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H. L. SNYDER, Publisher.
C. J. Miller, S.J.Hodges, Harrison Schley, Franklin Lyne, 53
President. Vice-President. Cashier. Teller. |j^j
1 Jefferson Security Bank, |
I CAPITAL AND SURPLUS, $75,000.00. |
" * ? ? J n it=
1*5 uiscounis aauy. rour per ceni interest on time ucpusus. g-,
jjS Safe Deposit Boxes for rent, $2.50 and upwards per year. Modern facili- ijS
ties for banking. Burglar-Proof Vault, protected with time locks. bj]
jUcj Courtesy ana fair dealing extended to all. You are invited to come and fug
see for yourself. Open Saturday evenings.
^3 DIRECTORS?W. P. Licklider, H. C. Marten, David Lemen, S. J. Hodges,
J. H. Hill, M. B. Baker, G. W. D. Folk, C. J. Miller. J. W. Gardner, Sg
Geo. M. Beltzhoover, D. Frank Hill. Ijjj
Msagaaaggji jBBBfisaaai
Jos. B. VanMetre, President. F. W. Myers, Cashier.
The Farmers Bank of Shepherdstown,
assured to all depositors and patrons of our bank, which invariably adheres
to the principle of extending the same courteous, efficient attention
to the smallest as well as the largest patron. A commercial bank
exists for the benefit of the business community. If you are a part of
it, come here for good service.
Your patronage is solicited. Open a checking account with us; or,
f you have idle funds,
We pay 4 per cent Interest on Time Deposits.
E. H. Reinhart, G. W. Hoffman, C. D. Wysong,
Geo. M. Knott, F. R. McQuilkin, I. S. Osbourn,
M.H.Crawford, W. Harry Staley, N.T.Snyder,
Jos. B. VanMetre, R. M. Williams, Jno. L. Williamson,
Geo. F. Turner. R. L. VanMetre.
D. S. HUGHES. Vice-President. J. FRANK TURNER. Asrt. Cashier.
S Capital, $50,000.00. Surplus, $40,000.00.
Established April. 1871.
\i/a inuita unn tn rail and insnect our new ?
?* w auiitii j uui uuoiiii^j auu turiu j vsm ?v %?? ?
DBank Building, which we are now occupying. Your funds and valuables
protected in our modern steel lined vault, with automatic [J
=-^ Time Lock devices. Safe deposit boxes to rent on reasonable**rms. i=d
Discounts daily.
John C. Burns Jno. A. Washington,
1. J. Wysong, John D. McGarry, Milton Burr
I >. W. Washington S. S. Dalgarn, H. H. Cooke,
Isaac H. Strider, D. S. Hughes. j
5^ R. L. Withers, President. S. Lee Philips, Cashier. 22 |
~z W. F. Alexander. Vice-President. Lewis U. Albm, Assistant Cashier.:
Capital Stock, $50,000. Surplus $50,000. = ;
i|Farmers and Merchants Deposit Co. |? j
~ (Successors to The First National Bank of Jefferson, at Charles Town.) Ejr j
? I. W. Williams, W. A. Higgs, K.W.Alexander, W. O. Norris, == :
== Wm. E. Reed, J. Ed. Burns, W. F. Alexander, K. H. Phillips, = :
== W. C. Riley, John L. Bums, William Kahn, C. F. Wall, :rr
Robert L. Withers, James E. Watson, Thornton T. Perry. EE :
Interest paid on Time Deposits.
EE We solicit your business. Burglar and fire-proof Vault. s= I
== Discoir ts Daily. == !
^lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllliilJillt'llllilllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllliF i
|The National Citizens Bank,))!
G. E. Hughes, President. A. M. S. Morgan, Cashier. |? j
U OIRECTORS-G. E. Hughes, B. F. Langdon, C.W. Henshaw, GW.Shull, \) I
lj J. H. Bishop, Chas. R. Lar gdon, M. O. Rouss, R. C. Rissler, H j
[I L. D. Getzendanner. If j
\\ Capital and Surplus, $74,000.00. Total Resources, $400,000.00 \\
ff We pay 4 per cent interest on time deposits, large or small?which has if i
\\ National Bank protection. All business entrusted to us will receive prompt YV i
If and careful attention. Let us serve you. ^ j
/gill 11 [c=31lolH ? 51 [51li=51[oH5\ i
The Whiting Milling Company, I
=r? Is now in operation and making a fine quality of flour. We in- r=i
vite you to try our "Snowflake" and "Blue Jay" High-Grade
flours, which are giving the greatest satisfaction to consumers.
We are making low prices now on feed, considering the excellent
quality, and can furnish bran, middlings and mixed feed
in any quantity desired. We also keep on hand at all times a
large supply of screenings at a low price.
We pay the highest market price for wheat?and we want all
UJ that we can get. Come and get our quotations. iyj
] 0
r TheWhiting Milling Company,
^111 i| Elfpl |i = I|[511I=]|E
The Low-Down Clover-Leaf
1 Manure Spreader. |
? S
== as a ten-ft spread. This is the spreader that got first ^
EE premium at the San Francisco Exposition. Dr. Bear said at the ==
EE Shepherd College Farmers' School that a good manure spreader ^
= is worth $500 to a progressive farmer if he couldn't get one ?
= cheaper. The Clover Leaf is the BEST! We have another car- g
= load coming. You can try them before buying.
- -
== THE
I / s Improved Champion and Dee ring B irdrs =
Shenandoah Junction, W. Va.
! ] . &, . XiiS
Shepherdstown, Jefferson County,
the national joy *mohe
"yOU'LL find a ch?ry howdy-do
matter how much of a stranger you
, . , neck of the woods you drop into. F
in goodness and ^ *? ?; g*
in pipe satisfaction
11 *4. r\ c' some pound and half
is ciii wow its onuiuoi- vQ. ,.u.,uw. ..... ..
crystal-tiles* hut
astic friends ever claimed
for it! Nw ^
It answers every smoke desire you
or any other man ever had! It is so
cool and fragrant and appealing to youi
smokeappetite that you will get chummy w
it in a mighty short time!
Will you invest 5c or 10c to prove out our ss
so on the national joy smoke?
R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO.. Wiiuton-Salem, N. <
A storage battery that is fully charged will not freeze
as readily as one that is poorly charged. Storage batE
tery repairs are very expensive. Let us examine and
E test your battery before cold weather sets in.
E We will make .10 charge for the testing, and will tell
E you the exact condition of your battery. We are pre- E
E pared, if it is needed, to charge any storage battery, and E
E reasonably. E
The cost of re-charging is very
?E much less than the cost of repairigg.
?* M 1 r* I>i rv> n
?1 I1UW 13 Lilt. L11 I IC. . __
Shepherdstown, W. Va.
|iii? iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiuiuiiiioiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyiii^
1 Milton Kohler & Sons 1
= 27 West Washington St, Hagerstown, Md.
Gift Suggestions
a watch a watch
= a wrist watch a ring
? a scarf pin a manicure set ?
^2 a match box a locket
~ a fountain pen a piece of cut?
a fob or chain glass or china E
== a desk set a bon-bon dish ?
? a clock a mesh bag ?
?= a silver brush a set of silver
= a ring or a necklace E
= set of studs an opera glass
~ U/e have a finp selection of children s watches, cuns.
? rings, spoons, bracelets, chains, etc.
jc^aufc yayeiye; y^iyatfcfyaysy
sjfeniaa SnlanJarfl ?nfciit?n] aneril^arienfe
I Masonic, Elk, Odd Fellows, Knights jj
I of Pythias, and Knights of Columbus ?
I Polack's Jewelry Store, jj
B? 47 W. Washington Street, |
jfijgjjfi gggS
Eggs and^Poultry. JNO. H. SCHOPPER1
It pays at present price to give special The pQncy GrOCCf,
attention to your hens for egg production,
and our regular customers will tell you ?Dealer In?
mat the prices we pa, tor tresh clean Confectioneries, Cigars
eggs the year round is above that gen- 1 , 25
erally paid. We try to be about the of- I ODQCCO 0tC.
tice somewhere, but if no one is there, i?
and after 6 o'clock p. m., bring them to 7 r
my residence. We cannot handle stale Welshans* Building. Main Street
or dirty stock.
BENJ. HARTZELL. >benher<1stoun, West Vi
We are also in the market for Poultry. " ~ , . , ~
????Ground Limestone.
?gB HAIR^BALSAM We are prepared to furnish Grout
I^ag7?a A toiiet prn-j^o of Limestone to the public on our farm or 1
i? * F^?K?cJK?u do custom grinding.
??J5i5L222LSBMSltiL--J Media Farm, Charles Town, W. V
West Virginia, Thursday, Decen
e Albert gives
okers such
ight, because
lavor is so different and so
.r n ?
cruuy good;
m't bite your tongue;
in't parch your throat;
can smoke it as long and
d as you like without any
ack but real tobacco hapj
reverse side of every Prince
>ackage you will read:
JULY 30th, 1907"
eans to you a lot of tobacco enPrince
Albert ha9 always been
;hout coupons or premiums. We
3 give quality!
on tap no I jf
toppy r*d r , i1' ' ll, Ijll | !1 i
\i"uPtrim !.. MOHtfULANDifHOLE- | i
... !; : ' WinstonSaiem.KC.USA. I
Am. :''T.'^EiN^itiiiiliiTlirip
[V_ Tbk it the reran* tide of the i
Prince Albert tidy red tin. Reed
thie " Patented Procett" mettegeto-you
and realix* what it mean*
in mat in t Prince Albert *e ntek
" to year Ukbu. |
: Geo. M. Beltzhoover
= Geo. M. Beltzhoover, Jr.,
\ Attorneys and Counsellors.
: General Law Practice and Collections.
I Dr. Hopkins Gibson.
Shepherdstown, W. Va.
: All classes of fillings by the latest ,
: methods. Plate Work. All work guar:
| Crown and Bridge Work.
= Office in the Register Building.
j General Insurance.
: Office in Jefferson Security Bank Building
= Shepherdstown, W. Va.
j Stylish New Millinery
E Shepherdstown, W. Va.
Everybody invited to come and
E see thestylish new hats and milliE
i ne^'
Friends tPlj
? ti/^\ne my oldest friends I
5 fJ and a mighty reliable I
5 one. Many a cough I
E and cold of mine and my I
g children too has been stopped I
by Dr. King's New Discovery." I
3 For nearly 50 years Dr. King's I
n! New Discovery has been the I
standard remedy for coughs, I
c colds, croup and such bron- I
g chial affections.
E At all druggists. Try it. I
A Windows, Moulding,
? flooring, Siding, Doors, Blinds,
g Framing, Shingles.
, Shenandoah Junction, W. Va
?dealer in?
!? General Repair Work, Pipe Cutting,
Machine Work.
, Slate, Galvanized and Steel
id Impure blood runs you down?makes
to you an easy victim for disease. For pure
blood ana sound digestion?Burdock
Blood Bitters. At all drug stores. Price,
a. |1.00.
nber 21. 1916.
~To the Spirit of Christmas. i
Once more the Blessed Day has come
To soothe the hearts ol Christendom ?
Like some cool hand that's pressed L
Upon the fevered pulse of pain. 1
The Christmas Spirit comes again j
To quiet our unrest e
Forgot awhile are grief and loss.
The brood tag cares that irk and cross; ^
From farthest sea to sea.
Frnm rmrthpm ltn/4c a! ?nH ifinn
To where the rose and Jasmine blow, S
The Holy Mystery. g
Its influence benign outspreads: fi
On bended knees, with low-bowed heads.
With myrrh and spices sweet.
Fit recognition we would make.
Our alabaster boxes break a
In tribute at His feet 0
0 holy, blessed Christmas-time.
Of perfumed censer, peaHag chime. ii
Thy fairest gifts, we pray.
In boundless measures, full and free. h
Bestow on those across the sea,
So sore their need today I a
The old and frail forget them not;
And those about whose lives are wrought "
So much of hope and prayer? h
Our little ones, the coming race? p
Bestow on them thy ten^erest grace s
To grow in wisdom fafr I
Sweet Yule-tide, of thy fulness bring g
Peace unto hearts now sorrowing.
And unto great and small.
To man. bird, beast?to all that live? fi
Thy richest benediction give, |<
Thy happiness to all I
? Ii
It was upon one of those good old days -]
3f nearly tour hundred years ago when s
lhat prince of bold buccaneers, Cortez, j
was grinding Mexico under his iron heels g
and sending his ships back laden with
treasures, and while all Spain was ring- t|
ing like a bell to the tune of his deeds, c
that the beginning of the circumstances f
tiappened. As to whether the ending j,
was due to a near miracle or pure chance /
fach must take his choice, but the way it a
ill happened was like this : Carlos de s
Montbar, grown old and gray as a silver f,
fox in adventures unon land and sea and t
listening with his ear to the ground the t
better to hear the rumbles from afar, arose, j,
saying to himself. t
"Cortezl Who, then, is he to be a t
worker of marvels which I cannot do ?
True, he has shaken the tree of conquest ji
first and many golden apples have fallen s
into his helmet, but in his haste has he e
not left as many more behind ? I will
follow in his steps, and with much less c
trouble than befell him gather those he j
has left behind, also becoming rich and ^
famous. I will take my two ships, sum- c
mon my men and sail to this land of s
gold." And thus having determined he f
assembled his crews, after which he t
sought out the good Padre Ferdinand. t
"Father," he said. "I have two as |
good ships as ever broke a wave and f
crews of whom even Satan himself is s
afraid. We are to sail to the wonderful j
land of Mexico and fill our holds with its <
treasures. But there will be storms to (
overcome, dying comrades to minister to i
and proper prayers for our success to be
said, therefore we cannot sail without a
priest. Be one of us as our holy advisor
and your share shall be next to mine." !
The priest smiled up at him. I
"Yes, you will need a priest, and there- <
fore I will go. But it is not the gold of *
these heathens that I wish, but merely i
their souls. May I claim them as my t
share ?" Montbar laughed loudly.
"As many as you can get. But how do I
you plan to snare such cunning things ?" 1
"Listen, and I will tell. Upon some !
mountain top from whence it may be seen I
from afar your men must build me a great I
mission. In front of Mis mission I wiil i
place a great magic lure, so that all see- i
ing it shall be drawn closer. And once I J
have them before it I shall talk to them |
01 inc iruc lauri umii unc uy unc nicy
shall embrace it that Christ may receive i
them. Thus in my keeping will be their I
souls. Am I not crafty, also ?" Montbar <
slapped his thigh. <
"Wondrous so, Father, and it is a good i
bargain for both of us?the souls for you
and the gold for me. But what is to be
the magic lure?"
"That, my son, you shall know in good
time. You say you sail in a fortnight. (
Upon the morning of your departure you
must send me 40 of your men to convey
it to the ship. You promise that ?"
"As many as you wish," Montbar
And when the day of sailing came and ,
40 straining men hauled aboard one of
the ships a great cross made of iron,
Montbar walked about it in much awe. j
"By all the saints. Father," he said as he
crossed himself, "you have come prepared
to convert a universe "
"If the better the day the better the |
deed, why may it not as well be that the i
greater the emblem the greater the good?" '
Whereupon they made sail and disap- j
peared adown the western horizon. And |
from that day nearly 400 years ago until :
twelve months since no eye of man saw
sign or trace of them.
***** * * i
Up the Gulf of Mexico the oil barge
Crescent came wallowing tike a pig in
the trough of burly, rough and tumble
seas that ran over her like the slathering
tongues of monstrous brutes gone mad.
Deep down in her the engines clanked
and wheezed, while McArdle, the engineer,
scratched his head dubiously as he
watchedtheirspasmodiclaborings. "And
while by the grace of the Lord they may
last the trip out, I sometimes misdoubt it,"
he muttered. "For at any minute are
?h?w liahl* tn flv to flinders like the
wond'rus old ooe-horse shay."
And fly to pieces they did. With the
report of a gun a connecting pin snapped
asunder, and the next instant its rod had
jammed, while with the roar of a cannon
a cylinder head went crashing through a
bulkhead. In an instant the engine room
was deluged with live vapor, but with
one thrust of his arm the engineer shut
off the steam and halt fainting from bis
scalds went working his way forward between
seas to the bridge where Captain
Travers was clinging in a smother of
spume. "And its gone to glory they
have, sir," be reported, with a death's
head grin. Gray of face, Travers pointed
to the bar of Madre de la Laguna with
ts spouting foam a few miles under their
ec- c
"Then so have we along with them. H
)ur anchor will never hold on this bot- r
om, and we'll all eat Christmas dinner > >
omorrow in Davy Jones' locker." Rev- *
rently McArdle drew a small cross from M
is pocket, kissed it and replaced it while a
he captain looked on silently. s
"It will take a bigger cross than that to
ave us," he announced grimly. The ?
ngineer straightened his pain-twisted
"That may be, sir. Yet big and small, ti<
hat same token has saved many a man p<
nd 'tis my belief it will save many anther.
Leastwise, 'tis our only hope." es
? - U!_ I A _!
Jown 10 ms own caoin nc weni creeping
j search of oil and bandages. be
All night long the Crescent, plunging th
ackward against her restraining cable as to
wild horse bucks against its tether, de
ragged the anchor closer and closer to m(
le seething bar where site must break th
er back, casting them all into a seething
ot, where neither man nor boat could In
urvive a minute At dawn ot Christmas re
lorning, with destruction but an hour th
way, Captain Travers summoned his th
ten before him. He pointed an ominous th
inger at the roaring bar now but a cable's ca
rngth away. p<
"My friends," said he, "In an hour gl
rom now it will all be over. This will to
e our last Christmas day. We have but th
ittle time in which to say our last words, th
herefore, what shall Ihey be?" From of
omewhere 'mong the despairing dozen
he hoarse voice of the engineer arose in
i croaking attempt at song.
"To thy cross I cling?" One by one C
hey joined their voices in a ragged ac- I
ompaniment of chorus that was torn of
rom their lips by the hurricane to be lost It'
n the ve I of the surf upon the bar. ol
Ind as their last words ceased their came
mighty tug upon the cable as if some th
iant oi the depths inconceivably vast th
lad seized the anchor and was holding b<
he ship fast against the drift. And as tii
hey saw that it diagged no more they at
ooked at each other, first in amazement, L1
hen with the joy ot men snatched from (j
he very jaws of death by a miracle.
The anchor has found its grip and is f
lolding," they told each other. Bui thai ^
uch good fortune could long continue ^
iach had but little faith. .
"Yet 24 hours later when the sea had j,
aLied they still found themselves riding ^
n safety. Then they gave the steam
vine h full power and gradually the anchor f,
:ame to the surface, still holding in its
[rip the object which it had found and
astened itself to so desperately. And as n]
he crew burning with curiosity bent over d
o gaze upon the mysterious thing which
lad preserved them, and which toot by
oot was being dragged from its bed Of tc
land, they saw rising through the waters |
n the anchor's grip a g.eal object black:ned
and incrusted by the waters of the tf
tea?a monstrous iron cross such as it
night take 40 strong men to carry
?>? v
Christmas for the Birds.
Among the other delightful traits of the
Scandinavian people is their custom in E1
heir Yule festivities of thinking not only
}f the happiness of their little ones, but
M teaching these children to bear in
mind the happiness of others and in particular
of the animals about t em. C)
At the Yuletide season, we are told,
he market place of Christmas presents a
rery gay aspect, filled in as it is with C
tpruce trees of all sizes for the children's C
estiva I. But there is a feature in the b
Morse Christmas that I have not heard of "
n any other country in that in this market
olace there is for each Christmas tree a
luleneg, or little sheaf of barley; each
person who buys a tree also buys a sheaf. _!
rhen, when the tree is set up in the main
oom of the house at Yuletide for the f
jairn (horn, as they are called in Nor- 1
way) the sheaf of grain is fastened on the C
rnd of a pole and put out In the yard tor g
1 Christmas feast for the birds I
A tramp knocked at a farmer's door the 1
lay before Christmas and called for somehing
to eat.
"Are you a Christian ?" asked the good
learted man.
"Look at the holes worn in the knees
)f my pants. What do they prove ?"
The farmer's wife promptly brought
Dut the food and the tramp turned to go.
"Well, well!" asked the farmer. (
'What made those holes in the back of
your pants ?"
"Backsliding," replied the tramp as he
hurried on.
Constipation Makes You Bull |
Thai dnggv, listless, oppressed let ling
generally results from constipation. The
intestines ;re clogged and the blood be- .
comes poisoned. Relieve this condition .
at once with Dr. King's New Life Hills; }
this gentle, non-griping laxative is quickly
effective. A dose at bedtime will make
you feel brighter in the morning (jet a
bottle today at your Druggist, 25:.
"Last Christmas, before their marriage, V
she gave him a book entitled 'A Perfect tl
Gentleman.'" V
"Well ?" n
"This Christmas, she intends giving
him 'Wild Animals I Have Known ' "
Mrs. Piadley Made Strong By Vino I ^
Severy, Kans.?"The Grippe left m?i 3
in a weak, nervous, run-down condition.
I vu too weak to do my housework and
could not sleep. After trying different
medicines without benefit Vinol reaton-d
my health, strer gth and appetite. Vinol
is a grand medicine and every weak,
nervous, run-down woman should takeit
"?Mrs. Ceo. Fix dixy. (Vinol
sharpens the appetite, aid t |
digestion, enriches the blood, sr.d
builds up natural strength and energy.
Try it on our guarantee.
OWENS & MILLER. Druggist*,
Shepherdstown, W. Va.
When baby sutlers *with croup, apply
and give Dr. Thomas' Eclectic Oil ai .
once. Safe for children A tittle goes
a long way. 25c and 50c At all drug r
stores. t;
Children Cry
? ?
NEW VOL. 51?No. 51.
lor the ChnM Child, so heirless, so sweet: |
fur the Hotly we liy at His Icet.
for the Riders three, seeking their lord ; *
or the Incense with * hich they adored,
lor the Shepherds, who heard angels sing;
lor their Triumph In finding the King,
for ah men of peace and good will,
for the Angels, whose songs the cave iUL
lor the Star which shown out on that night
So radiant so hopeful, so glorious, so bright
The Christmas Message.
"Fear not; for, behold. I bring you good
imus of great joy, which shall be to all
?ple "
"Glory to (iod in the highest, and on
irth peace, good will toward men."
"The spirit of the Lord is upon me(
'cause he hath anointed me to preach
e gospel to the poor; he hath sent me *
heal the broken-hearted, to preach
liverance to captives, and recovery of
jhi to the blind, to set at liberty them
at art OroUed." f
This is a day tor magnifying fliebtca*
gs of peace, not semsmy, out wkh urn
joicwg that should attend the reminder
at we have a cure for the fioubles of
e world and a part in the spreading of
e remedy. Let the songs of joy be
Tried into every corner of gloom. If
ace is to achieve victory, its spirit of j
idness must be irrepressible. No less
day than two thousand years ago is it
e mission of peace to show by example
at in good will alone lies the happiness
the people.
Why We Burn Candle*.
1 he custom ot burning candles on the
hristmas tree comes from two sources,
he Romans burned candles at the Feast
Saturn as a sign of good cheer, while
e Jews burned candles during the feast
the Dedication, which happened to fall
>011! the same time as that of Saturn in
e Roman calendar, it is quite possible
at for this reason there would have
ren many candles burning all over Ralesie
about the time ol the birth of Christ,
id Irom this comes the term "Feast of
ights," which is the name used in the
reek church for Christmas day. 1
A country girl was home from college
r the Christmas holidays and the old
Iks were having a reception in her honor.
uring ihe event she brought out some of
,*r new gowns to show to the guests.
icking up a beautiful silk creation she
rid it up before the admiring neighbors
"Isn't this perfectly gorgeous I" she
(Claimed. "Just think, it came from a
Dor little insignificant worm I"
tier hard-working father looked a mo- 4
irnt, then he turned and said: "Yet, j
arn it, an'I'm that worm I" 1
Father (to his old friend's pretty daughr
on Chrislmas) (iood-by, my dear I
won't kiss you; I have such a cold.
tlis son 'with alacrity)?Can I do any- 1
ling for you, father ?
"I told father Christmas Eve that I loved
nu more than any girl I ever met." \
"And what did father say ?"
"He said to try and meet some more
"My dear, did you make this Chrisllas
pudding out of the cookery book ?" j
"Yes, love."
"Well, I thought I tasted one ot the
The holly?or holy?tree is called
hrist's thorn in Germany, and the early
hristians referred to it as "the righteous
Mother's Troubles
Mother's unending work and
levotion drains and strains her
>hysical strength and leaves
ts mark in dimmed eyes and
:areworn expressions?she
iges before her time.
Any mother who is weary
ind languid should start taking
is a strengthening food and bracing
onic to add richness to her blood
ind build up her nerval Lifers it
4 too Late. Start SCCJirSmJk
?day?its lame is world-wide. Vjk
No Alcohol* If
AroM a 6owm. Mwirtd. V. M IM
Why Apologize?
Why, when they start to entertain
ou with the Talking Machine, do
hey (when they do not owa a
fictrola) say, "No, our machine is
iot a Victrola, but we think it is
ery good?"
hey know, and know that you
;now, that the Victrola is the standird
of quality.
Machines from $15.00 to $350.00.
Records from 60 cents to $7.00.
New Records in every month.
Machines sold on easy weekly
>r monthly payments to responsible
For regular action of the bowels; eaajr,
i4tural movements, relief of coostipstioa,
ry Doan's Reguiets 25c at all stores.
Children Cry
' Si

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