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^hfjhcrflmoicn Jicgistfl
V. L. Snyder, Editor and Pubtinher, H
Shepherds town, W. Va. A
-??. , I
Tttyreday, - - January 20, 11*21. a
Li s? t
CONGRESS is going right along do- 'J
iag nothing, just as if there was noth- c
lag to be done. There's not only a l<
of leadership, but there's precious ii
Utile to lead. ^
THE assessors arc collecting two *
dollars instead of one dollar this year 1
frQm every man over 21 years old. *
Nihirallu there io O nhnH Heal nf Vielr.
"/ vt 1%,v"
itlg over it, for everybody knows that c
itie an additional tax for which we get
no additional benefit.
AN energetic movement has been
started looking tb a reduction of paasegger
fares on the railroads. Everybody
knows that they are too high, but
the railroad managers, apparently,
wtgjld rather keep on losing money an
high rates than to make money by reducing
fares to a point where travel
wfl^ld be stimulated.
AN investigation of the affairs af
the General Electric Company, which
has a monopoly of the manufacture
of electric light bulbs, shws that this
decern is making a profit sixteen
tithes greater than it ought to make.
In one year its profits on incandescent
laTnpe alone was $2(1,000.900. Na
wtgjder we have to pay such outrageous
prices for electric light bulha.
* ' O
REPORTS in the newspapers are tqi
the effect that William Jenniags
Bib'an will be a candidate for election
to the United States Senate from Plor
u>, >na tnuscn ana icgai nome ror
several years past. "We hope that he
will nat only be a candidate, but that j
he will be triumphantly elected. The
dountry needs just such able, oaur- ,
?g?ous, resourceful men as Mr. Bryan ,
ia the Senate. His very presence there |
would be wholesome and beneficial, I
Hta party, and much more his country, '
would be benefited tremendously If he (
were to be once more a leader in Con- <
SOME plain facts were placed before ,
the Interstate Commerce Commission '
'ast Thursday by J. I). A. Morrow, vicepresident
of the National Coat Association
and representing some 2,- (
(100, coal operators. He wa9 appealing i
for a reduction of freight rates on coal.' t
Hd declared that since 1914 the rail- 5
roads had increased the freight on coal \
as much as 200 per cent in some in- r
stances, and that the present average
cost af transporting a ton of coal from I '
the mine to the consumer is $2.74 a j '
ton, while the coal itself at the mine is 0
priced at $2.14. Under such condi-1
tirns it is, of course, impossible to ship I 1
a ton of coal abroad, where foreign j J
competition must be met?indeed, j
bug ish coal is sold in the seaboard ; c
cities of the United States cheaper than 1 c
cur own producers can supply it. V
Mr. Morrow and his associates ask
tor a reduction of 75 cents u ton. which t
s very mMdest indeed. There ought to p
be a Hat reduction of at least a dollar | c
a ton, and there would be if the cam-j n
mission were not such a stupid body. ! t
Supper For Near East Relief. i |.
On Tuesday evening, the 31st of, e
ary, there will be given in Rouss | !i
Hffl, Charles Town, a banquet tor the ; t
bafeefit of the Near East Relief Fund. 1
It ie the earnest desire of all concerned
with this fund to make of the even- o
in# ono filled with sa much that i9 li
satisfying that all who come will be h
gityl that to them came the opportunity m
of. being among those present. There i s
arg to be singers from out of town, the | o
hearing of whom will more than pay
those who contribute their dollar. Misg ji
Susan Reed Williams is one of the ii
number who will certainly be there, n
Last year she was charming in the
leadointr rri'n in Bin-# >
... . maiuic ui w incncs-1 c
ter and this fall she most successfully c
todk the leading role of Yum Yum in o
VI Ik ado It is not possible to say tl
definitely at this writing who the other T
otfr-of-town entertainers will be, but '?
we do promise that if you come you will ?
feel that you have spent a very beau- '
tiful evening and a very small dollar. ; h
TtJe greatest of all rewards will be that ; i<
yam have obeved the divine commandM*
to "Feed my l.ambs," and at the same j"
tirde comes the assuring promise that I
some day you will hear, "Inasmuch as !
ye did it unta the least of these my J
children, ye did it unto me." R
_ O _ ; ^
Public Sales. . F
The following public sales will be J
held the coming season, advertisements
of which may be found in the ;
Register or bills printed at this office:
Saturday, January 28th?E. H. Beck- v
er, near Martinsburg. ..
Tuesday, January ,31st- C. N Camp tr
bell, trustee of Roland A. Hammond.
. at Kearneysvillc.
Wednesday, February 15th?J. P. .
(and Geo. C. Tabler at Scrabble.
Thursday, February 23d -W. A
Kearns, a mile and a-half northwest i tii
of Martinsburg. gi
Wednesday, March 1st?Boyd Small $1
west of Shephcrdstown. is
Wednesday, March 8th?Newton W it
My#rs, in the Zoar neighborhood. wi
Monday, March 13th?Or. M. H. M
Crwrford, near Shepherflstowa.
Wednesday, March 15th?J. Ferd ?
Rafiflall, went of Shepherdstown.
Wednesday, March 15?i and Wednes- Ci
day March 22, Geo. B Zina, of Charles fo
To\fn In
Monday, March 20th TJhsmpson and po
Hoffman, near Kearaeratfltc. O
Blue Ridge Down* Collegians.
The Shepherdstown Collegians lost
ist Friday night to the quint from
Hue Ridge College, of New Windsor,
Id., by the score of 41 to 27. This
ame was interesting from whistle to
rhistle. The visitors grabbed the lead
t the start and were never headed
hereafter. The home team pulled
tself together in the last half and
/ere within three points of tying the
ount at twenty-three all. The Colege
lads showed their superior trainng
and from then on forged ahead,
'he visitors were not much in the noion
of playing the t*nie, as the Shepicrd
College team had beaten them in
he afternoon, and they were somewhat
dissatisfied with decisions render1>d.
Satisfactory arrangements were
nade far the evening game and they
:onsented to play., The game was one i
>r the cleanest that has been seen on \
he local court this seasen. The home
cam was somewhat off when it came
o caging the leather,
shepherdatown 27 Blue Itidge Col. 41
VlcKee F H Dunbat
Woler F Spreicker
Legge C E. Dunbar
Banks G Dunn
Melester G Wilson
Substitutions, Legge for Moler, Moler
for Banks, Banks for Legge, Knott
Tor Mekster. Field goals, H. Dunbar,
3, Spreicker, 2, E. Dunbar 7; Moler 4,
WcKce 2, Legge 3, Banks 2. FouRr,
Spreicker, 11 out of 17, Legge 5 out
sf 12. Referee, Snydsr, Timer, Madiox,
Scorer, Knode.
This Thursday the attraction will be
the strong Pennsylvania State Forestry
Academy in the Obmmunity hall at 8
o'clock. These boys have the reputation
of having a fast, clean team and
the local aggregation will have to be
on their toes when the whistle announces
the start of probably the best
game of the season. The fans will be
glad t* see back in the line-up again
the veteran Brandy Myers, who has
came back after several months absence.
Knstt will be out of the game,
being seriously ill at this writing. M?Kee
will not be here, so the Collegians
will put an entirely different
line-up against the visitors.
Tuesday night the fevers of basketball
will have a chance to sec the
champions of West Virginia and Maryland
in action. The Kcyser Collegians
have been booked for that night, the
31st, at 8.15, in the community building.
(t will be recalled that this team
played here last year and the score
if the doatest was 70 to 4.3. That isn't
jo bad, only 27 points difference. If
*'c can hold them that close this time,
/oil can look out for a Rbod clean gamd
vith plenty of pass work to top it off.
Editor Register?I read your article
entitled, "Running Wild." The title
s very characteristic of the majority
if our high-up teachers and high-up
school officers. They are evidently |
lollar crazy. They never once think, |
Where is the fundamental stource of
ny meat aad bread?
^cs, "Running Wild," robbing the
armer, the only one on our earth who
urmshes us our meat and bread,
fou can't eat money, you can't eat coal,
til, gas or lumber.
If there be no grain, no cattle, no
togs, there will be no meal nor bread.
Vegetables are the products of that
armor's sweat. More, his pay day is
ty no means a certainty. It docs not
onic to pass every twenty days or
very si* months. He must wait tine
ear, and then may be cut short or have
io pay at all. Storms, hail, drought,
tc., ruining his crop.
Still, that farmer is compelled to suport
and maintain half a dozen horses,
attle, sheep aftd hogs, farming I'mple*
ncnts, etc., through a long winter,
hat he may have the means of raisng
another crop to help feed our highy
enlightened law-makers and teachrs,
who in turn are sapping the very
ife blood of the farmer by their parsitctsm
and sycophantism, camouagcd
by our State Legislature.
Our last Legislature fixed the rate
f salary for teachers. Class legisition,
think you? If the Legislature
as the power and authority to fix the
'ages of one class of labor, it has the
ame power to fix wages for all classes
f labor.
The lesson I wish to inculcate is
ustice in decision and judgment in ouf
ntercourse and dealings with other
Don't think your prtufession or volition
is the only one that should be
onsidercd. The laborer is worthy
f his hire. We should all remember
hat the State gave us our education,
he only thing wc paid was the price
f an education, which is labor. Now
re office-holders, etc., slam if in the
see of the State (tax-payer) that you
ave not done enough for us. "Oh,
ustice, thou hast fled to brutish
easts ~ G. W. B.
Twi? baby buggy, reed body, in
ood condition. Apply to Chas. O.
Waters, on I. D. VamMetrc's Dairy
arm. near Kearneysville.
an 2H-3w.
$500 will buy 22 acres mild climate
laryland farm near city of Salisbury,
7 acres under cultivation, excellent
uck and poultry farm, price $1,500.
Salisbury, Md.
in IT 1922 'v.
Wi? 2Uar*!itr>f? Cla (v\ ? * 1
w ? ycr ween TUU j
me or 75>c an hour spare time selling
aaranteed Hosiery. Agents making
tr? si 25.00 a week. Good hosiery 1
an absolute necessity, you can sell 1
easily. Our fall line ready at pre
sr pricea. ?EAGLE HOSIERY
ILLS. Darby, Pa.
Jaa. 19. 1922?10w
in furnish 1,000 head Angus, Hererd,
Shorthorn steers; tjhrifty, melvr
kiad, weighing 500 to 1,000
uotte. Write Halliburton Live Stock
>mmisaion Co., Roanoke, Va.
I Starts W
And will continue until February 1
|1 gle, solitary article of merchand
I cs tremendously good values?overfl
*kS I\f Invi/ nriroc Vr?it moif il"? full
%j iv?? iwo. a v/u 11ictjr loivw iuii
^ tively sure that you are receiving
Unbleached Muslin
I 7c yd
fS t
Lancaster Apron Gingham
I 12c yd
[l/c? ' ?
1,000 YARDS
Dress Goods in Remnants
at loss than manufacturer's cost
II *
Good Twelve-Quarter
White Quilts
$3 50 VALUE
I $2-29
^ Oood Pepperell
U1 1 I ci
I SI. 19
Imported Madras
Regular 60c Quality
39c yd
Ladies' Cambric Night Gowns
Good Quality
150 Ladies' Hand Bags
jp $2.50 VALUE
9-4 Bleached Sheeting
2 47c yd
|ijj| Curtain Netting
10c yd
- -
4^ Bleached Muslin
!1 16c yd
Good Grade Toweling
| 5Cyd *
r|j 1200 yards Dress Gingham
2Sc Quality
J 19c yd
Best 36-inch Percales
r[id Wide selection patterns
19c yd
Egyptian Suitings
i nn-v ?a
^ ?i7u yu
500 yds Remnant Table Linen
At Ie6s than manufacturer's cost
qe 75 dozen Ladies' Lisle Hose
pi 35c Value
| 17c pr
Seersucker Stripe Gingham
-p For Boys' Waists
j? 19c yd
Long Cloth
In 10-yard pieces only.
17c yd
^5 J
Ladies' Cambric Drawers
An exceptional value
jt r??J
I 470
| QE(
I Corn(
| L. D. CLAPP, Mai
ednesday, Jar
15th, when Mr. George Katz will retire asacti
lise in this big department store is include
owing with sensational savings?everything
advantage of these values in the Final Clear
real bargains.
All Coats. Suits and
Less than Cost
Handsome models, the best materials, a ad
highest grade makes
Skirts, too, are included
at less than cost price
Boy's All-Wool Suits
Well made.iheavy wool, beautiful patterns,
lined throughout,. $7.00.
<fcA Rn
All Men's^and Young Men's
Suits and Overcoats
The Famous Schloss Bros, make
Now is the time for every man to act.
Come at once while selections are good.
Our Entire Stock of
Every one guaranteed to wear satisfactorily
and to be made of solid leather,
Must be sold regardless
of Cost
All Dorothy Dodd, Marshall and Weber
makes included.
Ball Band Rubber Footwear
Our best Boy's Pants
Wool and Corduroy
Lined throughout, can be worn for dress
or every day wear. Well made. All sizes
sold up to $2.95 pair. Your choice
<t I 7i"7
*pi.~T I
Matting Rugs
9x12 Sale Price $3.75
12x12 Sale Price $6.95
12x15 Sale Price $9.25
Fancy Art Tick
Sale Price $7.25
$18.50 to $24.50
er Queen and Martin Str<
aager. Mart
^?j J^kJ
juary 25 SI
ve head of the store. Every sin- 1
d in the sale which is brimfull of 3 B
needed and desired at matchless- J 1
i-Up Sale, always feeling posi- ^ I
- K
Boy's Extra Heavy Hose
Regalar 40c grade
24c | I
Men's Work Pants 1
Guaranteed sot tb rip. Heavy wool rg 1
and molcaVin. Sold up to $3.05 <7: H
Si.57 I I
Men's Caps ?3 1
Dress and work. Sold as high 89 $1.50. {? K
Sale price, jga 6
47c I I
Men's Work Shirts & I
Heavy Khaki and Blue Chambray. . I
Guaranteed not to rip. Ejjj I
67c 1 I
No-Fade Shirts jjl I
A new shirt If one fades. $1.50 value. ^ I
r\ a r*
Men's Gauntlet Gloyes ;-J
Leather palm, heavy quality, guaranteed.
26c pr |
Men's Heavy Overalls !l j
well made, $1.50 quality. _
94c I
Bey's Pants
Haavy wool and some corduroy. All |8!
sizea. $1.50 quality. jn3
97c I
Men's Heavy Fleece-lined
75c quality. Per garnent, __
67c I
Little Boys' Caps and Hats |jj
Some are made of plush, others of 3|
wool. Sale price
47c I
Men's Fine Lisle Hose Ea
Sold for 19a pair. I
2 pr 25c 1
or $1.25 doz. pairs jj
100 Pairs Blankets jS
Values to $6.00. Sale price "J
$2.97 I
Clark's O. N. T. Cotton *
150 jfcrds to spool. fw
4%e I
Ladies' Fleece-lined Vests *
and Pants 4
Exceptional good quality, for only
47c I
100 Dozen Ladies' Silk Hose
-?rc pr |
Men's Wool Hose [X
All shades, test quality, 75c grade k?
47c I
Men's Heavy Union Suits 3
Heavy fleece-lined, worth $1.50 5?
97c 1
Men's Silk Hose It
>Wth clocks or drop stitching. Black B
Brown, Navy, 75c quality. W
17C \
jets 1
insbnrg, W. Va. 1

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