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5 Friday, Octobkr 4, 1889.
The Hagerstown Fair will be held
^k after next.
>fr Pet**1" J- Adams, a well-known
Hagerstown man. is dead.
There's no better season than this
t0 subscribe for the Rkoistkr.
Fresh pudding and sausage at R.
^ Billuiyers. Also lemons, sweet
potatoes, candies, etc.
j^rge stock domestic dry goods,
hardware, boots, shoes, etc., just be
ing opened by Hodges.
The dry goods and notions firm of
Morgan and Giluiore, of Martinsburg,
jifts made an assignment.
The Maryland Synod of the Luth
eran Church convened in Martins
burg on Wednesday of this week.
jjrs. M. L. Herrington has lovely
fancv flannels, also Canton flannels.
\ew hats and millinery this week.
Just received a new stock of ladies1,
jjentsHiul children'sshoes and rubbers
ftt bottom prices at J. S. Fleming's.
Pkntistry.? I will close my dental
ofl'n-e on October 25th for the several
weeks, ('all at once. Dr. Stotlkr.
Some of the young men of Shep
berdstown are sowing their wild oats?
mixed with a good deal of "old rye."
A man in a neighboring town re
cently paid $200 for a glass eye. This
strikes his neighbors as quite an eye
When you get ready to set up your
stove this fall, mix a little salt and
vinegar and clean the mica. It will
do it.
The I-adies' Missionary Society of
the Lutheran Church will meet at 3
o'clock Saturday afternoon in the lec
ture room.
Mr Frank D. Byington, of this
county, has peen appointed a copyist
in the Pension Office at a salary of
$900 a year.
<?o to R. M. Billwyer for Riverton
flour. Harrisburg bacon, fresh grocer
ies, provisions, the best of canned
goods, candies, etc.
Lawyer J. N. Wisner gave a very
fine supper at his home near Martins
last week to Judge Duck wall and
members of the local bar.
Lewi.- Beck got his hand caught in
the machinery of the pulp mill at
Harper's Ferry the other day and
had his fingers badly uiashed.
The De Frehn chair works at Wil
liamsj)ort, Md., are to be removed to
Mount Union, Pa. The June flood
knocked the sjiota off the concern.
H. M. Billmyer now has a full and
complete line of winter boots for men,
that are both good and cheap. Boots
and shoes for all and of every quality.
If you want to get the best county
paper in this end of the State come in
and subscribe for the Rkgistkr.
We will make it to your interest to do
Samaritan Lodge No. 29, I. O. O. F.,
of Leetown. has elected Mr. George
H. Kam*burg representative to the
Grand Lodge, which will meet at
Wheeling next month.
Our friend Mr. John W. Hollida is
getting proud in his old days, or else?
or else? Anyhow he is remodeling his
dwelling at Scrabble for the purpose
of making it larger.
The farmers have been putting in
their best work at seeding this week.
The almost constant rains had delay
ed this work sompwhat, but the
ground is now in fine order.
The Messrs. Sheetz have just put a
new shingle roof on the Misses Ma
gruder's residence, and Mr. H. C.
Marten has tin-roofed th'e small dwell
ing belonging to Mr. J. H. Zittle.
Mr Frank W. Muzzey started his
fiue span of bays for Philadelphia on
Monday, in charge of his trusty coach
man. Satunel, who will drive them by
way of Harrisburg and I^ancaster.
The M. E. Sunday School will hold
a Good Tidings and Missionary Enter
tainment on Sunday evening at 7
o'clock. The collection will be for
missions. All are invited to attend.
The Clipp farm, 210 acres, was sold
on Tuesday by Geo. Baylor and
Frank Heckwith, Commissioners, and
*as purchased by S. Mason Clipp at
?3 per acre. Dirt cheap.? Free Press.
Mr. Thomas Miller has contracted
for the painting of three churches?
the new Episcopal chapel at Duf
fields, the M. E. Church South and the
new Catholic Church in Shepherds
Mr. Mart Snaveley's two horses be
came frightened at a train at Antie
taui Station the other day, and ran
?way with the hack to which
they were hitched, smashing the top
t>ff of the vehicle.
Mr. William Benner, a well-known
*i"l highly-respected citizen of Sharps
burg. was seized of apoplexy on Sat
urday evening about 7 o'clock, death
hiding his sufferings about five hours
afterward. He was 57 years old.
We have been favored this and last
week with many interesting items of
liews by our country friends. We sin
cerely thank them for their kindness.
'Such helps as these all serve their
Part iu making the Kkuistkk the
**"t paper in this section.
"ur esteemed young friend Ross
Hell came near being an angel the
other night. He ate a lot of green
w&hiuts, and in the middle of the
night was seized with a pain in the
lower regions that made vigorous
efforts on the part of a physician
M. B. Haker's stock of ladies' fine
dress goods, notions, and dry goods
generally, is now full up, and you are
'nvited to give it an inspection. Shoes
'ur both sexes, hats for men and boys,
*uil a varied line of fancy aud staple
groceries. Head his advertisement in
auother column.
The October number of Wide Awake,
Published by D. Lothrop Company,
Boston, has been received. There is
Uo better magazine for children pub
lished than Wide Awake , and each
?ucceediug month shows anew this
Among the many interesting
?tides this month are "The Boy who
Evented the Telegraph," "The Dia
111011(1 Necklace," "Geological Talk,"
^oaay stories and poems of merit,
magazine is #2.40 a year.
Bit I EPS.
Mr. James Flanagan, living below
town, has Bent to the Register office
a very fine pear of the Duchess d'An
gouleme variety. It weighed 12
ounces, and was perfect in all respects.
The tree on which it grew had onlv
been planted two years.
Joe Ha\es, the notorious colored
manna! who recently slugged Mr. J.
J. W. Johnson, of this place, so badly
was arrested at Washington on Wed
nesday. where he is under indictment
for receiving stolen goods and for as
sault with intent to kill.
Rev. W. L.Ould, pastor of thePresby
terian church, has decided to recon
sider his determination to request the
Presbytery of Baltimore to sever his
pastoral relations at Frederick, Md.
Three-fourths of his congregation
signed a petition asking him not to
Rev. Richard Templeiuan Brown,
one of the oldest and best-known
Episcopal clergymen of the South,
died at Silver Springs, Md., near
Washington, last Friday, aged 72 years.
He was born in Charlestown, and
dnring his long and useful life was
rector of parishes in ihis county.
Mr. J. N. Trussell, whose store has
always ranked as one of the best, has
just added a new line of goods to
his stock, and will hereafter keep
a line of staple and domestic dry
goods and notions. He will keep his
customers informed as to what he has
to sell by means of a half-column ad
vertisement in the Register.
Mr. Thomas Griffith, above town,
informs us that he caught something
new in the way of a fish in the fishpot
near his place last week. It weighed
about a pound, and was perfectly
black on the back, the balance of its
body being a rich golden color. It
was not a carp, and Mr. Griffith thinks
it was a stranger to these waters.
The immense iron bridge across the
Potomac river at Point of Rocks has
been completed, and will be opened
for travel in a few days. J. T. Odell,
of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,
has been elected one of the directors
of the company owning the bridge.
The bridge connects the counties of
I' rederick, Md., and Loudoun, Va.
Sportsmen should not forget that
it is unlawful to shoot partridges in
this State now. The only time when
these birds can be legally hunted for
is from the first of November to the
first of December. The boys are also
warned that they are liable to a
heavy fine for shooting robins. It is
agains the law to kill them at any
The editor has again been placed
under obligations to his friends at
Kim wood Farm. Mrs. John W. Hill
last Saturday sent in a pair of fine
chickens, a basket of fresh eggs and
a print of splendid butter, all of which
were highly appreciated. There is
nothing mean about the clever people
of that family, and they never forget
the printer.
Capt. George W. Green lias begun
work on his new hotel on "Fruit Hill,"
opposite Harper's Ferry, on the east
side of the Shenandoah river. A new
summer hotel is also to be built on
the summit of Camp Hill, and Judge
\ ale, of Washington, will also erect a
large and handsome hotel on Bolivar
Heights. Col. Whitman, a retired
army officer, has bought fourteen
acres of land on Bolivar Heights, and
will put up a $20,000 rustic stone resi
Read the advertisement of Jeweler
G. K. Lewis in the Register this
week. Mr. Lewis has concluded to
open up a full line of jewelry and
silverware? gold and silver watches,
clocks, chains, rings, charms, brace
lets, knives, forks, spoons, etc., and
will make a fair trial of whether or
not this community will support such
an establishment. He will keep all
grades of these goods, and will sell
at short profits in order to gain trade.
We hope he may be well supported
in his efforts. He will, of course, con
tinue to repair watches, jewelry, etc.,
and will give a guarantee with all his
The Winchester Fair.
A party of Shepherdstown gentle
men, among whom was a representa
tive of the Rkqistkr, paid a visit to
the Winchester Fair on Wednesday.
It's pretty tedious travel to Winches
ter from Shepherdstown, but if one
has plenty of time and patience he
can get there nevertheless. Winches
is just the same as "befo* the wall,"
say those who know, and its people
are just as clever and hospitable as
people can be. After seeing a very
fine procession of brave soldiers and
gallant firemen, President Lewis, Gov.
Beaver, Ex-Gov. Halliday, Charles
Broadway Rouss and other dignita
ries heading it in carriages, with the
side-walks filled with Winchester's
pretty girls, everybody went to the
fair grounds. Coming as it does in
the farmer's busy season, the attend
ance was not as large as it might have
been, though there were several thous
and persons present. There were
some excellent cattle exhibited, among
them being a fine herd of Jerseys be
longing to Col. Win. W. Clements, of
this county. There were also some
very good horses shown. The exhib
its in the other departments were not
up to the usual standard, though the
ladies' department contained some in
teresting work. The racing was very
The most popular man on the
grounds was Charles Broadway Rouss,
the millioniare New York merchaut
and Winchester's pride, and the most
popular place was the annex where
he entertained his numerous friends.
Mr. Rouss had prepared a most elab
orate spread, where the delicacies and
substantials? -both solid and liquid?
of home product and fVom foreign
shores, were dispensed with a lavish
hand. The feast was fit for a king,
and after we had paid some slight at
tention to it we no longer wondered
that Winchester goes wild over Mr
Rouss. We wish he could be induced
to come to Morgan's Grove.
Having met a number of hospitable
Winchester folks, and the 'two little
maids from school" from this commu
nity, besides a number of friends from
other sections of this and adjoining
States, we returned home the same
evening, voting the day a great suc
Miss Florence Schley will spend the
winter with the family of Mr. Frank
W. Mazzey in Philadephia. Mr. Mui
zey and his family leave for home on
Saturday, after having spent a pleas
ant summer at Col. Schley's, near
Mrs. John Reynolds has gone to
Qrafton, W. Va., to be absent some
weeks. She met a young grandson
there, who is the cause of much fath
erly pride to Mr. Frank Legge.
Rev. L. R Mason and E. I. Lee, del
egates to the Episcopal Convention,
left for New York on Tuesday, accom
panied by Mr. J. S. Bragonier and
Mrs. Marshall.
Mr. George W. Show, of Hagers
town, was here a couple of days the
first of the week. He is just getting
over a spell of sickness.
Messrs. W. J. and A. M. Shepherd
have gone to the University of Vir
ginia to pursue their studies the com
ing year.
Miss Kate C. Hill, ofj Harrisburg,
Pa., is visiting "the old folksat home,"
at Elm wood Farm, near Shepherds
Miss Eleanor Chiswell, of Buckeys
town, Md., is visiting her aunt, Mrs
Geo. W. Duke, at Willow Spring, below
Mr. B. S. Pendleton has been in the
Eastern cities this week buying lots
of new goods for the fall and winter
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Dandridge and
the children have gone to Washing
ton on a pleasure trip of a few days.
Major Henry Kyd Douglas, of Hag
erstown, was in Shepherdstown on
Mrs. Stotler and children have gone
to Cumberland, Md., for a month's
Protestant Episcopal General Convention.
The Triennial General Convention
of the Protestant Episcopal Church
in the United States of America will
meet Wednesday in St. George's
Church, Stuyvesant Square, New
York city. The convention con
sist of two co-Ordinate bodies, the
House of Bishops, in which sixty-four
at present are entitled to seats, and
the House of Clerical and Lay Dep
uties, with four hundred active mem
bers from the fifty dioceses and possi
bly twenty-eight passive ones, as far
as legislating is involved, from the
fourteen missionary jurisdiction. Sev
en new bishops are to be introduced
to the upper house at this session,
and two others will take their seats
there should the Rev. Dr. Thomas F.
Davies.of Philadelphia, and the Rev.
Dr. William A. Leonard, of Washing
ton, D. C., bishops elect of Michigan
and Ohio, respectively, be consecrat
ed during the session of the conven
tion. The clerical and Ipy delegates
from the Diocese of West Virginia are
Revs. L. R. Mason, Dallas Tucker, T.
H. Lacy, D. D., and R. D. Roller,
Messrs. E. I. Lee, R. J. McCandlish,
B. C. Washington and W. T. Laidly.
Among the questions which have
been debated during the past three
years in the religious papers, church
congresses and diocesan conventions,
and which will come before the Gen
eral Convention in one form or anoth
er, are the proposed changes of the
basis of representation, the change of
the title of the church, prayer-book
enrichment, the revision of the hym
nal, Christian reunion, work among
the colored people, immigration, suf
fragan versus assistant bishops, vest
ments, the judicial system of the
church, marriage and divorce, domes
tic and foreign missions, and other
general subjects.
Still A-Steahng.
On Wednesdaynightsome thief who
was pretty nervy broke into the store
of K. M. Biilinyer in this place, mak
ing his entrance through a window.
We say he was nervy, because the
store is on one of the most prominent
corners of the town, and the two
rooms above it are occupied as bed
rooms by the Misses Harris. The
thief only stole some cigars, but he
had thrown about fifty pairs of 6hoes
ou the floor in a search a pair to
fit him.
Last Wednesday night Mr. Hess
Reinhart? or, rather, Mrs. Hess Rein
hart? was the victim of the thieves in
the lower neighborhood. The cellar
was entered and all the winter pre
serves were carried away. It was a
fine lot of sweets, and we have no
doubt the rogues will enjoy them this
winter, while the little Reinharts will
have to fall back on molasses.
It Is Indeed An Old Spool.
The New Market (Va.) Valley ,
contains the following interesting
statement: Miss Fry, of Jefferson
county, W. Va., who died about 23
years ago, at the age of 85 years, gave
to her niece, Mrs. Catharine Mur
phy, a spool of thread, which she pos
sessed when a little girl; five years ago,
it in turn was given by Mrs. Murphy
to her grand-daughter, a daughter of
Mr. J. W. Newman, near this place.
The spool is like the present ones in
shape, but the thread is wrapped up
on a tin tube, upon the ends of which
are brass caps. Stamped on these
are the English coat of arms, the
words I. P. Clark's, Dieu ct mon droit ,
patent. On the end which is not
pierced, is the figure 8, which would
not represent the number according
to the present standard, but is about
our No. 40. It is still good.
Pay Your Taxes.
The Sheriff of Jefferson county has
this year for some reason failed to ad
vertise in the papers, as is usually
done, the time when a discount will
be given for the payment of taxes.
A few small hand-bills were printed,
though, from which we have obtained
the following dates. We print them
for the benefit of our readers, many
of whom would not otherwise know
anything about it: Payments can be
made at Shepherdstown October 8th
and 9th; Shenandoah Junction, 9th
and 10th; Manning's, 4th and 5th;
Charlestown, 7th and 8th; Leetown,
14th, and 15th; Ke&rueysville, 11th
and 12th; Middleway, 16th and 17th;
Duffle Ids, 10th and 11th; Summit
Point, 2 and 8d; Kabletown, 4th and
5th; Halltown, 14th and 15th; Har
per's Ferry, 11th and 12th; Oak
, Grove, 9th and 10th.
4 Sudden Call from Timo to Ctormty.
Last Saturday morning about half
past 3 o'clock William Claggett, a
freight brakeinan on the Shenan
doah Valley Railroad, was instantly
killed by being thrown from his
train at Shepherdstown. Claggett,
whose duty is was to open the switch,
had started forward over the cars to
attend to that business. Just after
the train had left the bridge, and as
it swung rapidly around the curve at
the company's ice-house, the unfor
tunate man was thrown from a car
with terrific force. He struck his
head squarely against a big piece of
timber lying along the track, and his
skull was crushed like an egg shell.
He never uttered a sound, for be was
killed instantly. When the train got
to the station Claggett was missed,
and the crew went back to look for
him. His body was found and carried
to the station, and Magistrate Rentch
notified. Mr. Rentch called in Dr.
Butler, who made an examination
and found that the man's death was
caused by the fractured skull, and
that his neck was also broken.
After examining the train hands
'Squire Rentch concluded that an in
quest was unnecessary, and the train
proceeded on its way. The railroad
authorities telegraphed instructions
to Undertaker Hoffman, who prepar
ed the body for burial and sent it to
St. James on the 8.37 train. Claggett,
who had only been on the road for
five weeks, was a son of Mr. George
Claggett, of St. James, Washington
county. Md. He was about 25 years
old, and was unmarried.
The Bridge Will Be Built.
A new bridge is to be built across
the Potomac river at Shepherdstown
to replace the one carried away by
the flood last June. At a meeting of
the Hoard of Directors of the Virginia
and Maryland Hridge Company on
Tuesday at Shepherdstown the fol
lowing resolution was offered and
It being very desirable for the pub
lic convenience that the bridge across
the Potomac river be rebuilt as soon
as practicable, be it resolved , that, with
a view to that end, a committee of
three members of the Board of Direc
tors b? appointed by thePresident, who
shall also be a member ex officio of the
committee, to examine the condition
of the pregent abutments and piers,
to ascertain whether or not they
should be raised to a greater distance
from the water before they are again
built upon; to get estimates of the
cost of rebuilding said bridge both
with wood and with iron, upon the
piers and abutments as they now exist
and also as it is proposed to raise
them; and to report to the Board at
its next meeting, or at some meeting
to be especially called by the Presi
dent, the result of their investigations
and inquiries, with such recommen
dations as they may see proper to
The committee appointed was the
President, Mr. David Billmyer, Messrs.
D. S. Rentch, W. H. Billmyer and
John D. Staley.
The Frederick Fair.
If our readers want a day's pleasure
let them attend the Frederick Fair,
to be held at Frederick City, Md., Oc
tober 15, 10, 17, and 18, next. This
Fair is the largest of its kind held in
Maryland, and the attractions this
year surpass all previous exhibitions.
The racing will be one of the grandest
features that crowd the week. There
will be seventeen races ?four each
day? for which 130 horses have been
entered, among them the most noted
in Eastern States. Secretary of Navy
Tracy, Secretary of Agriculture Husk,
and other members of President Har
rison's cabinet will attend, and addres
ses upon topics of interest to every
body will be made by Secretary Rusk,
Hon. Mortimer Whitehead, Dr. M. G.
Ellzey and others. Miss Myrtie Peek
and her racing combination will give
exhibitions in wagon "races, standing
and bareback riding without saddle
or bridle on horses, each day of the
Fair. Miss Peek has with her ten
thoroughbred horses, and is the cham
pion long distance rider of the world.
The exhibition will be one grand and
complete aggregation of Live Stock,
Machinery, Agricultural, Floricultu
ral products, and no one who visits
this Fair need apprehend any want
of entertainment. The B. & O. Rail
road will run special trains and sell
excursion tickets.
There 'a Always Trouble at the Ferry.
Last Thursday night the ferry-boat
at Shepherdstown agaiu got into
trouble ? this time the post on the
Virginia side of the river pulled out,
causing the boat to drift down the
river, where it finally swung in mid
stream, held by the rope from the
Maryland post.
Quoting from the Rkgistkr the
statement that the ferry-rope had
been cut three times recently, the Ha
gerstown Herald and Torchlight says:
'If the enterprising offender had cut
?the rate of toll at this ferry three
times? once at each end and once in
the middle? he would be a public ben
efactor instead of a miscreant/'
On the other hand, speaking of the
same thing the Charlestown Free Press
remarks that "if they fasten the rope
right at both ends it will go hard with
the scoundrel."
Advertised Letters.
The following is a list of letters re
maining in the postoffice at Shep
herdstown, W. Va., October 1, 1889:
Mr. O. Kudt, Miss Estella Gray,
Miss Fannie Beall, Miss Nellie E. Gar
vill, Mrs. Cassia Gibbons, Mr. W. E.
Lemen, Mrs. A. Fleet Mnrdaugh, Mr.
E. Marston, Mrs. Mollie Green.
The above letters if not called for j
within thirty days will be sent to the |
dead letter office. Those calling will
please say that they are advertised.
Jas. D. Fayman, P. M.
A Ptculmr Accident.
A sad accident has befallen one of H a.
gerstown's most beautiful and and ;
well known young ladies, Miss Mary
Landis, who has been visiting in Bal
timore for several weeks. While en
gaged in ourling her hair with & heated
Iron she let the instrument drop from
her hand. In its fall it struck her
left eye, burning the sclerotic coat of
that member, which it is found will
cause total blindness. Great sympathy
is expressed for this young lady.
Notts From Along tht Railroad.
The freight business on the Shenan
doah Valley Railroad has outgrown
the facilities for handling it. New
equipment and more employees are
needed, and the first steps looking to
this end are now being taken by the
officials. A gang of bridge carpenters
have been engaged for some time in
the work of greatly strengthening
the trestling at the Maryland end of
the Shepherdstown bridge, and all
the trestlings on the northern div is
ion of the road are receiving the
game attention, preparatory to the
use of a much heavier class of freight
engines that have just been contrac
ted for. It is said that the new en
gines, which are known among the
men as "Jack" locomotives, will be
much more powerful than any now
in use on this road. They will be
used on the northern division, as the
grades are much heavier than on the
The freight crews on the road have
been working almost constantly for
the past couple of months, but t ey
complain that their wages do not
show a proportionate increase It is
probable that they will present a pe
titionto the Superintendent asking
for pay for all time over twelve hours
in making a trip. Very often they
are from twelve to twenty hours in
getting from Hagerstown to Mitnes,
yet are only paid for one trip. They
justly think they ought to have pay
for the extra time that they are
obliged to make through no fault of
their own.
The train despatcher's office seems
to have more than it can attend to
properly. Freight trains are kept on
the sidings for hours at a stretch
waiting for orders. The other day a
train was ordered on a side track to
wait for instructions. It laid there
for three hours, before it was told to
move on, and during that time not a
train passed it either way.
Since writing the above paragraph
we have been informed that the evi
referred to has just been remedied by
dividing the road into another divis
ion, with an additional set of train
dispatchers. Mr. Geo. F. Turley, of
Hagerstown, is one of them.
A freight crew refused to go out
from Hagerstown the other night, it
is said, until they had obtained some
sleep that was absolutely necessary.
They were all suspended. The com
pany expects the men to work with
out rest or sleep, and then when an
accident happens these poor devils
get all the blame, or course.
The Shenandah Valley Railroad is
not the only road that is having a
big boom in the freight business.
All the roads have just as much as
they can do in this line. The Balti
timore & Ohio has hundreds of cars
lying along the line waiting for trans
portation. The B. & O. is not only
short of cars to move the great freight
business offered it, but is deficient in
locomotives. More than 1,300 car.
loads of coal, lumber and grain were
at Martinsburg last Monday without
engines to draw them to Georgetown,
Washington, Baltimore, New York,
and as far east as Boston, and th e
same condition of affairs exists at
other points along the line.
Mr. Nelson Wilson, who for several
years has been section doss on the
Shenandoah Valley Railroad, with
headquarters at Charlestown, has
been changed over to Shepherdstown
to take Mr. Pat Murray's place, who
has been transferred to Ri vert on.
Murray relieves Johnson; who fills a
vacancy caused by the resignation of
Hezzy Myers, beyond Antietam.
Richard Boler, who has been night
operator at Shenandoah Junction(
gets Wilson's place at Charlestown.
An east-bound freight train on the
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad parted
while coming down a nine-mile grade
four miles west of Harper's Ferry
Saturday. The oonductor stopped
the rear portion and started back to
flag the next train. The engineer,
for some reason, passed without see
ing him, and his train ran into the
rear part of the detached train, dam
aging half a dozen cars. There was
no other damage, and no loss of
The Shenandoah Valley Railroad
will sell special excursion tickets to
Washington next week at half-fare
rates. Tickets will be on sale October
7th to 9th, good until October 15th.
William McCormick, a freight brake
man from White Post, Va., got his
arm caught between the bumpers
while coupling cars at Shenandoah
Junction on Monday morning, and
was prettybadly bruised and lacerated
Dr. Butler dressed the wounds, and
McCormick took the next train for
The Pennsylvania Railroad Com
pany is building shops at Altoona
that will be able to turn out 500 loco
motives a year.
On Wednesday evening MK William
B. Miller, who has been in failing
health for a year or more, received
quite a severe paralytic stroke, which
affected one side and has caused loss
of speech. Mr. Miller's age and im
paired health cause his condition to
be a serious one.
Mr. John R. Ray, a well-known citi
zen of this place, received a slight
stroke of paralysis last Sunday, His
left arm and leg were affected. He is
now much better.
Four Littf$ AcciJtits.
On Tuesday afternoon Bertie Adams,
the bright little daughter of Mr.
Oeorge E. Adams, fell from the roof
of a shed in Mr. Ben. Hartzell's yard,
and broke her right arm in two places.
Dr. Butler attended to the injury.
Charles Shorts, a well-known color
ed man of this place, had two of his
fingers out off in a cider will a few
days ago.
Joe Furlong, a small colored boy
of this towQ, had his fingers badly
mashed in a cider press, too.
Walter Entler, son Mr. J. P. Ent
ler, accidentally sprained his ankle
this week.
Fairmont is to have the great blflii
ing of natural gas. The gas will be
piped from wells twelve miles away.
The tow-boat Spring Hill, which
was worth $15,000, was sunk in the
Kanawha river last week by a mis
take of the pilot.
The Mercer county authorities have
arrested a number of men implicated
in the recent lvnching of Samuel Gar
ner, a colored man.
Etta Robbins, a young girl of Put
nam county who achieved great no
toriety bv stealing horses, has been
adjudged "insane, and turned over to
the care of her father.
A drunken man in the little town of
Shirley, in Tvler county, on last Sun
dav, went out into the streets, wanted
to "fight, and because no one would
accept his challenge, he deliberately
removed everv stitch of his clothing, re
maining in that condition in the street
for some time.
A bov named Egan shot and in
stantly" killed a colored man
Joseph Hose at Greenbrier White
Sulphur Springs, Friday night. Rose
I was intoxicated and catching a boy
1 named Ashby, he held his back against
a hot stove. Egau tried to release
Ashbv, but failing, he ran out, pro
cured a revolver and shot Rose t h rough
the breast.
In Lincoln county Al. Brumfield. a
newly married man, was returning
home with his bride from a visit to
her parents, when a man sprung from
a clump of bushes and tired Mrs.
Brumfield was shot in the head and
died in a few hours. Her husband
was shot in the right lung, but was
alive at last accounts It is thought
that a former lover of Mrs. Hruuifiek.
who failed to win her is the mur
There was a verv sensational scene
injustice W. H. Davis's Court, in
Wheeling the other day. Mrs. Annie
Costello, a woman of Amazonian pro
portions and of fair record for pugil
istic powers, was brought into court
ou a charge of grand larceny. 1 he
hearing was set for the next day, and
as the judge turned to pick up
paper, the defendant sprang at his
throat. Mr. Davis is about <>> years
of age, and the frenzied woman
brought him to the fioor with sutii
cient force to cut a gash in the judicial
head. Mrs. Costello held on to his
throat despite the efforts of theonicers
in attendance, and there was a severe
struggle. Finally the justice secured
a cane and struck his assailant several
times over the head, inflicting severe
cuts; she was then secured and locked
An Irishman was asked for bit marriage
ceritncaie. lie lifted his hut, reveall ok a
1 a rite scar on the head, evidently done with
i fttnon TbU evidence was to the point.
Our certificates are the praises of those who
have experienced wonderful cures by the use
of Pr. Hull s Cough Syrup.
Salvation Oil is the greatest cure on
for pain. 11 atlords instant relief and speedy
cure to all sutterers from rheutnallstn1neu,*l
*gia, headache, sore throat, cuts, bruises, Ac.
I'rice 25 ceut*.
Train robbers stopped a railroad
train near Fort Worth, Texas, last
week and stole *10.000 from the ex
press car. Then they made good their
escape. . ________
an important element
or the success of Hood's Sarsaparilla is the
fact that every purchaser receives a fair
equivalent fo7 his money. The familiar
headline ? '!(*? Doaes One Dollar,' stolen by
imitators, is original *1M| trueJ^'be
Hood's Sarsaparilla. IbU can easll>
nroven by any one who desires to test the
Latter. For real economy, buy only Hood s
sarsaparllia. .Sold by ail druggists.
In a bar-room quarrel at Milnes,
Va., last Saturday night George Cop
pers tone was seriously stabbed by Wui.
Knight. It is thought Copperstone
will die from his iujuries.
It is very important in this age of
vast material progress that a remedy
be pleasing to the taste and to t e
eye, easily taken, acceptable to the
Btoinach and Withy in iM n.tu .
and effects. Possessing these quali
ties, Syrup of Figs is the one perfect
laxative and most gentle diuretic
A Dig in the Ribs,
If on the right side and lower part of the dla
phram, though playfully meant and deliv
ered. Is calculated to evoke profanity from a
chappy whose liver la out of order. When
that region Is sore and congested, pokes seem
fiendish. Lookatt man's countenance tire
you prob him under t lie ribs. If his skin and
eye halls haw a sallow tinge, you may infer
also that his tongue la furred, his breath apt
to be sour, that he h:u? pains not only beneath
bis ribs, but also under the right shoulder
blade. Also, that his bowels are Irregular
and his digestion Impaired. lustead.of mak
ing a Jocose demonstration ou his ribs, rec
ommend him to take, and steadily persist In
taking, HostetU-r's Stomach Bitters, the
finest anll-blllous and alternative medicine
extant. Incomparable is It, also, fordyspej)
sla, rheumatism, nervousness, kidney
trouble, and fever and ague.
I>aflin ?fc Rand's powder mill at Cres
sona, Pa., was blown up last week,
and three men were blown to king
dom come.
The New Discovery.
You liave heard your frleuds and neighbors
talking about U. You may yourself Oe one
of the many who know (rom personal ex
perience Just how good a thing It Is. If you
nave ever tried It, you ate one of Its staunch
friends, because the very wonderful thing
about It Is, that when once given a trial, Or.
King s New Discovery ever after holds a
ftlace In the house. Jf you have never used
t and should be aftilcted with a cough, cold
or any Throat, Lung or Chest trouble, secure
a bottle at once and give It a fair trial, it Is
fuaranteed e/ery time, or money refunded,
rial Bottles Free at J. U. Uibsou's Drug
By a wreck on the New York Central
Railroad near Palatine, N. Y., la?t Fri
day night, four passengers were kill
ed and a number badly injured.
|Grape Juice for Sicknets.
The art of cultivating the Uparto vines and
fermenting the Oporto Grape Into wine In
this country, and of preserving the Urape
Juice fresh without fermentation, has been
brought to a gre iter degree of perfection by
Mr. Alfred Hpeer, of I'aKaalc. S. J., than by
anr other person: lu fact, he was the pioneer
In Introducing and advertising Native Wines,
lie has puicbased hundreds of tons of grapes,
besides his own vintage. Mr. Speer's success
has arisen from the strict purity and valuable
properties of his wines for Invalids aud feeble
persons, aud his reputation extends around
the world.
Three young women of Morela,
Mexico, lost a fortune at a gam
ing place recently, and then commit
ted suicide together.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of pu
rity, strength and wholesomeneas. More
economical than the ordinary kinds, and can
not be sold in competition with the multi
tude of'low tect, abort weight alum or phos
phate powders. Sold only In can*. Royal
Hajuso Co. , 10# Wall St., New York.
Dual. T. Ruggles. a wealthy and
prominent resident of South Norwalk,
Conn., suicided Monday by shooting
himself with a revolver. Men were
packing his furniture preparatory to
moving it to another house, when he
suddenly* remarked that he would
rather die than move. Nonoticewas
taken of the remark, as it suppos
ed he w&ti joking. Shortly afterwards
a short was heard in an adjoining room,
and the old man's body was found ly
ing in a pool of blood.'
To Ignore the warning of approaching dla
mm !? neither cautious nor Bale. 1'rudence
would suggest the Immediate uae of a good
preventive remedy, such as Laxador. which
eradicate* at once all symptoms of bilious
disease*. 1'rlce Jo cents.
All the world over, baby governs. Yet
often disease will overcome the baby and
ttien It Is tbat i>r. Bull's tin by Myrup proves
lu worth by couqueriug the disease. Price
25 cents a bottle.
Five years ago six men at Scottdale,
Pa., were sent to the penitentiary for
12 years each for robbery. It was
discovered a few days ago that four
of the men were perfectly innocent of
the crime.
A Sound Legal Opinion,
K. Balnbrldge Muuday, I'-sq., County Atty.,
Clay Oo., Tex. rays: ? Have used Electric
Bitters with uiosl happy result*. My brother
also was very low with .Malaria! Fever and
Jaundice, but was cured by timely use of
this medicine. Am satiatied Electric Bitters
saved til* Fife."
Mr 1>. I. Wllcoxson, of Horse Cave. Ky.,
adds a like testimony, toying: He posltlvely
believes he would have died, had It not been
for Electric Bitters.
Tills great remedy will ward off. as well ts
cure all Malarial Diseases, and for nil Kidney,
Liver and stomach Disorder" stand* uit
equaled. Price juc. and 91. at J. U. Gibson's
Drug Store.
Sixteen-year old Charley Salmon at
Meadville, l'a., stole 9400 from his
mother, Sunday night, and tied to
Europe. At New York he wired his
employer to pay his mother the
wages due him.
(fcueen Victoria has a remarkably fine head
of hair, for a lady of her nge; bat her son, the
Prince of Wales, is quite bald. Had he used
Ayer's Hair Vigor earlier lu life, Ills head
might, to-day, have iteeu as well covered as
that of his royal mother. It's not too late
yet. _
Incendiaries are making, the farm"
ers of Adams couuty, Pa., very un"
comfortable just now by burning
barns promiscuously, j
Prevents Lung Fever and
cures Distemper, Heaves,
Fevers, &c.,&e.
1 pound In esoh package.
Sold by all dealers.
Facilitates Teething!"0""""""'*"
Prtos M Cts. r * - '
Regulates the Bowelsl
(/ \ ^ i C
y( I
? M #a For tl?0 Cure of
BULLS CoughsrCo|ds,
P ? Croup, ?
Asthma , A fll IOU ^nclP'eni
rJM'^liUUbll Cm~
Cough, sumption
and for the relief of
Consumptive persons
prick as era.
For Sals by all drnrrltts
Ola (JUL tarrkl l*rlct JO Cti. At all divggltt*.
llagerstoM n llti?ine?? Imm iiIh.
I3. TV. imXJOH'H,
Grand Fall and Winter Opening will
be held Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday, Oct. 1st, 2d and 3d.
All the Ladies are Cordially Invited.
Our dlsplny upon this occmIoii will not lie
aurpuNtu-d for style, quality and prices by the
large stores In the large cities.
and all the new things in
niLKH, !
Ladles', Misses' and Children's CIX)AKH,
will be exhibited. Do not fall to atteud.
Dry Goods and Notions House,
Our Henrietta! are the best value.
New Herges to latent shades.
Mohair and Brilliants lit all colors.
Flushes to match all new shades.
Fancy Velvets and Silks forfTrlmrning.
Large Muttons In lat?st styles.
New Trimming" of every description.
Stripes and Flalds In full variety.
Tricots and Suitings In plain and mixtures, j
New Weaves In Mourning Good*.
We sell Home-made t stlne Oom forts.
W-lueb Shrunk Skirting Flannel.
New styles In Wool Skirt Fatterns.
Lad lea' Improved Welgtit Underwear.
Shawl* of every descriptions.
New stock of Fast Black Hose.
The most complete stock of Corsets.
A Ladles' Vest at ta sent*. Jersey Ribbed.
Undressed Mousquetalre Kid Gloves.
Look at our German Napkins.
Bargains in Flannels and Blankets.;
Experienced employees will serve you at?
Table Damatk,
Towels. Napkins. Doyllea, Wulte Goods. Ac..
Just received from a direct Importation, at
Beachley A Hon s, and at prices lower than
ever, l ure Linen famask at IV cents per
yard. ^
Not Going to Quit,
remove or be undersold. Beach ley A Bon
want you to oome in sod they mean Just
what they say.
New Stock of Crpeta
and Oil Cloths Just received at Beachley A
Sou's. Nice style* and low prices.
Beachiey & Son
are old and reliable merchants and know
when goods are cheap and are willing to sell
on short profit. Go aud see.
The 8ett Rag and Jute Carpet*
are made at Beachley's. Go and aee before
you boy yours.
48 W. Washington St.. Hagerstown, Md.
Frames of all kinds manufactured
Pictures of decease friends correctly re*
produced. Special attention paid to photo
graphing children. Satisfaction guaranteed.
PrtMiN hi the BMt form
Combined with the medicinal
virtues of plants known to be
most beneficial to the human
system, forming an agreeable
and effective laxative to perma
nently cure Habitual Consti
pation, and the many ills de
pending on a weak or inactive
condition of the
It i? th?Mtt e*cell?nt r?m?iy koowti to
When om it Bthout or Coo?up*ted
Every one is using it and all are
delighted with it.
mamutactvmo ohc*
Fall Stock I
This Stock, Selected with special reference
to the t nn If of till" locality, will probably stir
prise sll who see It by the e atenalve variety
tt offers In every line or K<*h1?? which we enr
ry. Il Includes Iho pick u( the market In
frraii (Mil styles sad fabrics. uot lees aetonlal..
I uk than the gooda will be.
The Astonishingly Low Prices
put on th?m. astonishing beeausa In the his
tory of buying and aelllng we know ofooth
Ing to compare In genuine oheapneea wllk
tliU elegant stock of goods. The fscl llist * s
got s margin o(T Inildv ftgutee. enables us to
otler these goods at prices that cannot lie met
by competitors, ami our Kail OpeulnK ?**
[ the Inauguration of
wi'|liave ever presided over. You must sea
kimmIs, whether you buy or not. and It
will give imprest pleasure to Uave every body
examine, handle and price these Imrgalns, so
that they may lie convinced of our ability to
make prices on the best quality goods, the
like of which Is unpreaetfented. Thla stock
Is now ready for Inspection. Ws c*u III tho
largest as well as the smallest, the falsa well
ss the lean.
Thompson & Tablcr,
guet'ii HI reef, Martlngburjf, W. Vit.
N, B.? Bilk Hats always In stock.
Hagerstown Fair I
DiHhskii or tii a
County Associations of Washington and Car
roll, Mil. . Franklin and Adam*. I'a , Jerter
win and Berkeley, W. Vs., simI W salting
ton City. I). C., will be held at
-OM ? ?
OCTOBER 15. 16. 17 and 18, 1889.
?20 ItAOJKS- '2(5
BTEKPLE CHAHKH. huhulk. chariot,
Poulfcpr and Pigeen Show.
hi'ot'K, ? ABM and HoUsKrfoU; OOOlm.
To make room for the machinery eihlbl
tlon, which haa outgrown the ten-acre apace
devoted to thla feature, 7MU feel of line abaft
lug to propel machinery havs been erected.
The abaft will be driven by one powerful en
A Full Feuc Bars Exhibition
open* iii 0 a. m. Tueedajr, Octolwr I rl?a*a
hi & p. in. Filda y. October in. |w?. Kililblta
rtnixil Ix- removed ImforK Htlunlix, (Kl?b?r
1?. at H a. in.. ex(H>pt II vr atork. which may It*
lakrii off lb* ground a after & p ?n. on Friday.
No charge for ? xhlMltnr All go?Hla or artl
rlea for I'omfM-tliloii inuat I* dell verrd Wi I ha
'tencral Mup?rlntend*nt ofi lb* gi ourida ai or
before 4 o'clock p. m. Monday, Octnl?er llth.
Ha wll! be there on Halurday to r*n*lv* any
good* or live alock and ear* for aa m*. All
en trlea except for trtalaof apeed vrlll Ih? closed
on Saturday. October VI, o dock p. m.
For premium Mat, privileges, programaand
other Infoi iiiatlon . a<ldr?*a,
M. A. MM.'nMAH. Oen I Mnpt .
llAgeratown, Md.
J. W. rABi.it. I'rcaldent.
P. A. Witmkk, HecreUry.
Local Board of Jefferaon County, W. Va.:
Chairman, <V>I. W. A. Morgan ; H< er alary .
Towner Hebley: l?r. A.M. It*yri<>!-.la , I** II.
Molar. B. F. Ilarrtaon, O. T. Lkklkler. M. J.
Hllliu)er, W. N. I^'inen, J. H. Flawing, K. II.
Hlglnt>oiham, Win. Hutlcr.
Hm commenced io earnest, with bar.
gaine everywhere throughout the
n tore. All goods will be fold At bot
tom prices. Expect to find immense
bargain* in Queensware, Lamp*, Chi*
oa, Ola**, Crockery, Dinner and Tea
Sets, Chamber Beta. Expect to find
a complete stock of Boots and Shoe*,
Rubber Boots and Shoes, Overalls,
Pacta, Suspenders, Ladies' and Gent# '
Hose. Handkerchiefs, Oilcloths. Ex
pect to find bargains in Hardware,
Woodenware, Baskets, Axes, Corn
Knives, Tar Rope.
Also, headquarters for Groceries,
Provisions, Tobacco, Cigars, Flour,
Canned Goods, etc.
Come with your CASH or TRADE
and purchase the goods offered by
rimed Cutawold Hack* tor aaJ* at half
price. Aieo aeveral Thorough ured Dorhaia
Bull Calve*. Apply to
8epC IS. 188a ? lw Urllla, WTVa.
OHOKTHAJfD, personally and by asaU, r*I
LNU, Hsfetatowo. Md.

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