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I ?I)C
I tsiXiHjSHEDlm""
I H. L. SNYDER, Publisher
I V.N A.M " ? ?"
Our friend I). C. Gallaher. of i <
Q.jr;eston. W Va., has sent to the ,
ed;r'r a - !F> l^e Shepherdstovn
v"c >ier t September 18, 1858?nearly
ear- ago He writes us as fol- ,
k>??' ,
In lookrg recently over some eld ,
riperi vu'-.w ; my mother had preserved
*r. . like all of her family, always
fed -in interest in Shepherdstown and
j, ire of w hom w ere born there, 1
came across a cony of the Register
dated September 18th, 1858, which I !
ui enclosing to you. I know of no i
ore more entitled to it or to whom it
vuld Ev-' trie more pleasure to give
it than you. Those old days of Faulk- !
per and Botcler. political antagonists, I
iholike two polished Damascus swords 1
Mere so often crossed in the arena of
public debate! That poem, too, by j
Potomac," whose rippling waters flow
gj sweetly as the lines of the local poet, }
is pretty and amusing as well. By be- 1
ginning w ith the initial letter in the j
p-<t line and the second letter in the I
j -i- - -i-J .u ? .i.,
unt 1" 1 i"c t""u ? ,,,c muu ;
1 -V and S" on we have the name of;
Liilie Parran. whom you, perhaps, are
(-1 voung. hut sonic of us are not,
to recall - one of the beautiful girls,
i ,j. ' this day Shepherdstour.
is famed.
The poem referred to by Mr. Gallahcr
... :'i < The
Triumph "t Beauty over Kloqucncc.
at the ( vlebration, in Shepherdstown.
Sep ember 2, 1858.
Listening I -food, by Boteler's eloquence
His master mind, the mastery o'er my
own (.'-Mined,
Filling nn - ul with the impassioned.
all absorbing fire,
H;> lofty genius, brilliant flights of
classic mind inspire.
Binding n chains,, wrought by his
Heaven descended power,
Each sense of soul proud monarch of
th' intellectual hour!
But lo! a peerless being burst on my
enraptured sight,
As bright and fair as morn's first rosy
tinted rays of light;
I owned her power the magic spell
of eloquence was broke,
My earc heard not although the matchless,
gifted Boteler spoke?
Virginia's fairest daughter* from Virginia'
noblest son.
All triumphantly, a victory o'er my
heart and mind had won.
h * a certain letter. ascertained by rule,
from each line, will reveal her name
I Wonder wh this accomplished poet
I could have been. His genius and his
talent place him above the ordinary
I issue we note some
I interestinc news items. Mr. Isaac
Q ap day shot an Owl thar
I measured four feet from tip to tip of
the ?ng )n Saturday night eight
I cr ten negro men ran away from their
I masters in JefTcrson countv. Seven
I wet near Chambersburg, Pa.,
and jail inCharlestown.
C F Wet store Berlin, Fred
ericV MJ., was entered by
I burgl ried off an iron safe
I cont 800 A few days later
I the tnd in the canal, with
I t. The supposition
I intended to convey
I t. hut the boat upset
I *nd eir plunder. A. B
I ed the editor with a
I 1 within a fraction
I a 1 measured 10'' inches
I That slang was not
I U1 days is proven b /
I comment: "Some,
I 11 Towner, Esq., left
I on T1 st for Hannibal, Mis
I -ith M- Richard j
I iccidents arol
I the Winchester
I '1 Fern
I t wheels of one of the, i
I ' fri-.-i their p-,b;1
iiv.t nf the aec:
I t, the p i-^eneers "n'noed
?*.? icuancc in God and Captain Lewis I
Baric. A v c br'de and groom mar- (
r . 1 ri.'pc at Harper's |
I" t - Mv.-r's arms, ex-.
1 ' ? determination to die I
t ze - : ,11. nob. Jv was in |
a;' a statei that the 1
f1 ' b:..11*, frightened. As I
,r> \ as g ing <Aest past !
1 'tch Mr Bernard Simpt
. ,pc master, was thrown
'j " ' iin He escaped with sun *r
u"> . J contusions.
? ' mn< are Riven to an
' glorious military celc"
: ' -vecue in Shcphcrstown
* ' ' s^cti a real event in
" -. t Manv visiting organthe
line of parad
*' - ' through the streets o*
I ? ' following order: Thel
I ,-y Continentals, Captain Res- ,
martial music; Continentals, I
of j mwanrt. Captain Herr; Morgan i
' Winchester, Captain Wash-1
Winchester Brass Band;
j * ' ' 'n Guards, Captain Rowan.
' 1 music; ChafTcstown Ca(
rt n Botts, Pairplay Band;
k Guards, l-icutenant MorC.riswell's
Cornet Band;
' "wn Cadets, Captain Ham'r
n: ,( company of cavalry from
vutpher 1-uown, Captain Rcinhart; cltlr.
arrages, mounted and on foot,
r.'r.'dmg through the town the
Cvr n moved to Morgan's Spring.
V*rc harhacuc was held and where
<?quent addresses were delivered by
' o A R Botclcr and Hon. Charles
ismcs Faulkner.
f advertisements are interesting
A. Humrfckhouse advertises readymade
clothing, boots and shoes, trunk^
carpetoags ana umbrellas, notions and
confectioneries, tallow candles, fashionable
black and pearl bats, harvest
shirts and pants, gloves, purse rings,
silver and steel spectacles, also Lutheran
hymn books William Moulder
offers a fine selection of goods for
the ladies?robes, robes a quille, ducals,
tissues, plain and fancy berages,
lawns, debages. ginghams, calicoes,
and mourning goods of every descriptioa;
for the gentlemen, cloths, cassimeres,
vestings, tweeds, cottonades and
jeans; also groceries, hardware, cedarware,
queensware, hats, caps, boots
shoes, white goods, matting, carpets,
oilcloth, yarns of every color, etc
Stonebraker & Rcntch announce a dissolution
of partnership, Mr. Rentch to
continue the business. Staley, Millet
& Co. advertise for 10,0(X) pounds o(
wool for use at their woolen factory
J. S. Fleming offers all sorts of boots
and shoes for sale, including those
of his own make. Charles Keyser has
resumed his tailoring business at his
home near the Lutheran and Reform
ed churches. William l.ambright has
taken the well known Daniel F.ntlcr's
Hotel. M. L. F.ntler advertises choice
liquors, groceries, hav, corn and oats
Patent medicines have a big run in
the advertising columns?Halloway's
oills. Aver's Cherrv Pectoral. Williams
Elixir, Radway's Ready Relief, Doctoi
Hcofland's German Bitters, Costar's
exterminators and others.
The Register was just half as large
as the paper is today. Comparatively
little attention was given to local news
hut it contained a large amount of gen
eral reading matter.
Notes of the Churches.
Christ Reformed Church?At 10 a
m. Sunday school; at 6.30 p. m., Y
P. S., subject, " What Christian En
deavor Does for Me;" leader, L. J
McDonald. Kearneysville, Sunday
school at 2 p. m. The pastor will be
away over Sunday attending the an
nual sessions of Virginia Classis a
Harrisville, Va.
M. E. Church?Shepherdstown, z
11 a. m., sermon, "Our Best for Christ.'
Sharpsburg, at 7.30 p. m., sermon by
pastor. Mt. Wesley, at 10 a. m., Sun
day school; at 7.30 p. m., Epwortf
m c o.?a?.. ?i
"? vii ouuiii ouiiUity xiiimj
9.30 a. m., Epworth League 6.30 p. m
Preaching as follows: Bethesda, 9.3(
a. m., Uvilla 11 a. m., and Shepherds
town, 7.30 p. m.
Trinity Episcopal Church?Scrvic*
Sunday in Shcpherdstown at 11 a. m
and 7.30 p. m. Service at the Chape
of the Good Shepherd, Duffields, at ^
p. m.
Lutheran?Service Sunday in Shep
herstown at 11 a. m. Sunday schoo
at 9.45 a. m.
Big Railroad Improvements.
Announcement has been made offici
ally that extensive railroad improve
ments are to be made in Hagerstowi
by the Pennsylvania and Norfolk an<
Western Railroads. These two sys
terns have for some years been ver
closely connected, and itis rumored tha
the Pennsylvania will in the near fu
ture absorb the N. & W., as it hai
done with the old Cumberland Valle'
Railroad. The improvements referre<
to, and which will be commenced ii
the near future, will include a termina
for engines?round-house, water sta
tion, coal chutes, etc. Heretofore i
has been necessary for all trains am
engines of the N. & W. to run int<
Hagerstown over the Pennsylvani;
tracks, the engines being taken to tin
round-house of the latter road nea
North Junction. With the propose*
new terminal in use, N. & W. engine
would go no further north than the pas
senger station.
Rumors are prevailing that a nev
passenger station and an extensive sys
tcm of repair shops will follow the con
struction of the terrmnal above referr
eu 10.
Oil Is Here?Clean-Up Day.
The car-load of oil to he applied t
the streets of Shepherdstown has ar
rived, and it will be used just as sooi
as a working force can be assemblei
and the weather becomes fit. It wil
be mighty fine to be rid once more o
the dust nuisance. The people havi
contributed liberally to the oil fund
and our city fathers will do their ver
best to put the streets in good orriet
Mayor Moler asks us to say that Sat
urday of this week will be observei
as clean-up day in Shepherdstown. Al
householders arc asked to clean up thi
streets in front of their premises, put
ting the dirt in piles, and the towi
will ho?rr? if honlpH Qu-flvt It ic fllsi
suggested that premises generally, bad
as well as front, be cleaned up, and ou
town put in clean and sanitary condi
Minstrel Show Friday Night.
What promises to be an exceeding'.]
enjoyable performance is the minstre
show to be given Friday evening o
this week at 8 o'clock in the old coIIcr
hall under the auspices of the loca
post No. 27, American Legion. Goo<
music, clever jokes and an interestini
program generally may be expected
and it is promised that our local talen
will surprise the natives. The proceed
are to be devoted to the needs of th
Legion, and liberal patronage is aske<
for. The admission will be 35 centsno
reserved seats?and tickets are no\
on sale at Gibson's drug store. Giv
the boys a crowded house Friday nighl
Go to Hodges' for all sizes in scree:
doors and windows.
erdstown, Jefferson County, Wc
The remains of the late Mrs Susan
M. Harris were brought from Pembina,
North Dakota, to Charles Town
Tuesday for burial. The interment
took place in Edge Hill Cemetery.
Rev. Father John A. Curran, of Harper's
Ferry, conducted the interment
' rites of the Cathlic Church, of which
Mrs. Harris was a devout member.
Six of her nephews were pall-bearers.
These were W. Lacy Gibson, E. B. Timberlake,
G. N., Charles F.. and O. M.
Harris. Dr. George A. Davis and I. N.
Bonham. !n her 93d year, Mrs. Harris
was stricken with paralysis at her home
at Pembina about the middle of April,
I the resulting illness causing her death
. on Saturday last. Mrs. Harris was a
i native of Martinsburg, she being a
uaugnier or Admiral Boarntan of the
' United States Navy. After her mar-?
riage she came to this county and for
i . years lived at the "Highlands." the
: i farm near the Bloomerv, now owned by
i | Clarence L. Hilleary. In 1881 she
t I moved with her family to Pembina,
North Dakota, much to the regret of
; | her neighbors and friends. But
i I throughout her long residence in the
: i Northwest she retained a keen interest
, i in her old friends here through cori
respondence and the newspapers, rcadi
; ing every scrap of news about them
even up to the end of her life. Mrs.
i Harris leaves two sons, Dr. Charles
? B. Harris and Eugene J. Harris, both
residents of Pembina, and two daugh!
ters, Mrs. Pauline Brennan, of Pemr!
bina, N. D., and Mrs. Hdith Clement,
t of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Her
, grandchildren number 21, and grcat
grand-children 10.?Advocate.
1 Miles "W. Starr, a retired farmer, died
last Sunday evening at the home of his
sister, Mrs. Scott Miller, al Gcrardstown.
Berkeley county, following a
' distressing illness from cancer of the
throat. Mr. Starr, who was in his 79th
; ; year, was a native of Huntington coun!
ty. Pa., but came to this section some
: sixty years ago. He owned an oc'
cupied a farm north of Shepherdstow n,
' near Scrabble, and was a most industrious
and thrifty man. He lived an
It exemplary life, and filled a useful po?
j sition in the community. He retired
t j from active work about two years ago
- and went to Gerardstown to make his
i home with his sister. He is survived
by one daughter, Mrs. H. S. Pitzer, of
. Shepherdstown, a sister, Mrs. Miller,
and two half brothers, Loy and AIli-?
; son Hauger, of Berkeley county. The
funeral service was held Wednesday
morning at the home of his daughter,
conducted by Elder H. H. Lefferts, of
s Leesburg, Va., and the body was in,
terred in Elmwood Cemetery.
$ John S. League, a former jeweler of
Martinsburg and a native of Jefferson
county, died last Saturday evening at
" Gassaway, W. Va., where he had made
' his home for fifteen years. Death waj
due to an attack of acute indigestion.
Mr. League was about forty years of
age and was born near Middleway,
- When very young the family moved tg
- Martinsburg and some time later ho
a engaged in business in that place,
i Leaving there, he went to Gassaway,
- where he owned a jewelry store at the,
yr time of his death. He is survived by
t his widow, formerly Miss Grace Wol
| ford, and one daughter, Mrs. Don Guns
: ningham. His mother, Mrs. Ida i;.
y i League, of Gassaway, also survives,
j ! The remains were brought to Martins-*
i I burg for burial, and on Tuesday were
1 j interred in Norborne Cemetery.
t | After an illness of one week, George
^ ! E. Anders, aged 13 years, youngest
son of Albert Anders, died at his homo
j ion the Hooff farm, four miles west of
e I Charles Town. Friday morning. The
r ! little fellow's illness was unusual. A
j week before he died he complained of
s I a pain in his knee. The pain extended
. | rapidly. In a day or two he suffered
! w ith a pain in his back and shoulder
v that rendered him helpless. Appcndi.
i citis then manifested itself in a violent
. attack, its progress being so rapid th.it
. an operation was deemed useless as a
means of saving his life. His father,
survives, with four brothers and two
0 William Henry Harrison Hawn, a
- native of Shepherdstown, died at the
a j home of his daughter. A\rs. Shaffer, in
d Baltimore, on May 5th. aged SI years.
1 He was an uncle of 'Mrs* Wm. J.
f i Foutz north of town, and had other
a, relatives in this neighborhood whom
I, j he occasionally visited. He was born
y here November 16, 1840, but had lived
\ in Baltimore for many years. He was
an exemplary and upright man. and
J is favorably remembered by those who
I knew him.
Dr. M. Virginia McCune Rossa, a
^ well-known woman physician of .MarB
tinsburg, operating a hospital n that
city known as the Shenandoah Valley
, Sanitarium, died suddenly last SunI
day after an illness of only a few hours
' ! from heart trouble. She was i native
J of Pennsylvania and was 63 years o'J
She studied medicine, after a course
I in nursing, and began to practice in
V Martinsburg in 1897. She is survived
' ' by her husband, Dr. Kismet Rossa.
Mrs. Mary Francis Benner, widow of
I: Geo. W. Benner, died last Sunday in
d [ Martinsburg, aged 63 years. The dep;
ceased was a native of Jefferson counI,
{ty, a daughter of the late William and
II Martha Conrad, but had lived in Mars
tinsburg the past twenty years. Sur01
viving are three daughters: Mrs.
i i Floyd Anderson, Mrs. Edward Fulk and
4 ' Mrs. Frank Evans. The body was takv,
en to Charles Town for burial.
* Mrs. Elizabeth Kline, wife of Daniel
W. Kline, died at her home in Martinsit
burg last Friday night, aged 61 years.
She had been an invalid for ten years
st Virginia, Thursday, May 1H,
from successive strokes of paralysis.
Besides her husband, she is survived bv
five sons and four daughters. Mrs. ,
Kline was a good Christian woman and
was greatly esteemed by a wide circle ;
of relatives and friends.
Geo >X\ Price, a retired farmer of
Berkeley county, died in Martinsburg i
on Tuesday, following an illness of!
two years from paralysis. He was a
native of Page county, Va., and was
64 years old. He is survived by his
wife and one son.
Mrs. Eleanor S Robinson, w idow of
Max Robinson, formerly of Martins*
; burg, died last week in Savannah.
Georgia, follow ing a long illness. She
! w as about S5 years old.
Mrs. Elizabeth M U'hetzcl, wife
VI'. H. Vi'hctzel. died at her home in
Martinsburg last week, following a long
illness. She is survived bv her husband
and one son.
Mrs. Lunsford L. Lewis, formerly of
Charles Town, died recently at her
home in Roanoke, Va.
Mrs. Wm. H. Martin went to Roanoke
on Tuesday to meet her daughter. Miss
Hazel Martin, who is suffering from
i a badly sprained ankle. Miss Martin,
who has been teaching at Vesta, Va.,
1 slipped from a log several weeks ago
and sprained her ankle so badly she
j was not able to continue her school.
menus irom vesta took Iter as far as
Roanoke, where l?c' mother met her.
Miss Elizabeth Molester, one of the
competent operators in the local telephone
exchange, is taking a month's j
vacation, in order to have a good rest |
after a winter ol strenuous work. She
leaves today for a visit of a few weeks
with her sister, Mrs. Edward Morris,
| of Ashland, Pa. Miss Katie Arthur '
of Charles Town, is filling her place]
i in the telephone exchange.
Mrs. Geo. W. Moore, of Charles
Town district, who went to North Yakima,
Washington, in March to spend
several months with her son, Mr. John
j Strother Moore, returned to Charles
Town last week. The climate out there
affected her health unfavorably and
j caused her to limit her visit to a much
i shorter time than she expected to spend
in the coast country.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Cessna and their
two sons and Mrs. James E. Johnson
j and daughter, of Cumberland, and Mr.
' and Mrs. Frank Tavlor and their two
: children, of Romney. spent Sunday and
Monday with Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Harper in Shepherdstown. They were
on an extended automobile trip through
Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.
Miss Lillian Stump, formerly of this
place, has been here the past week
visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Knadler.
Miss Stump has been a student at the
Baptist Missionary Training School at
Louisville, Ky., the past year, where
she is taking a two-years course.
Rev. S. L. Flickinger, D. D., and
Elder James P. Staley, representing
Christ Reformed Church of Shepherdstown,
left this morning for Harrisville,
Va., to attend the annual mcetinp
nf ihn Virpini.i flnccic
Miss Mildred Burgan, who recently
went to a hospital in Alexandria, Va.,
was obliged to give up the work there
and return home. She was not strong
enough to comply with the duties required
of her.
Mr. I). Frank Hill, who suffered a
stroke of paralysis several months ago,
is slowly mending, and has been able
to make an automobile trip to his
I farm west of town.
Rev. I. I). Worman left for New)
York this morning to attend a meeting
of the Lutheran National Commission
for Soldiers' and Sailors' Welfare.
Misses Mary Hollida and Wilda Hannum
spent the week-end in Berkeley
Springs with Miss Margaret Yost. All
are Shepherd College students.
Mr. Allen Byers, of Scrabble, was
among the callers at the Register office
on Tuesday. He reported all quiet
along the Potomac.
Rev. Mr. Strayer, of Washington
I City, has been in Shepherdstown the
past week visiting Mr. and Mrs. Henry
, C. Reynolds.
j Messrs. Richard Davis and Mike
i Heiskell were here from Northumber
land. Pa., to spend the week-end.
Mr. H. Baylor Reinhart, of Norfolk,
Va., is in Shepherdstown for a visit to
his home folks.
Spring Weddings.
Mr. Norval B J.enkins and Mrs.
Lelia Moler Miller, popular young residents
of Jefferson county, were married
last Saturday afternoon at the
Lutheran parsonage in Frederick, Md.,
by the pastor. Rev. Dr. U. S. G. Rupp,
They were attended by Mr. and Mrs.
John C. Lamar and Miss Jessie Har
wood, of Adamstown, and Mr. and Mrs.
R. C. Jenkins, of Shepherdstown. The
bride and groom arc spending this
week in Adamstown with Mr. and Mrs,
Lamar. Wo join with their many
; friends in wishing for them great hapI
Mr. Daniel Schell, of Bakerton, for- J
1 merly of Shepherdstown, and Miss
; Penny Phelps, of Washington, were
! married on May 1st at the Methodist
parsonage in Hagerstown by Rev. V.
M. Ridgely.
Everybody ought to go to the minstrel
show Friday evening. You will have
1a good laugh over the jokes on your
neighbors and friends.
Dealers src paying A) tents a pound,
and the rise, for wool. Lambs ire
cringing ij io i.v cants a pound, though
some farmers sold last winter ns low
as 10 cents.
The date of the big picnic of the
Berkeley County Farm Bureau hav
been changed to Friday. June Oth. in
stead of Thursday. June 8th. as heretofore
announced. It will bc- held as
usual on I. D. VanMcter's farm on
June 9th.
Dogs have raided the flock, of sheep
on A S. Dandridge's place near town
twice the past week, killing three and
injurying a number of others. One of
the dogs was caught in the act and was
killed by a well-directed shot, but another
J. E. Kalbaugh, of Pennsylvania, It.is
bought the timber on the Aglionby
home place, four miles north of Charles
Town, and will clear it of! this summer
This farm has 65 acres in timber.
a greater acreage than any in that
part of the county.
A. F.. Boswcll advertised liberally iri
the Register last week concerning his
sale ?f aluminum ware on Saturday
The customers began to arrive early
in the morning and he was sold oul
by a little after 9 o'clock. It pays t?
advertise in the Register.
Saturday, June 3d, will be observed
! ed as Confederate memorial day it
Shcphcrdstown. Tile address will b<
delivered by Hon. H. M. Calhoun, ol
Franklin, Pendleton county, W. Va
The usual interesting program will b<
[ opscrved.
The graduating exercises of tin
Shepherdstown Public School will b<
held on Thursday, June 1st, when ui
j interesting programme will be render
eJ. The examinations in the Junioi
High School will begin on Monday
\ May 22J. at 9 o'clock a. m.
The fine showers of rain the pas
week have greatly improved the grow
ing wheat, and it is now coming alonf
nicely. The May report of the Unite*
States Bureau of Markets and Cro|
Estimates issued on Monday estimate!
i a 9t> per cent wheat crop, with at
acreage of 247,000 ncres, or 3,000 acre;
less than last year.
Tiie Woman's Club will hold an cxhi
hit ion of antiques, relies and varioui
curiosities Saturday of this week frwn
I o'clock in the afternoon until nini
o'clock in the evening. It is expectc*
that many interesting articles will b
shown, including ancient documents
pictures, china, etc. An admission fc<
of 25 cents will be charged. Every
body welcome.
Now that the town authorities am
private individuals arc uniting in thi
good work of improving our street
and cleaning and oiling them and rid
ding them of dust and dirt, we arc ask
cd to urge the people generally to kec;
them in good order. Merchants anc
householders arc especially urged no
to throw refuse in the street or lcav<
burned piles of trash on the thorough
Tares This is against our town ordi
nances and it ought to be discontinued
Let everybody take pride in kecpinj
our town clean and tidy and comfort
Dennis McChan, a colored man o
Shepherdstown who works at the quar
ries at Blairton, Berkeley county, liac
one of his feet badly hurt Monday. P
truck ran over the foot, tearing tin
flesh from the bones, breaking a couph
of his toes and mutilating the membei
so badly that the bones protruded. H<
was rushed to the King's Daughters
Hospital in Martinshurg and given sur
gical attention, but he will be disablec
for a long time. An Italian who wa.
working in the quarries was also quitt
badly hurt, one of his legs being
Geo. H. Bowers, who for the pasi
couple of months conducted a repaii
shop on Main street, has left town?il
is said he has located in Chambers
burg. Pa. The place he occupied, the
Snyder building, has been rented by the
Shepherdstown Garage, of whicf
Messrs. Strider and Myers are th<
proprietors, and they will occupy it as
a sales and show room and will alsr
' maintain the gasoline station there
[Oscar L. Sperow is running the busi
ness for them. This is a very desir
able location, and we hope that the
new lessees will do well.
There seems to be no prospect what
ever of a resumption of business or
the Chesapeake & Ohio canal, and the
boats are lying high and dry in th<
summer sun, with their seams opening
more and more. Grass and weeds are
growing in the bed of the canal, and
conditions generally are such as tc
bode ill for the old waterway. Man\
of the boatmen have given up hope ol
a resumption of navigation this season
and have gotten other work. The management
says that the cause of inaction
is the strike of coal miners, bul
it is suspected that there is also a lack
of contracts for the hauling of coal b)
this route.
Dr. G. R. Beddow, the new dentist
; has fitted up his offices in the Reg
j ister building and now has them it
j order, except for one or two flnishinj
| touches delayed by the lack of certaii
material. He is at work, however, an<
is already administering to those wh<
need his services. His equipment It
perhaps the most complete ever seet
in this section, and includes everythtnj
needed in dentistry and dental surgery
Dr. Beddow is familiar with the mos
modern methods, and his skill and hit
splendid equipment insure his patient:
the very best that his profession offers
His offices are furnished attractively
and he invites the people to call and in
spect them.
NEW VOL. 58?No. 20
Scrabble. May 12. 1922
Register, Shepherdsiow n--Dear Mr.
Snvder?After havng read several slanderous
articles about Scrabble, we dej
cided to write you and ask you to speak
kindly of our town, for it is a dead
Very truly,
This is what wc call ingratitude.
I After having done so much to py.it
Scrabble on the map, and brought its
lively happenings to the attention of the
people of the whole country, ull in ihe
kindest spirit, it hurts our feelings to
, have the accusation hurled at the Register
that its articles arc slanderous.
1 >X'e utterly deny the allegation. How
could wc speak more kindly? Even in
nntU. .1, ?l 1.: - - *
I tnC 3MUI.MIIK ucain ni Ancy
I Way's Cow wc referred to the bereaved
j orphan calf in a manner that brought
i tears to the eyes of our readers as fj;r
. west as Pittsburgh, north to Boston and
south to Atlanta. Our reporters will
bear us wincss that the news items they
have brought or sent to us have heiri
, treated in the most friendly manner*
, The most prominent residents of the
village have assured us of their in,
creasing interest in the Scrabble news
I and learned to look forward to it in the
, columns of the Register with the greatest
pleasure. Only a few days ago
one of the most charming ladies of tho
I community said she was proud of tfcc
' fact that we are making her home town
t a noted place. Because of the plcasI
ant prominence the Register has given
Scrabble it is being inquired about by
: people from every section of the country,
and wc have no doubt that if a good
; summer hotel should be erected there
c it would be immediately filled with vir.>
itors. With an electric road from Mar.
tinsburg and Shcpherdstown to Scrabr
ble, an airship route from New York and
Phiadelphia, the Potomac rivcj and the
tun made navigable from Washington,
a bridge across the river and a good
1 system of State roads?all of which the
Register advocates?this comfortable
j little city may become one of the live'
licst places in the United States.
1 Wc deny that the Register has slan*
dered Scrabble. Wc charge the "cotn'
mittec" with slandering it, for thqy
; have called it **a dead place"?something
that the Register never has done and
. never will do, at least as long as it is
j the home of live wires like Alex Kinsell,
t Boyd Small, Miller Rush, Andy Way,
s Lige Willard, George Tabler, William
i Rice and many others that we could
c mention.
e t ntirch i.ew Priests rield.
By a decision of Judge Woods of tBe
Jefferson Circuit Court the Catholic
I Church will get the "Priest's Field,"
if a tract of 34 acres of land near Midn
dlcway. By the will of Adam Lcvingi
stone made in 1802, this land was left
. to trustees .tamed by him for the use
i of the Catholic Church and for the
| erection of a place of worship. It is
t\ said that the land was so willed b?;
cause of the testator's appreciation of
- the successful efforts of Father Dennis
Cahill to "lay" thc spook that had nnj
noyed Levingstone's family in Middis
way by clipping the clothes of the 03
cupants of the house, as well as sundry
visitors, by means of invisible
f scissors that clipped and snipped until
1 their apparel was in rags.
I The Levingstonc will br :nme opera^
live a hundred and twenty years ago.
Trustees named by him to hold the
\ title to thc land were given authority
p to appoint their successors on the board
, of trustees. As time passed interest
> in the trust lapsed, and for years th?
land was in possession of the Minj
ghini heirs, descendants of the last
, surviving trustee appointed by Lcving,
With the title now vested in the
church, it is proposed to make the will
of Levingstonc effective by carrying
; out its provisions. Judge Woods has
appointed as trustees Bishop John J.
O'Donncll, of Richmond, Va., the head
I of the church in this dibccse; Rev.
| Father J. A. Curran, pastor of the
Catholic Church of Harper's Ferry; and
J William Butler, of Shepherdstown, a
j member of the latter church.
> Say That Apple I'ospcrts Are Better.
Berkeley county orchards are look(On
kotlor A.ma.. /Jn.t .....Jin. ft. I\
. ?>; cvgiy uay, HCturuiIlK lO IJ,
. Gold Miller, one of the county's leading
orchardists, who brought some
miniature apples on branches to the
city today. The varieties are North*
western Greenings, York Imperials,
; Williams Favorites and Alexanders.
An examination of the fruit, Mr. Miller
! said, showed that the trees were too
> thickly covered with buds prior to the
1 frost of a few weeks ago. Mr. Miller,
1 whose orchard is situated along Apple
' Pie Ridge, said that after the frost he
would have taken $100 for this seai
son's prospects, and that now he would
not take less than $15,000. Another
prominent grower stated that he felo
1 reasonably confident that Berkeley
: county would have a fifty per cent crop.
' It was reported in Winchester that
Frederick county, Va., expected a forty
, per cent crop of fruit.?Martinsburg
- Journal of Mbnday.
uunmuiuiB tTi^xuiig*
1 A meeting of the Chautauqua guart
antors will be held next Monday eve>
ning at 8 o'clock in the Shepherd Col}
lege- library, when a representative of
1 the Swarthmore Chautauqua will be
? present. The time 'or the Chautau
qua in Shepherdstown is drawing near,
f and the work of preparation for this
s delightful event must now begin. All
* the guarantors and any others who are
' interested will please be present next
' Monday evening.
Screen fly wire at Bos well's.
? 1

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