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The Dftl^lnt^lllgoiirpr; ^ y ^ ^ ' ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
,;:uiS&ii.?F:': :::it? ? ? ' = ===:. ?
ClabaofTra Oq
awwt^ln^^co^ 1M Pcxtnuitcni are roquet ted toactaa Agent*.
merchant tailors.
j_| MNUKN,
Market Street, Opp. Pott Offlre,
Kid-. cuuaUDtly ou hand a flue aMortttvul ?l
Forti^n and Domestic
Clotbn, Cassimoros and Veatings,
which he will make to order. on short uotlce, In
nil the latent fkshlona of the day
Also a full line of
To which he Invite* the patronage of hi* frleuda
.ii(l the public.
None lint First Claw Workmen employed iu
H,;?i-itablUhmeut. ^ ^ ^ ^ nprlS
1870. 7
Ahead of all Competitors,
In ?xt?nt, iwauty and variety of hl? Hock of
Sprint; anil Summer (iooils,
KNliLlHH. ASDS?)T(.|,
Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings,
of the latest ami mo?t bwhloimble pattern**, )unt
received from the Eautern murket*
Tin* moot roniplHo Block nf
( cut's Fiirnlsliliia: lioods
In ItnTltjr. which will \*> wild rhrnp. ('*11 and
rxaiuluu before purchiuliit;.
At thft nhortrtt pomdhli* notice.
LfT I h?vu?wnred tliu MrvlcoaofA. J. Adam*,
uiienf the late firm of A. M. Adam* Jt Co., who
a ill l.e pleaied to ** Jila old niftonidr* ?t thl*
bonne *t>r8
No. 25 Monroe Street,
Uaa juat recoived
A Complete & well Selected Stock
? Wl Al l
Aim, n ruli UMorlDii'iit ??f
Furnishing Goods,
To which lie invite* the attention of III" old
Cuatomcra, and the public generally.
uur80 _
Spring and Summer.
Merchant Tailor,
No. 85 Cor. Monroe k Water St.t.,
Would respectfully call the attentlou of hi* {Hit
mil* and the public generally to hla Kxt?n?lvi
and Cere fUlly Selected Stock of
(loth*,08Stiliu<>re8,A: VeNtlngs,
Sow belmr received, and to which ho U dull)
adding from the EASTERN 3IARKKT.
lOLLARS, Jtc., Ac.
Alwayaon haud, an clej;aut auortmcnt ol
Ready Made Clothing,
Of our own Manufacture, and iaad?*
Couatantly In ?tock and for vale at
No. 78 Main Street,
Would call the nitration of hla friend, and til
, uhllc generally to bis anil elegant etofk a
ConaUtlng of
i loth*) CtMlmem, Yeitlnw. Scottl
Coatlug?i Ac.
* Urh w ill bt iatd? to order oo the thivtoat no
tlcc and at the lowest prlcea. Al*>. ft
conpltto aMortmrnt of
Consisting of
| fblrta, I Cnft.
Collar*, Scarfs,
The Colored People and the Proration.
The lir<ji*ter, with characteristic per\
iTHity, endeavors to distort to a i*?liUcal
use Hn error committed by one or the Assistant
Marshals (Col. IIuhuakd) in the
management of tho procession hero on
Decoration Day. It makes this statement
ni what occurred, characterizing it as an
outrage upon the rights of loyal citizens
under the Fifteenth Amendment:"
While the procession was forming on
Fourth ami Monroe streets, and after the
brass band, and members of the Grand
Army, and other societies and citizens on
foot had fallen into line, a large number ol
color oil citizens, well dressed, well manner*!
and perfumed with flowers, who
had been courteously awaiting their turn
for position, naturally fell into line in the
rear of all white people on foot, supposing
of course tliat to lie their proper
and rightful position in :i procession,
if not in front or centre. At Uib
colored innovation, however, the wMtfl
Republican 1>Umh1 began to boil, and Marshal
II i'mi a ho rode up and ordered them
peremptorily to full out of line and take
their position in the rear of tit *tring of
fiirrt'itiy*, fnifflir* and hnnmnen! This
was properly treated by the negroes as an
Insult, and they indignantly retired from
the procession and threw away their
flowers and evergreens!
After some comment on the enormity
of the indignity thus offered to the colored
jteoplc by "patriotic Republicans," the
Ilegi?trr concludes that "the moral ol the
alfair" will "simply teach the colored peo
{cession ot "their pretentleil Republican
' friends, except on an election day.
Now as to the forts. Statements differ
us to what .Marshal Huiuiaho'h order
was. He iLStocrld most positively tlml he
proposed to have the colored men fnll In
just behind the city authorities, speakers
and clergymen who were in a barouche
and two omnibuses, :uid not behind the
other vehicles; and some of the colorcd
men concur in this statement. But the
weight ot tlx? testimony is against the
Colonel and to the etlect that he directed
the colored men to fall in at the rear ot all
the vehicles But some.of them say that
twice when they started into the proccsI
sion at the |>oint where Col. Hibiiakd
claims he told thetn to enter it, they were
stopped by n couple of policemen whose
mum* they give; and one of theiu says he
beard the City Sergeant tell these two
deputies not to let "them niggers" go Into
j tin* procession till all the carriages had
j It is not truethut alter the colored men
I fell out of linn and broke ranks they "threw
| away their flowers and evergreens." One
of Iliuii took the trouble to call ou us
yesterday to give this an explicit denial,
lie says one lad did this, but no others.
The colored men had received no for
| mill invitation n> luKi' II piace in uiu pro]
cession, as tlic Turner's and Beethoven
: Society bail, bemuse they bud no kind of
uu organization; but tliey were included
in the gencrul invitation to citizens, and
bad been personally assured by some o!
the managers of the occasion that tbey
were entitled to u place iu the procession
as citizens and should have it if they
chose to take it
| Now who is to blame? If Col. Urn*
I itAlit) ordered the colored men to the rear
j of all the vehich-s.as sonteol them claim,
> be was wrong, uud they did right iu declining
tl> take the place assigned them.
They were willing, wo understand, to
enter behind the Mayor's barouche and
the two omnibusscs, and offered to, but
were repulsed by the |>olicc; but if it was
Col. Ik nuAiin's intention they should do
this, he was at least partially misunderstood
and erred in not remniniug on the
rr.vimri ami MiW>tnir nrrannftllv that thi> 11 r
rangcment was effected. It was the intention
and order of the Chief Marshal, Gen.
Kkli.ky, that these men should have a
place in the procession in the rear of the organizations.
It was CoI.IIuuuaiid's business
us Assistant Marshal to sec that they
entered the procession at the proper place;
and the blame of their failure to do this,
according to the lights before us, clearly
rests upon Col. lluniuM) and the police,
and them only, and they wdl have to
divide it according to their due proi>ortions.
Of course any interference whatever
by the police with the arrangement
of a public procession, or with a body of
men about entering one as well behaved
and courteous ns these colored men were,
, or with the orders of the marshals having
it in charge, was a gross otrence, and
a piece of sheer impertinence.
i Now pray by what kind ot logic will
the Wheeling Remitter make the Republican
party of this city responsible lor this
alleged slight of the colored men ? Nobody
certainly meant auy offense or dis
respect to them, unless it was the policemen.
Anil savo them, only one man can
even be charged with any such thiug,
and Dial is Marshal Huijbaiu); and we
do not suppose for a moment that any
such thought or intention over occurred
to him. lie disavows any such idea, and,
| we have no doubt, with jxirfcct sincerity,
j Hut the lltgi*tcr, which is capable of
I making partisan capital, if it a?uld, out of
j i its grand-mother's funeral, labors to make
the Republicans of the city responsible in
a party sense for this blunder in making
t up the procession to visit the cemetery;
and to construe it into evidence that Re*
publicans an- not willing to accord the
colored |>eoplc the full dignity ol citizenJ
ship. This kind of stuff Irom that source
doe* not catch any gulls about here. The
colored men themselves understand the
game perfectly. Some of them, discussing
the matter yesterday, remarked that tho
Democrats were altogether too sweet on
tkem all at once and werejust now taking a
good deal too much Interest in their rights
under the 15th Amendment. They understand
precisely the nature of the blunder,
who is to blame for it, and know that
. it is regretted by every body exccpt a
I ew Democrats of the baser sort.'Who sup
|hhl* they ran make a little political capitul
out or it.
Hut the RfjUtrr, in its eagerness to excite
a feeling when; none is due, puts itself
in a very awkward position. It furgeta
that the occasion ou which this thing occurred
was wholly non-partisan. It was oue In
which all patriotic citizen# united without
reference to party. Democratic citizens
and municipal authorities joined with
Republican citizens, and the Mayor and
one of the foremost Democratic members
of the liar were among the sjicakers. Now
if the |tatriolic ceremonial of honoring the
Union dead was confined to the Republican
party, that party can be held re,sj>onjiible
for errors committed in the ceremonies;
ami the Rf'jMer in making our
jmrty the hcaj>egout for the mistakes of
the day, confesses that decorating the
graves of I'nion soldiers is something
the Democratic jwrly has no
lot tmr imrt in. it beinc the jjccu
liar iifliiir o| the Republicans. If this ]
is true, and the ReguUr admits it, then ]
the Republican!) might bo made respon- 1
sible for Monday's blunder. But if Demo- j
crats joined Republicans, as tliey appeared
to do, in pitying reapcct to the memory .
of the dead I'nion soldiers, and the occa- ;
sion was, as we all sup|M>sed, wholly free
from party atmosphere, then wo seek in
vain for anything to excuse the indecency
of the lltgiatrr in lugging into its columns
the next morning tills grovelling attempt
to excite a feeling among the colored pco- |
pie against their friends. It was done in I
the hope that some ol them might this
fall be induced to vote for the candidates
of the party that has never yet acknowledged
that the negro is a man or has any <
rights which a white Democrat is bound
to resiteet. i
Let it Alone.
And uow comes a report from Washington
that soinelHKlv is bidding against |
us for the bay of Samunn, and will give
$27,000,000 if we don't take it at once at
the price agreed on with Mr. Baez, (a
million ami a half and the assumption of
unknown, or at least undisclosed, debts;)
and the PitKsruENT has sent in another
sccrfl IllCBUIgi: suuill 1U Mini, viu mi.
vico to President Giiant and the Senate
is: let this party have Sun Domingo by ,
ull menm. We don't want it at half the
money, or at any price at all. We ought
not to accept one inch of soil South of
Florida without being paid a large price
(or doing it With this debt of two thousand
millions hanging over us, with such
necessities weighting the treasury, as Mr.
Boutwell and Mr. Senator Siierman <
assure us, that even the inquisitorial income
tax cannot be remitted, the voting
away of millions to purchase old lumber
of islands and alien, half-barbarous j?opulations
in the torrid zone.^fliich the country
has no need for, and which would
actually be a constant source of trouble
and expense, would 1h? little less than an
outrage on the country; and if the scheme
is consummated, we earnestly trust the
lightnings of public indignation may
sin'cdilv scorch even* man. no matter how
high or how low, who to a party to it.
Thk Register says the Republicans of
Fayette county have expressed a preference
for Col. Titos. b. Swan " as the Republican
candidate for Congross in the
first district." That's news. We should
like to know wlisit the Fayette county
Republicans have to do with Congcesslonal
matters in this district.
Our neighbor adds: "If we mistake
not, we knew the said Swann as a Colonel
in the Confederate army in 18G1C2.
J Very likely. J Witcher had better
keep au eye to his boots."
Now we don't see just why a candidate in
this district should make a raid on
Witcher's boob unless purely from force
of habit; but if it is a peculiarity of exConfederates
to freeze to other people's
boots (and our soldiers used to say that it
was the ruling passion with the Johnnies)
then maybe |>cople in the neighborhood
of Market street had better keep au eye to
their boots.
Festival?Notwithstanding the threatening
A*peel of the heavens last evoning,
u large crowd assembled, in the lecture
room of Uie North street M. E. Church
to participate in a festival gotten up by
the smaller members of the Sunday
School connected with that church. The
display o( fancy articles was very creditable.
The great interest, however, concentrated
in the voting for a toilet set,
dress pattern, and large wax doll. The
friends of Miss Amanda Robinson and
MiasMnry Phipps rallied in their sUeogth
in contesting for the flrst named article;
those of Mis* Strait and Miss Miller for
the second; while those of two little girls,
children of Mrs. Texa Miller and Mrs.
Hastings, were actively engaged in soliciting
votes lor their favorite contestant.
The festival and voting will be continued,
as will be seen by a notice In another column
of the local department ol our paper.
announcement, Gen. Hanks "indlgnated"
lust evening In tlic Police Court room, to
the infinite amusement of a large crowd.
Very few of the Geneml's color were
present; those who were, appeared to
enter into the mirth provoking character
of ihu speaker's remarks, and his stylo of
delivery, as (tally and heartily as did their
white brethren. When the General had
concluded, George Holllngcr read a carefully
prepared and good tempered statement
of the unfortunate incident which
transpired Monday, In forming the procession.
We trust that the explanations
made have proved satisfactory to all perons
Gathering Flowers for Decoration]
Mu. Editou?Through the column* of
your paper, your renders no doubt will be
glad to hear of the interest manifested
along the Ohio river from Wheeling to
Parkersburg, in doing something in honor
of "our brave dead." The writer was requested
to collect some flowers for the
decoration ceremonies to take place at
Wheeling. To effect this on short notice
it was thought best to send out word to
the friends. Patriotism is instinctive.
Greatly to the astonishment of all ou the
"Carrie Brooks," the dowers came pouring
in iroiu every landing in great quantities?
beautiful bouquets, most tastefully
npron.r.wl Hnmn nl' ?! <> immM of tlll> flo
nors unending them (which I beg you to
notice) are as follows:
Misses Lihbie LLsberly, Josephine Vcegly,
Vic BooUi,Lydio C. Martin, Mary Nesbitt,
Mary Showalter, Anna Smith, Jennie
Barr, Alamandn Fisher, Lena Fisher,
Emma Fisher, Luella M. Hall, Klla S.
Ilenthorn. "Etta" L. Lcnkard, Mary
Buehwalt, Susan Potts; Lou Kline, Alien
M. Beagle, Lillie Neuenschwanger, N.
J. Ilenthorn, Mary Ilenthorn, Jennie Stilor,
Jennie Bare, Man* Bare, Caroline
I Iyer, Ida Rice, Anna II. Duff, Klla Bremer,
Claru Lobenstein, Emma LoIkjijitein,
Sallie Rogers. Sue Rogers, Hattie
[). Rogers, Taltha Heath, L. Heath, Anna
Hackel, Martha Whetzel, Mary B. Kathe,
Anna J. Mallory, Ruth A. Morrill, Mary
M. Martin, Anna J. llurtlue, Lucrecc
Bishop, Susan Heath, Einma I). Heath
Alice 11. Cox, Angela Messerly, LUu T.
Heath, Jettie Mav, Antlui J. Heath,
Anna Newhouse, Mary Bauckuian, Julia
E. Biship, L. Brown, Flora Allen,
Mary Beil Gatts, Alary E. Baukman,
Susau A. Uartline, Clarn Thomj)son, M.
Snider, Alma May, Maggie Boughner,
Sarah E. Hartlinc.
Mrs. Dr. Boyce, Mrs. J. It Brown, Mrs.
E. A. Bare.
Mr. John Ready, Co. "D," 7th Va. Vol.
Inf.; Johu Sutor, Co., "1." 1st W. Va. Art.;
Jjis. Brown, J. R Brown, J. P. Nott, John
Moore, CapL E. A. Barr, Frank Tyler,
John Mallorv, Clarence Mullory, Grant
Cox, Jus. Darby, Louis Snider, Torn
Atkins), Hosoa May, John M. Case,
Wm. Cox y, Tom II. Atkinson, Jacob1
iv jacKson, unas. o. a lay, das. u . v>iu?u,
Chas. Lineger, D. T. llartline, Jus. C. Morrill,
John Denny, KHd Bishop.
At Baresville, Ohio, as we Jieared the
landing, about 9 o'clock at night, a most
beautiful scene was presented. A host of
pretty girls and ugly boys, each carrying
a nic? bouquet?the wharf covered with
citizens, all waiting to do honor to the
noble dead. When the stage was thrown
out they all marched up into the boat and
arouud the cabin, and deposited their
flowers with cheerful welcome; literally
covering the tables.
At Sunfish a large box of bouquets,
wreathes, anp beautiful designs were sent
in. This box of flowers was said to have
been the donation of 119 little girls and
young ladies. The following are some of
the mottoes attached to the cards:
"Ohio responds?and sends her flowers
to decorate the graves of West Virginia
soldiers;" "All honor to our brave dead;"
"To our sons, brothers, and comrades that
fell for the Suirs aud Stripes;" "God bless
thee and him upon whom these flowers
uro strewn;" "A tribute to our fallen liorocs?we
cherish their memory here."
Many other notes of interest might be
spoken of, but for fear that yon cannot
give space, I will closc for the presentonly
adding?that judging from the involuntary
enthusiasm over "Decoration
day," the sacrificing soldier who went
forth to bleed and die for liitt country,
will live in llie memory of succeeding
generations. Wm. Ghf.oo.
The Latest News.
News of tho Day.
In the L\ S. Circuit Court, at St. Louis,
Saturday, the case of J. P. Ilollis against
Lieut Gen. Sheridan audMitf. G. A. rage,
for false imprisonment and illegal corner*
Bion of property, was decided in fivor of
tho defendant. The case is to l>e carried
to the Supreme Court of United States.
Thirty thousand Sunday School children
paraded yesterday in Brooklyn.
Gov. Hoffman has gone to the relief of
the homesick Fenians at Malojie.
The Government lias mysterious information
that some foreign power is languishing
for a chance to pay Baez $27,000,000
for a slice of San Domingo.
The DUiioonrorce tue .win Amenument
bos been signed. flsthe ltegi*ter
satisfied ?]
Tlic election commissioners yesterday
gave Uio certificate to Ellison as Mayor
of Richmond.
second session.
Washington, May 81.
The bill to rcvivo the navigation and
commercial interests of the United States,
was considered ancl the previous question
seconded, and the main question ordered;
the discussion was then continued by
Messrs. Lynch, Wood, Peteiis and Cox.
On motion of Mr. Maynahu the bill
was recommitted to a select Committee
on the Declino of American Commerce.
The bill to reduce internal taxes was
taken up by the House and progressed
with as lar as section 10 without adopting
unv important amendment.
The Speaker appointed as the committee
to visit West" Point, Messrs. Loo an,
Sciiknck and Slocum.
Mr. Chandler introduced a bill to encourage
the building of ships lor the loreigu
trade, and lor other purposes, drc.
Mr. SUMHRlt. from the Committee on
Foreign Relations upon the petition of
Cyrus \V. Field, for aid In establishing
biter-oceanic communication between
America and Asia, reported a bill carrying
out tbo ideas of the memorialist, incorporating
the Pacific Submarino Com*
puny, and to facilitate telegraphic com
lnuiilcntlou between America and Asia.
He also reported on other bills on the same
subject, adversely.
1 he bill to change the Judicial Circuits
of the United States was considered, without
action, and was debated mainly upon
including Connecticut in the New York
The Senate then went into executive
session, and ut -130 o'clock took a recess
fill ? :?).
Fire at Topekn.
St. Locis, May 30.
A Topeka, Kansai, dlspfttch say?: A
fire here yesterday morning, destroyed
the Topoka House, one of the principal
hotels. The building und ftirniture are
lltnost a total loss. Only partially inlured.
Londonderry, 31 ay 31.
The steamship Westorian, from Quebec
for Liverpool, signalled ut Southampton.
The steamship Baltimore has arrived at
Qacenstown. The steamer City of London
touched at Liverpool.
The steamer Citv of Hogusa will leave
this afternoon for Xcw York. She is only
twenty-one feet long; and is provisioned
for three months. The captain counts on
making the passage inside ot fifty* days.
The crew consists of one man besides the
captain. A Newfoundland dog goes as a
I>oint of'destination, but the captain will
make to uny convenient |>oint in the
United States. A large crowd witnessed
her departure
London, Mnv 31.
Advices from the west coast of Africa
announces serious troubles in Liberia. The
President np]?ointed Walter Good Collect
or and Postmaster at Patmos, and the
people there to whom the uppointmcnt is
distasteful, threatens secession if he is
The Daily h'ciet pleades for an internanational
copyright treaty between Great
Britain nnd the L'nited States.
The Time* says that the billiard players
of England ore very much disgusted with
Bowers' playing last evening.
The weather lor the past few days has
been unseasonably dry and warm, and
the growing crops are" already suffering.
Apprehensions of a serious draught an*
Dispatches from Bombay state that
within a few days 31,000 boles of cotton
hove been shipped to Europe by way of
I the Suez Canal.
The House of Commons did not adjourn
bate occurred in Committee on Admiralty
Management while the Supply bill was
under consideration. Appropriation for
Admiralty was eventually carried by n
small majority. The Committee arose,
progress was reported and the IJouse
P.vms, May ?J1.
Yesterday more than twenty persons,
who were "imprisoned In the St. Maraa
prison, charged with complicity in the
late recieldo plot, were unconditionally
released. It is announced that moro will
be released to-day.
The movement in favor of Cerurischi,
thu Italiau banker, who was exiled for
having contributed money to the radicals
to help defeat the confirmation vote on
the plebiscitum, is verv popular in Paris,
and will unquestionably be successful.
The session of the Corps Legislatif, yesterday,
was nearly consumed in debating
mean's to check the ravages of small-pox
in Paris. Xo sessions of the High Court
will lie held outside of Paris during the
present session of the Corps, the latter will
continue until 1st of August.
Another Unit from the San Domingo
Washington, May ill.
The (Government has official information
that a first class European nower possessing
only a few sea ports, has offered
the Dominican government $'27,000,000
for the Hay of Samana, in case the treaty
now pending Willi tnc united Mines isnoi
ratified by tlic Senate
The Enforcement Dill .Signed.
The President to-day signed the hill to
enforce the right of citizens of the United,
States to vote in several States and A>r
other purpose*:
A Secret MrssnRe?Kxtonilon of Snn
Domingo Job.
The President sent a secret message to
the Senate to-day proposing amendments
to the San Domingo treaty, all extending
the time lor the exchange'of ratifications
to July 1st.
Four National Holidays.
The Committee 011 the District of Columbia
have decided to rci>ort a bill declaring
ChristmnSjNew Years,July 4th
and Thanksgiving Day, national holidays.
.Movements of Mr. Colfax.
Vice President Colfax left here to escort
his wife and child to their summer residence,
and will not return until Thursday.
During his absence Mr. Anthony
will preside over the Senate.
Reciprocity with the Sandwiches.
The Senate shortly after 1 o'clock went
into executive session to consider the
question ot the ratitlcation of the reciprocity
treaty with the Sandwich Islands.
Mr. Sumner made a long speech in its
favor. The subject was up all day.
The Cherokee Tobacco Seizures.
Tiie following telegram addressed to
Commissioner Delano, dated Little Hock,
Arkansas, May 150th, was received to-day:
The Indian tobacce seizure cases were
decided on the 33d, at Van Buren, before
0(1 id forfeited to tlio government, Mid ail
the parties inuleted. The tobacco thieves
are utterly crushed aud ull the laws tiiumphant.
Judge Caldwell hold* thgt the
laws of Congress arc paramount to any
treaty whether domestic or foreign, and
that all inleral revenue laws Hating to
tobacco, extend to all j?crsons in the Indian
Territory. The Jury without leaving
their seats found a verdict for the
government alter instruction from the
[Signed] Jjiin McDonald,
titipcrtUor Int. Hectwit.
Certificate (Jiven to Ellison?Another
Appeal to tho Court*.
KtcnMOND, May 31.
The Commissioners of Election this
moruiuir gave certificates of election t?>
II. K. Kllison as Mayor nnd to tin- rest of
ticket. The Republicans will contest tin?
election 1*1 urc the courts.
The crowd at the .National Cemetery
yesterday was very large. Hollywood
Cemetery to-day was tilled with persons
decorating the graves of Confederate soldiers.
( . 1
New Yoiik, 31 ay III.
It is expected that 30,000 children will
celebralathe forty-tin* anniversary of the
Brooklyn Sunday School Union, to-day.
At a meeting in Brooklyn last evening,
$T?00 was sulfccrilwd to aid in bringing
home Ui<* Fenian aoldinx
The steamers Silosie, from Ilumbnrg,
and Bell<* De Pans, from Havre, have arrived;
also the Colorado and City of
Bnoklyn, from Liverpool
There was a grand parade In, Brooklyn,
of the Snndav Schools to-day 30,000
children were In line.
Eneape ol* a Head-Centre I?ri??ouer?
Arrest of ? Fenian Officer.
Np.w Yoiik, May Sil.
A Malonc special says the esuii>e of
Edward J. Manix, a Fenian head-centre,
has caused extra precautions to be taken
against a similar attempt by the remaining
prisoners, and ('apt. Ilardan, in command
at the guard house, states that the
lirst man who moves two leet beyond tho
sentry lines will be shot down without
mercy by the guard. The efforts of the
l'nltod btates troops and Marshal at the
recapture of Manix have \u> to now been
futile. The U. S. Marshal is determined
to arrest every Fenian otlk-cr he can find.
Yesterday a Major In the 5th I'. S. artillery
pointed out Col. J. Cunningham, of
Albanv, to Peputv Marshal Perry, who
arrested him and removed him to the
guard house.
Gov* Iloflmau Helping Jerry BIo?m>iu
A uiAN v, 31*)' 31.
Col. J. U. Levrich has been authorized
by Gov. Hoffman to proceed to Malonc
immediately and furnish transportation
home to all strangers in and about that
place. Hon. Wm. M. Tweed advances
the money und authorizes Col. Levrich to
send home at his expense all belonging
to New York.
Sending Home the Fruits of the
St. Ai.ua ns, .May 31.
Ilowe, who was killed in the Richards'
Farm fight, was disinterred to-day, by the
consent of the Canadians, and lorwarded
to ids mother. The body of O'Brien, who
was killed in the same'engagement, was
also forwarded to his friends.
Gen. Donnelly removed from Franklin
to St. Albans this morning, and is under
arrest. Theodore Murphy, who was captured
by the Canadians, is now in Sweillburgh
jail; but it is thought he will be
set at lilierty at an early day.
New York, May 31.
A llavan correspondent writes that the
rainy season has set in, in Cuba, and that
the yellow fever lias broken out at Cuevi ?u
.....I Priiwi.u. irroutlv l.i tlw.
consternation of the Spaniards. Ho also
reports Cuban successes in several small
engagements. The execution of Cuban
prisoners by the Spanish authorities still
A passenger who arrived yesterday by
the Marljiosa, from Havana, stales that
on the day of his leaving that port, (the
35th insL,)a ruuior was current that the
George B. Upton had landed her passengers
and cargo some days previously in
one of the bays on the north shore ot the
eastern department. Her juissengcrs consist
almost entirely of Cubans. Sue went
in the chargcof experienced inen, tlie olllcers
being Commander, Thomas Darvin,
of the Hornet; lirst officer, R. Sommcrs,
who successful! r landed the cargo of the
Anna, second, u. J. Cooke, of the Hornet;
third, Lieut J. Chauvean, late of the Spanish
hydrographic corps; Paymaster,Mu
Portille; Chief Engineer,.1. Aynean; First
Assistant Euginocr, A. Torralla; Second
Assistant Engineer, J. Aab, nil of Hornet
The forces on board arc under command
of Col. Gasper Betaueourt of Gen. .Torda's
staff, who arrived here with hiiu.
His chief of staff is Lieut Weaterman,
a nephew of Huron Dcwoltkc. Among
the military officers are Messrs. Cautero,
Sarcol, Viclno, Vinols and Terry. Twelve
military* engineer officers also accompany
the expedition. Iler cargo consist* in
part of 3,500 muskets. 250 rifles, 100 revolvers,
700,000 metallic cartridges, and
1,000,000 pu mission caps, 4 tons powder,
1 ton of sulphur, 10 army medicine
chests, 5 saddles, fiOO wachetcs, and ltK)
hags clothing.
Presbyteriau Assembly at Philadelphia.
I'urtADiai'inA, May 31.
In the Presbyterian General Assembly
this morning, the Committee appointed
to inquire into the perils of the public
school system, reported resolutions at the
close of the report strongly condemning
any system which shall exclude religion or
religious instruction from public schools.
The resolutions were unanimously adopted.
The question then arose on the location
of tho principal office of the new consolidate
board. The roll was called with
the following result: New York, 300;
Philadelphia, 153. The vote occasioned
considerable enthusiasm.
The Boston Excursion.
San Francisco, May 30.
i lie uosion excursionists piwwii uiruu^u
Elko to-day, anil will arrive here to-morrow.
The committee of the Chamber of
Commerce will meet and escort the party
to the city. It is arranged that the train
will come into the city on the Market
street rani and stop in front of the Grand
The present editor of Muzeppa. a flash
paper, was shot through the head to-day,
on Montgomery street, fur publishing a
scurrilous article. He will probably recover.
Ohio Democratic Convention.
l.'oi.ntnus, May 31.
Every train i* bringing in delegates (or
the Democratic Convention to-morrow.
.There does not seem to lie much interest
in reference to candidates, but the interest
seems to centre in the platform to be
adopted. There is a strong force here in*
sisting <m the repudiation plank. Vollandinglmin
and other prominent leader*
are hen'. _
Shocking .Harder in North Cnroliun.
Ralkiuii, .May 31.
Un Wednesday morning last, three inen
went to the house of Daniel and Neill McLeod,
two brothera living in the western
portion of Cumberland county, and murdered
both of them. Tliey also Imdly
wounded the wile, dnughter and sou of
Neil McLeud. The McLeods were |ieaceable
citizens and highly respected by their
Knnu' in Ifnntnnn.
Virginia City, May 31.
It commenced snowing hero Saturduy
afternoon; wind went. Then1 wna three
Inches of snow on the ground Sunday
forenoon; with a high wind and neonsional
showers during the day. It is
growing cold to-day, and freezing and
allowing a llttlo Uils afternoon. It \*
thought the j?W?riu will continue during
the night
ffew York Dry <iood* Market.
New York. May 31.
llualuca* very dull, while prices aro without
Tho Weather Yesterday.
The WttUrn Union TtiegrajiMVt. ItvllMn.
WuKtLiNu, Noon, May 31.
Cincinnati?Clear, wind a. o.; thcr. <J7.
Hal tlniore-Cloudy; wind v.; ther. to.
St Louia?Raining; wind a. c.; thcr. 74.
Chicago-Clear, wind i. c.; ther. fi7.
Richmond-Hazy; wind a. e.; thcr. 68.
Halelgh?Cloudy; wind a. w.; thcr. ?W.
Waahlnj^on- Clondy; wind n. ?v; thcr 08.
New York?Clondy: wind h. c.; thcr. c3.
1'hlladelphla?Clear; wiud a. c.; ther. U.
Commercial and Financial.
New York Money and Stock Markot.
N*w York, May 31.
Moxtr-Ea?y at XZ& por rentoa call.
STKnuKo-yuietand firm at 109\<ailWTil?oi.i>?yuiet
and uteady; opened at 114*,;
cloaca ai carrying raies a per rem
to lint. Clearance* *2ti,000.U00.
Goverkkknt Bonxm?Finn.
Tatted States 6'n of 1881. coupons,.. 117.H?117S?'
Flve-twentiea (lWMi liaS'SlW.S
Five-twenties <18?M) 111*&11I*
Flvo-twentles (1??> lll*i?lllS
Flve-twentiea (1M&) new 113H?113*
Five-twenties (1H67; 114 fa,114*?
Flve-twentiea (18tH) 114 &114>,
Ten-forties JMJfQIM.V
Currency sixes. .. llS't&ll.'l !
The Gold Exchange held au executive acasion
thiaallcmoou to conaldcr thcartion In regard to
the proposed additional tax on gold Kale* and
gold contractu cleared through tho Gold Room
and Clearance llou*e. A committee wasappointed
to go to Washington and represent to the
proper committer the great embarrassment such
a tax would cause to all who have to buy or sell
Stock!?Generally dull; however, active In
1'aciflc Mall, Ohio & Mississippi, Lake Shore
and Reading.
Western Union Telegraph, SIX; Adams Exproa*,
C3X; Wells, Fargo X Co.. 15: American,
43 V; United States, 45>(; Pacific Mail, 43',; New
York Central, 100','; do. scrip. 05*; Erie, 23V;
Harlem. 141: Reading, 100V; Michigan Central.
124; Lake Shore. <T7^; Illinois Central. 1SVX;
Pittsburgh, 109Ji; Northwestern, 81fc; do. preferred
88V, Rock island, IWJi; New Jersey Central,
108\; 8t. Paul, 6M<; do. preferred, 81; Wabash,
MH: do. preferred, 74; Fort Wayne, 0T>S ;
Tcrre Haute, 32; Chicago A Alton. 116?i; Ohio
& Mlaslasippl, 4(>S; Hartford A Erie. 4,"*:
Cleveland, Columbus & Cincinnati, 78.
New York Prodnce Market.
NawYpiiK, May 31.
Cotton?Heavy and lower, sales 1,300 bales at
22 Vc for middling uplands.
Flock?closed dull and declining.
Giiain?Wheat?Heavy aud 1c lower; No. 2
spring $11M11 21; winter red and amber western
$l3lf(183. Rvi>? Steady at $1 12. percental duty
I Mild. Oats-Lower aud dull at OU&iaHc lor
western lu store and afloat. Com?Hull aud
heavy nt $t O&ftl 10 for new mixed western.
"Provisions?Pork heavy] and nothing doing.
ehanged. llacou nominal. Laril dull nnd heavy;
wiIch 220 Ucrces prime vtuam for June and July
at I5\e.
Eaoi-ltather raoru atcady, but heavy at 18X<&
Hctteii?Dull and heavy at 10<fc2Sc for wcatern.
Ciibksu?Quiet at 7?l5,?tfc.
Cincinnati Market.
Cincinnati, May SI.
Grain?'Wheat?Unchanged. Corn-Dull and
declining at 8U&90c. Oata?Dull at l(ye
Cotton?Dull ?nd declining at SlJt&2l,Kc for
Tobacco?A aliade lower; aalea 208 hhdaat
$U 4UTC33 00.
WiiiaKY-Irregularand difficult to give quotation*.
PRoriatoNa-Dnll and prlrea nominal. Hoik
boulder* void at 13J<c. anil 200 bbU Meaa Pork
at |*J 72. Sugar-cured Ilauia 20c.
Oil*?No change.
Kooh?Advanced to 18?19<\ the latter Hclected.
Chicago Market.
C'kicaoo, May si.
Fi-oun?Quiet and unchanged.
Uhain?Wheat?X^l^chiKlK r, aalea No. 2at
1 01 ca?h, and UN&Wfcc aeller Juno; doling
at Mr$9SVfc caah; thia afternoon unaettlcd and
active at WTfCL'/TVr seller Jnne. Corn?Cloaed
nt 79UG?.7Ilke. (la t *?Klrmrranil W.dtV'.c hkh
or, cloning at !7><<t&4i\c for No. 2. Hjn?yulel;
cloning at 78,V?7Jc tor No. a. Barley?Nominal.
Hon*?Qtfln at $8 S3<&*j for common to
Catti.*?Fairly artlro at #3 8?<<&7 h7ji for
cow* to jjootl shipping hUkth.
Raltiinore Market.
Baltimorx, May 31.
Flol'B?Dull and weak.
craik-Wbrat--Doll; Maryland went.rn $1 25
?1!W. Corn-White Ann at $1 SOftl W for
prime; yellow dull at (1 1J>^115. OaU? Dnll at
flic. Rye?$1 lrxai ao.
Protisioxh?Firm and unchangod.
Wins jit?Firm at $1 06Q110.
Office on Fonrth St., 2d door 8. of Qntnejr,
Ono Door b?lo\v McLnre Ifonie,
_mria mrsKuyo, wkst va.
I1KJ. nTMTo*. c. W. B. ALL1ION
Will practice In tho Stato and Federal Courts,
tW Office 011 PourllKitroflt, oast aide, Unit
door north of Monroe. x oc2
Anyone having claims
again*! the United State* will find It to
their advantage to aeud a statement of their
Solicitor before the Court of CUima, ?c.,
novO'tf 473II Street, Washington, P. C
V V per month, everywhere, male and female,
to Introduce tho GrvctMi Imorati Common
Sexsi Kahilt Skwixo MAcnisc. This Marhlnu
will stitch, hem, fell, tuck, quilt, cord, hind, braid
and embroider lu a moat superior manner. I'rlce
only $18. Folly warranted for Are years. We
will pay $1100 for any Machine that will aewa
stronger, mow beautiful, or mow elastic srnm j
than ours. Itmakeathe "Klastlc Lock Stitch."
Kvrry siTond stitch can be cut. and still the
doth cannot be pulled apart without tearing it.
We pay Agi-uts from $75 to $900 per mouth and
expense*, or a commission from which twicr
CO., Pittsburgh. ! ?.: Boetou, Mim., or St.
I.ouit. Mo.
Caction- -Beware of all Amenta Belling Machine*
tinder the aame name a? ours, unleta they
can allow a Ortlflrati- of Agency algned by ?
Wo atoll not hold ourselves reajKjnxlhli* for
worthlea* Ma.hltiei Bold by other parti w, anil
aball proaecute all parties cither aclllng or nalnir
Machine* under this name to th? full extant or
the law, uule?a auch Machine* are obtained from
u* or our Amenta. I)o not be impoaed upon by
Crtle* who copy our advertiaemcnt and circu a
and offer worthleaa Machine* at a leta price.1
We hareJutt received thu following brauda
of cbolre Flour:
V*) Barrel* of the above branda for sale at
loweat rate*.
20 Itarrcli New Potemac Ilirrinc.
M Hair Uarrela New IVitornar llerriii;;
Jaat rocolved and for sale hv
mai?j HKII?L\.
lkrreli I'tonlx Omml
1U0 " Snow KUku Lime.
For mIc by
.Lt Darrein II?nl ftiid Soft Hngara.
.luit received atid for mIu hr
1 tn a I HENRY K. LIST & CO
Hon. J. T. IIoke, PrtMdfnt Hoard of Rtg*ntt.
0. C. Srriuua, Stcntary Board of RtgrnU.
ALEX. MARTIN. D. D.. Prtiidtnt,
Aud Profuaaor of Mental and Mural Philosophy.
P. H. LYON. A. M.. Met JYuidnU
Profewor of KnglUh Literature, and principal 01
s. O. STEVENS, A. .M.,
l'rofr^iHjr of Astronomy and Physics.
^ ^ (Capt. U. 8. A..?
Profoawr of Xtthomatlca and of Military Taclica.
J. J. STEVENSON, A. M.. Ph. D.
ProfrMor of Chcmlatry and Natural lllatory.
P. W. WOOD, A. M.. Ph'l.D.,
Profenaor of Ancient aid Modern Language*,
O. W. MILLER, A. M ,
Aaslstaut In Preparatory Department.
D. B. PUIUNTON, Tutor.
Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings.
Lecturer on Physiology and Hygirtia.
Lecturer on Civil and Conatitutional Law. ,
Fall Tkiim beglua 1st Tuesday lu September.
Wintkk Tkhm 1?t Monday In December.
Srnnto Ten* " 3d Tuesday In March.
Comxkkcbvint, 3d Wednesday in June
Tuition.?Preparatory, $5 pur Term of IS weeks.
University, $8 per Term of IS weak*.
BoAiturxo? Not to exceed *4 per week.
Pfl^Send stamp for Catalogue.
Morgantown, W. Va. aepi-aat
(Lute Mounilsvillc Female Seminar)*)
PBOf. \V. SlIKLDOM lil'TCUtNS, (uj.-i,,,!,.
Mm. W. S. Hctcuihs. f Principals
Mikh II. L. Uonuax, Vice Principal.
Mus Kate 8. Uontaock, Principal Preparatory
Miu*. Mart Jackson, of Weston. Matron.
Attainted by n Hill Corps of Professors aud
Spring Term open* AruiLGth; closes Juki 30ib.
The design of the Institution Is to fUrniah a
thorough and systematic coarse of instruction
for voting ladlca ti|>on the plan of University Infraction,
each detriment of lcarnlug being
complete within itnelf, thus enabling a young
lady to select her own course of study without
being restricted to any flxctl routine of classes,
requiring a rertaln number of years to finish;
but, in opposition to this, young ladles who havu
advanced further in some studies than others,
cuii have the benefit of their former acquirements
and obtain a CertlMcute of Jtytteinicy In ouo or
rnorv schools |>erhapK, in tliu course of ouo year,
after which time, they mar briuis up, with greater
rapidity and success. other studies.
Young ladles who have acquired considerable
proticieiicy upon tlio piano, and who may wish U>
prosecute the study still further, can b? furnished
with advantages tor mastering this Instrument?
Mrs. llutchins will give her personal attention
to this department.
Other schools embrace thorough Instruction In
the following direct Ions, viz:
Mathemnticf, HUtory, lUUu-Ltttert. Xatural
HUtory, 1'hyrical Science, Christian &cienci. Ancient
and .Vodtrti Ixirirjuarjc and fine Art*.
The Academic Degress arc conferred by Stata
authority, and are an follows, namely:
AIMrtit of EnglUh Literature?Three years
MUtrtu (f Arts?Four years course.
MiMtrwvj Munc-i wo 10 uirco jinn.
Boarder*, tvro in a mom, including nil oxpt'DiM-'i
of wnihing, fuel, light*, (Jymnaatic*,
rounianghlji, English, LatJn, Mud Frcnch
School*, per rear |400
Boarder*, funr In a room, liicliidlni; a* above,
per year SOU
Purior Boarder*, two in a room, pupil taking
hut one or two studio*. per yenr 400
I'arlor Boarder*, with fail advantage of Iu*tltutiou,
and with tbi* privilege mt threw
raufdc lewon* per week and three to flvo
hour* practice per day. per year 500
Tuition for Day Pupil*. 7.8,10,11.12 and 14
dollar* [mt quarter, according to grade.
Room* for tint occupation of boarder* aro of
two cla**e*, viz: Int. Single room* to be occupied
by two pupil*; 2d. Double room*, coniiiting
of Parlor and Ilcd-room. for either two or four
For fhll particular* addrew, until April 1at,
THE PHINCIPAL, at Monnd*viUe. W. V?., or
Iter. ('. (J. Li nitlEorMi** 11. L. BONHAM. at
Wheeling. mar&-MASdAw
Murray & Lanman's
Florida Water,
The most celebrated and
most delightful of all perfumes,
for use on the handi
i,:?f ii.? ..?;i
KUlUlilUlj Ut LIIC lUlIUt, UUU
in the batb, for sale by all
Druggists and Perfumers.
"gJSTB. 1809.
(911 Washington St., N. Y.)
For Cleaning WINDOWS (without water): r??-'
moving Stain* from MARBLE AND PAINT;
Pollntilng KNIVES, (oo rratchlnjr): Washing
TAIILF.S. HATH TL'HS. JtePolishing Tlu.
UrnHH, Iron, Copper and Steel Warm; Removing
Gum*. Oil, IiuNt nnd Dlrl from machinery. In
dlspenaahlo for House Cleaning, and all me*
(except washing clothe*). It costs but a few
rmt*. and I* Mild by all good Grocery. Drug aud
Notion Slow. marlS-oaw
where to sell On- AMERICAN KNITTING
MACHINE, the only jirai ileal Family Knitting
Machine ever lnvuni>*1. Price $?. Will knit
80.000 stitches per minute. Address AM KKJL'AN
KNITTING MACHINE CO., Boston, Ma?s., or
St. Loula. Mo. inarl-oaw
DOLLARS, dlitrlhutH monthly by Sworn CommlMlonm
iu th Legal Kn.tu.k jr Stain Lottery.
Bend for circular at once and 7Vf JW l.*rk.
Addrnt t\ If. MURRAY* CO.,Cv?iUKtou,Ky.
.fuit received by
1*11 Main Street.
One ilnor below P. Kennedy'* Dry Good* Store.
~Ij?dlew would do well to cull. maJtt taAw
Agents wanted-$ioo to woo
per Month?Clergymen. School Teacher*.
Smart Yonnc Men mid Ladle* wanted In fanvsaa
for th? New York
By daniel m a urn. uuthorof th<> p"|>u1iir "Night
HoetiM." Thin mailer In thought ami lansuivo
how* u* untold riches ami boautlca In thu(ir?al
Houw, with It* Blooming flowr-. singing bird-,
Waving pNlma. Kolllnc elontU. Ib-antlfiil l*>*.
Hacrrd mountain*. I>*-li^!itritl river*. .Mi^*hr>
ocean*. Thundering volu-?, HU/in.' h?ivni> and
va?t unlvrm with countli'?s bvln^ in million"
of world*, and i?ad? tou? In cach thf Unwritten
Word. llu?f-tinttMl paprr. omat.- engraving* and
I auperb binding Send for circular, in which U a
full description and uniw-mal?<.mrm mlatlona by
i the prc??a. minister* and college profc??or?, In
thn atroULTBt iMxnlbl)' languai."/.KUil.Elt.
marl! w* 16 s. Slsth St.. 1'hlladclphla, I'a

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