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Home Reading.
General News.
OJict, Centre St.?opposite Court House.
Communications upon all subjects interesting
to the public nre respectfully invited. The
real uame uaist always accompany then, not
lor publication, but irs u guarantee of their
truthfulness to the publisher.
Business Cards.
Gnu. co.'.ad.
"W'ill practice in Lewis ami adjoining coun
ties. All businefs promptly attended to.
Oflice with Hon. J. M. Benueti jlylO-lv
h duly authorised to practice in the
All persons desiring to be declared Bankrupt
can have mv services on reasonable terms. 1
have all the' accessary forms. iyl2-iy
i'ike Street, Clarksburg. Hacks rue
to and from the Depot. Uct*23-tf
Am. bur kb"TcoT
ToUhCo, Cigars, Fancy Groceries, Nuts.
Fruits, Confcc'ionaries, Crackers, Ac. 51, Miiu
St re ft. Wheeling, West Va. di'C'22-1."
Joseph Darlington, has just received a
fine lut of spring goods. Such as Dry Goods,
Notions, Clotlis, Casinieres, Ladies and Gents
Finishing Goods, Ready Made Clothing, lints.
Caps. JJo??ts and Shoes. Hardware, Quecns
waro mid Tin Ware. Also the !>e>i of Groce
ries. which will be sold cheap for Cash cr Fro
dob*.. ''all and examine my stock, one door
below Chalf;in.t,s Drugstore! ie2:My
/ L. t'ElTZ A CO.,
Jmporters a id Wliolvsalir Dealers in German,
English and !?'tench Fancy Good?, Hosiery and
Notion*, between Howard and Liberty Street#,
Selling for "CASH ONLV we ore enabled tc
put our noods at <|?ile niolerate profits: and
this with a regular lixvd price, from which no
deviation s made, justifies those- not iuinilinr
with their vuluc to buy from ?is with cniire con
fide;^:. marlO-ly
This House is now opened to the 1
Public. Everything wiil be done for tlie com
fort of guests who favor this house with their
patronage. The proprietor has a good Stable,
where horses will bo wvll taken care of. His
charges ?rc more moderate than any house in
own. "sepfUf
FUNM.V.A.N ? HlsoTilKltS.
importers oiid Wholesale Dealers in Foreign
and Domestic Hardware. N'n. io North
Howard s:reet, Baltimore. Mr. W. will give
itrict atteniiou to all orders entrusted to his
care. mi.lG-lv
" W. ^RANZHEIM k <:-J ,
isi.itidies, Gins. Wines. Old I'utirbon and Rye
?Vhiikics and Cigars, and Dealers in Native
Jitill and Sparkling Wine. No. 137 Market
Street, Wheeling, W.;Va. dcc22yl
\V. W. Miller k Co.. Manufacturers of Flows,
Hollow-ware, Steam Engines, TJoi'ers and
Xlill^Castings. Office ;;nd- Works Market St.,
Cor. South, Wheeling. W. Va dec-3yl
wkstos, \v. VA.
Praeticcs in the Courts of the'United States.
?;nd wi(l give especial attention to ??scs in
Bankruptcy. jly]2-ly
D-. Wm. J. BLAND.
Oifif? on Centre street, two doors above the
National Exchange Hank, where he may be found
onless professionally engaged.
Surjjic .1 cases will Ik. attended to at his office
or tii? residence ?f the patient as inav be desired
lUUKKT :'?iA i 1 k. son.
V t>KAl.KR8 IN*
?fiint?. Oils, Varnishes, Itrusher, Artist'*
Materials, Krench. Ormanand American Win
dow da.-j*. .Siis'i, hoors, Frames. Shutter, and
M-rentn fur Krenrh Plate (Jlaf?. No. 108 Market
St., below Mcl,iue llou*e. Wheeling, W. V*.
-nSAt.l!K 1.1
Ale, Wines, l.iquorsau-l Segars.
rim*'' >or .il ovo-ihe Bank, Weston West Va.
apt'27- t*
JL. IIOnbS. S)X & CO.,
? WHSKUNO, w. wa.
Importers of Queen J ware and .M.uiufacl ureri
of Flint Olas4. 115 Main k IC? Water street, We
oianui'.ieturc ?t sttprrior article of Carbon Oil
J.un.M and lamp Chimneys. d*c22yle
Main street, WcMon, West Va.
Monuments. Tombs, Headstones. Vases, Mnn
tl?? >tc .M.'iuutUrturid to order with neatness
aid despatch. Orders promptly filled. All
pg.-sons wanting anything in his line will do
well by railing on the above bvlore purchasing
tlsw'tere. jlrG-lr
havo on h;uiJ and are constantly receiv
ing and .manufacturing every description of
Millinery goods, ^^At very low prices."^.
We also keep a .general assortment of notions:
Hosiery, thread, linings. dress trimmings, Ac.
Alio faney uud useful articles for gentlemen.
Rcraem'er at very small profits.Mrs
I 'Pie citizens of I.ewi3 and adjoing counties
are respectfully informed that 1 am now pre
pared to supply them with all kinds of Leather,
both Uppef and .Sole, on frasonab!* terms. I
have the mott experienced Tanner"m the country,
aud will try to make such stock as a ill suit my
customers. Hemlock or Eastern tanned sole?
Calf aud Kip skins, harness and side leather al
ways op baud. All tanned ou the old plan.?
No short or patent process used here. The
highest price paid in cash or leather for green or
dry Hides, at the old Lorrntz Tannery. Terms
strictly eash. Please call aud see me.
Weston, \V. V*.
ang21-1 v G.J. m'THIER.
MRS. o. i. Fisntt
Has now on hand one of the most beautiful
stock of goods that tv?-r bus been presented to
the I-Jes of this sectiou o.t the country,
ami Velvets,
And everything to bo found in her lint
of business.
I'crsons would do well to pivo iier a 1
fall and examine before iiurehasiug else
Placecf business nextdror to Ellas Fiaher'a
Don't full lo giw [i r a call aud eiaroiue li?r
fiue stock.
0el? :jji.
Oh ! the snow, the beautiful snow,
Filling the sky and the earth below :
Over the house-tops, over the street
Over the heads of the people} ou meet,
Dancing, ?
Skimming along,
Beautiful snow ! it docs no wrong ;
Flying to kiss a fair lady's cheek,
Clingiujr to lips in a troiicsome freak;
Beautiful snow, from the heaven above,
Pure as an angel, gentle as a dove.
Oh! the snow, the beautiful snow.
How the flakes gather and laugh as they go,
Whirling abofit in its maddening fun,
It plays, in its glee with every one.
Hurrying by ?
It lights on the face, it sparkles the eye,
And the dogs, with a bark and a bound,
Snap nt the crystals that eddy nround?
Tin 'own is alive and its he-art in aglow,
To welcome the coming o\ beautiful snow!
How wild the crowd goes swaying along,
j Hailing eac'i other with humor and son,.-.
; How the gay sledges like thctco :;.?ah by,
? Hright for the moment, then la . to the eye?
Dashing they go,
! Over the crust of the beautiful snow:
Snow so pure when it falls from the ?ky,
To be trampled in mud by the crowd refiling
To be trampled and tracked by thousands of feet
Till it blends With the filth in t lie horrible street.
Once I was pure as the snow?but I fc. !
Fell likothe snow-flakes from neaveift'. hell I
Fell to be trampled a* filth in tli>- street;
Fell to be scoffed at, spit on and beat?!
Dreading to die,
Felling my soul to whoever would buy ;
Dealing in shame for a morsel ofbres.
Hating the living and fearing tl;e den :
Merciful Cod I have I fallen so low
And yet 1 was once like th' beautiful snow.
Once I was fair as the beautiful snow.
With au eye like its crystals, a heart like its
glow; \
Onci I was loved for my innocent pr.i.-c?
Flattered and sought for the cliarms o! my fa.ee!
Sister, all,
Ood and myself I have lost by my fnll;
The veriest wretch that goes sLimin_' by,
Will nuke a wide sweep, lejt I wander too nigh;
For all that on or above me I know,.
There is nothing that's pure as the beautiful
snow. *
How strange it should be that this beautiful
JShoula fill ??r. a sinner with nowhere to go !
How strange it should be when the night comes
If the snow and the ice struck,my desperate
brain ;
Dying alone,
Too wicked for prayer, too weak for a mom
To be heard ;n thv streets of a oraxy town.
Gone mad in t he joy of the snow couiins
To be end to die in my terrible woe.
With a bed and a shroud of the beautiful
Fact and Fancy.
The last novelty in sewing machines is
one that will follow the thread of an ar
! gument.
The intoxication of anger like that of
die grape shows us to others, but hides
us from ourselves.
There is a man in Boston so poor that
he cannot pay a debt of gratitude. It is
proposed to get up a tcstinjoni.il iu his
| behalf.
i A wag remarks that he has seen two
sisters who had to be told eveiythiug to
gether, for they were so much alike that
they could not be told apart.
Mvnlaecr Crinheuoff makes a distinc
tion thus:
?/Too much whiskey is too much, but
too much lager beer is sboost right."
A Minnesota farmer says: "We raise
four hundred bushels of potatoes to the
acre here, which would by a bifl' thing, if
wo didn't raise bugs cdoiigh also, to eat
them all up."
An eccentric clergyman ouco said in
, one of his sertnous, that nbout tho com
mon* st pn>of that we have that manj^
made of clny, is the bricl^^Aft^^^fl
in his hat.
A subscription pap
latod iu a rural parish
object ill vicT.": "WeauS
opposite our uanies for*
paying the organist anil i
A young gentleman fiy
was approached with o)
limits by an infant of ei
"Don't you see," said lh<J
the baby wants to kiss j|
replied young maturity,'
?That is because it takes ..
Socrates, passing thro
eiied out. how much is
need? Nature is cont?j?it]
graeo with less; poverty in
i what is needful is satovii
i enough is as good as a feuve
what we do not want; {test
supplied what would wotih
"Hob lltown, did fsy t]
father hadn't as tnuranso
Smith's liitlc dog':'" "21 neyj
any such thing. I nov?td tha
father had not ni much.so
Smith's littlo dog. An id
Hilly'* littlo dog had i: sensi
your father; that is nlRI ovci
"Well, it is well you UBay th(
I tell you."
Yousu ladies are vlSnonotr
They resort to tiglit la< in
avoid wastefoU-ncsf 7, *
A fellow in New Yoioat a I
woman with his umbrcUieaue
hitu iu tho atreat. I
There aro now 877,000,000 in coin
in the ireasurj. ? ?
Texas claims to be a -land of milk
and houev," because you can get cows
there for ?40 a dozen
The two ceut revenue stamps on
? matches yielded the Government {Jl 500-1
| 000 last year.
; California proposes to have a World's !
; Fair in 1870, and the Pacific railroad !
agrees to carry passengers at half-fare. I
Onu hasIiO.OOO foreign whites, 720,
inn !!iUv" of Eur?pe<"i "traction, and !
100,000 negroes and Chinamen.
; Tiiev have a "Grecian Bend Saloon"
! in Cleveland. Breakfast bill: Sour ap
I pjes, cucumbers and Jersey lightniug.
i Stocktom, California has an artesian
well a thousand feet deep, which dischar
{ ges 300,000 gallons of hot water daily.
I James Stewart, a trooly loil preacher
in Georgia, was caught steaiiug corn the
I Other night, and shot by a member of his
j own congregation.
j The "substantial business men" of La
j ramie don't keep Sunday. They don't do
i business on that day. but just go around
(hunting up suspicious characters, and
hanging them to telegraph poles.
i Iowa lias commenced the creetion of a
j S4.)ll,000 Iusano Asylum at Indcnen
dence. It will ho 758 feet in length
and modeled after the Pennsylvania
, Hospital at Philadelphia.
| Secretary Mi'Cn.i.ornsaysthat under
no circumstances would he remain in of.
j lice after the 4th of March, and that his
only desire is to hand over the depart-'
incut to his successor iu the best possible
! condition.
| 'Uik value of the liquors drank bv the
| people of the United States in one year
is nearly fittccn liundrcd millions of'dul
| htrs, fir three-filths of the national debt
I ho amount is ascertained from the oS
! Cl?! a,ul sworn returns of Revenue Com
missioner Wells.
! Tiu Houston Union says that the ques
tion of dividing Texas into three States
will be agitated on the reassembling of the '
Convention, in December next. The bill
failed by a moderate majority before and
it is said that several of the dclegat s who
voted against division then will vote in
favor of it this time.
The Fauquier Und Journal makes a
most encouraging exhibit in regard to the
sale of \ irgima lands and the accession
| of new sett tiers within the last twelve :
months. It says that more than $500 000
worth ot property lias beeu sold to actual
settlers within a radius of ten miles
around it arrenton since tlio close of the
war. w i
: Madame Parepa Rosa, the illustrious
prima donna, has conclude*! her Califor
nia engagement, and she is now giving
concert, to Brigham Young and his
in Salt Lake City. She will com
mcnce n \\ estorn and Southern concert
tour in St. Louis alout the middle of De
cember, and will reach New York citv
carlv in the spring.
Salvator Taclioni, uncle o/ the ccle
orated dansetise, has just died at Naples |
aged seventy-eight years. Ho composed'!
more than two hundred baliets. the mostf
remarkable of Which are his "EsmeraL l
.d* and "Faust. During the disorders :
m Italy. in 1848 Tsglioni. who was a i
great friend of the King, was taken bv
the insurgents and shot. He, however'
survived in spite of the fourteen wounds
tie received.
i i us number of children in the United
!? 000 ooo T";1 sch00' ia ?>'out
5 000,000. and the number of female
teachers is about 100,000. The
| 750.000.00'??? ^^ ?18' l
Mb. Stockton' expects to got back into
the United States Senate, now that .New
Jersey has passed into Democratic hands.
Two old bachelors of Indianapolis
made a novel bet on the election. The
loser was cither to marry within six
weeks, or forfeit ?500.
General Grant will have control of
fifty-three thousand offices and officers,:
whose annual compensation amounts to
thirty millions of dollars.
Tiik Bo-ton Journal says:?Massachu
setts 70,000 majority. Match it." The '
Portland Argusadds:?."We will, cheer
fully. Kentucky 91,000 Democratic
majority. 'Less haf peas.'"
The editor of a Wcstern Democratic
paper says: "To the many inquisitive
friends who want to know how far we are
going up Salt Hirer, we make this gene?-;
al reply, 'l'uba Dam.' "
The Now York Suit suggests that if r
Mr. Greeley should be sent to the Court,
of St. James', among other achievements I
he would "introduce a new court cos-!
turne." ,
Senator PomerOy, of Kansas, showed
his bare head by walking hatless
through the streets of Leavenworth on
the announcement of the election of
It is predicted that, among the first j
acts of General Grant, when he-gets into,
power, will be to pardon Jefferson Davis, I
John C. Breckinridge, and othef celebra
ted rebels. "Tho hour of victory is the,
hour of magnanimity."
Horace GRr.r.i.t:r received SO,00ft votes
for Register, against 93,00(1 given to
Judgo Connolly. Horace certainly de
serves some reward for his generosity in
standing np for his friends to be knocked
down by his enemies.
A number of papers have placed the
name of Andrew Johnson at tlie head of
their columns as thu candidate for the
next Governor of Tennessee. It is said
that Mr. J?hn?on will acccpt the Demo
cratic nomination and will receive it.
Tub Springfield KcnuUicnn says:?
"lietween trying to be a journal and a
party organ?between its aping of tho j
Herald and its fears of Brick Pomcroy's
paper?the KorW is very nigh making
an ass of itself."
It is said thero r.ro several "early
birds" in Washington, Jrom the North,
ready to look after, if not to "catch the
worm." As General Grant is a.military
man, possibly ho may not like the advent i
of these "bird.*," and will not be pestered
by them.
An exchange says, with great truth,;
that in good old Democratic times the
poor man might go to market with his
money in his pocket and bring back his
purchase in a basket. Now, the order ol
things is reversed. He may take money
to market in a basket and bring back his
purchase in his pockct.
Minnesota his not so high an appreci
ation of ability t" play the blackguard in
Congress as Massachusetts. Ignatius
Donnelly has been defeated in the former
State, and Iiutler selected by a large ma
jority in the latter. Minnesota has much
to learn before she can consider herself a
thoroughly Republican State.
Letters from Washington state that
General Grant receives about 500 applica
tions for office per day. lie has given
General Hadeau, bis secretary, orders to
destroy ali such missives without showing
them to him. The consequence is, that
Hadeau lias a pile of waste paper around
his table two feet high. This action, on
the part of tho President elect, is much
to be commended.
There is some prospect that the Freed
men's Bureau will soon be abolished.,
General Howard has just made a report
for the year, in which he gives the ex
penses of the Bureau at ?3,977,000. He
says he sees no occasion for continuing ,
the Bureau after tho first of January
next, at which time its present lease ex
pires by limitation, and ho rccoinmends
its abolition at that time.
k On the Democratic sid i of tho next
^iusc of Representatives there will be no '
of ability. Among the Democrats
nl this fall are James Brooks, Sam-:
Bcox, Fernando Wood and General
^^W. Slocum, of New York. ? New
jfturns Charles Ilaight, and olects
Cleveland in place of George A.
Vlica!. Judgo Woodward and
Handall will speak worthily for
Governor Thomas K.
ably be the loader of the
cgation. General George
jc-clccted in Ohio, will
Ird to eoino purpose in
Daniel W. Voorhees
a, and will be ably j
lie Democracy of!
Kerr, William
iilliam 8. Hotmail,
fries K. KMridge, a
fellcut debater. S. |
|Jiurr, re-cleoteJ!
distinguished I
pjthful tcprcsent- j
General James
(>ivcs that Suite a1
I'flci't credit upon
Smith, the new ,
spoken of as a
[lilies. The whole
i dueled to th?
I 70, and probably
Rn?t 138 radicals,
t nicmbors arc men
I recognized talent.
! done flobly, and tho
lly be groatly benefit
i of able men to rep
A certain justice was called lo the jail
to liberate a worthless debtor, by receiv
ing his oath that he waR not worth twenty
dollars. "Well Johnpy, can you swear
that you are not worth twenty dollars,
and that you never will bo?"
"Why," answered the other, rather
chagrined at the.question, "t can swear
that I am not worth that at present
"Well, well," returned the justioe, ''1
can swear to the rest, so go along Johnny,"
and the man was sworn and discharged.
Sonic days sinco a warrant was issuen
from oue of our courts for the arrest of a
truant husband. The alleged oSenco con
sisted in abusing his wife and desertinb
his family. The culprit being arraigned,
the hapless better half was put on tire
witness stand.
"This man is your husband, is ho?!'
enquired the judje.
"Oh yes, your honor!" was the confi
dent reply.
"When were you married ?"
"When did you marry him 5" |
"About a year ago."
"What minister performed the cere
"Were you married at church" thun
dered the judge.,
"No?sir?wo?just jumped the broom
The man wasn't fined.
A Model Iiovk liFTm.?"My Deah
Jekcsua : ?Every time I think of yon
my heart Hops up aud down like a churn
dasher. Sensations of unutterable joy
caper over it likeycung goats over a stable
roof and thrill through it like Spanish
needles through a pair of linen trowscra.
As a gosling swimmoth with delight in a
mud puddle, so swim I in a sea of glory.
Visions of cxtactic rapture, thicker than '
the hair of a blacking brash and brighter
than the hues on a humming bird's pin-,
ions, visit me in my clnmbcrs; aud born
on their invisiblo'wings, your image stands ;
before me, and [ reach out to grasp it,
like an old ponitcr snapping at a blue
bottle fly. When I first beheld your.
angciic perfections I was bewildered and
my Ijraiu whirled around like a humble-.
bee in a glns3 tumbler. My eyes stood
open like cellar doors in country towns,
aud I lifted up my ears to catch the silvery
accents of your voice. My tongue refused
to wag, and in silent admiration I drank
in the sweet infection of love, as a thirsty
man swallowoth a tumbler of hot whiskey
punch. Sinco the light of your face fell
upon my life, I sometimes felt as if I could
lift myself by my hoot-straps to the top of
a church steeple. Day and night you are
ray thought. When Aurora, blushing
like a bride, rises from her saffron couch ;
when the jay bird pipes its tuneful lay in
the apple treo by the spring house when
the chantielcer's shrill clarion heralds the
coming morn ; when the awakened pig
ariseth from his bed aud grunteth and
goeth forth for his morning refreshments j
when the drowsy beetle wheels his droning
flight at sultry noan-tide, and when the
lowing cows come home at milking time,
I think of thee ; and like a piece of gutn
elastic, my heart seems tojstrctch clean
across my bosom. Your hair is like the
mane of.a sorrel horse powdered with gold,
and the brass pin skewered through your
waterfall filled me with unbounded awe.
Your fore-head is smoother than ,t'ue
elbow of an old coat, and whiter than
seventeen hundred linen. Your eyes are
glorious to behold. In their liquid depth
I see legions of little Cupids battling and
fighting like cohorts of ants in an old
army cracker. When their firo hit me
full on my manly 'breast, it permeated my
entire anatomy, like as a load of bird
shot would go through a rotten apple.?
Your nose is from a chunk of parian mar
ble, ana your mourn pucKcrca with sweet-;
ne=s. Nectar lingers on your lips like
honey on a bear's paws, and myriads of'
unfledged kisses are there ready to fly out
and light somewhere like voungblue birds
out of tbc parent rast. Your, laugh rings
on my ears like the wind-harp's strain, or
the bleat of a stray lamb on the bleak
hillside. The dimples on your cheeks are
like bowers in beds of roses, or likt hol
lows in cakes of houie-inade sugar.
1 am dying to fly to your presence and
pour out tbc buming.sloquence of my love,
as thrifty hoiiscwivcp pour out the hot
coffce. Away from you I am melancholy
as a pielt rat. Sometimes I can hear the
June-bugs of dcspoddency buzzing in my
cars, and feel the cold lizzards of despair
crawling down my back. Uncouth fears,
liko a thousand minnows, nibb!ing at niv
spirits, and my soul is pierced through
with doubts as au old chceso is bored by
My lore for you is stronger than llin
smell of old butter, Swieliercheese, or tlic
kick of a mule: it is purer than the breath
of a yonng crow, and more unselfish than |
a kitten's first eatterwaul. As ihc sons:
bird hungers for the light of day, the cau
tious mouse fur tho fresh bacon in th*.
tray, as a lean pup hanker* after sew
milk, so I long for tlico.
You are f ircr thru . speckled r ile!; I
jwecter than a Yankee doughnut fried in ,
sorghum niol:? ? ? s ; brighter luan the top
not plum : on the head of a muscovy
rluck. i on are c?i. if kisses, pound cako,
?nd sweet teddy oltogcthor.
If the-;( l iv remarks will enable you to
sco the inside of my soul, and me to win
jour affections, I shall be as happy as a
woodpecker in a cherry tree, or a stage
horso in a green pasture. If you cannot
reciprocato my thrilling passion, I will
pino away like a poisoned bedbug, and in
coming years, when the shadows grow
long from tho hills, and tho philosophic
frog sings his oveuing hymn, you, happy
in another's lovo, can ionic and drop a
tear, and tow * clod upon tho lait resting
placo Juuci E. Miwwt,"
1 ?? ' -J J
' tue.?Eme.-:on.
I'.vasxB, it is
1 tortoise shell combs.
The Grecian lietid
attractions the "iioinan
A bridal car is tc
Kailro.nl when it is
Qceex Isabella only
pieces of baggage with her
wanderings in Europe.
It may'be. interesting to the ladies that
Mrs. (!r.mt proposes to do her fall shop
ping iu New York this week.
>"i:w Vork society has refused to notica
a Fifth Avenue lady because formerly Iter
husband kept a stand ia Fulton market.
Qi'ein Isabella proposes to vuit Jfa
' poleou III this winter. Ex-Einpress
' Lincoln ditto. Nice old gals?tee-heo!
Why is an understanding with a young
I lady no understanding at all ? Because
it 13 a Miss-understanding.
V/as Ilanilct thinking of his mother
in-law when ho spoke of "an eye liko
1 Mars to threaten and command ?"
A young lady vocalist of limited pow
i ers, consoles herself with the reflection
I that if sho can't sing C. she csa crow K.
1 (croquet) with case.
The following statement is attributed
; to Napoleon Bonaparte: "A handsouio
, woman pleases the eye. but a good woman
1 pleases the heart. The ono is a jewel?
the other is a treasure."
There were 1250 marriages in New
York last month. This is at the rate of
I 15,000 a year, or more than forty a day,
j and more than one and a hall for every
In the case of Miss Lydia Becker, tho
Court of Common J'leas has rendered a
decision, iu which all the .Tudges concur,
that tho common law of England gives
womcu no right to vote.
Olive Logan thinks that any woman
who can protect herself in a horse car is
qualified to voto, and cxclaitns, "now
girls, be men !" Bather a difficult com
mand to obey.
Tut: following young ladies are ac
knowledged belles in the citiej in which
they reside: Miss Tudor, of Boston ;
Miss Emily Schoinberg, of Philadelphia;
Miss Daniels, of Baltimore; Miss Ho
noro, of Chicago; Miss Kato Parks, of
Brooklyn; Miss Butler, of Washington;
Miss Burnett, of Cincinnati ; Miss Josio
Fcnion, of Albany.
Tun "BaJical Bend" is worso than tha
"Grecian Bend," tho former only afflicts
tho men?tho weaker class of thera?th?
women being entirely, free from it. His
that weak posture assumed by men of
weak spine and weak knees since the re
ception of tho news of tho late elections,
showing their inclination to yield obedi
ence to tho Radical party. Those rclio
amble with the "Badical Bend," are sot
only willing to "cat the leek," but to
smack their lips and swear it is sweet.
Fashion Foibles.?Malachite and lapis
lazuli aro favorito jewelry. Egyptian
shapes in green lava arc also popular.?-?
Dresses open in front more and more.?i?
Absintho is tho new Qolor.-J Bonnets
arc actually fading into nothing.-?-Stri
ped collars aro "the go;"-?-Ladiesneck
tics arc embroidered heavily nnd of tho
most gandy colors. Plushes for cloaks
arc now made representing the skins of
leopards, bears, lions or tigers. Striped
satins aro used for underskirts. Walk
ing-suits aro made with two skirts;??
Trails are adorned with heavy fur orjet
Undoubtedly "Lotal."?They havn
at least one girl of undoubted "loyalty"
1 in Illinois. Judgo Griffin was lioldit g
court in Aledo, while a camp meeting fas
in progress near by. Certain young la
dies cauip over from the csinp ground and
solicited lodgings. The landlady replied
that every bed in tho house contained 'wo
lodgers, except one, and that was octu
picd by Judge (.Irifiin. "But coine:up
! sUirs." she said, "and I fill ii/d a plseo
for you." She led. Tho young ladies
.followed. Ono of them bursting into
tears, buried her face in her hand*, and
lenningover the railing,- lobbed bituMy,
exclaiming in broken aoteuts: "I?1?t
don't want to sleep with Judgo Griffin ;
i ho?he?he's a Copperhead." Thero i* .
' no discount on that girl's '-loyalty."
A.Speck or IIevolctiox.?What tho
"Bloomcrites" couldn't the veloci
pedes may yet succeed in doing; namely.
' in introducing il < bifurcat* irartueutcum
; inonly called the b-eoches, among wonit*.
Tho ladiis of Paris hove got llio <? f#ei
pui-i >ver viry had. Bui no wte-widilln
arrangement will dn for t!"*' kind of a
Uo.-ae.' It has become ? necewiiy, there
tore. for the m* Mttc to invent a volotij,edo
costume. TH? eoittiiM, whether it shall
b* called La ikde Ch ienlult, or Otlmit?
n la Turqut, will, in plaiu English, bo
unit modification of tho masculine un
mentionables. But tho cortuniC, once in
troduced, will not lurtg be confined tn
veloeipedo riding. It will be but an easy
transition front riding, in this uoUMfic,
on artificial horses, to bestriding real
ones. Hiding cn cay/Fier will, Vouiio
the rage?or. as t'-.cv call ii run Wist.
?'pr|iinw fashion." Then if Itidi. s'niny '
once ride and drive, bit'iwealivily. why
should thoy not walk iu tho fame man
ner'; They already work iu this c nve
Jiieiit costume at Vim laud, New Jt'iney.
I In short, wo see in thi? movement Tors
volqcipede c6stuiiie> dreadful ilinovation.
which amounts Itl a devolution. furMau
feminity will Houii "wear the 6reu h?s "
and l'srisian fcniiuit), in the matter of
cottnroe, rules wuU a dik polio Intoi il?.
i fetisle world. \Vb?t sre we .coiulfij; (oi
I? J'to+Hryfr Diyiitih, *j? j
II 1- t * .'4 . \

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