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• rcr —
- With the approval of the sentence* ol the Mo
doc captives by the Executive and War Depart
iiiBot, tlM! quMtion of detliug with tho Indium of
that tribe M ended with the IToited State« au
thorities bare, eo tar aa the aiz murderer* who are
to be hanged on the third of October are con
cerued ; but others ol that tribe are charged with
serious nff.meea, for whicb it ia known the Oregon
a'lthoritine have requeued from tide Government
their delivery into tho custody of ibc State ofE- 1
cisis, the Iodiaaa now being held by the General I
The cpuduct of these Indiana, preceding as
weli as eiihicqueut to the capture and trials by
court-martial of the leaders in the plot and as
svismatious at the live beds last April, has hoar
officially commuuicateil here, and it is certain the
proper department will give due consideration to
the request that they be given up to the State
authorities. What th*definite result will be te
uot at piment known, though it is probable that
within a tow days the whole matter will b» a*ci-1
Kate Stoddart.
Bhouiijj, August 20.
It ii ■will the disagreement btitwoen Chief of
Police Campbell and Comm'uiouor Jourden, avhlch
led to the retirement of the tormer from office,
in reference to Kele Stoddart, the eelfcon
fetsad murderess of Goodrich. Campbell believed
tho mystery was eoived by that confeseion, whilst
the Commissioner beliaved the confessiou was
merely mltde to shield Koer re. There is much dis
cussion u|: polir« circles regarding doub'a of the
truth of Rate Mtcddart's confession, and it is said
the confcksiou merely consisted of answers to per
sistent questioning of Chief Campbell when eke
admitted the killing of Goodt,ch. Commissioner
Jourdan is eti'l soareb'ng tor ltoecoe. It is re
ported that during fyte Ht ad dart's early Kfr, she
was a M|:lioolinnto of Kaseoe's, and this acquain
tanceship was renewed la New fork wheat Good
rich appan red on the scene. This lleeeae is be
lieved Iu bo tho one who killed Goodrich end the
mm whom Joordan is searching for. Tho Com
missioner is said to be following up clues wtiicfi
eventually will lend to his snnt.
Tho End of tho Modoc Matter.
Naw Yobk, Aug. 27.
A hoary seizure of diamonds was made en I
board o tho btuamcr Cily of Chester, which I
arrived tram Liverpool. Amnngthen-osengersof I
the oteainer was N. Lmcostari a wealthy eitiare ]
of Uhloago, lor the last t» elf* month* ba* bden I
engaged in proe;>ecting, iu the goiu digging* ot I
äouth Africa, tor diamonda. II» brought with I
him neurly two hundred diamonds, cut and un- 1
out, sonie of great size, and valued at about *30,-1
000. Tiro seizure wta made by Ike Caetom Bouse I
officers, who state that Lancaster denied having I
any dutiable goods iu his posecssion. Lanças- |
ter says ha bad no ialoolton tosmuggle the goods,
aud claims tliera is no duty ou the uncut diamonds J
scixed. It is said he will visit Washington, to
demaud the restoration of his property.
Political Mows. I
The 1 'hestor County Kepublican Convaution {
yesterday adopted a resolatiou conowling the I
Ssnstorl to Delaware eoauity, and appointed cou- 1
leroe* t<j meet thee* from Dataware. The Usa-fthc
vmtioa nominated E. W. Bailey and Peter I
G:«*ry for Asssmblymen, and Jen se E Phillips I
for County Tresaurer. I
General Butler opened the Uepuhlican c:uu-1
paiga iu Massachusetts, by a speech at Worces-I
ter, last night. His appearance was grouted by I
'• three «been faintly given," aad a volley of hie- |
see." Hu was heard with attention, however, I
and pui)tiona or Ins speech were applauded, and
he closed ' without ••I'erruullou from any source."
A 8an Francisco daspxteh says the Democratic
Convention in that city nude another attempt, on
Monday night, to ' harmonize ou a Legislative
tioket, but without succeis.
Tub Balloon Expbdition.—F rom ths midat
of a multitude ol several thousand persons, the
Philadelphia Evening Uer»l4 balloon rscended
Monday afternoon—»tailingmio the upperatmoe-1
phare from Forty-firet street and Powalton avenue,
It was kinder the charge of Professor Light, a well
known erouaut, who was nccompeined by Mr.t
Kichard Chism, of Neiriitowa. After strdiiafr
eevfiral air curreuts, igjtU various directions, the
bdloon waa lost to the vision of those gaz.ng at
it from our city, and it lnndnd safely ia New
Jersey, about eight ne les from Atlenue City,
will be learned from the following despatch -
.aSh°at^ A lÔ ,l p B 'M AU m Lower^ Bank M Randofoh
li ..., 4 ).!
Uiohabd E. Chisk.
The carrier pigeon, released from the cage
near the city returned to its home iu the after-1
noon bearing a ribbon indicating that it had lait
Uc balloon at a height of 4600 feat.
Äs^ÄÄ 1, ThfÜ^Äh'
valions «re relate have Uen -'thafjl«t
on record," but bare not yet beenpuhtiahed.
A Kxixioad Cask.—I nd'ana ia suing oae of I
her railroads for a sum at money claimed to be I
due the school fund The Btate ltw under whicb
thn nctiuu is breaght is that whaa tha «ff«*«*»*
amount of div l lends declared amount to Ihefell |
«Tiore SÄ*» périrent.
divideuids ona'I be declared on tbn capital em-1
ployed, and tha residua of tbn earnings shall be
p»id ovk to th« schoolfnud.
-t- mn s » —
Bnndiy evening, while the wife of Profeetor
I,ightn*r, of Carlisle, was visiting her sister, at
C.eurtteld, aeeompanlad by bar Mlle hey, aged
abont six yean, n dog belonging to a neighbor,
aaoted Mill*» •pnwffRpo.ifh* child, tbfew it down,
wÄy iT^r.feÂ'î ? 5
feterribl. Mtony, with no poreibili,
now I
ty of
none, lucludlug Genarul Blialer and other military
-■Vers. The movemrets of tire cadeta arc said
have hMB ('icoutwi wlih a promptuetA aad
pre^tii®n^nknowu to 7h. NM&Fl ,u»^ and
regtmeuu" of New Yprk city.
of Limerick raa ta
lamaa steamship City o
to tha new stoae pier, near the Battery, ia New
York Harbor, yesterday, and - hooeked In
massive masonry to the depth ot three feet."
te ..id Ip he uninjured, but wiU lake
gare oa ber ratura trip.
ship fit. Lo«»*. Csptoia 1'ievoe, from K>r«'-1
p wl loi FhllndalphU, with a general omga, nhraek
uu Cep* Pta* during n do«**log.on tha lOffifeat,
and Ä. Her crew eeoaped and bare arrived at
° ' JreR- ., C
_ _ . Welle* U In good health, and lud*
ftlr to jive another half century, ne 1* oow 71
Joshua Binnsy, a well-known " h 'P'
of Baltimore, died on the 834 IneL,
W year».
Hmvhc« I.lfe In Africa.
HUMAN SAOllIVltfKi ANtftttt MW-W.O** 1H
Au Eoglishnutn, My. J. A. Skulchly, lias
just I ('turned from Dahomey, on tho west
const of Africa, and h> now tii'BHhiug houio
interesting Illustrations from bis sketch-book
to the Illustrated London Eetbe:
For six months Mr. Skrtchly waa thr-ffimst
of the King, by whom he wasJUdhpiUbly treat
ed. He is the only whito man that has I wen
admitted into the private apartments Of tl
King. There is no town in Dahomey. Tl
capital is merely ono of the royal palaces, with
official residences for the high officers and tho
sorvauts; while tho Amazons reside within the
palaco in long, barn-like buildings immediate
ly outsido and surrounding the Kiug'3 private
apartments. At each of his uine palaces there
are four thousand of these Amazons. lie fore
Mr. Sketchly was admitted to the palace ho
went through ceremonials lasting three days,
during which he was created a prince oX the
royal Mood,a duke, and a general of the arnvy,
but not of the Auiazous. He was then per
mitted to see the varjons eits'ims. He was
n n eye-witness to the grand annual ceretnoni
1 when the principal human sacrifices take
place. F or the sacrifice called the
who, the Kiig Accjlqes^rt a f Idker-Swdffk.-'
l°tlugo In nls pmace. Ho Weafs onlÿ a hide
cotton robe, as lie considers Ids dignity so
that he can afford to dfCM in ordinary
clothing. Neither the King nor the members
0* the royal family ever dress in gaudy attire,
Above the King's head au umbrella isexteud
«1, *nd this Is gorgeous with scarlet, bln* and
yellow fixtures, cut with a knife from velvet,
»Hk and damask.
1 pieces together so as to form emblematic de
I vices. .The bird is indicativetif eoyalty. None
I but the pi luces of Dahomey are alio wen to
I adopt it. The top of tho umbrella is surraount
t ed by • wooden of *;uiu>ut, representing a man
I with a bird Ip hi* . hfrnd. Tile Amazons are
The Amazons sew the
seated ' rohtm the king. Between them and
the people a number of bamboo rods are plac
ed iu a line on the ground. Any man who
crosses one of these rods suffers immediate
death. Saldiert Intngrtn tin» victi*»— ilawe»
taken in murmifd gtmaraUy aid meti. TfccJ
are gagged by means of a stick with grass
1 rope wrapped round it, wilioli fills up the
whole mouth, and is tied at tho back of the
head. Their bands are fastened together,and
they are firmly bound to baskets, which are
carried on the soldiers' heads. Their bodies
I are tntirely naked, save a single cloth around
I the loins. Coulcal hats are kept ou their heads
I uutil just before decapitation,
] The prime minister lies prostrate, and re
I fieivga in Utah posildou a meseage (rum the
I King to (he victims. This message is to be
I carried tu the fatlier at the present King, who
1 died about aine year» ago. Fur their subsis
tence on the way he gives them each a bottle
I of rum and a bead of cowrie*. The meu are
I then takeu to a platfoaffi twenty feet lilgh in
| aQ adjacent courtyard; there they are cast
I'jieatliong. still hound to their baskets. The
J executioners theu cut off tlieir heads auj ex
»libit tkem »»ABCpeople.artor jvhicti they n
placed on wooden altars to ornamentxnepfifa
gate. Three day» afterwards the li -uds are
I taken within thu palace where they are clean
{ ed by the Amazons, and are then used for
I State drinking clips, ornament» for drums,
1 fl-tgstaffs and other purposes. Tho bodies of
Usa-fthc victims *re dragged py the crowd through
I the market place, Aud are liualljf tltrffwn, into'
I a ditoll 4iut*i|e A hone* - , wher* tha hyenas
I soon make short work ot them. Thousands
of skeletons are in this ditch, hut nota single
skidl. The lueu appear to have no fear of
I death. All. NJIgtchly States tlurt lie ba* fre
| quoutly looked into a man's face just at the
I niomeut when he was about to have his head
I eu t Off,'and lltlt * BlBscld saamtcl to Indicate
I oithef efuotlon or fear. The present Kifig h
I m Dru merciful than his predecessors were. He
I endeavoring to reduce the fearful sacrifices
1 of | luman life entailed upon him on his suc
I cession to the throne by the customs of the
I country. Üb generously spares the lives of
| halt tlie number ql victims intended for sacri -
(ice. No wacabaare evets'Uotl fior saermce,
altliougli they, like the men, are brought out
oa the heads of the Amazons, to ho curried
j aroi'id the courtyard.
11„ RisMcnM Murtied.
. . ... ._
Baltimors, Aug, 2b.—A new dwelnnghouse
in KutaW street, jiufi coaiplalrd, lor tha pnvati
rtaidMC« fif L. YYL r>fio(Mr,gi*ilfi in the , tig: ■
elegant style, took fire JmR night and wrs dam
d , Q ,, 16 amount 0 f $30,000 It was unocci
^ e<1 * nJ • ad waÄ iuaUred for * 20 »
000 in lh, E.|„i,.bl. .f iki. «Uj.
S.W.« wa »V n»™o»r. T w«.
Dean, at the reoent term»! the Blxirqqunty Uj-J
{court, in scuteueing theTyronne druggists fur
M j|i n g liquor without license, took occasion to
reluM k Hulmtantially us follows: " DruggioU «re
t0 «U ldiuor for medical purposes,
1 ^ however, lo'lhe nek of indietm.nL A
[phyaician-* preocriptioo 4» W* ** f *"
guard for the druggist. If the I «Her, even on
tpe preecirplioa of a regular physician, sells
liquors to pernona of known intemperate habits,
or to tlioee who are known to use liquor as a
beverage, lie is liable to indictment, and if found
guilty will lie punished la the exteat of the lew.
j n ,|, 0 it, in Ike opinim of the court, a druggist
who .ells liquor lor anv purpose whatever or
»P?» theprrsvr.ptRm l/ Ihg
mcian in (ne Cofintj, does io at nie owir ri«8.
In 8an J«re, Californio, fryooog Chitmman,
employed as a cook by Mr. Orion Dubois, fell
in Lwe with ltii employe- * daughter, aged 17.
18he did not reepood lo hie pamtou. Heobtain
e j possession of her photograph, and «he do
m^gd iU return. On Monday he handed back
jn# pfej ur e, at the earns lime firing three thole
at fro !2 a 1 r* t , ol T, cr : ÄÄSÄST
I brain*. "
I Me w Ha mpehfre, Why be 1lh l^P
Iof EkeMei L^ii^Vire Premt^nt
I teflöCDtien, Gov. John A. Dix, Vico *,rwkl6W
Henry Wiion, I f wU C^ ex-United Stitfes
Senator Jam*» W. Grtinaa of »owa. Vluitml
I Staten Senator Zaeharlai Chandler of Mlchi
gan, Levi Woodbury, Horace Greeley, Gene
1 ral Benjamin F. Batter, ex-Prestilent Frank
lin Pierce, and Chief Justice Chase.
American Iron vor England. —We learn,
I incidentally, of two folk qf. Uke Suwrior pig
iron, oae ef 4,0*0 fan* and oa. offt,euO,ori*icd
n tha furaaam for dkiportat IO ( Ffogfofid. One
Q j. ^ ^ or j ert d neminally for Moatreal,
L.y. narforytnpd to ha for English coaaump
oSffimotiCO 1« eo nelrly di.-ect that
I « entertain no doubt of the fade a* »third.
1 p... . „ rv,( n tlUICIir TOT *'"
| ntwuff ^ ,
I ffoCa .at LoW
The saw mtllofC. W.
I .. J
Am li
TVm Lndiet of Mitâieinj O'
Million* of
'nawfaU Heir to
Ddlan in Front«.
Frein the Atlanta ConstilUtimaliit August 22.)
Wo stated about a wc(!k ago that It was
IMirtcd that :m old lady living near WaAbifiktoo,
Wilke* county, lu this Btlate had fallen heir lo
atght niiffious of dollars iti Frnnc*. Mr. Bc'aja
**i*i», nl.cr thoroughly lovcetigatiug the case,
wrote to Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Chambers that
thrro Was uot a qnestion of doubt m regard to
heir claim , and advised them to come om to
Kuropo nt once. Thti property descends to
llicnc ladies through a Mrs. Kennsnlcau, grand
mother of Mrs. Campbell, and great grandmother
Mra. Chambers. Min. Campbell's maiden
name w as Marmite, âmi that ot her mother.
Mademoiselle Koonantcas. Tticy arc connected
with ono pf tfio
in Ibu
transacted business lor ssveral aid MfngsèBÂ Do
ramge families living in llhis city, ia coanaction
with their indemnities from U»e T r im b Goasaa,
Milice in t'rnngo.
un party Wha Popart
nod fbr a nambet of
some timdage thst *ie brine, mUJL* sms wsdtifig
m France to lie claimed. He, therefore, harried
poet kae'.e to that oouatry, hunted np n remote
bfnndh of the Henuaulean family, and sncceeded
(tying one off the female mefciBen of it. He
then presented proofs of the death ol nil of the
American anil nearer branch of the family, end
claimed the estate for the distant breach into
which he had married. Mr. Benjamin, in hie lat
ter to Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Chambers, remarks
that this man will|Hoon find oat that the dead can
bo resurrected. Uy the terms of ah agreement be
tween Mr. Benjamin and the two ladite, the for
mer will take oiie-half o( the whole amount of tha
oH'.ato, end the other hall, aix million doUara, will
then tall to Mrs. Campbell and Mrs Chambers,
the share of each being Ihn neat little cum of three
million dollars. Of the entire amount ot twelve
millions, eeven millions and a half are in tha bank
of France, anil focr mtlljons and n half in tha
hands ol Urn Iiotbchilds, the calebrated bankers.
Mrs. Chambers was in the city yesterday mak
ing arrangements for the voyage of her aunt and
'herself to Europe. Thu) will be nnaonipiiehed by
a lawyer from Savannah, and Mr. Antonie Pio
quet, of this city, who goes dor the . purpose of
identifying them. They will also carry papers
signed by old citizens ol Aagneta, proving their
identity. They will leere tor Europe/ w« unden
stind, next Tuesday.
iu ms
Mise BradJon, the English DOvaliat, is cc
gaged on a nurel which will be printed at Ihn
same time in eight different newspapers Af
Ur it is done, sbe is lo write a blank
drama for Ike Frince elf Wales Theatre.
Act unfavorable change was reported klgn
day in the condition of the Hon. John P. Hal*
convulsions having followad lb* attack of con
gestion of the brain- jie was more comfortable
yesterday. I I
A fine dwelling in KutaW place, BaRiarere, I
Gnnthpr ^'vvas dïma'^d
Ganther, W 0 » dAmâired by Are OB Monday I
nigbt to the extent OI |8d,0ûÛ. U VU UUÛC* I
capied. I
*ri 10 ak*amRhin IlilburnUti g_„ m ïmalattil I
. rbesteamaBlp UiMaUu. from
and Newfoundland, arrived a Halifax oe |
Saturday night. With Mias Bird and a party at
10* destitute English chitdtea.
Max Newman, travelling agent for a Arm in
Indianapolis, is missing, and supposed Ut bave
aïavers*" 1 W ' th ,l0,<>,0 M,0B * ,ng to hls
P'°y ers '
The Marine Iloepltltl in New Orleans waul
figaiu sold at auction yesterday and tnockod
down to Mayor wield at 150,000
LAYERY,—August 27th, Henry Lavery. nged 90 !
years. I
The friends and relatlMs are ihvjted to attend the I
friaerul on Thursday 31th mat. at 8 o'clock A. M.. I
from the residence of his son, John Lavery. Calaos- 1
bas Inn. on 4kn Kunnett Pike, to proeaed ta St.
J slues Church.
I fANia.
W ANTED —Some oil« to nwrekarea lux* «um
A ho7o!M^^^>rtSffoVe..
W A A^?"»T A S r M«k??Jtrî!L
Th. IVilmlngton end ffsoding Roil Road Oemp.- I
two (42) miles north of Wiles immgtoa and thirty- I
one (31) mile* from Reading, has.*« ample> supply of I
water and shelter. No charge ti mad* for use of I
around. V
Rrt*s reasonnkla. jFqr ùifiireretiot 1 h**lv to f
NOTICE TO 1 X 0 UR 8 I 0 N 18 T 8
AA ^ ,MA a 2Ä* wn-Ugton. I
GeoeraT^upérintendsiit Cèateevill*
I I —— maamjgBg
FFIC ' 0 F Kx 1 MMSffi^
Thirty Tko
Dollars, (# 30 , 000 ) |
In accordance with en ordinamo* pareed April 17th.
1873. The Bonds wilt be sold at par and eeernsd in
Sr *"' k " "'""rt&üääU I
PLUMBER AND -ttA&.4firai»
No. IO» Kia« Street,
"lüïîtidâî *""*■ ROB ER T H UTTON.

a* -
W. N.
$*U MÛ 3tvt.
stsaal <\n a a# tha kaai k
h and
of 41
street,, one of the very beat burinea* stands in the
Iso n first-rate HriK.SK and Iwe WAUGN8.
WM. BRIGHT. Assignee.
of the
A* ply to
70H SALK.—Ths valuable hotel pvofiertr
* known.* the "Malta llousa,'' No. Uii
East Water street. For price, terms, etc .
Apply to j. h. Frazer, _
augki-tf Third aad Shipley streets.
TNOR SALK.—Tha stora property, corner of
2 Fourth and Monroes streets. Id by 40 fast, aad
ia three-story brick dwelling adjoining, on easy
terms. Apply to
HOT Washington street.
Reynolds a go.,
V »I» Market Mrttl, WlGmiagtaa,
Offer the Mtowtng very Jestrohls properties for
sale ot
No. 1.
Modern built new house. 9 rooms, tes. bath,
Radlers, water ctosets. Mo., corner Sixth and JalTer
son streets; wilt he sold below value.
No. 2.
Nri 4
Haudfoms new extension front bouse, with gee.
hath, commodes. Ac., on Hairiaoa street near Dal
Â,Vo?ïtvre" y a *" r * bU h °"*' Wi *^* U
vanuia of mty cart. „
• t'
No. 3.
House en Kprnce street near Eighth, Inst finish
ed; 5 rooms end oat-kitohen; very nice.- will ba sold
ohoep aa] on assy ta
No. *.
Market street store an t dwae'.linr one of tha
beat basinaae steads in tha euy: will ba sohl
|4»KJ last than vaiua.
A choice Market street residence; water. »»*.
hath, s ha de me.! n really dalizhlful home, and of
farej v« low aadonresy term»
A aheap pleasant tnd healthy village home In
Newark.DeL Lot 4ixg». New honse.8room.and|
a store room. A millinery has been suoieasfu lly
a ducted here tor eome time. Goodies honse end
er oat-buildings. Inquire of J. H. Ray. New
" k - « " •« »« -
He. ».
r..i..—.v ■
anrofiubla I
fâlrSît aa of *ilT Brandywlwm wiU greatly advamea |
tae price ef lot*. ^ 9
^Sth!SSl«^« ZhUl? W "' ,U *' b " tW * e "
Bghtk aad Ninth, vary ohoice. 1 ,,
th auras of W. C. Creak bottom Unis, on a milal
ffrom^awark. D.I.: stone ho.se end bnrn.
Splendid building loL 25x127 ft,
•treat, near Washington. This wi
let to buy. os the bnilding of Ws
11 be
No. 13. I
2 lots ou Delaware aveaas. near daUler*» Mo aw- I
^ ^No.U.
« I
J | oU on Delaware ereouo.'near City B. K. depot; I
eeoh °V — mdsLO It I
A u f æ heMe'een«*ifrY on the ner- I
t'hlü Clay ÂJ2Î. ax ThompsJk'î Stl-1
ition on the PaonsTlvanta and Del. RsiL ai. 2»*> I
'^«Ä^Änföftuck "Soi
^Srj^noload iotô*tba mm d> doSr. tlîas siviag I
SSu»""' Su " a<ta ' luci ' a,uU ■" b *
tad to buyers. I
* hotel stand on the Md and Del Rellreid as I
Msr^uu^*taîc«.7y. lî3 L«x. ..w hou« 1
aad Wa. aad »« aeraa uf good land A I
portmréxp to muhe m.efy Nu teeal „.Don kwa
1, unUa . „im and saw mill in Peaeadar I
Handrad, oa the Christiaan River. 18 feet head I
aad fall, giving 40 horse power, halt mile to the P I
und D. Kailruad, throe- foarlhs mile toi th* P.. W. |
and P.. Railroad. 19» mitea ta Newark. A very de- 1
sirable property and now doiug n profitable" nsi- 1
nms. «
No. 12.
\ 0 m I
Tha Newark Iren FonVnrv A to >1 basin eta I
XI* ftewsrx iron rououry. a ww hus« I
No. 19.
v Fnn.G. :s1
dwellings. Tk* public are invited to suit end
U.»aeT,n,r. C.rre.po^.p nrompti,oa.
I rôn'îSWff^e y» a nd
oellecting «cent*- . jy29-«*i.
TTtOR SALK.—Second-Hand MKLODFAINS, étal
* Äm.r pricM -" UwMuji ° ROO " , •
ty. feet of Oranjarirmt. ^ A. HARRIS,
pOR RKNT-lwoi«re*e
I? in th* thud «tory of th
ling, for society meetings or for
torturing. Apply to ALKX.
R RENT —Tne large 1 ere
pôwyîôç* at*~ once 7f dmwwL Uggrire*^âK. J
11411 Harrison Heart. fab»-IT I
p|^V^ üi ; jgSJSVÆ » 18
DRAWAK uvé «too*
connect ln« Rooms MsSk
le Sa Ville Build- ■h]
H SEVILLE."' lili
512 Market street.
Steam Bbili.aW three
hors* power, snitabl* tor driviag'a small eagta* or
a hooting purposes. Prioe .50. Apply aMhj'jf
Bo. 107 West Heventh Hlreet.
Tbit Compeay Insures Hot
j Fao;. W. A. RKT N OLDS, Free.
W. H. Qil«o«e.S ne'y. tyS»-ty
Mala* ax ai est
r disaasa and
Ae pre
. _ ,,
I lfiRU TWt HOTEL. -
Onr. Broaéwa* mm I T*rn*mh St.,%
w*w YORK.
... .. - -
| \ad«
i /
_ Kingian Onaavy Bird, go ta W. N.
CHANDLER'S, 611 Market street, and hny Æ»
one. Just io, direct from Europe, a Isrre -wmrCAr
invoice of Sicily Canary. Hemp and KapewwWw
bead, which we are seUiat very low.
anga_ 611 Market street.
Omet or toe t
A usait 25th, 1W73. >
An (leetion for niae Dirac tors of tha W ilmiogtoa
held at tha odea, So.
the 1st day of Sep
n élection for nine Dirnctoi
Cool <Joe Company, will he he
Shipley street, on Monday, ine in aay or .-Sep
tember, next, between the hours of t aad 5 o'clock
P- M. t. J. Lawson,
nagy to ispl Secretary.
JCj I Omet np vat )
Aagnst 2t, MT3. )
The Annual Meeting of this Society will be held
at,their oBce. on Monday, tha Eirel day of Saptem
bes n*it. from lu to U o'clock A. M.. to elect 25
Managen fer the ensuing year.
I A LBKRf W. SMITH. Trees..
•*n Market Greet.
The Menagen elected will meet in ths evening of
the a Sit day, September 2d. el 7 o'clock, to organisa
the Beard. aug27-3i
I Lz District of Delaware, u
WHXtras a libel of information hue been hied
it the Dutriet Ou art ot tha United Slates of Amer
ica fur the District of Delaware, rn the Fourth day
ot Aagnst in the year of onr Lord, one thousand.
. night hundred end seventy-three, by Anthony Uig
I gins. Esq.. Attorney oi the United States, in te
^fL^*jÔ l {SLiE5ïVJ , Sl.î2 1
1 'Vf, £,'."'?«£• ÏSySïi '.hS M wL
*Ä!ciuÄt?oV ÛitoîS IS, »Ä Biwriîi of
1 Delaware, on tha 25th day ol Augast. in the year
of oar Lord, one thousand eight hundred and
»•vcety-thrve.at thel'ity i f Wilmington.antbln the
admiralty and etaratime jurisdiction of the United
statte seized the canal boat or vessel Fine Brother,
oïï,?^f^llîi^n*^r 1 nàrinï , îik , «ôwn* i f!!r l fr^dinâ
tîf'* ^haVjîoîrJt'îî^planrvlvamîa aad
) ** .f'cîSLJÎÏÎ
prvTitied. a«d prayiagsaid
i d.^ < s;Ä r ^hi*.rdc^r.• , -
delivered, I de hereby give p
to lav.
ef the monition ua
Coartto me directed and
■ switww. i iw uvisut give publie notice te alt
I *"»•■• cialming the said veseel. bar tackel. An,
| bald at the t ny of W ilmiagtea. in and for the Dis
trict of Delaware, on Thureday:
" MÄttÄÄhe&.Äirnnd max. their al
1 ,, (Mloal , B u „ b , bM
1 pVTtL àÂÏÏr.
1 John M. Dvxn. U. S. Marshal. Dig. of Delaware
Aagust 25. 1I7L ang2T-6t
. _ -
I U District of Delaware, ss,
I Whereas a libel of information has been Had in
I Aufwt, in the year of oar Lord, OB« Ihou^ûj eicht
I hundred aod seventy-three, by Anthony Uiiiini,
I ° r } kê l>ited Sûtes, in behalf of the
I ^ States IftlUJt the TMSlt Of CSIftl boat ArU,
I herteckel. epperel end furniture. Allegin« in sab
I Haac# that W m. D. Nolen. Collector ef Caetoua for
Stl-1 the Dietriet of Delaware, on ib.lvth day of Aagnst.
2»*> I fî*f- a ?-"* r -. Lor<1 ' u *? 'bnasand^ ybt hun
I * L " u,d Kretas i.isod the cunai boat or vessal
I between the District ot Pennsylvania and the Dis
as I ,rl<t 9t Delaware without being enrolled end licans
1 çd. and without having^ tb.l uued sre!e. th.
I Irîurt^cîwê^tâje amToirovided^and Brev^inx^S
airtÄS," OföSXt # ÂÂTÏÎ ÎSS
I u *i e to the United States, according to law.
I •„?
P I de f. * >«■« ! of U>* said Lourt. to me directedand
W. | delivered, (do hereby give public eotree to afpper
de- 1 ''J** • **"*■■ 'he said rmaat, ker taekei. Me., or tn
nsi- 1 îf»
« *'** r b «'°™ ">« said District Court to bo held at tha
llth day of Sep
dranoon, then anl
City of Wilminxton. in and for the District of Dela
ware. on Monday, tk* first day of Senumbar, at ten
I o'clock in the forenoon then and there to Interpose
eta I 'heir elaune and to make their allegations in that
U. S. DtiL Attorney,
per K. G. Bradford. Jr.
loan Din*. U. S. Marshal. Dis. of Delaware.
A «gnat 21.1873. au*22 6t
„M. TAR. Iff..»
| y^e urdersigned. Receiver* of Tex** for the
étal- 1 Jf âî'ÈÿtTrf jZlî' {*73 Mifwïîi tk!
ESÂ^d'u i. '^.reiÄ/Si^re 6 m tk.
| S^SfiÄ* ^nM ?'Uei
lh " ^ ' T * P * r "' t - Wi "
Receivers of Tax**.
By a vote of tk* members of the Young Men's
Loan Association, hold at tbsir rooms, on the even
ieg of the 15th Inst. it was voted1 nnaaimonsly to
iwn* five hnadred share* of New Stock, commeoe
tt*^*Mree«.»m» *»" *r U y| ÇopNij. Secretary.
"" r "
rew- Lena Association, tha naafe re sgaa d was
Mrtherisad to open a book for sabecnpuoa of stock
U is proposed bo run this loan oa the new plan.
: to givn to the borrower, th* whole amount
td the loon end to collect the premiam with due*
red Interest. It is also proposed to have weekly
A lot er ohmhadiwbs
To be dosed Oat
E. T,A.-R « -K:X3 Sr r
N«. A East StCMi Street
william lally
Brandies, ^WJ 18111
1 211 ■. Front St.,borwaun Fronob snd
I Walnut Sireata,
UM Market Street. WUmlagtoa. DM

emit tefijhm.

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