. Billmyer, or any two or moie ??fihem.
Geoige M. Ba t, Offi.er.
Diitriel No. 7.
Wm. Small wood, Join: II. Allstadt,
Philip Engle, Wm. Me Coy,
' Geo. Crow I, or any two or more oi them
Geo. W. Co*, Officer.
Diitriel No 8.
Charles Johnson, A. II. Herr,
George Mauzy, Joseph A. Brua,
Wm. Richards, or eny two or more o
them. George Kuonce, Officer.
A Copy ? Teste.
T. A. MOORE. Clerk.
April 14, 1860. 16
RIME Closer Seed far ?ale by
D. 8. He, itch.
GOODS Cheaper ihaa Ever!
rPHK undersigned havinp juat leturmd frgr?
?1 1 Philadelphia and Batuuiore with a |4, v.
and well-selected STOCK OF GOODS, ^
rv>- l- '?
licits flie public to give him a call. ,,e
prepared lo seii Goods as iow as can be bv>ur '
Black Silks, Lawns, French Jaconelj, ,)oub]|
I Skirl <Jrgr>t;d;es, Robes, Due ii?, i;i,a|jlo
He rages, bebagts, Ginghams, Calicoes. |ri5k.'
Linen, Hoop Surl*. Cors? t?, Kiei.clt
Collars, Black and vVmte Berages hr SfaAit'
' A ia: ge slock of
i Cloths, Cusimers, Vesting*, CottonaiJc, L.incu,
I Pant Stuffs, Lc.
Carpeting, Matting, Oil Cloth,
Domcstics :
i Qurensivare, Hardware, ff'oodenware.
| Call and see, as I am determined to fell
Cheap. All kinds of Country Produce taken
in exchange for Goods Wool wanted.
Shepherdatown, April 14, I860. if
Attention, Cavalry !
\T OU are hereby ordered to as?enibl* fo
J SJhephcrdstown, on Satuula) 2Ut of April,
iust., at *J o'clock, P. M. This bein?; h rt^u!*r
Siate parade, all absentee fine* will be i e lu. ti
ed to the Battalion Court of Inquiry.
JACOB RINKilAR r, Captain.
April 14, I860. Jt
undersigned informs (he Public thai
they have just finished wpeuing a large ant!
extensive assortment of
?elected with the greatest care and upon th*
m??t reasonable Ca?h terms*. 1 h?-ir Sloe*
consists of ^ - |
Groceries, Queen's- ware,
I lard-ware, Glass- wart;,
Stone-ware, Earthen ami
Hollow-ware, and evt|ry
article b'lo ?ttiug lo a well-conducted country
vSl re. They al?o have ? choree selection of
IL'l TS fy C'Ji lJ S, of every description,
and a thousand other articles unnecessary to
enumerate, all of winch will he sold up<>n tL??
nost rea ouablj terms. Give us a call.
She,*)herd?i ?u n, April 14. 186(\
! Arrival of Spring <5* Summer GooJt t
THH undersigned hiving re'urticd from Phil
adelphia and Baltimore, take pleasure tit
? informing my ru?tomrri and die Public geaer
I .illy dial I bare purchased
' A J.ar^e and Well Selected Stock of Goods
upon such term* (hat will enable me to sell at
"price* to suit the timet." 1 invite ell tbat
are id want ol
to give me a rail, at I am determir.?d to nell
at a very small advance. ??7" Don't pu s i /
you toant Bargains ! fl'Y* Molt? ? "Quick
Sales and Small Profit*," and no mitiAe
My Stock consists in part as follow*
Ladies*, Oentlrm' w'? and Boy i' Wear of
Queens-ware, China-ware, Glass
Ware, Tin- ware, Cedar- ware,
and other Wares. I lard- ware,
consisting of Cut and Wrought nails,
hoop Iron, Bur Iron,Hor?< Shoes,
L^ck*, llin*ea,Screw?( A art,
Halt, hrta, atid every *a
ri<;tj ot llardwair.
consisting of Ladies1 Dre*s Good*. embracing
all kinds andstjlea ? Merinos, Mutlinft, Valen
cia*, Alpacas, Delragrs, Gingham*, Cahcoea,
Brown and Bleached Mn?lma, Irish Linens,
Cambric#, JacoueU, Striped Cottons, U?na
burgs, Drills, Cotton Hani els, kc.
Cloth*, Casimera, Veating*, Tsredi, Jlinl,
Satinets and Linaey*, in ahoil all kind* of gen
? lemer.'s wear, at reduced prices NO I ION H
of ail kinds, Hosier*, Gloves, Handkerchiefs,
French Worked Collar*, W HITh GOOlJHof
? very description.
of every description, Coff. e. >,4
tf)"ip?. Uacon,
Gfmri- huh A ?m rial atuHnrrt of
I will h ^ will be kc| t Ml all tir. ts sod
?ill be sold Ion for Ca*h. | mo.,id pa, tic. la r
'jr mute attention to 0,y jarge Mock v( g
I boots and s hoes, J
* Tk <?*'" fo'<* ,,',on tarm*.
J ne following are o?y lerru*. ? Cash always
pre erred. Accounts to be eooaidered Jut at
anytime. Person* having acecunts aiilbe
called upon at the expiration of *ix mootbt
uoieas other *i%e understood. At fbe exp??x
lion of tach j ear all account* otusl ik cIomcl.
All kind* of Country I'roduce lakco io
exchange for Gootis al CVh prices.
SW***rd?town, April 14, JdbO
List of Letters
SEMAIM.NO mi the Po/l-.o/Tn* ?*
SliepberdatuMo.foi the qutiter eudiOf
Maicli 31 i
J. $. IJuiier, E'len Barker, D^vtJ Ceif*
cilery, James Disuii, VV. 8. Fle?eh?f,
J 4 rues Hunter, Parker H. Henarll, HefMT
Lacklarey, Jan>ea L. Musgrote, D. r*
I McLaughlin, VI i?e Mary J. .Millar, W?.
f : O'Neal, L. H. One, David Pennil, M?a?
Kuan Lyder, Jokn Sliaelefurd, Ml* Bft
n? Roe, John J, Wiae, Mrc. Msrgarelll
While. . W.M. MOl'LDER. F. M.
April 7, 1860.
German cologne at
Sloped raker's Drug Stort ?

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