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9\t Sjitpbcrbstoton ^Register.
Friday, January 9, 1891.
Christmas is a pood ways off,
Wonder how those new resolutions
are holding out?
.Now, girls, who will lead ofT this
k new rear with a wedding?
The carpenters are hard at work on
P the crib for the protection of Dam No.
4, on the canal.
Jefferson Savings Bank deelares its
_ usual dividend of 3$ per cent for the
past six months.
Ti?e West Virginia State Grange
will meet in annual session at Charleston
on February 11th.
Send the editor the news of yon
neighborhood and so make the Hk(
istkk tuore interesting.
Mr. Henry B. Kohrhack. a we
known resident of Sharpsburg, *li
last week, aged 78 years.
It is said that there will be mor |
than the usual number of public sale*
in this county this spring.
Natives of Charlestown now living
in New York had a pleasant reunion
in that city the other night.
Don't you want to subscribe for tieRegister?
You will get two dollar*
worth of enjoyment out of it.
Mr. Sam Hensell, of Knoxvillr
sends us the prettiest and uiost tasteful
card calendar of the season.
The Statesman says that a bear was
killed a couple of weeks ago in Berk- ley
oouuty, on Third Hill mountain.
Mr. Walter Sywions and Miss Kat-?
Myers, both of Berryvile, ran awa>'
to Hagerstown and got married la-t
Miss Lizzie Hobr, an ag<*d resident
of Charlestown, died laet Sunday
night after an illness of only a f?-w
A number of persons have beg in
the New Year by subscribing for the
Rhgistkk. There's nothing like starting
The Masons of this place held tbeir
annual banquet at the Ktitler Hotel
on the evening of December 27tTl* St.
John's Day.
Remember that the Rhuistkii
is the plaoe to pet handsome sa! lis"
printed. We can beat the Jews iting
sale bills.
#25,000 worth of winter poods ie
greatest bargain sale ever off I
Read Updegraffs' advertisemei u
to-day's papar.
Mr. I). W. Ratuev has bought out
Mr. F. G. Butler's s'ore at Halltoun
and will go into the merchandise
business at that place.
A colored man in Frederick county,
Mil., was bitten by an infuriattd h g
and afterwards died of lockjaw Tl e
wound itself was slight.
Mr. Jacob B. Brown, a well known
citizen of Charlestown, formerly <f
Harper's Ferry, died on Saturday
December 27th, at an advanced age.
Tlie Alexandria Gazrtte lias eaten 1
upon its ninety-second year, but as t
neweiiiPss ami general ability it do-*
not show the least sign of clecre|>
Messrs. Blackford Bros*., of Shenandoah
Junction, are putting up ?
neat office for Mr. S. L. Williams, tli?*
enterprising grain merchant of tlia;
' The baiar held by the ladles during
the Holidays did rot come up to e.\
pectations pecuniarily. The ladies
however, did their part well, as the*
always do.
We are indebted to Washington A
Alexander, the insurance agems aCharlestown,
for a lot of handsotn
calendars for 1S91. They come i:
very handy.
Misses Klise and SallieShepherd an
Mr. Will Shepherd, of this place, a'
tended the new year ball in Ilagertown,
which was, as usual, a ver\
brilliant affair.
Forest Grange will meet at its hn'
this Friday afternoon at half past on- 1
o'clock. All members are requester!
to be in attendance, as there is iin
portant business on hand.
The A'tits wants the number of
State trustees of the State property
at Berkeley Springs reduced from
fourteen to a smaller number. I:
says the present board has the dry
Christinas and the Holidays passed
off very quietly in Shepherdstown
much after the usual fashion. On
Christmas day thnre was a good fa I;
of snow, anil the following week ei
cedent sleighing enlivened town and
The Jefferson Permanent Building
Association lias be n chnr.ered by
the Secretary of State. Messrs. 1'
W. Brown, John A. Washington.
Huatav Browu. H. A. Alexander and
other Churlestown nun are the in
Spragtie, t.ie nineteen-year old son
of J. W. Bishop, of Martinsburg, met
with a horri ?le accident while plav
inn polo with some friends in the rink
He was strurk with one of the poles
and had oneeye knocked out. Everything
possibe was done to save the
sight, but it is feared that it will be
Mr. Rezin F. Duvall, employed by
Mr. W. L. Jones, was using Ian alcohol
lamp in some work at the store
Wednesday when the lamp exploded
and blew he flames into his lace,
burning it quite badly. In his attempt
to siiotlier the blaze his hands
were also badly burned. He was
taken to bs home and at present is
improving slowly.?Martinetmrg Independent.
\ "Constat improvement'' must be
the inQtti of Hood's Calendar, for
W every yer it seems handsomer than
the year jefore. The issue for '91
represetu two boys and a girl playing
uiufcial instruments, all brought
out in b*-.utiful colors. The pad below
is ah in colors, with the figures
clear an< plain. Hood's Calendar is
so populr that the edition for '91 is
5.000,000-opies. or nearly a million
more th,n ever before. Ask your
* drnggitfor a copy or send 6 cents
for ooe?o oents for two, to C. I. Hood
I i ? & Co., bwell, Mass.
L. ?it
The entrance to Antietaui Cemetery
Iwts been macadamized and pre- ]
sent* ? fine appearance. A brick fide- |
walk eight feet In width now extends i
the entire length of the cemetery. 1
The MoLean-Presoott troupe gs"c 1
a performance in Hagergtown MoJday
night. "Spartacus" wag played i 1
to '? crowded house. About fifteen (
persons from this place went over to f
gee the show. / t
Charles Newcomer, of Williaiusport. (
Md., was attacked by typhoid fever
at Roanoke, and was taken home in i
a very feeble condition. His deatli 1
occurred in several hours after his ar 1
rival at home. i
Right horses belonging to Mr ,
Samuel Williamson, of Berkeley coun I
ry, were attacked by the glanders re 1
cently, and to prevent the spread o: i
he disease every one of them waf 1
"hot and killed.
The Register force was very great- 1
ly indebted to Miss Martha Flanagan
during the Holidays for a box of the t
most elegant cake we have ever eat- i
en. There were seven or eight different
kinds?all good.
Valley Encampment No. '>8. I. O. O.
F.. will hold its annual banquet in
Charlestown on Friday evening, Jan- !
uary 16t.h. All members of the subordinate
lodges in the county are cordially
invited to be present.
Senator Faulkner has sent to the
colored Graded School of Shepherdstown
a very fine uinp of the United
States. In the little things as well hk
the larger atTairs Senator Faulkner is
always alive to the interests of his
A committee of Herkeley oounty
farmers having examined the Martinsburg
jail, they report that they
believe a new jail ia not a necessity.
They say that with a few new steel
aires, better sanitary regulations and
a careful and vigilant jailer the jail
will answer all nesessary purposes
perfectly well.
Mr. Henry C. Win-hip, the present
general inaunger of the Chesapeake!
and Ohio Canal, and for a number of
years a heavy coal shipper'by canal,
has left a contract with a ('umberland
boat builder for twenty new
rnnal boat* This looks as though
Mr. Winship has - me faith in th>*
restoration of the (anal.
The Kxamiuer an t Union newspa- ,
per# of Frederick, will terminate
their existence this week under their
old management. Moth papers have
hern purchased by the Ilev. Dr.
George Diehl and others, and will be
(tonsolidated and pul lished hereafter
a? the Daily and Weekly Examiner.
Dr. ('. T. Mutl-r carries off the j
leather medal this year in the pork
department. He villed seven hogs
last week, and altogether they i f
weighed SOS) poinds. The average <
weight was?well, not much. Tit * t
Doctor holds the petty keg this yetir.
(This item is published at the par;ic- f
ular request of Mr. ,T. R. Keyes.) (
While the snow s on the ground '
and the weather stvere the farmers
ought to look aft-r the partridges 1
and ceatter food where they can get 1
it. Mr. Towner Stliley ssys that he (
feeds sixty-three (f these beautiful
birds every luoruing. and they are on '
hand regularly o receive their '
rations. We have Heard of other persons,
also, who ar- feeding the par. t
tridges. I
Though perhaps we oughtn't, we
can't refrain fro-ti publishing these I
kind words frou a Washington r
gentleman who*' opinion on suoh
matters we prize very highly: "I enclose
two (lollan to renew my subscription
for thit year to the brightest
and best pap-r in West Virginia.
I find much pletsure in reading the
Rkoistuk. hiul nust congratulate its
editor on its male-tip."
At the municiial election held in
Bolivar last wee., the following were
elected: Mnyor.br. \V. II 11. Spangler;
Recorder. Abert Cockrtll; Councilinen,
StocktOi Sponseller, George
: bittmyer, ('. ,i Cavalier, Anthony
Busey and Danid O"Boyle. In Harper's
Ferry the I Rowing were elected:
Mayor. J no. \f. Doll; Recorder,
1 Jno. Fahertv: Councilmun, J. GHurst.
Geo. Maquette, 11. V. Daniels.
Edward HiggiriJand Jaiues M< Graw.
Jr. Much int> :t'st was manifested i n
the above ele /ion. the hog and cow 1
question bein< voted on. Harper's
Ferry carried the vote for hog in,
wh ile Bolivai voted for hog out.
The annual report of the Board of
^ _/ ,i.. u
LMrecrors 01 mr na?ri^u..u . .... ?
shows a uiosr grat ing condition of ,
alTairs. The net profits of tin* last (
fair were $ft.?51.89? ami the the Asso- i |
ciation at tie present time hasn't ? f
cent of indt .tedness. but on the con
trary has n cash balance on hand of ,
nearly $fy>0 Last Friday the stock ,
holders elnted the following officer* (
for the en? ling year: President, Jno. (
W. Ston? l aker; vice-president, Geo. f
W. Smith recording secretary, P. A. <
Winner; Corresponding secretary, ('. j
F. Muni ing: treasurer. ?K. Baech- |
tel. Di ctors: P. H. Wingert, Dr. J.
McP. S' itt, George M. Stonebraker. : '
Victor \ewcomer. S. B. Rohrer. John j
M. Brovn, George B. Cearfoss, L. R. j 1
sehnel ,ev, B. P. Reuteh, Dr. A. S. J
Mason I }
The editor didn't spend the Holi. J (
daysjistas he expected. Instead of
sirtiof: in hia office gathering in the .
shekt < he lay in bed running up a *
doctor's bill; instead of entertaining j
hi? fri-nds during the joyous Christ11
le, he languished on a couch of ,
* s and grumoieu wneu Illt. DH
hi iad; instead of eating oak- and
di ug wine, he swallowed divers
8<. f nauseous doses concocted by
tlit leJioAl men: instead of giving
th'oilicea general house cleaning
aniistraightening up the tangled ends
of business snarls, the work piled \
I up still higher and the complications
innfased; instead of starting the
K'&dXew Year with renewed vigor
and refreshened spirit, he b- gan it !
witl a bad taste in the mouth. But
it'sill over now. and we are thankful
t was no worse. So wishing all J
?ur friends a very prosperous and
ha-jpy year, we buckle on the armor
tgiin and start in with the detormi- !
nation to make the Rkgistkr a more
welcome visitor to its patrons than it
has ever been before.
Misses Essie and Laura Knott ?nd
Lucy Butler, of this vicinity, spent a .
>art of the Holiday* very pleasantly a
n Parkersburg with Mr*. Irene Beaz
ey. Mr. William- Butler took care of
;he little party on their journey.
Prof. E. H. Vickers. of the State 9(
University at Morgantown. spent the jr
J/jristmas vacation at his home near
ihepherdstown. We rejoice to know a
hat he is getting along well in his g]
ihosen vocation. ,r
W? were pleased to have a call dur- tl
ng Christmas week from Mr. T. J h
Hoffman, head miller of the Bloomery
Hills, near Charlestown. Mr. HofT- ^
nan is a native of this vicinity. C
Capt. H. F. Barnhart came down 11
'roni Roanoke during Christmas week a
o see his old friends here and spend e
t few days with his family, who have 'r
jeen visiting in this place.
Miss May Marshall and Messrs.
Butler. Elmer and Crum Marshall
ipent a part of the Christmas Holi- n
lays very pleasantly among relatives ^
n Frederick county. Md.
Rev. Edward L. Folk and family p
eft last week for their new home in y
tft. Jackson, Va., where Mr. Folk has J,
jntered upon his duties us pastor of M
he Lutheran Church. tP
Rev. II. C. McDaniel, of Severn, ! vi
Id., and Mr. Frank McDaniel, of ol
>ickinson College, Carlisle, spent h
Christinas in Shepherdstown with u
Mrs. J. D. Bilhuyer, d<
Mr. Charles A. Licklider and his '{
* > 'n ? I? ..... pi
wo soli*, AI Den aim itiu|<iitu, iauir til
the way from Atlanta. Georgia, to ttl
tpend Christinas in Shepherdstown, 111
tiieir former home. 1,1
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Entler, of 11
t lis place, spent a part of the iloli- ''
c ivs visiting the family of Capt.
lewis Dyche, in Berkeley Springs.;
Mr. John Harrison and ids sister jc
f.iss Annie, were in Shepherdstown UJ
curing the Holidays, visiting the
huiily of Mr. B. F. Harrison. y
Mrs. Jos. M. Bauserman, of Wood ?<i
s ock, Va.. visited the family of her c,
futher. Kev. J. It. Van Horue, in this f?.
[lace, during the Holidays. m
Miss Mary Ghiselin and Miss Sallie H
Leach, of Norfolk, Va-. visited the si
tainilv of Km-. Charles Ghiselin dnr- M
iug Christinas week. fr
Miss Jennie Quigley, who has been "
here with her grandmother for reve'ul
month- past, has returned to her ''
liouie in York, l'a.
Miss v Bet tie Byers, who has been
living .11 Baltimore for the past
couple of years, is home for a ri-.t of 11
a couple of weeks.
Mr. A. M. Shepherd, of the Mc- ^
Loin Prescott troupe, stopped off in C|
ftiepherdstown last Sunday and
pent a day here. [j,
Miss Minnie Reinhart came down jj|
'roni school at Staunton to spend a,
Christmas with her parents near (j(
own. lo
Mr. Alvey II. Reinhart, who has a
situation in Baltimore, spent a part \\
if the Holidays under the parenta' m
oof. f(
Mr. Everett W. Bedlnger, formerly j Ik
){this county, called at tlie Rkgistkr w
ifllce on Monday. Sorry we were ju
nit. hi
Miss Leah Show, of Shepherdstown. In
s tiie guest of Miss Carrie Show. West fa
iVashington street.?Uagerttown Glob*. J.
Miss Annie Flanagan, living below
own, spent the Holidays in Martins>urg
among relatives and friends. 111
Mr. Victor K. Darnell, of Cumberand.
Md., spent Christinas week in '
, ni
Rev. Geo. G. Everhart spent sev- ai
ral days among his friends in Haiti- j,(
nore last week. ft)
Mr. C. Frank Ray. of Roanoke, was ui
lere during the Holidays for a visit n<
)f a few days. iti
Miss Sallie Shepherd has gone to tl
daltimore, where she will spend the tl
winter. j in
Mr. Win. F. Raker, of Roanoke, f?
was in town for a day or two last ' tl
week. w
[ cl
travee-Underwood. ^
From the Cardington. Ohio, Indt- C1
tendent we obtain the following ao- ,|(
ount of the marriage of a former resdent
of Shepherdstown: ()l
In response to invitations, a oom- {j(
>any of friends assembled n? the
>l? asant home of Mr. and Mrs. R. M.
.'nderwood. Main street. Xmas even- j
ng. ro wniiens inc marriage 01 rneir w
laughter. Miss Mary, to Mr. W. Z- \Jraves,
a worthy young gentleman
vho cHme to Cardington from Shep- Q1
lerdstown. West Ya., a year or more w
incp, and is at present employed
vith Ruhlman & Miller. The cereuony
was performed at 8 o'clock by s|
lev. ,T. Vithworth. U. F. Pollock i {j
ind Miss Mary Partlett acting a- 1 j
jrooiiisman and bridesmaid. Many t
alnable and useful presents were i
eceived from Pittsburg, Cleveland. : u]
^oluinbuM, Delaware. Mt. Vernon. ; ,
^hesterville. and other places aside i n
mm Cardington. May their lives be 1
illed with joy, and prosperity attend e,
heir efforts, is the wish of many R
'riends. ja
?ubhc Sales. H
The following public sales are ad- n
,-ertised by the Rkgistkb:
On Wednesday. January 14th, Geo.
iV. Cross will sell stock, fanninguten- i ''
iils, etc., at his farm three miles west u
)f Shepherdstown. w
Ou Thursday, January 15th, Will ,
S\ Lenten will sell farming implements. ?
itock, etc., 2$ miles north of Shep- v
On Tuesday, January 20tb. Win. H. ?
k'anineter will sell stock and farinng
implements 2j miles southwest of "
On Tuesday, January 27th, James
SV. Strider <Vill sell stock, farming iui. J
dements, etc., at his farm 2 miles
lorth of Leetown.
IfFcers Elected. o
At a regular meeting of Samaritan b
LiOdge No. 29, I. 0. 0. F., of Leetown, F
letd December 27th, the following of- d
leers were elected for the ensuing lc
:erm: Philip Lindsay, N. G.; Benton h
31ue, V. G.; Geo. H. Ramsburg. Sec y; tl
F. J. Ramsburg. Treas.; Geo. D. John- sj
ion, W.; Charles E. Jones, C.; Joseph h
iVageley, I. S. G.; Will. Ramsburg, O. c<
5. G.; Philip Henry, R. S. N. G.; h
Philip Creamer, L. S. X. G.; John ti
Lindsay, R. S. V. G.; B. C. Roberts.^ tl
L S. V. G.; E. E. Dim* ?* ??* n" . r.
r. John Ref Otdx Dead. 1 77
Dr. John Reynold.*, Shepherds>wn's
venerable and beloved phyei. to
ian. is dead He breathed his iHit dc
t his home in this place on Friday ol
igbt about 10 o'c'ock after an illness b*
f only a few days of pneumonia. T1
bout a year * go Dr. Reynolds had a th
?vere spell ot sickness which left hiui w
i an enfeeb ed condition, and though d<
e recovered his health in a measur- er
ble degree, he did not regain C<
:rength sufficiently to enable him to M
take a successful resistance against al
te attack that so swiftly carried Tl
im off. er
The funeral services were held on
ionday morning in the Reformed a|
hurch. Seldom has so great a af
umber of persons assembled on such et
n occasion in this section. From ti
very part of Jefferson county, and gl]
oiii Berkeley and Maryland. friend6
f the dead man had gathered to pay
le last tribute of respect to the one
horn they so loved and venerated. (
be church was crowded to its utlost
capacity and many could not
et inside the doors. The pallcarers
were Dr. I. S. Tanner, Mr. J. j
[. Show, Mr. Henry Shepherd, Mr.
N. Leuien, Col. A. R. Boteler, Mr. ! 'e
' . Jk
ohn Keplinger, Mr. David Billmyer, .
lr. T. H. Davis, Mr. Daniel Getzen- ^
sinner, Mr. C T. Butler. The ser- to
ices were conducted by the pastor
r tile churcli. Rev. Geo. (i. Ever, th
art. An eloqient and earneot trib- | fp
le to the life and character of the | tri
eceased was ddivered by Rev. J. C. | ai
owmau, of Hmover. Pa., formerly | in
astor of the Reformed Church here
nd an iiitiiim'c frjeqd of Dr. Rey- ! or
olds. Mr. Bovmail's remarks were l Si
iOst appropriate, and his loving tesuiony
as to the worth of the good fri
Iiysiciau met sum hii earnest hiiu sin- ?j
ire response fr uu every heart. The p
'mains were interred in Klin wood W(
eiuetery, of wl.ich tlie deceased had pj
>ng been one of the directors and 8e
lanagers. y,
l)r. John Refolds born in
hepherdstown March 31, 1817. He In
jent his entire life in this place, ex?pt
the time sp-nt in fitting himself < <
ir his chosen profession. He read to
ledicine under ihe late Dr. Thomas Ej
ammond. He attended the Univer- to
ty of Virginia Mid the University of ca
arylfttid, gradiating in medicine M
0111 the Univerdty of Pennsylvania A>
i 1841. Having formed o partner- Mi
lip with Dr. Hammond, lie began en
le practice of medicine in Sliep- Or
erdstown in April, 1841, whicn he rei
mtinued uninterruptedly up to re<
itliin a few days of Ids death. Dur- to
ig the past couple of years he had fo
radually relinquished the more la- re,
prions part ol i 's work, his son. Dr. to
lien S. Reynolds, taking tlie burden fri
T of bis shoulders. Had Dr. Rev- to
aids lived a couple of month* longer oo
? would have rounded out an even to
fty years of practice in this town th
rid vicinity?a half century of work
?voted to relieving tlie ills of his fel- fe
wmen. w<
Dr. Reynolds married Miss Kate f,
ritherow on June 21, 1854, the cere .
ony being performed in the Re. j
>rmeil ctiurcn ana uu nrsi weuumg ej(
u!d in that edifice. Three chi dren o
ere born to liiin : Charles, who died R(i
ist as he was entering young manDOd;
Allen S., wlio lives in Shep ^^
?rdstown and who follows his .
,ther's profession; Nellie, wife of Mr.
Frank Legge. Tlie widow of I)r.
evnolds also survive! him.
Few men have posseted as large a
easure of the esteem and confidence (*'
ud lore of their fellowinen as Dr.
eynolds did. Being engaged for 0,1
rty v<*ar?, as he was, in the work of
dieving the pains of the suffering 8e
nd afllicted. it was hut natural that Vl
e should be regarded with grateful Injection.
But the secret of the ad. V1
iration in which he was field was ' '
at simply that he did good?it was
1 the tenderness ami unfailing gen- ^1
eness of the man, the broad charity
int he exercised, the generous giv. bj
ig and the kindly eicuses for the Si
lilirigs of otiiers, the ever ready help
tat was so freely extended?these f0
ere the ties that bound him so ?<,
osely to the people. An aged tier- j vj
in, in speaking of his charity, re- 1 ,
tiled uianv incidents of how he had
1 111
ot only given his tune and attention
> the poor without charge, but had
fteu paid out of his own pocket for ^
plicacies and nourishing food for j(
lose who could not buy such things ;
ir themselvei.
mi... !!?.? nnurnllnti t ip<tl ,n 1 >1V* flint 1 ^
1 IltT 1111*1. V'JM IUUVII, |'l V-ws/.j ,
as performed in this section of I *
irginia with the use of chloro ni
>rm was by Or Reynolds. It was 77,
ii March 1st. 1848. and the patient
as an Irish workman at the Vir- jc,
inia Ore Rank. Dr. Taylor had j(j
one to Baltimore and obtained a f0
ljiply of the newly discovered anaes- n)
letie. With the assistance of Dr. fr,
avlor and Dr. Butler. Dr. Reynolds rj.
iccessfully amputated the man's leg. f0
The life of Dr. Reynolds was a fr
lost laborious one. His practice was gn
large one, almost from the begin w
ing. From ever) part of this county c|,
ml Berkeley the calls came, and w
ven in Frederick countv. Virginia, tb
nd the adjoining enmities of Mary- t0
md his services w. re in demand. He ei
I ways traveled on horse-hack, and 7*1
o one knows how many thousands at
f mi'es ne has ridden. His record jv
00k shows that nearly twenty-two
undred times he had been called ai
pon to assist little Grangers into the Iu
orld. and many a one of them has
een named "Reynolds" after the
ood doctor who presided at their adent.
The death of Dr. Reynolds is not h<
nly an atllictiou to his family?it is a 1)
id loss in which the entire comuiu- | ol
ity feels a personal grief. He was ri
> intimately known to all. and so ol
eloved of everyone, that each fami m
r feels as though it has sustained a M
ereavement. In the Providenoe of m
od. Dr. Re\nold* was spared until se
is life work was accomplished?untij
ther shoulders were fitted for the tl
urdenthathe had carried so long, di
'ifteen or twenty years ago. his di
eath would have been a great ca- cl
imity. Now, though men grieve at ol
is death, it is with the knowledge
Pat he had rounded out a life well
pent and that his work was finished,
lis memory will ever be fragrant in the at
omwunity where he lived, aud u
is successful life wfll be an inspire
on to those who Hesir^ao to 1{
tat future
..tail tbieoVf'
le Nmws of the Railroads.
The Norfolk & Western Railroi
ok ful' possession of ihe Shena
>ah Valley Railroad on the 1st di
' this year. Certain changes ha'
>en iiipde in the passenger crew
lie gentlemen in charge of runnir
ie trains of the northern divisic
ill be Capts. Hay?, McClellan, Ch
>r and 'pdegrove; while the soutl
n division will be in chargeof Capt
jrd, Hillearv. Fetgly and Clemen
r. Chaney and Mr. E. Cheney wi
so be attached to this divisioi
he passenger crews will run to th
ids of divisions only. The ne
anageinent have placed on sale i
1 stations second-class tickets, i
ldition to the regular first-cla>6 ticl
s, formerly sold. The second-clai
ckets can be used only on tl
uoking cars and are sold at a r
iced rate.
Capt. Walter llutehin*. former!
inductor on the S. V. Railroad, hi
icepted the position of general yan
aster of the Norfo'k ?k Wester
ailway, at Roanoke. Mr. Hutehii
ill enter upon his duties at one
Wtn. Brown was instantly killed
w days ago by train No 4. of the 1
O.. three miles east of water static
o. 12. His remains were turned ovi
the authorities of Berkeley count;
Harry E. Folkeg. a brakeman o
ie Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, fe
oni the top of a west-bound freigl
ain at North Mountain, on Tuesda;
id was instantly killed, his skull b
g crushed.
There will be a change of schedu
i the Shenandoah Valley Railroa
inday, the 11th.
The Pittsburg express and a fa'
fight train collided last Thursda
ght on the B. A: 0. Railroad s
noiville, Md., causing a terribl
reck. Engineer Rufus rtosnell an
reman E. C. Eyler were killed, an
veral other trainmen wore injurec
5 passengers were hurt.
Pulpit and Pew.
it'1 v. LiAimon it jaa^on. 01 ."tiarieiif
>orgia. ha* accepted a call extende
hiin bv the congregation of Grac
jiscopal Church of Richmond, Va
till the vacancy in their pulpi
used by the resignation of Rev. i:
, Jackson, who was recently eleote
distant Bishop of Alexandria. Mi
asori will remove to Richmond an
ter upon his new duties about th
tit of April. Mr. Mason, it w ill h
ineuibered, was the former belove
rtor of Trinity Church, Shepherdi
wn. and only left this place last fa
r Marietta. His friends here ar
juiced that he has concluded to g
Richmond, where he has so man
ends ami where his heart, so tru
Virginia, undoubtedly is. Tb
ngregation of Grace Church ar
be congratulated upon seeurin
e services of so noble a mau.
A meeting" of Winchester Fresh}
ry was told in Martinshurg la?ek
to act on the request of Iter
i'O. W. Finler, D. 1)., to resign hi
urge of Koimipy and Springflel
arches. Dr. Findley has bee
icted, by a Committee of Synod, a
ie of its evangelists and wished t
cept. But his case was not quit
ady for action by Presbytery an
erefore it adjourned to meet agai
the same place the 27th of Jam
Rev. J. W. Kwnn. of the Raltiiuor
inference, M. K. uiinrcii chmiii
ed in Washington City on Mondu
last week, of paralysis. He wax ?
le time stationed at Charlestown.
The Week of l'raver is being ol
rved In Shepherdstown. anil sei
ces are held each evening in the M
Church South. The closing sei
ce will be held in tlie Presby teria
lurch Sunday night at 6.30 o'clock
jv. Heo (i. Everhart will preacl
1 ure invited to bo present.
There will be services in the Prei
terian cliuroh at Kearneysvill
mday morning at 11 o'cloi k.
There will be services in the R<
nned Cliurcii in Shepherdstow
mday at 11 a. m. and nt Kearneyi
lie at 3 p. in.
There will be communion eervict
the LutheranChurch in Shepherd
wn Sunday at 11 a. in., preparafor
rvices Saturday afternoon at 2.at
in. Services also at Shenandoa
motion Sandav at 2 30 p. m.
Services in the M. E Churoh at M
'esley Sunday morning at 11 a. n
^ services in Shepherdstown s
i let Crop.
Providence hasn't smiled upon th
e manufacturers altogether. Proi
ence remembered how they had e:
rtioiied upon the people Inst sun
er. So a keen wind wae sent dow
0111 the North Pole and frore ih
cer solidly and all the ponds. l"i
riunarelv, though, the river did nr
eeze just exactly right. a> a lot <
mw got mixed tip with the ice at tl
rong time, and made it goiu-wh(
oudy. But the owners of iee-hous*
ent to work anyhow, and nearly a
lese receptacles are filled up with
>lerabljr fair quality of ice?goc
tough for all ordinary purpose
he ice wa* taken from the Potoiua
id if anybody wants it there's plei
of it left. Everybody is thankfi
lat we won't have to depend on ti
tificial ice manufacturers neit sun
ro Aged Men Dead
Mr. Jeremiah N. Snyder, a life-lot:
'sident of this county, died at h
itne at Snyder's Mill on CbristLui
ay after a long illness incident t
d age. He w-&? an honest and u|
ght uian. and possessed the eatee
1 -'I L- n ? \r* hhn run tl
ill at Dam No. 4 for many year
r. Snyder's age was 80 vears.
on?bs and 2 days. His widow ac
veral married children survive hit
Mr. Abraham Williamson, probab
le oldest citizen of Berkeley count
ied week before last at the rei
?uce of Mr. D. M. Deck, near \ a
evesville. He was in the 9?th ye*
r his age.
Of health and strength renew*
nd of ease and comfort follow*, tl
?e <%[ Syrup Figs, ae it fteta in h*
? r\ ir ' r v
Rose Brake.
id There has jast been issued from t
n press of (j. P. Putnam's Sons. N<
iy York, a dainty Iitt'e volume of t
>*e poems of Mrs. Dauske Dandridge.
? Shepherdstown. The title of the n?
i* book is "Rose Brake," ami it i? a c<
?n lection of the poems that have a
l1- | peared in the past year in the va
h- ous magazines for which Mrs. I>a
dridge writes Rose Brake, like
? predecessor, Joy, is sweet with sii
II j pie light-hearteduess and unworld
u. j ness. and seems so far removed frc
ie the busy affairs of every day life
w to be beyond ordinary criticism
it one of the critics says of Mrs. l>a
in dridge, '"One would need to spei
it- : 'fair and fine line a spirit* not
?? coarsen with his praise verse as
quisite and a> evanescent as the frc
e- flowers on a wintry window pant
One thing we may sav. though?Mi
Iy Dandridge is a poetess of whom n
is only Shepherdstown but all of \Vc
i- Virginia may well be proud. Ai
n ttie fame of liar verses is scarce
more than started.
p * *
House Burned.
H The dwelling-house of Mr. Samu
Michaels, near Dufflelds. this count
III was completely destroyed by ti
?r ! last Monday. The fire origiuati
y~ from a defective flue and was not d
n coved until too late to save the buil
11 ing. We understand that a larj
it portion of the contents was also d
v. stroved. I<v? than a hundred dollai
e. worth being saved. Mr. Michaels lie
just completed a handsome new add
le j tion to his risidence within the pa
, I /..._ ...Anfk. o...l ir lo ... -tii... *rl.- ...
Q i ir? uiuubiir>, mm u n?ui?i IT ui
fortunate that he sustains such a lo
|{ jti>r a> lie had gotten Ni comfortahl
v fixed. There was no insurance <2
t the property.
w Letter from Bakerton.
d Bakerton, Jan. 7. 1891.
1_ Miss Mary Moler. who it atteudin
sehool in Winchester, was home on
?i?it during Christmas wee*. Mit
Addie Cat her came with her to spen
the s>lx>rr holiday given them froi
i. their studies.
d Everyone appeared to enjoy th
snow?sleighs were going in aluioi
? every direction, and Bakerton'syoun
folk> were happy. But alfts! the mio
it is gone, and with It that one if1"''*
I pleasure lias vanished.
. Manager 1> K. Houser's ?orre| horf
"Spot" trotted from Keller to Bake
p- ton. a distance of not le-? than 5
d miles, in 8 minutes one morning to
e sleigh, and Mr. Hoiiser had anotlu
person in the sleigh with him.
e Mr. S. W. Bratt, who is away on
d visit, i? expected to return this weel
j. E.
o M. KautTman, a Charleston clothie
v has made an assignment. Liabi tti*
*, *15,(WO. assets $8,000.
e A. J. Walker, of Wood count;
, killed this season 1.040 pat ridges, 2:
0 rabbits and 22 pheasants.
Two men fell through an ope
bridge at the B. & (). depot in Whee
r- ing last week and were drowned.
James Vest, a school teacher i
Lincoln county, got caught in a miiov
i? drift last week and wa? frozen t
j death.
n The town \>{ Elkins votes for licenand
$12,000 street improvements. 1
also elected Hon. S. B. Eikins a colli
? cilrnan.
' The heavy rain* Ihat week starte
' great floods in the western part (
n the State, but a cold snap froze thiu*
up and stopped flic rise.
Hifcli water in the Kanawha rivi
swept awav the trestliug for the ne
e bridge at Charleston, causing consii
1 ering loss and greatly delaying worl
x Mrs Sarah Smith, an escaped pi
tient from the Weston Insane As
111 in. was struck bv a train on the V
Va i Pittabur* Railroad the othi
' I day and instantly killed,
Near Chariest on, on Christmas da'
Richard tiardner. who runs a ha
r- room, pushed Run Steptoe, aged si:
n teen years, out of the saloon doo
Steptoe turned and allot Hardin
The Sainaons and Jartell*. who li\
I on Little coal river in Roone count;
i- are deud'y enemies Christmas da
e the two factions had a fight. and IN
1 ter Jarrell anil his son Heorge wei
Moae Howell went info the res
" -dence of (ieorge W. Norria. at Pa
- kershurg. the other night. and. drav
: ing a revolver, fired at Mr* Norrl
the hall passing through her now
'H | then through both wri-fs of her littl
>- daughter, and finally lodged in M
Y Norris1 leg It caiue very in-ar bein
a triple tragedy.
I) Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Miller, resii
i ing on the banks of Ten Mile free I
in Tyler county, quarrelled Friday a
t [ ternoon at Mr*. Wilson's house ov?
j, 1 the circulation of a scandal, an
agreed to fight if out in the kitchei
Lt Each seized a butcher knife and ti
) fnrht began. There were no specti
?>>>< each woman washadlv Us*
; up. When found they were bleedin
e 1 profiiiwdy. Mr* Wilxon'n injuries.
j. 1 is b?'|jpved. will result fatally. HI
was repeatedly lashed across tl
1 face. neck. chert, and arm* Mr
i- | Miller w?? not so badlv hurt, but r
u ceived many serious cuts. Both w
|P men fell in the lijrht. and were hel|
less when discovered.
J* i
PrMfnti in the mix! e'erant f*rm
is -orrHiFIGS
io Combined with the medidnaJ
virtues of plants known to b?
most beneficial to the human
system, forming an agreeable
and effective laxative to perma
j nently cure Habitual Consti
pation, and the many ills de
pending on a weak or inactive
u condition of the
ft'? tli# mi>it M'tllait rtlstdT luom t#
. Wh? one it JMwt or Coui.puai
?r ?to that?
Everyone is us;ngi ?A all are
?d delighted
' j
Highest of *11 in Leavening Power.?U
i k i . I A
Almighty God in Hi* mvmiirn A
? power and infinite wi?dom having re a
moved by death l>r John Reynold* M
>st from the Hoard of Director* of Kliu- j a
, j wnod Cemetery Company. u
Resolved. Chat the surviving ineut- | b
rs5- bers hereby ex pre** tlie great lo*? b
ot they have sustained by the death of g:
their former associate and co-laborer, 01
who t?>ok trreat interest in every tiling tl
that appertained to the Cemetery ni
v and wa* prompt, faithful and fearleia a
in the discharge of in- dutie* for more \\
than twentv-four veara. ot
Resolved. That thin eommnnity ban hi
lf.| lo*t one of it* be*t citizen* and most n<
skillful physician*. wlio waa indualri- c<
' | ou*. economical, honest. charitable hi
r" and excelled ill good judgment. ti
rd Resolved. That we shall ever fondly
cherish in our memories the uniform
. courtesy, conscientious conviction*, ai
' and exemplary life ?.?f the deceased T
Resolved. That this trilc.ite of re
e- Hpect and affection tie published in hi
tile Shepherdntown KKaisrRK. and to
. thai a copy he sent to the faiiiil) of ot
. the deceased |>.
ii- Damp Mii.i.mvkh. i*re*. ig
>t C. T. Hi tlbr, Soc'y. ?
? ! * * i,!
?s Confederate Veteran*. K.
I ' I I its
There will be h regular meeting of I
,n j Shepherdatown Camp. 0. V., Satur ? *
day afternoon, Januarv 10th. for the ""
purpoee of electing olfaeers for the
coming year. A full attendance is
, desired. \vi
By ouier of the Commandant. Wi
g . Jos. Mi'MlKHAN, AJjt.
a Ha
$1,000 Thrown Away.
IU In 1863 a Cancer developed on my hi.
lower lip. 1 went under treatment at Rh
l- once, and from time to time since
that have had medical aid in New _
^ OrliABa. Boston, and New \ork. with
* no benefit at all. It ha* progressed
lt right along, and now involve* uiv
jaw and cheak. Cue thousand dol
lam would not cover the o?* ?u?
tained through the medical and *itr'
gical aid I have received I have \A
K certainly tried everything and was
r benefited by nothing until I took S.
S. S It has done me more good than
n all else put together, and 1 believe I
' will soon he sound and well. Hwift 's
' Specific i? certainly a great boon to
liuiiianit v. '
I). i> Wark, P. <> Box 1033, I*
Keene, X. Ii.
r. i
?s Dugusted with a Do*tor.
1 contracted a ievere case of Blood
v. Poison in 1888 and my physicians put
.'8 nie under a mercurial treatment of 3
, months without doing me any good.
1 in tact I was gradually growing
J1 worse. 1 then consulted another phv
! Picirtii, wuu int'ii uir- ? mi |M>intu ?nti
f?araapariilu. but w irh no better re ^
n killt. 1 tlien became disgusted with I
i doctor* and their remedies, mid coin
0 meiiced taking Swift a Specific (S. 8.
8.) After taken aevin^ bolt lea I ua?
entirely cured, mid 1 have not had
r any ijrinptotni ??f a return alM* I
" have rveotnmended s s s to otlttfu. |
l* who have uaed it with ih tame good
d J. C. Nack.
>f Slobby ville, (ireeu ('utility, I ii 1
Treatise on Hlood and Skin l>is g
eases mailed free. I
r 8 tVIFr 8I?E< IFIC CO., lh
w Atlanta, Ua.
1 >;
4* The bankinc 0rin of liafe^m1 A Co-' ^ '
it- New York and \Va*niii|fioii, has f&TTeti
v- I
/. lliiiii'mlnM n ltii?l ii re I,? ? ii I?
For The Holidays I .
r- _ i
lr Some of the MANY THINGS anita- \
r hit? l'?r q
" i
y( to be found at our store. ^ I
I I H ft ii <1 kerc 11 ie I s! J?
e in endles* varieties, ranifirifc In price
from lc to ? 40 earn. cii
J- Faney Linens. Towels. Tablet'loihaand Napr.
kins to match, A|>rona. ?'hlr?o eiik
."carts, t'lnbrellaa. ' <>???fliers.
Miitts. f'it|>es,
0, ! Wraps Ac., Ac. to
r A flew supply Just received, anions which
jf are many new and attractive iieslKna. v
It will pay you to vieit our store for ?'h
1- your Ciiristma* (?ifta. an
k, " As
? #-Store open until !?to l'?oej<>< * until l>e- mil
CellllM-r SMla Kit
r ivi
Hagorstown, M?l. ??'
Ii- - ii-'
WeMeanTo Sell Out. ^
. We Said So Some Time Aao. *!:
? ell
? h*
ry~ Wf have not rbauwd our miitd*. Our trade *?l?
ha* a. way* been f'*xi Wr bu^ (ood* n><
altn<>*t every da*. WV *H! them chHpm Ini
that we may hold onto ourlrnmenae trade U.
giltli vr ? ;! OOt U? H'llii one ? tiO tli?) $0 OO f*l
with th?* boatura*. our lock ) clean and ! __
nice lid with the DfW g<ekl* that ere e?ti- '1
tantly coating In. It haboove* all careful I
buy.: fa to lw>k out a little before they aprud
I their money.
Our 5 Stores Are Well Filled, g.
No. 1 contain* l>re?* Good*. Velvet*. BI?d!
keta. Muallna, Tlrklnn*. <'lr>chaiiiii. ar. q
2. **I.<< ?, Ivoo'p. Hat* '?[< . t lolhtng, O
; l o h-rwear. (Jeiu * N**k wear <? . o
No. - oiar. < ofTee. j?p|, Odarware, 1 V
OaatBiVHV, Meata. Ac. ue
No. 4, ladlea' and Miaee*' Ituab Htnrkenett c?
I and Cloth Coaia and u rap*. A?ira<h*n and pa
Kui i'a;<ea. MufTa. Co reel*. IauJie* I ndav
wear. ??lovea. Hoaicry, Y> rfurnery, Haodker*
: chiefs ItulterWk 1 atten.s. buttons. 4f.
No. ?, Carpet*, oil < loth. Window wbadae, 1
I/?ee Curtain* f'arpet fcweeper*. Ruga, Mat*. *h
*rt H'4uare* and l>tuji'U. Ar., dr. |
Vt e !.*? ??i#ljr to aay In aoiici'.v >n that we pr
ell good* Very Cheap, many even at lea#
than c rat price*. Cutne and *ee and l?e eon*
1 vlnced.
We are Tour*. Reepeetfully,
lit: Kill.IS A <0. o
UiiCUKTOWS, ni). T
? 1
| We have the moat complete atoek of aerviae- *'
able Holiday Good* in ilageratown.
NAIK158. (APH#
n* thin wyjy
% line of In*?
f' EMi hi?-?
S. Gov't Report, Aaf. 17,1889,
A remarkable feat of bravery was
isplaved Friday morning by Mrs.
Ifii l>eas. who lives in th? country
few miles below Faiuden, 8. C.
Ir. l>eas left home al>out daylight,
nd shortly after lie left Mrs. l)eas
m? horrified to see under her bed a
urly negro. She quickly went to her
ureati. got a pistol, covered the nero
with it and ordered hiui to get
Lit and stand up. which he did. She
ien ea led one of her little children
ud sent him to the nearest neighbor,
taint half a mile distant, for help,
fhile waiting for the neighbors to
line, w ho took him in charge and
rouglit him to jail, she made the
sgro go into the yard and milk the
>w and do other tilings. keeping
im covered with the pistol all the
A pack of wolves attacked a man
d his dog in northern Michigan
lie man tell down and prayed to be
Mired, and the wolves turned tail on
in. Mis poor dog. not being able
pray, started off on a run, but was
erl.anted and devoured ill a fashion
HMiliarly characteristic of the Mlehin
ivionme Assembly No. Kutshtaof l?ar.
meets e\er> Monday night ill llir old
..is tMt oltlre, over Mr. Marten wareon.
lirsiige No. 2#. I*. ??f II. will meet tha
11.1 s ,(iii..a, in , urli iitolilli Ml I..U p. III.
>1 I lie laat Snltir>l?y Ml ? p. In.
leat.loiiKtierry.per b??li?i... I f.' |i H4
MM. No. 1, per bMMl tu tf M
ri?, per buah*l Mi m Ml
Is, p*r buahel *51 *4 U j
y, r Ion I w y I ul M
11, r. p. r % . i>? H
K?, pel dnian 2!
ma (Oouiilry), |>rr b I'i H I W
mi Mora, Mr b . ? # I
li'a, |n>r Hi. K H
nl, per * H ff
titoi>a,par l>uah?l Mi? s,
89l i~8&l \l
We will supply J?>ur wants with
resh Groceries, China
and Glassware,
Hoots, Shoes, Rubbers*
Purity Flour.
?tky om~ 4
yot' can of.t harmaim in
in mouth. Our aim will l** thij ^
?r to wli you Rood* v?ry low and
un ^rniti your tredr. we are hurp
n<-w good* woet every day. do
u *ud jtfe on.
Your*, ll? Mwctfully, 1
ani) a fair prior mottr
\ i want t>ii> rr? for a I 'loan, f teali ftkwk of
>v AMi MVJIhII mi 1*1 H f>r lln.lh.aa,
in k and lne?. |>ii tie mm a. oar tin. of 9 a I.I.
u INI hlfnioIiM la large and aon pleta
hi through All ait> a.ali falirira, all aifiaa
I all prlci-a. No douht Hi la aaeortmeht 'nideaji.at
tour id. a of a anil. You will find
A No. 1 in malarial and fltileli. Tha prl*a,
>. will iiajuai Haiti. We auara.it..
Ail-Around Satisfaction
any man Willi Judgment .nouati in know
greet tiiina when h? a>-Ha it. Com* la
i a* t n?. I "at.
boys' clothing.
V. rnajce moaf an/ parent proud of hi. or
r hoy. Nothing < an do quit, aa murk toml.
tMikina a lad look n.ai, wiiol.aoma
I manly aa on. of out atyllah little- aulta.
I titailing, too, bow I heap y tlira. oI.a
Ita are aold. W. makt- a a|*-rlal effort to
re good aallaTHetloti In our llnft' liepBf I-ot.
No trontili- atHiut flta for little and
[. We keep litem all. i/ur Idea for Mil*
el la: peat patterna that won't ahow tha
1. tight M-atit, atrong material, and an./a
w,.,A nnelltt. W. hare a grent variety of
it. Hi'iouUi'ihU livywrnoikM lUnil Id'i?i'
><r, mius limii'l *? will |>i*a*? ) on, with*
l a doubt. Our praaant lln* of attract Ions In
'-arialnlf a rrrd.t 1o our astshllalnnant
>,i. oar trad#. A larger ?*
If 01 Do*'r shown of atonies. nsw Nor*
I'liDil rrllalil* standard goods would to*
rd to find ?u)wt?rrt. Careful l/Uflng ana
it* w? offrr it.*i iiif. solid raiu* for your
may d at uvtsr fall l? plaaae. *li?c n?sd*
t atiTifiiuK lii this Una, isuioaiUir our P.
V.Y.. winch atsii'lsfor Bus or#rrusts at
r figures. w ^
hompson & Tabler,
u?*eii Htroct, MartJtjsburjr, W. Va.
mill Drflfifa Anotliar Inrofae of fins.
man rroTu?,, isp?r*
ulck Salt* iJttJnarC'S:
rs >i *iid ! * a oulra. flood?Tnlsk--High
n?v* nit*? lias r.nrelope* st h snd 10 eta >
'kaga of twsulf-firs anrelopsg.
PKNCIL I'A l/H, ruled sud unruled, at $ sad
iPECJAI.DBAWlNfl PAUttoffine papsr,#0
< eta In S pad Oulf Ida.
I'KN WIPKIut.?"Cuts Mills Hands" of
?tt> novelties.
Pol" STAIN Pfr. SHihat will writs a pug* of
olf-sp paper wlUi oos dip, oalf (cents.
I'KA WINi. HTK.trilA for tbs smru*msat
id instruction of IIUIs (oiks. Vary clisap.
>U|S to
Poultry Wanted!
Ak now hoping Turkeys, Chickens sod
Irocfca.for whleb I will paf highest mar.
i pri' - to r-asii.oroosesnt psr pound mors
, trad-. Will rweire poultry at anf II M.
oil iio-k of <?ro*-srtas. f rolls. Coo r?tlvDSr.
maple Ury (?oona, Notions, da.
J. 1.1 rlhhki.i..
Not. ?. U
- %T ad
V net loneering malice.
OFFFK air **' tb? wopl# o4 JotfMoCob?V
nou?f?rt ton *o?r*iiU*4. <h?rf**
<? Wat's <~AhrHI?f ? J.are pottos

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