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Delaware State Joiirual
wmmiTo.v ori.t
Vatuixluy, January 1«, 11*74.
A Xatttlo History about the Poll
Ollicc «tua Other Stutters.
Tha Corre*pui di-Li of the Jt>pubiicnn,
an »xt'set fiom whesa letter we prlLt
elsewhere, gives the first optn expression
we have
to the real objeetloos
the appolLtment
amo; gM politicians
and eoLfirtnaih n of Mr. Pyle
masur. The>e was no question but that he
will make » good and t UL-ieut officer, but
U was f.lt that be would cot use the power
and patronage the position puts lu hl»
hands for tie btmflt of the party. We
rued scarcely say to our readers that this
is to us Lis chief recommendation for the
place. Wt be.leve a Postmaster should
give his whole athu ion to the proper
managt meat of tie Poet Office and ap
port bis ruberdlnatee simp y with a viewr
to promt ting the beet administration of
Its a flairs, aud not make the place a
hospital for political ''Dead beats."
But bow are
, looking at Mr. Pyle's
appoiLtmcnt in this light, to account for
the zeal lu his behalf displayed by a
paper which ha« denounced
enemy to the Republican party for
Just such exposures of the wrong dulngs
made a vacancy tor
Of public Cffi.
Mr. Pyle to till / How can one put faith
lu a ne wepaptr'» devotion to the prlucipl«
of civil service reform which openly advo
cates the covering up of corruption and
iucompetency in public cffimaia for fear
of Injury to the party through their
posure f Real civil
impers 'iveiy demands the weeding out of
unfit officers ns it doe* the apt olniment
tvice reform a*
*. Bet no one who knows
of fit
thing more thou a itl.J,ol i<oUtirs in this
State, »uj p* sis for a momuit that th
Vommtrciul'k zeal aris s from any real
dtvol on to I he print- p>» of this grea
reform. The R publ*eon» t-orreepcudtUw
goes much near«. l!'u r. al truth.
Everybody familiar with th« luterual
affairs cf the. Republican jany know>
that there are two factioLB iu L, oue of
which absolutely cmtrolltd the Federal
appolutoieni» or Grant'» fiibt ad minis
tratloo with tie single exceptlen of the
apiolntueut cf CclUetor of the Port,
aud the appointinmts dependent
This f.ctlon pave us Lewi» and Dunn,
and was familiar. y kuown as the Po t
Office Rli g. Of ibis Ring the Cotnmtr
dal was tLe uci-gus d organ. 1 bis f**c
Mon was uttcily rout, din the last Repub
lican B.ate Cinvcuticu and took Uiilt
pait In the la-t campaign. This led
many to txpcci U«t Hure «ou J be a
•weeping cha'.ae In Fcdtrsl .ppolntiueu'S,
but the Jup%lltccH\ com», out eut
plais» tteüioapi ùLtmtntol inlseX)ecia
fol ow» ;
After th* dale election of 1812 the
quetil u of r. apu i. tux nia
d pretty thorough. y discussed
by the Various Repi bins'. Orgai 1
. n w.tb our Repre»«n
aud after c-*i s
tallve Mr. L it w«.» del* ru.i. e<! t
try and incuco l a.
Repub..C(U pa*t> b>
the Fid. r«l u, point meut*.
Thus, it seems, the Feat Office Ring
g»Ae ball
y ol action iu Hi.
iuteifcring with
ko p Le p
, und ke| t
their uwajd. but atte.
tleir effi
tie Duuiaglng »xiosnrts wnich fuiced
Fort M.
Leads ll
ojp.r u ity had
tie a, pol» lu.«i 1 tu Mi.Heald.w ho
Lh\c ofier. d
to m sign, the lot gee
but then
ike « ti er lu<li
-e, i nd i lit y » 1lc
uked a contia.
pIX de C..
the d 1
g e*t.j neutral s d
u« L***U' Uilruianagemett h«»
fie n« lo «Le jaity, MLd w» uid ha'e als.
Sedea to lL« Clidil ol the
nul Zed IL Sir a cl
who nig
power bj
ajpoiiiment. This too, would h«vt
and « ll. res 01
•o d.Vieied Ihe SjtujalLi
tbu butines»
thaï Mr. Py e wouic
piobfbix not bv* l*
d cate, li t tili-rd* bc.ng contint with
fscuni g ti r him h'a old p ace of Ole'
Cl-rk. B..t the " bmaii
\ icr*«o a* a cun
who do he
woik " upset ail that, and all the busi.
d otb»r euj potter» of c-vij
ed ou Mr. Fyle hlJ bis
•srvice reto
•pjoiBiiuent became a fore^ous couclu
Le wo' faction wt* completely demor
sdizad by L.s overthrew, and linked on
tha possihilliy of Mr. lieald's uppoiut
meut with poriiive dl
have hated tajt. Ut'.ugber'a uj-poi'.t
tuent a'iufcéi. iquaîiv, lut they
In hie
eaudidacy a chance for Lis defeat an« j ;a
the tecur'ug of the appointment of J
id at .'east be neutral, .
wuihus.ttUu for !.
and so they wee
Pyle. Th«"* advocacy
than hilpeu hit»,
the ikiprcBsifü that they
ircoont 01 creut.ug
i*3 control hitu.
convinced u t this imp:e*>
while it prop, rly l; t«-rpr- ,t Ibis zaul
Ly the
it behalf c-f Liv'd S rvlc- K* r
who gave
ke« p them, *'>.«* ir Justice
to M-. Pjie, who w
e beli»ve, bs
tiiup'v a PcatKaster nnd not a polU'cian.
We d.; agree radically
who opposed i s
Le is
ib H e geutie
1* firuiatl
h pudti'ul w-uik. r
• the] «lait le u to help '.he par 1 },
a paper which ur,..» t!,e suppraseion ot
facte and the si fi: c of d.»cucsiou for tu«
will not
e Willi Wiijt J-

Muefit of tbe ;
tuuRi for t'.cir c .unu.
y c ui attempt to r. bake
Ir«u«n Acw»;.-iv|i<-r "The "laileui
Alben Rhode*, in the h;t*. Guiaxy, bar
a v«iy icadub' • uiticle on the French
pre-e, which g'ves tbe readers
cry dis
b« tween
of tn
c ; fit! cue
toder a !u<*y, lntn-fer ug,
•' pttt.rual" guv«n u.crt aud und*r such
si govtruaieut as J ngii-hmeu and Amerl
of (b. bMi I
scarce y faery the
AtneiicuQ iditcr
Into If tU'J ci. d to the
lions ttuictr
French tewsjajers.
.tidlees trouble n*
;• porter would g. t
d limita
! tܫ Call.fUct Ol
, slwidiy
vr « cat uot dc-u»*t tl
JijurLBils', forad to sjUu it to thea:,wit-i
out opj>oriUti'y to «»cape to a field
aougiuial to uis cccniuti. u mu h *
lAkU*, would give a pr*ic ical iLustratiot.
of wbhl wt u -i itHo ba ti e u t mate re
sult of that feeiirig .u the humus tuiud
which ptoplu metaphoricttlly d. *0 ibe by
dtelurlug tha; cosy ted ready to "buret '•
Due feature uf F
Low* ve*-, t'oic lee* of the « ffi: al
»tr*lnt* j ut tjou it ti
aud uaruc tr < f tl e per pie to whom t
minister», it s like» u» 1» r.aliy 1ère to bt
T'kT.U.d 1 Lai. a« fi -t |.| pcair. and tha |
is its
ue Ut
o in- re u«-w» becuu -e i
r . I
J urt
pm > C. -I». I ■ r«ai ce i» g
Of u
to tbe d-ie
, and the i
.ig'» lajpur
;hv Irish r it
of lute at
y tt* r* »ting
make way f .r «
j « saihiy i OB*«e»li g litt . I
.ue, »imply b eau-- J
Tb« suitor wiu
would calmly ».nil purposely p.ç
flee a cull
d U' 1- t«ree 11 fig tele- !
i :c - ». at !«
wficl. by r«a»uu of the d»»
tance « f bv
nt- of
it* cc
charade, was lacking in j
ialtr*»t lo b ui*t-if
the sake of pining a really inturMiu,
i t!y i
-• Would b. 1
HL-JcondeUaUid j
ould no, I
ice ,r V
ihcglisd at fiy his fell.
by It ept-b .'c. But while
tb uk of thus
fylitr pu hi c teutimeut !
see how n-w.papvrs mbrbt p, |
made I el
ivutioitni or i«:--a, its* pievu.ei t, loi oui
Is w rt* tbU
of U route ail ihe Utit aud lucompisls- '
ntss which to a jiitnUr or iu:s extent I
Anna Dickiosc-u's lecture !s said to ; l
have delighted a WashiDgtou audience 1
Tuesday evening last. No failure
aJL.«i ail newgpap-rs.
Tho Ufneva A ward—Difficulties
« or dot.
The Ut'i
Urs »warded by the GcuivaAr i
to (he L'li.'ed Bist«*,
paid into the- Vi
Tiea-U'V and luvcet.d In five P l ' r rt ' U1 '! "
bomls. Ihhnum there ere chlimej..^
OD file In ,he 81.(8 Department lot be
amount of abedt eighteen uiüllcuc, ex' , «
clb.lt. or whatever .mount (bn <invern- „
ment mn, claim as Ils share, so that any ' ,..
thin* like a ..('«factory distribu Ion 01 ]
hardly be expected.
Congress must either determine to '
«Turn this moiev shall te paid or au
thorns ccmrul.sicuers to make the
he award
division. Three piano bave bien sub
milted to Congrats for the distribution of ;
cxpl.loed In Ibt- 1
pub)lel.8.1 In ll.e |
the award. Tfccy
objections to them
New York Tribvnt. Senator Edwards
proroM. (0 rrcatc. court of five Judge,,
to be appointed by the Pre*-ldett,
Judges to have falarles cf fhCOOcach, a j
clerk I3ÜOO and a reporter f25C0. No J
claim to be aduiUsiblu for which i
baa betn reeclvtd. No claim» cf
Insurance companies ndmlited Mhote j
oremiums ou
riik» exceeded thvir
euch i!«ks. No claims to be
allowed to disloyal peisous
companies unlawfully organized. And
if the tutu of all the Judgmeut»
the award, a pro-rata distribution Is to he
Nolblrg Is void in the bill about the
United States
The j
a cuditor.
pticcipal objections
, first, tbut U ctentis
tensive tribunal to do Ibe work ;
that the number« of the Court w
all probability, be politicians In favor
with the President, but with
fitness for ihtlr duties ; at.d third, that ]
all the claimant» would bave to bring ,
Washington, where the
rood, j
ii i. I
.' 1U !
horde cf claim-ogeutauap a rich baivcht
at th*-ir exp* use.
Kcpreivctatlve Poland, of Vermont. •
special tribunal, but put
? In tie hand» of eu< h a ci
would create
tl.e bu-*i
cou a
tho President sLail select.
pel sons or cotporatieLS who have frei
claims against the uwatd ure tohenumed
The United Blatts to be :
as defendants.
ol the deftudaiits und the claim» 1
allowed it to be first \ aid.
The objectiors
chitfiy from the claimants, who say
that under It the Government
Judge Poland*» bi'.l
Id he 1
pretty certain to get the lion's
the award. It
luitber objected tbut
ibe court might allow tue claims of the
•csurauce companies Under w hat is called
ibe jaw of subrogation, iu which case
share of ether claimant
tie pro
would be very small. Pei hap* the
valid objection Is that it would be putt ug
too much power in the hunt's « Hug e
judge to al.ow Liin to d« cide what « lasse»
of claims were admissible, iu addition o
Jccid.iig upou ti e valid t> of the cv.de.
pieseuted in support of the uduutteu
üc-u. Boiler's bill proceeds upon
ilic y d lLient principle.
"owu qu te »Xpilcltly tie 1
*cv«ru the admis»
ll fi
«ll-t is lc
d njeetiou of
clclrus, and then leavis
the courts j
.y the duty of deciding upon the ivi
jei(® picsented
claims. No
b s.i
tvriy clHimant 1»
bel» re the ( iicuii C oui i li-Wij; j
where be reside*.
Tbu wi-ole of the Washing'
ai la at d thc
! to this b.U.
A louith j.'au Is p.cpoMd xvhicn m.»t*
, and that IS 10 pi) the
into the T rent'll y ul the
The ad v« cat- s « f ill*
u pauhê u e
Ui.l td 8ui
tbe owner of a -hip
p an ea>
ay the ALb
.aid than tbe owner of a hor*
:v right to be
. ai tu», d
id* r, M arc
ay the rebel
i ent of this question will
a gnat d«ul of discuatl
1. Tbe settle
doubt « v.
both lu
aud out of Co* griss.
Mr. Pyle's ApimlLilr.ient a» Pest*
master CouUruiert.
Thursday, lu
The U. ti. S«
executive sersiou, confiur.cd tue tip;
«.ent of Mr. Win. M. i'yl.
iu ;hU city. No uppointme
ite prcseul adm'u straiUu i
degree ot h',q
iade by i
people luimtdUuiy inteie*
tor onct
of the plincip'.e.-'
j ;a ked-of civil
J ,dtiered to Mr. I**'•* is ip:
... d, m
ion, but simply bee,'
e a Haui,
.tic», u-
of its
«cars ot experience a- ch.cf
peer.durly fititd him
which be uc-w
the j w.. 1
many c.
."«* pr«
<t.tending i
ent, the ; t '*
duties devolving
arc of a ptcu.iarly d IV nit nnd
character, requiring much c.i
«act and judgment for their | rop--r «.1
charge. N-y amount of peraouai U'
u ihe po-
lie l,»t
lilt re »to
c.l c.
the It-up-e
lL« nil in. o.
• ffice, and Mr. Ryle «am«
necessary to muke s->i
,««». li.
the «,1. i;l
tael.•m and p.t-Ug*-«l
.uluretis uf
doubt that 1
paity, uiul thongb
u the Kej Uhl c;
.'hose hi» eubordinutes
fuel a cheer lui ft
1 hone them, »till, .
« fin*
ui cou î t of their fi
■»; and not let pc» tioi s be g.rcn
abii, v
of «Ittle
for services to a paity
within a putty, ll 0« does t
:»ttr It, judiciously wte
judicioubiy replacing, h«
aiibwer h • cau.d give to th
ua H e uj'ou him by s.
•ppustd his a; puintuiin:, j..: it, ;
«ope» of uil who have w.th
,.urjo e worked fur hi* ccufiium
eaio tbe respect aud apprcval of Ue
all parties. That
teve he will do UiB i» »t ÜKivniiy t
JcUCed by the suproit
«fijitsto seeme the result it
pleuScUi duty to unuouLC.*.
IVithliliigtuu "l'fibujmtb
One of tLe u u&i «léguât and rechtrche
>f ihe New Y'oik ua 1. Jot
j ts Wufhiigtun conetj -.u.:u t to gu*»ij>
j ci l.icaLy about ladle» iu Wuühttgt.
I ltlou ^ 11 llll - t * w
xbilniiuD. The writi r »uj *
he p etti
1,«» 1:
b. •
im..l* o'1
| '• loiivs tu the witeof
r ii » a
i. ce" tll* j a
ug hi jalid
r . I " tipiUi»fi».ooking b- juiy w.tu \« ry 1. ..
'*L»hir, daik cur, aid is
,! "tidy figure," wh le her ht.»
d " .i
king C.'.ttlact* r, i ke
*om*tb ug tbu»
1. o.i
.r «
. I
J u oY »peedily ''iLraeh" that cciie*puiidoi-t
trad, r
It tl e liu-fcai d u urn: tl
du- -
« t»ue Mic.
1 ka
h.s e.
*?* ■
! tita'e .- cti»ruct*.
lo. k'r.
.ecuiMpoi d«Lt,
u F.uida tin
and he ir en pm
ci it leal y expluiu )•« r eiaitn*,
in j
w h le Le d* c'.
iLa i In- .e-mew :.
it rated v*i.e < f a w.il km
b. 1 l " e C - b,0, t 19 ,
j '' ,u ' r >!y *liyj-Ua*
I r Iu b.s Itauk way, »ays
ob« type of
iblug ;
he !.* I
! "hat vol fat,with very while and crsamly
p, | ''arn.s. bust aud uct.'' aud tv alludes to
tt young lady fiom De'uwurc whom he
ns mes,
" suciucr
.«ally fine g r 1 .
' " wilh a MU^er and luking Ring Cbsii
I ,C0Î4 » civalisr-llkc." Such pit
»or.al po.-e'.u as ibis is personal with ei
pba*is, and, though it may be intereste
to ; l ng to some renders, ought to be inad
1 even more interesting to its writers by ,
the danger sttfcndiug U of severe czstl-1
Editorial Jioiea.
.Tns*in McCarthy, In hs new novel,
1 '■ v H, rhfoid." In descr Ling th**
■ »• , r v - h. - . with :
Vi n .
'! " , n i i* u la i . i
wbith iakti
j ma ,, ,.,„ d( . d |
, « , tx mw , ; „ rK , ckn3 , u . dB , tbe !
„ biillltJ of ,„ ab „ TUs tJ . 1
' ,.. ct lvi> " . hvV .r Is
] Vonnectle n utd sinket ns
KCf> j
- Mr - Hupklrs gave Biltimoro a
P>rte >'V Us «III ll Is n i-*«n.|-'e
worthy of being followed. No rich
annlv recure 1er Ms
In U.U I
btliif. rather
; * r c;i
1 '"«""(V n^ttful and Iraam.l . >.
| D.- nce .l.an In ;
park, fuch a
held at I
irg to hU city a nob'e
the valley of the
Ornnd,«:». «oulil be fn, Wllinlngtou.
a j Memphis
J Republic:
' In th^* inflnlclpnl e'ec
Y.-ar's day, tbu entire
elect et by large
Jrr't'c». Tl c N- w Yeik // . n-'./pniP
ih«t s*
j brlngir g out t he white vote In Mcm-pI-!«,
!« u bad dav tor
! day lor biiug.ug out li e
1 H
colored vote.
tho PjiIH
publient »
t.\, Pc law. ire I.'/' I
it « of th«* ( !■ . I
A XYilmingtoii <
>.« He
Howard Pt .1«
«.ft e eat di lute
if. - '—
Hut a!,!
rittcu n lie
' —Tht r< h ,\o been numerous notices < '
(this kind of '«te. We prtsutnc, •
( lleves th* u- i»
, v
conrse, toKtly
«nv g lourd lor
pifpr ht* rem*
Mr. Juiklne '
I d* the pi-sslbl'ity of cici
1U ! t . S. » nu'or lu any emt Even It the
;e tinariimously
who kuow* anjthing
are politics would consider such
n Ji ke lu
Legislature weiu
ul Pi '

:ii6 iu t u: e ll.C
b r.cv of u v v o ty
! iv. It 1
tu lu.U a'
I..!. W li .veknt
Mi f.n .i
Juijc. At noon.
! '
be : la ,,öc, "'- d ! l! v ' t, ' nrU ^J i
the shade It stood ut U
when the N
i ' c!y find word* which
liquid«, iy txpress its
W. Furi cv, but
'birg would he
1 • - • ' ".un * .
Y «»k
j The time w.i
he 1 ,
•pt f«r J<
T tl inks that
Mayor <-■ |
pr, pn i'e
igcd w
F -i
tip • t
7 i. us «•'
Wn s.-n
^ ( ^ ^ (
ug ' ^ j ( ,
ne u
-r. kv' o!
t! ' ' c h».
« emu 1 Her«. It
the luithu the p. «
r In ik.se
be Hus nrjellid to buy fu*I in such
P'fy v' -1 •
. W« e
j cl.aiitablo vu k mi.rc likely
•i d«;«i rvit.g help .1
'o su -h p»c-p **
••sua! i r.cc*, fui.1 to
ie in*ta..u
; he p.id *
rul Rnt'c
i -
j of th-
n w y. k
I. • klj all- '
1 r- *•
' '
1 r
i = . v d »'•. b. .1 l.y M
»he q
il.« LM.
H.e P'c's
Pé-i «.-J it
u y graceful I«
• ' 'n ... 'b«* ■ tll •« ui Alton.« \
' Gc
.1 i-1' lia r Led
' - ul' -
i; •»* 1 L "f -
t i ' 1 "
1 •
e l iCt. Si
.'t i. y
,fi'»'Tnl r:':<
>!.'. *»Y: 1 iuir s I»
1 1
; t '*
! . •« ,«*
r- i
V' 1 •'
"i «a
»». will» ms:
Ue 1
« 1 » li li
« Lsu •.
b. •
f. »r r
«. F«u
to.*: »1.CH.
1 r tt all tL.
. <,T B«
- of I lie it
f JM S
..a "C.
ke . . ;
tbu» t \
« l.*-.:
du- -
r tiffin
!.. uisu 1 i.r.
'•»" 10
*?* ■
• i -üb «I. • li.
pm Kiitc
i-> «
L*-»'.il '
" The L
; i
iblug ; R
11 ;• ! I bxj
•' '1 ! <• History
ge K:t 1
Two 1:.
\v r. F«.
UÎV ) it
*;c.i-iy «.;•«
r. J/;*:.
r tiuii- • i>*
r 1 .
pit- o:
1 '
inad- \
by ,
«.«•i. Hulnu
. Tlie usual i >'
Literati»!*\ A
tu have beau dropped.
of thoDiAxa
than thi*
zine's sttrnctions, tut surely this is enough
to show tfipt it is to ke kept up to it« high
Old Henry Hsr llu'i Windfall—Tho Grandson
•'sr1, til» brother of a Osntitss* and
P-ir-nst—On* 1 '• ■ • *h
« r
! it '
•• * r-j'>
ir letter about ? Let me
1 a<»kcd. The le* ter wss ad
I•*•• ■ i to H *y Hardin, United State«
d. Col. It was
epist'e, having a j
d gold, and dell-1
..ecs aero«« tin* sheet. The : I
I beautiful in '
tlie Captain glanced at it he ;
written by u woman. |
' i.lironteli*.
Dm commanding of
wur lying at thin station
of the old salts
. «hört !'
I of
Infmc-ed that
I Si(m"*ÏÂ
hi* »hip wished
e qu-iiti r deck. The Captain
promptly npoeared, ami
ho stepped
ne ruble looking
, with eyes like » ferret's
a nutmeg grater,
I touched hi» cap with
f an .Aig -rino »oldter. The
tin- prftcl«'
old «alt
Hr- mi'I
M-il lit
rried a j c k kt'lfa fuf.lencd to
id litd »towed in
thing le
whl c Intivm.
his starboard cheek
a quail er of a pound of tobacco.
lad, wliaf do
Captain. The old sal
I rn P« »'owed It under his
quart of irdinceo Juice, and then hauled
flit fr>
with foreign postage sumps aud dome»

wantf" a«ked the
hauled off his
, let out a
ln»'dc hl« shirt a l»*t«r covered
tie d'rt.
" 1M like to go a«horc, sir, to see about
this letter," be said In reply.
" Let's
It ? Thelaot tl
lames Is Hardin. Isn't
you went ashore von
gut beastly drunk, and we hud to pay $10
'ii get you out of the lock-up," ard th«
('«pta'ii wn« about to order Hie old
forward when something in the
'e nf the lette r in the
ad« 1 him h< ■«'
'l'!" !
I h
I «ce i<.
• ■•«I eg
in in blue
' ;
-'V le,
ill Might It
Tt e tel
. o*
.'.Sett ,*1,1873.
last letter to
A» ma on. Hon 1
IlFMiY :—\
ig'.t nuir.ths sgo.
tt on boaid
, for ii I- u
il nt t! - i i'wVi I hnV'- should
* * * It Is sc loug slue.
nvVHV fr in home, nnd vmi f
! and eventful a Ilf**,
h î vt; b.roit'n many !
- lure and abroad. i)>* i H
•«, lather's !
to America
go 1 If I remember
- d .lei
-, tin ugh 1 hop
- b .1 *o ch ck
' . , „
eht t«
v-vy little gi.l th- n)
the H
in I
It- Georg« j
- j
Idetl to hi* fur -
II Way fi
is. :», v. - it i, «t l
We I, U
•tonimu-lv rich

ni.t in New Y
k, »ml whec he
• Ted
» 11 n or.- i-v In kv real e
ml a pi
le* »pec
i called ; «•
ivei! '
mile- *
| r.",jV 1 , rk " 1
11 -Vs of the oil
lit 1 '* :«cO. II.» e.
«5 I*
• lawyers i
.r n
..»••• ch»» g«
■r I
r who I
' ago. ;
b« able I
, a gr. atmany heiis,
n: «;iy brunches ; but
*. fall s!
Lc !*
arr.ed, ihoiigb I
•«I Walk
Tied ll
-! .
» »-i.it*-. tibe wll
!:. ] think, to prove her
- I 1 I tlii« k . ur sh .r
ally, w ho
fell, thinks it 1I1« '
he •
'h !
el I
-i ».
i - .d. i vvltl In u t w >» ;
b * Worth
il —a I.
We*' C!»*st«-i
s ill w I. .1 •» I,
nt». I sii|*|M**e, !
ï"i« !
i i. (
In,... do
• , >. n !» about '■> I « >• - .
>.w York ami airang«
d tni
in t Ile
. lililuk,dcar
v, i- the opportun it v
■ 1 jdHceones
mld b»: j
. I 1.
tel r
horn and I
have for
Vau tiered about |
iu ibe
. .. k of U' Y
11". e'.
have for say
Vau tiered about |
nothing hm ,
home, 1 beg of! bi*
. .. k of U' Y
11". e'.
- .- lis! i
i«i,('-b will g't
• ) o * 1 « W.
-.i with the in ears w|ieh|
I )«.;ir d'-l-osnl soon ynu Will be :
: . » tut-- y-uir proper p'ace in th*
r.t, Lady M.irv lyiby,
tit- -•■•n speuk* uf you.
. . you v»!th
i'- '
house, 1
;* .1 always .
1 « phew, ti.r J iim »,
little bov I
' !
*• *ei !
Your 1
wbllt 1
! let'
O t.-keln
'a property.
.vug slater,
. I»
au the letter carefully
at thu weulbcr-U-alcii,
-r, in 1860, and :
. Why)
r.l*, :
a hoarse, ;
'sjnsiwhati wai.'
. I've been lo tim »er -I
>y, for uigh ou to 35
crimin' to '
Th** ot; 1
i u can lo say, Hardin, that y-
tIlia Idle
B*.«l i
i c.
»al «-.t
*1 y-.-u go home ?"
\ oice niât f
, LU« Un-
I'- :-ii
up inside u
> '
. T
t!.-.: Ciii'tatr'
ud V. •
your mouey
.e sod if you
« It s "hit 1
■ u." -.«ill tile G'J
-• 1 r:. r.l : i-
, r «
.. .
i ;■ «■
hut lei
« 11 a (due Jacket.
■ . r uai.a:. « d t'« »ay il ( 1
■r euurseii i
in the
• lib.
y vu.
■k "
o il t'.i
> i
■t er, Hardin,'*
t cull ft a- I -
d I
', aft -r emp'y
«* 11. «I!
b-r (ii -i. I:««l
.-U'-U tt i ■;
, .f prhte li
r tins r-rret
• S r K .t.tTl
' Ii. M •
■ II l:-.
L 'y -I ..laugh
« E
* d-« er) !
I kn w my l'-.cl«
him i» N w i
•i f
*.d j
he'd let me j
timber» under
it lm v ■« ». 'Iv *. Weil, :
•id I-ft i 10,000,000. mull
, 1
lot ol ballant ut thi*
Ho: VI it.: i f
'--Ml H
> ,w Wln-ie
tl-. «I
g. t
.. Id. 'then
1. t it, «
;«t w*e
.. v r
sn'd Hia Optula, :
1* (Ui ?"
b-r 1 .- »V in* after thi
'-* 'F i
• i *■
. .1 » 1I1
i. Iliidi
n il .ni
guEift and ree !
• again f-i
will uis- !
IV-- »non-\ ;
• t'* Lis
», why, I
1? * r

l I» t Ir
ran t:i
• r.
. Y*
!. -
, 11 .
voulu leulrti
joui» 1^,1,lojt^t,
-- ha. l.u' j. liiaruoa.-ike
::»• V." I o' hnm-ke a
Still. I
, , Ibe deck 1
»ui TÄ"Jf :r |
prvas.ou. In at: hour bo laid before the
* W,f - »»l
i- r'-* b.
. i ry iu N«-w Y oik
-I- ab*>ur law. [
•• r.i b
" Ob,
;an, *1 c
t. I
on 1 , of him.
a ietler. I ll show you,
t want
i I:
; 1 d
■•P "«
wr«>ug, anyway*."
Wilh lb lit*rdl>i
»hurt. :•
1 -d away and
Uurren Btatrb Navt YAnn,
Vam.no, Cal., Oct. i/7.
with I's and and
t »*1 *'/
' I
■ e »hat
■ - .p;
i. î l.'n It .»uuige. 1 saw him n
uer of years ago lu New York, and
we formed a delightful acquaintance, he
entertaining me at his hotel In princely
style. As to t»>e astonishing infornia'iou
that you and I and the Countess of Den
bigh are made rich In
thedemiseof poor Uncle George, I hardly
know whullosav. Th« surprise has been
great that 1 cun scarcely realiz i the
situation. However, 1 will think It all
over aud write you again in u l'-.w days
wh.it I consider bc-t to be done under the
circumstances. I am happy to »ay that
situated here that I can leave for
New York and nice* cousin Robert,
you suggest, at u day's uoticc. I fear
shall have trouble with the woman who
calls herself Uncle George*« widow.
However, noua ver ran*. I intend to fol
low yot.r suggestion, so urgently put for
ward, about going back to the land of my
fathers. I have been a
year« and
tho greatest Joy that could come to
would l>o the Mticbotitig of my worn and
wearied nl.l bu'k in dear old Armagh.
Your atr.-ctionatu brother.
The Captain read this leite
fully, and gaxeil with u look of stupefac
tion in the rough old sailor's face.
"Why, Hardin,*' he said, 4, 1 don't be
write such a letter.
"No, I suppose not,*' «aid the old
' I'm pretty rough, and I admit I drink
rum aud I don't s!lus studv n\> spevehj
but when I git a pen in my hand, I ncv.-i
torglt old Trinity, at Dublin—Clod bless
ber! There's where I vent to schon!,
Cup'n, tnor'n fifty years ago. Wheel,
wheel, limes has changed w h me,
I don't s'pose I can ever be a geut'email
'* Well," again said the Captain, " I
will discharge you, llurdm, If you want
right by
for thirty
. und 1 must conte»» th» 1
Hen nt .
e thought you could
to go
" Waal, I guep* I'll
o* statin' here. It takes nil the
now to p«v lire* in the Vail* Jo
every time I
. 'Taint no use
v f
Police Court. I g'.t drunk
u '* "•'bore, und they alius arreet
»•», a few week« ago old Henrv Ilardin
di.-'hurged from the Navy Yard nnd
*"'"'*1 fur N-w York, where It Is hoped
' money he will get from the great
Hardin e»tato will he sufficient to pay hl»
H ' * ** in
police court* for year* to
end «
ii.. Ik-1
>k »toil lint ('on.
A long, long time ago, uceuiding to
the traditions «-f the F:uthca«l Indians
they went once
Ju-t as they do
thu same
, nnd their trails were
ie H 11 (i.
..I do.
Mile. The
u f.ivoi In
site of lieb
cording to oue nf the chiefs *»t
j «
.ping place.
in t,
. ! tribe
" there ,
«1 in it*' legctiduty lotc,
:. 11 - ! brave* w'.
J <>t
th« v
;iJ Indlau; he h:i<l
« of the h
m.ildei » ; he w . » ;
J*»«'ke) i
poilie» and buffalo I,,,
1 tll* Il
"dioppcd" tho oppom til'» lltut brum ho;
he played tliui ureiei.t un i renpccled g «un
ot "old
had a way ol " liold'n* e
poker tbut made lus
.*b », all
the squ'tru.
such a dexiicus i
to vanquish uil l«i.* adver*u
Id account I«»' tu« ;
tuanmr in which he "turned jack s" be
' !
r«d br> Ihren
approved F.atbead j;
ue, when they
: i
»hott, he
t'-e iltlle siren
si 1 u»led,
devil "called" 1
: 'old him histi
." Once '
w here Helena is n
their Way to bunt
f.r the wicked iitave. |
.tl «Io the
!*"»>' ''i.
! hunt
! Indian t. !-l tlie
of bad Initial.».
'I '•
t lie
. otl."
• h as A
if hi
o til - I
»olll. I «<
'.«il l P.I .-V
j b!
a tin- lui
n i '«-j
; .«t .1 ilie coming of t'n
e. A- !
• wind has never quit blowing, hi» vie
I tim h.«» t.« vei Hpjeaiud, amt it;« ludiai s
say the devil Is still eamped tb'-re, ard j
| Hut tin b..t water <>f *he »prln 2* U t*.k< n '
, fr..m tb« w rt t«rs »f T«u Mile fur
bi* <■
emerges in
' presa.t heated
presa.t heated
A 1 'ool uiul lits .Hou«-}.
" Coil
City the' |-!rtsçl:» riV. <1 pet
given a v
th« Siovx
« J F
■g soldier
one of the upper forts. 11« ; "
recently fell heir to and of the ' ''
amour t a remittance whs tu. de
#lj,OUU. He got a furlough ami we
Vau» tou, where for Hie last tnree
wechsle ha» been imitating to the
... tu * li
four j '
! J
*oys, t iiemilua ■ *'
•n. li 1 . with u prodigal I
his ab'l.iy, "
i pylVHiiiu turn
I very iut«i eating I r
! money f *r their be
1 hand.
Oil .loir.-v" uf Pc
. 11« 1»M
. I»
, «I .«
, but he has
friends" getting drunk u lord
expens«, »o oltc-u a* Hi
will permit. Hi* delight
four-iu-linnd, un i p v« «virvl.ody
• k«» pi■■ -,-i.twithout nuiuhi-
ami but a few dav» since »eat a Yank'.-
uf h r birtbii.iv.
: f'JbO organ. l*erha|stln* 1-e t instc
however, of id* «:. 1 ;r.l .-I lucre
shown when he lio-.g
: »tim-k his fumy, for £
hi Ill«l*l
*i:-o. Hi.* *:>.
; wheu be has
i i* going to
livery stahl», and becomu a prudent
decorous cit;z--n. Hn is in the meantime
hoping through the inti nonce of his
' dneateto meure hla discharge fro.u the ,
- "^ 1
. d 1
through that be says be
• down iu Yankt.
! t*
).<tUt'Ali**lll*l Ml-lllUtlo.
An es« «y t.y Miss U
. . . tue
Method ot t onductiug a ticboo!,"
tvhieb , 11
th.- recent
Enilelil Ti-aeher»'Assoc
a*. 'I hm
eunslilenili .«•
« dLcussion by its etriki
11 views, il
. exercise »liould be longer than U;*.-.
in» inu Pbuiild bc
recotmueuded that
. !
.. u . ( ] j
d li
ol the school i-Xeivise.». il was s
that a pupil of each
t, Hiv I
a!lowt-l to ;.»>i-l ei
« claimed 1
•r iu t... .»• le
; ami ut tlie end of
i-hd It
, that there would be le-s trouble
r »«boil,
- purine
if they
lu^the !
: ti«l.
d greater e
« in
. iup
«1 ll 1er«
-, which
V i
claimed !
i t hud In
would bv
:ch advantage wi.eu
a. It
neeoiiiw in
, when
f * I «
attend« 1 «! with auecess
had lie*
i*» X 011 III.
The local »ceuery
tlm childhood
•ltlcli »tirroun
.1 Influence
: of poets, is alw .y-8 a t:i «tu :
! lotcust. A writer
>'*<*» describee tiomer»'y,
T- i nyeon passed with little, interval ti.e
i first twtuty five years of l»i*
nia wooded village of which th>
Lft'i'eft'e's fa'her w
f |iieaeai:*ly situ «ted :
j tiouth Wold. T
j soft and pastoral, w
L'.sjlvlne close log
: ri-e* the i
Steep, white r*n*d
, 1 above Tlietfurd ;
Hop«« gently lo a
bruijk, win
: and flows just be!
MaanliU-in» J/
•re Mr.
*«■ >- i
rector, ui <1 i
till) luot o' (ho '
jntry abont 1 ! in!.
vtilage* j
To the uoi lit ;
buck of the Wold, "ith i
Climb» tbe bi i
Uth th« nr '
II, if« ep eb-.inn .«• ! 1
far f.
u «
tire purs
ue Is »aid t
: '•' i' '
Wr 't ' -
• i'ttr.y In life, aud tirât ju'j
lifhtd in lSUO.
So Jtccv.
Tne new May .. «d Liverpool l#i her.cv
°'ftit brewer, and be kindly off.-icd
! • l,,! l ,| y Kfutis the inmates ol'ihepr.
f-i workhouse with Ihe beer required o
! Christmas. B«it t«ie Workhou-n L.mi
; *|*V that they do not want th*
i*»P ir .l° l-uvd any h. r r o n CI„i,lma.j
I D**V. they «ver that in former v
... n fu.
■ »<■* ne» of uproar, nw
i'auj*. rs buying up
e f«f tho»*« who did m-i
j beer, aud gating gloriously fuddle*!.
; t lu i*i n
'' •
nm Md 1.1, Bihie.
: TOTfd w.mi-it.,1 .... N\-.v
11 . l.y I.U ..... the .i'w ...„i u,; ,„rm, r :
l«iv.«e w> .rv. riioex But. ie nl«i-e( ■
1^,1,lojt^t, arltirir, a.d bleu of iK...k
1 revelatlot.8 are uolKd aruKiul. Ills du'm- !
; at times a-e far from heiuu | levant, bu.
»« them all will, the (rival,.:
a *««« «"■"■or, aud with had ». . of
I -yrnpwtl.y I .ward, the .kk wh.,m U
t.l,da. VUu-u out «rit.nt- tim ex-iio-a I
reads a t.e .liv h und llibie which he imu ;
imd with him ili.ee hi. iutnrUonrueut.
1 Kollier Hiked. !
| ä ä! Wtti h ;iSf"'
have, hereunto set my hand, aud caused
»»l a . S r.JT 1 of "" Ter ' il0,y 19 b « I
M,,?rof th-> Wb'.b: Honse
. ug Jackson'« Administration Now 8ni
fering Poverty and Negleot.
Mra. W«- tmor !«nd, in n letter to the
. nays: 41 Through
d that I he celebrated
, who did the honors of the
While House «luting üîtieml Jackson |a
Administration, * ill lived—was la this
of his coagregailou.
lute rest la und
Who had played
limons ». part In the affairs of
>, atal, learning
I of company »ml
latuislon, 1 called. In
forcibly reminded
rer before of what slaves
the caprice« of fortune—what
victims to thti vicissitudes of lice,
Mere was a woman who on re held the
de.-tinhr- of a nation lit her band. To
wia her approval on • tired
aronre her anger meant defeat. Health,
luxury, flattery, honors—everyLhiug this
world could glv
Now an old, fee hie, and |sd*-d woman,
de-ertc.l by ftlends, forgotten by Un
world, she ekes out a bare existence In a
r< tired hoarding-house, which overlooks
\V»f hlr.glnn ftpiure. Although in her
«evenly sixth year, «he still hears
traces of i.aviug been a beautiful woman,
and tbouch miserably dressed, she
•icved os with the grace, and elegance
of a queen. We found her vt ry a«ce*sl
h'e ; iho conversation naturally lamed
upon events of the past, and
surprised to find > \.*r/ incident
Atlanta ('««»ti*
l)r. j««
Mis. Ec
I lc
city, and was
Naturally I tell
curiosity to see
that pire wu
e >ii»idcr it
d-'ing *o 1
', ' j
au ,t pj-rluip*— i
d the
laid at 1e r feet.
fresh In
cted with b«r • ventfu! ilf*i
» 'f they lnd only JuMoct
Her st- ry \
furta laid d
.,t liom
In hi.
»lie said she ' .
. ,
IM .
bad j
• Unite 1
tll ... j|j, j r ,, U |' V
married to one '
or tho elder !
iu ii'.iy bo right
:. »dih thing* have Imp
historian wr
pened (/), for of all p op e who profva
to bn tntiicly urprejudiced, we think the
generality of historians
died th a a
»L »poke of Mr*. RrndoLh and the
her oulv
other c-Ih-* of writeia.
Duchés* il" F cri»;
il heavy In»
considered h'T-n lf l*h»«c.| In being
rouuded by lu r giuniichildren. who are
icr, und console
d-Vote !
Mrs. R .n
In 1.
ol J
dolpl) 1» i
l* th : .i t.
she ha* reared,
! :. • r, the youngest
i * y of
and who
making i* hi* duty
pro.ide f.»r Ills t
I mother, whom he (
'eeius to love with n devot ioa bordering
ll lomunce. tili«
■on H'
Hi.* Duke.
/ other o:.e being
do tiaiuj.pyo.
child, tt «laughter, wu
of the Rotte- child -, the
- .said
Igii'Zed. nml hated
t al!
« »me thoroughly f*
\n «rien » o Unit sin
hush .ml
•«pt n fostlion
8 ( ffert-d !
two y*
\Wlit: gt
id, ' N» :
., ( | n .
them n o \
!.•<-., 'I v.ry lo.ill.hly
r, ulthuugli tl: s 11 ur
v propnri y -, .tud it l
iiiil fee otl:
••■•■ul!' cf.
fu| that I «lo 1« t 1.U-- t
1 ,V° !
, tt '. lU r
lui Wimen j
\, ;
.1 n-tt tue I
worthy to
1 ' '-••>.
e V* I
,' - Hi- m
1 i d « 1! irrt ii.
il of
ant to go hack
pi- pie et joying w hat rightful y be
'tonic. It«- luariied
tud it took 1
lag«* h.st
money, >
. ye**s Mt'd 'C'ci. !
M lit'o Ids possessiou.
jot It »11 im lelt me;
• woinr.11 lie fancied, and left
try. 1 «.!9 hi e
when he
• of lii* inovcn ent»
w 1. i • il
«„unli v lie;
? honored
: he
•iated with
u hi.i.**-if 11 Mil.* :■
W - 'I. Ill 1!
uf tins J
in uMiit'c -ii' scoundrel was A'toiio li;»
!, Mr* E.
i.'. n' V. u hiugtol),
- « r of
(*f rour»e.
l'ai. 11» m
».th 1
w bien h d
she paid t 1 « p»
j bouse, and »ix f-,
• «1 bom.tr
paying ;
ut M-'.dwiuo lit etiigiiaiii ;
i- e.-ly su u , f i, in-.t*vu |
blocks ot r«al
1 v. A few
>i' l*u
u, v. uuiO cai ci r is
witho .t u p«n>. el."
I —at
i of
? t<
« About "'1rs. Earn!
.. |.-.r,
. .V, ....
I...- -l....-.! i..
. |.„.|| i , i \
u- n a I hm I of d'cd
• '!
i •.« WukL;
CorilSptL .«TH of ! i. •
•Joiiei.i.! buy» that !
U'cAii.H.'tlaiid, tu h. r sketch
, omltuii
fails. The old lady
In Washing.
: 1»
. Im- j to
- , and
" '*•
'' ,h •
Gemnil iL
reHde d
that cv
> Vl
li ;|
' "
-u- about L»-r dui
m » administration,
»ulveil Lis Cnbiui
*' ist 1 tv *^ 41 ' •
Lhi 1
• mil liar y l'r.
.1 he
1 be«*
. r
t Mr-. !
rek w « * are
n. ; ,|,j in
t ! aiu. «I,
• « lin i- ,ce ol
• .
, Dvr gtaniiimther emj.loyid
ieuted itself.
e In
ll ..!
i> that
bfl-hc ;.ud
; luJ
iti'il. W b. n
l mu h
he 1
, ,.i tlie \N lute liou -«■
I nou't know how)
-i. in
M r*
•*! lady, liul «
-, and r* •
•«•.nation» may
z 1 be 0111. .n ;
iolph. j
a 1 .;ut prei-ocmu* 1 from
;• twilvc y« i-1 a of age. i be«n
r man ' VV
children ot h* r
! t* tutua U mi'.olj li
girl of
.I.'« r, Mr*. H:
cive Eu,u
:ii".l hav«
ti: «
,i\ t
*'..ui .n il«
. Tlie I
, .>> tin*
| ei to in
. li • -
ciy p
li 1
bill- ui-.! .-M v
, 11
took b:
«lit * V«
1 her fumlv.
'] he
» ! •' re cf thn««* ur:
ul»« 1 Ir
lit. ill-:
;-g«j luv« il the I;
«my u
"y >*■'
! b«.y, who was liar«
j \isiuii uf wealth «..'<
tbe lllHI'l ia'_, , I
U . I v. e,
' E|>Ucri.„:
■ 1
, B
.hj.pl) laud
„ J **»'1 j *
»i.evl ,
' hemt-brokea 1
•<a g * u i d
nee n teied i*-to ur
Vi.ied lit
ai ri* et ! v gilt. Aber
Wlittt he. e *( - id
i mony, and 1 G« ;.
1 procuring the *
u»«-«.s « . r.-- ,
illeuliy in 1
i»t r to aid 1
•c. 'ih*)
! in 1SI*7. and »! c la'. :»h«d he
:a!th up n 1
■«k greater j-ii :«■ !
1 tvh.d,
i di-po»- d ?
! •.' r '* v yd, I
un. n, fur, il
ls b.u
»he c ti
«• »-qu*.
tine il «y
i-teaiacr i.
«•ai.tiln! g.rl
ur-, of
! a-. 1;
Bv U
Ant-.-nn* ILici.-«
i, 1« o
«!••*. Ldtuii.
i-«!augiiter of
b ft a let e
i di. lai » u.
<1 be ul.
boa id, Tn«
-ertid ud woman ,
in .u-do n
j immediate y
uf iu r dir g
- f« r »i d'\
a ;
■e 1

umlenug* i>- Europe,
guilty v
! I have beard
. riSlaUiuiit
1 . .! to tl-.^ v,-« »,
it B-chl^IUUi kepl'ti
Eng- j
-ion nimii- ,
Tl*« Cu^lUli Ttimit-i.
. Thepr.p-»
1er ,
t'.e tint
. laud and l
tv, ic by
havoifih , t .
u <:h « rg-r had a (
wliicb h numh.-r «*• i
e-gincer* and 01 hers eo «v« rraut with the
immisly « Xj-iv
d. mil.
T 1 •
t ., , U(| . , (
;, , w lh ., wu
„: ll!f( i H
r.. H s*l»t- i*
|lijt|W 'J,...
Tin: c
'» that the
ib'iiu In « rail wav •«
i- s - loul-l bo de- .
' "f p-bl:cullii y, und that |
»•ur.: lUI* important
devised. Tt-Vd-t
1 tho o,
•> pr.-po- »
<1-ny ; \<-l they I
f in • lou4»bi.ity cf I is
• th« uudei
-,, , ■ ■ , . ,
. ■'■<■■■ M won- ;
""V 1 -: 1 ;".. " 1 » J !" >;.-««• c.i«».
r : ' "■'• ' ' ! ,» "" » *-*-»-r
■ ! ? ' i"—.l-ie. r.
^ J" V J >" «» '! ;
! '"S'. }" J', d * U " | *','' ! 'S'
" 'oli-.p . Ù ^ro. s ivi i'Vu.. „ !l '
.im.'ou. plrl ; wau-r.one um P ''ilm
,.-; 4 f.umt p:..i r. iiriy useful Iu !
.rntalmï, tomîviillug ,:a:e S'eh
I b) iu<- *' h ft tun |
; s
t.b.ervHrton or „ rorel*nor. i
! iu^i^^nr. rt- „V -!'S' î.*' ^
any elatuc ; amiiavl, lo wonder what be
I of '»« »M».''. T he remark . tew,
Setting up Will» Her.
pectisg him Bandar right
.kimImm w-r« (I *wn t.M
I no pur-'ot <•
I. .litiy «.
■till« U that it
li^hl o'c'ock, and J»bui y bubs
with a cent to permit himself to b
lucked »Way at sundown, lie sneaked
up the path, one eye on the dog a»d the
o> her watching lor the old man.wbodldn'l
mi any loo well, gave a faint knock
at the door,and It was opened and he was
escort, d iuto the parlor. lie said he
wouldn't Slay but a minute, though he
didn't mean to go home for hours. She
led to kuow how his mother va-> ; if
I,is father had returned from York S ate :
if hl» brother Bill's rheums'ism was any
li tter, in d ho went over and sat down
the sola so as not to strain his voice.
Then conversation slacked, and he played
with his hat, aud nbc nibbled at the sofa
tidy. He finally said It was a beautiful
evening, aud she replied that her grand
lather had predicted a snow storm. He
»uid he guessed it wouldn't snow, as the
wa4noterook.1l enough to bang a
the end of it, and she
like hi
powder born
a« i d she didn't beiievu it would either.
The mutual uudersiundiag seemed to give
courage, aud then be wanted
know if she had seen Bill Jonc» lately,
öhc hadn't, she didu't want to.
Th* u IDey went
donation visit which
be lore long to Eider Berry, aud he
k-Hrly dropped his hand ou hers— hi»
right hand, while bis left arm sneaked
along the sofa and got behind her »houl*
der». She pre'ended not to notice it and
I he I lokod down at Ms hoots, and wanted
to know if she thought mutton tallow
rotted out boi*ta faster than lard and
lumpblai k. She ooul '.n't »ay but »h* 1
lia 1 un I tit'll llm( ll illJ. Hi- l,uil Juki
j comm* need to hock linger» wth her, ;
j whi n »he discovered something ailed the 1
i 'Mtiip. »he rose up, aud turned th« light |
talking about the
to b« given
iking the room look dim. It
>k him five inimités to get hold of L.r
Hi g<-r* again, and »he pretended to want {
draw her hand away ali the time.
A Iter a long pause he lowered his voice
to « whisper, aud said he didn't see what
made folks love each other, »he bit her
handkerchief, und udmHteJ her Iguorauee.
lie said that he coulu name a dozen
' . VOMnff ,,KU w,1 ° w<,re k'olng to get
. , !.. I r(.-!.(..1,1. I. K arm Mldo«n |
and gave her a hug. Then he
nnd looked
that it w
• , und, coming back, lie turned the
light down u little more, nnd then sat
down und wantel to know If she didn't
wuui to i»sst herself by leuulug her head
his »boulder.
£ b me ! We have all been there, and
who of us eared a cent when the clock
j »truck twelve, and we five miles fiotn
1 home f The old man was fust asleep, the
watch dog gone a visiting,and the hand
' ""'mst girl in the eouutry didu'l sie why
! w * u,ei1 bc 1,1 !l h ' ,rr y
; Per ha pa I shouldn't have written of
thi», but a» 1
o', bur d»y, tluuklng of
,1hiiu whisper In her
do« n
, , . ,
the window to make !
not going
going to ti lunder»' the
night i heard
the spelling
school, tbut In-'d love her very sl aduw a*
i lo«g as lie lived, he raised the window
«•nd culled to her,
she was picking up
chit»» In the road :
' **«'C Baut.der», 1
b'ur'.im-c for
^ury A tir»,
in h re and find
•«k « very üouo in \
prevalence of uniforms, the jingling of
andswoids In everv public room,
,llt ' f,l '* llfI nr '1 parades, tho seutiue s, ic
nilnd you that you are among the most j
succvstiul w-nrriors of moderu times. The
t copie gfutnb e unceasingly at the Inex-j in
(.ruble soiv*cc, but are most proud of its
results hi «1 the great king who Inangnr. j
.u d jt. 1 im ihr« e years'dlselp iu«, with 1
ii,c cppoituuity atl' id*d to reduce tht m ! a
hypn v ous study, is nu exet Heut I
•-tl. ii for mo»*. Many who would go
x'npid « * <1 th. .in'title*« all their days are
« wakened I*» a putty «clive unsu of tx
istence and It* r. qulrements when hi. to
.. sp ctor g-1» hold of them. The jimal
Sc* l«.r any breach of di-ciplin* aie sure,
. A rustv button err. of
spot of mud in* ans repentance iu the I
gu-rd ho i*e, and ia consequence von see
such dingy »oldlers as those iu France
lca.n uot only how to bundle
— «s aud ride horseback, but by a s\ stein
of fr«e gymuaspes to use every Joint and
de iu th«- body. Tho 1 nicer* aie un
douhteUly telected with some view to

The German .Militär)
Aml.ody that loves the military will
|r e ^ i,',,, tm (fR la Germany. The huge
casernes which murk every cite, the
M ,,„
s z.*—many of H em treim-ndous fellows
—at -1 go locouvli e« you that the old race
of gi'in », wboliV'dl ereiu former time»,
i* net al' dead y»t.
li HP
|.-.r, K. u-. r (Kft)»» « IIKW lamp Sf
.... -.we, 10 Hl» Irr L > ■
i.. I (. I(U.„.,., UI...I a HTi... «I thin [
i , i \ : ■ ,-ir l.»v,-of l.orn, flve li.in- I
d'cd in uimiht-r, aud uicely fitted 10 each j z
• '! h«r eml Iprini'ig a U.hng to Hie fuut
Hie llorut'% huit.
l e uuiti.iii Hand Lus ulu-ii Oien taken
to i.lu*'rate Divine wisdom— ai«d very
well. But have you oer examined
horse's hoof
iu its way. Its jiarts
. plte.u*-d, yet their dosigu is simple
, and ol-viaus. The hoof in
It Is hardly le-s curious
souiewbut less
j .
vrhat is" called "the 1
! "cclllii bone,"and fitted into this. The»« -
are tUsth . Take a quire or paper ui.d 1 R
in- ci t tbe leave» one by oue into tho»«> «.I 1
another quire aud you will gt; tome ide.»
ol tbe uriuiigtiueit of tbo Bevenl laver-.
. the weight of luo bor»e reals cm u»
. many (lastitf sj-rings as there are layeis
feet—about 400U1 and all this ! l
-,\\ for it*« conveyance
itself. Then there
layer«, belonging
in bis f.
« "onlrived,
' Id* own body, bn;
wbutever burdens
may bc laid
; Aiuong i.iicvail.
j George Warreu titoddart writes home I
1 from London in u private letter : "I hn«u 1
i be«n very busy—have dined at the I
' VV hitefriars,' *S*vage* an«l ' W* stir In- '
bou-ie, aud
en tii.org«: Eliot nt h* r
invited to her rtcepilous —
hav«- cjine npou lots of interesting people
forever fail «»| delightful engage- .
in*ills in viewing tht Wunders of this
uiui-d old eilv. Yet California is the
d 1 »hull bless God the
Hh .t to sei in y f..c
ith Maik Twain, we have our mite
100ms and are hath g gorgeous times.
il« bt-uius ids lectures Monday nigh*, ai d
I expect to be with him HU he «alls lor
home, and then, ho! fur Hie continent.
Mark imd I lunched with CbH«. Kmgrley
to-day at Hu Cloisters, W« stmiwt« r
r 1
, B *1 », full!« of those at Portlaud, Me., I
laud Fuit Alcuuiraz, ut bau Franci-eu,
j * t«** » u co ist d* fences are of " uot the
, »lighli-st liiip-jituiiee, and »hould
1 Uave uuoluer dollar sjn ni ou them.'
ncognlzd * * 1 lie pubtible eoutingeut lm
p«»ri..n«u " of Furl Schuyler ai d the fort
«t WliLtU» Pol.it, N Y., should lied
Gate be 1 peccd, but ttaiu V s '.bat
peudllU'e should be iuhuc umll ihat time.
, Abbey ; ' Onida' was in the house. You
1 (annul open your door here without
1 ».umblirg npou u celebrity."
Gen. Klicrninii umt (lie ,\r|ii.v.
! (Jetu ral

; Flojrgtug i'riuiniols,
The G%>.unntoion Ttltyroph
; Flojrgtug i'riuiniols,
1 The G%>.unntoion Ttltyroph
belief tho Deiawuru icupiv in the
• Ui :ncy of Hogging as a pum-btmut lor
rs: The
•rinnt» has the ei dorse
ot a dirt ugui-hed EtKli»h Judge,
■t , in tieiivering a charge
the Wai wick A Hz •» re
j ecutly, took ao.*a*lou to »av that Hute
11 large Increase In Hie iiuiubvr
tills he added
that uo pu 111 rli.
<-ni wasro « Ui -ucioutasthatot fiugglui.
, He lad lo iced ;h.it tbe
, grand Jury
i that hit e
violence «u
drawing i.tien 1 ion
, , , hurdeuc-d
atiiutuHls, wiioevluctd no emotiou »Len
•« nal servitude was uit-uiiom J, »how»d
. r-Igi.s of app-eheusion a', the sirghttsi
| »efotcuc« lo a fi. gglng.
* Smoke*! llnm.**
c urcspoucH'iii writes
»'X year-rdder ut l.ouie who
friends for hi* launy
» A Dov
I have a little
I is noted among
: We
I »:*' b
1 1 l;e «.ti er day Le iirnkc out Tory ab
nil, ly w.tb,"Father,what makes negroes
; »..dt I"
fattier tri. d to „plain (he npiwl
to «. 1 his ..and iu !
Iliu rourw of hi, remarks, »aid (hat (boy
; "'« or Uaul , one ot
! 'S' 1 , 5 " f . . G »-« poudered awhile,
}."o up *a«J, very
» •'S Mjokwl ham, lather I
! A HemarhUble w.TlT~
Pari, revaurt? won .. . * .
| tarie recently witnakked a rautorlcniiie
s 1 , of M^elatmeU .cods left about iu the ,
i mïà'u "o''the jj"" 11 " 1 * \ om " i 0,1
Kï ^ »
iritstirk. nurtèmônnîrt^'r 9 ™ any w fa k '
let..and w'.'tcu«. ThVSuïfui Vh^ |
Drinnen 1 ftlvrr Porte.
Wash ivoroN, Jan. λ h.—The H 0 n
fort'floa«Ion hill report* *1 anproDrlau
|H5,UWU to ill'* Hwlaw .ir« river furl*. *
A titood Nelcciiou
Alli11 1 V
hon. oat.vn cosniNo novixatbo
W a «Hl noton, Jan. 9.— Th« Prertdent
hu» this afternoon nominated ilon.l'ski
Cimhlrg for Chlaf Ju«Ucv.
This will req.iire a tie# nomination t ùt
Minuter to »pai n.
l a ranee.
Paiub. Jan. 9lh.—A vote of . »nilden,-.
In the Government will be asked tor m
day In the Assembly. The ti.cnihers
th« Cabinet have tendered the
„ ,
Naw York. Jan. D.—Jacob Ma-b.:i*
" H8 h»og«d in Jersey City to il*y for it«;
bimdcr Deputy Marshal »tepheonu
Alter he had been suspeuded lor three
minute», and while th« body xai bciuk
p*riial 1 y I iwered, the kuot *»f the nooi«
'"H"'' oui, »u.l It Ml limrll, to (|„
k round, t tic rope w.«» then again ad
and the body »gain drawn
H,ur 14 ,ew conviil»lon» life Was
tioa. but Piesidaut McMahon l««ade!fvot
iug to persuade them to r.-muiu.
\* w Jci
'OEM «
>, ami
0 l,f än j'no'.i»'u!> (««"
A tiyolery.
BAUTlPt l. V(
rofNii ON
Bohdbntown, N. J., Jail. 9.—(lonsld
crab'e excite men k whh c »uned here bv lb«
discovery of th.- body <»!' a young wonmu
the shore of th« Delaware river ves
The. decensed
abiat eighteen yean
bMUtlfal wl.eu
from Easton, Pa.,
duyaiid incoguiz- d the deceased
dunghti r of a wealth) family.
Her pircnts had off -red a reward of
live hundred dollar* for her recovery d-ad
or alive. 'I ho body had no clothing ou
except chemise, shoos and stocking»,
whtu found.
living. Patties

< nttiolit- l.llerury Ai.Nortuilen.
A meetii g of Catholic ge ntleman wn*
h* Id in the
Literary Association Tuesday for tlie
purpose of forming a young men's literary
society, the olti ante!alien has btec
disbanded, aid It I» now proposed to
organize another und« r an entirely new
ii.iu nwt int nt. A number of prominent
Calliope gentlemen have assuuud the
liabiliiit fit the siciety ard are to tom
cut Ire ly new basis.
the subject were
de by Rl. Rev. Bishop Bicker, who
-ti the fournit l
Catholic young
I he Catholic
Remark» germane
a «0111 tv of the
of W.lmli-gton for
1 he puip«».: nf mutual improvement,and
tt.« seltcnon « I u p me whee they might
H*»embl*- and discuss va:lotis topics
The Ri. R*v. Hlrbup spoke of the ntces
shy of leading good Catholic tevhwsand
im.gt.zin » wlme 1« I g on and literature
Lined, lor literuture divorced
from religion is leetssarlly bostile to if,
ui.d Ions Us depth,it* i*alny, ils unjritlc
uliu. It* lib , its permanei ce ; thi-knowl
j edge of the divine und holy supporu
every oth« r j it l* the tels Mi» I ketone
in the inch of human »deuce, tubs
constantly and exclusively conversant
j with light reading that ignores the super.
1 uatumi older i» to breathe,iut«llmu*lly,
! a deadly mmosphere lu wh'ch laiin
I will al last exp ro There I* a
depth, a life, a lealltt, In Catholic
liieruturo which
other fountains. The Church deblres
to *ce her « hl drcnadvance in Intelligence,
but that ii-telllgenc« must liu the cenulim
art cle. tiln luminhes uudeniable prool*
of her oid«*r in ths rts) ect bytheestuh
I fob ment of nun.emus Culiigis aud
iuaiic» of learning, iccencl to time In the
couuiiy. 'J hut she Is the guide for
thought in aü that putains torevealei
nlgnn there cbu be no doubt. She is
tbeeiadle of science. Through lie t i
enions ami iuvcsilgution of her
sons the world'» stuck of scientific I
Information is daily Increased. There fl
sure fl
«I hr l.y coining fl
i« gelber aud skatpcnii g the iniellect l> ■
views and opluinu I
i.f disci.seioD fl
diawn from the ■
be sipped from
gtl ti iig the
Intel eh art«
upou d titrent topi
^ c-ung me
uiuligu Influiuces with which
d *.o
from the ■
c-ung me
uiuligu Influiuces with which they
daily surround»d ami elevated to auob'er fl
ot thought. The Rt. Kt-v. sjaaker fl
cited the Duiilui Rivinv
publication, which for soundness of
Hiourhl, terseness of Lauguiige, and
h »"7 « f ;>»'«>'«>. fcM s» I» W
■ V 1 "."' E ." Bl 11 '*»*"*P- *»•
[ It 1.1 V.. .-< a.,d Bru»t.son •
I Al • »«« •.-* ruvluliivKdc« U aw«ft- |
j z - nt " 4V, *' w
u lii st-cIds*
.y o! perusal. |
. In the limiter of literature it 1* uet'cs- |
»ary t-i kuc-w frt
1 "U^bEth. It is tt.u object of the Church
- 10 K ' bJ b l r . cWWren onward to the well
1 R P r,D '-' s o«»he EiiglUh language undellled.
1 T * ,M Çathol!«- young 1,1« n should take hold
'' ,ud HÏ,V ûl ,î' y ,h .' 1 1'lnirtuniiUs nffordfd
* he Rev. Bishop iltcllmd f|«ak
l4li/ " ,r n cr, .11 consequence of a htavj
C*ut i-ui*! he hu.t thu pleasure ol
! l ' ,lrodlu ;'"K lo lU ' ,,u w *»o was
H'oroughly c»mp«t«-ni to mldrc-a them
U; uu the subject, Mr. Joliu O'Byrue.
Mi. O'Byrne tuidthat he remembered
on a former occasion
add ref * to the liiwnbci
: derive orr I
king a short
of Hi*.* Cathoil-
I «L 1 ®!?»I ,»i 8 V e .' llu . D î ! ,
1 f r . 1 , r ,Lt ' ''OJ cs imu
I u'i . . rc> P' cl,, '5 1
' et < lel J' ,a " l, ol tuen
the FUti'ets of Hie
realiz'd, and some
j of it» iiiuUit'Ci a had »succeeded measurably
! 'u dc-itroying >m usi fuluera. When the
Information hid reached the ears of
tain «I tic ii-t 1. bcis tint ti:« Society '»
power fur good hud been destroyed it was
,!ct(riiHtitd to htail
sj.i aker said, na oue of the liist steps to I
decided to |
of the Society, und thi*
ntion of
have some <•! ti«e best
1 tnagiziuiB in the Englisli
will be
again, BUd the.
heueftv. it
cancel the del
f being doue. It 1» the
tho management
periodic u!s
language. The reading 1
supplbdwith hi! the leading papers of
tlm country. Tho m et n-!iv of union on
the pint

fp keil ol,
was urged upon them to eultlvstea
« e'Miy last« 1 , un«t to work for their
particular good and the good of -
other» li has U-en remarkrd that the I
of mau l* like a golden, If It be n**'. I
«m î? sä
I n r . , '
" '
of their worthy
wln»«e nanus were synony*
mous with ul! trat 1-, dignified, libérai
und uoblu id ll.u uatuie of
The Church is not only regardful of
but éducatif him that
h the merits
Si win. have adorned bis -
the cj.lritual u.
he luuy Inielng
of her great
b'ry'a pages in every walk of life.
•. Ulcer» of me association hav« already
elected aud thev promUe to give
aid means to ad vat re the
ihdr ti
eau»o of the society. Ii 1» the object 10
into th« fociety
many vonng
possible. The library is fu bn till'd
"on 1 ifie usd literary
.-inbeiship will be
tbut every one
vviib inter« niug
woik*. Tbe cqrL
placed at a .
juin the usent dation.
All ti-e prop« rly of theCathollc Literary
i Asruciation ii a H
I geutleinu
At the couclu-i
remarks, Rev. i* R«ill«-y was called upou
und be remark«d that he bad nothing
the c bject, aim «nd
- of tlie tio 'let y hud already be«-u fully
who pre*
associa -
surreudered to the
who have Hr.- umed it» liabilities
of Mr. C'Byrne's
a.t VHtice,
f*t foith by the two Beutle
coded him ; lie Inoktd up* 11
lion of ibis kind as a grmt help to y»*uug
iuip-uVe thetiiB* iVCrt ui.d
Birergtrcn them in persevering iu the
paih of duty.
Lecture., dcbn»f«, *s-nyr, etc., will
enter into the wrckly pu-gu
«reise». Alr*adv
..1 gentlemen of
talent nnd ability hat«- c« n»« uted lo de
liver hciuns.bvfoie the
A list was 01 en. ti and a number of (ree
llem* 11 entered their tj
the new association.
The um lirg iheu adjourned to meet on
Friday evening with, the 16th lust.
of , h , BrU !, h crown," ha.
thirteen .ud »-holf
B,lli.h I.lM, a poimlâllon »lx
lime, aa en-el. while the eml. „cd popu
, latine of the whole Western Uvml.pher.
«nd that of Au.trall» dots uot vi'-.al hall
» "" ^ ^
ton «-orraiue, of the British uavy,_.
| JfAlSrl»*
Extent of imlla.
india, which has been railed the "peari
area of
that of the
1 a-hull

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