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The "Na ion" on the Division
of the Plunder.
Comments from Democratic and
Rep <blican Sources on Judge
Houston's Course—A Blast
for "General Blun
TUK rilKLFH, none t & co. CAHJB.
A Definite statement
of the Flunder— l-'.vcu the
Deport of Itlr. ilayard'e Uemark*
Not "a Truihleeu <J
The Nation, Deo. -JB.
tho IlivlMlon
The Pniiadeiphia Pres» has fortified its
report of Mr. Bayard's speech at D
Delaware, of which we spoke last
by publishing tho affidavit of u steno
grapher named Audeiu
13 reputable
the letters of
of Delaware, testify
ing to tho oorreotuess of tho report, and
partioularly that portion of it which makes
Mr. Bayard oburge Messrs. Coukling.
Noah Davis, Arthur, Jayue, and B<
with having been present when $207,000
extorted from Mr. Dodge, aud
"having divided it among thumsblves."
Andem's affidavit would
produce much impression
do undoubtedly
notice that thb defeuco of Evkhx Evening,
Mr. Bayard's Wilmington orgau, ugaium
it is very feeble. It amounts to saying
that these witnesses, having
report of the stenographer since the
meeting, fancy they heard what the report
oontaius. It seems as if Mr. Baya
might Very well have said in the heat of
oratory what the report makes him suy ;
for, after all, iu spite of the solemn card it
has drawn out from Messrs Davit,
Coukling, Boutwell, aud Arthur, in which
thoy prououuoe it "a truthless calumny,"
the cnarge was at
probably not
; but the letters
■ d w.
st simply inaccurate,
their language would
such a consolation
report makes Mr. Bayurd describe in his
speech, but Mr Dodgu wus not prese
Mr. Boutwell. But the other»
. Judge Davis was there, aud
Messrs. Conkling, J»yue, aud Arthur, aud
also Cornell aud Lulliu, all benahmen of
Mr. Ooukiing'B ; aud the busiuess before
the amouut they oould by a
strict construction of the law extort from
Mr Dodge. To all this Judge Davi*
testified ueforo the Committee. He also
added that he told this little party that if
court "no jury would
believe that a real fraud existed." Thoy
nevertheless went cu with their game and
did extort $271,000 from the Dodges.
This sum was not divided in the pre
xuanuur Mr. Bayard is alleged to have de
scribed, but his statement ou this pohit is
not "a truthless oalumuy." The Distrtot
Attorney, Mr. Bliss (Judge Davis having
gone out ol office, uliuuugh he hud offered
to eu halves with Bliss, got nothing), got
$5 400 ; Mr. Arthur, tho Collector, got
$21,Duff 01. The Surveyor, Cornell, and
th- Naval Offi i-r. L li u, «ot euch a similar
amount, or $65,718.03 iu all. Jay
t the whole of them! which wo
omitted to mention lust week, hut had to
that out of the
$271,000 extorted from .Mr. Dodge this little
baud actually took $131,4311, half of this
going to Air. Uoukliug'a heuchuteu That Air.
Arthur should have mgued the card uf indig
nant dental after having pocketed $21,000.01,
extraordinary piece of assurance.
Whether Mr. Coukling got anything is still
nucerluin ; he has nut denied it m the corre
spondence with Mr. Bayard. It was freely
asserted before the comiuitt
that he as well as liutlc
counsel fee, but tho cu
committee to testify
itself looks *
reat mistake
thi m
share with the informer.
oui house ofiiciuls
before tho
point, which of
made ti
w in attacking Mr. Bayurd,
icthim of exaggera
eept Mr.
t of directing public
of the worst
u Pl
ous. They have
Boutwell, do so at th
scandals of tlmi
carelessness, they all,
e for Hydrophobia, 1
- ' 1
The fo.i-iwiug
which is sa id to be a very «ff
taken from an old recipe :
wash by dissolviug two table spooufuls
the ohloruret of li
water aud instantly aud r« peatedly bathe
the part bitteu. 'The poisou will in bis
way be de
applied withiu six hours after the biting.
A general knowledge of these facts may
be of great value.
Make a b
» g
half a pint of
This method of
prov.d successful win
the neigbbor
hood of Milford.
A coltish weighing 21 pounds
oaught in a sei
Lowes,week before
James Gray has harvested
from lno
6,000 bush.ls of o
; 1 1
Milford will he built by
Maoïove Hayes says the n.
from l)
May n«
Uichardiou A Robbins, the Dover
paving 10 c uts per pound for
turkeys, chickens and 'uebs
A number of K-i
having a bo
from Liipsio to Philddelpbiu.
ual meeting of the St Georges
and Appoquiimuiuk ius
will bo belli iu Odessa
county farmers
carry their produce
January 3d.
a w< 1 -huowu negro
Nanev Mil:
woman whu lived for many years iu a
little shanty between Lewes and Rsbobotb,
died recently. The editor of the Break
water Light places her age at 103 y tars.
" Woodsidc ! Woodside !'' shouted tbe
oonduotor. "Well, what did old Wood
sigh at?" asked a p
puoster into tho
, and then bis
» und bounced that
Mr. Ernrey Marvel received $226 ft)m
the Delaware Railroad Company, a few
days ago, for the horses that
of tho trains of I ho company,
ell satisfied with the
of the company .—Dover Sentinel.
Miss Annie Morris, the youug July who
►iok with Riuulipex ut Fr< derica, died .
Wednesday week. Her death is
regretted by a large circle ol friend*», und
of respect no belli, hav«» boon used
the sleighs in Frederics .—Milford New »
Mr. Philip Marvel died on the 14'h
Inst., at the house of Mr John Srtibrfitdd,
91 years of
Woodside, Del
age and has a great many descendants
60 grand children and about 25 great
grand- children.
this peniusula, among whom
wanted to marry Elieha Campbell John
Cornelius objected; the daughter insisted,
and that night «-loped with her lover aod
was married by Preacher Tindall.
the oouple to make his house their home.
— Georgetown Inquirer.
hltohed his horse i
Holland, whom he
horse in pawing around broke tt«e plat
peared backward down it, dragging a little
tree up by the roots,
been hitohed. A pump maker placed his
BhearB over the well and the horse
released from bis position.— Delawarean.
John Cornelius
oastigated by her father
releDts aud forgives and asks
to town and
the yard of Edw
i he
a Well,
ice, disap
d, in a
which ho had
Mr Johu W Cullen has sold "Oherburg"
to Dr. Ge
(iomegys. of Cincinnati, for
this farm coutaiuM
of land,and is loaated near
owned by ex-Governor Cornelius UomegyH,
the father of the pr*-sent purchaser. It is
of the best farms in the country, and
doubt the Docor will improve it very
muoh from its present ooudition.— Dover
of $22 000
about 400
Little Creek Landing It
■Jayne, the Npy, Tell* "Unfit" T
Ftielp*, Dodye âc
"Gath" (George Alfred Townseud) baa
bad a talk with Jayne, the informer who
worked np the Phelps, Dodge & Go. i
Jayne, of course, lusists that the firm
guilty of deliberate and oonsuiouH fraud,
sinoe ho would confess himself to be a
snoiiudrel were he to udmit anything else.
"Gath" seems to have been under the im
pression that the pretended report of Mr.
Bayard's speech attributed to him the
assertlou that Conklin« had received
*10,000 This is a
did not name any amount and the ] -
tended report did not attribute any such
assertion to him. It is necessary to notice
this Impression of "Gath's'' however in
• 3.000
. Job.
Mr. Bayard
understand the portion of the in
terview relating to Oonkliug's share of the
"plunder '' Omitting Jayne's denuncia
tion of Phelps, Dodge A. Co.
following extraote from the report of tho
undo* th.
"Mr. Jayue," I said, "is there any basin
Bayard's imputation that Oouk
ling got any part of the money the
Government took from Phelps, Dodge A
Co ?''
"Yes." Bald Mr. Jayne, *he got *5 000
from the collector, surveyor and naval
for T
a foo to be their legal adviser i
taking it. It
Butler for advioe in the
*5 000 Arthur, Cornell and Lafiin
and asked
i hi i
perfeoily justified iu
fee that I gave
what I paid Butler,
aud I said $6,000 They said they wanted
to pay Oonkiing a fee, and would give him
the Rsme."
"But I understand, Mr. Jayne, that
ihey gave him $10,000 instead of
*6 000. That, I believe, 1b Bayard's
whether it
$10 000,'' said Mr. Jayne,
always understood it
may have gone $5,000 better.
$6 000
'I have
$5,000. They
"Coukling happened to be in the city,
aud Mr. Arthur, the Collector, Mr
Cornell, the Naval Agent and Mr. Lafiin.
(be Surveyor, thought that in
such gr vity they ought to have a lawyer.
I had telegraphed to Lowell
aod advise
Hen Butler to oome right
, aud Mr. Conkling said
' in HtwiotneBS the settlement proffered,
not sufficient; that the
I ha
of $271,000,
forfeiture would amount to many times
, but that he would suggest to the
S 'cretary of the Treasury
I hud mentioned. Wo got the
rant agaiust Phelps, Dodge «t Co. origi
nally from Judge Blatohford. As District
Attorney, Judge Davis
the consultation, aud knowing the pronn
nenoe of the depredators, the Collector
and his two asHooiates took Conkling for
oouDsel who
prominent ia
well informed in the
Mta*utory laws and Treasury regulations ''
the settlement made ?"
made duriDg the month of
the Treasury Départ
"Well, when
February, 1873.
ment in Washington. Mr Conkling
present there for the Collector, Surveyor
and Naval Officer, and Geueml Butler
They paid $270,000.50
Boutwell objected at first to taking the
money, claiming that entire invoices in
bo confiscated and put in the fine."
"How mnoh did you get. Mr. Jayne?"
"I got $04,000, of which I paid two
d Allen for their in
these fraudulent parts ought to
thirds to Field
former, CharleB F. Herve. I suppose he
paid them a few thousand dollars
"What has become of Herve,
"He is a beggar, walking tho streets of
"How oamo he to get down
"Well, h«* took that money aud went up
to N-w London, Conn., and paid $11.000
for a house, which he purchased iu his
wife'H name. The rest he put in 5-20
bonds of the Uuited States, aud gave them
also to bis wife,
she got the house aud
that she had
walk the
As soon
the bonds she told He
further use of him, and he had
plank. Then he oould get
in New York because he had been
"Well, Mr. Jayne, how rnuoh of (bat
money went to the Collector, Naval Offlu«r
and Surveyor ?"
" They got $10,000 apiece,
third of
gave Conkling $5,000,
Htood. and I gave Butler $5,000.
e-fourth of the whole. They
I have under*
turned into the Federal
• Did Phelps, Dodge A Co. take any re
venge ?'
They hired David A. Wells and
1 old Huhbard, the telegraph expert, to
' 1 up a Bureau of Literary Information,
which Tilden's bureau of
not a caudle. These
111(10 Ul poops
fellows began to write articles for tbe
, aud Phelps, Dodge A Co. gave out
amouut of about $1,
advertising to
0M). 000, and, with the advertisements,
would send these artioles written by Wells
-nd Hubbard agitating the question of
CbriBiian t
I asked Jayne how muoh time Conkling
to get in a fee of $5.000
erchants being hounded by
Jayne said he
«lays looking i
Oonkiing gsve
at $5,000 a week his servioes
$260,000 a year. It looks at this writing
altogether less reck
at Dovor thau
in calling attention
e, aud besides
the settlement of it in
may say that Mr.
week to this work, and
i li
as if Tom Bayard
It hs iu making his attack
Conkling A Co.
to it Judge Davis, who has a good
in New York, ought to be particularly
1 1
prominence given
his name
•• U EA.
A Vicions "Dlf" by n. Itcpiibllc
ihn D
l'eniu-ular New« and Adver
The Republican State Central Commit
tee will probably issue the following
general order to-day :
Republicans of Delaware : Agaiu we havo
mny and are unanimouHlv theirs.
' as never ho united and strong,
in so good condition to march to
at tho present moment. Guided by
past defeats, and
minster, under
■ ill emerge fr«
let the
But tho party w
tho experience of your
gathering courage fro
able leadership you _
gloom of disaster into the bright sunlight of
success. Already the enomy shows signs of
demoralization, and a few
contested elections
it to fly in tumultuous terror from tho
field. It needs but a bracing up ou your part
and your strict obedience to our orders and
support of our views, to seize the victory
which haH thus far oluded your grasp. Re
publicans ! the country stands on tip too.
watching us. Lot us not disappoint it. L$v
i order of the committee.
Burn. -Gen. Cannon,
Hoad Blunderbuss.
Th« Iteakon of
It is «-aid by persons, in the confidence
of tho Republicans of this State, that the
true reason for Judge Houston's with
drawing from the contest with Hou. E L.
Martin was that Houston's lawyers did not
know, when the oontest was begun, that
Mr. Martin oould introduce any proofs of
bribery and intimidation
the Republicans, but thought that he
confined to the allegations contained in
Houston's notioe.
the part of
"Berating" Them.
UoruiuK Nows (Kep.)
The withdrawal of Judge Houston from
the oontest for (Jongress is the editorial
theme of almost all of the down State
papers. Most of them incline to approve
of the withdrawal, and
length of quite soundly berating the gen
tlemen who get the oredit of leading the
Judge into making the oontest.
two go the
A medical writer abks, "Does position
affect sleep ?" Well, rather; if you're hung
up by your trousers on a spiked fence you
't sleep soundly.
An Irishman who
and who
that he should stand six paoes nearer
nis antagonist than the other did to him,
and they
It Is said that Kate Claxton puts
her neok wheu she plays the "Two
Orphans" to make herBhiver. We always
pposed the other orphan touohed Kate
with her bare foot to make her shiver A
woman's bare foot beats snow by 80
degrees.— Milwaukee Sun.
about to fight a duel, insisted
both to fire at the
The Fin
Fleeing ;«|ih
Their ValUHbles-A Queallma or Hie j
lilRhtH of Foreigner*.
Pan Ait a, Dec. 16.—The
ivtti of tbu
Santiago from Chimhote adds little to the
news or the progress of the war.
The exodus from Lima still continues, th«
Santiago brmgiug over 400 passenge
Ancon to the northern ports of Peru.
The principal families of Lima are leaving
the threatened capital precipitately, taking
with them whatever valuables they can carry.
Large amounts of jewelry and co:
been placed on board the Shannon aud other
gn war vessels and the better dwellings
being stripped of their more valuable
furniture, Ac., which is shipped north to
places of Bafuty.
But few families, and those of the poorer
classes, will await the advent of the Chilians.
Several hulks m Callao hay have been litted
up aH places of refuge for a number of foreign
fumilies, but »question haH ariseu regurdmg
their employment for Buch a n
The Peruvians assert that tl
hulks must leave the bay, aud have ordered
them off.
The Chilians say if thoy leave the waters of
the bay they will seize them, hence the con
sternation among parties who have repaired
them at great expense aud fitted and furnished
them as the residences of their fuinilies.
The foreign munsters and comnnuidorB of
foroign war vessels huve had a conféré
the subject, the result of which is awaited
with anxiety.
generally boliovod that the hidkH,
foreign proporty, will be protected.
The Chilian invading force is still at Pisco
and has been reinforced by 2,000 men from
Arioo, probably part of tho expedition just
returned from tho north of 1
in have J
o old battered
Eibridge T. Gerry is the richest practic
ing lawyer in Nbw York.
General Robert Toombs, of Georgia,
has given 1,000 acres of Texas land to
aid in founding a university in that Slate
Sbobeleff, the young ltussiau general,is
fond of risking bis life,and the odds against
hiB living to an old age are considered very
Mr. J. 0. Flood declares that he
election to the Uniteo
wouldn't accept
States Senate from California under any
Lady Chelmsford, grand niece of the
Duke of Wellington, strikingly
Sarah Bernhardt, aud closely copies her
Carlyle, from bad health, has abar.duned
his intention of writing his uutobiography.
I'be historian Froude has undertaken *
write his life.
Baron Charles d>- Rothschild, of Frank
fort, has spent $150 000 in adding
collection the most superb and txpeusive
silver gilt cup in the world.
Mrs. Scott-Siddons, the actress,
private shooting match
ed a
the prize ut
recently held in St. Louis She
heavy rill-, and soored fffl shots out of a
possible 72
Bishop Quiotard, of Tenresseo, intends
Rugby, the
settlement, aud
that plaoo his future home, at Tom
Hughes' r« quest.
to build a residence
Isabella has been attending a
tbu house of Madame de
Lesseps ; the Spaniard has much faith in
the Panama scheme, and has ordered her
bankers to invest largely in it.
Mr. Epes Sargent, a veteran
ters, will shortly issue, through Harper A:
Brothers, a "Cyclopædia ot British and
American Poetry," upon which he has
been engaged many years.
of lot
Emile Zola's father
engineer ut Aix, where several canuls and
a distinguished
named after him. His mother
r-ceutiy interred in tho burial lot
given by the town to the ZjIu family.
-Governors of New York
Hamilton Fi»b,Horatio Seymour
H Clark, Eiwi
D. Morgan,
, John T. Hoffman,
Reuben E. Fe
Samuel J. Tilden and Lucius Robinson.
Thomas Maguire, tho San Francisco
theatrical manager, at one time sold
papers ou the street in New York, but
since that time has been rich enough
lose $700 000 by fire and is still wealthy.
X.The riobeHt men iu Germany are the
R.ithncbtlds of Frankfort, Krupp of E*sen,
and Bl-iobhroder of Berlin, aud Prn.ce
Bismarck is also reckoned among the
millionaires. The number of Prussian
diilliouain s is ouly 1,195.
Senator Matt Carpenter's opinion is
entitled to re-peot when, iu speaking of
Secor Robeson, he says: "He is u great
constitutional lawyer among sailors, aud
a great sailor among constitutional
lawyers ."—Albany Times.
Lady Georgiaua Fullerton, the well
Ruojuu Catholic novelist, is a sister
to Earl Granville, n<
H-r father
Paris, aud Lady Fuile
a- well and
Foreign Secretary
for years Ambassador ii
writes F
ived at the Wash
a stoue from th««
trial chap-1 of William Tell, in
Uai.tou Uri, Switzerland erected in 1388
the spot where Tell is said to have
- heaped from the tyraut Gessler
The Etuperor William is taking much
interest in the aut'-Jewish agitation iu his
country. He wus absorb, d iu foil
the r-cei t long d- bate iu 'he Chamber.a> d
when it was over the miuister of public
worship mude a report to him on the
The following ladies are the leaders of
the American oolony m Paris this winter :
Mrs. J. W. Mackay, Mrs. Hutobtnsou,
Mrs. George Walker, Mrs Moran. Mrs. ■
Warren, Mrs. Von Hoffu an. Mth. Hooper
and Mth. Banks. Of unmarried lad:
there is said to be a scarcity.
M. Alexander Du
He works best ne
at dsyhrcok, takes a good soup, si
to his de« a i
sunrise, lie gets up j
diately after and quitH it ,
ly. He writes most fi
itry, where he has around him |
d tre*
tly in I
d sile
Zjla, the ooveliBt, once spoke of himself
perhaps tbe ouly original Republican
who did not ask for au office wheu
empire went out, aud G imbtlta quietly
produced a letter from Zjla written wheu
Gambetta was dictator, on the very
of the imperial downfall, asking for a
sc.b- prefecture.
Albert Wolf, in tho Figaro , declares
that there is at present only oue geuuiue i
Parisian alive; be is named Dupin. Ho
has never been off the boulevards a day,
aud in his time bas seen the Consulate and i
Empire, the Restoration, the umbrella of
Louis Philippe,the coup d'etat, the Second
Empire, and the three Presidents of tho
existing Republic.
Bernhardt is tired of being call« d names
She gives notice that she is going to lake
the matter into her own hands, and "any
person, be ho clergyni.n or othorwjso.wbo
attempts from ttm time form to biaok.n
my repo ation by proolalmtoR and circa
lating false reports about my life, cf which
he knows and cau know nothing, will be
summarily bro^bt into court to answer
to a criminal charRe
Thomas U. Wales, a Boston merchant,
died them last weak, a K cd 75 failed
m 1837 and 8« tied w th his J»™ ( »*
60 conta ou the dollar In I860 after
yeara of prosperity, ha paid tbe
remaining *0 per coot. 0« their principal
to bis oreditors, and in 18Bt, ha paid the
interest of Ti years on that principal.
His foneral was attended by an immense
ooncourse of tbe people who knew bnn.
Judge Jere Black is a tall, brond
sbouldered, strongly-built
ble rugged oak among
remarkable memory. When making
argument before the Supreme Court he
authorities be may wish to oite. He makes
such references from memory. He is
learned in the law, Bible and Shakespeare
and baa a wide knowledge of general liters
ture. He sometimes becomes so absorbed
in a book that he reads all night and is
oblivious of time and surroundings.—
Free Pres». He is likewise a prodigal in
profanity aud an extravagant and unpleas
ant tobaooo obewer — Philadelphia Even
ing Pullttin.
—a vetita
. He has a
• es referring to legal
"I deal," remarks tho merchant ; "I
out." adds tbe oarpenter ; "1 turnip
spade," says the gardeoer ; "I pass,"
observes the railroad superintendent ;
"I lead hearts," adds the beau ; "I follow
suit," says the tailor with his little bill;
•T trumpet." ohimes tbe
"You our," shouts tbe butoher, as the dog
off with a two-peund steak. Thus
many olasses seem to be made game of.
t player ;
AS'. Lo*»i*jflr
_ Eogluuit ti
cROh uf quail and prai;
HU wild turkeys.
1,400 dr.
oh * ( kei *»
■ 1
of the postal
car Waehing
Bent «ver tu
a letter
Over Cart Hors-."
Hanover Court House.
fouurt directed
It 2m
The Ht. Louis polioe b'-nded off
who was attempting suicide the day before
the connus, and Chicago papers indig
nantly osk if this is a free country — Poh
J ton Pont.
A hoy that donen't know enough tr.
jui ' a Sunday school betweeu
Christmas, is the b
lie g inter.
in 'tanjo
kuow of .—New Heat
t total
chiidreu re
;?' atiks Ihn N*
Haven Register They
Else way, when a !
boy it found in the pantry, does it always 1
appear, according to hi« statement, that ;
ho went
drive the
out ?
A well known Evangelical clergy
being accused of leading toward Uoi
veieulisui, replied that he hoped everybody
would go to heaven.
"Aud," sa:
persons I wish
Tho latent rag« among youDg ladiesi* to
old fasbiom d spinning wheel
for a parlor ornament. The desi
kitchen ornament doesn't rage
among young Judies.
panBitig a country graveyard,
digging a crave.irquiri s
"Who's dead ?"8exfon—' Old Squire Bum
blebee."—Man—• What compta ut ?" Hex
plaiut ;
eeing the Be
ton (without looking up)—"No
everybody's satisfied.
The New York Mail auks : "What is to
be done with the foriy-s
standard silver dollars which nobody win
have?'' Have
that, it should call
until the re
announce the result .—Norristown Herald.
offended the Mail
"nobody?" Wait
before you
The mysterious gift of
Lord Be
ey which
hero, Eudymion
ives reoalls tho fact that to
3 day
William Pitt the younger, came
known benefactor a present of
promote his early career iD
So that the fiotion i
$50 000. to
stranger than the truth.
A four-year old Iri*h child, saying her
her mother's knee, having
usual, with "God bless papa and
id grandmammas
its.'' «ko , gave a great sigh,
and said : * O mammy dear, I do wish
these people
for I
mamma, grandpapas
uncles and
Id pray for themselves,
tired of praying for them."*! ;
A Galveston clergy
talking to a
male parent about the latter's little boy
fobnny. Said the fond father: "He Is
the cutest little
swear like a trooper, chews tobacco, ties
tin paus to the dogs' tails, aud—" "Does
he attend school?" "Why, parson, he is
too youug for that, you kuow ; he is not
far enough advanced."
. II
"Is your programme full, Miss Beetle
orusher? ' asked a young
Western damsel who had just struggled out
of the rtfreshmect
rnout in her
her baud.
daughter of the setting
guess not ! I huiut had nothing but
piece of cake mid
with disnapoint
''order of dances" in
"Programme full?" said th«*
. "Waal, I
ice cream, an' that
don't go far toward filling my programme,
tell you."
More lhau 800,000
been reclaimed from the water iu Holland
since »ho beginning of the 1 ffth century,aud
the work still gees on at the rate of about
eight acres per day. Since 1820 the Lake
of Haarlem has been drained, and
th«* Zuider Zeo is to be pumped out,which
will surpass all previous endeavors.
The leader of the class s at Vassar Col
lege is a Japanese girl. She is probably
the ouly girl in school who doesn't
at the sight of a rat .—Philadelphia Chron
of land have
Rat upon seven hills. One
Now Y*ar's morn the hills turned
new D*af and sat upou Rome. They like
*he ohange and have be
—Keokuk Gate City.
Greedy grocer (to farmer's wife w
pplyiug him with butter): "This pun'
' butter is
itting there
*r licht, gudewife." Gude
wife: "Blame yersel', lb n, I weighed it
wt' the pun' o' sugar I gat frae ye yestreen. ''
design a costume for the French
aotresH Judio, but Lydia Tliouips
design a costume for herself in half an
delphii Chronicle.
It takes Worth
•k of hard
ake nothing of it.— Phila
"I feel a poem in my heart to-night"
of thought
f« el fifty poems
't a good
threw them there.
breaks out
That's nothing ;
waste basket, and
day for feeling when
—Ntw Haven lighter
•et rhy

no lift- 1
•I» 1
i limy iu it
itfht 8«
Unit's w ill
Bernhardt h
wonderful pic
called "The Ynnug Girl and D-*aih."
figures in it, and y
choice of the
whioh is
B -rnbardt and which is the youug girl.—
Ntw Orleans Picayune.
Who is to take charge of Mrs. Langtry
in Philadelphia, now that it is ugaio aset
lied facf thut
Well, if she's
ing as they Hl«y she IS,
to doing it.— Poston Post.
America ?
good look
wouldn't ot j'jot
k 0
M) <brln
"ll's lii
light the lire!''
i ..„ ailt l- Pf .
lue? • 'Yes
A Chinaman's wife in San F
thinks she is pursued by a devil, and her
husband keeps 12 gongs beating to drive
the fiend away Aud «-van tho most ardbnt
haters of the Chinese in that neighbor
hood hope tho fiend will couse to perse
o the lady.
' Darling," she whispered,
back to catch her tender accents,
't you pl-ose g) buy
in Mr. Matthe
he bent
of that
' window for
y owuest," he murmured.
He went by it ull. and never stopped—the
unfeeling wretch !
• V
xtt t ue»
Hllid , ,„ ud G a , VM ton p«.nf,
, itt|o Jm „ oi t0 bo « [
wbell rmv!1 H o doesn't eat, and
-. " l '
: .> y .. Y hltrt
oysr. ' Hs ia going to havo the
Mutd „ wiu oul . A coup , 6 of weekB
.go it was reported that a u.Ln had boon
( " ucd d ,, ad the d00r ot „ L
! Bralluh holtd . Xt now , pp ^„ a tlml th "
dt „ t , ae(!d Borb ndtil „ „ ^ mond pin
„ , d w . loh obatll wl . ish i Dg tw0 £ OUIidl ,,
; uu B d th e hotel clerk tnru.d the odd shoal.
der on him _ llml thc cool reoeptioll he
| mBt wi ,h f, 0 so hint to death.
cry glare,
hs her slipper
■d thinks, and
hint all
s Jiijimy.'-—(/af»e)fon
The industrious Swiss will not be ruined
by the cheap labor saving machinery of
America. Consul-General Hity says that
•re enterprising of their watch
manufacturers have studied Am*, ri
provemeutB and introduced
market, from which
u ,
a result, regaiued the Europeau
drove them
ago. They have also taken up other
industries, aud especially tbe manufacture
cbinery, and
industrious aud ingenious people de
-'{..all- pro-p. im -
A momentous question has been deoided
at Muuicb. The president, four directors,
of the oldest councilors of the
First Bavarian Circuit
whethir a lawyer might plead before the
in light colored trowers. Afier
a d animated discussion they agreed
affirmatively, in direct opposition
Mmisteral order of September last, which
decrees that black broadcloth is to be the
mined to oppose the Imperial and Prussian
the question of panta
et to decide
loi L'
The Bavarians
Haopenings Before and Afier !
' J-,. . . .
Grand and Petit Jurors for the U. S.
Court—Matters Appropriate to
the Season—Change in a
Business Firm.
'US 1C.
»ho Second llai»tl*t
> In
A 1 ,
«'hoir -Fir*t Attenip
la City.
days ago that
the choir of Grace M. L Church i
assisted by an orchestra composed of a
piano, orgau, cornet, flute, vioiouot-llo and
violins. Tho statement
iih this qualification—that the orchestra
ed is employed i
services and not. in the church
Many readers of tho Jounal will
reoall Low that a quarter of a century
sidered hardly proper for
a member of the Methodist Ohurob to have
a violin about his house, much less to
perform upon it there or elsewhere. They
not called "violias" by devoto
ohurch-goiug men in those days, bu
•fiddles,'' a d the word * Addle" wh.
associated with thoughts of dancing and
other recreations classed
obaoge of sentimeut which has grown up
with regard to church music recalls aiittn
Sunday school
so ago it

f y
About the year 1802 tho fortunes of
tided a youug man named Wilhau.
W. Willoughby in this city. Willoughby
had been gathered i
irrny and taken prisouer by the Uaioi
forces soon afterwards. Ho sailed from
part of North Carolina and,
American bon
mot. Th.
the Couieri-raie
wheu he first
uecidedly the greene:
youth that the
mauy ludicrous tricks of which ho wut
made the victim would be almost incredi
ble to those who did not kuow him. Lift
iu this city, however, gradually cured him
of bis g roe on ess. It was a slow proouss bu
sure,and after a residence hereof 10 yeatf.
during which time he acquired a fair
knowledge of ourriage painting, he grew
igiuaiiy been verdant
a sewing machine
he had
and PlOBSomed out
agent who would tackle a fn
o'clock in tho morning and walk beeid«
the plow or in the harvest field til.
the middle of the afternoon, keeping up
such an unceasing stream of tube that thi
poor balf-diHiraoi:ed victim would very
likely be worried into buying a machine in
to Wilmiugton be
Just in proportion a
wisdom his religion
has nothing to do with iho story.
Notwithstanding iiiu extreme verdancy
whon he first came to Wilmington, iher«
subject upon which Willoughby
well posted, and that was musio.
Though bis voice was not tho must melo
dious, he knew all about breves
quavers, and such things, und whon h«
joined the Second Baptist Church, as he
did, it did not take him long to go<
into the choir. A fow Sundays afterwards
he surprised his fellow members of tbai
staid body by bringing his accordion with
him to the morning service. Utterly
regardless of what anybody elso migh'
think about it, when tho opening hytm
was given out Willoughby accoiupauitd
the singing with his accordion,and so with
the hymns that follow« d Heedless of th
remoustrances and rebukes which greeted
Dim at the close of the sc-rvico he brought
h.s accordion with him agaiu in the
mg and faithfully played
meut to each by
The members of the choir and congre
gation were not only astonish« d
amused but likewise iudignaut. The pas
consulted and a business meeliui.
called dunug the week to cousider tli
matter. Wiiloughby was present at iB
meeting aud with all the untutored el« -
queue— and the seif usnuranoe with whici
uo was plentifully gifted he urged th
of instrumental
wanted to know what the
church woul't do, if un\ of them were s
s to reach Heuven ; how th«
oould bear to bear the myriads of aug. 1«
• playing upon their golden harps, f
they could not btuud u little music here o.
Could they bo happy there ;
oould Ihey enjoy themselves ; would th. >
be prepared to endure that heavenly
He feared not, aud it grieved him to thi..4
of the eternity of torture, instead of bliss,
««hieb they were striving to gain.
Arguments like these, though v-he
nitnt.y urged with gr«at and untiring
volubility, were thrown away upon tha
They d-oided by unanimous
vote that either Willoughby

When Willoughby first
y religions,
he grew in worldly
ed out : but this
he had doue iu th«
ers of tb
Tuns began aud
tho services of a Wilmiugi
(is left at
dt-d what w
the first attemp
sic of this character
G Kit MA
\ iOLH.
si churches.
Baptist Church looked very
s night Sunday
pulpit had ne tu
pretty at the Chris
school celebration. Ti
removed aod iu its place stood a large and
gaily decorated Christmas
foot of the
•e. At the
«:ru stacked packages of
ings for
the little ones. Ou each side of the tree
were seats ranged iu ascending tiers, which
were occupied by tho mem Der« of the in
fant department. The program
prised solos, duets, chotusbs and récita
by tho scholars and was very credit
ably gone through with. Yesterday
ing the pastor, Rev. J. M. Hot ffiin,
preached a sermon appropriate to
The Sundry school
.•It bratiou at the
til attended aud passed ufi
st interesting
Chri-trnas iiees, hearing attractivo fruit.
There w«r- recitations, singing and a short
address by the pastor, Rev. P.
delivered a ►p»t*iol
mmg, w
! v*:ry creditably.
the children
I f*
Thieves Wh» Inhibited n F
for F.dge«! Tools.
A band of burglars made a heavy haul of
cutlery nt J). 11. Kent «V Co.'s iron storo Thurs
day night. The thieves entered the premises by
boring out tho lock of the small door iu the
coutro of tho iron gate leading from tho large
tho cart-way running out to
Orange street. Then they entered
thy office from tho i
prying up ono of tho windows, and broke
open the money drawer but found nothing
there. From the office they wont up »tails to
the cutlery department where they tumbled
the Htock aud carried off an assorted
load of pen-knives, table cutlery, load pencils
d otber things.
The firm has not vet ascertained exactly
what lias been taken, but estimate tho Iohh at
about $500.
DuPont Post, G. A K., which recently
removed trom Sixth aud Shipley
fourth story of the MoClary building,
opeued its
to the public on Christ
day, and will ooutiuue to welo«
visitors all this week. The
oovered with Brussels eftrpet, and has
been appropriately arrang'd with guns,
bugles, drums, cannon, pictures, «fco.
Evergreen played
tbe adornments
fire is a most
the otteotion of
important p:
Saturday. The oarnp
plete thi g that attracts
first glance.
The Post is most comfortably fixed in its
quarters, aud the members show
their satisfaction in their cheerful oouute*
Muid A l>OllI
Tiling* That
the A tilt ude of the »».. W A IK. t
A correspondent of the Bultuuore «Swn, ■
j referring to the projected Elkton A
j Middletown railroad and the attitude of |
y Tow uni* It
! ,llB PbUadelpw», Wiimtogion *Baitimwa |
. railroad towards it. makes som-* «tfwerlion* !
regarding whioh a Joubnai. repr«.-- I
ue inquiry Wednesday |
of the leading directors of 1
sentativo mud.
tho latter road, Mr. Charles Warner. i
Tho first of these assertions is that the i
P. W.&B Co., "whioh expects to mur.age
link that will connect Baltimore is
obstacles iu tho way of travel to this city
Air. Wuruer «aid that tho P M W. & B.
**ge the pro
throwing any
with ti
ula, in h
Co. does
jee ed road, aud i
obstacles iu the way of travel
more. The P., W. & li Go. mtide the
surveys of the line between E.atou aud
Middletown; but, beyond this, dois not
t»ko any special interest iu the matter.
Naturally it will oarry all the freight
ottered it
and let the E
A 1 , id. ruilroad collect its
will curry the freight of thb
cither end
Delaware branch
its regular trains, but oannot be expected
uocominodate the
freight. It
iw line trom
its main hue

may be, on
special trains
E. AM. railroad, boou
probability thut it would pay
and railways, like other corporations,
instituted for tho purpose of making
iüe Sun correspondent goes
that through tickets
the Peninsula
he obtained from
Philadelphia, but
Mr. W
1 discrimination against Baltimore in
■ his matter, but that the sale of tickets is
under the control of Mr. Dudomu, who
found it difficult
hat would
t«m. the matter has never been formally
considered by the board of directors.
similar cuargts of
alleged discrimination against Baltimore iu
■ reight rattB, Mr. Warner said he had no
Knowledge of the existence of such
•r says that there is
make any change
disarrange the whole syB
With reference
itiou of tlic Firm of Fliim «V
xm—Short Sketch of the Huai
The firm of Flinn Jk Jeckson, has
dissolved, Mr. J. R. Flinn
iuing the business under the old fir
me. and Mr. J. L Jackson
vlr. Jackson will journey to Mouthern Cali
The firm of Flinn A Jaoksou dates from
1857, and
bin health.
that time, with the exoep
interval of about two years, ha«
stand, No 21fl
Market street. The building, however,
which was originally a small aud old
rashioued structure, has growu with tLe I
d been added to, enlarged and
rebuilt until scarcely any of the old Imild
mg remains. I'be late firm purchased the
uuildiog iu 1872 and within the following
year expended
i of
lone bn il

$9,000 iu improving
tho property. The present building is
Market street,
extending through to Sbipley street, with
upper stories.
Previous to 1350 one Willia
Griffin carried
at this
to .Jehu H. Adams and Job H. Jackson,
who conducted the busi
of the largest
ell-supplitd workshops i
a small tiuning business
od. In that year Grillla sold out
under the firm
of Adams «t Jackson.
In 1857 Mr. Adams retired and John
Fiinn, father of J. R. Flinn, became
associated with Mr Jackson iu the business,
under the firm name of Flinn A Jackson.
About 18t!3 Mr. Jaokion sold out his
interest in the busiuess to Johu Fiinn and
withdrew from the firm. Associating
himself with Jacob F. Sharp, who had
previously been foreman of the Hurlan «.t
Hollingsworth car shops, the car building
firm of Jackson A Sharp was formed,
through which it is needless to state,
of the leading industries of Wilmington,
has been built up.
After Mr. Jackson's retirement Mr.
Funn took his sou, S. J. Fiiun. into the
•sss, and the firm became John A S
R. Fiiun.
Iu 18ff5, Pickels A Cotter succeeded to
he busiuess, and
Then Mr. William D. Pickels
retired, aud J. R Fiinn and J L Jackson
the business with Mr. Cotter,
he firm name being changed to Cotter,
Fiiun A Co.
ducted it for two
c* following year, Mr Cotter with
and the firm hi
A Jacks
aud has remained
hanged up to the present notice of disso
utiuu. T
nat the firm, starling in 1857 a- Fiinn «t
Jackson, id timed through several ubauges
iimp, without either of the
uembers of the origiual firm beiug
lectcd with it, aud without any iutenti
o preserve the old name merely for the
dvautages which is generally supposed to
5 we have the i
st.ng fac
o tbe :
the business of tho firm has grown to
extensive one. Iu one branch aloue
Hheet zinc is ustd than is sold by all
ti» other wholesale dealers in metals in
Wi min y ton put together.
Outside of a large retail business in
aud house furnishing
docs a great deal of work
n fitting out steainboots and
■r part, of the boats aod cars built by
Harlan «t. Hollingsworth Company for the
oast 10 or 16 years and uianv of the ,
boats built by the I'usey A Jo;
Jompauy have been furnishid and 1
litted out by this firm
of business. This forms uf Itself .
a very important trails when the range of i
the busiutBi* is considered, embracing,
it does, heating and cooking apparatus,
ventilators, lavatories, galvanized iron,
ziuo, planished copper und tin work of all j
Kinds, roofing of cars, fine brass fittings
and many other varieties of work. The 1
making and putting iu of heaters is also a !
large and lucrative business. At the prrs
time the fi
for a Milwaukee railroad .and finishing up
rk upon several cars for other railroads.
This brauch of the busiuess -vessel and
furnishing—having been 60 long '
a sp«uiialty with Fii
workmen huve been especially fitted by
by experience for doing it with
ditiou that would surprise good workmen
in other departments of the business.
Some of the workmen now emploved by
the firm have h«*en steadily engaged upon j
this class of work for the past dozen years
iOO In, the fi
is coupled upon \
A Jackson, tlieii
Til fit "IB«»
The Lu nous i
no publications, continues to « x ;ite tho
many people i
Owl, by its vile and ob
favored (?) with a notice
many, of c
which it contains, but others
do uot, for the lying pen of this vile pub
lication, iu comparison with which the
illustrated police papers
j decency, is liable to do irreparable injury
to worthy people, especially to y
ladies whose characters it may choose,
without W:
the fact that there is a doubt
its sale
whether they
tot. An
tho ite
models of
t, to assault. Iu vi
I i
to whether
be legally suppressed here, a
citizens have resolved uot
read it, under any ciroutu
number of
to purchuse
stand s, and if the remainder of the
repress its curioßity and follow
this example, the circulation of this organ
be stopped.
of depravity
Work at CI y
reports business much brisker
than iu past winters. He is running 16
benches aud doing
usual. Ou Saturday be shipped ni
heavy oarriages, most of them to Virginia,
and has just completed a large hearse, for
a Philadelphia order. An order for a
medium sized child's hearse is iu hand, to
be finished oomplete. It will be painted
white and trimmed in pink, with silvered
heavy work than
New steam Fai l
The Harlan & Hollingsworth Company has
. eeeived art order from the Baltimore Steam
Packet Company for a new freight steamer,to
be a propellor of 900 tons burthen, 205 foot
long. 31 feet 6 inches beam. It will bo named
the Gaston. It will have a compound engine
aud surface condenser, together with all the
most modern improvements, and is exported
to be completed by July.
Proily Tl
•ii There.
he S«
Institute Hall j
Christmas eve, but
The Catholic fair i
■ opened nominally
commenced in
| t*od was well patronised during the ufi
and evening. It will ooutinuu open j
h day ami evening until after the huli- i
I d»y*.
■ •.
■ n|
Oo entering the fair, the first 'h«ng tint
r i« a puodl
, purchased by Hi;
1 «tfr»
i tmntru of the
i Deck« r from the Vr
Academy of the Visitât'.
is in charge of Miss S.diie ihuCi.-Jierty :
assisted by several other kd les und ail the !
articles exhibited tin-run were prepared!
by the Bisters at the Academy. Pin re au- 1
tear. y pretly thing.; hire, among them a
vase of artificial flowers of exquisite wort
manship and u lire screen of dainty
design, chssto and simple yet c-XeOUUZ
with scrupulous nicety of def-.il.
Around the
he I
•d;i ;
Tbi* 1
gr-d booth« aud
.presenting the various Cathode
Near the door, u' the eastern end, is
S:. Paul's table, iu charge of Miss Jonoie
U othera. Over the centre, entwined in
uf tho
a painting of
iakce of Kdlaruey. A ludy's gold
marbie-top table, set of chairs, sofa,
, china tea set, toilet artioles, Ac.
• xbibited here; tho gold watch to b
of two lady contestants ,
it number of
B.ckta preside*
rgi- 11 -,
awarded to the
receiving the highe
Mrs. Tk
Sacred Heart tably, adjoining. Her
a lady's gold watch, marble top bi
stiver castor, set of chans, china tcu set,
«tu. Adjoining is the grocery table, wher^
a barrel of flour will be disposed of iu 10
ceut chances. A large
*36 attracts much attention.
St. Peter's tuolu, the first on the
southern side, is iu charge of Alins Annie
Mellon. Over the center of this table in a
handsomely framed crayon portiuit of
Bishop Becker, half length aud nuarl)
life size, the work of Garrett aud valu.
The Bishop is r. prtsented i
This port
60 cents per chauoe.
are ulso a chamber suit, a murblo top
bureau and tabic, large mirror, lady's
gold watch, geiillemau s silver watch, wax
figures representing a bride and groom,
silver ware, quilts, afghans, «te.
Next corne the glass table aud bcek
stand, iu oburge of
Pete.'d Church,
wheel is
drawn with every 12 chunces taken, the
wiuuer to have his choice of any article
the table, with tho cxueptiou of a few
served articles. The bookt comprise
staudard works of poetry and fictiou auo
various miscellaneous volumes. A flue
photograph album aud a copy of Shake
speare's works are reserved to be chanetd
off separately. Over the hock siuml is a
pertrait cf Piux IX , with his autograph ;
appended. Back of it in au afghan of
z phyr work, made by tho aisters uf the I
Academy of the Visitation for Bishop
Becker and valued at *20a
Ou tto. ~u «to th., «™, a«.
the tables of öt. Mary s and St. James
churches. The luttbr is in the charge of
Mies Jordau, and contains rocking chairs,
ble top aland, tete-a-tute, mirror aud
various articles of fine needlework.
The booth adjoining iu devotud to a
miniature eight-roomed house, furnished
und carpeted throughout and surrounded
by a inopsy lawn, the work of Nathaniel
Henderson, which is alone worth a visit to
the fair. This booth is iu charge of Airs.
Mary Heudorsou, and the house is offered
iu 26-cent chances.
bt. Mary's glass table, similar to St. ,
Peter's, cornea next.
The remaining table, of St. Mary's
Church, is in charge of Mrs. ltabuiau aud
Miss Sarah MoCaff«rty. Here are a ludy's
gold watch, geutlenjun's silver watch,
inarbh-'op bureau und stand, vases of
•r the
dl I
at $100.
full canonicals,
chanced off
wl, Htrr
-u of Si
At these tables, the
in motion and
other things. !
Not the least attractive thing in the j
ia the refreshment table, in front ol
the stage, which is in charge of Miss |
Annie Mellon.
THE UNirtso s i'atks JURORS, i
work, a china ;lea set and
Tilt: <• rutitl and Felit Juries lira««'
O Jau
At the Uuited Siatos Court
oiorniug the drawiug took place for the
grand and petit jurors, tor
of the Uuited States District C
which commenoi:s January llth,aud which
îusual importai;
the fact that the election cases will then
come up. The method of drawing tin
es been fully ex
members of each
has several
plained, 200
political party (400 in all) beiug placed
a box aud dr
drawing this
piomiscuously. The
suited in a
majority of three li-puhlicans
grand jury aud two Democratic
■ b
msj irity
tbe petit jury, giving th • Republicans
a majority of
tbe list of j>
both. Following is
Charles E Anderson, St Georges.
Peter McCullough, Wilmington.
Georgo S Capelle, Wilmington.
William M. Suu ki-it, ll«-d Lion.
Alexander M Veil, St Georges.
William A Husbands, Brandywine.
D. Bat,u-trd Ferris, Pencadtr.
J Wilkins C«>oeb, Penoader.
Benjamin Gibbs, St. G< orges.
George Proud, Brandywine.
S My
, Christiana.
Prince Caldwell, North Murdarkill.
William Clark, North Murderkill.
Nathan Pratt, Milford.
Joseph B Smith. Duck Creek.
Peter S. Collins. Duck Creek.
Peler R. Burton, India. .
R jbert Aruell, L wis and K.bcboth.
Jacob Williams, Seaford.
Isaac Giles, Jr., Little Creek.
Thomas R Harper, S-aford.
Eraemus Matthews, Gomhoro.
George H. Draper, Cedar Creik.
8«tli H. Fe
William Luke, Brandywino.
Spencer Chandlc-r, Mill Creek.
Henry G Banning, Wilmington.
William A. Husbands, Brandywine.
Wiliiam P. Biggs, Pencader.
Daniel B. Maloney, Appcapilnimiuk.
William Bowe. Wilmington.
John Otto, Wilmington.
Reuben Ball, Mill Ore« k.
William Beadeukopf, Wiimiugtcn.
John F. Statt«. Appnquinimink.
William JI. Smith, White Olay Creek.
Derrickson. St. Georges.
;r, Wilmington.
Peter L. Cooper. North Murderkill.
Thomas Clements, West Dovor.
John Wright. Kenton.
William E. Smith.David Clay ton,Dover. |
Charles M. Wharton, Ea<t Dover.
Wi'diaut Quallen, Mispillion.
ik Denny, Duck Creek.
Benjamin F. Foots, Broad Creek.
Samuel J. Gregg, Gumboro'.
Johnathan Moore, B-oad Creek.
William W. Wright, Seaford.
John W. Mi-st ick, G«orgelown.
George Jones, Gumboro'.
Albert Curry, Nanticoko.
B. Howard. Baltimor
tUe "Xlcioor.
Tho steam tug MeLor , whioh was built j
by the Pusey A Jone« Company last !
winter, for Bush and Warner's line, has
been sold to the Government of the United !
States of Colombia the negotiations being
made with the financial agent of the
iu New York. |
delivered to tbe agent
She is the
Government, who is
The tug
vessel of the kind
powerful j
constructed to ply j
in the waters of the Delaware, and made
her trial trip last February. The price for
which she is Bold is
Had Nothing to do With It.
Anthony Higgins, E^ , says that, since
the Houston-Marti
abandoned, he wishes to put himeelf right
before the people by saying that he
not engaged
counsel ; that
he oonoerned i
oeedings which
conte» t has !
of Judge Houston's
stage of the matter
it, and that the pro
taken looking
oontest were not taken upon his advioe.
J\ <fc««R
re I
ii** liât», a he l.iuio
it W
j «»
composed of
, Dec.
campaient near the outskirts of e
;o hands, funning by
a loving brotherhood. Three of the
apparently Mexicans, and th
.—Wo bavo a gipsy en
o of tbe
time parted company
Later in the afterm
f f 0IU
being kÜVud i.k
Mpecial ol ticorA
the lighting grounds
the conflict st an end.
oilier a Welshman known as " Edmond," o
gaged in u g'atnu o
one of
ng iu liqiu
id <
Einully after smashing a glass door the
I' the house, and
. ho
to for Edmond, who
and proceeded
One of the women approaching one
of the officers said vauutiugly, "Wo can lick
them." Edmond's wife hearing the remark,
i u the words of my informant, ' hit her hack
of the ear and she fell like a shot." To-day
these doughty ward
has since given Edmond's mother a blow that
broke sove
The famous Edmond is well, and not
altogether unfavorably known in this
niuuity, having encamped with his band in
the neighborhood severul times before, and
among the liorHO-trndiug class at least i
iddered"a right good sort of
A few years ago h
children i
think the tiuy grave i
the father's heart
he had tho little i
marked I
I learn that
l!ri*k Ti
was 4
gront credit for conipoting successfully against
pupils much older thuu herself. Tho little Miss
highlv eluted and
stimulus to greater
children to studv.
Mr. and Airs, 'jolm White and their little
son met with quite n
j of o
flic magnet drawing
.o Salisbury. At any rate
mud neatly enclosed and
a pretty tomb
t. aud the faithful
visit the hallowed earth.
lliu 11
Npl«-ii<li«l Nlciuliln«— Alls* f'orl
Select School
East, Dec
21. Th
oek. This* is
Iron Works, will cens
fow days, dunug Chris
looked upo
operatives. Tho forge will perhaps remain
idle for about one week. The iron interest iu
this place sect
he ou the bo
Wo hftv
suffers ae
ing liveryman, had a goo
about the hind legs. The
had the sleigh t<
with the alx
o good sleighing a
cording)? Mr. Moke,
,1 horse
d horse flesh
who hired him
upset and tho horse
results. It is hoped that
ut, is not per
imal, although severely o
eutly injured.
Miss Porter's «elect school has closed for
the holidays,
Wednesday w
pupils, inasmuch
the distribution
having the best general' i
studies. Ithoda A. Tho
ying off first p
beautiful gold pen and hold
after a
v successful
ting day with the
the tim** fixed for
zori to the scholar
tho huccess
of tho p
age iti his
fill one
Bting of
ir .
She is only 12 years old
in the j>
:ow escape last
.•ached Alill Creek it was utter dark,
quently the sleigh was overturned,
tlirowiug the occupants into the water. Air"
White was dragged a short dlutau
rhen thoy reached home.
bile coining from Elktou.
A .via*» Fall
ami I
Out ol a. Second story
\ Nearly K
i*i lino
ii *i.i;■ i ■ < m . «!
About 2 o'clock a. m. Saturday, Henry Ü.
Jackson, proprietor of Ibe restaurant at
No. 16 Market street,
door, after having closed his establishment,
by eom
town, ui.d i
the side walk iu front of the restaurant,
groaning. Jackson and the stranger
picked th«> man up aud he was found to
Joseph Emmett, a lodg* r at the house,
who had h-eu sleeping iu tne second
story frout room. Hj was seriously hurt,
having two severe cuts on th« head,
s baaly bruis, d about the body. He
almost unoouHo
called to the
knocking. The
i ho said he had just arrived in
passing found a man lying
ditiou aud
.•count of how the acoide
oould give u
had happened.
Dr 0„1 b attend-d the
d he
the Almshouse.
Af:er becoming
msoioup ho oould Rive uo id«a of Low
to the pave
he got out of the
Mr. Jaekbon is of the opinion thaï he
the trout window onto
-iilately below,
to the ground, a dis
the little porch
then tumbled do
tance of about 15 feet.
e do
id BUÜ1I
through th«) restaurant, as al
e fastened. Hu
rt with hlouil a few
alley way
> he doors and gat
feet below the spot where he was found.
He i
51 years uf a;;« and
HR I *' t It .•»* DINNER.
A Tie I
ry Chrism
perinteod tit's office,
in the secoud story of the building, ami
Messrs. Bradford and Chambrrs d;d the
uonurs of the occasion. The delicacies of
profusion ai d !
do !
Tho city
»>• empUyes had a good
time at the middle <n po
afternoon. Tho tab'-e for the Christ
feast was set
• he drivers wen
justice to them.
noon j
-o until about 2 30 p. m. I
F.xtru drivers kept the oars going while tht
being enjoyed by .he regulars,
tluiuk'j to
rfl. j
rp, -V VY.r Mrs
s. J -mu Jones, i
*u. Mrs.
.es, Mrs. I
pressed the
those getting up the
* UV J.!
a box of fin.* candies
drivers ; Dr Shading-r, who set
of cigar«- ; V.'. J. Stoner a box ot
W. and C Jones, a box of cigar- :
Davis, a be x of ciga
Co . baoanay, grapes, and
jomribui'ons from
b of the
B b
». A
: J. P. Altuiond A I
uu 1
tig ;
re, Mrs Seidel. ?
unis Bradford,
Mrs. J
Weaver, Mrs. Hastings
Bissei, Mrs. bra.
Judgo Bradford.
«1 Mrs. I
The I*. S. M Fire <
The newly
Mutual Fire
ing olli
•organized Del
State ,
«•d tlic
uipaiiv Thursday
lent - William Bright.
President - Dr. J. K. Tu
-D. T. Hawkins.
i. Dr. J. It. Ti
Bright. Paris T. ('
. George W. |
s and William B.
C. P. John
Bright, 1>
rn a group of
; ir Ui.euer I
w.u n n.*,*.* of
th«* length of J
r, but
is we j
v ttr ^ !
. and j
l»u> *.
Harlan's bt
workmen w r. gr.mg throttgu IU
kolihson«) day l.«s
| yhem said someth■
I tho days. •Tledttd
I you ought to see
U d
the ould couuthrv.
i much longer than they
e h
of them,
Easton people
e talking about
ostrioh ;
Ooe thousand two hundred bushels of
of land in
! beets
! falbot county,
j The Salisbury Tit
e raised on three
j **|' e **•» W. A B. Uo. not selling through
! tickets to Baltimore from that place, and
characterizes the reason given therefor,
! unused portions of tickets were «old
b ? ,bo holders to scalpers, as a "flimsy"
es the re
Those antiquated verses about the
j future fate of the "delinquents
j printers' books"
j the peninsular pr«-Ks, credited to the editor
of tLe Si. Louie Christian Idvocate.
going the rounds of
Mr. D. Whiting, -of Riverside, Cal., is
enclosing 1.5
stockade, and proposes importing 100 pairs
of ostriohes from .South Africa, worth
from $250 to $500 a bird Ostriches breed
at four years of age, and will produce ft
broods a year each averaging twenty
chicks. At eight months the feathers of a
bird beoome worth $5 aud as it grows
older, attain a value of over $100. It is
►aid that it
of land with a
to keep
than a sheep.
Secretly Enacting the Role of a
Another Chapter in the Robbery of
Phelps, Dodge & Co., by
the "Distinguished
It long ago bee
of Pflelps, Dodge A Co
ne, March 2H. 187
evident that tho
cause celeb re i
and linancial history ; and y«t, notwith
standing all that has been said und written
upon the subject, it is certain that,
for the facts that have been dragged to
light within the last fow weeks, it would
wholly im
form any olear
have been very difficult, if
possible, for tho public
conoeption of its history and national i
greut firm
been with many a stumbling-blook, i
imply either a want of pluck
The oiroumstances that the
promised and settled has
it almost necessarily
emed to
full conscioua
of innocence or absence of fraudu
lent intent on the other. It is, therefore,
to this very point, viewed in the light of
the ucw evidence, that
tsk special attention; and
else a lack of
propose to
staken if this part of the history,
concealed, does not,
oitberto obscure
»hen fully understood, constitute a cause
of off
concerned in the prosecution, which the
great general publio will not
either to forget
It will
against thb Government and all
remembered that the dis
honest olerk, whose sense of patriotia
lid not develop except under the prospect
>f large pecuniary gains, took first his
«tolen pape
considerable repute aud standing but not
ou8ineB8. The
highly extolled by Jayne,
a law fi
of this city of
custom-house of
presented to them
of a client seeking protection
if the law against oppression, of wrongs
committed, of property taken, character
««sailed or person assaulted and redress
denied ; but a shameless, open proffer
ihe part of a pennilesb adventurer to share
opportunity for enrichment
violated trust, on condition of legal
pensation and assistance. By this firm
worked up at the beginning,
('he next step was to communicate with
B. G. Jayue; and, although Mr. Jaj
confessed before the Committee of Ways
and Means that he kuew the papers
whioh the case rested
also tkat the placer to be worked
rich and the nuggets great in pron
ptetive, and this for him was all-sufficient.
all ordinary cases Mr. Jayne has,
undoubtedly, full confidence in his
capacities, but in a case promising such
unlimited plunder as this, ordinary instru
mentalities could not be relied on. He
accordingly looks about for a partner, and
from the whole country selects the most
unscrupulous, and, from a political point
of view, the most influential with the
President and the Secretary of tho Tre
ury in the person of General Butler. The
riug thus formed is next enlarged by the
necessary inclusion, as participants of the
spoils, of the collector, naval officer aud
surveyor, aud later by the additiou of the
District-Attorney, George Bliss, whom
a vision of 2 per oent on $1,700,000
ough to tempt to tireless exertion.
One would thick that here
of agencies aud instrumentalities, in the
form of lawyers, high officials and
detectives, amply sufficient to manage any
moustrous and yet so cle
palpable as this of Phelps, Dodge A Co.
claimed to be But Judge Noah
Davis in his reoent testimony had lifted a
curtain behind which not a few had pre
viously thought that they saw significant
figures dimly walking, and shows
Senator of the Uuited States, the special
representative of the oomnibroial
emporium of the country, cheek by jowl
at n night session with a detective, statute
m haud,dt-ciariug that as it was nominated
iu the boud the pound of fl sh could be
lawfully taken. And if the curtain had
lifted a little higher the figure of
auoiht-r Senator of the Uuited Slates
would also,doubtless,have appeared.giving
judgment to the same effeot, and adding
oia influence to the
enlisted to work the ruin aud disgrace of
of the foremost mercantile houses in
the country ; aud all for a motive which
stolen, y6t he
agencies ulready
iu tbe case of everyone
except Jayne, whose deeds it
to be expeoted would fully accord with
h«s profession, embodied the very essence
<>f all that was mean and contemptible,
F >r, turn it aud twist it as we may, the
< fft-nso of Phelps, Dodge A Co. as the
result of examination aud re-examination
aud by the confession and affidavit of the
cbn-f government cffioials, comes down to
au alleged loss to the customs of $1,668,
possible gain to the firm being
easured by the relatiou
th«- gross stands to a
at thus
payment of $10.000,000 in duties,
percentage of advantage over the rest of
* he trade in a five years' import of
$40 000,000 Aud the fact being k.
al the time of the night Senatorial confér
ai before tbe settlement and
promise fully hs well as it is known
of necessity driven to the conclu
that the motive which induced
and Representatives of the
States, district attorneys,
•pendent but influential attorneys and
detectives,to manifest such unusual energy
und tose» so differently from what they
do when Peter Schmidt or John Jones Is
accused of d«frai.diug the revenue of
simply and
for plunder. It w
the people who lived in the
of their
had been reclaimed from
S uatc
Unit; d
mauy times $1,600 doll
nakedly tbe desi
country of Gadarenes that
lunacy and made a healthful member of
the value of
imperilled. It was nothing to Roscoe
Conkling. Matt Carpenter, B. F. Butler,
George Bliss
lives of tho ouste
d the official representa
tbat the fair fame of
.«roHDtiie interest of New York
he struek down aud
•e great
aspersed through their foremost represen
tative for
offetf.' which every other
riitzed nation would have held trivial
| 0 ij K ;iK there was a prospect of grabbing
and dividing $1,726,000.
To contend manfully against foes where
there is even a small chanoe of Buccess is
to show pluck; hut to undertake to light
v hen the odds are entirely adv
pluck, but foolhardiness. And with such
motives actuating such elements as were
arrayed against them, Phelps, Dodge &
Oo. may well be pardoued if they hesitated
about fighting.
It would have seemed the proper and
manly part of
worthy to fill the high
offices of Secretary of the Treasury, Sen
ator und Representative in Congress and
District-Attorney, wheu the triviality of
the offense of Phelps, Dodge «t Co.—irre
spective of the question of motive—was
that old legal
but righteous maxim, " Ne lex curat
ti on of the United States whioh provides
that "excessive fines shall not be imposed,
»1 and unusual punishments
inflicted," aod to say : "This is too small a
matter for a great government
much of. If duties in trifling amount
have, under doubtful circumstances, been
withheld, let them b.. teturued, with suffi
cient of addition to serve as a warning
against future irregularities,
days of
deal teuderly with the reputation of
American merchants." But under the
present rule of politicians and small
, and for
have every
reasou to believe, such will not be tho
policy. On the contrary, the word has
goue out that on the debate contingent
the introduction iuto Congress of the bill
affecting moieties and tbe Sanborn
(OontlnuM on fourth i**aro- >
established to fall back
that olause in the Constitn
In these
declining commerce let
in high places, suoh
the immediate future,

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