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Ity stytpbtrbstoton fUljisttr.
Friday, November 28, 1890.
Thanksgiving Chimes.
Thanks to our God we pay ,
Thanks for the year
Of love and cheer,
Ol ilally food.
Of constant good,
Thanks to our God this day.
Thanks to our God we pay
For morning light.
For noontide's sheen.
For quiet e'en,
For peaceful night,
Thanks to our God this day.
Thanks to our God we pay
For winter's suow.
For spring's soft flow,
For sun ?ue''s glow,
For autumn's show.
Thanks to our. God this day.
Thanks to our God we pay
For smile and tear,
For grief and cheer.
Formal n, for loss,
For crown, for cross.
Thanks to our God this day.
(,ive thanks !
Almanacs for 1891 are ou hand.
Christinas is only four weeks off.
(,,'t your ice-houses ready for the
tliM freeze.
Pi, is is a pood time to trim your
gr?|M vines.
If \ou want a big Christmas trade,
a !\ ? rtise liberally.
Head our thanksgiving story this
W( . k on the first page.
\'ew buckwheat, mincemeat, hom
i?v. t?v. at It. M. Hillmyer's.
The We>t Virginia Press Association
: at Huntington on Tuesday.
I. .uiies' newport and peasant gossa
mer*. at Humrickhouse & Son's.
The tir>t snow of the season fell last
week. It was only a little squall.
Full line of boys' undershirts and
drawers, at Humrickhouse & Son's.
All of the Sunday Schools are fill
ing up rapidly? Christmas is coming.
A white partridge was shot by a
Washington county sportsman the
other day.
There is a very plausible counter
feit silver dollar floating about. Be
on your guard.
Extra nice line of suspenders and
celebrated V. S. B. braces, at Hum
rickhouse & Son's.
There are 72 cases on the criminal
docket at the session of court now be
ing held in Hagerstown.
The dwelling-house of James
Queen, colored, was destroyed by fire
last week in Martinsburg.
1 ?r. Stotler, the dentist, has gotten
in one of those machines for the ad
ministering of laughing gas.
A sleek stranger stole a valuable
waic i from Milton Kohler's jewelry
st' re in Hagerstown the other day.
The Register goes to press earlier
than usual this week so that our
for<v may enjoy Thanksgiving Day.
Mr. G. T. Hodges has recently
bought a fine new hay baler. It
squeezes the hay in a first-class style.
The Free Press says that a harness
factory, to employ 75 men and 50 wo
men, is to be located in Charlestown.
This week has witnessed the death
of a great many fat porkers. Send
in your heavy weights for publica
There is talk of forming a syndi
cate in Hagerstown to erect a cement
mill at the quarries at Chaney's lock,
below Williamsport.
Mr. Thomas R. Line set some snares
Monday evening. Tuesday morning
he found in one of them an owl and
in another a skunk.
Mr. T. J. C. Williams, formerly
with the Hagerstown J/atZ,bas entered
?>n his duties as business manager of
the Washington Critic.
On Wednesday the Baltimore Sunt
again failed to reach subscribers here.
This is becoming a very frequent oc
currence, from some cause.
Mr. M. E. Young has been appoint
ed town sergeant of Cliarlestown to
fiil t lie vacancy oocasioned by the
death of Mr. Thos. B. Young.
If vou want the best local paper in
tin- section, subscribe for the Reois
TKU. It will be sent from now until
January 1, 1891. for two dollars.
Raisins, currants, citron, spices, ex
tracts, nuts, the best roller flour, at R.
M Billiuyer's. Buy your goods from
him if you want the best cakes.
Mr. Oscar Barr intends rebuilding
hi* flouring; mill at Brucetown, which
recently destroyed by fire, and
will convert it into a woolen mill.
This is the time of year when you
want good stout boots. R. M. Bill
iuyer's is the place to buy them.
Hoots and shoes and rubber goods all
and prices.
Air. Samuel Loudon sent to the
Kkoistkk three immense heads of
cabbage the other dav. It is said Mr.
Loudon has the finest cabbage patch
iu the neighborhood.
The Order of Christian Brothers
have purchased the Straub farm,
bouth of Hagerstowu, wliera they will
at once begin the erection of several
buildings for school purposes.
There will be a meeting of the Deiu
o< ratic Club in Firemen's Hall Sat
urday evening at 8.80 o'clock for the
purpose of transacting important
business. A full attendance is re
W. P. Licklider received five hogs
heads full of Christmas goods this
week. and he invites all, both old and
young, to come and see w hat he has.
Christmas presents for everybody to
be found at Licklider's.
The B. & O. engine house in Win
chester, together with the passenger
engine used to run the Winchester ac
commodation train, were burned on
Sunday night? supposed incendiary
origin. Ix>ss about $ 15,000.
Mrs. Ann Cross sent to the Rhgis
tkk office on Tuesday a bottle of
wine that was very hard to beat. It
was made in some way from straw
berries after a recipe that Mrs. Cross
follows. It was certainly good.
Sweet potatoes, apples, cranberries,
Krajjes, N. O. molasses, raisins, citron,
currants, nuts of all kinds, powdered
Sugar, extracts, cocoanuts, canned
aprioots, peaches, pineapples and
cherrit , preserves, mincemeat, apple
Gutter, &c., at Trussell's.
A special term of the County Court
was held last Monday for the purpose
of qualifying the newly elected coun
ty officers.
Mr. C. B. Roust* of New York has
just made a munificent donation of
*100 to the Citizens' Fire Company of
Bear in mind the fact that the la
dies will hold a bazar in Shepherds
town during the Holidays for the
benefit of the town hall.
Mrs. Elizabeth Stipp sent in the
turkey this year that makes the chief
adornment of the editor's table. We
are thankful, consequently.
Wilson Arnett, colored, has received
his pension money. The first pay
ment was $75W, and his monthly al
lowance will be $20 as long as he lives.
I John Jacob Luther, an aged citizen
of Hagerstown, died last Monday.
He was a direct decendant of Martin
Luther, being of the ninth generation.
Mr. Clag ;ett Wiles, a S. V. brake
man, had his right hand badly
mashed while coupling cars a few
days ago. He will probably lose a
couple of lingers.
There's even a high tariff on eggs.
They have been selling in Shepherds
town at 24 cents a dozen, an unusual,
ly high price for this place, Butter
is 15 cents a pound.
Miss Jennie M. Hill remembered
the editor this week with oue of those
splendid butter ducks, in the manu
facture of which she has become so
justly famous. It is really too pret
ty to eat.
Mr. Emory Ensminger killed his
two big hogs on Wednesday, and he
sets a pace that Shepherdstown will
find very hard to overcome. One of
them weighed 300 and the other 380 ;
pounds net.
Peter Mantz, who had his leg cut |
off in Baltimore by a locomotive j
while he was employed on the B. &
O. as engineer, and who sued the i
company for $35,000 damages, lost his
suit in the Hagerxtown Circuit Court
last Monday.
The parade and Democratic jollifi
cation at Sharpsburg last Tuesday
"night was quite a success, having
been well supported by Shepherds
town. Our band and fire company
and many citizens were over. tien.
McKaig made a speech.
This is how some one figures it:
From a bushel of corn a dii'iller gets
four gallons of whiskey, which retails
at ?16; the government gets $3.60; the
farmer who raised the corn, gets 40
cents; the railroad?gets $1; the man
ufacturer gets $7, and the consumer
gets drunk.
W. P. Licklider has one of the larg
est stocks of Xmas goods that was
ever in town. Fine china, glass, tea
sets, vases, etc., at the lowest price
they can be sold. Everybody is in
vited to call at his store and see the
new goods. Will taKe pleasure in ,
showing you what he has.
Mr. J. Davis Billmyer started work
this week on the vein of iron ore on
his father's land above town. It is
the intention to make a thorough in
vestigation and find out whether or
not it will pay to work the vein ex
tensively. Wh hope the most san_
guine expectations may be realized.
Martinsburg is said to be suffering
from a bad case of business blues. The
death of Col. Hickman has caused
the suspension of work at the hosiery
factory, and the report that the B. A:
O. Railroad will remove its repair
shops to Cumberland and the end of
the division to Berlin makes the out
look still darker.
Last Sunday evening between 7
and 8 o'clock a large hay-rick, con
taining probably six or eight tons,
belonging to Col. A. 11. Boteler and
on the Fountain llock place, was de- .
st roved by fire. It is supposed to |
have been the work of tramps, as
several of these wandering gentlemen
had been loafing around that vicinity.
The store of Capt. James M. Bill
mver at Vauolevesville was broken
into last Saturday night and goods to
the value of about two hundred bol
'ars taken. The robbery occurred be
tween twelve o'olock and morning,
and is supposed to be the work of
tramps. A heavy piece of railroad
I iron was used in breaking down the
door, which was converted into kin
A boy of this place, about 10 years
of age, opened the safe in It. Rail's
Sons' Bolivar store last Saturday,
during the temporary absence of the
clerk in charge, and took therefrom
$13. Mr. R. Rau. Jr., discovered the
theft and caught t lie boy as he was
: leaving the store, forcing him to sur
I render the stoleu money. The boy
was then allowed to depart and it is
j said he has skipped the town. ? Har
per s Ferry Sentinel.
Saturday night, for about an hour
from 8.80 o'clock, and also on Tuesday
night, the moon pretexted an unu
sual spectacle, having three perfect
rings of color surrounding it. The
ring nearest the moon was of a pale
golden yellow, shading to the outer
border of the ring, where it was a
deep reddish prauge brown. The
second circle was of that peculiar hue
of bluish-green often seen on bar* of
steel, and the outer circle was of that
green hue often seen in prismatic re
flection. In Alaska these circles are
said to be sure indications of a severe
snow storm.
The Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows
elected the following officers at Graf.
I ton last week: Grand Master, God
frey M. Schull, Wheeling; D. G. M.,
I John Beckley, Beckleyville; G. W.,
V. F. IJarmor, Shinnston; G. S., E.
A. Billingsiea, Fairmont; G. , T. H.
Seamon, Wheeling; G. Samuel
Steel, Weston. Reports from the va_
1 rious lodges showed the order
throughout the State to be in a nour
ishing couditiou and growing in mem
bership. The uiatter of purchasing a
home for aged Odd Fellows was
brought up, but the committee re
ported that for the present the Grand
Lodge was not iu couditiou to pur
chase. The committee wa?? retained
to further consider the matter. On
Wednesday evening the crowping
social feature of the meeting? the
banquet? was held. Over 800 mem
bers of the order sat down to the ban
quet and the occasion was one of the
highest enjoyment to all.
J. L. Hoffman, of Shepherdstown,
Jefferson county, West Virginia, ar
rived in Madera this week. Mr.
Hoffman has not been here a suffi
cient length of time to form any de
cided opinion of the country, but bis
first impressions were most pleasing.
If he remains here during the winter
and enjoys the concomitant comforts
of our mild and equable climate we
predict that he will become a perma
nent resident.? M adtra ( Cal .) Mercury.
Rev. Charles Ghiselin has been in
Springfield, W. Va., this week, as
sisting the pastor of the Presbyter
ian Church there, Rev. Dr. Finley, in
a series of special meetings.
Mr. J. W. McCleary was in town on
Wednesday on bis way to Baltimore
He had been hunting up in Shenan
doah county, where he bagged sev
eral wild turkeys.
Mrs. J. L. Hoffman has gone on a
visit east and will spend several
months with friends in various parts
of Maryland. She will go to Califor
nia in the spring.
Gen. W. B. Hays, Master of the Or
egon State Grange, spent a couple of
days this weeks with Hon. C. H.
Knott, near town.
Messrs. Mason Conklyn and Edward
Langdon, of Kabletown, spent last
Sunday in this place. They stopped
at Mr. Brotherton's.
Mrs. Ben Greenwood, of Roanoke, |
Va., is in Shepherdstown visiting her
The American Feast.
Happy, happy man !
Trlpplug Ifayly 'long the street.
I .out lt*il down witn tidbits sweet,
Loaded down with turkey fat,
Delicacies and all thut
llappy, happy man !
A F I t'll DINNER.
Aching, aching man !
Skulking sadly 'long the street.
Loaded down with tidbits sweet,
With stuffed turkey, rich and fat,
Delicacies and all that
Aching, aching man !
Among the Churches.
The new census report of religious
bodies in the United States show
that there are 134 sects, with 25,000,
000 members. The Methodists num
ber 5,000,000; the Baptists 4.000,000;
the Roman Catholic, 4,000,000; the
Presbyterians 3,000,000 and the Epis
copalians 2,000.000.
The Lutheran churches of Burkitts
ville, Petersville and Knoxville voted
on Sunday last to extend a call to
Rev. M. L. Beard, of Boonsboro, a
former pastor of the charge. It is
thought that he will accept the call.
Rev. William Harris, of Harper's
Ferry, was halted by three colored
men the other night while returning
from church at Knoxville. They
would have robbed him had he not
thrust a revolver under their noses
and scared them off.
? There will be services in the M. E.
Church in Shepherdstown Sunday at
11 a. m. and 7 p. in., and at Mt.
Wesley at 3 p. m.
The Communion of the Lord's Sup
per will be observed in the Reformed
Church at Kearneysville on Sunday,
November 30th. There will beprepar
atory service on Friday evening at 7
o'clock, and on Saturday morning at
There will be services in the Pres
byterian Church Sunday at Kear
neysville at 11a. m. and at Shep
herdstown at 6.30 p. m.
Rev. T. J. Wilson will say mass in
the Catholic Chapel, at this place,
next Sunday morning at 11 o'clock.
The hour for Sunday-school is 3
o'clock in the afternoon, except dur
ing the three summer months, when
the time is changed to 4 o'clock.
Full line of gum coats for men and
boys, at Humrickhouse & Son's.
We Would Be Thankful?
To pee Shepherdstown's booiu hur
ry up a little.
To see some of our young men take
better care of themselves.
To hear less of the noisy- boys on
our street corners at nijjht.
To see good pavements replace the
bad ones.
To see a fine new town hall coni
I pleted.
j To hear of the capture of the fire
To know that everybody had a
turkey for Thanksgiving.
To see fresh paint on some of the
old houses.
; To see the manufacturing shops
start up.
To see a monument to Rumsey I
erected in Shepherdstown.
To have everybody who owes the
printer pay up.
The Canal,
Mr. John B. McDonald, as one of j
the sureties for the trustees for the
bondholders of 1844 of the Chesa
; peake and Ohio Canal, on Monday
signed the bond for $000,000 required
1 qf the trustees by order of court.
Miss Mary (jarpett js the other surety
i on the bond. Several more signa
tures of trustees and others are re- j
quired before the bond will be ready '
for filing in the Circuit Court at Ha- I
gerstown, after which the canal will !
be turned over to the trustees for the !
bondholders, whq will proceed to
carry out the terms of the agreement, i
It is understood that the repairs of
the canal will be commenced at once,
the work to be given out in sections
by contract, the entire work to be
t done under the supervision of a com
petent eu^jncgr so that the repairs
will be conducted along tfce entjre
line at the same time.
Public Sales.
The following public sales are ad
i vertised in this paper:
On Saturday, December 6th. Henry
M. Loyns, executor, will sell tUe l^eir
nett house and two lots in Shepherds
i town.
On Saturday, Dec. 6th, J. C. Frj^ j
administrator of John Ruse, Sr., 1
dec'd, will sell personal property at
the residence of John Ruse, near
| On Tuesday, December 9th, John
H. Buckles and Joseph B. Vanmetef,
executors, will sell in Charlestpwn a j
valuable fftrm near tingles Switch,
Jefferggn oouQty.
Children's fast black hose, at Hum
| rickhouse & Son's.
Two yer, Important /?/?/>(""?
A representative of the KhUI?".t
,aft week paid a vl.it to two ?
great business activity m e ^
county, namely, the new
Bakerton and the VirKin.aor# bank.
Both are located between the B. & ?
Railroad and the Potomac ^
about nil miles east of fth p
town and three mile, went of Har
per's Ferry.
Bakerton is the name of the new
town that is being built up at Oak
Grove school-house. ? two and
a-half miles from the ma.n l. n. of the
Baltimore i Ohio Railroad, by which
n connected with a branch road
that joins it at Keller's. The Wash
ington Building and Lime Compan j ,
a corporation in which the Messrs.
Baker of Maryland are largely inter
red constructed the road and
bought the 43 acres of land where
the improvements are being made. !
Tbey have opened up a large lime
stone quarry here and constructed
four patent kilns for the burning o
lime Each week 11,000 bushels of
lime are burned- about 20 car loads
which is shipped to Wa,hinKtonand
points in Maryland, lrom fort> to
fifty men are constantly empl"Ml ? -
steam drill outs the holes into the
?rreat brdsof limestone, anddynamite
tears the masses asunder. orses
and carts carry the broken stone to
the top floor of the large building
containing the kilns. Here men feed
them into the iron maws, from which, j
two stories below, the lime w drawn j
and wheeled into the cars that stand
rj i' ht in front of the kilns. Au in- ,
clined plane, to be run by steam, w ill
shortly be put in operation, thus do
io.'ftwav with the horses and carts.
The Stone will then be drawn directlj
from the quarry to the kilns.
Already Bakerton is making a fan
showing " in a business way. There
have been erected the large three
decked kiln-house; a cuopershop
where five coopers turn out 300 bar
rels a day, a large store building,
where Strider & Eugle do a big gen
eral merchandise business under the
supervision of Mr. Jesse A. Eugle, Jr.;
seven new dwelling-houses for the use
of the workmen. A tank, tilled from
un artesian well, supplies water to the
works aud the houses, and also to the
school building. Bakerton is a post
office, and has three mails a day. Mr. i
Engle, the manager of the store, is
postmaster. _ i
Mr. S. W. Bratt is the efficient man
ager of the company'* business at Ba
kerton, and the lime turned out un
der his supervision is the best on the
market. Evry day a locomotive
comes in to bring empty cars and take
away the loaded ones. 1 he roai . we
understand, is controlled by the com
pany that runs the lime works. -
telephone connects Bakerton with j
Keller station.
Every Saturday is pay day, and
each week a considerable sum o
money is put in circulation. Most of
the employees are men from the vi
cinity, so the money is spent at home.
The farmers of that vicinity find that ,
Bakerton is of great benefit to them.
Thev find ready sale for wood and al- |
most every sort of farm product at
the highest market prices. They also
have the privilege of loading their
wheat at this point, thus saving many
miles of hauling over rough roails. i
Messrs. Hodges and Leinen, of this ,
place, have been the principal wheat |
buyers. . I
As may be seen from the above, Ha- ,
kerton is already a thriving pl??'e.
But it is more than likely that onh a
beginning has been made, for there
is a well-defined impression that bet
ter times are to follow. There are
some persons who are so sanguine as
to predict that in a couple of years
more Bakerton will he a lively town
of a couple thousand inhabitants. W e
hope it may be so.
A mile northeast of Bakerton, on a
continuation of the branch railroad,
is another busy scene at the Virginia
ore bank. The books at Antietam
Furnace show that over a hundred
years ago the deposit of iron ore ut
this place had attracted the atten
tion of manufacturers, who had
worked even before that upon this
valuable vein. Hut it has never
yielded as much ore as it does now,
one reason being because the methods
of digging and handling it are so
greatly improved. For fourteen
years this property was lying1 idle. A
year or two ago, after it had become
the property of Mr. Thomas W. Ahl.
it was again opened up, and now that
the railroad lias reached it there is no
question as to its future. Mr. Ahl
owns 90 acres of land here, and it is
estimated that 55 acres of it contain
the iron ore. The vein is practically
Mr. W. C. Foreman, an experienced
miner, is superintendent of the works.
Under his management everything
moves along smoothly and systemat
ically. About 25 men are employed.
The ore. which comprises almost the
entire hill, is easily mined. It is load
ed into small cars, drawn by steam
up an inclined plane, dumped into the
big washer, the dirt and refuse cleaned
out, then drawn again into oars,
which are pulled up to a platform
along the railroad, and tne ore is
finally dumped into the cars. In
former years the ore was ruked out
from the earth with iron rakes, and
only about half of it was secured,
while the rest went into the dump
About fifty-five tons of ore is ship
ped daily? some days two cars and
some days three. |t goes mostly to
Baltimore, but also supplies a fur
nace at Dunbar, Pa. The ore is a
neutral hematite, and Mr. Foreman,
who has had 24 veers' experience in
this business, says that it is the best
he h^s ever handled- The 's
greater than the present capacity of
the works, and Mr. Foreman told the
Rkgistkk man that plans are being
arranged for avast improvement and
enlargement of machinery. A new
inclined plane will be built, and it is
hoped that work will be found for
two hundred meu. There's no doubt
that there is plenty of ore there for
any number "of men to work at for
any number of years. One breast of
the vein has been worked up to a
height ot eta feet, and there's no telir
ing how much deeper it goes. Most
Of the employees live across the river
in Maryland, bat it is Ukj y that a
number of new houses will bebu.lt
on Mr. Ahl's land for their accommo
^The" works at the ore bank are of
benefit to Shepherdstown in a busi
ness sense, as Mr. Foreman buys most
of his supplies here.
asothkr ohe bank.
Mr Jacob S. Moler s farm adjoins
the above place, and so the REGISTER
man dropped in on his old friend an ,1
Kot a most excellent dinner. Mr Mo
ferhas plenty of the same sort of iron
ore on his place. In fact the bank
was at one time in successful opera
tion. though it was afterward closed
on account of various circumstance.
But there is ore and plenty of it. A1
you have to do is to take a pick and
dig into the ground, and out rolls the
ore. Several Baltimore capitalists
were there last week and made an ex
amination of the old mine They
were greatly pleased, and will proba
bly lease the place and begin opera
tions in the near future. Mr. Moler,
we hope, will realize handsomely on
his property.
Take it all in all, there is a genuine
boom down in that neighborhood.
Business is already brisk. But in two
or three vears more some of the older
towns will have to look to their lau
rels, unless all present signs fail.
Circuit Court.
The following is the Grand Jury or
the present term of the Jefferson
Circuit Court: Win. Beall, Foreman;
>. C. Brackett, T. B. Howell. Jas. W.
Fn-'le B. F. Kamey, Jas. Coleman. L.
C. Watson. >~. H. Willis, W. B. Con
rad, Adam Young. V. M. Firor H. .
Moore. Jas. A. Osbourn, John I.
Colston. Geo. S. Knott.
The Grand Jury sat on Tuesday,
Wednesday and Friday, and brought
in the following indictments:
State vs. Frank Stewart, felony.
State vs. Geo. Wilson, petit lar
ceny, 8 indictments.
State vs. John Henry Fields, misde
meanor, 2 indictments.
State vs. Win. Craig, felony.
State vs. Bennet Lipsic, misdemean.
? "state vs. Daniel Lowry, grand
State vs. Jas. Davis, petit larceny.
State vs. Chas. Bishop, misdemean
or , .
State vs. Geo. Wilson, felony.
State vs. Moses Bennet, misdemean
State vs. Charles Ross, petit lar
ceu>'- . , . .
State vs. John Ross, felon} .
State vs. John D. Hart, misdemean
or, 5 indictments.
State vs. Robert Osburn, misde
State vs. Robert Webb, felony.
State vs. George Moten, felony, 2
State vs. Geo. Fry, Vernon feller
and Slagle Souders. felony.
James Davis, indicted for petit lar
ceny, pleaded guilty and was sen
tenced to jail for five days.
Charles Bishop, indicted for misde
meanor, pleaded guilty and was sen
tenced to pay a fine of $25 and costs,
or to be confined in jail for 60 days.
Frank Stewart, indicted for a felo
nv was tried by a jury, found guilty,
and sentenced to the penitentiary for
two years.
John Henry Fields, indicted for
misdemeanor. Found guilty, and rec
ommended to the mercy of the Court.
Wm. Craig, colored, indicted for
committing a rape upon the person
of Gertie Monday, colored- found
guilty, and sentenced to the peniten
tiary for fifteen years.
Antietam City .
The Ilagerstown Daily Neves says
that Mr. Slaymaker, chief engineer,
with a corps of assistants, arrived in
Ilagerstown on Monday, reported to
Col. W. F. M. McCarty, and in the
afternoon proceeded to Shenandoah
Junction to survey the site of the fu
ture Antietam City, and to locate a
mammoth steel plant and other works
to employ 3,000 people.
The syndicate that hah purchased
the land at that place intend to build
a model city. The streets are to be
100 fVet wide, macadamized and sew
ered. Electric lights will be put in
and it is said that the Holly system of
waterworks will be used to bring
water from the Potomac for all pur
The prospectus of the place, with
maps, etc., will be issued at an early
date. The first sale of lots will take
place early in January, and those
who are interested are confident in
their assertions that Antietam City
will have the largest boom along the
v hole line.
Oh, this ringing in the ears !
Oh, this humming In the head 1
Hawking, blowing, snuffing, gapping,
Watering eyes and throat a-rasping.
Health impaired and comfort tied,
Till 1 would that 1 were dead !
What folly to suffer so with catarrh
troubles, when the worst ca*?es of
chronic catarrh in the head are re
lieved and cured by the piiiU, cleans
ing and healing properties of I)r.
Sage's Catarrh Remedy. It purifies
the foul breath, by removing the
cause of offence, heals the sore and
inflamed passages, and perfects a last
ing cure.
??e advertisement of
In Harper's Ferry, at the home of
the groom. Nov. 18. 1890. by Rev. Wil
liam Harris, Mr. Gko. W. FOSSKTT
and Mist NiiRA O'Laiohlix. both of
that niaee.
In Loveland. Ohio, Nov. 11. 1890. by
Rev. l)r. Walker, Mr Edward Dikf
FKXDKKfKK. of Mart insbu rg. and
Miss Mattik Clinton, of Loveland.
Nov. 18, 1890. at the home of the
bride, by Rev. W. T. Robert*. Mr.
.J. toruiefjv of
Chariestown. and Miss Minnik Wil
liam*. of Bridgewater, Va.
At the residence of the bridge pa
rents. In Donnellson, Io?a, Nov. 12,
1890, Mr. Harry E. Ptlk. ofFarm
ington. Iowa, and Miss Lotta C.
Bull, lately of Charlestown.
In Back Ureek, Berkeley countv,
N6v. 1.7. 1890, Miss Sl'SAS Thomas,
aged about 70 years.
In Washington. D- P-, Nov. 18. 1?90,
Mr. Jamrs H. Harry, son of W. H.
H. and Mary Harry, of Jefferson
county, aged 48 years and 6 months.
A Visitor's Impressions.
A well-known Baltimore man who
recently spent some days in Shep
herdstown writes thus entertainingly
of his visit in the Baltimorean of last
Nov. 18. 1890.
Eds. Baltimorean: Quaint, quiet,
queer old Shepherdstown, cuddles
cosily down by the Potomac, and is
one of the most delightful home towns
in the world. Tp get there from Bal
timore you stav up all night until 4 a.
in., and* reach there in time for break
fast, or you start late iu the day and
lay over four hours to buy real estate
in Hagerstown. The ride over the
Western Maryland is one moving
panorama of beauty; especially is
this true at this season of the vear,
when Dauie Nature is on dress parade
in her gorgeous fall fashions, and on I
the mountain tops the brilliant ban
ners catch the sunlight and wave de
fiance to the coming winter. The
persimmons also are ripe.
At the Entler Hotel in Shepherds
town Mr. Trussell has a great big room
waiting for you with a cheerful fire, |
and then having refreshed the inner
man you are at liberty to do as you
please, provided you please to do
right. If you are fond of fishing, all
you have to do is to drop a line to
the black bass, and they will bob up
serenely and take the bait. Or if you
are fond of boating you can use your
skilled skull in sculling.
If sentimentally inclined, you can
stroll by moonlight down on the
cliffs, where far below the glistening
river kings a song of peace and the
young people of the town who are
suffering from palpitation of the
heart stroll by with lingering feet
and listen to" love's music sweet.
They also catch cold.
Your Keeter was in Shepherd-town
just before and after the late Demo- ]
cratic election day. "Just before
they were busv whooping it up, the
bird of the free was soaring, the
liberties of the people were at stake,
the hard worked political speaker was
on hand with the eagle eye and frog
throat worn out in saving the
country. ".Just after" roosters were
at a premium, glory was in the air,
every bodv knew it was coming, the
brass band took a second wind, the
victors were smiling and the victims
had all moved out of town.
Mr. Steven l)a nd ridge, one of the
best men in the town, was elect.nl
to the legislature, and the Hon. Win.
L Wilson's majority was greatly in
creased. These two fortunate hap
penings were enough to paint Shep
herdstown a very rosy red.
Now, Keeter ib a Prohibitionist, he
knows no other party, but some how
or other when the Democrats win he
hollers; I suppose it is from the force
of habit. . .
With all the glorification there was
perfect order in Shepherdstown; the
reason for this was perfectly plain,
there is no intoxicating liquor sold
there and it costs 50 cents to go to
^ ears and years ago M r. Kutuaey
projected, invented and discovered
the lirst steamboat in this town, and
on the bosom of the Potomac the first
steamboat in the world went its w ild
wav in eccentric circles, managed by
an eccentric man. They called him j
"Crazy Itunisey," and his boat the i
"Flying Craft." That was many |
moons ago. and there has not been a
steamboat at Shepherdstown since.
There i? a boom just a booming in
this town, but they are keeping it
verv quiet; however, they have an
eve to the leeward, and will soon be
out with a map and gilt edged.
Over at Shenandoah Junction the
other day 8(H) acres of land were sold
at tin ii*?ro to h I lint
means a live town at the junction iu
the not far distant future.
1 found my old friend, the lie v.
George Everhart, preaching in the
Reformed Church here, and very hap- !
DV in his new vocation. His many
friends in Baltimore, who remember
him so pleasantly as a reader, will be
glad to know that lie isdoing a grand,
.'ood work, and in very popular. I
weiit to hear him Sabbath morning
and as lie read the beautiful service,
clearly, distinctly, and with feeling.
1 thought how much better it would
be if we had more good readers in the
1 "riie 1.000 people of the town have
eight churches to go to. Some go to
sleep. Some go a fishing.
The Young Men's Christian Asso
ciation has a few faithful workers
and it is a notable fact that the Su
perintendents of theSabbath Schools
are active workers in the Association.
Of course Shepherdstown, like all
old Virginia towns, has its war record,
its proud and sad war memories; situ
ated right on the border it suffered
very much, and some of its best young
men gave their lives for their coun
trv. ? . .
?rhe Shepherdstown Kegmtr is a
bright, clean, newsy sheet, no patent
inside or outside for t lie genial editor.
Mr. Snyder carries brain* around with
him; his compositors have waxed
strong. and a blind Samson furnishes
the motive power for the press. Mr.
! Snvder was a little short on rooster.-*
this year, but what lie lacked in roos
ters lie made up in crowing.
Shepherdstown has an elegant foun
dation for a City Hall, also a kiln of
bricks, and better than all they have
a determined, energetic hard work
j ing hand of ladies, wiio are striving
hard to huild a hall.
Mrs. J arley exhibited her wax works
two evenings recently, for the benefit
of the hall, to a large and apprecia
! tjve audienoe,
Mr. Hawks, her Baltimore mana
ger, was with her, and i had the
pleasure of meeting both of them at
the hotel. The old lady had just re
turned from Cumberland, where she
exhibited her figgerg in the Opera
Yours, Truly,
FreiMti in llie ??*? elefant form
?or THE?
Combined with the medicinal
virtues of plants known to be
most beneficial to the human
system, forming an agreeable
and effective laxative to perma
nently cure Habitual Consti
pation, and the many ills de
pending on a weak or inactive
I condition of ih^
It Is the most excellent remedy known to
When one is B-.Iiou* or Const. pated
? io THAT
Ewry one fs using it and all are
delighted with it
SYRUP or X*XG-fi
$AM fSA/rCleCO, e*L
| lomvtuj. rr mew rom c Jl ? j
Highest of all in Leavening Power. ? U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
A Novel Announcement.
The publisher* of Thk Youth's
Companion have sent u> a handsome
Souvenir with the announcements of
authors and articles for the ntxt
year's volume. It has seveu illumi
nated pages. one for each day in the
week, very qua:nt in style, the whole
forming a "Hook of Days." and each
page illustrating a line of the old
"Monday for Health,
Tuesday for Wealth.
Wednesday the Be-t l>ay;of.all;
Thursday for Losses,
Friday for Crosses,
Saturday No Luck at all;
Sunday Ihe Day that i> Hlest
With Heavenly Peace and Rest."
This novel and unique Calendar is
*ent frte to all New Subscribers to
Thk Companion who send #1.75 for
a year's sul?cription and request it
at the time they subscribe.
Thk companion will also be sent
to January, IS91, free, and for a full
year from that dat?, including the
Five Double Holiday Numbers ami
all the Illustrated Weekly Supple
ments. Thk Companion is already a
favorite in half a million homes, and
old a* well a> young enjoy its weekly
Xlis> Annie Baxter, the Democratic
candidate for county clerk at Carth
age. Mo., was elected by a majority
of <>00. The report of the election
says that the miners iu all the camps
sang "Annie Kooney," all day, a?.d
ran over each other "to vote for their
popular voting candidate.
The Pulpit and the Stage.
Rev. F. M. Klirotit, Pastor United Brethren
Cliurcti. Blue Muutid, Kan., aays: "I feel 11
my iluty to tell what wonder* Dr. King'*
New Dlscoverv has done (or me. My Lung*
were Itadly diseased, ami my parishioners
thought 1 "could live only it few weeks. I
look ttve bottles of l?r. King's New Discovery
and aiu sound and Well. naming -'?> It's. In
Arthur lx>ve, Manager Love's Funny Folks
Combination. writes: "After a thorough trial
and convincing evidence. 1 am confident Dr.
kidk's New Diaooverj for Consumption
beats 'cm all, and cures when everything
else falls. The greatest klnUlltsa I can do my
many thousand friend* is to unje them to
try It." Free trial bottles at Dr. J. O.
Gibson's Drug Store. Regular sites 50c and
It is stated at the Postoffice De
partment in Washington that since
the passage of the anti-lottery law
there has been a reduction in the
revenues of the New Orleans post
office of about one-third, and in con
sequence the clerical force of the
ollice has been reduced by nine men,
representing iu salaries.
Female Weakness Positive Cure Free.
To the Editor :
Please Inform your renders that I have a
positive remedy lor the thousand and one 111*
which arise from deramteu r< male oricnti*. I
shall l>e glad to send two l?ot ties of my reme
dy FREE to any lady if they will send tlielr
Express and P. O. addtess.
Yours, Respectfully.
I>k. J. H. MA ItCHIMl.
183 Oenesee St., t'tlca, N. V.
Ilufersluw ? lluslm ss ?
"W IR/.A. 3? S .
If you Intend to purchase a wrap this sea
son, be sure to sure to nail ami see our as
sortment before buying. We can show vou |
MoRK STYLES. ItETTER m'Al.l I I Es and
can nlve you EOWER PRICES? quality eon- ;
Hldered? than you will find elsewhere. <?ur
line of
Ladies' Cloth Jackets, Plush Jackets and
Plush Coats, New Markets, Misses'
Jackets, Children's Coats.
Ac., Ac.,
In all (trades and prices Is now complete.
? AND?
Kur Trimmings
of every description.
INGS, &e., &0.
Hagerstowo, Md.
.). II. JiEACII LEY, ;
? 'si 1 1 iiimI Ifiirr Uiiod*.
IJeaohiey A- Co, have Just unpicked lb?tr
ISlMtikt-iH, Heavy lirc?? (jcods, run iii-U, I m
<1 !?-??' mix! Mimick Coat*, Ac. Unless ) ou buy I
ho* . | ott will jMji mora later
Thcj lire i.oinj; tit <?
Thirty thou**nd dollar*' worth of Dry
Good*, Notions, I jul I-* and Ml Kites' Coats.
lllnnKct*, CariwU, oil Clotha.HhOM.Uoot*,
Hut*. Men'* WVar, UruMrln, Queenaware,
< ,'edarware, Ac.. sr.- bein^c m>i?i by J II. lb a<-h
ley, the well-known Ilagerstown Merchant,
not only at rial, l>ut iintny g<?od* hi 1<-h? Uian
coat. If you want Kail and Winter Good* go
anda^e the immense Mock, and you will re- ;
allae that It mean* dosing to quit, and not ?>
fairy tale, a* *ome good people are trying to
make the ma**es believe,
?<i:a<iii.i:v a. ? o.
say It would take ten year* to retail their
W? stock of Dry Goods, Hhoes. ijroeerles,
Carpet*, Ac., at cost and even at le*s than I
coat. They Intend to reduce it very much
and then *>11 It to parlies to go on with the '
IIAiiERNTOW.1, tfl>.
We control the exclusive *ale of Merrltt's I
Hhrurik Hi-lnch Mklrtlng Flannelsin tblselly. i
We show all the styles for this season, and
In addition to tfca piece goods, we show ?>
different patterns of the *klrt j-atterns
These are the only real shrunk skirtings on ,
the market, and can only be had at our store- '
Our assortment of home-made bed Comfort*
Is more varied thli season. We have made
them iu ottoman, repps, satine, oil prints
and offer them at lea* prices than uaoally
asked for the city made goods.
Our summer purchases of blanket* enable
us now to offer more special value in medi
um and good blanket* than haa been stowu j
for the pttst sevei%l season*.
Better value lo I'ndenjrexr this lessen than ;
ever Wfuru
rtergea, Henrietta*. Camels Hair and Cloth* |
In Heliotrope, Green, Blue and Grey will be I
tne BKKt popular in plain fabric*, while Clan {
and scotch fluids in all slae pisids, will lead
in fancy stuJU. Velvets, 'or trimmings and i
combination. We show ib? moat complets
Stock ol all classes of Black Dieaa Fabrics.
Housekeeping ooods of the best standard
grades at sam? prices usually asked for com- !
mouer qualities.
Full st-jck and correct prices.
KING, Photographer. |
A full line of Kngraylnga. fcwii'.ngs. Pho
togravures , and photographs, together with
Frames, fcasels, stands and Albums, for Hol
iday Presents. A beaollful aaaonment of
Mouldinga for Frame?(lu?di!ferent patterns;,
at KING H, iS W. Washington Htreet.iU
ierstown. Md.
I*. H.-We ttlll lead in style and elegance of i
finish in PhoUgrapbs. Picturesof children '
A peculiar breach of promise case
ha.* just been decided in the Circuit
Court at Lima. Ohio, bv a verdict for
the plaintiff of $1,000. The ease orig
inated at Paulding two years ago
just after the Presidential campaign.
Miss Mary 8hull was engaged to
marry a prominent young ?u??
named Adelbert I^eham, who was an
ardent Republican. He was helping
his party raise a pole in the town,
which was witnessed by Hiss Shull,
a strong Democrat. Du'ring.the pole
rai-iug she "hurrahed for Cleveland"
f-everal times. This so enraged I*e
ham that he refused to marry the
girl. She brought suit against him
and after several trials of the case it
resulted as above stated.
ivtotuar Assembly No. 'AM3, Knights of La
bor, meets every NoDdu night in tba old
K&uotkk ottlce, over Mr. Marten a ware
KureM Orange No. 2S?. I*, of ti. will meet the
I Ha i v n each month ?t l.ao p.iu.
a ml the la.t Saturday at ti p. in.
Wheat, longberry.per buahe. .. i s9 y (I
Wliekt, No. 2, per liu.hel ... a M
Corn, per bnahel 4" <?< 40
Gate, per bnabal "w ?
Hay, per ton 4 00 tt (A
Hatter, per tt> ts
Kitge, per docen
li:?m? . i-oiintry 1. per fc U A II
Shoulder*, per t*> .... ?? W 10
Hldea, par ft 9 ti 9
lard, per #> * ?
Potatoes, per hiiNhel 50 <.? 8#
Fruit Cake Supplies.
Citron, Currants, Itai
sins, Nuts, Prunes,
and Extracts.
This is a NEW CHOI* ami we pro
pose to sell them nt a very short mar
Compare our Prices
with other Houses.
Look out for our Christmas Adver
We propose to lead this year in
Low Prices as usual.
? 18?
Hera ii M* we aim to aupply rour wants and
?ell at txittorn price*. We received lota of
New (iooda thla week. When you want I'ure
Mountain Muck wheat Klour, Pure N.O. Mo
laaaea. Cranberries, Florida Orangea, Apples,
Lemon., Citron, Itslslns, Currants, Pruura,
Cheeae, Mao-aron I, Coriander, Hweet Marjo
ram. Hominy, llewna, ?>at.. Cake., "Purity "
Klwur, Chocolate, <>???*. Kstrarta, Hweet Po
tatoe., M I iie>* Meat, and m full line of Km-. h
Uroccrlea, rail on us. We have a full atoek of
Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, Notions, Wil
low and Wooden Ware,
Newest Styles.
Jfc-nutiful China and Glass, all very
Come and see us, ami buy early ami
Yours, Respectfully,
Scribner'8 Magazine
For the muiing year will he note
worthy for a ti umber of special
feature* which the }'uhii?h
rrn believe are of very un
itMial iiit?r??t, ami
anions theiu the
following inay
he ujeutiou
ed :
Sir Edwin Arnold
contrtbutea to the lx ??? mher nun.l?er it.* Aral
of a aetlea of four Artlclea um> u Japan, Ma
people. iu and tta thou^hta. Mr. PVtti
?rt Mum. who vaa romu>lMlonrd to |u lo
JapMii for Hcrlbnera Mmt'lM, hM prepared
a vary rernarkableaerteaof ilraair.tpi to lllua
trau -.r Mwlu i laprra, Artkdea upon thw
recent Japanrae > rati v At will follow, lllua
truted by Mr. Hluru.
Henry M. Stanley
ha* prepared for tha Jem.H ry n urn her an Im
portant article upon '*ffc* P if in lee of the
<>reat African Foreet." Another contribu
tion in thla Held will be Mr. J. N-oit keltic a
?count of tBe rr<'?nt African Kihlbltkm hrkl
In London. both paper a will Ue amply lllua*
The Wrecker,
a He rial Novel l?y Kobrrt l?ul? Hteren aon
and Lloyd uabourne, will run through a large
part of the year. JlluaUftbxl by Hole. A tw>
l-art atory by J rank H. MockUm will alao ap
Prof, dames Bryce, M. P.,
author of "The Americas < ominon wealth,"
will write a aertea of four Articles upon In*
dl?, embodying the r*auiia of hia rrccnt Jour
ney andaludi?* on thM land of uevei-endlsg
Ocean Steamships
will he the autjeet of an Important aertea
?omewbat upon the llrea of iha aueeewful
itellroad A rt.riea. I'aaaenger Travel," "The
Life oi ?/fliter? and Men." *"?pe?d and .lately
i*v|cea." and "Mari?g'n>aiit. are wrmeof
the tubjecta touched upon and illustrated.
Great Streets of the World
la the title of a nova, collection of artieteeoa
which the author and artlet will culiatoorate
lu give the rnaraeUTlatkca of famona tbor
ougbfarea. the A rat, on Mroadwar, Wtlt ba
written by Hk herd Hard lug 1* via, and ffloa
t rated by Arthur H. final. libera will fol
low on Piccadilly, London ; boulevard. Parte;
The Cor to. home.
The price of Scribner* Magazine ad
in its of adding a atbaeription to oua'a
other reading at very email cost. Or
der# should be Debt at once.
$a a Tear, 25? a dumber
743-746 Broadway, Jfew York*

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