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" ilmington, Del., April 2, 1872. j
Wilmington QuutHtiou!*. furnished by K. H Rubin
son A Co., bankers. 4th aud Market its.,
at 2 o'clock, p. in., to-day.
r. s. iss
VJu'i 180
'* 1H65.
" 1HÜ7 .
" 1808.
1« 4ft's...
Reiidina U. K. stock...
I n ion l'aeitics.
Delawure State Bunds
11 *'»
57 '.»I
N! i
Nsw Adverllneaeswtn.
.Widder'» Herb Bitter».
Notice—Richard Town»end.
Iluntettrr's Stomach Hilter»,
llry tloeds—Wm. M.Kennard.
upera llou»e—t'ncle Torn*» Cabin,
l.adic» tth*e»— .lame» M. Holme».
Kesi»ter'» Onler—L- tl. Vandesrift.
Hurt'» Kxteruiinalor—Smith A Palaler.
^ Opera liouse- M. IV. Letfinfwell—The Lausbins
Bualneaa Notlewa.
J. M. Holmes,No. 1U West Sth street, has afin»
assortment of hoots, shoes and gaiters, made or
good material and by skillful workmen, which he
l<e is selling at the lowest markst prices.
Thk Wobli> Renowned Knabe Piano* for tale
only at Kubelen A Bro'a., Institute Building,
('heap * Cheaper / i'heapett ! Coffee.- Uood
Hio, 23c; better, 30c; beat strong, 32c per ft; Es
tin Maricabo and Laguayra,35c; Old Java, 40c.
Tea —A trial will convince you that our 75c
mid $1 Oolong are the liest in town; finest Japan,
V1. 20 ; finest Imperial, ftl.tiO; finest Eug. Break
lust, «1 40
"Trophy" tomatoes, the best in the market, 20c
; svrups and molasses cheaper than
' BOWMAN, 4th and Lombard.
tor 2 lb can»;
Roiiki.en A Bbo , warrant all their Pianos and
Organ» lor 6 years. Second hand Tianot and Or
haud 307 Market street, sold on
gaiiB always
Oroans for 150 at Kobeleu A Bro's. ti Stop Or
gana for ft 120, at 307 Market Street. Sold on in
New crop usage orange seed; Breeaea No. 6
Peerless potatoes, extra early and Tom Thumb
laut, lettuce, Ac , Ac., for early
peas, tomato, egg p
sewing at the sosd store of
till Market St.
Cheap Coal. — Stove (6.75, Nut «5.75 per 2240
pounds for cash only, at yard South of Mftrket
street Bridge. feu21-tf Wm. J. Brown.
L. H. Foulk, No. 102 West Second street,has on
hand a fine misortment of very easy shoes suitable
for ladies and gentlemen advanced tu lifo, at low
prices. Je. 2.
Church and Sunday School Boobs, also In
struciion Book for all musical instruments at
Kobi'len A Bro., Institute Building
W. E. IF tliiams, Druggist, Has removed to the
vomer of Ninth and Market streets, Wilmington,
! "heure Seed Potatoes '—Bresees celebrated
Peerless or No. 0. Supply of the above Potato, at
75 cents per peck; «2 per bushel. The Peerless
was grown by me without manure or fertilizer,
consequently infinitely more valuable for seed.—
Production with me 275 pusbels per acre.—
Orders solicited. M. BUELL.
New Castle, Feb. 13, 1871.
Urania genera Minne.
Tne investigation going on in Washington m
reference to the alleged improper use of Seneca
sandstone m the new State Department building
is still going on. It will be remem bei ed that the
Seneca quarry is the one in which (Jenerala Grant,
Dent and others are interested as holders of stock.
A remarkable difference of opinion in respect to
the merits of the stone has been elicited by the
committee having the investigation in charge. -
Experts on the one side testify that the stone will
stand heavy pressure, and is better, for many pur
poses, than granite. Experts on the other side
»wear that Seneca stone Is often rotten, varies in
strength, is uusafe to work, costlier than granite,
and, finally, worthless.
The Missouri Republican says of Lott«: This
httiti woman has little pieces written for her by
»oute little dramatist who has little else tu do, and
these she plays with little regard to any of thoM
rules which usually govern the profession The
spectator sees no acting worthy the name, but hn
«lues see a merry maiden, whose shrill laugh has«
»ort of magnetism 111 it: who bounces «bout Ihn
sta^e like an India rubber ball, tortures ths Afri
can guitar, slugs a song indifferently, aud dances
resjM*ctfully. Deyuiid this, uothiug. And this is
Lotta, who is one of the best paying stars iu Am
^ricii or Europe, who walked off not long sines j
with 111,000 for a month's camptigu in New Or- !
leans, and whose bank accouut— so 'tissaid—foots
up to $200,000 on the credit side.
Revenge Photographie.
Dr. H. Vogel, wilting from Germany to th«
Philadelphia Photographer, relates a queer esse.
A photographer made pictures of two brothers,
who refused to take or pay for them on the ground
that they
plained, but the judge whs of the same opinion
tl decided that the picturra
were not likene***** Mr. Photographer then went
home with his rejected pictures, aud placed thane
in his show window with the label— «The mar
derers of Mtm. X." The brothers thon w at tad on
the artist, and alleged that it was a libel to es
jHis«* their pictures with such a title, aud, ou las
refusal to remove the placard they eutered suit.- -
At remains to be seeu how the judge will docid»
m this new phase of the affair.
The artist com
• not likcuessofl.
the brother».
Tub Fihk Dkpabtmkvt—Election or Urn*
chu» The electiou for Chief raid two AsstMunt
fcingineeni of the Fire Department of H iUmiifloa
wa» held at the various ougiae bousra of 4*« »ity
la»t muht. The election, although oieitiug, wa*
marked with au eutire absoute of those disorderly
Ç rnceedmg» which characterised Ue last contrat,
lie following is the vote .
Friendship, I tizewell. I; McCall, 44; R«liauc»b
Tazewell, 8; Porter, 11; McCall, 24; Delaware,
Tazewell, 51; Porter, 5; Phomia, Porter, 34;
Water Witch, Tazewell, 88; Fame Hoe», McCall,
171: Washington, McCall, 6 it: Woccacoe, Tara
well, 10; McCall, 12. Owing to some irregularity
it is to b»
▼or of Mo
in the vote of the Weccscoe (Company
contested. At present th* rote i, in fo
Summary—For Tazewell, Delaware and Watet
Witch; for McCall, Friendship. Reliance, Fama,
Washington and Weccscoe, for Rotter, Phcunix.
Friendship, McCres, 44; Relieurs, Chadwick,
12; McCres, 24; Delaware, Chadwick, 47; Wat
son, 10; Pbcentx, Chadwick, 33; Water Wttch,
Watson, 85; Fame Hose, McCrro, 171; Washing
ton, McCrea.öö; W eccsco*, W a t ssn, 14; MaCroa 9.
Summary- For Chadwick, B ala war* and Pbur
uix; fur Wateou, Water Witch and Wsocaaos;
for McCrea, Friendship,Rcliaiios, Fame Bros and
* Washington.
Friendship, Carey, 44; Reliance, G'Brian, 10;
O'Dionneii, fl; Carey, 25, Delaware, O'Brien, 63;
Fhœuix, O'Dononll. Water Witch, O'Brien, 88;
Fanra Hone, Carey, 171; Wsshingtoo, Carey, 6«'
Woccacoe, O'Brien, II; Carey, 11. The casting
vote of the Inspector waa given to Carey.
Semmarv—For O'Brien, Delaware end
Witch; for O'Donnell, Pbcsaiz; for Carey,Friend
ship, Reliance. Fama Ho**, Wartungtou aud
Ab the vote sew stands. Geo. McCall is sleeted
•Chief Engineer and J- W. Carey Second Amis*.
t. Tbe election of Fint Amfotant will devotve
upon the City Council.
Locai Intelligence.
The Delaware Loeu AuoJation meats this even
Ou Friday, John Hagau and Jacob Hamming
ware arraated in Reading, for malieioualy sotting
fire to a house in that city.
44,343 latter« »era delivered
letter carrier» lest month, and 21,
bv the Reading
6Ô0 collected.
Addbkss and Rbadimos.—J ohn O'Byrue, Keq ,
will deliver sn addiwe Id the echoUn of echool
No. 4, this afternoon, end Muter end Miee
O'Uyrue will give tome select readings.
Board op Tsadb Mbbtino.—T he tnantgers of
the Board of Trede will hold e meeting this
evening, et the reeideuce of the President, No.
803 Delaware Avenue.
Pat Up. At a meeting of the Board ol the
Wilmington and Western Railroad to-day the
eleventh being the laat installment of stock, waa
ordered to lie called in.
Removal.- -James McCabe, Notary Public and
Conveyauoer hi* removed bis office from W. 3d
St. to ths N. E. Cor. of 3d ft Market. (Board of
Trad* Boom,).
Hxavr Shipman? oy Coat.—Owing tv th*
unuaually hsavyshipsnsat* of coal ovar the W. A
Beading Railroad, yesterday, extra tram, were
run until 4 o'clock this moi mug.
Bau*— T he ball of the Baffalo Amembty raw*
off at tha City Hall last evening. Alieut thirty
couples were ou tbe promenade. Everything
passed off pleasantly, sad festivities were —
tiuued until a late hour.
KxPLoaion.— Tbe crown sheet of the boiler, at
Puaey, Scott A Co.'s Morocco Kaotory, Third sad
Madison Sta., was blown out on .Saturday morn
ing. No one wa, m the room at the tim«, and no
serious injury wa, sustained.
Accident.- As Robert Taylor's confectionery
wagon waa coming out of toe «table, early thte
morning, the bridge over the gutter broke, upset
ting tbe wagon, and scattering the contenta in
the street.
Delate? -The through train from Baltimore
due in this City at 10 20 A. M , was delayed from
some cause this morning and did not arrive ton
until 10:45.
Notices Delivered —This morning the pro
perty-holders along Water street were served with
notices, announcing that a commission would to
appointed to assess damages for widening that
German Turners' Ball.— The anuual ball of
the German Turners' Association, of this city,
came off at St. Mary's College bedding, last night,
and was largely attended by our Qermau citizens.
About eighty couples johied in the promenade.
Personal.— Dr. Edward Wallace, who haa
practiced medicine in Beading, Pa., tor twenty
four years, left there to-day, to enter upon hia du
ties as Resident Physician of the nsw Presbyte
rian Hospital, in Philadelphia.
Removal— Messrs Speak man A Bro. have re
moved tlieir plumbing establishment to th* build
ing No. 311 Shipley street, neat door to the Water
Witch Engine house, which they bave fitted ap
with a large hulk window, and otherwise altered
to suit their business.
Ma SINE News —The schooner Margaret Plater
■ailed for New York, this morning, loaded with
The steamship Miteiteippi,ol Boston, arrived at
the Harlan A Hollingsworth Company's vanMlns
morning, tor a thorough overhauling and repair
In fob liETAiBi—Engines Nos. 21, 30, 31 und
61 of the 1*. W. A B , ore now in the round house
undergoing repairs. Engins No. 28 is being thor
oughly overhauled. Tbe new engine No. 64, is
rapidly nearing completion, aad will be ready for
trial in a fo w day*.
Police Cases —Catherine Cunningham and
Kate Brown were arrested by officer Heritage, for
drunkenness sod disorderly conduct; fined «I and
costs, and held in 1200 hail to I
Une case of drunkenness was
keep th* pane«,
is disposed of by
Mayor this morning; fifty cents end costs.
Installation or UrriCEEs —At a regular
■toted meeting of Wilmington Council. No. 5, Jr.
U. U. A. M , held on Monday evening, April 1st,
th* following officers were installed to serve the
ensuing term C.. David S. Lohnen ; V. 0.,
Mems Taylor; A. R. S., Caleb C. Taylor; H. 8.,
Charles C. McCullough Con., (Jeo. Mouck; W.,
J. Hillyard; j 8.,Jos Rfyerw; O. 8, Chss. Luksns.
Vkstbv EuoTION—É ftfY»F(.— At th« regular
congregational meeting bald yMlgfijay (Easter
Monday) in St. Pater's church,Smyrna, Dpi., ffter
transacting tho usual buxiiisss, tha toUotnng
named gem lemon were elected a Vestry to serve
during the ensuing year: Meure. Wm. A. Cum
mins, Senior Warden: William Stubba, Junior
Warden; J. Howard Peteniou, John C. Stockly,
H Robert Pennington and Joseph Kennedy.
Kosbini Uuintkttb and Sextette.— This ex
cellent musical organization will give ona of their
uaiivaled concerta in the Masonic Tomplo, on Fri
day sveuiag. April 5th, assisted by signora Core
ill x*iu, distinguished Prime Ddihis from Rome. -
The artistic ability ol the |ier<onnere, and the va
riety and eacMIcuiw at the programme, should in
sure for them a lull tionss. Every person poaaa s -
, . _
j * 4,,,u,lc ,u aou ** **• #ur *
! a tteud.
Dby Goods.— W. M. Ksnnard A Co., Koui^A
and King streets. Large stock of carpets at
print». Anticipating an advannn in oarpeta, we
psnhwnl largely pravious to »ur determination
In build a UßW »tore, and though they have ad
vanced, we wdl .coptiwue to sell them at low
prices, ao as to «los» Ml mf pu tira line bsiora
returning to our n»w building. Jfq ona will ba
serving thair own lutnrast who dass «j^ppll and
•aamin» thsir goods and priera.
Annual Mbbtino op ths Wilninotmt Li.
ol ths member, of
bbabt.—T he annual meeting
the Wilmington Institute Lib
evening In the Library Boom
ing. There was a tair atte
present. Th* minutes of the Fourteenth Annual
Masting were read and approved The reporta
of tbs Treasurer and Standing Committees were
rand. Thssgttziag Ftasidrot, Mr. Wm. Caaby,
read an in
brary was a
, at InMitut*
aattiag forth th* coa
Institut*. At tha
conclusion ol hia address, tit 6utby jgtrodoosd
tbs President sleet, Mr. lieorg» fi. Rptos, |yhq af
ter thanking ths msrabsrs tor tha honor oonisaad
upon him, took tks ckair. Mr. Grubb tfifimsTa
resolution to amand tbe Constitution so as to pro
hibit th* issuing of any mors half-tickstx of
bsaablp. After considcrabia debate the resolution
was loM. pn .motion of Mr. Grubb, a vote of
thanks was tending (fi* retiring President and
officers ot th* institution, for j|)eir faithful and ef
ficient Services during the past yggf On motion,
dition and nscssai
Foeoebt — On Saturday, th* (th inst , Amos H.
Wsgnsr, fonasriy of th* fins of Wsgnar ft Fin
ney, Lirsry Stahl* keeper, at Coates ville, vamoos
ed that borough with gbo
Ut «10,000 or «15,000 ia
mousy, which it is alleged b* M brooms posses
■or of through forgery and other Illegitimate
appear* tha above named Elm sold at
public aale thair stock with th* viaw of disgalvmg
paraoanbip. From this sale notes war* raositad
from different purchasers to tbs amount of about
«1,000, .and whisk's* is so sllsgwf.Wggrot brought
to West Chaster sad bad discounted, he placing
th* funds to hia prokrt and dacamptag War proto
unknown. Throngb Us tnattstion W* under
stand tks National bank at Chatter Vaïlgy is tbs
loser ot «8(0, aud asrarai private individual* to
sums aggregating about «12,000.
throughout tha country hass bann fron jihad with
an accurate description of Wagner, who is « «eat
high, 24 yarns of ago, wsigha IMpsaads
aud is of light oomplsxlon, aad through ft* im
petus of a suitable reward, It is to bs hoped fta
«nil be brought to speedy justice.— Jejfertaseeetet.
Death >mk Coal Ua«.—I n tha dwelling of
Col. J. C. Jack, Vo. 19« Ssymnad ftvagk Brook
lyn, eleven panons wars sudongly asigsq daring
the night of Ws dn ss d s y last, with a strange mat
ady, and sat of tbssi, Elisabeth Nerton, on
Thursday morning, »as found dead to her roam.
Un ton post mor te m examinai xm nothing indice
satisfactory eridanoe that death »as
of the inhalation
than »as
of eoelgro.
the result
ChrMteht s user paper will appear on Satarday
Ths Eastern Shoreman calls on thsTown bailiff
to arrest awe yoaag hofs who recklessly Ura pu
tola in th« strest.
A nsw paper ii soon to to started at Vienna,
Wioumioo County (Hd.) trucker, are uaeaaylsr
fear their early plautad potato«, and peas art
flVSMlI •
Tlie Chriattatd oliter trade stall [continues
paar palt of the Eaalsrn Rhore
lain that their wheat crop ia
mars ua ths u
of Maryland comp
nearly daatroyed.
It ia predicted that tha Maryland peach crop will
to vary meagre.
Probable Swpomion of tbe Smyrna
and Dataware Bay Railroad.
A apecial masting of tha stockholders of tha
above named Rail Read Company wa* held laat
Satarday, tha 3dth utt., in tha town of 8myrua,at
Foaweir, Hotel, 2 o'clock, P. M, pursuant fo a
call from the director, of raid road.
Ths abjact of th, mooting was a full and frank
interchange of gpinmn jwh the unmediatt cane
etruotion */the road Ilia waa plbmptly eousul
ared and summarily dealt with. A resolution
waa adopted, the substance of which waa that all
stockholder* who to desired abould be allowed to
■trike their a
from the ,nb*cnptiou book,
■any of the large* »toekholders
wen accordingly thereupon erased. The conse
quence ol whioh i, that the present construction
of th* read ia suspended, and probably will net
Tbe names' at
soon be
The J am im Rea dieu. On Saturday morning
part of th* Japan*** Embassy visited Reading.—
The visitor* inspected tha Round House aud Car
Shape of the Reading Railroad Company, and Ih*
various industrial establishments of the city. A
handsome dinner wan prep ar ed far them at the
Keystone House. At fi va o'clock the visitors left
for Philadelphia in a special train, highly pleased
with their visit, and tha attention and courtesy
extended to them by th* citisens of Reading.
When people see a man advertise they know
he is a bu«inessin*n,and hia advertising proclaims
that to ia not above business, but anxious to do
Th* Tran 6 rents de at Osaftdeat*.
Whsne* come* that Inn roUanct, that abMlatt
undonbting faith la th* affioaey of HeMeUer's Stom
ach Bitten as a remedy fer indigestion, bilious dis
orders, intsrmittontaad rémittent fevers, whisk no
torioasly prevail In all parts of tks United Slates T
This coaldsnes has toss growing fsr twsnty rears,
end is still sxtsndins. It is not tho result of cre
dulity; it has hot beta sag seder sd by say "«»an
davlM, bet Is ths spoutaasons and natural ooass
qusdss of sxperisno*. What psoplaSM daily geiog
on under thsir own oyos they cannot guastion,—
Whs* Ihmiltos ia nahaalthy district, that resort to
this wholsMm* vegetable tonic, as a pravaatotive,
escape periodica! ferais, and thair immediate neigh
bors. who negleot this precaotioo, ar* prostrated by
the disses«, bow is it pomibl* that tha phanomsaoa
shoald bs without its Itmoa ? In like manner when
it is »mb that abstinata cases of dyspepsia, ef liver
complotât, of Mnstlpatioo. of ne.-vons weakness,
aad of genaral debility yield to tha operation of tbe
fumons romody. how oaa even iaerodality itself
withhold its endorsement f Bye-witnesses wf the
salutary effmls ef th* Ritters are to be found la ev
... civilised sMUemant on this e mtioent. The
thonsnnds upon tbonsands who owe their resto
ration to health and strsngth. or thsir preserve
tioa from sickness, to its extraordinary medicinal
properties, are sathastestic ia Its prates. Tbs mul
titudes who oommsod it in a aaighborly war to
their friends and atauaiatenoas. as wall as those
who make publie thair estimate of Us virtuos nr*
always ready to stats thsir reasons for th* faith that
is ia them. They have all either fait or witoassod
Its bsnalesat operations.
without extra chares by a wnpstss
and bay ona. mar!2-lm*
vsd a
will b* It
•ur* Dftftth to Rats, Roaohna
oad all other Vermin; BURT'S PASTE, said by
DEBDICE. No. Ill Shieloy sUoet.
•till keeps on hand> grant rnrioty of Woven Win
0 ? RfrMfi xaJvsnissd iron, Ac. Also, makss Gal
vanixed Wifi f?r store, and factory doors
and windows fit FT
amine my snmplss.
Coal, Ploar and F sad of all kinds sold on sonaii*
•ion. Also, all kinds of iowar, laid and gardai
•aad in saason. Publio patronaas solioitad by
N*. Ill Shiplay Mraal.
fforfumo Atomiaoro.
A* ologani, pleasing, Mm
for difast ay perfumery ia tl
nsr, seen ting th* elothing,
and for making cooling and sooth las applications of
water or other liquids, for headache, inflamed eyas,
barns, sensitiv* surfaces, Ac, steo for dteinfsetihg
M Ijrfuutiof th.Mek room, ^rmte^
AatBsy k,(t^Mi <l Marke t strasts.
handkarehisf and hair
■tgffitn AMitHiin,
For tk, labelattoa of eternised
meat of chroaie dtews of th* throat,
and lunge Bains aelf-aeUng they prodi
and oonUauiM* flow of apray withoat ineoaroaionc*
or labor. Dartag tha .oast two or Ihn« year, w*
If/.* supplied s*r oral doses of these numlssre aad
•aida ia lha treat
seed an •VSD
■eKiiter'i «ruer,
Nsw Csstl* Osaaqrl'Krek 1 Ä'-'hlV».
r r rat -
that tk* lassa tor aforesaid giro i
granting ef Lsttsrs Trstamsatore upon tk* Es
tots or U* doeassnd, with ths dato of granting
i^sreof, hr sansiag adrsrtissmsnts to k*
■ran»# or «hid» by «n let ofAsItmfcy in snsh
eras m«4»«nd provided. And slra sense t»e Jfmu
a 5V t h"* -«WîlJaSf Aï Wuï
IL. a. j tkoBogister aforssaid.at NswCastls.la N
Csstl* County aforowid.ths day and year
*toi>P MlifP" ». dlBBS.Register.
Upon th*
no lie*
raaaat tk*
*AI I sorsons having outlVafeii
dao«nssd mart prerostth* ssat__
Bxseator on or b*for* Mareh Mth, 1173, or amao
th* Act of Antiably la saeh cas, mads aaaprori
xfjpszssei """iks..
ink * f Mil.
^^Slsara my prie** hafora glvteg
at th* rar?
Bart aad Cheapest
; • wm* iw ■ ■ î f irawra* www «wwi ■
for »«I» «I Mo. 10 Wrat lickU «trrat.
Intimacy with t'awr.-U I» the wisdom
of Ufa, as well as Its Joy. to to) alwawa feeUof
this great need of Jesus. A true Clulstlan
hwls that he could no more live for sii hour
without jesus than he could an houi
t r. or under the water. There Is somethin*
illghtful in this sense of utter dependence
upon Jesus. It is our onto rest, our only
liberty in the world. Ittstho bon dape of our
hnperfeetlon, that we cm not to dlnetly and
actually tbinkln* of Jesus all day and ntoht,
yet it Is aatonishin* how near wecome to this.
Our very sleep at last tommies subject tu the
thought of Jesus ; and saturated with it. It
Is pan of the fladiiess of crowing older., nut
{ uly that we are therehy drawing nearer to
ur first sight of Him, out that we feel our
dependence upon Him more and mors, we
have had a longer and more varied experience
Of him. Our love for Him has become more
of a passion, which, by a little effort, juromlr^
at some not very distant day to to dominant
and supreme. The love of Jesus never can
to undergrowing. In our physical life, as we
grow older, we become more sensible to cold
and wind, to change of place, and to »Itera
tions of the weather. So as we grow older In
spiritual life, we become more eensatlve to the
presence of Jesus, to the necessity of Him, and
to His indispensible sweetness. A constantly
Increasing sensible love of our dearest lew Is
the safest mark of oar growth in holiness and
the most tranqulllzlng prophecy of our anal
perseverance.— tabor.
«I don't like
your church government. It isn't simple enough.
There's too much machinery shoot it." "It is
trua," replied the Methodist, "we have men as
shinery than you ; but then, yon me, it don't taka
near so much water to run iL"
Bar. D. S. Frost, PMtor of th* Fro* Bapttei
Church. JonasviU*. Vermont, writes; "I had suf
fered far many years from Chronic Diarrhgsa aud
Colis, beooming so much isdnosd that I was at times
anabl* to attend to my ministerial duties. I had
basa treated by several physisis n *. both Allenathio
and Homo»pathic. bat with no permanent results.
Whils on n visit to Scranton, Psnnn.. I experienced
a vary sever* attack, and by th* advice of some of
my friand* proenrsd s bottle of Mishles's Here
B in I as. Th* affect then produced gave promise
of sn nltiauto eon, and on my ntarn ham* I con
Sinned its na*. I have takas six battis sad am co
uotbest face.—
WHI S kS&S. I riant^
on th*_
_ ..._nt to oaa. Seat to aay ad
dr ff.£ÄÄ&§t BU -
N. B. Cor. Tea h sad Chestnut Street». Phil*.
fohlt- ly
Hammy Belief tier Toaag Hem from the ef
fects oT Errors and Ahns*» in early lif*. Manhood
restored. Nervous dsbility oared. Impediment*
to Marriage removed. New method of treatment.
New and remarkable remedies. Books and Circa«
lore sent free in sealed eavelopes. Address. HOW -
ABB A SHOCI AT JON, No. 3 South Ninth ^tg Phil
N otion,
I forbid all panons from negotiating my
ool* given to Charles Jester at ninety day», dated
tha 22th of March, 1272, forOacRaadred and Fifty
mar* parch »sad of him, tha said
Dalian, for a
■er. .at proviax a.
Townsend. April l,l>72-gt
Parère and those who have bsssns possessed
oftaxebls property on whioh Taxes have not rot
keen paid, ar* requested to call apon tha under
signed any evening azoapt Sunday, at No. 4 East
Sixth street, and seul* all demands
on th* books. tlEOROB
I against them
A r> *' *' A
Tks M. W. Grand Lodge at tho Stet* »fV Æ
Delaware, will »Mt in Speoial Samion at
the Free Masons' Hall, in this city, us' ^ '
FHUR8DAT. th* lfitk day of April. 1872. at 124
Pfissk^. m., fur th* parpeee ol dsdioating the
*By ordar of th* Orand Master.
marSwtm-daod J. P. ALLMOND
. O. S.
IntftrMt on Sonda.
Th«inter«st du* April lit. 1172. on th, 1st Mort
e& ôïæï, VKS aiasB. îïï
"2&S 1, "•"•îs'ui'V
Is haraby siren that I will pay no debts oun
trartsd in my asms without q written erdsr from
m* is produced thorofor, as I have given ao au
thority to aay oaa 4a ooatract debts ia my asm*.
March 30th. 1872.-22tf
am bow setting ap a non Portable HEATER,
ich for chtopnsM. darabUuy and ssoaoMy hdnnot
bs sur p as s ed. Tbs lost«* being of wroaght iron
xsand or leak g^m: «very pan of tks ksater,
(eaeapt the saM iron) is maaafoetured nadsr my
own sa parristoa aad mad* In tha bast manasr; It oaa
K. M0RBI880N,
* eystreet.
An Kostiaw will be hstd oo SATURDAY, th*
"{Anvil. A. D„ IgR, ia th* aftssasoa. to ha
E , VJlCi''Ä" , £,"SÄ,% 8 7Kl
Saooan Waan-At Fsttoa Huron, snath saM enr
?oVÄ^." d w *'"' ~
Tmibd w a bp—A t Ihn Water Witch
for for Ihre* years- ■ ' > (
Fvtb waa
Bagiaa Hoaas
Halt. 0a*
D_ 5 At Edmaad Griffith's, north wsM
and Or sag* strasts. OromwEsr
eorasr Sixth
ffKSÂsfîüSjisjisr ras æ
N i nr« War
Tenth was
B^sr Adams. Ob

9. rornsrof
r for thron
At th» OM
two y ran.
Ona mom
|U Mr est,
• Or*»
y ord»r u^ti^.1
lha aily Act
alartioa of m
lisa, ia then
«*•»•* ro 'ÄroTTi'r '(oUtog'Sie
ef the one er more rafisetaglTr net
fisr sitotioe. th*
aadsr th* hands or us
■■WEMERroU wit : On* te th* mMHP
tnftHHKfifiHHETOBB I m*r26 tt
t shall
i»t lent.
AdrerllirmenU of four Horn inserted ander this
_n«*q on? tiara far Si an in
li^OR RKNT—Rooms in tbs second etorvof the
I»r |«li n< |n ge«t;
R SALE—a (sot one hundred feet frut am
W-t Filth street. bmw™ vd BaVÎT ,21
klia streets. AeoTvat thUnffien. a,Xlu
D elaware avenue lot for sale
41 leal front. IW Apply at'thisoft*.:
F ob sale.
<la Jackson street, betweea Math and Sa.aeLk
. P. JO
Valuable Farm Far Mo.
Mm® 3 *
I'hrU'iaaa Hnndred. a miles tram Wit—I—
New Caatle Coaniy and State of DeTairarOufîtto^
ed at privata aala This firm has ovar Td aeraa ef
«oalitr of lead. it is beeatllaliy totaled,
it has a atraam of water raeaiag taro ask It, and
k„ three spnacs of the hart «aalltr ef w.tert
balance aeonred by bead and saertaae* on the tr,
rchaiar'i skuioe at any
e beet
party, iiaiablt at th* pure
lima within five year*.
•Wit "".'JT" k,f#r * th * >•» °t April I ha farm
will be rented.
marlSil Sixth tl., Wilmington, bsl.
ValuabU Farm tar Sal«.
The snbaoriber haviag determined to aalt
farming, offer, at private sale, his farm,
situated on th* Kagaatt TnrapUa. ahnst
_ 3>< mllrs north of Wllmlnrton. bii ,
ox,about sifbtr-two sen* of laniL 41 sided into
anient ftelds, in a food Mate of reltlvaUee
and about fifteen seras of valsabl* ehestest tim
b r. Tbe improve» nts eoattet of a new koroa.
tollt in modern stria, » feet front hr 32 feet ft.ro
and containing ftftenn good Mind boni: gond burn,
with running wetnr In th* rnrd; carriage ions,
spring boas*, tenant boas*, leg bons*, gtsd apple,
lar orchardj, aad a fta* grai-err, whloF
will produce n barrel of wise per rear, it is also
within one mil* of Ortsnrill* station, on the Wil
mington and Banding Railroad. Tha situation Is
on* of tht most pleasant and dssirablsin th* Moatr!
.^h.'.toto.m.sto^ Amy
A Valuable Property ai Print« Haia.
Ä Th* subscriber being determined
{« tog»«"- öfter* fsr sal*
hte Vruit and Truck Farm, ail naiad
?«TvTi!î ! d ï ,riM Matîiï
l#I NIN B Acres, be Ike sa bin mere
I Houses araetad tbarana. No. t eon
tolas?rooms with attio. Mo. 2. lanr looms with attic,
a good wall of Water at sack; (ram* barn 24 hr id
fast, with stabling for Is* head ef stock; core
«rib. h«* bons* and < tksr nntbniUinga; ala*. ,
tth sk"ts • nd * fsnadatiaa for n nheelwright
•bop, wkars thsrs has alwavs bran don* a good
boslneM, tha shups being in n good and thriving
Tn# land is in a high stats of ealtlvatian with
plentv of fruit. Tharo ar* «ft» apple trees Its
rears old; oaa handrad push trass In Ml baarinE'
thirtf dwarf pear trees; ftiteea Standard pear trsss
th* meet of them bearing n fall crop sVsrr veer !
twentr cherrj trees; currants, gooMbsrriss. rasp
berries, straw bernss^nd blaokherriaa. Thsulacs
is ranveniant to the Wilmington * Western Jt. n„
aad to schools and planas or pahlic worship. Will
Posssasisa immédiat*!? if
he sold on easy terms.
da»lred. Prie* lew.
yor further Information
ofmart tit 3 ^' '* * 1 to «old
F°* »fthH-ailoGf'*"
Ia in splendid Maiition aad nail fitted J
for day pesseagers aad freight. Also,
Can bo bought very low. Apply at this
sail «pop tks »abacrtter
Isfuriwr ttoMpaaUs.
Life Ingurtnoe Co. U. S. A.
8URH^%ëf A88BÏS orw LtebÏÏiüisikAi^ATg^ftil
A strong Stock Company; doaa batiaaas an a sash
baai»; plans simple; contracts definite; payment
certain, business and rspntation national.
Itea'l Areut Peninsular District. WU„ DsL Offiee.
Rosa 1, ever Fourth Btroot Markst. aprl-tf
mn; hsnes brat livra insurad 80 pur omu b
ao ventage than oirawhara.
Purpfito*«—,*4 guanalass rMaraa te tha Isag
m^ d rx L iV^ 'jiiX dreary«
alaas bsiai.as It par* a Separate ssalpaay. "
Moderate pressât s*M sad ahimto* ten*rotors,
WM. D. DOWM, Agant,
Mo, 2 BringkgrM'r BgU^lag.
Coraar «gl| «ad Markst slftols,
WUftlactoa. Del.
«Life Insurance
an AU Poitdee at the option of hatMert.
fi Convertible into Annuity Bond», tint
2 P ro / n<u *tf* r «Mag*and againstbuosnem
â An- «RfRBHAW. G*a«r*l «pM.
^ DrJfoaasToa. Madieal Examiaar.
HellewR î BeHeWR !
Pin* Streat, batw«M 4th fiftd 6th 8tft,
rohrt t.p.y.tiy^igTO. era k
and wRieh will he eold ro.eer^^medera*« mtoa—
AU hi
ef El
of th*
[ ■lulsmitos and othsn waattat wert ta M

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