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Orner or TB* Daii.t
W ilmington, D*l. Pab. Si UJSj*
WUmlaaton Quotation«, taruishsd hr John jacWar
A Son. Ilankon, No.6oJ Markst »irret,
at 2 o'clock. I». in., to-day
Pennsylvania K- K-...
Lehigh Valley..
Lehigh Navigation
Philadelphia * Hsedlng
5-20 Coupon 1865, January A July
.1 18ti7
l> '
10-40 Coupon.
North P*ri6.-7 3 1U ...
Nsw Fives ..........
Delaware State Bomb.
New York Central
Nsw York A Krie..
Union Pacifies
Early Beans. T.uoat-«. Corn. Çacujn
bar. aad all nriiar Needs for Marks!
Gardeners. Families, Ac. bend stamp lor Dreer »
Gardes Calendar far 1 '74, with I'riees. Haknl
A. DKEKR, 714 lUaralsst»» (Mrtei, Pbllsasl
nkla, Pit. .
We will I>ay all Asen*»$l0 per week is casa wks
will aoasfe with n»al once. Ersrytbina furnished
and tipsmet paid. 4 ddrer* , , ... ,
A- tîOI'TiTKK k CO.. Charlotte, M ich.
^ (Nustard.—Wholesale to the trade. Si"«*#
cans senl. postpaid, on receiptol Si. «. I*
MAN T. FKUKAUFF. Ueadiu,: P«.
tc 4 n eon P"vd.iy! Axcnts wanted ! All
o)Cl 4>ZU cU$?4$ of workinir reoplc, ol
either pox. yuiibjr or old. ntke more money at wort
for up in their «rare moment« or all the time *-n«n
at rnylhlnx el e. Partira la r« freo Addrea« U.
STI NSON «f CO., PorHwnd. Maina
^cr any cue of Blind
ttitediiir. licbior or ÇJ
cera(<Hi Pil^s ib»t p*
hiNo'f» Pile Rtutor fall«
to core. Ii ip prei area ex
i*re$ply to cur*» the Ptl®**
and notblLjr tl«n. M*ld by
all Druzcuts. Pries 41 o#.
Condition*, wbicii iuipair firilitj-POSltlTt and
negaiive eieetricilv— proof that I»»« i* evolved with
out naion—effect of tobacco— influença or B*o apd
pboaphoric diet—modern traitaient of pelvic die
na»H. Flricfure end y «ne v le. and arratt of daval
oeacBt: ten le-uidf u bis privat* *nr#ical olaa*.
hr KUH AKU H. DIXON. M.I> , 45 fritth Avant»«.
N. T«; 61 pages, to real» "Every line from tha pan
of Dr. Dixon i§ et xreat valu« ta the batata race.
—Horace tirealty
**. show tog Uow.wban nnd where
list of nearly 3,0(10
A bosk of 12S pages, show tot
to advertise, and containing n list oi nearly .>.ow
newspapers, with such other inf <rmsuon of tnter
st to advertiser*. Addres« OKO. r. BOWfol.l.
At'O., Pnblithers, 41 Park How. ». York.
#xtf ana gaps«
East Third Street
♦ —
ill > H arjuis and Collar Maker,
600 West Trout Street,
A foil a; »arment ef
Fingt* and Doable
Carnage. Cart, Dray
_Wagon 11 sms.»
constantly o n hood
and mado to order.
All Jobbin* punctual
ly attended lo.
Having obtained the
right for the 8utie of Delaware l»r LanxatD'n Bâ
tant Bresw Collar, which monetd the most heneti
rtaldi*cu7eri*a for lit* bora*Iksi h i* been invented
for aloe* lime, and will he a lasting benefit to the
horse sad owaer.it being so esnetracted that the
home is periodic tree about
choked end chafed on th* breast, a# Is done try
cottar* now oseu. dc
the throat aad not
AT LESS Til A nr
«9i Marik«« ««root.
hast makes fall»
t and
Ths tersest atsortmen
a irk st siwato at taa 4
The Fair .Van I* neat and (ploy.
The Water Witch Fair ii worth a vu.t
Don't fail to attend the Washington b ill.
To-morrow i* the anniversary of Washington**
birth day.
▲ I
held, t
Janauicbek will appear at. the Qiend Opera
Houae, on Monday night.
The City Council ha* refund to vacate Fifth
street, lrom the Railroad to the Christiana
SraciAL Meeting —A special meeting of City
Council will be held, thi* evening, foT the pun»»«
of considering aeveral Aot*. relating to city affair»
which are to be forward*! to the Leguiatute.
Police Casei.—J ohu llaley, Theo.ldte Ahrens
and William Cotton, for druutsnnrs», were each
lined titty cent» and roata.
Henry Maaten, col., for asnsult and |ballary on
Annie Cheater, waa tlued floati nail held to hail, in
the aum of f2C0, to keep the paaoo.
Washington's BietudaT.-T o-morrow, the
22d instant, is the anniversary of Washington's
birthday. Al usual, our butchers celebrate the
occasion by a display of show meat, which it es
pecially prepared for sale on this day. The mar
ket honest have been handsomely decorated with
gag* and evergreens, and the venons stalls aet off
with smaller flags, pictures, portraits, end other
Wilkinoton Dispeksabt.—T he Managers of
the Wilmington Dispensary hav* petitioned Coun
cil to allow them au annual appropriation, in or
der that they may keep the Dispensary open daily
and hav*competent physicians in const int attend
ance. This benevolent organisation lias been the
mesns of giving great relief to many poor peupla,
by lurniihing them medical attendance. Erne Of
charge It desires to increase its sphere of useful
ness, and Council should, by appropriât a legisla
tion, glv* all ihe assistance possible. The petition
was referred to a special committee, corisiatiug of
Messrs. Uanby, Fmegau and Beggs.
pocial ssMion of th* C.ty Council will be
bis evening.
The Romovai or th* Courts*
On Weduemlay eveoiugthe following njambers
of th* Bar Association of this county, went to
Dover for ike purpose of urging upoo ihe Legis
lature Ihe importance of the removal of the coun
ty sent from New Castle to Wilmington: Tiros
F. Bayard, J. C. Patterson, a M. Harrington.
Charles B. Lore, Beojetnin N ieids, Usom H.
Bales, Anthony Higgios, W. R. Hodgson, K.G.
Bradford, Jr., J. M. Williamsnn, Hemy R.
duPoni and J. P. R Polk. These gentlemen
went down as représentai! te* of the Association.
A correspondant of th* Commercial furnishes
the following report of au informal meeting in
the hall of tbe Houae of Representatives from'
which we copy tb* following :
Mr. Bayard expressed his pleasure that be
had tbe opportunity of roeetiug with the General
Assembly of (he Stale, but he hail done so at
considerable inconvenience 10 himself, fteiiug
ths importance of tbe movement.
Hs called attention lo the fact that the condi
tions that once made Mew Castle Ihe most
convenient location in tbe county had now
changed, and it was so no longer. When (ft*
county saat had been fixed mere that was the
only place of aataty, and tbe whole Stale a vast
hunting ground, whose only means of convenient
communication was by th* waiar courses. New
Ca*tle,lberefore,being on Ibe D*laware;altbouglt
on the very verge of tbe oountv,
accessible than any other poiul that might be
chosen. This is do longer the case. Wilmingi
is nearer and more accessible Jo a majority of
tbe citizeni of the oounty, while to all others,
except perhaps a very few, who live directly
niton the Delaware river, and a few in (he town
of Hew Castle, it ii equally convenient
Tha greater part ol all the business of the
county, came from or through Wilmington, and
an immense amount aftimt was lost by buthtear
people of Wilmington,especially summon
ed aa witness«*, which would he saved by the
removal of tbe Courts to Wilmington.
He believed, sincerely, that tbe interest, at
least, of all the expenae tha: the county would
b* compelled to pay on account ol the removal,
would be saved from the extra mileage that the
oounty was compelled to pay for tbe attendance
of wittier are from Wilmington in criminal cases
and for the summoning of them, without once
taking into tha aonoounf lb* saving to private
He believed, too, that an equal w m would
be saved to suitors lrom casual fees. The
slightest information In regard to the condition
of a record required a trip to New Castla, at a
loss of at least half a day to the eounaaL'
Men must live, and their time is valuable to
them, and when that is used it is but com in on
justice that they should be paid for it. He
said that if the Court House of Kent was at
Dover Landiug, muek of the information
which waa now gladly gives by the gentlemen
of tbe bar of Kent without charge would of
necessity demand compensation.
lie spoke of the inconvenience of tb« pres
ent building and that It had burnt Indieicd by
the grand jury of our county as a nuisance;
that although we bad a much larger popula
tion than Kent, we had at least no better buil
dings than it.
Mr. Harrington was next called uppu by the
• omioiuee, and stated that he had Wep au
thorized to make the proposition of the city,
which Is, that the eity glvea the sit« aDd pay
half of the expense of Ute building* which is
to be used joiutlv by the county and city. *nc
referred to the conveniences of acceas to the
city of Wilmington, and the accommodation
for persons attending upon the Court, lie
said that no single advantage possessed by
New Castle waa not possessed equally by
Wilmington, and the latter had many not
jtossessed by tbe former. He said that con
forming with other budding* io Wilmington—
the Opera House and new hotel—be fuit per
fectly certain that all of the necessary outlay
would not exeede tlUO.OM. He did not be
lieve it would be more than «90,1*0. Oi ibis,
he showed that tbe amount to be raised by
ibe people outside of Wilmington would not
exceed *15,500.
Mr. Lore waa next called upon, and gave
hi* full and hearty approval of tbe movement.
He, too, believed that merely as an economic
mesura It would be a success, and the county
be pecuniarily benefited. He believed that
tbe saving would not only keep down
Ute Interest, but in ten year* would pay off
tbe prtncipaL He also adverted to tbe fact
that new buildings would be required in
lea* than ten years: that they had been patch
ed and patched with evidence of Its Inandloan
liât mcA addition
was wore
watt only a continuation
more strong than the lost, that Um old buil
ding woukfnot do for the business of the ooun
Mr. Higgins, in r very few words, stated
that he had heard but one objection—that of
expense—and that be, Uke tbe rest of the
speakers, had never beard a
for any other reason, »ohm
monstrances because they thought tflUnir^g
removal, bat outside of the quest! ou of ex
peome, be knew of bo objeetkm.
Tbe eoafcnaoe was protracted to a late
beard with m a r ked attention aad patience
No remarks were made by any ef the atom
ben off the Leg 1*1 at are, and no intimations
iTmSnte wxmid ****** **
same Umo in tke »oaoto chamber, oad <
lundente ad, under tha msnogemaut off W
m. ii.
A. B.
Specialty ' Reportai far Ihe Co ireîÂ*
■IN ATI. 1
The Senate met at 1(1 o'clock; a. m.
it 10 o'clock; s.
Allowing bill* were read
By Mr. Vaadegrift, an an* to Incorporate Mutual
Loan Association, of Middletown ; by Mr.'Stock
ley, sai^aot ta Incorporate Indian River Navlga
By Mr. Watspn, at) act to prevent Live Stock from
' litige lu school district. No. 10, Sussex
con fit y ; ah set to prevent Live Stock from rnn
nlng at large in school districts, 58 sud 74, New
Castle county ; eaact to divorceCaalmsr Abinger
flrom bl# wM* ; and so act for the protection of
slierp in Kent county ; by Mr. Riddle nn act to
Incorporate tUc Preacher* Aid Socitty, of the Dcl
iiivare Conference ; by Mr. Shakespeare, an act
giving the consent of Delaware lor the U. S.
Govermaent to erect a public building, In Dover.
On motion the following bills were rend n third
lime mid passed ; By Mr. Shakespear, an aet to
incorporate the WUmiqglou Conference Academy,
at Dover; an act to Incorporate F.uterprlseManu
facturing Company ; by Mr. Watson an act to di
vorce Joseph 0 . Pile, from bis wife ; by Mr. Kills
an act to prevent Justiere of the Pence and Cou
ntable« from taking fees unless provided by law.
bUls were read a second time :
Senate met at 3 o'clock, p. in.
On motion the following bills were read : By
Mr. Stocklcy, an aet to Incorporate the RebobolU
and I'biagoleaquc Usual nnd Navigation Com
pany ; by Mr. Wateou an act to Incorporate
Smyrna Manufacturing Company; byiMr. Ricordt
an act to amend Section 83 of Chapter 111 Revised
Code ; and an aet to amend Chapter 684, of It
Volume, Lavr* of Delaware ; by Mr. Sbakespea
an act supplcmcnlry to Chapter 894, Volume 11,
Delaware Laws; by Mr. Vaudagrilt, au act to
amend the act to incorporate Middle-town Manu*
fai luring Company.
On motion the following bills were rend a sec
ond time : By Mr. Vaudegrift, an art to Incorpo
rate the Mechanic* Bauk, of New Castle ; an act
to prevent Live Stock from running at large in
school district, No. 58, New Oaslle county ; and
an act to incorporate tbe Worden A Evan Co., of
Smyrna ; by Mr. Stocklcy, an act to Incorpo
tbe Baltimore and Delaware Bay Railroad Co^ by
Mr. Biddle an aet to incorporate tbe Excelsior
Loan Association.ot Wilmington ; and an act to
incorporate the Delaware Steam Fire Engine
pauy ; by Mr.Vaudegrift, aq act to Incorpo
St- Georges' Library Association
On motion the following bill* were read a third
time, and passed : By Mr. W'ataon, on act to
prevent cruelty to animals ; by Mr. Shakespeare,
an act to Ifleorportte the All Hsllowell Cemetery
Association, ol Wilmington ; an act to Incorpo
rate Ure Edgemoor Irou Co, with an ameudmonl;
and an act to construct a railroad from Lewis to
Rehoboth ; by Mr. Watson, an act to incorporate
tbe Delaware Society for tbe Prevention of Cru
elly to Animal«.
Mr. Shakes pear and Riddle gave notice oi bills.
Hilo reporter neglected in yesterday's proceed
gs to not; togt the House bill In relation to
Gypsie* waa loaf )
House met at$0 o'clock.
The .Conference Committee bavlug tailed lo
agree, the Brandywiue Springs Improvement Co.
incorporation bill was reported back to the House
and Uie Senate amendments limiting tbs rale of
Interest was concurred in.
Bids read once: by Mr. Maris removing the
Conuty seat of Justice from New Castle to Wil
mington; also, making an jwuual approprtilou,
not to exceed *200, to the Delai»0f" Historical
Society; by Mr. Shelidrake, reducing thé prie« of
sample von (tor's licenses lrom *50 to *20.
Notices a* follow» were given: by Sf • Silver,
amending section 12, of Chapter 8, ftevised
Biatutas: by Dr. Thompson, amending section 10,
of chapter 60, Revised Code; by Mr. Maris,
amending Chapter 117 and 434, Revised «teintes,
also, supplementing set Incorporating Working
men's Institute; by Mr. Clough, relating to the
Fanner's Preserving and Fruit Canning Co., of
Five Points.
Among the 'petitions presented were tbe fol
lowing asking tor the modification of tbe usury
law; remonstrating against tbe some; asking that
salaries of the iftnef Jut let, Chancellor and
Associate Judge* bs increased from citizens of
iirandrwuie jyuuCmd, asking the removal oi the
County haildings from 1 t*W Castle jo Wilming
ton. *' ' ..
BUls read first time: by Mr. Clark, dit'orcitg
Samuel T. OUoseu, also, prohibiting live stock
running si Urge in No. 63, New Castle County;
l>y Mr. Ferris, incorporating Eureka Manufactur
ing Co.; also, amending charter of tbe City of
Wilmington; by Mr. Martin relating lo the act
incorporating Town of Suafoid; by Mr. bUell
drake, regulating the sale oi apiriiuou* liquors;
by Mr. Maris, |amending Chapter «0, Revised
Quintes; also, substitute for bill increasing ths
S4%in* of tçe Chancellor. Chief Justice and As
sociate Judies; «Je#; requiring property in Wil
mington to b* insnüiad ÜPB» Ut value intereal
tbe .interest lb. same yiaid*t also) (tflOLlnc the
City Connell ite own discretion in making ippfb
pi dations to tire companies; also, Increasing the
penalty for shooting game on Sunday; by Mr.
Silver,,prohibiting stock running nt large on
turnpikes; also, uinsudiug Chapter 85, Revised
The Delaware and Maryland Ship Canal incor
poration bill, was read a second time as were scv.
uyyl other bins.
At (be House adjourned, and met again
at 3 o'clock.
Th* following bUls »arc peturccd to the House,
with slight amendments, which" w#re çonoum il
iu; reviving and contlninng in force Charter' of
the Laurel Loan Association; prohibiting
tlces of the Peace taking fees hi criminal
cacupt where provided for by law; iscorporating
Enterprise Manufacturing Co
The repprt of the Joint committee on pul
dings stated ft«/ the Leyy gonrt of K
county had been otfored by Ihe co
000 for th* county * interest in
offered a jbfct iwswiutlon creail
six lo drew up * bill lo carry
turns of the committee.
Lewis Thompson introduced a bill increasing
the jurisdiction of the Court* in divotes case*,
w hich under a suspension of the rules was read
thro* «areas*tv« llmsa^ud passed th* How*.
A large number *{ bills ware road a second
time by special order and tb* following
read a lined lias and passed ; By Mr. Mans,
iueorporajjng tb* Workingmen's Co-operative
Building asl Lend Amodiation of Delaware; by
Mr- Speaker, changing th* nsm* of Lina Jitter
to Lina George; by Mr. Silvei, authorising
Saille Ann Townsend to make * last will am!
tealauenl; by Mr. Devis, changing th* name of
Horsty'aCnmiMabd* in Sussex oounty totbat
of Atlanta; by Dr. Thompson, amending
ant rciaourporoling Delaware College.
▲l 6 o'clock Ihe Heose adjourned.

J. «Si
tig a committee ol
out Ut* recommend«
001) Hi Wood.
1* a vary sa parlor arttel*. free <
ir«&ae*%- k
of dirt oad slate,
Ksaptiy. Also.
ia&n-dlr j ' i
tor, «hat asawarv
at Is'ato
9. W.CIatMiffT«.
t mm rstcE,
The City Council met in regular session,
last eveniug, Mr. Pickle* in kite Chair.
The Street Committee, on the petition of
Jama* C. Miller, compioiniag of water from
the cow pond overflowing ni* property, re
ported that the matter ttMfld he attended to
aa soon a* the weather would permit. Adopt
The Witter Committee reported favoral-'v
on the petition for water pi,«, on 1M .ttcei,
a* far as Adams ; estimated cost, $150. Also
on Sbiplev street; estimated cost, $500.
A ,io,nod '
Tb* Oommittee on Opening .Street* repfirt/
ed that the contract for vacating Spruce street
had boon concluded nnd nitrnpd mH ihotnn.
"j . eignen, ana (he mo
nty, $5,000, paid over to the eity. Adopted*
Mr. Febiger, from the Special Committee
on widening Wnterttreet reported that nearly
all the awards had been paid.
Mr. Quinn. Chairmen of the Special Com
mittee on City Hospital, report«! that the
P. W. & B. R. R. Co. and a number of man«
ufacturers had offered to contribute a yearly
sum to Hic rapport end maimainance of surf,
an institution. The report contains the foi
lowing resolution :
Resulted, That the City Solicitor be instrurt
ed to prepare an act to be submitted to the
Legislature, authorising the increase of the
city debt, by the aale of bonde, to an amount
not exceeding $25,000, for the purpose of
purchasing the ground and erecting the build
ings necessary for a City Hospital.
The report and resolution were adopted,
and the Committee continued.
The pay rolls of the Water Department,
$298 78, and the Street Department, $186 12,
were read and passed in the usual manner.
Mr. Canby presented a petition from the
managers of the Wilmington Dispensary,
asking for an annual appropriation, in order
to keep open the Dispensary daily.
Referred to a Special Committee, consisting
of Jesars. Canby, Finnegan and Beggs.
4 petitiop fpr curbing and paving the side
walfc, op (die north side of N|ntii street, be
tween Monroe *mj Japkson, vyas read and
Mr. Canby presented an ordinance author
izing the paring and macadamizing of Fourth
street, from Market street to the Christiana.
Bead twice.
Mr. Finegan introduced an ordinance to
defray the expenses for widening Water St.
Read twice. /
A petition from the Union M. Ë. Sunday
School, asking for the use of the City Hall,
tf,e first week in June, for the purpose of
boldine 8 sipayrberry festival
On motion of Mr. Mclnlire the vote by
which the ordinance ^vacating Fifth street
was defeated, last meeting waa reconsidered.
On his motion also, Air. John H. Adams,
of the McCullough Iron Co., was allowed to
address Council on the subject.
Mr Adams stated that the McCullough
IrpP Company hod purchased two .tracts of
lapj* ip this jioinify, one, the old Lobdcll
prppprty,/Qr $32,000 ;t)iputhe; th* Barratt
property for $2o,0Q0. On tire LoodçU prop
erty they propose to erect * mjji for polling
sheet iroo, at a cost of about $100,000. On
the Barrett property, through which Fifth St.,
would run ii extended, it was proposed to
erect temporary bnlldings on the wharf for
storage, and also to lay tracks oonuacting the
works with the railroad. Thia latter prop
erty waa purchased for this exclusive purpeee
and it was necessary, for the rueceeaftii prose
cution of their business that it should be
used. The petition for vacating the street
was signed by all the property owners in the
neighborhood, and he did not think it would
be 8 îirsàijyàiita^é to any ççp,
Mr. Hayes thought it would cost me city
now folly or fifty thousand ' dollars to open
the street, and perhaps It will not be opened
for ten oe twenty rear*, when it will cost even
more. It would he policy to euooursge this
industry, as the city would be greatly bene
fited by it.
Mr. Febiger referred to tha objectioi
raised in regard to the city's loosing valuable
wharf property by vacating the street, and
said that the extensioa of Seventh street
The Street Commissioner reported 3Ç men
sad 8 horses and carts employed ; the Chief
âigineer, 16 men.
The Lamp Committee reported in favor of
using Dyolt's Patent Street Lamps, on some
of tlie principal streets, at a cost of $1200.
, was read and
frpttjd abridge this difficulty, aud provide a
public Vivra A JWftfon of Uta Christi*«
where tbe water ww fifteen fee4 d««*i log
Mr. Quinn was willing to bava a pommia
sion on the street now, and lease it to the
Company for twenty or twenty-fire years ;
afterwards to open it at it* present apprais
ed value.
Mr. Finnegan states that if th« street era*
opened, he might object to vacating it, but
now it would not pay the city to open it, ju»t
fdr obtaining a wharf front, \yhpn Wilming
ton becomes a codimcraigj oily, we must luok
to the Delaware for wharfage. Thought we
should encourage our manufactories.
Beggs referred to the lack of public
wharves, and Biid he was not hostile to man
ufactories, but waa opposed to dosing another
street and wharf against publie use.
Mr. Qijbert moved to postpone until next
meeting. Lréd.
The rote on the ordinance wat then taken,
as follows :
Aye«—Messrs. Canby, Febiger, Fouik, Fin
negan, Havas, Mawdinhail, Pickets, Quigley,
Nays—Messrs. Beggs, Gilbert, Hueated,
Menton, McDowell, Mclntire, Quinn, Un
Lost by a tie vote.
Mr. Mendinltall presented an act authoriz
iog tha issue of bonds to an amount not ex*
ceeding $80, 000 for school purposes. Orderet}
to be sent to the Legislature.
Mr, Febicer presented an act amending the
City Charter to provide for th* «point
ment of a Board of A
and A
ent, Revision
Appeals for Wilmington,
ction on this act waa postponed until a
ting to be belli thi* «voting.
Mr. Menton presented n petition from
property owners on Maryland Avenue, petj
lhe * ld#W ' 1U ° f
On motion, the papers on the Clerk's desk
were referred without reading.
■ . Orders.
T. Y. DeNormandi«, $41.07 : Wm. H.
Brody , $3.40 ; Johnson and Bogi«, 4.00.
On motion Council adjourned.
\ Murmou* are raported lab* leaving »ab
tity for the newly pewMlMd lead io

ßkttilfi ßritih ***- ^
■ f
reuend '»
R lly rirtneof a writ Bf
directed, will b* sxpotsff to Pahlt
th* National Het*l. kept by J. t
cott. In Middjstowo.inBt Oeoreer
iai.1* county.
N DAY. the:
a to ms
Me, *t
J. A.D.jm.
tite. sW 1 . . .
in Apr;"i tinlwniV
hundred. Nsw Castle county sad Stats of Dolawai «,
4 parligularly dssctihsa as follows.' to Wit; li«
simnintkt ■ stake in tbs public read h-fuHng tr-v
th* Pine Tree to Giunl l.sodiit*. earner 1 nr Mis-6
f remises and other lands of th* said Gallssaer;
turn toence by Kan, dividing Un* fur said pt«m
sea, muih 4« degrees west «0 5-ltob perchas to a
slake cerner oi o:h*r lands of mild Osllaghsr end
in a liun of la id Die of John Naodkin, ocesasod;
IkSncs with a lins of that land north 47H dsgrses
w*»t87filUth perches to a »tone corner tor said
corner for Hus« i,remises tad lands of
Blister, im.no); lrom theme with » lias of
siid Busier ami land of JojciihH»nry(nogro)north
A-fi degrees «cfl 112 7-HHb perobes to * sinks in
tu« Suie road leading from Odessa to MaskMrdi
tbnnco with said Stare rout inwards (hissas Berth
6 degrees anil 2« minutes curt 2» and 1 -1*W pore* et
, ,iake in said road coiner for land of Ludwig
yallschnitef; from then«« with »ItearlsstdWolI
'vchmtdt norm 41S degress esst 104 perch** to a
renter ot said road towards said Undiog mod Mm
»»* therewith totht plaotof b*iri»N'Nf,oowialniag
1 r. A q Ij*.*. "j* iI.uÜVll*. i resitsiTt*th?** ressrtr
*,f Kuius June* and Caroline*K. bit wife, ssm/u l,
sad to t>s sold by _ ..
- , hcri(ra 0 K ruïC»Jte*ÿ.* T ?kïl». w£3d*
the follnwinc described 1
-'All that traot of laid situated
42S de*ree»
rked as spiel
if J srstffTsh
1«B<1 ef
*4licrill , t* Paie.
— Br v'uue oi a writ of Levan Facias
/d :: 10 ditactsd, will bs exposed to FubUc
Mb')!; Sain, at th* Lufaystlo UolskSo 811 Ship -
H i* lev »treet. kept bv James C Pisrrau, Ifl t*s
eitv ut Wiliui elan. New Ua.lle county. Dels
Ira SATURDAY. March 1,1873,
At 2 o'clock, p, m ,
tbe lolb.i j.i« Jespribcd Real Estate,viz;
All that cerDin lot or rarest of laud iQ tb* city
of Wiliniuctur, afar*« ,1.1, with A two storied Brios
Dwelliox ibereuq. b'-n.z it*« twenty third boas*
from the cornsr of Fraaktin strseL bounded and
described ut lollows, that is to sav: brflnuint os th*
line of ihe northerly tide of Cbsstnut street, fer
locrly called Decs ntreet, at the dlstAnet of t«o
haudred and ninety ssvsn fest frant the corner
termed bv U e intersection of th# line of th* wss
terly side of Franklin street with ths An* of th*
northerly side of Cnsstnat street, laid SHM ol bs
(inninK beins at th# center of the brlot wall dfvl
dins the house 03 ibis lut from the 1st adjoining
Ihe easi; thence uo'therly parallel to Frank
street and pi«fing liirough ;he centre of sald dlvi
■ion wall »evuntv nine met to the southerly side of
a twelve feet wirtu alley leading into Franklin
street: thence westerly along laid side of laid allay
parallel to Chestnut street thirteen feet end six
inches to n cornsr; thanes southerly parallel t
Franklin sir. 01 and p«»si|lf throush the osntsr
ths brick wall dividing th* houto on th(s tot frj
tbskoassbo tb* lot 4d|„ mine -1 h#
nine feet to ihe northerly side ut Chastottt strnsû
and ibeoce easterly along said side of Cheatn*(
street tbirtsss fast aad six inohst ts ths plass of
beginning, be tho contents within said bo and» what
they may. __
Seised and taken in execution as th* property of
Patrick Dillon end Sarah Dillon bis wife, and tsrrs
tenant», and lo be sold _by ___
Shnia ' Offles. Nsw Castla. Jan. ». 1873-fob to
Mherltt'a »ale.
By virtue of a writ of Lsvsri Faelss.
to ms directed, will be exposed to Pabllo
Cals, at tbp l.afsystt* Hotel, Me. *41 Bhip
_ ley street,kept k? James C. PistsaS. in the
cny f Wilmington, NeW CsttrS cnpntr'. Dsiswsnf,
On BAXURDAY. Mareh V. 1873.
at 2 o'clock, P. XL,
the following described Rest Estate, vis :
All that certain lot. piece or parcel of land »Uh
s two started Fraa>* 1 toute thereon erected, sltaate
in tbe city of Wilmington aforesaid, b< nnded sad
described a« fellow*, to srtl: Battening at a point
on the westerly »id* of Union street nt th* distance
ot oue hundred and thirty two feet to ths oorasr
formed by the intersection of said aid* of Union
•tract apd tha southerly *id* of Gilsia avnau*;
thence northwMtovty and parallel with'
enue sixty feet to tire eosteri» «idc of m new strs*
thirty Aet wide 1 call«! HaSsan street; thsne* aluns
•aid aid* of cs|d »treat southwesterly tyette teat
to a »take: thence »outbe*»t»rly *nd parsllel wuh
Gilpin avenue sixty feet ro IQ# nloreeaiq aid* of
Union strasti and thsqc* tksfsby nerthsomsrif
twslvs isQtjte IhJ r!Q0« Of fiifteeWïi M Iks
tsntc whst they may. „
No 2. Situate partly in Wilmington aforesaid
Sad putly in Christiana hundred, beginning at a
point an tb* wsiterlt ill* or Hscsaa street nt th*
distance of on* hundred mad thirty to* fact iras*
the corner lortned by the Ititmection *f the said
■ids of UsMon street and the southerly »Id# of Gil
pin »venuetto*imen»Vkw*»t*rty nnd **»H*f with
Gilpin aCWirosi idxtf three test three Inches to n
»take; thence nurthwssterly and paraltel with Bp
■on thM twenty feet to a stake: thence southern
and pareil*! Wltfl Gilpin «venae »*« huud»»d spd
twenty three Set ihrei incite» (oaulltef Jn thi!
line the fhirtrGcÄ wiilrtl »«lszson t i to th> »**•
teriy sills of Union at.: ttrepce fhhrebrnortbhjntff fir
eight fee; to a stake, thence northw<-.eiW -tvty
fest to the «»»telly »nie of Hsswra *tr«et:
thereby northcasterl*. Bwtlve feet Io tl.c : oj
iûm k v
ufTbirtevntb 8tre«tMt thedutw.c *jt "1 »uri-^ca
»nd fiv« feet fr«in lh« w««t«rly •»
thence noitherly parallel with bcott *'
hundred and im th« t-j* wgI a
thirty «ic^t fe«l wid« 4tr«c-t hn#u4i«i»» * i:0 }}
lind Liuiuln ctreeli and para » ■ ' •
str-#.4hen*e ttwwekis W«t4te «'"•Oje
S »take: thence southerly »no ; *' L *' " c<,, '
Street one hundred and sixty lot» u .'«r - bp»*aP«
side of Thirsserth stre*t: then*« L, — i«ii.
twenty ll/e feot-to the plaeo
content* whto they may!
Seited anl taken jn execution ti j nt
Cornelius w. Lyaeto slot iianndh L>pc| ■
snd Michael Doueherty, t«rr*tenant,and ■ .d

of L. k
it cal Kalile at »hwll W ,t
I . Bv virtue of » writsf Levari Facias to ms
îücott. iu Middletown, io St. Geogsehundrsti.
New ('»Site County. Dslaware. . , , ,,
the following dosorihad Rest Estate, vli:
All that ewrintn traot of Do4 sitastod in Aspo
«uiLÎmiok bundled. New Cull« ooiity aad BUM
n .^ nsa^ g
laud ot Joseph Fotoÿhalyr, on to* »tojhwost ky
tbe Crpress road. snT on the southeast 4>> lapd oj
said J isrph Ford's hairs, eontalata» W A*»** #1
^Beîzàd aadteiSn into axccatlon I» Ik* property
^»«(.ÜriRrä}i*5F» fc«S'T"T;
t p
Sheriff» G
W ILUIXUTON. UXL.. Nov 30.1871
Thousand BoWarg
la BOEV offered for Balh
ocoorJaacc with aa ordinsae* passed Norsaahar
2 UMP. Th# Bonds will b* told at tor and oeereed
Interest payable Jsmarr aj
__ — -- - I— —
Wlloringtota RR4 tteitarn M ■«
.. ftuÄJS
Trains Issrlog Lsndsnkcrs al 4
!U with tbs Date
trete* srftvteute
*t 8 10 a. m. sne I
and Washtsateu
at 8IT P as, and
.. wi
gu.. hr
cents for to

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