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D. Nicoll & Bro'a
MMlT Hitldl uul frwintn.
1tnilwvi|oddiin in aoninilAirmt*
? W?*U, * BBO.,
lrtllld*l ]>gi, Arms and Oratehw.
' V. a. OnrauL ItairiTAT.
BprtUfOAlw, Allegheny Co.. pft.
For fuiU^rpo^lcaittni call on or <u1Ujyni
i. tprti ly Montr* &t,, beU Market it Fbarth. |
The Greatest Medicine of the Age!
mm diarIea compound.'
T>? onljr Sato mid (Vrutln Cure tor
1) W?KA SUM.
lytUjOnduatJ. IIIiimbeenmwlwith the
?JtrmKUmhemfuOfd. QuoinrChian
. -?~n PiaxkwMi Cuuimnm luubaen
Witmrao, April ?th, IMS.
v?l*. McCam, Kraft 4 Oo. Qetrtmrr,
HJSfiwteSSLowe month, afloU
? CIUwUlll 1M1, IV. Vfc liffiy.
^tir?n^!?ia"5i"*nu RhjSaSirSit'ifuR
'""^vWl by my Mend.
a?. i, *, completely broken
X was advlaeil to try Kranii DiarrhoM a>m
pound. 0*4 bottl* */It compltttiycitml Ihr ilb
MMimrfmtwnlnwkMffA. r am gind tore
T*"'**'1*- nnnllclne to all ?r
fluted with tlila terrible dltMM.
-.. Yoare truly, Airoiutw Edwarm.
McCabx, Krait A Co., (/nuimu*
-immmmtr l *u attacked wlihTViS
eerere Dlarrhcm, from which I (nifT^rr.-l fhr
aome three week*. I tried variouVrcmwllSJ
5SU2Ii1f1i!^u>22? i?n?
"V proved its virtue* in ray own
ssajsiisf trt~1""fraS,?,"0"
Formerly MaaterJfaOhlnlttR A O.K. ft.,
.tawSlST^ CO ^rotaSl.'U,":
^wS^^ftC2?1Mrtons fo
El? Brtdjaport by WEHT AMITCH
maylMm *
By the Governor of West Virginia.
*?. aitomowai, vacancy
asSiSSy 0|5?? of J twlge tor the Ninth
ShJTS^ JJf*1 ?,Wm<T hftuhwmoe
ffi'ttZSArry1 " wninoe uiouuty of
JSi S2T*"i?,r to not!^ ofroch vnrnu
cmii tar proclamation, ami by the mum* to
HBtLSBJSS' no*!w" ttinn tWrty "or
rt.*,y 'toy* fr"tn the (Into thereof
Wmu,MH1 JtpllOlnt TniirnriAV. thHl\nni?ui?ih
?7..1,ZmnrltT^I ?,. , ?> ?up*'n*wof nml In
jpewowof eieetJon ntwch voting plneeirlth*
-uP?!?* rowpw*"! tho Ninth
WP*1 Clwulm, iut? hereby dlreot
^SSWTSfV al?,h',r wverul pUwcn of
SJSSSS^^A/!^ forty-three of
a?<* ?*????
92T2R&* Iu. "5? *?"? ? ?"i
By the Govern^"?"" * W?KMAN. j
?apffnSlw !>? Ha lu Stct'y of the State.
Notioe to Commissioners in
Unorganized Counties.
VM, FornuViH'htcit it In nuulo'
wpMmjtyw i
ynrtuurt fatoriag.
1865. 1865.;
TuaKM Z. H. Oroo**??**?
Stein Brothers
Wholesale and Retail.
Furnishing Goods!
price*, we challenge cvmjxirtom with 1
any Klmilnr lion* In the went.
All we wdc. in for caatomen to mint** our
Stock, hear our price*, und Judge
for themMlvtM.
Wholesale Bayers,
Will find oar Stock larver ami morevarlod
In CLOTHING and PIECfc OCK>D?f thnnever
before, which we arw detennliied to nell at
clone figure* In order to xtlll further Increase
that brunch of our txMtncM.
Department we employ two of the lw?t *?t
tun In the country. Mill none but I lie tout
median lea to manunurturo our clothing.
wept-ri Aw corner Main and Monroe Bta
There is no Investment
Which H?r? a Better latere*! or
Bring* More Comfort, Health,
Happlneea and Seller to
the HtneheM
Than a
SEFERENCE I* made to hand ml* or fuin
11 lew now lining them In Wheeling and
Ho. m Mala Street, Wheeling, W. Ta.
Two doort abon corner Monroe M,
Th* brk imd only rriinbi* machine* fur
And all Manufacturing Purpoam.
annum and tall Information acnt by mall
on application.
Ho. M Mala Htreet, Wheeling, W. Ta.
Two doort tiborr comer Monroe itriH.
The Latest News.
irikevilM Umrt
OffiCT. forowot Monro awl W?kt ttnrtf.
Interesting from Texas and
Freedmen in North Carolina.
More Evidence in the Wirz
The Health of Jeft Davis.;
- - i
Another Bailroad Accident.,
lalwwatlac *?*?* ??d|
I New0BI.EA5H, August SI.-Tho new
aU'amer Concordia luia arrived from
^enSrnl Sherman wa? at Galveston
? "Governor Hamilton liaa laaued a proo
lamitlon ordering ne.^ryjW <o>o
taken to call a convention. Delegate*
are to be elected, but only these loyal.
to th? United Btatea. -
Ex-Gov. Murray died at Monterey
Iloblwnland burglars continue in and
around Houston, ,
Tho Austin Intelligencer saya the In
diana cauie down within thirty miha of
that city, murdering and pillaging 011
on their inarch.'
New cotlon is cowing In pretty freely
^Tl'i^urniy worin will scarco injure
^Ttaportiiof Lorocca and Indlanola
wore opened on tho 17th of July.
Barnet, the llrat President of Texas,
will go to (Jalvcston with ? monioriai
in behalf of Joff. Davis.
A large force of United States infant
ry were at Victoria and other points*
A movement to present (Jen. Hood
with n homestead has been inaugurated
ttt San Antonio.
Wigfall ban gone to Moxloo.
Monterey dales to tho 8th ult., say
that the confederate refugee* residing at
Monterey, with the exception of Wten
teeu, by Imperial decree, uro ordered to
doiulcll at Sail I?uls Potoal, or a point
further in the interior. ?? ?'* .
Shelby ban gone to tho interior, ana
General Hindinan has gone to practice
law in Saltlllo. .
Ex-Governor Allen, of Louisiana, in
t?t Han Louis Potoal. m '' '
Two hundred Cbassleurs d Afrique
hud arrived at Sau Louis Poto?l,aud its-1
Herted that tho enemy woult} endeavor
to capture Zamtric*.
Letters from Tipnen gave accounts of
accounts of an Indian insurrection
against tho Juarex administration in
^ preparations for tho Franco-Mexican
expeditions to Lower California are in
l>r3eneral Ouetogny, commander in
chlor of lirst division of the French ex
nfoltlon corps, had started for Durarant,
his future headquarters.
Imperial i?t AdvanUgM Keporled?
Favorable Accounts of the Freed
tncn*a Bureau lu North Carolina.
NBvr Yokk, Sept. i-tn'wrtnntlm
portnllat advantages In North JWst
Mexico are reported 'by a prhato di?
DUtclied from Sun Francisco;
'ttJo Herald'* Washington special
snvs the report* to the Freedinon'sBu
Slu from North Carolina state that the
number of whites and blnck* supported
by the Government in that Htnte Is
ofTrueltv to no
groes have l>ecn utreattd and nre aw ait
fiiir trial. In some eases tbe bludm are
tmtedwlth rainless,but more frequent
ly thev are ubused and oppressed to a
snaineful degree. Tlio right to punish
them is still tenaciously claimed by
their employers, and a raw W*
they will either have tho blacks as
?laves or exterminate the whole race.
The action ot the blacks in a groat num
ber of fnManccs Is equally unfortunate
nnd ulttlftll, somo are dotorinlnUd to be
dependent and idly warn ?toii?refhil
Inir steady employment, being filled
with the suspicion that they will assent
to no contract from KnatTimueasee. It
Is reported that over one hundred ne
groes are supported by the Govern
ment. Tho Freedmen'a schools aro
^?Tho*speclal to tho Times dajodywter
dav savs the collecVpr at Augusta,tla.,
collected M3.500 in five days, this does
not look much like u bankrupt State.
A petition for the pardon of the rebel
General Heath has been tiled with the
PThe1rewlpte of the Internal revenuo
yesterday were $2,850,804.
The President's Pardon.
Nbw York, Sept. 2.-The Herald's
Richmond correspondent says, it_Is
strongly bellved hero that tho I real
dent's pardon will ultimately carry
with It tho complete restoration of all
tho rights In property regarded as
abandoned nnd now In possession of
the freedmen's bureau.
The military authorities have ex
pressed a willingness to turn over the
city government, restoring it to the
Mavor and Common Council.
Alexander II. Stuart, Secretary of In
terlor in Fllluiqro's cabinet, has Iwu
nominated for Congress from the Staun
ton district. > ' '
from Sew Orleans.
Nsw Orleans, August- VL-Cotton
dull, 1,000 bales were sold ye*terd?y.
Prices for sugar and inoTasses were
evry dull. Freight* auiiye at seven
eights to one and one quarter; cheeks
on New "York from onoluilf to seven
eight* discount. ,,
The steamer Reindeer, of Mobile, bh ?
up at the Hood of the RlgaleUe* this
evening. 25 persons were scaldea ana
three killed. _
The steamer H.K. nogor,froni New
York had arrived. /i
The Matamoras Itanchcro says there
is much sickness among the troops.
AeeMentally Hh*i.
Tln?TON Sept. Ji?Miss McGregor,
daughter of JasI McGregor President
Sf X. State Bank of this city, was s<r
cidentally shot at North Conwa), N.
II yesterday and diinl Instantly.
Aft re hwt night in the upper store.
Of tho Railroad llepot, occupied by
Buckley it Co., fhmljure dealent, de-,
stroyed property to the value of $1-,
"aon-And^'wi. Smith,
nouncliig tho dissolution of the orgiynl
J.IT. Daria* Mealtli.
New York, Sept. L?Fortress Mon-i
roo dlspntchea state thnt JeiT. l)ayi* has |
lieen Stackod wltli cryslptdii* Tor the
second time since his imprison"1? ;
Tlio first uttnek wns Mr> slight, hut
this one Is uiore sovorv, id though not
looked upon us serious, lite lieultli lif
Mr. Clay 1> improving.
Tki ?|nWiL
Wi-mwTox, Sepf.i-The Win mil
; 11. thought that c?pt win
eoumiuid about tUeilntof April. j?n
: one or-vi loo Win out* ?"to ?? au*k"
> ade. w h... a ..-ripple walking on crutflu?
1 approwUed ami asked to
?rti r?. n! was refused, and th? JfP
ple uS M would rather be shot.than
stay there. The wltiMB noon Mora
Wire halloo to the aentinel, 'JeUtb"
man If be did not go tiack he would
shoot hliii." The man did not reinrn
? heu the sentinel tiiedand ahot bini hi
the Jaw. The ertpplewa* known t>v the
Iiume of Cblrkaiuauga. TVlr* after
wards threatened to shoot the other
men if thur did not fro away. On an
otheroceasfon, whlletheprlwnerewere
being divided Into squads of hundreds,
one of the men. owing to alckuefis.dUt
not fall in. Win threatened to about
him. and did shoot him! tha ball went
throngh the men's hat. The prisoners
were kepi In the duo aU day, and were
not allowed toprocuM water. Ilthey
could noi giveaaatteVtory aocountof
anv on.? ?! their number inlaslng they
were deprived of their rattona; thto waa
the case for three d?y? early In July.
There was not mUflcleut. room In the
orison. ?-arcelv enough tor men to
Lndnpon; the limta were enlni^ed
on the north aidej, then* were Ui??
prlaonei a there at one time. He bad
heard Wirt aav he *?a Wiling more
Yankee* than twi^who were nerving
at the front. wffiSaaW eeen twen
tv-llve or thirty moo ahot Aver the dead
line and oilier* fired Into who were not
over tli?dead line. .... -
Cross-examined by the dofense?Q.
Were there not desperadoes there?men
who would steal and comndt other of;
fence*, and was not the cripple to#hom
volt referred otto of them T
A. There were troublesome charac
ter* there, but I don't know whether
ttiu: man belonged to tlioih or not. I
don't think that a cripple on n crutch
was a good ihuu to tOjal. [Laughter.1
Durinir a further examination the
witness* spoke of a man at whom the
aentlnvl ilred.
o. Did you nee the ball hit bint T
A. A man must have wry good eye#
to ace a bait when It strike* a mall.?
''tvitnelw'gave various Instances of
men being shot. One was shot while he
was In Ills tent for merely stretching Mb
arm beyond the deadline. Auolhir
WUH allot at Sir reaching over tho line.
1 heard Copt. .Win order the sentinel to
shoot the cripple. Bohio of tbem shot
at were killed, and other* wore taken
to the hospital. JaH. II. Davidjou tes
tified that lio waaa member of the low a
cavalry, and taken as a prisoiiOT to An
dertioiivllle on the 8th oC Maivh. IK
described tlio 1111 by condition, of the
prison and the great inorlulltx among
the prisoner*. F'or a week he drove the
dead wtigim, sometime* 24 men wore
thrown Into It at one tlrtie, and on re
turning he would bring wood uiidra
tioiinhi the sumo carl. Ho'Unil M?n
blankets, shoes, and shirts on them
sent there by the Sanitary Commission
tor the use of our own >uen. Captain
Wirz, he knew, niadu a breakfast on
some of the crackers, cheese , and beef
sent there tor our prisoner*. lie had
keen tour or Ave hundred boxe* at the
depot marked "U. H." It was oonintoii
tor Mm to be put In the chain gang, one
man died 111 the chain gang; with an
iron collar around his neck.
Wire shot a tnnn ?v short tlmo afior
he assumed command of tho prison.
The latter was sick, lying on the ground
and naked Win:something when Win
shot htm. wire reinarkwl that lie was
killing more YaukMiUhore than l*e
was at llichmottdjM* was saldn
August. Wlnt ??" the time with
the witness in thegrnre yarn In the
wagon with the. dead Wen. the wit
ness had seen men ?tarv?d to_ de e.th.
The tood wai so scarce at ono time that
some of them picked up particles of
food that had u&wdy passed through
1J)n' Ids' ''ross-oxaro lnotlon by tlio de
fense, thowitiu? ?j4jfte grave yarn
covered 25 or atl acrwaild when he. left
Atulersonvllle. onJllO Hta of Seph-'mbf
last it was aUnit-tWO-thlftls ?lt
ness had never aeon Wlr* shoot more
than one man. Thegrave-dlgge? WOrr
Union soldiers. _ ,.r
Kxaiuitied by .the Cajirt?The dead
were burled about two feet and a half
deep, while some were burled with and j
some vrltiiont clothing., 'W lines* had
never seen any of the aajd stripped bo-1
tore tbeyiwcre burled.. The men were
in trenches and. on ono occasion 100
bodies wore pnt toWMtaRto, i
Captain J. H. 'Wright and Colonel |
Fanning, formerly In the CohfedcraU'
service, testified a* to the signatures of
General Winder and Captain Win to a
consolidated return for August last,
which was exhibited to them.
Major Hosmor, Asaociate J udge Ad
vocatc, was sworn, arid tejtlfled tnat ho
Obtained the pit|ier1h>Bi the chief, Slav
ing custody of therfebd.piipers.nt the
war department! tho paper waaTead In
evidence, and Is da follows: .
"Consolidated retnrn for the Confed
erate States' milUa/w prison, Camp
Sumter, (ieorgia, tor oT Au
mtst, 18(H: In cainp t9,085: In hospital
E total ill,07S. ,S??\ved from Varl
ons places :IOT8; recaptutodl; total 3UL
making in the nggr^to 34,70u.
during tho montn of AimtiHt 2Wtt, i^nt
to other prisons
caped SO, making 3081. of all of which
there, are, on the jfeof Angus., in camp.
IM caretensnem NIU .uv?-J ?
guards. Of the 30 .who escaped, 11 of
Oiem did so while on their Mrole of
honor not to esc?i*.a? longiiatWwere
employed at work outside. Thei re
lic sen?nds^l!g^}'acWs.andwme
Perhaps IB men escapc<l during t e
month, but they were taken np by the
dogs iK'fnre the dally returns are made
ont, and tor that reason Uiey are no! In
the list or escapes nor roeaptured. That
ouly four were recaptured is owing to
the fact that neither the guards nor tho
officers of thegnanls report^ a inan
cshiikhI. The roll-eall In the morning
would show u ni?n mlsiing. but. n?
would lie too far gone then to be track
ed. As we have no general court mar
tial here, all such otftmses go unpun
ished, or nearly so.
[!UBne<11 "Captain |
Th? endorsoiuent In tho payor Is ft? ^
f0}&'tf,.liy forwarded to
H; Cooper, AdjnUmt and in?|s?*Ar (len
'TsignedJ "John H- Wwdkk,
"Brigadier General, |
"September 0, WW." |
Thomas Ham testified that be 1?
?!.u t
charge of a squad of ninety prisoner*,
but only one out of the entire number
survived. They gave Mm another
stiuad from the new sUsik, but the uien
died off rapidly, a good many sUitk
down from exhaustion and starvation
nml could not get up. Captain Win
threatened that if thoy did not, rise he
would blow the brain* out of the flod
d-d Yankee*. Win threatened to fire j
grape and eannlster Intolhetn. He Imd
seetin man'a leg that hail almost Iwn
torn off by one or tlio hounds. Tlie
men were vaccinated In their arm*,
and soon therentter son* apwiued
Which were us large as n half dollar,
: wogWrtSS^^ ?>r ? fay
??'"MM thM ^ h?d act
Wb?o at *"*?on.
TVfe' "w!'i?1 'h?t i..wJ55taJ;
lp?&n and ?ff?-(?| wllh lhoVi!?Jer
I father, caiutefehlm (rrolt "tST
;st*p-fe(her of the wluian J2i?'i Ti
fc:,n!r b2f?3?fi?&
wuy. IBuSee&lh^ """'"I"in ""'MU"'
r^?? ? ? 6 ??url'n" f?"ow?: p
I Hkhaiid FAJBoijiDfiil!
Jdiiyl'1 CpUrt t'Um adi("^?eU Ull Tuwt
J rue CollMou ou MaVuKMawl Knll.
I " WMMl.
*"bstance ns follows: That.
J?'!^?* ucwl ?* o>?
miirJ2I|? :f\Ko?l, conductor of llu>
I '??nil train, anil Jiui. White, Knirinoer or
reanhM?hi?* 2ro not con?MemI
rapouslble;, censuring Oliver Clitir.
Sy??^ssr. rffe
??.!,, ??.$0n^?e?r Of tho rtmll
twkH?V?.^!!^Kp^f^Twncw nn<* innt
vl trains uinl ttei-omniodullons for nni^
kengers, upon the ground ?t It fa not
a proper question'for a Jury to dStoK
1 ""Ue; the only proiior question iK'iiif
;;a"',o/o,Ld ? w??M<sess
' *? PJ whom. o. 0. MtfJCor, another
|juror concurred In thla opInl?n."
NiiwYoiUf,Septembers.?The Post'
WuHhingtou sjM'rlal snys the President
hns restored to Ills command Col. Pre*,
ton, of the 68th, U. H. colored troops
heretofore dismissed. i
A largo number of poet odices mid
moil routes have Just-been opened in
Soutli Carolina.
A number of quarter masters and
other Government employees havo just
been diaehareod. ? , .
HbracoGiwley atri?|rt.;to Wartlng
TheHoVnld's Wiisllingtonajxicliil savs
the total receipt* from sales of Govern
ment buildings at Fairfax C. It., Flint
Hill, Beach. Grove and Prospect Hill,
Va., amounted to three hundred and
tlilrty-one thousand clriht hundred and
twenty-live dollars. The inostvaluable
buildings at Fairfax C. H. and Pint
mil worn reserved and turned over to
the Freodmctt's Bureau.
Application has been miule to the
Bureau to employ at fair wages 1,000
tVcedmcn In coal mining on Jauiex
river, by a stock company of Northern
fatf?i?to . To o t
The Lynchburg mid Alexandria Ball
Washington, Sept. 2.?The Superin
tendent of conHtructlon of tlio Orange
aud Alexandria Bail rdad. says tiie road
to*-Richmond In nowUn-full-working
order lor freight as well as passenger
trains, aud that route from Lynchburg,
via Gordonsville, is the only one by
rail from the former place to Richmond.
Communication by rail is now com
plete to,Staunton and Lvncbbtjrg* and
beyond Lynchburg to Bristol. biSoiHli
weatern Virginia or Eaat Tennessee.
In Meveral weeks the road heyond IJria
tol will bo finished, when railroad copi
munication will be complete to New
From Month Cnroli ua.
>'kw Yrjinr, Sept; 2.^0ov. Perry of
.South Carolina liaa written to the 1'ost
mauter Generul, stating that the Ibiil
roads are in a ,condition to carry the
mails as for us they Extend, and tlutt
they will delivered to their destina
tion in hack*. Mo also says he has the
gratification of stating that South CtiK>
Una is all loyal aim taking the ontb
cheerfully. She will be the first to taki*
her plauoiii the Union ax site was the
tirst to go out unfortunately.*
Kailroad ArrlilfiK.
Albany, Sept. 2.*^An aecKleiit- oc
enrrml to the SUnimboat Kxpri^ss
train over the Central, due here at 7 a.
ui^ by tlio breaking of an axle. The
baggage car was thrown ofT the tnick,
I ana the baggage master named Smith,
! In-longing In this clt,yf wan inatautly
killed^ Tlio expn?ss innKMenger and one
or two others wen* uligUtly hurt.
Ttii* French Jfarrhln'ft on Chlhualiua.
St. Lotus, Sept. IS.?'The Kouky Moun
tain N?ws t?f a Inte date says, gentie
iuuu JiW from Clpuaso, Kew) Mujd<+>,
n portktluitthei-'rvneb wtifejuarchiug
on Chihtnfiua, and tliat Juarez, had
collected all tile transportation lie <*>tild
aud was rapidly fulling bttek on Kl
Recovery of Frrd. II'. He ward.
Kim* Yoiik, Sept, 3.?Frederick W.
Sewnnl, Assistant Secretary of State,
has so far recovered his health as to be
able to attend to business of a private
character and intendsto resume the du
ties of his office in a few days.
Navigation Resumed. ?
St. Pathaiunkm, C. W?Sent. 2.?Nav
igation through the Wellnnd canal was,
riwuuicd at noon Unlay.
Arrival afawlhiMja.
Xkw Yomt, Sept. i.?TheSiuonU,
from Southampton,the XJd, arrived this
The Uryal Eaalurn luul arrived at
! Capulu Anderson fttlly lielieve* In
j belli* able to lay th? Atlantic ??hlo. lie
? vViOC*,af """?uBurtupe of a new
: uable and proper pick log-up apjmratun
i -V| ""n '".V the new rah it' and
! afterward* pick up the old one.
The Atlantic Telegraph Company
have rvsolved to lav a uew cable ueit
June, and pick up the old one.
Mr. Maaon. wrltiug to the Times,
says that order* were at once fbrward
1 ed to Mop thai Shenandoah'* cruising al
: the termination of the war.
Kkawb?'Th? Eutperuraud Kmpmut
are in Switzerland.
TrtuCKY.-TIio cholera lion disap
peared In CotMtaiitinople.
Spaix?The cholera at lilbralter,
Barecllveand Valcnila is disappearing.
The Suet canal Hood Bate* have bocn
opeiwd and vessels laden with cual*
! lWM8Wl direct from tlioi Mediterranean
I lo the Red sen on the 15th.
j iTAi.v.?The Italin denies tlmt? rttmn
ioial arrangement exists between tho
Italian Government and ilolv Sw, for
the settlement of liio Houiiui debt.
tiKfiMAXv,?A convention, based on
tme A ust rio-l'russio-Danish trcatv of
peace wa* concluded nt <Ja*iia,'tho
1'nwKiun Governor, Lautiliurir, naviiu?
Austria pecuniary Indemnity. Prus
sia rulen Sehlcawitf.
Th.Kinpi.ror ofAustria cordlsllr re
celved the King of Prussia, U la'ofll
clally stated that at Hnlabury a confer
?yice was agreed on between the Em
peror of Austria and the King of Prim
(la. Kiel hnrber la to bo occupied bv
UvKnroot, Aug. 23. A. -M.-Cottou,
Mica for two (lava, Slat mid 2?d, 000
bales; market llrmer; prices unchanged.
l?oxi>oN,&kl, A. M.?-Consols* for moil
ey closed lust evening lit ; Illi
nois Central share* 7n; Erie shares Ml,
a53?; 5-UOsCU. '
Fartiikr Potirr, Sept. 3.?Hie Peru
vian, which left Liverpool on the even
ing of thu 24th nit., and LortdonHerry
on U'p 111th, arrived at this point to-day.
Nothingadditional had transpired rela
tive to the Atlantic Cable. Five pound
shareswure selling at lifta!),- pounds.
llie .V correspondent of the Times
writes upon the deptirt incut thecnrnc*t
ness of tlie irritation which prevails
against Kughtml In all clusscs of
American sooluty. ile expatiate* U|mn
uud endeavors to ptUlnte nouic of the
reasons for this IH-fceling.
hmtlon, Aug. :M,?Consols, for money,
fJs ntiHK; IllliKils Central shares 78'a
711; lirle 68 n MX; U. S. 4-20a, i;u a Gil),'.
Ijoiidon money inurket tends heavy
and unsettled. Theweallior causes u
depression in consols; discount trans
action* at the hank continued oxtreme
ly light. Mouey cosy in OJR'II market.
Proclamation or Gov. I'nmoim?In
Ulcliucnl Air Treason.
Nkw \okk, .Sept. a.?Provisional,
Governor I'nrsnns of Alabama has la-.
sued n proclamation instructing the
people bow toprnceed in regard lo tak
ing the oath of allegiance anil pretiur-!
Ing themselves lo liecoino ellgihlj toi
vole fur members of llie state Couveii-'
tlou .or to serve as delegates. [? the i
Wine ho alludes to the luwlessIUMs
Which is 80 prevalent.In Umt State, and
toll* the offenders that If they do not
stop tholr criminal conduct voluntarily
he Will call upon the militia,wlio will
compel them todono.
The (Inind Jury of Maryland on
Tliursday returned Indlotmenta for
treaaou against llriullev *'J', Johnson
2?-, J'rluiier. Joliii G. Howard, 'ilios
"? 'vlliuoro, the
guerilla. Tho Indictment against Jolin
rPJ ,1,0,71|,'K w,,r W|U? oilier*
against tho l.'ulled Htiites, e?isvlally on
the 18th of June lsa. In Washington
county, Maryland, uml In capturing
and tuking possession of OcUysliurir.
Advices Iroin the Kepuhllc or Sun
l)oniliigo to the 8th of August reported
that tho iSpanlnh troopH nave nnally
succeed!kI in completing tholr ovacna
lion, and lluii tho I)ominii!inH ore now
In undlnputed powiowlon or nil their
tcrrritory. , I
Health of JrIC Davta^ArrMt of Ocn.
H IndDr'N Won.
New Yokk, Sept. 3.-11,0 llcr?id'?
FortrNw A^Ionroo eorrcjipondent. of tho
1st, sayfc: ???
[? p?,*1--wriWoot yoHtonlay for
the first time in four days, lie I* hibor
ng under another atuick ofKrysipelus,
hut of a slight churncter und showing
uo dangerous symptoms. Regarding
his Ibrthcomlng trial, which It is b<^
llovwl ha* now. Milled itself Into a con
clusive fuct, Is thought to have miner
induced the attack.
JJen. Mile* having iwccrtnlned tlmt
tho hue rebel Captain If. H. Winder,
son of the) docoused rebel (feneral of
tl|at name, whose name is among thorn
appearing Irt the living indictment, ???*
at Drununoitdtown, on tho Eiurtorn
Shore, issued an order for 1>M arroet.
Vaptaln IllU-hooek, Provost Marshal,
mado the urrust this morning, and tho
prisoner wa* to-day sent to Washiug
U>? to await *uch disposition of him ns
the military authorities may dircct.' I
aiu told thiil In hi* treatment of our
prisoners ho claim* to have acted en
tirely and solely In accordance with the i
Instruction* of Ills government. I
Urarnl l?c Writing a Ilistorjr of (tie '
Nkw York, Sept. .1?Tho Herald's I
Itldiinond cornmpondont says:
(ieneral Lee has, within a few days, I
practically setnhout the tusk of writing
a history or tho war. The forthcoming i
work will 1? written from tho rebel'
standpoint, and in this view will con- i
stltutc an exceedingly valiuble contri
bution to tho historical literature ortlie
c<nuitrjr. Oenerul U-e Is living in great'
quiet and hunillity In all obscure and
well nigh Inaccessible farm in Cumber-!
land connty, Virginia. HI* von* und'
a nephew, with slight nld comparative- i
ly, have raised a magnificent crop or
com on the White House rurm.
William Allen, Esq., of this city, re
turned from Washington Inst evening,
having with him hi* purdon pais-m
granteil to him by the President of the
I niU'd .State*. Air. Allen is confcHN?j
wily the. weaithlmit man K?-dav Inttjo,
Stato of Virginia^ as he wa* before and
diirlnf? the war.
Xkw Youk, 8epl. A Ktntement
originating in rej>ortK o<M3U<ionod f?y!
the omiRHioii of tin? monthly Ktnteriieiiti
of tin* condition of the Treaauiy, luw!
ealled out the follovt iiiK note:
Trkashuv ok ntK IJ.S., Wahiiino-J
TOV, S?*pt. |Ht, IfWr.?To tho MIHor*of thr
Evenimj I'oMt:?Your money nrtielc of
Monday huit. Au^. iMht contaliiH the
following:' "It i? reported,that com
|Miiuid interest noten of quite r<H*ont i?-|
Nile niv in clrcnlation, Hhowine that thej
currency 1m exniiiwIinK iiiHtoad of Ih'Iiik!
contracted." >ow when I umwiih* yon j
that the uot** of u rwvnt date that yon
Kpcak of hnve lieen humed in exchanp*'
fornuehaK have run from nix montliK.
to a year and that in thl? way over (
{,OUU,(lOO dollarH on iu.*crne<l Intereat has.
Iki'ii already aavod to the Government,'
yon will ?oc that when your reported)
fact ia true jwmr inference is far from |
l>eing ao. Will you pleaa<.' make the'
proper correction. Very respectfully,
yours. F. 8. Si'lJfNKit,
Treasurer of tlio U. S.
Cairo, Hept. 1.?Alxnit 000 IuiIoh of,
cotton for St, T/)uls yi-ntenlay, i
(uid nearly 1,(XW for Cincinnati to-day,!,
EMlcnilM 1
MP hiwu,
ncrio on the I2th ult? to link* an
aminalion of the l>oo itidcu* douilnon.
to return and n-port on Mr advantui!
for the Mttleinenl of South,'run*. Our
comapondvitl cftliiuahxl that uiiuaixia
of *0,000 ufo? Southern ?umrvu"n
are now warty to emigrate iftlther ami
! ?Jiould the rwortu of th#*> agent* |w
? favorable Ih* Kivra it a* hi* twiief Umt
! thin oumber will U? greatly exrecd*l.
Nkw Yoitit. 8uJ.T2.lThe n?r?M'?
Wellington apecial utvi:
The printing of fractional currency
not?. upon Uw new iwiubrauo copy
?*;? temporarily cbecM by a
slight disagreement between the In
ventor i*ml the department In refrtrnoo
i to the production and coat of tlio ni?r.
tvi'inuatly, when a deciaiou i? arrived
:*J>. . ?i i" **n>l?r>'. "??' public will Iw
; supplied with a /ruction.) currency,
he auMtfcafolImitation of which wlli
IhUUo the itkill of lh? oidtwt couater
(ViU?r. It will be \vt*lJ nigh iiupoiwlbio
to producv tin* pn|H?r outMido of tlu*
l)uihiiit|f, nnd (him tin tex
ture and ftni?li tin- leant < x|mrt in mon
|ey will be *!)!?? to dUUuguiidi Um? ?ouu
, tty uoIok.
Trvnit Ke??.
XxwYurk, September .V-The Morn
tig Slur, from New OrleniiN on Uk> ftMh,
b?s arrived.
Liit?*TVxn* )>n|M'nt con ltd it tlu> follow
lug; TIioh. Moore, one of the record"
cr? of Judge lK'rlu'a murt at Mix in,
bu* been arreted by the pro vim nmi
?hul?churgtw not alulcd.
Other arrest. have lawn made upon
rlMrges of making ???}? with public
? property after .urrendcr.
, Aivoiiiilaofu-rriblunurofliii.il by In
dian. on tliu Ixirdex* nro given.
JTaw York narkvi.
N?w Yojuc, Sept. a.
Cotton?Steady nt [email protected] for mld
?IU,IL .f."H ?-l'ull,ll?avy and dropp
ing; <7 .i%( 45 for exlrn slate; 7c>0?
80 for extra round hoop Ohio; ?8 wiffili
for trade brands, inarkot pinning heavy
with uo buyers at lii? outside iiuota
- Flf,,,w? wcleru ut
:?2 IBM ao. \\ IIKAT-Ilull, heavy and
i l??B lmv"n ?l <U(il S* for (lilbiiim
"prlng and Mllwnukiii club; ?| u i?r
aiubor ililwaukcci tl M n.r. boliv ib?.
fl*1 "toruj fc 11^2 13 for |U'?' iiiula-r
r 1" Tor amber Mb-lugan;
I ?- ?> for new while dene**.
I fair raqneal. Bablkv-DuII. <)on?
.lleiivv nud Ic Jowcrj 83(gb8c for nn
liiounu, WKaOlc for ?otiii<] nilxcd went
cm, ir.'.'ic for lilgh inlxed, nearly vi l
Invv. O.cnt-lo '"'Kit; S7o tor new a'tnte
: nnd f.7fe.Wo for WMtorn. i'mnoLKi'M
;(iuict and uni-hiuiKwl. (Wkki;? unlet
and nrtu. .Si-iiar?Steady ut I2KWI.1\'
for Cuba Muacovndo, nmfli^aiHft for
j Porto Wen. Molahnw ? Qtiii-t and
?t?ady. i'ouK?OjM*nui lower butelw.
cd wllh luoru flnnlllin; {28 87kto2U Oili
Tor ncW menu, clonliig at $211.17)4, innfi.
and $2!i;k)ii3I niuly. fhrlrtJH
feii Ibr prime, ?27 2Jfc*7 74 for prime
jUkjcf?Steady; miJi-h or Mu Idila
ul for plain mcwi. |lo UtOnH t,u
ftir extra mm*. llKKr n,\v*-5}ulei.
Cut M KATk?Klrm aud inoro dolnu at
H'ifellIXe fur Khuuldura, Il<,i3^ for
i l)ull; LAUD?iSleadv ut
J?^fr"C. Hl'TTRit?filcady at 2I(j.10c
for <)hlo and SBfeltlln for State. C'liKiwr.
?Active nl H<9I<IK<:.
HnllMo MniltH.
JltTKFKLO, Sept. 2.
Ki.ol-11?Dull mill inactive. Wihcat
?Heavy iirni nominal. t'onK?CIomhI
dull ut fcOc for Ko.1 mixed. Oath?42
foi4c. lUULUV, llVKAMI I'KAK?Noln
Inal. Poak?Kinler at Ml. ^Viumkv
?10(1 bbto nt|2 2Ufa2 22. CaxalFiikiimitn
?Sternly; to New York?wheat 15c.
corn i:ic,oulH KJ4c. iMi-oum-tlour jOCA
bbl?, wlienl 112,782 bu, corn 12(i,63t, oata
.ttl.OOO bu; for the IiihI woeR, Hour, 2U,20T.
bblHi[Wheat ?4,lSRbu,' torn 712,188 U;
oata 21)7,731; pcun 4103 bu. Canai. Rx
wbnal '12,720 bu; com 13,130(1 bu:
out* .11,(Wl bu; for the hint week?wheat
311,061b"; corn 771,276 bu; oiiIm 1
I here In afloat on cnmil Including 1.I1I11.
Illlinlll renin Tli.m.l. f ? I J . "
j -? -1 vi ?i,inn uint rv I HUH olM.UiH
bu; com 1,0?7,<101; oaU 3,010,741; lye 14,
Ntock Market.
Nkw VonK, Sept; 2.
(iovKiixMKNT (+riK'KK?Finn; U. N.fla.
coupoilK, '81, lU7^';<V2UM,coupoliM, loojc
do., now inane, 104; 10-M*, coupon., |M?
7-30h, W%. ?rocK??Strong; North Cnr
0II1111 (k 72; Mlwiourl (la 72; nn-ft-rred
Tcnnc?*eo (la 74?;: Ohio anil MimlK
aiiipl certincutc* 28Ji; do. prefcrrod 70;
Chicago, Iturllngton.t (>ulncv.lM inori.
1 ?' v^.iiiini I'n/4 ? i^flv | UO,
urofrrrod 82; lludnon 10UX; Heading
10(IJ<: Michigan CuntrAl UIO'A: Clavolnnd
and I'IIUbuiyh72}.,/; .Vorlhwcatern 28K:
do. preferred <BU; (,'lcvelund <t Toledo
102; Kock Ialnnil Kill; Milwaukee nnd
I ruirif du Chlen let preferred WW;
Fort Wayne VIX; Terre HiiuUi 39;
If. A A. preferred lll!^; Xlurlcttn A Cin
cinnati preferred 43.
Onwego Market.
I., .Ohwjoto, Sept. 2.
Fixiun?Active bnt acnrcc at iw Obia
8 40 for No. 1 aprlng. Whrat?Dull;
No. 1 wlntcrred wextern at fl 90. Coh.v
?fillet; No. J Illinois nominally nt
834j|83o. Oato?Nominal a( 41c for No.
1 Indiana. Harlev amp I'kak?Dull.
Canai. FiikioUto?Dull; for flour 406?
41c; wheat?Kcj corn 8^c, to New York.
I.AKK IM l-oirr*?tHJOO bll wheat, 21,500
bu com; Hhl])|ml by rallrouii, hu bbl?
flonr. . \ ?
?mm, I. ^ f
chleago Market.
Ciiicaiio, Sept. i
Fi-ouii?Quiet. W11W.T ?Qulcl at
?1.2K?1 82? for No. 1 aiidfl 1M&1 2(1
for N(). 2. (.'oii.n'?ModcraU'ly active at
?B&K? for No. 1 and for^fo.
2. Oath?Firni and advanced 1 folic
nalua ut 3.'IJ<^34c. Paovmioxh?Dull;
$2Wi$.'!ii for tuum mid 132 for prime.
Fiikioiitx ? Firm and uuchuuged.
II Kl II WIN KM?All VUIId.nl Idi/Jc; Hill Wat
? 23ffl2 Zi.
Slew Vork Money Market.
Nkw York, Sept. 2.*
Monkv?Steady at 6itertieni, for rail
I onus. Stwimxij Uxiiiakiik ? Qnfut
and IImi at lUIH&mli. American
O01.0?Without amkl change, oiafti
iug ut 114>,', mui cloning at IMfa, l|w
toud ex|Kirtx of hihvIi' Uwluy reached
8103,172. _
Toleiltt Market.
WnKAT?A aliade colder; Kale, of now
white .Michigan at|2; old umber Mich
(Mil nt fl 113; new do. #1 Mi. Corn?
Salm at tttf?,70o. Oath?Hall* ut 41c.
NI'UAIt < OATt? I'll.I*.
1, I'lauiauinL
f?r by
nuxia<Uw ami UHjAN, 1,WT* So.'
30 Saiwm"A,""M "nktbke tah
2T# Do*. llall'M Iklmrn. '
mart ami KKKIi.KllAFracOH ?
JJ Init ri-.fiv 1^1 1,11.1 Ufr unle ut P- fkjrK.
iNUH tKkl Fellow'. Hall Drug siore7

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