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Tlie" Dally Intelligencer, | - ,v, J yy^ TheWeeUyfirtelligenojr
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? : Clobi of Ton """ "? .....V.llS
,?^^.SKM'WEE,aY:...,}? VOL. XVIII. WHEELING, W. VA., THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 2, 1870. NO. 242. : 2Ste?EE$$
Six imrtUhi, lu ^vanccv . 1 60 PoitmaBtcra are requested to act aa Agenta.
|j I.INdKN,
Market Street, Opp. I'o?t Ofltee,
KltM, ouiUntly ou hand a line Meortiuout of
Foreign unci Domettic
C'lothH, Cftssimorefl and Vestings,
which will make to order, on abort notice, in |
nil the Intent fashions of the ilnv.
Ab*oa full line of
T<> which lie inviti-M the patronage of hie friend*
iiid the public.
.None fint First-Clue* Workmen employed In
tliii* wtabllnluiicut . nprlU
1870. 1 870?
SIMtlNU A Nl) Sl'M ME It!
J Oil N l7. KICK,
A head of nl 1 Com peti tors,
In extent, beauty and variety of hlx nock of
Sprint; mill Summer (loods,
Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings,
of the blent and moat fashionable patterns,
received from the Ivasteru market*.
The "toil complete Mock ??f
(Jcnt's Furnishing (Joods
In tin* city, which will he Wild cheap. I'nil ami
xninlm- before purchasing.
At tho shortest possible notice.
tiTI have secured the amices of A..I. A tuns,
one of the late Arm of A. M. Adams A Co., who
?ill be pleased to cue hit* old customer* nt this
house. ? al)r8
No. 25 Monroe Street,
HuHjnst received
A Comploto & well Soloctod Stock
Also, ? full aMortment ?f
Furnishing" Goods,
Tii nlilcli lilt IiivIimi tin- ?ll?iUiin ;( liln ulU
I'up turner*. unci tlitf |?til?llcj??,iH,riiHy.
Spring and Summer.
Merchant Tailor,
No. Ho ('or. Monroe \ Water Six.,
Wonlil r?MpvclfuUy call the utti-utlou o( his j*utroiin
and the public generally *t?? his Kxtenidvo
and Carefully Belectcu Stock of
Cloths, Cnsslincros, \ Y ostiums,
Now bclnir received, and to which he I* dally
adding from the KASTKltN MAIIKKT.
miiuts, miawkkm. I'XDKiismirrs.
UOMIKHY, ties. sl'akkh,
1'OLLARS, Ac., Ac.
Alwuyaon hand, nn elegant amtortnu'iit id
Ready Made Clothing,
or our own Manufncturi', nnd made
equal to eastern wohk,
UMMwtijt lu fUH-k ami fur Mill' ?i
vjurvx uww
mtr? TnogJ^nwi.
CHAS. l'fAl'FENll.Vni,
No. 76 Main Strcot,
Would call tlio attention of Itla fHeniUaiii the
,'Ubllc generally to bis larua tod eisgnni mock oi
ConnlMlni; ??r
Cloths. Cmwhnom. Vostlngui Scotch
CuatliieH. Ac.
Which will be made to order on the shortest notlco
and at the lowest prices. Also, a
complete assortment of
Consisting of
Hosiery, I Shirts, j Cuffs,
Qloves, Collars, Scarft,
Suipenders, Drawers, Ties,
llsndksrthlsfc, | Uudershlrta, | 4c. 4c.
BoCTWEtL'i exhibit of the debt
publMied yesterday, exhibiting a reduction
ot fourteen millions during May, is
encouraging as showing that out of the
greatstreams of revenue now flowing into
the Treasury that large mini ha* been
saved in one month; but it is a matter of
grave doubt, and in now a pending ques-.
lion in C'ongrow, whether the present drain]
on the resources of the country ought ta
bu continued with a view to tlie immediate
reduction of the principal, of the dq^L
It is possible to draw so heavily on the
productive, industrial and commercial interests.as
to paralyze business, stoj) the increase
of wealth and destroy the capacity
of. the. country to"payr retenuc at nllj
for fnqhg. time Jo chine. ' Is1, It befi
to try to lift s&knucl/ofvourload1 fit nftfp
a1* to cfTpple ourselves, that we wilf
navcrbftuble to carry tin* balance of it&
Wouldn't it he better to husband anil cultivate
i>ur strength and unload fhtf delit
in smaller chunks when we shall lit* better
able? it would contribute, to Mr.
1MH TWKI.I. * |H.'rSUIIUI giojj iu ! !?.> mu
tvhole debt at once; and there is enough
property in the United States to do it;
1?ut if it were taken for thatyurjHMc what
would Iconic 6f the country? 'flic taxes
odght to lie reduced, even if these payments
on the debt, not yet due, have to
be discontinued. The country would be
all the butter able to bear taxation aA#r
whilc. Or if oxponats were mluco^ to
they might be, the revenues coul&bc largely
cut down and still atFord a large surplus
in be applied to the principal of the debt.
Let Congress at least cut revenues and
expenses jniri ya/uu.
Tub Conlerence Committees of the
two Houses of Congress have agreed on
their rej)ort respecting the bill re-enucting
the income tax. It is to be continued jual
ns it standi enothor year. Tins saddles on
the country h tax ol' from $2fc,(Wb,OOtf to'
$30,000,000.?which is wanted, wo suppose,
to consummate the San Domingo
job. Congress finds the government able
10 give away from sixty to seventy
millions of acres of public land, by
one act, to u single corporation, hut
not able to carry on the Government
a single year without this war
tax, which it was pledged to discontinue
with the beginning of tills decade. This
tax is totally unnecessary if Congress nod
the Administration would practice half
the economy and retrenchment they
ought; but thole is the greatest unwillingness
to lessen the popular burden by taking
off any part of the enormous revo-1
man. apparently from a fear all round
among the rings that any reduction of the
revenue would diminish their share of the
spoils. And it being u game ot grab, no
one Ls willing to Jeopardize his chances
for a handiul. ^
A Virginian in Wheeling.
L\wT**iHHHlfnct (>f IVtnchttlfr 8<ntliid.
\Yueei.ino, May 27th, lb70.
Dkak Sentinel:?-Thinking you will
be glad to hear from this partot the country,
I drop a mere line assuring you of the
nattering circumstauees wider .which the
Council has met. (>ur two Bishops, with
quite a full delegation of clerical and lay
members are here, hard at work, developing
the best interests of the church.
Though geographically we are in West;
Virginia, yet "uru wc pleasantly reminded
bv the warm-hearted hospitality and:
kindly greeting extended us by the good
people of Wheeling, that we are yet with-1
in the metes and bounds of tha "Old Do-1
minion," the legislation of exigencies to
the contrary notwithstanding. We
And a goodly number ol the sons
iiiid daughters of our noble old
j ShcnandonYi Valley have settled
| here. Your correspondent is the
| lavorcd guest of one of them, and glad to
I number his host among the successful
business men of this prosperous city. Tho
population of this section has a large admixture
of foreign element in it, and of
course tho Roman Catholic Church is very
strong. The churches of the city are
large, and several of them in tine architectural
taste, es|k'eially the St. Matthew's
(Episcopal), in which the Council is sitting.
As your readers know that the
great business of this section is coal anil
iron, and like all other communities similarly
blessed with deposits ot mineral and
metalic wealth, the basis of its prosperity
is as strong as the mountains around us.
I lind the j>eople are still discussing the
reunion of the State, with the Capital located
at Staunton. * * *
The discussion here referred to must be
carried on very quietly. ?Wc linve heard
nothing of it.
The Land Robbery.
The additional Northern Pacific Railroad
bill, which has jnstpassed Congress,
grants an amount of land somewhere between
sixty and one hundred millions of
acres. Tlio reason why it cannot lie stated
more definitely is that the length of the
main line, from Lake Superior to Pugct's
Sound, is rtot known, and may he varied
to suit land acquisitions, and that a branch
to Portland Is authorized, with, u land
grant on the same terms, without any definite
starting luintor limit in length, and
which we judge will not be less than five
hundred miles long if a short Hue is chosen,
and which may be one thousand miles.
This indctiniteness, which was not in the
first grant, wns secured by this additional
The grant is 40 sections, or 25,000 acres
to the mile. According to the speech of
.1 tulge Thurman, in the night session on
this bill, the company has a belt of 120
miles broad the whole length of the main
and branch lines from which to select the
lands. It ban, in addition, a grant of a
oeu icet wide tor right or way, anci oi
as much additional land as the company
shall require tor any railroad structures,
or appurtenances. *It has also the rl^ht
to take materials from any public lands.
And it has specially granted to it by this
additional bill the power to mortgage this
entire grant and franehiact, so that the
whole can be absolutely sold and conveyed
under the mortgage.
Insliort, a company ofspeculators, without
being required to invest a dollar of
capital, is endowed with between sixty
and one hundred million acres of the best
I public lands, witli extraordinary privileges
| ol selection in a belt one hundred and
tweuty miles wide, and more than two
I thousand miles loug, and with this unli
Ijnited franchise ami most extraordinary
right of way, and with the privilege of
transferring it nil for such coBBideratlon as
it may lind convenient, before it has built
a roil of road, and without providing the
least security that the road will be built.
Congress has simply given to a company
ot n<tventurers territory for an umpire, and
.vastly more than means enough to build
jhe road, for them to speculate with.
^ Republican Meeting in Monroe
At a mass meeting of the Republican
partv of Monroe county, held pursuant to
a call of the County Executive Committee,
at the Court House thereof, on Tuesday,
the 17tli day ol May, 1870, and on
the second day of the term of the Court
lbr said county. the Una, Itafus A. Chambers
wrtA>fa1lfil'tfcthb chairi. and Lewis
Villawav aud Allred Phillips were chosen
Secretaries. The following resolutions
.were adopted:
. iirsolntt, That we congratulate ourselves
upon a degree .of |>ea9C, quiet and
pro.celion to life, liberty and prosperity
wiihin our Iwrdcrs during nearly two
years, without precedent ulnce the close
of the war, and, under God, we recogntec !
the same as maiidy, if not wholly, attribu- ,
table to the triumphant success of the Republican
party, and the election ol Gen.
U. S. Grant in the fall of 1808.
/?9?taAj,'That while we recoguize as a
twlernn pledge the declaration or tueitopublican
party, made in national convention
at Chicago, on the 20tU day of May,
1808, ami "we favor the removal of the
disqualifications imj>oscd upon the lute
rebels, in the sjune measure us their spirit
ot loyalty will direct, otnl oh may be consistent'vflth
the safety of the loyal people/'
anil Mcommend fcholi lefftalnuoh as may
be necessary to fully carry it out, we
earnestly protest against the sweeping indiscriminate
removal of disabilities proposed
iu ihe.so-callcd . Flick amendment,
as necessarily suicidal in its consequences
to the loyal people of the border counties.
lt(*nltedt That John C. Ballard, Sr.;
Rut us A. Chambers, John A. Brown,
John M. Hutchinson, John Voss, John
Miller, John McMaim, John W. llolmes,
Andrew Prentice and Geo. W. Buffcy are
hereby ap|>ointed as delegates to the Congressional
and Senatorial Conventions to
I l?e hereafter called, and that Cyrus Newlin
and Ruftis A. Chambers be* appointed
delegates to the State Convention to be
held at Parkershurg.
ltfwlmL, In the judgment ot the [Convention]
the border counties, of this the
.'5(1 Congressional District, are entitled
to nominate the Republican candidate,
for Cbngrtaft: and further
Rwlml, That we present to the consideration
of the said Convention the
name o! Major Cyrus Newlin as a staunch,
unflinching Republican, in whoso ability,
integrity and character We have tbo ftiflest
confidence, and our delegates arc hereI...
I f.,r nnil tntiriri. lik
claims us the first choice of the Republicans
of the county.
llatolml, Thai a copy of these resolutions
he forwarded to "tho Wheeling Ixtcm.iokncku
nnd the 1 Vest Va. Journal,
and that they be requested to publish the
same. Ruprs A. Chambers, Cknfn.
Lewis Cam.away, Alfred Piuu.irs,
Secretaries _
The Coming Convention.
To the Wheeling Intelligencer:
Perhaps the Republican party has never
held a Suite Convention of as momentous
importance in its results to the party as
will follow the approaching Convention at
Parkersburg; and if there ever was a
time when wisdom, patience and forbearance
were nccessury, we opine it
will be there and then. Wo ns a party
should not let the lesson taught last year
pass unheeded. That we have been
strong and impregnable through unity in
other years is true; yet we must not done,
our eyes to the fact that our strength and
power are waning and the sad teachings
of divisions and discords in our ranks show
clearly that we must be united or party
and principle go to the wall. Past conflicting
opinions mid policies must be
amicably adjusted and a platform adopted
on which not only good and honest Republicans.
can sta'ud without scruple or
doubt, but which will show to an enlightened
world the honesty and sincerity of
our purjwaes. To do this we feel assured
will require the sagacity and wisdom of
the sane and the patriot.
Tim f?i invent inn railed i?t Pt. Pleasant.
whilst proposing no nominations, proposes
principles, which if adopted would soon
ring the knell of expiring republicanism.
These erroneous views must bo calmly,
dispassionately and patiently met.discussed
und ovurr-ome; .and by no menus let in( ( niUft'ry,
tranaltiioiu, wrangling and Uentcd
debates 'ensue; but let the declared
principles and nominees go before the
j>eople as the offspring of united luinnouy
and enthusiasm, with the members themselves
and the same exultant spirit will
prevade the people, and then united we
march to victory. Let this he done
though Uie session be prolonged a week.
Mako wise, deliberate selections of candidates
to bo supported by the people, mcai
of jlttmg character, rapacity, experience,
judgement and sterling integrity for the
ofllccs assigned them. This is an all im|)ortant
duty of the Convention, and we
hope the members may be slow to make
haste in their selections. Political partios
through all past ages have mado ihipwrecks
by anil through the agency of
political tricksters in forcing upon the
people unworthy persons whom their very
souls loathed; and . there are but three
alternatives, 1k>U the party, ignore the
polls, or swallow the nauseous uo.4e.
only wish harmonious nctlon, good nominees
ami a firm sound platform on which
all can stand. Conventions arc good if
fairly and honestly conducted, it not they
are *a curse and react upon their aiders
and abettors and the party. The next
Congress will open witli upwards of
twenty nne United States Senators, and
the results of this Convention may be felt
there, who knows?
(HarkMnfrg, May 81*/.
The West Virginia Governorship?An
Ontside Opinion.
From tht Washington RtporUr.
The name of Hon. A. W. Campbell, o
Wheeling, Is being prominently mentioned
in connection with Gubernatorial honors
in West Virginia.
Mr. Cam obeli would make a strong
candidate. He is one of the ablest men
in the Slate, popular, energetic. and progressive.
Ill the mat struggle which
preceded tlic rebellion lie was one of tlic
principal leaders of the Union forrcs, ami
fought slavery and secession with the
power of a giant. Through the columns
or the Wheeling lNTELLtGE.SC*lt,of which
paper lie was then chief editor, as well as
from the stttmp, he dealt the most telling
blows against the treasonable movement
which had lor its object tho overthrow of
tho Government When the war broke
out lie became one ot the foremost figures
among the Union men In Western Virginia,
and an nctivo and powerful leader
in the movement which culminated in the
erection of a new Free State. To him
perh?]>a, more than any other one man is
due the credit of having interposed thai
barrier to the progress of the rebellion.
Mr. Campbell has not sought ofllces or
honors, but has modestly preferred to remain
in the background and allow others
to reap the rewards and favors consequent
upon the success which was no largely Indebted
to his labor and devotion. That
he has not asked should he the strongest
incentive to the people of West Virginia
to bestow. Irii tliese days of strife and
struggle and conspiracy for office, it is exceedingly
refreshing to tlnd a man amply
qualified in every regard, and with the
strongest claims upon the public,yet who
does not aspire to any position. It will be
safe for the people to take hold of such a
man and insift upta his being & candidate.
The Itepulilicans of Vrctft Virginia ha*e
this opportunity, and our opinio** of them
will be considerably lessened tt' they fail
to take advantage of it. They cannot lind
the superior, and scarcely the peer of Mr.
Campbell iu the State; they have no man
claims upon their gratitude; certainly
none who has higher c|iialil!cations for tlio
Executive chair, and we trust they will
insist upon seating him in it whether he
will agree to be a candidate or not.
Wheeling Men in Trouble at Steubenville.
From the Herald.
Attemptkd Hobhehy.?-A young man
hailing from Wheeling, a machinist, got
into bad company yesterday evening, and
alter frequent imbibing, flourished eighty
odd scads in the face of his rough companions.
The young man was enticed
to Abraham's board yjird, corner of Fourth
and North streets, knocked down and
badly beaten. He managed to esca|>c
with his money, and shortly after was
looking for an ollicer to arrest the parties.
Buoke Jail.?The irrepressible and
and ever before the public, J. Wesley Porter,
who was the victim of a severe beating
at tlio hands of the police a few days
since, was again incarcerated in the stone
house lor a term of days, and, together
with a companion, Glending, who was in
for petty larceny, attempted to escape
Monday morning, by cutting a hole in the
roof of the paper edifice, and from thence
drop to the ground. The plans, including
the "dropping business, were well carried
out, but alas!
"The bent lnld schemes of mice and men
for the two worthies dropped into the
arms of Ofllccr Marthi, who returned
thoin to tho Mayor's bastile.
From tho report of the Department ol
Agriculture, we find that in twenty-one
counties in West Virginia, 4,300 sheep
have been killed by dogs within the pasl
year. ______
The Latest News.
News of the Du.v.
The American Institute of Homopathy
will hold its nnnunl session in Chicago or
the?th,8th, Dth and 10th of this month,
Delegates from all parts of tho United
States, as well as from foreign nations,
will he tliiw.
The Semite passed the Jinl bill U private
one) over President Grant's veu:
Tuesday night.
The President signed the Pacific Kailroad
land*grant biU, Tuesday.
The Sandwich Island treaty, rejected
yesterday by the Senate, was simply one
of commercial reciprocity.
Attorney General Hoar says the rigor
of the law will he meted out to O'Neill
and the other captured Fenian leaders, but
the Administration is disposed to he
lenient toward the privates, who are considered
There is no longer any doubt ol Mr.
Anthony's re-election to tho Senate by the
Rhode 'Island Assembly. Tho Republicans
have the majority* and their caucus
has nominated him.
Tho result of the Ohio Democratic Convention
is briefly reported in our Columbus
Gen. Sherman has gone to Columbus to
see his nephew married.
A Construction Train Precipitated
Through a Bridge.
Eight .Hen Instantly Killed aud Thirty
to Forty Other* Crushed IJenenththe
A Scene of Horror and Agony.
New York, June 1.
A frightful railway accident occurred
this morning at II o'clock, about 2 J miles
from Patterson, N\ J., by which a construction
train on the Delaware, Lacka
wana and Western Railroad, was precipl
tated from a trestle bridge a distance o!
thirty feet, and several people were killed
and wounded.
The frain on which there was a larg(
forco of laborers, passed along, visit
ing places where repairs were necessary
Several places had been attended to
and the train was passing over the tresth
bridge at tlie point where tho Newark
road intersect*, when the bridge gave
way and tho entire train was precipitated
to the depths l>clo\v. The master carpenter,
Mr. Campbell, and six other carpenters
wore instantly killed, and some thirtj
or forty workmen shockingly injured, bo
ing bruised and crushed by the descending
masses of iron, timber, and debris. The
scene baffles description. Many of the
workmen are buried in the ruins, li
is believed that death will ensue speed!])
in the cases of many of the men.
Congressional Election ? Probable
Re-election of Whittcmore.
Charleston, May 31.
An election for member of Congress in
place of IJ. F. Whittcmore, resigned, was
held in tho tint district of this Statu today.
The candidates were Whit lemon
and T. 0. Dunn, l>otli claiming to be lie
publicans. li&iney, a colored citizen who
had been a candidate, lmviug withdrawn
from the contest, left thu field to Messrs
Whittcmore and Dunnr The returns art
meagre, but indicate the re-election ol
Whittcmore, dealer in military cadet
Washington, June 1.
i The J louse proceeded to the consideration
ol the bill to reduce Internal taxes.
In the course of the discussion, Mr.
Sahoent stated that an estimate he hud
i received from the Treasury Department
, showed that under the existing tariff and
revenue laws .there would be received into
the Treasure next year, from customs,
$18.1,000,000; from lands, $.1,000,000; fVoin
i miscellaneous sources, $28,000 000; making
a total of law,000,000. The estimated
expenditures were $291,000,000; which
would leave a surplus of $102,000,000. A
few days ago he had introduced a proposition
to reduce customs 10 per cent, and
internal revenue taxes 15 percent; to
take off tlie # inco/ne tax and abolish all
spcciftl tasea. This would leave a sprphu
of $22,400,000 i>er year, and he had calculated
that that sum used as a sinking fluid
would, in 34 years, extinguish the national
debt and leave a surplus.
Senate bill to change judicial circuit*
was discussed, amended and passed. It
constitutes the circuits as follows:
First?Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont,
Massachusetts, Rhode Island and
Second?Now York.
Third?New Jereev, Pennsylvania, Delaware,
Maryland and Virginia.
Fourth?Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas
and Arkansas.
Filth?North Carolina, South Carolina,
Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Tennessee.
Sixth?Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky aud
"West Virginia.
Seventh?Illinois, Indiana, aud Wisconsin.
Eighth?Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska,
Kansas, and Missouri.
Ninth?California,Oregon, and Nevada.
The Supreme Court Justices, except
the Chief Justice, are required to reside in
their respective circuits; and the Chief
Justice is to bo known us the Chief Justice
of the Supreme Court of tho United States.
The Senate went into executive session.
Senate adjourned at 0 o'clock.
Wasdisotox, June 1.
The Commissioner of Patents has extended
the reaper patent of Messrs. Mann
i for seven years from July 3d, 1870.
The President has nominated E. 1'eshine
Smith, of New York, Examiner of Claims
in the State Department.
The public debt statement was Uvday
telegraphed to London, under arrange*
1 mcnts made by the Secretary of the Trimsi
ury with prominent financiers. From
; London it may be repeated to Paris, Amsterdam,
and Frankfort.
A War Department order enlarges the
Department of tho Lakes, by direction o!
tin- President, so as to extend it to Ogdcnsburir.
The Senate in executive session resumed
the consideration of the Sandwich Island
treaty. Mr. Stewart took the lloor and
spoke in favor ot ratification. The debute
was continued by various Senators in a
, desultory manner, each member speaking
a lew minutes only, until late in the after[
noon, wlicn Mr. C'ole delivered an argument
of half an hour's duration in favor
' of ratification, and Air. Sumner closed the
discussion with a brief aix-ech on the same
side. A rote being takeu resulted, for
ratification 20, against ID, and two-thirds
not voting in the afllrmative, the treaty
was not ratified. A large number of Senators
wero paired. Tho doors being
opened the chair appointed Mesws. Uonki
ling and Sawyer as visitors to West Point.
The Senate confirmed the nomination
of Henry A. Badliam of North Carolina,
1.3 vuuaui VJVUCI1W l.l nvv.n.
Presbyterian Assembly.
Philadelphia, Juno 1.
Tho morning session of the Presbyterean
General Assembly was occupied with
the consideration of reports from various
Committees. The delegation to visit the
General Assembly of the Presbyterian
Church at Louisville, presented a report
and communication from tho Southern
Assembly in reply to the overtures from
this body. The communication states
that the Church does not approve
of an union with tho Northern
Church because it is a total surrender
of all fundamental doctrines,
anil embraces all shades of belief.
The Southern Church is the only
surviving heir of true, unfailing testimony,
and there are impassable barriers to
oillcial Intercourse between the two
The delegation also submitted its own
re|)ort, showing Vrhat action had been
taken at Louisville.
Several of the representatives then
present made speeches, showing what
the spirit of the Southern Asseinblv
had been. It was thought the
1 opinion of that Assembly was not
i the opinion of Southern churches. The
. report was received and the committee
The re|>ort of the Committee on Theo
logical Seminaries read the action of the
I Hoard of Trustees of Princeton Seminary,
[ in increasing the salaries of professors to
three thousand dollars. Approved.
The election of trustees for the various
' institutions was made the order of the day
- for Friday morning.
Reformed Presbyterian Church.
Nkw York, Jane 1.
In Tuesday's session of the Synod ol
' the Reformed Presbyterian Church, the
' following statistics ot the Informed PresI
byterhin Church in the United States,
were given: Congregations, 80; ministers,
R4; ciders, 809; deacons, 108; families,
IJ.OTjO; communicants, 8,204; baptisms,
' 478. Total increase during the year, 708;
decrease, 599; total contributions by the
, Church for religious purposes, during the
; year, $14,718.10.
, Slaughter of Citizen* at Rcmcdioi.
New York, June 1.
Late advices from Remedies confirm
the slaughter of forty-two most resjwetable
citizens by volunteers, in revenge tor
i the man}' defeats suffered at Portillo. The
militarv commander of the district knew
that tlfe butcherv wns meditated, and |wssively
endorsed it.
The Rt. Louis Republican.
St. Louts. June 1.
The St. Louis liqmbUcan appeared tlilft
? morning in its original size, worked on
i the tour cylinder press which was wived
in the tire." In the proof room the work
S of roofing the ruins for temporary quarf
tcrs is progressing, aud.the iurge new office,
. south etui corner of Third and Chestnut
streets, will be commenced in a few daya.
London, Jane 1.
King Cralt won liie Derby. The London
sculling match between Kelly and
Baddler is fixed for July 14th, at Newcastle.
Cvrus Redding, the author, died to day,
aged 85.
I'ahih, June 1.
Napoleon on his return from Gluttons in
July, it 1b said, will go to Ninehlnecli.
"The GiueUelkn IVibunaxHays, otlieiallv,
that onlv twelve among the prisoner* urrested
lor complicity in the regicide plot,
will be brought before the High Court,
the othurswill bo discharged. The American
aud English residents of Tours have
forwarded their congratulations to the
umperor on ins em-ape irorn uie pim.
It is rcjxjrtwl that the Prince Imperial
will soon be alllaneed.
Fearful MaHuacreof Jch'h?Tl?e Work
ofSlaughter Still Cioiug Ou.
Constantinople, Juno 1.
The fearftil vindictiveness of the native
Christians in Koumbia, a Turkish province,
against the Jewish jwpulation culminated,
Sunday, in a wholesale butchery
of the Jews by the Christians. Thousands
of women and children were dragged from
houses and slaughtered. The work of
slaughtor still goes ou iu the interior. The
authorities have made no movement to
cheek it.
The Christians took advantage of the
absence of the reigning prince, Charles;
and at a preconcerted signal began the
total extermination of their enemies.
Berlin, June 1.
Count Bismarck is at fimo, in Nassau,
in company with King William.
The election for Deputies in the North
German Paaliamentwill beheld about tliu
middle of September, and those for members
of the Prussian Diet will take place
soon afterwards.
-'Geneva, Juno 1.
A large number of Ituliun refugees
have collected ?u the border. Tho Swiss
Government has taken active measures to
prevent tiieir departure. Notwithstanding
this, a few succeed iu eluding the authorities,
near Como, and entered Lombard)*.
Troops wero immediately dispatched
in pursuit.
Ohio Democratic Convention.
Golumrds, June 1.
The Democratic State Convention met
at 11 o'clock a. m. It is the smallest convention
held by that party for years, there
being only 330 out ot 537 delegates present.
1). J. Gallon wits elected temporary
Chairman, and R. P. Hurlburt,Secretary.
The Committee on Resolutions consist of
0. J. Dodds, 1st district; K. I,. Ferguson,
2d district; J. E. Green,3d district; J. P.
McKiunoy, 4th district; G. W. Andrews,
5th district; Thos. Powell, Oth district;
Jas. 1*1 Wright, 7th district; 1J. Hums,
8th district; Thomas Beers, Dth district;
Prank II. Ilurd, 10th district; A. Vance,
11th district; W. E. Fink, 12th district;
Wm. Ilarr, 13th district; John Cowan,
14th district; J. Williams, 15th district;
James H. Jamison, 10th district; K. G.
Woods, 17th district; Morrison Poster,
18th district; J. Palm, 19thdistrict.
Kccess until 2 o'clock p. m.
After recess Hon. L. D. Campbell was
elected permanent Chairman. Tho following
ticket was nominated:
Secretary of State, Wm. Ueisley, of
I PIawaUmiI. Qnnnimn .Ttuliro It A.lhirri.
son, of London; Comptroller of the Treasury,
John II. I lea ton, of Belmont county;
member of the Board of Public Works,
Win, Spencer, of Licking.
The platform of principles denounces
the present tariff ana the substitute lately
.introduced in the House of Representatives,
and declares that no candidate for
Congress nor for any other office is worthy
of support who docs not lavor a low
tariff. It denounces the present revenue
system of the United States and the; profligacy
of 'the present administration of the
Federal government; denounces Congress
for making grants of public
lands to railroads; it regards the
act recently passed by Congress to
enforce the Fifteenth* Amendment
as unconstitutional, and lavor taxing United
Slates bonds; opposes national banks,
and demands the repeal of the law creating
them, and the substitution of United
States Treasury notes lor national bank
notes; it cordially invites all the electors
of Ohio, without regard to past differences,
to vote for the ticket this day nominated.
The resolutions were adopted, with a
few dissenting voices.
After a short speech by Mr. Ileisley, the
Convention adjourned.
Arrest of two Lending Feninn Officers
at Mnlono.
3Ialo.se, June 1.
There is great excitement here over the
arrest hist night of the two principal officers
of the Fenians who have hitherto
eluded the United Suites officials, by
Deputy Marshal Titus. As the Marshal
was {Missing along the street he noticed
Mitfor Randolph Fitzjwitrick, of NewYork,
passing by with Colonel McNeil,
who was at the time supposed to .be
Mosby, and on pcrdclving the Marshal the
prisoners ran round a corner and dis
appeared. A hoy informed the Marshal
that tliev had secreted themselves in a
barn. Tho Marshal got a guard of
regulars, surrounded and entered the
barn and found Fiupatrick and McNeil.
They surrendered without resistance
and were brought to the guard
house and placed under a heavy
guard. Colonel McNeil and Fit 7.patrick
were undoubtedly the ablest olHi-pra
I'nnnected with the Fenian move
ment, and the fact that they were arrested
by mere cliance tends to show they meant
business. Tbev are well treated by the
United States officers, who respect them
for their courage and gentlemanly bearing.
Both will probably be arraigned bo.
fore United States Commission Brennan,
to-day. Fitznatrick and McNeil were
about leaving here by the 10 o'clock train
last night, when they were arrested.
Newspaper Reporters in Limbo.
A sj>erial says tlie Government oflleials
at Malone wound up the war, yesterday,
by arresting several New York newspaper
reporters as Kouinns,and sending them
to prison.
New York Dry (food* Market.
New Yonx, Jun? 1
Inuctlrlty It Uic prevailing feature,'.vUlu jirlctw
ruloKoncnuljr Heady
Oil Traiu uud Bridge Iluriicd on the
A. A G. W. II. R.
Cleveland, Juuu 1.
An oil train on the Atlantic it Greul
Western railroad, took tire thin morning
while approaching the city, tho tire communicated
to the railroad bridge over the
Cuyahoga river and Ohio canal, and destroyed
them. A frame building occupied
by * Kretch A* Crane Manufacturing
Company, us a machine shop, was dam
aged to the extent of about Sf','0,000; probably
covered by insurance. Loss to the
railroad company not ascertained.
The insurance on the Kretch it Cram
building burned this morning, is as follows
: Williamsburg, Lafayette and United
States. $<;r?0 each: Lorillnrd and ContlnenUl,
if 1,151) each; Washington, $r>00:
Suite ami German, of Cleveland, Ohio,
$1,300; Home, New Haven, $2,450; Proviili.Mfo
H'ticliimrt m ski o.?r,. Mcfrnnolitiin
$9,000; Fireman's Fund, San Frnnrisco,
Arre?t* on Tologrnms to be Slopped.
New York, June 1.
Superintendent of Police Jordan announces
that hereafter he will refuse to
make arrests on the authority of telegrams
from distant points, unless lull particulars
as to the name, otlence and authority lor
the apprehension arc given. The Superintendent
assigns as the reason for this decision
that these telegrams, having frequently
been sent without consultation
with the authorities, have caused arrests
and detentions without aulllcient cause.
The Flood from Europe.
Seven vessels, arriving within tin; last
three days, 1mve brought fl.OO'J emigrants.
The Chfnn last night brought 4210.
II. IS. Match lit Rochester.
Rochester, N. Y., June 1.
In a game of base ball to-day, between
the Red Stockings, of Cincitmli, and the
F'our City, of Rochester, was won by the
former, by 5(1 to lit.
Commercial anil Financial.
Wheeling Wholesale Market.'
Opmck or Daily Istklmuenckh, I
Wednesday, June 1. 18T0. j
Trudu hiiH been quiet during the pant week, but
steady. The market has been very firm, and we
noto Tew changes In quotations. Itlce Iiuh ad'
vunced largely aud held at lc higher.
Butte it?In Rood demand. Wcnowquotoal
IGftlHc for prime to choice roll. Common buttci
very dull.
llitooxM?$3 5G&550 dozen.
Deans?Dull $2 ouftu 25 per buahcl.
Cheese? lk&15c. for Dairy and Goshen.
Camion Oil?We quote standard brawls at 28c
and no chariru for package.
CoFJ'EE?Wc quota prime to choice Illo at 21
@22Xc; choice to fancy 2S&2lc.
DittEO Fkcit?Unchanged; apples 7?9c
peachc* 10c for halves.
Koos?Firm, with a fair demand at 14c.
Flltii?Like Herring $ I 00; White Fish f8 60;
Lake Sliad $1 23; No. i? medium Mackerel #5 00;
No. 2 medium $8 50; No. 1 large #1100 for hall
Flouh?Wc quote white wheat at #0 50{t7 80;
red wheat family tlrin at $5 502*1 75; rye. $5 0c
<&5 50.
tJiLU.v? Wheat?Qulctat$l 20 for whlto, anil
*1 1U tor red. CYw/i?Dull at 75.-. Oats?15c.
Uut?80c. Jlarlcu?Xo demand.
(Jlahh?Flrft quality 8x10. $1: 10x12. fl 50
Hccoml quality 8x10. $3 00; 10x12, # '! 50 box <>l
50 feet. DittcouM 10 per CCUt.
fj|N*EKO?IOC V H?.
Hay?Demand light. Loose may Iw quoted at
#10 011. Haled?$1U 00.
Laud Oil?Lower at #135 for extra winter
Nailk?lOd to find, #1 00; 8d t? 'Jd. fl 25; fid
to 7d. $1 50. ^ n ^
l'novirtioKH -Market nteady, wlthuood Jobbing
demand anil huIch tit quotations Me*n I'ork$31;
Miliar-cured cun ratted bams 21&?lyc; famllv
cunvnsHcd do., plain hanm 18,yc; ?houl.
dent! lie; clear widen 18c; clear rib l?^c. iMrd17c
In ticrcca; l8Hc In kcj?*.
iiice?Very Ann; prime 8. C. 9c.
uaoh?Cotton, 4c per pouud.
SvutTrt?Baltimore 50?IJ5c; Now York 7&&90c;
Choice Drips 85c.
sfoaiw?New OrlcaiiH 12,S,'(TtKl.Vc; Porto Klcc
ll(&12J<c; Cuba ll(ttll^c; Crushed U?*c; ACof
fee 13,\c; D Coffee Hi,ye; C Coffee 13* c.
Son*?Ilent New Castle Cc In keg.
Soap?Family o.^c; German h.yc; ICaetern 1(
STAncn-7?8c; Malzena labi le.
Shot and Lrad?Bar Lead 12c lb.; hbot $3 (X
$ batf.
Salt?Dairy $3 25; Ohio 111ver $2 15.
Ssuri1?70c; do. in boxen of nix dozen ?8 2.1.
Tobacco?Firm; Manufactured imehnnued :
Navy 88&75c; dark 10i? and tftfr75c; bright lOi
Tka?Gunpowder $1 60?1 75; Young Ilynoti
$1 30&1 CO; Black $1?1 10.
Allegheny Cattle Market*
Mat 30, 1870.
Cattle.?The run of cattle was again
in excess of the demand, although not w
large ns the week previous, was considered
lair, twenty-four car, loads being the actual
number, in addition to several small
droves from this and adjacent counties
The demand, which was entirely local
was not supplied, and in the absenct
of Eastern buyers the market dragged
slow. For the bast cattle the market
opened brisk, and $10 per hundred
wus realized in one or two instances, bul
for common to medium the market wat
very dull. There were finite a number o:
the latter left over unsold. Prices for ex
tra cattle were a fraction higher, and foi
common a little lower than last week's
quotations. The season for grass cattle i?
said to be three weeks earlier than lasi
year, and even assuming this to be the
case, the prices will settle to a living ba
sis. Below will be found the sales:
Holmes, LalFerty & CJlass sold J10 heac'
prime steers at $0 00<f/>8 05.
Hazlewood it Blackstock sold 10 hear
Ohio stock, good to prime, at 25
and 10 extra to Fairly at $1) 25.
Zcigler & It. sold 80 head Washington
county at $0 [email protected]) 00, and .'10 head Chi
cago at the same average.
Sheep?The supply was greatly in ex
ecss of the demand, although a largei
some time past. Thero was no inquirj
for shipment, ami tlio demand was entire
iv confined to our butchering interest
'i'here wan quite a number left over un
sold. Prices ruled with a downward ten
dency, good shorn heavy average 011I3
bringing per hundred.
I loos.?'The market remains quiet will
no business transactions worthy of note
An odd retail sale is occasionally effected
but until the heated term is passed we d<
not look for n sale in this market ol an}
Emerick & Co., retailed during tin
week KM) head at HalOJc.
.lake Rothchild also retailed 70 hem
at'.laJOc. ^
Cincinnati Market.
Cixciknati, Jam? 1.
Fi.orn-tn rood demand nn<l market (Inn; fam
ily * '> :?*((,. ?BO; extra $Uic-' 20.
Okaix?Wheat ~lu llfiht auptily mul flnner
No. 2$1 12; No. 1 $1 1.'.. Corn Irregular. ear ai
H?3.90c. In elevator It I- held at yS&UV. Oat*
Dull at Hye~aV(l'.r:r.
, Cotton?Dull: middling 2lXc.
, Tobacco-Active: sale* of VJO hlnU at $ j 8.>u
"wiil.Kr-rn>. tllcJ |1 utai 05
Plioviitoss?Nominally unchanged and nothing
dono. but holder* a*k full prices for all article#.
ncTTEn-Stcady at ttfr-Uc.
I Eoo?- Advanced to l*y,19<(Mt.*?No
chati(,'? In oil*.
. Redaction of over 914,000,000 During
Wasuinutom, Juno 1,1870.
, The public debt statement iasuod t<Hliy make*
the following exhibit:
Total dkbt, principal and Intercat
to date, Including Interest
duo and unpaid $9, W5,184,971.97
amocxt m trka?i'bt ;
Colu $106,799,781.85
Currency . .. . 14.W3.81fl.87-191,033,518.79
Sinking fund in U.S. coin-Interunt
l>onds, and accrued interest
thereon 35,163.998.50
Other U. 8. coln-luteroat Imudn
purchaaed aud accrued intereat
thereon. . ..... 83,065,199.91
.. Total $938,501,899.44
I)kbt. after deducting amount lu
the Treaaury 2,406,569,371.78
Dborkak during May. 14,801,969.67
Dkciums* aince March 1,1870... 81,766,105.39
New York Money nnd Stock Market.
Nnr York, Jnnel.
MoNsr?Ebh/ at 3?C5 per ce;it.
Stbioino?Vinn at JiWj.tollO1,.
Oo!.d? Dull but ateady; opened at 114S; closed
at 1KX&U4K. Carrying ratea 9 percent to flat.
Clearances $96,000,000. The Sub-Treasury sold
oni' million at 114.95*^114.38.
Govkunxkxt Bonds?Higher, closing steady,
United States 6's or 1881, coupons,.. 117* ttl 17*
Five-twenties (1889) 119K&119*
Five-twenties (18M) lll.SOlll*
Five-twenties (1865) 111*0111*
Five-twenties (1865) now 118KQI14
Five-twenties (1867) 114,S'?114fc
Five-twenties (1808) 114 0114)?
Teu-fortles 108S&108\
Currency fixes 113 ?pU3*
K Stocks?Quiet but very strung, with Reading,
Laku Shore, and Ohio & Mlaalaaippl as the feu
Western Union Telograph. SUf; Adams Kxpress,
ttlfc; Wells, Fargo ?s Co., 15^: American,
4.'i.V: United Statin, 45S; Fsclflc Mail. 44; New
York Central, 101; do. scrip, MS; Krlc, 23k;
Ilarlem, 143V". Reading, 108: Michigan Central,
124; taka shore, 9HU ; Illinois Central, 13V;
Pittsburgh, I0D*?: Northwestern, K5; do. prefer
rwisy',; Rock Island. 120V, New Jeraey Central,
KVM; SL Paul. C5?; do. preferred, 81#; Wabash,
W?*; do. preferred, 72; Fort Wayne. W( : Terrw
Haute, 32; Chicago A Alton, 117*; Ohio ?Jt Mississippi,
41',; Hartford & Erie, 4?.'; Cleveland,
Columbus ,t Cincinnati. ; Cleveland, Columbus
& Indiana Central, ItfX.
New York Produce Market.
NkwYorx, June 1.
Cotton?1Quid; sales 1,200 balca at BXcfor
middling uplands.
Flock-The market cloaed slightly In buyora'
' favor, with a moderate ex|Kirt and homo trade
(iiuiN?'Wheat?Closed steady, wlthaCoJrex
i>ort demand, nt f 1 IHtf&l 19 for No. 2 Chicago;
#1 tl?1 22 for No. 2Milwaukee; tl 87?1 *8 for
No. 1 Milwaukee. and $1 Bhftl 83 for winter red
and amber western. Ryo-L'loaed quiet and unchanged.
Oata?Closed lower and dull at 60?
fiQjtfc for western alloat, and fi5Jtf?67c for Ohio.
Corn-Closed lower and dull at $1 OkZfcl 07* for
, new mixed western.
Provisions?Pork cloned quiet and unchanged.
Cut Meats and Bacon closed dull and nominally
uncnangeu. i.aru cioseu quioi ai 10c ior pnmo
Koos?Closed steady at 18X?19)<C.
Chicago Market.
Cuicaoo, Juno 1.
Flouk?Quiet and unchanged.
Giuin?'Wheat?Quiet and easier; cloting at
1 !?7^<tfr'J7.*c for No, 2; this afternoou uuMttled at
U7Hc seller June; $1 seller last half of month.
. Corn?Active and excited; closing at fllXc for
' No. 2, and 75c for rejected; this afternoon at81K
<?82e neller June; 8<i?c seller last half of month
lor No. 2. Oats?Moderately active; closing at
I7*fc Tor No. 2. Kye-Qnlet; No. 2 closing at
r 78*o. IJarley?Dull at 55?60c for No. 2, amMIXe
for No. .1
lloos?Activc at $8 2%'J for common to
Catti.k?Moderately active atul firm at 6(Xi&
i 10 00 lor butchers to extra prime shipping steers
Baltimore Market.
DxLtiMona, June 1.
Flocu-QuIcI; western super $5?5 25.
UnAiN?Wheat?Dull; western $1 25. CornWIdte
$13(^(1 22; yellow $112. Oats-COtfNHe.
I'ltovistoNs?Mess Pork?Firm at (30. bacon
-Firm: rib sides 17c; clear sides 17#c; shoulders
14c; hams 21 V((&22c. Lard?Quietat tttfe.
Wiiiskv?Firm at $1 08?! 10.
1 03 &i 03 BEEKMAN ST.,
| Printing Presses and Machinery
I JftiiS
[ Murray & Lanman's
: Florida Water,
| The most celebrated and
most delightful of all per1
fmnes, for use on the liand!
kerchief, at the toilet, and
; in the bath, for sale by all
Druggists and Perfumers.
JanUrtoA ____ ____
DOLLARS, distributed monthly bjr Sworn Comnilulomni
in Ihi L?k?I Ki-ntacky Htata Lottery.
Send for ciicuUr at one* *nJ 7V? Your huh.
Addrraa C.II.MUKUAY4 CO., Coring ton, ICj.
Flouri flour:
We havcjuit roeclved the following brand*
I of choice Flour :
Io\v.-t rate*.
I't Cmca Plantation Bitter*.
V) Mlnhlrr'a Bitter*
VO " Hobark't Hitter*.
WbotoMlc I)nuarl?tA._
\j SO Bai rein I'ure Crab.
? 200 ' Claritled Hw?d Cldor.
In *tor? auU for ?ale by
matt *t KKILLY
: 7310 COFFEE.
L V 1'*> Bul'm Primp to Choice.
Jint rccelvad and

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