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H. L. SNYDER, Editor and Publisher, j
Thttrsdat, May 7, 1903 ,
Mr. Bryan sticks to silver and Mr.
Roosevelt stands by the negro. <
Let us have tax reform in West ,
Virginia. The people want it if the I
corporations don't.
The Steel Trust has re-elected 1
Charles M. Schwab president, and his salary
of a million dollars a year goes ;
right on.
Mr. Bryan is taking an active part |
in the good roads movement. Perhaps
he thinks if the roads are im- ^
proved he can make a better run.
While the President is making
himself solid with the rough riders in t
the West there are some smooth poli- (
ticians in the East busily undermin- '
ing his presidential props.
Mr Cleveland continues to deny *
that he is flirting with the presiden- j
tial nomination. Nevertheless, he has <
a lightning-rod sufficiently elevated to
attract any stray currents coming his (
way. I
The other day at one of his stops j
in Kansas President Roosevelt singled i
out a big negro policeman to give him i
a heartv handshake.
J, . (
There's one thing about the Presi- ,
dent that must be noted : He's either ,
really very fond of colored people or t
else he's playing consistently a deep <
game to get their votes.
The president of the Reading Rail- 1
road Company and the head of the
Anthracite Coal Trust, George F. Baer, 1
made the public sworn statement the
other day that the railroad only made r
a profit of three cents a ton on haul- <
ing coal at present prices. Wonder 1
if he expects anyone to believe such a ^
9 ^
yarn: ^
Can he prove it by the books and ,
accounts of the railroad ? (
At the annual encampment of the i
Grand Army of the Republic of West f
Virginia at Clarkeburg last week res- j
olutions were passed protesting against t
the action of Virginia proposing to <
place a statue of General Robert E c
Lee in Statuary Hall at Washington, *
Persons, no matter whether they fought
against General Lee or not, who at j
this day refuse to give him the honor r
due him and who seek to detract from i
his fame simply show their own iguorance.
The splendid Southern leader
is a hero to all the world save a few *
1 a\
narrow partisans, ana even meBe i
ought to be self-rebuked when they *
contider that an unprejudiced tribu- t
nal of all the people ha8 placed hie
statue among the immortals in the v
hall of fame in New York.
A notable scene might have been p
observed in Shepberdstown yesterday, J!
Wesley Seibert, a colored man, was a
buried, and the old Confederate sol- g
diers of the community and the busi- f?
ness men of the town marched in the
funeral procession, stood with bared
heads as the remains of the dead man *
were borne past them, and in a body t;
sat together through the funeral eer- "
vice in the colored church. Farmers c
left their plows, business men their of- s
. c
ficea and merchant's their stores to pay a
their respect to a man whose skin was ^
dark, but who had so lived his allotted fl
time on earth that he had gaiued their
confidence and esteem. Through the t
trying years of the Civil War Wesley r
Seibert had faithfully served the men t
who wore the gray, and when the con- ^
flict was over he settled down to work,
living a useful life and becoming a re- g
spected and creditable citizen. He tl
knew his place, and, never seeking in
things beyond him, attained a place y
in the community of which any man
might be proud. No partisan politi- ^
cians conld control him or his influ- b
ence, and when it came to questions
of general good or public ill he knew e
how to vote and work. He recog- "
nized the fact that the men with whom a
he had shared the privations and trials ^
or army lire, ana wno nau supported !
him and encouraged him in the years 11
eince the war, were his beet friends,
and he neither desired or needed the I
interference of uninformed or maud- $
lin sentimentalists of the North. The
Southern people were to him a!l that 8(
he wished.
There are two lessons to be learned
from the life and death of Wesley Seibert:
One is that a decent, respectable,
deserving colored man has as
much chance in the South as any
place in the world, and will have just
as much consideration from southern
people This we want our northern
friends to note.
The other lesson is for colored persons.
They can see for tbemsehee
that a useful and industrious life such
as this inau lived will win the respect
of the people, and that color need not
prevent a man from attaining success
u 111f fillincr a rreditalile Tilarp in the I
community. We hope our colored |
men may learn something from yesterday's
demonstration. We want
theru "Oillv th~m-e|ve.- v ith tiie best
white lu-ii in 'I in public
qii-sti.jiis i in their general conduct
to heed fiieira Ivice and to work
with them, to truet them.
A fire at Mechanicsburg, Pa., on
Sunday burned a carriage factory and
fen dwellings, causing a loss of about
Edward M. Huyett, aged 62 years,
i retired farmer, hanged himself early
last Sunday morning in his barn, near
Pondsville, Washington county. He
was found dead by his sieter, Miss
Oynthia Huyett, hanging by a rope
iround his neck to a wagon. He had
been moody for a long while.
There were three weddings in Marti
nsburg last Wednesday night: Mr.
Samuel I)orn and Miss Jessie Irene
Lovett, in the Episcopal church by
Rev. John S. Douglass; Mr. Daniel
Webster Snyder and Miss Bessie B
McCormack, by Rev. J. B. Chamberain
; Mr. Win. II. Snyder and Miss
2arrie Ambiose, by Rev. A. J. Gill.
The plant of the Round Top Cement
Company, owned by Bridges & Henlerson,
a couple of miles west of Han:oek,
was d stroyed by fire Monday
aaorning. The fire was discovered
ibout 11 o'clock, and started from a
lefective flue iu the office. The "big
juilding, 120 feet long, 30 feet wide
ind three stories high, was burned to
he ground, and the valuable machin?ry
and a large quantity of cemeut in
barrels was destroyed. The loss is
|>1S,000, with insurance of $6,500.
rtie plant will at once be rebuilt.
The brick dwelling-house owned by
bounty Commissioner Daniel Hefleiower
at Ripon was destroyed by fire
Friday morning. The house was occupied
by Benj. Ballenger, whose farnly
was at breakfast when the fire
started on the roof of the back porch.
[t is thought that a spark from the
ihimney caused the conflagration.
The blaze was fanned by a stroug
lorthwesl wiud and was so rapid in
'preading that effective work at eubluing
it was impossible. All of Mr.
Ballenger's household furniture was
'aved. The building was only parially
Four thousand acres of timber land
*-as destroyed and fully 20,000 panels
)f fencing burned in a mountain fire
:outh of Winchester last Thursday,
rhe residence, farm and outbuildings
)f James Singhass, together with all
he contents, were destroyed. At the
tome of Benjamin Glaize a large force
>f men had been fightine the fire to
prevent the destruction of the house,
vhen the wind suddenly changed,
Iriving the fire upon the house and
its occupants, consisting of Mrs. Glaize
ind five children. The only way to
10 foi tt la \r tlirrmnr a riQrrrtur rmfh in
he forest to a small opening. They
led thither, but shortly afterward
'ound themselves completely surrounded
by roaring flames and all escape
:ut off. By lying lace downward in
i sheltering rock they escaped the
lames, and were rescured after several
hours' work. Mr. Glaize's house,
jarn and contents were destroyed,
rhe losses will foot up many thousand
Alaska's New Mines.
The recent report of expert miners in
Vlaska confirm the former reports of
he discovery of a new silver mine in
he Yaldes district, also of finding of
everal mountains of tin 150 miles disaut,
making this season of discoveries
he greatest Alaska has ever known,
tinong family remedies the greatest
liscovery was made about fifty years ago
vhen IJostetter's Stomach Hitters was
rat introduced. It is a specific remey
for such ailments as loss of appetite,
i/.ziness, belchiug, indigestion, dvsiepsia,
constipated bowels, or biliousess,
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emedies have failed. If you are weak
nd sickly try a bottle of the Hitters'
t will restore you to robust health by
trengthening the entire system. The
enuine is for sale by all druggists.
The X-Rays.
Recent experiments, by practical tests
nd examinations with the aid of the
k-Rays, establish it as a fact that Caarrh
of the Stomach is not a disease of
tself, but that it results from repeated
Hacks of indigestion. "How Can I
use My Indigestion ?" Kodol Dyspepia
Cure is curing thousands. It will
ure you of indigestion and dyspepsia,
nd prevent or cure Catarrh of the
tomach. Kodol digests what you eat,
takes the stomach sweet. Sold by
Leinbart's Pharmacy.
Work has been stopped on the exeneion
of the Little Kanawha Raiload
to Burnsville, a link to connect
he Wabash system with the West
"irginia Central lines. The contracts,
who bad several thousand men
t work, are ordered elsewhere. It is
aid work will not he resumed until
he great bridge across the Ohio river
i finished, which will be a couple of
Mr. Joseph Pominville, of Stillwater,
linn., after having spent over $2,000
rith the best doctors for stomach troule,
without relief, was advised by his
ruggist. Mr. Alex. Richard, to try a
ox of Chamberlain's Stomach and Livr
Tablets, lie did so, and is a well
lan today. If troubled with indigesion,
bad taste in the mouth, lack of
ppeiite or constipation, give these
'ablets a trial, and you are certain to
e more than pleased with the result,
'or sale at 25 cents per box by Reinart's
At a public auction of horses at
Iarrisonburg, Ya., a few days ago,
38,000 were realized. Real good
orsee were scarce, but brought high
rices, while the undersized scrubs
aid low.
44 For 25 years I have never
missed taking Aver's Sarsaparilla
every spring. It cleanses my
blood, makes me feel strong, and
does me good in every way." ?
John P. Hodnette, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Pure and rich blood
carries new life to every
part of the body. You
are invigorated, refreshed.
You feel anxious to be
active. Youbecomestrong,
steady,courageous. That's
1 A C lit?
Wnai MU'i > jiti suuui ni<t
will do for you.
$1.00 i bottle. All droitislt.
Auk yorr dortnr what he thinks of Ayer'g I
Sars ip irlila. Ii?* knows all about tht? eraod I
old family medicine. Fellow his advice and I
wo will bo ?wti?fi<-cl.
J.C. Avkb CO.,Lowell. Mass.
Tbe Good Roads Movement.
The County Court of Jefferson county
has endorsed the movement, whioh
now seems assured of success, looking
to important road improvements in
Shepherdstown district, and from the
interest that is being manifested it is
quite likely that the whole county
will catch the spirit. A delegation of
citizens from Shepherdstown district
appeared before theCountv Court on
Monday to approve the action of our
road supervisors in purchasing a crusher
and to endorse their plans for improving
the roads. Iu tbe delegation
were some of our largest taxpayers
and land-owners, and an address was
made to the court expressing the wishes
of our people on this subject. The
court expressed its willingness to further
the project, and will give its
sanction and official help to our road
men. With the backing of tbe court,
and under the enthusiastic leadership
of Supervisor James M. Hendricks and
his colleagues, the good roads project
is getting an impetus that will result
in vast improvement to our highways.
The stone crusher bought by Shepherdstown
district was put in uee on
the Sandy Ridge road the past week.
It works like a charm and fairly eats
up the stone. Supervisor Thos. J.
Link had gotten out what would have
been a big lot of stone to be broken
by hand, but it didn't last very long
when the crusher began to chew it up.
It soon ran out of material, and more
stone will have to be gotten. That
which was crushed i9 being placed on
the road now. The Juuction road is
in bad condition, and needs a great
deal of work. A good start has been
made, and we hope Mr. Link will continue
its improvement.
The crusher will next be used by
James M. Hendricks on the Moler's
road. He has a great quantity of
stone out, and will keep the machine
going for some time on that road and
others in his sub-district. The crusher
is run by a traction engine, but it
is hoped that an engine and roller combined
can be secured. With this additional
machinery first-class roads
can be made at comparatively small
? > ,1 fsl.oi.liur.lctAini <licfrir>t will
show the other districts in the county
what good roads are.
The County Court on Monday appointed
County Surveyor James K.
Hendricks to be superintendent of
turnpikes, an office created by act of
the last Legislature. We think no
better appointment could have been
made. Mr. Hendricks is an engineer,
and will therefore have the qualifications
necessary to determine questions
of grading and other features of road
work that have too often been neglected
for lack of technical skill. We
will stand for it that he will do bis
duty to the county, and that work
done uuder his supervision will have
to be properly performed. No money
will be wasted under his administration.
He is a son of Road Supervisor
James M. Hendricks, of this district,
who is recognized as one of the most
capable road builders in this part of
the State, and it will be wise in the
eon to avail himself of the experience
of the father. His interest in the work
he is called upon to do will insure the
very best results to the people. Mr.
Hendricks had recently been appointed
superintendent of the Virginia Ore
Bank mining operations in this county.
He presented his resignation as
county surveyor on Monday, but the
court declined to accept it and gave
him the new office in addition.
West Virginia Items.
The Gem flour mill at Clarksburg
was burned early Sunday morning.
Loss $16,000.
Burglars blew open the safe in the
postoffice at Raven6wood one night
last week and got away with about
$1,000 in cash and stamps.
It is said that Congressman Dayton
and Charles F. Teter, of this State,
have secured control of the Meadow
Branch authracite coal region in
Berkeley and Morgan counties, ami
will make a thorough examination of
the authracite possibilities of that section.
On Saturday last at Parkersburg, in
the United States Circuit Court, Judge
Jackson rendered judgment and entered
a decree in favor of the Complainant
in the chancery suit of James
D. Butt vs the United States for the
sum of $5,568 and therewith tiled an
elaborate opinion, deciding all points
in favor of Mr. Butt.
frnm P.Qt Qfrfltoh
on the arm, to the worst sort of a burn,
sore or boil, DcWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve is a quick cure. In buying Witch
Hazel Salve, be particular to get l)eWitt's-this
is the salve that heals without
leaving a scar. A specific for blind,
bleeding, itching and protruding piles.
Sold by Reinhart's Pharmacy.
Lutheran Church?Rev. H. C. Haithcox,
I). D., Pastor.
Uvilla at 10.30 a. m.
Shepherdstown at 7.30 p. m.
Episcopal Church?Rev. C. E. A.Marshall.
Service and sermon every Sunday
morning at 10.30 o'clock; evening service
at 7.00 o'clock. Service at Duffields
on the second and fourth Sundays
in each month at 3.00 p. m. Communion
on first Sunday in the month in
Presbyterian Church?Rev. Charles
Ghiselin. 1). 1).. Pastor.
Shepherdstown at 10.30 a. m. and at
Kearneysville at 3 p. m.
Reformed Church?Rev. J. E. Guy,
M. E. Church?Rev. A. H. McKinley,
Sharpsburg at 10.30 a. m.
Shepherdstown at 8 p. m.?subject :
Catholic Church?Rev.Collins. Pastor.
Mass on Sunday at 10.30 o'clock.
Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament
and an instruction at 7 30 p. m.
Mass on Monday morning at 7 o'clock.
M.E.ChurchSouth?Rev. J. C. ThrasherPastor.
Shepherdstown at 10.30 a. m.
Marvin Chapel at 3 p. m.
League at 6.30 p. m.. at which time
there will he a celebration of the organization
of the League. Special programme
suitable to the occasion has
been prepared. All are most cordially
invited to attend thest services.
Services in the Pr?sbyterian church
at Duthelds on Sunday at 11 a. m. and
at Zion at 3 p. m.
County Court Proceedings.
The County Court of Jefferson county
began ite May fiscal term in Charles
Town on Monday, with President
Isaac H. Strider and Commissioners
Heflebower, Snyder, Pussier and
Moore on the bench. We note the
following items of business transacted
by the court:
S. Lee Phillips qualified as a notary
The matter of the petition of G. F.
Walker for opening a county road
from Manning's Ferry to a poiut in
the mountain, was continued until the
next term.Ordered
that the sheriff of this county
notify Chas. A. Light to remove
his fence from new county road running
from Middleway turnpike to Summit
Point road, as ordered opened
January 30, 1900.
Ordered that the superintendent of
Summit Point and Berry v i 11 e turnpike
proceed to make said pike a legal
road in regard to width, drainage,
&.C., and collect all tolls due, and make
said pike conform with all the requirements
of its charter ; if not done within
six mouths the collection of tolls
upon said road will be suspended until
said road is repaired.
Ordered that Geo. W. Marlow,proxy
for this county, vote the county
stock held in Bloomerv turnpike in
stockholders' meeting to make sai l
pike a free road, removing all gates.
County Surveyor Jas. K. Hendricks
presented his resignation, which the
court refused to accept.
Jamee K. Hendricks was appointed
commissioner of turnpikes of this county
for a period of three years, at a
salary cf $500 per year, dating from
June 1, 1903.
Ordered that C. M. Wetzel, proxy
for county in Harper's Ferry and Middleway
turnpike company, make a report
of condition of said pike, including
condition of roadbed, finances,
mode of management, and how directors
are elected, and report at special
June term.
Resignation of C. R. McCann as
road eurveyor of Trecinct Xo. 1, Middleway
district, wasaccepted, and Wo.
Childe appointed his successor.
Ordered that H. C. Getzendanner j
be allowed to erect telephone poles
and wires on road from tollgate at
Shannondale read to Shannondale I
Report of Jas. K. Hendricks, county
surveyor, upon the condition of
Kabletowu and Bloomery Turnpike
received and ordered to be filed.
J. I). Billmyer presented to the
court a check of Washington & Alexhd
ler for the sum of $50 50, the same
being the amount of insurance collected
by reason of tire in the jail building.
Ordered that said J. D. Billmyer,
sheriff, be charged with said
sum of $50 50 on account of county
And the said J. D. Billmyer further
reported that he had collected the
sum of $4,105.91, of date June 20.
1902, from Eugene Baker, late sheriff,
the same being $ 1,010 with interest,
as heretofore ordered to be collected
i ??;.i n??,i u,.,f i,a
HULLI nam uatvci, auvt uim ii* ii<u? v,v/.
lected h further sum of $5,000 on the
16th day of February, 1903, fiora D B.
Lucas,Jno Fleming and J.is E Watson,
three of the sureties of said Biker on
his official bond, as a credit on said
Baker's indebtedness to the county.
Therefore ordered that said sheriff' he
charged with these amounts, and that
said Eugene Biker be given credit
for the same.
Petition of A. W. Best, &c., to keep
public landing at what is known as
"Keep Tryst Public Landing," received
and granted.
Rescued from Suffering
and Death by
Celery Compound
A Prominent and Popular Citizen, Says:
"After the U?e of Paine's Celery Compound,
I Am Now in the Best of Health."
The greatest of modem physicians, Prof.
Edward E. Phelps, M. D., LL. I)., after years
of long practice and close scientific study, gave
to suffering anil diseased men and women his
marvelous, life giving prescription, with the
conviction and positive knowledge that it had
peculiar virtues anil ample powers to cure.
Thousands of the strongest testimonials from
the l?est known and most reliable men and
women of our country fully sustain the claims
made by Dr. Phelps regarding his incomparable
Paine's Celery Compound.
One of the most convincing proofs fumi-hed,
comes recently from a gentleman widely
known in the capital city of the Dominion of
Canada. We refer to Mr. Alfred Brown, 91
O'Connor St., Ottawa, Ont. Mr. Brown's
letter fully demonstrates the fact that the
greatest sufferer may cast off his or her 1 urden
of disease and become well, strong, and happy.
It proves, too, that the great medicine maintains
more fully than ever l>efore its unrivaled
place in the estimation of people of wealth
and social standing as well as with the masses.
Mr. Brown says:?
" I acknowledge with thankfulness and
pleasure the fact that I have been cured of a
very painful illness of eight years' standing : y
use of l'ainc's Celery Compound. I had,
during the years of my illne?, tried almost all
the advertised medicines without deriving any
good results. I was also treated by several of
the best doctors of this city, hoping to find
that one of them, at least, would understand
my case.
" I was getting worse, and was told I w as
incurable. I was indeed in a critical condition.
I could not go from the house alone,
as I was liable to sudden collapse. I tried
hospital treatment, hut no relief or good results
came to me. I could not sleep; anything that
? ? j :? ? t..
i aie increased my agumes; 1 caiicuicjj
weak, restless, tired, and despondent: was
obliged to walk about with my hands pressed
firmly into my left side to ease my pains; my
feet and hands were cold continually; had
inclination to vomit, had profuse, cold sweats,
quick breathing, and would be racked with
pain for hours at a time.
"After the regular use of Faine's Celery
Compound for a time, I am now in the best of
health, have good appetite, and can use any
kind of food. Thank God I am my old self
once more, all through the use of Paine's
Celery Compound."
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ample of gooda'when poaaible.
DIAMOND DYE?, Bnrlington, Yt.
w w w Valuable
the sore with washes and salves, becaus
plying in the blood and the new Cance
ing keep up the irritation and discharg
announce the approach of the eating s
sickening cancerous sore begins its
destructive work.
No ulcer or sore can exist with- J]
out some predisposing internal cause 0
that has poisoned the blood, and the S
open discharging ulcer, or the festering
sore on the lip, cheek or other
part of the body will continue to
spread and eat deeper into the flesh t
Cancer germs or morbid matter elimin
S. S. S, cleanses the blood of all d
antidotal and purifying properties that
and restore the blood to its natural c
carried to the
over and new sk
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^ minerals of any
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cal advice will cost you nothing, Bex
the blood will be sent free. THE
Eon Racism :?Sharpsburg was taken by surplice
Saturday evening. May 2nd, by the Sons of
Confederate Hand of >hephcrdstowti, which appeared
on our -trcetc without giving any notice of their com
mL<- d r.i and I
1H4 i ncy were a .i. aiiu - -~j -
they stopped at the Antietam Hotel and played sonic
ni' e nutk on the tine lawli at the hotel, after which
they marched to the public square and rendered
some appropriate ;.ie . >. "I hey also played for the
City Hutcl, the.M liiaw Hotel, and the Hotel Rentier
At the latter place they were escorted in the
parlors amid the guc>:?. and gave several tine selecti
ns, wlv h every one present enjoyed. After playing
their farewell pie - they hid all goodnight and
started westward to old Virginia after having been
received in a uelo me manner in their sister town of
fsliarpsburg. 1 very one complimented their music
and enjoyed it. C trie over again, hoys ; we are
glad to have vou come. You are welcome and we
I. ipe that Miar| ..rg may some day return your
kindness. I hanks.
A la EK I i M sIC.
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use of Chamberlain's Pain Balm fur
rheumatism and lumbago," says Mrs.
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back and was also quickly relieved. In
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being without it. I have recommended
it to many and they always speak very
highly of it and declare its merits are
wonderful." For sale by Keinhari's
A vety exciting municipal election
was held in Baltimore on Tuesday, j
Robert McLane, Democrat, was elected
mayor over Frank C. Wackter,
Republican, by about *t00 majority.
The Republicans elected their candidate
for comptroller and will control
the second branch of the city council.
The Democrats will control the first
branch and have a majority on joint
Fly's Liquid Cream Balm is an old
frit-nil in a new form. It is prepared
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spraying tube. ?."? cents. At your druggist's
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New York, will mail it.
The steamers Hamilton and Saginaw
run into panh other off (lie Vir
giniit const early Tuesday morning,
and the Saginaw sank in a lew moments.
Fully twenty persons, most
of them colored, lost their lives.
Take Laxative Hromo Quinine Tablets. All
<!i legists refund the money If It fulls to cure.
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j .
Boars the K ^ - > Bought |
Wheat, longlierry, perbUBtiel 77 <a 7j
Wheat, No. 3, per bushel 75 it
Corn, per bushel 45 ? 47
OfilH, per btisliel 55 (jg I'
Hay, per ton 15.00 @ lH.uu
Butter, per lb 13
Eggs, per dozen 1llanis
(county).per lb 1- At It
Shouldei h, per tb 0 iit 10
Sides, per lb 10 @ 10
laird, per lb 13 At H
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A Squire Piano in good condition
(Hallo! A Davis make). Inquire at Cement
Mills, one mile from Shepherds-;
town, on the Maryland side.
April "ill, liKM?3\v
wm u i i VJ i
rugs! j
il. 15. Baker's,
s n n r h e rdsto w x , w. va.
I Wood's Farm Seeds.
Peas ="<>
Soja Beans
Two of the most important crops
for fannersevery where. Write for
leaflets entitled 44 Soja Beans vs.
Corn " an-1 44 Cow Peas?The
I Clover of The South," giving
special information about these
crops. We carry large stocks of all
Seed Corn, flillet. Sorghums,
Teosinte, Late Seed Potatoes,
Crimson Clover,
Buckwheat, etc.
Wood's Seed Book and Special Circulars
piving prices and seasonable Information,
mailed free.
T.W. Wood & Sons, Seedsmen,
Duuie's Early Risers
The famous little pills.
many respects like other ulcer* or
i this resemblance often proves fatal,
time is lost in fruitless efforts to heal
e the germs of Cancer that are multi- |
r cells which are constantly develop- ,
fe, and at last sharp shooting pains <
md sloughing stage, and a hideous, J
In February, 1890, I noticed a small ,
imp on my lower lip. The doctor canirlzed
It but another o&tne and broke
ut into an open eore. I b?*an to take
. S. 8. and after I had taken seven botes
ths place healed entirely and no
lane of the disease have been eeen
Ince. W. P. Brown, Hollands, 8. 0. *
inless the blood is purified and the
ated from the circulation,
lecaying effete matter. It has great
soon destroy the rerms and poisons
ondition. And when pure blood is
ulcer or sore the healing process
charge ceases and the place heals
in forms. S. S. S. is a strictly vegemrifier
containing no mercury or
description. r
; of any kind, write us about it, medi- '
>ks on Cancer and other diseases of {
SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta, 6a.
If You'll
Just Drop In
when you arc in our town, it
will give us pleasure to show }
you the finest line of fash- <
ionable fabrics for summer
clothing that this town ever J
saw. We like to show them ?
? we're proud of th'-m.
When you see them and
learn how little they cost, <
you'll likely conclude that
it's the wise and economical <
thing to give us an order for t
a suit. '
Perfect Heasurement
is the secret by which we
are enabled to give our patrons
Absolutely Perfect
Clothing. We know howto
measure and we knowhow
to cut the cloth to the
best advantage. Come in.
any way. any day, for we
are now making up
$15, $16, $18 and $20 Summer Suits I
For $10 and $12,
to make room for our fall
10 East Washington Street. i
Ilagerstown, M(l.
Clothing, !
etc., is now ready for inspection.
Latest styles in cut and
finish, and every garment is
guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Call and see us before you \
buy your spring outfit. We J
can save you money.
T. B. LINE,!
Shepherdstown, W. Va. <
-OF- r
which will he sold at as low prices as
you can ir?*t the same poods anywhere '
else. All our poods are fresh and pure.
Also a nice line of
such as are in everyday use. Call and
see us and we will treat you rieht.
Country Produce taken in exchange
for goods at market prices.
Windows, Moulding,
Flooring, Siding, Doors, Blinds,
Framing, Shingles.
General Repair Work, Pipe Cut- I
ting, Machine Work. ^
rr A
i r?,
Commissioner's Notice,
To the Creditors of C. M. Stump, deceased:
You are hereby notified to present your
rlaims against the estate of the said C. M.
*turrp. deceased, for adjudication to me, the
undersigned Commissioner of Accounts of
the County Court of JefTeraoo county. West
Vitglnla.at rny office In 8bepherdato^n, in
tail county. <m or before the 5th day of J ine, 1
|9"1. at which time and place I will receive '
proof of deb s or demands against the said
lecedent. or his estate.
Given under my band this 21d day of April,
J. H. BRAfiONI EH, Commissioner.
April 23. 19 3-7w
DeWitt's Salve
For Piles, Burns, Sores.
Real Estate!'
By virtue of order of the United States Dlsrlct
Court for the Northern District of West t
Virginia. In the matter of J. Garland Hurst t
n Bankruptcy pending therein, entered Jan- c
lary th- flflb." 1903, the undersigned Trustees i
will sell at I ubllc Auction. In front of the (
Jourt House In Charles I'own, West Virginia. ^
tt 11 o'clock a. til., on I
Tuesday, May 12,1903,
the following Real Estate situate in
Lot No. 28. Block SO. on Preston Street.
" 22 and'.3. Block 73
M .. |7 .. JH> .. -S
" " 15 " 17, ' 80.
" 88 " 87. " SI.
' i e. #2. i
.. .. S4 .. ,,4 <
" " St ' 37, " 109, and t wo-flfths of
ot No. 55. In Block 109. i '
lot No. 5, Block 9, on Jeffersou avenue.
8. 7.
Oue-seveuteenth Interest In
ind Blocks of Land formerly belonging to
he Charles Town Const uctlon Company i
ind now in the name of John A. W ;tshlng.on.
And also the
Timber On Two Acres
if laud, more or less, on the laud of Mrs.
EaunteV. Lucas, near Du Melds.
GERARD D. Mihiuk,
Trustee. t
And also at the same time and place, by .
rlrlueof the foregoing order of the I tilted
States District Court, and by virtue of a de- J
tree of tile Circuit Court of JefTerson County,
Vest Virginia, entered on the 12th day ot .
lune. 190ti.lii the case of Ctias. II. Trail s Kxicutor
vs. Alt?erta Trail et al. the underilg.ied
Trustees, In the first cKse heietofore <
lientloned, ami the uml/nugnrd Special .
.'oiumiksloners In the foiegotng Chancery j
"a use, and the undersigned Trustee, Special |
.Commissioner In the chancery cause of the
-afety Building and Loan Association \s |
Eugene Baker et al. entered on the 27th day (
if February. l?0;>. and the undersigned ex *c*.
itor of It A.Alexander. deceased, will 11 ;
he following properly of J. Car land Hunt,
."liai*. 11. Trail. Eugeue Maker and It. A. j
Alexander, to- wit : |
Nos. 3<i. 37 and 33. Block 8d.
Lots Nos. II and 45, Block I'l.
21, " 110.
20, IMS.
.. 22. " 101.
" " 0 and 11, " 11".
" SO ai d 37 * 111.
Terms of Sale.
One-third 'ash. Kealdiie In two etjual pajneiita.
purchaser giving bonds for deferred
>aymenlN. hearing Interest from date. paya>le
on or before one and twoyeara. Title relervad
until purchaae money in paid.
Trustee. I
n era it I' i>. Moore,
Trustee uud special Commissioner. <
OKI. \V. 1 It A11..
Special Cotutii tiuilonera. ?
Executor. j
Charles H. Trail's Executor vs. Alberta 1
Trail and Others. In Chancery, 1
This Is to certify that Forrest W. Brown, iin
special Commissioner, has executed boud, '
a Ith good security, us required by decree In H
lie above named cause, and (jerard 1?. Moore r
Special Commissioner. has also executed
>ond In the cause of Safety Building an I ?'
Loan Association, Ac., vs Eugene Raker, <lc. ?'
Clerk of Circuit Court.
A pi II 10. MA*. K
Order of Publication.
The State of West Virginia. I
Jettersou County, to-all : ;
At Rules held In the C.erk's odice of the '
circuit Court of Jeilersou County, on Hist ' s
Monday In April, 19US.
lohn 1'. Kearfott, Executor of A lie via A
IJanilll iloouu utti I I'lall.llff
lames A. Ha.nlll,Samuel C Hhiii111. Charles
C. Ill* in III. Mrs. Llllte Ij. Heed, Mr*. < lenient
H. lit* in 111, Diehard Fairfax liamlll, an
Infant; lintlie Hhiii III, a daughter of JoshUa
111*in 111. dee d., I utermart ted with purty
Ui. known; the Kim wood Ceine'ery A?soclallnn.
a corporation; John II l.ogle,
Rdmr. of Dr. Junie* l.og.e, dee'd ; H. F ll*r.
rl*oii. Committee of (illws ('. DRllllll.deeea*ed;
B K. HarrlMon, Trustee for Mr*.
Alluvia A. HumUl, deceased ; John I*. Keiirfott,
adinr. of (Hie* C. Ha mill, dee'd; U 1>.
Getxendanner. C. T. V. H. Butler, Kx'rof
('. T. Mutter, dee'd, trustee of Allevlu A.
liamlll, dee'd Hefendants
The object of ibis suit la to distribute un- '
Jer order of the court among the parties en- h
(tied thereto, the proceeds of the sale of I he .
'arm. about 1H5 acres and 11 aq poles,alia- (
tied 111 Mlddlewuy Hist riot in Jefleisou
Jounty, West Virginia. deelsed under the
HNt will of Alluvia A. liamlll, deceased,
a hlch farm has been sold by John I'. Kear- i
'ott, Kxecutor ol said da lent, to i? l>. I
Jet/.e iidunner. lor I to.on per aere. I'oconrene
the creditors of and construe the will
>f said decedent To settle tije account of I
aid executor. To have released the Deed of !
I'rust on ;sald fiiria of date May nth. IMR7. t
recorded In Deed Hook No. '1, puga 16'J, from
U. K. Harrison, Trustee of said Allevla A.
liamlll, dee'd. to Win. O. Butler, Trustee. In '
Lh clerk's office of the county court of said K
ounly, and to cousirue the will of .Mis. .
Aradue 11 Keruey, deceased.
It appearing, on sffldsvlt filed In this suit,
Lhat ttie Defendants Charles C. liamlll, John
11. l/tgle, and Hattle liamlll. who Intermar
"led with party unknown, are non-residents
if the State of West Virginia they are here,
jy required to appear within tine Month
fter the date of the Hist publication of tills
irder.aud do wtiat Is necessary to protect
:helr Iritereaf In tutu matter
Clerk of the Circuit Corn 1. v
J. 8. HK AGON I Kit, 1*. t|. <1
April U. 19US?iw t
One Minute Cough Cure 1
For Coughs, Colds and Croup.
ToGet Your Fall& 1
If you don't buy here, it is no
well as ours. \Ve want this
and sterling qualities will get it
Our line of
is by far the largest in this sec
give you anything you want in
Double Breasted Suits, Heav
Thibits, Unfinished Worsted CI
All suits from $14.50 up we
guarantee a fit.
We have everything a man 0
to shoes.
Ladies' and Misses' Shoes, C
tings, Window Shades and Kai
n\/F rt
Y 1 1 V
ight, medium, and heavyweight, for
T iesiie :
wn. PHIL Li
chakles towp, jeffers
Manufacturers a
ffhite and Yellow Pine, Oa
Flooring, Siding, Ceiling, ]
ings, Brackets, Plastering L
and Steel Roofing, &c. He
Paint. Drawings and Esti
to any point on N. & W. 01
Heal Estate',
By virtue of atlecw.- o' r . K
if JetTevaon founts. w r?: v .
intbeinttiiiayotF.lr.tr> -*1 |K
iery autt thereto i-etnr w ?i. W
vituUillnitun.il f v?- ,j .. 3g
oroplulnftOt* ami K z< ! i r i t , ' ' j^f
lefentlsnU. tl?e unilfii . w.i ,* I?
tc ouierv lu t: ?">t oi . .r; u y rE
'tiariea Town, \l ml \ . , p
On Friday, May 8th, i%3 *
oiunienei' it at 11 o o >? 'te \ M , t * ?
nn v* luaMe real e?';r * ^^^B
1. Thai oertii n ;r?.' ! kn , V
'11 '* K
ter. containing at
145 Acres, 3 Roods. 7 Poles 1 I
Till* tra> 1 *? . et ?
*-Rooni DweMiny; Hou^ I
irllh cellar anil at t ?, b
luihll a* Inclut. ? t ?;
Ul.t Clateru. ai H
ton. , , , u
? Tliat tract of *' i > , . B
mown a* the 0 ? ^B
107 Acres, 3 Roods. Ill Poles. H
witn uo imr '? &
outatntntf &
Nine Acres, |
wilt) no mil mi 5
4. Ttiat tract imoau h? * t. r , , . |
onUlulDR J
107 Acres. t
in pro v t-tl ti> a noo.? - \ ? -1, j
.U ii?'''? ?
ire iirlna ??f nooo w 1 f
S T D? 11 ra
UUil, fi hlalti IU
80>+ Acres,
in proved by* good I t k-k v
lilt-lien itnd outi i. uilnax
ti Tliwt tract k Dow n *? . > ,
| IKK partly III Herkt : > ^ I
etaon ruunili't, > ouiiiiii.i < :
158'.. Acres.
mproVfd l>> in; > >.l nuir , s \
Kl.l.lNn in w.t urn
lie , Willi itm-ll i>i tin* i \ , , ^
1'liv public road 11<>111 11. ,i
miK iuna tbrougti or , , >
tbovo tracts. \ g od - H
brougb tract* Not. 1.1 ami .s'4 H
I Mini > Milji>1II t lm > >i*-i|
All <>f tin* mIhi\ i< Ir.ii'lk
lieiltt-U-y and Jcltt'i-ni
111 It-o \ \\ of?' t r ? I ..
Maitlnsbntg. I in lies (rum k>mlM|l H
ilu I Ion on tin- Main in '
not i Uilo It ill road, on.- i . I .
la-flow n CllUli'lltx x . ? . ,
7 Two niiihII trui-l. i-i , J
iitow n mn'T k> pt out-in ..x
me coiiluiuiiiK
12'.. Acres.
;bt> otlit-r* 2 aoo-a, tmpr. t i xu,
S. A House anil Lot
>n tlio N. K. i-orio r of >. ... . ,
Soriti alley. Oliurl.N |..? K u ,,
(cOlung property. <-onu i.k H
H liif In ll< tfd up Mini It i? ? i - i, ,.
otcrupli UHltf r> . I'll It* i>io|x 11 \ , , ,
Ividy new ami In u ><l i ,
I'ottsfsalnll of Nald p|i.| i ill. > g:\ei \i r
901, NHld ptopfl I It'N In lli , III > i I
iiits; llit* piiri-liHN>-r taking :.o- ,
Iglit In ti.e rraiit-cllve If o>.
I In- tax. n Mini ItiNUIHiiCi- in >
>rly will be adjusted l> llo .
lay of Naif.
All of N,? 1.1 land In In it lit.li M* '
Hi loll II lid IIIONl Of It W ll Nil II
I in t raft No I la iiii >|,| ,-x |.' si vi |
;ood in 111 Nltf anil auftli'lflil v. .?t i p< n r
Terms of Sale.
One-third c iah on da', of , .
woet|UNl i*itiiii.tl paiiurii't , 4>..
>*forf ou?-and I wn > i ai? fi<m 'mi
vldelired by lioti ? of purrl|.-.t U?r ,
f rt-N I (loin iIh> of tut It- it lol ?? < tit id > > x
-afloii of f Itle. and an iiNalgi no id ' jr ,
Linount of flif Itianiaio >
oKUAIUi l>. vfonltl ii'.tt
Npi'i'lal I iIn ll. n? rf
lli-tlf bower A' West. Aucla.
d'tie of \V . at \ Irginla fount) nf J?"
I, John M. I'anlel, f'Ifi k of - 1
!oiirt of slid Jelte r*oii founiy. dofi i'. !> 1 t
ierard l>. Moore, Ti ualt e, x,|H.,. , ,
loot i above who-d. has . >
ore nie III alioVf anil witb s|>pro?fd?
ondltloiifd affording to law
Clerk of Clr.'uit 1 " if'.
April in.
Public Sale. H
- , .
3n Saturday, May (>th. I'iO.l. ;
iin-fnii">w ntf i>t
lousehold and Kitchen Furniture I
t No h i ice Idol i i * jl r'>
if*; ("ohI mtotc, Hafc. If felling.Irtf I'
(llfilfll JhIiIim, liHif ill /. || ill. K
'lialra, ?
Domestic Sewing Machine,
imnI ah nt*w ; liuieau, Outer I*' ? .* ?
i | ft-:
nnla of IiiKmln Ocrpcl, (on ) * i i *
Inning mill Window fi 11 it ? i K?i
.ii I f do sen flat I roil*. Zim i . [ B
N-t I'iiik ; 'i lionlna lii'-ifU. ' I i-. ?
ay Clock, act of HI vi'r k > f'"
'lothex nnki't, lot of ("ioiii?il <i' t*
ol of IMxhi'f. Crock*. ?* mn . I ?*
'ookliiic ('tenalia and niMuy I lie i af " ' s
iu i o i*iotiM to hii*ii t ion.
r III l>* f I veil on al I *111111 ?'|iiii'l " I
|i*r f'i. I r y:
irovnl xiTurltv, in got I*1 ' I I I '
I Ifl
y In I# rfliioM J until * >'
Kin at I o'clock.
I.ITV !.%>? }
M I', i 'n >wl. A<j' !. Hi
April IM |? F
Winter Business? I
t our fault, but ; < hi : I-^
business, and if low prices i
. y on will surely come ben ?f
tion of the State. We can < B
Round Cut or Two-I fl
heviots and Flanm B
ve all the ne# weavi |
make to y in measun B
r boy (ai. w ar- fn m B
Carpets, Oil Cloths and Mat- B
n ^B
* O M l
all kirnls of wt-ati;'
E3: "cr B, I
?U'N'. W. V.\.
3ER! I
>0* COUKTf, W. VI.,
nd Dealers In
1 and Hemlock LornM I
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Moj^" H
aths, Shingles, Palings* *-,a j
alth & Milligan's CelebraUj H
mates Furnished. Deht*
rB. &0. R. R- |

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